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Summer 2020


Three Steps for Building a Great Relationship with Your Child Care Provider Many parents agree that finding the right child care provider can be a nerve-wracking and lengthy process. Even when you’ve found the right provider, it can still be difficult to leave your child in someone else’s care. But forming a good relationship with your child’s teachers and child care team can help bring you peace of mind and even improve your child’s learning experience. “Children benefit from consistent, safe and nurturing environments, which is what we strive to provide at Primrose®. We also make every effort to partner with parents to extend and reinforce learning at home through daily updates, weekly classroom schedules, at-home resources and more,” says Mike Hummer, Franchise Owner of Primrose School at Moorefield Station. “This ultimately helps us foster mutual respect and open communication between home and school.” At Primrose School at Moorefield Station, a high-quality early education and care provider, teachers work closely with parents to support children’s development and learning. However, building trusted relationships still requires some effort from all involved. To build and maintain a great partnership with your family’s child care provider or your child’s teacher, consider the following:

comprehensive Safe School Plan and an exclusive approach, called Balanced Learning®, which offers a balance of purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers. Choosing a provider you feel good about and trust will bring you peace of mind, and a great parent-teacher relationship will likely form more naturally. Make communication a priority. It’s important to invest in your relationship with your child care provider as they help your child learn and grow. Talk regularly with your child’s teacher to provide helpful information about your child, ask what you can do at home to support your child’s development and share your appreciation for what’s going well in the classroom. At Primrose, parents receive reports about their child’s school day, photos from the classroom, resources to use at home and reminders about upcoming activities through an electronic communications system called 360Connect. Address concerns immediately. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s care, discuss them with the teacher or school director as soon as possible. If there is a problem, it can’t be solved unless someone knows about it, and providers would prefer to know if something upsets you before it becomes a bigger issue. By sharing your concerns when they arise, you can work together to find a solution.

Do your homework. To help find the right provider for your family, spend time researching different options and considering factors that are important to you, like school safety and early learning approach. Primrose has a

Learn about the Primrose Schools Balanced Learning approach and Primrose School at Moorefield Station by visiting or calling 703.726.9306. 1

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

High-Quality Preschool Experiences Lead to Future Success in School and Life


COVID-19 and Our Community


he last few months have been unlike any other time that we have ever experienced as a country and as a community. COVID-19 has required us all to alter our lives in ways we never imagined. Businesses and services have closed, unemployment is at an all-time high, supplies have been challenging to procure, recreational amenities are unavailable, and we’ve had to take precautions regarding personal hygiene and social gatherings. These are just some of the many ways that the coronavirus has impacted all of us. Brambleton Community Association had planned and budgeted for 2020 in the same manner as past years, but at a moment’s notice and with limited and everchanging information, we had to redirect completely and implement new methods of operation. As COVID-19 became a threat to our nation and community, there was little known about the virus, limited direction and guidance was provided by all levels of government, and needed supplies were tough to get ahold of. Since the virus’s initial impact, some of these shortcomings have improved. The Association has diligently worked to amend its operations in order to meet everchanging conditions and restrictions enacted to reduce possible exposure and contamination for Brambleton residents, staff, and contractors. This required BCA to close facilities and amenities, cancel events and programs, alter services, and change many of its community management and operation methods.

The coronavirus’s impact on our community has been significant. With businesses closed and many residents now telecommuting, the daytime usage of our parks, trails, and common areas has dramatically increased. This has resulted in a higher need for trash and dog waste collection and disposal. With scheduled events and programs canceled, there has been a tremendous focus on filling this void with virtual and new events and activities, such as the Egg Hunt on the Trail, Biggest Catch Fishing Tournament, Virtual Wine Tasting, and Scavenger Hunt to name a few. These events also focused on giving back and supporting local businesses and charities in a time of great need. One question that has been raised recently by residents is: “What is BCA going to do with the funding it has saved by closing its facilities and canceling all events?” The reality is that COVID-19 will likely negatively impact the finances of the Association. BCA has dedicated funding towards PPE procurement, cleaning and safety supplies, virtual meeting technology, and more in order to address changes in operation. Event and program expenses are significantly offset by income generated (ticket sales, sponsorships, fees); therefore, the cancelation of these activities does not generate any savings for the Association. Furthermore, BCA courts and playgrounds have very little or even no offsetting income. The Association continued to maintain these amenities while they were closed and also

Brambleton community members who've served as essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: (L-R) Christian Puccio, General Manager, AhSo Restaurant; Deputy Gregory Thomas, LCSO; Daniel Herdman, Firefighter/EMT, Arcola VFD; Christine Stone, RN/MSN, Inova Loudoun Hospital; Jennifer Askelson, Teacher, Legacy Elementary; Maya Mackey, Support Services, AVFD; Majda Sharkawi, Pastry Chef, Harris Teeter

purchased additional supplies in order to prepare them for reopening. Although the projected negative financial impact should be minimal, all of these efforts do come at a cost to the Association. Where do we go from here? What is the new “normal” once the threat of COVID-19 is reduced? The effects of the virus have shown us all how we can adapt and survive on less. What services are essential to BCA and its residents? The operation and management of the Association have become more complex over the years; what aspects are now necessary? With telecommuting and video conferencing working so successfully, do we need traditional office space in the future? Getting to know my neighbors better during this time has been great. Our large events are nice, but are smaller neighborhood events and activities the answer moving forward? The ripple effect of COVID-19 will require us all to reconsider how we operate and live our lives. What have we learned from this experience, and how will we grow from it? These are questions that we will work together as a community to answer over the coming months and years. Sincerely, Rick Stone, PCAM, LSM




Community Association Vision & Mission Vision

Leading a high tech community with hometown traditions where everyone can connect with life.

Mission BCA is committed to proactively leading a quality community for its residents through stewardship of resources, advanced technology, and enhanced lifestyle opportunities.

Board of Directors Brian Viola President

Samarendra Nandi Vice President

Meryl Bisaga Treasurer

Susan Wolford Secretary

Jordan Crotty Director

Anand Mohan Dharmapuri Director

Pat Martin Director

Management Office 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148


COVID-19 and Our Community A MESSAGE FROM RICK STONE, GENERAL MANAGER Brambleton Community Association has diligently worked to amend its operations during the COVID-19 outbreak in order to protect the health and safety of the Brambleton community.

(p) 703-542-6263 (f ) 703-542-6266

Rick Stone General Manager, PCAM, LSM

Paul Gentine Communications Coordinator To advertise in the Brambleton Community Magazine, contact Paul Gentine via email at or call 703542-6263. The community magazine is published quarterly by the Brambleton Community Association, distributed via email, and can be viewed on our website. Special thanks to Stephanie Lee for photography assistance.


A Shift in Events for 2020

Curb Appeal Counts

BCA is committed to keeping the Brambleton community engaged throughout the year with new and unique events.

Whether you're trying to increase your home's value or create a great first impression, there are plenty of ways to improve your curb appeal.




Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020





COVID-19 and Our Community



BCA Board of Directors

Message from the Board President

EatLoco Farmers Market at Brambleton

Board of Directors: Aug. 4 at 6 PM

Congratulations Class of 2020

Covenants Committee: July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 14 at 7 PM



Grounds & Facilities Committee: July 14, Aug. 11, Sept. 8 at 7:30 PM

UV and Blue Light: Should We Be Concerned?

Safety & Security Committee: July 21, Aug. 18, Sept. 15 at 7 PM



Curb Appeal Counts

Finance Committee: July 28, Aug. 25, Sept. 22 at 7:30 PM

Love Where You Live!



BCA Committees

Ground Works: Summer Activity

Brambleton Pools During COVID-19

Morning Walk Park Opens

Turn to Your Garden



Reopening BCA Parks, Pools & Playgrounds



Assessment Payment Options

Celebrations From Six Feet Away

Important Contact Information



An Update from Supervisor Buffington


A Shift in Events for 2020

Volunteers: The Heart of Brambleton

Summer Camps 2020

Community Technology Committee: July 22, Aug. 26, Sept. 23 at 7:30 PM


BCA Communications



DMV Connect Can’t get to DMV? DMV is coming to you! DMV Connect will be visiting Brambleton over the next few months in place of the DMV2GO mobile office unit. Scheduled visit dates will be provided at, along with instructions on how to set up an appointment. DMV Connect offers: • REAL ID

• Vehicle registrations

• Drivers’ licenses

• E-ZPass transponders

• ID cards (adult and child)

• Compliance summaries

• Disabled parking placards

• Transcripts

• Vehicle titles

• Hunting and fishing licenses

• Address changes



BCA Board of Directors The BCA Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance and success of the Association. The Board meets regularly to discuss BCA business, set policies and procedures, and take action on various Association matters. The Board last met on March 3, 2020; April 10, 2020; and May 14, 2020, and took the following actions in accordance with its governing documents, state statute, and federal laws:

March, April & May 2020 Board Meetings: Approved the February and March 2020 Board Meeting minutes. The Board met virtually with BCA staff on April 10th to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the Brambleton community and review Association operations regarding the pandemic. Directed staff to survey how other local large-scale homeowners associations track resident requests and what tracking systems they use. Accepted the Facility Use Agreement contract with the Brambleton Bettas swim team per counsel’s recommendation to include discussed performance standards. Approved the expenditure of up to $45,000 for the purchase of a woodchipper as presented by staff. Granted authorization to the Association’s attorney to sign an arbitration agreement and move forward with arbitration on behalf of the Board. Suspended member privileges and Verizon Fios services accordingly for non-payment of assessments. Approved payment plan proposals and late fee waiver requests. Approved the reopening of basketball and volleyball courts during Phase One with social distancing signage posted at the courts. Approved the temporary use of above-ground pools at residents’ homes until October 31, 2020 as recommended by the Covenants Committee and staff, provided that residents meet the guidelines as presented. Approved a practice-only agreement with the Bettas swim team for the 2020 swim season during Phase Two as presented. Authorized the General Manager to draft and execute an agreement with the team. Directed the Community Technology Committee to further review the Verizon Fios Data Speed Monitoring proposal and provide their recommendation to the Board. Copies of the completed and approved meeting minutes can be requested at


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS August 4 at 6:00 PM, BCA Management Office Visit or the BCA Facebook page for any meeting schedule updates.


Message from the Board President Brian Viola - President, BCA Board of Directors “Americans never quit.” - Douglas MacArthur


love history, especially anything that has to do with World War II. I actually came upon this statement while reading about General MacArthur’s life throughout his long career. Although he uttered these words not in war time, but to urge the 1928 U.S. Olympic Boxing team to compete (he was the American Olympic Committee Chairman at the time), I’ve always remembered them and find his statement to be poignant in times like these when our country finds itself going through something as extraordinary as the COVID-19 pandemic. This might not be a war or a terrorist attack or even the Great Depression, but it certainly feels like that to some, and it is certainly something we all need to put our arms around and get beyond as fast as we can. You may be reading this message in late June when the Brambleton Magazine gets delivered, and who knows what Phase of opening we’ll be in at that

point (as I write this on Memorial Day, we aren’t even in Phase One yet in Northern Virginia). However, hopefully these words help you cope and also remind us that we can all get through this together. I realize that as the President of the Brambleton Community Association Board of Directors, you weren’t necessarily expecting me to start out an article in this way. I thought about it a lot and wanted to offer MacArthur’s statement as a way of looking forward to us getting back to the way things were while we adjust to our temporary, new “normal”. As a Board, our main job as elected volunteers is to act as your representatives in the community and make decisions that are fair and benefit us all with a specific eye on the future. That being said, I’m proud of the way the BCA Board and staff have come together to thoughtfully think through all points of view and consider multiple scenarios for reopening our pools, courts, parks, and other great amenities that we enjoy

as Brambletonians. I’m sure you can appreciate the ever-changing (daily it seems) guidelines that our local, state, and federal governments place upon us and how we need to adapt to them. Just know that the Board and BCA are made up of your friends and neighbors, and that we all want to do things as quickly as we can while we consider everyone’s safety. As our Board meetings have moved to being held through online Zoom events, I encourage all residents to attend and offer their input. Even though I monitor (but never post on) the B_ sites on Facebook, it would be nice to hear from you live during these meetings. Though my personal favorite events like the Brambleton Beer & Wine Fest and the Summer Concert Series will not be held this year, there will be a lot of virtual and live events and programs announced as we reach Phases Two and Three. Although this summer may not look like summers past, there will still be plenty of fun to be had. Hang in there and stay safe.



BCA Committees COVENANTS COMMITTEE Responsibility: Reviewing submitted design review applications, considering violations of BCA documents, and taking enforcement actions. Meetings: Second Monday of each month at 7 PM. Upcoming meetings: 7/13, 8/10, 9/14 Website:

GROUNDS & FACILITIES COMMITTEE Responsibility: Advising the Board on issues related to rules, policies, maintenance, upkeep, and the use of the common grounds and facilities. Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM. Upcoming meetings: 7/14, 8/11, 9/8 Website:

SAFETY & SECURITY COMMITTEE Responsibility: Serving as a resource for residents with concerns and making recommendations to the Board regarding safety and security matters in Brambleton. Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month at 7 PM. Upcoming meetings: 7/21, 8/18, 9/15 Website:

FINANCE COMMITTEE Responsibility: Reviewing financial reports and audits, monitoring investments, reviewing funding for capital projects, and developing financial policies and resolutions to the Board. Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM. Upcoming meetings: 7/28, 8/25, 9/22 Website:

COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE Responsibility: Advising the Board of Directors on issues, concerns, and recommendations pertaining to technology issues that impact the greater community. Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM. Upcoming meetings: 7/22, 8/26, 9/23 Website:

EVENTS COMMITTEE Responsibility: Advising the Board and BCA staff on issues pertaining to new event idea development, developing ideas for volunteer and sponsorship programs, and more. Meetings: Meets as needed, no less than quarterly. Website:

BRAMBLETON KIDS CARE COMMITTEE Responsibility: Empowering the next generation of Brambleton’s residents and facilitating their development and growth towards becoming compassionate, service-minded citizens. Meetings: Meets as needed, typically during the school year. Website:


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

(703) 542-7000 | 42395 Ryan Rd, Suite 104, Brambleton, Va 20148


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Ground Works: Summer Activity As a steward of the land, Brambleton Community Association and its contractors are continually performing various upkeep and service tasks in order to maintain a healthy environment and a great-looking community. Here are a few highlights of services that will occur over the next few months:

Common Areas Fertilizer & Weed Control: A turf application will be applied to common areas throughout the community in June/July. This application will be for broadleaf weed control. Irrigation: Irrigation services are underway and will continue through September (weather dependent). Mowing & Edging: Mowing and edging services are underway and will be completed by mid- November (weather dependent). Pond Maintenance: Our pond contractor will be on-site every week performing maintenance tasks at our community ponds through December. Trash & Litter Removal: Our Operations team performs several common area trash sweeps every month.

Townhome Grounds Maintenance Program Fertilizer & Weed Control: Summer turf application will be applied in June/July. This will be a spot treatment of broadleaf weed control. Mowing & Edging: Mowing and edging services are underway and will be completed by mid- November (weather dependent). Timely details on services and specific dates will be communicated in upcoming editions of the Friday Flash, on the BCA website, and on the BCA Facebook page. Questions pertaining to these services can be emailed to


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020


Brambleton Pools During COVID-19 Rick Stone, PCAM, LSM - General Manager


he 2020 Brambleton pool season will be a unique one due to the presence of COVID-19. Details on pool reopening and operational procedures are continuously under development as new information is provided by federal, state, and local governments on a near-daily basis. Brambleton Community Association remains committed to providing a safe environment to the best of its abilities. That being said, the Association can only reduce the chance of spreading the virus, not eliminate it. The safest action for residents to take remains to be staying at home and not visiting public gathering locations such as community pools. When BCA pools do open, residents can expect new procedures at every pool. Pools will likely open with reduced capacity limits, placing higher demands on pool management and operations. To handle demand and keep residents from standing in lines, the Association is looking into implementing a reservation system, limiting pool time to no more than a two-hour period per day. As demand lessens at the pools, these systems and limitations are likely to be loosened or eliminated altogether.

Social distancing measures will be required at the pools and will likely remain in place until the fall. It will be the responsibility of each individual and parents/guardians to ensure that proper social distancing is maintained. Lifeguards are not babysitters, nor are they Social Distancing police officers. Signs will be placed at all pools to remind patrons of social distancing requirements. Proper hygiene practices will also be required while at the pools. Anyone who is

not feeling well or has an illness should not go to any public pool, BCA-operated or otherwise. Pool patrons should wash their hands frequently. Masks should be worn while on the deck or in bathhouses. BCA will place hand sanitizer stations at each pool. Bathhouses, doors, and other commonly touched surfaces will be frequently disinfected. The Association will not provide lounges or chairs at the pools; patrons will need to bring their own items. While these precautions may cause minor inconveniences, they are necessary to ensure that residents can enjoy the pool in the safest environment possible. We must all do our part to keep our community pools safe and enjoyable. We remain hopeful that BCA pool restrictions will be reduced throughout the summer as the threat of COVID-19 lessens and conditions improve. While we are taking precautions to minimize the chance of spreading the virus, the fact remains that it is safer to be at home. Whether you choose to visit our pools or enjoy other forms of recreation in Brambleton, be safe and enjoy your summer.



Morning Walk Park Opens After a four-year process, Brambleton Community Association is pleased to announce the opening of Morning Walk Park, its second neighborhood park. Neighborhood parks are larger community parks that contain a wide variety of active and passive amenities, similar to our beloved Legacy Park. Neighborhood parks are/will be located in each of Brambleton’s Recreation Districts so residents within that district can easily walk to their park. Morning Walk Park has play structures (2-5yo and 5-12yo), dual zip lines, double slides, a sand volleyball court, a large playfield, trails, landscaping, and irrigation. It is located off of Morning Walk Drive in Section 18. Visit for more information.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020


Reopening BCA Parks, Pools & Playgrounds Reopening Brambleton’s recreational amenities and facilities is essential for the enjoyment of our community, but it is important to prioritize our health and safety as well. Current Openings (Phases One and Two) • Basketball Courts • Tennis Courts • Volleyball Courts • Creighton West Dog Park • Pools: Restricted to lap swimming, family exercise, and swim lessons only • Clubhouse rentals: Maximum occupancy of 50 people Anticipated Phase Three Openings (As of 6/22/2020) • Playgrounds and tot lots While our community is reopening, it is still safer to stay at home. Residents’ use of community amenities and facilities is at their own risk. The reopening of these facilities and amenities will come with physical/social distancing, hygiene, and sanitization requirements. Reclosure of these facilities could occur if residents do not adhere to required COVID-19 safety practices or if there is a spike in the number of cases after reopening.

Wear Masks

Practice Social Distancing

Wash Hands Frequently



A Shift in Events for 2020 Christine Elansary - Community Outreach & Lifestyles Coordinator


rambleton Community Association prides itself on having provided some of the best community events to our residents over the past 10 years. Our events are where families and friends gather together to enjoy camaraderie, food, live music, and a variety of activities. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the BCA Lifestyles department was hard at work preparing to tackle the 2020 Calendar of Events. We had just wrapped up our successful

House Hop and Comedy Night events and shifted our focus to the BrambleBunny Egg Hunt and the Brambleton Beer & Wine Festival. Everything changed as the virus continued to spread and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a State of Emergency on March 12th. As federal, state, and local guidelines were put in place to limit social gatherings and protect the safety of our community, we unfortunately had to make the tough decision to cancel all

Header and bottom photo: Underwater Tunnel Art by Chalkaholic


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

major events for the remainder of the year. Although canceling all major BCA events was difficult, planning and figuring out ways to keep residents engaged has been a fun and welcoming challenge for the Lifestyles team. Several virtual events have been created over the past couple of months and were well-received by residents, including the Egg Hunt on the Trail, Biggest Catch Fishing Contest, Virtual Wine Tasting, and the Scavenger Hunt. As we move further into 2020, we hope to continue finding ways to keep the Brambleton community engaged with new and unique events. Also, as we look beyond 2020 and plan to slowly ease back into bigger gatherings, we are exploring ways to create events with an emphasis on a closer, tight-knit community, including promoting more neighborhood block parties. As the open spaces and roads currently used to host large events become unavailable, we will focus on refining existing events and developing new ways to engage our community for many more years to come.

Bram Scavenger Hunt Winners: The Young & the Rest of Us

Breaux Winery: Participant in Brambleton Virtual Wine Tasting

Egg Hunt on the Trail: Syrus Khan Wazir

Biggest Catch Fishing Contest Winner: Ryan Cave

Find Bruno submission

Upson Family bringing Easter Bunny to Brambleton



Volunteers: The Heart of Brambleton Christine Elansary - Community Outreach & Lifestyles Coordinator


rambleton Community Association’s resident volunteers are truly the heartbeat of Brambleton. Without these volunteers’ dedication and commitment to the community, our major events and festivals would not be nearly as successful. With over 1,000 residents signed up as yearly volunteers, we are very fortunate to have people we can depend on at any given time. As we continue to expand our volunteer program, we hope each resident will consider how they can play a part in contributing to the Brambleton community.

Neighbors in Need donating items for Brambleton residents


Free event entry and awesome t-shirts are great perks afforded to volunteers, but getting involved also provides the opportunities to meet new neighbors, work with Association staff, and build meaningful relationships with fellow residents and community members. There are plenty of other volunteer opportunities available to residents as well besides assisting with events. Brambleton Kids Care is a great way for Brambleton youth to perform community service at several local charitable organizations. Brambleton Kids Care was established in 2014 and has grown to include Teen Summer Service days, where kids ages 12 and up visit places like Boulder Crest Retreat, JK Community Farm, and Loudoun Therapeutic Riding to help with much-needed tasks. When we are able to gather in larger groups again, we will be expanding our community service projects to include all ages so that families can volunteer together. Earlier this spring, Neighbors in Need was launched to help those in the Brambleton community who have been devastated by effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Over 70 residents signed up to be available to provide assistance in a

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

multitude of ways, including driving, delivering goods, mowing, performing minor house repairs, and donating needed items. While this program is still fairly new, the response from our community has been overwhelming. It has been truly amazing to see how many people are willing to lend a hand for a neighbor. As Brambleton continues to slowly reopen and return to hosting events and outreach efforts, we are excited at the possibilities of what an even greater volunteer program can bring to the community. If you are interested in becoming more involved, please send an email to or visit

Brambleton youth performing service at Loudoun Therapeutic Riding as part of Teen Summer Service Days



Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

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ost of us are familiar with the harmful effects of ultraviolet light on the skin. However, many may not realize that UV and blue light, or HEV (high-energy visible light) radiation, can harm the eyes. As doctors of optometry, our goal is to educate patients on the real hazards of UV and blue light and how to protect their eyes. Exposure to UV light in excessive amounts over a short period of time can lead to a condition known as “photokeratitis�, or a sunburn of the eye. This can be quite painful and have symptoms including redness, excessive tearing, and sensitivity to light. Exposure to UV light over longer periods of time (e.g. years) increases the risk of developing cataracts (a clouding of the lens inside the eye) or macular degeneration

(permanent damage to the central vision) later in life. It is not clear how much exposure to solar radiation will cause damage to your eyes, and the potential harmful effects can vary in each individual. However, wearing quality sunglasses with polarized lenses or UV-A and UV-B blocking lenses will greatly reduce the amount of UV light coming into your eyes. These lenses can also be made with your eyeglass prescription by your optometrist.

dangers and benefits to our health. The sun emits blue light, as do artificial light sources, such as LEDs, computers, and smartphones. Natural blue light, such as that emitted by the sun, can be beneficial. This type of blue light helps us regulate our sleeping patterns with the release of melatonin. The harmful effects of blue light from artificial sources are the topic of concern. Digital devices, being the main culprits, are fixations of our attention for hours on end.

What Are UV Light and Blue Light?

What Are the Potential Dangers of Blue Light?

UV light is on the non-visible, high energy part of the light spectrum, as you see in Figure 1. Blue light, or HEV light, falls just above UV, under the highest energy of the visible light spectrum. Much like UV light, blue light has both

UV light is mostly absorbed by the front portions of the eye, whereas blue light can penetrate all the way through the eye to the retinal tissue, as displayed in Figure 2. Prolonged exposure over years can damage retinal tissue and may lead to macular degeneration (damage to your central vision). In addition to damage to the retina, blue light also causes eye strain and sleep disruptions. UV, Blue Light, and Our Children Children are at higher risk for UV and blue light damage to their eyes than adults. The juvenile lens is much more transparent and allows more damaging light into the eye. Also, children are

Figure 1: Light Spectrum


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

which will provide the highest protection available on the market. Our doctors at Associates in Eyecare, Stone Ridge take great pride in the care we provide to our patients. Please come visit us for any and all of your eye health and vision needs!

Figure 2: Eye Diagram

exposed to blue light at a much younger age, prolonging their exposure over their lifetime. How Can We Protect Ourselves? As the dangers of blue light from digital devices emerge, more and more options are becoming available to protect our eyes. Our eyes have very limited natural ability to block out UV and blue light.

Everyone, including children, needs to protect their eyes by wearing quality sunglasses outside and specialized blue light blocking, anti-glare lenses while on digital devices. It is important to understand that many of the UV or “blue light-blocking� lenses found online or in stores may only block low amounts of this harmful light radiation. However, your optometrist can provide good quality lenses, with a prescription if needed,



Curb Appeal Counts Andrea Martin, CMCA, AMS - Community Standards & Administration Manager


mproving your home’s curb appeal increases its value. Whether you’re considering listing your house for sale this summer or in the future, now is a good time to assess how your home looks from the street and how you can make an even better first impression. Even if you are not planning to sell, there are benefits to making your house a place you love coming home to! Cleaning out and sprucing up your yard are good low-cost alternatives to making major home improvements. Whether you hire a professional or have the skills and tools to do it yourself, here are some tips to improve your lawn and landscape:

• Weeding, edging, planting beds, and mulching go a long way toward improving a yard’s look. Installing hardscape edging will make the walk to your front door even more inviting. Installing brick or stone borders, refreshing edging, and adding new mulch in landscape beds are all great ways to make the entire yard look well-manicured. Planting colorful annuals in beds, pots, hanging baskets,


or flower boxes makes a house look cared for and comfortable. • Landscaping can be installed to solve problems or add interest. Plant new trees and shrubs to create focus areas, camouflage foundations and fencing, or block unsightly views. Remember that tree stakes should be removed after one year to avoid damage to the newly planted tree. • Have your trees and shrubs professionally pruned, fix brown spots in the lawn, and remove and replace diseased plants. Residents are responsible for maintaining trees and bushes on their property. Trees should be pruned to a minimum of eight feet above the sidewalk to allow for free, unobstructed passage. All turf areas on a lot must be kept neatly mowed, trimmed, and edged to a consistent height. Turf is not permitted to exceed six inches in height at any time. • Consider adding professional landscape lighting. Underlit trees and accent lights aimed toward the facade

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

create an inviting post-sunset atmosphere around your home. Using even just a little accent light can work wonders for dark corners around the yard. In addition, lighting may also help prevent potential intruders who seek out dark places to stay unnoticed. Done right, landscape lighting makes the best of what you have by highlighting your home's architectural features and drawing attention to prized plantings and trees. In Brambleton, residents are responsible for ensuring the proper operation of exterior lighting fixtures which are designed to operate automatically from dusk to dawn. Homeowners who want help with their yard should seek an evaluation by a professional lawn or landscape firm. A professional can assess the health of the lawn, plants, trees, and shrubs and offer recommendations for improvements. Remember to contact before you make any changes in order to determine if a Design Review Application and approval is needed prior to beginning your project.

Love Where You Live!

Monthly Tips to Keep Brambleton Beautiful July Raise the cutting height of your lawnmower 1 to 1.5 inches to help your grass survive drought and heat. This helps shade the soil, slow evaporation, and reduce weeds. Arrange for a professional or neighbor to monitor your irrigation system and to cut your lawn while away on vacation for extended periods of time. Hydration is essential to the growth and nutrition of your lawn. The entire landscape surrounding your home needs to receive at least an inch of water on a weekly basis. The main things to remember when it comes to manual hydration are to water as early as possible and to not over-saturate your lawn. All watering must be done in the early morning hours so that the soil can absorb all moisture before the sun/ heat has a chance to dry it up.

August Aerate compacted soil, dethatch lawns, and plan fall tasks as cool-season grass returns to active growth. Overseed to prevent or strengthen thinning lawns. Do this 45 days before your region's first expected frost. Seed new lawns. Warm soil, cooler temperatures, and fall moisture make late summer and early fall prime time for germination. Keep newly seeded or overseeded areas consistently moist.

September Driveways take a beating in the summer months. Extreme hot temperatures can cause changes in concrete and asphalt. Fall is a good time to check your driveways for cracks. Patch any cracks with a concrete resurfacer. Worn asphalt can be treated easily with an asphalt sealer which gives a fresh uniform color to the surface. Take a moment to walk around your house and inspect the roof for any missing shingles. Also, make sure the flashing is secured and there is no damage from high winds. Inspecting the house for missing shingles/ shutters or loose/missing siding may be a good practice following any storms the seasons may bring. Fall is the optimal time to address chipping, peeling, or fading paint. The proper time to paint is when the temperature is over 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Check mailboxes, shutters, front doors, decks, and fences to see if any surfaces need restaining, repainting, or repairing. As with any color changes or modifications, please refer to the Design Guidelines before starting to determine if the project needs approval from the Covenants Committee. 22


Turn to Your Garden Carol Ivory - Loudoun County Extension Master Gardener


ardening has been my refuge, my joy, and my obsession. It has kept me sane and incredibly happy over the past months. Whether your garden consists of a large vegetable garden, a pot of herbs, beds of perennials, or a patch of native plants in a naturalized area, it can be rewarding and nourishing in many ways.

garden and doing light work makes me feel better. Movement eases the stiffness and working with my hands in nature takes my mind off the aches. Additionally, as scientists explore the microbes found in soil, it is becoming increasingly evident that breathing in, playing in, and digging in dirt may be good for your health.

spots located throughout our neighborhood. Our landscaper left us some extra mulch, so the project was done at no cost. There is a small drain at the bottom of the slope that has been in place for years, but rainwater did not previously flow very effectively. Recent rains allowed us to observe how the water flowed and plan the project accordingly.

Gardening has physical benefits; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classify gardening as moderate physical activity which can burn 210 to 420 calories per hour and provide a strong dose of vitamin D. Moderate activity for 2.5 hours a week can reduce the risk for obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and heart disease. It is important to know your limits and not injure yourself trying to lift heavy bags of soil or mulch. However, I know when I’m feeling stiff and my back aches that going out in the

Nature has long been known for its relaxing qualities as a place to find tranquility and healing. Our gardens remind us that there is constant change, growth, and renewal, and that there is also dependability in the seasons and the behaviors of plants. Gardening is really all about observation. Gardeners have the opportunity to slow down and notice plants and their environment in a different way. With careful observation, you will most likely see an interesting insect, a toad, or a salamander and get an up-close look at a tiny flower.

Creating this garden has been such a joyful experience. With no prior planning, we crawled around in the dirt, worked intensely with our hands, and used our creativity and problem-solving skills.

Time to observe small things Photo by Katie Conaway

My neighbor/gardening buddy and I constructed a new garden over the past couple weeks (pictured below). This is a project I have wanted to do for years, but I’m not sure we would have achieved it in “normal times”. The garden addressed erosion and drainage problems in an ugly, weedy strip. We used recycled river rock from a swale restoration project done a few years ago along with excess foam flowers from several


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

A satisfying accomplishment Photo by Carol Ivory








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Assessment Payment Options

Assessment payments are due on the first day of each month. To avoid incurring late or other collection related fees, it is recommended to align payment with the due date. Late fees are assessed for payments not posted by the 10th day of the month. BCA offers a variety of payment options and encourages owners to select the method that best suits their needs. Details regarding the various payment options can be found on Payment options include: • Mail: Owners may make payment by check or money order mailed to the Association's lockbox service. Please reference your account number or property address, or include the payment coupon, to ensure the payment is properly recorded. Mailing Address: Brambleton Community Association, C/O FirstService Residential, PO Box 62010, Newark, NJ 07101 • Online Bill Pay: Owners may pay assessments using an online bill paying service from their personal banking institution.

Monthly Assessments

• Direct Debit: The owner authorizes withdrawal of the monthly recurring assessment amount from a designated checking or savings account. Owners can sign up for Direct Debit service online at


• ClickPay: This third-party payment service offers owners the ability to make one-time or recurring e-check or credit card payment at For help with your account or setting up payments online, please contact ClickPay at gethelp, or call 1-888-354-0135 (option 1).

$200.19 Townhouse

House Type

$191.86 Detached $205.36

Detached w/Common Driveway


Townhouse w/Grounds Maint.


Summerfield Condominiums


The Residences Condominiums

It is important to note that assessment payments are NOT accepted at the BCA Management Office, as all payments are processed by the Association’s bank via a lockbox. Payments delivered to the BCA office will be returned. Please also note that cash cannot be accepted at the BCA office or at FirstService Residential offices for payment of assessments. Please email for more information or to request online access to your account.

BCA COVID-19 Update: Late Fee Waivers & Delayed Assessment Payments The BCA Board has approved the waiver of June and July 2020 late fees for single-family attached and detached homeowners whose income has been impacted by COVID-19. Also, if your income has been impacted and you would like to delay payment of your June and July assessments, please send an email to and include the following information in your message: • Owner(s) name(s), property address, and employer(s) • An acknowledgement that you will pay any missed assessments no later than August 1, 2020. Note: An extension of this date will be considered if conditions warrant such change. The Association will also consider payment plan proposals during this time. You may submit details of your proposed payment plan to the email address above. Please note that this waiver does not apply to Summerfield or Residences owners and their associations. For questions or concerns, please email or call (703) 542-6263.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020


BCA Resale Disclosure Packet

Requests for Resale Disclosure Packets are fulfilled by FirstService Residential via Welcomelink. Orders are accepted from the FSR website at via the link Request Resale Documents. At the prompt, enter the zip code for the Brambleton property. Once at the WelcomeLink page, complete the necessary information to place the order. The cost of the packet is dependent upon several factors: the format, the delivery time frame, and the shipping method requested. See the FSR website for the most up to date information. The available formats are:

The available delivery timeframes are:

• Electronic (email) format - The link to access the electronic version is active for 180 days. To retain the document, it may be saved as a pdf.

• Standard - Packet is sent 14* calendar days from the order date. Fee is included.

• Printed (hardcopy) format • Update (available within 1 year of the initial order)

• Rush - If the Association is able to accommodate a rush order, the packet is sent 5* calendar days from the order date.

• Update with inspection (available within 1 year of the initial order) *Forms and payment must be received by 12 PM to count as first day. Forms received after 12 PM will be processed with the following day as the first day.

Notary Public Services

BCA Certificate of Insurance

Notary services have been temporarily suspended. Visit for updates regarding resumption of services.

Requests for Certificates of Insurance are fulfilled by the Association’s Insurance broker. To obtain a Certificate of Insurance for Brambleton Community Association, unit owners and lenders should submit their requests online at or by phone at 877-456-3643, Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Certificates will be issued immediately.

BCA offers Notary Public services for residents. Here are a few tips to help make your notary experience easy: • Notary services are available by appointment only. This allows staff to be ready and available to provide your requested service. Please email hoa@brambleton. org or call 703-542-6263 to schedule an appointment. • Please let us know what type of document you need notarized. There are certain types of documents that we are not able to notarize. Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates (copies or originals). Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification. We are also unable to notarize I-9 and Change of Appearance forms. • All documents must be written in English. Witnessing on documents is not provided by BCA. Tell us how many pages you need notarized, and what day and time is most convenient for you. We’ll do our best to meet your appointment requests. • Important - At your appointment, any person that will be signing the documentation must be present, and the forms must be signed in front of the Notary Public. Photo identification must be provided by all signers at the time of the appointment. • The first two pages are free of charge. Each additional page is $2 per page. Forms of payment accepted include cash and personal checks.

Lender Questionnaires

Requests for completion of lender questionnaires for single family and townhomes located within Brambleton are fulfilled by Brambleton Community Association staff. The cost for completion of either a Uniform Mortgage Questionnaire or a Lender-Specific Mortgage Questionnaire is as follows: • 3 business-day turnaround - $100.00 • 1 business-day turnaround - $150.00 Please note: Forms and payment for all services must be received by 12 PM on the day of submission to count as the first day. Forms received after 12 PM will be processed counting the following business day as the first day. To submit a request or for more information, visit

Assessment Account Payoff Payoff details and financial update requests are processed and fulfilled via WelcomeLink on behalf of the Association. Please place your request through WelcomeLink's webpage at



Important Contact Information County Contacts

Community Management Contacts Brambleton Community Management Office: 703-542-6263 Residences at Brambleton (FSR): 703-385-1133 Summerfield Condo (FSR): 703-327-4818

Emergency (Fire/Rescue/Police): 911 (call or text); Sheriff (Non-Emergency): 703-777-1021

BCA Services

Alert Loudoun:

Republic Services Recycling & Trash Removal: Verizon (Activation/Account Changes/Billing/Disconnect): 800-501-1172 Verizon (Repair): 888-553-1555

Loudoun County Main Number: 703-777-0100 Animal Care & Control: 703-777-0406

Utility Contacts

Building Permits: 703-777-0220 Ashburn Post Office: 44715 Prentice Dr 703-406-6291

Dominion Electric (North of Ryan Rd): 888-667-3000; NOVEC (South of Ryan Rd): 888-335-0500;

Brambleton Town Center

Miss Utility: 800-552-7001 Washington Gas: 703-750-1000

Brambleton Plz, Brambleton, VA 20148

Loudoun Water (Water/Sewer): 571-291-7880;


Builder Information Builder Beazer Homes Centex/Pulte Homes Gulick Group Knutson Miller & Smith Stanley Martin Toll Brothers Van Metre Winchester & Camberley Homes


Warranty/Customer Care 888-623-2937; (Request Service) 888-686-0269;;; (Customer Care/Warranty Request) 703-674-0330 x 143;; (Contact Us/Customer Care) 703-996-4232;; 703-821-2500 x 202;; (Warranty) 703-636-9210;; (Contact Us) 571-291-8000;; (Warranty) 703-348-5800;; 800-762-2408 (Winchester), 540-788-1114 (ProHome Metro DC);;

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

Wiring Integrator Chesapeake System Services: 301-317-0001 Vintage Security: 703-689-2731, 877-767-1800 (Toll-free) Sight & Sound: 703-802-6443 Advanced Wiring Group: 703-488-9850, 571-237-7621 SmartCom: 540-286-0300

Sight & Sound: 703-802-6443 Vintage Security: 703-689-2731, 877-767-1800 (Toll-free)

Heather's Home Listings Are Popping Up All Over Brambleton :) Guiding You Safely Through Your Home Sale or Purchase All of the clients and

22890 Courtland Park Drive


visitors to my listings will be provided with these PPEs: NEW Disposable Gloves, Footies, Face Masks, and Hand Sanitizers. 42489 Spring Splendor Drive 42610 Stratford Landing Drive Your Personal Safety $750,000 $842,900 and Home Safety are My Top Priority!

20937 Ashburn Road, #200 Ashburn, VA 20147 MOBILE 703.727.5941 OFFICE 571.209.6375

42278 Winter Haven Drive


42299 Winter Haven Drive


Contact Heather Heppe




An Update from Supervisor Buffington Tony Buffington - Blue Ridge District Representative, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors


OVID-19 has changed life as we know it in unprecedented ways, and I understand the tremendous sacrifices everyone is now having to make. I am your Blue Ridge District Representative on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. In May, every household in Loudoun County should have received important COVID-19 information by mail. The county encourages residents to read the mailing and keep it as a reference guide. One of the most encouraging things I have seen through this pandemic are the many acts of kindness happening in our community and also all over Loudoun. People have truly stepped up to help our first responders, small businesses, and those who have been trying to weather the difficult impact of COVID-19. School children used their extra time to come up with ways to help donate to charities, photographers used their expertise to take socially-distanced photos of families and donate the proceeds, and businesses revamped their goods and services to be able meet the current needs of the community, along with countless other examples. I am so proud to represent this district.

In May, more than 200 COVID-19 Business Interruption Fund grants were awarded, totaling nearly $1.4 million. The fund was created by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and started with $1.15 million diverted from business incentive funding. The Loudoun Economic Development Authority added $250,000 to aid dozens more businesses. The grants, ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on the number of employees, were dispersed to randomly-selected businesses. We approved the COVID-19 Impact Fund program, which provides funding for eligible nonprofit organizations to address the needs of low- to moderateincome households with incomes at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

We're in it together, we'll get through it together.

As part of the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we opened two locations for residents and businesses to drop off donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) for distribution to Loudoun-based health care providers and facilities in need. Loudoun residents and businesses have responded generously to the county’s requests for donations of PPE, with thousands of pieces having been donated since March.

The county has been looking for ways to help people stay afloat during these times of uncertainty.

Loudoun County Public Library (LCPL) is assisting front-line health workers and first responders in the county


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

by manufacturing face shields using 3D printers. LCPL expects to produce 1,000 to 1,200 face shields per week utilizing the Makerspace equipment at its Brambleton, Gum Spring, Rust, and Sterling branches. The Department of Economic Development also joined forces with Visit Loudoun and the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce with an important call to action for consumers to Take Loudoun Home. This e-commerce platform offers a one-stop-shop for consumers to support local farms! The website also includes hundreds of businesses who have pivoted during this health crisis to offer innovative practices, products, or services. This includes curbside pickup, free delivery, e-gift cards, and/or discounts on orders. Visit for more details. As always, I encourage you to email my office at Tony.Buffington@loudoun. gov with any questions or concerns you may have. I try to communicate through email newsflashes on important COVIDrelated topics in a timely manner. Please let me know if you’d like to begin receiving my electronic newsletter along with area-specific updates and alerts. All my best! Tony Buffington Photo: Supervisor Buffington with PPE donations


Celebrations From Six Feet Away Morgan Palmedo - Brambleton Resident


girl’s getaway, a beach escape with my husband, and celebrations with family were how I intended to welcome turning 40, but COVID-19 had other plans. I already wasn’t excited about entering this new decade. Still, my family and friends went above and beyond to make having a quarantined birthday as memorable as possible.

April 6th started with a beautiful breakfast made by my husband and kids, surrounded by vases of flowers, balloons,

and cards. It was the perfect birthday morning followed up by a cake dropoff and air hugs from my mom, who drove from Maryland to wish me a happy birthday. From then on, it seemed like every hour on the hour the doorbell was ringing with deliveries of everything from bottles of champagne to Edible Arrangements to even more flowers. After a day of working at my kitchen counter and a stroll outside for some fresh air, we made dinner, had a picnic on the grass, and decided to set up the fire pit for s’mores in the driveway. All in all, it had been a pretty good day up to this point considering the circumstances.

As we were stoking the fire to get it going, I thought about how much I missed my friends, and although I was thankful for spending my birthday with my family, I was feeling lonely. All of a sudden, I heard the sounds of horns honking and music blaring, and I could see a parade of cars coming down my street. I had no idea what was going on, but as the cars got closer, I saw my friends and their families hanging out their windows, riding in spirit via FaceTime, holding “Happy Birthday” signs as they came towards me. I couldn’t believe my husband and friends had coordinated such an incredible surprise, and it brought me to tears. You know you have an amazing group of friends when despite the stressful anxiety of wondering “Are we too close?” and “When will this be over?”, they banded together and came up with car parades and street parties in order to make me feel special. Our lives have been turned upside down, and everyday normalcy is a thing of the past, but leave it to all of us to create new traditions and make lemonade out of an extraordinarily big bag of lemons.



BCA Communications

Brambleton Community Association utilizes a variety of resources in order to communicate with Brambleton residents in a timely and engaging manner. Here are some of the ways that we connect with the Brambleton community.

Quarterly Magazine The Brambleton Community Association self-publishes a visually rich and engaging quarterly magazine in March, June, September, and December, which is mailed to all Brambleton residents. In addition, the magazine is published digitally and archived on the Association website, and printed copies are available at the BCA Management Office as well as at the Brambleton Welcome Center. If you would like to view digital versions of our past magazine issues, please visit Advertising spaces are also available in the magazine. If you are interested in advertising with us, please send us a message at

Friday Flash and Notify Me The Friday Flash is a weekly bulletin sent via email to benefit the residents of Brambleton. The purpose of the Flash is to keep residents aware of upcoming community events and programs, future committee meetings, Association rules, and community governance. Residents can sign up to receive the Flash via email or text by clicking on the "Stay Connected" button at and following the instructions. BCA's Stay Connected (formerly Notify Me) email subscription service also allows residents to receive updates on community news, events, pools, fertilizer and weed applications, and more. Just click on the icons next to each list item to subscribe.

Website and Social Media Visit for community news, event and meeting updates, and information on all BCA services and programs. News and updates are also posted on our Facebook page (, on Twitter @brambletonlife, and on our Brambleton mobile app, which can be found in the Apple and Google Play stores. Also, follow us on Instagram @brambletonlife and add #bramlife to your posts to share your content with the Brambleton community!

#Bramlife Videos We launched this video series in May 2017 to inform residents about everything happening in Brambleton. These videos cover topics including community news, events, and programming. We post our #Bramlife videos on our website, our Facebook page, and our YouTube page, so there are multiple places for you to catch up on what’s going on in our community. We have also created educational videos, such as administration and service videos, which provide residents with useful information in a unique and entertaining way.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020

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we service all of northern virginia!

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Licensed in VA

Not a solicitation for recipients in a brokerage relationship.


How to Reach Us We Love to Hear from You! You can reach us anytime via email. Here is a short list of easy to remember email addresses. It is our goal to respond to all inquiries within one business day. If you have not received a reply, please contact us at 703-542-6263.

Start here and we'll be glad to help!

Reach our Operations team for questions or concerns regarding BCA’s common areas, pools, or other facilities.


To request attention to a concern or to request information about BCA’s Community Standards.


For information regarding the Design Review process and to request or follow up on an application.

The best place to reach our amazing events team!

Need info about a BCA program, summer camp, or activity? Have questions about renting a community facility?

Stop by and See Us!

Check Us out on Social Media "Like" Brambleton Community Association on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram at brambletonlife. You can also find our mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching for Brambleton.

Please visit www.brambletonhoa. com/disclaimers for our publishing and media use disclaimers.

703-542-6263 (p); 703-542-6266 (f ) Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Official BCA Communications

Important Disclaimers

42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210, Brambleton, VA 20148


A drop box is available after hours and is located outside of the BCA office building at 42395 Ryan Road. Residents may drop off design review applications, committee applications, etc. Monthly assessments are not accepted.

Contact us about all things communications, including social media, the Friday Flash, our videos, or our Magazine.


BCA Drop Box

Summer 2020



Adult Medicine Diagnostic Services Medicare Wellness Minor Surgical Procedures Newborn through Young Adult Care Physical Therapy Saturday Hours Sports & School Physicals Telemedicine Visits Walk-In Clinic Weight Loss Clinic Women's Health


Amy Sarver, PA-C

Amy Sinha, DO Anne Marie Craig, FNP-BC Benjamin Fox, MD Catrina Turner, FNP-BC Derek Yang, MD Erin Wells, FNP-C Jeffrey Cohn, MD, FAAFP Jennifer Wilder, MD K. Michael Rodriguez, MD, FAAFP Mary Renard, MD Natasha Simmons-Wyllie, MD Rachel Sparks, DNP-FNP Samuel Heisler, PA-C


Our practice is proud to have served the Ashburn and Brambleton communities since 2003. Our families live here and we are proud to call this community our home too. All of our Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician assistants are board certified and are dedicated to providing medical care which is specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your family.

CONNECT ALL-ENCOMPASSING We are committed to and focused on delivering comprehensive high-quality care to the whole family. As family physicians, we treat the whole person - not just problems. The strength of family medicine is an ongoing personal patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care. With an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion, family medicine aims to provide personal, comprehensive, and continuing care of the individual through every stage of life.



Brambleton Office 22895 Brambleton Plaza, #200 Ashburn, VA 20148 (703) 722-2312 Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Walk-in Hours 7:30 am – 3:45 pm Saturday Hours by appointment only 34 8:00 am – 12:00 pm


You can order curbside from our restaurants or consider gift cards for future use! A & A Music AhSo Restaurant Animal Medical Centers of Loudoun Asian Spice Cafe Associates for Counseling Services B&T Dry Cleaners Bella Ballerina Bloō Dental Blue Ridge Grill Brambleton Community Association Brambleton Library Broadlands Family Practice Burgerim California Tortilla Cold Stone Creamery Commonhealth Chiropractic


Costa Family Dentistry Dragon Yong-In Eclips Salon & Day Spa Edible Arrangements Fairfax Pediatric Associates Galaria Plastic Surgery & Dermatology Go Bananas Toy Store Good Dog Rocky Hair Cuttery Harris Teeter Illusions Hair Salon & Spa InSight Eye Optique Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy Knutson Companies Levo Nails & Spa Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

My Thai Place Nick’s Taverna Northern Virginia Orthodontics NVO Center for Invisalign Onelife Fitness Peet’s Coffee & Tea Regal Fox Cinemas IMAX 4DX Scotto’s Rigatoni Grill Starbucks Subway Sweetfrog Frozen Yogurt The UPS Store Verizon Wireless Center Virginia ABC Store Welcome Center


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Summer 2020


(703) 542-2925

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