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Spring 2020


A Fun, Full-Day Summer Experience for Children Primrose® Summer Adventure Club Balances Fun and Learning for Children K-5 Every summer, many parents find themselves searching for camps and child care programs for their children. While there are many options available, finding the program that is the best fit for your family can be a challenge. “The number of summer child care programs and day camps families have to choose from can be overwhelming,” says Mike Hummer, Franchise Owner of Primrose School at Moorefield Station. “The Primrose Summer Adventure Club makes the decision easy by offering such a great mix of activities that are fun for children but also naturally encourage summer learning through play and exploration.” The Primrose Summer Adventure Club is designed to provide a fun, full-day experience for children. Each day has something for every adventurer, including time for outdoor play, interest-based activity zones, field trips and special projects. Every week, these activities and experiences center on a new theme. The activities for each theme were developed by leading experts in early childhood education to ensure all programming is safe and designed for fun. Weekly themes vary from engineering-focused to arts-related to sports-based, but each one nurtures leadership, good character, creative thinking and problem solving in a fun and natural way.


Some of the weekly themes children may explore this summer season include: Take the Stage! Get ready to ask for their autograph. Our adventurers are collaborating with fellow students to make their own music videos, crafting everything from the set and costumes to the instruments. Deep Sea Adventures What’s beneath the ocean? Just ask our adventurers as they explore a virtual sea through computer games and robot submarines they’ve programmed themselves! Blast Off! We have liftoff! Our adventurers are exploring the wonders of space as they build rockets, program robots, play coding games and more. As children play and explore each week, they discover new knowledge and make new friends along the way.

Learn more about the summer experience at Primrose School at Moorefield Station at or call 703.726.9306. Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020


How Are We Doing?


s the General Manager of a great community with a dedicated, forward-thinking, and hardworking Board of Directors and staff, I continually take time to review and assess our collective performance. Do Brambleton residents feel at home? Is Brambleton Community Association positively impacting the lives of our residents? Is our community thriving? What are our strengths? What are our weaknesses? To be more effective, we as an Association feel that it’s essential to seek out other perspectives and gain insight into what we do well and what we could improve on. I am a believer that there is always room for improvement and that we consistently need to move in a positive direction. To help us better serve you, our Association, and the Brambleton community, we want to know how we’re doing through a Resident Survey that will take place later this spring. Over the past year, the BCA Board has updated our policies, resolutions, and Design Guidelines so that they address the needs and desires of our community and are reflective of modern community management practices. BCA has also redesigned its website at to better serve Brambleton residents and provide a wealth of information in a visually engaging way. We are proud of the work that we’ve

accomplished over the past year, but as with any changes, we want to ensure that our efforts have had a positive impact on residents and the community. Do you feel that the Association’s Board and staff are successfully handling issues pertaining to the community, or are there some important matters we are neglecting? Has the Association been transparent with residents about the actions we take, and have residents been given a fair opportunity to weigh in on these decisions? Does the Association listen to what you have to say when you disagree with our decisions or when you have suggestions to better the community? These are just some of the critical questions we’re eager to have answered, and we hope you’ll share your thoughts with us on these and other issues. We are not your parents’ homeowners association. We are more than an entity that enforces covenants and maintains common areas. Our events, programs, amenities, and services set us apart from other communities in our region. Your opinions can and do help shape our community, so please do not hesitate to give us honest feedback. Be on the lookout for the release of the 2020 Resident Survey in the coming months. Results from the survey will be used to shape future budgets, events, services, and more for the Association.

You can also send me an email anytime at with your ideas for how we can continue to make Brambleton a great place to live and play. Thank you in advance for helping us make our Association and the Brambleton community a place we’re all proud to call home. Sincerely, Rick Stone, PCAM, LSM




Community Association Vision & Mission Vision

Leading a high tech community with hometown traditions where everyone can connect with life.

Mission BCA is committed to proactively leading a quality community for its residents through stewardship of resources, advanced technology, and enhanced lifestyle opportunities.

Board of Directors Brian Viola President

Samarendra Nandi Vice President

Meryl Bisaga Treasurer

Susan Wolford Secretary

Jordan Crotty Director

Anand Mohan Dharmapuri Director

Pat Martin Director

Management Office 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210 Brambleton, VA 20148


How Are We Doing? A MESSAGE FROM RICK STONE, GENERAL MANAGER BCA will be releasing a Resident Survey in the coming months in order to receive helpful feedback from Brambleton residents. This survey will be used to shape future budgets, events, services, and more.

(p) 703-542-6263 (f ) 703-542-6266

Rick Stone General Manager, PCAM, LSM

Paul Gentine Communications Coordinator To advertise in the Brambleton Community Magazine, contact Paul Gentine via email at or call 703542-6263. The community magazine is published quarterly by the Brambleton Community Association, distributed via email, and can be viewed on our website. Special thanks to Stephanie Lee for photography assistance.




Brambleton Trail Guidelines

Community Outreach in Brambleton



Brambleton’s trails are a beautiful resource for residents and can accommodate a variety of users.

BCA reflects on its community outreach efforts and looks forward to providing new opportunities this year.

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020







How Are We Doing?

Native Plants in Your Landscape



Preparing Your Home for Sale

BCA Board of Directors


Message from the BCA Board President




Resale Disclosure Packets

May 7: Food Truck Picnic, 5-8 PM

Love Where You Live!

May 16: Bram Beer & Wine Fest, 1-6 PM




Spring Programs & Book Clubs

Recording Studio

June 12: Teen Pool Party, 8:30-11 PM June 18: Summer Concert, 6:30-9:30 PM

Fios Upgrade in Brambleton Update

BCA Committees

Ground Works: Spring Activity

Morning Walk Park: Coming to Brambleton This Spring

Brambleton's Beloved Trees



Want to Be a Brambleton Lifeguard?

Assessment Payment Options

Brambleton Trail Guidelines

Important Contact Information

Townhome Grounds Maintenance

Trail & Amenities Map



Community Outreach in Brambleton



An Update From Supervisor Buffington


Summer Camps 2020

Race Brambleton

Sponsorship Opportunities

Bram Life Pass



Bramble-Bunny Egg Hunt

Spring Yard Sale

LCPS Congestion Must Go Campaign

Bram Beer & Wine Festival

Summer Kick-off

Teen Pool Party


BCA Communications

Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Painter

Food Truck Picnic

BCA Website Redesign

Summer Concert Series

Red White & BRAM


April 4: Bramble-Bunny Egg Hunt, 10 AM - 2 PM April 25: Ribbon Run, 8 AM April 25: Spring Block Party, 4-11 PM

MAY May 2: Spring Yard Sale, 8 AM - 12 PM May 3: JDRF One Walk, 8 AM

June 4: Food Truck Picnic, 5-8 PM June 12: Summer Kick-off, 5-8 PM

June 26: Late Night Swim, 8-10 PM June 27: Red White & BRAM, 6-10 PM

MEETINGS Board of Directors: Apr. 14 at 6 PM, June 2 at 8:15 AM Events Committee: Apr. 1, May 6, June 3 at 7:30 PM Covenants Committee: Apr. 13, May 11, June 8 at 7 PM Safety & Security Committee: Apr. 14, May 12, June 9 at 7 PM Grounds & Facilities Committee: Apr. 14, May 12, June 9 at 7:30 PM Finance Committee: Mar. 24, Apr. 28, May 26 at 7:30 PM Community Technology Committee: Mar. 25, Apr. 22, May 27 at 7:30 PM

DMV2GO Brambleton Town Center, 9 AM - 4 PM •

April 10th

New BCA Staff: Saroj Lamba

May 8th


June 12th



BCA Board of Directors The BCA Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance and success of the Association. The Board meets regularly to discuss BCA business, set policies and procedures, and take action on various Association matters. The Board last met on December 10, 2019, and February 4, 2020, and took the following actions in accordance with its governing documents, state statute, and federal laws:

December 2019 & February 2020 Board Meetings: Approved the October and December 2019 Board Meeting Minutes. Authorized staff to publish the draft November 12, 2019, Annual Meeting minutes for distribution to residents. Received and reviewed various financial and management reports and Committee meeting minutes. Approved the appointment of residents as members/Chairperson to the various Committees. Rescinded Administrative Resolution No. 2015-01 due to a homeowner-controlled Board. Authorized the Board President and Vice President to sign standard collection documents for liens and judgements. Adopted the BCA Board Meeting Calendar for 2020. Approved the adoption of the 2020 Wage & Salary Chart with a cost-of-living adjustment of 1.60%. Approved year-end bonuses for Association staff. Awarded the 2020 Pool Management Contract to Titan Pools and authorized the General Manager to execute an agreement for the 2020 swim season. Approved the write-off of all current owners’ balances of $10.00 & under, and instructed FirstService Residential to send residents notification of their balances of $10.01 & above. Approved a payment proposal with specific provisions. Denied an appeal related to a design review application for a non-conforming privacy screen. Amended the pool break policy, as recommended by the Grounds & Facilities Committee, to reflect 10-minutes breaks for everyone at the end of each hour, except for people actively swimming laps. Adopted the revisions to Resolution #9 to reflect current practices of the Association. Approved purchase of Smartwebs software as a replacement for the current CIMS Architectural software and Connect violation software. Approved the co-hosting of CAI’s 2021 Largescale Manager Workshop. Approved the expenditure of up to $130k for the 2020 insurance package. Finalizing the Facility Use Agreement with the Bettas Swim Team. Copies of the completed and approved meeting minutes can be requested at


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS April 14 at 6:00 PM, June 2 at 8:15 AM, BCA Management Office Visit or the BCA Facebook page for any meeting schedule updates.


Message from the BCA Board President Brian Viola - President, BCA Board of Directors


t’s an exciting time to be a resident of Brambleton. Our community has grown strong and diverse, our programs and amenities are popular and first-class, and Brambleton Community Association is strong and debt-free. We are already one of the largest homeowners associations in the area, and we will soon be the largest HOA in Loudoun County. These are things that we should all take pride in!

Also, as you may have heard, for the first time in the 20-year history of Brambleton, the BCA Board is now controlled by the residents of this fine community. I am honored to have been selected by my peers as the first President of the resident-controlled Board. I know many of you, but not all of you, so please feel free to say hello if you see me out and about in our community. The transition from developer to resident control is a big moment in any association’s life and not one to be taken lightly. When I ran for, and was elected to, the BCA Board almost eight years ago, I highlighted my experience as President of an HOA in Reston that had gone through a similar transition. Now being the longest resident on this Board, I believe my prior board experience and my current working relationship with the Brambleton Group and the rest of the newly-elected Board will

serve our community well now and into the future. What you should all be happy to know is that the four other resident-elected Board members and I are all dedicated to making this transition as smooth and beneficial as possible for the entire community. As we determine each other’s strengths, we will endeavor to carry out our roles by continuing to maintain a strong and debt-free balance sheet, providing for all the amenities and extracurricular activities that you have come to enjoy, working with our local politicians and other associations on common items such as safety and school issues, and making the Brambleton community the best place to live in the Metro DC area. Once again, I’m proud to be the first resident President, and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Fios Upgrade in Brambleton Update Ara Galang - Accounts & Executive Administrator


rambleton Community Association is happy to announce that all Brambleton homes with the proper ONT and wiring equipment installed have received the upgraded Verizon Fios bulk agreement services and discounts. We encourage residents to review their Verizon bill statements for these changes. Please visit our website at for the latest information, including how to address billing concerns, schedule remaining conversion appointments, and find set top box & router details. Not upgraded? If you have not received the upgraded Fios services and discounts, your home may still require the ONT & wiring conversion upgrade. Please visit the Fios in Brambleton webpage to check if your address is included on the list of homes that still require the necessary conversion work. This list can also be viewed at If your address is on

the list, please contact Verizon as soon as possible at 800-501-1172 (option 1) to schedule your conversion appointment. Please note that homes requiring the conversion work will not receive upgraded speeds nor associated discounts until the conversion is completed. If your address is not included on the list, please call the number above to request the upgraded services and equipment.

The Brambleton-wide Verizon Fios bulk services upgrade was a huge undertaking for the community, and its success would not be possible without our residents’ cooperation. Thank you all for working with us and Verizon, and your patience and understanding throughout this process has been greatly appreciated. We hope that you are enjoying the new upgrades and savings!

Contact Verizon Activate/Disconnect/Billing

800-501-1172 M-F: 8 AM to 7 PM; Sat: 9 AM to 6 PM

2020 Upgrade/ONT & Wiring

800-501-1172, option 1

Questions/Assistance w/


Suspension of Service Assistance


Home Monitoring and Control




BCA Committees


Responsibility: Serving as a resource for residents with concerns, meeting regularly with the LCSO Community Policing Officer serving the Dulles area, and making recommendations to the Board regarding safety and security matters in Brambleton. Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 4/14, 5/12, 6/9 at 7:00 PM Website:

EVENTS COMMITTEE Responsibility: Advising the Board and BCA staff on issues pertaining to new event idea development, developing ideas for volunteer and sponsorship programs, and more. Meetings: First Wednesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 4/1, 5/6, 6/3 at 7:30 PM Website:

COVENANTS COMMITTEE Responsibility: Reviewing submitted design review applications, considering violations of BCA documents, and taking enforcement actions. Meetings: Second Monday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 4/13, 5/11, 6/8 at 7:00 PM Website:

GROUNDS & FACILITIES COMMITTEE Responsibility: Advising the Board on issues related to rules, policies, maintenance, upkeep, and the use of the common grounds and facilities. Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 4/14, 5/12, 6/9 at 7:30 PM Website:

FINANCE COMMITTEE Responsibility: Reviewing financial reports and audits, monitoring investments, reviewing funding for capital projects, and developing financial policies and resolutions to the Board. Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 3/24, 4/28, 5/26 at 7:30 PM Website:

COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE Responsibility: Advising the Board of Directors on issues, concerns, and recommendations pertaining to technology issues that impact the greater community. Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 3/25, 4/22, 5/27 at 7:30 PM Website:

BRAMBLETON KIDS CARE COMMITTEE Responsibility: Empowering the next generation of Brambleton’s residents and facilitating their development and growth towards becoming compassionate, service-minded citizens. Meetings: Meets as needed, typically during the school year. Website:


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

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Ground Works: Spring Activity As a steward of the land, Brambleton Community Association is continually performing various upkeep and service tasks to maintain a healthy environment and great looking community. These are the highlights that will occur over the next few months:

Common Areas Geese Patrol of Ponds: Goose Rangers will be patrolling community ponds on a daily basis from early February through the middle of June. Street Sweeping (Sand): Street Sweeping will take place in late March to aid in cleanup from the winter season. Residents will be notified through the Friday Flash regarding when the sweeper will be in their area. Spring Cleanup & Mulching: Spring cleanup is underway and will continue into late May/early June. Common area beds will have debris removed, bushes trimmed, and a fresh layer of mulch applied. Fertilizer & Weed Control: A turf application will be applied to common areas throughout the community in March and April. A selective weed control and fertilizer combination will be applied to ensure that the grass is in prime condition for the spring and summer months. Mowing & Edging: Mowing and edging in common areas will begin in late March (weather dependent). Annual Flower Installation: The annual flower installation will take place in May.

Townhome Grounds Maintenance Program Mulching: All townhomes included in the Townhome Grounds Maintenance Program will have debris removed from landscape beds and a layer of mulch applied. This is a lengthy process that will begin in March and could continue through May. Mowing & Edging: Mowing and edging services will begin in late March/early April (weather dependent). Fertilizer & Weed Control: A turf application will be applied in March and April. Timely details on services and specific dates will be communicated in upcoming editions of the Friday Flash, on the BCA website, and on the BCA Facebook page. Questions pertaining to these services can be emailed to


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020


Morning Walk Park: Coming to Brambleton This Spring Shantil Moyer - Operations & Capital Projects Manager


rambleton Community Association’s Board of Directors met on September 9, 2019 and reviewed the Grounds & Facilities (G&F) Committee’s request for funding to construct Morning Walk Park (also known as Park 3) and its amenities as outlined in the park plan, which can be found on the BCA website at This plan includes the construction of amenities such as a sand volleyball court, play equipment, a zipline, berm slides, climbing structures, a playfield, asphalt and natural trails, and landscaping. The Board unanimously approved the Committee's requested park funding, and Morning Walk Park is projected to open in midspring 2020. Morning Walk Park is one of the five neighborhood parks included in the Association’s strategic plan for a balanced park system throughout Brambleton which was adopted in 2016. This strategic plan divides Brambleton into five neighborhood park districts in order to provide recreational

opportunities to all residents within their respective neighborhoods. The intent of this approach is to encourage residents to walk, jog, or bike to their neighborhood park, ideally reducing vehicular traffic and increasing opportunities for neighborhoods to thrive throughout the community. A map of these five districts can be viewed at

Sand Volleyball Court at Legacy Park (Similar to Proposed Morning Walk Park Design)

BCA actively sought input from residents throughout the strategic plan implementation process. They even offered a unique opportunity for Brambleton residents to work together with the G&F Committee, the Board, BCA staff, and the Association’s land planner and development company to draft a concept plan for neighborhood Parks 3 and 4. The Board adopted this concept plan at their meeting on August 1, 2017, and the plan can be viewed at After the land parcels constituting Park 3 were deeded to the Association, the G&F Committee and the Association started the process of evaluating amenities for Morning Walk Park. Based on feedback received from residents during the development of the Morning Walk Park concept plan, the Committee and Association developed and adopted the park plan referenced above. Visit www. for more information and further updates as construction of park amenities nears completion.



Brambleton's Beloved Trees Rick Stone, PCAM, LSM - General Manager


ree management throughout Brambleton’s 2,500 acres requires a wide range of knowledge and resources. Brambleton’s suburban forest consists of preexisting woodlands, canopy replacement trees, and aesthetically pleasing native and nonnative trees planted within landscape beds alongside shrubs, perennials, and annuals. These various configurations make up Brambleton’s landscape but

require a variety of management and maintenance approaches. Over the years, we have seen a variety of diseases and challenges that have negatively impacted our landscape. We have seen the community’s Knockout roses decline and die from rose rosette disease, which is a nasty, incurable virus. Brambleton’s ash trees have been devastated by the emerald ash borer. As the community ages, we are experiencing an increase in overcrowding among planted trees, damaged and downed trees due to storms, and the delayed dying of preexisting trees from construction-related damage. Emerald Ash Borer

Contractor felling a storm-damaged tree in Legacy Park


Over the past five years, Brambleton has lost over 400 ash trees as a result of the emerald ash borer. The ash borer has devastated the entire east coast, due to both the loss of these trees and the financial impact of removing and replacing them. Brambleton has spent over $100,000 over the past several years removing affected trees and installing

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

replacements. This loss has also impacted numerous residents with ash trees on their property. Overcrowding Loudoun County has a canopy coverage replacement calculation that requires developers to replant trees that were cleared due to construction activity. While this program has good intentions, the reality is that it requires developers to overplant the common areas, which communities must address as the trees grow. This overcrowding requires homeowners associations and property owners to selectively remove or sacrifice trees for the health of the adjacent trees. As some of Brambleton’s replanted trees have been growing for almost 20 years, the removal of live and seemingly healthy trees to address overcrowding is becoming a reality. Storm Damage Our community is subjected to soilsaturating rains, high winds, heavy snows, lightning, and other weather

conditions that can stress and damage trees. Several Legacy Park trees were impacted this past summer when a microburst storm went through the park. In a 15-minute time frame, more than 20 trees ended up severely damaged or uprooted. Storms like this are unpredictable, and Association staff and contractors need to be ready to address related tree hazards and cleanup. Hazardous Tree Defects For various reasons, a tree can become hazardous as it ages. To an untrained eye, the tree may appear healthy, but to an arborist, there are many signs of defects. These defects can consist of dead wood, cracks, poor tree architecture, weak branch unions, decay, and cankers. Some defects are visible, while others are not so obvious. Inspections by an arborist are necessary to identify and address these hazards. Recently, three large oak trees were removed from Legacy Park. While they were alive and showed minimal signs of defects, the reality was that the entire interior of the trees had decayed, posing a danger to the surrounding areas.

Delayed Damage from Construction Activity The Association often sees preexisting natural trees die 3-5 years after land development and home construction has occurred. There are several reasons for this. During the construction process, the soil around tree roots may have been highly compacted by heavy construction equipment. Tree roots may have also been damaged or removed for the installation of underground utilities, and surface tree roots may have been buried by additional topsoil when the area was

graded. All of these actions place stress on trees that may not have an immediate impact but can cause dieback or death over time. Trees are an investment in our community’s future. Healthy and mature trees have many positive benefits that impact our lives, including clean air, energy conservation, protection from climate change, and water filtration and retention. Trees also provide habitats for wildlife and protect property resale values. The Association consistently works with the Virginia Department of Forestry, arborists, and contractors to ensure that the management and maintenance of our trees remain a top priority. Pruning of damaged and hazardous trees occurs during the year, and native trees are replanted annually throughout the community to address the loss of mature trees. Brambleton’s landscape is ever-changing and evolving. Although it takes time for young trees to grow and provide the benefits of more mature ones, we look forward to the prosperity and beauty that these trees will provide to the community.

Legacy Park tree with decayed interior

Want to Be a Brambleton Lifeguard? Do you want to be a lifeguard at a Brambleton pool this year? Brambleton Community Association is partnering with Titan Pool Service to provide pool management at our pools this year, and lifeguarding opportunities are still available for interested applicants. Titan Pool Service offers competitive wages and flexible schedules. The minimum age requirement is 15 years old. Applicants will need to be or become lifeguard certified, and training is available. Visit www. or call 703-361-3177 to apply and find more information.



Brambleton Trail Guidelines


rambleton’s trails are a beautiful recreational resource for our residents and accommodate a variety of users. Please exercise caution and ensure your own safety while using the trails. Trail users are responsible for following the suggested guidelines below, knowing the limits of their own abilities, and following the rules specific to the trail they are on. 1. Brambleton trails and adjacent common areas are for the exclusive use of Brambleton Community Association owners, residents, and their guests. 2. Safety is of primary concern to the Association and its members. All persons using the trails and adjacent common areas do so at their own risk and agree to abide by the guidelines for the use of these facilities. The Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or any loss or damage to personal property. Residents (members and tenants) are responsible for the actions of their children and guests. 3. Trails are intended for shared use by pedestrians, bicyclists, inline skaters, and wheelchair users. Bike and inline skating speeds must not exceed 15


mph, and all other trail users must be yielded to. 4. Bicyclists are required to wear helmets per Loudoun County Ordinance. 5. Motorized vehicles and horses are prohibited on the trails and adjacent common areas. BCA authorized maintenance vehicles will be permitted on trails as deemed necessary. 6. Trail users shall travel on the right side of the trail, leaving room for other users to safely pass on the left. 7. Trails shall only be accessed from designated areas. Residential lots shall not be used to access the trails without owners’ permission. 8. Use Brambleton’s trails with a family member(s) or friend(s). 9. Loitering and inappropriate behavior within the trail system is prohibited. Users and adjacent owners should immediately report all suspicious activity to the Loudoun County Sheriff ’s Office at 703-777-1021. 10. Smoking and intoxicants are prohibited within the trail system.

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

11. Pets shall remain on a leash and under handler’s control while on the trail. Handler shall immediately remove and properly dispose of all solid waste generated by their pet(s). 12. Trails are adjacent to natural areas and wetlands which contain wildlife. Trail users should be alert and cautious of possible wildlife. Trail users should also remain outside of all posted wetlands and related buffer areas. 13. In addition to these specific rules, all other BCA rules and regulations pertaining to common areas apply to the trails. 14. Group, commercial, or for-profit use of the trail system is prohibited without proper permits from the Association. Non-permitted use of the common area and trail system could be considered illegal or in violation of Association rules and may be subjected to related fees. BCA is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the trail system but asks all users to immediately report all maintenance and hazardous concerns to 703542-6263 or

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Townhome Grounds Maintenance


here are certain sections of the community where grounds maintenance on townhome lots is provided by Brambleton Community Association. Prior to the construction of these sections, it was decided that an additional assessment would be part of these lots to cover the costs associated with a basic landscape maintenance package. The package includes mowing, string trimming, weeding, edging, turf applications, and mulching of basic landscape. Turf Maintenance • Mowing will occur every 7-14 days (weather permitting) from April through mid-November. During extended periods of rain or drought conditions, cutting will take place as weather conditions dictate. • Turf will be cut to a height of 3"-3.5". • String trimming along shrub beds, obstructions, and foundations will be performed at time of mowing. Owners are required to establish a 3"-6" weedfree zone around areas that can be damaged by the string trimmers, such as A/C units, stucco foundations, fencing, deck posts, steps, or other areas. • Edging of concrete surfaces (i.e. driveway aprons and sidewalks) will occur every other mow. • Normal levels of trash and litter will be policed and removed from landscaped areas before mowing. • Sidewalks will be kept free of weeds by mechanical or chemical means. • Landscaped planting beds will be kept free of weeds by hand weeding or chemical means. • Resulting dirt and debris will be blown from sidewalks after operations.


Turf Applications • Early Spring (Feb. - Mar.): Turf will receive fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control. • Late Spring (Apr. - June): Turf will receive a balance of fertilizer and broadleaf weed control. • Summer (June - July): Turf will receive spot treatment of broadleaf weed control. • Fall (Oct. - Nov.): Turf will receive fertilizer high in nitrogen and broadleaf winter weed control. Note: Some of the applications listed above may be combined at contractor's discretion. Additional turf applications are occasionally needed for extremely difficult weeds such as nutsedge, goose grass, and wild violet. These conditions require different applications which are available as needed at an additional cost with prior approval from manager/agent. Spring Bed Cleanup & Mulch • All previously mulched plant beds will have debris removed. Bed edges will be cut to a 2" depth, depending on soil conditions. • An application of pre-emergent weed control in all beds will be made as deemed appropriate.

• Gates must remain unlocked and function properly. • Personal items such as lawn furniture, toys, hoses, or other items must be removed from lawn and landscape areas before service begins. • Landscape beds with edging, exposed irrigation, decorative yard ornaments, excessive non-builder installed plantings, or other items that can be damaged will be skipped or bypassed. • Pets cannot be present. Please make sure all gates are securely closed prior to letting pets into yards in the evenings. Service Not Included in Program There are certain items that are not covered under this program which will remain the responsibility of the property owner. These items are as follows: • Pruning of any landscaping to include shrubs, bushes, and trees; • String trimming around structures or personal items that can be easily damaged; • String trimming along asphalt driveways due to wear and tear; • Watering of turf or landscape; • Removal and replacement of dead or dying plant material;

• Double-shredded hardwood mulch will be installed to maintain no more than a 2" mulch covering of the beds. Please note that any other type of mulch will not be serviced during spring mulching.

• Leaf removal on private lots; this includes front and rear yards, open or gated;

Requirements of Service

• Snow/ice removal on sidewalks or driveways;

• Access must be available for backyard mowing.

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

• Fall mulching; • Installation of annual flowers;

• Insect or wildlife control.


APRIL April 4: Bramble-Bunny Egg Hunt

April, May, & June 2020 Events

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

April 25: Ribbon Run 8:00 AM

April 25: Spring Block Party 4:00 PM - 11:00 PM

MAY May 2: Spring Yard Sale 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

May 3: JDRF One Walk 8:00 AM

May 7: Food Truck Picnic 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

May 16: Bram Beer & Wine Fest 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

JUNE June 4: Food Truck Picnic 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

June 12: Summer Kick-off 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

June 12: Teen Pool Party 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM

June 18: Summer Concert 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

June 26: Late Night Swim 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

June 27: Red White & BRAM 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Summer Camps 2020 PROGRAM




Brambleton Soccer

June 15 - June 19 June 22 - June 26 June 29 - July 3 July 6 - July 10 July 13 - July 17 July 20 - July 24 July 27 - July 31

9:00am - 12:00pm

Corner Clubhouse Outdoors/Glass Room

Drama Kids

June 11 - June 12 June 15 - June 19 June 22 - June 26 July 6 - July 10 August 10 - August 14 August 24 - August 26

Full Day: 9:00am - 4:00pm Half Day: 9:00am - 12:30pm

Corner Clubhouse

Full Day: 9:00am - 4:00pm



August 3 - August 7


July 13 - July 17 July 20 - July 24

Luis Rosado Tennis Academy

June 15 - June 19 June 22 - June 26 June 29 - July 3 July 6 - July 10 July 13 - July 17 July 20 - July 24 July 27 - July 31 August 3 - August 7 August 10 - August 14 August 17 - August 21

9:00am - 1:00pm

Play-Well TEKnologies

July 6 - July 10 July 27 - July 31

9:00am - 12:00pm 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Half Day: 9:00am - 12:00pm 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Corner Clubhouse

9:00am - 4:30pm

Corner Clubhouse

Creighton West Park Tennis Courts Legacy Park Tennis Courts

Spring 2020

Community Center Lower Level

Silver Knights Enrichment

June 15 - June 19 June 22 - June 26 June 29 - July 3 July 6 - July 10 July 13 - July 17 July 20 - July 24 July 27 - July 31 August 3 - August 7 August 10 - August 14 August 17 - August 21

Overtime Athletics

June 15 - June 19 June 22 - June 26 June 29 - July 3 July 6 - July 10 July 13 - July 17 July 20 - July 24 July 27 - July 31 August 3 - August 7 August 10 - August 14 August 17 - August 21

Community Center Lower Level

8:30am - 4:00pm

9:00am - 5:00pm Before Care: 8:00am drop-off

Community Center Main Level

After Care: 5:30pm pick-up

2020 Race Schedule

Visit to register for camps and find more information.

Saturday April 25

Saturday November 7

Please contact for more information.



Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020



Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020



Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020



Native Plants in Your Landscape Loudoun County Master Gardeners


ost of us have heard that we should be planting native plants to benefit the environment. But which plants are native, and how do native plants help the environment? Native plants are naturally occurring and have been growing in an area since before the arrival of European settlers. A native plant that was brought here 400 years ago from Europe is still not a native plant. So those crepe myrtles brought here from China, Japan, and Korea are not natives! A native plant has to have co-evolved with the other plants and animals in the area. This takes hundreds of thousands to millions of years.

Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea)


Many of our native insects can only eat certain native plants. For example, monarch butterfly larvae are not unique in developing a tolerance to poison in milkweed. Many plants are toxic, and the native insect that is dependent on it has developed a tolerance to that plant. So if you want a certain butterfly in your yard, research what plant its larvae eats and plant that plant. For instance, plant Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea) to provide food for black swallowtail larvae. Many native plants are also dependent on certain animals to spread their seeds. This codependency is why native plants are so important, as native plants provide food – foliage, pollen, nectar, fruit, seeds, and nuts – for native animals to eat. Ninety percent of insect species can develop on only one type of plant, and 90% of birds feed their chicks caterpillars. And to raise one nest of chickadees requires 6,000 to 9,000 caterpillars! Are there enough native plants in your yard to produce the caterpillars to support your nest box of chickadees? As a result of the preference for nonnative plants in landscapes and the

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

overuse of pesticides, the native insect population is crashing, and the bird population has declined 50% in the past 50 years. Native insects don’t damage native plants when they eat; plants are meant to provide food, so rejoice when you see some holes in the leaves of your native plants. Monarch larvae can completely defoliate milkweed, but the foliage comes back the next year as a result of co-evolution. Sometimes we view our landscape as strictly ornamental and for our pleasure. Take a look at your landscape from the perspective of those chickadees and consider adding some or more native plants to benefit the environment. If you have the space, the single most beneficial plant you can grow is an oak tree, but you can start much smaller. There are hardy native plants for every spot, whether it’s sunny, shady, moist, or dry. If you are new to growing native plants, you can read Plant NOVA Natives’ guide at You can also consult a local native plant grower to see what native plants you can add to your landscape this spring.

RESULTS MATTER 2019 Sales Volume Over 26 Million!!! 22 Home Sales in Brambleton 17 Home Sales: Ashburn, Leesburg, Aldie, Herndon, Reston, Willowsford Average Days on Market = 7.7 Sold Price to List Price = 100.03% Brambleton Resident Since 2005 | Real Estate Experience = 20 years New Listings Coming this Spring in: Brambleton, Forest Ridge, Loudoun Valley, Olde Town Ashburn, Farmwell Hunt and More!!!

Contact Heather Heppe 703.727.5941

20937 Ashburn Road, #200 Ashburn, VA 20147 MOBILE 703.727.5941 OFFICE 571.209.6375



Preparing Your Home for Sale Alison Harris Burke, REALTOR®, Keller Williams Realty - Loudoun Gateway


etting ready to sell your home? Selling your home requires more work than just putting a “For Sale” sign in your front yard. If you’re not sure exactly what you should be doing, then here is a list of steps that will help ensure that you secure the most money for your house. • Hire a Realtor: Most people know 5-7 real estate agents. You need to do your homework and select an agent who is an expert in the Brambleton area. Just because you received a postcard, or a family member recommends an agent, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to interview agents to find the right one for you. You should be comfortable with your agent so you can work together to bring in the top dollar amount for your home. • BCA Resale Documents: Brambleton Community Association adheres to specific guidelines regarding the exterior features of a home. When you put your home on the market, BCA will do an exterior inspection and report any violations. The most


common violations in Brambleton can be prevented by power washing exterior siding, repairing and repainting trim that is rotting or peeling, resealing the driveway, and making sure that any design changes you’ve made are on file with BCA. • Curb Appeal: You have one shot to make a first impression. When buyers walk up to the front porch, they are already judging how you have taken care of your home. A few easy things you can do to make your home inviting are planting colorful flowers, pruning any overgrown shrubs, and repainting the front door. Of course, a welcoming door mat always helps, too! • Declutter: Less is always more. Buyers may worry that they will not have enough room for their own belongings if your home is overflowing with stuff. Clear kitchen and bathroom counter tops, tables, dressers, bookshelves, etc. Then organize closets and cabinets, as buyers will open doors and cabinets to make sure there is sufficient space. As you declutter,

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

decide if you want to keep items, donate them, or dispose of them. Since you are moving, use this time to get a jump start on packing and box up anything you don’t need and store it neatly in the garage or a closet. • Depersonalize: Buyers want to visualize themselves and their family living in the home. You don’t want them to forget why they are touring the home, and unfortunately family photos can become distractions. If you have a wall of family photos, take them down; this also applies to any sentimental or religious items or bold artwork. Remember you want to appeal to the highest number of buyers to maximize profit. • Neutralize Paint Colors: You might love your lime green accent wall, but the buyer may not, and it could keep them from writing an offer. Neutralizing the wall colors of your home will allow buyers to see what a light color looks like. Plus, buyers love the smell of fresh paint in a home. While you have the painter there,

have them touch up any scuff marks or patch any holes often exposed when you take down family photos or artwork. • Make Repairs: If it is broken, you need to fix it or disclose it. So, that leaky faucet, the broken ice maker, the torn window screen…all of these items are likely to show up on the home inspection done by the seller. If you know about any issues, arrange to have them fixed prior to putting your home on the market. If a buyer sees a water stain on the ceiling, they may think the roof is leaking, which will lead to thoughts of “what else could be wrong”. Make sure you take the necessary steps to repair defects and avoid just simply covering them up. • Clean: Every buyer likes a clean and tidy home. Hire a professional to come in and deep clean your home. Ensure that the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless before showings. Be sure that beds are made and laundry is put away. If your carpets are showing their age, arrange to have them professionally cleaned or consider replacing them.

• Staging: Depending on your home décor, hiring a professional home stager may be warranted. If your home screams 1990s, your realtor will tell you. A home stager can provide recommendations on incorporating your home’s furniture and décor. Sometimes rearranging furniture and reorganizing bookshelves is all that is necessary. Home stagers know the real estate market and what buyers are looking for; don’t take offense to their suggestions. If the home you’re selling is vacant, by all means hire a home stager! • Remove Valuables: Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are still people looking to take advantage of home sellers. Remove prescription medicines, jewelry, and other valuables from your home. Consider storing them at a neighbor’s home, with family members, or securing them in a safe. Remember, the ways you live in and sell your home are not the same. By working closely with your realtor to address these steps, you can ensure that your

home is ready to hit the market! Happy selling!

Alison Harris Burke is a Brambleton resident and Top Producing REALTOR®, licensed in Virginia and specializing in Loudoun County. For additional information, please visit www.alisonharrisburke. com or call (703) 554-5599.



Resale Disclosure Packets Andrea Martin, CMCA, AMS - Community Standards & Administration Manager


information. These components provide a financial overview of the HOA and the seller’s current standing with their association.

A resale disclosure packet includes a set of required documents and information for a particular HOA when an owner is selling their home. Some of these essential components include articles of incorporation, declaration pages, bylaws, amendments, resolutions, architectural guidelines, current budget and financial statements, a statement of assessments, and a notification of any violations on the home for resale. It also includes information on any pending litigation, reserve funding, and state-specific

To provide the required notification of any violations on the home, a comprehensive resale inspection of the exterior of the home, the grounds, and any exterior modifications is performed. BCA’s governing documents require that the exterior of a home be maintained in a neat, well-tended and attractive manner, consistent with the principles of good property management and the preservation of property values of both the individual lot and neighboring/nearby lots. Many exterior modifications require review and approval by the Covenants Committee prior to installation. Once BCA is notified that a resale inspection has been requested, a thorough review of the property file will be conducted to review any prior design review approvals and past inspections before performing the physical resale inspection of the home. If any violations exist at the time of the inspection, they will be documented in the resale disclosure packet. If violations recorded during the resale inspection are corrected and the seller wants a free, one-time reinspection conducted and an updated findings letter issued, we ask that they contact the Community Standards department at

esale certificates and a community’s governing documents are part of the paperwork that is provided during the buying or selling of a home. The resale certificate details the seller’s financial obligations to their homeowners association and provides transparency about the community. Under Virginia law, property owners selling their home that live in an HOA, such as the Brambleton Community Association, are required to obtain a resale disclosure packet and provide it to the prospective buyer in advance of settlement. The prospective buyer has the opportunity to cancel the purchase contract within three days of receiving the resale packet, and no reason needs to be given. If there is no objection during that 3-day window, the purchase will proceed.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020 If any violations in the resale inspection are not remedied before the sale of the home, they are then passed to the new buyer for BCA compliance. BCA’s resale disclosure packets can be ordered online by visiting and clicking on “Order Resale Documents” under the Quick Links section at the bottom of the page. These resale disclosure packets are processed by FirstService Residential and fulfilled by WelcomeLink on behalf of the Association. The cost of a disclosure packet varies depending on the requested format (electronic or printed) as well as the requested delivery time frame (standard or rush). Homeowners are often surprised to learn that they need to order a resale disclosure packet and are left scrambling to do so under a tight closing deadline. We understand that selling your home and moving is stressful. Please order your resale packet early in the sales process to ensure there is adequate time to complete the inspection and remedy any issues that may arise. Brambleton Community Association is here to help you through the process, so please email or call us with any questions at or 703-542-6263.

Love Where You Live!

Seasonal Tips to Keep Brambleton Beautiful Mulch Must-Knows The best mulch can make all the difference in your landscaping. Shredded bark is one of the most common and least expensive types of mulch. It is also one of the best mulch types to use on slopes, and it breaks down relatively slowly. Mulch should be refreshed yearly in your landscaped flower beds. There are a number of advantages to adding mulch to your garden. In the summer, mulch helps the soil hold moisture so you don't have to water your garden as often. Mulch also protects the soil from direct sunlight; otherwise the soil can dry out and harden. Mulch also prevents weeds. Adding mulch to your planting bed will block light from openings in the soil, inhibiting weed germination. By adding a thick layer of mulch, you'll ensure that any weeds never see the light of day! Bram Tip: While a concentrated layer of mulch is ideal, don't overdo it. 2-4 inches is the ideal depth for a mulch layer. Did You Know? Only black and brown colored mulch is allowed within Brambleton. Red or other brightly colored mulch and rubber mulch products are not permitted. Don’t Forget: The use of river rock needs prior approval from the Covenants Committee. The river rock must be natural colored and 2-3 inches in diameter. Limited use of river rock will be considered to mitigate drainage concerns. It may not be used as primary ground cover. Also, pea gravel and white chipped rock are not permitted materials.

Battle of the Weeds Weeds are one of a gardener's worst enemies. They take over your garden's water supply with no shame, killing off your beloved plants and flowers. Many gardeners think grabbing weeds and yanking them gets the job done, but this can actually do more harm than just leaving them. By pulling leaves and not grabbing the roots, you are letting new growth start, enabling the weeds to spread. To make weeding even easier, do it when the soil is moist. Dry, hard soil is tougher for getting those roots out of the ground. Short Weeds: Low weeds can spread like crazy around your garden. To control them, get your hand underneath the foliage and feel around for where the stems come out of the ground. Use a trowel to dig under the roots and pull them up. Be sure to clean up any leaves when digging, as the leaves themselves can further spread weed growth. Tall Weeds: Tall, longer weeds are a little more straightforward in their removal. Grab the stem as close to the ground as you can and pull up. Use a trowel to assist; dig as deep below the root as you can and lever the weed out of the ground. Taproot Weeds: Taproot weeds are tricky; they have one large root that can extend as far as a foot beneath the soil's surface. The most common taproot weeds you'll find in your garden are dandelions. To get rid of these weeds, you'll definitely need a trowel or weeder. Sink the tool under the ground next to the base of the plant. Then, wiggle it toward the weed, which will help pop the roots out of the ground without breaking them. 30


Brambleton Library Highlights Storytimes Baby Storytime: For ages 0-18 months with an adult. Mondays, 10 AM. Tuesdays and Saturdays, 11 AM.

Details at a Glance Website

Toddler Storytime: For ages 18-36 months with an adult. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10 AM.

Preschool Storytime: For ages 3-5 with an adult. Wednesdays and Thursdays, 11 AM.

Location: 22850 Brambleton Plaza, Brambleton, VA 20148

Musical Storytime: For all ages with an adult. Tuesdays, 1:30 PM. Thursdays, 10 AM.

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 AM - 9 PM, Sun: 1- 5 PM

Family Storytime: For all ages with an adult. Wednesdays, 6:30 PM. Saturdays, 10 AM.

Spring Closings

Bilingual Musical Storytime/Hora de Cuentos Musical Bilingue: Thursdays, 1:30 PM.

Friday, April 17: Staff Development Day

Location & Hours

Sunday, April 12: Easter Monday, May 25: Memorial Day

Spring Programming Highlights Socrates Cafe: Socrates Cafes are gatherings around the world where people from different backgrounds get together and exchange philosophical perspectives based on their experiences. As Socrates himself said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Wednesdays, March 18 and April 15, 7 PM. Are Video Games Art? Artist and animator Ben Morse explores the artistry of video games with visual examples and clips. Saturday, March 21, 4 PM. Meet the Author: Karen Schaufeld: The local children’s author reads her books “The Lollipop Tree”, “Larry and Bob”, and “How to Eat a Peach”. Wednesday, March 25, 4 PM. Programming with Raspberry Pi: Robotics for Youth leads this introductory class for Grades 4-6. Saturday, March 28, 2 PM. Retro Reels Movie Club: Enjoy a classic movie and treats at this monthly program. A discussion follows the movie screening. Sundays: March 29, April 19, and May 10, 1:30 PM. Meditation: Practice different breathing and meditation techniques with certified yoga teacher Gretchen Schutte. Mat or blanket suggested. Sunday, April 5, 2 PM. Animal Lovers Club: Create toys and comfy beds for pets temporarily housed at the Loudoun County Animal Services shelter and earn volunteers hours in the process. For teens and adults. Tuesday, April 7, 6 PM. Secret Agent Training: Complete your training and earn a Secret Agent badge. Your mission will include navigating a maze, fingerprinting, and decoding a secret message. For Grades K-5. Wednesday, April 8, 3 PM. Home Maintenance: Patching, Caulking, and Drain Cleaning: A licensed contractor will show you how to tackle your own home repairs. Wednesday, April 8, 6:30 PM. Librarian for a Day: Do you ever wonder what librarians do all day? Learn all about the science of libraries, get a behind-the scenes tour of Brambleton Library, and earn your very own Library Science Certificate. For preschool and older. Monday, April 20, 4 PM. College Prep: Pointers for SAT success. Grades 9-12. Tuesday, April 28, 7 PM. Photography: Mastering Buttons and Menus: Bring your camera and learn how to master its controls with professional photographer Chas Sumser. Wednesday, April 29, 6:30 PM. Plant-Based Eating: Explore cooking secrets, meal ideas and recipes for adding more healthy plan-based foods to your diet. Saturday, May 2, 2 PM.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Visit for more programming information. Spring 2020

Brambleton Library Book Clubs Children's Book Club (Grades 2-3) “Stealing the Sword,” by Wendy Mass Read a different Scholastic Branches early chapter book every month. Monday, April 13, 4 PM.

Children's Book Club (Grades 4-5) “The Mysterious Benedict Society,” by Trenton Lee Stewart Four selected children go on a secret mission where the only rule is that there are no rules. Wednesday, April 15, 4 PM.

Teen Book Club “The Field Guide to the North American Teenager,” by Ben Philippe A hilarious novel about a witty black French-Canadian teen who moves to Texas and experiences the joys, clichés, and awkward humiliations of the American high school. Tuesday, March 31, 4:30 PM. “Inkheart,” by Cornelia Funke Twelve-year-old Meggie learns that her father Mo, a bookbinder, can “read” fictional characters to life when an evil ruler escapes the boundaries of fiction and lands in their living room. Tuesday, April 28, 4:30 PM.

Paperbacks & Pastries Adult Book Club “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd,” by Agatha Christie The death of a wealthy widow is believed to be an accident until her future husband is killed. Monday, April 13, 7:30 PM.

Adult Book Club “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet,” by Jamie Ford A forbidden romance between a Chinese boy and a Japanese girl during the 1940s is remembered. Thursday, April 16, 7 PM.

Recording Studio is Open for Business Looking for a place to record a quick song or two, but don’t have the cash to pay for studio time? Brambleton Library has a completely free, fully equipped recording studio, where anyone can record music, podcasts, or other creative projects. Located on the first floor of the library near the Makerspace is a digital production suite for recording and editing audio projects as well as a main production room. The space is outfitted with mixers, a Pro Tools setup, microphones, and other professional-grade equipment. Users are also welcome to bring their own gear. Library staff can provide basic help, but the recording studio is self-serve. Printed reference materials, mixer cheat sheets, and online tutorials through are available, making everything accessible and easy to understand for recording pros as well as novices. New this year, the recording studio can now be booked online for four-hour blocks up to two months in advance. To make a reservation, go to The library also offers free classes once per month for those who want to learn how to use the studio. The next sessions will take place on March 24 and April 28 from 6 to 9 PM, and they will cover setup, basic software introduction, recording, and 32 troubleshooting. For more information, visit the Brambleton Library or call the Makerspace at 571-258-3998, ext. 6.


Assessment Payment Options

Assessment payments are due on the first day of each month. To avoid incurring late or other collection related fees, it is recommended to align payment with the due date. Late fees are assessed for payments not posted by the 10th day of the month. BCA offers a variety of payment options and encourages owners to select the method that best suits their needs. Details regarding the various payment options can be found on Payment options include: • Mail: Owners may make payment by check or money order mailed to the Association's lockbox service. Please reference your account number or property address, or include the payment coupon, to ensure the payment is properly recorded. Mailing Address: Brambleton Community Association, C/O FirstService Residential, PO Box 62010, Newark, NJ 07101 • Online Bill Pay: Owners may pay assessments using an online bill paying service from their personal banking institution. • Direct Debit: The owner authorizes withdrawal of the monthly recurring assessment amount from a designated checking or savings account. Owners can sign up for Direct Debit service online at • ClickPay: This third-party payment service offers owners the ability to make one-time or recurring e-check or credit card payment at For help with your account or setting up payments online, please contact ClickPay at gethelp, or call 1-888-354-0135 (option 1).

Monthly Assessments 2020

House Type

$191.86 Detached $205.36

Detached w/Common Driveway

$200.19 Townhouse $218.19

Townhouse w/Grounds Maint.


Summerfield Condominiums


The Residences Condominiums

It is important to note that assessment payments are NOT accepted at the BCA management office, as all payments are processed by the Association’s bank via a lockbox. Payments delivered to the BCA office will be returned. Please also note that cash cannot be accepted at the BCA office or at FirstService Residential offices for payment of assessments. For more information or to request online access to your assessment account, please email

Want to See Your Ad in the Brambleton Magazine? We are still accepting advertisements for our upcoming magazine issues in June, September, and December 2020! If you would like to reach over 5,800 households per issue in the growing Brambleton community, then email us at for rates and more information. 33

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

Find Your Breath Again. For A Schedule of Classes & to Sign Up For A Free Week of Unlimited Classes, visit 703.327.5088



BCA Resale Disclosure Packet

Requests for Resale Disclosure Packets are fulfilled by FirstService Residential via Welcomelink. Orders are accepted from the FSR website at via the link Request Resale Documents. At the prompt, enter the zip code for the Brambleton property. Once at the WelcomeLink page, complete the necessary information to place the order. The cost of the packet is dependent upon several factors: the format, the delivery time frame, and the shipping method requested. See the FSR website for the most up to date information. The available formats are:

The available delivery timeframes are:

• Electronic (email) format - The link to access the electronic version is active for 180 days. To retain the document, it may be saved as a pdf.

• Standard - Packet is sent 14* calendar days from the order date. Fee is included.

• Printed (hardcopy) format • Update (available within 1 year of the initial order)

• Rush - If the Association is able to accommodate a rush order, the packet is sent 5* calendar days from the order date.

• Update with inspection (available within 1 year of the initial order) *Forms and payment must be received by 12 PM to count as first day. Forms received after 12 PM will be processed with the following day as the first day.

Notary Public Services

BCA Certificate of Insurance

BCA offers Notary Public services for residents. Here are a few tips to help make your notary experience easy:

Requests for Certificates of Insurance are fulfilled by the Association’s Insurance broker. To obtain a Certificate of Insurance for Brambleton Community Association, unit owners and lenders should submit their requests online at or by phone at 877-456-3643, Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Certificates will be issued immediately.

• Notary services are available by appointment only. This allows staff to be ready and available to provide your requested service. To schedule an appointment or contact us for questions, please email hoa@ or call 703-542-6263. • Please let us know what type of document you need notarized. There are certain types of documents that we are not able to notarize. Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates (copies or originals). Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification. We are also unable to notarize I-9 and Change of Appearance forms. • All documents must be written in English. Witnessing on documents is not provided by the Brambleton Community Association. Tell us how many pages you need notarized, and what day and time is most convenient for you. We’ll do our best to meet your appointment requests. • Important - At your appointment, any person that will be signing the documentation must be present, and the forms must be signed in front of the Notary Public. Photo identification must be provided by all signers at the time of the appointment. • The first two pages are free of charge. Each additional page is $2 per page. Forms of payment accepted include cash and personal checks.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Lender Questionnaires

Requests for completion of lender questionnaires for single family and townhomes located within Brambleton are fulfilled by Brambleton Community Association staff. The cost for completion of either a Uniform Mortgage Questionnaire or a Lender-Specific Mortgage Questionnaire is as follows: • 3 business-day turnaround - $100.00 • 1 business-day turnaround - $150.00 Please note: Forms and payment for all services must be received by 12 PM on the day of submission to count as the first day. Forms received after 12 PM will be processed counting the following business day as the first day. To submit a request or for more information, visit

Assessment Account Payoff Requests for Account Payoff Statements are fulfilled by FirstService Residential. To obtain an account payoff statement, submit request and owner authorization to

Spring 2020



Important Contact Information County Contacts

Community Management Contacts Brambleton Community Management Office: 703-542-6263 Residences at Brambleton (FSR): 703-385-1133 Summerfield Condo (FSR): 703-327-4818

Emergency (Fire/Rescue/Police): 911 (call or text); Sheriff (Non-Emergency): 703-777-1021

BCA Services

Alert Loudoun:

Republic Services Recycling & Trash Removal: Verizon (Activation/Account Changes/Billing/Disconnect): 800-501-1172 Verizon (Repair): 888-553-1555

Loudoun County Main Number: 703-777-0100 Animal Care & Control: 703-777-0406

Utility Contacts

Building Permits: 703-777-0220 Ashburn Post Office: 44715 Prentice Dr 703-406-6291

Dominion Electric (North of Ryan Rd): 888-667-3000; NOVEC (South of Ryan Rd): 888-335-0500;

Brambleton Town Center

Miss Utility: 800-552-7001 Washington Gas: 703-750-1000

Brambleton Plz, Brambleton, VA 20148

Loudoun Water (Water/Sewer): 571-291-7880;


Builder Information Builder Beazer Homes Centex/Pulte Homes Gulick Group Knutson Miller & Smith Stanley Martin Toll Brothers Van Metre Winchester & Camberley Homes


Warranty/Customer Care 888-623-2937; (Request Service) 888-686-0269;;; (Customer Care/Warranty Request) 703-674-0330 x 143;; (Contact Us/Customer Care) 703-996-4232;; 703-821-2500 x 202;; (Warranty) 703-636-9210;; (Contact Us) 571-291-8000;; (Warranty) 703-348-5800;; 800-762-2408 (Winchester), 540-788-1114 (ProHome Metro DC);;

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

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Sight & Sound: 703-802-6443 Vintage Security: 703-689-2731, 877-767-1800 (Toll-free)



Brambleton Maps

Brambleton Community Association maintains a variety of maps for the community. Below you’ll find one of our more frequently requested maps. You can find this and other available maps at

Trail & Amenities Map Outdoor life in Brambleton is one of the best ways for neighbors to connect with each other on the trails, at the pool, and in the sunshine of the green spaces found throughout the community. Brambleton residents can meet, catch up, play, and grow together. Nature and athletics are key components of the active Brambleton lifestyle. We also take great pride in our award-winning landscaping throughout the neighborhood. You’ll find a wide array of parks available to serve the leisure and recreational needs of residents and their guests. Concerns or questions pertaining to the parks or amenities can be sent to operations@ In addition, Brambleton is situated close to regional amenities including the Beaverdam Reservoir, Brambleton Community Park ball fields, Brambleton Regional Golf Course, and the future Hanson Regional Park. We hope you find yourself outside soon!


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

TWO GREAT STEAM-POWERED PRESCHOOLS. At our 21st century schools, STEAM brings the world into every classroom through integrated, hands-on learning experiences and dedicated, experienced teachers that inspire children in all our programs. • Programs for infants to school-age students • Before- and after-school clubs • Full- and part-time enrollment • Summer camp and school break programs

Now enrolling. Opening Spring 2020! Everbrook Academy of South Riding 25404 Lizzio Center Dr. Chantilly, VA

Now Open! Everbrook Academy of Ashburn 21684 Romans Dr. Ashburn, VA

866.222.0269 This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Everbrook Academy, a Learning Care Group School. ©2020 Learning Care Group, Inc. GEA38



Community Outreach in Brambleton Christine Elansary - Community Outreach & Lifestyles Coordinator


s I reflect on the community outreach efforts that Brambleton Community Association has provided through the years, I am reminded of what inspired us to become more involved in Loudoun County and also aware of the work that remains to be done. While there are plenty of opportunities for us to make a difference in the lives of others, some of us may not know the best ways to do so. When I was a young mother of elementary-aged children, I sought out opportunities for my kids to give back. My two older boys (now 17 and 15) were exposed to community service at a very young age, even going into D.C. to help feed the homeless. Realizing that volunteering in D.C.

BCA staff visited Women Giving Back on February 11th and plan to volunteer at other organizations later this year. Header photo: Brambleton teens at Boulder Crest Retreat in 2019.


wasn’t always convenient, and knowing that people in Loudoun County were also in need, I wanted to help make local opportunities available for my kids and others in the Brambleton community. In 2014, I led BCA in starting the Brambleton Kids Care Committee (BKC), which was formed to give resident youth the opportunity to participate in a variety of local community service projects. The primary responsibility of this Committee is to help empower the next generation of Brambleton’s residents and facilitate their development and growth towards becoming compassionate, service-minded citizens. We continued to expand our community service efforts in 2017 by introducing Teen Summer Service Days, in which Brambleton resident teens take part in various service projects throughout the summer. Driven to each destination by the Brambleton Bus, teens get their hands dirty, performing tough manual labor in the summer heat. Organizations that BKC and our teens have supported over the years include Ellie’s Hats, Mobile Hope, Loudoun Hunger Relief, Friends of Homeless Animals, JK Community Farm, and the Special Olympics. Participation in

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

community outreach at such a young age has made a positive impact on these kids as they’ve gained valuable life experiences and skills. Meeting these compassionate kids and getting to know them has been such a great experience for me and has motivated me to expand outreach in Brambleton even more. I am excited to help grow our community outreach efforts here in Brambleton in 2020 by partnering with many local organizations that we have worked with in the past and by organizing family volunteering days. We are proud to have recently partnered with Dulles South Food Pantry by becoming a permanent donation drop-off location for the Brambleton community and surrounding areas. The donation box is located at the BCA Management Office and is accessible Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We are still in the early planning stages of family volunteering days and future partnerships, but if you are interested in learning more and want to be involved, please contact me directly at We look forward to increasing our community service opportunities and making them available to all Brambleton residents.


An Update from Supervisor Buffington Tony Buffington - Blue Ridge District Representative, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors


appy spring! As many of you know, I am your Blue Ridge District Representative on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, and I’m honored to have earned your trust to continue serving the best interests of Brambleton residents and businesses over the next four years. For those unfamiliar with my position, my staff and I work each day to improve local issues that affect your family’s quality of life, including reducing traffic congestion; ensuring safer and improved quality schools; preserving our rural areas and open spaces; ensuring more parks, trails and recreational opportunities; and supporting our strong economy that has allowed for increased resident services and a consistent lowering of your residential tax rate since taking office in 2016. My office is in regular communication with Brambleton Community Association representatives and the Brambleton Developer in order to address any issues of concern and keep you informed on important updates in and around Brambleton. I wanted to share some recent updates to make sure you had the latest information. There are a number of new things happening along Ryan Rd in 2020. I wanted to assure you that, with all the traffic signals being added recently, I’ve reached out to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to ask that they evaluate and optimize area signal timing so that you can get in and out of Brambleton as efficiently as possible. The portion of Ryan Rd between Northstar Blvd and Beaverdam Dr is in the process of being widened by your

Developer to two lanes in each direction with a divided median. The project includes the addition of a new pedestrian underpass for resident access to a future BCA pool that will be constructed by the Developer on the north side of Ryan Rd between the Brambleton Golf Course and the Evergreen Reserve and Martins Chase communities. Also along Ryan Rd, there will be a new traffic signal installed at its intersection with Olympia Dr. Based on resident concern in early 2019, and with VDOT’s belief that the intersection was likely to pass a warrant study analysis, I had County staff request that the Brambleton Developer initiate its proffered requirement for this new signal. Currently, the Developer is hopeful for VDOT approval of its traffic signal design by mid-2020. Following VDOT approval, they will move forward with permitting, procurement, utility relocation, and construction. Based on these estimates, the new traffic signal is anticipated to be operational by spring or summer of 2021. Click here to see our latest news flash on Ryan Rd. Another very exciting new project under construction between the Brambleton and Willowsford communities is the new $91 million Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park! This project includes design and construction of a 257-acre regional park located on both sides of Evergreen Mills Rd, south of its intersection with Creighton Rd. The park will include 17 athletic fields with lighting and over 75 acres of passive recreational space and other infrastructure. The public had input which helped shape the park’s features. The project includes some road improvements along its border with Evergreen Mills Rd, to

include a traffic signal and turn lane at the entrance to the park. The contractor is in the early stages of construction, which includes stormwater management, earthwork, utilities, park roads, and building pads. Further stages will include all remaining park infrastructure. Construction is currently anticipated to be finished by spring of 2022. Click here to see our latest news flash on Hanson Park. As always, I encourage you to email my office with any questions or concerns that you may have. My email is Tony. And last but not least, please let me know if you’d like to receive my electronic newsletter along with area-specific updates and alerts. Click here to see my latest newsletter. All my best! Tony Buffington

Header Photo: Hal and Bernie Hanson Regional Park Groundbreaking Ceremony on June 29, 2019



LCPS Congestion Must Go Campaign Christine Elansary - Community Outreach & Lifestyles Coordinator


oudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has launched a new campaign called Congestion Must Go to minimize traffic congestion on school campuses, surrounding road networks, and in neighboring communities. Many schools are finding that there is a loss of instructional time due to late arrivals caused by congestion. The goal of the campaign is to actively promote bus ridership (as available), walking, biking, and carpooling, while increasing student safety on school campuses. Brambleton Community Association is happy to partner with LCPS to help promote this campaign, which will hopefully reduce traffic congestion at Creighton’s Corner Elementary School, Madison’s Trust Elementary School and Legacy Elementary School. The goal of this partnership is to reduce traffic at these three schools, promote a safer commute for the Brambleton community, and help children arrive at school on time and ready for their day. The Congestion Must Go team recently met with the principals of Creighton’s

Corner, Madison’s Trust, and Legacy, and all three are interested in the program. The team even met with the schools’ parent-teacher associations/ organizations to discuss how to market the campaign and encourage families to participate. In addition, the Brambleton Safety & Security Committee invited the team to attend their March meeting to hear more about the campaign and determine how the Committee can help promote the campaign further. How You Can Help • If you reside in a walk zone, take turns with other parents in your neighborhood to walk your children to school. • Create a walking school bus in your neighborhood, which is when several parents in a community take turns each day to walk their children to school. • If you have bus transportation, encourage your children to ride the bus. • If you need to drive to school due to your work schedule, consider carpooling with one or two other families in your neighborhood. • When you do drive, follow the Kiss & Ride Rules of Etiquette:

Traffic Congestion at Madison's Trust ES


Follow the direction of school staff.

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020

Don’t leave gaps between cars in the line. Pay full attention and keep the line moving. Stay in single file for safety. Have your child ready to exit the car, on the passenger side, as soon as you come to a stop in the drop zone area. Parents should remain in the vehicle. If your child needs extra time to unload, please park in designated areas. • Work with your school community to provide solutions unique to your school to reduce traffic. • Making a change just one day a week can have an impact on the congestion in your community. For more information on the Congestion Must Go campaign, please visit their website at

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BCA Communications

Brambleton Community Association utilizes a variety of resources in order to communicate with Brambleton residents in a timely and engaging manner. Here are some of the ways that we connect with the Brambleton community.

Website and Social Media Visit for community news, event and meeting updates, and information on all BCA services and programs. News and updates are also posted on our Facebook page (, on Twitter @brambletonlife, and on our Brambleton mobile app, which can be found in the Apple and Google Play stores. Also, follow us on Instagram @brambletonlife and add #bramlife to your posts to share your content with the Brambleton community!

Friday Flash and Notify Me The Friday Flash is a weekly bulletin sent via email to benefit the residents of Brambleton. The purpose of the Flash is to keep residents aware of upcoming community events and programs, future committee meetings, Association rules, and community governance. Residents can sign up to receive the Flash via email or text by clicking on the "Stay Connected" button at and following the instructions. BCA's Stay Connected (formerly Notify Me) email subscription service also allows residents to receive updates on community news, events, pools, fertilizer and weed applications, and more. Just click on the icons next to each list item to subscribe.

Quarterly Magazine The Brambleton Community Association self-publishes a visually rich and engaging quarterly magazine in March, June, September, and December, which is mailed to all Brambleton residents. In addition, the magazine is published digitally and archived on the Association website, and printed copies are available at the BCA Management Office as well as at the Brambleton Welcome Center. If you would like to view digital versions of our past magazine issues, please visit Advertising spaces are also available in the magazine. If you are interested in advertising with us, please send us a message at

#Bramlife Minute We launched this video series in May 2017 to inform residents about everything happening in Brambleton. Hosted by Stacey Rusch, these videos cover topics including community news, events, and programming. We post our #Bramlife Minute videos on our website, our Facebook page, and our YouTube page, so there are multiple places for you to catch up on what’s going on in our community. We have also created educational videos, such as administration and service videos, which provide residents with useful information in a unique and entertaining way.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020


Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Painter We spoke with Brambleton resident Andrea Painter about her involvement with the Brambleton Bluebird and Garden Club, what volunteering in Brambleton means to her, and more!

How long have you lived in Brambleton? What prompted you to choose Brambleton? My family and I will have been Brambleton residents for eight years this April. Before we moved here, we had been looking for a new home in the Vienna area unsuccessfully for months. I stumbled into Brambleton to meet with an advisor, and on the way out of the meeting I called my husband and told him I’d found where we needed to live. I was drawn to the tree-lined streets, the never-ending sidewalks, and the beautiful, newly constructed homes. I instantly knew that this community was perfect for our family. How did you become involved with the Brambleton Bluebird and Garden Club? I initially became involved with the Brambleton Bluebird and Garden Club as a proud renter of a garden plot in the Brambleton "Let us Grow" community garden. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania where every family had their own small garden, so I thought it was only fitting that we had a plot as we were rooting our family into the Brambleton community. We took daily walks to water the garden, enjoyed the vegetable bounty that was produced, and bonded with our neighbors over our gardening successes (or otherwise). After the garden plots were closed, we moved our garden to our backyard, but our family missed taking walks to the community garden and around Brambleton. My drive to be involved with Bluebird and Garden Club continued to grow as I desired another reason to walk around the community. Monitoring the blue bird boxes has been an exciting and rewarding experience. I've logged a lot of miles on our community trails, and I’ve been mesmerized by the science of life. I've even had the opportunity to share my monitoring experience and native bird knowledge with several Girl Scout troops over the years! What does volunteering in Brambleton mean to you? For me, volunteering is about being connected to Brambleton and supporting the community’s values. The Bluebird and Garden Club keeps me active in enjoying the community’s nature trails and meeting new neighbors. As a Covenants Committee member, I take an active role in preserving the community look and feel that initially drew our family to Brambleton. What are your favorite Brambleton events? We love any events we can walk to! We're regulars at Summer Concerts and look forward to a spot in the sun, enjoying live music and catching up with neighbors. We also frequently walk to the EatLoco Farmers Market, and we have recently enjoyed all of the small business pop-up shopping events at the Town Center. The Summer Kick-off swim party is a muchloved event among our friends and family as well. What is your favorite Brambleton spot? The Brambleton Library! The library has really opened my eyes to all of the amazing resources that are available to Loudoun County residents. I am an active participant in the Adult Book Club, and I am excited every month to discuss new topics with neighbors! We visit the library at least once a week to enjoy the makerspace, find a movie, or grab a new book. I'm also currently completing a project management course, compliments of the County's online learning resources. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Any flavor I make! I currently have five ice cream machines, and I love to create ice cream for family and friends. I've also been known to make gallons of ice cream for community events and gatherings.



BCA Website Redesign

Paul Gentine - Communications Coordinator Brambleton Community Association’s redesigned website,, is now live! The updated site was launched on February 18, 2020 with the assistance of CivicPlus, BCA’s website designer and platform. This website features all of the same helpful information and features as the previous version, with a few notable updates: • The website appearance has been revamped, creating a brighter and cleaner look that helps written content and images stand out. More timely photos have also been added to create an inviting and engaging visitor experience. • The top drop-down header has been updated and streamlined to better direct visitors through the website. • New icon and photo buttons have been placed on the front page, directing residents and visitors to important information and resources. Some of these buttons will update seasonally to best meet our residents’ needs. Photo buttons will also appear on interior pages to assist with navigation. • Two new content areas have been added to the front page: a feed of BCA’s social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and a section listing links to recent Friday Flash messages and Brambleton Magazine articles. • Request Tracker has been replaced with a page listing BCA email accounts that assist residents in getting their inquiries answered directly and quickly. This page can be accessed through the “Submit a Request” icon on the front page or at • The Notify Me subscription module has been renamed “Stay Connected” and can be visited through the eponymous icon on the front page. The module still allows residents to subscribe to the Friday Flash and other distribution lists. • The “My Account” icon directly links to the FirstService Residential Connect Portal, where residents can make payments, check balances, review meeting minutes, and more. This portal can also be accessed at With the website redesign process completed, we would like to thank Brambleton residents for their patience and understanding during the implementation process, BCA staff for their vital input on content development and organization, and again CivicPlus for their high-quality work and comprehensive service. BCA will continue to review and update website content to best meet the needs and requests of our residents. Any website-related questions can also be directed to Visit the new BCA website today!

New Face on the BCA Team Please join us in welcoming Saroj Lamba to our BCA staff! As our newest Resident Services Advisor, Saroj serves as a first point of contact for residents and is available to assist them with everyday matters.

Saroj brings over 29 years of accounting and administrative experience to her position. She is a Brambleton resident and enjoys having a short commute and working with friendly staff and residents. Outside of work, Saroj loves to cook, practice yoga, and spend time with her family.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020


How to Reach Us We Love to Hear from You! You can reach us anytime via email. Here is a short list of easy to remember email addresses. It is our goal to respond to all inquiries within one business day. If you have not received a reply, please contact us at 703-542-6263.

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A drop box is available after hours and is located outside of the BCA office building at 42395 Ryan Road. Residents may drop off design review applications, committee applications, etc. Monthly assessments are not accepted.

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Spring 2020



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Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Spring 2020