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March 2018

Brambleton Brambleton Community Association Quarterly Publication

Core Values

Spring Programming


Brew Fest



Values to the Core


ore values are integral to success. This applies to individuals, families, companies, and even a community association. For Brambleton, core values are the foundation upon which Board members, staff, and committee volunteers plan strategies, develop budgets, make decisions, perform daily tasks, and interact with each other and every stakeholder (residents, contractors, local officials, etc.). Brambleton’s Core Values reflect what is important to the organization and its members. In 2012, the BCA Board and staff invested considerable time to develop a Strategic Plan: Vision, Mission, & Core Values. While the development of this plan took some time,we quickly recognized that the team was already operating with Service, Leadership, Stewardship, Teamwork, and Innovation as part of its daily work practices and environment. From there, development of our strategic plan was primarily an exercise of focusing, organizing, and putting these values on paper in a way that was clear and made sense to our stakeholders. Six years later, Brambleton’s Core Values remain an important part of the Association’s planning and operation. The Board and staff continually take the core values into account when making decisions, taking actions, and interacting with our stakeholders. This is the way that we operate. SERVICE is one area that sets Brambleton apart from other associations. Our staff at the Brambleton Management Office strives to provide a welcoming and professional environment. We are always open to listening and responding to the needs of the community. We have an outstanding communication program that is focused on transparency, candor, honesty, and respect. We look to serve as a resource for the community by providing answers, solutions, and direction on local, County, and State issues.

LEADERSHIP is important to all successful organizations, and Brambleton is no different. As leaders of a great community, it is our goal and responsibility to set a positive tone, provide direction, educate, and empower our employees, volunteers, residents, and other stakeholders. We remain open to new ideas, listen and consider all aspects of concerns, and provide constructive feedback. It is a goal of the Association to foster an environment that will create and build relationships in support of our community. It is always important that we communicate our expectations and strive to exceed them where reasonably possible. STEWARDSHIP of the land and association resources can’t be overlooked when you are responsible for managing thousands of acres and operating an association that impacts 20,000+ residents. In the planning and execution of our operations, we value our community resources through accountability, positive actions and best practices. We are always striving to collaborate and take initiative to sustain and enhance our community resources. We look to educate and provide educational opportunities for our Board, staff, committees, and residents related to various forms of community stewardship. TEAMWORK is another value that is considered essential in a large and growing community with high values and standards. All members and stakeholders of Team Brambleton are encouraged to help each other by being flexible and supportive in all areas and aspects of their responsibilities, regardless of their role as a board member, employee, committee member, contractor, or resident. As part of this, we must always honor our commitments and responsibilities. We also serve as community builders through our actions, involvement, and support of others involved with our community. INNOVATION has set Brambleton apart from other communities since our community’s inception and will

continue to remain an important value and focus that will provide, maintain, and enhance lifestyles and productivity within Brambleton. As part of our ongoing practice, the Association will remain knowledgeable and make decisions based on developing technologies and eco-friendly practices. We remain open to trying new ideas and refining our current operations based on lessons learned, industry trends, and community needs. We take creative approaches with positive steps to resolve challenges faced by the community. We are a growing community and a work in progress. There is always room for improvement and enhancement. Once we hit a goal we raise the bar. We are not perfect but we continually seek to improve. We keep our Core Values in mind and operate with integrity in everything we do. As long as we stay focused on our core values, Brambleton will continue to succeed. We encourage you to become involved with the Association and see our Core Values in action. Sincerely, Rick Stone, PCAM, LSM




Community Association Vision & Mission Vision Leading a hometown community with high tech traditions where everyone can connect with life.

Mission BCA is committed to proactively leading a quality community for its residents through stewardship of resources, advanced technology, and enhanced lifestyle opportunities.

Board of Directors Kim Adams President

Brian Viola Vice President, Resident Director

Meryl Bisaga Secretary/Treasurer

Ram Venkat Resident Director

Tom Gurganous Resident Director

Pat Martin Director

Ric Spencer Director

Management Office 42395 Ryan Road Suite 210

Service Leadership Stewardship Teamwork Innovation 2 Values to the Core A MESSAGE FROM RICK STONE, GENERAL MANAGER Brambleton Community Association's Core Values reflect what is important to the organization and its members in serving the community.

Brambleton, VA 20148 (p) 703-542-6263 (f ) 703-542-6266

Rick Stone General Manager, PCAM, LSM

Paul Gentine Communications Coordinator To advertise in the Brambleton Community Magazine, contact Paul Gentine via email at or call 703542-6263. The community magazine is published quarterly by the Brambleton Community Association, distributed via email and can be viewed on our website. Cover Photo Credit: Stephanie Lee




Putting it Together

Focused on Savings



Dana explains how Brambleton comes together to make our events a great experience for residents.

BCA strives to find ways to operate in a more efficient and financially prudent manner.

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018







March 3: Comedy Night, 7:30 PM & 10 PM

Values to the Core

30 5

INSIDE BCA Board of Directors



Committee Updates



Ground Works Connecting the Community on and off the Trails Operations Renovation




March 10: Brambleton House Hop, 6 PM - 12 AM March 12: Covenants Cmte Mtg, 7 PM

Brambleton Library

March 20: Ad Hoc Cmte Mtg, 7 PM


March 27: Finance Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM

FOBL Members Pamela Arnold and Danielle Harrison

March 13: Security Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM

APRIL April 3: Board of Directors Mtg, 8:15 AM


April 3: DMV2GO, 9 AM - 4 PM


Assessment Payment Options

April 3: Asphalt Sub-Cmte Mtg, 7 PM; Grounds & Facilities Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM


Brambleton Maps

April 7: Bramble-Bunny Egg Hunt, 10 AM - 2 PM

Spring 2018 Events

Important Contact Information

April 9: Covenants Cmte Mtg, 7 PM


April 10: Security Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM

Mobile Hope of Loudoun

April 17: Ad Hoc Cmte Mtg, 7 PM



March 6: Asphalt Sub-Cmte Mtg, 7 PM; Grounds & Facilities Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM

Save Money with Your Library Card

Five Steps to a Safer Spring


March 2: DMV2GO, 9 AM - 4 PM

Putting it Together


Summer Camps Race Brambleton



April 21: Ribbon Run, 8 AM April 24: Finance Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM

Bram Kids Care



Community Connections


BCA Operations: Focused on Savings



Carina Arce


Townhome Grounds Maintenance


45 25




April 29: JDRF Walk, 8 AM

MAY May 1: Asphalt Sub-Cmte Mtg, 7 PM; Grounds & Facilities Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM May 2: DMV2GO, 9 AM - 4 PM May 5: Wine 101, 7 PM - 9 PM May 6: Loudoun Lyme 5k/10k/1k, 8 AM





Association Stewardship Love Where You Live!


April 28: Spring Yard Sale, 8 AM - 12 PM

May 8: Security Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM May 14: Covenants Cmte Mtg, 7 PM May 15: Ad Hoc Cmte Mtg, 7 PM




May 19: Brew Fest, 1 PM - 6 PM

Health & Wellness: BrambletonStyle



May 22: Finance Cmte Mtg, 7:30 PM



BCA Board of Directors Back Row (l-r): Brian Viola - Vice President, Ram Venkat - Resident Director, Ric Spencer - Director, Tom Gurganous - Resident Director Front Row (l-r): Pat Martin - Director, Kim Adams - President, Meryl Bisaga - Treasurer & Secretary

BCA Board in Action The BCA Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance and success of the Association. The Board meets regularly to discuss association business, set policies and procedures, and take action on various association matters. The Board last met on February 6, 2018 and took the following actions in accordance with its governing documents, state statute, and federal laws:


• Approved the funding and purchase of a 2017 Ford 26-passenger bus that will replace the current 2000 International bus ($88,000).

Tuesday, April 3, 8:15 AM: BCA Management Office

• Reviewed and accepted new grounds maintenance standards and proposed natural area expansions. • Approved funding and construction of seven trails at identified trail connection sites ($77,000). • Reviewed the request for funding and installation of electric service and power for the event stage and two streetlights at Olympia/Legacy Park and Olympia/Greenside. Action has been tabled to allow time for the Developer to complete designs for traffic calming and lighting on Olympia. • Approved pools use and support of the Brambleton Bettas Swim Team as follows: a maximum of 225 participants on the competition team and a maximum of 35 participants on the mini/ developmental teams as requested; use of the Corner Pool for practices and clinics; use of the Brambleton Community Center Pool for time trials and four meets; and funding the Team up to 50% or a maximum of $3,000 for lifeguard costs for meets and practices.

Tuesday, June 5, 8:15 AM: BCA Management Office Visit www. or the Brambleton Facebook page for any updates or changes to the Board meeting schedule.

• Accepted the Grounds & Facilities recommendation to write a letter to the Developer and County requesting the proffers for the 5th pool site to be changed from a 6-lane competition style pool to a more desired splash/play pool with a beach entry and an attached 3-lane lap pool. • Approved the revised Adopt-A-Spot guidelines to give owners with rear property lines directly adjacent to natural forested common areas the ability to apply to create a maximum 10’ transition area on the common area. • Discussed future sites for both temporary and permanent office locations as well as a future permanent operations facility. Authorized staff to develop a conceptual design for possible operations facility. • Approved and executed stormwater pond management/maintenance agreements with Loudoun County. • Took action on a collection matter as recommended by counsel. • Approved the funding and construction of the Creighton Road Dog Run. Further planning and discussions with Dominion Energy are necessary prior to construction. • Reallocated previously approved expenditure for the installation of a well for the Town Center Residential irrigation system to the Evening Primrose irrigation system ($60,000). • Reviewed and executed the Association’s insurance binder for 2018.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

For more details on the potential Creighton Road Dog Run, see page 29.

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BCA Committee Updates AD HOC TECHNOLOGY COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMITTEE This all-resident committee was appointed by the BCA Board to help obtain resident input and to develop recommendations for the end of term of the Verizon FIOS bulk agreement for television programming and internet services for Board consideration. The committee has been meeting since July 2017 and has met with representatives from the Developer’s office, Brambleton’s technology consultant, and Verizon to learn about the existing services and infrastructure. The Committee is slated to present a recommendation to the Board in Q3–Q4 2018. In addition to an online resident survey, the Committee will host resident listening sessions at their regularly scheduled meetings on March 20th and April 17th. For details, visit Meetings: Third Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 3/20, 4/17, 5/15 at 7:00 PM Website:

BRAMBLETON KIDS CARE Responsibility: Empowering the next generation of Brambleton’s residents and facilitate their development and growth towards becoming compassionate, service-minded citizens. Meetings: Meets as needed, typically during the school year. Website:

COVENANTS COMMITTEE Responsibility: Reviewing submitted design review applications, considering violations of BCA documents, and taking enforcement actions. Meetings: Second Monday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 3/12, 4/9, 5/14 at 7:00 PM Website:

FINANCE COMMITTEE Responsibility: Reviewing financial reports and audits, monitoring investments, reviewing funding for capital projects, and developing financial policies and resolutions to the board. Meetings: Fourth Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 3/27, 4/24, 5/22 at 7:30 PM Website:

GROUNDS & FACILITIES COMMITTEE Responsibility: Advising the Board on issues related to rules, policies, maintenance, upkeep, and the use of the common grounds and facilities. Meetings: First Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 3/6, 4/3, 5/1 at 7:00 PM Website:

SAFETY & SECURITY COMMITTEE Responsibility: Serving as a resource for residents with concerns and making recommendations to the Board regarding safety and security matters in Brambleton. Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month. Upcoming meetings: 3/13, 4/10, 5/8 at 7:30 PM Website:


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018


Ground Works


s a steward of the land, Brambleton Community Association is continually performing various upkeep and service tasks to maintain a healthy environment and great looking community. These are the highlights that will occur over the next few months:

Common Area


Geese Patrol of Ponds

March - May

Street Sweeping (Sand)

March - April

Waterfalls Cleaned & Filled


Spring Cleanup & Mulching

March - May

Fertilizer & Weed Control

March & May

Mowing & Edging

March - November

Playground Surfacing



May - October

Annual Flower Installation


Trash & Litter Removal

January - December

Townhome Grounds Maintenance Program



March - April

Mowing & Edging

Beginning March/early April

Fertilizer & Weed Control

March & May

Timely details on services and speciďŹ c dates will be communicated in upcoming editions of the Friday Flash, on the BCA website, and on the BCA Facebook page.

Questions pertaining to these services can be emailed to

Did You Know? You can sign up for Fertilizer and Weed Control alerts via email and/or text message through our Notify Me subscription service. Subscribers receive notices and details on all fertilizer and/or pesticide applications to the common areas. To subscribe, click on the Notify Me button at www. and follow the instructions.

Learn more about Common Area Management at www. commonarea



Connecting the Community on and off the Trails Shantil Moyer - Operations & Assets Manager


t their February 2018 meeting, the BCA Board approved the funding and construction of several trail connections as proposed by the Grounds & Facilities Committee. The new trail connections are an excellent example of Brambleton’s stakeholders working together to enhance our well-planned community and to offer additional opportunities for residents to increase their healthy and active lifestyles. The idea of additional trail connections started as a part of a collaborative process involving residents, Grounds and Facilities (G&F) Committee members, the BCA Board of Directors, and Association staff. In February of 2016, the Board adopted the strategic document entitled “Recreations Districts and Parks Document” (RDPC). This strategic document outlines the desire for Brambleton to create a balanced park system by developing neighborhood parks in recreation districts. The document sets the

vision for these neighborhood parks to provide recreational and leisure opportunities in order to reduce vehicular traffic on our residential streets. It encourages residents to become more active by walking, jogging, or biking to their neighborhood park, while maintaining a native and natural setting for the parks.

set forth to work with the Association to implement some of the proposed site amenities. Based on feedback the G&F Committee received from residents, trail connections became the first priority to implement. Recreation District 3 was prioritized since the land parcels have been deeded to the Association.

After the Board adopted the RDPC, the G&F Committee proposed using this strategic document to develop a conceptual plan for neighborhood parks in recreation districts 3 and 4. The process to create the conceptual plan for the neighborhood parks took well over a year and involved residents throughout its entirety. Residents had the opportunity to attend design charrettes hosted by a landscape architectural firm and to review and provide comments on several versions of the proposed conceptual plans by attending resident forums, submitting emails, or meeting with committee members, Board members, and Association staff. The result of this collaborative effort was the adoption by the Board on August 1st, 2017 of conceptual plans for neighborhood parks for recreation districts 3 and 4.

The G&F Committee proposed seven trail connections and the residents provided comments on the proposed trail connections by email and resident forums. The proposed trail sites, the committee recommendations, and the residents’ comments were all forwarded to the Board at their February meeting for consideration. The Board unanimously supported the proposal and funded the construction of all trail connections.

After the Board adopted the conceptual plan for neighborhood parks in recreation districts 3 and 4, the G&F Committee


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

BCA staff has already started planning for installation of the approved trail connections. Completion is anticipated in Q2 of this year. The BCA Board, the Grounds & Facilities Committee, and staff thank everyone involved in the process and we look forward to seeing you out on the trails. The Committee is now focused on future project recommendations such as open play fields, volleyball courts, small group gathering spaces, and other various capital and reserve projects.

LEGEND BCA Proposed Trails Future Trail (Developer)



Operations Renovation Shantil Moyer - Operations & Assets Manager


he Brambleton Community Association Board and staff are committed to BCA’s vision, mission, and core values. In order to achieve the objectives set in its vision, mission, and core values, the Association continually assesses the structure of the organization, its departments, standards, and the services offered to Brambleton residents. It is common for Brambleton to review the organization’s structure due to the continual growth of the community and staff since its inception. In this effort the Association recently reevaluated its Operations and Capital

Assets Departments to determine if the current organizational structure was appropriate, efficient, and effective. It was determined that it was in the best interest of the community and overall association operations to combine the two departments. Combining the departments resulted in one departmental manager, the Operations and Assets Manager, and two new positions were created: the Operations Administrator and Maintenance Supervisor. These positions were created to fill some departmental voids related to customer service as well as maintenance and operation of a growing and aging community. This was

successfully accomplished with no increase in the Operations and Assets personnel budget or cost to the residents. The new organization of the department better aligns staff expertise, enhances processes resulting in efficiencies, streamlines communication, and offers additional staff to better serve Brambleton. We are excited about these changes and look forward to improvements, flexibility, and growth that will come from them. These changes will have a positive impact on the facilities, grounds, related operations, and most importantly, Brambleton residents.

Need to Report a Common Area Concern? The preferred method is through the “Submit a Request” button on the home page of the BCA website. Have a question? Email Operations@Brambleton. org for general common area maintenance or upkeep questions, or CIP@ for questions pertaining to the Association’s active capital projects around the community.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018





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Five Steps to a Safer Spring Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Administration & Services


lthough community safety may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about spring, it’s actually a great time to refresh your approach to safety. Take these five steps towards a safer spring:

related to crimes of opportunity. Lock it up, every time. Follow LCSO on social media for the #9pm routine, a helpful social media campaign focused on building a positive safety routine.

3. Take it slow: With kids (and par1. Introduce yourself: With everyone out enjoying the beautiful weather, it is a good time to catch up with the neighbors. Knowing your neighbors is a great way to grow your sense of community, foster positive relationships, and help prevent crime. Sharing contact information with your neighbors is any easy way to bolster the community neighborhood watch and to share safety-related observations with your neighbors. 2. Lock it up: The Loudoun County Sheriff ’s Office reports that the majority of crime in our area of the county is


ents) at play throughout the community, take an extra few minutes and travel with extreme caution. The speed limit is 25mph on residential streets within Brambleton.

4. Sign up for Alert Loudoun: For the most up to date safety and weather information directly from the authorities, residents are encouraged to subscribe directly to Alert Loudoun at www.

5. See something, say something: If you observe an illegal or suspicious

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

act in progress, report it to the Loudoun County Sheriff ’s Office by calling 911. For less urgent matters, report to the non-emergency number at 703-777-1021. Report concerns for unsafe conditions in Association Common Areas or at community facilities to BCA. You can reach us during business hours by email at or by phone at 703-542-6263. After hours, please call 703-385-1133. Brambleton Community Association takes an active role in community safety by partnering with residents, contractors, and law enforcement. This approach encourages everyone to participate in creating and maintaining Brambleton as a safe place to live and raise a family.

2018 Summer Pool Season Preview We’re already counting down to the official start of the pool season in May, and we want to share everything you’ll need to know to be ready. Are you new to the community? Stop by the BCA Management office to get your picture pass, or email your favorite headshot and we’ll mail the completed passes to you. All family members over the age of 2 must have a valid pass to use the pool. Residents over the age of 18 need to provide verification of their residency in Brambleton. Do you rent a property in Brambleton? In addition to the requirements above, a copy of your current lease and a letter of permission completed by your landlord is needed each year. Already have a pass? Registered owners and their families have a “pass for life” and do not need to re-register (as long as their address has not changed). For forms and more information, visit, contact us at, or call 703-542-6263. Pool locations: Brambleton Community Association operates four pool complexes for Brambleton residents. These pools are available to all Brambleton Community Association property owners, their guests and tenants, Residences Condominium owners, and Summerfield residents that opt to purchase a BCA pool membership. The BCA website has details regarding each pool location, amenities, and hours at Swim Lessons: Private swim lessons are available at our pools for all ages and all skill levels. There are two ways that residents can schedule private lessons this summer: 1. LetSwim offers private lessons and semi-private lessons. Register at 2. Crystal Aquatics has managers and lifeguards that have been certified to offer private lessons. Schedule lessons directly through them at the pool. Contact the pool manager at your Brambleton pool for more information and availability. Interested in lifeguarding at a Brambleton pool? The Association contracts with Crystal Aquatics for pool management. To learn more about opportunities to work with them, visit

Facility Rental FAQs Brambleton’s Board of Directors has authorized certain Brambleton facilities to be available for exclusive use rental by owners and authorized tenants of residential property in Brambleton. See below for the most frequently asked questions about facility rentals. Who can rent Brambleton facilities? Private facility rentals are available to Brambleton Community Association residents only. I

I rent my Brambleton residence. Can I still rent a facility? Yes, if the owner is in good standing with the Association and provides written authorization, the Association will consider your request. If approved, a copy of the Facility Rental-Letter of Permission will be sent to you, along with the Facility Rental Agreement. Can I rent for my friend/relative/co-worker who doesn’t live in Brambleton? Only if you will be present during the entirety of the rental. The Facility Rental Agreement stipulates that the contracted renter must be present during the contracted rental period. It is important to note that at any time during the rental, if it is determined that you have left the facility and have not returned within 10 minutes, the rental will be terminated immediately. If you are not planning to be present, then we will be unable to approve the rental.

Who is the Facility Attendant? The Facility Attendant is a BCA staff member who performs the check-in and check-out procedures with the contracted renter. The Facility Attendant remains on BCA property throughout the rental period to ensure that rental guidelines are adhered to. They are also available to assist the renter should there be an issue with facility equipment or utilities. Can I tour a facility? On site tours can be given on Mondays and Wednesdays during office hours by appointment only. Due to contracted programming and rentals taking place in our facilities, please do not enter a facility without BCA staff authorization. To set up an onsite tour, please email I’m ready to submit a request. What are the next steps? To review facility availability, view virtual tours, or to submit a rental request, see

14 or If you have questions or need more information about facility rentals in Brambleton, please contact 703-542-6263.

MARCH March 3: Comedy Night 7:30 PM & 10:00 PM

Spring 2018 Events

March 10: Brambleton House Hop (aka Roving Dinner) 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

APRIL April 7: Bramble-Bunny Egg Hunt 10:00 AM -2:00 PM

April 21: Ribbon Run 7:45 AM

April 28: Spring Yard Sale 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

April 29: JDRF One Walk 8:00 AM

MAY May 5: Wine 101 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

May 6: Loudoun Lyme 5k/10k/1k 8:00 AM

May 19: Brew Fest 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018


Putting it Together Dana Vinci, CFEA - Lifestyles Manager


ver the holiday break, I had the opportunity to visit a theatre where I had spent a huge portion of my late teens and early twenties performing. The man who directed me in over thirty productions was there that night. We chatted about what we both had been up to and I regrettably said that I hadn’t been in a show in almost eight years. Then I told him about my position here in Brambleton and how I get to design all of the events: some small, some large, but all unique and ever-changing. I execute these events from conception to reality and have an amazing ride each time. He looked at me, grabbed my shoulders, and said, “That’s showbiz, you are still in showbiz!” He is right! Planning an event is very much like putting on a show. You begin with an idea, design it piece by piece,

and bring the pieces together to hopefully create an experience that everyone enjoys. Comparing my theatre days to my event planning present, the one element that both must have in order for the show to go on is other people. Even a one-man show must have an audience or else you are just talking to yourself. Other people at events come in so many different forms, from the people that help create the ideas, the people that help physically build the events, the people that help run the events, the people that help protect the events, the people that entertain at the events, to the people that attend the events. Without these people, these events would never move from ideas to reality. Every event that we present in Brambleton has no fewer than five staff members working on it. The Lifestyles department technically only has two staff members, but in reality the entire Brambleton Community Association team is part of the Lifestyles department. When it comes to our large events like Red, White & Bram or Brew Fest, you will see every single employee out there in the field, working at the entrance tent, the beer tents, picking up trash, helping

people with directions, making sure towels are available at the hand washing stations, and generally doing anything and everything needed to pull this event together and make it an awesome experience for our residents. Brambleton staff are not the only ones defined as these “other people.” Our volunteers who donate their time and effort are invaluable to our events. Brambleton has amazing residents who are willing to get out there, get their hands dirty, and do it with a smile on their face. They are the faces that greet you at the admission booths, pour your beers, and set up tables and chairs. Without these folks, we would never come close to being able to produce these events. I personally cannot thank our volunteers enough for all that they do for our community. So, whether you are putting on a show or an event, they both depend on other people who are willing to come together and work as team. It is teamwork that creates the magic, not the idea. While I may not be on the stage belting out Sondheim, it is amazing working behind the scenes to present these events to Brambleton as well as working so closely with so many of you to bring them to life.


Summer Camps

Camp Name





Brambleton Soccer Camp

June 25-29; July 9-13, 16-20, 23-27

Brambleton Corner Pool Play Field

6-12 Default.aspx?tabid=562899

Drama Kids

June 18-22: Fantasy & Superheroes

Brambleton Corner Clubhouse

5-11 ashburn-leesburg-va/

Brambleton Corner Clubhouse

5-7 /location/nova

Brambleton Corner Clubhouse

K-6th Grade

July 2-6 (No camp on July 4): Comedy & Improv July 9-13: Fables & Fairy Tales Engineering for Kids

June 25-29: Junior Robotics, Critical Thinking Aug 6-10: Engineering of Power, Math Olympiad

KidzArt Discount codes: K-6th: KA40 (Full day), KA20 (Half day); 7th-11th: KA25; all codes valid until March 31 Overtime Athletics Discount Code: BRAMBLETON COMMUNITY Silver Knights Enrichment Discount: $20 off all enrollments by March 15

July 16-20: Into the Woods We Go July 23-27: All About That Food July 23-27: Teenz Camp


K-6th Grade 7th11th Grade

June 18-22, 25-29; July 9-13, 16-20; July 30 Aug 3; Aug 6-10, 13-18

Brambleton Community Center


July 30 - Aug 3; Aug 13-18

Brambleton Corner Clubhouse

Chess: 5-13; Coding: 7-13

For registration details and more Summer Camp Programming information, please visit 17

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

2018 Races at a Glance






Participants who complete 3 out of 5 races (excluding fun runs) will receive a “Triple Crown Finisher” commemorative race medal.

Congratulations to Our 2017 Triple Crown Finishers! Alison Basinger Jackie Burgart Nick Burgart* Christina Canavan Ian Canavan Max Canavan Michael Canavan Blake Cooper* Brad Cooper* Jett Cooper*

MacKenzie Cooper* Omar Garcia Annmarie Hall* Charlotte Hall* Emily Hall* Michael Hall* Damon James Kim Jindal* Shree Kenghe Michael Kessler

Amy Kraynack* Kevin Miller Kristin Musick Robert Parrott Abby Seal Bob Seal Maggie Swearingen* Timmy Swearingen Brayden Weiner Jeremy Wernow *completed four races

Race Brambleton is proudly hosted by Brambleton Community Association and the Brambleton Town Center. Proceeds from all races will benefit a number of local charitable organizations.


Lifestyles: Bram Kids Care/Summer Service Days

Brambleton Kids Care will be hosting a spring membership drive in March. Meet some of our members and ďŹ nd out how you can help make a difference! Visit the website for the most up-to-date information:

Teen Summer Service Days These service days are a great way for teens to give back to the community and to help those organizations that do so much for people in Loudoun County. Visit for more information.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

Thank you to our 2018 sponsor!



Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018


BCA Operations: Focused on Savings Rick Stone, PCAM, LSM - General Manager


inter storms are in our rearview mirror while Association staff continues to look forward to areas where operational expenses can be reduced without negatively impacting the community. The maintenance and upkeep of the community is typically the largest expense that homeowners have to fund through their HOA assessments. Maintenance and upkeep is Brambleton’s second largest expense, with the bulk telecommunications agreement for Verizon FiOS being the largest. The Association can impact and control costs associated with maintenance and upkeep of its assets and grounds by setting or changing the scope of work, standards, methods, or timing/frequency of tasks.

Brambleton is Northern Virginia’s second largest HOA, second to Reston. The size of the community, number of homes contributing to assessments, and philosophy have allowed the BCA Board and staff to look at association maintenance from a perspective that is not common or possible with smaller associations. Brambleton has an in-house maintenance team that saves the community money, increases response times, and maintains high standards and consistency. So when does the Association use staff in place of a contractor? Some of the questions that are often asked and considered when a maintenance need arises are: do we have the in-house skillset to perform the task, would performing the task inhouse bring a savings to the Association, is the task labor intensive, does the scheduling allow for it, and what is the

risk or liability. If the answers are favorable to performing the task in-house then we typically proceed in that direction. A good example of how the Association reduces operational expenses is by performing snow removal in-house. Most associations in NoVa rely on contractors. BCA is prepared to handle all winter storms with snow accumulations under 10” in-house. This is accomplished by having association trucks equipped with plows when they are initially purchased. We need the trucks year-round, so why not put an additional $5,000 plow on the truck so Operations personnel can remain productive during winter, the slower time of the year. Based on what the Association would have to pay a snow removal contractor, the return on the investment of the plow is less than five winter storms, which typically equates to one year. The Association budgeted $83,000 for snow removal in 2018. This cost covers bulk road salt, equipment repairs/parts, fuel, street sweeping at the end of the season ($15,000), and expenses for contractor load & haul operations if we get more than 10” of snow. It is estimated that the Association would need to budget around $400,000 annually if we contracted out the same plow and salt services. The inhouse approach towards winter storm management saves the Association hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. This is directly passed on to the residents through lower assessments. The next areas that the Association is evaluating for the potential to reduce expenses are grounds maintenance and

irrigation. Staff and the Board are currently reviewing the grounds maintenance scope and standards that have been implemented as the community develops. Landscaping and turf that is recently installed require one level of upkeep, while established areas may require a less invasive or less resource-intensive level of upkeep. The Association will consider where they can alter standards for irrigation, overseeding, and mulching without impacting Brambleton’s desired look and beauty. The Association will also consider the current scope and look for areas where natural areas can be extended to encompass areas that are currently being maintained. Reviewing and adjusting the scope and standards of Brambleton’s grounds maintenance program has the potential to save residents more than $100,000 annually. The Board and staff make it part of their daily routine to consider how to be stewards of association resources by finding ways to operate in a more efficient and financially prudent manner. When making business decisions for the Association, it is important that the Board considers all aspects of the decision and determines what is in the best interest of the Association financially, environmentally, and in regards to the impact on residents and the community. Brambleton has worked hard over the years to create and maintain a beautiful community that is desired by our residents and admired by guests and passersby. As stewards of our fine community, it is important that the Board, staff, and residents respect and value the characteristics and features that have made Brambleton what it is today.



Townhome Grounds Maintenance


here are select sections of the neighborhood where grounds maintenance on townhome lots is provided for by the Brambleton Community Association. Prior to the construction of these sections, it was decided that an additional assessment would be part of these lots to cover the costs associated with a basic landscape maintenance package. The package includes mowing, trimming, weeding, edging, turf applications, and mulching of the builder installed landscape. Turf Maintenance • Mowing will occur every 7-10 days (weather permitting) from April through Mid-November. During extended periods of rain or drought conditions, cutting will take place as weather conditions dictate. • Turf will be cut to a height of 3”-3.5”. • All trimming along shrub beds, obstructions, and foundations will be performed at time of mowing. Normal levels of trash and litter will be policed and removed from landscaped areas before the mowing operation. • All sidewalks will be kept free of weeds by mechanical or chemical means. • All landscaped planting beds will be kept free of weeds by hand weeding or chemical means. • All sidewalks and other builder installed hard surfaces will be edged during every other mowing visit to the site. • All resulting dirt and debris will be blown from sidewalks after operations.


Turf Applications • Early spring (Feb-March) - All turf areas will receive fertilizer and preemergent crabgrass control along with Broadleaf weed control. • Late spring (April - June) - All turf areas will receive a Balanced fertilizer/ Broadleaf weed control. • Summer (June-July) – All turf will receive spot treatment of broadleaf weed control. • Fall (Oct-Nov) – All turf areas will receive fertilizer high in nitrogen/ Broadleaf winter weed control. *Note: Some of the applications listed above may be combined at contractor’s discretion. Additional turf applications are occasionally needed for extremely hard to control weeds such as Nutsedge, Goose Grass and Wild Violet. These conditions require a different application than those listed above. These applications are available at an additional cost on an as-needed basis with prior approval from manager/agent. Spring Bed Clean Up & Mulch • All previously mulched plant beds will have debris removed. Bed edges will be cut to a 2” depth (depending on soil conditions). • An application of pre-emergent weed control in all beds will be made as deemed appropriate. • Double-shredded hardwood mulch will be installed to maintain no more than 2” mulch covering of the beds.

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

• These services will be applied to the front and back yards of all homes in the sections as determined by the deed and supplemental declaration for that section. Requirements of Service • Access must be available for back yard mowing. • Gates must remain unlocked and function properly. • Personal items such as lawn furniture, toys, hoses or other items must be removed from lawn areas before mowing begins. • Pets cannot be present. Prior to letting dogs/cats/pets into yards in the evenings, please make sure all gates are securely closed. The basic maintenance package provided by the Association is not an all-inclusive package. There are certain items that are not covered under this program. Those items are as follows: • Watering of turf or landscape. • Replacement of dead or dying plant material. • Maintenance or mulching of owner installed plant material. • Maintenance of owner installed hardscapes or other improvements. • Installation of annual flowers. • Snow/ice removal on sidewalks or driveway.

Report concerns to

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Select Properties, Inc. Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

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Association Stewardship:

How We Keep the Community Beautiful

Andrea Martin, CMCA, AMS - Community Standards Manager


ike many community associations, Brambleton has a set of written design review standards and processes. These resources are in place to provide consistency, accountability, and the best practices seen throughout the community. Some homeowners mistakenly believe these standards restrict their freedom of individual expression, when they actually provide a framework within which each homeowner can express individual tastes and preferences. The standards have been carefully developed by our Covenants Committee to reflect a balance between individual rights and the good of the entire association—that is, property values. So why do we need processes and guidelines to maintain architectural standards? Perhaps most importantly, we need a basis for treating all homeowners fairly and reasonably. Written guidelines allow you and the design review committee to work from the same criteria. Sometimes architectural requirements can be complex. The guidelines show you exactly what is required, and help you design improvements that comply with the community’s standards. A complete copy of the HOA Design Guidelines can


be found on the website at This brings us to the application and approval part of the process. The Covenants Committee wants paperwork to be as simple as possible for everyone. The guidelines take the guesswork out of your application and their decision making. In fact, the guidelines provide criteria not only for the current committee to make appropriate decisions, but for successive committee members to make consistent decisions in the future. Without the criteria in the guidelines, the applications approved today may result in construction deemed unacceptable by new committee members upon completion. The last purpose of the guidelines is to clarify the association’s authority in this area. State statutes and our governing documents give the association a legal right to enact and enforce design review

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

standards. The guidelines spell this out so everyone understands that they must comply even if they don’t agree. Our Community Standards Department Advisors are available to answer questions about the Design Review Application process. If you wish to modify the exterior of your home and add a deck, patio, or fence, to name a few common projects, then you need to apply for approval from the Covenants Committee before beginning construction. The Covenants Committee reviews applications on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Brambleton HOA office located at 42395 Ryan Road, Suite 210. A completed application should include a detailed description of the proposed modification and the official Plat with the project location clearly marked. Your Plat is a certified map of your land which identifies the dwelling,

Applications and Design Review Guidelines can be found on our website:

March 2018

boundaries, easements, and access rights of way. This survey is most often provided at settlement and can be found with your sales documents. Additionally, we request photos of the dwelling and yard as well as the proposed location, materials, and picture examples of the finished product. You may need to include elevation and cross section plans (side view) and framing plans (top view) if relevant, along with any detailed drawings, photos, brochures, cut sheets, and/or color samples as applicable, as well as signatures from neighbors whom are visually affected.

Love Where You Live! Monthly Tips to Keep Brambleton Beautiful March March is a good time to prune most deciduous trees. The Virginia Cooperative Extension recommends pruning in late winter or early spring before bud break. Take care not to “top” trees by cutting back the lead branch, as this results in an unattractive, misshapen tree and will eventually cause the tree to die. Find good tree care information and more at the Virginia Cooperative Extension website: A neatly edged garden bed keeps both lawn turf and mulch in their proper place. With a quick internet search you can find everything you need to create and maintain a clean edge. There are even helpful step-by-step videos. Don’t forget to call Miss Utility at 811 to have your property marked before any digging. Spring mulching is key to creating a good foundation for healthy landscaping materials. Be careful not to overdo it – more mulch is not better. Spreading a thin layer and taking care to get even coverage is the best approach.

April Start your Garden Planning Checklist in April: • Size: Gardens of up to 50 square feet are permitted on residential properties within Brambleton without review and approval by the Covenants Committee. • Plant materials: Gardens with plant materials that will exceed three feet (3’) at maturity require review and approval by the Covenants Committee. • Location: Gardens must be located in the rear yard and must be entirely within the residential property lines. Consider watering sources, borders, and any desired fencing as well.

Sample Plat Example available at > Homeowner Resources The committee will review the application at their meeting, and a letter with their decision will be mailed to you within 5 to 7 business days. Please note that decisions are only provided in writing and that the correspondence from the meeting must be complete before it can be provided to the applicant. If you have any questions, please contact our team at or 703-542-6263.

Get ready to mow like a pro – make sure that your equipment is in good shape or track down a reliable lawn maintenance company to ensure that your turf is maintained at a height not to exceed 6 inches.

May Request a visit from the Loudoun County Master Gardener’s Healthy Virginia Lawns team this May. They will take a soil sample of your lawn and determine just how much fertilizer you need. There is a small $20 fee to perform this service, but it can save you money in the long run. Download a request form at http:// You can also reach their Help Desk Monday through Friday from 9 AM to noon at 7037771-5150. After the last chance of frost, it’s time for planting annuals, biennials, and perennials. Begin watering landscape materials and turf areas as needed. Also, consider starting a compost bin. You can find the guidelines on the BCA website at



Health & Wellness: Brambleton-Style Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Administration & Services


e are fortunate to have many opportunities for building on health and wellness right here in Brambleton. From miles of trails to program offerings for enhanced fitness and nutrition to Race Brambleton activities, BCA has a lot to offer. Add in Town Center destinations like Dragon Yong-in Martial Arts, Bella Ballerina, Bicycle Outfitters, and Onelife Fitness, as well as community based programs like the Brambleton Bettas Swim Team and Kids Run the Nation, and it is easy to see that there truly is something for everyone in Brambleton. To keep up with everything going on, we’ve pulled together the following resources to get you started. Brambleton Community Association Resources Discover a new park or fishing hole in the community on the BCA Trails & Amenities Map at www.brambletonhoa. com/TrailsMap. Check out the 2018 Race Brambleton schedule and learn how to obtain


the coveted Triple Crown Finisher Medal at racebrambleton. If you want a workout that will get you in shape and give you continuous encouragement, then Fitness Image Results Boot Camp is for you! FIR offers both Adult Boot Camp (Ages 18+) and Sports Performance and Conditioning (14+) throughout the year. For registration and more information, please visit Learn about BCA’s programs, where you’ll find everything from youth swim lessons to adult Bollywood dancing, at Town Center Resources Dragon Yong-In offers a wide range of martial arts training for children, teens, and adults. Find out more at From classes to dance camps and parties, Bella Ballerina offers a fun and educational experience. Get the details at

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

In addition to their bicycle shop and exemplary service, Bicycle Outfitters offers community-based biking events and information about training opportunities. Learn more at For all of the latest health and fitness equipment, group fitness classes, a virtual cycle studio, and a Kidz Klub and children’s programs, OneLife Fitness is the one place to go: Community Resources Brambleton Bettas Swim Team is a community based summer swim team that participates in the Old Dominion Swim League. For more information about the team, see their Team Unify page here: jsp?team=recbbstva Brambleton Kids Run the Nation is a youth running program designed by the Road Runners Club of America and is offered by Families in Training, a Brambleton based organization. Learn more about this program at www.


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Is a Central Bark Park II in Our Future? A Brambleton dog park has been missed and discussed by residents since our original Olympia “Central Bark" Park was decommissioned several years ago due to a lack of zoning that supported dog parks throughout the County. Association staff has been working with the Developer, Grounds & Facilities Committee, and Dominion Electric on the design, location, and funding of a potential new park. Central Bark Park II is currently being designed to have a small dog section and a large or all dog section centered around a leash/unleash shared corral area. The park will be accessible by trail and will be located across Creighton Road from the future BCA tennis and basketball courts near Brambleton Middle School. Parking will be available at the future Creighton tennis/ basketball courts.

APRIL 2017 Rezoning Application Submitted. Pending County Approval.

So where are we in the process and what is the timing? The Developer has signed off on the concept and location, and the BCA Board has approved funding. Discussions with Dominion Energy have begun as well and will continue. Once they sign off on the design, BCA will be ready for construction. Trail construction as well as grading and seeding of the area is planned for early spring. Once the grass has taken root, the fencing and remaining dog park amenities will be installed in the fall. The plans for the park are coming together and will be shared in more detail as they are finalized. Stay tuned!

Trash Collection Info BCA provides trash and recycling services to all single-family detached and town homes as part of the assessment. Republic Recycling and Trash Removal is the company that provides these services. Curbside Collection: Materials for collection should be placed curbside no later than 7 AM on collection day. Residents can place materials out after sunset the night before if winds no greater than 10 mph are present or forecasted. Residents are responsible for cleaning any unsecured trash that is blown or spilled from their container. The following removal and recycling services are provided: • Trash Pick-up: Tuesdays and Fridays • Recycling: Fridays • Yard Debris Recycling: Tuesdays (March - December) • General Bulk Item Pick-up: By appointment only. No extra fee applied for bulk items 2 cubic yards or less per month. New to the Community? Contact Republic’s customer service at to arrange for the delivery of new trash and recycling toters. Toters remain the property of Republic. All residents are responsible for the care and cleaning of the toter issued to their address. All Republic toters contain serial numbers on the front of the Please record and keep the serial number for future reference. If condition of containers is undesirable, 29container. Brambleton Community Association Magazine March 2018 Republic can replace them free of charge.


EatLoCo Brambleton Marketplace Paul Gentine - Communications Coordinator


e are excited to announce that we have partnered with EatLoCo to launch the EatLoCo Brambleton Marketplace! Opening April 1st, 2018, this marketplace will include and promote local farmers, food vendors and craft artisans. The marketplace will be located at Legacy Park and Olympia Drive, and it will be open year-round on Sundays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. EatLoCo Marketplace’s mission is to provide a “business home” for farmers and artisans along with family experiences and trusting connections with vendors. This includes connecting vendors with area restaurants, convention centers, and other local businesses, helping to strengthen their financial position. They also promote local performers and community groups, giving their markets a whole new attitude and purpose.

The Marketplace is also seeking applications from the best vendors in the area. Interested vendors should visit www. for more details, including the Application and Vendor Handbook. Priority selections will occur for those who have completed their application and submitted a $5.00 application fee. Contact Dan Hine at or Linna Walz at with questions or for more information about joining the EatLoCo vendor team.

DAVID LANGE: LIVE AT BRAMBLETON OPENING DAY Come see musician David Lange perform at the EatLoCo Brambleton Marketplace on April 1st, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

For more information about the Brambleton Marketplace, visit www. and www. You can also watch our interview with EatLoCo’s Dan Hine and Linna Walz in our January Monthly Minute video.



Spring 2003.



Summer 2002.

By: Kim Adams, Marketing Director


rambleton Group is entering into its 17th year of building and developing the community. When the community first opened in the fall of 2001, it was hard for potential homebuyers to envision a thriving community with 5 schools, a town center with more than 45 businesses providing daily needs and medical conveniences, not to mention all of the parks, trails and habitat areas

Today there is even more to be excited

consultants who work worldwide and who

about. The Town Center is transforming

are on the forefront of the newest

into “Downtown Brambleton,” a vibrant

advancements in home living and

neighborhood with new homes, office,


retail and dining space, plus a new public library. Brambleton has truly become a community where you can walk to schools, parks, shopping, dining, the gym and more!

to thousands of families who have helped make the community one of the best in the nation. The way Brambleton has been developed with mixed uses, combining residential, retail, medical and office space has become the gold standard for many | 703-542-2925

new communities.


Loudoun will be here before we know it; traffic patterns and commuting options will be expanded for all. Hanson Park, the last regional park to be built in Loudoun


that have been created. What once was a plan and concept, is now home

The extension of Metro’s Silver Line into

The challenge for Developers is to

County is right next door, walkable for most residents.

continue to anticipate and think about

For the early “Brambleton pioneers” who

the future of what may become with the

believed in our story and vision, thank you

continual advancements in technology.

for investing in this community and for all

Uber, Amazon, Google and Apple – just

of our newer residents, we absolutely

to name a few – are all changing the way

believe the BEST IS YET TO COME!

the way we live our lives. As the Developer, we follow these companies closely and work to align ourselves with

Brambleton Community Association Magazine Brambleton Town Center Model, Summer 2005.

Soave Real Estate

March 2018 Brambleton Town Center, Fall 2017.









! LD





Upgraded throughout - Brambleton 42483 Regal Wood Drive - Ashburn








Renovated - Bella Terra 42959 Vino Rosso Court - Ashburn






Gorgeous water views - South Riding 42650 Nations Street - Chantilly







Tranquil setting - Kirkpatrick Farms 41743 Experience Way - Aldie



Recently upgraded - Kirkpatrick Farms

41712 Cynthia Terrace - Aldie







D 12



Upscale townhome - Brambleton 23366 Evening Primrose Square - Ashburn








Nicely updated - Ashburn Farm 20190 Raintree Court - Ashburn

Picture perfect - Lenah Run 24241 Hidden Valley Place - Aldie

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Loudoun County Public Library Highlights Programs and Events: March, April, May Friends of the Gum Spring Library Book Sale: Books, movies, music and more at great prices. All proceeds benefit the Gum Spring Library. Donations are accepted during regular library hours through Mar. 14. Sale dates/times: Friday, Mar. 16, 10 AM - 7 PM; Saturday, Mar. 17, 10 AM -5 PM; Sunday, Mar. 18, 1-3 PM. Gum Spring Library. Vegetable Garden Basics: Master the essentials of growing vegetables, including location, soil preparation, fertilizer and maintenance, with tips from Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners. For adults. Saturday, Mar. 17, 1 PM. Ashburn Library. Paws to Read: Certified therapy dogs and their handlers from Heeling House will visit the library to read with children. Preregistration required. For Grades K-5. Ashburn Library: Sunday, Mar. 25, 2 PM. Gum Spring Library: Sunday, Apr. 29, 2 PM. Martial Arts Class for Kids: An interactive introduction to martial arts with Master Jun Kim of YJ Tae Kwon Do Academy. Wear comfortable clothes. Wednesday, Mar. 28. Preschool session: 3 PM, K-5 session: 4 PM. Gum Spring Library. Books Are a Blast! A comedy-magic show with Tom Lilly. Monday, Apr. 9, 7 PM. Gum Spring Library. Farm Series - Wegmeyer Farms: Learn about farming in Loudoun County and the importance of eating local with Tyler Wegmeyer, a Virginia Farmer of the Year recipient, as part of an Earth Day celebration. Thursday, Apr. 12, 7 PM. Gum Spring Library. Artisan Maker Workshop with Illustrator Michael White: This high-energy, interactive program incorporates drawing and creativity with learning how an author and illustrator work together to bring a story to life. Michael White has illustrated “The Library Dragon” and “Harriett's Horrible Hair Day.” For Grades 4-8. Saturday, Apr. 14, 2:30 PM. Ashburn Library.

Details at a Glance LCPL Website Library Locations Ashburn Library: 43316 Hay Road, Ashburn, VA 20147 Gum Spring Library: 24600 Millstream Drive, Stone Ridge, VA 20105

It’s All Write Awards Show with Ellen Oh: Ellen Oh, author of the Prophecy series, will be the keynote speaker at the awards finale for the library’s annual teen shortstory writing competition. Book sale and signing to follow. Saturday, May 12, 2 PM. Brambleton Middle School.

Spring Closings:

For more programming information, visit the LCPL website at www.library., or pick up a copy of "Pages" at your local library branch.

Monday, May 28: Memorial Day

Sunday, April 1: Easter Friday, April 20: Staff Development Day

Save Money with Your Library Card Katie Wais, Loudoun County Public Library With your library card, you have access to dozens of digital resources offering the potential to save a bundle, including free subscription services. Save on magazine subscriptions: With RB Digital, you can download current and back issues of your favorite magazines to read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, including The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Us Weekly, and Better Homes and Gardens. Advance your career: provides access to thousands of video tutorial courses led by experts on topics such as web design, software development, photography, business skills, and project management. Cut the cord: You can cut the cord with confidence knowing that you can stream or download six movies and TV shows per month with Hoopla. Hoopla has hundreds of popular TV shows from networks such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, and CMT. You can also access eBooks, graphics novels, travel guides, and much more through OverDrive, Hoopla and Freading. Learn a new language: Master a new language at your own pace through Mango Languages. It offers basic or complete online instruction in dozens of languages, including English for non-native speakers. Mango also has short specialty courses for practical applications, such as business in Japan, attending Oktoberfest in Germany, or ordering wine and cheese in France. Research your geneology for free: Use your library card to dig into Ancestry’s immense online collection of family records and resources. Although the full site is available only in branches, you are able to access your personalized Discovery Page at home where you can view and download all of your finds.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

Adult Book Club & Children's Storytime Adult Book Club: The Adult Book Club is a perfect way to gather with neighbors for some great discussion. This free club meets monthly on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Brambleton Community Center, located at 42645 Regal Wood Drive. You are welcome to attend any meeting at anytime, and you don't need to be a library member to join. Extra copies of the book for each month will be available at the BCA office; feel free to email to see if there are copies available. Please return the books to the office or at the meeting when you have finished reading it. Adult Book Club Spring Schedule • March 12: Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons • April 9: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng • May 14: Nora Webster by Colm Toibin

Children's Storytime: This free storytime is brought to you by Loudoun County Public Library and takes place every Tuesday morning at 10 AM at the Brambleton Community Center. Stroll on over with your little one for a fun and interactive storytime that your children will be sure to love. No sign-up required. Year-round. For preschool age children.

Brambleton Library Opening in Fall 2018, the Brambleton Library will be a hub for learning and reading, community gatherings, collaboration, and hands-on learning. Some building highlights include: • Dedicated space and materials for children, teens and adults • Multiple meeting and community rooms for library programs and public use • Makerspace providing community access to 3D printers, laser cutters, a recording studio, and other creative technology • A video gaming room located in the Teen Center on the second floor • Colorful and comfortable nooks where customers can curl up with a book • Expanded Hindi and foreign-language book selection

Programming Patrons can expect traditional library offerings — such as children’s storytimes, Englishlearning programs, resume and job-search help, technology assistance, book discussions, and author visits — with a strong focus on Maker activities, STEM education and state-of-the-art technology. Brambleton Library will be a center of learning, creativity, community building, and innovation for the digital age.

Friends of the Brambleton Library Community support is essential to a successful library. The Friends of the Brambleton Library (FOBL) is a volunteer group committed to supporting the Brambleton Library. They are actively looking for volunteers who can help advise and offer fundraising assistance for programming and supplies not covered by the library’s operating budget. You can find more information by visiting the FOBL Facebook page ( FriendsoftheBrambletonLibrary) or emailing


• 80,000 Items in Collections

• 3 Meeting Rooms

• 46 Staff Members

• 10 Study Rooms

• 40 Public Computers


What Are You Reading? Friends of the Brambleton Library members Pamela Arnold and Danielle Harrison share their current reading lists, their favorite authors, and more! What’s on your reading list for 2018? Pamela: The Women in Cabin 10, Couple Next Door, The Handmaid's Tale Are you reading anything great right now? Danielle: The Thirty Minute Millionaire; Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! Do you have a favorite book or author? or children’s book/series/author? Pamela: Kay Hooper and Sue Grafton Have you ever read a book that should would make a great movie? Danielle: I read the Outlander series many years ago. I always thought it would make a wonderful epic, cinematically beautiful movie series. Do you have a favorite magazine? Cookbook? Pamela: My favorite magazines are Storage and Southern Living. Where is your favorite place to find new reading materials? Pamela: Barnes & Noble, Amazon Do you have a favorite library? Danielle: Gum Springs Library is my favorite at the moment, and I'm eagerly awaiting the new Brambleton Library. I also enjoy Brambleton's Little Free Library, and my girls and I donate when we can.

Brambleton Comm Community Association

Bus Tour

Saturday, March 17, 2018, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Meet at Brambleton Welcome Center Join us for a guided bus tour of everything Brambleton has to offer! · Learn about Brambleton’s history as well as the services and activities that Brambleton provides · Stops will include several locations throughout the Brambleton community · Visit to sign up and find more information 35

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

April 14, 2018





Broadlands Marketplace ASHBURN, VA


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Assessment Payment Options

Assessment payments are due on the first day of each month. To avoid incurring late or other collection related fees, it is recommended to align payment with the due date. Late fees are assessed for payments not posted by the 10th day of the month. BCA offers a variety of payment options and encourages owners to select the method that best suits their needs. Details regarding the various payment options can be found on Payment options include: • Mail: Owners may make payment by check or money order mailed the Assocations' lockbox service. • Mailing Address: Brambleton Community Association, C/O FirstService Residential, PO Box 11983, Newark, NJ 07101 • Online Bill Pay: Owners may pay assessments using an online bill paying service from their personal banking institution. • Direct Debit: The owner authorizes FirstService Residential to withdraw the monthly recurring assessment amount from a designated checking or savings account. • ClickPay: This third-party payment service offers owners the ability to make one-time or recurring e-check or credit card payment at For help with your account or setting up payments online, please contact ClickPay at, or call 1-888-354-0135 (option 1).

It is important to note that assessment payments are NOT accepted at the Brambleton Community Association management office, as all payments are processed by the Association’s bank via a lockbox. Payments delivered to the Association will be returned. Please also note that cash cannot be accepted at the Brambleton Community Association management office or at FirstService Residential offices for payment of assessments.

2018 Monthly Assessments

House Type




Detached w/Common Driveway




Townhouse w/Grounds Maint.


Summerfield Condominiums

For more information or to request online access to your assessment account, please email


The Residences Condominiums

BCA Budget

Brambleton’s expense-based budget has grown to $13,441,000 for 2018. Did you know what each dollar the Association takes in goes toward?

Administrative & Professional: 5¢ Legal & Collections: 1¢

Staffing: 9¢

Pools: 3¢

Utilities: 1¢

Reserves: 7¢ Maintenance & Upkeep: 19¢ Events & Programming: 2¢

Verizon FiOS: 46¢ Trash & Recycling: 7¢

Visit for details on the BCA 2018 Budget.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018



Notary Public Services BCA offers Notary Public services for residents. Here are a few tips to help make your notary experience easy: • Please schedule an appointment. This allows staff to be ready and available to provide your requested service. To make an appointment or contact us for questions, please email or call 703-542-6263. • Please let us know what type of document you need notarized. There are certain types of documents that we are not able to notarize. Virginia notaries are not authorized to certify birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificates (copies or originals). Only the Division of Vital Records/Statistics may perform such a certification. We are also unable to notarize I-9 forms. • All documents must be written in English. Witnessing on documents is not provided by the Brambleton Community Association. Tell us how many pages you need notarized, and what day and time is most convenient for you. We’ll do our best to meet your appointment requests. • Important - At your appointment, any person that will be signing the documentation must be present, and the forms must be signed in front of the Notary Public. Photo identification must be provided by all signers at the time of the appointment. • The first two pages are free of charge. Each additional page is $2 per page. Forms of payment accepted include cash and personal checks.

BCA Resale Disclosure Packet BCA Certificate of Insurance Requests for Resale Disclosure Packets are fulfilled by FirstService Residential via Welcomelink. Orders are accepted from the FSR website at via the link Request Resale Documents. At the prompt, enter the zip code for the Brambleton property. Once at the WelcomeLink page, complete the necessary information to place the order. The cost of the packet is dependent upon several factors: the format, the delivery time frame, and the shipping method requested. See the FSR website for the most up to date information.

Requests for Certificates of Insurance are fulfilled by the Association’s Insurance broker. To obtain a Certificate of Insurance for Brambleton Community Association, unit owners and lenders should submit their requests online at or by phone at 877-456-3643, Monday Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM. Certificates will be issued immediately.

Lender Questionnaires

• Electronic (email) format - The link to access the electronic version is active for 180 days. To retain the document, it may be saved as a pdf.

Requests for completion of lender questionnaires for single family and town homes located within Brambleton are fulfilled by Brambleton Community Association staff. The cost for completion of either a Uniform Mortgage Questionnaire or a Lender-Specific Mortgage Questionnaire is as follows:

• Printed (hardcopy) format

• 3 business-day turnaround - $100.00

• Update (available within 1 year of the initial order)

• 1 business-day turnaround - $150.00

• Update with inspection (available within 1 year of the initial order) The available delivery timeframes are:

Please note: Forms and payment for all services must be received by 12 PM on the day of submission to count as the first day. Forms received after 12 PM will be processed counting the following business day as the first day.

• Standard - Packet is sent 14* calendar days from the order date. Fee is included.

To submit a request or for more information, visit

The available formats are:

• Rush - If the Association is able to accommodate a rush order, the packet is sent 5* calendar days from the order date. *Forms and payment must be received by 12 PM to count as first day. Forms received after 12 PM will be processed with the following day as the first day.


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

Assessment Account Payoff Requests for Account Payoff Statements are fulfilled by FirstService Residential. To obtain an account payoff statement, submit request and owner authorization to

March 2018


Brambleton Maps Brambleton Community Association maintains a variety of maps for the community. Below you’ll find some of the more frequently requested maps. Check for other available maps at

Trails & Amenities Outdoor life in Brambleton is one of the best ways for neighbors to connect with each other on the trails, at the pool, and in the sunshine of the green spaces found throughout the community, Brambleton residents can meet, catch up, play, and grow together. Nature and athletics are key components of the active Brambleton lifestyle. We also take great pride in our award-winning landscaping throughout the neighborhood. You’ll find a wide array of parks available to serve the leisure and recreational needs of residents and their guests. Concerns or questions pertaining to the parks or amenities can be sent to operations@ In addition, Brambleton is situated close to regional amenities including the Beaverdam Reservoir, Brambleton Community Park ball fields, Brambleton Regional Golf Course, and the future Hanson Regional Park. We hope you find yourself outside soon! Street Light Maintenance Responsibility Map

Water Towers Blcks 8 and 9



Summerfield Condos


31 30 Future




8 7









5 4





Town Center Residential Town Center


The Estates



Street Light Maintenance


23A Future



North Bra ndt


15 Belmont Trace 22




33 “SS”



Brambleton Corner

Trent Grove


24 27 Active Adult

Evermont Trace

LEGEND BCA 703-542-6263 NOVEC > Customer Services 703-335-0500 VA DOM > Outage Center 866-366-4357 Summerfield 703-327-4818 Town Center Reportable to BCA

Updated Feb 2018

Brambleton’s developer is responsible for the installation of the initial common area infrastructure in the community in accordance with the Loudoun County approved plans. This responsibility includes the installation of streetlights. Timing of installation and activation of streetlights can be impacted by a variety of factors including but not limited to: general construction activity and delays, weather, impact to and from future development, and utility company/contract installer availability. Maintenance responsibilities for current and future streetlights are detailed in the map. Residents are encouraged to report streetlight outages. Contact with questions or for more information.



Important Contact Information County Contacts

Community Management Contacts Brambleton Community Management Office: 703-542-6263

Emergency (Fire/Rescue/Police): 911 (call or text);

Residences at Brambleton (FSR): 703-385-1133 Summerfield Condo (FSR): 703-327-4818

Sheriff (Non-Emergency): 703-777-1021

BCA Services

Alert Loudoun:

Republic Services Recycling & Trash Removal:

Loudoun County Main Number: 703-777-0100

Verizon (Activation/Account Changes/Billing/Disconnect): 800-501-1172 Verizon (Repair): 888-553-1555

Animal Care & Control: 703-777-0406

Utility Contacts

Building Permits: 703-777-0220

Dominion Electric (North of Ryan Rd): 888-667-3000;

Ashburn Post Office: 44715 Prentice Dr 703-406-6291

NOVEC (South of Ryan Rd): 888-335-0500;

Brambleton Town Center

Miss Utility: 800-552-7001 Brambleton Plaza, Brambleton, VA 20148

Washington Gas: 703-750-1000


Loudoun Water (Water/Sewer): 571-291-7880;

Builder Information Builder Beazer Homes Centex/Pulte Homes Gulick Group

Knutson Miller & Smith Stanley Martin Van Metre Winchester & Camberley Homes


Warranty/Customer Care 888-623-2937; (Request Service) 888-686-0269;;; (Customer Care/Warranty Request) 703-674-0330 x 143;; (Contact Us/Customer Care) 703-996-4232;; 703-821-2500 x 202;; (Warranty) 703-348-5805;; (Contact Us) 703-348-5806;; 800-762-2408 (Winchester), 540-788-1114 (ProHome Metro DC);;

Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018

Wiring Integrator Design Tech: 800-969-8324 Chesapeake System Services: 301-317-0001 Vintage Security: 703-689-2731, 877-767-1800 (Toll-free) Design Tech: 800-969-8324 Advanced Wiring Group: 703-488-9850, 571-237-7621 SmartCom: 540-286-0300 Sight & Sound: 703-802-6443 Vintage Security: 703-689-2731, 877-767-1800 (Toll-free)





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Montessori of Chantilly Casa dei Bambini Did you know that anyone can open a school and use the word Montessori in the name? We are a Full Member of the American Montessori Society since 2005 Go to to learn more about Montessori, and get a listing of Montessori Schools.


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Relocating to 42200 Glascock Field Dr Adjacent to Stone Springs Sp pring gs Hospital Hosp pital off Stone Springs S Blvd

SUMMER 201 8 Proudly serving the Northern Virginia area since 2005 • • 703-961-0211 • Current Location: 4212-F Technology Ct., Chantilly, VA 20151



Mobile Hope of Loudoun Brambleton Kids Care has been a supporter of Mobile Hope since 2014. BKC has assisted Mobile Hope with helping county residents with holiday shopping, donating toys and clothes, hosting winter coat drives, assembling hygiene kits, and organizing donations. Mobile Hope was created in 2011 as an adjunct of the Mobile Health program operated by Inova Loudoun Hospital. Mobile Hope supports children and young adults (24 years of age and younger) who are precariously housed, homeless, or at risk living in Loudoun County. Mobile Hope relies on the support of donors, volunteers, and sponsors to fund their programs and to help carry out their vital and needed mission. Their services include: • Emergency food

• Clothing

• Hygiene and personal care items

• Financial support for educational expenses

• Medical and dental care referrals

• Job seeking assistance and referrals

• Housing referrals

• Life counseling and emotional support

• Community information and training on issues from sex trafficking, gangs, and child abuse to LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning) and mental health first aid for youth Mobile Hope takes all donations that would be of benefit to children and young adults 24 years of age and younger. They are always in need of nonperishable food items. They take clothes (seasonal), personal hygiene items, books, school supplies, shoes, new socks and underwear, etc. Donations of furniture, cars, or household items are also accepted, but please call first before donating these items. Financial contributions are always accepted as well. For more information on Mobile Hope, visit


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018


Community Connections Rosemarie Linder, CMCA, AMS, PCAM - Director of Administration & Services


s Brambleton continues to grow, our understanding of the various agencies, programs, resources, and services available to us through the county and state continues to grow as well. Brambleton’s Board and staff have always recognized the importance of building positive relationships with the various agencies and elected representatives that serve the community. Through these efforts, several important programs have been initiated. You may be aware that our HOA was the first community in the Commonwealth to work with the Loudoun County Sheriff ’s Office (LCSO) and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to establish an HOA coordinated radar trailer program on both VDOT streets and private streets. The sign provides awareness and education to drivers in areas with traffic concerns. The data gathered by the radar trailer and other devices is shared with LCSO for efficient and targeted enforcement. This program has been a true partnership and we have recently become aware that it has served as a model for other large communities in our area.

Our most recent initiative was to request implementation of the $200 Fine Sign Program on streets recently accepted by VDOT for maintenance. These signs enable LCSO Officers to include an additional $200 fine for exceeding the speed limit in a residential area. With the support of Blue Ridge District Supervisor Tony Buffington, the request was submitted to VDOT for study. In mid-January, we learned that the study revealed that certain streets were found to be eligible. Supervisor Buffington’s office anticipates that the funding request for placement of the signs will be heard in late March. We look forward to receiving good news and seeing the positive impact that this program will have. Neighborhood Watch may have been the original community partnership and it continues to develop and grow along with the community. The first steps in this program were led by resident, now chair of the Safety & Security Committee, Dave Pavlik. He initiated contact with LCSO to begin the Neighborhood Watch when Brambleton only consisted of a few streets in total. Today, with more than 5,300 settled homes, the Association completed a review and order for more

Neighborhood Watch signs. Look for these in your neighborhood this spring. BCA will continue to seek to identify resources and services offered by the county and state to benefit the community. To share your thoughts or suggestions, please contact us at hoa@brambleton. org.


New Face on the BCA Team We are excited to welcome a new staff member to BCA! Carina Arce is our new Resident Services Administrator. In this position, Carina serves as a first point of contact for residents and is available to assist them with everyday matters. She also provides support to the Lifestyles Team in order to fulfill their mission to bring programming and events to the community. Carina brings over ten years of experience in recruiting and account management to her position. She recently relocated to Brambleton from New York City, and enjoys being a part of the Brambleton community. Outside of work, Carina enjoys spending time with her son, snowboarding, and trying new local restaurants.

Resident Spotlight: Stacey Rusch We caught up with resident Stacey Rusch, the face of our Monthly Minute videos and a Contributor to ABC7's Good Morning Washington, to learn more about her Brambleton experience and find out some fun facts about her. How long have you lived in Brambleton? What prompted you to choose this community? My family and I have lived in Brambleton for 2 years. We relocated from Washington DC in anticipation of the arrival of our daughter. We chose Brambleton because it's such a beautiful neighborhood, and everywhere we went we were met by such warm and friendly people. We thought it was the perfect place to raise our daughter. What is your favorite Brambleton event? Red, White & Bram - hands down! It happens right in the peak of summer and it’s the absolute best community event. It’s great to see so many families out tailgating, dancing to live music. and enjoying so many super fun kids’ activities. What is your guilty pleasure? My husband makes pizza from scratch every Friday night. It's our little family tradition. I can choose any topping I want. And no matter what, whether we are exhausted or even on a diet, we make it a point to have a fun and fat Friday night together! What is your favorite social media app? Believe it or not, I am not on Facebook. But I am on Instagram because I like being able to see and share a glimpse of everyday life and special moments with other people. Connect with me at @fraurusch! Do you have a fun fact about yourself? I used to be a yoga teacher. I taught classes for the White House Athletic Center and the CIA. I still have a consistent practice, and I attribute an easy first pregnancy and my daughter's energetic and enthusiastic personality to yoga :). Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Ice cream! Treat yourself - you deserve it!

dana's favorite things Lifestyles Manager and tastemaker Dana Vinci shares some of her favorite products! Pampered Chef Champagne Stopper: This is truly one of my favorite things. It is a “bubbly” stopper that is so easy to use! Barware%7CGlassware/Champagne+Stopper/1596 Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer with Firming: This is the perfect moisturizer! CECEssentials – Sarah Conrad’s Soap: I truly love this! It has made my skin less dry and also cleared up some rough patches from irritated skin. CECEssentials


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018


BCA Communications Brambleton Community Association utilizes a variety of resources in order to communicate with Brambleton residents in a timely and engaging manner. Here are some of the ways that we connect with the Brambleton community.

Brambleton Growing Families. Building Community. Connecting Life.

Brambleton Community Association Quarterly Publication

March 2018

Quarterly Magazine BCA self-publishes a visually rich and engaging quarterly magazine which is mailed to all Brambleton residents and published digitally. Quarterly issues are published in March, June, September, and December. If you are interested in advertising in our magazine, email communications@brambleton. org to check on ad availability. Ad space is available on a first come, first served basis. Payment may be made online via Square or by check. No refunds available. To ensure timely publication of our magazine, ads should be received no later than the 5th of the month prior to publication.

Core Values

Spring Programming

Brew Fest

We are also able to provide premium advertising opportunities, such as stickers, fold-out covers, inserts, and augmented reality capabilities. Augmented reality technology allows for printed images to embed videos, website links, and more when scanned by a mobile device. Please contact us if you are interested in these premium options.

#Bramlife Minute We launched this video series in May 2017 to inform residents about everything happening in Brambleton. Hosted by Stacey Rusch, these videos cover topics including community news, events, and programming. We post our #Bramlife Minute videos on our website, our Facebook page, and our YouTube page, so there are multiple places for you to catch up on what’s going on in our community. We have also created educational videos, such as administration and service videos, which provide residents with useful information in a unique and entertaining way.

Friday Flash The Friday Flash is a weekly bulletin sent via email to benefit the residents of Brambleton. The purpose of the Flash is to keep residents aware of upcoming community events and programs, future committee meetings, Association rules, and community governance. All Flash items must be submitted to by Wednesday at 5:00 PM. Please limit all submissions to 30 words or less. BCA may edit submissions for formatting. To minimize redundancy, submitted items will only be published once. If you have an event you’d like to promote, up to two submissions will be accepted (a "save the date" post and a reminder). Finally, please limit unique submissions to no more than twice a month. In addition, local groups and organizations wanting to share information or raise awareness within the community are accepted on a case by case basis.

Website and Social Media Visit for community news, event and meeting updates, and information on all BCA services and programs. News and updates are also posted on our Facebook page (www., on Twitter @BrambletonHOA, and on our Brambleton mobile app, which can be found in the Apple and Google Play stores. Also, follow us on Instagram @brambletonlife and add #bramlife to your posts to share your content with the Brambleton community!


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How to Reach Us We Love to Hear from You! You can reach us anytime via email. Here is a short list of easy to remember email addresses. It is our goal to respond to all inquiries within one business day. If you have not received a reply, please contact us at 703-542-6263.

BCA Drop Box A drop box is available after hours and is located outside of the BCA office building at 42395 Ryan Road. Residents may drop off design review applications, committee applications, etc. Monthly assessments are not accepted.

Start here and we'll be glad to help.

Reach our Operations & Assets team for questions or concerns regarding BCA’s common areas or facilities.

For questions or concerns regarding BCA Pool facilities.


To request attention to a concern or to request information about BCA’s Community Standards.


For information regarding the Design Review process and to request or follow up on an application.

The best place to reach our amazing events team!

Official BCA Communications

Need info about a BCA program, summer camp, or activity?

BrambletonTV, FiOS Channel 42

Interested in renting a community facility?


Contact us about all things communications, including social media, the Friday Flash, the Monthly Minute, or our Magazine.

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Check Us out on Social Media "Like" Brambleton Community Association on Facebook, follow us on Twitter at BrambletonHOA, and follow us on Instagram at brambletonlife. You can also find our mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching for Brambleton.

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Please visit www.brambletonhoa. com/disclaimers for our publishing and media use disclaimers.

703-542-6263 (p); 703-542-6266 (f ) Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM 49 Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018


Brambleton Community Association Magazine

March 2018