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HOT & TRENDING For Bowling & Family Entertainment Centers


taying up-to-date on industry trends is not just good practice; it’s a strategic necessity in today’s fast-paced environment.

New technologies that drive innovation and meet guest expectations continually evolve and can help you address operational challenges such as staffing, rising costs, and softening consumer demand. IBI looked to prominent companies in the industry who are specialists in their business sector for direction. These industry suppliers devote time and resources to provide helpful, economical solutions that can keep your business running smoothly and profitably. As you flip through the pages you’ll learn about important products and services that can enhance your business, alleviate headaches, and increase your guests’ experience. Plus, hearing from other center operators about what’s working at the center level can help you make informed decisions for your own operation. What’s HOT & TRENDING is a unique annual product and resource guide designed for progressive operators. The following pages are filled with valuable information, shared by innovative suppliers to the industry, operators who have used their product or service, along with other experts.

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Arcades and Attractions


Arcades and Attractions


Arcades and Attractions


Arcades and Attractions


Arcades and Attractions


Business Coaching

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HOT & TRENDING in Apparel



ince the pandemic, league and tournament play has increased for many centers that are committed to organized play. Shorter-session casual leagues have drawn new-to-bowling players who are seeking opportunities to eat, drink, and play. These folks also want to look good and feel good while they’re in action.

goes for league prizes as well - when players win a custom bowling bag, they’ll be encouraged to show off the memorabilia at the next big challenge. I Am Bowling provides everything operators need to increase repeat traffic by sealing the bonds between both your competitive and social teams. They offer rushed delivery on jerseys, bowling bags, and towels customized for either your center or your champions!

The trend of wearing clothes that show you can ‘play the part’ has gained traction with the increased league participation of all types of sports and recreation. Especially in younger demographics, players want to show that they’re serious and belong to something. Just like when kids join a soccer league and want to walk onto the field in the latest Lionel Messi shoes, bowlers of all ages like to show off their gear. Consider how often you see basketball, tennis, or golf apparel for sale; these are sports where people want to show that they’re experienced and belong to the culture. Everyone’s got a friend with well-ironed golf polos, high-end cart bags, and a lackluster drive! Plus, wearing and using proper gear is also a great way to keep people in the sport, they’ve got an investment in it. There’s no turning back now! I Am Bowling has become the answer to custom and fashionable bowling apparel. From the creators of Logo Infusion, this new apparel line is designed specifically for those looking to prove their worth on the lanes. A huge catalog of eye-catching performance jerseys and bowling bags can empower your league players. With custom branded apparel your staff can easily be outfitted and dressed to impress guests. Including team jerseys in league fees or as an extra add-on can be savvy marketing. The more social league players invest in our sport, the more likely they will return for more. This

What People Are Saying “Over the last 10 years, having a new and upcoming bowler in the family, we have tried several different jersey companies, and nothing is as complete as IAmBowling. Fit was the most important, next to quality and comfort. IAmBowling has a great selection and an option to create your own design. The owners and staff at IAmBowling are a pleasure to work with and make the ordering process easy. I never have to worry about what the outcome will be!” Shelley Carrol

Visit their website at iambowling.com or call 702.876.4153, Ext: 113 to place group orders today!

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HOT & TRENDING in Arcades and Attractions



mall space unattended attractions prove they rise to the occasion when it comes to increasing foot traffic for bowling and family entertainment centers. Most small space attractions are childfriendly, reimagining popular games from the app store, bringing blockbuster movies to life, and using other popular IPs to boost popularity. When it comes to these attractions, more companies are directing their R&D budgets toward virtual reality. Of all small space attractions, they generate the most interest and nearly guarantee a boost in revenue. In addition to providing an experience not available at home, virtual reality is often a safe investment for operators looking to level up their arcades.


Many virtual reality games are geared toward older audiences. They might include gruesome monsters, firing assault rifles, and exploding zombies’ brains; while immersive, it can be a lot of blood splatter for our younger demographic! Since families with younger children provide a solid source of revenue, it makes sense to offer familyfriendly options. AVS Companies has been a leader in the arcade and amusement industry for over 50 years thanks to their ability to identify unique opportunities like this. In response to the gap surrounding family-friendly virtual reality, they’ve introduced VRLeo, which provides an exciting VR solution without the gore. VRLeo is a small space unattended attraction tailored for kids. The entire family can enjoy five vibrant 4 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024

games, such as Fruit Ninja, VR Skiing, and Black Shield. Kids can use bows and arrows to fend off intruders in Guardian of the Crystal or engage monsters in a massive food fight throughout the city with Battle of the Monsters. It’s been deliberately designed to be as family friendly and sanitary as possible. Between each game, the VR headset retracts into a UV light disinfecting box where it’s not only cleansed but protected. The controllers are cushioned to protect them from damage and are also set back into a UV disinfecting slot. When it’s time to start the next game, the headset drops back to a child-friendly height. The home screen and lower base are customizable to include your center’s branding or the latest promotions for guests to enjoy. When operators are considering revenueper-square-foot, nothing quite comes close to the offerings of AVS Companies! VRLeo is more than just a game; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. Dive into a VR world where reality blurs with fantasy, ensuring fun for the whole family!

What People Are Saying “Working with AVS Companies has made all the difference in our newly remodeled facility. Amar Patel From the initial design layout, to ordering, to delivery, and finally to installation, they made everything EASY. They are a true partner.” Amar Patel, Nickel City Xtreme

To learn more about AVS Companies’ catalog of small space unattended attractions, give them a call at 847.439.9400. You can also reach out to their team at sales@avscompanies.com or visit avscompanies.com for more information.


HOT & TRENDING in Arcades and Attractions



wo profound aspects of civilization have persisted for thousands of years: community and competition. Competing motivates us to overcome new challenges and drive ourselves to new heights. Plus, by working together, we form bonds and relationships that strengthen the community. Today’s technology allows players in all types of competition the ability to track their competitor’s stats across the globe, and worldwide audiences can watch the action unfold in realtime. The stakes have never been higher!


Bowling centers have understood the concept of social competition for decades. Bowling is a game where casual players and enthusiasts can join together for a great time while still gearing up for their next big win. Now, this trend is moving into other attractions and experiences for the modern consumer, where creating a social atmosphere around a competitive experience is a big money maker. No team understands and leads the limitless possibilities of social competition like the imaginative engineers at Creative Works. Their expertise has helped create memorable guest experiences, from story-driven laser tag arenas to interactive mini golf courses and mind-bending virtual reality experiences. Introducing Creative Works’ newest game, Limitless VR, an immersive, free-roam virtual reality attraction with physical props and barriers in the playing space. Free roam means guests are not tethered to cables, which means they can move freely through the arena in an experience that’s impossible to replicate at home. Players can create their accounts while screens around the arena showcase gameplay and player stats for onlookers. Once players grab their weapons and headsets, your physical floorspace morphs into a larger-than-life battle of champions. To create a replayable competitive ecosystem, players can choose avatars and gun skins for their weapons. Gamers can even unlock weapon skins with your center’s branding on them. Unlocking avatars and skins requires players to come back in, log in, and level up. This is a crucial piece of the puzzle for social gaming, and Limitless VR uniquely brings it to bowling entertainment centers. An open-air design provides another entertainment experience for guests as they crowd around to spectate the ducking, weaving, aiming, and celebration of those on the playing field. Nothing builds a crowd like a crowd!

What People Are Saying “Creative Works has been instrumental in shaping Andretti Indoor Karting and Games’ VR experiences. From igniting Hologate to powering Hyperdeck and now unveiling Limitless, David Pascoe their expertise and passion have propelled our VR platforms to the forefront of the amusement industry. Through innovative collaborations, they’ve not only crafted unique solutions like our VR towers but also curated bespoke content for Limitless, amplifying our presence on the game floor.” David Pascoe, Amusement Director, Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

Visit www.WeAreCreativeWorks.com to learn how Limitless VR can help you create an immersive social experience in your venue IBI Hot & Trending - 2024 5


HOT & TRENDING in Arcades and Attractions



here’s no doubt about this trend: virtual reality gaming is evolving rapidly, and its popularity is flourishing. With VR, consumers can simulate flying over the coast of Patagonia or fight larger-than-life enemies across the universe. Some folks even enjoy tending to their virtual crops on their virtual tractor. Introducing virtual reality games at your center provides a multitude of benefits. VR can be a small space attraction that immerses guests into unbelievably larger ones – minus the insurance rates! For this reason, VR racing simulators have sparked the most thrill among the gaming crowd. The only reservation of the consumer gaming community is that they sometimes feel the full capabilities of virtual reality have yet to be reached. Some might even remark, “Good virtual reality is ten years away.” Now, we can say they’re wrong! Asphalt Legends 9 VR is already here and driving fans wild with excitement. From the creators of mega-hit Virtual Rabbids, LAI Games has throttled the typical driving game into a new epoch of immersive entertainment. Welcome to the VR arcade version of a globally recognized racing IP. Asphalt Legends has boasted one billion+ game downloads and one billion+ YouTube views, even before LAI Games paved the way to deliver guests onto the racetrack. Operators should know this experience does not exist at home! Visuals alone cannot create a simulation this immersive; it takes 5D! A combination of ultra-high-definition visuals, a motion-ride system, wind jet streams, and a booming sound system sinks you into the thrill of the race. There’s no other way for the average consumer to feel tight turns and proximity explosions like this.


Players throw on the headset and grab the steering wheel tight. Once they’ve decided on one of seven famous supercars, the new McLaren P1 cockpit materializes around them. Players race for the finish line or enter the heat of the chase by land-and-sea authorities through the Scottish Highlands,

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Shanghai, Cairo, and San Fransisco. Operators love how Asphalt 9 VR doesn’t require staffing an attendant and that guests will pay a premium to play. Younger guests love that it doesn’t require a driver’s license!

What People Are Saying “150 of our locations have at least one or more LAI game products. With their new pusher line, we Steven Veach not only see repeat play but also repeat visits to play and build the guest ticket balance. The pushers and Asphalt 9 draw people to play, over and over, to achieve better points earned and rankings.” Steven Veach, Vice president of Game Operations for Bowlero

Call Chris or Anthony at LAI Games for a free phone consultation and learn how LAI Games can level up your center. Call 469.541.0555; email us at sales@laigames.com, or visit LAIGames.com


HOT & TRENDING in Arcades and Attractions



ver the last few years, there’s been substantial growth in foot traffic to facilities offering location-based entertainment. The public’s perspective on leaving their home entertainment options for the experiences our industry provides has changed from ‘finding the time’ to ‘appreciating the time’!

Working with P1AG provides the benefit of choice, giving centers the ability to order from various manufacturers rather than battling negotiations with individual gaming companies. They’ll consolidate delivery and installations, provide after-sale support, and offer best practice recommendations.


It’s no surprise that new and returning guests are looking for fun and new experiences, so it’s vital to have your arcade’s vibe be alive and happening. The latest games and attractions have proven to create guest excitement and boost return engagement. While some centers have reduced existing lanes to accommodate different revenue opportunities, other operators keep things fresh by changing games and attractions within their current space.


Whether you’re looking at a complete remodel or just a refresher, one thing is clear; experts recommend consistently refreshing games, attractions, and prize merchandise.


Staying at the forefront of what guests want is difficult; even the savviest of operators can struggle. Luckily, the professionals at Player One Amusement Group (P1AG) have gained the trust of industry leaders and work directly with operators to determine how to maximize the location’s arcade.


A revenue share option means an operator has no upfront expenditure to purchase games. While this means operators split a share of future gaming revenue, it also means that equipment maintenance and rotation and refreshment are handled by the service provider, which can mean peace of mind. On the contrary, another option is to purchase games outright. Buying your own games allows you to have full control over your game selection, game placement, number of games and the type of attractions shown. For operators who are interested in this route, they may be able to take advantage of special tax incentives for capital purchases and depreciation of assets.

What People Are Saying “Player One Amusement Group has proven to be an exceptional arcade partner. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to understanding our unique needs sets them apart. From the moment we engaged with them, they showcased a genuine interest in our success and treated us as valued collaborators rather than just clients. Their expertise in the arcade industry is unparalleled, evident in the top-quality games they provide and the strategic guidance they offer in crafting the optimal arcade layout and experience for our customers. We wholeheartedly recommend P1AG as an arcade partner to anyone seeking to elevate their gaming space! Michelle Playfair, General Manager Bingemans Kingpin Bowliing & Funworx Indoor Playground To find out how P1AG can help your business with their tailored Total Solutions, visit winwithp1ag.com or send a message to GetAnswers@winwithp1ag.com.

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HOT & TRENDING in Arcades and Attractions



here’s a powerful influence behind Hollywood’s blockbuster movies. Blockbusters have been proven to shape pop culture and drive millions of people to theatres across the globe. The excitement surrounding blockbusters transcends to merchandise, experiences, and other significant rewards that entertainment facilities can capitalize on. When blockbusters turn to gaming, it’s a fantastic opportunity for arcades to ride high on this excitement wave. Whether a gamer is playing as larger-than-life characters or fighting them off, players can determine how the movie plays out. Combined with the possibilities of virtual reality, there’s no limit to the immersive action. Putting the experience in guests’ hands holds their interest and drives repeat play.


Building on the popularity of blockbuster hits, Raw Thrills has created the perfect blend of gaming. They allow guests to go full throttle through action-packed Fast & Furious races and fight off colossal monoliths in King Kong: Skull Island VR. And just when we thought the VR experience couldn’t feel any more immense, Raw Thrills introduced an even larger threat with Godzilla: Kaiju Wars VR — the epitome of a blockbuster, mega-hit monster. The new game features Raw Thrills’ infamous Thrill-D NXT motion platform with wind jets, a 65inch GIGASCREEN™, six-channel EARTHSHAKER™Audio, force feedback dual-mounted Atomic Blasters, and next-gen VR headsets. 8 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024


This small space attraction offers an exhilarating and immersive experience where players fight swarms of beasts, massive robots, and even pre-historic reptilians as they fly on a war machine and fight for survival. The only thing that stands above the sky-high cyberpunk city is Godzilla himself.


Operators appreciate an attraction that draws guests in, captivates their interest to return, and does it all without added staff. While there’s no attendant necessary, players might need someone to hold their hand!

What People Are Saying “Godzilla™ Kaiju Wars VR was the hit of IAAPA 2023. Great IP meets Pete Stearns innovative gameplay and impressive cabinet design that we have come to expect from Raw Thrills. This will be landing across the Dave & Buster brand in early 2024. Godzilla VR is another incredible game from Raw Thrills, who constantly pushes the limits of innovation in our industry.” Pete Stearns, Sr. Director, Midway Operations Dave & Busters

For more information, visit www.rawthrills.com.


HOT & TRENDING in Business Coaching



good center owner, by definition, must be a good salesperson. Strike that: a great salesperson! Given the overabundance of today’s entertainment options, being a proactive, passionate, and nimble advocate for your business is an added responsibility to operators’ lives. Guests are fickle and have high expectations. What attracts and keeps one guest might only do a little for another. Today, more than ever, center operators are expected to be experts at many facets of their business that they may not have time for or experience with. If you choose just one skill to improve on, consider this: sales savvy is critically important to your business, and keep in mind that all staff positions are either selling your business or unselling your business. Accomplishing this might be easier and more fun than you imagine. A gem of a resource in our industry is the well-known TrainerTainment group, led by CEO and published author Beth Standlee. The TrainerTainment Sales Coaching Program is designed for bowling and family entertainment center proprietors and staff.


TrainerTainment clients report immediate event sales boosts of 10%-15%, with even higher percentages for birthday party sales. With many traditional centers transitioning to more diverse entertainment options, investing in sales training is even more critical. Operators can choose from the program’s three tiers based on their goals and objectives. Tier 1: EDUCATE! This do-it-yourself, 12-month schedule utilizes an online curriculum to help teach clients proven methods of sales generation.

Tier 2: ENGAGE! This group coaching program enrolls you in monthly instruction with other sales teams, including monthly accountability calls and customized progress checks with a TrainerTainment coach to help you stay focused and on track. Tier 3: EVOLVE! This top-tier option features personalized, one-on-one coaching, including your choice of weekly or bi-weekly sessions designed to continuously improve your level of learning to meet your most aggressive growth and sales goals. Whether you’re a traditional bowling center or a family entertainment center that wants to boost sales and expand its customer base, this sales program may be just the ticket to higher sales from your team.

What People Are Saying “Beth Standlee and her team have been wonderful to work with. This coaching Sue Gable program is exactly what we needed to give our sales staff the confidence to meet their goals and close more deals. We’re thrilled with the results of working with the Trainertainment team!” Sue Gable, RollHouse Entertainment

Beth believes that while no one is born a salesperson, anyone can expand and perfect their skillset with the right partners. If you’re ready to help your business take the next step in sales, call 817.886.4840 or visit trainertainment.net/sales-coaching-services. IBI Hot & Trending - 2024 9


HOT & TRENDING in Business Consulting



o matter how long you’ve been in this business, every owner could use an extra hand to evolve, expand, and get the most out of their operation. Leaning on business consultants with extensive experience in the industry can be a strategic move for centers looking to overcome challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and stay agile in a dynamic business landscape. Often, putting a consultant to work can be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees for short-term projects. The team at First Frame Bowling has assembled a group of knowledgeable specialists who are passionate about helping operators maximize revenue and cut costs. A fresh set of eyes on your operation can help you boost business, cut costs, and operate more efficiently, with fewer headaches. Based on a center’s needs and objectives, First Frame’s support services occur on-site for one to five days. Their expertise and experience can help proprietors with: • Financial Analysis: First Frame will take a deep dive into your monetary statements to find additional savings and value, guidance on how to make the most out of your budget, and plan for a healthier, safer economic future. • Food and Beverage: Zero in on proper pricing, build a better menu to fit your customer base and center setup, and upgrade your equipment and offerings. • Staff Training: From introductory basics of guest service for new and existing employees to learning how to help your managers better understand profit and loss structures. • Sales and Marketing: First Frame will accurately evaluate your current advertising strategies to develop fresh, on-trend programs designed to bring new customers to your doors. • Social Media and Database Management: An extensive look at different platforms to reach a wider audience and clean up and reorganize your existing customer database. First Frame Bowling also works with the Hansell Group to help buy or sell centers. With over 70 years of experience in the industry,

10 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024

they’re uniquely equipped to assist with real estate proceedings. Their expansive team can help you take the proper steps to maximize the value of a center you’re looking to sell and bring interested buyers to the table. For those looking to purchase a center, the Hansell Group assists buyers with every stage of the process, from tracking down available properties and initiating an offer to securing financing and choosing the right insurance.

What People Are Saying “First Frame Bowling helped us find the best bowling center for our family to Matthew Winfrey own and operate and found ways to increase revenues without spending too much money. I highly recommend Mike Monroe and First Frame Bowling for anyone who is looking for help organizing their operations, is looking to purchase a center, or increase the value of an existing one.” Matthew Winfrey

If you’re ready to get the most out of your center, from staff training to recruitment to buying and selling, contact Travis at First Frame 844.923.2695 or email us at travis@firstframebowling.com.


HOT & TRENDING in Cashless Gaming



ntercard has always been a dependable, innovative leader in the cashless systems market. More than 30 years after introducing the first debit card system to the amusement industry, they’re continuing to adapt to meet the needs of an ever-evolving customer base with their new iQ system. Introduced this year at IAAPA, iQ readers and tellers will set a new standard for unattended amusement center payment technology. This updated platform will allow customers to purchase or recharge gameplay via a QR code on their mobile device or a paper receipt to play games, collect points, and even redeem their prizes — all without relying on a center employee. This improves the guest experience and allows your staff to save valuable time for other, more critical duties. Guests enjoy the flexibility of either using their mobile wallet to play games or using a paper QR code. The new iQ readers use a built-in camera system to read customer QR codes, letting them continually interact with your arcade while removing the need for staff to maintain machines, refill cards, ticket dispensers, and more. With the average consumer becoming increasingly familiar with using QR codes, it’s a great way to bring an essential element of cashless business into your purchasing and operations that meets the expectations of the modern center guest. A vital part of the system’s place in your ecosystem, the iQTeller can be a customer’s first stop and handle all gaming needs. It eliminates the need for play cards, allowing guests to download a unique QR code to their device and store it in their mobile wallet or use a paper QR code from a printout. As an alternative, there is also a wristband iTeller option that can play games, check balances, and reload points like a card or QR code system. This means lower operating costs, less time spent performing busy-work maintenance and upkeep tasks, and a more fully integrated and self-sufficient entertainment experience for everyone involved.

What People Are Saying “Intercard’s versatile and integrated system allows customers greater flexibility when they Darek Heath spend time at Cinergy. It was a huge factor for us, and Intercard really gave us that ability to have that bridge. Cashless makes the experience that the guest has within our facility so much more streamlined. It lets them spend money when and where they want to … as quickly as possible without having another transaction.” Darek Heath, COO, Cinergy Entertainment

For more information on how iQ readers can help your center operation, contact Bill Allen at ballen@intercardinc.com or visit www.intercardinc.com.

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HOT & TRENDING in Customer Service



eople have become accustomed to quickly ordering off their favorite menus with a single click in today’s fast-paced society. We’re all guilty of wanting that certain fried chicken sandwich from 45 minutes away or same-day delivery of that shiny new office desk. Frankly, it’s unbelievable we’ve all come to expect such service! Your guests are no different, but how do you compete? Between staffing struggles and your center being perfectly optimized for those peak hours, you’ll need to be prepared to meet these incredible standards. Guests don’t understand operators’ challenges, and ‘waiting’ has become a thing of the past. Steltronic’s Express Food and Beverage Kiosk is the ideal solution for a seamless ordering experience for your guests on the lanes. Give guests the power to speak directly with the kitchen via a kiosk right from the approach. Food and soft drink orders are efficiently sent and printed in the kitchen, while tickets for icy beers and cocktails get sent and printed directly to the bar. This self-ordering kiosk allows effortless customization of food orders on an industrial-grade, 19-inch touch screen. Bring the dynamic colors of your plates to life and increase revenues with mouthwatering pictures of your menu at every lane! It’s fully customizable to fit the unique needs of your individual center. Let customers add toppings, increase impulse buys by

12 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024

recommending last-minute sides, and remind them of your latest drink specials on every order. Decide for yourself if you’d like the system to include age verification for alcoholic beverages or if you’d prefer your servers to check ID. There is an option to exclude it entirely for those adult-only nights. Signed credit card slips can be obtained at the bar or snack bar, ensuring a smooth transaction process. Furthermore, in states where credit card slips are not required at certain thresholds, this eco-friendly and cost-effective approach reduces unnecessary waste. Save time, money, pain, and the planet! Who knew streamlining your operations could be such a breeze?

What People Are Saying “Steltronic really brought their A Game to my bowling center. Steve Calabro My aging Framworx system needed to be replaced. Steltronic came in at the right price and the tech support is second to none. My staff is happy using the system along with my bowlers. I have already seen the return on my investment. Thank you Steltronic for your service!” Steve Calabro, New Smyrna Lanes, New Smyrna, Florida

Email Steltronic’s sales at info@streltronicscoring.com, or visit their website at steltronicscoring.com.


HOT & TRENDING in Digital Marketing



edicated staff overseeing a business’s marketing effort would be ideal in any industry. Unfortunately, not many businesses have such a team. Between stretched-thin personnel, tighter budgets, and the timeconsuming task of overseeing operations, many owners find themselves needing support. How much peace of mind would you have if you could rely on someone focused on getting your marketing messages out, researching your consumer base, and fine-tuning your advertising approach to meet an everchanging marketplace? Look no further, readers, because that is exactly what you can expect from the professionals at eBowl with their Targeted Bowling Marketing platform. Between social media and website maximization, customer reviews, and an easy-to-operate app, eBowl makes reaching potential customers easy, and affordable. Curated from nearly three decades of results-delivering experience, the Targeted Bowling Marketing platform features a collection of digital tools designed to boost audience engagement, elevate your Google search rankings, and grow your audience. This affordable, proven method allows you to use your marketing dollars smartly by: 1. Tracking your website traffic to enable follow up marketing. Keep your business in their minds by automatically sending reminder ads in the months after visiting your site. 2. Applying advanced Facebook and Instagram marketing tools can boost interaction with people most likely to visit your business. With 7 out of every 10 adults in the U.S. using these social media outlets, it’s an effective way to connect. 3. Sending targeted ads to adults before birthdays prompts them to consider celebrating at your center. 4. Refreshing the content for your Facebook page increases your center’s frequency on timelines. 5. Gathering your online reviews into an app, collecting 4- and 5-star reviews, and sharing them across your social media channels and website.

Bottom line: The Targeted Bowling Marketing platform is a winner in the marketing department for time-strapped, marketingdriven operators. Let a knowledgeable team of experts in digital marketing, with bowling backgrounds, do the heavy lifting so you can focus on running your center while enjoying new and returning faces streaming through Carey Tosello your doors.

What People Are Saying “I have subscribed to eBowl.biz for about a decade now. Both of my centers benefit greatly from the fantastic service. Carey Tosello and his team are knowledgeable regarding social media and its ever-changing platforms. The team is very responsive and flexible to my requests including last minute needs regarding posting. All I do is send them basic information and a budget, and they create and schedule posts across various social media platforms.” John Meyers, St. Croix Lanes, River Falls, WI

Contact Carey Tosello at eBowl.biz today to discuss how Targeted Bowling Marketing can elevate your marketing efforts and generate more traffic thru your doors!

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HOT & TRENDING in Food & Beverage



onsumers are growing increasingly food savvy, relentlessly searching for higher quality dishes with new and exciting flavor combinations each time they dine out. And when delicious displays make it over to guests’ social media rounds, the impact and virality can often inject more life into local eateries. Millions of people are posting their latest food finds each week and showing off their dish’s performance, for example, by inviting friends and family to check out the highly coveted ‘Cheese Pull’ from their latest pizza. At the same time, they’ve become accustomed to getting their food on demand. Whether ordering directly from their phone at the click of a button or stopping inside at peak times, perfect service has become the expectation.


Speed-scratch solutions are gaining popularity among owners of food operations as an answer to meet the increasing demand of their patrons. Speed-scratch cooking is simply a style of cooking that takes care of some of the preparation for you. It serves as an inventory and service solution, combining fresh and ready-to-use ingredients with minimal preparation. Thankfully, the culinary experts at Schwan’s Food Service have gained the trust of food operations nationwide by mastering the art of delicious on-demand food. They’ve created partially topped pizza like VILLA PRIMA® SCRATCH READY® Pizza to form the perfect foundation for success, and it all starts with premium ingredients. VILLA PRIMA® SCRATCH READY® Pizza offers a naturally rising, garlic-buttery crust, a full topping of delicious signature tomato sauce, and a partial topping of 100% real mozzarella cheese. They’ve achieved the perfect ratio of ingredients for a quick, consistent, high-quality canvas that unlocks endless pizza topping customization.


When guests sink their teeth into a piece of VILLA PRIMA® SCRATCH READY® Pizza, they’ll love the same pizzeria-style quality flavor each time they return. Operators, meanwhile, will enjoy a turnkey solution that pleases guests, has a fast turnaround, and is easy for their staff to deliver. Who knew so many problems could be solved with the perfect pizza? 14 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024

Hear from Chef Craig Claude “My goal is to guarantee the same high-quality final product for each of your guests, which can Chef Craig Claude only be accomplished by making our pizza sauce in-house. Our suppliers know we’ve got tight specifications and sky-high standards, and our intimate relationships with them are key to our longterm excellence.” Chef Craig Claude, Culinary Services Manager, Corporate Chef To discover a scratch-ready solution for your center, visit their website, schwansfoodservice.com. There, you’ll be able to learn more about their pizza portfolio and request a sample. Offering tasty food solutions without stressing kitchen staff can be a tall order, but it’s not impossible. Leaning on professionals who provide versatile products, expert knowledge, and solid support can alleviate your headaches.


HOT & TRENDING in Immersive Experiences



uests love an immersive experience, and they’ve done everything possible to build that into their homes. How do you compete with many living rooms today consisting of high-powered gaming consoles, incredibly clear displays, and the latest surround sound system? A unique out-of-home experience can help level the playing field and boost return visits. Imagine a center-wide video wall surrounded by a combination of interconnected technologies that deliver new dimensions of sight and sound, captivating guests during every visit. The Neoverse is the amazing new ecosystem of products by QubicaAMF that can turn your lanes into the ultimate immersive bowling entertainment universe to captivate and attract new and existing guests alike. The Neoverse LED Wall is the first piece of this new, immersive world that helps your center stand out and provides entertaining, unique experiences for your guests. There are many components of the Neoverse, and it’s endlessly upgradable. Envision ambient and side wall lighting that interacts seamlessly with the massive Neoverse LED display, drawing a dynamic experience down the lanes. Fully integrated with the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, the LED wall reacts to events like strikes, spares, and more, with animations generated live on screen, providing a unique experience for guests. The Neoverse’s customizable platform comes with a wide and ever-changing library of unique, exclusive content curated by QubicaAMF specifically to meet the needs of your guests. Additionally, add your own photos, and videos, stream live sports and music, and more! Surprise guests with personalized content for birthday parties and group events, and even take corporate parties to the next level with unique branding and presentation opportunities. With system updates pushed out routinely, your guests will encounter a consistent stream of fresh, dynamic content at every visit. To provide even more depth to guests’ experience, Neoverse fully synchronizes with HyperBowling, taking the unique gameplay to a new, fully interactive level. If you want to immerse guests in thrilling new adventures on the lanes and throughout your center, Neoverse is the answer. An enormous attraction in and of itself, the Neoverse experience will mesmerize guests and give them another reason to return!

What People Are Saying “The Neoverse has taken our guest experience to the next level. The interactivity with the John Losito guest bowling, along with the immersive environment that it creates, has been the overwhelming “WOW!” that our guests are talking about. I love the fact that I can change the entire ambiance of the center at the click of a button.” John Losito, Proprietor, Sun Valley Lanes

For more information, visit www.qubicaamf.com/neoverse. IBI Hot & Trending - 2024 15


HOT & TRENDING in Insurance



he insurance market is going through a period of volatility and transition, with rates increasing across every facet of the industry. It’s just as true for bowling centers and FECs, which face unique challenges and needs. Owners must be confident that they have the right coverage to protect their businesses, and Western Bowling Proprietors Insurance (WBPI) is constantly adapting to do just that.

• The ripple effect caused by reinsurance costs, aka “insurance for insurance companies.” • The correlation between premium and assumed risk in an unstable market.

Without the proper coverage, a single lawsuit or unexpected storm damage can bankrupt a center. WBPI’s mission has always been to be a center’s best defense— keeping them out of trouble so they can focus on making memories for their customers. No one expects proprietors to understand the intricate details or inner workings of their insurance policies, but this is exactly where insurance problems create disasters. . Partnering with someone who is intimately familiar with the bowling industry and can educate you on how to avoid insurance pitfalls can help alleviate big headaches when unwanted problems pop up at your center. WBPI helps proprietors understand the realities and nuances of the market today. By dedicating itself exclusively to bowling centers, WBPI can offer an unmatched level of experience and specialization around what can go wrong inside your center. The WBPI team knows what’s needed and what isn’t and how to match you and your business with coverage that fits your unique needs. They’ve often been able to correct insurance mistakes made by others and save their clients’ money in the process.


Please don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure you’ve got the right coverage for your unique facility. Understanding current hot topics will help you make a safe, informed decision before something unexpected knocks on your door and causes you headaches and costs you hard-earned dollars. WBPI can help proprietors understand the realities and nuances of the market today, including: • How have losses in the property and casualty insurance industry affected insurance premiums? • How a “hard” market can result in new, unacceptable exclusions, such as assault and battery exclusions many carriers are adding. These exclusions can damage your business. 16 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024

Cameron Linder, WBPI

What People Are Saying “WBPI has been covering our center’s insurance for seven years. Cameron Patti Paul Linder, who is the CEO, is the most responsible insurance agent we have ever had. Cameron and the WBPI team provide much more than just insurance; Cameron spent countless hours with the Illinois bowling proprietors navigating through all of COVID; an invaluable resource for us. Thanks WBPI.” Patti Paul, Channahon Lanes, IL

To learn more about how WBPI can help you, visit www.wbpiprogram.com and be sure to check out the training section of their website.


HOT & TRENDING in Operations



taffing challenges remain a top pain point among operators who balance a lack of people with high expectations of guests. It’s challenging to be fully staffed during slow times and impossible to maintain a flawless experience during peak times! Both operators and guests can agree that customer service is a never-ending battle. When it’s not perfect, guests head online to leave reviews and voice their disappointment, while operators deal with pushback and headaches from already hardworking staff. BowlMarc Robotics is the ultimate innovative solution for operators. The professionals behind the team have created solutions for the bowling industry for over 40 years. Now, they bring your center an entire team of robotic staff ready to support their human colleagues! These finely tuned additions to your workforce have been designed solely to serve the family entertainment industry.


BowlMarc’s robots weren’t meant to take the role of any staff member, but instead, they assist in boosting your team’s productivity. While they’ve got a team of robots with unique specialties, BellaBot and CC1 have been the most popular additions to operators’ labor forces. BellaBot sports an enthusiastic feline face with a powerful work ethic to support your servers. BellaBot will guide guests to the appropriate table, deliver dishes, and drop off bowling shoes. BellaBot sings “Happy Birthday” for those celebrating and is always excited to interact with guests who decide to pet it. 3D obstacle avoidance means that BellaBot will avoid messy run-ins with guests. Like most cats, it will let them know if someone starts playing too rough with BellaBot! CC1 is on a different duty: cleaning duty! No staff member looks forward to sweeping or mopping, but CC1 was built for the job. CC1 features interchangeable attachments for a customizable cleaning experience. It features smart refill/ charging technology, allowing you to set cleaning schedules for the robot so your team can focus on providing the best customer service. The BowlMarc Robotics robots are excellent multitaskers; they are friends of guests and assistants to staff. Never miss and always score with BowlMarc Robotics, the rolling robot team that is fast, efficient, and easy to train.

What People Are Saying “We’ve had BellaBot with us for over a year. She’s hardworking and efficient and never talks John Laspina back to us! We have a lot of fun with her. We used her for a birthday party when we first got her. We tied balloons to her and filled her shelves with the gifts. She brought everything into the party room just as the kids all sang “Happy Birthday!” Everyone has really embraced that we brought in this technology. If you’re looking for an investment that’s entertaining and useful, BowlMarc is the way to go!” John Laspina, President, Maple Family Bowling Centers

For more information, call 239.302.2152, email sales@bowlmarc.com, or visit www.bowlmarc.com IBI Hot & Trending - 2024 17


HOT & TRENDING in Redemption



he perfect staffer to handle your entertainment center’s prize fulfillment and inventory management is a data whiz, a true advocate for your business, always on top of the flow of operations, and can work anywhere. Sound too good to be true? Meet AMRS, the Integrated Redemption Technology offered by BMI Merchandise that’s designed to streamline operations and make your life easier.


AMRS is an end-to-end solution that connects your company with a dedicated account manager to serve as your redemption service concierge. They’ll help you oversee every detail of your gaming ecosystem, from reordering and barcodes to point values and deliveries. The BMI team works tirelessly to make the process accurate, smooth, and sustainable. AMRS takes the guesswork out of merchandising and allows you to better utilize your staff for other important aspects of your business. It starts with site layout and item selection, creating a customized planogram based on historical sales data, seasonality, and trends, and maximizing what you can offer in your space. A 3D visualization shows precisely how your prizes and layout will look in your location, giving you peace of mind before setup begins.


An understocked redemption store, or one featuring outdated merchandise, can be a huge turnoff to guests who expect to shop with ample selection. Once the expert team at BMI comes to your center and sets up according to your planogram (done in as little as two days), your concierge helps you harness the power of AMRS. The system seamlessly restocks your needed inventory, with account managers analyzing your weekly POS scans to ensure you’ll get your product refills, allowing guests to keep the fun going. BMI’s AMRS approach is designed to help you save money, make better use of your time, and reduce the stress caused by overworked staff and the hectic realities of overseeing your inventory independently. Not only will your guests get to keep playing for their favorite prizes each week, but they’ll also consistently have access to the latest trending merchandise to keep them coming back. 18 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024

What People Are Saying “BMI has worked with us closely for several years, and recently, they’ve been helping us out even Missy Robertson more. They’ve completely built our redemption centers from the ground up and just finished at our latest locations in OKC and Springfield. Their customer service is simply over the top. Mitch, his parents, and their entire team have been incredibly accommodating. When we need them, they’re onsite and really listen to what we’re trying to create. The redemption centers look simply fantastic” Missy Robertson, Andy B’s Bowl Social

If you want to bring better efficiency and results to your redemption business, email hello@bmimerchandise.com today.


HOT & TRENDING in Redemption



hat were the hottest toy trends when you were a kid? You might remember that by the time your mom bought you the latest toy for Christmas, you’d show up to school and find out you were behind the times. Fast forward to 2024 and keeping up is even more difficult! One trend that has never wavered is child-friendly shooter toys. Think of the popularity of Super Soakers, Nerf Foam Darts, Airsoft, and visits to the paintball course. Childfriendly shooter toys have evolved again with the invention of gel blasters, which have been tagged in millions of TikTok videos just this year. Gel blasters are the crossroads at which kids and parents can finally agree - a balance between thrill, safety, and simplicity.


Redemption Plus is blasting off by adding gel blasters to the walls of redemption centers nationwide. Trends like this create a huge opportunity for operators who want to offer popular merchandise that will drive repeat traffic and increased arcade spending. Redemption Plus has teamed up with Nerf-Gel Fire and Gel Blasters to offer a wide assortment of blasters and accessories that excite everyone. These plastic gel blasters combine the experience of super soakers, paintball, and airsoft. They rapid-fire small water-based gel pellets called gelletes that explode on impact, leaving only a few drops of water. This means they’re non-toxic, non-staining, and biodegradable.


Parents love that these new action toys are safer than previous alternatives and require zero cleanup! They can also adjust blasters to softer velocities or slower firing modes to keep the battle under control. Gellete rounds come dehydrated in small packs of 10,000, meaning they take up minimal space until expanded by soaking in water. Kids love that they can fire ten gelletes per second over 100 feet away and can choose different colored gelletes for more invigorating team play. Partnering with Redemption Plus means that in cases like this, your center is guaranteed to receive the most sought-after prizes at the peak of their trend - and this one is blasting off now!

What People Are Saying “I cannot begin to express how AMAZING the Redemption Plus team has been to work with. Our full staff training sessions began this week with 50 newbies getting trained. Not only did the Redemption Plus Merchandisers happily lead the staff, but they also identified to me the superstars and took time to work with them and clearly explain their processes one-on-one. Very few vendors would do this, and I appreciate it so, so much.” Jenna Comerford, Manager at Nitrozone, Dowagiac, Michigan

Check out Redemption Plus’s Nerf and Gel Blaster product lines in their licensed category on RedemptionPlus.com, or call your account manager for the latest prize trend information. IBI Hot & Trending - 2024 19


HOT & TRENDING in Renovation



he FEC industry focuses on attracting and retaining a modern, tech-savvy audience. Gamification, mobile apps, interactive displays, kiosks, and swipe cards are the new networks on which we build relationships with guests. In a world where technology has dramatically altered how guests experience entertainment, incorporating cutting-edge technology into your center isn’t optional; it’s essential! The bowling and FEC industries are embracing a significant transformation, and the key to that potential lies in your center’s evolution. Bowling and family entertainment centers have long been cherished destinations for family and friends by offering attractions from bowling, classic laser tag, immersive VR, and the thrilling rush of go-karts. However, to remain relevant and exciting in the eyes of today’s next-generation customers, renovation is a necessity. And when it’s time to renovate, it’s time to innovate! But where do you begin? The experts at Trifecta Management Group (TMG) understand technology is at the heart of renovation. However, the unique needs of individual centers are never identical; there is no one-size-fits-all. TMG takes a personalized approach to meeting clients’ goals by offering a comprehensive menu of tailored services which has successfully paved the way in upgrading many centers nationwide. Whether your center requires an in-depth overhaul of operations, regular financial insights, menu creation, employee training, group sales, marketing, or a combination, they’ve got experts in each field ready to strike! TMG offers seamless, unforgettable experiences for visitors: • Using VR to transport guests to immersive, new worlds • Gamified mobile apps offer rewards and booking to enhance visitor engagement and loyalty • RFID wristbands and swipe cards offer cashless payments and personalized guest experiences that leave a lasting impression.

20 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024

• Interactive kiosks give guests control of their orders for a hassle-free experience • TMG’s training programs ensure your employees stay ahead and provide top-notch service. The journey of renovating your FEC begins today!

What People Are Saying “Trifecta has conducted multiple market studies for us, both with respect to a recent major remodel of Gary Skidmore our existing center and for potential new projects. The studies have always been insightful and thorough and proved to be accurate and enormously helpful guides to our development.” Gary Skidmore, Skidmore’s Holiday Bowl, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Trifecta Management Group played a pivotal role in the success of our recent remodels and openings at MB2 Entertainment. Their expert guidance in site selection and concept creation was invaluable. Post-remodel, their comprehensive support across operations, culinary, team development, marketing, and group sales ensured a seamless and triumphant reopening.” Steve Takeuchi, Construction & Compliance at Entertainment In a world where the pace of change is everincreasing, the need for renovation has never been more crucial. You can elevate your center into a modern, appealing, and competitive destination that captivates audiences, ensures sustainability, and drives success. Visit www.trifecta-mg.com.


HOT & TRENDING in String Pinsetters



ore than anything else, bowling center owners want their bowlers to leave the lanes with a positive experience. From long-term league members to families looking for a little fun on Friday nights, if bowlers aren’t getting the good time they paid for, they won’t be returning. You know what it’s like, when you’re on a roll, you want to keep it going. Machine breakdowns, ball return issues, and the wait surrounding it all can create a negative response from even your most congenial bowlers. Today’s guests expect memorable experiences whether they’re on the lanes or waiting for an ice-cold beverage. And you can be sure that whatever experience they have, they’re posting it on social media, and writing a guest review you may or may not like. Take one worry out of the mix by offering your bowlers a consistently good experience. With string pinsetting machines by Brunswick, your bowlers will experience less downtime and faster service when something goes amiss. Brunswick Boost ST pinsetters have been designed with the bowler experience in mind. Longer string lengths and denser kickbacks helps these pinsetters deliver realistic, authentic pin action. The ondemand pin setting also allows for unique game and training types for added adjustability. The application of advanced technology, elevated performance, and operator efficiency is what drives the Brunswick Boost ST system. Certified by the USBC, it’s the only cloud-enabled string pinsetter that’s built to last and adapt to changing business needs.


Operators enjoy the unique 360 Controller software platform, which allows for a steady stream of updates in functions and features without replacing hardware. The adaptive detangling features automatically resolve 99.9% of frames bowled without staff assistance, freeing up employees and keeping customers happy. Boost ST also smoothly connects to and is fully compatible with any major scoring system. It brings a complete plug-and-play upgrade, along with the Brunswick Cloud, Sync scoring and center management system, and Brunswick’s complete range of dependable products.


All of this combines for a reliable, cost-saving solution for any center owner.

The commercial-grade equipment is manufactured to last and minimize risk on investment. The system doesn’t require a dedicated mechanic and can be overseen by any staff member, anywhere. It lets you free up your workforce and save on your energy costs, aiding you and your bottom line.

What People Are Saying “We jumped at the chance to switch our 20-lane FEC to Brunwick’s Boost string Rob Szabo and couldn’t be happier with the performance. Boost string checked all the boxes: no spending labor dollars on babysitting machines, easy to maintain, great guest experience, full safety guarding, and Sync integration. We are about 13,000 frames per stop; no other machine offered an FPS anywhere close.” Rob Szabo, Palasad South, London, Ontario, Canada

Find out how Boost ST can elevate your guest experience while simultaneously cutting labor and operating costs. Visit www.brunswickbowling.com/boost-st-string-pinsetter. IBI Hot & Trending - 2024 21


HOT & TRENDING in String Pinspotters



perating a bowling or family entertainment center in 2024 dramatically differs from just a few short years ago. In a world where budgets and staff are both stretched thin, dependability and efficiency become paramount. Staffing challenges have become the norm, forcing staff to multitask and leaving owners looking for tools to help their teams succeed in this new, fast-paced setting. A tool businesses are turning to in record numbers comes from the world’s largest bowling products company, QubicaAMF.

replacement parts and maintenance labor as compared to traditional free-fall bowling machines. If economical, efficient, and reliable solutions are what you’re looking for while ensuring your guests enjoy a positive bowling experience, adding EDGE String to your toolbox may be something to shoot for in ’24. As the #1 selling string machine, centers worldwide have already raised their hands and said ‘yes, please’ to the peace of mind and reliable operation that EDGE String pinspotters provide.


It’s the revolutionary EDGE String pinsetter that assists in smoother running operations. Designed to be easily understood and operated, staff are typically comfortable with basic operation and maintenance within a few hours, making training staff in this high-turnover industry a breeze. Daily operations and training of new staff become even easier with the included operational support tool called Tech Wizard. Tech Wizard lets employees monitor the pinspotters from their phones. If any sort of issue occurs, the tool notifies staff and provides clear, step-by-step guidance to resolve it. Additionally, Tech Wizard provides notification and guidance when maintenance is needed, and its library of instructions and how-to videos make it much easier and faster to train new staff members.


The benefits of EDGE String are just as impactful for bowlers. EDGE String’s reliability and stellar performance mean pinspotters don’t break down and lanes stay open. Plus, most bowlers have difficulty telling the difference from traditional pinspotters. And, for traditional sport and competitive play applications, QubicaAMF offers a USBCapproved version of EDGE String. Bowlers who play on EDGE String report that they’re impressed with the pin action and overall experience, creating a seamless transition from traditional pinspotter setups.


EDGE String pinspotters use very little electrical power – less than a typical household coffee maker – thanks to efficient DC-drive technology that reduces energy costs. Additionally, the machines require very little 22 IBI Hot & Trending - 2024

What People Are Saying “The feedback from our bowlers on the USBC Approved EDGE String machines has been Rick Novak tremendous. Switching to EDGE String machines is the best decision I have made as a proprietor… it’s a performance machine, and we love it!” Rick Novak, Owner, Royal Family Bowling Center

Visit qubicaamf.com/edgestring for more info, or scan the QR code on this page for a more in-depth look from one of their satisfied customers.


HOT & TRENDING in Youth Bowling



ith record inflation affecting all consumer spending sectors, today’s parents have become meticulous in how they spend money. Operators know that tough times don’t mean you surrender; they mean you adapt! In this case, it could be time for a new take on your marketing approach.

summer weekdays, others keep their foot on the throttle, running it seven days a week, season after season! Today, 34 million kids have participated in Kids Bowl Free, and they’ve brought with them over 10 million families.

Fun isn’t just a desire for kids; it’s a necessity. Operators strive for more substantial business, parents strive for affordable entertainment, and children strive for the next exciting experience. How do you connect the dots? Parents make most of their spending decisions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. When you’re busy running operations, it can be nearly impossible to be an expert at maximizing revenue on each of these everchanging platforms.


That’s where Kids Bowl Free’s ‘2.0 Marketing Campaign’ comes into play. This upgraded marketing campaign has increased awareness for bowling centers nationwide by creating networks of influencers throughout all social media platforms. 2.0 utilizes complex algorithms to pave direct digital pathways from centers to families. The marketing experts at BBBI are continuously enhancing their already successful marketing strategies, resulting in an additional $1 million in revenue for KBF centers just from shoe rentals alone. That’s not accounting for all the associated food, beverage, and gaming profits being realized visit after visit. In addition to a formidable social media campaign, KBF has reformulated its existing approach to relationships within education. With a list of over 150,000 teachers in school districts nationwide, they’ve sent over three million Kids Bowl Free cards to teachers who specifically requested more. Labor, printing, and postage are all covered. KBF’s goal isn’t to overwhelm you during peak times. It’s to create a more robust and more predictable revenue stream throughout the year. Operators can customize their program to increase foot traffic during the low times. While some are looking to boost business for a few hours on early

What People Are Saying “We participated in The Kids Bowl Free (KBF) Program starting in 2010, and since KBF Gary Handler implemented its new social media marketing campaign, our registration numbers and Family Pass sales have been incredibly strong. As a result, we signed up more kids than ever - up to 10,509 in 2023. These new record-high registration numbers also resulted in a record number of Family Pass sales, jumping a couple hundred to 752 in 2023. We don’t do much promotion for KBF other than hanging a banner and simply posting a notice on Facebook and our website.” Gary Handler, Proprietor, Waveland Bowl, Chicago, IL Call Andy Vasko at 877.841.4590 for more information. IBI Hot & Trending - 2024 23




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