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NEW ULTRA ANGLE Hits with extra energy to increase your chances for a strike. New core concept There's never been a balllike this belore. It combines AMF's winningest urethane lormula with a whole new core concept that increases your strike potential.

RoUs easler and faster Because ol this new core, the Ultra Angle actually has less resistance to rolling and drives into the pins with greater speed than a conventional ball delivered with the same force. This results in increased pin action that tums more light hits and heavy hits into strikes-effectively widening your strike zone.

core aodwolght bloc~.TheuniformtrackIs typicalol 1M tradl1ional bowlingball.


Ultro Mgle's $Iriko gcncratlng asymmetrlccafe. UnlquelIared IrackIsprOOfthatthlsball is Ilkonoother.

The Ultra An~le is new and revolutionary. It's for you if you re serious about your game and your scores. AMF's Ultra Angle-a new standard ol bowling ball excellence-at pro shopsonly .


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Program World Cup Danmark - 1986  

Program World Cup Danmark - 1986  

Profile for bowleren