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Welcome to Wonderfull Bowling World Cup

Message On behalf of Dansih Bowling I wish all participates in World Cup Final 1986, welcome to Denmark. This year we have a special and warm, danish welcome to the femaie participates, who, for the firts time, have to meet a World Cup World Final in Denmark. The final for men had earlier been played on Danish ground - namely in 1970. lt is always a challenge to have the responsibility for an arrangement so big as the annual World Cup Final - and when a nation twice get the honour to be host country well, that engaged. But I feel sure, that Denmark will fulfil that obligation, because a big number of people have made an extraordinarv effort (work) to ensure, that World Cup World Final 1986 will be played on a top-professional level. Living up to the standards, we have seen in the earlier finals. It is our goal whish, that every player and the leaders after this worldfinal, will have a positiv mind of Denmark and not least, have the memory, that the 22. BOWLING WORLD CUP was a arrangement, consistent in a good spirit - sporting - social and organizing. Good Luck DANISH BOWLING FEDERATION Jan Donde President

Message Dear Bowlers: Bowling and Copenhagen! What a great combination for a successful 22nd Annual Bowling World Cup. The officers of the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs congratulate you for displaying excellence on the lanes. Qualifying for this great event is an achievement for which you should be very proud. During the week-Iong competition, keep in mind that you not only are bowling for international glory, but you are wearing your country's colors and displaying sportsmanship which represents your horneland. Meet new friends, renew old acquaintances and enjoy the camaraderie that always has been accentuated in the Bowling World Cup. Good luck to all participants! Very truly yours, ROGER H. TESSMANN President Federation Internationale des Quilleurs


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Program World Cup Danmark - 1986  

Program World Cup Danmark - 1986  

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