World Education Congress Grapevine - TEXAS Nov 2020

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World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


Dear readers, This month, we travel to the beautiful city of Grapevine in Texas, that has been a one-stop spot for more than 600 in person Global Meeting Professionals, boasted nearly 1,740 registrants across both in-person and digital platforms. Thousands of qualified attendees and experts belonging to the MICE business shared & cared during The World Education Congress (WEC). It´s a first of its kind hybrid event, with a 100% live digital experience WEC Grapevine 'Reunite for Recovery‘ celebrated an incredibly, successful, Congress at The Gaylord Texan, host hotel which also received the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) star of accreditation which is the gold standard of prepared facilities. Travelers from all over the world took the challenge, shared responsibility and worked together at The Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center; an impressive venue by Marriott that features over 490,000 square feet of event space. A signature annual event organized by MPI, Meeting Professionals International which is the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide. MPI has a global community of 60,000 meeting and event professionals including 15,000 engaged members it has approximately 70 chapters in 75 countries. MPI delivers invaluable knowledge, the networking and exclusive resources as well as business opportunities to our industry, at MPI Conferences and Events the connections made are lifelong. Our business community is strong, the Meeting and Events Industry worth over a trillion dollar. CONGRATULATIONS MPI FOR BEING RISK TAKERS & GROUND BREAKING EVENTS LIKE WEC GRAPEVINE 2020. Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions always endeavour to bring bespoke content to provide stories about brands, destinations across the globe & we hope this issue inspires you to travel to MPI´s upcoming Events such as WEC Vegas, EMEC Frankfurt – The European Meeting and Events Conference and all around the world to soak up all that it has to offer. Enjoy the reading, a selected business trip through this special supplement about WEC GRAPEVINE 2020 Special Edition.


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020

OPENING SPEECH MPI President & CEO, Mr. Paul Van Deventer exclusive speech at their annual signature event, World Education Congress (WEC). Travel ' The Road to Recovery' at the award-winning congress WEC Grapevine held in Texas.

Meeting Professionals International The speech focused on MPI´s vision and its stances towards the latest regional and international developments, especially in the domains of preserving global meeting business opportunities while ensuring optimal health and sanitary conditions. An ultimate experience for MICE professionals to 'REUNITE FOR RECOVERY‘ to reconnect and rekindle the flames of our vibrant profession, returning it to the center of economic growth. Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions aims to provide this tailored content to help international audiences better understand the superlative value that MPI brings to its community.

“I want to thank each and every one of you for working together, to bring this to a success, as we develop a blueprint for the new model, of how to safely host live business events with that duty of care. The focus on wellness of the attendee, at the forefront of everything that we do.” “I want to give special thanks for celebrating an incredibly, successful, congress.” “Thank you to those who join us here in person in Grapevine, for taking that challenge, sharing the responsibility, the accountability, to demonstrate how we do this well; and how we ensure each of our colleagues are respecting the wellness of others.” “For those of you digitally thank you for participating and engaging.” “Ms. Dena Blizzard you got it right, Wednesday morning November 4th, you predicted that we were going to have an incredibly, successful, congress and here we are; it´s an awesome convention. Ms. Dena has now been our emcee for five WECs and she has truly become part of the MPI Family. Thank you Dena.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020

Exclusive Speech by President & CEO It's also focused on advocating for this incredible industry that we are all blessed to work in.” “All while sharing our focus on that financial responsibility to ensure MPI is here for future generations.”

Mr. Paul Van Deventer

“There are two partners in particular, I really do want to mention: First Marriott International and The Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center have done an unbelievable, an incredible job.” “Your staff has been so focused on what we've done here thank you so much. Thanks to the staff, you've been great.”

“I am very proud, of how MPI, was able to act safely and successfully to give the value of support back to our community to all of you and our industry throughout this crisis.” “We have also been blessed to have at our home for two terms now our Chair Mr. Steve O'Malley, or equally as fortunate to have coming in an individual Mr. Stephen Revetria who is just passionate and committed, about live business events.”

“I know we can and we will be making a difference. Because when we meet, we change the world.” As well as the beautiful, historical city of Grapevine Texas, you have made us feel so welcome, you´ve done a great job Thank you.” “We're clear on where “As I look forward, I'm confident that we have a we're we to clear plan, heading we have a planand to continue, provide It's focused, on the professional are value. clear on what we development of everyone in our industry.” “It's are going focused, on doing increasing the collaborations & partnershipsforward.” that we have with other industry organizations and associations. It´s focused on investing in our backbone; our chapter infrastructure and our chapter leaders.”

“Any event like this, cannot be done without exceptional partners, and an exceptional year, we´ve done an exceptional WEC.” 3

World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020 SPEECH BY CEO - PAUL VAN DEVENTER

President Giants Enterprises. Chair-Elect, International Board of Directors at MPI

“Stephen has been an engaged active member of MPI throughout the San Francisco chapter for 27 years. Steve served nine years on a global board of trustees, for the foundation including as Chairman in 2015 and 2016. Steve is now been on the international Board of Directors for four years. We're going to be in great hands with Steven as our leader. Thank you Steven.”

“We're clear on where we're heading and we are clear on what we are doing going forward.”

“When Steve becomes Chair on January 1st he will be the first leader in the history of MPI to serve as chairman for the both: The Global Board of Trustees & The International Board of Directors.” “Yesterday our keynote Mr. Ben Nemtin towards the end of his speech he said: that people in life regret their inactions more than their actions.” “I want to thank each and every one of you for your courageous actions, for joining us here, being part of WEC, engaging with all of us, whether in person or digitally you are showing the way forward. Because when we meet, we change the world. Thank you all for being here.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020 DEFINITE STATEMENT - Chair-Elect, IBOD, MPI

Mr. Stephen Revetria, President of Giants Enterprises & Chair-Elect, of MPI´s International Board of Directors emphasized: “Operational and strategic plan that focuses on ensuring long-term, sustainability while continuing to proactively deliver value back to our community, both members and associations in this incredible time of need.” In addition, I would like to highlight what MPI has accomplished: “Creating resources

both educational and actionable, these resources are great value for our members. Much of what we are planning for our community is based on the need to personalize that individual journey. To develop resources educational programs and community events that get us ahead of the needs and to actively source need into the future. Please note that WEC Las Vegas will continue this path through our theme to meet your future.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020













Overall engagements

Social shares



WEC Mid-Day WEC DIGITAL interactions Broadcast unique CONNECTION attendees 340


Unique WEC DIGITAL participants Accepted CONNECTION appointments attended virtual appointments



475 + registered




Rendezvous Total raised from Total raised from attendees Rendezvous the Silent Auction

PERFORMANC E 93% Satisfied

SESSIONS General + Concurrent 28



Total registrants

From seventeen countries

5,086 e-mail connections between attendees 84

Planner 41 Suppliers

250 orders representing $6,250 in donations

7,575 Accepted matches 21 Planner 31 Suppliers Speed Networking Hillberg & Berk Hillberg & Berk

PRIMARY REASONS WHY PEOPLE JOIN MPI People become members of MPI for several good reasons: ¶ They want to grow professionally. ¶ They want to experiment. ¶ They want to network, get to know their peers and find investors partners. MPI ACADEMY PERSPECTIVE From the MPI academy perspective that´s our educational arm, We actually spent the last 3 to 4 years developing over 500 hours of ondemand education, which is available to MPI members for free. We´ve put this in to packages so they are easy to find.


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020

MPI BENEFITS & ADDED VALUE For example: another 20 sessions on engagement digitally, we´ve got all this different education that is available free for our members and that´s a side of the great education that happens on the chapter level. Which is an entirely different story, there´s so many resources available. When it comes to MPI membership the educational initiatives that we´ve been working on have been incredibly important, besides that we have the network and that absolutely happens in addition to that we have the MPI communities such us our online community where you can connect with each other digitally. Really taking a look at what kinds of opportunities there are when it comes to culture membership. During a LIVE interview on MPI TV, Mr. Drew Holmgreen pointed up the benefits of the world's largest meetings and events industry association; Meeting Professionals International (MPI) provides to over 15,000 engaged members. Additionally MPI's Vice President of Brand Engagement underlined special privileges and promotions for new memberships. MPI delivers the most innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and business exchanges, acting as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry.

“We´ve got a great promotion where you can save $100 on membership. If you are a member of MPI and if you are renewing, you can get a discount, $75 off; we allocate promotions for both members and non-members.”

Mr. Drew Holmgreen, VP Of Brand Engagement is the one who oversees MPI´s strategy when it comes to memberships.

“There are values of being an MPI member when it comes to education and the network that you gain from being a member and there are some interesting promotions going on as well.” “We're actually seeing new memberships because there are people that are so encouraged and see the value in becoming a new member.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020

MPI BENEFITS & ADDED VALUE “Our industry is starting to find its way to come back and it has been shown from the supplier category as well.” That sense of community just to talk about the education and now more than ever specially from the planner´s side; You need the education to help drive you through the mayhem from COVID & post COVID.”

“WEC is doing a great job here in Grapevine really focusing education, on life after COVID” “There was one point where in our planner community we actually saw more members in the month of July 2020 than 2019, it really showed how powerful that membership is.” “Even if it has been a difficult time for everybody in this industry, we´ve been hit extraordinarily hard much harder than any other on the planet.” “Initially when the pandemic started, we saw a significant drop in new members specifically among the supplier community what it was interesting.” “The planners they may have been suffering financially, but they were putting a priority on their membership because they knew that the gains that they will get from it would advance them; into our current situation they can continue the gains from networking & they can continue the gains from the education.”

“We saw some nice actual growth.”

“One of the biggest indicators that we have perceived just from the overall recovery perspective is the gains that we´ve seen in suppliers lately.”

“Speaking from the supplier side they were really hit terribly hard. We added 253 new supplier members in April 2019 while in April 2020 we added 26. Frankly a significant drop.” “We have actually see our new member numbers take up, month by month increasing by month since July and half of those are suppliers which was typical pre-pandemic so I think it has been itself an indicator bar.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


“MPI ACADEMY makes sure that our education is current and it is always kind of ahead of trends in a lot of ways.” Looking ahead for MPI current members, Mr. Drew Holmgreen answered to few questions: ¶ What other exciting opportunities can we look forward to?

“I think probably one of the greatest benefits that´s really going to see significant growth in the coming year is the member journey in general.”

“We are investing in technologies that will help us truly customize the member´s journey.”

“Our good friend Jessie States, Director of the MPI Academy honestly she & her team at Meeting Professionals International Academy are doing an exceptional job.“ “Our members have an immediate access to that education. Our non-members have access to this as well but there is a cost to it.”

“From the education perspective which is one of the primary pillars of being a member of MPI , that´s where there´s a lot of innovation taking place. You are staying ahead of that curve” “Our signature events like this one, are also setting that curve. Our members have much more access to this, immediate access to it where others don’t.”

“In fact, we are going to be able to enrich that member journey by learning more about them on the back in. “As you make your kind of quest through the MPI website, we discover more about what your likes and interests are.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020

MPI BENEFITS & ADDED VALUE “MPI creates a complete custom experience for each member.” “Plus we started to curing content in a different type of information that is better based on your individual needs both: in terms of how you engage with the MPI website, how you engage the MPI education and how we engage with you on the back in.” Mr. Drew Holmgreen, VP of Brand Engagement at Meeting Professionals International advised as the “MPI marketing Guru” who speaks to many chapter leaders also replied to the following question: ¶ How can they (chapters) position messaging right now to their own local communities to attract new members into the chapter? ¶ What can be communication?



“The best thing about our local chapters is that local experience.” “According to my previous experience since I have worked on franchise business in the past, and what you will see about franchise business is that you take that global experience and you localize it. That is exactly what the chapters offer for MPI.”

“We provide global experience like WEC as MPI Academy Education and then our chapters, they take that same type of experience and they localize it by putting the local flavor of that region or that area; and they make it much more current and valuable by adding quality to that local level.”

“The chapters are truly the face of Meeting Professionals International, those two primary pillars of the MPI Experience are : Education & Networking actually, both really come together within chapters.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020 MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL


“From the moment that you check-in , you can use your Bonvoy App by Marriott to check-in, in advance you can use it as a mobile key and to chat with the staff while you are at the hotel.”


“By the head of our Global operations for Marriott and in that need there are highly qualified people like from infection disease, experts, food hygiene who are strategic partners and a lot of other people at Marriott, therefore the idea is; that group will guide us in the ever changing nature of what´s going on with this pandemic.” “So it´s then very successful, and we have all of our cleanness standards that have been publicize.” “But from there, it was a group of us then that were responsible for talking about: What we were going to do with meetings and events?. “One of the things that you're seeing here, is that we have been working with our properties and with our customers on what do we need to do to reinvent meetings and events today.”

“We also with your meeting planner, we are having the Meeting Service App.” “ All of this gives you those contactless digital, assets, and we're going to continue to grow that in the meetings and events space.”

“We have worked really, really hard on the Food & Beverage components of meetings. People thought the buffets were gone and you´ll never see another buffet again.” “At Marriott International Hotels and Resorts we are serving buffets, but behind the glass because that has actually been proven to be more safe & more hygienic than simply having F&B sitting out where people can grab it.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020

MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL “Marriott International is putting the best in our business, in to these events and having us in every single event trying to figure out a better way to advantage the food and beverage everything from: service of coffee, getting to the buffets, to the plated dinners plated and all of that.” “We are going to keep evolving that. We also are working on: What does it mean to social distance in the meetings and events face? it's quite easy actually, in a general session room or in a break out like this. You set the meeting room the people are sitting 6 feet apart and we are asking everyone to wear masks.” “The idea is in a meeting room, everybody goes in, sits down, they supposed to be wearing their mask and there is social distancing.” Marriott International is working with meeting planners on: How do you control the flow of a meeting? especially, when it gets to be a size like this. For example, do you control the elevators & say, if you have a green name tag you can come down between these times?” “Or also you say, like I thought they did a beautiful job today the general session, everybody with a yellow dot at your table you can depart the meeting now, the rest of your stay and that, controls the flow of the meeting there was never a line, going down that escalator to the lunch.”

“Our hotels have their extremely detailed protocol for how they must do all these things: social distancing, food and beverage and all of that.” “It really takes all of us working together.” “I know our sales & event management teams have really turned themselves in to consultants, this is their job; to talk to every customer individually and figure out how we can make every one of those meetings the best they can be.” “ Because every meeting is so different but they are still a lot of meetings in our hotels right now. I think that people are not aware of that.”

“ “We are trying all kind of things to help with, so that nobody ever feels like they are being put in a position, where they are having to stand in a line or anything like that.” “I´ll say the biggest learning we´ve had in meetings and events face is that it takes, the entire supply chain or the ecosystem, to make it work.”

“But if the meeting planner doesn’t have the protocol in place, just say here is what we we're going to do, we are going to pre communicate to everybody that´s attending, here is your role & the attendees don’t play their part in doing the right thing, then we are not going to bring meetings and events back as quickly as we all want to.”


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020 Marriott is trying just to make it really easy and be a good industry partner.” “On that website, we are uploading our hotels, videos, pictures also testimonials of real events that have taken place; obviously the meeting planners have allowed us to do that and it is really often to get a testimonial. That will be partnering with some other industry events.” We‘re going to continue to upload this website up and of course we are taking videos here at the 2020 World Education Congress.”(WEC GRAPEVINE)

“The teams at our hotels have very strict SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) brand´s standards: How do they clean, the frequency for which they clean, you will see it at Marriot hotels.” “We call it almost the Theatre of cleaning now.” “Where we used to try to hide our cleaning, now you would see our teams out there scrubbing the elevators, or cleaning the floors before they would do it at night, now we're doing it during the day because it´s still confidence. Consequently you will see that been more front and center.”

“That would be a truly good testimonial, as well as to show people what it looks like to put up a big meeting together from the begging to the end and the same thing for here at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.” “I think that people are surprised, because even if in the industry most hotels did close especially the big convention hotels. Here in the United States, 6% of Marriot Hotels are still closed, but people still booking for meetings and events.”

“I would ask all of you to please go to our Marriott We spent a lot of time building that out. Because we heard strategically from meetings planners that it feels like there is information being gathered all over the place, and we wanted one place where everybody can go. We even pointed them to other resources, like the events industry counsel and all the great work that they are doing.”

“There´s a lot of ways we can go to keep on evolving our events and meetings as a leading brand, like Marriott International Hotels and Resorts.”

“Most of our large convention hotels, with a few exceptions, are open for business. It´s quite interesting how busy we are booking business for the future.”

THE GAYLORD TEXAN RESORT & CONVENTION CENTER WEC host hotel, also received the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) star of accreditation which is the gold standard of prepared facilities.


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020

MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL they live in and would love to go to a resort, bring their family, work during the day and they can all have fun and then enjoy at night. ” “What´s been especially interesting is not only that it´s resonating because the customers drove that product for us; now they are asking: What about some meetings space?.”

“One of the things we've been doing is spending almost all of our bar time with customers and “Onetoof theindustry biggest indicators forums; attending every event we can orthat virtually working with all the different we´ve perceived justorganizations.” from the overall

recovery perspective is the gains that

“Another thing that we heard loud seen in can't suppliers and clearwe´ve is that people work lately.” from home for much longer.”

“What we launched last week is called ` Work anywhere´ by Marriott.” “Whether that some be theynice just simply feel lonely, “We saw actualmight growth.” or they got children that are trying to go to school and they are disrupted or maybe they have roommates.” Work anywhere by Marriott. “What that is, is an opportunity for you to either have, a day pass, where you´re just going to go into a Marriott near you and work, from 6 AM to 6 PM at the hotel, be able to have a safe environment, to have the food and beverage there for you, the Wi-Fi plus it´s quiet and a great place to work.” “There is also a stay pass that you could say, I might want to stay overnight or spend a couple of days that might be good for me.” “Then we also have the Play pass for those who would like to get out of the city

“If I have several of my employees coming to a Marriott hotel, they might want to gather in a small meeting room so now we are working on that.” “What we're seeing, is people are deep in their toe back to; let me try a small meeting or let me try again a meeting where, most

“Probably the number one thing that we are doing in the meeting space is hybrid meetings”

of the people are going to be able to drive to it, as a result Marriott International is seeing a lot of short term business and that has been very interesting.”

“Frankly, I think there will probably be an issue with availability towards the end of the year & in the future years because everyone is trying to rebook.” 14

World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


“In talking again to our customers, they tell us that what they really want to do hybrid, they don´t want to do what they did before, it´s not sustainable for the long term. It seems that they are having to plan two separate meetings so it is super timeconsuming and it might be more expensive they really want to go hybrid.” “Marriott International is working really hard on how do we partner with Technology and digital vendors that make it extremely easy and work cost effective, to be able to do a profitable hybrid meeting.”

“We have to follow what is happening and be flexible, that´s the ´force majeure‘ if you will, but it is also what you need to be a good partner.”

“That is our goal, is hybrid and then hoping that the face-to-face component of the hybrid gets bigger and bigger and then we are back to what where before.”

“I think that even if it takes a lot of dialogue, that´s where we´re trying all to predict the future.” “We just got to be able to each protect each other.” “That takes a lot of conversation, but we talk a lot about flexibility because Marriott International wants to be known as a really absolutely good partner while still building confidence.” 15

World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


“Exemplary & Victorious Business Story” *What makes people want to follow a leader? *Why do people reluctantly comply with one leader while passionately following another to the ends of the earth? *What separates leadership theorists from successful leaders who lead effectively in the real world / our current world? *The answers lies in the character qualities of the individual person. • MPI´s Seniors and Executive team have what it takes to show you how to become a great leader; the kind that attracts, draws people in and makes things happen like WEC GRAPEVINE 2020 in Texas. • Because since its foundation in 1972 MPI has become the largest, industry association on the planet for meeting and event professionals. The specialized and skilled teams that compose the association would find the supreme qualities and resources necessary to live out your boldest dreams, the ones that are so big that you cannot share with everyone. • Each of the MPI members has that courage to want to reach, achieve and maximize their real potential. • There is no doubt that MPI inspires, advocates and stands up for members of the meetings and events industry by designing the industry's top events. Additionally MPI has a clear goal in mind : to make sure they are creating an experience that will facilitate education, connections and provide some new knowledge.

Throughout this special expert opinion section “MPI MASTER QUOTES” Meeting Professionals International over talented specialists will help you recognize, develop and refine the personal characteristics crucial to be a truly effective leader, the kind of captain people want to follow. • Everything rises and falls on leadership as well as it truthfully develops from the inside out . • MPI, the world's leading meeting and event industry association, is constantly striving to create a presence changing you as much as it's changing the profession. 16

World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


Mr. Darren Temple Chief Operations Officer COO - MPI

¶ “MPI WEC set the standard for what live meetings could and should do, to protect their participants going forward.” ¶ “I could not be any prouder of our team that was the first to author a robust Duty of Care for our industry” ¶ “We took what we knew to be the best standards in a pandemic, and coupled them with our own innovative and rigorous expectations, and the rest was a [duty of care] that is now the standard.” ¶ “I was also so impressed with all of the live registrants that did a magnificent job of protecting each other by adhering to social distancing and wearing a mask. Without the support and protection of our live community, we could not have made WEC the success it was. ” Mr. Temple remarked “WEC was incredibly important to show the industry how to conduct a safe and effective live and hybrid event experience in the middle of a pandemic.”

“The world was watching WEC Grapevine and we shined beautifully. I have literally received hundreds of messages of support and motivation to continue our bold commitment to host WEC.”

Ms. Annette Gregg Senior Vice President of Experience - MPI

¶ Ms. Gregg stated she was proud that MPI pushed forward with an in-person event, combined with a next-level digital conference featuring all-live presentations. ¶ “MPI is planning substantial research and education to show how WEC was executed, including a December webinar to give transparent, tangible tools to planners and suppliers about our entire WEC planning journey.” ¶ “We will have video and pictures to share that can be a toolbox for destinations, hotels and planners to demonstrate safe in-person meetings.” ¶ “Both undertakings were extremely challenging, yet we knew we wanted to demonstrate deliveries that have not been done.” “It has taken a lot of courage for our team; we knew we had to get this right for the good of our greater industry.”

10 17

World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020

MPI MASTER “QUOTES” EXPERT OPINION “It delivered exactly what we were hoping to do: Demonstrate how we can hold conferences and convene audiences safely.”

“One thing I knew in my heart that became abundantly clear at WEC Grapevine is the power of live connection. As much as we have video calls, being with people together ignites energy and connection in ways video never can.” “In-person interaction will always create deeper relationships.” ¶ “We didn’t sacrifice any of the experiential elements: excellent education, great entertainment, participatory activities, exemplary food and beverage. Through detailed safety protocols with our venues and suppliers, constant and clear communication to our attendees and vigilant monitoring onsite, we created an environment where people felt safe and they could focus on connecting with each other. And our digital event showed a level of production and quality that truly put the digital participant at the center, as part of the show. It was unlike any other digital production done in our industry.” ¶ MPI's Senior Vice President of Experience Ms. Annette Gregg, was also very impressed with how attendees followed the safety protocols.

¶ “There are so many different opinions about COVID and the safety suggestions, but our participants knew that masking, sanitation and distancing were essential if we were going to show the world that conferences can happen again,” she stated. “I think we inspired planners to go back and start thinking about in-person events again, and also showed suppliers how they can host safely.” ¶ Another learning experience for Ms. Gregg was that some of the sessions could have been simplified to shorten the conference. ¶ “From what the world has experienced this year, we learned people are out of practice with going to intense educational conferences, and frankly just want to be together,” she said. “We need less scripted time and more open space for people to craft their own experiences.”

10 18

World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020



¶ “We’ve had very solid revenues four years, which, along with expenses, allowed us to have healthy bottom line and help us stronger reserves.”

the last cutting a very develop

¶ “We’ll finish the year just shy of $12 million in revenue, a significant drop overall, but less than we expected. Expenses were $14.5 million. We’ve had the benefit of four good years to get us through this. As we build our forecast through 2021, we’ll still be sitting on two and a half or three years of reserves, so we feel good about that.” Mr. Paul Van Deventer, President and CEO - MPI

¶ “We need to put the safety and wellness of our attendees at the forefront of everything we do now.” ¶ “Until we get to therapeutics and a vaccine, we’re going to have to put that in all our communications. Take this event and document it to show others how we can all put a safe event on.” ¶ “Everyone in this room has a shared responsibility to execute that duty of care and wellness, and call each other out. What we’re doing here this week is being watched, and we need to demonstrate how we can hold safe meetings.”

¶ “MPI had to act swiftly and decisively when the pandemic hit, and while believing it wouldn’t last as long as it has; adopted a “worst-case scenario” strategy that assumed it would last two years. The association hired association management company MCI to develop an operational plan to navigate it through the crisis.” ¶ “We developed a brand-new operating model that was supportive of that, and led to a very significant [change to the] organizational structure.” ¶ “We had to aggressively cut costs, cut expenses and ensure our liquidity, but we had to do that without losing touch with our community.”

10 19

World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


Mr. Steve O'Malley, Chair, MPI Board of Directors; Mr. Todd Marinko, Chair-Elect, MPI Foundation Global Board of Trustees; Mr. Paul Van Deventer, President & CEO, MPI

¶ “Our desire in the longer term is to get the number of constituents we serve up to the 200,000 range.” ¶ “We have to really broaden the appeal in our ability to deliver value to members and their membership dues. The MPI Academy has done a very good job providing value and ginning up new material, and we’re just going to accelerate that in the future.” Steve O’Malley, Chair of the MPI Board of Directors

¶ “We are looking at ways we can expand value to all constituents, not just members”. “One of the things that we realized is an over-reliance on membership dues is not a going to be a good path for us.”

¶ “Offering a concurrent digital program as a component of WEC 2020 was a success, the association will offer hybrid as part of all its major programs in the future.” ¶ “We’ve all come to learn that hybrid provides a great opportunity.” ¶ “We’re all learning, but at all of our major events there should be some sort of hybrid, digital connection.”

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World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020



¶ MPI delivered the latest BREAKING NEWS during WEC, World Education Congress Grapevine hosted in Texas.

Award, presented by Mr. Steve O'Malley, Chairman of the MPI International Board of Directors.

¶ The European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) will align with IMEX Frankfurt in 2021, rather than in Brighton, England, that will take place instead in 2022.

¶ The committee was recognized at the President’s Dinner, which also honored MPI’s chapter presidents, outgoing Board members, as well as recipients of the RISE Awards.

¶ EMEC is the European flagship event for Meeting Professionals International (MPI). ¶ MPI has also signed a new five-year agreement with the IMEX Group, its largest strategic partner. ¶ MPI's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee was honored with the MPI Chair

¶ Additionally, Mr. Ray Bloom, IMEX Group President and Founder and CEO, Ms. Carina Bauer were recognized as Industry Champions, an honor bestowed upon those who contribute their time, financial support, and resources in the endeavors. to support and share the future of the industry.


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


Mr. BEN NEMTIN KEY NOTE SPEAKER § Ben is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? and the star of the MTV show The Buried Life. As the co-founder of The Buried Life movement, Ben’s message of radical possibility has been featured by major media outlets including The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Inc., ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC News. Oprah called Ben’s life work “truly inspiring.” An acclaimed keynote speaker, Nemtin has presented his '5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible' to business conferences and corporate leadership teams around the world, garnering standing ovations from Amazon, Microsoft, Nationwide, Viacom, Verizon, Levi's, Harvard, and more. “

POSITIVE HUMAN IMPACT § “Positive human impact, anything that you have to do to remind your self of that positive human impact, I encourage you to do so because that's your why.” “That´s why you're working so hard, that´s why you are learning new technologies, that's why you're sacrificing different things, that's why you're stressed out because you are creating a positive human impact in the life of others. ” § “Meeting planners you have to renegotiate contracts, you have to even postpone , cancel and then you have to do it all over again, also you have to plan hybrid meetings which is I have been

through ups and downs in my life and through those ups and downs I have learnt things HABITS that are good for me.” “That I know I can use and utilize when I hit down or when I go through trouble water.”

POSITIVE HABIT´S KIT § “I have a kit of positive habits that allow me to perform at my best weather is personal or professional so you can build your own kit and face this challenges as you are doing it.”

GRATITUDE § “If you want to change the way that you feel know that: the way that we feel is dictated by our thought; what we focus on, so if we focus on the things that are going well, we feel better changes the chemistry in our body.”

EXERCISE § “You release when you exercise. It really makes a difference.”

DIGITAL DETOX § “Focus on gaining control. Focus on the things that you have passion about and


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


Digital Detox § A plan for action.” “Focus on accounts that bring you joy and happiness or focus on the news. Coming back to social media with the habits of gaining control.”


“It´s very easy to feel overwhelmed and stress right now. But the truth is life marches on no matter how we feel. So it´s important to go from reaction to action to gain that control.”

Help Someone Else § “Help someone else, when you feel down

“One of the biggest indicators that the best thing is to help others, the reason § “We reunite for recovery, that´sjust why from we are we´ve perceived the overall is because your brain doesn’t have the here to connect.” “When you are doing recovery perspective isthings the gains that ability to do think of two things at once. So when you help someone else you take that you love you are more alive, it is so we´ve seen in suppliers lately.” your self out of your own head and you important as human beings we have ups and downs it’s so important to talk about them.”

§ “Weaknesses can actually be straight and you embrace them rather than try to hide them. When you do the things that you love you are more alive, you have more energy but you prioritizing your goals it is good for your work and wellness.”

build the meaningful connection with them.”

Nature § “20 minutes in nature, you don’t have to exercise, just being out in nature makes you feel happy.”

“I believe the way we can get through this period of uncertainty is to: **concisely, practice this good habits on our kit to get us better. ** continue to peruse our goals and dreams.” “It is important to stop and think and most important to feel what is important to you.” 23

World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


“You are working from home is overwhelming, it´s so much going on so We have to create work life harmony. By getting energy from work and from “One of the biggest indicators home by doing that the things that are important to you.”

we´ve perceived just from the overall recovery perspective is the gains that we´ve seen in suppliers lately.”



Meeting Professionals International CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS

MPI is excited to honor its chapters for their achievements over the past year. Three MPI chapters received the Overall Excellence Award, which have been recognized for overall outstanding accomplishment, overachieved and exceeded performance in all key metrics consistently and shown measurable positive impact on their membership.


CHAPTER MERIT AWARDS MPI Belgium Chapter – Highest Net Member Growth Mr. Stephen, President Giants Enterprises § MPI Belgium Chapter – Highest Net of & Chair-Elect, International Board Member § MPI CaribeGrowth Mexicano Chapter – Highest Directors at MPI emphasized: “Operational Net Sustainability andProfit/Fiscal strategic plan so that is focused on § MPI Caribelong-term, Mexicano sustainability Chapter – ensuring while § MPI Connecticut River Valley Chapter – to continuing to proactively deliver value back Highest Net Profit/Fiscal Highest EIC Education Accreditation our community both members and Sustainability associations in this incredible time of need.” §§ MPI Chapter – Highest Retention MPIJapan Connecticut River Valley Chapter Additionally I would like to highlight what MPI – Highest EIC Education § MPI Mexico Chapter – Highest hasNew accomplished: “Creating resources Accreditation Member Satisfaction §


MPI Arizona Sunbelt


MPI Caribe Mexicano


MPI Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter


MPI Mexico Chapter


MPI New England Chapter


MPI New Jersey Chapter

§ MPI Ohio Chapter both educational and actionable, these § MPI Southern California resources are great valueChapter for our members. Much of what we are planning § our MPI St. LouisisArea Chapter for community based on the need to personalize that individual journey. To § MPI resources Tennesseeeducational Chapter programs develop and community events that get us ahead of § needs MPI Virginia Chaptersource need into the and to actively the future. Know that WEC las Vegas will § MPI this Wisconsin Chapterour theme to continue path through meet your future.”

MPITampa JapanBay Chapter – Highest §§ MPI Chapter – Highest Retention Volunteer Engagement §

MPI New Mexico Chapter – Highest Member Satisfaction


MPI Tampa Bay Chapter – Highest Volunteer Engagement



Meeting Professionals International CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS



World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020


World Education Congress Grapevine WEC Texas * Nov. 2020