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After building multiple homes for clients, Jamie and Maren Carson wanted their family home in Ucluelet to be a home for life, with timeless, classic features, where their boys, Jack and Cohen, could thrive.


Words of advice

from an award winning builder:

“Don’t get caught up in the moment, think things through to what at the end of the day is going to matter most. Unfortunately I didn’t always listen to my own advice! I will say it’s always a good idea to invest in good window and doors,” says Jamie Carson, Icon Developments Ltd.

bedrooms and the living room dimensions have not been scrimped to squeeze in an extra room or bathroom. Incorporated into the garage is an office and custom wood-working area, where husband Jamie operates Icon Developments Ltd. It’s fully plumbed to maintain a separation between family life and work.

Bucking a trend on multiple bathrooms On the subject of bathrooms, Maren lived for a short time in one of the spec homes she and Jamie built that had six bathrooms. Knowing the time commitment to keep those spotless, she limited the number to three in her own home: guests, kids, and master bath. “I want to play with my

children, not clean.” The boys, who will not spend as much time grooming as girls growing up, share a bathroom with a two-sink vanity. The toilet, in both the boys’ bathroom and the master bath, is behind a door and partitioned from the rest of the bathroom. Maren’s training as an occupational therapist held sway in the boys’ bedrooms, which are roomy and sparsely furnished, allowing active play. Cohen, who is two-and-a-half, has a magnificent swing hanging from his cathedral ceiling. Jack, 5, 53

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