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STEP INTO ELEGANCE AT HATLEY CASTLE WITH A POSH PARTY FOR 50 RETURN TO THE GILDED AGE OF THE 1920S with a themed Christmas cocktail party for 50 at Royal Road’s Hatley Castle, catered by Victoria’s exclusive Truffles. Become immersed in the past by enjoying the historical surroundings of the seasonally decorated castle and delighting in the tastes of a menu inspired by the “gilded age.” Staff, including footmen, maids and chefs, will be attired in period outfits, and transportation to the castle via vintage Model T can be arranged by Victoria’s Classic Car Tours. The menu will follow the lavish expectations of the 1920s, when the Great War was over and those with wealth 34

began hosting extravagant parties.

THE SETTING: Hatley Park was the estate of James and Laura Dunsmuir from 1906 to 1937. Designated a national historic site, the 565–acre property and 1910 castle features exquisite gardens, lawns, forests, playing fields, and recreational and agricultural lands. On the main floor, the grand hall is Elizabethan, or Tudor Revival, in style, featuring half–panelled/half–plaster walls,

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