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Harnessing the power of sleep


THE NOBLE BRUNCH Plan, prepare, execute the perfect mid-day meal


With fashion details from the Roaring Twenties


I do.

To believe in the brilliance within me.
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Beauty on the inside. And out.


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Photo by Lia Crowe
Kim Berg, owner and president, European Goldsmith Fine Jewellery.
prepare and execute the perfect mid-day meal
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“Working with writer Ellie Shortt and colleague Lia Crowe is always fun, as well as an exercise in collaborative creativity. Hopefully this shines through in the images that accompany our bright and colourful brunch feature this issue.” Don Denton is photo supervisor for Black Press Greater Victoria and photographer for Black Press’s magazine division. He has worked as a staff photographer and/or photo editor for more than 40 years for a variety of publications.


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“Every year, as I head from my home in Vancouver to the Okanagan for our annual family getaway, I recall my younger years vacationing there with my parents. This area has been a special place to me for decades, but that’s not the only reason I was excited to profile this year’s Hometown Heroes Lottery prize home, located in gorgeous Lake Country. Supporting BC’s invaluable health care and research facilities is more important than ever. And getting the chance to win a spectacular Okanagan home in the process is the icing on the cake.” Lisa is a writer, editor, and content strategist. She was the founding editor of BC Living Magazine and is a regular contributor to Boulevard




“Movement and health for every body is a topic that is very important to me, as a nutritionist and movement enthusiast, but also as someone who exists in a larger body. In my profession, I work with a lot of people who feel dissatisfied with their body, convinced there is no place for them in the health and fitness space until they achieve what they perceive to be a healthy body. This mindset must shift in order for people at all levels of health and fitness to feel welcome in these communities.”

Kaisha is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and owner of Well and Strong Health in Victoria, BC.

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Fierce Momma

Recently, I walked Zorro-the-dog in a torrential downpour. Water ran in rivers off my coat and dripped off my hat. I could barely see through the big drops on my glasses. Zorro was similarly soaked and I was musing on all this as we sloshed down the road.

Would I have walked my other dogs in this weather? Zorro’s elevated status compared to my previous dogs is the product of being a pet in an empty-nester house. He has a basket full of toys, a self-warming blanket, expensive, grain-free kibble and three harnesses (we’re still trying to find the perfect fit), all amounting to more “stuff” than all my other dogs combined. And let’s not even discuss the vet bills amassed from “precautionary” visits.

As we walked in the rain that day, a big black dog suddenly burst onto the road, barking and snarling aggressively. Usually, Zorro greets dogs with a few sniffs and a “Come on! Let’s play!” approach. But he looked cowed by this dog.

I became Fierce Momma.

“Go home!” I growled. I roared, I shouted. I waved my arms.

Eventually, the dog trotted away and, heart pounding, I continued walking, a little stunned by my instinctual fierceness when it came to protecting my “baby.” My daughters will be absolutely mortified that I’m using Zorro and the word “Momma” in the same anecdote. Zorro’s lofty position in the household induces much eye-rolling and a few cranky frowns. So it was with great pride that I watched my daughter Sierra save her canine sibling from forever existing in her sister’s “doghouse.”

It happened, in fact, as I FaceTimed with my elder daughter, Danica. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Zorro jump up on the couch with a toy in his mouth. It’s not unusual for Zorro to run around with something between his jaws, like a slipper, which he knows he’s not allowed to chew, and taunt us with it to get our attention.

But this toy was absolutely verboten. I have previously written about Danica’s childhood “pet” Purrla—a rattling stuffed cat that she took everywhere with her as a small child. Purrla performed in school plays, played soccer, took swings at the kindergarten piñata, all the while tucked under Danica’s arm. I suffered nightmares about Purrla getting lost, and even these days, whenever Danica is home, I make sure the stuffed cat is waiting on her pillow. Danica was Fierce Momma when it came to Purrla.

On this day, Purrla had been sitting on a shelf, waiting to be taken back upstairs to Danica’s old room. As I FaceTimed Danica and saw Zorro jump up on the couch with Purrla, I almost turned the phone to show Danica in a ha, ha, oh boy, look what catastrophe almost occurred! sort of way.

But I didn’t and thankfully because Purrla NO LONGER HAD A FACE. Over in Zorro’s bed sat a ball of stuffing, a well-chewed eye and a little pink nose. I became Horrified Momma and Zorro’s status plummeted from favoured son to bad dog!

I texted a photo of faceless Purrla to Sierra, who immediately understood the gravity of the situation: “Oh my god. Nooooooooo. Zorro?!!”

Luckily, Sierra was on her way over to the house and, unlike her mother, she can actually sew. I found a towel that was a similar colour to Purrla, and Sierra, after much doing whatever it is you do with a needle, thread and towel bits, had Purrla looking like a (slightly sicklier) version of her former self. Still traumatized by the situation, we agreed to never ever tell Danica and to immediately remove all photos of faceless Purrla.

And Zorro? Well, of course, he’s out of the doghouse. Who else is going to play with that basket full of toys and eat all that expensive kibble?

May is a month for mothers, so as it approaches, Happy Mother’s Day to all you Fierce Mommas out there.

Susan Lundy is a former journalist who now works as an editor, author and freelance writer. Her latest book, Home on the Strange, was released earlier this year via Heritage House Publishing.

(In honour of Mother’s Day) | MAY/JUNE 2022 10
Warm golden veins


Classic and timeless: Jackson’s version of good style is immediately apparent as I lay eyes on him at Sprout Coffee in Kelowna. Originally from Scotland, Jackson trained as an electrician, and from a young age enjoyed car projects and motorsport.

“The electrical industry led me to gain a qualification in Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment and the ability to pursue a career where I could be around cars and technology, which are two of my biggest passions,” Jackson says.

“When I moved to Canada in 2018, I saw there was an opportunity to use my skills and experience to assist both car dealerships and prospective EV buyers. I could see the Okanagan was on the verge of an electric vehicle revolution, and I was able to establish Limitless EV as the go-to company for all things EVcharging related.”

Jackson gets fired up when he sees people’s reactions to switching to an EV vehicle.

“I am exceptionally lucky to be one of the people in life who genuinely enjoys their work. I love the wide variety of people I meet on a daily basis and the pleasure and excitement they get from seeing my vision come to life for their EV charging solution—when everything just ‘works’ and the transition to electric is seamless.”

What innate quality has led to Jackson’s success?

“Hard work and loyalty. Always look after the ones who look after you.”

And what’s the best life lesson he’s recently learned?

“That’s an easy one: life is short, so enjoy every minute and live it to the fullest. As cliché as it sounds, having watched my father’s battle with cancer and ultimately his untimely death, health is wealth. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing. Use your time to make those around you happy. Don’t get so wrapped up in making money that you forget to have a life and enjoy the now. Too many people miss out on the best things in life because they are so focused on achieving wealth or a title. F—k that, enjoy life and make memories!” | MAY/JUNE 2022 12


Uniform: Depends on the setting/ occasion. I spend time on construction sites, as well as in board rooms/ offices, so I have to adapt my outfit to suit. I find a crisp white shirt is great for all occasions, and is one of the most versatile weapons in my fashion arsenal.

Current go-to clothing item: Polo Ralph Lauren Performance Tracksuit in navy. When working from home, this is my go-to, as it’s great for the house and provides maximum comfort.

Currently coveting: Authentic WW2 B-3 sheepskin pilot’s jacket.

Favourite pair of shoes: Adidas Samba Super, Classic European Edition. I have a new pair that I wear and I still have my Dad’s old pair that he wore while mowing the lawn. I now wear those ones when mowing my lawn! I guess they have a certain sentimental value and remind me of home.

Best new purchase: Navy slim-fit, three-piece suit from Tip Top Tailors. It’s a great everyday work suit.

Accessory you spend the most money on: Sneakers.

Favourite work tool: 2022 MacBook Air.

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Morgan 57mm Gradient

Rectangle Sunglasses.

Scent: Chanel Bleu.

Necessary indulgence: Regular haircuts/trips to the barber.

Favourite skincare product: Clarins Men

Super Moisture Balm.

Favourite hair product: Kulture Dry Matte Clay from KRSPY Barber Kelowna.


Style icon: David Beckham.

Favourite artist: Banksy.

Favourite suit shop: Walker Slater Menswear and Tweed, Edinburgh.

Era of time that inspires your style: 1930s. TV show that inspires your style or that you just love the style of: Peaky Blinders

Favourite local restaurant: The Modest Butcher, Mt. Boucherie Winery, West Kelowna.

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Isle of Harris Gin from Scotland.

Favourite cocktail or wine: French 75

Cocktail: gin, lemon and champagne.

Album on current rotation: U2: The Joshua Tree and The Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed

Favourite city to visit: Vancouver.

Favourite hotel: The Fairmont

Chateau Lake Louise.

Favourite app: Spotify.

Favourite place in the whole world: Edinburgh, Scotland. | MAY/JUNE 2022 13
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S U M M E R , anyone?

We have (hopefully) said goodbye to cool weather and are ready for the start of a sun-kissed summer. Interior styling should match the natural beauty of early summer tones. Pulling in warmer-wood tones and combining them with natural textures can uplift your space, and ready it for the hotter months. Furniture pieces and paint should remain neutral—with darker or lighter tones—to act as a mood regulator in your space. The vibe of the interior becomes laid-back and simple. Bolder details in lighting and décor choices can bring in pops of contrast. We want the style of décor and accent pieces to achieve a subtle elegance with the right amount of character. A perfect interior summer cocktail, if you will.

Mana end table

Aztec pillow

Adelaide sofa

Gris tan and white hide

Nautra hairpin console table

Torino 30225EZA Cenotes 706X4Zp

Every body can move | MAY/JUNE 2022 16 well
and good
The “health at every size” movement

The January 2022 issue of Runner’s World magazine featured Martinus Evans, a marathon runner and coach. Evans is a serious runner—like, five marathons a year serious. He has completed countless races and all of the coveted marathons like Big Sur, New York City and the Boston Marathon.

It’s safe to say that Evans is an athlete. He is also better known by his handle, @300poundsandrunning. Yes, Evans is a professional marathon runner and, yes, he weighs around 300 pounds. Evans represents a very important type of athlete, one that forces us to question the parameters of athleticism, sport and, most importantly, health.

The dictionary definition of the word athlete is “a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.” There is no mention of the physique, weight or size necessary to participate in athletics, and yet there is an assumption that fitness and health are reserved for a very specific type of body, certainly not larger- bodied people like Evans.

But athletes do come in larger bodies, like Olympian weightlifter Sarah Robles, yogi Jessamyn Stanley, track and field Olympian and world record holder Amanda Bingson, and of course, the queen of tennis, Serena Williams. These athletes are all absolutely remarkable but remarks about them are often about their body size first and their athleticism second.

Why is it that we are so stunned by larger-bodied athletes, and why do we struggle to acknowledge the health and fitness they have achieved?

Let’s start by looking at the systems currently used to determine health. The body mass index (BMI) is something we have all likely experienced and dreaded, the calculation of height and weight, divided by a magical number that then determines your fate as a healthy human. This may sound dramatic, but the BMI is extremely influential. It is the most commonly used measuring system for health and is used in many important institutions.

Many of these measurements result in a celebration and reward for those who are able to reach the lowest BMI. The Body Mass Index is, however, ineffective. It is an antiquated measurement system that was not developed by a medical doctor but by an astronomer and mathematician named Adolphe Quetelet in the early 1800s. He developed it for a system called anthropometry, in an attempt to define the “average man.” | MAY/JUNE 2022 17
IMMERSE YOURSELF 1-888-689-4699 in nature in wellness IMMERSE YOURSELF

HAES focuses on individual health markers and goals outside of generalized weight classifications.

Anthropometry would go on to be used to guide eugenics, a horribly inaccurate and deceptive system of categorization. In the 1970s, the BMI was popularized by controversial American physiologist Ancel Keys, who later became famous for fudging data outcomes in his international nutritional studies and bringing us the low-fat, high-sugar diet of the 1990s. We all know how well that worked out.

Both men admitted the BMI is inappropriate for individual evaluation, and yet this is the exact manner in which it is currently being used. One of the main flaws of the BMI is that it fails to account for individual variations in muscle mass, bone density and overall physical conditioning. According to the BMI, muscular actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would be categorized as obese.

While it is true that many people in overweight or obese BMI categories have elevated health risks, the same is true for people in smaller bodies. The number of health risks for those in the extremely underweight category are as dire as those in the extremely overweight category, and even those risks are very general.

Without looking at the individual details of one’s activity, nutrition and lifestyle habits, these sweeping classifications cannot determine overall health. We simply don’t have a one-size-fits-all health or fitness model, nor is there an ideal weight, caloric intake or physical movement level that works for everyone.

Health can not be defined by an equation; it is far more nuanced

than that. For this reason, people are starting to move away from traditional and categorical measurements and toward a more holistic and individualized health model. We are stepping off of the scale, rejecting the “weight loss at any cost” mentality, and recognizing the importance of individuality in size, shape and fitness.

Health at every size (HAES) is a movement that calls for the de-emphasis of weight-loss as the primary goal toward health and the removal of weight stigma. HAES instead focuses on individual health markers and goals outside of generalized weight classifications.


• Weight inclusivity: accept and respect the inherent diversity of body shapes and sizes and reject the idealizing or pathologizing of specific weights.

• Health enhancement: support health policies that improve and equalize access to information and services, and personal practices that improve human wellbeing, including attention to individual physical, economic, social, spiritual, emotional and other needs.

• Respectful care: acknowledge our biases, and work to end weight discrimination, weight stigma and weight bias. Provide information and services from an understanding that socio-economic status, race, | MAY/JUNE 2022 18
563-Lawrence Avenue, Kelowna

gender, sexual orientation, age and other identities impact weight stigma, and support environments that address these inequities.

• Eating for wellbeing: promote flexible, individualized eating, based on hunger, satiety, nutritional needs and pleasure, rather than any externally regulated eating plans focused on weight control.

• Life-enhancing movement: support physical activities that allow people of all sizes, abilities, and interests to engage in enjoyable movement, to the degree that they choose.

The HAES model is seen as a radical movement that has been accused of promoting obesity because it rejects the idolization of certain body types. However, the size of one’s body should not limit their enthusiasm for movement. The reality is, people exist in all shapes and sizes, and everyone deserves to move their body, regardless of their weight, size, or health level.

By rejecting outdated and inaccurate generalized categorizations of health and instead empowering people of all shapes and sizes to enjoy movement, we are redefining athletics and promoting health and movement for every body. We can combat the exclusivity of athleticism by promoting the representation of diverse bodies, therefore welcoming all people into sport, movement and health.

So if you have ever talked yourself out of joining that soccer team or attending a run club because you thought you weren’t fit enough or didn’t have the right body type, think again. Every body can move and as Martinus Evans says, “If you run, you are a runner and have a runner’s body.” | MAY/JUNE 2022 20
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Mediterranean twist

WORDS | MAY/JUNE 2022 22 good
“Elevated and unexpected” at Maestro’s

it’s a new incarnation for one of Kelowna’s most popular waterfront restaurants. Manteo at Eldorado Resort has completely re-vamped its in-house eatery. Gone is the quirky moniker “Smack Dab,” replaced with the more elegant “Maestro’s”—a unique Mediterranean experience.

“There’s nothing else like this in Kelowna at the moment,” says chef Jason Leizert. “We really wanted to step outside the box and do something with that feeling that comes with being right on the water.”

It’s a seafood-forward menu at Maestro’s. Jason designed it to be elevated and unexpected.

“When people think of the Mediterranean they often think of Spain, France and Italy, but there’s so much diversity when you hit Turkey and Northern Africa. My last travels were to Morocco and Egypt, so I think a lot of that rubbed off.”

While the kitchen is stocked with local, seasonal ingredients, Maestro’s aims to take patrons on a journey beyond the Okanagan.

“Whenever you get to open a new restaurant, whenever you get full range of a menu, you get to just play. It gets your energy flow ing, you research to find different things that people may not know about.”

Inspired by his travels, Jason is not shy about using extravagant ingredients in unexpected ways.

“We’re doing salt-and-vinegar octopus, that’s a great little snack. We do octopus chips. We have a saffron macaron that we serve with a chilled prawn mousse inside; so, unlike the traditional French macaron, this is on the savoury side.”

From spicy peri peri chicken to head-on roasted prawns and a striking seabass with lentils and warm tomato shallot vinaigrette, creations from the Forno oven are the cornerstone of the Maestro menu.

“We really want to utilize our Forno oven so you get the flavours of that roast and char that you get in the Mediterranean when they cook over open flame.”

Because we eat with our eyes first, Jason says, he has paid special attention to presentation. The traditional paella and the stunning fruits de mer platter will have your mouth watering at first sight.

From the food to the décor, Maestro’s is designed with that wow factor in mind. Bright inside, with blues reflective of the Mediter ranean, it’s truly a slice of paradise on the terrace. Feast al fresco amid water and fire features, herbs, olive and lemon trees. It’s an upscale spot to partake in happy hour and impress your out-oftown guests.

120-3477 Lakeshore Rd. 778-940-3055 Looking to feel that ow! Enjoy any of our beauty services and take advantage of our full licensed bar. The Sweet Spot BEAUTY BAR
The menu is crafted for more adventurous eaters and those who want to relive their memorable dining moments abroad, right here at home.

“If people are visiting, you’re going to want to bring them here because you know you’re going to have this great food experience and this great atmosphere.”

The vibe is upscale with both intimate corners and big social-style tables. The menu is crafted for more adventurous eaters and those who want to relive their memorable dining moments abroad, right here at home.

Breakfast also looks different here. You will find staples like eggs and hollandaise but with a Mediterranean twist, of course!

“You’ll still get your eggs Benedict, but it’s going to be a falafel eggs Benedict or a lobster eggs Benedict. We’ve got sardines that pair well with eggs as well as baked grapefruit.”

Breakfast will be served daily through the summer months with weekend brunch offered in the shoulder and winter seasons.

For Jason, this is like coming home. His 18 years in the kitchen have taken him across Canada and around the world. He’s coming off a six-month hiatus after opening a restaurant in New Brunswick.

Kelowna foodies may remember him as the former chef and owner of Salt & Brick. He opened the Bernard Avenue hotspot before selling it and setting off to roam the globe. With his travel hunger satiated (for now), Jason has been laser-focused on defining Maestro’s and building his team.

“It’s exciting to open new places, meet new people, cook with new people,” he says. “It’s been really fun to design this new menu and put my touch on it.”

With small and large plates designed to share, as well as many vegetarian and gluten-free options, Jason has designed the menu to pair perfectly with an impressive, international wine list.

“You must experience the food and the wine together. The way the wine list works with the food is incredible.”

Commitment To Excellence

We are proud to craft homes that are at the forefront of eco-sustainability

All Elements has always been committed to creating beautiful homes while keeping the environment in mind. Our High Performance homes are built with the highest level of building science technology and with materials chosen that utilize embodied carbon. This is why All Elements has partnered with Tree Canada to plan: 500 trees for every house we build. A testament to our commitment to change and improve our environment for future generations.

Food, wine and atmosphere combine in the perfect proportions at Maestro’s. It’s something special and sure to become a hot spot for Mediterranean fare on the shores of Okanagan Lake. | MAY/JUNE 2022 24

studio upon reflection…

West Kelowna artist Paul Butvila finds his niche


Paul Butvila doesn’t fit the mould of the traditional Canadian artist.

His fascination with fantasy, realism and popular culture has earned him rejections from so many galleries over the years that at one point he threw his paints and brushes into the garbage.

“It got me on such a downer and I quit,” he said in an interview from his West Kelowna studio. “I’d had enough of getting rejections from Canadian galleries telling me to be more serious and stop fooling around with this fantasy stuff. They admire the ability to paint the way I do, they just don’t feel that the subject matter is salable. If I didn’t love painting, I would have given it up a long time ago.”

Paul, 68, persisted and began gaining traction with his largerthan-life “Gotta Wear Shades” series, featuring beautiful women with reflections in their glasses. He favours airbrushing—a technique often used in the customization of collectible cars—to create his works. It’s a method that fits perfectly with his fascination with classic vehicles and flashy chrome.

Painting has always involved a certain measure of persistence for

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Kelowna • Vernon • Penticton

covers—particularly those done by artist Boris Vallejo, whose hyper-representational paintings earned him a dedicated following. Paul bought books with Vallejo’s covers as they became available.

Indeed, fantasy art was pervasive at the time.

“A lot of guys in the 1970s were copying Frank Frazetta’s paintings on their vans. I had one of those vans,” he said with a laugh.

Paul brought the fantasy books to art classes, trying to learn how to emulate them, but he couldn’t get the knack. He decided to try going to the source. Paul knew Vallejo lived in New York and he managed to track down his number through the telephone directory. “I dialled the number and this fella answered with a heavy Spanish accent. And I said ‘is this Boris, the artist?’ He said ‘yeah it is.’ I said ‘wow, cool!’ Back then, he was quite accessible.”

The two got talking and Vallejo said to look him up if he was in New York. He accepted it as an invitation. He stayed with him for about a week in Yonkers, NY, and watched him paint every day, sitting beside him for eight hours.

After that week, Paul went home and started painting again—and the results were much improved. Eventually he was able to recreate Vallejo’s work almost exactly.

For about five years after that one-on-one training, Paul painted his own fantasy works.

“I got relatively okay at it, but there was no real market in Canada for fantasy art. That was all in the US, and it was all for publication illustrations,” he said.

He transitioned into painting realism—focusing especially on chrome, motorcycles, buildings with glass reflections and water. He still struggled to make sales.

“I think Canada is really into trends and stuff that is appealing to more people, a wider audience. And when they see stuff that I do, the audience is quite narrow,” he said. “Galleries would say it’s too trendy and just a fad, so I started approaching galleries in the States and at the age of about 50, I started getting a little bit of recognition with a few galleries with my realism work.”

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.



Contact us BEFORE taking out your existing kitchen.

We will evaluate your kitchen to determine if it can be removed and reused safely.


We will schedule a date and carefully dismantle your old kitchen and take it away, leaving a blank canvas for your brand new kitchen.

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Donating useful goods to our local ReStore keeps quality items from going to waste. Your old kitchen will help fund local Habitat for Humanity homes and in return you receive a taxable receipt for our resale value.


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He favours airbrushing—a technique often used in the customization of collectible cars— to create his works. It’s a method that fits perfectly with his fascination with classic vehicles and flashy chrome.
FREE kitchen removal service

Paul’s own unique style began to emerge. He started to earn a following of his own, especially outside of Canada. He’s since been picked up by Skye Art Gallery in Las Vegas as well as Plus One Gallery in London, England. He’s about to send a new collection to a gallery in Hawaii.

In Canada, Paul’s work is at Karmyc Bazaar in Kelowna, Tumbleweed Gallery in Penticton and Grant Berg Gallery in Grande Prairie.

His sensual art has also been displayed at Ex Nihilo winery in Lake Country.

Paul has been working on a series called “paintings of the stars,” where he cuts aluminum into star shapes that are 18 inches in diameter, and then airbrushes portraits of Hollywood actors.

“I like aluminum because with airbrushing the smoother the surface the better, and you can get higher detail,” he said.

Paul stopped using oil paints about 10 years ago, choosing instead to airbrush with acrylic paints. It dries instantly which allows him to work quickly, he said.

“I’ve been painting for 45 years, so I think the overnight success happens at year 50,” he said. “So we’re getting close.” | MAY/JUNE 2022 29
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Water &Wine

Exploring Kamloops and Wells Gray Park

Moul Falls in Wells Gray Park.

Zooming in a powerful boat though the turquoise, glacier-fed water of Clearwater Lake, we’re on the hunt: we’re seeking out some of the area’s magnificent lake-edge waterfalls and, at the same time, discovering the glories of Wells Gray Park.

It’s the second time on this trip to BC’s southern interior that we’ve been on the hunt. Just a few days ago, in Kamloops, we sought out the best of the area’s burgeoning wine industry.

Our four-day getaway to these neighbouring areas, located about 90 minutes apart, afforded the best of two worlds: the explosive wilderness of Wells Gray Park and small-town vibe of nearby Clearwater, combined with the more urban, but still laidback city of Kamloops.

Each presented its share of surprises and hidden gems—as well a hunt for the best of water and wine.


At 524,990 hectares or 1.3 million acres, and covering 5,250 square kilometres, Wells Gray is among the largest parks in the province and offers some of the most spectacular untouched scenery in the world. It also has 41 named waterfalls, with dozens of others scattered throughout the wilderness.

So, to be clear, this is not any old “water.” The falls at Wells Gray are truly magnificent, and by the time we boarded the boat for a tour of Clearwater Lake, we’d already explored two of the area’s most famous falls: Helmcken and Moul.

At Helmcken Falls, the water cascades in a breathtaking 141metre drop, sending a thundering sound across the canyon to the viewing platforms. These falls—probably the most spectacular in the whole park—are easily accessed via viewing areas located just a short stroll from the parking lot.

We also took a one-hour hike down a mossy forest trail to Moul Falls, which can be viewed from above or right down at the base of the chute where the falls spill into Clearwater River. Here, you can walk along a narrow ledge on the side of the canyon and slip behind the veil of the waterfall, experiencing the cool mist of the rushing waters.

Our hike to Moul Falls was augmented by the commentary of Gy Ovenden, who along with his wife, Joanne, owns Discover Wells Gray. Gy’s commentary and insight about the park, the nearby town of Clearwater and the flora and fauna of the forest itself made the hike fascinating as well as fun. As a former wildlife and nature conservation advisor and an experienced ecologist, Gy is extremely informed.

To get to our waterfall-hunting boat tour, we drove 68 kilometres to the end of a bumpy, gravel road and arrived at a campground and cafe, and the office and dock of Clearwater Lake Tours. The tour company, which has been in business here for over 30 years, offers a number of services, including canoe, kayak, fishing, interpretive guided tours and camping gear rentals. It also provides water | MAY/JUNE 2022 31 4324 Russo Street Lower Mission, Kelowna 4 bed 3 bath | 3449 Square Feet Completion Summer 2022 GEOFF HALL REALTOR® 250.575.4292 NATE CASSIE REALTOR® 250.869.7995 Independently Owned 1 – 1890 Cooper Road Kelowna, BC V1Y 8B7
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taxi service to any of the 11 water-access-only, lake-side campgrounds. (However, most people prefer to kayak or canoe to these remote spots.)

Our time on the lake with our super friendly and informed guide gave us another way to view this pristine park, offering glimpses of the area’s alpine meadows and remote hiking potential and a chance to learn about the natural forces that produced Wells Gray’s volcanoes, waterfalls, mineral springs and glaciers.

As it turns out, it’s not all about the water—but we did discover some impressive falls along the way.


There were many things to love about our two days in Kamloops, and we only scratched the surface of the city, choosing to explore the area as a wine destination. To be sure, there are many other ways to dig into Kamloops, which is flush with biking trails, golf courses, local shops and boutiques, and a rich Indigenous culture.

But then there’s the wine. Nestled amid the North and South Thompson rivers, and named as one of BC’s official wine regions in 2018, the Thompson Valley’s well-drained soils are rich in mineral content—perfect for grape-growing. The result is bright, crisp and aromatic whites, and fruit-forward reds. The flavours are unique to this region and it’s easy to taste the difference between wines here and those in the nearby and more recognizable Okanagan wine region.

At Monte Creek Winery, we sat at a picnic table in a lush, grassy setting with rows of vines climbing the hill at our backs and a forward-facing view of the South Thompson River weaving through the valley. To this beautiful backdrop, we tasted a wealth of wines, from a crisp, sparkling rose to a creamy white and the winery’s signature blueberry wine. The reds are delicious, but it’s the whites that truly show off the region’s flavours.

Harper’s Trail, located right on the banks of the South Thompson, was the area’s first winery, established in 2012. Seated on the patio, with hoodoos and rolling hills of sage and antelope brush behind us, we savoured an excellent selection of wine, and we couldn’t resist purchasing bottles of the sparkling Chardonnay and pinot noir to add to our collection from Monte Creek.

More purchases occurred the next day, after sampling the vintages at Privato Vineyard & Winery, which offered a to-die-for selection of pinot noir and premium-quality, single-vineyard Burgundy wines. This boutique winery, which crafts wine in small batches and distributes to a small selection of restaurants and wine aficionados, is set on an eight-acre Christmas tree farm. The patio—where we enjoyed a generously portioned charcuterie plate—is set amid a garden full of flowers.

The fourth and final winery in the Thompson Valley wine region is Sagewood, a family owned and operated boutique vineyard. While we ran out of time to visit Sagewood on this tour, it’s high on our to-do list for when we return—and continue the hunt. | MAY/JUNE 2022 32


Take a guided hike with Discover Wells Gray: among the tour company’s offerings is a half-day Forest, Falls and Flowers Tour, where hikers can discover the wildflowers, birds and other wildlife of the forests, and witness the geologic and human history that shaped Wells Gray. Or, take an Electric Duffy Boat Tour with Clearwater Lake Tours, exploring Clearwater and Azure lakes, which are linked by a river, perhaps stopping to swim in the refreshing (cold!) water. Both companies offer a variety of tours; check their websites for more info.


Explore Dutch Lake and find a painted turtle! From our accommodation at Dutch Lake Resort in Clearwater, we swam in the lake and rented a canoe for a sunset paddle—all the while keeping an eye out for the brightly-hued turtles that are frequently found sunning themselves on logs. Dutch Lake is spring-fed, which makes it warm for swimming. It’s also stocked annually by the local trout hatchery with rainbow and brook trout.


As we were traveling with our dog, pet-friendly accommodation was essential—and we lucked out, both in Kamloops and Clearwater. Our stay at the Delta Hotel Kamloops provided a central location with easy access to restaurants and a must-do riverside walkway (including a great off-leash dog beach).Our room was spacious and comfortable room; and be sure to check out the hotel’s rooftop pool and hot tub with food and beverage service. At the Dutch Lake Resort in Clearwater, we tucked into an A-frame cabin on the water’s edge, enjoying numerous amenities in an excellent location near the entrance to Wells Gray Park. Book ahead for the resort’s popular Painted Turtle restaurant.


In Clearwater, plan for breakfast at Wild Flour Café. Everything is made from scratch, using the bakery’s own fresh-milled ancient grain flours, and it proudly supports the area’s local and organic food producers. We also ate several meals on the outdoor patio at Gateway Grill, where the food was delicious and the service impeccable. In Kamloops, we feasted at Monte Creek Winery, which, in addition to its excellent vintages, features seasonal al fresco patio dining at The Terrace Restaurant or at the (pet-friendly) picnic tables where we sat. The menu is extensive and we savoured the cuisine alongside a selection of wine samples. | MAY/JUNE 2022 33
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Marla Miller

PHONE 403-830-4029


Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in rural Manitoba and grew up in a

Meet Marla! hamlet of 50 people! But when I graduated, I was ready for the big city and headed to Winnipeg. How would you describe your fashion style? Classic, but with an edge. The edge part for me is jewellery and accessories. What do you read online? Online reading is usually reserved for work, like research. Fave book of all time: A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hossein. Fave I’m a huge music enthusiast and grew up with a wide variety of influences like Hank Williams, Patsy Cline…all the way to Charlie Pride and George Straight. But I’d say my faves are Michael Franti and The Mavericks. Bingeworthy series?: I’m not a huge TV person, but I loved The Queen’s Gambit and Dead to Me. I was a huge Schitt’s Creek fan. Favourite app: Spotify for music and my playlists; Instagram to stay in touch with work contacts/friends. Fave wine

or cocktail: I’m a big-time Prosecco fan! Fave place to visit: Always NYC. It’s amazing to feel the energy of that city anytime, but it’s really quite magical during the holiday season. What makes you happy? Music and my friends — and my son, of course! | MAY/JUNE 2022 34
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Nestled in the heart of Lake Country, this Hometown Heroes Lottery prize home has it all

Built for good T

here’s no better way to bask in the good vibes that come with helping others than by literally soaking in the rays shining through oversized windows in your new Okanagan home.

This Hometown Heroes Lottery prize home, located in Lake Country, is one of nine grand-prize home options in this spring’s Hometown Heroes Lottery that supports the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation and the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.

And it’s all ready to elevate the experience of doing good—and living well. Whether it’s serving up sumptuous sunsets over a pristine Lake Okanagan view, or sending surges of comfort by way of the central, elongated fireplace, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is built for the good life. Outfitted with top-of-the-line finishings, the modern three-storey house features custom millwork, high-end


cabinetry, panel-ready appliances, timeless Caesarstone countertops, a contemporary glass staircase and Italian tile throughout.

In the fully finished basement, you can wind down at the bar, get active in the recreation room or relax with a movie in the media room. And upstairs is selfcare central, with a master bedroom featuring a giant en suite with a huge shower and freestanding tub.


For Jas Sidhu, homebuilder and owner of Palermo Homes, getting involved in the Hometown Heroes Lottery this year was a no-brainer.

“It’s a good cause, and it makes me happy to do something that helps others,” he says.

Sidhu’s vision of doing good extends to building high-quality homes that offer comfort and a place to enjoy a happy, healthy life, which is easy to envision in this 3,700-square-foot home, located in the award-winning Lakestone development.

With a big backyard and a lakeview lot and a mountain backdrop, it’s the perfect place to make the most of all that BC has to offer, while supporting the Hometown Heroes Lottery, which provides critical operational funds to the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation and the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.

“This is something positive to be part of,” Sidhu says. “That’s why I’ve been working with them for a few years now.”

The Hometown Heroes Lottery offers every British Columbian the opportunity to be a hero to those in need of critical medical care.

“There’s a lot of despair in the world right now, and there’s a huge need for the funds this lottery raises,” says lottery spokesperson Sebastian Sevallo, whose experience as a firefighter, TV personality and professional home renovator led him to help raise awareness of the lottery for the past seven years.

“People are looking for ways to help and don’t necessarily know how.”

Sevallo has witnessed first-hand how so many people—including his col

a beautiful experience.TM Kelowna (250) 762-3422 1-2121 Springfield Rd The way a flooring sTore should be find your sTyle. and CoMforT leVel. we MaKe iT easy. over 40 years celebrating in business We are focused on making your floor covering purchase and installation more efficient, valuable and inspirational than ever before. We call it a beautiful experience. west Kelowna (250) 769-2169 4-1726 Byland Road

Inspiring Confidence for 90 Years

Gerber is proudly celebrating our 90th anniversary in manufacturing tried and true, high-quality kitchen and bathroom plumbing products.

We earn the trust of trade professionals and homeowners alike who find value in products that have both style and substance–performing without exception for years to come, all while being surprisingly affordable. | MAY/JUNE 2022 39
Sidhu’s vision of doing good extends to building highquality homes that offer comfort and a place to enjoy a happy, healthy life, which is easy to envision in this 3,700-squarefoot home, located in the awardwinning Lakestone development.
BG S HO W ROOMS CO M kitchen & bath fixtures WEST KELOWNA

leagues—have benefitted from the services of health care centres like GF Strong and the Burn Centre.

“I recently visited the Burn Centre in Vancouver,” he says. “Families that need treatment at VGH can stay there, and each suite is paid for by a different firefighter local,” he says, adding, “The kitchen is fantastic. It’s fully stocked with everything these families need, which is important, because when burn survivors are recovering, they need to eat three times what they normally would to sustain the healing process. Having that food available to them means they can focus on what’s really important.”


Everyone loves a well-stocked kitchen, and this Lakestone home delivers, with ample pantry space in the custom-designed silver elm cabinets by Old World Cabinets. Marble granite countertops by Master Mason offer aesthetic prep space, while an oversized waterfall-edge island with pull-up bar provides the perfect place for casual catch-ups or homework at day’s end.

The moment you walk through the front door of this house, it’s clear it’s geared towards comfort and understated style. To the left, a mudroom is outfitted with a gorgeous millwork bench with Caesarstone waterfall edge. To the right, a glass staircase encloses white oak stairs leading up to the main floor. Straight ahead is the rec room and gym, and just beyond sits the media room and lounge with a gorgeous Venus stone quartzite wet bar, offering an enclave of relaxation. A guest bedroom and three-piece bathroom round out the lower level. | MAY/JUNE 2022 40
Jennifer Kostuik is Celebrating 25 Years Special Exhibition June 16 - July 31, 2022 KOSTUIK GALLERY office 604.737.3969 1070 Homer Street Vancouver, BC @jkostuikgallery

Upstairs, the main floor opens onto the space-maximizing kitchen, complete with Fisher & Paykel appliances, including panel-ready column fridge and freezer, dual fuel oven, panel-ready dishwasher and storage galore. Just beyond, a covered patio provides al fresco dining options with a view.

Tucked next to the kitchen, hex tiles make a mosaic of the modern laundry room, which is outfitted with Samsung washer and dryer in a softly subtle champagne colour palette.

And just beyond, the dining area connects kitchen and great room, where the lake view, creamy fireplace tiling and earth-toned custom cabinets combine to create a perfect palette of lakeside hues.

Next to the great room, the primary bedroom and large en suite offer a quick escape for any-time floats in the freestanding tub or touch-ups at the floating vanity with double sinks. A walk-in closet with builtin storage makes easy work of sorting and storing clothing and accessories.

The main bathroom and one more bedroom round out the main floor with a continuation of the modern, contemporary aesthetic and a soft white colour scheme.

A ticket to the Hometown Heroes Lottery gets you a chance to win this home or one of eight others, and every purchase supports the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund as well as VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.

You can get your Hometown Heroes ticket at

Your Child’s Safety Is Our Top Priority

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• Blinds • Shutters • Shades • Drapes

• Home Automation | MAY/JUNE 2022 42
MIKE BRADLEY PHOTO Lottery spokesperson Sebastian Sevallo.
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Selling and living the Okanagan life | MAY/JUNE 2022 44 business
“Enable prosperity” is the goal at Century 21 Assurance Realty

This March, Anna and Max Carbone celebrated a successful five years since they acquired Century 21 Assurance Realty in Kelowna, having grown the company from 60 to more than 90 high-performing realtors and gaining the distinction of being named Century 21 Canada’s number two overall rated brokerage in the country.

The pair both love the Okanagan, and researched for five years to find a business to bring them here—a place where they could help people succeed and prosper in all aspects of their lives.

“We feel that the Okanagan is the best place in the country to live and work,” says Max, explaining why he and Anna moved here from Toronto. “The people are friendly, it’s more relaxed, it has a more enjoyable pace of life, but also has a thriving entrepreneurial culture.”

Both had experience in real estate prior to moving to the Okanagan. Anna came to the table with a long and successful career in sales and senior management positions in media companies, including CHUM Television, CTV and Bell Media, and grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and property investors. And Max had worked in commercial real estate in the GTA, facilitating multi-million-dollar deals, and had also established his own strategic planning firm, which worked with many of Canada’s leading real estate firms, corporations, entrepreneurs, not-for-profits and more.

Taking on Century 21 made sense, but it was also an opportunity for the pair to turn their efforts to something more personalized.

“We thought it would be nice to help people prosper, and not just businesses,” says Max. “We enjoy helping new realtors to get going and be successful, as well as helping experienced realtors improve their careers while having time to enjoy the amazing Okanagan lifestyle.”

In addition to personalized high-performance strategic coaching, another impactful aspect of the brokerage is Elevate 21, a comprehensive in-house marketing service provided to every real estate agent, ensuring that each listing has the same high level of photography, social media exposure, signage, professional website and more—and all for a lower cost and higher value than if the agents had to do all the work themselves.

“We have exceptional photographers and a terrific marketing team. We do all of the photography and high-quality virtual tours. We support the property marketing for our realtors,” explains Anna. “This saves realtors an incredible amount of time, which they’re able to then spend with their clients, or with their families enjoying life in the Okanagan.”

Elevate 21 is also what helped attract Dean Desrosiers to the company. After being in the real estate business since 2008, Dean has recently signed on as a partner with Max and Anna after working as an associate broker for several years. Dean, an accredited real estate coach, is passionate about working | MAY/JUNE 2022 45
200-1615 Dickson Ave | 250-469-9690 KELOWNA’S COMMUNITY GATHERING SPOT In the Heart of the Landmark District DAILY FEATURES • HAPPY HOUR • LATE NIGHT High Quality Ingredients Locally Sourced Unique Twists on your Favourite Staples At Hannah Katey Interior Design, we believe in creativity, function, collaboration, and excellent results. Let us lead the way to ensure your ideals are thoughtfully executed down to every last detail. Book a consultation today! Renovations // New Builds // Commercial 250-575-0246 HANNAH

with and helping people on a very personal level, whether that’s the agents he’s working with, or their clients.

“Real estate is one of those professions where you can work 12 hours a day very easily and still not have success, and it can wear you down,” he says. “With Elevate 21, we deliver a win-win, where the agent can sign up a client and we’ll work together to help the realtor look great with that client.”

Moving into the partner position, Dean’s shifted to a more behindthe-scenes role in supporting agents.

“It’s super important that agents know that they have somebody behind them who understands what can go right and what can go wrong,” he says, adding that Century 21 in Kelowna has an incredibly (and unusually) high ratio of brokers to agents. With three brokers and five senior managers ready to support the cast of agents, someone is always available.

“An agent might need to talk to one of us for two or three minutes, and it’s not a lot of time, but it makes a difference,” says Dean. “They might need someone with experience to bounce an idea off of, and we always want them to feel and know that they can call us anytime.”

“Dean is also a licensed coach and he’s a really solid member of the leadership team to help the younger and inexperienced members evolve,” says Anna. “It can be pretty daunting, graduating from your real estate course and not knowing where to start.”

Max pioneered a proven purpose-based coaching program that “helps realtors and entrepreneurs determine their life purpose, values and goals,” he explains. “It’s a very powerful approach, as it’s based on helping them create and execute a plan that’s in line with their personal and career aspirations.”

Anna says, “The people who are attracted to living in the Okanagan are here for very deliberate reasons, so our brokerage’s ability to lighten up realtors’ workloads helps them align with their life values.”

Max adds, “Our company philosophy is to ‘enable prosperity,’ both financial and in personal wellbeing.”

That approach has resulted in a win-win for staff, realtors and their clients.

“Honestly, I think we have the best agents in the Okanagan at our brokerage,” says Dean, “down to every last one of them.” | MAY/JUNE 2022 46
“We enjoy helping new realtors to get going and be successful, as well as helping experienced realtors improve their careers while having time to enjoy the amazing Okanagan lifestyle.”




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Join the Foxy Revolution


Strapless Ombre

Feather Mini Dress, Catherine Regehr, $6,590; Vvlogo

Link Chain Necklace, Valentino

Garavani, $1,750.

pack PyourJs

We’re headed to the Rosewood Hotel Georgia

In the heart of downtown Vancouver, overlooking the Vancouver Art Gallery and surrounded by beautiful cafes and chic restaurants, sits a grand old hotel that combines the splendor of a bygone era with contemporary design and amenities. Luxury awaits in the grand suites that feature private rooftop garden terraces boasting plunge pools and fireplaces. Matching the elegance, the fashion emerges with details reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties—frisky feathers, playful bows and lush loungewear.


Stine Goya

Dress, $490 and Cartier Sunglasses, both from Nordstrom Vancouver.

Melissa Odabash Swimsuit, $331, from Nordstrom Vancouver, Vintage Givenchy Choker, stylist’s own. Strapless Charles Gown, Catherine Regehr, $4,390; shoes from SJP Collection, $595; Alexander McQueen, Pavé Crystal Hoop Earrings, $1,185. Silken Gown, $380, Pagoda Long Robe, $785, Christine Lingerie. Model: Maya Zylar represented by Wild Management Makeup: Farrah Sanei Photo assistant: Blair Hansen Photographed on location at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. A huge thank you to the Rosewood Hotel Georgia for hosting our team.

Dream on

No lullaby required: tips for harnessing the power of sleep | MAY/JUNE 2022 54

leep is such an essential component of our overall sense of well-being, affecting everything from our emotional and physical health to our productivity and mental acuity. But these days, sleep can be elusive, given stressors around uncertainties like the COVID-19 pandemic, global warming and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

“People are edgy,” says Jonathan Charest, director of athlete sleep services and a behavioural sleep medicine specialist at the Canadian Sleep Society. “And when you’re edgy, you’re not in a relaxed state of mind. Therefore, you will not sink into sleep.”

You may even be tempted—as I am at times—to scroll through Twitter in bed: just one more check of the news before sleep. But then sleep does not come.

“Most of the time we can’t sleep because we are thinking and/ or feeling,” says Elizabeth Stone, a Victoria-based professional life coach. “Thoughts will create chemical changes in the body, which signal the brain to stay alert.”

A vicious circle ensues, she adds: “We lie awake unable to get out of the cycle of brain and body tension. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are stressed. We ‘just can’t sleep.’”

While some of us lose sleep as we ruminate about global events, other people choose to deprive themselves of rest, believing that to be successful, they need to sleep less and work more. Choosing this path can have lasting and sometimes devastating effects, as Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post, discovered when she collapsed in 2007 from exhaustion due to chronic sleep deprivation.

Like many CEOs at the time, she slept a meagre three or four hours a night—not nearly long enough. Her experience led her to write The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time in 2016. The book explores the critical consequences lack of sleep can have on our health, relationships, job performance and happiness—and calls for nothing short of a “sleep revolution.”

As more people like me look for solutions to their sleepless nights, attitudes toward sleep do appear to be shifting.

“I think there’s been a slow recognition of our need to sleep more and our need to protect our sleep,” says Jonathan.

Reclaiming and protecting your sleep is possible—and it’s not as difficult as it may seem. “Human beings are very good at making simple things complicated. We see sleep as this almighty thing,”Jonathan says. “But you haven’t lost the ability to sleep.

Photo: Janis Lempera
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Butterflies on sale now

After two long years, the Central Okanagan Hospice Association is honoured to announce the return of our Butterfly Vigil.


The magnificent release of 600 butterflies is an opportunity for our community to release a butterfly in honour and memory of a loved one who has died.

In fact, you don’t even cause yourself to sleep.”

Sleep is something that happens to you, he stresses: “Your only task is to relax, so your brain can do its actual task of sleeping.”

It sounds so obvious. And it is. We’ve just lost sight of the way our bodies need to prepare for sleep. And, surprise, surprise, those preparations do not include spending an hour in bed reading posts on Twitter or sleeping for three to four hours so you can squeeze more work into your day.

“Your brain is not a switch you can just turn off and on,” stresses Jonathan. “It needs an actual buffer zone to set a tone, so you can switch into relaxation mode, and then into a sleeping mode.”

When we were children, our parents emphasized the importance of sleep.

“You’ve got to get a good night’s sleep to do well at school,” I can hear my mother saying, as she turned off my light for a third time. Sleep was encouraged with routine: a hot bath, a bedtime snack, perhaps, or a story-time book. Similarly, adults also need a bedtime routine.

“Our brains love routine,” says Jonathan. “It balances our rhythm, and if we have the same routine every night, it is the best course of action.”

Aside from the routine of a regular bedtime, Jonathan recommends that his patients get in the habit of spending 30 to 60 minutes prior to bedtime doing a hobby or activity that they enjoy. “This choice should not be driven by productivity or efficiency,” he says. “Dig into your creativity bag: it could be working in the garage, listening to music, stretching, meditation, reading, or doing puzzles—whatever you like. It’s highly individualized.”

Once in bed, he insists, you will go to sleep.

“It’s just like when you go to your table to eat. You don’t go to your table to wait to be hungry; similarly, you don’t go to bed to wait to be sleepy.”

Since speaking with Jonathan, I’ve started to pay attention to creating my own buffer zone. I’m opting to read for an hour before going to bed, and I’m leaving my phone in another room for the night. It may seem obvious to me now, but it’s working— I’m falling asleep quickly and I’m staying asleep. Best of all, I’m feeling so much better during the day. “People are now looking at sleep as a powerful tool,” says Jonathan. “It really is the almighty weapon for productivity.”


Make sure you are getting enough sleep. While your need for sleep can change over time, the Canadian Sleep Society recommends people try to get between seven to nine hours of sleep every night. It’s also helpful to maintain set bed- and wake-times. | MAY/JUNE 2022 56
“Your only task is to relax, so your brain can do its actual task of sleeping.”
visit or
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Set the stage for sleep. Prepare your bedroom for a healthy sleep by keeping the temperature cool and the environment comfortable and peaceful. Keeping your bedroom dark at night, for instance, with black-out curtains, is also very important for sleep, says Jonathan.

Create a consistent bedtime buffer zone by adding a relaxing activity before bed. “What do you like to do that you wish you had more time to do?” asks Jonathan. “I can guarantee that you can find 30 to 60 minutes every evening.”

Re-enter the buffer zone if you can’t get back to sleep. While Jonathan says it’s perfectly normal to wake during the night, if you can’t get back to sleep within 20 minutes, get out of bed, and restart the relaxation schedule until you are sleepy once again.

Turn off the devices, and leave them outside the bedroom. The Canadian Sleep Society reasons that when we avoid the news in our bedroom, this special place becomes less associated with stress. Try to keep your news consumption to daytime hours, it suggests. (I am now using an old-school alarm clock to avoid the temptation to “doom scroll” in the middle of the night.)

Get out of your head and into your body, suggests Elizabeth Stone. “Once you’ve interrupted the mind cycle by being in your body, you can’t help but calm down your system. There are many methods and meditations to help do this, including yoga nidra, which is focused attention on parts of the body, along with | MAY/JUNE 2022 58
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“People are
now looking
sleep as a powerful tool. It really is
almighty weapon for productivity.”

out on your balcony or into your garden to soak up some daylight rays.

But dim the lights in the evening. Lower light helps stimulate melatonin production and will enhance your ability to fall asleep, says the Canadian Sleep Society.

Watch what you consume in the evening hours. Avoid caffeinated drinks, fatty or heavy foods, or excess alcohol, all of which can affect your ability to fall asleep, cause you to wake up during the night, and reduce the depth of your sleep, says the Canadian Sleep Society.

Get professional help if necessary. If your sleep problems persist, see your family physician and/or a sleep specialist. Don’t try to go it alone with a sleep aid someone else recommended.


Sleep Rituals: 100 Practices for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep by Jennifer Williamson (Adams Media, 2019).

The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time by Arianna Huffington, paperback edition (Harmony/ Rodale, 2017).

Sleep on It: An excellent resource from the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network, the Canadian Sleep Society, Fondation Sommeil and Wake Up Narcolepsy Canada offering lively educational videos, podcasts and more about sleep and sleep disorders. | MAY/JUNE 2022 59
Showhome Open Daily 12 - 4pm, Closed Mondays 9854 Beacon Hill Drive, Lake Country Lakestone Preferred Builder |

The In uencers

Meet some of the Okanagan’s top entrepreneurs as they describe the colour of their world and their dreams for the future. Boulevard presents: The Influencers

There was no better place to express the bright and colourful vibrancy of the Okanagan’s business leaders than lush and lavish Predator Ridge. Located just outside of Vernon, and established 30 years ago, Predator Ridge is home to a thriving year-round community and beautiful geography. Set against a backdrop of golf greens and rolling hills, the Lodge and The Range Lounge, Boulevard asked the Okanagan’s business community to dwell on colour and their dreams for the coming year.

PHOTOGRAPHY Lia Crowe, Don Denton, Michele Dyson WORDS Angela Cowan Shot on location at Predator Ridge

Candace Kezama

Red represents passion and power, and it’s a little fiery, kind of like me. Even though I don’t wear it very often, I get many compliments when I do. I have goals, and in order to achieve them, I call on this red energy to direct me forward while aiming outside the box. My dream for this next year is to have nothing but positivity and growth in both my business and personal life!


Colin Ford

I’ve always been drawn to turquoise. It’s light, fresh and tranquil, like tropical waters, and it satisfies my deep need in both my work and home life to create an emotional balance, and a desire to express my hopes and dreams. Yes, I have always been a dreamer! And I hope to bring that into this next year to create a space where both clients and the team feel this tranquility and freedom to express themselves.

Blank Canvas Hair Co. /

Makeup by Jenny McKinney

My world is red – My world is turquoise

Kirsten Brown

Being the daughter of a painter and an interior designer myself, I love colour and the emotions it stirs up. I believe colour creates energy. Don’t we all thrive on positive energy? Because of that, I inject colour into my surroundings wherever I can. In 2022, I want to have a positive effect on the people around me and create change and growth in the company I work for.

Manager of Operations, Blenk Development/Wilden Construction Corp. /

Makeup by Jenny McKinney My world is full of colour.

Neil Fassina

My world is a kaleidoscope of colour—one in which everyone is welcomed into an equitable, inclusive and accessible environment to learn, create and share. A world in which inspiration is created and reciprocated by people strengthening the fabric of their lives and of those around them through learning. I dream that people who experience systemic barriers between them and a college education have the courage to work with us to dismantle those barriers.

My world is a kaleidoscope .

Dena Barabash

I love white because I love working with a blank canvas in design, style and in life. My dream is to grow the company sustainably, while being cognizant of community and global issues and charitable initiatives; to maintain relationships with our incredible longterm clients through our signature detailed events and bespoke marketing campaigns; to strategically launch DDI into the Metaverse; and to develop an internal team focusing on NFT and crypto-based events and engagements, globally.

Owner, Details Design Inc. /

My world is white.

Our world is green.

At Predator Ridge, our model is about celebrating the outdoors, with over 50 per cent of our lands protected as private and public parks for our residents and guests to enjoy. After a couple of years of continuous disruption, we dream of welcoming many new homeowners and guests to this special resort community and region so they can enjoy all the amenities. Our dream is delivering on the dreams of our customers!

Elaine Weatherill Executive Assistant to Brad Pelletier Dick Zokol Golf & Real Estate Specialist Rob Davidson Vice President, Product & Planning (Wesbild) Brad Pelletier Senior Vice President, Wesbild Okanagan Ric Thomsen Real Estate Specialist TJ MacNamara Director of Land and Development Claire Radford Real Estate Specialist Predator Ridge

Carla Bond Fisher

Blue symbolizes stability, harmony, trust and confidence . . . many of the qualities we’re embracing among our design team and bringing to our clients. I also imagine lying in the grass gazing up at the clouds, and can’t we all use a little of that? My dreams for next year are ingenious interior design projects, trusting relationships and a heart-warming sense of purpose and achievement. It’s about being clear on who and what is really important.

President and Founder, Sticks + Stones Design Group Inc. / Hair and makeup by Kathryn Ramsay Esthetics

The colour of my world is blue.

Tom Dyas / Lyndon Dyas

TD Benefits’ world is bright and full of colour! Our dream for the next year is that businesses continue to not only recover, but prosper. We look forward to meeting people within our community—and our extremely valued clients—face to face, as we continue to build human connections. Our wish is that all of us small business owners continue to work together and support one another to keep our community strong and vibrant.

Our world is full of colour.

Alanna Driscoll

Many of my best memories are saturated in green: the swaying grass covering Nose Hill, lush jungles of Costa Rica and the tempting emerald of glacier lakes. It grounds me and inspires my love of nature and health. My dream for the next year is to embody my new motto: work hard, play hard, rest hard. I’m excited to build my business, explore my beautiful new province, and enjoy taking care of my health. Owner


Pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and of others. My world is filled with giving love and conquering the challenges I’ve had with self love. My dream for the next year is to continue growing, loving on my clients so they feel strong in their bodies and practicing what I preach!

Evolved Strength Training Studios /

Clara My world is green – My world is pink

Andre Brosseau / Shabir Haji

Green, in our view of the world, symbolizes the coming of spring, new growth and the possibilities of life. For the next year, we dream of improved access to assistance and care for those who struggle with mental health and the stigmas surrounding it. Many are misdiagnosed, misunderstood and sadly marginalized.

Our world is green.

My world is built of shapes – My world is red

Geoff Hall

I’m colour blind, so my world is built from shapes and numbers. Right now it’s triangular as I balance a hectic but rewarding career and a wonderful relationship with my stunning girlfriend, while finding enough time in the day to cuddle our new puppy. My dream is that 2022 allows everyone to focus less on the stresses and uncertainty of the past, and that we all re-establish our goals and re-invigorate our personal exploration.


Nate Cassie

Being younger than many of my colleagues and coming from a body-building background, I am focused on proving myself every day. Like a bull with a red flag, I am in full attack mode. My dreams this year for myself and everyone around me are basically those of a professional athlete: stay healthy, stay focused and stay at the top of the game.



Nicole Starke

The colour of my world exists in the beauty and magic that is present in each moment. This beauty and magic in colour is a perception that influences our thoughts, feelings and responses, and can motivate, inspire, soothe and enhance our lives. My dream is to continue sharing love and light in guiding others to find their inner light and become aware that the beauty and magic that surrounds us comes from within.

My world is colourful in each moment.

Our world is blue.

Blue is our signature. It’s knowledge and discretion, and it’s the foundation of our team at Sotheby’s. This year, more than ever, we are looking forward to building new relationships and connecting in person with our clients, friends and family.

Thomas Robinson Real Estate Advisor Natalie Walstrom Real Estate Advisor Makeup by Jenny McKinney Nathan Flavel Personal Real Estate Corporation Associate Broker Scott Jenvey Real Estate Advisor Okanagan Group, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada /

Kathleen Lemieux

Green is associated with peacefulness, growth and health. My dream for the next year is to continue the work I love: working with not-for-profits through Do Gooders. My dreams are simple. I just want my family to stay healthy, safe and happy.

My world is green.

Kelley van Hees

My world is all the bright and vibrant colours that symbolize spring, because they bring an amazing sense of encouragement and happiness. There is a lot of excitement in the year to come as we plan our destination wedding, and continue to help people find their dream homes.


Marlin Redpath

For me, the colour blue signifies peace and happiness. I’ve always loved it and all the amazing things it represents, especially the skies and lakes we so often enjoy here in the Okanagan. So blessed! My dream for the next year is to marry this beautiful woman next to me. I’m also enjoying life post pandemic… enjoying the outdoors, restaurants and most of all, seeing communities come alive again with kids playing and neighbourhoods gathering socially.


Real Estate Professionals

My world is all the colours of spring – My world is blue

Blaine Vernon-Jarvis / Michal Gook

Our world is a rainbow because it’s all-encompassing, bright and dark at the same time, just like our amazing world. Our dream for the next year is to provide more great experiences for our clients and community, to grow as the top boutique real estate brokerage throughout the Okanagan through hard work, dedication and passion, all while having an amazing time building our relationships with our clients, friends and families.

Personal Real Estate Corporation and Brokerage Owners, Judy Lindsay Okanagan / Our world is a rainbow.

Melissa Clark

I love blue. I love the water and the sky, both of which are anchors in my life. The last two years have prompted us all to re-evaluate our dreams and goals for the future. In this next year, I dream of spending time with family, taking long road trips and coming home to a backyard full of rescue dogs.

Contract Financial Controller, Building Books Solutions / LinkedIn: Building Books Solutions Streamlining construction companies.

My world is blue.

Angie Norman

As a female leader in the cabinetry industry, the colour pink represents the perfect balance of feminine creativity, intuition and strength. Kitchens are not only the focus of the home, but how we express ourselves with those we love. It’s been a difficult two years and I look at the future optimistically. My focus for the next year is to create a strong community with the Westwood team, customers and industry. Our goal is to deliver the best experience and help our customers create a warm, loving space and lifelong memories.

President/Partner, Westwood Fine Cabinetry /

Makeup by Jenny McKinney

My colour is pink.

Dave McAnerney

I’m excited for more blue sky and the greening up of our beautiful valley. It’s been a difficult few years and we all need things that lift our spirits and create excitement. Our travel calendars are filling up rapidly, business in the Okanagan is rebounding and we are connecting face to face again. It feels like our world is heading in the right direction and my wishes for a better 2022 now focus on Ukraine.

CEO, Stober Group /

My world is blue and green.

Kim Berg

Blue is my sweet grandfather’s eyes, the amazing Kelowna sky on a summer day and it’s the essence of water, my go-to for fun or for rest. The challenges faced these last four years have solidified my determination to invest deeply in the people in my life, both personally and professionally, to create peace and joy. . . something I dare say we all need an extra dose of!

Owner/President, European Goldsmith Fine Jewellery / Makeup by Jenny McKinney

My world is blue.

Brad Klassen

For me, green represents sustainable, healthy growth. My dreams for the next year are twofold: that it will be an amazing adventure full of challenges and incredible experiences with my family and friends; and that it empowers and inspires my team at Troika to grow, be passionate and to achieve incredible success . . . and make me redundant!

CFO, Troika Management Corp. /

My world is green.

the noble brunch

How to plan, prep and execute an elegant yet effortless brunch spread


food and feast | MAY/JUNE 2022 84

If breakfast is for champions, brunch is for royalty there is no more luxurious way to savour a morning than with a sumptuous feast that spans two mealtimes and seems to have no limit to what you can serve, and how you can serve it. Sweet interwoven with savoury and easing your way into a Sunday with flowing drinks and mounds of food feels indulgently regal.

It’s no surprise, then, that this lavish mingling of meals gained popularity among aristocratic crowds in 19th century London. While the word “brunch” likely surfaced in some capacity prior to this, it really took hold in 1895 when a London publication called Hunter’s Weekly circulated an article called “Brunch: A Plea,” and argued that a late social breakfast on Sunday “would make life brighter for Saturday night carousers.”

The author, Guy Beringer, also suggested that alcoholic drinks be served, paving the way for those beloved brunch fixtures of mimosas and Caesars. One year later, the word “brunch” was published in North America for the first time, when an article titled “The Newest Thing in Lunches” in the New Oxford News and Notes for Women introduced readers to the “fad” of eating between breakfast and lunch—a craze that was clearly so splendid that it still reigns supreme 125 years later.

While many renowned restaurants, luxury hotels and popular cafes have found huge followings (and lineups) with their Sunday brunch menus, it’s personally my most ideal repast for an at-home gathering.

It’s early enough that guests can still enjoy their afternoon and evening, but not so early that alarms must be set before the sun rises and conversations are dappled with gaping yawns. It’s often family-friendly, whereby folks don’t have to fight bedtimes or schedule sitters, and lends itself well to a casual, come-and-go atmosphere

You take our breath away...

You take our breath away...

Thank you to each and every one of our guests who have helped recognize us as the

Thank you to each and every one of our guests who have helped recognize us as the

#1 Top Hotel

in Canada

#1 Top Hotel in


#19 Top Hotel in the World

#19 Top Hotel in the World

in the Condé Nast Traveller 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards.

in the Condé Nast Traveller 2021 Readers’ Choice Awards.

We are speechless and humbled to have your support during these ever-changing times. We hope you continue to find a haven in this special place you helped us create.

We are speechless and humbled to have your support during these ever-changing times. We hope you continue to find a haven in this special place you helped us create.

Our Best, Always.

Our Best, Always.

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia


The city’s largest POP-UP DINNER PARTY returns this summer to a secret location in the Okanagan. Register now to attend this exclusive event.

conducive to little ones, who don’t always like to sit still for long. The only downside is that unlike dinner, the host doesn’t have the whole day to get ready. However, as a long-time brunch enthusiast and well-practised brunch provider, I do, of course, have a few tricks and tips for preparing and executing an elegant yet effortless brunch, which you as the host will still be able to revel in with royal relaxation.


Putting those finishing touches on dishes, cleaning up the kitchen and getting yourself dressed and ready to roll, the morning will have enough going on without the added worry of how many forks you’ll need and which glassware to set out. Getting all that sorted in advance will not only take one thing off your day-of to-do list, but it’s likely you’ll be able to enjoy this artful aspect of party prep in the quiet moments of the evening prior. If table decor isn’t your thing, treat yourself to a table setting service like The Proper Table, which provided the stunning setup for this story.


When menu planning your brunch, take a look at recipes that offer easy, make-ahead elements. Can you pre-cook your bacon and sausage and reheat them stovetop when you’re readwy to dig in? Can you make the mix for your omelettes or hashes ahead of time and just focus on the eggs when your guests arrive?

I personally love things like shakshuka, whereby I make the stewy base beforehand and add the eggs in the morning. What I adore even more about this dish is that it serves everyone all at once, whereas other egg-based offerings like omelettes require you either keep each one warm until all are cooked, or serve guests one by one as the omelettes are ready.


Serving food at its ideal temperature is one of the most stressful aspects of hosting any meal. Breakfast potatoes are especially hard to keep warm without getting overly dry and mealy. That’s why I adore the idea of a breakfast potato salad that is pre-prepped and then assembled in the morning. Similarly, egg salad, tuna salad, bean salad and even a breakfast-inspired salad with medium boiled eggs (see the April/May 2021 issue of Boulevard for that recipe) are great variations on this theme.


Individually plating and serving dishes at brunch means you likely won’t be able to sit and socialize. I’ve been there far too many times as whole meals flew by while I spent the entirety of it in the kitchen, sweating, swearing and resenting the fact that I didn’t have a single conversation with my beloved visitors. DIY boards solve this problem and provide impressive presentation points, as well as an interactive edge that makes for a fun and dynamic dining experience. Build-your-own pancake, waffle, French toast, or bagel boards offer you a bit of a break, while guests are able to pile on the toppings just as they please.


No matter how organized you are, it’s likely you’ll still need something to stall arriving guests as you finesse those lingering elements. I’m a big fan of a welcome cocktail when hosting any meal or event—it’s a lovely way to ease someone into your space. Bloody Marys, Caesars or mimosas are all classic brunch libations, and all lend well to virgin versions, whether simply leaving out the booze, or subbing it with a non-alcoholic option. A personal favourite is equal parts freshly squeezed orange juice and gingery kombucha for a sober mimosa with a bit of a kick.

While many renowned restaurants, luxury hotels and popular cafes have found huge followings (and lineups) with their Sunday brunch menus, it’s personally my most ideal repast for an at-home gathering. | MAY/JUNE 2022 86

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

While I could have shared a classic fluffy pancake recipe, the internet already has thousands of great ones to choose from. Instead, I wanted to offer my toddler-approved go-to these days: pancakes that whir up effortlessly in the blender and provide a hearty and healthy option for your build-your-own pancake board. For peace of mind, fry up the pancakes ahead of time, and either reheat them on the stovetop or in the oven or toaster.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes per pancake

Makes 6 medium sized pancakes


2 large eggs

1 large (very ripe) banana

1 ½ cups old fashioned rolled oats

2 tbsp melted butter (plus extra for frying)

3 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp cinnamon

Pinch of sea salt


Combine all the ingredients in a high-powered blender and blend until smooth (1-2 minutes).

Heat a frying pan over medium heat, and coat with a small amount of melted butter. Once the surface is hot, add about a quarter cup of batter, and cook until the pancake puffs up and bubbles begin to form (about 2 minutes). Gently flip the pancake over and cook another 2 minutes until golden brown on the underside. Wipe the pan clean and repeat with the remaining batter, and add more butter as needed.

You can cook multiple pancakes at once—this will just depend on how big your pan is. If you find the pancakes are browning too quickly, lower the heat so that the pancakes don’t over-brown or burn. You may also notice that the batter is a bit on the thick side. If you’re finding it too gummy, either add in a small amount of water or milk, one tablespoon at a time, to thin it out slightly, or you can spread it out with a spoon once you drop the batter on the pan. | MAY/JUNE 2022 87 Tasting Room Open Daily 11am - 5:30pm Garden Bistro Open Daily 12:00pm Spring is here! Join us for a Peak Portfolio Experience $35 for 5 wines with Cheese and Charcuterie $10 rebate with purchase Book your special celebration in our Pergola Special packages 10 - 40 guests
Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Make-Ahead Shakshuka

While the origins of shakshuka are much debated, it seems most can agree that it has roots in the Maghreb region of North Africa and gained popularity throughout the South West and Middle East before finding its way as a staple on trendy North America brunch menus.

Prep time: 10 minutes; Cook time: 20 minutes; Makes 4 servings


2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp harissa

2 tsp tomato paste

1 large onion, diced into ¼ inch pieces

2 large red peppers, diced into ¼ inch pieces

Breakfast Potato Salad with Arugula Chimichurri

While nothing beats hot and crispy breakfast potatoes, this is a fresh alternative perfect for spring. When making this dish I roast the potatoes, make the chimichurri and slice the olives ahead of time, and assemble it all together right before guests arrive for maximum flavour and freshness, but minimal effort.

Prep time: 5 minutes; Cook time: 25 minutes; Makes 4 servings


1 ½ lbs fingerling potatoes

1-2 tbsp olive oil

1⁄3 cup Kalamata olives, pitted and sliced

1⁄3 cup green peas

¼ cup crumbled goat feta

1-2 loose cups baby arugula

About ½ cup arugula chimichurri (recipe below)

For the arugula chimichurri…

2-3 loose cups baby arugula

3 cloves fresh garlic, peeled

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

1⁄3 cup extra virgin olive oil

¼ tsp chili flakes

¼ tsp sea salt, or to taste


Preheat your oven to 400 F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut the potatoes in half longways, and toss them with 1 to 2 tbsp olive oil, so that they’re evenly coated. Transfer the potatoes to the prepared baking sheet and roast for 15 minutes until the bottoms are slightly golden brown. Flip the potatoes and roast for another 10 minutes, until they’re tender all the way through.

While the potatoes are roasting, prepare the chimichurri by combining the arugula, garlic, red wine vinegar and chili flakes in a food processor. Pulse until the arugula is evenly chopped, add the olive oil and continue to pulse until somewhat smooth, scraping down the sides as you go. Taste, and season with salt as needed.

Once the potatoes have cooled, transfer them to a large bowl and toss them with the chimichurri until evenly coated. Gently mix in all other remaining ingredients and serve.

4 garlic cloves, peeled and minced

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp sweet paprika

½ tsp sea salt (or to taste)

1 large can (796 ml or 28 fl oz) diced tomatoes (you can also use fresh tomatoes)

4 large eggs

½ cup labneh or thick yogurt

Optional garnishes of chopped parsley and chili flakes


In a large frying pan (ideally cast iron) over medium heat, warm the olive oil and sauté the onion until soft, followed by the red pepper, harissa, tomato paste, garlic, cumin, paprika and salt. Sauté for about 10 minutes, until the peppers also soften. Add the tomatoes, bring to a gentle simmer and cook for about 10 minutes more.

Remove the pan from the burner and allow to cool before transferring to a sealable container (you can keep the mix in the fridge for up to a week).

When you’re ready to add the eggs and enjoy, transfer the mix back to a large frying pan over medium heat. Once it starts to bubble and thicken a bit, create 4 little dips, gently break the eggs, and carefully pour each into its own divot. Simmer gently for 8 to 10 minutes until the egg whites are set but the yolks are still runny (you can also speed up this process by covering the pan with a lid.) If you like the eggs more evenly cooked through, transfer the pan into the oven at 350 F for 5-10 minutes or so, until you’re happy with the yolk consistency. Note that you’ll need an oven-safe pan for this!

Remove from the heat, leave for a couple of minutes to settle and serve with the labneh or yogurt and any other garnishes such as parsley or chili flakes.

Breakfast Potato Salad with Arugula Chimichurri | MAY/JUNE 2022 88
Make-Ahead Shakshuka


Distinction. Vision.

Dolce On Bernard

A rare opportunity and exclusive offering of Luxury Townhomes coming to prominent Bernard Avenue, in the heart of Kelowna, British Columbia. Live on the fringe of vibrant downtown Kelowna and mere minutes to Okanagan Lake, transit routes, boutique shops and the trendy restaurant, cafe & brewery scene. Indulge in the many luxuries Kelowna has to offer. Homeowners at Dolce on Bernard will experience comfort, lifestyle and sophistication while being immersed in a charming pocket of an established area of Kelowna in a picturesque, grand tree-lined corridor with a neighborhood feel.

Rise, South Glenmore

A boutique collection of modern Townhomes inspired by the breathtaking sunrise over Dilworth mountain and filtered light along the Golf Course in the mornings with double garages, 2 bedrooms and flex, and 2.5 baths. Relax at home in comfort and luxury or escape to the hiking trails, lakes and mountains out your back door. South Glenmore is a central location surrounded by abundant amenities within walking or biking distance and easy access to Okanagan Lake, beaches, hiking trails, downtown night life & restaurants as well as shopping, daycare and schools.

An Exclusive Offering of Luxury Townhomes A Boutique Collection of 10 Modern Townhomes | 250-317-8125 This is not an offering for sale. E.&O.E. Any such offering can only be made with a disclosure statement. Prices are subject to change without notice. The developer reserves the right to make changes and modifications to the information contained herein without prior notice. Artist’s renderings and maps are representations only and may not be accurate. | 778-716-RISE
LifeJust Got Better
“In every day there are 1440 minutes. The choice is yours on how you choose to spend it.”

The big backcountry reveal S

Summertime visit to Northern Escape Mountain Lodge surprises with its array of adventures

adly perhaps, most of us will never experience a backcountry ski lodge, even though BC has dozens of them. Most are out of sight and out of mind.

And with rates for heli-skiing starting about $1,200 a day per person, we’ll happily let well-heeled Europeans carve backcountry bowls for us in winter, while the rest of us make do with a local resort for a tenth of the price.

But backcountry lodges are undeniably appealing. And if you could visit one in summer for a fraction of the price, wouldn’t that make you think twice?

travel | MAY/JUNE 2022 90

It’s almost like having your own mountain chalet, but with someone else making exquisite meals and cleaning up the dirt you track in after a day in the great outdoors.

A few backcountry lodges offer heli-hiking in summer, but one of BC’s newest lodges—Northern Escape Mountain Lodge, near Terrace—is taking a new tack with a surprising assortment of activities.

Last summer I got to do a test run and was smitten with both the concept and the location.

Opened in 2020, Northern Escape is a 45-minute drive from Terrace up a rough logging road (winter visitors fly in by helicopter). While the 10 guest rooms are more functional than fabulous, the rest of the lodge is aesthetically pleasing with a wood-burning fireplace in the lounge, floor-to-ceiling windows and that most essential of lodge amenities—a large, outdoor hot tub—which, in this case, overlooks the aquamarine waters of Treston Lake. And, of course, there’s a bartender who checks to see when you need a refill.

But it’s the proximity of outstanding adventures that makes this place really special.

“We can access some really amazing places right from the lodge,” owner and general manager John Forrest tells us when we arrive, adding that it’s a great place for people who want to try something new.

“If someone wants a seven-day steelhead fishing package, they’re not coming here. But the family from Germany who shows up here for three days, looks at the adventures they can go on, and says, ‘Hey, I’d love to try heli-fishing, that would be fun,’ they can do it.”

I want to try mountain biking, something I’ve always found a little intimidating. But John was right when he said, “The mountain biking trails here are so easy that, literally, grandma and grandpa and the grandkids can get on a mountain bike and go for a ride.”

On high-end electric bikes, we follow a fern-lined trail through a mixed forest and come to a sandy beach that looks so tropical I can’t believe I’m in northern BC. That afternoon we launch kayaks from this tranquil spot and paddle a gentle section of the Kitsumkalum River, ending at another sandy beach, where I cool off with a swim. | MAY/JUNE 2022 91 BUILT WITH TRUST. SUPPORTING LOCAL. Need a reputable expert on your next home construction project? The CHBA-CO has: Find a Qualified Expert at Over 270 Locally Owned Businesses Award-Winning Home Builders, Renovators, and Interior Designers Experts in Energy Efficiency - Solar, Windows, Insulation and more! Looking to buy or sell Real Estate in Kelowna Call Shantelle Hildebrandt your Real Estate Specialist. 778.214.2073 SHANTELLE HILDEBRANDT

The next day our adventure gets a little—no, a lot—more exciting. We’re going jet boating on the Skeena River. At first I’m skeptical as I don’t care much for noisy boats. But when I see the Skeena—it’s like a 10-lane expressway of fast flowing water—I’m glad we’re in a powerful boat to negotiate its twists and turns.

Bald eagles pick at dead salmon and black bears wander the shoreline looking for their share. Even in August, snow lingers on the surrounding mountains. When we turn up the Exchamsiks River, the mountains get bigger and the waterway narrows until we come to a logjam that even a jet boat can’t outmaneuver. But no problem—a wide sandbar is the perfect spot for a picnic and bonfire with s’mores.

BC is one of the richest mining regions in the world. But visiting a so-called mining ghost town has never appealed to me. Once again, my preconceptions are shattered when we fly by helicopter the following day to not just one, but two abandoned mines located at a deep inlet close to the southern end of the Alaskan Panhandle.

En route, we whiz past sheer-sided mountains, skimming their craggy tops and dipping low to get a good look at the starkly barren lava bed that formed when a volcano erupted here in the 1700s, destroying two Nisga’a villages and killing 2,000 people.

A little further on, we see the rooftops of Kitsault, a short-lived, company-owned town of about 1,200 people. Our pilot sets down in the parking lot of the recreation centre and for the next couple of hours we’re mesmerized by everything we see.

Kitsault was abandoned in 1983 when the price of molybdenum plummeted, but so much is still the same, you’d think people drove away yesterday. The swimming pool in the rec centre has water in it. Library shelves are stacked with books. The menu of the Town and Country Restaurant is still glued on the window (lingcod and chips are $4.50). In the hospital’s waiting room, René Lévesque glares at me from the cover of a Maclean’s magazine. The headline? “Showdown in Quebec” and it’s dated February 28, 1983.

Perhaps most amazing, the lights turn on and toilets flush in buildings throughout town as the current owner—an American entrepreneur—pays a small crew to keep everything working. He’s

hoping that one day people will live here again, perhaps to work at an LNG facility.

I’m still digesting this time capsule of a town when we leave to explore another one nearby. Anyox was a copper mine in the early 20th century and closed in 1935. A forest fire later destroyed the houses, but the crumbling industrial remains are architecturally magnificent, especially the arched concrete walls of the hydroelectric dam.

Anyox comes from the Nisga’a word anyoose, which means “hidden waters” and refers to a small creek where the Nisga’a used to hide from warring Haida, explains our guide, Rob Bryce, who offers exclusive access to Anyox and Kitsault. “The Haida would always go in and try to find them but they couldn’t,” he chuckles, as we head back to the helicopter and home.

In contrast, I’ve found more than I was looking for on this trip. The places and experiences I’ve enjoyed in northern BC are truly second to none.

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It’s the proximity of outstanding adventures that makes this place really special: “We can access some really amazing places right from the lodge.”

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride unites classic and vintage style motorcycle riders all over the world to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. Help us to reach our international goal of $4.6M and make this an annual event in Kelowna!

Sunday, May 22 – 9am Join the world’s largest charity motorcycle event in the world.

Meet us at your local Triumph Kelowna dealer, M & M Performance

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Dress “Dapper”

secrets and lives — AND THE 7


hen Kim Williams was first asked to host a sex toy party more than four decades ago, she had no idea it would lead her into her life’s work. Now, the entrepreneur and sharp businesswoman has been running Wild Kingdom in Kelowna for the last 23 years, and has become known for her high-quality products and warranties, as well as for going above and beyond to help her customers.

Growing up in Calgary, Kim started on a very different career path as a young woman.

“I was actually driving a truck for a living, hauling asphalt and gravel,” she says. “I was asked by a sex shop one night to host a party that a lady couldn’t get to.”

Kim did it on a lark, ended up making the highest sales the rep had ever seen, and was promptly offered a job. After negotiating a higher salary than driving her truck could offer, Kim took it, and learned the industry for the next few years before breaking away to start out on her own.

“As the industry changed, I changed with it. I watched and learned,” she says. “In a way, it’s the taboo of what normal people do, but somebody’s got to do it, and I’m very good at what I do. And I have a team of women who are just incredible.”

With the growth of well-designed, high-quality intimacy products on the market, as well as curbside pickup and discreet shipping options, it’s become easier than ever to reinvigorate your sex life, which Kim says is vital to everyone’s wellbeing.

“As we get older it kind of drains out of us. You get married and you’re hot and crazy about each other, and then here comes the mortgage and the kids, and you lose it. I have physicians who send patients to me,” she adds. “Men after having prostate cancer, or women with atrophy. It’s our job to make people happy, to feel good and to help them reconnect with their bodies. Everybody has that sensuality, that sex part of their life, and it’s got to keep moving. It’s such an important part of our wellbeing.”

The 7 Sins ENVY:

Whose shoes would you like to walk in?

It would be such an honour to walk in my mom’s shoes. My tough-as-nails mom laid the foundation for me to build a great business and life. She was a sergeant in the Second World War, with hundreds of boys not much younger than her under her command, and immigrated to Canada with nothing but my dad, my sister and my brother. She built a life for our family working as a buyer for Sears Canada. Somehow I was lucky enough to absorb—probably over family dinners—the foundations of business that have allowed me to do the work that created my success.


What is the food you could eat over and over again? I love good food, especially Italian and a great fettuccine alfredo. I dream about Nora’s Italian Cuisine in Las Vegas; it’s just the best of food and hospitality. And I have become pretty confident making Thai cuisine—just ask my family who no longer get takeout!


You’re given $1 million that you have to spend selfishly. What would you spend it on?

If I could stop worrying about my business, staff and customers, I’d dream of lazy days on a beautiful yacht in Croatia, surrounded by my great friends and family, eating amazing food, toasting life with much laughter, marvelling at the amazing beauty all around us and trying to not sunburn my lady parts.


Pet peeves?

People who show disrespect or use threats and intimidation to get their way. If there are women in a group, please don’t refer to them as “guys.” And please, please don’t call me Kimmy. My name is Kim.


Where would you spend a long time doing nothing? After working so hard for so many years, I am just now learning what (besides work) makes me happy. The one escape I indulged in—but not enough—was going to Hawaii, eating fresh fish and lazing on Makena Beach with only water and snacks, and tanning in my birthday suit.


What is the one thing you’re secretly proud of?

I started my business with $300 and despite the ups and downs, changes in direction and setbacks, I have been successful. I am extremely proud of the relationships I’ve built with my staff, suppliers and other small business owners. When the shop is closed and my family is warm and fed, I take great pride in having fought against stereotypes and sexism to make a difference in my customers’ lives. We are dedicated to encouraging destigmatized sex, and opening people to the idea of pleasure, desire, love and acceptance for all.


What makes your heart beat faster?

Helping people find or rediscover some passion and pleasure, to connect with themselves without judgment or fear, and to enjoy freedom and joy. | MAY/JUNE 2022 95

MARCH OF THE CRITTERS | MAY/JUNE 2022 96 narrative

Let me warn you about the term rustic. A “rustic” home may conjure winter scenes of soft-alpaca-sweater-clad couples sipping mulled wine in front of a crackling fireplace, or summertime visions of lazy days spent lounging outdoors on a backyard deck—perhaps the deck is waterworn and slightly haphazard, but still worthy of a photo shoot for Country Cottage

These images are not entirely false, but let’s do a reality check: hours of back-breaking wood splitting and wood stacking will quickly temper a wood-heat love affair; that deck likely needs a visit from a gazillion-dollar-an-hour carpenter, and be damned if all that cosy ambiance doesn’t just make every little creature want to live in that house too.

My first house on Salt Spring Island was an early-century log cabin, and it embodied the term rustic. Belying its picturesque exterior were the various creatures that marched in and out of it, depending on the season. These included ants in the spring, hornets in the summer, mice in the winter and periodic bats year-round.

We received much advice on ways to evict the hornet tenants. Calling pest control might have been the optimal choice, but we were young and broke and willing to try any suggestion, including dangling a fish head over a jar of water. The the only casualty here was the sweet scent of the room. But one night, when some 20 hornets clustered together for a snooze in the crease between the wall and ceiling, Derrick, my husband of the time, said, “Here’s our chance. We’ll vacuum them up.”

The “we’ll” actually meant “he’ll” because I watched the entire exercise from a small crack between the comforter and pillow. As soon as the nozzle hit the cluster, the hornets spewed outwards and voiced their anger by loudly buzzing around the room.

The next scene (observed from my pillow fortress) involved Derrick jumping about, Electrolux nozzle extended. It seemed to work! And while we didn’t usually vacuum the house at midnight, living in a rustic home sometimes called for the unorthodox. (And, honestly, now that I knew the vacuum was a weapon of mass destruction, I couldn’t wait for the flying ants in the spring.)

The attic-residing bats in the log cabin only dropped by once in a while, making a distinct soft flapping sound as they fluttered into the bedroom through an open French door, and sending us diving for cover under the duvet. Derrick, who as a youth in the late ‘60s had long curly hair, once had a bat get caught in his thick locks. He was quite terrified of them and he instilled the same fear in me. Hence the ensuing scenes

of us hiding under blankets, running about the house opening doors and windows, trying to shoo out the unwelcome bats. (It wasn’t until years later, when a bat became trapped in our second home and my younger daughter began cooing at it that I realized these little guys are actually adorable—kind of like hamsters with wings.)

In selecting our second house, we carefully avoided the word rustic. However, on an island of misfit homes—many constructed over several years, with addition built upon addition and where the level of completion depended on how quickly the money ran out—there was bound to be issues.

Salt Spring homes that aren’t rustic are likely quirky. This means you might have to walk through one room to get to another; curtains might replace doors on bathrooms; and potholed driveways often rival BMX racing tracks for negotiability. And either way, as homeowners of either rustic or quirky, everyone dreads the arrival of city-dwelling visitors.

Once, I was preparing for two visitors from Calgary. Things were going quite well on the clean-up end of things (a bout of insomnia the night before had produced a clean fridge by 4 am), and I even got the sliding bathroom door working. But drama was inevitable. Two days before the two sets of fancy city shoes were set to cross the quirky-country threshold…the bird arrived.

Although by this time I’d lived in the house for decades, it was somehow still a surprise every spring when I heard the early-morning thunk on the guest bedroom window. Reflective glass drew at least one randy bird each year, and upon seeing its reflection, it struck the window with force and then happily bounced up and down the length of it for a loud half hour or more. This early bird rose with the sun—arriving about 10 minutes earlier each morning—until its cheery crash hit at 5 am and resonated throughout the house. It was preferable, I guess, to the woodpecker, which for several mornings one year, mistook the gutter outside our bedroom for a tree trunk.

But my current husband Bruce’s favourite time of the year was the annual march of the ants, which started in the early spring with a regiment of tiny sugar ants and moved into an army of larger black ants. As explained by one of my friends, who lived in a rustic and quirky home and knew about such things, the ants merely come and then they go; they are on the move and the house just happens to be in the way. The march of the ants took place for just a few days, but Bruce’s aversion to anything that crawls is strong enough to be amusing, so at least there was that.

And, of course, when all else failed, there was always the vacuum cleaner. | MAY/JUNE 2022 97

behind the story

Boulevard staff bid farewell to Black Press Group Publisher Penny Sakamoto, who retired March 31. In her 15 years as a group publisher at Black Press, Penny worked with a number of magazines, newspapers and digital operations, including the Boulevard Magazine Group, Oak Bay News, Victoria News, Saanich News, Goldstream News Gazette, Monday Magazine and Real Estate Victoria, as well as tourism and trade publications. Boulevard wishes her the very best in all her future endeavors. | MAY/JUNE 2022 98
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