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The 10th Annual Boomtown Film and Music Festival. That sure has a nice ring to it. Yep, the “little film and music festival that could” is turning 10 years old and we owe it all to the generous support that has been shown in Southeast Texas over those 10 years. We can’t thank you all enough, but what we can do is put on the best Boomtown Film and Music Festival yet! Music lovers will find an eclectic mix of local and regional touring acts jam-packed with heavy hitters. Film aficionados can expect a carefully curated cinematic experience and aspiring filmmakers have an opportunity to speak face to face with more industry professionals than ever before at our unique panel discussions. Did I mention a special Saturday night screening of This is Spinal Tap in the Jefferson Theatre? We believe this year’s BoomFest has something for everyone. Check out all the details here in your trusty program or check out and take a look at our fancy new website. To keep up to date with BoomFest follow us on Facebook, we have a ton of cool stuff in the works, but most importantly, thank you for your support. -Chase Kiker, Festival Director

Film Judges • Brian Pennington • David J. Lensing • Jacqueline Rudison • JungHo Bang • Larry Wade Carrell

• Marilyn Swick • Nick Nicholson • Shannon Fontenot • Stefanie Weberhofer • Peter Engelmann

Our Volunteers Chase Kiker - Festival Director Julia Rodriguez - Film Committee Chair, Social Media Taylor Kay VanDevender - Volunteer Coordinator Olivia Busceme - Music Committee Chair Kevin Clay - Music Programmer Danielle Nicole Husband - Film Programmer Christopher Dombrosky - Founding Board Member Travis Leatherwood - Board Member Bryan Lee - Film Contest Director 2

VIPs get access to ALL venues Thursday – Sunday including VIP areas, film panels, and the afterparty. The “All Venue” pass gives you access to ALL venues Thursday – Sunday, film panels, and the afterparty (excluding all VIP areas). Just want to check out “This is Spinal Tap”? We’ve got that too. VIP PASS ................................................ $60 ALL ACCESS............................................. $35 SATURDAY PASS....................................... $20 THUR., FRI., SUN...................................... $10 THIS IS SPINAL TAP! .................................. $5

Our Sponsors! • Jefferson Theatre • Texas Commission on the Arts • Sojourn Church • Texas Film Commission • Spindletap Brewery • Raymond James and Assoc - Angie White (Financial Advisor) • Courville’s • Yogurt Spot • The Loft

In-Kind Sponsors! • Final Draft screenwriting software • The Logon Cafe • Spindletop-Glady City Boomtown • Dishman Art Museum • Lamar University - Department of Comm. • Lake Charles Film & Music Festival • The Gig

Special Thanks! • City of Beaumont • Hawthorne Printing • Kirksey’s Printing


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3805 Calder Ave • (409) 832-1529

240 Crockett St • (409) 833-1700

500 Main St • (409) 832-3432

1030 E Lavaca St • (409) 880-8959

5550 Jimmy Simmons Blvd • (409) 880-1750

(located inside the MCM Eleganté Hotel) 2355 I-10 • (409) 842-3600

345 Fannin St • (409) 838-3435 BOOMTOWN FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL


Feature Films This is Spinal Tap

Saturday 8pm - Jefferson Theatre (1hr 25min, 1984, Comedy) Directed By: Rob Reiner * Rated R Largely improvised by director Rob Reiner and his cast, This Is Spinal Tap looks and sounds like a “real” documentary, with Michael McKean, Harry Shearer, and Christopher Guest as David St. Hubbins, Derek Smalls, and Nigel Tufnel, the key members of a going-nowhere British heavy metal band called Spinal Tap.


Thursday 6:30pm - Dishman Art Museum (44min, 2016, Feature Documentary, Texas) NOTE: contains nudity Directed By: James McMahen Duality is the story of six art nude models who have stepped behind the camera lens to create art involving the female form. *Filmmaker in Attendance


Friday 6:40pm - Gladys City Boomtown Museum (1hr 33min, Feature Documentary, 2014, New York) Directed By: Ryan Kelley The song ‘Dixie’ has haunted the United States for over 150 years. Written in 1859 by a blackface minstrel, the song became the national anthem for the confederacy during the American Civil War. After the war, with slavery abolished, ‘Dixie’ remained a potent symbol of the Old South. Generations of white Americans learned to love the song as a symbol of home and family. As African-Americans increasingly fought back against the racist policies of the Jim Crowe south, in the 1960’s and 70’s, black students risked their lives to end the song. Modern musicians, both black and white, have reinterpreted the song and offered new insights into what it means to be an American, and what the future holds for America’s most dangerous song.


Saturday 1PM - AMSET (1h 22min, Narrative Feature, 2016, Sweden) Directed By: Csaba Bene Perlenberg A stray dog from the alleyways of New Delhi finds itself transported to Sweden, where she is thrust into a series of interactions with some pretty colorful people. And in the end, perhaps there’s a reason life brought her there.




Saturday 1PM - Jefferson Theatre

(1hr 39min, Narrative Feature, 2016, Texas) Director: Andrew Patterson Life is normal for James. He works out at the gym, commutes to work, teaches school, picks up groceries, returns to his suburban home, eats dinner with his wife, and wakes up the next morning to do it all over again. Everything is as it should be. His world is peaceful, calm and happy. Or is it? Never one to think much about the future, James begins to take note of the warning signs all around him that seem to point to impending doom and the collapse of society. After considering all the awful things that could happen, James decides to prepare for the worst. But there is just one problem… he has no idea where to start. Enlisting the help of his wife Sarah, James embarks on a quest to be ready for anything without spending all his money, losing the respect of his friends, or becoming a survivalist freak. * Filmmaker in attendance

MAD for Madonna

Saturday 3:55pm - Jefferson Theatre

(1hr 20min, Feature Documentary, 2016, Switzerland) Director: Matteo Maccarinelli October 6th, 2012, marked Madonna’s 30th Anniversary in the entertainment world and 30 years of intense passion for her fans.From the U.S.A to Israel, France, Italy, Australia and The Netherlands, this exciting and informative documentary uncovers the charming and fierce fandom of Madonna, Queen Of Pop.

Texas Commission on the Arts! The mission of the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) is to advance our state economically and culturally by investing in a creative Texas. TCA supports a diverse and innovative arts community in Texas, throughout the nation and internationally by providing resources to enhance economic development, arts education, cultural tourism and artist sustainability initiatives.


Explore our website to find information on Arts Create and Arts Respond grants, the Texas Touring Roster, Young Masters, Texas State Artists, Cultural Districts, Arts Education, and more. TCA offers numerous resources to the arts and cultural industries including specialized services from our staff and online information on fundraising, marketing, nonprofit basics, and leadership transitions. – Gary Gibbs, Ph.D. Executive Director




Southern Stories

Friday 6:00pm - Gladys City Boomtown Museum

Midnight Oil: The Making of a Mural (25 min, 2016, Texas) Director: Larry Ray Causey

The journey of a West Texas artist, Laura Lewis as she researches, designs and paints a large mural depicting the history of oil discovery in the Permian Basin. *Artist Laura Lewis in attendance

Dirt Track Life

(7 min, 2015, Texas) Director: Caleb McFarland Dirt Track Life is a behind the scenes look into the sport of dirt track racing.



Texas Filmmaker’s Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase

Friday 8:20pm - Gladys City Boomtown Museum (1 hr 29min, Narrative Shorts, 2016)

Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase

The 2016 Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase is a special collection of the best of Texas-made short films presented by the Houston Film Commission. Breakfast in Bed (5:40 min.) by Payton Thropp – Conroe, TX – A young girl faces changes in her family with bravery and hope.

by any possible means. Marco makes a deal with a local coyote but he ends up in the US and not knowing how he got there. With a metal box attached to his arm, he must find his way to his family.

Hit & Run (12:29 min.) by Jason Neulander – Austin, TX – In this Lovecraft-inSound and Time (8:39 min.) spired short, Katie finds an amulet by the side of the road by Angela & Mark Walley – San Antonio, TX – Inspired by and suffers the consequences of picking it up. his sensitivity to sound at a very young age artist Justin Boyd has been recording and working with sound and Jackdaw (14:50 min.) music since the mid 90s. This film follows Boyd as he by Travis Champagne – The Woodlands, TX- A father actively captures field recordings for integration of sound mourns on the one year anniversary of his wife’s disap- with found objects. pearance. Jenny & Tom (14:18 min.) by Ford Gunter – Houston, TX-Jenny and Tom have found the happiness that eludes others by living life on their own terms. But sometimes doubt comes from the warmest of places. Minor Setback (10:00 min.) by Augustine Frizzell – Dallas, TX -High school dropouts and BFF’s, Jessie and Angela come up with a brilliant excuse to skip out on work so they can spend a day at the beach. Laying in the sand, smokin’ fatties and eating donuts is so close they can almost taste it… until something unexpected goes down.

Fantastic Books at Fantastic Prices

More Than Four Hours (10:40 min.) by Bryan Poyser – Austin, TX – On his first day on the job, a high school algebra teacher mixes up his medications to disastrous results.

1720 Magnolia Ave Suite 104 Peor Es Nada “Nothing's Worse” (13:29 min.) by Gabriel Duran – Arlington, TX – Marco is a family man Port Neches, TX and who has nothing left in Mexico. He motivated to FLEURFINEBOOKS.COM get to the US to reunite with his wife and newborn child BOOMTOWN FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL


International Shorts Hari

(15 min, 2016, India) Director: Tushar Tyagi Hari is a story of a young priest who has to choose between the love of his life and his sacred oath of celibacy. *filmmaker in attendance

Saturday 10am - Jefferson Theatre

Eden Hostel

(14 min, 2016, Spain) Director: Gonzago Manso The Eden Hostel is a humble and dirty place run by an elderly couple. A virgin mary statue hangs on the wall of one of its rooms. It narrates the stories of various guests through the years from her particular point of view.

Close Your Eyes … Well

(12 min, 2016, Iraq) Director: Ali Albayati Hamoody is a teenager who plays the violin but he lives in a garbage dumpster with a dream someday he’ll play in a concert. Eden Hostel

This Time With Feeling: Narrative Shorts Injection

(13 min, 2016, California) Director: Michael Urbanski When a mysterious serum is delivered to her door, Claudia Fischer enlists the help of her scientist brother to determine the contents. The results bear a striking resemblance to the research he’s been conducting for the past decade.


(9 min, 2016, Texas) Director: Yen Tan A dying man (Robert Sella) prepares to move in with his estranged mother. He makes an appointment with a beauty consultant (Lindsay Pulsipher) to hide his symptoms.

Saturday 10:50am - Jefferson Theatre

Walk With Me

(15 min, 2016, California) Directors: hazart [kyle + matt] Eric and Ryan, in a chance encounter, end up on an impromptu date walking around city streets. One relationship in six blocks.

Meggan’s Journey (11 min, 2016, Texas) Director: Jason Leal A young woman finds a baby inside her closet which is linked to her recent life changing events.

Fresh Spun Tales: Narrative Shorts Move Me

(23 min, 2016, California) Director: Gabe Crate While hiking in a forest, a couple find an inexplicably immobile stranger with an antique plaque chained around his neck that reads “Human Contact Moves Me”. 8

The Letter Carrier

Meggan’s Journey

Saturday 11:50am - Jefferson Theatre

(18 min, 2016, Canada) Director: Jesse L Martin 1860. A dark fairytale folklore in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The story of a boy and his family hidden from slavery and a parent’s will to protect their freedom at all costs.


Fresh Spun Tales: Narrative Shorts

Saturday 11:50am - Jefferson Theatre

The Zahir

(18 min, 2015, California) Director: Olga Holtz In this tongue-in-cheek magic realist thriller, a young academic tries to unravel the mystery of a British explorer’s disappearance in 19th century India.

Move Me

A Walk on the Dark Side: Narrative Shorts Mauvaises Tetes (Bad Heads)

(14 min, 2015, Connecticut) Director: Rebekah Fieschi A horror film /dark comedy in the spirit of classic MGM and Universal horror from the 1920’s and 30’s. It tells the story of an odd woman, Jenny, who loses her mind in the search for love and decides to create her own lover.

Dawn of the Deaf

Saturday 3:00pm - Jefferson Theatre

The Retriever

(5 min, 2016, California) Director: Nicholas Thurkettle A man is on a simple walk through the woods with a destination plugged into his smart phone … and a shovel.

The Itching

(15 min, 2016, UK) Director: Rob Savage When a sonic pulse infects the hearing population, a small group of Deaf people must band together to survive.

(5 min, 2016, California) Director: Dianne Bellino In this handmade collaboration, a shy wolf tries to befriend a group of hip, party-loving bunnies but finds her body is in revolt.



Scattered Impressions: Experimental Shorts Intangible Body

(3 min, 2016, USA) Director: Aisan Hoss This experimental film explores censorship of Iranian women’s dance performance and what constitutes a woman’s “body” in the digital age.

Water Words

(7 min, 2013, Italy) Director: Omar Dodaro The word is a chain of sounds with several semantic levels.The word is the main way to explore the world and go over.

Leafless Against the Gray Sky

Leafless Against the Gray Sky

(5 min, 2016, USA) Director: Nick Zoulek This film finds beauty in the navigation of order and disorder, utilizing chaotic, yet natural patterns in both the film (ink in water) and in the score (multiphonic and overtone production on bass saxophone).

The Abstract Impression on Water (1 min, 2015, Poland) Director: Georgia Ohio


(4 min, 2016, UK) Director: Frederic Van strydonck Music video for the band, Sorority.

Tom and His Computer Organ

Splintered Stories: Experimental Shorts Hidden

(4 min, 2016, Germany) Director: Léa Luiz de Oliveira A short film poem created by Anton & Irina of PsyDoc Film, St. Petersburg, for the track Hidden by Aukai.


Saturday 10:25am - AMSET

Tom and His Computer Organ

(3 min, 2016, Denmark) Director: Martin Garde Abildgaard A captivating and surreal story about birth.


(4 min, 2016, Spain) Director: Guillermo Madurga Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Nowhereland is a trip through the imagination of a young couple who dreams to escape and share their privacy far away from the world that they are living. 10

Saturday 10am - AMSET

(5 min, 2016, France) Director: Arnaud Viémont Inside a shabby american diner on the side of a lost national road, the mesmerizing dance of a stripper triggers an extremely violent brawl among the customers.


Splintered Stories: Experimental Shorts In the Morning

(7 min, 2016, Russia) Director: Yuriy Chernykh A biker falls in love with a girlfriend of a powerful business man and becomes a tool of vengeance in her hands.

Saturday 10:25am - AMSET

A Love Story

(7 min, 2016, UK) Director: Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara A powerful tale of love faced with darkness.

Films Continued on Pg. 16

In the Morning

A Love Story


Angie White Financial Advisor 2925 Toccoa Road • Beaumont, TX 77703 Phone: 409-347-2323 Toll-Free: 866-316-2323 BOOMTOWN FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL


Festival Schedule Thursday, Feb. 23

Logon Cafe - Inside

Logon Cafe - Outside

Dishman Museum Reception


“Duality” Screening and Q&A 7:00PM


Children of Pop (8:00 PM)

Rob Wellz (8:45 PM)

“Big Dreams” Live Screenplay Reading performed by BCP




Friday, Feb. 24 6:00PM


Deep Cuts (9:30 PM)

Mantra Love (11:00PM)


Spindletop - Film Room Southern Stories: Short Docs (6:00 PM)

Dixie (6:30 PM) Greg Jr. (8:00 PM)




Spindletop - Saloon

Texas Filmmaker’s Showcase (8:30 PM)

Cody Schaeffer (9:00 PM)


Tele Novella (10:00 PM)



Saturday, Feb 25

10:00 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 PM

Jefferson Theatre (Inside)

AMSET Theatre

International Shorts

Scattered Impressions

Fresh Spun Tales

6:00 PM

Jefferson Theatre (Outside)

Social Justice: Shorts

Jim DeVault Panel


Whitney Valcin Panel

2:00 PM

5:00 PM




The Gig

Music Videos


4:00 PM


Splintered Stories

This Time With Feeling

1:00 PM

3:00 PM


A Walk on the Dark Side

Student Shorts

Christian James Hand Panel

Warm Sugar

Meet the Filmmakers

Bright Like The Sun

MAD for Madonna (3:55pm)


48 Hour Film Race Entries

The Reputations

Awards Ceremony (6:30pm)

7:00 PM

Christian James Hand Session (7:15pm)

8:00 PM

This is Spinal Tap!

409 Chapter

9:00 PM

Mindz of a Different Kind

10:00 PM

TAME (The Aspiring Me)

11:00 PM


12:00 AM



Festival Schedule Sunday, Feb. 24

Tradewinds Tavern

3:00PM 4:00PM

Special Vendors

Best of the Fest Film screening

5:00PM 6:00PM 7:00PM

Oscar Viewing Party


Coming out on Saturday? Awesome! Check our some of our hand selected vendors from 12 - 6 p.m. outside the Jefferson Theatre. We’re sure you’ll find something you like!

Beaumont Humanist Society Kimberly Brown Vamptropolis Keep Collective AllMarie Guitar String Jewelry EVRYNG Apparel Craig Odle Spooky Kidz Clothing Deanna Gearinger Southwest Transplant Alliance 409thaheat radio station Tom Veillon Hot Glass LuLaRoe Megan Diana Sojourn Church Kenneth Deville

The Official Beer of the




Discussion Panels Jim DeVault Panel

Saturday 12:00PM - AMSET

Moderator: Patrick Bennett

In this workshop, indie filmmaker Jim DeVault will teach you his model for making shoestring budget feature films and how to get them distributed. Jim DeVault is an award-winning indie filmmaker, author and music composer from Irving, TX. Through his production company, Brainpie Media, Jim made his first feature horror film, ‘The Sisters Four,’ in 2008. Since then, Jim has successfully completed 5 more feature films, has another in post production and is planning a couple of projects for this year. Jim is also the author of several books including the how-to indie filmmaking guide “Filmmaking on a Low Budget- a Re-e-e-e-eally Low Budget.” Panel is sponsored by the Lakes Charles Film & Music Festival

Building Your Acting Career Saturday 1:00PM - AMSET

Moderator: Rachel Acosta

Film panel with Port Arthur native, Whitney Valcin. Whitney is a multi-credited filmmaker with credits ranging from Producer, Casting Director and Production Consultant. Her work includes international indies, studio features and network television for entities such as: Disney, FOX, Tyler Perry Studios, Centric TV, Awesomeness TV, BET, Mauldin Brand Agency, TVOne, + more. Most of Valcin’s time is spent in various Los Angeles based casting or production offices, working on films, television shows and even made-for-the web shows. Her recently produced film, “Like Cotton Twines” won BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at the Savannah International Film Festival, was Premiered to a packed crowd at the 47th International Film Festival of India and also selected and screened at a multitude of other festivals, receiving overwhelming responses.

CJH Sessions w/ Christian James Hand Saturday 2:00PM - AMSET Saturday 7:15PM - Jefferson Theatre

Christian James Hand breaks down the greatest songs ever recorded, track by track. You’ll never hear these songs the same again. Christian James Hand is a British musician, music producer, radio personality and voice artist. Born in Tittensor, England on January 29, 1969, his family moved to Botswana, Africa. The family moved back to the UK and lived in London until moving to Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York. Hand attended State University of New York at Purchase (Purchase State College). While there, he was instrumental in revamping its college radio station, WPUR (now WPSR). Upon graduation from Purchase State University, Hand was offered a job to tour with P.M. Dawn part as of the World of Music, Arts and Dance (WOMAD) Festival with Peter Gabriel headlining. His official title was drum technician although he was originally hired as a lighting tech.

Meet The Filmmakers Saturday 3pm - AMSET

Moderator: Matthew Noble

Filmmakers from several of our screening films sit down to chat candidly about their experiences and share tips with audience members. Gordon Williams (The Example, Legacy), Jason Leal (Megan’s Journey), Andrew Patterson (Prepper), Tushar Tyagi (Hari), Megan Cardwell (“Feet Back on the Ground”, “Anti Social”)



Music Videos

Saturday 11:00am - AMSET

“The Island” by Sweet Play

(4 min, 2016, UK) Director: Darrell Lee Hall In a world where mankind finds itself immersed in artificial paradises via virtual reality, a young woman tries to make sense of the present in order to find her lost love.

“Feet Back on the Ground”

(4 min, 2016, USA) Director: Megan Cardwell A beautifully haunting story of two men trapped inside an insane asylum. *Filmmaker in attendance

“Anti Social”

Goldwash “Separate”

(4 min, 2016, USA) Director: Noah Lang Two aging ballroom dancers break into an opulent home to reclaim their past romantic magic.

“Shine on Me”

(5 min, 2016, Washington) Director: Collin Neal A music video for Shine on Me, off of Devin Sinha’s latest album.

(4 min, 2016, USA) Director: Megan Cardwell A lonely witch looks for love. *Filmmaker in attendance

The March Divide “Who Are You”

(4 min, 2016, Texas) Director: Daniel E. Martin A bittersweet memory of love still dances in the psyche after all these years.

“Kool (2016)”

(5 min, 2016, California) Director: LazRael Lison 1920’s themed music video by the LA based soul vocalist, Celeste Stoney.

The Island by Sweet Play

Start A Movement: Social Justice Shorts New Neighbors

(8 min, 2016, Minnesota) Director: E.G. Bailey Story about a mother and her two sons who move to a new neighborhood. Because of all the killings and assaults on Black lives, she is determined to keep her family safe.

Ya Albi

(26 min, 2016, Texas) Director: Christine Chen A Syrian refugee adapts to life in an unfamiliar country after her husband’s immigration visa is unexpectedly rejected.


Saturday 11:45am - AMSET

The Example

(24 min, 2016, Texas) Director: Wyatt Cagle During a race riot in Beaumont, Texas in June 1943, Officer Miller Harvey, a white police officer, is determined to protect and serve his city and family. Black business owner Carver Jefferson is hell-bent on taking his family far away from the city as racial hostility has led to the destruction of his home and business. *Filmmaker in attendance

"Legacy" - Music Inspired By "The Example" (4 min, 2016, Texas) Director: Dareas Scott

Written and performed by “Rhythm and Blu.” The song is inspired by the historical fiction short, “The Example.” *Filmmaker in attendance


New Maestros: Student Shorts Ellen Infinity

(16 min, 2016, Canada) Director: Aidan West A hopeless romantic attempts to escape the responsibilities of an unexpected pregnancy with his ex-girlfriend by recreating a perfect version of their past relationship.

Ball is Life

(8 min, 2016, Texas) Director: Terry Bluez A young female basketball star on the verge of earning a division I scholarship under the intense coaching of her overbearing father. An unplanned event may jeopardize those dreams.

Saturday 2:45am - AMSET

The Secession

(14 min, 2015, Texas) Director: Jay Hubert A story of two Texas boys, a secession, and egg rolls.


(25 min, 2015, Germany) Director: Gina Wenzel Lilly suffers from Bulimia and she has kept it a secret from her parents for many months now. She finds relief with her anorexic friend Anna. An uneven friendship soon drives her to her limits.


(9 min, 2015, Texas) Director: Joshua Gallas When two men of different cultures, beliefs and languages are captured and thrown into an underground cell, they must learn how to live with each other in order to survive.





Live Music Children of Pop (Houston dance-pop)

Cody Schaeffer (Beaumont americana/folk)

Recalls the 80's and 90's house scenes, with moments of pure retro club bliss and moments that are pure sounds of the future.

Sweet, genuine and fun sets, the kind of show that makes you want to catch every single word. His songwriting is honest and witty and paints a sincere, romantic picture of Beaumont.

Thursday 8pm at LogOn Cafe

Robb Wellz (Beaumont electronic)

Tele Novella (Austin macabre psych-pop)

Thursday 8:45 at LogOn Cafe

Melting and undulating electro-pop with an abundance of sludge and vocoder.

Deep Cuts (Houston indie-pop) Thursday 9:30 at LogOn Cafe

A raucous call-back to early Vampire Weekend, and then back further from there into the heart of 80's pop songs, a band on the rise with a heartfelt and catchy sound that while refusing to take itself too seriously, hits all the right notes of authenticity.

AF THE NAYSAYER (New Orleans electronic/hip-hop) Thursday 10:15 at LogOn Cafe A flourishing producer in the electronic and instrumental hip-hop world. His sound has been categorized as “electrifying soul-hop” whose core is best described by Atlanta producer DISTAL as, “Layered, intelligent design with a simple and easily digestible delivery.”

Mantra Love (Houston psych-rock) Thursday 11pm at LogOn Cafe

Blankets of sound and warm rhythms, an act that calls forth the old soul of the 60's and 70's psychedelic sound. At times dirty, at times soaring, at times both.

Greg Jr. (Beaumont folk bluegrass) Friday 8pm at Gladys City

Deliveries both honest and raw, recalling the likes of Denver, Prine and Young, there is no compromise in the finger-style singer/songwriter guitar efforts put forth. He recalls an old way of musical storytelling with every note and lyric.

Children of Pop

Terror Pigeon


Deep Cuts


Friday 9pm at Gladys City

Friday 10pm at Gladys City

They are dreamy, they are spooky, and they write real songs. Earnest, yet sinister; vampy, but sentimental. The precise recipe that goes into this concoction cannot be revealed, but it is a delightful snow globe of warm, colorful darkness.

The Ron Jeremies (Beaumont soul/funk/blues) Friday 11pm at Gladys City

Fully equipped to move you down the highway using the power of soul alone. Dead set on leaving you speechless through their music reminiscent of the Alabama Shakes and at times, Funkadelic.

Warm Sugar (Austin country/folk)

Saturday 2pm outside Jefferson Theater

A recently formed country-folk duo (featuring Jenny Carson) centered around keeping the old country duet sound alive - That is, sweet harmonies and raw but relatable lyrics.

Bright Like the Sun (San Antonio post-rock) Saturday 3pm outside Jefferson Theater

Attuned to their affinity for dynamics, seeing them live takes the listener from deafening walls of orchestrated sound, to melodies so subtle that one finds themselves acutely aware of their own breathing.

Hikes (Austin folk/math)

Saturday 4pm outside Jefferson Theater

A band of friends inspired by nature and driven to meld their love of hard, technical styles with the familiar comfort of folk.

Mantra Love

Greg Jr.



The Reputations (Austin garage soul) Saturday 5pm outside Jefferson Theater

A booty shakin good time from the heart of Texas, blending soul, garage, and sunshine pop.

409 Chapter (Beaumont rap collective) Saturday 8pm at The Gig

A brotherhood of young individuals inspired to be successful, encouraging each other to push in what they believe and stand for.

TAME, The Aspiring Me

Tele Novella

Mindz of a Different Kind (Austin rap/hip-hop) Saturday 9pm at The Gig

Known as the four peacemakers. Their music is like life, at some times gritty and hard to comprehend, and others crisp and uplifting.

Rareluth Warm Sugar

TAME, The Aspiring Me (Houston hip-hop/rap) Saturday 10pm at The Gig

A quick-witted emcee from a Texas suburb, his passion for creating ambiance-induced, feel-good music for the masses peaked when he was gifted a Casio keyboard as a child.

Rareluth (Lafayette synth-pop)

Rob Wellz

The Reputations

Saturday 11pm at The Gig

A blast of synth-pop bliss captained by Christine Pierce, formerly of Prom Date. Ample sequins, angelic vocals, and infectious dance moves help create an enthralling live performance.

Terror Pigeon (Nashville dance party) Saturday MIDNIGHT at The Gig

If an asteroid was gonna take out earth tomorrow, and your friends were having a huge party to celebrate what a wild ride it's been, when you showed up Terror Pigeon would be playing. Join them in their jubilant, dance party salute to the supreme wonder that is life.

409 Chapter

Bright Like The Sun


The Ron Jeremies

1744 Rose Ln, Beaumont (409) 860-9811 • BOOMTOWN FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL


! l l a ’ Y s Thank 27 EST. 19



Executive Producer Jefferson Theatre Producer Level Texas Commission on the Arts Director Level Sojourn Church Screen Writer Level

Texas Film Commission Courville’s / The Yogurt Spot Fleur Fine Books Spindletap Brewery Final Draft Software

Supporting Crew

The Logon Cafe Dishman Art Museum Art Museum of Southeast Texas The Gig Spindletop Gladys City Boomtown Lamar University, Depart.of Comm. North Folk Studio The Loft Hair Studio Atlas Film Productions Lake Charles Film & Music Festival World Gym

6456 Phelan Boulevard • Beaumont, TX

Address: 489 Pearl St, Beaumont Phone:(409) 554-4002



Special Events Stage Reading of “Big Dreams” by Beaumont Community Players Thursday 7:30pm - Dishman Art Museum

Beaumont Community Players will be presenting a staged reading of “Big Dreams” one of the feature screenplays submitted to the festival. The writer, Todd Bennett will be in attendance.

Festival Award Ceremony

Saturday 6:30pm - Jefferson Theatre Here is the time where we hand out awards to all the winners in each category for the film submissions. We’ll also be screening the top 3 Music Video Challenge winners.

“Best of the Fest” screening Sunday 3pm - Tradewinds Tavern

Checkout the films from the festival that won awards and at our special screening at the Tradewinds Tavern in the MCM Elegante hotel.

Oscar Viewing Party

Sunday 6pm - Tradewinds Tavern Come join us at the Tradewinds Tavern in the MCM Elegante hotel to watch The Oscars pageantry live.

Thank You! For your support.

– Boomtown Film & Music Festival 22


Close Your Eyes

Midnight Oil

Feet Back on The Ground

The Itching

Mauvaises Têtes




The Example



BoomFest 2017 Festival Program Guide  

Program Guide for the 10th Annual Boomtown Film and Music Festival that takes place in Beaumont, Texas on February 23-26, 2017. http://boomt...