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ISSUE #4 | July 2018

Summer Beauty Experience Bonaire with the famous

Marcy Yu & Robert Poole

Thecoolest kitesurfer





Photography: Roëlton Thodé | Mua: Zulay Nahr

Welcome to the #4 edition of BONÈ Magazine


orn on the island of Bonaire, BONÈ magazine is made with love and passion for its people and the visitors. BONÈ is fresh, fun, colorful and ‘dushi’ just like the locals. Every month, BONÈ

magazine will showcase the amazing island lifestyle through fashion, dining, nightlife and much more, with fresh content and fun designs. BONÈ distinguishes itself from others by its playful character, passion for its culture, modern look and most important, BONÈ is made for everybody. Just smell the sea, feel the sky and enjoy the BONÈ island lifestyle!





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‘Heat EP’

Kaya Grandi 67, Unit 2 Tel: +599 7171177

BONÈ loves some good music and especially when its one of our own! Listen to our Bonairian artist Ir-sais' latest release 'HEAT EP' on Spotify, YouTube, Itunes and Deezer! Follow Ir-sais for more updates on @IR-SAIS Ir-Sais Ir-Sais

Empire Cinema


Bonaire Culinary Team

The one and only outdoor Cinema on Bonaire! At Empire Cinema you can watch the latest movies on a big screen while enjoying Thai food, snacks, drinks and more! Come visit Empire Cinema for an amazing movie experience! Kaya Katwijk 6, Hato. +599 777 1122


Congratulations to the Bonaire Culinary Team for taking home 7 medals from the Taste of the Caribbean 2018 competition! BONÈ is very proud of you guys!

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Photography: Roëlton Thodé


“Kitesurfing is not just what you can do on the water, it is also the positivity and attitude you live your life with.”



Christiaan The kitesurfer Zweers For Christiaan Zweers any day at the beach is better than a day in the office (we agree!). Since he was a little boy he was stoked about the ocean. His passion for kitesurfing was born at the age of 11, when he saw his father jump in the sky with a kite surfer. ‘’Kitesurfing is not just what you can do on the water, it is also the positivity and attitude you live your life with.’’ Get know the coolest kitesurfer on Bonaire and the amazing sport he loves: Kitesurfing!

How long have you been practicing kitesurfing and what/who inspired you to start? I started Kitesurfing when I was 11 years old. Now I am 23. My father is a water sports enthusiast and definitely taught me how to be stoked about the ocean. We both used to windsurf back in the day. When kitesurfing arrived on the scene it was a whole different ball game. The first time I saw my father jump with a kite surfer I couldn’t believe my eyes! He was up like 8m in the sky and landed as soft as a feather! With kitesurfing you suddenly had the option to jump higher, get up to speed quicker, turn faster, splash more water and in my opinion, just have more fun! I guess that’s why eventually I made that decision to go over from windsurfing to kitesurfing. What do you love most about this sport and what’s the most challenging part? What I enjoy most is to be able to inspire others to go out on the water and have fun. Life is way too serious and nobody needs all that stress. Any day at the beach is better than a day in the office. Kitesurfing is a way to connect with nature, feeling the salty

water touch your skin, breathing in the fresh air and sheeting up your kite to do massive jumps! The most challenging part of kitesurfing is definitely convincing people that it is not dangerous. There’s a common misconception with people who have never tried it before, thinking it is very dangerous and that you can get injured very bad. The truth is, if you are in a controlled environment where you feel relaxed and an instructor guides you on what you should do, there is no danger. It is dangerous if you have never kite surfed before and without an instructor in an uncontrolled environment. Than you can get severely injured. Kitesurfing now a days is so safe that even if the worst scenario occurs you will still be safe. What was your biggest accomplishment so far? I have competed in many competitions and have won and lost. But my biggest accomplishment was in 2013. The Heineken Kite Ride. That was an event where pro’s from all over the world got invited to Bonaire to compete in a Slider and Kicker event. Like skateboarding, there were ramps and rails set up in the water where you could

jump off of and do tricks. In that event I won the overall rookie of the event and I was so stoked to be in that environment around those people that I made the decision that this is what I wanted to do. I was 18 slightly overweight and realized what I wanted and where I was headed. Do you have any daily habits that makes you a successful kite surfer? I train hard! I used to be overweight. At a certain point I realized what I wanted. The thought of seeing myself in the future was enough to make a change. When I was 18 I made the decision to really be fit. Like exercising daily at least 1 hour, ate as natural as I could, and kited 3+ hours a day. I got healthier and started progressing quickly with kitesurfing. Until this day, I make sure that in my daily routine there is some form of exercise, natural food and kitesurfing involved. Before competition my focus changes a bit more towards kitesurfing. I will lay off some exercise to get more hours kitesurfing. So before comps I’ll train for about 4 - 6 hours a day depending on the wind and water conditions.




“Kitesurfing is a way to connect with nature” Where is your favorite spot to kitesurf on Bonaire? My favorite spot is Atlantis, the official kite spot of Bonaire. I have ridden that spot so much I know it like the back of my hand. Every nook and cranny, every gust and every coral head that grows beneath the surface I have memorized in the back of my head. There are rescue boats available provided by the kite schools that use the location to give lessons. When I want to learn a new trick I know that Atlantis is the best place to do that because I know the spot very well and it is safe. Where do you think the future of kitesurfing is heading here on Bonaire? I really hope to see us kite surfers getting a facility on the beach. Right now the kite schools have to transport everything they use all the way to the beach every morning, set up and rig everything back down at the end of the day and transport it back every single day. Because of this, the kite school’s pricing is fairly high and locals can’t afford to even take the first “try it out” lesson and to see if kitesurfing is something they could enjoy. Next to that, transporting everything every day adds so much pollution to the environment. Vehicles have to drive up and down the coast carrying materials and equipment that is used to set up and do lessons. If the kite schools had their own facility it would definitely lessen the pollution and even bring the possible opportunity of going completely green. Next to this, all the money that was put into transport can be saved and that could possibly be put into projects for the Bonairian youth who would like to learn how to kitesurf. I’m 23 now, and honestly I am the youngest dedicated local kite surfer on the Island. It would mean so much to me to see youngsters out on the water and carry the sport to the next generation and produce world champions.

What are your future plans/ goals with kitesurfing? I would like to have a facility where I can train young athletes to being not just the best kite surfer they can be but also being the best athlete and person they can be. Because kitesurfing is not just what you can do on the water, it is also the positivity and attitude you live your life with. So my goal through kitesurfing is to inspire everyone and especially youngsters around me that if you work hard and have the right mindset and attitude, the sky literally is the limit. Do you have any tips or advice for the Boné readers that are interested in practicing kitesurfing? For sure! Always stay relaxed, be positive, listen to your instructor and the solution will find you right around the corner.

Photography: Roëlton Thodé





AA Inaugural Flight Event

WHEN June 9


Photography: Roëlton Thodé



Caribbean Fusion Breakfast Buffet When: July 22 Where: Courtyard by Marriot 7 PM - 12 PM

Taste of Bonaire Experience the culture, local crafts, food and signature dishes of wellknown restaurants When: August 4 Where: Wilhemina Park 6 PM

Marshe When: July 28 Where: Mangazina di Rei (Rincon) 8 AM


Things to do this month

Rebalance 7-day yoga retreat When: July 21 Where: Sorobon Beach Resort 7 PM 10

Wine tasting event Enjoy a 4 –course menu with a delicious wine tasting When: July 28 Where: La Terrazza 7:30 PM

Pride Happy Hour When: August 4 Where: Courtyard by Marriott 6 PM

Aqua Fun Zwemmen by Swim Academy Splash Bonaire When: July 17 Where: Hillside Apartments 9 AM - 12 PM

Sunset Happy Hour Cruise Watch sunset while enjoying a drink and finger foods on the boat of Aqua Adventures When: Every Friday Where: Karels Beach Pier 6 PM – 9 PM

The Only

on Bonaire est 1995

Island Tour Sunset happy hour Bonaire cultural experience takes you to the North side of the Island with a drive through 1000 steps. Afterwards we drives towards the Flamingo sanctuary ‘Goto Lake’ . After ‘Goto Lake’ we will drive through Rincon which is one of the oldest settlement in the Netherlands Antilles with a stop at ‘Mangazina di Rei’ museum. Next we will drive to the south side of the island passing trough the capital to see the slave huts and the salt ats.

4HRS TOUR $35 p.p

Every Friday, you can board our Catamaran to experience an astonishing sunset with delicious ďŹ nger food, drinks and great music from 6-8PM. $25 p.p

Exotic Night Club

incl welcome drink & ďŹ nger food.

Klein Bonaire

Experience Klein Bonaire with us! Every Sunday from 2-6PM. We will station our catamaran in front of the beach so you can enjoy your day at Klein Bonaire. Food and beverages available on board. We ďŹ nish the trip with a coastal sightseeing. $25 p.p

Do you want to relax after a hard day at work... Come and have a great time with Exotic Latin ladies, where you can drink, dance and have lots of fun... Hotel El Paraiso.BV Hanchi Ambiona #1, Bonaire C.N Tel +599 7174138 | Mob +599 7007777 Email:

B NĂˆ Place your Ad for only here


For more information:



eat & drink

Gio’s Gelateria & Caffè For 7 years, Gio’s Gelateria & Caffé has been serving delicious artisanal Italian ice-cream on the island. Our ice-creams are made on location and you can choose from more than 35 flavors! We not only serve the best ice-creams but also cakes, sorbets, bon-bons, fresh coffee, tea and much more! Come visit us! Mon- Sun: 8AM- 10 PM Kaya Grandi 34 +599 717 5700 @giosbonaire

Spice Bar & Restaurant Spice Bar & Restaurant is a contemporary venue on the beach where you can enjoy delicious food, sipping beautiful cocktails whilst enjoying the modern yet relaxing ambience in an idyllic setting. Bar: Daily from 9 am - 11 pm, Kitchen: Daily from 6 am - 10 pm. Restaurant: Mon- Fri from 7 am - 10 am, 6 pm - 11 pm Sat- Sun from 7 am - 11 am, 6pm – 11 pm. Bulevar Gobernador N. Debrot +599 717 6720 @spicebonaire

Island Lounge & Restobar

La Terrazza

This is the perfect place to enjoy great food and happy hours with your friends and family. We have international and local dishes from arepas, burgers, grill, ceviche and much more. We also have executive lunch for only $10! Come enjoy our daily happy hours, 2 beers for $5, and the best mojito's on the island!

Let us surprise you and wake up your taste with our daily varying menu and different wines. We work with daily changing products and all kind of ingredients from Bonaire and abroad. We invite you to come have a bite with a perfect matching wine on our beautiful terrace.

Mon-Sun: 8 AM-10 PM Kaya Grandi 8 +599 7171012 islandrestobarbonaire

The kitchen opens at: 12- 3 PM and 6 -9 PM Kaya Grandi 7 +599 717 1012 @LaTerrazzaBonaire


Hotspot Looking for a restaurant on the

beach where you can enjoy delicious food whilst enjoying the most beautiful sunset in an idyllic setting? Spice Bar & Restaurant is the place to be!

When we stepped in, we were welcomed by the lovely staff and we let the chef surprises us with their brand new menu. We started out with the Neptune salad. This is a combination of delicately diced pieces of fish with white wakame, surimi, spring onions, and sesame seeds. This salad is tossed with sesame oil, honey, and mustard dressing that takes you on an exotic tour of East Asia. The balance between the salinity from the wakame, the vinegary punch from the mustard, and that dash of sweetness from the honey plays extremely well with the delicate fish.

Zeezicht 5-7pm Islander 5-7pm Spice Beach Bar 6-7pm Wed Island Restobar beer 2 for $5 Blennies 5-6pm Breeze n’ Bites 5-6pm Karel’s Beach Bar 5-7pm Rum Runners 5:30 - 6:30pm La Balandra 5-7pm


The rack of lamb was perfectly cooked to a rosy pink. Perfectly seasoned, and grilled to perfection, the rack of lamb was juicy, and succulent. It was served with a lovely chimichurri sauce, mashed potatoes, carrot and pumpkin puree. It was a very satisfactory main course. On to dessert, where we had a duo of bavarois, accompanied by some lovely ice-creams (passion fruit and coffee). It was truly stunning. A strawberry, and a mango bavarois served with fresh mango and lemon juice, crushed cookies, mint leaves, and spherical passionfruit gel. The flavours just explode in your mouth, with the passionfruit spheres providing little bursts of flavour. Both of these ice-creams had a terrific mouthfeel, and the flavour was intense. We highly recommend you to visit Spice Bar & Restaurant to try their new menu. The food is delicious, great ambiance and the perfect place to watch sunset. Bar: Daily from 9 am - 11 pm, Kitchen: Daily from 6 am - 10 pm. Restaurant: Mon- Fri from 7 am - 10 am, 6 pm - 11 pm. Sat- Sun from 7 am - 11 am, 6pm – 11 pm. Bulevar Gobernador N. Debrot +599 717 6720 @spicebonaire

HAPPY HOURS Coco Beach 5-6pm Fri

Van der Valk Plaza Beach Resort

5-7pm Sun The Beach Hut Bonaire 5-6pm Sat & Sun Spice Beach Club 6-7pm Fri Sun 7-8pm El Mundo 5:30-7:30pm Fri



For the main courses, we had the chicken ballotine, and the rack of lamb. The chicken ballotine was stuffed with a delectable combination of mushrooms, carrots, and garlic. The chicken was cooked beautifully, and was very tender and moist. It was accompanied by a lovely asparagus sauce. To go along with this main course, a side dish of rice croquettes were served. The croquettes had a nice crunch and packed a big punch when it comes to flavour.



Hey Bonè, readers!



ecently I have been opting more and more for organic food products as a personal health choice. It is a quite expensive lifestyle yet I believe that it is safer, healthier and the production is nice to the earth. Yet while having a healthy diet and choosing for organic products are the perfect key factors on being healthy, there are many other factors that you need to consider in order to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Setting up a healthy lifestyle challenge can be exciting yet intimidating at the same time. Like, where do you even start right? Relax, I got you! Here are a few small factors you should establish when it comes to adopting healthy habits and keeping them. All you need to do is put your focus on the following do’s & don’ts and you will definitely see results.





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Roëlton Thodé Photography

wedding | commercial | events @roeltont Roëlton Thodé Photography +599 7864344


masha masha hopi mes - fenty music ft gerald & ritmo real

dream girl - ir-sais como tu - son boneriano real ku bo mes - griff ir-sais - kiko ta kiko cheater - buleria ft ray, wichi & ty equis (x) - nicky jam ft j balvin envidia - kisha ft devi dev sapatia - ataniro ft zyon

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Experience Bonaire BONÈ


with Marcy Yu & Robert M. Poole

Photography: Robert Michael Poole

Last month, we had the honor to welcome famous blogger Marcy Yu and photojournalist Robert Michael Poole on our beautiful island, Bonaire. Always wanted to know how our visitors experience Bonaire? Read this special interview we had with Marcy and Robert to find out how they experienced Bonaire and also about the best places to stay, eat and more!


You’ve been to so many places and now Bonaire. How did you experience Bonaire?

What was the highlight of your stay on Bonaire?

We decided to travel 3 months to the Caribbean and we started with the ABC islands. We found it very interesting how each one is so different to each other within the ABC’s. We really love Bonaire because is so laid-back, not so many tourists (we love that), the waters are absolutely stunning and everyone was so friendly with us!

Definitely diving, snorkeling and sailing on a catamaran around the island. It felt like a Caribbean paradise at that moment, we hope it remains as undeveloped as it is, so quiet compared to anything you find on Aruba or Curacao!

16 @Marcy_Yu @robertmichaelpoole

Once you’ve visit Bonaire, you’ll always be our friend! Would you visit us again? Of course! We stayed one week and we felt we didn't had enough time to see everything, especially the east side of the island which we only passed by! There's so much to see and do. For sure we want to come back!



The Best... Places to stay Firstly we would say Bellafonte Bonaire, we love this hotel because it is on the coast on the west side and has a beautiful pier where you can go diving or snorkeling directly from. It's a great hotel for families, the rooms are huge with multiple bedrooms. The Windhoek Resort we love how relaxed this was, with large individual villas and a central pool. It's a great option for a romantic getaway. Lastly Courtyard by Marriott because it is so colorful, beautiful architecture and the pool is spectacular. It's so different to many Courtyard Marriott’s around the world, so it's definitely worth a visit!

Place to watch sunset @robertmichaelpoole

Restaurants It Rains Fishes is the best seafood place. The Coffee Company we spent the most time at, is such a nice place to relax, work on your laptop and they have the best cakes. It’s connected to an ice cream store too which makes a great combination! Windsock The Beach has the best food, we enjoyed everything that we tasted there. We loved the variation of dishes. Our favorite was a simple classic, the tomato soup! We also went to The Boneriain for breakfast and it’s very nice and the view too. And lastly BLT burger at The Courtyard by Marriott. If you are a fan of burgers it’s a must! Probably the best burgers on the island.

We did a UTV tour with Bonaire Cruisers and at the last stop we watched the sunset at Seru Largu and was absolutely stunning, it’s the highest point of the island so you can see right across it!

Beaches The beaches on the North side of Klein Bonaire. We sailed around the island with Epic Tours Bonaire almost all day on a catamaran and those beaches where our favorites. Literally one of the most crystal clear waters we have ever seen. We invited Jade and Maxime, local friends we actually met for the first time there via Instagram. When we arrived there we decide to jump out of the catamaran and swim to the island. There was so many fishes around! We had so much fun swimming with them and sunbathing in the pristine environment. A thousand steps was also nice especially if you are into diving. We saw so much marine life there in the waters, its one famous location that doesn’t disappoint! 17



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Summer Beauty

Juvia’s Place Eyeshadow pallete

MAC Llipglass

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Photography: Roëlton Thodé | Mua: Zulay Nahr

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Kylie Cosmetics blush

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Editorial team Sendeliz Gibbes – Editor in Chief

Esther Martin - Art Director & Graphic Designer Garcin Keller - Commercial Director Kevin Goijla – Senior Editor

Josine Allee – Social Media Manager & Editor Contributors: Roëlton Thodé, Rithel Emerenciana, Joel Candelaria,

Jisca Emers, Charles Jansen, Joanne Schut, Shaëdra Baromeo, Derrick Walter, Stephen Elizabeth, Zulay Nahr, Rachid Provacia, Hang Out Beach Bar, TISA Fashion Sales: +5999 6983474

vThank you all for making this possible! v Follow Us:

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May 21 - June 20

December 22 - January 19

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June 21 - July 22

January 20 - February 18

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Embrace a collaborative approach at work before it gets lonely at the top. Listen to your heart instead of constantly opinion-polling your friends. They just won’t get it. Cupid is also in your corner big time this month.



It’s time to tie up any loose ends in your love live or you will not be able to move forward with your current romantic goals. Pause for a beat when you feel the heat, because jumping to conclusions or into bed could bring regrets.

Wanderlust washes over you this month. Your adventurous spirit is stoked and you’ll need more room to roam. Take a beach vacay or have a spa treatment. Pampering yourself will put fuel in your tanks for an equally bustling July!

Februrary 19 - March 20

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September 23- October 22

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October 23 - November 21

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March 21 - April 19

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Will be available in-stores and online August ‘18

‘Biba Nos Kultura’ Issue