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Market Days Chicago 2021 Performers

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Market days

Chicago Street Festival August 6-8, 2021 is the 39th annual Northalsted Market Days®, a weekend long live music street festival celebrating community in Chicago’s landmark Northalsted/ Lakeview district. The 1/2 mile long festival features all-day lineups of live music on 6 stages, 250+ unique vendors, arts, crafts, food and drink, DJ’s, dancing, and sponsor booths. Founded in 1982, the celebration now spans from Belmont to Addison on North Halsted St. in Chicago’s Northalsted, lakeview neighborhood, America’s first recognized gay village and a Chicago LGBTQ+ historic landmark. Live at this years Market Days are Trixie Mattel, Todrick Hall, Greyson Chance, starring Ultra Naté & Angelica Ross ft. Mila Jam on the Bud Light Seltzer Stage. On the Nissan Partners of Progress Stage is Lisa Lisa, Jody Watley, CeCe Peniston, Steve Grand, Inaya Day and Ty Herndon. International Djs include Alex Acosta, Nina Flowers, Danny Verde, Joe Pacheco Music, Dj Cindel, DJ Deanne, Dj Alexander, Marti Frieson, they will be on the Dance Stage. Also performing are Rod Tuffcurls & The Bench Press, Boy Band Review, Catfight, JC Brooks Band, Queen Explosion, Chicago Tribute Band, Hello Weekend, The Gingers, Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus, Too Much Molly & Triple Trouble, To The 9’s, Lynne Jordan & the Shivers, Jacob Bjorge, 10 boiMAG.com

Rosie & The Rivets, Sam Fazio Music, The Flat Cats, Peach Presents, Back Lot Bash, Meghan Murphy Entertainer/Vocalist, Julio Gomez and DJ Laura Bee On the Community Pride artists stage are Jade The Ivy, KaJahn Ari,Rent Preview / Possibilities Theatre Company, Olivia Love, Pinion, Richard Streetman Live w/ Jason Fein, The Terms, Scott Free, Congress of Starlings, Tyler Hall and Via Rosa Admission to Market Days is a $15 Suggested Donation, all ages are welcome, any donations make Market Days possible, support local nonprofits, and fund community projects like the Chicago Pride Crosswalks. Location: Halsted Street from Belmont to Addison, Chicago IL Hours: Friday, August 6th: 5pm10pm, Saturday-Sunday, August 7-8th: 11am-10pm Public Transportation: A short walk away from the CTA Belmont Red/ Brown/Purple Line Station or the CTA Addison Red Line Station Weather: Open rain or shine, please be advised that severe conditions may delay or cancel performances Security: No large bags/backpacks allowed, all bags will be inspected. No coolers or outside beverages. Keep cell phones & valuables out of reach. Exit festival via Main Gates at Belmont or Addison.


AUGUST 6, 20212 Bud Light Seltzer Stage at Brompton

5:00-6:15pm JC Brooks 6:45-8:00pm To The 9s

5:00-5:45pm The FIERCE Project: Ultra Naté & Angelica Ross ft. Mila Jam 6:30-7:30pm Out at Wrigley Finals

7:00-7:45pm Lisa Lisa

8:30-10:00pm Rod Tuffcurls & The Bench Press

Nissan Partners of Progress Stage Roscoe

Jazz Stage Aldine

Nissan Partners of Progress Stage at Roscoe

5:30-6:30pm DJ X-tasy

1:00-2:30pm Too Much Molly & Triple Trouble

1:00-2:00pm Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus

6:30-8:30pm Hello Weekend 9:00-9:45pm Inaya Day Community Pride Stage Addison 6:30-7:30pm Jade The Ivy 8:15-9:15pm KaJahn Ari


3:30-4:45pm Rosie & The Rivets 5:30-6:30pm Jacob Bjorge 7:30-9:00pm Lynn Jordan & The Shivers Community Pride Stage at Addison 1:00-1:30pm RENT

AUGUST 7, 2021

2:00-3:00pm Olivia Love

Bud Light Seltzer Stage at Brompton

4:00-5:00pm PINION

2:00-2:45pm Jody Watley

6:00-7:00pm Richard Streetman Live w/ Jason Fein

5:00-5:45pm CeCe Peniston 8:45-9:45pm Greyson Chance Nissan Partners of Progress Stage at Roscoe

8:00-9:00pm Mikey & Nathan


8:45-9:45pm Trixie Mattel

2:30-4:00pm Queen Explosion 4:30-5:15pm Steve Grand 6:30-8:00pm Catfight 8:30-10:00pm Boy Band Review Jazz Stage at Aldine 1:30-3:00pm The Flat Cats 4:00-6:30pm Sam Fazio 7:30-9:15pm Meghan “Big Red” Murphy Community Pride Stage at Addison 2:00-3:00pm Scott Free

AUGUST 8, 2021

4:00-5:00pm Congress of Starlings

1:15-2:30pm The Gingers

Bud Light Seltzer Stage at Brompton

6:00-7:00pm Tyler Hall

3:15-4:15pm Ty Herndon

2:00-2:45pm Todrick Hall

8:00-9:00pm Via Rosa

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Business Marketing Q&A Dear Chad, Are coupons and / or contests a good idea for a small business promotion, if not, what are? From- Eric Hello Eric, Incentives such as coupons or contests can often entice consumers to try your products, or services for the first time. Knowing when and when-not to do these is critical to your businesses ongoing success, and helps ensure you are not cutting into your profit margin anymore than you have to. Keep in mind that you only want to highlight your business, not cheapen it. Look at what your competitors are doing so that you can have a better idea as to what might actually work to draw in new customers. Have a plan in place that is enticing and sustainable to get the most out of your promotion. Dear Chad, How important is joining our local Chamber of Commerce? Is it good idea to join more than one? From, Bonnie Hello Bonnie, When you are apart of any local chamber it can be beneficial when It comes to running a business. It gives you an additional opportunity to expand your network with other business owners that might know of clients in addition to themselves that could use your services or products. It can give you great exposure and an opportunity to appeal in a totally different way from that of normal advertising. It allows you to put a face to the company and tell your story, which gives you a leg up on your competition. It can also give you an opportunity to get involved with what is going on in your community, such as sponsoring an event or local sports team. This also gives you a chance to connect with those that want to support local business.

While you can join as many chambers as you feel you need to, make sure you have the time and not overbook yourself. Dear Chad, What do you base your annual advertising budget on? Is it your annual income, projected income or is it something else? From, James Hello James, Ideally you would look at your past 3 quarters and average out about 20-25% of your net income to determine a successful advertising budget that won’t get you in financial trouble. You can always spend a little less or a little more dependent on what you have coming in. To figure this annually if you feel confident in your specific industry and see things either holding steady or improving you can look at LY from an annual perspective and take 20% of the net income to disperse over the year. Averaging out a quarter can be a more realistic way to not get yourself in a bind, but might also limit you. You can always add more or take away as needed to ensure your continued success.  Chad Brittian is an experienced industry professional and CEO of NVS Design, Inc. To consult Chad for any of your business needs, call 877-578-2045 (Ext. 700) or email him at chad@nvsdesigns.com. www.2nvs.com

To submit your question to Ask Chad, email him at: AskChad@boiMAG.com

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The prevalence of fake online stores can make shopping on the internet dangerous. But you can spot a bogus online vendor if you know what to look for.

Transparency Report, which can tell you how safe a website is. Once you’re on the homepage, just enter the URL in the “Check site status” box and hit the Return key.

In this article, we’re going to go over some easy steps you can take to confirm that the site you’re visiting is real, before you click “Buy now.”

Rely on Your Browser If you keep your browser updated and have antivirus software on your computer, it should tell you when you’ve run across an unsafe site. If you see a “Not Secure” warning on your screen, back out of the site or close the page immediately.

Scrutinize the URL Some fraudulent sites have URLs that look just like those of legit websites, at first glance. Before you input any of your personal information, like your credit card number, study the URL. If you used a search engine to get to the site, look in the address bar to confirm that you’ve landed on the webpage you wanted. If you type in the URL yourself and then make sure to check for spelling errors. Some cybercriminals set up sites that are just one letter off from real sites, hoping that you will mistype the URL. Click on the Padlock in the Address Bar In addition to studying the URL, you’ll want to look for a padlock in the address bar. If you click on it, a dropdown box will open that will tell you security information about the site including: Whether the certificate is valid, The number of cookies in use, Other site settings. A padlock in the address bar generally signifies that the site has been verified as secure. This isn’t foolproof and some bogus sites have been able to replicate the padlock icon. It’s also true that, even if a site is deemed secure, it can still get hacked. Use a Website Checker You can check the legitimacy of any website by using online verification services. Go to UrlVoid.com and enter the website’s URL into the bar. After that, you can see all kinds of details about the site. UrlVoid.com generates a report and runs the website through multiple lists to see if any warning signs pop up. Go to Google

14 boiMAG.com

Look for a Trust Seal If you see a trust seal or trust badge on a website, it’s not just for decoration. Whether it’s from the Better Business Bureau, PayPal or Google, trust seals tell users that they can make secure transactions. Results of a study cited on CXL.com indicate that recognizable site seals foster trust among e-commerce shoppers. It must be said, though, that you should never trust a website simply based on a site seal or badge alone. If you haven’t used the site before, always research it well before you enter your personal information. Read the Reviews Another great way to tell whether a website is legitimate or not is to read reviews from multiple sources. Trustpilot is a review site that lets you see what real customers have to say about websites, products and services. The site also features a business transparency page that can tell you more about the online vendor you plan to patronize. Final Thought Hackers and scammers are constantly coming up with ways to trick even the most capable browsers. If you run across a fake website, you can report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, send an email to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency. When shopping online, remember always to heed cybersecurity warnings, and be cautious when you sense something isn’t right.

OUT OF THIS WORLD The Space Race Is On!

May, Virgin completed its first human spaceflight, a critical step before it flies space tourists, ETA: early 2022. While $250K tickets to space make headlines, tourism is still a tiny sliver of the space industry. Satellites: One of the largest space industry subsectors, providing everything from WiFi, to telecom, to GPS and weather sensing. SpaceX’s Starlink project has already launched 1K+ high-speed internet satellites into low earth orbit and is accepting $99 preorders. The Space Battle of the Billionaires is on to the thermosphere. Recently, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson boarded Virgin’s VSS Unity, traveling faster than three times the speed of sound to reach the edge of space. Branson just became the first billionaire founder of a space company to go to space on his own spacecraft (meta). Next up is Jeff Bezos, who announced his own trip before Branson decided to out-space him. The former Amazon CEO plans to take off on a Blue Origin spaceplane on July 20, (prior to this writing) along with his brother and a mystery bidder who’s dropping $28M to join them, or you could say that it’s $2.5M per minute of ride time. Apart from fueling billionaires’ egos, these trips are major endorsements for NASA-sponsored space tourism (think: restaurant bookings on the ISS). NASA is leaning on private companies to help commercialize space. In May last year, Elon’s SpaceX became the first private company to send humans to space. In

Defense: The real-life Space Force. For fiscal year 2022, the Pentagon requested $21B to invest in outer space security. Defense giants Lockheed Martin and Boeing both have space divisions. NASA missions: Boeing is developing a spacecraft for NASA flights, and Elon’s SpaceX won a $2.9B contract to develop a NASA lunar lander, beating out Bezos’ Blue Origin (RIP Prime Moon delivery). This isn’t science fiction. The space industry is taking off in a real way. Space startups raised $7B in 2020, double what they raised in 2018. Today “space customers” mainly consist of governments and companies paying to launch satellites, cargo, and astronauts into space. In the not-so-distant future, they could be commercial space tourists. In the more distant future, they could be space colonizers on the Moon and even Mars. boiMAG.com 17

TUNING IN Georgie Porgie by: Nicky Roland

To call Georgie Porgie hard working would be an understatement, like I dunno…saying nuns like to wear black. Georgie… producer, singer, DJ, epicurean, CEO of America’s longest-running dance music label (Music Plant Records), and all-around nice guy, embodies a type of raw energy and talent that only seems to come from hotspots like Chicago, New York, or London. From slipping into clubs at 16 and getting his first gigs in Chicago’s biggest clubs (before he could even legally walk through the door) to not only figuring out how to keep performing throughout the pandemic but even growing his label and artist roster, while releasing multiple singles every month. Having figured out streamed events, Georgie has been developing a TV chat show featuring real one-on-one conversations with musicians, stars, and quests of all kinds. Keep an eye out on his social media profiles for updates/launch dates, as this is something I know you’re going to want to see! But that’s not why you’re here, so on that note, let’s jump into the music Some standouts from the last couple of months include Rocky B’s – Feel So Right, packing a stomping combination of disco and soul reminiscent of The Jacksons and Stevie Wonder. Georgie’s – You Belong, featuring a bassline and vocal hook that you simply can’t get enough of. Seriously, this is a musical thirst trap if I’ve ever heard one. Georgie’s – Make Me Love Ya is a brilliant, jangling, funky medley, fusing

18 boiMAG.com

at times, pure pop, disco, and funk with a deep grinding groove that to me, is some of house’s best. By the time this goes to press, Georgie’s latest single with Dawna Montell – Love Somebody will have hit the shelves. Expertly crafted as you’d expect from a pioneer like Georgie, this is the epitome of funky, soulful house, blending funk and disco in perfect amounts. Two other collaborations to watch out for over the coming weeks…Georgie Porgie and Imani Vanzap (America’s favorite Auntie) and Georgie Porgie and Glenn Friscia with none other than the incredible Dominique Jackson. Based on what I’ve heard from Georgie’s other recent collaborations, we’re in for some seriously fun, pounding grooves with more glitz and glamour than you could shake a disco ball at.

And yep, I’m gonna wrap on a touch of shameless promotion. By the time this goes to print, my latest single Chopin’s Nightmare will also be out. Chopin’s Nightmare is a dirty, grinding big room techno track with a juxtaposition of quirky dark and angelic sounds. Nicky Roland is a house music producer originally from the UK, now based in Denver, CO.

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THE SUMMER OF LOVE Q &A Interview with Ruben Rojas

Q: Where are you originally from and how

long have you lived in LA? A: I am a true Angelino. Born and raised in Los Angeles so I have been here my whole life.

Q: Have you created any art in Chicago? A: I love taking my art out of Los Angeles and I

actually created a mural in Vernon Hills which is North of Chicago. It is called Now & Forever. It is 5000 square feet of pure love. It took me four 12 hour days to hand-paint and I got to experience just how cold and windy Illinois is while doing it!

Q: What is the message behind the new

Summer of Love series of work? A: Summer of Love is an art installation I have created to bring love back to The Valley in LA where I grew up. It's about bringing people back together after a year of uncertainty and fear. Each piece represents what unifies us as human beings. When we unite as one we are stronger, when we see each other as equals we remove the barriers that confine us, when we own our sense of belonging we find purpose.

Q: How did you come up with the Summer

of Love theme? A: For a couple of months I did not have a name for this particular installation. I knew the theme and the vibe of the message that I wanted to share and Summer of Love was the perfect name to Love is a strong feeling and I just felt like we more than ever needed a summer of love! 

Q: Is Summer of Love and your message of

Live Through Love about Pride for all? A: We are all human. No matter how we identify, who we love and how we love. My artwork is for everyone and I want to remind everyone how important it is to love and be loved.

Q: Was it difficult getting permission to

display the artwork in public places? A: Honestly, it is truly a case by case basis.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get permission to create a mural. Every city has its own set of rules and regulations. For the most part when painting  on private citizen’s property the goal is to always paint for the community, and as long as we are staying away from painting a billboard we can paint almost anything. Plus you can always ask for forgiveness later (wink emoji) right? If it is more of a billboard or temporary activation it is imperative to go through all of the proper channels to avoid any fines that my affect the business, landlord or others.

Q: Do you have any plans to expand the

Summer of Love to other seasons or perhaps other cities? A: I would love to! I will go where the wind takes me so to speak. I believe love needs to be front and center as a constant reminder that we are all human. Art is a beautiful way for me to share the message of living through love.

Q: Are there any other art exhibits or

themed public installations that you are considering after Summer of Love? A: I have several projects on the horizon and I'm always looking for more opportunities.

Q: Anything else you would like our readers to know?

A: Not everyone can see my murals in person

and so I have expanded my art onto clothing to make it accessible to all no matter where you live. Check it out on www.RubenRojas.com. Have an amazing summer of love!

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Life Happens: Dealing with Major Life Changes by: Dr. Charla Waxman BS, MBA, EdD

Director of Business Development

We’ve all heard it. We all know it. We all hate it. Change is inevitable! There are big changes, small changes, welcome changes, changes that we never asked for, and changes that we dread. We are all different and experience things differently. Some of us take it on the chin, and put one foot in front of the other and still others of us feel depressed and devastated by change. Anything from a new job, to a move, to a loss of a loved one can be considered a major life change. How you deal with it will depend on the timing of the event, your support system, your general outlook on life and your ability to be prepared for the best or the worst.

Change can best be challenged by resilience. Resilience is that bounce-backno-matter-what ability that some people seem to have. Fortunately, you can develop resilience, but it takes some work and some practice. Here are some ways to meet the challenges of change in a healthy, accepting way.

22 boiMAG.com

Meet change right where it is and recognize whether you can control it or not. Always ask yourself, “Whose problem is this? Do they need me to help?” Give yourself time to experience the change. Feel the feelings. Talk with someone who knows you and cares about you. Talk to a professional who understands. Congratulate yourself on every small step forward that you make. No stinkin’ thinkin’ allowed! This is not the time to be negative, stay positive. Things have a way of turning around. Live in hope! Try to stay away from “what ifs?” Those may never happen. If you learn and plan for coping with change, you will be ahead of the stress it creates. You will also lower the risk for anxiety, depression, and the fear that comes with change-encounters. Change is inevitable. It is going to happen, and that’s it! It will always be your choice to make the best of it, be kind to yourself, and seek support or professional assistance. If you find that some major life change is stopping you in your tracks and you’re feeling stuck, sad, or angry for a couple of weeks or more, find some help. There are supportive people and organizations ready to assist you during tough times. Lake Behavioral Hospital is one of those places. Open 24/7/365 with walk-in availability or by appointment, Lake Behavioral Hospital can see you through the times when your mental health is rocked by a life change or stressor. A free assessment will help determine what level of care you need during this crisis in your life. Lake Behavioral Hospital takes most insurances, Tri-care, Medicare, and Medicaids. One call will help you maneuver through that major life change. Call us at 855-990-1900.


Chicago Music Festival in Union Park The Pitchfork Music Festival will return to Chicago’s Union Park Friday, September 10 through Sunday, September 12. Today, the Festival announces the full 2021 lineup, including headliners Erykah Badu, St. Vincent, and Phoebe Bridgers. The Festival opens on Friday with Phoebe Bridgers, Big Thief, Animal Collective, Yaeji, The Fiery Furnaces (their first show in over a decade), black midi, Hop Along, Kelly Lee Owens, Ela Minus, DEHD, The Soft Pink Truth, DJ Nate, Dogleg, and Armand Hammer.   Saturday features St. Vincent, Angel Olsen, Kim Gordon, Ty Segall & Freedom Band, Waxahatchee, Jay Electronica, Jamila Woods, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Faye Webster, Amaarae, Maxo Kream, Divino Niño, Bartees Strange, and Horsegirl.   On Sunday, the Festival hosts Erykah Badu, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Danny Brown, Cat Power, Andy Shauf, Caroline Polachek, Yves Tumor, The Weather Station, Mariah the Scientist, oso oso, KeiyaA, Special Interest, and Cassandra Jenkins.   For 15 years, the Pitchfork Music Festival has delivered an eclectic musical lineup, singular in its ability to place contemporary, cuttingedge acts alongside some of the most revered artists of our time. It’s this unique blend of discovery and tradition that makes the Pitchfork Music Festival stand out as one of the most celebrated weekends of the year.  

“We are unbelievably excited to celebrate the return of live shows, our music community, and, most importantly, the artists and events crews who have made this year’s festival possible,” says editor in chief of Pitchfork, Puja Patel. “I know this will be a cathartic weekend for all of us, and that it lands right before the 25th anniversary of the publication makes it all the more special.” Pitchfork Music Festival tickets are on sale now. Three day passes are $195 and single day passes are $90. The Pitchfork PLUS upgrade, including a range of exclusive amenities, is $385 for a three-day pass and $185 for a single-day pass. If the festival is postponed or rescheduled due to COVID-19, ticket buyers can keep their passes for the new dates or request a refund. Pitchfork.com is the preeminent resource for fans looking to discover and experience new music in a thought-provoking way. Its comprehensive reviews and analyses of the people, trends, and events influencing the industry have shaped music journalism for 25 years. Not only does Pitchfork set the standard for music coverage, it has a global reputation for hosting unique and eclectic music events, including annual Music Festivals in Chicago and Paris. For more, go to www.Pitchfork.com and follow @pitchfork.

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by Jack Santo

Future Technology Pain-free tattoo removal Got a tattoo that you now regret? There may soon be a gentler, cheaper alternative to laser removal. PhD student Alec Falkenham in the US has worked out how to harness a property of your body’s own immune system. He’s developed a cream that delivers drugs to white blood cells called ‘macrophages’ (Greek for ‘big eaters’), causing them to release the ink they took up in order to protect your skin during the tattooing process. Artificial neurons on silicon chips

Scientists have found a way to attach artificial neurons onto silicon chips, mimicking the neurons in our nervous system and copying their electrical properties. “Until now neurons have been like black boxes, but we have managed to open the black box and peer inside,” said Professor Alain Nogaret, from the University of Bath, who led the project. “Our work is paradigm-changing because it provides a robust method to reproduce the electrical properties of real neurons in minute detail." “But it’s wider than that, because our neurons only need 140 nanowatts of power. That’s a billionth the power

26 boiMAG.com

requirement of a microprocessor, which other attempts to make synthetic neurons have used." Researchers hope their work could be used in medical implants to treat conditions such as heart failure and Alzheimer’s as it requires so little power. Floating farms The UN predicts there will be two billion more people in the world by 2050, creating a demand for 70 per cent more food. By that time, 80 per cent of us will be living in cities, and most food we eat in urban areas is brought in. So farms moored on the sea or inland lakes close to cities would certainly reduce food miles. But how would they work? A new design by architect Javier Ponce of Forward Thinking Architecture shows a 24m-tall, three-tiered structure with solar panels on top to provide energy. The middle tier grows a variety of veg over an area of 51,000m2, using not soil but nutrients in liquid. These nutrients and plant matter would drop into the bottom layer to feed fish, which are farmed in an enclosed space. A single Smart Floating Farm measuring 350 x 200m would produce an estimated 8.1 tonnes of vegetables and 1.7 tonnes of fish a year. The units are designed to bolt together, which is handy since we’ll need a lot of them. Dubai, for instance, imports 11,000 tonnes of fruit and veg every day.

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Ultra Naté "FREE"

"I fell into club culture in my first year at university in Baltimore," said Ultra. "During the week, I’d be in classes, studying medicine. At weekends, I’d be letting it all go in clubs to the sound of underground house. I met the DJ team the Basement Boys and when they found out I sang in church, we started writing songs. Things got pretty surreal when the first, It’s Over Now, was a hit in the UK, where club culture was driving the charts. One day I was in medical school; the next I was flying to London to do Top of the Pops." "After a few more hits in Britain, the major UK label I was with relocated to the US. But the American end didn’t get underground house and dropped me. When I signed with Strictly Rhythm, an independent label in New York, they basically gave me a blank cheque. I teamed up with producers Mood II Swing and we discussed my comeback. I wanted guitars, because I was really into REM’s Losing My Religion. We wanted a rock song that would work in clubs, so the guitar line and the first verse (“Where did we lose our faith?”) pull at your heartstrings, then it erupts into a clubby anthem. It was intentionally very different from what was happening in dance music." "Some people think Free is autobiographical, about me being “set free” by the major label, but it isn’t. We just needed a short phrase that would connect with everyone. Lem went: “It needs to be something like, ‘You’re free to do what you want to do.’ And everyone went, ‘That’s it!’” Little Louie Vega was the first DJ to play one of our red vinyl promotional copies. It was 1997 and it blew up in the clubs. I had no idea it would be such a global hit. It even got to No 1 in Italy. To this day, if I didn’t sing it at my concerts, people wouldn’t let me leave."

Where did we go wrong? Where did we lose our faith? My brother is in need But can he depend on me Do you think if one of you tried Maybe you could find A better friend than any other? If you gave more than you took Life could be so good Come on and try Now’s the time ‘Cause you’re free To do what you want to do You’ve got to live your life Do what you want to do Are we all strangers? Does anyone really care? Down we’re all the same Trying to hide our pain You think you can never trust another ‘Cause they’re all out to get ya We have to live in this world together If we open up our hearts Love can finally start Come on and try Now’s the time ‘Cause you’re free To do what you want to do You’ve got to live your life Do what you want to do ‘Cause you’re free To do what you want to do You’ve got to live your life Do what you want to do When you’re down and you’re feeling bad Everybody has left you sad Feels like no one will pull you through It’s your life whatcha gonna do Make that change, let’s start today Get outta bed, get on your way Don’t be scared your dream’s right there You want it (you want it), reach for it ‘Cause you’re free To do what you want to do You’ve got to live your life Do what you want to do (You’re free) Come on, you’ve got to live your life now Come on, you know that I want to do You’ve got to live your life and love your brother, yeah Whatcha gonna do when it’s all over for you? You’ve got to live your life and think about

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Profile for Life+Style =boiMAG.com

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