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In the year 1676, glassmaker George Ravenscroft Esquire discovered that by combining lead oxide to the already known required glass making composition, a more brilliant, soft and sparkling glass could be produced which lent itself to further processes, including cutting, engraving, decorating and etching.

Since that time, people around the world have come to appreciate the beauty of finely cut crystal From hanging chandeliers to flower vases to crystal figurines and sculptures, crystal is the perfect medium to add beauty and grace to any decor Crystal is a beautiful keepsake and brings elegance to any surrounds.

You have invested your time, heart and money to find the perfect pieces to accent your home and complement your lifestyle and please be sure to take great care when cleaning and storing your pieces

A trademarked Bohemia Crystal product is your guarantee of quality and craftsmanship Bohemia products are recognised worldwide as leaders in high quality crystal and glassware and the Bohemia brand represents affordable luxury, quality, sophistication and elegance. Our

distinctive lines include 24% lead crystal, lead crystal, crystalline and glass ranges including stemware, tumblers, vases, bowls and giftware which are designed to enhance any setting

The constant dialogue between artist and industry ensures the continued enhancement of designs and the production of new ranges of Bohemia Crystal pure and simple in style, yet both generous and impressive in composition, while demonstrating a uniqueness of shape in every suite.

The Bohemia Crystal suites contain finely crafted pieces which as individual pieces, or as part of a set, will transform any space into something spectacular the decision to buy Bohemia is crystal clear

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Bohemia Crystal will move to Thornleigh in mid 2024

A/35A Sefton Road, Thornleigh NSW 2120

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Once registered, simply enter your email address and password at the top of the home page and click on the login button

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Please contact your Sales Representative or email us directly at to receive an invitation or go to to register an account After registering, search for the Bohemia Glass catalogue and request pricing access.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us on 02 9638 0533 and our customer service team will be happy to assist you

"An investment in Bohemia Crystal is one which will continue to delight for years to come!"
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Barley Twist




C24355‐050LIQ 54



C24355‐350HB 74

Liqueur 50ml
x 54 x 148 mm
DOF tumbler 300ml
x 82 x 98 mm
Wine 250ml
x 84 x 173 mm
C24355‐250WIN 84
Flute 180ml
x 62 x 204
C24355‐180FLU 62
Wine 380ml
x 93 x 191 mm
C24355‐380WIN 93
HB tumbler 350ml
x 74 x 144 mm
DOF tumbler 320ml
x 95 x 102 mm

Decanter‐ tall


118 x 80 x 303 mm


Decanter‐ medium



Whisky Set 1 + 6




Decanter‐ squat


177 x 104 x 213 mm

Whisky Set 1 + 6

C00000‐484SET 1xDecanter


Whisky Set 1 + 2




5 Shot 50ml C00000‐050SHT 42 x 42 x 84 mm DOF Tumbler 280ml C00000‐280DOF 91 x 91 x 96 mm
x 84 x

Wine 250ml


80 x 80 x 195 mm


Wine 320ml

C11038‐320GOB 85 x 85 x 211 mm

C11038‐320DOF 84 x 84 x 97 mm

Flute 180ml

C11038‐180FLU 64 x 64 x 221 mm

Flute 160ml

C11038‐160FLU 80 x 80 x 268 mm

HB Tumbler 350ml

C11038‐350HB 77 x 77 x 151 mm


C11038‐080DEC 100 x 100 x 245 mm

Mug 500ml

C11038‐500MUG 136 x 96 x 148 mm

Whisky Set 1 + 6

C11038‐863SET 1xDecanter


DOF Tumbler 320ml
Cup 100ml C19701‐010CUP
x 57 x 110 mm Ship Decanter C14100‐095DEC 207 x 207 x 260 mm
Jug SV99T41‐125JUG
x 142 x 270 mm DOF Tumbler 230ml SV99T41‐230DOF
x 81 x 100 mm


Wine 250ml




Whisky Set 1 + 6 C15720‐861SET 1xDecanter 6xDOFTumbler

Shot 40ml
x 84
C15720‐040SHT 38 x 38
80 x 80 x 195 mm
Wine 320ml
C15720‐320GOB 85 x 85 x 211 mm
Flute 180ml
C15720‐180FLU 64 x 64 x 221 mm
DOF Tumbler 320ml C15720‐320DOF
84 x
77 x 151 mm
HB Tumbler 350ml C15720‐350HB
Mug 500ml
x 96 x 148 mm
C15720‐500MUG 136
245 mm
100 x


Martini 280ml C37700‐280MAR 126 x 126 x 184 mm Whisky Set 1 + 6 C37700‐358SET 1xDecanter 114 x 114 x 251 mm 6xDOFTumbler270ml 87 x 87 x 91 mm Explosion Jug C29750‐160JUG 220 x 145 x 242 mm Ice Bucket 2L C37700‐200ICE 200 x 200 x 180 mm

DOF Tumbler 340ml


92 x 92 x 98 mm


Whisky Set 1 + 2 SV99E50‐890SET 1xDecanter

129 x 129 x 275 mm



DOF Tumbler 320ml




Whisky Set 1 + 6

C00410‐A26SET 1xDecanter


x 93 x 95 mm
125 x
x 271 mm






One Man ...


240ml C47610‐240JUI‐2BU 92 x 92 x 205 mm
Tumbler 200ml C47610‐200DOF 98 x 98 x 98 mm
Set 1 + 6 C47610‐607SET 1xDecanter
Decanter C47610‐070DEC 123 x 123 x 277 mm
Tumbler 240ml C07600‐240DOF 74 x 74 x 95 mm
Set 1 + 2
x 87 x 224 mm
x 46 x 59 mm
2xDOFTumbler Shot
C02000‐045SHT 46
DOF Tumbler 340ml C15715‐340DOF 83 x 83 x 102 mm Decanter C15715‐075DEC 95 x 95 x 302 mm

Liqueur 50ml

C52820‐050LIQ 54

Wine 240ml


Wine 330ml

Flute 180ml



Brandy 250ml



x 77 x 192 mm
C52820‐240WIN 77
83 x 83 x 207
66 x 66 x 221
DOF tumbler 270ml
80 x 102 mm
C52820‐270DOF 80 x
HB tumbler 380ml
x 77 x 151 mm
C52820‐380HB 77
Whisky Set 1+6
x 54
x 148 mm
x 82 x 298 mm
Decanter C52820‐075DEC 116
146 x 146 x 316 mm
Decanter C52820‐125DEC
210 mm
C52820‐100PIT 192 x 133 x
288 mm
C52820‐100CRF 123 x
74 x 74 x 112 mm


Flute 180ml
x 64 x 221
C24340‐180FLU 64
DOF tumbler 320ml
x 84 x 97 mm
C24340‐320DOF 84
x 77 x 151 mm
x 96 x 148 mm
HB tumbler 350ml C24340‐350HB 77
Mug 500ml C24340‐500MUG 136
Whisky Set 1+6 C24340‐860SET
1Decanter 95 x 95 x 302 mm 6xDOFTumbler



205 x 143 x 271 mm

Cup 120ml


100 x 77 x 97 mm

Decanter C27800‐075DEC01

122 x 122 x 295 mm

Whisky Set 1+6



DOF tumbler 280ml


87 x 87 x 100 mm



126 x 126 x 320 mm

Wine Set 1+6





78 x 78 x 166 mm


DOF tumbler 280ml


Shot 40ml



DOF tumbler 320ml


HB tumbler 420ml


x 38 x 86 mm
84 x 97
84 x
76 x 159
100 x 100 x 245 mm
76 x
mm Decanter C11182‐080DEC
Whisky Set 1+6 C11182‐649SET
98 x 98 x 90 mm Stone

Trinity Victoria


Zig Zag

Liqueur 60ml C44600‐060LIQ 54 x 54 x 125 mm Shot 45ml C44600‐045SHT 53 x 53 x 67 mm
Cup 130ml SV99U29‐130CUP 95 x 71 x 88 mm DOF Tumbler 300ml C59418‐300DOF 92 x 92 x 100 mm

Boston Boston

Decanter‐ squat C00000‐070DEC65 177 x 104 x 213 mm Decanter‐ tall C00000‐070DEC67 118 x 80 x 303 mm Decanter‐ medium C00000‐070DEC66 140 x 84 x 267 mm Ship decanter C00001‐085DEC 195 x 195 x 292 mm Decanter C00000‐070DEC 117 x 117 x 343 mm Decanter C42000‐075DEC 142 x 142 x 286 mm Decanter C11038‐080DEC 100 x 100 x 245 mm Brixton Blank
Blank Angela Boston
Ship Decanter C14100‐095DEC 207 x 207 x 260 mm Diamond Decanter C00100‐080DEC 100 x 100 x 245 mm Blank




100 x 100 x 245 mm


Decanter 2 x 500ml


105 x 105 x 273 mm




125 x 125 x 271 mm

P i Ri k P i Q d

Venus Decanter C32015‐070DEC 106 x 106 x 308 mm Decanter‐ medium C58806‐070DEC25 145 x 145 x 280 mm Decanter‐ squat C58806‐070DEC24 180 x 180 x 234 mm Decanter‐ tall C58806‐070DEC26 128 x 128 x 315 mm 22


Whisky Set 1 + 6



140 x 84 x 267 mm



91 x 91 x 96 mm



Whisky Set 1 + 2



140 x 84 x 267 mm



91 x 91 x 96 mm



Whisky Set 1 + 6



118 x 80 x 303 mm



91 x 91 x 96 mm




Liqueur Set 1+6



151 x 99 x 279 mm


54 x 54 x 125 mm



Whisky Set 1+6



87 x 87 x 221 mm

DOFtumbler240ml 74 x 74 x 95 mm


Whisky Set 1+6



100 x 100 x 245 mm



Whisky Set 1+6


Decanter 144 x 125 x 274 mm

DOFtumbler350ml 98 x 87 x 95 mm


Whisky Set 1+6


Decanter 120 x 120 x 273 mm

DOFtumbler300ml 98 x 98 x 97 mm


84 x 84 x 97 mm




Whisky Set 1+6



100 x 100 x 245 mm



84 x 84 x 97 mm



Whisky Set 1+6



114 x 114 x 251 mm


87 x 87 x 91 mm



Whisky Set 1+2



129 x 129 x 275 mm


92 x 92 x 98 mm



Whisky Set 1+6




DOFtumbler320ml 93


King Louis

Liqueur Set 1+6


Decanter 149 x 149 x 363 mm


54 x 54 x 125 mm






Whisky Set 1+2



86 x
x 180
DOFtumbler250ml 86 x 86 x 74 mm
Decanter Set 1 + 2
87 x 87 x 224 mm
74 x 74 x 95
mm C07600­240DOF
93 x 95 mm
125 x
271 mm


Whisky Set 1+6



123 x 123 x 277 mm


DOFtumbler200ml 98 x 98 x 98 mm


Quadro Scale

Whisky Set 1+6



119 x 119 x 276 mm

DOFtumbler340ml 92 x 92 x 98 mm

Whisky Set 1+6


Decanter 125 x 75 x 245 mm


84 x 84 x 97 mm


Whisky Set 1+6



116 x 82 x 298 mm


DOFtumbler270ml 80 x 80 x 102 mm



Whisky Set 1+6


Decanter 95 x 95 x 302 mm

DOFtumbler320ml 84 x 84 x 97 mm


29 Soho Decanter 126 x 126 x 320 mm C27800­075DEC02 Wine290ml 78 x 78 x 166 mm Wine Set 1+6 C27800‐445SET Decanter 100 x 100 x 245 mm C11182­080DEC Whisky Set 1+6 C11182‐649SET DOFtumbler320ml 84 x 84 x 97mm C11182­320DOF Timesquare Trinity Decanter 106 x 106 x 308 mm C32015­070DEC DOFtumbler320ml 100 x 100 x 101 mm C32015­320DOF Whisky Set 1+6 C32015‐967SET Soho Decanter 122 x 122 x 295 mm C27800­075­DEC01 DOFtumbler280ml 87 x 87 x 100 mm C27800­280DOF Whisky Set 1+6 C27800‐410SET

Clearance Drinkware

Bolero Elegance




Wine 210ml Z 131 007 210 ml Wine 210ml Z 153 007 210 ml Wine 210ml Z 163 007 210 ml 30
Z 037 005 170 ml Wine 170ml Z 167 007 170 ml

Glassware Terms


The Plain undecorated piece of glassware or crystal which will be further processed to be decorated, engraved, cut and polished


Glass forced into shape by air‐pressure, either by mouth blowing or machine blowing This can be done with or without the use of a mould


A much abused term which in the trade, simply refers to a clear colourless glass The general materials used to produce crystal are fine silica sand, potash, and cullet (broken pieces of glass which are essential for the batch mixture) Other materials can be added to the basic batch mixture, such as oxides, i e , lead oxide, gold oxide, barium etc


This is glassware which achieves the brilliance similar to lead crystal through the use of alternative minerals It allows the glass to be clearer and more brilliant as well as allow some forms of cutting and etching Crystallite does not have a lead content


When lead oxide is added to the basic glass mixture, " lead crystal" is produced The amount of lead oxide added, determines the classification of the crystal, as well as the strength and malleability of the crystal It also enhances the brilliance and clarity of the glass Semi‐lead crystal (crystalline) contains approximately 8‐10% lead oxide, while the term "full lead crystal" is generally conceded to contain a minimum of 24% lead oxide Lead oxide was initially introduced into crystal by the English approximately 250 years ago, due to the fact that it has a low melting temperature (1000‐2000 degrees Celsius) and it also adds brilliance to the product when cut

It should also be noted that the most important reason using lead oxide, is to soften the glass and, therefore, facilitate cutting and engraving on the item as a means of decoration. There are obviously disadvantages of having a softer glass product, i e it is more unstable during temperature changes; if softer, then it tends to chip or scratch much more easily


When barium oxide is added to the basic glass mixture, the result is a product of superior clarity, strength and resiliency Barium glass is primarily used in the production of those stemware lines which have a long, slender stem, or relatively thin‐wall bowls


Cutting, engraving or etching on glass or crystal are three completely separate techniques of decorating glassware The easiest way to distinguish between the three techniques is that cutting is a "wet process", while engraving and etching are relatively "dry processes"

A diamond‐carborundum wheel is used for cutting glass crystal and a continuous stream of water during the cutting process ensures the tiny glass particles are removed Engraving is done generally with the use of a small copper wheel which produces a "shallow cutting" into the surface of the product A small amount of abrasive fluid (not water) is used in order for the wheel to move more smoothly over the surface and scratch the design into the piece Etching can be done with a laser or acid process


Colour is introduced into the glass by the addition of various oxides to the basic batch mixture Gold oxide (as well as chrome oxide) is used to produce the ruby colour, this is the reason why ruby glass is generally more expensive Iron oxide produces a

green colour, cobalt oxide produces blue glass and the addition of uranium oxide will produce an amber or yellow colour It should be noted that generally, colour is found in non‐lead crystal products, but may also be used in glass which covers full lead crystal


Both wooden and cast iron moulds are used in the production of crystal/glass products Although, the wooden moulds are produced from hardwoods (Cherry and Beechwood), they must be replaced more often as they burn‐out after time despite being immersed in water.


This refers to an item, generally produced in lead crystal, that has had initial base cuts pressed using a mould

The piece, however, must be finished with fine hand‐cutting by a master cutter in the same manner as a completely mouth blown item


This is a technique in which a clear glass is dipped and covered in a mixture of paraffin and bees wax Then the glass is placed on a machine which has four needles surrounding the glass

An operator traces a stencil which is hooked to the machine and wherever the operator traced, so too, do the four needles and thus they remove the wax leaving a design The glass is then taken and placed in an acid solution for anywhere from 7 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the piece and concentration In this process only the areas uncovered by wax are eaten away (the design area) and the wax is removed later by hot water to be reused


This is an identical procedure to pantograph, but there is only one needle used producing simple geometric patterns which are continuous


Care for your Crystal

Full lead crystal is "softer' than regular glass, and it will scratch, so it should be stored where it will not touch other pieces. We recommend that you protect your investment with the proper care. Taking the below precautions is worth it!

● Do not store glasses upside down as this may cause stress to the rim, which is delicate and could create stress cracks and chips

● Carry your pieces one at a time, never in groups Hold the stem of your glasses when moving and using them

● Wash your Bohemia Crystal in warm water with a mild detergent, and rinse with warm water


Is it normal for high quality crystal products to contain flaws?

The creation of perfect unflawed crystal can only be achieved in assembly line products When the manufacturing depends on age old methods combined with the skill and artistry of individual craftsmen there can be slight variations in crystal products but this is actually a confirmation of the fine crafting of the product and not an indication of poor craftsmanship

Are bubbles or seeds fault in the glass?

Bubbles or seeds are often characteristics of handmade glass and crystal Gases form the bubble when chemicals are united in the fusing or melting of the raw ingredients As long as they are not on the rim or have broken through the surface, they do not affect the quality or the beauty of the glass

Are lines in crystal a flaw?

A line or "cord" is an almost invisible difference in density in the glass, which occurs during the fusing of the molten crystal It is the natural outcome of the hand‐making process and is not considered a flaw Although it is visible when the glass is empty because it refracts the light, once the glass is filled the light is refracted at a different angle and it becomes invisible

● Changes in temperature, such as going from very hot to cold could affect the crystal, and in some cases cause clouding or even cracking

● Dry with a soft clean lint free cloth or paper towels and never use anything abrasive on the piece

Is it advisable to store spirits in decanters?

Decanters are not storage vessels, they are intended for 'decanting' only in preparation of serving Over time alcohol stored in a crystal decanter will strip the crystal surface, resulting in the crystal appearing 'cloudy'

How can I remove stains from a crystal decanter or vase?

It is very easy to remove stains from a crystal decanter or vase by combining a handful of uncooked rice in a solution of lemon juice or vinegar and warm water and swirling the mixture around to remove residue For tougher stains we suggest trying warm water with a denture‐cleaning tablet, allowing it to soak before being thoroughly rinsed


Choosing the right glass

High Alcohol Content/ Hard Liquor

A glass that is a smaller size is recommended to allow the alcohol to be sipped gradually

Major Glass Shapes and Uses

► Liqueur Glass

The small shape is designed for the appreciation of the taste of straight liqueurs Also used for Aperitifs and Sakes

► Pilsner Glass

A traditional glass for serving beer as it enhances aromatic volatiles, showcases the appearance and allows room for the foamy head to sit atop the beer

► Wine Glass

Various shapes are available to compliment different genres of wine Generally, red wine works well with larger glasses and white wine works well with a smaller sized glass

► Goblet

A medium to large stemmed glass mainly for serving water A typical goblet has a volume between 240ml and 360ml Goblet's can also be used for serving beer or juice

Carbonated/Sparkling Drinks

Tall, more narrow stemware is preferred as it enables the bubbles to travel mildly and aesthetically

An exception is beer, which is normally served in a large glass such as a beer mug

► Sherry Glass

Sherry is a Spanish fortified wine that is blended with brandy

Typical ABV: 16%‐ 20%

Small stemware of around 75ml is a popular choice

► Champagne Saucer

A shallow, broad bowled champagne saucer is commonly used at parties and wedding receptions It can also be used for soft drinks and certain cocktails

► Old Fashioned Tumbl

A short cylindrical tumbler used for serving whisky and other short drinks with ice cubes "on the rocks"

► Mug

Large beer mugs, as the name suggests, are traditionally used for serving beer Smaller glass mugs are used for coffee, tea and are perfect for shochu as well

Alcohol with a Featured Aroma and Taste

For alcohol with a distinctive aroma, such as wine, a rounder bowl and a slightly narrowed mouth is desired which allows the flavour to keep longer in the glass

► Cocktail Glass

A standard cocktail glass has a cone shaped bowl Many adventurous designs and sizes are also available to accommodate the ever expanding cocktail repertoire

► Champagne Flute

Champagne flutes are characterised by a long stem with a tall, narrow bowl on top The narrow design allows the bubbles to travel aesthetically, giving a pleasant appeal

► Brandy Glass

The large tulip‐shaped glass with a slightly narrowed mouth is designed to keep the aroma of the spirit Serving volume is 30ml for maximum enjoyment

► High Ball Tumbler

Tumblers are the most common form of glass drinkware They can be used for all genres of beverages Size ranges from 180ml to over 300ml


Wine glass guide

► White Wine Glass

White wine is generally served cold. Compared with a red wine glass, white wine glasses are usually smaller This allows the wine to be chilled for longer, to remain crisp and clean in flavour and to keep the aroma from escaping

► Bordeaux Glass

Glasses with a tall and broad bowl are usually chosen to bring out the rich, tannin and dense aroma of Bordeaux wine, the prestigious aged wine originated from the French region of the same name

► Tasting Glass

A tasting glass is used for tasting wine, whisky and brandy The ISO (International Organisation for Standard‐isation) has a specific standard (ISO 3591) for wine tasting glasses These glasses must adhere to specific guidelines with glass shape, size and lead content.

► Red Wine Glass

Red wine is very diverse and the characteristics of each type of red wine are subtly different For red wines with a complex taste and aroma, wine glasses with a bigger bowl are used in order to bring out the flavour

► Burgundy Glass

This glass style is designed to bring out the supple and elegant taste of Burgundy wine Like Bordeaux, this region specific French wine is prestigious The wide, broad shape of the glass is designed to accumulate the fruity aroma in the bowl and accentuate the scent and tartness of the wine.

► Champagne Glass

Champagne flutes are characterised by a long stem with a tall narrow bowl on top The flute design allows the bubbles to travel aesthetically, giving a pleasant visual appeal Shallow broad bowled champagne saucers are another common glass that is popular for parties and weddings


Tips for washing glassware

Read the diswasher manual carefully

Special precautions and way of operation vary with all manufacturers and dishwasher models. Read the operation manual that comes with each dishwasher carefully Consult the manufacturer's customer centre if you should require further information

Chipped or scratched glassware

Chipped and scratched glassware is prone to breakage by physical and thermal shock

Do not wash lead crystal glassware in a dishwasher

Thermal shock (i.e. abrupt temperature change) and alkaline dish soap from the dishwasher could cause the lead crystal to break or corrode (become cloudy) Do not wash lead crystal in a dishwasher at any time if you wish to maintain the lustre of the product

Choose a dishwasher with a gradual temperature change function

Choose a dishwasher model that comes with a gradual temperature change function that protects glassware from a dramatic rise or drop in heat Avoid rinsing warm glassware with cold water.

Do not wash glassware that has metallic embossing or lustering in a dishwasher

Washing glassware with gold/platinum colour embossing or lustering might lead to discolouring of the print

Cool down the glassware before re‐using

Do not use the glassware while it is still warm after washing Abrupt temperature change (especially from high to low temperatures, such as adding ice to a warm glass), may cause the glass to break Wait until the glassware reaches room temperature

Please note: glassware retains the best brilliance if hand washed.


Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is arranging merchandise assortments and creating visual displays within a store to improve the presentation and layout and to increase traffic and sales Visual impact is a huge component of retail merchandising and customers entering a store are greatly influenced by the visual information they gather in the first split second In today's ultra competitive market place it is of paramount importance that merchandisers understand the basics of visual merchandising

Display sale products in a creative way

When Building a product display, look for products that are natural add‐ons to the main product featured

Use accent lighting to feature products

Customers are drawn to light Lighting can make products shine and bring colours to life and accent lighting creates visual interest for shoppers, and places products in their sights

Change displays regularly

Customers want to see new and different products There is an aspect of entertainment and education that customers appreciate when the store changes its displays

Colour matters

Colour can demand a shopper's attention, evoke emotion and influence decisions

Merchandising themes

Consider grouping themed products together for powerful visual messages Theme merchandising is a good way to communicate seasonal activities or other information and themes connect customers to projects or activities.

Product Positioning

Analyse the current customer traffic flow of your store and think of ways to encourage customers to look at products, with their attention focused where you would like it to be Ensure that your best‐selling products are given the most favourable display areas in your store ensuring your "hotspots" take full advantage of new products and display the newest and most colourful items in these spots, as they will command the attention of shoppers

Products should be organised in groupings; by item type, colour, or any other logical characteristic Placing coordinating or complementary items near each other makes them more visible to the customer and makes shopping easier. Customers are prepared to hunt for high demand items, so position them in less valuable spaces

Graphics and Signage

Signs can be used to educate customers about products for sale, announce special promotions or to direct traffic flow through your store

A significant percentage of sales are generated by in‐store signage, displays and events; its impact far outweighs any other type of promotional or marketing campaign

Signage is the "silent salesperson" for the retailer and must communicate your store image

Professionalism is everything in your store and the same holds true with your signage

Avoid handwritten signs at all costs Make your signs short and sweet as you have five seconds or less to tell the customer what you want them to know Only display positive signs about your policies.

Seducing the Senses

The experience of visiting a store should be comfortable, rich and have impact. Whether it is music, product displays, lighting or climate control, everything in the store can impact the customer's shopping experience

Visual Balance

It is important to remember that strong displays have visual balance. Dark colours appear heavier than light ones and large objects appear heavier than small ones Position larger, darker items near the bottom of a display, with lighter items at the top to avoid a top heavy appearance Placing too many items or heavy looking items on one side will also make your display appear unbalanced Ensure that there is a left to right balance emanating from the focal point of the display

Cross­Mix Merchandising

Displaying a variety of seemingly unrelated products together can create a comprehensive visual story. This type of merchandising communicates breadth of product and educates the customer about merchandise they may be unaware that you carry

Cross‐mixing merchandise within your store can promote the look of a certain lifestyle for customers to buy into It encourages customers to visualise how they would use an item and helps to confirm their decision to purchase an item. You can use larger items within your product lines as props for smaller items, and showcase impulse products with demand items.

Be sure to place displays featuring cross‐mixed products in high traffic areas Keep cross‐mixed visual merchandising displays sharp and to the point, as the average customer views a merchandise display for just two seconds!


Assess All Angles

After you have completed your display, step back and look at it from a variety of angles. Try to view it as a customer would Remember that very few people will see it standing directly in front of it as most displays are approached from the side and seen from an angle

Observe the direction from which most customers approach the display and make sure that the best view of the display is the one that most people will see

Ask yourself the following questions

• Are your feature products appropriately placed?

• Do you need to angle the display to the customer's viewpoint?

• Is signage visible and clear?

• Does the arrangement appear balanced?

• Does the display interest and attract the customer or does it overwhelm and confuse them?

• Is the display bland and unremarkable?

Bear in mind that ultimately the final barometer of a display's worthiness is its ability to sell Bohemia Crystal products

Additional Merchandising Tips and Checklist

• To give yourself a more hands‐on sense of how to display products, while you are shopping, pay attention to the variety of approaches taken by other stores

• Are all senses appropriately stimulated?

• Is lighting effective?

• Is all signage clear and professional?

• Is merchandise presentation logically ordered and appealing?

• Are high‐margin products placed in high profile locations?

• Are opportunities for add‐on/impulse purchases maximised?

• Are displays appropriate for your target customers?

• Overall, is the store appearance professional?


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