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Volume 15, Issue 01: July 2022

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Javier Acevedo

Robin McCall Dallenbach

July 06: giving back

16: cover feature

08: finances

20: shop local

Boerne Reads: Local Student Making Big Impact in Support of Literacy

A Guide to Tax-Smart Charitable Giving courtesy of Karl Eggerss, CapTrust

Jim Campbell

Renee Campbell

10: calendar 11: entrepreneurship

Boerne Kendall County Economic Development Corporation Supports Das Greenhaus with $75,000 Donation

Kathy Cloud Wiley Cloud Owner/Brokers



B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

CONTENTS Celebrating 15 Years of Boerne Business Monthly Don’t Miss the Shop-A-Palooza

22: ribbon cuttings 28: real estate

Home & Land: Improvements that Buyers Love courtesy of Hill Country Home and Land

Shout Out to Haute Air Boerne for Our Super Cool #15!

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R E A& LT Dwaine O R SR E A LT O R SRivers Judith S. Main StreetTexas Boerne, Boerne, Texas 78006 78006 R i v e rRsi v e711r S.s Main711Street The



Team Team real estate Reinventing realReinventing estate



C (210) 393-3231 (210) 393-3231 theriversteam@phyl theriversteam@phyl C www.theriversteam. www.theriversteam. com com www.phyllisbrownin www.phyllisbrownin C

711 S. Main Street Boerne, Texas 78006 (210) 393-3231


giving back

Student Making Big Impact in Support of Literacy


What started as a conversation between a high school student and her mentor turned into a month-long fundraising effort that brought in monetary donations and donations of gently-used children’s books through the Geneva School of Boerne. Ava Ayers, a junior at Geneva, is passionate about children’s literacy. She was willing to put her voice and hard work behind that passion. Ava loves to give back to her community and when she learned about Boerne Reads, she knew it was an organization worth her time. Ava spoke to her school about the importance of strong reading skills, the reading gaps that children in poverty face, and the ways that Boerne Reads supports literacy with greater access to books. She solicited donations and encouraged families to donate their gently used children’s books. She also created t-shirts for sale that will become the official t-shirt of Boerne Reads. “Ava not only raised donations, but she also raised awareness for what we are doing,” said Dana Mathews, Board Chair for Boerne Reads. “We are receiving more requests for books from elementary school teachers, and we need help to fill that need. Ava lent her voice to help Boerne Reads and that is just incredible.” “I am so thankful that I was able to learn more about Boerne Reads and the programs they provide that positively impact so many children in our community,” said Ava. “I am also glad that I had the opportunity to increase awareness within the Geneva community as well as serve an organization whose mission is dear to my heart.” Boerne Reads is built on the principle of meeting children where they are. Children living in poverty and crisis have lower chances of having books in their homes than their peers. Through partnerships with other local organizations, Boerne Reads provides books that children can keep. Books are made available through local organizations, eliminating certain obstacles


B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

Ava Ayers helped raise money and collected gently used books in support of Boerne Reads

families face to having books for their children. “Since 2016 we have distributed more than 30,000 books through various partner organizations,” said Sara Schmit, Program Director for Boerne Reads. “To see the children’s faces light up when they get a book they can keep helps us realize just how much of a gift a book can be. What’s hard to understand is that kids who are economically disadvantaged or who are living in crisis are more likely to have below grade level reading skills. Based on research, children who don’t read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade are likely never to catch up. Before COVID, Boerne Reads was distributing books through seven different service organizations, and we raised money to purchase books when we ran out of the gently used books the community donated,” said Sara. “Since March of 2020, we’ve struggled to raise the money needed to keep up with the demand for books. You can imagine our excitement when a young high school student reached out to help!” With more community awareness and involvement, Boerne Reads will be able to meet the growing demand for books and reading support. If you would like to join Boerne Reads in their mission, please visit You can also show support by visiting The Boerne Book Shop, donating your gently used children’s books, or signing up to be a volunteer. BBM

Rockport, Texas in key allegro ~ For Sale ~

3 Bedroom | 3 Bath | 2 Kitchens | $549,000

Call for More Info: (210) 535-1355 PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & FULL SERVICE REAL ESTATE CO. • Single Family Homes • Condominiums

• Commercial Property • Community HOA’s

Quality Maintenance | Competitive Rates | Proven Track Record

Performance is Our Priority ~ Locally Owned ~ Nationally Recognized Stephen V. Vallone CEO, Escrow Officer Becky Edmiston, CESP President, Escrow Officer Office: (830) 816-5888 Boerne Office: 116 W. Blanco Rd., Suite 101, Boerne, Texas 78006 Houston Branch: 10000 Memorial Dr. Suite 100-N Houston, Texas 77024 Representing Stewart Title Guaranty, First American Title Insurance and Chicago Title Insurance




A Guide to Tax-Smart Charitable Giving Your money can go further with these tax-efficient ways to give. Here are some ways to give back that are better than cash.

E by Catherine Currin

Even with the obstacles of the past few years, charitable giving is on the rise. In fact, The National Philanthropic Trust says that 86 percent of affluent households maintained or increased their giving in 2020, despite uncertainty about further spread of COVID-19. Charitable donations are up 5.1 percent overall, according to Giving USA. But we’re not just talking about simple cash donations. When it comes to giving, Eric Bailey, head of endowments and foundations at CAPTRUST, says he sees a focus on tax-efficient methods of giving. There are several ways to support a nonprofit and reap the tax benefits. “We’re initiating creative tactics with our wealth management clients who are thinking about a cash contribution,” Bailey says. “We’ll go through different scenarios to help the donor understand other ways to give, rather than just writing a check.”

Donating Appreciated Securities

Donating appreciated securities—stocks or bonds that have increased in value since purchase—can provide major benefits to both the donor and the nonprofit. “Gifting shares of a stock can be more efficient than writing a check,” Bailey says, “because the donated stock is typically free of capital gains taxes.” This could mean savings of tens of thousands of dollars of capital gains taxes, depending on the stock’s value, and could help maximize the value of your gift. For example, a stock with a current value of $50,000—originally purchased for $8,000—could result in $12,000 in capital gains taxes when sold (assuming a 28% tax rate), leaving only $38,000 for the nonprofit. But when the stock is donated instead of sold, capital gains tax is avoided on the gift, allowing the full $50,000 to help the nonprofit fulfill its mission. Donating appreciated securities can result in giving more money to the organizations you care about.

Donor-Advised Funds

When you donate money to a donor-advised fund (DAF), the funds are set aside in a 501(c)(3) account with a third party. The money is then available to distribute at your discretion to your charities of choice. The National Philanthropic Trust’s 2021 Donor-Advised Fund report notes that the number of DAFs has

increased 36.4 percent from 2016 to 2020. “A donor-advised fund is a qualifying charity, so you can immediately take that deduction before it’s distributed,” says Steve Morton, principal and financial advisor at CAPTRUST. Relocating assets like appreciated securities, property, or cash into a donor-advised fund—depending on the amount donated—may allow you to itemize deductions, which may lower your tax bill. With a DAF you can be more strategic by considering the timing of your donations to maximize your itemized deductions. Bunching charitable donations into a single year could provide an itemized deduction when you need it most. Then, the money is there to distribute on your time and at your discretion. “I find it easier to give from a donor-advised fund, because you don’t think about it as your money anymore,” says Bailey. Moving money into a DAF lets you take a charitable tax deduction of the donation’s full market value. It’s important to note that the amount of your donation’s deduction is based on your adjusted gross income (AGI), and any unused deduction can be carried up to five additional years. Donor-advised funds can be especially helpful for clients nearing retirement. “It could be beneficial to put assets into a DAF and take the tax deduction when you are at your highest earning potential,” says Morton, “typically when someone is close to retirement.” Morton says many of his clients like to make anonymous gifts. “With a donor-advised fund, the gift is acknowledged directly to the third party that holds the account. It’s much easier to make an anonymous gift that way.”

Qualified Charitable Distribution

Over 72 years old? If so, you must make annual withdrawals, known as required minimum distributions (RMDs), from your individual retirement account (IRA). Using your RMDs to fund qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) to your favorite charities is a tax-friendly method of giving, eliminating the income tax while simultaneously satisfying some or all of your yearly RMD. “Retirees typically don’t have a lot of itemized deductions. The standard deduction is so high that most can’t deduct their

This document is intended to be informational only. CAPTRUST does not render legal, accounting, or tax advice. Please consult the appropriate legal, accounting, or tax advisor if you require such advice. The opinions expressed in this report are subject to change without notice. This material has been prepared or is distributed solely for informational purposes and is not a solicitation or an offer to buy any security or instrument or to participate in any trading strategy. The information and statistics in this report are from sources believed to be reliable but are not guaranteed by CAPTRUST Financial Advisors to be accurate or complete. All publication rights reserved. None of the material in this publication may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of CAPTRUST: 919.870.6822. © 2022 CAPTRUST Financial Advisors


B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

bring these hormone levels back to an optimized level. charitable donations,” says Morton. Instead of a traditional charitable deduction, you can utilize QCDs in your tax-saving strategy. “Many clients aren’t ready at 72 to take their required distributions from their IRAs and don’t want to pay taxes on them. QCDs are an easy solution and something to consider.” Keep in mind that the 2022 maximum donation from your RMD is $100,000 per person, and the gift must come directly from the IRA to the charity.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Biote, the nation’s leading hormone optimization company. The Biote Method of bioidentical hormone optimization therapy has helped patients across the country feel their best – find out how it could help change your life, too!

Charitable Remainder Trust

Funding a charitable remainder trust Symptoms like these could be due to a hormone imbalance. As you (CRT) is another option for tax-efficient age, your body naturally begins to produce lower levels of hormones Improved mood, Increased energy, Restored libido giving. Assets gifted into a CRT create like testosterone and estrogen. Hormone optimization therapy may help income for you and your beneficiaries. sleep, and mental weight loss, and and better sex* bring these hormone levels back to an optimized level. Plus, the leftover is eventually donated to clarity* muscle mass* one or more nonprofits that you support. Income from the CRT and the ultimate gift to the charity can appreciate based on how the assets are invested within the CRT. “A charitable remainder trust is a great strategy for appreciated assets,” Morton says, because you receive a partial tax deduction based on the assets gifted into Contact us to book your appointment today! the CRT, depending on a number of factors. The assets remaining in the CRT must go to a qualifying nonprofit after the Improved mood, Increased energy, Restored libido income distribution term ends. This time sleep, and mental weight loss, and and better sex* period can cover either the lifetime of the clarity* muscle mass* XXX-XXX-XXXX beneficiaries or up to 20 years. “Designating a charity as a beneficiary through a CRT is a perfect way to give back,” says Morton. “There are tax benefits for you now, and down the road Contact us to book your appointment today! a charity gets money as well. It’s a winwin.” Everyone’s situation is different, so XXX-XXX-XXXX consult your tax and financial advisors for the best option for your charitable giving. Have a nonprofit in mind that you want to support? Talk with their team about their preferred way to receive a donation.BBM Address Here

Find out how we can help you feel your best. Contact us to book your appointment TODAY!

Karl Eggerss is a principal based out of Boerne, Texas. At CAPTRUST, he provides insightful planning and investment guidance to clients and is a valuable addition to the team through strategic research, due diligence, and portfolio construction.Throughout his career, Karl has enjoyed offering opinions on the state of the economy and the financial markets whenever possible. He has hosted a syndicated radio show airing in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Colorado Springs, and Denver. Karl has been a frequent contributor on various financial news networks, including CNBC, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and Reuters. Currently, he hosts a weekly podcast called “Creating Richer Lives,” focusing on living a richer life beyond bank account balances.

(830) Address Here

331-8585 112 Herff Rd., Suite 110 Boerne, Texas

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


JULY EVERY SATURDAY Old Jail Museum Tours 10:00am to 5:00pm 208 E. San Antonio Ave. – Boerne Tour the Old Jail Museum and enjoy its unique exhibits.The Kendall County Historic Jail was constructed in 1887 and served for a century as the county jail. In recent years, the Friends of the Kendall County Historic Jail have painstakingly restored the space, bringing it back to life as a one-of-a-kind museum of Kendall County history. $5 Adults; Free for Children under 10,Veterans, and Law Enforcement

A DAY AT THE FARM AND FARMERS MARKET 9:00am to 1:00pm | Herff Farm 33 Herff Rd. – Boerne Vendors will be set up at Herff Farm to supply you with some of your local favorites. Whether you want to hike the trails, shop in the open air, get gardening inspiration, take classes on growing your food, help the Cibolo Center for Conservation maintain the land through volunteer service projects, or get new recipe ideas, the Farmers Market at Herff Farm is the place to be.

Calendar of Events

JULY 4 INDEPENDENCE DAY - HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! FOURTH OF JULY FIREWORKS SHOW AT CITY PARK 8:30pm to 10:00pm Boerne City Park 06 City Park Road – Boerne The show will begin 30 minutes after sunset, which should be around 8:40 p.m. That means the fireworks should start around 9:15 p.m. This event is free and open to the public. Free parking for the fireworks show will be available at City Park and Champion High School. JULY 5 & 19 ABENDKONZERT CONCERT IN THE PARK 7:30pm to 9:30pm Main Plaza Park 100 N. Main St. – Boerne The Boerne Village Band, founded in 1860 by German immigrant Karl Dienger, is the oldest continuously active German band outside of the Republic of Germany. In 1991 Mayor Patrick Heath revived the old Abendkonzert tradition in Boerne with a

series of summer evening band concerts on Main Plaza. The free concerts were an overnight success and continue to gain popularity with each passing year. JULY 9 SECOND SATURDAY AUTHOR SIGNING 11:00am to 1:00pm Patrick Heath Public Library 451 N. Main – Boerne Author Ben H. English is an author from the Big Bend area. He will be the featured Second Saturday author in July. JULY 9 & 23 KUHLMANN-KING MUSEUM TOURS 402 E. Blanco Rd. – Boerne Take a tour around the Kuhlmann- King property to step back in time to experience and explore how a Boerne family would have lived in the late 1800s. Keep an eye out for different educational programs each month. continued on page 13

DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS $8.99 Every Day 11:00am - 3:00pm

Served with Tossed Salad or Chicken Soup, Bread & Butter

Offering a wide variety of Italian cuisine, including: steak, seafood, hand tossed pizzas, many chef's choice house specialties and a wide range of wine to pair with your meal.

Sunday-Thursday: 11AM–9PM Friday-Saturday: 11AM–10PM

812 N Main Street – Boerne (830) 816-5577 |

Now Hiring – Full Time Employees 10

B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

Pasta Sampler

Lasagna, Cannelloni, Manicotti

Lasagna Cannelloni Manicotti Cheese Ravioli Eggplant Parmigiana Linguine

w/Mushrooms, Garlic & Olive Oil

Spaghetti Meat Sauce Spaghetti Meat Balls Spaghetti Italian Sausage Meat Strombolli Sausage Calzone Cheese Calzone


The Boerne Kendall County Economic Development Corporation (BKCEDC) made a donation of $75,000 toward the launch of Das GreenHaus, the first business incubator set to launch in Kendall County Texas in early 2023. The $75,000 investment in the project signifies the commitment the BKCEDC has made to assist with the establishment of Das GreenHaus. Bill Hetherington, Board Chair of the BKCEDC, stated, “The establishment of the business incubator is the first step toward the BKCEDC’s goal of fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem for our community. The BKCEDC is proud to provide this level of support to Das GreenHaus and will continue to lead the charge for Entrepreneurship-Led Economic Development in Kendall County.” “It is exciting to see the BKCEDC step up in a big way and Das GreenHaus, as our organization has worked with our community partners to realize this important element of our strategy to provide a value proposition for innovators and founders to choose Kendall County for their new businesses. As a membership organization, the support of the 80+ BKCEDC members for Das GreenHaus illustrates the community’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship in our community,” adds Amy Story, President/CEO of the BKCEDC. “Das GreenHaus is grateful for the support of the BKCEDC. This commitment is an exciting next step toward realizing the first business incubator for Kendall County coming to fruition. We look forward to having other Founding Partners join us in this project,“ adds Das GreenHaus Board President, Kathy Estes. Das GreenHaus is a 501(c)(3) publicprivate entity that is supported by the City of Boerne, Kendall County, and private businesses and individuals in Kendall County. The Mission of the Das GreenHaus is “To foster the community of innovators to grow Kendall County’s entrepreneurial vision.” Das GreenHaus launched though a collaboration between the Boerne Kendall County Economic Development Corporation and the Boerne Kendall County Angel Network. For more information, please visit:



Personal • Commercial • Bonds

New Office Location! 179 S. Main St. – Boerne, Texas 78006

Barrett Houser | (830) 443-1950

(L-R, Dr. Phil Hunke, BKCEDC Vice Chair; Bill Hetherington, BKCEDC Chair; Jonathan Collins, BKCEDC Treasurer; Not pictured, Kathy Estes, Das GreenHaus Board President and BKCEDC Past Chair; Dakota Durden, BKCEDC Secretary; Amy Story,BKCEDC President/CEO)



Treat the Earth Well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children. KENYAN PROVERB


Land Specialists (210) 884-5276



B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | cont’d JULY 9 BLUEGRASS JAM AT THE AGRICULTURAL 11:00am to 1:00pm The AgriCultural Museum 102 City Park Road – Boerne Every second and four th Saturday of the month, bring your instrument and play along, or just come to listen! This event is free and open to the public. JULY 9 & 10 BOERNE MARKET DAYS Main Plaza 100 N. Main St. – Boerne Saturday 10:00am to 5:00pm Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm Since 1850, Main Plaza has been a center point of trade for the people of Boerne. In the present day, on the second weekend of every month, Main Plaza is home to a magical outdoor market that blends the traditions of the Texas Hill Country with the creations of today’s culture. Hundreds of festive booths display everything from collectibles and remembrances of the past to modern innovations that will bring a smile of wonder to those who stroll past. JULY 12 DONUTS WITH THE DOCTOR 9:00am to 11:00am 430 W. Bandera, Ste. 9 – Boerne Meet CommuniCare's providers and enjoy free donuts! This event will be held at the CommuniCare Pediatrics & OB/GYN – Boerne Clinic. Please RSVP by emailing CommuniCare Boerne is Now Accepting OB/ GYN Appointments! Book Your Appointment today at or by calling (830) 816-1717. CITY COUNCIL MEETING 6:00pm to 8:00pm Livestream Meeting See ci.boerne.tx us for link to meeting. JULY 13 GBCC RIBBON CUTTING FOR GRIT CO. 4:00pm to 6:00pm 9 Spanish Pass Rd. – Boerne JULY 15 NIGHT HIKES FOR ADULTS 7:00pm to 8:30pm Cibolo Center for Conservation 140 City Park Rd. – Boerne Explore the Cibolo at Night! Join naturalist Jasmine Torrez and explore the Cibolo Center for Conservation to discover various living organisms that call the Cibolo home. Get a chance to see native plants and wildlife up close. Learn about animal and plant species’ habitats, natural history, and identifying them. Please bring a flashlight and a water bottle. Attendees will meet at the Cibolo’s Visitor Center before heading out on the trails. $10 members $15 non-members

continued on page 24

(830) 816-2288

Judy Filingeri Owner Angela Turner Associate Broker Carey Stewart Realtor Suzanne McGinnis Realtor Lynelle Boyd Realtor




4 bedroom, 2 bath, approx. 2013 square feet home convenient to schools and Main Street. Walking trail and Currey Creek right out back gate. Covered backyard patio for outdoor entertaining. Master Bedroom is downstairs. Den with fireplace adjacent to kitchen which is great for family gatherings. Combo living and dining with wood floors. Roof is less that 6 months old and AC was replaced 5 years ago.


$470,000 - 113 SERENITY DRIVE

4 bedroom, 2 bath, approx. 1818 square feet, open floor plan, covered patio with deck extension into back yard. 2 car garage. Great location!! Small community.


(830) 816-2288

Bluebonnet Realty

LYNELLE BOYD (830) 822-0688 14

Since 1989

CAREY STEWART (210) 551-2883


(210) 912-8221

SUZANNE MCGINNIS (830) 377-5227

(830) 816-2288 |

B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022


148 MAGNOLIA CIRCLE – $3,100

224 KATIE COURT – $2,400

3 bed, 2.5 bath, large open floor plan. New carpet and fresh paint. No yard maintenance!! No pets & non-smokers.

3 bed, 2 bath, fenced yard. Located behind Nissan of Boerne close to IH-10.

331 DEER CREEK – $2,699

123 DEER CREEK – $2,599

Beautiful well maintained 1-story home with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Split floor plan, vaulted ceilings, natural stone fireplace. Ready for immediate occupancy.

Clean, 1-story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 1/3 acre with large, fenced backyard. Close to walking trails. May accept pets.

117 WHISPER WAY – $1,550

106 BLUE RIDGE, COMFORT – $1,000

2 bedroom, 2 bath duplex.

1 bedroom, 1 bath “tiny home.”



cover feature




photos by Ron Pritchett

This issue marks the beginning of Boerne Business Monthly’s 15th year! “When I think we have been publishing BBM for that long it is a little hard to believe. On one hand it feels like no time at all, and on the other hand it’s difficult to remember life without the magazine,” said Lauren Stumberg, owner/ publisher of Boerne Business Monthly. The very first issue of Boerne Business Monthly hit the

B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

streets in July of 2007. According to Lauren, “From that first issue, BBM was really embraced by the local community. It seems like people enjoy reading about their friends and their neighbors in a positive, pro-Boerne publication. Now, 169 issues later we’re still going strong! In that time we have featured every kind of business imaginable. It really has been amazing to discover the many unique businesses that

we have here.” “Boerne has changed a lot over the past fifteen years. The population in 2007 was around 7,100, now we’re upwards of 19,000 and growing fast. That’s a lot of growth. Boerne has new people, new schools, new businesses, new buildings, new subdivisions. From a magazine standpoint, that’s exciting. All that new just means more things to talk about. But Boerne Business Monthly wasn’t created to only feature the most recent additions to the local business community. In fact, my goal with BBM has always been to keep the Boerne business community informed of current changes and growth by highlighting new and exciting businesses, while remembering the existing businesses that created the foundation for opportunity.” So how did Boerne Business Monthly come to be? While Stumberg would say that she didn’t necessarily see her career taking this particular path, the evolution of it makes perfect sense. “I love Boerne. I was born and raised here, graduated from Boerne High School, spent my childhood feeding the ducks, going to Berges Fest parades and swimming in the Boerne Pool. I’m one of those locals that reminisces about the good ole days eating at Beef N’ Brew. I love Mague’s tacos and I truly believe that nobody can make better broccoli and cheese soup or cheesecake than Bumdoodler’s. If you strike up a conversation with me, it’s highly likely that I will tell you that someone you mention is my cousin,” laughed Stumberg. “But also, I am genuinely interested in finding out about other people. I want to know what you do, why you do it, what your hobbies are. If there is something I learn that is interesting or exciting, I want to share that with others. So somewhere in there, my love of all things local and my need to know merged, and there you go, voilà – Boerne Business Monthly!” Between the articles, the advertisers, and even the readers, Stumberg feels blessed to have been able to meet and connect with so many people within our local community throughout the years. According to Lauren, “It is very rewarding when I hear how the magazine has positively impacted someone. It puts a smile on my face when I see people reading BBM at breakfast or when an advertiser calls to tell me about a call they got off of their ad. Being able to give these local small businesses the attention they deserve makes me happy!” continued on page 18

“Cheers BBM on your 15 Year Anniversary! I love this magazine because it’s so informative of what’s going on in the community and more so because it’s all good and positive news! My favorite issue of all time is January 2021 because it features Sort It Out’s 10 Year Anniversary milestone article. No surprise there! Here’s to many more issues in years to come!” – Esmi Gonzales, Sort It Out “It has been a pleasure to watch Lauren and BBM flourish and expand over the past 15 years. As an owner of an advertising agency, this is one of our “go-to” publications we recommend for marketing to our clients to get their message out in Boerne. From a personal standpoint, I love this magazine because it gives us an inside glimpse into our local businesses and we get to know our neighbors better. Congratulations Lauren & Boerne Business Monthly for a job well done!” – Kathy Rudkin, owner of Rudkin Productions “Congrats on BBM’s 15th year. It’s the one magazine with great stories that keeps readers updated on all things Boerne.” – Karl Eggerss, CapTrust “When I think of what is happening in Boerne, the go-to is BBM. Thanks Lauren for 15 great years and keeping us all informed.” – Mike Schultz, HC Home and Land “I love seeing each issue of Boerne Business Magazine because I see people I know and love running businesses I know and love that serve other people I know and love, in the town I love! It’s awesome! Great job Lauren. I remember your first issue I think!” – Dr. Ben Stahl, Boerne Family Medicine “What a great way to learn about all Boerne has to offer our community and the people and businesses that serve us. The profiles of the people behind these businesses is always a very personal way to immediately get to know them.” – Judy Filingeri, Bluebonnet Realty “Thank you for being so good to us. We appreciate you and as a long time customer I can say, I have seen great results! Congratulations on your 15 years and many more!” – Ed Trevino, Home Sweet Home Real Estate “Congratulations on celebrating 15 years in business! We look forward to working with BBM for many years to come!” – Ariel & Holly, Haute Air Boerne



“Love BBM, makes for good reading at the Old Jail Museum, plenty of time behind bars to catch up on Boerne Happenings!!! Thanks Lauren for all your generous coverage of community events, businesses, people and organizations.” – Warden Paul Barwick "I LOVE being a part of BBM! I have been with BBM since they started. Happy 15th!" – Dr. Leigh Ann Greenberg, Annie’s Apothecary “Congrats on your 15th year!! Sending good wishes for many years to come!” – Jim and Renee Campbell, Texas Hill Country Realty “Boerne Business Monthly makes our community stronger with each issue. Thank you for helping us all grow our businesses and for keeping us up to date with all that makes Boerne great. Happy 15th Anniversary!“ – Ariel Brooks-Stevens, HC Home and Land “Congratulations on your 15th year! I love how BBM always focuses on bringing our community closer together!” – Lori Gross, Rudkin Productions “Lauren…congratulations on 15 years of BBM! There’s always such great stuff. Thank you for keeping me in the loop!” – Beca Short, Jefferson Bank Mortgage

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“As most small business owners will tell you, more often than not your business is not what you do, but rather becomes part of who you are,” added Stumberg. “When planning this issue, my kids of course wanted to be in the picture too. After I thought about it, it really seemed only fitting to include my family in this celebration of BBM’s 15th year. My husband, Justin, is constantly being recruited by me to lend a hand with the magazine in one way or another and Dylan and Dutch don’t know life without BBM. We constantly have boxes of magazines in our car, they help me distribute the issues each month, come with me to photo shoots and on more than one occasion have been the ‘stand in kid’ for magazine photos. It’s safe to say that this business is definitely a family affair.” Ultimately, the success of Boerne Business Monthly lies in the support from both our advertisers and our readers. “I want to thank both groups. There would be no BBM without our advertisers, several of which have been with us since day one. We have a great group of advertisers that I feel confident to recommend their products and services. And what about our readers? The readers give life to each publication. They pick it up, interact with it, circulate each issue, act upon what they read and tell their friends. Those are all things that are invaluable in the success of a publication,” said Stumberg. “Boerne is a special place. It is a wonderful place to live, work and play. There is no one thing that makes our town so great, but rather the combination of our people, our history, our landscape and our small businesses. My hope is to celebrate Boerne’s unique charm in each issue – filling our pages with the culture, commerce and community that make Boerne one really cool town.” BBM LEARN MORE



With Virtual Telemedicine appointments, you can now access the circulation experts at PVA wherever you are. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms while traveling, or just looking to get your concerns addressed from the comfort of your home, the region’s leaders in vascular care are now available on demand in your time of need.

Schedule an appointment today. Your life may depend on it. 210.614.7414 • • 112 Herff Road, Suite 320, Boerne, TX 78006


B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022





Don’t Wait – Start Today! If you are ready to look and feel your best everyday, we can show you the steps to ensure your success.

Give Us a Call – (830) 431-3230 TRACI@IDEALHEALTHBOERNE.COM



Come See Us! 1109 S. MAIN, STE. 101 BOERNE, TEXAS (830) 431-3230

Moxi Mat Pilates

Tues/Thurs: 7am Mon/Wed: 5pm

Mondays & Wednesdays: Noon


Mondays & Wednesdays: 5:30am

Tuesdays: Noon Fridays: 9:45am


Mens Only Bootcamp





shop local

support local, Shop local!! SUMMER SHOP-A-PALOOZA IS HERE, Y'ALL! If you haven't participated in this awesome event, here's how it works:

A $25 ticket scores the holder a game board featuring participating shops and restaurants around Boerne and the Hill Country Mile. Complete one of the "missions" on the board (a small item to purchase or amount to spend) and score a raffle ticket to be entered

Bring the Kids!


to win thousands of dollars in gift cards from local businesses. The more missions you complete, the more chances you have to win! The event will be held Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16, 10am to 5pm. Tickets will be printed and available for pickup the week of the event. Please bring your confirmation email to The Pearl Antler at 312 River Road to pick up tickets. This event is so much fun and is a great way to meet new people and business owners on The Mile! Have some fun and win some AMAZING prizes!

Tickets Can be Purchased at:


Don’t Miss It!!

July 15 - 16

(830) 428-2550 | 3 Kelton Avenue – Boerne

A short drive from Boerne Main St. on Hwy 46 E in the Pleasant Valley business park just 4 miles West of Bergheim.



let me do your lips!

Megan Joyner c r na


i n j e c to r

w h i t e - g lov e a e s t h e t i c s e rv i c e s

@ p o u t _ m e ga n e l i z a b e t h


B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

fillers, dysport, sculptra, restylane kysse, chin slim, microneedling, dermaplaning & medical weight loss

m o b i l e m e d s pa : p r i vat e pa rt i e s o r con c i e r g e s e rv i c e ava i la b l e f o l low u s on s o c i a l m e d i a f o r o u r m on t h ly p o p - u p s p ot s to o !


20620 Low Bluff Road – Helotes, Texas


Tucked away on 2.8 acres in the neighborhood of Chimney Creek sits a gorgeous single story stone ranch home with a metal roof. Complete ranch fencing, solar powered driveway gate, and stone sidewalk make this a true Texas estate which includes mature native trees such as Mountain Laurels and Oaks. To add another layer of outdoor enjoyment are the covered porches and 1000 sq. ft of multi level decking. This backyard is nature at its best with privacy for outstanding outdoor living and entertaining. Also plenty of acreage for planting gardens. The interior of the home is specifically designed to capture natural light and country views. An open concept floor plan is perfect for gatherings and a wood burning fireplace to warm up cool evenings. The living room is spacious and a coffered octagon ceiling adds character and a timeless design feature. An inviting corner gourmet kitchen features custom oak cabinets, and a center island is ready for all to enjoy with so many areas for prep, creating culinary experiences and offers wonderful storage, walk in pantry is added bonus! Be sure not to miss the nice size utility room with more storage, and plenty of space for an extra refrigerator. This cozy home features 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and no carpet. An oversize master bedroom yields plenty of room for a sitting area. Updated master bath includes two walk in closets and features two sinks and a huge vanity with an amazing walk in shower. This home is simply timeless, Texas chic, and with an almost 3 acre lot in an established

neighborhood is a rare find. NO HOA. This property is in the perfect location to get away from it all, yet close enough to shopping, work and arms length to hill country fun. Welcome to your dream property. $642,000

Renee Campbell, Realtor® Follow me on Facebook @reneecampbellrealestate & Instagram @reneeaustincampbell |


ribbon cuttings

Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce May/June 2022 Ribbon Cuttings

Platinum Pediatrics is a direct, pediatric, pre-emergency care led by Founder & Owner, Dr. Mark Rodkey. They have a team of experienced pediatric emergency physicians and nurses, empowering parents to keep their children out of the Emergency Room. With zero to minimal wait times, and same day or next appointments available, Platinum pediatrics will be your new go-to for your kids’ emergency needs. They offer everything from annual school physicals, respiratory treatment, burn management, laceration treatment and more! To learn more about their services call them at (830)212-4554 or go to, 645 S. School St. Suite 101 Boerne.

Grind House Training Facility is a brand new, 10,000 square foot training facility in Boerne! From equipment, to classes, to veteran trainers, they are the premiere training facility in the Northwest San Antonio area. They offer classes for all levels of fitness that include boot camp, strike fit, boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, spin and more! Their personal trainers work with you to meet your own individual goals. Give Grind House Training Facility a call at (210) 549-7959, visit their website at or stop by and check them out at 645 S. School St. Ste. 301 Boerne.

Mobility Medical Equipment is a home medical equipment retail store. Mobility sells everything from walking canes to scooters, power wheelchairs and power lift recliners. They also rent a variety of items if you’re not looking to permanently buy. They price match most higher end products from large online competitors and even offer repairs and delivery. Mobility’s staff has almost 40 combined years of experience in DME and their original San Antonio location has a 5 star rating on Google! Check out their website or give them a call at (210) 745-0054 for more information!

Jennifer, owner of Element 78 Aesthetics, is a Registered Nurse Aesthetic Injector whose primary focus is in neurotoxins, dermal fillers, facials, derma-planing, skincare and CoolSculpting! At Element 78 Aesthetics you can even get FDA approved, uniquely purified anti-wrinkle injections. Book your appointment (services by appointment only) or learn about their services by giving them a call at (210) 412-4490. Element 78 Aesthetics is located at 645 S. School St. Suite 101 in Boerne.

Boerne MedSpa will be bringing CoolSculpting Elite to the area! CoolSculpting is an FDA approved fat reduction technique that is also non-invasive. Boerne MedSpa has Emergency Room nurses who are certified to help you get rid of your stubborn fat, just in time for the summer. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, or want to set up a free consultation, message them on Instagram @ boerne.medspa, give them a call at (830) 446-3648 or visit their website at Boerne MedSpa is located at 645 S. School St. #101, Room 2 in Boerne.

Trinity Oaks is a network of volunteers and premier properties that exclusively use hunting, fishing, and outdoor experiences as a humanitarian lever and platform to fundamentally change, heal, and make a difference in the lives of others. They’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has impacted tens of thousands of people’s lives since 2007. On an annual basis, they offer more than 100 events that are a once in a lifetime experience for Purple Heart and combat veterans, families suffering terminal illnesses, special needs children, underprivileged youth and more. Check out their website at, give them a call at (210) 447-0351 or email!

At Anytime Fitness Fair Oaks Ranch, the support is real, and it starts the moment you walk through the doors! Anytime coaches don’t have one plan that fits everyone, they develop a plan that fits you - a total fitness experience designed around your abilities, your body and your goals. Your plan will contain a 360 approach to your health and will cover important areas other gyms simply can’t. Anytime’s goal is to help you tackle anything that stands in the way of a healthier you, together. Call 210-687-1200 to get started on feeling motivated, stronger and confident again! Located at 9091 Fair Oaks Pkwy. in Fair Oaks Ranch. You can also go to gyms/862/boerne-tx-78015 to sign up today!

Rover Oaks is a new, 4-acre dog park that’s full of fun! It features off leash play and exercise with dedicated spaces for both large and small dogs. All materials used in the building of the park have been sustainably sourced and were repurposed from construction materials that would’ve otherwise been discarded. Located in Esperanza, this is a great place to bring your 4-legged family members! Looking to learn more about how you can use the dog park while living in the beautiful Esperanza Neighborhood? Email! Rover Oaks Dark Park at Esperanza is located at 601 Esperanza Blvd. in Boerne.

Klein Smokehaus celebrated the Grand Opening of their newly expanded meat market and dining area with a ribbon cutting ceremony! Klein Smokehaus has been a Boerne tradition since 1950, and offers succulent smoked meats, sausages, hand-cut steaks and chops, exotic game, oak smoked bacon and mouth-watering BBQ! They also have Klein Deer Processing, which honors the rich heritage of Hill Country hunting as well as the fine art of traditional Hill Country deer processing. You can now swing by Klein Smokehaus to sit down with some BBQ and ice cold beer at their landmark Main Street store at 342. S Main St., or give them a call at (830) 249-8063 for any questions!


B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

Hill Country Mission for Health celebrated their 20th Anniversary! HCMH is a medical ministry providing charitable primary healthcare for eligible low-income, uninsured adults residing in Kendall County and surrounding communities through non-governmental support. They offer primary care, prescription assistance, specialty care and more! (830)249-0130, or visit them at 122 Commerce Ave. in Boerne.

Hummingbird Assisted Living and Memory Care is a family-owned and operated, boutique, residential assisted living and memory care home in Boerne. Their focus is on providing our seniors with a true private residential experience that can be a real home but that also meets their needs in the twilight of their lives. Call (830) 532-7004 or go to their website for more information.

Comfort Organizing Co. exists to serve others while establishing peace and order in cluttered spaces. Comfort Organizing’s goal is to provide you with the gift of enjoying your time spent at home instead of working harder to restore it to order. Contact Kelly today at (210) 863-2246 or go online at so you can begin the exciting journey of bringing more comfort to your spaces.

JJodi Dillmon has been an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef for almost 15 years now. Her passion is helping families with quick and easy mealtime solutions using the kitchen products Pampered Chef has to offer. Jodi provides excellent customer service and absolutely loves her job. She offers a wide range of different ways to party including: online, in person, fundraisers, wedding showers, and catalog parties. Reach out to Jodi at (360) 624-6670 or visit her website at!

Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club celebrated their Pavilion Re-Opening and Newly Renovated Ballroom with a ribbon cutting. Spend your summer days lounging around the pool area, and hanging out with friends at The Club’s pavilion. They are also celebrating the completion of their newly renovated ballroom that can be rented for private events! With a brand new menu to go along with it, this ballroom will be the new hub for many major events to come. Visit or call (210) 582-6720. 7900 Fair Oaks Parkway in Fair Oaks Ranch.

The Stretch Zone is pioneering the next great wellness trend: stretch. Jorden, founder of Stretch Zone, believes that he can apply proprietary stretch methodology to improve circulation and create a more ideal resting muscle tone, ultimately changing the lives of many., helping your body to move more efficiently, get rid of soreness, and overall feel younger and lighter! To book your free 30 minute session with Stretch Zone Dominion, head to their website at or call (210) 698-7725, 23110 West IH-10, Suite 207 in San Antonio!

More June 2022 Ribbon Cuttings in Next Issue!

Get Back Your Active Life

Matthew Dwyer, MD

Alexandra Matthews, DO

ChristOpher Phelps, MD

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Fellowship-Trained Sports Medicine Specialist

Board Certified, Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic Surgeon

210-545-7171 | A D U LT




Boerne: 134 Menger Springs, Suite 1210 | Stone Oak: 1139 E. Sonterra, Suite 500 Sports Medicine: 255 E. Sonterra, Suite 110


Inspiring people to achieve their life’s ambitions Prime Capital Investment Advisors is proud of our ability to provide our clients with full-service financial advice. Your personal financial advisor will educate you on wealth building and preservation strategies based on your individual situation. For more information about us and the investment services we offer, contact us:

616 E. Blanco, Suite 201-A / Boerne, TX 78006 (830) 816-5131 / Advisory services offered through Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC. (“PCIA”), a Registered Investment Adviser. PCIA: 6201 College Blvd., Suite 150, Overland Park, KS 66211. PCIA doing business as Qualified Plan Advisors (“QPA”) and Prime Capital Wealth Management (“PCWM”).

Why United Texas?  Local decision making  Compeeeve rates  Straighhorward applicaaon  Loans for equipment, business vehicles, and real estate, including investment real estate  Lines of credit and term loans  SBA Guaranteed Loans - we’re an SBA Preferred Lender

JULY 15 MOVIE IN THE PARK: "ENCANTO" 7:00pm to 10:00pm Main Plaza 100 N. Main Street – Boerne Pre-movie activities begin at 7:00pm and the movies will begin at dark. Come out early pick your spot, get a movie snack or two and hang out and enjoy free entertainment before each movie. Do not forget chairs, blankets and a favorite snack! Food trucks and other vendors will be on hand to provide additional tasty treats available for purchase. JULY 15-16 BOERNE SHOP-A-PALOOZA Retail Shops in Boerne Boerne Shop-A-Palooza is two days full of shopping fun. Your Ticket is your GAMEBOARD for this event. The GAMEBOARD has different items to be purchased or amounts spent at participating stores and restaurants. You receive Raffle Tickets for each of the items marked off on your Gameboard. Prizes are amazing - lots of gift card bundles as well as the GRAND PRIZE.... Boerne Gift Cards totaling over $1000.00. Giving You A Shopping Spree at many of our Boerne Shops and Restaurants. Get your shopping shoes on, and bring your gameboard (TICKET), to join the fun! Tickets will be printed & available for pickup starting Monday July 11 at The Pearl Antler located at 312 River Rd. in Boerne. Tickets are $25 each and only 200 will be sold! JULY 16 MOONDANCE OUTDOOR CONCERT SERIES! 7:00pm to 10:00pm Cibolo Nature Center 140 City Park Rd. – Boerne Grab your lawn chairs, coolers, and picnic, and head on over to the Cibolo Nature Center for some music and fun under the majestic oaks! Concerts running April through September. Sponsored by Frost Bank and The Brandon Fund, & Boerne Radio as the official media sponsor. $15 per concert, $10 members $5 Students Ages 12-15 JULY 19 KCBFO TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE MEETING 2:00pm to 4:00pm 447 N. Main Street – Boerne

David Gray

VP Member Business Lending

1440 South Main 210.561.4578 



B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

B.O.N.D. - BOERNE OPEN NEIGHBORHOOD DISCUSSION 5:30pm Zoom Meeting – Visit City of Boerne Website for Link B.O.N.D. meetings are an informal opportunity for residents to learn about proposed developments near their homes or businesses.

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For All of Life's Celebrations!



5746 Friedrich Road – Fredericksburg, Texas


Unique Barndominium located in the Texas Hill Country with breathtaking country views. Wake up to quiet and enjoy that first cup of coffee on either covered porch to start your day. Open floor plan invites entertaining and soaring ceilings add to the barndo lifestyle. Corner gourmet kitchen with breakfast bar is set up for easy prep and makes cooking a culinary experience while taking in the views of the country. Stained concrete floors throughout home add rustic charm for all decorating styles and easy upkeep. Master bedroom with walk-in closet and extra storage space. Enjoy a spa like bath with open shower and tub in the same tiled area. Guests will enjoy a private suite with huge rain shower

Renee Campbell, Realtor® Follow me on Facebook @reneecampbellrealestate & Instagram @reneeaustincampbell


bath. This country-chic Barndominium is like no other on the market and will make a great home to build your memories, vacation home, or investment in the hill country. This home is private, sits on 2.4 acres, easy drive from Kerrville, or Fredericksburg and arms length to everything you need for living and fun. Attached is a masterful oversized garage with endless possibilities for use and extra large garage door for RV’s, etc. Electric gate and ranch fencing. If you have been looking for the perfect country home or get away, look no further. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience one of the best parts of Texas in a truly Texas home. Cozy up, sit and relax on patio, watch the sunset and the wildlife, call it a day, call it HOME! $699,000 |

B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

CALENDAR OF EVENTS | cont’d JULY 21 LIVE! AT THE LIBRARY 7:00pm to 9:00pm Patrick Heath Public Library Amphitheater 451 N. Main – Boerne In celebration of the Library's 70th Anniversary (1952) they are featuring a Buddy Holly tribute band at this month's Live! At the Library! This program is free and open to the public. Since the program is outside, please bring a blanket or lawn chair to sit on. JULY 22 DRIVE-IN MOVIE NIGHT! 8:00pm to 10:00pm Patrick Heath Public Library Amphitheater 451 N. Main – Boerne Head to the back lawn of the Library for a classic 1950's horror flick - "Forbidden Planet." © MGM/Universal/UA - Build your own cardboard car to sit in and there will be a car contest for prizes! They’ll have popcorn! Contact Alex Pena in the YA department with any questions:

– Steve Bolton

leave a legacy.

JULY 26 CITY COUNCIL MEETING 6:00pm to 8:00pm Livestream Meeting See ci.boerne.tx us for link to meeting. JULY 29 FAMILY NIGHT HIKES 7:00pm to 8:30pm Cibolo Center for Conservation 140 City Park Rd. – Boerne Explore the Cibolo at Night! Join naturalist Jasmine Torrez and explore the Cibolo Center for Conservation to discover various living organisms that call the Cibolo home. Get a chance to see native plants and wildlife up close. Family Night Hikes are great ways to explore the Cibolo and for children to see what lives on the land in the dark! This hike is suitable for families with small children. Trails are comprised of dirt roads and rocks, which may not be ideal for strollers. Please bring a flashlight and a water bottle. Attendees will meet at the Cibolo’s Visitor Center before heading out on the trails. $8 members; $10 non-members MOVIE IN THE PARK: "ELF" 7:00pm to 10:00pm | Main Plaza 100 N. Main Street – Boerne Come out early pick your spot, get a movie snack or two and hang out and enjoy free entertainment before each movie. Do not forget chairs, blankets and a favorite snack! Food trucks and other vendors will be on hand to provide additional tasty treats available for purchase.



Director of Land and Ranch Owner/Partner

Director of Commercial Real Estate Owner/Partner

c. 719.650.7012

c. 210.383.0007


L E GAC Y B R O K E R G R O U P. CO M JULY 30 HOPS AND HOT RODS All Day Tusculum Brewing Co. 236 S. Main Street – Boerne Join the team at Tusculum Brewing Co. for a monthly car show. All makes, models, and years are welcome! Bring a car to show off or come to enjoy the festivities and admire a great collection of awesome vehicles. Come on out and enjoy some beer, food, live music in the evening, and check out the cars! Bring a lawn chair to enjoy the music in their outdoor space. This is a free event and it is open to the public! Have a car and want to participate!? All makes, models, and years are welcome! Load-in for the car show will begin at 3:30 PM. FIRST COME FIRST PARK. Show and shine only! BBM



real estate


Improvements that Buyers Love


Move-in ready listings are more appealing to buyers and usually bring top dollar. Here are a few of the improvements that buyers are seeking. HARDWOOD FLOORING Gone are the days of tile in the entryway and kitchen, carpet in the living room and wood flooring in the dining room. Many buyers like the look and consistency of wood flooring throughout the entire home or at least on the main level if the home is two story. There are so many pre-finished choices today - wood laminate, luxury vinyl tile or rigid core flooring. The look is much cleaner and variety can be added with beautiful rugs. STEAM OVENS More people are desiring to cook healthier meals at home and the steam oven not only saves time and effort, it preserves moisture, nutrients and flavor. Many are choosing them for their new homes. They fit in the same space as a regular oven so they are perfect for a remodel as well. BUILT-IN BOOKCASES Homeowners are returning to reading print books rather than downloading e-books. You may have noticed many of the beautiful bookcase backdrops on Zoom calls or news interviews. With the addition of closed storage, style plus storage can be readily combined. WARMER PALETTES Light beiges, creams and all shades of green are gradually replacing stark whites and cool grays for interior colors. All-white and even all black exteriors are still very popular and are even changing the look of some neighborhoods where renovation has become the norm. CHICKEN COOPS Yes - chicken coops and maybe a goat or llama! An owner gets a sense of selfreliance and sustainability when they can have chickens along with a well planted garden. Not every community allows animals so it is wise to check ordinances before adding. By the way, there can be some pretty fancy chicken coops. BBM adapted from an article from National Association of Realtors


HCHOMEANDLAND.COM | (830) 331-1104 B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

A Boutique Skincare Spa Located in the Hear t of Boerne

The Cottage Door

Refreshing Summer Special

Treat your skin to a cooling and hydrating facial on these hot summer days


H e l p i n g Yo u F e e l L i ke t h e B e s t Ve r s i o n o f Yo u r s e l f ! •Facials •Chemical Peels •Plaxel Plasma Pen Fibroblasting •ProCell MicroChanneling •Zemits CoolRestore Cr yo Body Slimming •Hyaluron Pen •Microderm Abrasion •Glo Therapeutics Skincare •Waxing & More Free 15 Minute Consultations

103 E. Kronkosky – Boerne | (210) 570-5416 | FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK


Serving the Texas Hill Country Since 1916

103 N. Saunders St. – Boerne (830) 816.2131

Our goal at Kendall County Abstract Company is to be the premier title company in Kendall County. We provide real estate closing services and title insurance to both individuals and businesses. All work and research is done in-house at our office. When you have questions and are looking for high quality, we are ready to serve your needs.

Instant Estimates. Easier Than Ever. From Title Quotes, to Seller Net Sheets and Buyer Estimates. Visit to DOWNLOAD MOBILE APP

Ashlee Pfeiffer Escrow Officer

“Where experience and service make the difference”

B CUTS • COLOR • STYLING Appointment booking available online at BARBIE (210) 330-6676


B oerne B usiness M onthly | July 2022

KIMBERLY (210) 827-9310

BRITTANY (210) 632-5152


CAROL SCHULTZ (210) 268-3691


MIKE SCHULTZ (210) 827-0852

CONNIE MCCORD (210) 971-0095



Luxury Bath & Kitchen Remodeling 24 Years in Business 10 Years in Texas

HHHHH Trenton treats you like his only customer. We had two bathrooms remodeled and are very happy with the results. He and his crew were great to work with during the renovation process. – Stacey H.



Visit Us Online for More Before/Afters & Client Testimonials

WWW.BALLROOMBATHS.COM | (830) 755-6444