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Ergomotion Expands What A Sleep System Can Do


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12 Nationwide Marketing Group Focuses Winter PrimeTime Around The Shopper Decision Journey 12 Shifman Sets The Stage For Continued Growth 14 BEDGEAR Supports Customer Satisfaction With Online PillowID Finder And In-Store Fitting Process Improvements 14 King Koil Relocates To A Larger Las Vegas Market Showroom


22 Classic Brands Showcases Expanded Infinity Sleep Collection 24 Diamond Mattress Helps Retailers Build The Ticket With New Bedding Bundle


30 Therapedic Addresses Consumer Health Concerns With CopperRich Immunity Collection 32 Malouf Unveils New Mattress Lineup And Cotton Sheet Collection

24 Blu Sleep Launches Luxury Conforma Plus Topper And New Prestige Pillow Line

32 Magniflex Expands Sustainable Product Line-Up With Updated Dolce Vita Collection

26 Lifeloom Debuts FDA-Cleared ‘Frictionless Sleep’

33 The SSA Sleep Pavilion Showcases 18 Companies At Winter Las Vegas Market

28 Reverie Expands Power Base Lineup And Unveils New Customer Convenience Hub

34 E.S. Kluft Directly Addresses Three Key 2022 Bedding Trends 36 Kingsdown Launches Re-Engineered Sleep Smart Mattress At Las Vegas Market MATERIALS

37 Latexco Enhances Cooling Performance With Patented Innovation

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Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022




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Delivering: Comfort, Quality & Margins At Kingsdown, we understand these key pillars are essential for our retail partners. On-time delivery brings productive Kingsdown luxury sleep solutions to your retail floor.


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Editors’ Picks 1

In honor of the brand’s 25th anniversary, Spring Air has introduced the next generation of Chattam & Wells. Designed to appeal to today’s luxury consumer, this seven-mattress collection features top models made with layers of custom silk damask, cashmere, Talalay latex and horse tail fibers for supreme softness. The collection’s look was inspired by royal influences and trends in fashion and design, offering a neutral color palette, a new quilted border and premium upholstery-grade fabrics. With an eye-catching label fashioned with bronze further elevating the aesthetic, this updated line is sure to stand out on the retail floor.


Inspired by the Montessori classroom, Cilek Kids’ new Montes Collection is crafted to maximize learning, growth and independence in children. Created specifically to facilitate individual learning, the collection features several bed frames, desks and storage units that give children freedom of choice by offering easy access to toys, books or clothes. The collection is also made to grow with the child—making it a versatile investment that will support a growing kid for years to come. With its pastel color ways and light wooden tones, this new line creates an upbeat and comfortable environment for children to explore.


Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022



BrandSource and TD Bank recently partnered to provide a private-label credit card program to BrandSource’s member stores. Through the partnership, BrandSource member stores will have access to TD’s innovative in-store and online waterfall application and sales processing platform, TD Complete. Creating ease at the point of sale, the platform streamlines applications, authorization and settlement by providing a single interface to finalize transactions across a select group of premier lending partners. Additionally, the platform delivers reporting and analytics in real time, providing members with deeper insights into sales across participating lenders.

Spaldin’s new Möebius mattress collection was designed with true sustainability in mind. Recognizing that mattresses are one of the main contributors to global landfill waste, the company developed an alternative mattress manufacturing process that uses a modular design and only iron and polyester as raw materials. By connecting the mattress layers in a reversible manner, Spaldin ensures that Möebius mattresses can be made into a new mattress at the end of their lives. With threedimensional polyester layers and polyester-pocketed springs, the Möebius mattress supports heat and moisture elimination as well as spine alignment. It also features a removable, washable cover for added hygiene benefits and is fire retardant without the use of chemicals.

The parent company of Eclipse International and Eastman House is rebranding to better reflect the diversity of its comprehensive product portfolio. Now going to market under the umbrella of the Bedding Industries of America name, the company will continue to support each of its six brands with distinct marketing programs and materials. By grouping its entire portfolio together as such, the company is underscoring the full breadth of its offerings, with lineups that range from valueconscientious to ultra-luxury.

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Outward, Inc delivers cutting-edge automated photography solutions for the home furnishings industry. At the fall High Point Market, the company debuted its new Aperture Platform. Consisting of an automated photo rig installed at the customer’s location and a web software application, this new platform is designed to help retailers and manufacturers quickly produce consistent and professional quality imagery at unprecedented scale, speed and price point. By offering added creative flexibility, Outward, Inc is helping retailers keep up with today’s changing marketing and merchandising needs.

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Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

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Ergomotion Expands What A Sleep System Can Do By Gretchen Kast

As a leading global supplier of adjustable bases, Ergomotion has been at the forefront of the category for nearly 20 years, helping to drive both consumer awareness and product innovation to new heights. Now, at a time when adjustable bases are more prominent than ever before, Ergomotion is once again helping to elevate the category to its full potential. By leveraging smart technology and targeting specific consumer demographics, the company has developed two new adjustable base options that deliver more meaningful solutions. The Dawn House and ErgoSportive not only provide valuable sleep benefits, they situate a good night’s sleep within the larger context of health and wellness. Grounded in in-depth market research and backed by a company ethos that prioritizes transparency, Ergomotion is helping retailers reach a whole new group of adjustable base consumers.


he growth of the adjustable base category has been one of the defining features of the bedding industry over the past two decades. Founded in 2005, Ergomotion contributed significantly to that expansion through both its private and branded products. In its early years, the company was integral to the transformation of the adjustable base from its “hospital bed” associations and into a fully-fledged lifestyle product. Since then, the company has continued to raise the stature of adjustable bases by developing more advanced features that work to improve the overall sleep experience. Coupled with its sleek designs, whisper-quiet technology and innovative value-adds, that message has resonated throughout the bedding industry. Once considered a niche add-on accessory, adjustable bases have become a staple that can be found prominently displayed in mattress and furniture stores across the country.

But even with this increased visibility, there still remains ample opportunity for the adjustable base category to grow. And now Ergomotion is once again driving the segment forward with a new approach that resonates with today’s consumer interests. “We used to call it a lifestyle choice, where if you wanted to read or watch TV in bed, the adjustability could help you get there,” explains Gui Peres, president of Ergomotion’s Wellness Division. “But today, people are much more in tune with wellness and health and how a good night’s sleep has everything to do with that. They now see the adjustability as part of those health and wellness goals they have in life.” A key buzzword across all consumer products these days, the “wellness” value proposition has become a sought-after selling point throughout the bedding industry. But Ergomotion is bringing new weight and

authenticity to the concept, grounding it with tested technologies, practical applications and tangible benefits. “There are a lot of promises out there for a good night’s sleep,” Peres continues. “What we mean by wellness is that we want you to wake up feeling great. We strive to deliver that through a combination of the physical product and the technology that will guide you into a better night’s sleep so that you can wake up feeling great.” Years of research has made it clear that sleep isn’t an isolated experience—how you live during the day impacts your sleep and vice versa. And that means different people will need different solutions in order to sleep and feel their best. These ideas are at the core of Ergomotion’s new adjustable base offerings, Dawn House and ErgoSportive. Designed with specific demographic groups in mind, each product builds on the company’s 9


powerful sleep technology with distinct features that reflect a more holistic understanding of sleep and wellness.

Aging In Place With Dawn House Recognizing a growing but underserved consumer demographic, Ergomotion developed the Dawn House sleep system specifically for aging consumers—providing the enhanced comfort, meaningful support and powerful health monitoring technology they need to live independently. Going above and beyond the traditional comfort benefits, Dawn House is equipped with an array of dynamic features geared specifically for the needs of those “aging at home.” The base also includes vital safety elements that are integrated in a way that feels natural rather than clinical or prescriptive. For example, in addition to standard head and foot articulation, the base also offers “high– 10 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

low” adjustability that allows the user to seamlessly raise or lower the mattress to the optimal height for getting in and out of bed. Motion-activated LED lights are stationed under the bed and can be set to turn on automatically to ensure better visibility in lowlight settings, such as getting out of bed in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Both of these features are designed to better accommodate people with changing mobility and help minimize the risk of falling, two factors that become all the more critical for consumers as they age. But it is more than just these lifestyle features that sets Dawn House apart from other adjustable bases on the market. It also utilizes powerful tracking technology to capture a more thorough picture of the user’s health. With non-invasive sensors imbedded directly into the product, the base is able to track sleep activity and vital signs without disrupt-

ing sleep or sacrificing comfort. Dawn House allows the consumer to monitor such factors as heart rate, respiratory rate, arrhythmia, heart rate variability and sleep quality. This data powers the smart base, helping it to improve the sleep experience in real time, as in the case of its anti-snore setting. When the sensors recognize signs of snoring, they signal to the base to automatically elevate the head, thereby alleviating the snoring effects. At the same time, it also empowers the user to take charge of their own health. They can access all of their sleep and health metrics via a Health Dashboard and, if they choose, even share this information with their family or healthcare providers. “Ten thousand people turn 65 every day in the United States,” Peres explains. “There’s a huge population that needs solutions like the Dawn House bed so that they can comfortably stay at home—and allow their loved


ones to know how their health, wellness and sleep is doing without necessarily being there every night.” With Dawn House, Ergomotion has developed a product to support the specific needs of aging consumers with changing needs. “This product is tailored specifically for the user that would like to have not only a wonderful night’s sleep with a beautifully designed bed, but would also like to understand what their health trends are,” Peres explains. “As a senior statesman, you’ve lived a lot and given so much back to your family and to your society. Now you deserve to wake up feeling great and refreshed and ready to take on today.”

ErgoSportive Enhances Rest & Recovery In addition to Dawn House, Ergomotion is also unveiling its new ErgoSportive adjustable base this winter. Positioned as a Smart & Adjustable Recovery System, the ErgoSportive is designed for active, health-conscious consumers who are looking to understand their bodies better. Combining both smart bed and smart watch, the ErgoSportive also provides users with a complete picture of their health data. Through a partnership with the technology brand Garmin, the base integrates with the company’s popular fitness and health tracking watch—integrating the insights of both to deliver a more in-depth understanding of the relationship between daytime activity and nighttime sleep. Utilizing the same sensor technology as the Dawn House, the ErgoSportive monitors the user’s sleep as well as their key vital signs throughout the night. In addition to a nightly Sleep Report, this technology allows the user to access 24 hour data on their respiration, pulse and heart rate. By drawing from the Garmin watch’s “body battery” metric, the base is then able to curate more personalized sleep guidance and recovery advice—and when viewed in relationship to their sleep score, it allows the user to see more clearly how their sleep is impacting their wellbeing during the day. In the future, the company plans to expand this functionality to allow the ErgoSportive to analyze such metrics as Timed Activity Details and Motion Intensity to inform an even more personalized sleep and recovery plan. For example, if the user did a more high-intensity workout that afternoon, the ErgoSportive

may suggest getting to bed earlier that night so that the body has more time to physically recover. Peres refers to this as “bespoke recovery coaching”—a concept that broadens the very idea of how an adjustable base can support a consumer’s wellness goals. By creating more targeted solutions that emphasize the health and wellness benefits, Ergomotion has made it easier to craft a message that resonates with the average consumer. Rather than getting lost in the technical details, the company is focusing on what these products can really do for the consumer—helping them connect the dots between technology, sleep and wellness. And in today’s market, where wellness promises have become so ubiquitous, Ergomotion offers added reassurance by backing up its claims with substantive research and support. When developing the Dawn House brand in particular, the company worked closely with senior living experts, the medical field and, most importantly, directly with the target customer with changing needs in its local Santa Barbara area and beyond to advise on the demographic’s most pressing needs. “This is not a product that was born from just imagination,” explains Sherry Chapman, head of marketing. “It has real world applications.” Being able to ground its offerings in such assurances is a core element of the Ergomotion brand. “Transparency is huge in the organization,” Chapman continues. “That’s just part of the DNA of Ergomotion. How we engage with our customers—whether it’s the end user consumer, our OEM partners, or our retailer accounts—is number one.”

Turning Logistic Challenges Into Strong Partnerships That ethos permeates throughout all aspects of the company, from its product development to logistics and operations all the way through to customer support. As the world continues to face major supply chain disruptions, Ergomotion has navigated these issues by prioritizing transparency and open communication. When problems first began to arise at the onset of the pandemic, the company was proactive in working with its partners. “We were calling accounts and saying here are the options we have and here are the options that you have from our perspective,”

By creating more targeted solutions that emphasize the health and wellness benefits, Ergomotion has made it easier to craft a message that resonates with the average consumer. explains Kyle Muench, vice president of sales operations. “Starting those conversations early allows our vendor partners and our customers to lay all their cards out with their relative relations, and then we come up with creative solutions.” From reimagining shipping routes to helping implement temporary product surcharges, Ergomotion has worked closely with both its suppliers and retail partners to mitigate the impact of fulfillment delays and price increases. Doing so has allowed the company to further strengthen its partnerships across the board. Looking ahead to 2022, the company is committed to “continuity of supply,” says Muench. This includes mapping out risk mitigation projections and a range of possible scenarios that could impact the company moving forward—and preemptively planning potential solutions. By dual sourcing its components and creating a level of redundancy in its supply chain operations, Ergomotion is confident in its ability to support its retail partners in the year ahead. Powered by time-tested expertise and technological innovation, Ergomotion is once again pushing the envelope on the adjustable base category—expanding the idea of what a sleep system can do. With targeted programs that deliver strong, demonstrable wellness benefits, the company is equipping retailers with valuable products supported by authentic and clear messaging. By grounding each product in comprehensive research and real-life application, Ergomotion is elevating the adjustable base as an essential part of the consumer’s health and wellness journey.

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Nationwide Marketing Group Focuses Winter PrimeTime Around The Shopper Decision Journey By Elaina Hundley Throughout their paths to purchase, consumers encounter numerous distractions and touchpoints, which creates challenges for independent retailers as they strive to win each customer’s business. To address this pressing challenge, Nationwide Marketing Group will continue to sharpen its focus on the Shopper Decision Journey at its upcoming PrimeTime event, taking place this February in Phoenix, Arizona. “Long before they ever consider themselves to be in the market for a new appliance package or furniture set, consumers—whether they know it or not—are being influenced regarding how and where they’ll decide to buy something,” said Tom Hickman, Nationwide’s president and chief member advocate. “We want to equip independent retailers with the tools and resources they need to be successful from those early stages of the shopper journey, all the way through the purchase and beyond.” At the PrimeTime show in Nashville in August, Nationwide kicked off the Shop-

per Decision Journey theme with a panel of key vendor partners sharing what they have done throughout the journey to drive customers to independent retailers’ stores. In Phoenix, the training and education around the path to purchase will have an even more pronounced focus. With the theme, “Experience the Journey,” the winter PrimeTime event will launch a dedicated Shopper Decision Journey track in the Nationwide Learning Academy program, hold conversations with key leaders on the event’s Main Stage and deliver more detailed breakout sessions and networking roundtables. From awareness and initial consideration through to the purchase and long-term loyalty, attendees will discover what is required to be present for the customer at every stage along the way. In addition to the deep dive into the Shopper Decision Journey, PrimeTime will feature the same education, buying and networking opportunities that Nationwide members have come to expect. That includes: the 90-minute PrimeTime Palooza

shopping frenzy, a two-day expo featuring Show Specials and CashBack offers from vendor partners, targeted merchandising sessions including one with a specific focus on furniture and bedding, 100+ hours of education, meal packing give-back event with No Child Hungry, networking opportunities and much more. “Our members have seen real success and growth over the years, especially when we leverage our size and scale to drive value,” said Rob White, Nationwide’s vice president of brand and strategy. “But our real strength comes about when our manufacturers, service providers and members band together as one to work toward a common goal. For Nationwide and our partners, our common goal is driving more customers into our members’ stores and onto their websites. We accomplish this by sharing a deep understanding of shopper behavior and helping our members deliver the right message to their consumers at the right time.”


Shifman Sets The Stage For Continued Growth By Chris Schriever Shifman Mattress Co. is seizing the momentum it created last year and setting a course for strong growth ahead with plans for more investments and expansion. The 2022 strategy builds on the solid foundation laid in 2021, said company officials, citing the year’s successful marketing initiatives, key hires for territory expansion, comprehensive line enhancements and major launches, such as the designer-focused Inspired Collection. “We’ve done exactly what we said we would do at this time last year,” said Bill Hammer, president of Shifman. “By investing in our people and processes, we ensured our partnerships 12 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

and our business thrived even through the many global challenges. We’re keeping it going with some exciting, significant plans for 2022.” In addition to plans for a new luxury, flagship showroom in Newark, NJ, the company will continue to boost its visibility through a variety of different marketing efforts. That includes more robust website enhancements and the roll-out of new designs and improved merchandising strategy for Bloomingdale’s collections. With a new sales team on the West Coast, Shifman will continue its expansion throughout the United States as well as internationally. “We had unprecedented growth in 2021 of over 45% and fully expect the year ahead to

repeat double-digit increases with excellent domestic and international partnerships,” said Lisa Frey, national sales director.



BEDGEAR Supports Customer Satisfaction With Online PillowID Finder And In-Store Fitting Process Improvements By Elaina Hundley Bolstering its sustainability and customer satisfaction efforts, BEDGEAR recently improved its online PillowID finder and in-store pillow and mattress fitting process. These improvements—aimed at getting the “consumer fit right the first time”—have contributed to BEDGEAR’s low 1% return rate. Guided by BEDGEAR’s core belief that one size does not fit all, both the online PillowID finder and retail sales associates use a brief questionnaire to fit each individual based on details like body type, sleep position and temperature. BEDGEAR believes 30% of a sleeper’s comfort comes from the pillow and 70% from the mattress. As such, pillow and mattress fittings are both offered in store. Available in different sizes and heights, BEDGEAR Performance pillows are made to promote proper neck and spinal alignment. Both the PillowID and instore fitting options take less than a minute to complete.

“Sustainability has always been a key consideration for BEDGEAR,” said Eugene Alletto, BEDGEAR’s CEO and founder. “Besides creating engaging in-store experiences, our retail partners also deeply care about reducing their carbon footprint. They are discovering their RSAs are an extension of their sustainability efforts. The extra few seconds RSAs spend with a shopper to conduct pillow and mattress

fittings not only stops feeding the landfill but also increases the customer’s long-term happiness and decreases returns.” BEDGEAR’s Performance mattresses, pillows, sheets and mattress protectors are engineered with fabrics that are moisture wicking, instantly cooling and that maximize airflow to allow the body to naturally regulate its temperature.


King Koil Relocates To A Larger Las Vegas Market Showroom By Gretchen Kast King Koil has entered into an agreement to open a new and larger showroom in time for the winter Las Vegas Market. Located in the B Building at the World Market Center, the new 12,000-square-foot showroom is larger than the company’s previous space and is in a higher traffic location on what is becoming a popular bedding floor. “The new location in Building B will give us greater visibility and make it more convenient for our customers to visit us,” said David Binke, CEO of King Koil. “We are expecting January to be a busy market where we plan to share a lot of new product with the industry.” 14 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

The new space also gives the company more room to better showcase its growing premium product lines. King Koil is featuring a wide range of mattresses and adjustable bed frames in the new showroom, including the ultra-luxurious, hand-crafted Lansdown collection. SmartLife, featuring its patented body sensing technology, will receive a fresh design upgrade. The company will also showcase its new split-king mattress design and coordinating premium adjustable base for its SmartLife and iBED Mattress lines, as well as the Natural mattress collection, which is made with layers of the finest natural materials. Finally, the King Koil Signature line will make its debut for those seeking a premium-looking product in a value price range.

Retailers can also expect to see new product introductions in a beautiful new setting that will support the surge in demand from their high-end consumers. The new initiatives will enable King Koil dealers across the country to place new products on their retail floors. In addition, the company has entered into a new partnership with Talalay Latex to become the exclusive manufacturer of the new PureBliss Latex line. “Demand for our products continues to grow,” Binke explained, “and as we expand our product family, we need a larger space to showcase our capabilities. We look forward to all of us returning to market this January.”


What Business Dreams are Made of. LOGICDATA brings more motion to your business than ever before. Visit booth B958 at the 2022 Las Vegas Market to explore our stunning range of adjustable frames and discover the benefits they can bring to your business. Excited? Let’s get into beds together.

Visit our new showroom! January 23 – 25, 2022

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Product Focus


The Future Of Sustainable Sleep By Elaina Hundley

Sustainable products and initiatives appeal to consumers more and more as the looming threat of climate change grows more apparent. As consumers become more familiar with eco-friendly practices, manufacturers are challenged to demonstrate the authenticity of their products and embody a more holistic approach to sustainability. Luckily, the bedding industry has been creating sustainable products for many years. The industry now has an opportunity to lead the way forward when it comes to waste-reduction, chemical free products and recycling. We’ve highlighted sustainable initiatives, products and organizations that stood out to us this year.

Company Ethos & Internal Initiatives Pleasant Mattress In 2022, Pleasant Mattress took a huge step forward in reducing waste by participating in a new training program from the Mattress Recycling Council—The Sleep Products Sustainability Program or SP2. Piloting in California, SP2 is a voluntary program designed to empower mattress manufacturers to implement sustainable practices throughout their organizations. The goal of the program is to enable manufacturers to examine all waste streams from their operations, then measure and systematically

reduce the negative environmental impacts of their operations and supply chain. Since starting the program, Pleasant verified a 10% reduction in energy used as well as a 10% reduction in waste generated. The company has also identified future goals for improvement.

Harrison Spinks Taking a holistic approach to sustainable manufacturing, Harrison Spinks has accomplished several sustainability focused milestones this year. First, it launched a dedicated recycling plant and published its first ever annual sustainability report. On top of these accolades, Harrison Spinks boasts a range of sustainability


16 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

accreditations and achievements, including a Carbon Neutral + status, two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development and the creation of its award-winning, glue-free Cortec spring system, which can be disassembled and recycled at the end of its lifetime. Finally, the company entered into a unique partnership to utilize leftover hemp dust in Adaptavate’s Breathaplasta, a natural lime plaster.

much longer, thus staying out of the landfill. While Suite Sleep incorporates certified organic materials in its products, the brand regularly looks beyond the materials that meet certified organic criteria to seek the option that is most environmentally-friendly— for example, the company would forego importing organic cotton to utilize cotton that can be sourced locally (the local cotton skips the travel, saving energy).

Suite Sleep

Tempur Sealy International

For the last 20 years, Suite Sleep has focused on sustainability both in the materials the company uses and in its manufacturing approach. Serving both the bedding and mattress retail industry as well as the hospitality industry, Suite Sleep takes a unique approach—and has for a long time. By creating high-quality mattresses made with simple, often locally sourced ingredients, the company encourages hotels and consumers alike to make a long-term investment in their mattresses with the understanding that a Suite Sleep mattress is chemical-free and will last

Setting an ambitious goal for its global operations—a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040, Tempur Sealy International is dedicated to expanding its sustainability efforts. In 2020, the company sourced 100% renewable energy for its wholly-own U.S. and European manufacturing operations. It also installed a solar power array at its Albuquerque, New Mexico manufacturing facility, with the goal of generating enough solar energy to power all of the plant’s assembly lines. Additionally, Tempur Sealy continues to drive zero-landfill waste initiatives across its global operations.



Nest Bedding Specifically designed to increase the lifespan of the brand’s offerings, Nest Bedding’s innovative Lifetime Renewal Exchange program introduces products and policies with the overarching goals of reducing mattress waste in landfills and creating more eco-friendly options for consumers. With the new program and product updates, Nest Bedding’s mattresses are engineered to last longer than typical mattresses, as customers will be given the opportunity to redeem a new, free feel layer within their 365-night trial or any time after purchase. The new feel layer breathes new life into the mattress, extending its lifespan.

Spaldin Driven by a philosophy of a circular economy, Spaldin aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits with its products. The company will introduce Möebius, the latest addition to its Circular Collection,


at the winter Las Vegas Market. Recognizing that mattresses are one of the main contributors to global landfill waste, the company joined efforts with Niaga, part of the German Covestro group, to develop an alternative mattress manufacturing process that ensures that all of the mattresses can be remade into new mattresses at the end of their lives. This includes using a modular design made up exclusively of iron and polyester raw materials and connecting the mattress layers in a reversible manner. The Moebius also promotes transparency by allowing the consumer to scan the Niaga tag on the mattress with their smart phone to receive more information about where the product’s raw materials come from and how the mattress will be recycled. The brand is inspired by the famous mathematician August Möbius who discovered the “Möbius strip,” while the mattresses’ aesthetic design is inspired by the artwork of Dutch optical illusion artist, M.C. Escher.



Organizations Driving Category Transformation

Mattress Recycling Council The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is a nonprofit organization that operates recycling programs in states that have passed mattress recycling laws: California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. MRC was founded by the bedding industry and recycles more than 1.7 million mattresses each year.

Sustainable Furnishing Council The Sustainable Furnishings Council (501c6) is a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the home furnishings industry. Its mission is to help companies reduce environmental footprint, and to help consumers find healthier products and design services.

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Q&A As more consumers became comfortable shopping online over the past few years, manufacturers and retailers have invested more heavily into their ecommerce strategy—even incorporating new digital technologies into their brick-and-mortar experiences. More than just offering consumers greater convenience, this shift is also providing manufacturers and retailers with more meaningful information about their customers and their shopping habits. Today, we have access to a wide range of consumer data, from demographic insights to search term trends and online shopping customer journeys. But simply collecting this kind of data is only step one—it’s what you do with these insights that really matters.

How are you helping retailers integrate new consumer data into their sales strategies? STEVE RUSING PRESIDENT OF US SALES | TEMPUR SEALY


We have always conducted in-depth consumer research as a critical means of understanding the consumer mindset and how it might impact the manner in which we and our partners address their evolving needs. We are known for providing our customers with in-depth consumer and category insights. Through our comprehensive Retail Edge program, we offer consultative services and omnichannel support to our retailers, which leverages our unique insights and data, in particular providing assistance with digital and ecommerce capabilities. Retail Edge support also provides solutions for media and messaging optimization, localized marketing and enhancements to the in-store experience. Our Retail Edge team identifies best practices and opportunities to maximize profit, increase traffic, connect with more consumers and become the market leader through enhanced marketing. Plans are customized for each business to capitalize on its specific market opportunities and to manage retail’s constantly evolving demands. In addition, we recently expanded our Retail Edge program with a new Retail Edge Activation Team in order to support small and medium size retailers with a team of subject matter experts in a wide range of topics— from marketing best practices to analytics, consumer insights and more in order to help them drive traffic, conversion and a higher average ticket.

Consumers are doing a lot of research online, and we know that businesses are learning from consumers’ online habits and using those insights to help the consumers through their purchasing journey. Colonial can’t impact what consumers see online, but can certainly offer assistance when a consumer comes into a store by having the same messaging from their online research. Putting information in writing and being consistent with your online messaging reinforces its authenticity, since there’s a document that can be checked and verified. Therefore, consumers have an expectation that for something to be in writing, it must be true. Today’s top-of-bed displays provide lots of places to put as much printed material as the brand and the retailer may feel necessary, all without hurting the look or feel of the product. If the online information is printed and added to the in-store displays, a level of trust and credibility is added that will help raise the close ratios and the average transaction size. Colonial Rule Number Five states, “if it is written, it must be so,” and reminds us not to forget that finding a place for the written or printed word is a key part of reinforcing the messaging the consumer sees online, which in turn builds trust and increases mattress sales.




On exploring and understanding Google Search trends . . . “Consumers are still searching for the tried and true mattress for their homes. But when you look at what their search terms are—“best,” “top rated”—it really clues you in to what’s important to that customer. So as they’re going through the journey, they may have seen certain ads on TV, but they’re really looking for peer reviews. As they’re searching about what to buy, it’s not first based on price, it’s based on consumer reviews.” Visit /, and 18 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

I LOVE LAS VEGAS MARKET “We’re looking for stuff for our show, Bargain Block, and we’re also looking for stuff for our store, Nine Design + Home. We looking for sofas, coffee tables, side chairs, accessories, beds – anything that we need to stage an entire house.” — Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas, HGTV’s Bargain Block, NINE Design + Homes, Detroit, MI

Business-to-business is still person-to-person, and Las Vegas Market is where partnerships between buyers and sellers are formed and nurtured, all against the backdrop of a world-class West Coast destination. Join us and see why thousands of furniture, gift, and home décor products are only part of the story at Las Vegas Market!

Join us January 23–27, 2022 | @lasvegasmarket

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Classic Brands Showcases Expanded Infinity Sleep Collection By Gretchen Kast Classic Brands is showcasing a broad range of new products at the winter Las Vegas Market. The company will feature its expanded Infinity Sleep Collection, with additions to its Infinity Modern furniture line, along with the new Liberty bed and zero clearance adjustable base. These product developments come on the heels of Classic’s 50th anniversary and the opening of its fourth domestic warehouse and distribution center, based in Washington State. The new facility will support two-day product delivery within the continental United States.

Comprised of mattress frames, platforms and headboards, the new Infinity Modern furniture collection includes five new product lines. Four out of the five will be launching in March 2022. First up is the Pismo, which includes five SKUs and features modern metal, wood and upholstered frames. The Catalina features eight SKUs and offers contemporary platforms, frames, and headboards. Offering four SKUs each, The Laguna and the Hermosa both feature larger side headboards with the frames capable of accepting adjustable bases both inside and atop the platform. Launching in April 2022, the Del Mar features six SKUs, including both

upholstered and wood headboards in addition to frames in walnut and aged white finishes. Also being unveiled at the Las Vegas Market is Classic’s Liberty bed. This no tool assembly, all-American-made platform was developed in partnership with United Finishers and is set to launch in February 2022. It features sustainable hardwoods and maple and walnut veneers, water-based finishes, and has low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Additionally, Classic will also be showcasing its new zero clearance adjustable base and the re-introduction of its gel mattress, which has been enhanced now for even greater comfort. “Heading back to Las Vegas and getting to talk about our portfolio of products with both current and prospective retail partners is a great way to kick off 2022,” said Scott Burger, CEO of Classic Brands. “The three elements of our Infinity line—memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses and modern furniture—are designed to seamlessly complement each other and address a variety of key consumer needs. We partner with a range of brickand-mortar retailers and ecommerce platforms, and I am excited about the opportunity to highlight how our complete collection of products can help retailers drive higher sales and consumer satisfaction.”


22 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022


Diamond Mattress Helps Retailers Build The Ticket With New Bedding Bundle By Chris Schriever Diamond Mattress is giving retailers an opportunity to grow their tickets with its new, customizable Bedding Bundle. The company will introduce this new line-up of pillows, protectors and sheets at the winter Las Vegas Market. Retailing for $245 in queen, Diamond’s Bedding Bundle will include two memory foam cooling pillows, waterproof mattress protector and quality sheet set. The company will also offer a twin bundle, which includes one memory foam cooling pillow. The waterproof protector can be sold separately for $48 retail in queen. The Bedding Bundle comes packaged in a box that can be customized with the retailer’s brand. “Offering convenience and value for our retail partners and their customers is always top of mind for us, and we want to make it easier to grow the ticket by capturing soft goods sales that make a lot of sense,” said Patrick Wolf, vice president of sales and education for Diamond.

Diamond will also showcase its new Ultra Cool mattress protector at the winter Las Vegas Market. Made with a maximum cooling technology fabric that never washes out, it also features a whisper quiet water-

proof backing. The protector offers a fourway stretch skirt that fits any mattress type to stay snugly in place. It retails for $108 in queen.


Blu Sleep Launches Luxury Conforma Plus Topper And New Prestige Pillow Line By Gretchen Kast Blu Sleep is expanding its luxury top-of-bed and accessory offerings with the introduction of the Conforma Plus Topper at the winter Las Vegas Market. The company is also broadening its pillow offerings at market with the debut of its new Prestige Pillow Collection. Designed to complement the Conforma mattress collection, the Conforma Plus Topper is a three-inch topper made with graphite gel foam. In addition to featuring the same design as the company’s Conforma mattresses, the topper also features a matching cooling cover.

24 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

“Over the last year we have been working on developing our accessory line up,” said Elizabeth Dell’Accio, president of Blu Sleep. “The creation of the Conforma Plus topper will allow the retailers to give the consumer the option of adding the Plus option when buying a mattress. It’s an add-on sale that the consumer can choose immediately or can come back to buy it afterwards.” Also debuting at the winter market, Blu Sleep’s Prestige pillow collection will be offered in the following variations: Coconut, Graphite, Lavender, Lemon Verbena and

Sandalwood. The collection is coupled with attractive packaging that was created to mirror the high-end quality of the pillows. The pillows will retail at $199. “This all-new foam has a different feel from our other pillows,” Dell’Accio continued. “They are super plush for consumers that like the feel of a cozy memory foam pillow. The top surface grid shape helps with air flow and pressure points, helping eliminate night wrinkles. As with all of our pillows, the Prestige collection include a cooling cover.”



Lifeloom Debuts FDA-Cleared ‘Frictionless Sleep’ By Elaina Hundley Lifeloom is making its debut at the winter Las Vegas Market with its Frictionless Sleep System. Engineered with advanced DermaTherapy technology, this new collection of sheets and pillowcases has been clinically proven to improve sleep quality. The Frictionless Sleep System is made from advanced technical textiles and can help support users looking to stay cool and move freely in bed. It is also one of the only bedding products recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration as a Class I medical device for the treatment of certain skin conditions. Lifeloom’s Frictionless Sleep System solves a common problem for the average sleeper—

26 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

sticking, tugging sheets that disrupt sleep. This unique bedding system allows sleepers to move and change positions more freely without the resistance of regular sheets, offering more comfortable, better-quality sleep. Made in the USA using patented machinery, Lifeloom sheets are woven using continuous filament fibers that do not protrude beyond the planar surface of the fabric. This helps eliminate friction, preventing skin irritation and creating a cooler surface. Designed to rapidly wick moisture and control odors and bacteria on the fabric, the sheets can contribute to improved sleep quality for sufferers of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. Providing a smooth sleep surface for people

with sensitive skin, the fabric reduces friction by 35%—helping improve symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and inflammatory acne. “At Lifeloom, we are committed to creating products that are proven to improve sleep,” said Bradley Siepp, Lifeloom chief operating officer. “Everyone on the Lifeloom team has worked diligently to gain FDA approval, which took many years and millions of dollars to achieve. We’re excited that our innovative products are now available to those suffering from conditions that keep them awake, and for anyone who is looking for a Frictionless Sleep System that keeps them cool and comfortable throughout the night.”


GOOD SLEEP IS A NECESSITY, SO IS FLEXIBLE CONSUMER FINANCING Did you know up to 37% of Americans can’t afford a $400 unexpected expense?* Give customers great sleep with Snap Finance – our fast, easy financing solution for customers with less than perfect credit.

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Reverie Expands Power Base Lineup And Unveils New Customer Convenience Hub By Gretchen Kast Reverie is addressing some of today’s most pressing customer needs with a suite of new products and technologies at the winter Las Vegas Market. First, the company is unveiling the R480 and R380—two new power base models that reflect an innovative response to current industry challenges. These will be the first power bases to come with the company’s Customer Convenience Hub (CCH), a new way to deliver even greater ease of use to their customers. The R480 and R380 models have been redesigned for a simpler and quicker setup process for delivery teams and consumers. Both models are also foldable, which allows for more product to be stacked per square foot in a shipping container or warehouse. “When we looked at what was currently out there on the market, we decided we wanted to make simplicity our goal—simplifying both the consumer’s interaction with the product and the delivery and setup phase,” said John Wanat, VP of sales for Reverie. “The setup time is extremely quick—unfold, put the legs on, plug it in, and you’re done. And on the logistics side, the folded design takes up less space so it optimizes our freight and warehouse footprints, and it’s even easier to carry into customers’ homes.”

28 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

The two models come equipped with the versatile comfort features customers and retailers have come to expect from Reverie, including head-up and foot-up adjustability and the ability for consumers to save preset positions to their remotes. The R480 also includes 3D-Wave massage technology, Reverie’s patented resonant-frequency massage function. Another unique advantage of the R380 and R480 are their modular legs, which allow for use with or without depending on the customer’s bedroom setup. “The customer has the option to use it anywhere: platform or inside a bed frame, use the legs or don’t. This does both—it’s really one-size-fits-all,” said Patti Ark, Reverie’s director of customer experience. The two new models will also be the first to come standard with Reverie’s new Customer Convenience Hub, a handheld device that provides a direct connection to the control box of the power base, allowing for easier remote pairing and power base diagnostics. The CCH may be attached to the side of the power base or rest on a nightstand, and also includes USB ports with which consumers can conveniently charge their devices. “The Customer Convenience Hub was designed for the modern world of complex logistics, and for a modern consumer that expects simplicity, convenience, and all the

“The Customer Convenience Hub was designed for the modern world of complex logistics, and for a modern consumer that expects simplicity, convenience, and all the bells and whistles.” —Martin Rawls-Meehan, CEO and co-founder of Reverie bells and whistles,” said Reverie CEO and co-founder Martin Rawls-Meehan. Reverie’s Customer Convenience Hubs will be presented at the winter Las Vegas Market, and will be available for purchase by consumers starting in 2022. “It isn’t enough just to solve problems,” Rawls-Meehan continued. “We go above and beyond: we want consumers to not just be happy with Reverie beds but to also recommend them to their friends and family. That is how our industry will grow.”



Therapedic Addresses Consumer Health Concerns With Copper-Rich Immunity Collection By Elaina Hundley Therapedic International is offering a compelling and timely health benefit story with the launch of its new Immunity Collection at the winter Las Vegas Market. Made with incredibly high copper content, this new mattress line-up delivers unique properties that can aid in immune health. Using threads of copper woven into the fabric cover and infused in the mattress foam, the latest lineup from Therapedic is squarely aimed at addressing a leading consumer concern of today: health. Research shows that copper is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal; it also reduces inflammation and increases circulation—all properties that can bolster immune health. The key feature of the six-model mattress collection is the soft, copper-powered fabric cover by NatuVerex, which is made with a minimum 30% of the patented copper yarn. What makes this high copper content so beneficial is that it has shown in tests to be transferrable through bedding and absorbable by the skin. Therapedic is the first mattress manufacturer to incorporate fabric with this high of copper content in the yarn. Research indicates that 30% copper yarn is the proper amount of copper needed to positively influence the health of the sleeper. NatuVerex also noted that the tests of the patented yarn, NatuVerex Copper Technology, show no loss of efficacy through more than 50 home launderings. While Therapedic began developing this product prior to the pandemic, product testing and test marketing continued throughout the past year and a half—and the more the company learned about the properties of the fibers used in the bed, the stronger and clearer the value proposition of safer sleep became. Gerry Borreggione, CEO & President of Therapedic, explains the value of Immunity, particularly during this time, “This product can

30 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

Research shows that copper is anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal; it also reduces inflammation and increases circulation— all properties that can bolster immune health. boost the immune system. It increases circulation, it is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s been clinically proven to boost elastin and collagen for helping the skin. With what we’re going through with COVID, everybody’s immunity is crucial. People want to feel that they have

some type of immunity to these illnesses that are in the world today. And if you have a product that can at least naturally boost your immune system, it’s just another wind to our backs to help keep us healthy.” With the tagline “Keep well, sleep safe,” Immunity will give retailers quite a bit to talk about at the point of sale and will speak directly to the consumer’s most pressing desire—to stay well and keep their families healthy. Immunity also utilizes CertiPUR US copper-infused gel memory foam to deliver increased air flow and natural temperature regulation. Incorporating a Quantum Edge pocket coil spring unit, the product also offers edgeto-edge support and durability. The collection is available in smooth top, quilted top, pillow top and Euro top styles. All models are adjustable base friendly and can be flat-packed or roll-packed. It will retail for mattress-only between $999 and $2,499 in queen.




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Malouf Unveils New Mattress Lineup And Cotton Sheet Collection By Elaina Hundley Malouf is heading to market with two new product innovations that deliver performance and breathability. The new Peak Mattress lineup was created to provide variety and support performance, while the Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets embody all the qualities for which cotton is known—soft comfort feels and durability. The Malouf Peak mattress line offers the pinnacle of performance sleep. With two distinct variations: ultra-plush CoolSync foam hybrids and ultra-breathable ActiveAir foam hybrids, there are four models within the collection. Due to its gel infusion, CoolSync foam provides soft plush cushioning designed to contour the body and balance sleep temperature. Extremely breathable and responsive, ActiveAir foam features an open-cell

structure for increased airflow. Each mattress includes an AltiCoil comfort layer featuring hundreds of miniature, individually-encased, steel coils for targeted pressure relief. Finally, both hybrids are made with HyperChill, a cool-to-the-touch cover engineered threads designed to offset excess body heat. As for the company’s latest accessory offering, Malouf Linen-Weave Cotton Sheets give consumers the luxurious and airy look of linen, with the softness and versatility of pure cotton. Known for being incredibly smooth and breathable, high-quality cotton brings sought-after qualities: a refreshing feel, extra durability and supreme softness. With an open percale weave, the Linen-Weave Cotton sheets from Malouf feel light and breezy, just like linen. Plus, the extra-deep pocket depth and oversized dimen-

sions mean these sheets not only fit well, but drape beautifully—providing a truly indulgent quality perfect for lazy mornings (or afternoons) in bed.


Magniflex Expands Sustainable Product Line-Up With Updated Dolce Vita Collection By Gretchen Kast Magniflex is highlighting its commitment to sustainability with the launch of its updated Dolce Vita collection. The new line bolsters the company’s commitment to its customers and the environment by practicing sustainable manufacturing practices and offering eco-friendly products. Magniflex recently joined the Seaqual Initiative, a community of organizations committed to help clean the oceans and raise awareness of the issue of marine litter. This new six-model lineup features Seaqual Yarn, a high-quality 100% post-consumer yarn containing upcycled marine plastic.

32 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022

“Magniflex has always been on the forefront of sustainable mattress manufacturing. We are excited to demonstrate our continued commitment to the environment with the release of this collection,” said Billy Curtright, national sales manager for Magniflex USA. “Our incredibly talented design and sourcing team has enabled us to develop and integrate sustainable processes across our product offerings.” Each mattress within the collection is made with high-quality, highly durable eco-friendly materials and manufactured in energy-efficient environments, low in CO2 emissions. All of the components are certified under the OEKO-TEX Class 1 standard, thus bolstering

Magniflex’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. The Dolce Vita collection will feature Magniflex’s exclusive Dual Core technology, which allows for a choice between soft and medium-soft comfort on opposite sides of the bed. The mattresses will also offer a removable cover designed with a cool-tothe-touch fabric. Using a phase-changing material fabric, the cover releases a cooling sensation when the energy from body heat meets the new material. The suggested retail price for the line ranges from $1999 to $2999 retail queen.



The SSA Sleep Pavilion Showcases 18 Companies At Winter Las Vegas Market By Chris Schriever The Specialty Sleep Association is presenting 19 different companies in its showroom space at the winter Las Vegas Market, including four international debuts. “The momentum is shifting back to that in-person validation so important in our industry,” said Tambra Jones, executive director of the SSA. “Retailers are experiencing supply chain disruptions and looking for products they can offer and deliver to their customers in a timely fashion. Suppliers have rolled up their sleeves and are presenting solutions, ready to get retailers what they need.” Making its US debut at the Las Vegas Market in the SSA Sleep Pavilion is the German mattress company Emma—The Sleep Company. One of the largest DTC brands in the world, Emma is introducing three new premium mattress collections at the winter market. Featuring cutting-edge innovations, these new lines will be available to brick-and-mortar retail partners throughout the US. Next, Covestro Niagra B.V. is bringing its mattress from The Netherlands to make it’s US Debut. Aimed at sustainability, the Niaga mattress is “designed to use again,” explained Ward Mosmuller, director of partnerships and coalitions. “Niagra is the go-to innovation partner for producers and makers who want to design products for circularity. We set ourselves apart through material stewardship, transparency and closing the materials loop. By providing transparency on the materials inside and telling consumers how to return their product, we keep these products out of the trash and are therefore fully circular.” Together with its partners, Niaga designs everyday products with clean and infinite materials and reversible connections only. The Niaga tag makes return easy, which is how

the company works to safeguard materials for future generations. The team at Niaga envisions a world in which all products are designed to use again, so they don’t end up in the trash, ever. Sheela Foam is also making its US debut at the winter Las Vegas Market. With its North American office in Toronto, Canada, this mattress company has manufacturing facilities in India, Spain and Australia. It will have its bed-in-a-box offering on display. Luxury mattress manufacturer BestRest is rebranding with a new name: Eurolux Living. The company is showcasing two new models at the winter market. Naturalia’s Elite Collection brings together luxurious Italian fabrics and foams with German-engineered pocketed coils and micro-coils, Swiss essential elements infused in the company’s aromatherapy Avent O2 layer and finely-crafted Spanish materials. The Multisens System features 1,250 independent tempered steel multi-coils packed in individual fabric pockets. Offering a variety of high-tech materials and features, these new offerings range from $1,299 to $12,999 at retail. Baxter BioHealth is introducing a new mattress to accompany its Anti-Aging, AntiOxidant and Far Infrared mattress covers. Designed to work in concert with its mattress covers, the new Baxter BioHealth mattress utilizes a variety of technologies including an ultra-thin, patented and eco-friendly graphine micro-layer for maximum heat-dissipation therapeutics. The mattress also utilizes the latest in ceramic technology; an extra-thin layer provides a superconductive material that works in conjunction with the nano-silver threading woven into the patented mattress covers. This combination of technologies helps minimize free-radical cell growth and increase

“Retailers are experiencing supply chain disruptions and looking for products they can offer and deliver to their customers in a timely fashion.” —Tambra Jones, executive director of the SSA

anti-oxidant conductivity, which reduces the body’s inflammation and cellular aging. I Love Pillow | I Love Mattress is introducing its new Perfect Fit Mattress and Pillow products at the winter market. Based on feedback from its customers and retail partners, the company designed the new products to deliver increased consumer satisfaction. They combine the brand’s proprietary memory material with a unique 4 in 1 design to provide the ultimate sleep experience. TFS Natural Home by The Futon Shop offers natural and organic furniture made in America. The company’s TFS Honest Sleep mattress and pillow line features 20 mattresses, toppers, and pillows that are in stock and ready to ship. The products are made with an array of natural and certified organic fibers, including horse-hair, wool, cashmere, camel, cotton, along with supportive cores in coconut, hemp, and latex as well as micro coils. Learn more about all of the companies that will be on display at the SSA Sleep Pavilion at now!

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E.S. Kluft Directly Addresses Three Key 2022 Bedding Trends

“We’re grateful for the great relationships we have with our retailers and we’ve worked hard to ensure our partners have everything they need to fulfill the high demand.” —Jon Stowe, managing director of ESK

By Elaina Hundley Wellness, sustainability and luxurious comfort are three of the top bedding trends predicted for the coming year. E.S. Kluft & Company has a program for each of these bedding must-haves—and they will be on display at the Winter Las Vegas Market. “We’re coming off a fantastic year with great success of the new collections launched in 2021,” said Jon Stowe, managing director of E.S. Kluft & Company (ESK). “In spite of the issues the industry faced this year, such as supply chain delays, increased costs and labor shortages, our year has been exceptional . . . possibly the best we’ve ever had.” “We’re grateful for the great relationships we have with our retailers and we’ve worked hard to ensure our partners have everything they need to fulfill the high demand from the increasing number of consumers who are looking for high end bedding products,” Stowe added.

Supporting Health & Wellness Through Quality Sleep Products As consumers and retailers continue to navigate the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, health and wellness continues to be a top priority. Improving sleep quality is one way consumers are addressing this need, and they are doing it by investing in quality sleep products. Revitalizing its Aireloom Preferred collection in 2021, ESK debuted 30 new models in three distinct lines. In addition to the patented Heirloom Lift technology, the lineup is made with high quality materials for superior support, comfort, air circulation and temperature management—all of which contribute to improving sleep and in turn, improving health. Additionally, as the consumer interest in clean products continues to grow, ESK is able to meet these consumer expectations by using natural components that deliver sought-after antiviral, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities. “Our Aireloom Preferred collection continues to be a top seller as consumers look for quality mattresses that help give them a great night’s sleep,” said Magali Castillo, vice president of marketing for E.S. Kluft & Company. “The response from our retail partners has been amazing, and we expect the strength of this collection to continue in 2022 as consumers search for the ultimate great night’s sleep.”

Sustainability: More Than A Trend—Part Of ESK’s DNA According to a National Retail Federation and IBM survey, nearly 80 percent of consumers report that sustainability is important for them and nearly 60 percent are willing to change their shopping habits. “For us, sustainability has never been a trend, rather it’s part of our company’s DNA and has been since the beginning,” said Castillo. “Our mission is to continue to handcraft mattresses using natural fibers and premium

34 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022


materials that are not only good for your body, mind and soul, but also our planet.” In particular the Aireloom Karpen Natural collection features quality natural materials like TerraPur Natural Latex and a special Belgian Jacquard made with SeaCell. Derived from renewable resources, cellulose and seaweed, SeaCell revitalizes the skin and adds an extra touch of softness and comfort. The materials used in E.S. Kluft & Company products hold certifications from several eco-conscious organizations including the eco-INSTITUT, OEKO-TEX, and Certipur-US. The company also partners with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the environment by planting trees.

The Kluft, Aireloom & Marshall Mattress Brands All Deliver Luxurious Comfort Consumers have responded to the pandemic by investing in their homes and that includes not skimping when it comes to their sleep environment. “Related to the growing awareness of the benefits of good sleep, people are realizing it’s worth investing in a good, quality mattress,” said Castillo. “Comfort will remain the key driver for purchase, and interest in high-quality natural products will continue.” Offering meticulously handcrafted mattresses made with luxurious materials such as cashmere, silk, organic cotton, specialty wools and foams, the Kluft, Aireloom and Marshall Mattress brands are all equipped to meet the growing demand. “We’re heading into 2022 with a lot of optimism,” added Stowe. “Our retail partners are excited about our collections as well as our commitment to exceptional service, and they are telling us that our luxury bedding products are generating enthusiasm among both their sales associates and customers.”

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Kingsdown Launches Re-Engineered Sleep Smart Mattress At Las Vegas Market

Unlike other adjustable mattresses on the market, Sleep Smart features three reinforced air chamber support zones on each side, allowing for individualized comfort preferences.

By Gretchen Kast Kingsdown is debuting its re-engineered, domestically-sourced Sleep Smart mattress at the winter Las Vegas Market. The new design focuses on customized support through the company’s unique 3x2-zone air chamber technology and a new simplified app. Unlike other adjustable mattresses on the market, Sleep Smart features three reinforced air chamber support zones on each side, allowing for individualized comfort preferences. The lumbar support zone can be independently controlled by each sleeper to maximize postural support in the lower back area. To enhance support even further, the mattress includes a complete edge-to-edge sleep surface with high-density foam on all sides.

The specialty foam layer with cooling gel maximizes comfort and support by conforming to the body, dispersing body heat and relieving pressure points. The performance fabric cover also regulates temperature, wicking away moisture and heat to keep the mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night. The Sleep Smart will retail for $2,199 in queen. “The new Sleep Smart is designed for consumers interested in performance. If they track their exercise, monitor their health and diet, they should be as vigilant about their sleep performance,” said Frank Hood, president and chief executive officer of Kingsdown. “The 3x2-zone air chamber technology allows consumers to adjust their mattress to their exact sleep preferences. We even took it a step further and updated our mobile app by taking out all the unnecessary ‘bells and whistles’ and simplified it to focus on one thing—providing a better, more supportive night’s sleep.” Kingsdown has also designed a silent air pump that is built into the bed, which eliminates the noise commonly heard when using an adjustable mattress. To enhance accessibility for all consumers, the new Sleep Smart is ‘plug and play,’ meaning there is no installation needed, the consumer simply plugs in the mattress and can utilize its features right away. The new model will no longer be controlled by a wired remote, but is instead fully adjustable through the new Wi-Fi based Kingsdown Sleep Smart App. The iOS and Android app has been redesigned to streamline the adjustment process while also allowing several users to connect to the mattress at one time. This feature lets co-sleepers adjust their side of the bed through their personal device, eliminating the need to disturb their partner. In addition, for retailers, the new Wi-Fi capability allows multiple sales representatives to connect to the mattress while on the sales floor to demonstrate the Sleep Smart’s capabilities to interested customers.

Visit 36 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2022


Latexco Enhances Cooling Performance With Patented Innovation By Gretchen Kast Latexco US is unveiling its newest latex innovation this winter, delivering superior cooling benefits. Made through a patented treatment process, LatexCool has been shown to provide significantly enhanced latex cooling performance. LatexCool is developed using Latexco’s proprietary process to incorporate phase change material and latex with two applications: as a surface coating and infused into

the foam itself. This process results in 30% better cooling performance compared to other products available in the market. That improved performance equals about six hours of active cooling. In heat transfer tests using industry-recognized standards, LatexCool consistently outperformed a leading competitive brand at each of the intervals of 10 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour, averaging 30% greater heat transfer.

“Continually improving performance of products in our own portfolio as well as in the marketplace is all part of our drive to innovate, as long as it provides value to our customers and meaningful benefits to the end consumers,” said Koen Gebruers, CEO of Latexco US. Latexco holds a patent for the LatexCool surface treatment coating process. LatexCool can be combined with any of the company’s latex and PU foams.

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From The Publisher


Heading into the winter Las Vegas Market, we are once again contending with many unknowns. As the omicron variant continues to spread around the world, it feels like we are so close and yet still so far from being through this pandemic. With uncertainty in the air, manufacturers are working hard to counter supply shortages and delays—and we know that, as retailers, you’re looking to offer your customers products in a timely manner. Product availability was the name of the game last year, and we expect that to continue to be the case in the months ahead. This issue features a number of companies and programs that can aid retailers as they address the sobering challenges of today and get to the heart of consumers most pressing concerns: health and wellness, product availability and climate change.


Expanding The Meaning Of The Sleep System



Exemplifying a real expansion in the consumer understanding of what a sleep system can do, our cover story company Ergomotion represents a marked shift in the industry. Sleep and the products that support it have become integral parts of what it means to be well. To that end, Ergomotion is delivering research-backed, tech-driven products made to improve sleep and ultimately enhance the user’s holistic quality of life. Read more about the company, its products and its aims for the future in our cover story.


Understanding, more broadly, how important it is to get in touch with what consumers want and need, we asked companies from around the industry to share how they are helping their retail partners interpret and utilize consumer data to guide their strategy. Read more about how three leading companies are helping retailers make the most of consumer insights in our Q&A.

Taking The Lead On Sustainability As the effects of climate change continue to become all the more tangible, the consumer demand for sustainable solutions is more pressing than ever. In this issue’s Product Focus, we’re showcasing the companies leading the way when it comes to reducing pollution and waste.

Health & Wellness Throughout this issue, we’ve highlighted companies that are meeting consumers concerns and demands in new and creative ways. In this issue’s Special Feature, we highlight the new Immunity collection from Therapedic—which directly addresses consumer’s health concerns with a mattress lineup made with immunity-boosting copper. As we close the book on another pandemic year, we are aware of the uncertainties ahead but also incredibly impressed with the bedding and mattress industry’s ability to adapt, innovate and thrive amidst challenges. We are certain that the companies and products we’ve curated in these pages can help make 2022 another fruitful year no matter the obstacles.

—Chris Schriever, Publisher







All Rise, the Queen is Here.

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