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Blu Sleep Delivers A Complete Sleep Experience


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Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021





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Harrison Spinks is bolstering its sustainability credentials with the launch of a dedicated recycling plant to support its “circular by design” ethos. The new plant will facilitate the disassembly and recycling of all Harrison Spinks mattresses containing its patented Cortec spring systems. The recycled components will then be reprocessed into new raw material for future use. With the goal of reaching net carbon zero by 2023, Harrison Spinks is leading the charge on innovative sustainability efforts.


To meet the growing demand for more durable sleep products, Eclipse International is reintroducing its Lifetime collection—a line of ultra-high-density mattresses specifically designed to deliver long-lasting comfort. The collection combines 12.5 gauge innersprings, premium foams and the company’s patented Lumbar Zone support system to deliver enhanced stability and correct spinal alignment. Under the tagline “Comfort built to last,” this collection is expanding the market for high-quality and extra sturdy sleep products that provide cost-effective, sustainable longevity.


Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021


STORIS is helping retailers prepare for the busy holiday shopping season with the release of its new 4.3.7 package. This most recent update delivers a host of valuable features to help retailers expand their revenue streams and improve the overall shopping experience both in-store and online. One key benefit is that retailers can now configure their eSTORIS website so that customers will see recommendations for add-on products as they review their Open Orders, which helps create greater upsell opportunities. The update also allows the desktop eSTORIS platform to retrieve Shopping Carts from the company’s in-store Mobile Point-Of-Sale systems—meaning customers will be able to easily complete a sale they started instore from home.


The interest in luxury sleep has grown over the past year, and Shifman Mattress is helping retailers make the most of that demand with the introduction of its new luxury pillow program. Expanding upon the company’s high-end mattresses, the new pillows include three distinct styles made from premium materials like 100% latex and white goose feather down. With price points that range from $169 to $295 at retail, the program provides retailers with a luxurious opportunity to grow their average tickets.

Built for both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers, Classic Brands’ new Infinity Modern collection includes an extensive array of bedroom furniture including metal, wood and upholstered platforms and bedframes. The line’s featured collection is Post and Beam, which touts a platform bedframe, nightstand, fourand six-drawer dressers and a two-drawer hutch—offering a full bedroom set that will fit seamlessly into each customer’s unique style. With bed frames ranging from $199 to $499 in queen, the Infinity Modern collection delivers strong margins while still maintaining the superior value to which Classic customers have grown accustomed.

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With Snap Finance’s flexible financing solutions, retailers are able to better support all of their customers—including the 35% of Americans who cannot access traditional financing options. The company’s lease-to-own financing allows customers to get what they need and make payments over time, regardless of their credit score. Not only does offering this solution boost retailers’ average order value, it has been shown to also help improve repeat business as well. Interested in learning more about Snap Finance? Read more in our fall supplement!

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Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

Cover Story

Blu Sleep Delivers A Complete Sleep Experience By Gretchen Kast

Over the past 15 years, Blu Sleep has cultivated a brand known for its quality, innovation and style— delivering high-end comfort, eye-catching looks and wellness-driven messaging with its suite of foam mattresses and pillows. Now, the company is once again expanding the scope of its portfolio, tackling the top-of-bed category with the same attention to detail that has always set its products apart. Staying true to its focused approach, Blu Sleep has developed a curated selection of products that are dynamic enough to stand on their own in a retail setting—and, together, work to deliver a total sleep experience. By backing its entire line-up with strong margins and comprehensive marketing and fulfillment support, Blu Sleep is helping retailers meet the needs of the moment and build towards continued success in the future.


rom the beginning, Blu Sleep has been committed to delivering innovative sleep products made from highend materials. Starting out as a foam supplier, the company was able to build on its expertise to develop an extensive array of pillows before branching out to mattresses as well. Driven by an ethos that values continuous improvement, Blu Sleep has honed its vision over the years—making thoughtful updates, edits and additions to its portfolio. Today, the company offers four mattress models, 14 pillows—and now a new slate of sheets, duvet covers, throw blankets and even a leisure robe. “It’s all about the experience,” explains Alex Ciccolella, CEO of Blu Sleep. “We’re trying to bring, not just a mattress, not just a pillow and not just the sheets or comforter, but the whole package. That’s what we’re focusing on right now, just bringing the whole sleep experience to retailers and the end-consumers.” While the new top-of-bed accessories may be a departure for Blu Sleep in terms of components, the soft goods were designed

around many of the same qualities and attributes that have always set the brand’s foam products apart. They are made from high-end materials sourced from Italy, tout luxury feels and deliver long-lasting, temperature-regulating comfort. More than just adding to its list of available products, these items build and expand upon the strong wellness-oriented brand message that Blu Sleep has been cultivating in recent years—and equips retailers with a cohesive sleep story that will connect with consumers both in-store and online.

Expanding Into Top-Of-Bed Driven by specific requests from its retail partners, Blu Sleep began exploring the idea of top-of-bed about a year and a half ago. Though sometimes seen as secondary products, sleep accessories provide valuable sales opportunities to bedding retailers— whether by increasing average ticket price or giving consumers new reasons to buy on a more regular basis. As it has with all of its products, Blu Sleep took great care in sourcing the materials for

these new accessories. The company had a clear vision for how the sheets and blankets should feel and function, and collaborated closely with suppliers to bring them to life. “When you’re developing new products, you’re developing new relationships,” Ciccolella explains. “With the pandemic, it was a little more challenging to travel so we had to do things in a different way than we would normally, but we were still able to develop an amazing relationship with our suppliers and also with our staff. It’s a balancing act—you need to have the right pricing with the right quality and the right flow of goods—but when you have fun doing it, it becomes easier.” The goal was to find the fabrics and materials that would enhance the comfort without sacrificing any of the temperature regulation benefits that can be found across the Blu Sleep portfolio. The result is a line of luxurious products that elevate the sleep experience to new levels. Retailing for $334, the Alpina throw blanket offers consumers an attainable opportunity to luxuriate in sumptuous comfort. Made 9


from high-end Italian cashmere, the throw features a soft, cozy feel and actually works to regulate temperature—keeping the sleeper warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The Ostuni sheets are made from highend percale cotton, featuring a crisp feel and a matte finish at a $389 price point. For the consumer who is interested in eco-friendly bedding (or simply looking for a different feel), the Baia waffle blanket and the Paradiso crinkled sheets and duvet cover are all made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Retailing for $299, the Baia blanket features a soft, textured finish and a casual look—while the Paradiso set comes with a matte finish and a crisp feel and retails for $414. Blu Sleep then rounded out its new accessory options with the Favo Leisure Robe. Made from fine cotton jersey and plush micro terry, this classically-styled robe comes with a $99 retail price tag. In addition to offering retailers a creative add-on opportunity, the robe further builds on the company’s well-

10 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

ness messaging, which positions self-care not as an occasional indulgence but a daily (or nightly!) practice. That message has become all the more relevant over the past year, as consumers spent their time at home during the pandemic upgrading their spaces. As the conversation around mental and physical health took center stage, finding a way to get good quality sleep became more of a priority than ever before. “With the pandemic, I think people are recognizing the importance of their home and sleep, and the need to balance their stress and their health,” explains Elizabeth Dell’Accio, president of Blu Sleep. “People are also realizing that if they buy something that’s cheap and not long-lasting, it really doesn’t help them. More and more retailers have been asking us to stick with that high quality, and to not compete with the other brands in the race to the bottom.” In order to clearly communicate that level of quality on the retail floor, Blu Sleep infused its

new offerings with a sleek, more elegant look that extends from the products themselves to the packaging. Bold colors have always been a mainstay for the Blu Sleep brand, but for this line the company adopted a more muted color palette of blues and grays. For the packaging, the company designed classic linen boxes that reflect the true value of the product inside. “When we introduced the way the sheets are packaged—the way the box opens, the messaging, the way it comes with tissue paper and ribbon—it’s all about the experience, from the moment you receive it to the moment you sleep on it,” Dell’Accio explains. One of the keys to Blu Sleep’s ongoing success is its ability to zero in on the fine details of its products while still situating them within the bigger picture. The company views the sleep experience holistically, understanding how each element of the system interacts with one another. “It’s the whole package,” says Ciccolella. “If you have a very comfortable mattress but your


pillow is not comfortable, then everything’s not comfortable. If your sheets are not comfortable, then everything’s not comfortable. If your comforter is too hot, too cold, too heavy, that makes a difference as well. We’re trying to match everything to work in harmony, in addition to looking and feeling fantastic.”

unique configuration of foam layers—delivering distinct comfort feels, superior pressure relief and temperature regulation. When merchandised together, the four models create a clear step-up story that ranges from $1,899 to $3,599 in queen.

A Carefully Curated Mattress Collection

Of course, the full sleep package would not be complete without the pillow. Like its mattress options, Blu Sleep has spent years optimizing and refining its pillow offerings—cultivating a comprehensive line-up that delivers both fun and function. The company’s latest addition to this category is the Ceramo, which delivers both cooling and performance benefits. Made from plush Air Memory foam, the pillow is finished with a bio ceramic gel coating, which works to return far infrared energy back into the body—a process that has been shown to help improve blood oxygen levels and reduce joint inflammation. It also creates a cool-tothe-touch feel that brings a real wow-factor to the retail floor.

And for that balancing act to really work, there must be a solid base. The mattress is the cornerstone of any sleep experience— and Blu Sleep has taken great care to ensure that its offerings meet the needs of both the retailer and the consumer. Over the years, the company has worked to optimize its unique design in order to maximize the benefits of its foam technologies. “We’ve been doing this for several years, introducing mattresses, but I think now we have narrowed it down to exactly what our customers needs are,” Dell’Accio explains. Today, Blu Sleep has curated a concise four-bed collection designed to connect with a wide variety of consumers without overwhelming them with choice. “We’re trying to make it easy for retailers to sell the product,” Ciccolella says. “We’re very conscientious about their margins and what they expect and need. So we try to make the product simple to understand and simple to explain, while still having a lot of benefits and features as well.” Thanks to its advanced foam technology, Blu Sleep is able to offer a more streamlined line of mattresses that adapt to a wide array of body shapes and sizes—making it easier for the consumer to navigate the options. Each Blu Sleep mattress features a base foam made with AirPods, the company’s innovative support structure comprised of individual foam pods. With each pod functioning independently from one another, this system is able to deliver contouring comfort for every unique body. The design also allows air to circulate throughout the base of the mattress, helping to disperse heat and humidity and establish the basis for an overall cooler product. By maintaining that consistency at the support level, the company is able to offer more meaningful variety within the comfort layers. Each Blu Sleep mattress features its own

Pillows That Bring The Wow-Factor

Reassuring Retailer Support “We’re very passionate about our products and our brand and sleep all together, but we also offer good margins and that’s very important to a retailer as well,” Dell’Accio explains. “They like our passion and they like our product, but they also need to know that they’re going to make a profit.” Blu Sleep is proud to be able to offer its retail partners that reassurance. The company listens closely to its retail partners and their needs, and incorporates that feedback as they develop and fine-tune its offerings. And unlike many other bedding companies, Blu Sleep has navigated the pandemic with little to no supply chain disruptions, thanks to the strong relationships it has built with suppliers over the years. After a few delays early on in the pandemic, the company was able to readjust its inventory levels to match the increased demand for its products and has been on track ever since. Today, Blu Sleep is fully stocked with product that is readily available to retailers. “It’s all about choosing the right suppliers, developing the right relationships, thinking

Every decision the company makes ties back to this idea of helping retailers succeed. ahead,” Ciccolella explains. “If it’s hard to get stuff, you have to think ahead, place orders ahead of time and make sure everything is working properly.” That kind of strategic thinking paid off in more ways than one. Prior to the pandemic, Blu Sleep had already begun to expand its fulfillment capabilities to offer drop-shipping for its retail customers—which proved to be all the more beneficial over the past year and a half, as more and more people turned to shopping online. The same goes for IT and marketing support, two departments that Blu Sleep has transitioned in-house. This move has allowed the company to offer more dedicated support to its retail partners looking to boost their own ecommerce capabilities. For added ease, the company has also equipped its website with a comprehensive retailer portal where its partners can go in and place product orders directly. Every decision the company makes ties back to this idea of helping retailers succeed. With these new accessory items, Blu Sleep is solidifying its position as a one-stop-shop. Not only does this help its retail partners diversify their merchandising opportunities, but it also enables the company to offer better shipping rates as well. Blu Sleep has carved a distinctive niche for itself in today’s bedding landscape, bringing both passion and pragmatism, luxury feels and attainable price points, attention-to-detail and big picture thinking. Over the past 15 years, the company has continually forged new paths in ways that are thoughtful and sustainable—expanding into product categories that further support its overall brand identity. And through this measured approach, Blu Sleep has become an invaluable resource for retailers—giving them the products and tools to provide today’s consumers with the full sleep experience.

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Pleasant Mattress Supports Retailers With Strong In-House Marketing Team By Elaina Hundley By building one of the largest in-house marketing and branding teams in the mattress industry, Pleasant Mattress is offering comprehensive support to its retail partners. Further strengthening the company’s position as a super-regional player offering a broad variety of authentic brands, the in-house team engineers the brand DNA, manages all external product design and has developed a full suite of design tools aimed at delivering a more robust selection of marketing materials to support retail sales. Under the leadership of Chief Brand Officer Niki Weber, who brings agency, start-up and client-side experience with brands like Adidas, DC Shoes, Gatorade, VISA and MINI to her role, the full-service department creates marketing materials that support the family of brands that ranges from value-priced to luxury lineups. Utilizing a reimagined approach to in-house brand development, the team was instrumental to the rebranding effort of Pleasant’s flagship McRoskey Mattress brand as well as the newly revamped AirFlex, an understated luxury brand designed to appeal to young consumers seeking high-quality, hand-crafted beds made with natural materials.

Additionally, the team uses sophisticated tools like photo-realistic virtual room settings, 3D modeling and in-house photography to swiftly provide its retail partners with print and digital marketing materials—expediting the ROI of the placements. “Niki has helped build a world-class marketing and branding team that first created branding packages for our collections and is now expanding into helping our retail partners sell more,” said Rion Morgenstern, CEO of Pleasant Mattress. “When we decided to make an investment to build this team, we knew we needed exceptional professionals who could provide outstanding results. I believe we are the only independent manufacturer in the country with a team this deep and experienced.” In addition to Weber, the department includes leaders with diverse backgrounds. Shad Lambert, digital marketing director, brings experience working for companies like Beats By Dre, MTV and Red Bull. Vicente Montelongo, design director, has worked with digital agencies, creative studios and media brands along with brands like Anheuser-Busch, AirBnB, Red Bull, Xbox, Samsung and Vice. And Alondra Ibarra, digital content manager, has been with

Pleasant Mattress since 2019, bringing versatility to her role by assisting with product photography, design projects as well as content development and social media. “Even though I’m not from within the bedding industry, I immediately saw that mattresses were this undiscovered gem and so much more than simply a mattress,” said Weber. “When well executed, a mattress will deliver quality and peaceful sleep and contributes to well-being and optimal health. There is an opportunity to leverage the brand story about the quality of the mattresses and the craftmanship that makes them so distinctive.”


Tempur Sealy Introduces New Retail Edge Activation Team By Gretchen Kast At the summer Las Vegas Market, Tempur Sealy introduced its new Retail Edge Activation Team—a dedicated team built specifically to help retail customers and RSAs develop customized marketing plans that will grow their businesses. With the goal of developing business plans that are easy to implement and execute, this new team will provide Tempur Sealy’s retail partners with a complete and comprehensive program— from an initial 360-degree business diagnosis to developing and executing a customized plan. Members of the Retail Edge Activation Team are experts on a range of subject matters, such as marketing best practices, analytics, con12 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

sumer insights and more. Each complete an intensive, multi-week training on Retail Edge and its tools and solutions—including Digital & Ecommerce, Marketing & Advertising, In-Store Experience, Training, Assortment Planning and Market Analytics. Working with retailers collaboratively, the team will identify best practices and opportunities to maximize profit, increase traffic, connect with more customers and become the market leader through enhanced promotion in their local marketplace. These plans are tailored for each business to capitalize on opportunities in its specific market, in addition to managing retail’s constantly evolving demands.

Throughout the program, a dedicated Activation Manager provides ongoing support. That same manager will continue to partner with the retailer after the delivery of the plan to fully support execution. The new Retail Edge Activation Team is an expansion of the Tempur Sealy Retail Edge program, which began in 2017 based on consumer insights, data and industry trends. The introduction of the Retail Edge Activation Team builds on this proven retailer engagement program and is now available to support all Tempur Sealy customers with dedicated resources.

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Product Focus

The Science Of The Smart Bed


By Elaina Hundley

As consumers continue to understand more and more about how sleep is a major contributor to overall health, smart beds—beds that use sensors and other technologies to gather data about how the user is sleeping—are growing in popularity and complexity. For this Product Focus, we are exploring the smart bed category: the variety of technologies, features and benefits offered within it, as well as the supports each smart bed manufacturer offers its retail partners.

1 Ghostbed Designed with 2,000 zone detection points on each side of the mattress just below the surface, The Ghost SmartBed utilizes sensors to monitor respiration, position and movement through GhostBed’s Ghost Vision technology. The smart support system is powered by Ghost Relay technology, which consists of five medical-grade air chambers that independently react to make automatic, real-time adjustments to the comfort levels for the head, shoulders, torso, hips and legs. These two technologies work together to provide users with a complete Bio-Metrix

picture of how well they sleep throughout the night and continually adjust the mattress to help improve sleep. Users can access their individualized data through a phone app. Constructed in a honeycomb pattern infused with gel polymer that stretches in every direction, the Ghost SmartBed mattress surface distributes weight evenly and absorbs excess heat through the night. Above the air chamber support system are three layers of gel memory foam, which enhance the bed’s cooling properties and add a further dimension to its comfort feels.

1 14 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

2 Sleep Number Sleep Number is on a mission to proactively care for sleepers with accurate, scientific sleep data. Its award-winning 360 smart bed and proprietary SleepIQ technology automatically sense and effortlessly respond to the needs of sleepers. AI and data science enable automatic adjustments in the mattress to improve sleep and provide actionable insights for consumers, connecting quality sleep to sleep health through comprehensive, longitudinal biometric data collected during each sleep session. In addition to delivering a quality product that provides its users with tangible benefits, Sleep Number’s technology also contributes to essential sleep research around sleep time, restful and restless sleep, heart rate, breathing rate and more. To date, the company has leveraged and learned from over 11 billion hours of sleep data gathered from over 1.4 billion real-world sleep sessions, generating comprehensive longitudinal data. This data is used to advance its product design, improve and enhance the smart bed platform and address consumer needs. All Sleep Number 360 smart beds are regularly upgraded with new SleepIQ features and benefits via over-the-air updates, including My Sleep Health and My Daytime Alertness.


3 King Koil Differentiating itself within the Smart Bed category, King Koil recently expanded its Smartlife Mattress collection with a splithead model as well as a premium adjustable base offering designed to be merchandized with the smart bed. Accommodating separate sleep preferences for couples, the new split head model uses patented body-sensing technology to power smart cells that adjust the beds automatically to fit the consumer’s unique body shape, weight and preferences— it also reports data to the user to help them update their sleep habits based on the smart


bed’s analysis. The mattress is supported with an app used for programming and monitoring. With retailers top of mind, the brand offers both comprehensive RSA training as well as an in-store POP system to support the Smartlife mattress rollout, including a high-definition screen mounted above the bed to help consumers understand the technology built into the mattress. The combination of the Smartlife mattress with the new iMotion by King Koil adjustable base offers retailers an integrated—and more premium— merchandising strategy.


4 ReST A longtime leader in the smart bed space, ReST has over 20 patents on the sensor technology used in its beds. Employing innovations originating in the hospital space that have been used in medical, sports and rehabilitation products for the past 20 years, ReST delivers a time-tested sleep technology. The brand’s proprietary fabric sensors track 2,000 pressure points per side of the mattress in real-time. Within the ReST Bed App, which serves as a remote, a user can see their pressure map. Combining the sensor data with its AI Inside

algorithms, the ReST Bed instantly adapts to changes in a user’s pressure throughout the night. Users particularly appreciate that the ReST bed offers three to five individual and ergonomically-designed body zones per side. ReST provides its retail partners with thorough training and ongoing support. The company has also begun taking a new approach to smart bed sales by offering “smart bed kits”— the technical components found in a ReST Bed: pump, sensor, air chamber, app—to individual manufacturers and retailers.

5 Corsicana Corsicana Mattress Co. partnered with Retail Service Systems (RSS) to create its first technology-infused mattress that allows consumers to customize their sleep experience. The Sleep2Win Smart Bed senses movement throughout the night and automatically responds to provide real-time support. Paired with a mobile app, the intuitive mattress allows consumers to personalize their sleep experience and offers adjustability throughout the night. This product uses patented fabric sensors combined with a durable, undetectable knit blend fabric to monitor thousands of body data points. Three adjustable

air chamber zones target the shoulders, lumbar and hips. Both models feature the company’s CopperTek Cover and Copper Comfort Foam— materials that help regulate body temperature and naturally ward off germs. Adaptable to the user’s needs over time, the Sleep2Win Smart Bed’s software system, which is available through an iOS + Android app, features three operating modes that allow customers to switch positions as their sleep needs change. The company supports retailers selling this collection by offering dedicated marketing and POP materials for the Sleep2Win Smart Bed.


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Markets have always been a mainstay for the bedding industry, serving as a place where manufacturers can test new features and materials and retailers can explore new products and collections. But throughout the pandemic, the idea of attending a bedding market wasn’t an option for many retailers and industry professionals. So manufacturers adapted, supplementing their in-person showrooms with virtual meetings and digital showcases to ensure that all of their retail partners could stay in the loop on the latest products. As we look to the year ahead and, hopefully as a society, feel more confident and comfortable with business travel, we’re curious to see how how the role of in-person markets may evolve.

What role will the in-person bedding market serve moving forward? STEVE RUSING PRESIDENT OF US SALES | TEMPUR SEALY Las Vegas and High Point Markets provide a unique opportunity to showcase our products, to engage with our retail partners and for retail buyers to experience our products in person. This is also consistent with what we know about consumer preferences—our research shows that consumers overwhelmingly prefer to try a mattress before they buy it. We understand that with a mattress, it’s important to touch, feel and physically lie on the product; this is what attending a physical market can offer to retailers, so they can have that experience before committing to flooring new products, and then bring it to life for their shoppers. Plus, we design our showrooms to be best-in-class examples of an in-store experience, to generate conversations around where Tempur Sealy can be a partner with our retailers through our Retail Edge program in offering both turnkey and customized solutions for their retail floors. Of course, while we’ve all adapted to working in a virtual world, it’s wonderful to once again have the opportunity to engage in-person and continue to build on our strong relationships by meeting our customers in-person. We look forward to future markets, and the opportunity to again showcase all of our Tempur Sealy brands.

STEPHEN CHEN PRESIDENT | MLILY USA Looking ahead, and assuming the COVID-19 situation improves, we believe the in-person bedding markets will likely be as strong as they were pre-COVID. During the pandemic, we, like many others, conducted virtual meetings and presented digital showrooms, which were very helpful, but moving forward I think it’s important to realize that people want to get out and conduct business face-to-face so they can touch and feel products. That can’t be done digitally. The digital elements will still be useful for those that are not able to attend markets, but we believe the human interaction that face-to-face meetings provide will always be the default as the way to do business. 16 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

MELANIE HUET CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER & CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER | SERTA SIMMONS BEDDING At SSB, we’re taking a digital-first approach—helping us learn faster and better respond to the needs of both consumers and retail partners. In 2020, SSB created its first “virtual showcase” in an effort to protect the health and safety of our team and our customers—and we were pleasantly surprised by the positive response to this new way of sharing our latest products and innovations in a fully digital way. Looking ahead, we see changing consumer habits and predict that in-person tradeshows will evolve as consumers evolve. Traditional tradeshows will be less attended and may morph into regional events. SSB is setting up its future to leverage our headquarters facilities in Georgia and other spaces to provide our customers with a personalized preview. Our path forward is multidimensional, combining virtual options with more intimate, in-person opportunities to connect with our customers and showcase our products. We see this as a great opportunity to continue strengthening our relationships and providing even more exceptional service.

DAVID BINKE CEO | KING KOIL There will always be a place for in-person bedding trade shows in our industry. As the pandemic ebbs and buyers become more comfortable at larger events, we will see Las Vegas resume its place as the industry’s leading show. What validates this for me were King Koil private events we did over the past year with our customers. We had great success hosting select events at our factory in Arizona. We were able to bring in small groups, show them product and give them a tour of our production facilities and entertain together. These were well received, and the results were great. It reinforced for us the importance of in-person events, even with all the necessary precautions being taken.




In-person markets will remain important to our industry because of the nature of our products. In order to truly understand what the product looks like, feels like and how it performs, retailers will always need to experience them in person. Visits to our showroom, either at market or at regionally positioned showings, allow our dealers not only to feel the differences between product assortments, but also better understand how our products can be merchandised on the retail floor. While we have had success with virtual product launches and showrooms out of necessity during COVID, I think that these in-person experiences will be hard to replace in the long term. What I think may change as we look toward the future is whether these in-person markets will continue to be held at the traditional locations or if they will become more regionally focused events. We have seen a trend toward more retailers visiting our manufacturer showrooms across the country, where they can make the trip in a day versus spending multiple days at Las Vegas Market, for example. Time will tell, but I think there is certainly some paradigm shifts like this that may have an impact on the future of markets as we know them today.

We made a key change in our product introduction cycle earlier this year, no longer following a tradeshow model for launching new models. Our new approach allows us to collaborate with our retail partners and our licensees across the country to better fill their merchandising gaps, in a more realistic timeframe, when they need them. While we no longer use the market timeline to drive our product development cycle, we certainly still see benefits in attending in-person markets. For example, networking and in-person product reviews are elements of these events that are hard to replicate virtually. This year, the combination of our virtual products launches, followed by in-person market, has enabled us to promote our new product lines to wider audience, building momentum and helping our sales force presell the lines heading into a market. We have found that this process speeds up decision-making because our retail partners walk into market ready to buy. At the end of the day, I think markets are here to stay, but the traditional timeline and buying/ selling processes as we know them today may shift as the industry has learned to adapt to new ways of doing business over the last year and half.

ANDREA ANTINOZZI DIRECTOR OF MERCHANDISING | BEDGEAR High Point and Las Vegas Markets give us a chance to meet with our retail customers and prospects in a one-on-one setting, which is something you cannot do virtually. Being able to touch, feel and even test the products is crucial for retailers so that they are not placing orders for new products sight unseen. Both in-person markets also give us the chance for us to hear first-hand the voice of the retail customers: what is going on inside their stores, what is working, what is not working. Having this insight gives us the opportunity to continue to innovate our products that buyers and owners are specifically looking for to fill voids in their assortment. These constructive conversations rely heavily on being able to interact with products in-person. Any in-person time that exhibitors can have with their retail customers is crucial. With our standard markets being rescheduled and travel being restricted in 2020 and 2021, we didn’t get the chance to meet with all our retail customers. Moving forward, we are eager to welcome everyone back to the BEDGEAR showroom as we follow all safety protocols to carry on a safe and effective market.

What role do YOU think market will play moving forward? Join the conversation @SleepRetailer on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Visit /,,,,, and 17


Brooklyn Bedding Launches Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton Sheets Collection By Chris Schriever Brooklyn Bedding has introduced a new luxury bedding collection to its online shopping experience and stores. Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton Sheets by Brooklyn Bedding are available in a deep pocket style, designed to accommodate higher profile mattresses up to 17 inches. Each sheet set owes its supreme softness and sheen to the gentle hand of bamboo. The inherent thermal regulating properties of rayon fibers, derived from bamboo, also help maintain ideal body temperature throughout the night. The exceptional breathability of the cotton, coupled with its superior moisture-wicking properties, contribute to optimal cooling comfort. This new bedding offering complements a bevy of luxury sleep solutions from Brooklyn Bedding, including the Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid, the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid and the Bloom Hybrid mattresses.

“We view the sleep experience holistically,” said John Merwin, owner and CEO of Brooklyn Bedding. “The quality and attention-to-detail found in our sleep accessories is a reflection of over 25 years of experience in customizing sleep solutions. Our latest introduction of sheets, derived from natural materials, is designed for not only superior comfort but also high-end functionality. With the increase in demand for our high-profile luxury mattresses—handcrafted hybrids in particular—came a need for deep pocket sheets that can accommodate upscale beds.” Brooklyn Bedding sleep accessories incorporate tiered pricing, ranging from high value bedding essentials to luxury sleep products like the Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton Sheets. Brooklyn Bedding will continue to offer its easy-care Brushed Microfiber Sheets as a high value option, along with pillows, mattress protectors, weighted blankets and more.

The Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton Sheets by Brooklyn Bedding are currently offered in a soft palette in three shades—white, khaki and silver—which are designed for neutrality when mixing and matching bedroom accessories. Retailing from $99 in Twin to $179 in Cal King, the new sheet sets are available online or in the company’s retail stores, located throughout the Southwest.


Spring Air Rounds Out Nature’s Rest Lineup With New Pillow By Elaina Hundley In order to better support its retail partners looking to meet the demand for all-natural products and drive add-on sales at retail, Spring Air International recently unveiled its Natural Talalay Latex Pillow as part of the Nature’s Rest brand of bedding products. “Today’s consumers have an affinity for all-natural, environmentally-friendly products such as mattresses and pillows,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air. “As demand for this product segment continues to strengthen, it’s important for us to support our retail partners with products that help them better serve this customer. Nature’s Rest is a go-to brand for many consumers who want a natural, restorative and healthy night’s sleep, so adding the pillow is a natural next step. Our retail partners are looking for products that

18 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

can spark add-on sales, so we are considering the possibility of adding pillows to our other brands as well.” Made with natural Talalay latex and rollpacked, the new pillow fits neatly in an earth tone-themed, retail-ready display box, delivering a natural aesthetic that enhances the Nature’s Rest story. In addition to the temperature-regulating benefits of Talalay Latex, the pillow is designed to conform to the body’s shape—adding an extra level of comfort by relaxing the muscles and relieving tension in key pressure points. Available in queen medium-loft and medium firmness, the pillow is competitively priced at $119 and can be purchased in store or drop-shipped to consumers directly from Spring Air.


SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS Consumers are spending for a good night’s sleep; are you ready?



Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your bedding sales this fall. See key bedding resources in IHFC, Furniture Plaza, Plaza Suites, and National Furniture Mart.

Visit our Exhibitor Directory at and Search “Mattress” for All Resources.



Malouf Helps Retailers Diversify Their Showroom Mix With Sleep Accessories By Gretchen Kast Malouf continues to showcase the range of its product portfolio, spotlighting an assortment of eye-catching accessory products at the fall High Point Market. Eco-friendly and naturally temperature regulating, Malouf’s Weekender Premier Tencel Lyocell Sheet Set provides a balanced sleep setting all year round. The lustrous and smooth sateen weave adds an unexpected silkiness not found in many other all-weather fabrics, while the the extra-deep pocket is designed to easily slip on for the perfect fit. The company also offers a variety of mattress protectors made from premium Tencel Lyocell as well. First, the 360° Encasement Mattress Protector offers a range of key benefits. The blended fabric offers superior softness, providing virtually undetectable waterproof protection, while the polyurethane backing completely encases the mattress for a 360° shield against liquids, allergens and bed bugs. The Top Protector features a deep pocket design that is easy to slip on the mattress and delivers a consistent, stay-in-place fit—while the 5-Sided Mattress Protector provides a liquid-proof barrier for the top and sides of mattresses. In addition to the Tencel Lyocell products, Malouf is also showcasing two other sheet sets in High Point. The Weekender Double-Brushed Microfiber set is designed for everyday use. Made from high-quality microfiber, these sheets are double brushed, making them super soft and comfortable all year round. Microfiber is well known for its durability and tight weave, creating a solid fabric with long-lasting properties—including a resistance to wrinkles and stains. The simple care instructions and deep fitted sheet make these quick and easy to remove and wash. The Weekender 600 Thread Count Cotton-Blend Sheet Set delivers all the benefits of cotton in an easy to care for and wrinkle-free blend. The cotton side of the sheets deliver added softness for the skin, while 20 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

the polyester side faces outward for a wrinkle-free look on top. The deep pocket on the fitted sheet stays in place and fits snugly. Malouf is rounding out its product lineup with the Sleep Well Set by Pura. This smart diffuser makes it easy to deliver the relaxing aroma of Rest in the evening before bed and the energizing scent of Rise in the morning. This innovative product allows the consumer to control the diffuser from anywhere using the Pura app on their phone, seamlessly integrating the powerful benefits of aromatherapy into their everyday life.


Gelee™ by Intellibed


Proudly Made in the USA


Therapedic Unveils Feature-Filled New Sleep Accessories By Gretchen Kast Therapedic is introducing several new products to its accessory line-up, including new sheet sets, mattress pads, pillow protectors and more. Sold exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond, these new items underscore the true scope of the Therapedic brand and its commitment to delivering relevant features and luxurious feels. “The little details in these everyday products make all the difference for comfort, durability and wellness,” said Susan Mathes, vice president of brand relations. “Whether it’s the stay-tuck buttons on our sheet sets or the antimicrobial properties of our bed basics, the Therapedic brand stands for quality, well-lived products.” Therapedic has developed three new sheet sets for this fall. First is the Therapedic 450-Thread-Count Sheet Set, which is made of 100% cotton and is wrinkle-resistant. Using TheraFit Technology, the sheets feature an extra wide elastic to ensure each fitted sheet hugs mattresses up to 18 inches deep. The fitted sheet also includes directional labels for ease in bed making. Additionally, an oversized, stay-tuck flat sheet can be attached to the fitted sheet with buttons at the foot of the bed—making the set perfect for restless sleepers. The Therapedic Performance 400-ThreadCount Sateen Sheet Set is made of 100% sateen-weave cotton. This set features the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX label, which certifies that the sheets are free from any harmful toxins or chemicals, while still maintaining vibrant color. It also uses True Grip technology, making sure the fully elasticized fitted sheet fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep. Finally, the Therapedic Solotex 400-ThreadCount Sheet Set is moisture-wicking for a cool, comfortable night’s rest and features two-way stretch for excellent shape retention. In addition to its new sheet sets, Therapedic is also introducing its new Wholistic line 22 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

of bedding accessories. Designed to be odor neutralizing and antimicrobial, the Wholistic Antimocrobial products help inhibit the growth of microbes for long-lasting freshness. The Therapedic Wholistic Antimicrobial Pillow Protector is made from soft, absorbent cotton. It features antimicrobial properties to keep the pillow clean, while the odor neutralizer helps eliminate any body odors. The zipper closure extends the life of the pillow and keeps it fully protected. The Therapedic Wholistic Antimicrobial Mattress Pad is made of breathable plush fiber padding for a sumptuous sleeping surface. It also features antimicrobial and odor neutralizing properties. This mattress pad is made with Therapedic’s patented True Grip Snug Fit, so it fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep. Both Wholistic products are also certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.


“The little details in these everyday products make all the difference for comfort, durability and wellness.”

We just got twice as cool... The PowerCool Sleep System features an adjustable base with built-in cooling fans and a specially ventilated mattress.

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Las Vegas Market



Direct shipping to your customer | Luxury bedding at higher margins Three factories and five warehouses across the United States


Classic Brands Spotlights Comprehensive Infinity Sleep Collection By Chris Schriever Classic Brands is supporting both its brickand-mortar and ecommerce retail partners with its extensive Infinity Sleep Collection. The three distinct elements of the line—the Hybrid Infinity, Infinity Encore and Infinity Modern—are designed to seamlessly complement one another. Together, they offer retailers a complete collection of products that cover key consumer needs and help boost both retail sales and advertising efficiencies. The Hybrid Infinity collection was designed to be the industry’s first turnkey, omnichannel bedding program. The newly upgraded collection now offers six specialty hybrid mattresses alongside a dedicated website, ecommerce platform and robust social media program including thousands of strong customer reviews. It is further supported through TV commercials as well.

24 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

Developed in collaboration with Sit ‘n Sleep, Hybrid Infinity mattresses range from eight-inch to 15-inch profiles. Designed with 11- and 12-gauge wrapped coils, specialty memory foams and cooling covers of phase change material, the beds are priced to retail from $899 to $2,399 in queen. All of the mattresses are packaged in Classic Brands’ signature bags for easy delivery or cash-and-carry by consumers—and come with a guaranteed 365-night in-home trial, free shipping and exchanges. Providing added sales opportunities and comfort feels, Classic Brands’ Infinity Encore is a five-bed memory foam collection. Ranging in price from $799 to $2,299, the line-up is made with superior MDI memory foams, ice cold specialty covers and sharp modern design aesthetics. Like the Hybrid Infinity line, all of the mattresses in the Infinity

Encore collection are also packaged in Classic Brands’ signature bags and come with a guaranteed 365-night in-home trial. Finally, Classic Brands rounds out the Infinity Sleep Collection with its Infinity Modern furniture line. Designed to complement the company’s mattress options, the collection includes a variety of platform beds and bed frames available in metal, wood and upholstered styling options. Infinity Modern upholstered beds have also been specially constructed so mattresses sit inside or on top of slats, giving the consumer added flexibility when it comes to their preferred height settings. Pricing for this collection is intended to offer retailers strong margins while still maintaining the great value that Classic customers have grown accustomed to, with queen size bed frames retailing from $199 to $499.



Paramount Sleep Unveils Updated HD Super Duty Collection By Gretchen Kast Paramount Sleep Company has redesigned its best-selling HD Super Duty collection, offering more streamlined offerings with new comfort materials and fresh styling. The upgraded mattress lines will be on display at the fall High Point Market. The HD Super Duty collection is comprised of two lines: the Signature and the Classic. Mattresses in both lineups will now feature copper and graphite HD memory foam, which is made with thousands of comfort gel beads infused with graphite and copper. Additionally, the two lines will both sport new heavyweight, cooling knit panels and extra-reinforced, vertical leatherette handles. The Signature collection was condensed from five beds to its three best-sellers, each with a distinct feel. The beds’ previous 1,950

26 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

pencil coil system has been replaced with 1,215 steel-encased 13.75-guage pocket springs—the firmest wire available in a pocketed coil. Mattresses in the Signature collection will also feature a classic houndstooth check border with leatherette handles and tape edge. The Classic collection was condensed from five beds to four and now features a 12.75-gauge, foam-encased heavy-duty spring unit. Beds in the Classic collection are bordered with a traditional plaid fabric and enhanced with leatherette handles. Ranging in price from $1,399 to $2,999 in queen, the two redesigned collections are available now. Paramount will discontinue the HD Super Duty mattresses from the previous collections in October. In addition to the updated HD line, Paramount is also launching a new marketing portal

for its retailers. While high-resolution photos and logos for each of its bedding lines have been available in the Press section of the company’s website, the retailer-exclusive portal will offer access to more robust marketing assets. “We want to help ease the burden that marketing efforts can often cause for some of our smaller retailers,” said Steve Maddox, director of sales. “Instead of them reaching out to us on a case-by-case basis, now they will have 24/7 access to everything they need. And if they don’t find what they’re looking for, help is just a click away!” Marketing assets found in the retailer portal will include print pieces such as brochures, end-of-bed signage and selling flyers, along with digital assets such as social media copy, images and videos.



Certificat ion that the mis made by the m a described aterials in this art nufacturer ic in accord ance withle are law.

Date of Deliv ery:______ ________ Finished Size ______ : 75 in.(L)x39 in.(W)x8in.( Net Weight o H) f Fil Outer Cover: ling Mat: 22lbs 6 oz. 100% Polyes ter

Inner Cover: 62% 29% acrylic 9% C otton

Glass Fiber



THIS is not Consumers have filed claims for returns or refunds on their mattress purchases due to the hazard fiberglass poses to their health. Precision Textiles can deliver a safer sleep experience with IQFit® Glass Free, a new line of barriers for mattress foam cores. Fiberglass Free | Chemical-Free | Highly Breathable | UL GREENGUARD Gold standard certification

Rest Easy With

IQFit® Glass Free. IQFit® Glass Free features Maximum FR protection at a high char strength | No chemical finish | A highly breathable soft hand | Low chemical emissions | Two options: sock and wide-width formats Experience & Expertise Precisely Engineered Into Everything We Do

For more details visit | (973) 890-3873


Shifman Debuts Exclusive Inspired Collection In New High Point Showroom

“The Inspired collection was created to give designers confidence when selecting the right comfort level for their clients.”

28 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

By Elaina Hundley Shifman is launching its first mattress collection offered exclusively to select designer showrooms in the US. The luxury beds will be unveiled at the fall High Point Market in Shifman’s new showroom. Comprised of four handcrafted mattresses, The Inspired Collection features models named after 20th century interior design pioneers: Elsie De Wolfe, Dorothy Draper, Billy Baldwin and Michael Taylor. This group of influential designers inspired the brand with their shared philosophy of good design focused not only on thoughtful aesthetics but comfort and function as well. True to Shifman tradition, each premium quality mattress is two-sided and hand-tufted using the Sanotuft process. The models also incorporate natural materials including cotton, natural latex, New Zealand wool and cash-

mere and are supported by eight-way handtied boxsprings. Tailored exclusively for designer showrooms, the Belgian damask cover and gold-plated metal corner plates offer luxurious finishes sure to appeal to the discerning eye. With clean and contemporary patterns and color palette, the domestically produced collection delivers a sophisticated look. “The Inspired collection was created to give designers confidence when selecting the right comfort level for their clients,” Alison Minella, Shifman marketing director, explained. “It can be overwhelming, so we’ve taken out the guess work by offering a curated fourbed collection based on comfort preference while complementing the designer’s vision and mission to deliver luxury and an unsurpassed experience in designing the client’s ultimate oasis.”









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Southerland Supports Retailers With New Approach To Manufacturing By Elaina Hundley By upgrading its equipment and instituting new lean manufacturing protocols, Southerland is increasing the capacity of its 318,000-square-foot factory by 30 percent. Southerland recently reconfigured its new Nashville, TN based plant’s layout around the principles of lean manufacturing. Production now proceeds in a linear pattern from the back end of the factory, where raw materials are stored, to the front end, where assembly is completed—streamlining the manufacturing process significantly. In addition, Southerland’s new equipment acquisition will enable it to increase the output of its bed-in-a-box product line—of which its most prominent collections are the iBnB line and the company’s exclusive collection for online retailer Wayfair. The new layout also features a third production line for its popular American Adjustables adjustable base collection. But that is not all that is new for Southerland. Upon completion of the remodel, Southerland also has plans to move its corporate offices to the new facility, including the offices of its wholly owned transportation company, Southerland Transport. It will also open an expanded showroom on the site, which will increase its show space from 2,000 square feet to 7,000 square feet. The new layout not only increases the efficiency of manufacturing, it will also create a more comfortable environment for employees, providing improved access to break rooms and other amenities. “With the new machinery and the lean manufacturing layout, we will be achieving a dramatic improvement in total productivity,” said Bryan Smith, president and CEO of Southerland. “This is a timely move for us considering that demand for bedding products is outpacing the industry’s over-

30 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

all capability to meet consumer and retailer needs. It is also an investment in the future because we expect demand to continue growing through the rest of this year and into next year, and we want to be front and center as a supplier that can meet all of our retail partners’ ever-growing needs for quality bedding products.”



R E TA I L I S C H A N G I N G . C O M

Tempur Sealy’s Retail Edge offers comprehensive, custom-built strategies and solutions to help you capitalize on the premium bedding momentum. We partner with you, sharing insights and tools, proven best practices, and our three-step process for winning with your premium bedding consumers:







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Precision Textiles Expands Production Capacity For Nonwovens And Quilting Fibers By Gretchen Kast To better serve its customer base in the highgrowth mattress industry, Precision Textiles recently opened a new 160,000-square-foot, 25-acre campus in Troy, North Carolina. As the company’s first domestic manufacturing facility outside of its New Jersey headquarters, this new space will double Precision Textiles’ needle-punch nonwovens production and boost its high-loft quilting fiber output by 50 percent. “Demand for these products has risen to the point where we are near full capacity at our home facility in New Jersey,” said Scott Tesser, chief executive officer of Precision Textiles. “In addition to keeping pace with current demand, this investment positions us for future growth as we continue to expand our customer base in the bedding and automotive industries.” With mattress manufacturers continuing to face ongoing foam shortages, Precision Textiles

32 Sleep Retailer / Fall 2021

has been meeting the increased demand for alternatives with its quilting fiber products. These products can be used in a mattress’s top comfort layer and as an alternative to firmer foams that support spring units. Using a combination of both can reduce the amount of foam needed by up to five inches, minimizing bedding manufacturers’ reliance on the volatile raw material without sacrificing the feel of the mattress. Precision Textiles’ ECOLOFT is a high-quality quilting fiber made by combining conjugated spiral crimp pillow fill with bicomponent polyester. Engineered to perform as a foam alternative, it provides the necessary “spring back” and support that foam products offer. It also reduces the amount of combustible materials in a finished mattress by eliminating the traditional polyurethane foam layer behind the fire-resistant (FR) barrier. The lofty polyester fibers in ECOLOFT create an added dimen-

sion of luxury to mattress panels and borders, while serving as an easy-to-quilt product. In addition to its expanded production capacity, Precision Textiles’ new facility also includes warehousing space. The workforce at the facility will include new employees as well as some experienced staff from the textiles company that previously operated the plant. “This new factory will enable us to better meet the needs of our customers throughout the nation and logistically helps us reduce transit time to those located across the Southeast. It will also give us more capacity to better serve both existing and new customers,” Tesser added. “The plant previously had a nice history in textiles manufacturing, so it provided us with a head start in terms of equipment and experienced employees.”


From The Publisher


Coming off a slower than expected summer market, it is yet to be seen how the coming months will impact the industry status quo. As the pandemic continues and evolves, what can we expect from both consumers and manufacturers? What role will in-person markets serve in the year ahead? Which pandemic pivots will fade as people start to feel safer in public and which will stick and become mainstays?


ased on our conversations this summer, several key considerations are top of mind among manufacturers as we head into autumn: addressing consumer demand for sustainable and science-backed products, streamlining logistics to help offset the ongoing supply chain challenges and continually developing innovative products that drive traffic for brick-and-mortar retailers. In this issue, you’ll see updated collections, new accessory opportunities and affordable luxuries that can help retailers capitalize on continued consumer demand. Leading the charge is Blu Sleep, our cover story company. Cultivating an attainable but indulgent portfolio of everything from robes and sheets to pillows and mattresses, Blu Sleep offers all the pieces shoppers need to treat themselves to a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. With thoughtful packaging and meticulously curated features and benefits, Blu Sleep products are perfect for refreshing any bedroom and also make fantastic gifts. We opened up our inquiry about the future of market in our Q&A, asking a number of industry leaders to weigh in on how they see the role of market evolving in years to come. While most respondents felt that in-person meetings will continue

to be necessary to fully explore products as tactile as mattresses, many also emphasized the importance of balancing both in-person meetings with more accessible, online options as well. Technology will no doubt be an important aspect of how the bedding and mattress industry operates moving forward. That carries through to products. Not only do consumers want the ability to use technology to research and shop, they also want technology to help them improve their sleep. Smart Beds, the topic of our Product Focus feature, help fulfill this demand. In the feature, we explore a variety of mattresses that incorporate sensors to detect how users are sleeping, automatically adjust during the night to support better sleep and provide actionable insights about how to sleep better—all based on real data. As the leaves change and a chill creeps into the air, it is clear that the consumer emphasis on health, the desire for comfort and interest in sustainable products is not likely to wane anytime soon. We hope the pages of this issue will help our readers connect with partners and products that deliver on these core customer needs and values.

—Chris Schriever, Publisher


PUMPKIN PICKING JUST RIGHT. Finding the perfect pumpkin can be difficult. Finding the perfect mattress doesn’t need to be. Spring Air has been delivering genuine comfort and support for more than 90 years.

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What Is Lease-To-Own Financing? SNAP FINANCE is helping both customers and retail businesses succeed by providing a reliable financing solution that fits their needs. Lease-to-own financing is a fast, easy and flexible alternative for individuals who don’t qualify for traditional options. It allows customers to get what they need and want, then make payments over time—regardless of their credit score. Customers no longer have to settle for less than what they want. Because leaseto-own providers look beyond an applicant’s credit score, a customer has a higher chance of approval. This gives them access to a wider selection of products and price ranges. And thanks to its simple qualification criteria and minimal upfront costs,

lease-to-own financing allows customers to enjoy their merchandise quickly and easily. As banks tighten their lending requirements, consumers with credit issues are often left unattended and in need of accessible financing alternatives. With Snap Finance, retailers can ensure their customers have the support to buy the products they want and need.

Customer Benefits ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Available to all credit types High approval rates Minimal upfront costs Quickly satisfies consumer needs Easy payments over time 3


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SNAP FINANCE DRIVES SALES WITH FLEXIBLE CONSUMER FINANCING According to Experian, 35% of Americans cannot access traditional financing options, thereby limiting their ability to afford household commodities or cover unexpected expenses.1 Lease-to-own financing bridges the gap between customers building or rebuilding their credit and the things they need and want, giving retailers the opportunity to grow their customer base.


hen a store has limited financing options, customers with credit issues will either settle for the least expensive item or leave empty handed after being rejected. Conversely, retailers that offer a lease-to-own option see a significant boost in their average order value from consumers who now have higher spending power. Satisfied customers will return whenever they need, resulting in increased repeat business and incremental revenue for businesses offering lease-to-own. Flexible consumer financing not only allows the customer to get what they want quickly; it also minimizes repayment risk from the retailer by funding each transaction as soon as two days after the customer

receives their purchase. And with no complicated software integrations, businesses can start growing their customer base and revenue from day one of their partnership with their financing provider. This model of financing is becoming popular among retailers and stores who recognize this need and the many advantages it brings.

Benefits to Mattress Retailers ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Higher average order value Boost sales and customer base Enhance customer satisfaction Improve repeat business Minimize repayment risks

Experian 2020 Consumer Credit Review., Experian

1 5

About Snap Finance SNAP FINANCE is changing the face and pace of lease-to-own financing with easy, fast and straightforward solutions. The company prides itself on delivering the level of integrity and transparency that retailers and their customers deserve by following these principles and best practices: ƒ Disclosing terms, fees and costs upfront ƒ Ensuring every customer understands the financing product before signing their agreement ƒ Educating and certifying all Snap Partners in lease-to-own best practices and policies Snap’s proprietary decisioning platform delivers an application approval rate of up to 80%. In 2020, the company approved and served over three million customers, generating $1.5 billion in incremental sales for its partners across the country. Snap Partners also benefit from its free marketing program, EDGE, which delivers customers to their store pre-approved and ready to shop. Together with the company’s ecommerce financing solutions, retailers can boost their omnichannel presence with minimal investment.

“Since we started offering Snap, the first year we saw an increase of a little over 30%. So if you think about the amount that you sold last year, and you can add 30% to that, it’s a smart decision. They make it easy for your customer [and] they also give me leads.” —NICHOLAS D. DOVER’S MATTRESS BIRMINGHAM, AL

Benefits of a Snap Partnership


Boost Omnichannel Sales

Fast Decisioning

Its financing solutions let customers apply from their smartphone while in your store or at checkout on your website.

Consumers can get a response in less than two minutes, allowing them to shop with confidence

Higher Average Order Value

EDGE Marketing Program

Customers can increase their spending power with approvals for up to $5,000

Gain incremental sales from new and repeat preapproved clients sent to your store

Easy Customer Application

Two-Day Funding Process

With a streamlined process and simple requirements, customers have higher approval chances

Quickly receive funds for each financed transaction while Snap assumes the financial risk

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GOOD SLEEP IS A NECESSITY SO IS FLEXIBLE CONSUMER FINANCING Did you know up to 37% of Americans can’t afford a $400 unexpected expense?* Give customers great sleep with Snap Finance – a fast, easy financing solution for customers with less than perfect credit.

Partner With Snap Today! 801-405-9353 Mention Sleep Retailer when you complete your partner application and get a $50 gift card.

Scan the code to learn more or get started. SCAN ME

Not available in MN, NJ, or WI. *How America Banks, FDIC 2019 Survey

Understanding Customers With Less Than Perfect Credit LIFE-CHANGING events like marriage, divorce or transitioning jobs are some of the reasons why someone may become a credit-challenged customer, even if only for a short time. Experian classifies anyone with a credit score under 670 as a “subprime borrower” and estimates that nearly 35% of US consumers fall into this category, with millennials representing a significant percentage.1 In 2019, the FDIC stated that 37% of Americans don’t have $400 to cover an unexpected expense, making access to financing solutions a major necessity for them. Their research also indicates that one out of every five households doesn’t have access to any type of credit, proving that credit has significant importance for both consumers and businesses.2

Without access to financing solutions like a credit card, personal bank loan or retail financing, these consumers require pay-overtime solutions to get the things they need. Credit-challenged customers are spread across the US and despite being gainfully employed, they have limited assets and constrained incomes. Because of their situation, these individuals fear being denied financing and either delay major purchases or shop around for deals in stores that offer flexible payment options. Consumers with credit issues work hard to earn an income while facing life transitions that have impacted their ability to access traditional financing. Like any other consumer, they need solutions to be able to afford major purchases and improve their quality of life. Leaseto-own financing offers that opportunity.

“Snap came into my life at a very difficult time when we just had a major fire in our home . . . having to buy everything over was pretty difficult for us. I was so happy that someone would basically give me another chance. It was an easy and wonderful experience. I’d recommend Snap to everyone, especially if you’re having any difficulty.” —RUBY M. | LOS ANGELES, CA

Subprime Consumers Across U.S. in 2021 2 How America Banks: Household Use of Banking and Financial Services 1


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Millennials: The Largest Consumer Market With roughly 80 million individuals, Millennials represent the largest market segment in the US. Moreover, young adults are the perfect example of what having no access to traditional financing looks like, which gives them unique characteristics beneficial for retailers. ƒ They have limited credit histories and low credit scores ƒ They need pay-over-time solutions to start an independent life ƒ They prefer to shop locally, even at increased cost ƒ They are the most accessible customer base because of social media ƒ They share what they love 9

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How Snap’s Lease-to-Own Financing Works SNAP’S simple application requirements make it easy for consumers to apply and get a decision fast. When an applicant is approved, Snap purchases the merchandise and leases it to the customer. Once they fulfill the terms of their lease-purchase agreement, they become the owners and the merchandise is theirs. It’s that simple! Another benefit of Snap is that customers can lower their overall cost through our Early Ownership Options.


Be at least

18 YEARS of age*

Have a monthly income of

$750 or more

Maximum-Term Plan Snap’s default plan offers customers the lowest regular payment over 12 to 18 months, at the end of which they own the merchandise. The total cost could be one and a half to three times the cash price of the merchandise, plus applicable taxes and fees.

Have an active checking account**

100-Day Option Customers can reduce the total cost of their lease and acquire early ownership by making payments equal to the cash price of the merchandise, plus taxes and fees, within 100 days after they sign their agreement.

Early Buyout Option For maximum flexibility, customers can acquire ownership at any point between the end of the 100-day period and their final scheduled payment. By paying all maximum-term lease payments before their due date, customers can save 30% or more in their leasing cost.

Have a valid email address and phone number * Minimum age requirements may be higher in AL, MS, NE and Puerto Rico. ** May need a credit/debit card to apply. 11

What Snap’s . . . Partners Say

Customers Say

“Snap really helps me sell to a lot of customers who are on the fence…and we’ve had some customers who have had experiences with companies other than Snap and we’ve been able to offer them a longer period to pay it off. That’s really helpful for a lot of customers.”

“My boyfriend and I wanted to get furniture. Snap’s application was fast and easy, and we got approved for even more than we needed.”

—Dustin M. | Dover’s Mattress | Birmingham, AL

“We’ve had several customers that have been satisfied that have come back and reused their Snap. It helps our overall store sales.” —Patricia | Badcock Home Furniture | Center Point, AL

—Crystal C. | Phoenix, AZ

“I had no furniture and no money to buy furniture . . . but then I saw Snap, where I could pay for it little by little! It was a great feeling.” —Barbara V. | Los Angeles, CA

“When you get turned down for something, you feel hopeless and disappointed. When I got approved for Snap it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders.” —Tony N. | Tempe, AZ

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FLEXIBLE CONSUMER FINANCING IT’S A WIN-WIN Snap’s lease-to-own financing offers credit-challenged customers an easy, fast, and straightforward solution. With no hidden fees, surprise charges, or undisclosed terms, they can get what they need while you boost your sales.

WHY CUSTOMERS PREFER SNAP • All credit types welcome • Fast decisioning • Simple application • Approvals for up to $5,000 • Flexible payment options LOVED BY CUSTOMERS Google rating

Trustpilot rating

BECOME A SNAP PARTNER TODAY! Call 801-405-9353 or visit Not available in NJ, MN, or WI.

Snap Partner Success Story

One Stop Furniture One Stop Furniture’s mission is to become an all-in-one destination for their customers’ furnishing needs. They knew that to reach their goal, they needed a customer-friendly financing solution that was easy and flexible. With a growing number of Americans facing economic setbacks, One Stop Furniture trusts secondary financing to help credit-challenged customers get what they need. In September of 2018, they chose Snap as their lease-to-own financing partner. Shoppers can resolve their immediate needs, then make payments over time.

THE RESULTS After nearly three years since becoming a Snap Partner, One Stop Furniture has seen a boost in sales along with customer satisfaction and retention.


customers approved for financing

“With Snap, customers walk in the store preapproved and knowing how much they can spend.” —VLAD M. ONE STOP FURNITURE SACRAMENTO, CA

14 Sleep Retailer


generated in financed sales

$200,000 in repeat business

“Snap has helped increase sales! [With] higher approval rates and amounts, sales reps are able to offer more items because customers have higher chances of getting approved.” —VLAD M. | ONE STOP FURNITURE | SACRAMENTO, CA 15



MEET JOSH, a recent college graduate who is signing his first apartment lease. He needs a mattress, a sofa, and possibly a flat screen. But with no credit history, he’s denied traditional financing and must seek other solutions or go without. Help customers like Josh get what they need with lease-toown financing from Snap. It’s the AD easiest, fastest way to serve them p16 and boost sales with minimal repayment risk for your business.


Trustpilot rating

BECOME A SNAP PARTNER TODAY! Call us 801-405-9353 or visit to learn more

The advertised service is a rent-to-own agreement provided by Snap Finance or its affiliates. While no credit history is required, Snap obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with the lease application. Not available in MN, NJ, or WI. See lease for details.

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