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Therapedic Offers Retailer-Driven Programs


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22 Blu Sleep Introduces New Pillows And Mattress Protectors 23 Sleep & Beyond Meets Growing Demand For Organic Bedding 24 PureCare Expands Creative Palette With New Sleep Accessories 26 Reverie’s New Sustainability Initiative Reduces Costs And Carbon Footprint


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30 Diamond Mattress Gives Retailers A Competitive Edge With New Gel Tech Mattress 31 ES Kluft Showcases Its Three Luxury Brands At The Summer Market 32 Magniflex Updates Popular MagniStretch Collection 32 Bedding Industries Of America Unveils New Two-Sided Mattresses

28 LOGICDATA Delivers More Choice With New COSMO Toronto Adjustable Base

34 The SSA Features Innovative New Mattress Models At The Summer Market

29 Ergomotion Debuts Rio: A More Accessible & Cost-Effective Line Of Adjustable Bases

36 MLILY USA Prioritizes Retailer Margins With Las Vegas Introductions

33 + Supplement Snap Finance B1050 7

South Bay International B962


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Spring Air International A701

16 Shifman Delivers Timely Luxury Sleep & Enhanced Marketing Support


Sustainable Furnishings Council

17 Parachute Partners With Nordstrom For Creative Pop-Up Retail Experience

11 35

Therapedic International B946


14 Nationwide Marketing Group Offers An Extensive Private Label Mattress Portfolio 15 Englander Helps Retailers Expand Commerce Capabilities With New Virtual Showroom Experience

* Las Vegas Market Showroom Location 4

Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

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Inspired by a flexible, cosmopolitan lifestyle, LogicData’s COSMO adjustable base line delivers superior design and convenience for today’s modern consumer. Across all of its models, the lineup offers a number of different customization options—both in the design and functionality. This level of flexibility helps retailers tailor their range of offerings to better meet the individual needs of their customers. The line’s flagship product is the full-featured COSMO Vienna, which includes a multi-setting massage function and the convenient wall-hugging “nightstand reach.”


Nationwide Marketing Group has teamed up with Site on Time and Retailer Web Services to provide its members with free access to centerpoint—a tool that connects retailers’ point-of-sale data with their websites to give shoppers real-time insights into product inventory and pricing information. Integrating directly into retailers’ POS platforms, centerpoint helps retailers keep their websites relevant for today’s shoppers. It provides them with a variety of different website improvements, including: the option to show in-store product, floor models, ready-to-buy and in-stock; consistent pricing online and in-store; ability to offer BOPIS; and more.


Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022



Bedding Industries of America continues to position itself as a leader in sustainable mattress production. The company recently received Greenguard Gold certification for its Natural Dreams mattresses, the second of its lineups to receive such certification. Made with 100% natural latex, using a combination of Dunlop and Talalay latex, Natural Dreams has been tested and scientifically proven to have low chemical emissions—helping to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure. Though its new partnership with Evertreen, BIA has also committed to planting a tree for every Natural Dreams mattress sold.


NaturalFoam Pulse from Latexco US is a soft yet durable natural foam with a positive ecological footprint. Sustainably extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, it is produced using the patented SonoCore process— which significantly reduces energy consumption versus conventional vulcanization processes. Designed to ensure maximum ventilation, this new foam innovation also helps maintain a healthier microclimate throughout the mattress products.

Cloudtech is a new five-model mattress line created through the partnership between Diamond Mattress and Sit ’n Sleep. Designed by Diamond and unveiled at 37 retail stores in March, the collection quickly exceeded expectations and become an instant top seller in its first 90 days. Cloudtech provides a top-of-the-line sleep experience, with layers of cooling elements delivering optimal thermoregulation and minimizing the heat build-up that can cause tossing and turning. Available in three distinct feels, the Nimbus models include a tri-zoned Technogel cooling gel layer in between graphene memory foam. Technogel’s naturally high thermal conductivity disperses heat away from the body, while the unique grid design further promotes airflow and breathability for a cooler, deeper sleep.

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With its two new foundation models, Reverie is addressing many of the challenges associated with flat foundations—including sourcing inefficiencies, shipping issues and flimsy designs. The Reverie EZ Flex and Reverie EZ Fold foundation meet UPS and FedEx small package requirements, making them well suited for ecommerce or efficient in-home delivery. This also allows both designs to achieve a reduction of 50% in their transportation carbon footprint, when compared to traditional flat foundations. Additionally, these new bases are also highly durable, capable of bearing the same high weight loads that all Reverie adjustable foundations can sustain.

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We are excited to announce our new manufacturing facility in North America

South Bay International is a vertically integrated mattress manufacturer that continues to pivot and maneuver industry challenges to help your business grow. We have business solutions unlike any other manufacturer; custom OEM programs, no shipping MOQs, and a dedicated customer service department are to name a few. We prioritize your success because it is our success too.




BEDFRAMES 800-723-0316





Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

Cover Story

Therapedic Offers Retailer-Driven Programs By Gretchen Kast

Therapedic International is helping retailers thrive in today’s marketplace by delivering practical resources based on real-life know-how. As president and CEO, Gerry Borreggine continues to draw upon his more than 20 years of experience as a retailer to drive the brand’s initiatives. This unique vantage point helps shape Therapedic’s bedding and marketing programs—ensuring that they are not only relevant and engaging, but translate seamlessly into the retail setting as well. From its timely Immunity collection to its comprehensive marketing and merchandising support and the informative new Inside Track video series, Therapedic is helping retailers elevate their sales strategies to new heights. Immunity by Therapedic International If ever a mattress line was tailor-made for the current moment, it would be the new Immunity collection by Therapedic. More than just a wellmade mattress collection, this line is further bolstered by a clear branding story that helps retailers connect with consumers at a time when health and wellness remain at the forefront of their minds. The line-up combines exclusive materials and constructions that not only deliver a good night’s sleep—but may aid in boosting the sleeper’s natural immune system as well. The Immunity collection is comprised of six hybrid beds featuring copper-infused, high-performance foams and Quantum-edge, pocketed coil units. But its most distinguishing feature is the cover; made with patented yarn technology called NatuVerex, it boasts the highest copper content of any mattress cover on the market. Copper has been tested and proven to be anti-bacterial, improve circulation and boost immune systems. These homeopathic ben-

efits, along with the comfort and support of Immunity mattresses, may provide another line of defense for the health-conscious consumer—delivering a more naturally restorative night’s sleep. Immunity was designed specifically to ensure that the full benefits of copper are imparted upon the sleeper. According to Fine Cotton Factory, the manufacturer behind the NatuVerex technology, 30% copper content is the “sweet spot” of effectiveness. The company’s research has indicated that, at this level, the ions in the copper yarn can penetrate up to four layers of bed clothing. “Unlike other products featuring exclusive cooling or healing features that are buried inside the mattress, many layers below the sleep surface, Immunity has its exclusive feature directly on the surface,” explains Borreggine. “And the potency of that feature is so strong that it will permeate through four layers of bed linens, including a mattress pad.

This will allow the benefit of the copper to reach the skin of the sleeper, providing the user with the full effect and benefits associated with copper.” With price points starting at $1,299 and topping out at $2,499, the Immunity collection is already receiving positive reviews from across the Therapedic network. “Immunity got a great response at our show,” notes Illinois-based factory owner, Darren Sodikoff. “We got great placements on the line, and we expect good business from it.” The collection received a similar response from Jeffri Massie, president of Therapedic Indonesia: “We are definitely going to launch the line in Indonesia at our fall show.” The appeal of Immunity goes beyond just its features and specs too. “We think its positioning is brilliant,” adds Therapedic Indonesia’s Silvia Kho. While Immunity made its official debut at the winter Las Vegas Market in January 2022, the line was first test-marketed under 9


3 Ways To Immediately Build Rapport With The Consumer

1. Sight Make sure your store looks good from the moment a consumer pulls up to the parking lot. Does it have good curb appeal? Is your sign lit? Is the view to your storefront unobstructed? Is the messaging on your window clear, current and not conflicting with prior sales events?

2. Smell As soon as a consumer enters your store, they are hit with the smell of it. Keeping your store clean will ensure that it always smells fresh—but you can further elevate the experience using fragrance infusers as well. Try changing the store scent seasonally; maybe a pine scent for the winter, and a floral scent for spring.

3. Sound When the consumer enters the store, are they confronted with a dead silence? Keeping a light background of soft music playing from an inexpensive smart speaker will eliminate the spookiness of total quiet. Smooth jazz, soft rock or classical music will be a friendly greeting to the consumer. (Just remember to switch it up regularly—not so much for the consumer, but for the store staff!)

Get more retail insights from Inside Track, now available on LinkedIn and YouTube.


Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

a different name the year prior. Designed by Therapedic Colorado owners Les Mesner and Rodney Goodrum, the collection was initially dubbed the “MemoryTouch Hybrid.” After it became an immediate hit in the Denver market, Mesner and Goodrum brought the collection to the national Therapedic group, where the company quickly identified the growing value of its health and wellness benefits—and rebranded it as Immunity. “The Immunity branding gives this great product line more clarity and better positioning,” says Goodrum. “It was a strong product line for our factory, and now it has gotten even stronger with its new branding, point-ofsale materials and positioning.” Under the tagline, “Keep Well, Sleep Safe,” the collection’s point-of-purchase materials spotlight its unique health-focused positioning. Colorful, eye-catching wall graphics detail the Immunity by Therapedic story, communicating the health benefits of copper and the exclusive features of the NatuVerex cover. All the models also feature copper-centric names such as: Cinnamon, Chestnut, Auburn, Terracotta, Siena, and Sepia.

retailers with marketing and merchandising support that is both impactful and accessible. “My heritage is as a retailer,” explains Borreggine. “So I still see everything that we do through the eyes of a retailer—and that view has helped me develop tools, programs and materials that I know I would want as a retailer.” This mentality can be seen across all of Therapedic’s offerings. In addition to providing eye-catching in-store assets, the company also helps its retail partners expand their online presence with robust digital and video marketing resources. Therapedic’s in-house graphic designer delivers fully customizable marketing materials, including digital and print ads, POS banners and social content for promotions year-round. For added convenience, retailers can also access an entire library of branded social media assets through the company’s PromoBoxx platform—all of which can be posted manually or automatically. By centering the retailer’s experiences, Therapedic is able to develop more meaningful marketing support that works for their partners’ busy schedules.

Exceptional Branding & Dedicated Marketing Support

When it comes to retailer support, Therapedic always goes above and beyond. These days, the company is also sharing its expertise through Inside Track, a new retailer-focused video series that offers ideas on how to boost rapport with consumers at the point of sale—and how doing so can translate into increased sales.

In many ways, the Immunity collection exemplifies exactly what Therapedic does best. Not only does the company deliver the types of features and benefits today’s mattress consumers are looking for—it also provides

Inside Track


“The Immunity branding gives this great product line more clarity and better positioning.”


Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

With Borreggine serving as the author and presenter of each video installment, the series is built upon lessons learned throughout his long history in the industry. In addition to his more than 20 years as a retailer, Borreggine has served as the president and CEO of Therapedic since 2003—creating a rich base of knowledge from which he can share insights. “I think mattress retail sales associates are among the most professional salespeople in the world,” he explains. “And this series is intended to help the RSA’s hone their skills even further, and begin to feel confident enough to discuss things other than product specifications with consumers.” The content of the series addresses such topics as sales training, merchandising, marketing and advertising—and some less talked about topics like store aesthetics. Each episode is a concise presentation, running between two to four minutes. By relating real-life success stories, Inside Track is designed to help retailers break down any potential barriers that may prevent them from connecting with their customers. This is a particularly timely endeavor, as the pandemic has shifted how consumers shop in a variety of different (and at times conflicting) ways.

“There’s no doubt that there’s a new dynamic between the salesperson and the consumer,” Borreggine explains. “I think the wisest thing for an RSA to do right now is to assume that everything has changed for everybody. They are going to have to make the appropriate adjustments, understanding that it’s going to change from customer to customer or instance to instance. The RSA has to customize their approach to all the different scenarios that they’re going to face.” While Borreggine has been the series’ primary presenter so far, he is excited to share the spotlight with some retailers as well—creating a valuable opportunity for industry players to come together and share ideas. “There are lessons that we all learn, not only from our own experiences but from the collaborative nature of the business,” he explains. “You sometimes learn from your vendors, sometimes your competition and most times from your customer.” That is why Inside Track is available to all retailers, not just Therapedic’s existing partners. As Borreggine sees it, if an RSA is able to add just one sale per week from a lesson learned from the series, it will not only elevate the professionalism of salespeople in the industry—but put money in the pockets of those sales professionals as well.


The Sustainable Furnishings Council celebrates 15 years as a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the home furnishings industry. MEMBERS ARE COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABILITY AND TRANSPARENT ABOUT HOW THEY ARE LIVING THEIR COMMITMENT 9 Ten Design

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Beth Krupa Interiors Circle Furniture Coco-Mat

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Currey & Company Design Trade Alliance

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Himalayan Wild Fibers

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The solution starts with you, get involved today.

Marketing Nationwide Marketing Group Offers An Extensive Private Label Mattress Portfolio By Gretchen Kast As part of its mission to support independent retailers, Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) offers its members access to a carefully crafted portfolio of private label mattress programs. Increasingly valuable in today’s marketplace, private label bedding provides retailers with a level of exclusivity that helps boost traffic, sales and margins. As consumer buying habits have evolved with the pandemic, these types of programs have become more meaningful; they give consumers a chance to shop local with the added reassurance of nationwide support. Over the past decade, NMG has worked to build a comprehensive private label program with leading bedding brands, including Serta Simmons Bedding, Tempur-Sealy International (TSI), Malouf Home and Sherwood. Together, the company has a range of price points, distribution capabilities and bedding features to give its retail members the variety and support they need.

Building A Successful Private Label Program When NMG sets out to develop a new private label line, the first step is to evaluate the existing portfolio to determine which price points, materials and features it may be lacking in order to deliver a product mix that will drive sales. “First and foremost, it has to fill a gap in our product portfolio and have a unique value proposition,” explains Mike Derro, VP of furniture and bedding for NMG. “You don’t want the offerings to overlap.” Second, before NMG dives into product development, it must consider the manufacturers’ distribution capabilities. “We have to make sure that the vendor can service a product for the entire membership,” he continues. Lastly, NMG collaborates with each partner to fine-tune the design and construction of the lineup to ensure the final product will be able to gain velocity in today’s retail market. They work to fill a specific niche, creating products that will drive consumers into the store.

cally curated a private label program that leverages each of its four vendor partner’s unique strengths. One of NMG’s most successful private label partnerships is with TSI. Since October of 2016, TSI has provided the group with two private label lines—the Sealy Crown Jewel and the Sealy Golden Elegance collections. Typically priced between $99 to $1,299, these branded lineups give retailers exclusive and competitive product options below key price points with the Sealy name. They are both built with clear step up stories, offering additional attractive features like vertical handles and cooling technologies as you move through the line. Additionally, TSI and NMG work together to equip retailers with digital advertising tools, financing promotions and up-to-date strategic planning around consumer shopping trends. Each retailer also has a dedicated TSI Account Manager skilled in training the Retail Sales Associate on how these exclusive products drive sales. NMG also has a long-standing partnership with Serta Simmons Bedding, offering the branded Blissful Excellence line. Made with individually wrapped coils and conforming foam layers, this collection delivers comfortable support and enhanced breathability, in addition to the visibility of the Serta name. Despite slowing demand for the under-$1,000 category, this lineup has continued to see notable sales growth—underscoring the value these partnerships can deliver. Finally, NMG recently rounded out its private label portfolio with the introduction of non-branded collections from Malouf Home and Sherwood—filling meaningful gaps in features, price points and distribution capabilities.

The Benefits For Retailers NMG’s programs offers its members added benefits that go above and beyond.

A Comprehensive Private Label Portfolio

Gross Margin

Understanding that it’s impossible to be everything to everyone, NMG has strategi-

One of the foremost benefits of a private label program are the gross margin opportu-


Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

nities. While much of the general mattress category is offered to retailers at MSRP, NMG’s private label lines are not—which allows the retailer to sell the products at the margin they feel works best with their customers. By empowering them to control their own pricing, NMG’s private label program gives retailers greater control over their own gross profit.

Driving Traffic Exclusivity is the name of the game and private label mattress programs give retailers the opportunity to market exclusive product lines in their geographical area. They can advertise something the consumer will not find anywhere else. This marketing strategy can help drive customers into the retail store, increasing traffic at a time when that has been a challenge.

Higher Closing Rate The exclusivity of private label programs is about more than just getting people in the door. When merchandised properly, private label lines make it less likely that consumers will shop around and find a cheaper option elsewhere.

Product Availability After two years of supply chain disruption and delivery delays, consumers and retailers alike are looking for product fulfillment they can rely on. NMG ensures that each manufacturing vendor partner can support distribution from coast to coast, at or better than their current lead times. This means that its retail members can be confident that they will not have to wait for products.

Meeting Changing Consumer Demands Private label programs offer meaningful stories consumers can connect to and feel good about while they shop locally. NMG is giving independent retailers dynamic new sales opportunities and the buying power of a national account—helping them continue to succeed in today’s changing retail marketplace.



Englander Helps Retailers Expand Commerce Capabilities With New Virtual Showroom Experience By Chris Schriever Englander has launched Virtual Showroom Experience, an immersive, 360-degree digital complement to the company’s Las Vegas showroom. This new platform gives retailers full access to Englander products and marketing assets. More than a digital environment, the new Virtual Showroom Experience goes beyond simply allowing retailers to navigate through the showroom. It serves as a first-person portal to learn more about all Englander collections, train sales staff, explore the brand’s robust suite of marketing assets and discover new ways to sell. “From hybrid work to omni-channel shopping, people now live online and offline.

That’s why Englander has launched what feels like a video game for mattress merchandising,” said Mark Kinsley, Englander president and CEO. “Beyond creating an immersive extension of Englander’s showroom, we want to inspire retailers to create their own engaging and memorable experiences that drive sales.” Upon entering the virtual showroom, the visitor can choose to walk through and browse, similar to a real-world showroom, or navigate directly to specific products. Standing at the foot of each bed, the visitor can click to access branded product specifications, high-quality images and narrated videos. All assets are downloadable,

shareable and ready-to-use by the retailer in their marketing. Furthering its commitment to retail success, Englander will work with key retailers to create their own virtual showrooms that are fully equipped with ecommerce capabilities. Englander 3D models are available to select retailers who choose to develop the technology for their business. In addition to demonstrating the powerful features of the Virtual Showroom Experience, Englander will also showcase its high-performing national mattress collections at the summer Las Vegas Market.

Visit and 15


Shifman Delivers Luxury Sleep & Enhanced Marketing Support

“Even with data supporting the luxury market, it’s still important for retailers to keep their foot on the gas in terms of promotion, go after the business, connect with customers and consistently give them reasons to buy from you.”

By Gretchen Kast With a retail slowdown on the minds of many, Shifman Mattresses has an encouraging message for retailers at the summer Las Vegas Market: the luxury sleep category remains healthy. Shifman is prepared to show retailers why it is the best brand for success in the luxury price points. Bill Hammer, president of Shifman, identified several reasons why the luxury sleep business continues to be strong for the family-owned manufacturer: Recent retail data shows that consumer spending on luxury goods is not slowing despite inflation. In part because of the pandemic, more people are investing in their health and wellness, recognizing that sleep is an important component of both.

High quality, natural and sustainable materials used in premium mattresses prove to be valued by more consumers for healthier sleep and long-lasting comfort. Shifman believes in strong collaboration with its retail partners to drive sales through programmed advertising and promotion. Emphasizing a proactive promotion and merchandising strategy, from the high-end to the middle price points, Shifman will showcase its differentiated position with mattress collections that offer versatility and better value, made-to-order capability, ontime delivery and enhanced marketing support to drive traffic. “Even with data supporting the luxury market, it’s still important for retailers to keep their foot on the gas in terms of promotion, go after the business, connect with customers and consistently give them reasons to buy from you,” said Hammer. Retail analysis shows consumers in the luxury category continue to spend and are less concerned about the economy. At the same time, a home furnishings research firm recently released a report that shows furniture and mattress ad spend this year is half what it was in the 2015–2019 period. “Reasons to buy in the luxury category are not about price,” said Alison Minella, Shifman director of marketing. “We have experience in helping retailers create compelling messaging around investing in wellness and better mattresses for quality sleep.” At the summer market, Shifman will spotlight two collections that illustrate these points for retailers: American Heritage and Pure Comfort. Both collections exemplify Shifman’s 129-year-old tradition of handcrafted mattresses and signature two-sided construction using the finest natural materials.



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Parachute Partners With Nordstrom For Creative Pop-Up Retail Experience By Gretchen Kast Parachute has teamed up with Nordstrom for the retailer’s latest Pop-In@Nordstrom. This limited-time shop will showcase Parachute’s portfolio of soft, sustainable essentials like cozy bedding, easy loungewear and modern furniture. Available at select brick-and-mortar locations throughout North America and online, this creative partnership reflects an innovative approach to retail merchandising. Launched in October 2013, Pop-In@ Nordstrom is an ongoing series of themed pop-up shops that transition every four to six weeks to offer a new shopping experience with a fresh batch of new merchandise. PopIn takes two forms: a shop curated around a theme across different product categories, or a partnership with a single brand to bring “the world of” to customers. “We are excited to bring the world of Parachute to Nordstrom and introduce their cozy home essentials to our customers,” said Olivia Kim, VP of creative projects and home at Nordstrom. “Our goal is to help our customers look good and feel their best, and that includes their homes—we love that the brand is rooted in comfort, but also in style and design. We’re excited to bring the experience to life in stores and online, giving our customers the opportunity to transform their most personal and favorite spaces with some of our favorite Parachute pieces.” Built on a monthly rotation, the idea behind the Pop-In@Nordstrom is to keep customers coming back to discover new brands, new merchandise and create a fun and compelling experience in stores and online. Each shop features a mix of hand-picked merchandise spanning the high/low price range. Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Parachute will feature thoughtfully designed essentials— from airy bedding to fluffy robes, decorative pillows and laid-back loungewear. In addition

to the assortment of Parachute products, the shop will also feature items from brands that will complement the shop’s comfort and cozy ethos like Canyon Coffee, Asano, Well Kept Beauty, Chronicle Books and more. “I’m so happy to be a part of Pop-In@Nordstrom, introducing Parachute to new customers in a unique and engaging way,” said Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute. “This partnership has been a long time in the making and we are thrilled to work with Nordstrom on their first foray into home decor. As a loyal Nordstrom customer myself, I’m always excited to explore and learn more about the brands Nordstrom spotlights. The pop-in experience is beautiful and we can’t wait to see how shoppers make themselves at home across North America.” Pop-In@Nordstrom Welcomes Parachute will be available in nine Nordstrom locations across North America, including Seattle, Chicago, Austin and New York—and online at from June 24 through August 21.

“We are excited to bring the world of Parachute to Nordstrom and introduce their cozy home essentials to our customers.”

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Product Focus

Modern Luxury For a lot of people, the pandemic was a turning point in the way they approach health and wellness. Sleep became a priority and consumers soon recognized the value of investing more into their sleep. With excess savings burning holes in their pockets, many bought higher-end mattresses—creating a whole new class of luxury bedding shoppers. And, while some consumer buying habits have shifted at this stage of the pandemic, affluent shoppers are still spending. Today’s luxury mattress market is about more than the price tag. Consumers are seeking compelling reasons to justify the higher cost— they need to be able to immediately identify why this particular mattress is worth more than the others. From high-end materials and hand-crafted constructions to meaningful sustainability stories and elegant styling, the latest luxury mattress models deliver clear differentiators.

1 Stearns & Foster Since 1846, Stearns & Foster has combined the finest materials with handcrafted details to create mattresses that offer stunning design, exceptional quality and luxurious comfort. Not only are Stearns & Foster mattresses assembled by hand, but each craftsperson who makes them must go through a six-month training process to get certified first. This dedication to detail is why the beds take almost twice as long to make as compared to an ordinary mattress. Made from proprietary memory foams, innovative coil designs and high-quality fabrics, the

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Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

Stearns & Foster Reserve mattress collection is designed to deliver indulgent comfort and supreme support for $4,449 in queen. Understanding how important design is to the luxury consumer, Stearns & Foster looks to other high-end product categories for aesthetic inspiration—and further enhances its mattresses with intricately quilted and hand tufted fabrics and details such as the burnished metal air vents. Committing a record level of advertising support this year, the company is driving added demand to its retail partners—helping them establish themselves as destinations for premium bedding.

2 2 McRoskey Founded in San Francisco in 1899, McRoskey has been making two-sided, hand-tufted mattresses with exquisite tailoring for more than 90 years. The company continues to use time-tested traditional construction today, with each handcrafted mattress taking several days to make. The company believes the devil is in the details; and that begins with the mattress cover. Every McRoskey mattress features all-cotton American-made ticking with brass eyelets, vents and finished with precise tufting. These exterior details give shoppers confidence about the interior of the mattress, immediately signaling quality. Retailing for $9,000, McRoskey’s Hayes Valley mattress is made with 100% all-natural materials including Supima cotton, Alpaca fleece, hypoallergenic EcoWool, Talalay latex and two layers of pressure-relief NanoCoils—all masterfully hand-layered and hand-tufted. The company’s proprietary pocketed innerspring is hand-built and designed to alleviate pressure points and provide deep, peaceful sleep. For a step-up, the Cole Valley mattress delivers mid-level luxury at $11,000 by incorporating fine-combed cashmere, resilient horsehair cushioning and two cooling tiers of dynamically responsive Softech Microcoils. To more effectively tell McRoskey’s luxury story, the company developed a unique hard-cover coffee table book of thoughtful storytelling and evocative photography to use as an in-store sales tool.


3 Shifman Luxury is deeply engrained in Shifman’s heritage. A high-end manufacturer for nearly 130 years, the company continues to source the finest materials from across the world, locking them together with time-tested techniques to ensure long-lasting comfort. The Masters Collection is the epitome of luxury at Shifman. Designed for high-end independent furniture retailers that have the most discriminating customers, this line sells for $5,549 to $9,999 in queen—offering a variety of comfort levels to satisfy any luxury consumer. While independent retailers have


5 Posh + Lavish When it comes to luxury, Posh + Lavish believes that the product will always be the hero. That means designing mattresses made with fabrics that are both soft and subtle, fine embroidery along with uncommon fits and finishes. In order to meet these exacting standards, the company procures the finest, most luxurious components not typically found in other premium mattress options—like latex rubber and wool. More elastic, resilient and longer lasting than traditional polyurethane foams and polyester fibers, latex and wool deliver exceptional performance, supreme comfort and added durability. For the FR, the company opts for two layers of cotton. Each

been the company’s main distribution channel for many years, Shifman now has a successful program for large mattress retailers with American Heritage Collection. Ranging from $1,939 for to $10,199 in queen, the line helps them achieve higher average unit sale price, making every sales opportunity more productive. Shifman further supports its retailers with dedicated advertising and in-store POS materials. The company’s gallery program is designed to enhance the overall in-store brand experience with logo signs and open model displays that prominently showcase the unparalleled quality of the products’ internal componentry.

4 ES Kluft & Company ES Kluft boasts a heritage of craftsmanship that continues to steer the brand today. Across its three brands (Marshall, Aireloom and Kluft), the company offers a wide range of luxurious mattresses for different types of high-end customers—from the younger but quality-aware consumer willing to invest in better quality to the affluent consumer who wants the most exclusive products. The company handcrafts all of its mattresses with unparalleled attention to detail, using innovative methods and patented constructions perfected for over 80 years. One of the company’s best-selling mattresses is the Aireloom Preferred Streamline Luxury Firm. Re-


tailing for $4,199, it is handmade with high-quality, natural materials like Celsion, TerraPur Latex, cotton, silk and wool. But the company’s most exclusive product is the Kluft Palais Royale. Available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s and retailing for $25,798, each made to order mattress is handcrafted with over one thousand patented Original Marshall pocketed coils. Each mattress requires more than five days of dedicated assembly by skilled artisans specially trained to perfect this bed’s elaborate construction and design. Rigorously tailored with traditional side-stitching and nearly eight hours of intricate, hand-sewn button details, the Palais Royale is covered by high-quality Belgian Jacquard Damask and woven with silk for extra softness.

mattress is then finished with a Tencel-faced fabric cover. Derived from wood pulp and enhanced with nanotechnology, the covers are moisture absorbent and incredibly supple. But it’s not just the components that set these mattresses apart—it’s the design as well. Posh + Lavish offers an array of luxury Split Head King and Split Head Queen Mattresses and toppers, adding a new level of luxurious comfort to the sleep experience. This construction enables both sleepers to read, watch television or sleep in a different position than their partner. Importantly, presenting each model in a king size with an adjustable creates a demonstrable position to be noticed from a distance in the retail store.


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Succeeding In A Changing Economy Nothing lasts forever—and for the mattress industry, that includes record-breaking consumer spending. While the mattress and home furnishings categories saw unprecedented demand throughout the height of the pandemic, new metrics indicate that sky-high levels of spending are starting to cool. Many mattress retailers are now tasked with re-evaluating their strategies as consumers shift their buying habits to accommodate more outside-the-home expenses and services.

What can retailers do to protect their margins and re-engage consumers? STUART CARLITZ PRESIDENT & CEO | BEDDING INDUSTRIES OF AMERICA


In order to keep customers engaged and margins high, retailers will need to return to basics more creatively, focus on omni-channel marketing and add healthier, sustainable mattress choices to their floors for the next 12 to 18 months. That is why BIA is offering more all-natural products and stressing the importance of sustainability. If the consumer doesn’t have to pay more and can buy a product that is constructed of natural, healthier materials, that is fast becoming their preference. When I say getting back to basics, we’re going to be a holiday- and event-driven industry again. You need to embrace the internet as a major form of advertising; if not, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Today, if a consumer is looking for a mattress, they’re picking up their cellphone, going to Google and are going to be drawn to the closest retailer. The world now shops online. Having a strong website presence is essential, as well as the message you tell on your website. Social media is also a requirement today. These are the things that retailers are doing to make sure to attract consumers to their stores.

The simple answer is “make every square foot of your retail space produce.” The key for retailers to remain competitive is to partner with brands that can help them arrange a profitable and differentiated floor that maximizes margin at every price point. There is no room for SKU laggards—every slot needs to be filled with something that is contributing to the bottom line and that can differentiate the shopping experience. We know consumers are looking for superior quality, performance and value. Further, as inflationary challenges mount, consumers will likely be more judicious with their discretionary spending. Standing out to a more discriminating customer by out-marketing and out-positioning the competition is critical. Retailers can stand out in the marketplace and in the eyes of the consumer with unique brands, innovative products and appealing styles. At Kingsdown, our historical focus has been to deliver superior performance for the consumer and higher margins for the retailer. We created the patented, brand-agnostic bedMATCH system to take the guess work out of the shopping process and give consumers confidence that they are making the right choice.



Successful retail has always been making sure the floor had the right assortment of product to meet the needs of the store’s customer base, while also making sure there was ample margin opportunity. One of the strategies we embarked on several years ago was a focus on luxury because we saw a spiraling of margin at the low-end of the business. So, while I would never tell a retailer what they must do—they know their market and customers better than me—I would certainly encourage them to follow the trend of consumers spending more for a better night’s sleep and put more luxury models on their floors. Likewise, in product development, we’re focusing on issues like sustainability. This is always important, but absolutely vital now, because we need to give consumers new and distinct reasons to purchase beyond price.

When sales start to soften, successful brands should not panic and alter their fundamental proposition or positioning. For example, retailers catering to the middle- or upper-income consumer segment may be tempted to move down-market to capture more business at the lower-end—yet doing so will confuse and alienate loyal customers. It may also be met with stiff resistance from competitors geared to low-cost products. Retailers that drift away from their established base may attract some new customers in the near term, but will find themselves in a weaker position when the slowdown ends. Spring Air’s objective is to have a pipeline of innovations ready to roll out on short notice, because most consumers will be ready to try a variety of new products once the economy improves. Even during a slow-down, new products play a key role, and it is our job as marketers to figure out where they fit best.

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Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

Let’s Get Into Beds Together.

With the brand-new COSMO line, LOGICDATA brings more motion to your business than ever before. Have you seen our fresh lineup of adjustable bed bases yet? It offers your customers the chance to choose the bedroom product that is tailored precisely to their needs and budget. Discover our stunning range of adjustable frames and how it benefits both your business and your customers. Explore the COSMO Line now:


Blu Sleep Introduces New Pillows And Mattress Protectors

“We want to make sure the benefits delight the consumer and fit in with our focus on delivering a comfortable and pampering experience.”

By Gretchen Kast Blu Sleep is expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of the Prestige Support[+] Pillow Collection and an array of new mattress protectors at the summer Las Vegas Market. “We are focused on driving our retailers to increase their attachment rate,” said Alex Ciccolella, CEO of Blu Sleep. “Extensive product research was done prior to introducing our new products. We want to make sure the benefits delight the consumer and fit in with our focus on delivering a comfortable and pampering experience.” With a new comfort feel and an array of luxurious scent variations, the new Prestige Support[+] Pillow Collection delivers an enhanced sleep experience. Made from an all-new foam, it offers a differentiated feel from other pillows in Blu Sleep’s product portfolio. These new pillow options have a plush surface, high loft and an overall very supportive feel. The top surface grid shape works to enhance air flow and minimize pressure points, helping eliminate nighttime wrinkles. As with all of the brand’s pillows, it also includes a cooling cover. Retailing for $199, the Prestige Support[+] collection will be offered in the following vari-

ations: Coconut, Graphite, Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Sandalwood. It is finished with elegant and attractive packaging that mirrors the high-end quality of the pillows. Further adding to its complete sleep system, Blu Sleep is also unveiling new mattress protectors at market. “We feel that our retailers understand the value of upselling high-quality protectors along with their specialty sleep products,” explained Ciccolella. Ranging from $14 to $75 at retail, Blu Sleep’s new protector lineup includes four unique options. Designed to keep you cool while you sleep, the Arctic cooling mattress protector is a 5-sided protector made from a cool-to-thetouch fabric which helps divert heat from the skin. The cooling technology is lightweight and breathable, helping prevent the buildup of moisture and bacteria. The waterproof protector acts as an anti-allergen dust mite barrier and is Oeko-Tex certified. The Silver Antibacterial Mattress Protectors offer 5-sided protection. It is infused with Silver Ions, which has been shown in scientific studies to help fabrics resist mildew and bacterial odors, allowing a cleaner sleep environment. The lightweight performance fabric will not alter the feel or comfort of the mattress and is also OEKO-Tex certified. The waterproof Bamboo Mattress protectors are soft, breathable, antifungal, antibacterial and hypoallergic. The moisture-wicking and temperature regulating fabric has a soft and luxurious feel, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The final addition to the lineup is the Tencel Mattress Protector. Made with premium Tencel fibers, it adds a layer of softness, comfort and luxury to the mattress. The thermo-regulating fibers wick away moisture from the body, keeping the sleeper cool and dry all night long. The advanced shield membrane lets air flow through while protecting against spills, stains and accidents for an easy clean up.

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Sleep & Beyond Meets Growing Demand For Organic Bedding By Gretchen Kast Sleep & Beyond continues to meet the needs and wants of the ever-growing organic bedding market with an array of new organic sleep products. The company will be showcasing a number of exciting new product options at the summer Las Vegas Market, including new percale bedding, cotton blankets, baby swaddles, a waterproof mattress encasement and merino wool comforters. The customer base for organic products is growing rapidly. Today’s shoppers are more focused than ever on healthfulness and seeking healthier alternatives for home products. With the rise of “organics” and “all-natural” as the new normal, the demand for these types of bedding products will only continue to rise. Sleep & Beyond’s new organic percale collection includes sheet sets, pillowcases,

fitted sheets and duvet covers made from crisp, cool 300 thread count cotton fabric— while its new organic cotton blankets are made from the finest GOTS-certified organic cotton to help renew, relax and awaken. The company’s new organic baby swaddles are also made with GOTS-certified organic muslin cotton fabric. Designed to help babies sleep longer, these new swaddles give retailers another creative add-on accessory for their showroom floors. Sleep & Beyond is also showcasing its newest mattress encasement product at the summer market. Thoughtfully designed to provide 360 degrees of protection, the new Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Encasement is the ultimate 100% organic, zippered, Mother Nature-approved mattress encasement.

Finally, the company is rounding out its Las Vegas Market introductions with its new lightweight organic merino wool comforter. Believing that a comforter should be so much more, this new product is a lighter-weight version of its popular myMerino comforter. Sleep & Beyond is committed to delivering quality bedding products made with safe, non-toxic natural and organic fibers. The company helps increase retailers’ bottom lines by offering healthy alternatives to the sleep products consumers are already searching for. With high-quality organic bedding products at competitive prices, Sleep & Beyond helps retailers create more sales opportunities and secure comfortable profit margins.

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PureCare Expands Creative Palette With New Sleep Accessories By Gretchen Kast PureCare is introducing retailers to its expanded creative and product development capabilities at the summer Las Vegas Market. The company is showcasing new bedding layers designed to accentuate its best-selling responsive fabrics with trending color palettes and prints. PureCare will debut several new products—including two entirely new top-of-bed collections—that highlight the brand’s growing vision of expansion beyond white goods. New this season are 100% TENCEL floral duvet covers and marble print sheet sets, the Essential Layering Quilt and the Everyday Cotton Coverlet—all designed with equal parts form, function and fashion. “Our strategy with all new introductions is to help retailers maximize the potential of every customer that walks into their store,” said Sarah Bergman, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of product development for PureCare. “By blending responsive fabrics with the beautiful colors and textures that consumers are searching for, we’re helping retailers modernize their top-of-bed assortment with personalized styles and sleep wellness options. Our collections offer the flexibility our partners need to become the one-stop shop bedding solution their customers want.” The new floral and marble prints will debut in two of PureCare’s most successful product lines: the refreshing 100% TENCEL Lyocell sheet sets and duvets. Well-known by consumers and retailers alike, TENCEL provides a superior, silky soft touch along with moisture-wicking that aids in natural temperature regulation. PureCare’s luxe Precision-Fit construction details also add to consumer appeal. The new Essential Layering Quilt also features the best-selling benefits of TENCEL Lyocell fibers. This medium weight, designer down alternative-filled quilt expands on PureCare’s existing comfort layer options like their light and medium weight duvet inserts. The Essential Layering Quilt features a custom-em24

Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

broidered petal stitch and offers a soft, tufted texture. It is OEKO-TEX certified and machine washable. It is available in two colors, White and Midnight, with retails starting at $225. The Everyday Cotton Coverlet brings a designer touch to the bedroom with a natural fiber story. The cover and fill both feature 100% natural cotton offering a lightweight, all-seasons layer, natural pick-stitched cotton for a subtle texture and soft hand feel. Like the new quilt, the coverlet is OEKO-TEX

certified and machine washable, with retails starting at $210. It is available in three colors: ash rose, white and oatmeal. As with all of PureCare’s wellness-focused sleep essentials, the new products debuting at market feature Silver Product Protection—which helps keep bedding fresher longer by inhibiting bacteria, mold and mildew that cause deterioration, stains and odors on their products.


We designed the Quest line of adjustable bases to suit a wide range of price points, lifestyles, and wellness priorities. Get to know Quest, one perfectly adjustable model at a time.


Head Articulation

Head & Foot Articulation

Hello Ergo Voice Activation

Wired remote with 2-User Friendly Buttons

Wireless remote with 2 Programmable Presets

Head & Foot Articulation

1” Ultra-Slim Profile

2” Ultra-slim Profile

Foldable & Courier Friendly

Foldabl & Courier Friendly


19 Button Wireless Remote Relaxation Mode with Single Massage


Hello Ergo Voice Activation with wireless charging Active Head Tilt & Lumbar Support Plus Head & Foot Articulation Relaxation Mode with Dual Massage | (888) 550-3746


Reverie’s New Sustainability Initiative Reduces Costs And Carbon Footprint By Chris Schriever With the health of our environment becoming an increasingly pressing issue on a global level, Reverie has embarked on an innovation strategy aimed at sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of its products—while also improving supply chain reliability and transportation costs for its customers. “We have made environmental stewardship a MUST in our innovation process,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, CEO and chief innovation officer at Reverie. “For too many years power base innovations have disregarded the negative impact on carbon footprint and the world environment, and we are committed to change that for the entire industry.” Several Reverie adjustable bases have been redesigned to achieve decreased carbon footprint with better features and functionality. Building on weight and packaging improvements made in 2021, Reverie’s new head-up-only base is now lighter and capable of fitting into a UPS small package box without sacrificing its industry-leading quality and ease of setup. Reverie has achieved a 20%+ reduction in the transportation carbon footprint* of this high velocity product. “With the only Queen power base that can ship UPS small-package and be set up in a few minutes with no tools, Reverie is leading the way in reducing shipping surcharges for retailers and brands, and improving the experience for the end consumer,” said John Wanat, Reverie VP of sales. “These lighter, easier to carry bases reduce carbon footprint, reduce costs and reduce the hassle of needing in-home delivery.” Premium adjustable power bases such as the new low-profile Reverie R310 and R410 also have improved carbon footprint profiles with added feature benefits. By applying its engineering know-how to flat foundations, Reverie has also developed a new line of innovative flat foundations—Reverie EZ Flex

and Reverie EZ Fold—that are lighter, stronger, easier to set up and more carbon footprint friendly than traditional flat foundations. An ancillary advantage of Reverie’s carbon footprint reduction strategy is that it has significantly reduced transportation and storage costs. “In a world where containers, trailers and warehouse space are expensive and in low supply,” explained Paul Kulniszewski, Reverie director of quality and manufacturing, “we have found ways to increase our shipping and storage efficiency by 50 to 100% depending on product type to help reduce transportation costs and hassle.”


“For too many years power base innovations have disregarded the negative impact on carbon footprint and the world environment, and we are committed to change that for the entire industry.”

* Carbon Footprint measurements have been calculated using online tools provided by and the EPA 26

Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022


LOGICDATA Delivers More Choice With New COSMO Toronto Adjustable Base By Chris Schriever Believing that the key to more freedom is better choice, LOGICDATA is committed to developing new products that bring maximum value to consumers and retailers alike. In line with this goal, the company is introducing a new product in its COSMO collection of adjustable bases. The COSMO Toronto, set to be showcased at the summer Las Vegas Market, is an adjustable frame that strikes a balance between extensive functionality and minimalism in both price and design. The COSMO line was created with the goal of redefining what a bed can be. Following the success of its launch at the winter Las Vegas Market, LOGICDATA set out to meet the needs of an even wider variety of market segments. The COSMO Toronto was the result. The frame itself is built on a similar design framework to the company’s COSMO Sydney model, albeit with an expanded feature set. Additional features and functionality—including under-bed light, USB ports and connection to the company’s dedicated sleep control


Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

app—make this model the perfect way to experience more adjustability for less. With the addition of the COSMO Toronto, LOGICDATA hopes to empower more people to live the cosmopolitan lifestyle through adjustable sleep technology. With the COSMO Sydney, COSMO Toronto and COSMO Vienna, the full lineup offers a consumer-friendly step-up story with a clear and logical progression of price and performance—ensuring that there is an option for every need and budget.

Packaging: Boxed & Ready for Success The COSMO line is further enhanced through its innovative packaging concept, which offers minimal packaging and low shipping costs. LOGICDATA’s focus on small packaging, minimalistic design and simple assembly delivers a range of added benefits for both retailers and consumers. In addition to offering easy handling for delivering and moving purposes, the simplified “no flip” assembly can be achieved by one person in just a few minutes. Most sizes are deliverable in a sin-

gle UPS or FedEx package, making shipping easier—while also delivering minimal storage requirements and easy handling for cashand-carry retail options. The compactness of each COSMO frame makes shipping simple. Ideal for ecommerce, this packaging concept allows LOGICDATA to ship directly to retail customers—saving retailers’ the effort and expense of organizing storage and delivery themselves. Alternatively, the company also offers container and pallet ship to warehouses.

Customization & Modularity The entire COSMO Line has been optimized to the requirements of each target group, but the potential for individualization doesn’t end there. Sleep is one of the most personal aspects of daily life. With the COSMO line, LOGICDATA provides endless customization options—both in design and functionality— that help furniture retailers tailor their range to the individual needs of their customers.



Ergomotion Debuts Rio: A More Accessible & Cost-Effective Line Of Adjustable Bases By Chris Schriever Ergomotion is launching Rio, a new line of wood deck adjustable bases designed to complement a wide range of feature combinations, customer segmentations, customizable brand applications and price points. Produced in Ergomotion’s 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Rio offers customers near-shore product with short lead-times. “People are accustomed to conveniences, but when the supply chain is disrupted during global events like pandemics, it creates uncertain times

for businesses and consumers alike,” said Johnny Griggs, chief operating officer at Ergomotion. “Ergomotion is continually looking for ways to not only innovate our products, but also make them more accessible, convenient and reasonably priced for partners. With North American production and VMI in New Mexico, the Rio line empowers our customers to better mitigate risk and lead time complexity to prevent stockouts.” Developed by the award-winning Quest product development team, the Rio line lessens the supply chain disruption, offers inventory space relief and cash flow efficiency,

while being more cost-effective for everyone. The new product line is also courier-friendly (UPS-able), except for king size. Offering six models, the line features exclusive design benefits that include head articulation, zero clearance, wireless remote with late-stage customizable laser-engraved logos, foldability for easy storage and 12” cylindrical adjustable legs. Each Ergomotion Rio adjustable base delivers added features, creating a meaningful step-up story fo retailers.

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Diamond Mattress Gives Retailers A Competitive Edge With New Gel Tech Mattress By Gretchen Kast Diamond Mattress is launching a new gel grid mattress at the summer Las Vegas Market. Designed to give retailers a competitive edge with gel technology, the Gel Grid by Diamond is priced to move. The new Gel Grid by Diamond collection will debut in the brand’s new Las Vegas Market showroom. The line features two readyto-floor models priced competitively to generate interest and drive traffic. Retailers can also customize the gel grid mattress to fit their merchandising strategy. “Diamond has always been about adding value and giving retailers the best margins possi-


Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

ble in any innovation we bring to market,” said Shaun Pennington, CEO of Diamond Mattress. “Gel Grid by Diamond enables the retailer to compete with something new and unique for their brand, and it reinforces Diamond’s commitment to growth for our retail partners.” Gel Grid by Diamond solves two of the most common issues that disrupt sleep— sleeping hot and pressure points that cause tossing and turning. The combination of cooling gel material and grid design provides key benefits to promote all-night comfort for rejuvenating rest. In addition to offering soft and firm support, the gel grid design also allows for

multi-directional movement. That means it adjusts to the sleeper to provide more or less support where needed as the sleeper moves during the night. The bed consists of hundreds of grids that can shift in different directions, a design that enables excellent motion isolation. Gel Grid by Diamond also features an open cell design for airflow to prevent hot spots during sleep and aids in maintaining an even temperature throughout the night. Diamond Mattress will showcase this new mattress and more in its new showroom at the summer Las Vegas Market.



ES Kluft Showcases Its Three Luxury Brands At The Summer Market By Gretchen Kast

Kluft National Collection

Coming on the heels of a strong first quarter, E.S. Kluft & Company will showcase its popular collections at the summer Las Vegas Market. Within its two showroom locations, the company will spotlight the latest from the Kluft, Aireloom and Marshall Mattress brands. “After a year that so far has exceeded our expectations, we’re hearing that luxury bedding continues to be in high demand and is outperforming the industry,” said Magali Castillo, vice president of marketing for E.S. Kluft & Company. “Our retailers are telling us that the consumers who are shopping for mattresses now are willing to spend more for quality mattress because they see the importance of investing in their health and well-being.“

The Kluft national collection features the patented Kluft Standard construction. The lineup is handcrafted with the finest natural materials such as cashmere, horsehair and organic cotton, individually inserted hand tufts and nested pocket coil systems for maximum pressure relief, support and natural comfort. Priced at retail from $7,199 to $20,499, the luxurious collection is finished with exquisite Belgian Jacquard Damask covers that complete its elegant and sophisticated look.

Aireloom Preferred The top-selling Aireloom Preferred Collection is rooted in the brand’s 80-year California legacy of handcrafted design. It includes the patented Aireloom Lift, which features a natural chamber between the springs and the mattress top that allows every element to breathe. When the chamber meets the layers of luxurious materials, the bed completely synchronizes with the user’s body, providing a feeling of lift for added comfort and support. Aireloom Preferred models contain the highest quality materials for ultimate comfort, superior support, air circulation and temperature management. The collection is priced at retail from $3,899 to $7,199.

Marshall Mattress National Collection The Marshall Mattress national collection features a modern yet rustic, Canadian chic aesthetic. Building on its legacy of more than 120 years, the collection is handcrafted with high attention to detail using the finest natural materials and superior construction. That includes the original patented Marshall pocket coil system, an innovation that set the future course for the mattress industry and remains the pinnacle choice for reliability and craftsmanship.

The Marshall Mattress national collection is priced at retail from $2,999 to $6,399.

New Digital Initiatives E.S. Kluft is continuing to invest in digital initiatives to strengthen its online presence and support its retail partners. The new Kluft Mattress website blends elegant design and exclusive content with a flawless multi-device experience. In addition to a redesigned store locator and detailed product, manufacturing and materials information, the site will soon offer a consumer review section and a sleep guide. E.S. Kluft also is introducing local digital advertising campaigns to complement retailers’ current advertising efforts, driving website visits and in-store traffic. These include multi-media campaigns with location-based display, paid social and YouTube advertising. After testing the program in 2021, Kluft has plans to expand the experience to additional key partners in different areas of the country in 2022.

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Aireloom Pacific Palisades The Aireloom Pacific Palisades collection’s signature handmade design introduces a fresh look paired with specialty foams and individually wrapped coil construction. Priced at retail from $2,699 to $3,699, the Aireloom Pacific Palisades collection is the opening price point for Aireloom—providing more options for retailers to reach consumers interested in luxury products. 31


Magniflex Updates Popular MagniStretch Collection By Gretchen Kast Magniflex is adding new innovative technology to its popular MagniStretch collection. The company has updated the lineup to incorporate a new special foam layer with inclined sections that utilizes bodyweight to stretch and decompress the spinal column. The American Chiropractic Association-certified mattress line will be featured at the summer Las Vegas Market. “The design of the MagniStretch collection was created with a more technical, health fo-

cus. We wanted to create consistency, with three updated models that feature the same technology, but in different heights and varying comfort levels,” said Billy Curtright, national sales manager for Magniflex USA. “We revamped the line to cater to today’s trends in the bedding industry, using softer materials along with temperature-regulating Outlast fabric for a more comfortable night’s sleep.” The MagniStretch collection was patented and developed in collaboration with the ortho-

pedic specialists at the University of Zaragoza in Spain. It features two updated models: MagniStretch 12 (medium) and MagniStretch Plus (medium-soft). Both models feature Elioform and Eliosoft layers and Memoform padding that guarantee ideal spinal support, with a cover that combines natural Viscose and Outlast fabric to regulate temperature and release excess heat. The collection retails from $2,599 to $3,299.


Bedding Industries Of America Unveils New Two-Sided Mattresses By Gretchen Kast Bedding Industries of America (BIA) has added two new two-sided mattresses to its Ernest Hemingway collection. Part of the Artisan line, the new additions—the Ascension and the Extraordinaire—will be unveiled at the summer Las Vegas Market along with a new logo. The hand lace-tufted mattresses are crafted using a combination of Tussah raw silk and 100% cotton imported Belgian damasks quilted to GOTS-certified, Organic New Zealand wool. They feature a layering of 100% natural latex foams on each side of the company’s proprietary lumbar zoned, four-inch, pocketed, coil-on-coil designs. The encased coils provide relief under the sleeper’s shoulders and extra 32

Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

support under their hips to better align with the natural shape of the body, aiding in a better sleeping experience. The mattresses are completed with an embroidered border featuring Ernest Hemingway’s signature along with the signature of the BIA artisan who crafted it. “Since this collection is a step up from our other Hemingway mattresses, we decided that it warranted Ernest Hemingway’s signature on each of the beds in this particular collection,” said Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of BIA. “When creating this collection, we tried to marry everything to provide an all-in-one, handcrafted mattress, which is also two-sided.”



The SSA Features Innovative New Mattress Models At The Summer Market By Chris Schriever The Specialty Sleep Association is welcoming a number of new bedding companies to its Sleep Pavilion at the summer Las Vegas Market. The showroom will feature an array of innovative mattress technologies and bedding programs.

Cariloha Cariloha is presenting its portfolio of mattresses, pillows, sheets, duvets and other top-of-bed products made from viscose from bamboo. The company offers its partners sustainable, luxury products, complete from display to sellthrough support. In addition to offering strong ROI, store displays and products, Cariloha also enables retailers to to contribute to the responsible sourcing efforts of their products. The company’s complete assortment is now available to the wholesale marketplace.

English Royal Mattress English Royal Mattress is making its US debut with its two-sided “English” type mattress. Believing that memory foams, synthetic fibers and latex can cause overheating and deterio-


Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

rate over time, the company uses only 100% natural materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and horsehair in its mattress filling. Each bed also features 2,000 springs and additional micro pocket springs. The mattress pads are attached to the surface of the mattress and hand sewn by English craftsmen to provide an even weight distribution and superior comfort—while the micro springs provide full shock absorption and an ultra comfortable sleep. The high quality woven fabric has a chemical-free surface combined with natural materials to provide naturally flame-retardant properties.

Sheela Foam Making its US debut, Sheela Foam is bringing a number of its mattress models to the summer market, including the PU Foam Mattresses, Pocket Coil Hybrid Mattress and Bonnel mattresses. Developed by Joyce Foam Australia and tested by Royal Melbourne Institute of technology, the company’s Hygroflex Foam mattress has a new generation open-cell construction comfort layer. Designed to be a superior alternative to memory foam, Hygroflex conforms to the shape of the body 67% bet-

ter, reduces the maximum pressure on body by up to 32% and cools better by taking heat away from body 27% faster. Sheela Foam will also be showcasing its new Variable Pressure Foaming, which is positioned as the “world’s most environmentally friendly PU foam with zero VOC emission.”

Subtrex Houseware Brand new this market, Subtrex Houseware is presenting its mattresses, toppers, pillows, bed sheets and slipcovers. Offering scientific foam structure proportion that maximizes the function of different foam layers, the company’s gel-infused memory foam accommodates multiple sleeping positions, provides strong support and eliminates body pain caused by sleeping on an unsupportive mattress. Additionally, the mattresses ensure a quiet night sleep with no motion transfer. Its foam and materials are also within CertiPUR-US standards and contain zero harmful chemicals. Learn more about the full line-up of bedding brands on display in the SSA showroom on now!



MLILY USA Prioritizes Retailer Margins With Las Vegas Introductions By Gretchen Kast As the industry responds to the shifting market and economy, MLILY USA will debut new mattresses and accessories at the summer Las Vegas Market that highlight the company’s focus on retailer and consumer needs for value. The summer market introductions include the all-new ChiroPro hybrid, a value hybrid, and a heavy-duty platform bed frame. The Essential Plus line has also been refreshed with a new cover. The new products have been thoughtfully developed to give retailers the most robust combination of quality and value-driven products, better margins and merchandising flexibility. “A top priority for Mlily is our relationship with retailers, so we create programs that can help them drive traffic year-round and merchandise to meet the needs of different


Sleep Retailer / Summer 2022

types of consumers and budgets,” said Glenn Kobylarcyzk, executive vice president. The showcase of the Mlily showroom is the ChiroPro hybrid collection. Designed for optimum back support, this new line addresses common complaints from consumers about back pain caused by an old or poor-quality mattress. Offered in firm and plush feels, the 13-inch ChiroPro mattress is constructed with multiple comfort and support layers, including gel and soft flex foams, and an individual, pocketed coil unit that conforms to the body and promotes natural airflow. The plush model features a three-zoned coil unit that provides different levels of support to the head and shoulders, hips and legs. The new value hybrid line is offered in 9, 11, and 13-inch heights. Each features a

graphene technology fabric cover to draw heat away from the sleeper for better allnight temperature regulation, gel memory foam and an individual pocketed spring unit. With a modern aesthetic to its new cover, the Essential Plus is an all-foam line offered in three profiles, featuring memory foam designed to adapt to the body and aid in temperature regulation for rejuvenating sleep. Finally, MLILY’s new heavy-duty platform bed frame is made of durable steel. Designed for no-tool assembly, this foundation eliminates the need for a box spring while giving ample under-bed storage space. It features safe rounded corners, multiple support legs, and non-slip tape to keep the mattress in place. It is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.



“We meet companies that give us opportunities that we never even thought about—the face-to-face communications mean everything. It’s easy to walk around the buildings, see showroom after showroom and product categories, discover new things.” — Loren Pleet, President, Best Brand Furniture Furniture, Décor, Gift, Housewares, and Rugs buyer

Business-to-business is still person-toperson, and Las Vegas Market is where partnerships between buyers and sellers are formed and nurtured, all against the backdrop of a world-class West Coast destination. Join us and see why thousands of furniture, gift, and home décor products are only part of the story at Las Vegas Market!

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From The Publisher I cannot believe it—I’ve been the publisher and owner of Sleep Retailer for 14 years. 14 years! On top of that, this summer marks the 27th year the magazine has stood to provide comprehensive coverage of the mattress and bedding industry. No doubt this is a remarkable feat for any business, let alone one in the publishing industry. Which is why the decision to make the Summer 2022 issue of Sleep Retailer our last was even more difficult.


t’s a tough business; thankfully we have 13,182 retailers, 3,476 opt-in subscribers and a variety of loyal advertisers all to thank for this tremendous success. We are incredibly lucky to be able to go out on a high note. Sleep Retailer continues to be both popular and profitable and we routinely have nearly 30% open rates on our subscriber-based email newsletters. But, these past few years have had both Gretchen and I rethinking our personal and professional commitments. In that process, I divested ownership in other businesses, and now I feel it is time to let go of the magazine as well. In doing so, I can commit more time to my twin 8 year olds and their increasingly demanding schedules. When I acquired what was then called Bedroom Magazine in 2008, I didn’t know where it was going to go—or how long I would be at the helm of it. Taking over Bedroom Magazine presented an interesting opportunity to expand my professional marketing experiences from healthcare, life sciences and real estate in an entirely different way. I think I can say we did it with the same focus, dedication to the mission and deliberate approach as we do with each of our businesses. All while remaining focused on our customers and the experience we create when working together. Gretchen Kast joined the team in 2012, and what a relief. Gretchen’s careful approach allowed us to dive into cover stories in an even more unique way, giving retailers a glimpse into the inner workings and ethos of a company as well as the details of their products. She also spearheaded editorial growth, adding subscription-based email newsletters, podcasts and a

robust series of custom inserts. Each of these, together with, allowed us to explore the larger context of the industry. And the Sleep Retailer story wouldn’t be complete without Elaina Hundley, who came on board in 2017 to manage social media, marketing and increase partnerships and advertising. She has been an invaluable addition to the publication, bringing added creativity to our marketing programs and strengthening relationships throughout the industry. Throughout the tenure of Sleep Retailer, I have always been proud to do things a little differently. Being industry outsiders allowed us to look at the inner-workings of the sleep industry perhaps more critically. This presented us with an opportunity to spotlight more unique products, talk about different aspects of the business and evaluate everything from a consumer’s perspective. In some ways, it feels like our experience was mirrored within the industry itself, as we’ve watched newcomers shake up the status quo and legacy brands start looking for inspiration in unexpected places. Though we may be stepping away from our place in the bedding industry, we are excited to see how it will continue to grow and change. I will always be grateful for our time in this great space, the amazing people we’ve met, as well as the continued kindness, appreciation and loyalty shown by so many. Don’t worry—we’re not disappearing overnight! The Sleep Retailer website, eNews, Snooze News and social channels will remain active through August.

—Chris Schriever, Publisher


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