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William Boyd Martina Cole

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William Dalrymple Mark Edwards Katie Fforde Neil Gaiman Maggie Gee Tania Hershman

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Louise Voss Gordon Wise Benjamin Zephaniah and many others

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by ed ild d en ’ Gu m rs m co rite e R eW Th


“The one-and-only, indispensable guide to the world of writing” – William Boyd

“Essential reading ... the A-Z of how to survive in publishing”

Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2014

– Kate Mosse

107th edition “The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook holds a very dear place in my heart. Without it, I would never have been published as quickly, or as well, of that much I am sure.” – Foreword by Martina Cole • Completely updated bestselling guide that advises, guides and inspires writers and artists on how to get published • 100 articles by successful authors and publishing insiders such as Neil Gaiman and Katie Fforde • New articles on erotic fiction, flash fiction, self-publishing and more • Practical information on a huge range of topics including copyright, finance, submitting a manuscript and marketing yourself and your writing • Nearly 4,500 entries in the up-to-date directory of media contacts 9781408192191 | July 2013 | PB | 816pp | £19.99 Order 2014,2015 & 2016 by direct debit to save 40% £11.99 Order 2013 only to save 25% £14.99

NEW articles for 2014 on: Co-authoring, Writing erotica, Flash fiction, Literary agents in the digital age, Short stories, Self-publishing, Writing for newspapers

eBook available for the first time: 9781472905970 | £19.99

w w w. w r i t e rs a n d a r t i s t s.c o .u k

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19/06/2013 13:03

Advice from:

“Between the covers of this book is everything you need to know to get published”

Philip Ardagh Malorie Blackman

– Julia Donaldson

Raymond Briggs Lauren Child

“Take the great advice that’s in this book”

Anne Fine Anthony Horowitz

– David Almond

Michelle Paver

Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2014

J. K. Rowling Lauren St John

10th edition Foreword by Charlie Higson • Inspirational advice by best-selling authors across a large range of genres and ages (pre-school, young adults and all ages in between) • Practical information on all aspects of publishing for children, including submissions to publishers and agents, copyright, self-publishing and e-publishing

Jeremy Strong

NEW EDITION NEW articles on:

• Extensive key contacts listings • Most articles are exclusive to this book and do not appear in Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 9781408195123 | August 2013 | PB | 448pp | £16.99 £12.74



Writing ghostly stories, Writing apps for children, Self-publishing suppliers, Writing for 8-12 year olds, Children’s authors at literature festivals

Order now! +44 (0)1256 302699 or or

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19/06/2013 13:03

“The best all-round book on the subject I've read”

“Invaluable to writers of all kinds”

– Amazon review, 4.5 stars

– Mark Le Fanu, The Society of Authors

“Richly detailed and enormously useful ... [Baverstock] covers every base in the DIY market” – The Independent

“A sympathetic but no-holdsbarred account of what it takes to be a professional writer in the hugely competitive 21st century” – Writing Magazine

Writers' & Artists' Guide to How to Write Harry Bingham

The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook Guide to Getting Published

Everything you need to create writing that sells – from industry expert and successful author, Harry Bingham. Covers the core skills of story-telling: story, character, prose style, and a whole host of tools that you’ll need to please your agent, publisher and, of course, audience.

Harry Bingham

9781408157176 | PB | 384pp | £14.99 £11.24

9781408128954 | PB | 384pp | £14.99 £11.24


Expert guidance and advice to enable you to market your work more professionally, understand the relationship you will have with both agent and publisher and give you a contemporary inside view of the book industry. 9781408130872

The Naked Author – A Guide to Self-publishing

Is there a book in you?

Alison Baverstock

Foreword by Katharine Whitehorn

Foreword by Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords Helps you to analyse your objectives, define and meet the needs of your audience, choose editorial and publishing services and produce a professional looking product. 9781408139820 | PB | 400pp | £14.99 £11.24 9781408157091

How do you know whether you have what it takes to be a writer, whether your writing is any good, what you should write about and whether you should dedicate proper time to begin your dream? Packed with advice from experienced writers including authors; P. D. James, Philip Pullman, Jacqueline Wilson, Katie Fforde and more. 9780713679328 | PB | 256pp | £10.99 £8.24



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Alison Baverstock


19/06/2013 13:03


Writers’ & Artists’ Companions Series editors: Carole Angier and Sally Cline Practical guides to various writing genres and narrative forms, which include tips from big-name authors, exercises, examples and advice for aspiring writers. These inspiring companions are essential reading for anyone who is truly serious about becoming a writer.

Life Writing By Sally Cline & Carole Angier An essential guide to writing biography, autobiography and memoir, exploring the history and forms of life writing and the challenges and potential pitfalls of the genre. It also includes practical advice and tips from bestselling writers including Alan Bennett, Andrew Lownie and Nancy Milford. 2013 | 9781472527066 | PB | 288pp £14.99 £11.24 9781472531056

Crime and Thriller Writing

Writing Children's Fiction

Writing Historical Fiction

By Yvonne Coppard & Linda Newbery

By Celia Brayfield & Duncan Sprott

This practical and inspiring guide explores the nature and history of the genre and contains a wealth of advice – from shaping plots and exploring your characters to how to find an agent when your novel is complete. Also includes tips from bestselling crime writers including Sophie Hannah, Ian Rankin and Mark Billingham.

Children and young people are some of the most difficult and demanding readers of all. This guide explores the history and challenges of children's literature, and the variety of genres available for children. It also includes practical advice, as well as tips by such bestselling authors as David Almond, Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Jennifer Donnelly.

2013 | 9781472523938 | PB | 304pp £14.99 £11.24

Aug 2013 | 9781408156872 | PB | 272pp £14.99 £11.24

From Ancient Roman whodunnits, to Tudor Romances and nostalgic epics of the last century, historical fiction is dominating the bestseller charts. This Companion reflects on writing about different eras and provides tips and practical advice from a range of leading writers on planning and conducting research, working out plots and characters and mastering authentic but accessible dialogue.

By Michelle Spring & Laurie R. King





Dec 2013 | 9781780937854 | PB | 272pp £14.99 £11.24 9781780935775

Order now! +44 (0)1256 302699 or or

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19/06/2013 13:03


“This guidebook to fiction writing is fantastic...I learned far more from this guide than I did from an entire semester on a Creative Writing module.” – Amazon review 9781408157428 | £12.99 £9.74

“With full advice on technique, it sets out an action programme for each weekend which, by the end of the year, takes you to your completed first draft.” – Writing Magazine

“This book takes the novelist through the stages of perfecting their first draft in preparation to submit to an agent or publisher.” – Writer’s Forum 9780713682793 | £14.99 £11.24

9780713671438 | £14.99 £11.24

“This is an excellent starting place for someone exploring the art and craft of writing fiction.” – Publishers Weekly 9781408101315 | £14.99 £11.24

9781441168283 | £19.99 £14.99

9781441107305 | £19.99 £14.99

Visit for eBook details

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– American Screenwriters Association 9781408101308 | £14.99 £11.24


9781623568016 | £19.99 £14.99

“The ultimate resource. It's like having twenty of the best screenwriting books skillfully rolled into one.”






9781408146453 | £14.99 £11.24

Practical guides from New York's acclaimed creative writing school Gotham Writers' Workshop

9781441123299 | £17.99 £13.49


19/06/2013 13:03






9781441128478 £16.99 £12.74

9781441111944 £17.99 £13.49

9781408137192 £9.99 £7.49

9781408175217 £19.99 £14.99

9780713682342 | £8.99 £6.74

9780713685237 | £8.99 £6.74

9780713675887 | £10.99 £8.24

9781408122945 | £12.99 £9.74

9780713681871 | £9.99 £7.49

9780713685312 | £8.99 £6.74

9780713674965 | £10.99 £8.24

9780713675290 | £9.99 £7.49

9780713681925 | £8.99 £6.74

9781408114063 | £9.99 £7.49


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Writers & Artists




Win £500 and a place on an Arvon Foundation writing course. Enter a story (for adults) of no more than 2,000 words, on the theme of ‘the visit’ and email it to competition@ with “WAYB14 competition” as the subject line.

“This admirable book is a wholly welcome antidote to the semi-demi-literacy of the 21st century. Go out and buy it!” – Colin Dexter

How to Sound Clever Master the 600 English words you pretend to understand...when you don't Hubert van den Bergh 9781408125090 | PB | 224pp £9.99 £7.49 9781408198827

How to Sound Really Clever How to master 500 more words that you pretend to know but you really don't. Witty and entertaining, this book elucidates the meaning of tricky words such as 'adumbrate' or 'arabesque'. Each entry features an etymological description as well as useful example phrases so that readers can quickly see the correct context for each word and boost their vocabulary. Sept 2013 | 9781408194850 | HB | 224pp £9.99 £7.49 9781408194867

“What larks! I take my hat off to them. They've got down to the nitty-gritty and delivered the goods. Be amazed – be very amazed. And enjoy. I did.” – Gyles Brandreth

Idiomantics The Weird and Wonderful World of Popular Phrases Philip Gooden & Peter Lewis 9781408151440 | HB | 256pp £12.99 £9.74

The Arvon Foundation runs four historic writing houses in the UK, where published writers lead week-long residential courses. Covering a diverse range of genres, from poetry and fiction to screenwriting and comedy, Arvon courses have provided inspiration to thousands of people at all stages of their writing lives. Find out more at Don't forget to read the full details, terms and conditions before you enter. Please remember to register on before submitting your entry.

Good luck!


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The closing date is midnight on Saturday 15th February 2014.


19/06/2013 13:03

Writers & Artists EVENTS

Our conferences and masterclasses are designed to help you get your book published. The Writers & Artists conferences provide an invaluable opportunity to ask publishing professionals all those burning questions as well as meet other writers.

Self-Publishing in the Digital Age An essential one-day conference on self-publishing for published and aspiring authors, offering invaluable advice on everything from editing your manuscript and choosing a distributor, to winning the Amazon game and building book buzz.

How to Get Published

How to Hook an Agent

If you are serious about getting published, this twice-yearly event gives writers an opportunity to network with the most respected literary agents and publishers.

This intimate half-day event with four literary agents offers a networking lunch, a chance to go speed-dating with the agents and one-to-one feedback on your book pitch.

Writers & Artists




Online access to the full 4500 contact listings from the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook, with the option to search and organise the results to find the agents and publishers most relevant to you. £19.99/12-month subscription. Details at:


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19/06/2013 13:03


Writers & Artists SERVICES

“This was fantastic feedback and exactly what I needed. The problems I knew I had were highlighted, and a few points I wasn't sure about were explained... my work is still in the first draft stage, having the book's idea described with words such as strong and cracking is an incredible boost. I cannot thank you enough.” – Lin Churchill on HOW STRONG IS YOUR BOOK IDEA? From £119.99

“This service helped me with the key concerns I had about my writing and the discussion led to easier decision-making about the way forward. The report provided useful practical support and tips.” – Marianne Marshall on FIRST DRAFT REVIEW, from £180

Based on customer feedback, Writers & Artists has devised a suite of on- and offline services that give you access to the right expert at precisely the right moment in the evolution of your work. No matter what stage you have reached in the creative process, you can have the comfort of knowing that there is a service to support you with practical, personalised advice.

“What a delightful editor and has a great sense of humour too... I have much work ahead but I am inspired. Her validation of my work is something I have waited to hear for a very long time.”

“Brilliant idea, I love, love, love it! A bit like the ‘How to Hook an Agent’ event, it helps you see that agents are just people, too. It helps demystify the process and at the same time gives you wonderful, personal advice.”

“The agent went above and beyond what I had expected.”

– K Jennings on AGONY AGENT, from £25

– Meagan Sheeler on MID-WAY MANUCSRIPT REVIEW, £600

– Freya Morris on BEAT THE REJECTION CLINIC, £199

w w w. w r i t e rs a n d a r t i s t s.c o .u k Writing_Catalogue_2013.indd 11


19/06/2013 13:03

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