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Contents Welcome to the Bloomsbury 2013 Business and Management catalogue! Our Business list is growing fast; we are pleased to present a wealth of books on Business, Management, Finance, Marketing and Careers. We are committed to publishing the best books by the best authors and are proud to announce the release of exciting new titles, including BBC News Chief Economics Correspondent Hugh Pym’s Inside the Banking Crisis – the as-yet-untold story of what really happened behind the closed doors of key players in Downing Street and the City, and High Potential by Ian MacRae and Adrian Furnham – a practical guide to nurturing and holding onto future business talent. Our Business and Management titles focus on key topical questions such as the future of work, the rise of outsourcing, avoiding fraud and designing the perfect portfolio career. This catalogue contains only our newest and bestselling titles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we have an extensive list of titles at Our titles are also available in ePub and ePDF format, ideal for delivering online learning or accessing on the go. We’d be delighted to hear from you whether as a reader or as a potential author – if you have any feedback, or would like to discuss a book idea, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Hugh Pym

Mary Lacity

Adrian Furnham

Kwasi Kwarteng

New Business Books Corporate Fraud: The Human Factor

Maryam Kennedy and Matthew Rees, Ernst & Young LLP Corporate fraud is unlike any other risk that an organisation has to manage. It requires us to believe that we can be deceived by individuals that we know, trust and do business with – one of life’s ‘inconvenient truths.’ So, we often choose to believe many of the myths that prevail: ‘our people would not commit fraud,’ ...‘fraud couldn’t happen to us, we’re a stable organisation,’...’we would know quickly if it happened, we watch the vulnerable areas.’ Drawing on the practical experiences of fraud investigators from across the world, in this book we provide perspectives to help you identify the many guises of the ‘fraud trail,’ – taking into account cultural, technological and social factors. Maryam Kennedy is a Partner at Ernst & Young. She leads the Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services team and has led investigations in the former Soviet Republics, Africa, The Middle East, Latin America and Europe. Matthew Rees is an Assistant Director in the Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services team at Ernst & Young LLP, focusing on the latest anti-fraud technologies. NOVEMBER 2013

Hardback 9781472905086 | £25.00 | 256 pages


EBook 9781472905093 | £24.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

The Rise of Legal Process Outsourcing Client, Provider and Adviser Perspectives

Mary Lacity, Leslie Willcocks and Andrew Burgess As a market estimated to be worth $2.4 billion globally and growing rapidly, all legal firms and in-house counsels will need to consider the opportunities and risks afforded by Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO). Mary Lacity, Leslie Willcocks and Andrew Burgess present practices used by LPO clients, providers, and advisors based on data from 27 LPOs, interviews with clients and providers, and lessons learned from prior Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) research, predicting the trends that will shape the LPO market. Mary Lacity is an Associate at The Outsourcing Unit, London School of Economics, and Curator’s Professor and International Business Fellow at University of Missouri-St. Louis. Leslie Willcocks is Director of The Outsourcing Unit, and Professor of Technology, Work and Globalisation at LSE. Andrew Burgess is Director of the outsourcing consultancy Source.


Mary Lacity


Hardback 9781472906397 | £25.00 | 192 pages Trade paperback 9781472906427 | £14.99 Ebook 9781472906403 | £24.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Humanistic Business

Profit through People with Passion and Purpose

Carl Lyons, Todd Hutchison and Gary de Rodriguez People increasingly want to support businesses that operate with a moral code; businesses they know, like and trust. The global trend for ‘conscious’ business has become increasingly important with a palpable shift away from companies, organisations or governments that act unethically. This book shows how humanistic businesses become leaders by creating authenticity and designing a unique user experience. Doing the right thing has never been more profitable. Carl Lyons is CEO of Europe at People Rich and author of I Win, You Win: The Essential Guide to Principled Negotiation. Todd Hutchinson, CEO of Asia Pacific at People Rich, is a pre-eminent business leader in Australia. Gary de Rodriguez, USA CEO at People Rich, is a member of the Institute of Mind and Behavioural Sciences. DECEMBER 2013

Hardback 9781472904782 | £25.00 | 256 pages


Todd Hutchinson 4

Ebook 9781472904799 | £19.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

New Business Books Risk and Uncertainty in the Art World Edited by Anna Dempster

Art has become big business in way not seen since the Dutch Golden Age. Recent growth in the art and financial markets has made art a more accessible investment option than ever before. Yet this growth has posed new forms of uncertainty, volatility and risk. This collection offers the first complete overview of risk in the art market by bringing together contributions from a wide range of international thought-leaders on the topic – both practitioners and leading scholars who investigate the specific types of uncertainty that exist in the art market as well as the dominant models used to manage the risks.


Anna Dempster

Risk and Uncertainty in the Art Market elucidates the dynamics and unique qualities of the art market as well as developing insights relevant to other sectors, including sociology, business and management, economics and finance. Anna Dempster is Senior Lecturer of Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. JANUARY 2014

Hardback 9781472902900 | £25.00 | 256 pages | Ebook 9781472902917 | £24.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

High Potential

How to Spot, Manage and Develop Talented People at Work Ian MacRae and Adrian Furnham

Ian MacRae

Nurturing future talent – choosing the right people, developing the good into the best and keeping hold of the brightest – is essential for creating a high-performing business. This research-led yet accessible book offers a practical guide to: · Clearly understanding and defining potential · High flying personality traits and biographical markers of potential · Selecting positive high potential traits and weeding out negative traits · The best assessment methods for measuring potential · Understanding why people choose to leave or stay at a company · Potential in context: in small or large businesses, and in private or public sectors Ian MacRae is owner of Paragon Research Ltd, offering customized research services across the UK and Canada. Adrian Furnham is Professor of Psychology at University College London. MARCH 2014

Adrian Furnham

Hardback 9781472904300 | £25.00 | 288 pages | Ebook 9781472904317 | £21.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Europe's Hidden Potential

How the 'Old Continent' Could Turn into a New Superpower Burkhard Schwenker and Thomas Clark

What is the future for Europe? Sandwiched between the US – the sole superpower at the turn of the millennium – and China as the expected next superpower, Europe is rarely discussed as a potential leader of the 21st century. At best, it is seen as an able follower of trends set by others. At worst, it is regarded as a relic; a vast open-air museum with a rich culture, good food and limited prospects. Europe's Hidden Potential explores how an 'overlooked and underrated' continent can harness its potential to positively shape the global and economic future. As the world is looking for an alternative leader, this book shows how Europe can – and ought to – lead the way once more. Prof. Burkhard Schwenker is the Chairman of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, where he served as CEO between 2003 and 2010. Thomas Clark is the founder of the communications and consulting firm, AmboMedia. Previously, he worked at the Austrian Houses of Parliament, the International Labor Office, the European Commission, BBC World Service, and the Financial Times Deutschland. Available Now

Hardback 9781408192276 | £20.00 | 208 pages | Ebook 9781408192283 | £19.99 RIGHTS: World English


Management and Leadership Light Footprint Management Leadership in Times of Change Charles-Edouard Bouée

What can managers in today’s uncertain, unimaginably complex world learn from President Obama and top Chinese executives? Charles-Edouard Bouée proposes “light footprint” management – comparable to a new American military doctrine and similar to a recently emerged Chinese management style that subordinates strategy to vision and tactics. Bouée explains how conventional management methodologies, techniques and tools can be adapted to the conditions of an increasingly ambiguous and apparently unmanageable world. Charles-Edouard Bouée is President of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Asia, and has worked on worldwide strategy and management projects. He is the author of China’s Management Revolution: Spirit, Land, Energy. Available Now

Hardback 9781472900050 | £25.00 | 208 pages


Trade Paperback 9781472903853 | £14.99 | 208 pages EBook 9781472900067 | £24.99 RIGHTS: World English

Management from the Masters Morgen Witzel

Many of the disasters of the dotcom era stemmed from the belief that everything was changing. This book reminds us that some fundamental rules do still apply by taking readers through twenty-one imperatives derived from the thinking of great leaders and management theorists including Peter Drucker, Henry Fayol, Andrew Grove and bankers and financiers such as Thomas Gresham and Warren Buffett. This entertaining run-down of the fundamental laws, rules and principles business professionals should break at their peril is complemented by case studies that document the consequences of ignoring these key laws. Management from the Masters is a book to be read and re-read to reinforce the fundamental rules of business for all successful managers.


Morgen Witzel is Honorary Senior Fellow at the School of Business and Economics, University of Exeter where he lectures on the MBA programme. He is Editor-in-Chief of Corporate Finance Review and author of nineteen books. JANUARY 2014

Hardback 9781472904751 | £12.99 | 192 pages EBook 9781472904768 | £9.99 RIGHTS: World Excluding Asia

Volcker: The Triumph of Persistence William L. Silber

Finalist for the Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Book of the Year 2012 Over the course of nearly half a century, five American presidents, and leaders around the world, have relied on the financial acumen and the integrity, of Paul A. Volcker to help steer the global economy through turmoil and drastic change. From the collapse of the gold standard to the inflation crisis of the 1970s, Volcker demonstrated that a determined central banker can prevail over economic turmoil – so long as he can resist relentless political pressure. As the U.S. struggled to recover from the 2008 meltdown, it called once more on the veteran banker to restore trust to the financial markets with the Volcker Rule. William L. Silber is Marcus Nadler Professor of Finance and Economics and Director of the L. Glucksman Institute for Research in Securities Markets at the Stern School of Business, New York University. He is co-author with Lawrence Ritter of the classic Money. Available Now

Hardback 9781608190706 | £25 | 464 pages Trade Paperback 9781620402924 | £14.99 RIGHTS: World English 6

Management and Leadership Leadership: It's In Your DNA Rhea Duttagupta

An inspirational book on leadership and realisation of potential. Based on interviews with an international list of successful leaders, it explains the secrets behind unique 'leadership DNA'. Taking in an amazing range of nationalities – British, Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Italian, American, Korean - Rhea Duttagupta examines how her interviewees became leaders, what worked for them, mistakes they've learned from and risks they've taken. From boardroom politics to the challenges faced by the first female commissioner of Asian police tasked with transforming one of the world’s most corrupt prisons, the stories are instructional and inspirational. This book provides readers with a framework of ten ingredients distilled from Rhea's extensive experience and research. A former director at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Rhea Duttagupta is a management consultant and the founder of CorporateDNA Consulting. She works around the world and her clients include HSBC, Barclays, Pfizer, EDF Energy and Unilever. Available Now

Hardback 9781408168349 | £20 | 304 pages EBook 9781408176191 | £19.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Coaching Essentials Updated 2nd Edition

Now a billion-dollar industry, executive coaching is one of the fastest-growing sections of the coaching market and is widely used by senior managers and chief executives in large organisations. Patricia Bossons, Jeremy Kourdi and Denis Sartain offer clear explanations of key coaching theories before putting these theories into context with a comprehensive selection of practical tools and techniques. The benefits and uses of each technique are explained and then followed with advice on how to apply the technique and make it work for you – allowing readers to match situations or issues with specific coaching techniques for optimum results. Dr Patricia Bossons is Director of Coaching Services at Henley Business School. She is a Chartered Psychologist and an accredited NLP coach. Denis Sartain coaches at board level and teaches coaching skills at Henley Business School. Jeremy Kourdi is a writer and business consultant. He has written over 20 marketing and business books. Available Now

Paperback 9781408157206 | £16.99 | 288 pages EBook 9781408194843 | £16.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life Alice Schroeder

‘Buffett has been ahead of the curve for most of the past 50 years, making him one of the world’s richest people. The Snowball provides some clues about how he’s done it.’ FINANCIAL TIMES The number one bestseller, shortlisted for the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Prize 2008 Warren Buffett, the legendary Omaha investor, has never written a memoir, but has finally given Alice Schroeder unprecedented access to him and all those closest to his work, opinions, struggles, triumphs, follies and wisdom. The result is this personally revealing and complete biography of ‘The Oracle of Omaha’. Fully revised and updated, The Snowball is indispensable reading for those who wish to know the man behind the outstanding achievements. Alice Schroeder began her career as a certified public accountant, working for Ernst & Young before being appointed as a managing director at Morgan Stanley. Available Now

Paperback 9780747596493 | £14.99 | 832 pages BESTSE L L E R

EBook 9781408807323 | £12.99

RIGHTS: EU and Commonwealth 7

Finance Inside the Banking Crisis Hugh Pym

The first inside account of the UK banking crisis – the as-yet-untold story of what really happened behind the closed doors of key players in Downing Street and the City. Since the Lehmans debacle and the bailout of Halifax/Bank of Scotland and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), there has been a Financial Services Authority report on the collapse of RBS but no equivalent enquiry into the drama at HBOS, and no comprehensive investigation into the whole banking crisis. This book is the definitive insider’s guide to the UK banking crisis; the drama and characters involved in the astonishing collapse of some of the major pillars of British banking and the continuing impact on the economy, informed by those directly involved at Downing Street and the Bank of England. Hugh Pym is Chief Economics Correspondent for BBC News. He is one of only a handful of broadcast correspondents to have covered the financial crisis from its origins in 2007 to the present.


MARCH 2014

Hardback 9781472902870 | £18.99 | 250 pages EBook 9781472902887 | £16.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages


What Physics, Meteorology and the Natural Sciences Can Teach Us About Economics Mark Buchanan

In this thoroughly researched and piercingly intelligent book, physicist Mark Buchanan argues that our basic assumptions about economic markets – that they are for the most part stable, with occasional interruptions – are simply wrong. Markets really act more like weather: a brief heat wave can become a massive storm in a matter of a few days, or even hours. Forecast re-imagines the basics of the financial world, with consequences that affect everyone. Mark Buchanan is a former editor at Nature and New Scientist, and is the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles internationally. He has written two prizenominated non-fiction books, most recently The Social Atom. Available Now

Hardback 9781408827376 | £18.99| 272 pages EBook 9781408835401 | £16.99 RIGHTS: World English

Insolvency and Financial Distress How to Avoid It And Survive It Brian Finch

Even in good economic times, one in three small businesses goes bust annually. In the current challenging climate, many companies are facing distress. According to the UK government's Insolvency Service, in the first quarter of 2013 alone, there were over 3,500 compulsory liquidations and creditors’ voluntary liquidations in total in England and Wales. Full of practical advice, Insolvency and Financial Distress offers information and advice for people connected with businesses in financial distress. The main aim is to avoid insolvency wherever possible or to otherwise mitigate the pain involved. Brian Finch is a qualified accountant with an MBA from the London Business School. He has written a number of business books, including How to Write a Business Plan and Effective Financial Management (both Kogan Page, 2010). Available Now

Paperback 9781408151457 | £18.99 | 240 pages EBook 9781408153963 | £18.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages 8

Finance Slow Finance

Why Investment Miles Matter Gervais Williams

Drawing on the sustainable principles of the Slow Movement, Slow Finance reveals the true scale of the imbalances within the world equity markets. Thought-provoking and provocative, this book anticipates a profound change in public attitudes. It outlines how credit growth and globalisation have contributed to the excessive scale of the financial sector. At once think-piece, potted history and call-to-action, the ideas in Slow Finance are an essential read for professionals, academics, business leaders and private investors alike, as well as policy-makers seeking a more sustainable approach to investing. Gervais Williams is an award-winning fund manager. He has worked in the City for twentyfive years, seventeen of which were spent at Gartmore, where he managed clients' investments in small to medium quoted companies. Available Now

Hardback 9781408151631 | £20.00 | 208 pages EBook 9781408153215 | £19.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

More Money Than God

Hedge Funds and the Making of a New Elite Sebastian Mallaby

Based on unprecedented access to the industry, More Money Than God provides the first authoritative history of hedge funds. This is the inside story of their origins in the 1960s and 1970s, their explosive battles with central banks in the 1980s and 1990s, and finally their role in the financial crisis of 2007-9. A saga of riches and rich egos, this is also a history of discovery. Drawing on insights from mathematics, economics and psychology to crack the mysteries of the market, hedge funds have transformed the world. Anybody pondering fixes to the financial system could usefully start here: the future of finance lies in the history of hedge funds. Sebastian Mallaby is the Paul Volcker Senior Fellow in International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations and a Washington Post columnist. He spent thirteen years on The Economist. Available Now

Paperback 9781408809754 | £10.99 | 496 pages EBook 9781408816813 | £10.99 RIGHTS: Commonwealth

The Road from Ruin

A New Capitalism for a Big Society Matthew Bishop & Michael Green

Matthew Bishop and Michael Green examine the financial crises that have rocked the world, including: the 1970s oil shock; Black Monday, the 1987 stock market crash; Japan's great deflation; the Asian financial crisis; and the collapse of long term capital management. They draw out the right and wrong lessons learned and explain how they can be used as the basis for meaningful reform that will enable capitalism to create wealth, but on a more even and responsible keel. Matthew Bishop is the U.S. business editor and chief business writer of The Economist. He was on the faculty of London Business School. Michael Green writes on business and economics for The Economist. Available Now

Paperback 9781408137253 | £14.99 | 336 pages EBook 9781408151990 | £14.99 RIGHTS: World Commonwealth


FINANCE War and Gold

A History of Money Kwasi Kwarteng

In this accessible narrative of money, historian and politician Kwasi Kwarteng puts the crisis in the context of similar experiences throughout history to show how we have always oscillated between periods of international cooperation and free currency movement. A captivating study of the present through the lens of the past, this exposes the powerful relationship of two elements that have shaped the international community for centuries: war and gold. Kwasi Kwarteng was born in London to Ghanaian parents. He has a PhD in History from Cambridge University and was elected as the Member of Parliament for Spelthorne in Surrey, also becoming a member of the Transport Select Committee. His first book, Ghosts of Empire, was published to great critical acclaim in 2011. MAY 2014

Hardback 9781408848159 | £25.00 | 384 pages


EBook 9781408848173 | £24.99 RIGHTS: Commonwealth


How Giving Can Save The World

Matthew Bishop and Michael Green For philanthropists of the past, charity was often a matter of simply giving money away. For ‘philanthrocapitalists’ – the new generation of billionaires who are reshaping the way they give – it’s like business. Largely trained in the corporate world, these ‘social investors’ are using big-business-style strategies and expecting results and accountability to match. Proceeding from interviews with some of the most powerful people on the planet – including Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, George Soros, Angelina Jolie, and Bono, among others – Matthew Bishop and Michael Green show how a web of wealthy, motivated donors has set out to change the world. This paperback edition includes a new foreword by Bill Clinton. Matthew Bishop is chief business writer of The Economist and head of its New York bureau. Michael Green is an expert on the relationship between government and the non-governmental sector, particularly in the field of international development. Available Now

Paperback 9781408121580 | £9.99 | 320 pages RIGHTS: World English

Capitalism 4.0

The Birth of a New Economy Anatole Kaletsky

Tracing the development of capitalism from the late eighteenth century through three distinct historical phases, Kaletsky shows how at each of these transitions the existing economic order appeared fatally threatened, only for capitalism to reinvent itself and emerge stronger than before. The turning point for our most recent age of capitalism came on 15 September 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed, setting off market chaos which, had it not been for government bailouts and guarantees, would have toppled every bank in the Western world, an incident which set off the fourth major systemic transformation in capitalism’s history – Capitalism 4.0. In this controversial and wideranging book, Anatole Kaletsky, one of the world’s foremost economic commentators, puts recent financial events into historical and ideological perspective. Anatole Kaletsky is an economist and journalist. Kaletsky began his career in journalism writing about business and finance for the Economist and the Financial Times. Available Now

Paperback 9781408809730 | £12.99 | 448 pages RIGHTS: World English 10

QFINANCE and Finance Essentials QFINANCE: The Ultimate Resource Updated 4th Edition

‘This is going to be incredibly useful to me. A really great reference guide.’ The Times ‘QFINANCE: Impressive.’ Thomson Reuters QFINANCE: The Ultimate Resource (4th edition) offers practical and thoughtprovoking articles for the finance practitioner, written by leading experts from the markets and academia alike. QFINANCE’s expansive coverage and reach will satisfy the demands of the finance professional. Key themes include: balance sheets and cash flow, regulation, investment, governance, reputation management and Islamic finance. This edition also comprises key perspectives on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors – essential for understanding the longterm sustainability of a company. QFINANCE also includes: · Over 250 practical solutions to daily financial challenges · Finance information sources · Up-to-date international country and industry data · Library with summaries of 130 most popular finance titles · Biographies of 50 finance thinkers; · Quotations and an extensive dictionary SEPTEMBER 2013


Hardback 9781849300629 | £99.00 | 2208 pages EBook 9781849300643 | £94.99 Rights: World All Languages

Finance Essentials: The Practitioner's Guide Scott Moeller

‘Provides state-of-the-art information for the student, and provides professionals with a quick source to update their understanding of the current state of the markets.’ DAVID WYSS, BROWN UNIVERSITY By some of the best minds in finance, this book is full of top-quality content, enabling practitioners and students alike to become more knowledgeable in their fields of interest. Collated by Scott Moeller of Cass Business School, this collection brings together core finance knowledge and cutting-edge research topics in an engaging, effective way. Finance Essentials provides insights into the practical applications of theory in key areas such as balance sheets and cash flow, financial regulation and compliance, funding and investment, governance and ethics, mergers and acquisitions, and operations and performance. In this collection you will discover: · Over 80 best-practice articles · Over 65 checklists forming step-by-step guides to essential tasks · 55 carefully selected calculations and ratios to monitor firms’ financial health · A full business and finance dictionary with over 5,000 definitions Scott Moeller is the founder and director of the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School, London and a former senior executive at Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. Available Now

Paperback 9781849300407 | £30.00 | 640 pages EBook 9781849300599 | £29.99 Rights: World English


QFINANCE Reputation Management

Building and Protecting Your Company's Profile in a Digital World Edited by Andrew Hiles

Managing and understanding the value of an organisation's reputation is essential in a world where the slightest negative incident can quickly go viral and become a PR containment exercise. Aimed at the risk manager, corporate communicator, business strategist, auditor, and senior manager, Reputation Management covers: The governance of reputation; Measuring and managing reputation; Managing and monitoring external perceptions; Reputation crisis management; Strategic planning and reputation; and Reputation and investors. Editor Andrew Hiles is founding director of Kingswell International, consultants in crisis, reputation, risk, continuity, and service management. Hardback 9781849300421 | £30.00 | 256 pages Ebook: 9781849300568 | £29.99 RIGHTS: World English

Asset-Liability Management for Financial Institutions

Balancing financial stability with strategic objectives Edited by Bob Swarup

Ever more important in the wake of the corporate bailouts and collapses of the financial crisis, asset-liability management (ALM) encompasses the formulation, implementation, monitoring, and revision of strategies, often on a daily basis. Content includes: successful risk management frameworks; coherent stress-testing; modelling market risk; derivatives and ALM; contingency funding to manage liquidity risks; Basel III capital adequacy standard; investment management for insurers; property and casualty portfolio management; funds transfer pricing and problem loan modelling. Editor Bob Swarup is a respected commentator and expert on financial markets. Hardback 9781849300414 | £30.00 | 224 pages EBook 9781849300582 | £29.99 RIGHTS: World English

Risk Management in an Uncertain World

Strategies for Crisis Management Edited by Bill Sharon

While crisis management is constantly on the minds of managers and business owners, it is rarely put into a structured policy until it is too late. Not every negative event can be mitigated, but the right approaches will allow a company to respond effectively and even to thrive in crisis situations. This approachable book features the advice of expert practitioner and academic authors. Case studies span the operational aspects of risk management, reputation risk, and risks outside the control of any organisation. Bill Sharon has 30 years of financial and marketing experience and has conducted seminars in the area of risk management for the past fourteen years. Hardback 9781849300452 | £30.00 | 160 pages EBook 9781849300612 | £29.99 RIGHTS: World English 12

Effective Auditing for Corporates

Key developments in practice and procedures Edited by Joe Oringel

In the wake of the recent financial crisis, increasing the effectiveness of auditing has weighed heavily on the minds of those responsible for governance. When revenue and cash flow decline, internal costs and operations may be scrutinized more diligently, and discrepancies can emerge as a result. Effective Auditing for Corporates provides you with proactive advice to help you safeguard core value within a corporation and ensure that auditing processes and key personnel meet the expectations of management, compliance, and stockholders alike. Joe Oringel is a CPA and CIA with 20 years' experience in internal auditing, fraud detection, and forensics. Hardback ISBN 9781849300445 | £30.00 | 240 pages Ebook: 9781849300575 | £29.99 RIGHTS: World English

Business Performance Excellence Edited by Jeffrey T. Luftig and Steven M. Ouellette

Most management tools only look at one part of the picture, but Business Performance Excellence (BPE) is the complete model, integrating revolutionary new techniques with tried and tested approaches, covering the strategic, financial, systems, and human factors. The editors are experts in business performance improvement, and this approachable book presents the latest developments in the BPE model that has been refined over the course of 30 years. The comprehensive case studies and worked examples can be applied to your business whatever your industry. Jeffrey T. Luftig and Steven M. Ouellette are professors of management at the University of Colorado. Hardback 9781849300438 | £30.00 | 240 pages EBook 9781849300605| £29.99 RIGHTS: World English

Risk Management Issues in Insurance Edited by Martin Bird

Covers the major challenges facing insurance companies, written by practitioners for practitioners. Also appeals to other sectors including asset management, pensions, accounting and investment banking. The financial crisis of 2008 had little impact on the insurance industry globally, unlike the solvency issues within other financial sectors. This title looks at the major risk concerns within insurance and how the industry as a whole deals with potential threats to its business in the short, medium, and long term. It will demystify how insurers cope with liquidity risk, counterparty risk, tail-event risk (catastrophe), longevity risk, and the impact of climate change. Contributors include: Erik Oppers, Patrick Kelliher, Rob Curtis, Martin Bird, and David Blake. Hardback 9781849300650 | £30.00 | 256 pages EBook 9781849300674 | £29.99 RIGHTS: World English (excl MENA)

QFINANCE Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management

Financing and Raising Capital

Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management consists of over twentyfive chapters addressing business threats and providing steps to cope with events that could impact on a company's health.

Financing and Raising Capital provides coverage of all options for raising revenue at different stages of your company's growth.

Approaches to Enterprise Risk Management is a multi-author book by leading experts in the field, including Aswath Damodoran, John C. Groth and David Shimko. It comprises over 25 chapters covering the risks your organisation might face: financial, strategic, and operational.

This book covers all aspects of raising finance: angel finance, venture capital funding, both public and private equity, IPOs, raising capital from small and institutional investors, issuing debt, and securitisation. Some chapters focus specifically on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This book offers you practical step-by-step guides on the required steps to cope with any detrimental event that could impact on your company's financial health, along with a range of checklists and best practice articles. Contributors include: David Shimko, Aswath Damodaran, Frank Fabozzi, Ian Bremmer, Peter Howson, Mark Abkowitz, Jenny Rayner. Hardback 9781849300032 | £30 EBook | £29.99 | 9781849300261 July 2010 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Best-Practice Approaches to Internal Auditing Best-Practice Approaches to Internal Auditing is an up-to-date and comprehensive range of essays and checklists on the latest methodologies. Topics such as: how to improve your internal audits, aligning them with strategic objectives, how they should be reported, as well as their limitations, are all covered. This book will help both companies looking to start an internal auditing function and those which are looking to improve in this area. The topics in this book are globally applicable and written with knowledge of worldwide standards. Best-Practice Approaches to Internal Auditing includes contributions from over twenty leading academics and practitioners. Contributors include: Anne Loft, Michael Parkinson, Philip Ratcliffe, Sheryl Vacca. Hardback 9781849300230 | £50.00 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Effective Operations and Performance Management A multi-author volume written by practitioners and academics, providing coverage of all aspects of operations and performance within a company. Effective Operations and Performance Management addresses the measurement and management of operational issues, providing you with a solid platform from which to develop strategies and grow your business. It includes over 30 chapters covering the management of operations and performance. It offers you a rich vein of thought leadership and best practice and practical step-by-step guides on methods to improve operational robustness and measure performance. Contributors include: Andrew Mayo, Subir Chowdhur, Andrew Cox and Leslie L. Kossoff. Hardback 9781849300070 | £30.00 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Financing and Raising Capital includes contributions from over 30 leading practitioners and academics, as well as best-practice articles by leading experts and checklists detailing practical solutions to apply when facing the inevitable pitfalls of raising capital. Contributors include: Lawrence Brotge, David Wyss, Frank J. Fabozzi, Seth Armitage, Augusto de la Torre. Hardback 9781849300193 | £30.00 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Asset Management Tools and Strategies The essential reference tool for the finance analyst or investor. This book will help you gain the edge in asset management. This book's broad coverage includes different perspectives on asset allocation methodologies, due diligence, ethical and socially responsible investment, hedge funds, structured products, country risk, regulation, and coping with the boom and bust cycle. Different perspectives on the risks and returns across sectors, financial vehicles, and assets are investigated in a series of best practice pieces by expert practitioners and academics. Also includes real-world case studies. Contributors include: Bob Swarup, Aswath Damodaran, Moorad Choudhry, Jos Van Bommel. Hardback 9781849300216 | £50.00 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Islamic Finance: Instruments and Markets Coverage includes in-depth analysis of the financial instruments within the Sharia framework and how they are applied in various sectors including insurance, investment and capital markets. Regulatory issues are also discussed both from the role of the Sharia board to reporting financial risk to legal bodies. It addresses issues such as: bringing a New Ethical Dimension to Banking through to the International Role of Islamic Finance and provides you with a range of checklists, from Business Ethics in Islamic Finance to The Role of the Shariah Advisory Board in Islamic Finance and Regulatory and Capital Issues under Shariah Law. Contributors include: Kilian Balz, Andreas Jobst, Kamal Abdelkarim Hassan, Hassan Ahmed Yusuf, Bilal Rasul, Daud Vicary Abdullah, Ramesh Pillai, Abdel-Rahman Yousri Ahmad. Hardback 9781849300179 | £40.00 RIGHTS: World All Languages


Marketing Brand Anarchy

Brand Vandals

Stephen Waddington and Steve Earl

Managing Corporate Reputation

Stephen Waddington and Steve Earl ‘A really good book for anyone involved in

journalism, marketing or communications. Unlike so many books on the subject, it is grounded in common sense, properly analytical and supports its propositions with instructive case studies and anecdotes. It’s also well written.’


Organisations of all sizes protect their reputations fiercely, but what can they do when things get out of control? How can they cope with the challenges of new media? As the media landscape looks increasingly diverse and anarchic, individuals, organisations and governments should not waste time wondering whether they have lost control of their reputations. The simple fact is they have never had control. The question is what they can do about it now, and what they need to consider for the future.


Corporate reputations may be hard won, but in this age of social media they’re also fragile, demanding better protection than ever. With brand vandals using the Internet to launch vendettas and force an unprecedented level of engagement from organisations, a new approach is required to tackle this latest threat.

Thanks to the rise of social media, what audiences think and say about organisations has never been more critical. Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington’s Brand Anarchy examined the impact of media change and the new reputation landscape brought about by disaffected shareholders, customers and staff voicing their opinions to a global Internet audience. The authors continue the story here with the brand vandals going one step further; mobilising themselves, and the Internet, to wage war on organisations and wilfully cause lasting reputational damage.

Steve Earl is Managing Director, Europe at Zeno Group. Stephen Waddington is European Digital and Social Media Director for Ketchum.

For the organisation, engagement isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Brand vandals are forcing a level of dialogue that organisations, public and private, have never had to contemplate before. Smart organisations are helping to define the future of modern brand communication by retooling their public relations and communications teams to truly get to grips with the challenge of engaging audiences in a 24/7 conversation that not only answers criticism, but positively rebuilds corporate reputation. Is your organisation ready for the brand vandals?

Available Now


Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington draw on insight from opinionmakers and shapers such as Greg Dyke, Alastair Campbell, Mark Thompson and Seth Godin to explore how reputations can be better managed and the new challenges that the future of media may bring.

Paperback 9781408157220 | £12.99 | 272 pages EBook 9781408159699 | £12.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Paperback 9781472905208 | £12.99 | 256 pages EBook 9781472905215 | £9.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Virtually Free Marketing

In Data We Trust

An essential guide to harnessing the power of the Web to spread the word about your organisation – without spending a fortune in the process.

Björn Bloching, Lars Luck and Thomas Ramge

Philip R. Holden and Matthew Housden

Fully updated and packed with fresh insights, Virtually Free Marketing takes readers stepby-step through marketing and selling their products and services effectively on Facebook and Twitter, covering essential issues such as using online sources and tools to find new markets, getting found online, making the most of social media and ads, apps and virtually free products. Accessible, practical and very effective, Virtually Free Marketing is a must-read whether you're running a small company, club, non-profit organisation or social enterprise. Philip Holden is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Greenwich. He is also the Programme Leader for the full-time MA in Strategic Marketing Communications. Matthew Housden is a marketing consultant, author, academic and trainer who has worked with companies such as IBM and Barclaycard. He is principal lecturer in the marketing group at the University of Greenwich. Available Now

Paperback 9781408100721 | £10.99 | 272 pages EBook 9781408105504 | £10.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages 14

How Customer Data is Revolutionising Our Economy

In Data We Trust describes the recent revolutionary change in the marketing environment, providing fascinating case studies on smart use of customer data. Is it possible for credit card companies to predict a divorce long before a couple know the end is nigh? Absolutely. All the information companies need is already at their fingertips. The days of marketing professionals relying on 'gut feeling,' are gone, and intelligently analysed data streams make forecasting customer behaviour straightforward. As businesses all over the world fight for customer spend, the ones who transform data into smart data will win, as Google, Amazon and Wal-Mart have shown. Björn Bloching is an experienced marketing expert and heads Roland Berger’s International Marketing and Sales Competence Center. Lars Luck is Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Thomas Ramge is the author of a number of books and winner of the Business Book Prize from the Financial Times Germany. Available Now

Hardback 9781408179512| £20.00 | 224 pages EBook 9781408179529| £19.99 RIGHTS: World English

Marketing Marketing Greatest Hits

Marketing Greatest Hits

Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan

‘A very handy at-a-glance collection of summaries from the works of other business gurus.’ RITA CLIFTON, INTERBRAND

‘For people who value their time and need to move forwards quickly, then I strongly recommend you read this.’ MARK GIFFIN, VISA EUROPE

Volume 2

Volume 1

Thousands of marketing books exist, ready to bombard you with buzzwords and secrets to marketing success. This book gives you the chance to become an authority yourself. Kevin Duncan reads and reviews marketing books in this addictive and essential series. As one reviewer said, 'reading these ultra-pithy summaries makes you wonder why all business books aren't one page long.' This book presents marketing ideas from the profiled books clearly and accurately and will allow you not only to put these ideas into place but also explain them authoritatively to your colleagues. Books profiled include The Long Tail, Meatball Sundae, Buzz, Affluenza and Blink. Saving you hundreds of hours of reading time, Marketing Greatest Hits is vital for anyone looking to keep up with marketing practices now. Available Now

Paperback 9781408126394 | £9.99 | 208 pages EBook | 9781408126400 £9.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Hard on the heels of the popular Marketing Greatest Hits comes volume II, a must-have compendium of everything you need to know from the best minds in modern marketing- abridged, condensed, and ready for immediate action. As well as saving hundreds of hours of reading time, the reader is able to grasp ideas with pithy accuracy, explain them authoritatively to colleagues and, crucially, avoid being hoodwinked by those who claim to understand a concept when in fact they've got the wrong end of the stick. 40 books – including Hot, Flat and Crowded and Emotionomics – are summarised in six short chapters, one-minute summaries, and one-sentence summaries to give an immediate feel for them. All this wisdom forms an intriguing 40-point manifesto to inspire you. Kevin Duncan is a marketing consultant and author. He has

written five books which have been translated into a range of languages, including Polish, French and Russian. He has worked with many high-profile clients in his consultancy including BT, Ogilvy, Orange and Saatchi and Saatchi. He is the author of Business Greatest Hits, also available from Bloomsbury.

Available Now


Paperback £9.99 | 9781408157213 | 208 pages EBook 9781409159705| £9.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

How to Get More for Less in Business

Sounds Like Branding

Use the Power of Music to Turn Customers into Fans

Nancy Lublin

Zilch is packed with real-life stories and strategies for success to help managers and business owners get the most from their precious resources. We'd all love more for less but in the current economic climate, organisations of all types need to get savvier about what they're doing and how they're doing it. Ideal for not-for-profit organisations but just as useful for start-ups and any business today looking to get more bang for their pound/ euro/buck, Zilch features plenty of real-life stories and strategies for success. As well as offering advice on how to get the best from your staff, the author also explains how to: Work your brand harder; Do more for your customers/supporters; and Stretch your finances but not your service. Nancy Lublin is the CEO of, a US charity using technology and pop culture to help young people engage in the causes they care about. She is a contributing columnist to Fast Company magazine and an adjunct faculty member at New York University and Yale School of Management. Available Now

Paperback £12.99 | 9781408146156 | 256 pages EBook 12.99 | 9781408146170 RIGHTS: Commonwealth

Jakob Lusensky

A journey through the history of music and marketing, from the humble jingle and the advent of Muzak to the music of global brands like Nike, Starbucks, Levi's and Coca-Cola. Everyone loves music, but not everyone loves advertising. Faced with increasingly impatient and fickle customers, some of the world's most famous brands have turned to music to engage the public in a way they never could alone. Why? Because music speaks to our emotions, brings people together and starts conversations. Used correctly, it can turn a one-off purchaser into a loyal fan. What marketers need to know is not what music to run in the background to an ad, but how a brand 'sounds.' Essential reading for any brand manager looking for a competitive edge in an increasingly cluttered media landscape. Jakob Lusensky left his career as an international DJ to become CEO of the global music branding agency Heartbeats International. He is one of the world's leading consultants in branding and music and his clients include Absolut Vodka, Carlsberg and Unilever. He speaks on music and branding and was part of the prestigious TED Talks series. Available Now

Paperback £14.99 | 9781408151433 | 176 pages RIGHTS: Commonwealth 15

Careers In Any Event Simon Maier

What are the greatest events of all time? Why do some events move, entertain or sell to us, while others just don't? Whether you are planning a crucial meeting, product launch, road show or VIP conference, this book showcases the most important elements that go towards making any event a success, explaining how things can be made to go not just right but brilliantly. Written by an event management expert and featuring advice, international case studies and interviews with people in the know, In Any Event is a must-have for anyone who wants to wow their audience. Simon Maier is an experienced corporate and public event director and a former managing director of ICM, a Saatchi and Saatchi event management agency company, amongst other large event agencies. He has lectured throughout the world on communication and strategy development, and written speeches for many senior internationally well-known politicians and is the author of Speak Like a President (Bloomsbury, 2010). Available Now

Paperback 9781408168332 | £19.99 | 352 pages EBook 9781408171349 | £19.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Dangerous Guide to Leading Innovation

How You Can Turn Your Team into an Innovation Force Impact Innovation

This practical guide not only shows the reader how to define and focus their team's creativity, but how to keep teams fizzing with energy as they face new creative challenges. The reader will learn how techniques, games and scenarios can help their team to grow, learn and succeed using innovation. Dangerous Guide to Leading Innovation was one of five titles shortlisted for the CMI Commuter's Read Award from 34 entries. The Commuter's Read Award recognises titles that best serve commuters and retain their attention during a journey to work by inspiring them, informing them about and engaging them with a management and leadership topic. Impact Innovation is a business agency that specialises in helping clients come up with new ideas for products and services. Their clients include the BBC, Cadbury, GlaxoSmithKline, Habitat, John Lewis, the RAC, Unilever and Tesco. In 2004 they won the Management Consultancy Association's (MCA) Gold Award for Change Management as a result of their Tesco Projects. Available Now

Paperback 9781408125038 | £9.99 | 160 pages EBook 9781408134337 | £9.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Dangerous Customer Service

Dangerously Great Customer Service…How to achieve it and maintain it Impact Innovation

Dangerous Customer Service is an essential guide for anyone who wants to ensure that their customer service meets and exceeds their customers' needs and expectations. Dangerous Customer Service provides real help for real people in the real world. This book guides managers through the realities and practicalities of great customer service. Dangerous Customer Service shows the reader how to cover the basics: what customers expect from a service and what they will take for granted and how to create the magic that transforms that service into an extraspecial personal experience. Exercises and real-life examples will help the reader to learn and develop essential customer services including loyalty, training your customer and services across cultures. Available Now

Paperback 9781408125021 | £9.99 | 192 pages EBook 9781408127377 | £9.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages 16

Careers And What Do You Do?

10 steps to creating a portfolio career Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger

Would you like to find work that uses all your skills and passions? That can help you experience a great work/life blend? And that is flexible enough so you can thrive in difficult economic times? If your answer is yes, we urge you to consider a portfolio career – essentially, doing two or more jobs for different employers. Whether out of choice or necessity, over one million people in the UK have more than two jobs. A ‘portfolio’ career can offer freedom, flexibility and fulfilment. This book explains how to make a portfolio career work for you. In 10 practical steps, this book encourages you to explore another way to find health, happiness and fulfilment in your work. Barrie Hopson is a serial portfolio careerist. He is currently blending roles as a psychologist, entrepreneur, blogger, non-exec director, presenter, husband, father, grandfather and cricket fanatic. Katie Ledger’s work/life blend includes being a communications consultant, conference host and producer, presentation and media coach, author, blogger, presenter, mother and wife. Available Now

Paperback 9781408116302 | £12.99 | 272 pages EBook 9781408134306 | £12.99

RIGHTS: EU and Commonwealth

Finding Work After 40

Robin McKay Bell and Liam Mifsud Here it is: help for those in their 40s, 50s and 60s struggling to find a new job, a better job, or move towards self-employment. Packed with essential advice from a network of job clubs for the over-45s, Finding Work After 40 will teach you to: discover and understand your key skills; describe yourself persuasively in person and in writing; network effectively to acquire and maintain useful contacts; and overcome your biggest obstacle, age discrimination. If a job isn't the right answer for you, the self-employment section tells you how to start your own business or opt for a portfolio career. Robin McKay Bell is an author and entrepreneur. He has been an interim manager, a consultant and a business owner with start-up experience. Liam Mifsud worked in executive and career coaching and management training for several years. He has recently returned to corporate employment and is now an executive at a renewable energy company. Available Now

Paperback 9781408131251 | £14.99 | 288 pages EBook 9781408134771 | £14.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages


Using Business Insight to Plan Your Life Tamar Kasriel

Full of wise, refreshing advice from one of the world's leading futurists, Futurescaping helps readers use corporate lessons for personal development. So many people manage brilliantly at work, making smart and accountable decisions, yet let their personal lives slide into gentle chaos. Futurescaping reveals the truths of corporate future planning, outlining the importance and benefit of a clear bottom line. It focuses on the technique of scenario planning which enables organisations to plan decades in advance. This book will allow you to make significantly smarter choices in your career, family life, health and personal finances. Tamar Kasriel is a leading futurist who helps organisations across the world understand what is important about the future for them, from luxury businesses to beverage brands to religious orders thousands of years old. She now runs her own business, Futureal. Available Now

Paperback 9781408156643 | £9.99 | 240 pages EBook 9781408156971 | £9.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages


Business: The Ultimate Resource Business: The Ultimate Resource Updated 3rd Edition

'Highly Recommended,' Times Higher Education Supplement 'The third edition of this massive business reference book continues to offer an excellent overview of the many facets of business information. This work stands apart from similar “allin-one” types of business handbooks because it focuses more upon business theories and concepts than formulas or simple definitions. The work is a powerful, and reasonably priced, reference tool that should be in all business collections.' Reference & User Services Quarterly Available Now

Hardback 9781408128114 | £45.00 | 1632 pages RIGHTS: World All Languages


An international bestseller, Business: The Ultimate Resource is a one-stop reference tool covering all aspects of today's word of work. Unique, authoritative and wide-ranging, it offers practical and strategic advice for managers, MBA students and large or small business owners worldwide. Fully updated and revised for this new edition, Business: The Ultimate Resource features: · Best Practice: over 170 essays from authors such as C.K Prahalad, Gary Hamel and John Kotter · Checklists and actionlists: more than 200 practical solutions to everyday business challenges · An extensive, jargon-free dictionary · A management library with digested reads of 100 business books · Biographies of over 100 business giants Authors include: Gary Hamel, lauded by The Wall Street Journal as 'the world's most influential business thinker'; John Kotter, Professor of Leadership Emeritus at Harvard Business School and author of the classic 'Leading Change'; Howard Gardner, adjunct professor of psychology at Harvard University; Vijay Govindarajan, and Earl C. Daum, professor of International Business at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business.

Business Essential This essential guide to the world of work and careers is crammed with top-quality content from the world’s leading business writers and practitioners, ideal for time-pressed managers, small business owners and students alike. This book includes: Actionlists – more than 200 practical solutions to everyday business challenges, from revitalising your CV to managing during difficult times; a Management library: time-saving digests of more than 70 of the best and most influential business books of all time; Best Practice articles: a selection of essays from top business thinkers; a Business Dictionary, and Gurus: explanations of the lives, careers, and key theories of the world’s leading business thinkers. Available Now

Paperback 9781408114049 | £19.99 | 192 pages EBook | 9781408156865 | £19.99 RIGHTS: World All Languages


Good Small Business Guide Good Small Business Guide 2013 How to Start and Grow Your Own Business Updated 7th Edition

In Association with the Federation of Small Businesses 'Packed with lots of solid advice on how to start and grow a business. It is also very well structured with easy-to-digest of the more interesting introductory sections challenges readers thinking about setting up a business. In checklist form, it asks whether they can explain their business idea succinctly, how clear they are about their target market, how good they are at personal finance and how they react to advice or complaints.' The Irish Times Available Now

Paperback 9781408159590 | £25.00 | 608 pages Ebook 9781408178850 | £25.00 RIGHTS: World All Languages

Containing over 140 easy-to-read articles and an information directory, this fully updated guide offers help on all aspects of starting and growing a small business. Fully updated for this 7th annual edition, the Good Small Business Guide 2013 offers help on all aspects of starting, running and growing a small business, including: planning, setting up or acquiring a business, getting to grips with figures, marketing, selling online, and managing yourself and others. Even if you're not sure whether starting your own small business is for you, the Assess Yourself section is a great place to start. If you are going to be doing your own book-keeping, the Financial Ratios section is a must, and the Figuring it Out section offers advice on a wide range of funding issues, from understanding budgets to applying for funding from various sources. This book also includes an essential Information Directory full of reference books, websites and contact information for key resources. The only start-up guide endorsed by the Federation of Small Businesses, the UK's leading small business organisation.

Contributors to The Good Small Business Guide 2013 include the business and management authors Meredith Belbin, Patrick Forsyth, Jeremy Kourdi, Max Landsberg, Malcolm McDonald, Al and Laura Ries, and Philip Sadler.

Good Finance Guide for Small Businesses

Good Green Guide for Small Businesses

Cash – or the lack of it – keeps small business owners awake at night more than anything else.

Can a small business go green? Or should we ask if it can afford not to?

This one-stop guide is invaluable for anyone who needs money to launch or grow a business, or manage the finances of one they run already. Available Now

Paperback 9780713682090 £14.99 | 288 pages

RIGHTS: World All Languages

This book is packed with practical, user-friendly advice for business owners or managers who want to change the way they work for the better. Available Now

Paperback 9780713689327 £12.99 | 192 pages

RIGHTS: World All Languages

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