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Where available we have used this key to show reading level, interest level and points for titles in the Accelerated Reader Scheme. RL 2.8

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The world’s leading reading management software, Accelerated Reader helps motivate children of all abilities to read more and better books for pleasure. In addition to a significant increase in library usage, schools using Accelerated Reader report an average of two years reading growth in just one year, with some seeing up to four years growth in the same period. The A&C Black series’ included in the scheme are marked with the Accelerated Reader logo.

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World War One Centenary 2014 marks the start of the first centenary of World War One. We have a selection of titles by key children’s authors, to support education on this topic. Look out for the poppy logo in the catalogue and visit to find out more.

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ProFeSSIonal DeVeloPMent

all titles on this page available.

100 ideas series the popular 100 ideas series has been re-launched with a new look, new titles and updates to match the changing curriculum. Written by experts in the field, each book presents easy-to-use, ready-made, practical activities for busy teachers with little preparation time. the 100 ideas series is a great resource for both teachers new to the profession and experienced teachers looking for fresh inspiration. Paperback • 198 x 129mm

100 ideas for early years practitioners: school Readiness Clare ford

January 2014


practical activities and ideas reflecting the current concerns over children arriving at school without basic skills. a valuable resource for any planning meeting and for considering individual needs and learning styles. additional ideas for parents promote links between home and early years provision. 9781472903846 • 144pp • £12.99

“Here is a brilliant, practical resource that will support all Early Years practitioners regardless of setting and experience. It is a book to use as a stepping point for developing practice and ideas, to stimulate discussion amongst colleagues and promote home/school understanding. A winning combination!” Hannah mulholland, primary Headteacher

100 ideas for secondary teachers: outstanding maths lesson

100 ideas for secondary teachers: outstanding english lesson

mike ollerton

angella Cooze

August 2014

August 2014

Creative and easy to implement strategies for making secondary maths teaching outstanding. ideas include original and creative strategies and activities to make teaching engaging and informative with little preparation. includes teaching tips and taking it further ideas. 9781408194874 • 136pp • £12.99

Creative and easy to implement strategies to make secondary english teaching outstanding. includes step-by-step instructions, teaching tips, starter ideas and classroom management strategies. 9781408194935 • 144pp • £12.99

NEW 100 ideas for primary teachers: managing Behaviour

100 ideas for secondary teachers: philosophy and ethics

molly potter

John l. taylor

November 2014

November 2014

practical ideas and strategies for managing a range of difficult behaviours in the primary school. there is something for everyone, including how to create a positive classroom environment, strategies for solving individual student behaviour problems and whole class approaches. 9781408193655 • 120pp • £12.99

practical ideas and strategies for teaching philosophy in secondary school. the book includes advice on leading students into a subject which can be initially bewildering, tips for stimulating interest, guidance about development of valuable skills in analysis, creation and presentation of argument, as well as suggestions for helping philosophy students develop skills in academic writing, research and project work. 9781472909565 • 144pp • £14.99



102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 114



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all titles on this page available.

ProFeSSIonal DeVeloPMent

100 ideas series 100 ideas for secondary teachers: outstanding lessons ross morrison mcGill award-winning teacher ross has a phenomenal twitter following and is well-known in the teaching world. His first book is packed with inspirational ideas for making every lesson outstanding! topics include managing behavior, lesson planning, homework, assessment and general teaching. extra information covers teaching tips, bonus ideas, ofsted quotes, hashtags for sharing ideas on twitter and online resources.


@TeacherToolkit 9781472905307 • 144pp • £12.99 “Where a talented teacher might come up with a couple of groundbreaking ideas over a career, Ross has ten before breakfast…I wish he was my teacher!”


phil beadle, author, english teacher and educational consultant to SHare Your experienCeS and See HoW people are uSinG tHeirS folloW #100ideas

100 ideas for early years practitioners: outstanding practice

100 ideas for secondary teachers: managing Behaviour

lucy peet

Johnnie Young

transform your planning, practice and setting from good to outstanding in a flash! full of tips to promote children’s independence, stimulate creative thinking, develop a sense of calm and maintain a structured environment, this book is an excellent tool for both new and experienced practitioners. 9781472906335 • 120pp • £12.99

managing behavior can be demanding, hard work and sometimes intimidating. this brand new edition aims to help manage a range of difficult behaviours. Strategies include those that tackle serious issues such as bullying and conflict, as well as small changes like reducing tension, body language and using creative, engaging language that can dramatically improve behavior. 9781408193624 • 120pp • £12.99

NEW 100 ideas for secondary teachers: gifted and talented John Senior

100 ideas for primary teachers: developing thinking skills

February 2014

Steve bowkett

provides busy secondary teachers with strategies and activities to support gifted and talented students in the classroom. ideas include identifying strategies for gifted children and how to make sure the school is doing their best to support them. the book is split into 50 creative enrichment activities and 50 teaching strategies. 9781472906342 • 144pp • £14.99

NEW 102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 115


January 2014 the innovative ideas in this book are applicable across the curriculum and range from getting students to understand how they think, to using games and activities to get them thinking creatively. 9781408194980 • 120pp • £12.99



14/1/14 11:41:30 AM

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all titles on this page available.

nQt and improving classroom practice



pimp your lesson

9781441120960 £16.99


isabella Wallace & leah kirkman


March 2014

discover the detailed secrets to impressing the pants off your observer, whether it’s your Head of department, Headteacher or ofsted! this third edition provides updated, practical advice on outstanding teaching, including new tips to ensure pupil progress, independent learning and engagement. learn how to be consistently outstanding so you are prepared for inspection at a moment’s notice. Paperback • 9781472905154 • 216 x 138mm • 176pp • £16.99

tom bennett most teacher manuals talk about what teachers need to do. that’s useful enough, but no list can anticipate every circumstance. How do experienced teachers know what to do? tom bennett’s Teacher offers a new approach to professional development, focusing on individual teaching personality rather than following a rulebook. Case studies, anecdotes and humorous illustrations reflect on what it means to be a teacher, and why it is the most rewarding profession there is. tom bennett is a secondary teacher and columnist and behaviour Guru for the teS. Paperback • 9781441114368 • 216 x 138mm • 216pp • £17.99

get that teaching Job!

the spider strategy

paul k. ainsworth

marcella mcCarthy

many teachers strive to work in a particular type of school, a precise location or a specific post, making obtaining their dream job extremely competitive. this guide to finding the right school, perfecting your application and polishing your interview technique will empower teachers at all stages of their career. includes practical examples of application letters, Cvs and interview questions. Paperback • 138 x 216mm • 184pp • £16.99 9781441113320

November 2014


102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 116


the spider strategy is a six-part plan demonstrating how to sustain excellent teaching all the time. each part of the Spider (Surprise, purpose, investigate, differentiate, evaluate and record and reflect) is a key aspect of innovative good practice. the book includes outstanding lesson examples, case studies and practical tips and resources to help you reproduce outstanding teaching using the spider strategy everyday. Paperback • 244 x 169mm • 176pp • £17.99 9781472908643

pocket pal: multiple intelligences mike fleetham

June 2014


packed with ready-to-use activities to get you started, this fully updated book provides a pocket-sized selection of ideas that will help you to infuse multiple intelligences into everyday teaching. the practical teaching strategies covered have been tailored to encourage awareness and use of mi in the classroom at both primary and secondary level. Paperback • 200 x 100mm • 96pp • £8.99 9781472909633

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ProFeSSIonal DeVeloPMent

all titles on this page available.

nQt and improving classroom practice


How to be an outstanding primary school teacher

How to be an outstanding childminder



How to survive your first year in teaching (3rd edition)

allison lee


david dunn


Sue Cowley

this new edition contains lots of easy-tointroduce tips and techniques to propel busy childminders into the outstanding category. it is completely up-to-date with new chapters on early identification and intervention and includes information on tracking developmental progress and keeping track of training and legislation. the companion website includes useful forms, planning tools, observation checklists and transition documents. Paperback • 216 x 138mm • 160pp 9781441172853 • £14.99

propel satisfactory and good lessons into the outstanding category with these easy-tointroduce activities and techniques. this book tells you how to do it without spending extra time planning, researching and preparing lessons. there are dozens of starters and plenaries and useful websites, including extra resources on the author’s website. a must for all primary teachers who want to become outstanding, not just for the inspectors but for every child they teach. 9781441138415 • 138 x 216mm • 144pp • £14.99



in this latest edition of her bestselling book, Sue Cowley supports new teachers in coping and excelling in their career. it gives tried-and-tested advice on lesson plans, behavior management and Sen as well as report writing and parents’ evening. real-life case studies explain how to put everything into practice. there are new diagrams and checklists, refreshed case studies and more information for primary school teachers. Paperback • 216 x 138mm • 224pp 9781441140913 • £18.99

for other titles by Sue Cowley see p.119.

starters and plenaries series this series provides busy teachers with ready-to-use, tried and tested, creative activities to kick off or round up lessons. improve motivation, energy and forward thinking and help students reflect on, and embed, their learning. Step-by-step instructions and teacher’s tips make this series an accessible and time-saving resource. each title includes a range of ideas as well as powerpoints, downloadable task sheets and other time-saving online resources. Paperback • 234 x 156mm

secondary starters and plenaries Kate Brown 9781408193570 • 152pp £12.99

more secondary starters and plenaries Mike Gershon 9781441177186 • 144pp £12.99

secondary starters and plenaries: geography Brin Best & Steve Padget February 2014 9781441110916 NEW 160pp • £14.99

secondary starters and plenaries: english Johnnie Young 9781441199782 • 152pp £14.99 102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 117

secondary starters and plenaries: History Mike Gershon 9781441171931 • 160pp £14.99


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ProFeSSIonal DeVeloPMent

special educational needs





the dyscalculia Assessment

the dyscalculia solution

Jane emerson and trish babtie

Jane emerson and trish babtie

(2nd edition)

September 2014

a complete assessment tool for investigating numeracy abilities and informing a personalised teaching programme for individuals or groups having difficulty with numbers. this revised and updated edition features a new design to make it even easier to navigate and use. ideal for both SenCos and those with no special needs training. the first edition won the 2011 era award for best Special educational needs resource non-iCt. Paperback • 297 x 210mm • 208pp • 9781408193716 • £39.99

following on from The Dyscalculia Assessment, this practical teaching guide addresses and solves the difficulties identified. includes step-by-step instructions, scripts to encourage use of the correct language and objectives, activities and games to develop a positive attitude. accompanying print and downloadable resources provide lesson plans and worksheets to support busy teachers. Paperback • 297 x 210mm • 208pp • 9781441129512 • £39.99

Achievement for All


Sonia blandford & Catherine knowles

Gavin reid

the achievement for all programme is a triedand-tested whole-school strategy for raising the aspirations and attainment of the most vulnerable learners in any school setting (0-19).this practical guide to implementing this successful model in your school includes online training tools, including case studies exemplifying successes from the two year pilot and tips for sustaining success. Paperback • 244 x 169mm • 176pp 9781408192542 • £24.99

this third edition of Gavin reid's popular book for non-specialist teachers has been thoroughly revised with additional material to reinforce the link between theory and practice. Dyslexia is a comprehensive overview of the field, providing more than just a quick fix to immediate difficulties. Paperback • 216 x 138mm • 256pp 9781441165855 • £19.99


102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 118


supporting children with learning difficulties Christine turner Christine turner draws on 25 years' experience gained from teaching children with severe, profound and multiple disabilities to provide an introduction to learning disabilities and the effect they have on the individual and the family. all aspects of learning, from the simplest forms of non-verbal communication to the way iCt can motivate and inspire are explored in this practical and informal guide for anyone wanting to support a child with learning difficulties. Paperback • 169 x 244mm • 176pp 9781441121776 • £19.99

Telephone: 01256 302 699 • Fax: 01256 812 521 14/1/14 11:41:38 AM

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Behaviour management Why Are you shouting At us? The dos and don’ts of behaviour management




phil beadle & John murphy phil Beadle is an english teacher and former united kingdom Secondary School teacher of the Year. He also appeared on Channel 4’s ‘the unteachables’ and ‘Can’t read, Can’t Write.’

this witty and very practical book guides you through the dos and don’ts of behaviour management based on the authors’ experiences teaching in the most challenging schools. it highlights the importance of managing your own behaviour, as well as understanding that of your students, and provides practical strategies for embedding positive behaviour management techniques into your teaching.

John murphy is the director of education for oasis Community learning. He has successfully led six schools that have been on failing status or facing challenging circumstances.

Why Are You Shouting At Us? is essential reading for anyone preparing to work in a challenging school as well as for any teacher who wants to improve their behaviour management skills. Paperback • 138 x 216mm • 158pp 9781441185150 • £16.99

“…places teacher behaviour at the heart of pupil behaviour. Spot on.” paul dix, lead trainer, pivotal education

Breaking through Barriers to Boys' Achievement

the Behaviour guru tom bennett Controlling a class isn't something that comes naturally to everyone - but it can be learned.


Gary Wilson evidence and speculation abounds concerning the issues for boys' and girls' pre-school development. this groundbreaking book examines research findings and provides strategies to help teachers break through the barriers and raise boys' achievement. discover how to switch boys on to the curriculum, especially literacy, and develop emotional intelligence and self-esteem. Paperback • 210 x 297mm • 184pp 9781408193549 • £24.99

this no-nonsense guide tells teachers what the teacher training didn't, and offers instant strategies for dealing with the most common, and extreme, classroom scenarios. using his experiences in innercity schools, as behaviour Guru for the teS and working as a nightclub bouncer, tom bennett helps teachers, old and new, to assert their authority in the classroom. Paperback • 138 x 216mm • 240pp 9781441128607 • £16.99


for other titles by tom bennett see page 116.

pocket pal: Raising Boys’ Achievement

getting the Buggers to Behave (5th edition) September 2014

Gary Wilson

Sue Cowley

June 2014

a new edition of Sue Cowley's behaviour management bible. Getting the buggers to behave is a must read for all teachers and practitioners at every level (early years, primary, secondary and fe) whether you are up against really challenging behaviour in the classroom on a day-to-day basis, looking to improve your whole-school behaviour policy or need tips to support a particularly challenging individual. Written in Sue Cowley's much-loved humorous and accessible tone, the tried and tested ideas and strategies can be transferred straight into the practical setting helping you to really get on top of the behaviour in your classroom. Paperback • 216 x 138mm • 272pp 9781472909213 • £17.99

a solid introduction to why boys underachieve at school along with a practical toolkit of proven strategies to help raise attainment across all age boundaries all in a handy pocketsized format. this will enable every teacher, department, key stage or school to identify the problems and plan a way forward. Paperback • 100 x 200mm • 96pp 9781472909602 • £8.99


getting the Buggers to think 9780826492814 • £16.99 getting the Buggers to Add up 9781441122391 • £16.99 getting the Buggers into drama 9780826497581 • £16.99 getting the Buggers into languages 9780826489135 • £16.99 getting the Buggers into science 9780826473974 • £16.99 for other titles by Sue Cowley see page 117. 102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 119


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ProFeSSIonal DeVeloPMent

all titles on this page available.

philosophy for children



philosophy for children through the secondary curriculum

Why think? Sara Stanley

lizzy lewis & nick Chandley philosophy for Children (p4C) is an approach to learning and teaching that aims to develop reasoning and judgement. Students learn to work together to develop a deeper understanding of concepts central to their own lives and the subjects they are studying. each chapter is written by a leading p4C expert and provides an introduction to the relationship between p4C and the subject area, lesson stimuli and activities for extending and deepening students' thinking. Paperback • 244 x 169mm • 320pp • 9781441196613 • £24.99

We want the children of the future to have the skills and confidence to form their own ideas, and to speak up for what they believe in. Why Think? will enable practitioners working with children aged 3-11 to confidently turn their classrooms into spaces where thinking, challenging and reasoning become as natural as play. the author explores how to maximise philosophical play through activities, games and parental engagement. a must for all early years and primary practitioners. Paperback • 169 x 244mm • 248pp • 9781441193605 • £18.99




think Again

teaching thinking (4th edition)

John l. taylor this book offers practical advice on how to use philosophy as the cornerstone of a new approach to teaching and learning, with the central aim of developing students' capacity for deeper, freer thought. the author explains how philosophical questions provide an excellent vehicle for engaging students and drawing them into analytical, creative and independent ways of thinking. Paperback • 169 x 244mm • 176pp • 9781441187758 • £19.99


102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 120


robert fisher this fully updated edition explores how to use discussion in the classroom to develop children's thinking, learning and literacy skills. it includes material on the latest trends in teaching thinking and links the teaching of thinking with citizenship and learning for life. essential reading for anyone seeking to develop children's thinking, build their self-esteem and improve the quality of teaching and learning. Paperback • 156 x 234mm • 240pp • 9781780976976 • £22.99

Telephone: 01256 302 699 • Fax: 01256 812 521 14/1/14 11:41:42 AM

all titles on this page available.

ProFeSSIonal DeVeloPMent

philosophy for children




once upon an if: the storythinking Handbook peter Worley


January 2014 in his brand new book, award-winning author peter Worley provides a comprehensive guide to everything a would-be storyteller needs, including how to bring a story to life, tips on how to memorise a story and improvise descriptions, and techniques for using tone, movement and timing to engage and involve the children in your class. it also comprises a treasury of stories and guidance notes, lesson plans and activity questions are included with every story. Once Upon an If draws on peter's ten years of experience as a philosophy teacher, trainer and storyteller to help any teacher place stories and storytelling where they should be - back at the heart of teaching. Paperback • 234 x 156mm • 192pp • 9781441118141 • £19.99


the if odyssey: philosophical enquiry in the classroom peter Worley introduce children to the exciting fables of odysseus and the great ancient Greek tradition of philosophy. explore the value of happiness, nonexistent entities, moral dilemmas, the philosophy of prophecy, and the nature of love among many other issues. this book offers stories and session plans suitable for use across the curriculum with children aged 8-16. peter Worley is founder and Ceo of the philosophy foundation a charity that specialises in philosophy in primary and secondary schools, based in the uk. peter has over 15 years' experience in teaching and regularly gives talks and presentations about philosophy in schools. Paperback • 234 x 156mm • 160pp • 9781441174956 • £17.99

the if machine

pocket pal: creating enquiring minds

peter Worley

Sara Stanley

each session in this practical book offers an imaginary situation followed by a series of questions to encourage children to challenge key philosophical ideas such as values and ethics, gender and identity, and existence and beauty. also included are key sections on the philosophy behind the experiments and an online teacher’s resource. Paperback • 234 x 156mm • 216pp 9781441155832 • £18.99

June 2014

this user-friendly guide provides a wonderful introduction to using philosophy for Children in primary schools. it explains how to encourage children to ask the right questions, reason effectively, develop understanding and think for themselves. Clearly presented, practice-based examples demonstrate fun and engaging activities that work right across the curriculum. Paperback • 100 x 200mm • 96pp 9781472909572 • £8.99 102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 121



14/1/14 11:41:44 AM

SCHool IMProVeMent anD leaDerSHIP

all titles on this page available.



teaching Happiness and Well-Being in schools

creative partnerships in practice

ian morris

david parker

An introduction to the theory of positive psychology and a practical guide on how to implement the theory in schools. it will help schools to meet all aspects of the statutory requirement to provide opportunities for Personal, Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Citizenship and Economic learning.

The authoritative guide to embedding creative learning in schools, this practical handbook builds on the creative Partnerships Programme and explains how you can embed the key principles of creative practice within your school. Written by the team who delivered the largest schools-based creative learning intervention ever seen, it draws on the extensive archive of case studies from the programme.

Paperback • 246 x 189mm • 240pp 9780826443038 • £24.99

Paperback • 244 x 169mm • 232pp 9781441109224 • £22.99

creating tomorrow’s schools today richard Gerver september 2014



is our education system still fit for purpose? Will our children be equipped to face the challenges the future holds? this updated edition explores key questions in the context of early schooling and primary education, presents powerful arguments for change and highlights strategies that offer a solution. a key title for head teachers wishing to explore and implement the new QCda curriculum models. Paperback • 156 x 234mm • 176pp 9781472906915 • £18.99

the coombes Approach Susan rowe and Susan Humphries the Coombes School in berkshire, uk, has developed an international reputation for its innovative approach to nursery and infant teaching. Sue Humphries, the founder of the school, and Sue rowe, the former headteacher, explore the principles behind the school and how others can learn from its approach. in particular, the book focuses on the innovative use of the school's environment as a unique ‘outdoor classroom' and the development of a sustainable and safe environment in which pupils can play and learn. Paperback • 189 x 246mm • 240pp 9780826440440 • £22.99


102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 122

A personal development guide for teachers (2nd edition) Jacquie turnbull A guide to personal development in the teaching profession, encouraging teachers to become actively involved in their professional development. This edition includes new case studies, more emphasis on teachers understanding themselves as learners and additional reflective exercises, essential reading for ambitious teachers everywhere. Paperback • 216 x 138mm • 256pp 9781441169044 • £17.99

sustainable school transformation david Crossley and a range of outstanding practitioners and contributors draw on their extensive experience of past and current approaches to school improvement in different contexts in the uk and uS to explore ways of developing 'inside-out' school led approaches alongside traditional 'top-down' accountability models. hardback • 234 x 156mm • 224pp 9781780936758 • £65.00 Paperback • 234 x 156mm • 224pp 9781780938172 • £19.99

Telephone: 01256 302 699 • Fax: 01256 812 521 14/1/14 11:41:46 AM

all titles on this page available.

SCHool IMProVeMent anD leaDerSHIP



the Reality of school leadership

8 Qualities of successful school leaders

richard parker with david middlewood

Jeremy Sutcliffe

this inspirational book brings together the personal and professional experiences of successful headteachers and principals, from both primary and secondary schools. it includes practical guidance on effective leadership, juggling priorities, maintaining passion and optimism and retaining your individual personality and values. essential for current and aspiring leaders. Paperback • 234 x 156mm • 200pp • 9781441190796 • £24.99

a selection of candid and moving accounts from some of the uk’s most successful headteachers about what it takes to effectively manage a school today with practical advice on implementation. their thoughts, from vision to courage and resilience, form the 8 key qualities examined in depth. Paperback • 216 x 138mm • 192pp • 9781441197504 • £16.99

Also AvAilABle: the primary curriculum Handbook 9781441125699 • £29.99



the A-Z of school improvement

the secondary curriculum Handbook

david Woods & tim brighouse

brian male & mick Waters

a comprehensive a-Z guide to the characteristics, approaches and language of school improvement ranging from appreciative enquiry to zero tolerance. Quotations, case studies and 'butterflies' (little ideas with big impact) illustrate the entries and bring them to life through the experiences of real schools. a must have book for getting to grips with current approaches and best practice. Paperback • 234 x 156mm • 240pp • 9781441135667 • £24.99

Schools across the world are struggling to balance the statutory requirements of a national curriculum with their desire to provide the wide, engaging and exciting curriculum that they know children need. this is a practical guide to designing a curriculum that will engage children's interest, excite their imaginations and at the same time provide them with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live successfully in the 21st Century. Paperback • 156 x 234mm • 224pp • 9781441108623 • £29.99 102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 123


14/1/14 11:41:48 AM


all titles on this page available.



Resources for teaching mathematics 11-14

the Art and design teacher’s Handbook

Colin foster

Gill ramage

this resource contains 50 ready-to-use mathematics lesson plans suitable for the whole department to use with learners aged 11-14. each plan consists of a teacher's sheet, which breaks down the lesson into time-allocated sections from starter through to homework, together with a photocopiable student task sheet to give out. Paperback • 210 x 297mm • 224pp • 9781441142276 • £29.99

this handbook provides art teachers with practical advice on planning effective lessons, developing imaginative ideas, developing students’ creative, technical and critical skills and preparing for coursework and exams. Paperback • 156 x 234mm • 192pp • 9781847061508 • £19.99

otHeR titles AvAilABle: Resources for teaching mathematics 14-16 • 9780826436030 Resources for teaching english 11-14 • 9781441102119 Resources for teaching english 14-16 • 9780826421005 Resources for teaching shakespeare 11-16 • 9780826438591 Resources for teaching History 11-14 • 9780826424556

otHeR titles AvAilABle in tHis seRies: the geography teacher’s Handbook • 9781847061676 the History teacher’s Handbook • 9781441145345 the english teacher’s Handbook • 9781847060723 the mathematics teacher’s Handbook • 9781847060112 the primary teacher’s Handbook • 9780826418388 the modern languages teacher’s Handbook • 9781441158604

NEW using ict in the primary classroom

using computer games Across the curriculum

Jon audain

karen anderson

April 2014

everyone learns best when they are enjoying an activity - even adults prefer to learn through play! this book gives a wide range of ideas and practical activities to use computer games as learning tools with students aged 11+. Paperback • 244 x 169mm • 112pp • 9781441108296 • £16.99

this book explores ways of utilising iCt to improve creativity, motivation and efficiency in the primary classroom. includes advice on how to use iCt most effectively and gives guidance on embedding iCt across the school curriculum and safeguarding students. audit your iCt ability in Chapter 1 with a fun questionnaire then use the book to solve all your iCt needs. Paperback • 234 x 156mm • 176pp • 9781441144003 • £19.99


102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 124

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all titles on this page available.



literacy leader’s toolkit

the Road to Writing

Graham tyrer & patrick taylor

Sue Cowley

in The Literacy Leader's Toolkit, the winners of the teS national award for outstanding literacy initiative 2011 share the secrets behind school improvement through raising literacy levels across the curriculum. includes guidance specific guidance on planning for the development of literacy across the curriculum, with 40 tried-and-tested practical ideas to help students to progress. the authors draw on the successful literacy initiatives that have worked at their own school, as well as case studies from schools. Paperback • 246 x 189mm • 208pp 9781441138835 • £22.99

takes early years practitioners on the journey young children make when they learn first words and make first marks. Sue Cowley offers practical advice and activities to inspire a range of creative approaches to improve mark making. includes ideas for building finger strength and building confidence in writing and reading. Paperback • 169 x 244mm • 128pp 9781441103444 • £17.99

Also AvAilABle Secondary Starters and plenaries Series see page 117.

inspiring Writing through drama patrice baldwin & rob John this book offers interactive, high-quality drama schemes that will motivate and inspire students aged 7-16 to write for a range of purposes and audiences. reading, writing, speaking and listening opportunities are embedded in the drama experiences and each unit flags the writing opportunities on offer. Paperback • 297 x 210mm • 176pp 9781441159090 • £24.99 Also By pAtRiciA BAldWin: With drama in mind 297 x 210mm • 256pp • 9780826445889 • £32.99 102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 125


14/1/14 11:41:53 AM

aCaDeMIC eDUCatIon

‘This brings the much welcome blast of rationality into the education debate and undercuts almost everything being said by politicians. It is full of serious, sensible proposals for ways of making education better for everyone.’ miCHael roSen, author

Knowledge and the future school transforming teacher education 14-18: A new vision for michael Young & david lambert viv ellis & Jane mcnicholl secondary education September 2014


December 2014




kenneth baker

introducing a new model of a curriculum, for the future for knowledge-led schools, this books shows how the question of knowledge is intimately linked to the issue of social justice. it engages with the principles underpinning the english government’s curriculum proposals and answers questions around knowledge-led schools and the importance of subjects. 216 x 138mm • 160pp hardback • 9781472534736 • £50.00 Paperback • 9781472528148 • £16.99

the authors argue that teacher education needs to be transformed to take advantage of the unique structural connections between school and universities and produce powerful new forms of knowledge. they offer suggestions for future designs for teacher education, drawing on research in teacher learning as well as from across the social sciences. 234 x 156mm • 176pp hardback • 9781472508843 • £75.00 Paperback • 9781472507204 • £24.99

from 2015, all young people will be legally required to stay in education or training until 18. kenneth baker sees this as an opportunity to re-think the aims and structure of english education, arguing that the national Curriculum should extend only to age 14 and that there should be four distinct pathways from 14-18: liberal arts; technical; Sports and Creative arts; and Career. 216 x 138mm • 184pp hardback • 9781780937397 • £45.00 Paperback • 9781780938448 • £14.99

A place to learn

leading schools in challenging circumstances

exploring the school leadership landscape

philip Smith & les bell

peter earley

amy price azano

November 2014


provides an overview of place-based pedagogy and differentiation, and introduces a framework for implementing a critical pedagogy of place for literacy instruction. this book addresses the increasing challenge for teachers to make school more relevant for students marginalised by poverty and limited opportunities. the second half is packed with practical examples for teachers to use in the classroom. 234 x 153mm • 208pp hardback • 9781441160805 • £55.00 Paperback • 9781441120977 • £17.99


102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 126

January 2014


an examination of leadership within schools, focusing on securing success in a challenging social and political environment. this book explores the approaches by four successful secondary headteachers in a local authority in an area of high social deprivation. it analyses the key leadership strategies and looks at how they were implemented in a failing school in challenging circumstances. 234 x 156mm • 184pp hardback • 9781441139566 • £75.00 Paperback • 9781441184054 • £24.99

a critical consideration of the ways in which school leadership and its practice have evolved, exploring what has changed and what has remained over the last decade. topics include the relationship between leadership and learning, accountability and the market, leadership and governance, intensification and distribution, school autonomy and new models. 234 x 156mm • 192pp hardback • 9781472508331 • £70.00 Paperback • 9781472506023 • £22.99

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aCaDeMIC eDUCatIon



teaching virtue

lesson study

edited by m.C. felderhof & p.a. thompson

brahm norwich & Jeff Jones

November 2014

February 2014

puts engagement with religious life - and virtue ethics - at the heart of religious education, encouraging 'learning from' religion rather than 'learning about' religion. the authors focus on eight key virtues, examining these for what they can offer of religious value to pupils and teachers. Case studies and lesson plans demonstrate how the virtues may be approached in the classroom, making it an invaluable guide for all involved in teaching religious education. 234 x 156mm • 224pp hardback • 9781472522917 • £70.00 Paperback • 9781472522535 • £22.99

essential reading for trainee and practicing teachers with an interest in how professional practice can enhance reflective practice as a means of school improvement and innovation for all pupils. it shows how this powerful model of professional learning has been integrated with the principles of inclusive practice by classroom teachers in the challenging area of teaching pupils in the spectrum from moderate learning difficulties to low attainment. 234 x 156mm • 184pp hardback • 9781780935768 • £70.00 Paperback • 97817080938301 • £22.99

mathematics education with digital technology edited by adrian oldknow & Carol knights examines ways in which widely available digital technologies can be used to benefit the teaching and learning of mathematics. it looks at the context of evidence from documented practice, prior research and policy making and analyses practical ideas and key pedagogical uses. it finishes with a look at future developments and cross-curricular opportunities. 234 x 156mm • 304pp Paperback • 9780567250285 • £24.99

early childhood studies

enhancing employability and professional practice ewan ingleby, Geraldine oliver & rita Winstone


November 2014 explores essential aspects of best practice within children’s services in order to enhance employability skills, identifying how and why key aspects have emerged. each chapter draws together practical teaching experience with sound academic analysis to support those training to work in the early childhood sector and those already practicing. 234 x 156mm • 192pp hardback • 9781472506863 • £65.00 Paperback • 9781472506825 • £19.99

early childhood theories and contemporary issues mine Conkbayir & Christine pascal

November 2014

this guide offers easy access to a wide range of concepts, as well as traditional and current theories, of how babies and children learn. each chapter offers clear guidance on how to recognize the theory in action within the setting and suggests ways to test these ideas out in early years’ settings, supporting the development of reflective practice. Case studies are included throughout. 244 x 164mm • 208pp hardback • 9781780936567 • £65.00 Paperback • 9781780937533 • £19.99 102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 127



14/1/14 11:41:58 AM

aCaDeMIC eDUCatIon

Reflective teaching inspiRing educAtion tHRougH innovAtion “If you are looking for inspiration and direction as a teacher or trainer then reflective teaching should be your starting point!” eSCalate

Reflective teaching in schools


(4th edition) andrew pollard this is the definitive textbook for reflective classroom professionalism, giving evidencebased guidance on key issues in classroom practice including: relationships, behaviour, curriculum planning, learning and teaching strategies, assessment processes and evaluation. it offers exceptional support for trainee teachers, mentors, nQts and for those engaged in continuing professional development and performance review. the 4th edition is enhanced by: • A new 5-part structure, breaking content into more manageable chunks • Fully updated material, including: new content on contemporary issues such as behaviour, expertise, inclusion, ethnic diversity, primary-secondary transition, curriculum planning and observation; updated reading lists; material on the latest curriculum developments • Enhanced text design and layout for easier navigation, such as ‘Key Readings’ signposts that direct readers to secondary material • Case studies introduced throughout, applied to real-life examples from primary and secondary classrooms • Even more links to research, including Teaching and Learning Research Programme findings and international developments hardback • 246 x 189mm • 568pp • 9781441140609 • £75.00 Paperback • 246 x 189mm • 568pp • 9781441191700 • £24.99




Readings for Reflective teaching in schools (2nd edition)


edited by andrew pollard this unique portable library of over 100 readings directly complements and extends the chapters in Reflective Teaching in Schools, but can also be used independently. the 2nd edition provides: • Easy access to key texts on education • Both classic and contemporary sources from international contributors, drawn from books and journals • Updated material to reflect current issues and concerns in education and to support a wide range of school-university partnership arrangements hardback • 246 x 189mm • 528pp • 9781472506566 • £75.00 Paperback • 246 x 189mm • 528pp • 9781472509741 • £24.99


Extensive online support an enormous range of supplementary resources including: • reflective activities, research briefings, advice for further reading and additional chapters • compendium of educational terms and links to useful websites • a conceptual framework that showcases examples of excellent research and practice.

part of the Reflective Teaching Series – inspiring education through innovation in early years, schools, further, higher and adult education. 128

102-130_ACB_ChildrensCatalogue_2014.indd 128

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