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9 Mind Blowing Tips! How To Write The Introduction To A Blog

So you want to know How To Write The Introduction To A Blog Post but you are sitting there frustrated staring at that "blinking cursor of death" with a mind blanker than the dark screen you are staring at and you are absolutely clueless and really, really, REALLY want to learn How To Start Writing For A Blog! Then, you have clicked over to the right place! *Bravo* **Confetti** Relax, Smile, in this article you will learn exactly How To Write The Introduction To A Blog and grab your reader by the balls. (That's eye balls!). Writing Great Content Is All About Grabbing Your Readers By The (eye) Balls! #BloggingTips #WritingTips I'll show and teach you my fail-safe method that I am forever using myself that will drawn in your reader and maintain their attention until the very last word of your expertly written blog posts. Have you ever seen any other blogger properly teach you How To Start Writing For A Blog Or Even How To Write The Introduction To A Blog Post?. The majority are completely clueless, totally without a method of what they are doing and no idea when it comes down to teaching it! 1/9

I promise you that if you use my formula, with little practice you will be able to write attention grabbing introductions to your articles and your audience will love you for it and turn into raving fans that are loyal and willing to spend their hard earned cash on your recommendations. Before I dive into my secret formula and method there are some things to remember when you are writing the introduction to your blog post. 7 DAY FREE BLOGGING COURSE Do You Want To Earn A Living From Something You Are Passionate About?


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How To Write The Introduction To A Blog Post Quick Navigation Here are a few effective tips to think about when you are learning how to start writing for a blog

Stay Focused And On Topic! Do not even think about being Mr (or Mrs, what ever the case may be) creative writer or fancy wancy when it comes to crafting your articles. Being clear and concise beats being creative every single time. Often being creative can end up confusing your audience. Think of those long winding ads on TV that you have seen and after seeing them (even several times) you are absolutely clueless as to what product the ad was for. Don't be the joker either or a smart ass or smarty pants. Just get right down and straight to it so that your audience, when they are reading your blog post can fully comprehend what the heck you are talking about in your articles.

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Write In The First Person Singular Write as if you are having a personal 1 on 1 conversation with your readers. Make it as if you are talking with your BFF of like 10 years+!. Make good use of the personal pronouns "I" & "You" when ever possible and as frequently as it is naturally permitted. Avoid using Us/We/everybody/everyone and other collective pronouns.

Write in the style as if you are have a personal convo with your bestie!

Keep Your Writing In A Friendly Everyday Tonality

Avoid the professional, technical or business talk. You are having a nice pleasant and casual conversation with your reader and chatting to them as if they are your best friend, so set aside talking down to them or any attempt to impress them. Personally, if I can't see myself saying something for real with my best buddie then I won't put it in an article. Short and sweet is good. Get to the beef of your posts as soon as possible - people are busy you know!. So, avoid dragging on..and on...and on! Get to the point but keep your cards close to your chest - don't give it all away in the intro to your blog post. 3/9

It is just the intro, tease them into reading more!. Around 150 - 200 words enough. It is probable that you will need to comeback to this article and apply what you have learned. Bookmarking (Ctrl +D) will help you find this page again easier and with less frustration!. Take a couple of seconds and Take Part In My Free 7 Day Blogging Challenge And Get Started With Your Very Own Fully Sustainable Business Online In Just 1 Week. Just pop your very best Email in that box and get my Free eBook "How To Make Money With A Blog" and You'll will be automagically enrolled in the week long blogging challenge?. Can you do it? Can you set yourself up online in just one-week?. I double/triple dare you to!

Give A Clue As To What The Solution Is But Don't Tell It All!. Dropping a hint or a little clue as what the reader will find in your blog post but don't reveal all. Curiosity not only kills felines, it grabs your readers attention and keeps them motivated to read to the end. Just give away enough info to maintain their interest and not enough so that your readers know absolutely everything! It is very much classical and time tested marketing strategy of telling your audience the so called "what" and following up with selling them the solution. In the case of writing blog posts you are telling the "what" during the your introduction and then following up with introducing the "how" in the rest of your article. A Certain Former British Prime Minister put it beautifully!

And now my secret method and sauce!! Oh it is just the Pits! (and easy way to remember it!) O-P-I-T-S! 4/9

The Big "O" - The Opening! The very first sentence and opening should be a story, question or something to create curiosity. Which one you opt for will depend entirely on what works the best for you and the particular article that you are writing or what you are most comfortable with. Let us now have a deeper look at those three options for a good opening.

The Question Based Opener The question that you write in the opening sentence should stir up curiosity in your reader or asking something that is on their minds.

Taken from my article "How To Start A Blog" The question posed above sparks that bit of curiosity in my reader due their desire for the actual answer to the question posed, or indeed their very thoughts in relation to it because there is perhaps something that they have found difficult about blogging and perhaps stressed about. Story openers also make for great blog post introductions because your readers absolutely struggle to turn a blind eye to them - it's a psychological trait! It is in out operating system to read stories to the very end!

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The Story Opener Convey to your audience and readers a story that illustrates the gist of your article or shares an invaluable lesson that is related to what you are writing about. These stories can be either about something or someone that you have heard about or something personal.

Photo Courtesy of Blogging Wizard Words By George Meszaros See how the author George has created a story that is directly related to the reader and which the reader can make that connection to the words on the page and their own experiences in the world of blogging. This is an excellent example of a story opener. 5/9

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Curiosity Opener As the name of this type of opening suggests the aim is to use curiosity in order to get your reader intrigued and to keep reading. The curiosity opener should be targeted towards your audience and at the same time challenge their own beliefs.

Credits to this brilliant text to Harrison Amy See how the above example of a curiosity opener is hitting a home run, it's both intriguing the reader to keep reading and targeted towards a specific audience!. The next step right after your opener is the "P" for Problem.

Identify Their Problems Identify the problems that your audience face, the very one that you will have solved by the time they have read the whole article. Here you can focus on negative feelings and emotions that your readers face on a day to day basis. 6/9

Seen this somewhere before? Look up, its the intro to this very article Hitting you readers hard with their problems and more one's that they are very likely to encounter is brilliant and strategic marketing and a great way to stir up emotions when writing your introduction. Now we are on to the third letter of the O-P-I-T-S formula and method of writing an introduction to a blog post.

"I" Is For Invalidation, Invalidate! Your audience are not virgins. They have heard and seen it a fair few times before like the heart broken hooker, the jilted bride and a man hating feminist they have seen, heard, been utterly exposed to almost every single barefaced lie, dodgy product and outrageous claims made!. ...And they have done their research and will do some more after they read your article. Which means you will need to take this into consideration and invalidate other possible solutions as well as other content that is out there and on the internet and let them know exactly why it is your solution, the very one that you are writing and they are reading is what they need and should be paying attention to.

Brutal invalidation - can you see it?

And the following paragraph...

Letting readers know this solution is the one that readers should be paying attention to From the invalidation part (in the screenshot example, above), you can clearly see the writer is clearly calling out other bloggers as methodical, clueless and with little idea of what they are doing when it comes to teaching how to write the introduction to a blog post. Get My FREE Guide "How To Make Money With A Blog" Here!

Because You Know You That Can Earn More Of The Green Stuff As A Blogger!. The Question Is Are You Going To Take it?!?

"T"ease A "S"olution In this stage of writing your blog post introduction slightly hint at providing a solution to the problem (or problems) that your readers are facing. Of course you shouldn't give it up and reveal the solution in your introduction, tease them with it so that they have to read your post to the very end to find out the solution!. 7/9

Promise your audience the result that they are seeking, i.e, six pack abs, more weight lost, more money, a dog that doesn't sh*t on your carpet etc! You can add to that the kind of emotions that are likely to be experienced, e.g less frustration, happier, reduced stress levels, as a result of reading and successfully implementing the very solution that you have spoken of in your blog post. Lets have another look at that teasing a solution example from above, can you see a result and and emotion experienced as well as some kind of benefit?

Look for the promise, benefit and emotion. That's right the emotion is "love" and benefits are raving loyal fans spending their money (another benefit!). Now you know exactly how to write the introduction to a blog post using my method and formula.

How To Write The Introduction To A Blog Post - The Final Conclusion! In this article you have learned some real great tips in regards to writing compelling and attention grabbing introductions to your blog posts. Remember to keep it simple, write as if you are having a 1 to 1 with your readers in a relaxed casual laid back style and keep on the point & don't try to be creative at all or too smart. Stick to the formula: "O"pening - A Story, Curiosity Or A Question. "P"roblem. "I"nvalidation - of other possible solutions. "T"ease A "S"olution. When you can effectively apply what you have learned writing your introductions will become easier, effortless and pretty simple. There will be no more "blinking cursor of death" and blank screen for you, you will just get bang on with creating killer intros to your blog post that drawn in your reader attention. ...And grab them by the balls!. And your average time on site inside Google Analytics will shoot up!.

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