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Sydney to host 2013 GOPIO Biennial Convention and Women’s conference

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SO IT is July, a brand new financial year, new tax rates and new superannuation rates, price rise for many services are inevitable, the cycle has begun from supplier to next, the previously absorbed prices are tipped to rise. Australia remains the most expensive country for services, the cost of holding any event here is way more than any other comparable country. This stark reality came to the fore for Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs in arranging for regional PBD in Sydney, which will be held from 10th til 12th November. Australia won the hosting of PBD over Fiji and other bidders in the region. His Excellency High Commissioner for India in Australian Biren Nanda, has been going around the country meeting community leaders to solicit support for the regional PBD. The high cost of the event and lack of interest from sponsors means that registration fee will be very high. I, as the convenor of GOPIO International Biennial Convention and GOPIO International Women’s conference am facing the same challenge with our event which will be on 9th of November. GOPIO international has always been associated with PBD

and this time round it is GOPIO International’s biennial convention which incorporates the AGM and the change of guards. The function will finish over with a gala dinner, where the new incoming committee will be introduced. I am also assisting with the Townsville conference and cultural fest with my fellow People of Australia Ambassador, Dr Farvadin Daliri, this land mark event is also facing sponsorship and funding problem. On the political front as everyone is waiting for the announcement of the much anticipated election date, Rudd led labour party has gained popularity and the polls are now showing a fifty / fifty chance between labour and coalition. I will finish off by soliciting support for the Uttarkhand flood appeal launched by GOPIO, please in time of such calamity let us show our solidarity and dig deep for the much needed assistance. The assistance is needed now and there are many avenues of assistance, please donate to whichever credible association you wish to assist through. Until next month, happy reading. Umesh Chandra

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DIAL a Local Doctor, an innovative business idea was launched amidst a glittering dinner function held at Michael’s restaurant on Monday 8th July. In excess of four hundred and fifty people attended the very successful launch. Three course dinner and multicultural performances highlighted the night . The Man behind the innovative project is Zaffar Khan whom we shall meet next month in meeting point. Dial a Local doctor, a fully bulk billed service for in house after hours doctors consultation. The service has a reputation of providing a doctor to your door step in a minimal time. Full report in next month’s Brisbane Indian Times.

Uttarakhand Relief Fund Appeal Courtesy Awadesh Sharma

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HEAVY rains in June this year caused flooding and landslides that resulted in utter devastation in the Uttarakhand state of India. The affected areas include sacred sites and surrounding villages of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Uttarkashi and others. Thousands of people perished in the disaster, houses and roads were washed away. People are left homeless and without livelihood. Their losses are immense. To alleviate the suffering of the affected people we, members of the Indian community, have initiated an Uttarakhand disaster relief fund appeal. We are requesting all our people of Indian heritage, friends and wellwishers of India to generously donate to the relief fund. The money collected will be sent to the Prime Minister’s Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Fund in India. Donation can be made to the commonwealth bank account. Details of the account are as follows:

Name: Awadhesh Kumar Sharma BSB: 06 4000 Account Number: 1363 1226. Please write your name for reference in the narrative field. Donation can also be made in cash or cheque. The cash or cheques in the name of the person receiving it can be given to any of the individuals who have volunteered to advance the appeal. They are Shivika Sinha (Treasurer); Renuka Sinha; Jayant Sinha; Anurag Nayak; Pradeep Tandon (Ram Priya Das); Amit Goel; Dinesh Singh; Avnish Bhardwaz; Sanjeev Pandey and Awadhesh Sharma. For more information you can contact Sudha Sharma on 07 3423 3589 or any of the above mentioned persons. Your generous donation will be highly appreciated by volunteers and beneficiaries in the divine land of Uttarakhand. Please make this initiative known to all potential donors in your contact.

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Recent news about Australian Migration Regulations Subclass 457 (Temporary Work) Reforms effective 1 July 2013 THE purpose of the Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visa program is to allow employers to fill short to medium term skill shortages by recruiting qualified workers from outside of Australia. Mid-way through 2012, the department identified that the subclass 457 program was growing at a record rate and that a significant component of this growth has been in industries and geographical regions that do not appear to be experiencing skills shortages. While most employers are using the subclass 457 appropriately, there is a concern that certain employers in some industries are sourcing their skilled labour needs outside of

Australia without first checking the availability of labour locally. While not unlawful, these actions are not in line with the principles of the subclass 457 program. The reforms to the subclass 457 visa program will improve the integrity of the program without adversely impacting on businesses who are using the program to fill genuine skill shortages. Ongoing requirement to train Australian citizens and permanent resident workers Before 1 July 2013 - Businesses wishing to become standard business sponsors had to meet the training requirement by providing evidence of: - recent payments by the business to an industry training fund to a value of at least 2 per cent of the payroll, or - recent expenditure equivalent to 1 per cent of the payroll in the provision of training to Australian and permanent resident employees in the business. The benchmarks required the business to commit to maintaining that level of expenditure in each fiscal year, for their term of approval as a sponsor. After 1 July 2013 - Meeting the training benchmarks is now an ongoing and enforceable requirement rather than a commitment. In addition, sponsors will be obligated to maintain records relating to training. This includes start-up businesses (i.e. businesses trading for less than 12 months) who initially provide an auditable training plan. Previous sponsors must also demonstrate that they continued to meet the benchmarks during their sponsorship term when applying for a new sponsorship or varying the terms of their current sponsorship. Demonstrating a genuine skill need Before 1 July 2013 - It was not possible to refuse a subclass 457 nomination even where the position was being presented as more skilled than it was in order to be eligible for the program. After 1 July 2013 - A delegate must now be satisfied that the nominated position is

genuine and may refuse the application if: - the tasks of the nominated occupation do not correspond to the tasks of an eligible occupation, or - the position associated with nominated occupation is not genuine. Indicating how many workers an employer will sponsor Before 1 July 2013 - Sponsors were able to sponsor and nominate unlimited subclass 457 visa holders. After 1 July 2013 - Employers are restricted to sponsoring the number of subclass 457 workers that was approved in their sponsorship application over the term of their sponsorship. They can vary this number by applying for a variation to their sponsorship agreement. A sponsorship agreement will cease either at either when the number of nominations is reached or the time period expires (1, 3 or 6 years). Accredited sponsors will not be required to nominate the number of workers they intend to sponsor. Skills assessments for generalist occupations Before 1 July 2013 - Low skilled occupations not eligible to use the program could access it by being presented as a Program and Project Administrator or as a Specialist Manager not elsewhere classified because these are defined in general terms in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). After 1 July 2013 - The assessment of generalist occupations has now been strengthened. Program and Project Administrator and Specialist Manager not elsewhere classified applicants must undertake a formal skills assessment. Market salary rate assessment expanded to regional locality Before 1 July 2013 - A sponsor had to engage subclass 457 visa holders on equivalent terms and conditions that were, or would be, provided to an Australian working in an equivalent role or position. Where there was no equivalent Australian worker,

the employer was required to satisfy the Department that the terms and conditions of employment were appropriate for that position in that location and industry. After 1 July 2013 - The market salary rate provisions have now been expanded to apply beyond the particular workplace to that workplace's regional locality. Where there is no equivalent Australian worker, the employer is still required to satisfy the Department that the terms and conditions of employment are appropriate for that location and industry. Market salary rate assessment exemption lifted to $250 000 Before 1 July 2013 - The market salary assessment exemption threshold was $180 000. After 1 July 2013 - The market salary assessment exemption threshold has been increased to $250 000. Employment must consist of a direct ‘employee-employer' relationship Before 1 July 2013 - Sponsors were obligated to ensure that the primary sponsored person was engaged only as an 'employee' of the sponsor or an associated entity of the sponsor. After 1 July 2013 - Employees must now be employed by their sponsor in a direct 'employee-employer' relationship. This prohibits on-hire arrangements that fall outside approved Labour Agreements and prevents sponsors from engaging visa holders under arrangements that resemble independent contracting arrangements. Sponsors will now be required to keep a record of written contracts of employment with primary sponsored persons. Sponsors are obligated to pay certain costs Before 1 July 2013 - Sponsors were obligated not to recover certain costs from a primary or a secondary sponsored person. After 1 July 2013 - Sponsors will be required to pay certain costs associated with becoming a sponsor and not pass these costs, in any form, onto a sponsored person. Continued page 22

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2013 ASIA PACIFIC CITIES SUMMIT Kaohsiung 9 to 11 September 2013

Three days. $20 million worth of business. $ IInterested? nterested? 9

profile business and government JJoin oin high high pr ofile bu siness a nd g overnment leaders leaders from from India India globe. a nd around around the the g lobe. and


tching p rogram he ttailored ailored b usiness ma Take advantage off tthe business matching program Ta ake a dvantage o no f fer. nlimited b usiness p otential o and into unlimited business potential on offer. a nd tap tap in to tthe he u


Don’t miss Asia Pacific Cities Summit, he lleading eading D on’t m iss tthe he A sia P acific C ities S ummit, tthe business event off 2 2013. rregional egional bu siness e vent o 013. For phone 133 263 For more more iinformation nformation p hone 13 32 63 P rincipal pa r t ne r Principal partner

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A n iinitiative nitiative of of An


Sydney to host 2013 GOPIO Biennial Convention and Women’s conference From front page AUSTRALIA has won the bid to host 2013 GOPIO International Biennial Convention together with Women’s Conference to be held on 9th November 2013. Sydney the selected city for 2013 Regional PBD, is the obvious location for 2013 GOPIO Biennial Convention. Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) has always been synonymous with GOPIO International. Coinciding with almost every PBD, GOPIO International holds its International convention. GOPIO Members worldwide enjoy an reduced registration fee at the annual PBD’s held in India, at regional PBD the fees are dependent on the host country. Umesh Chandra GOPIO International coordinator (Oceania) as the convention convenor called the initial planning meeting to mobilise the Convention planning team. Harry Walia Chairperson, GOPIO’s Committee on By-Laws, Policies & Procedures is the Co Convenor of the convention, Lucky Singh, President of GOPIO Sydney volunteered to be the secretary of the convention and two joint treasurers, Mr Rajat Midha and Baljit Pelia were chosen. Mrs Suman Kapoor from Hamilton New Zealand, Chairperson Women’s Council of GOPIO International is in charge of the women’s conference. The venue for the convention is Sapphire Function Centre in Blacktown which is in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Mahavir Arya will be in charge of the logistics. The treasurers are working out a detailed budget, based on which the final registration fee will be decided. The convention is likely to attract delegates from around the globe especially from the Asia Pacific region. The rough outline of the program at the moment is as follows: * Day 1 Nov 8: Exec Council and

General Council Meetings; Reception / Dinner * Day 2 Nov 9: Diaspora Conference; Women’s Conference; Reception/Dinner The program is subject to confirmation and change, GOPIO Executive meeting is not open to public, a detailed program, convention theme and the registration details will be forwarded soon. The convention committee will launch an online registration portal, a complete list of suggested Accommodation and transportation details will be forwarded soon. Indian High Commissioner to Australia, His Excellency, Biren Nanda at a meeting with Umesh Chandra on 27 June has confirmed his attendance and has been talking highly of GOPIO Biennial convention coinciding with Regional PBD. He has been going around the country meeting community leaders to muster support for regional PBD which will be held at The Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney from 10th till 12th November. The convention committee is looking forward to welcoming international delegates and the GOPIO International team to Australia. Please mark your diaries for now, and keep an eye out for future updates and progress. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs of the Government of India has decided to hold the 2013 Regional Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas Convention in Sydney over three days from November 10-12, 2013. Shri Vayalar Ravi, Hon. Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs and the Hon. Barry O’Farrell, Premier of NSW, jointly made the announcement. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Vayalar Ravi noted that the objective of the event is to reach out to those members of the community who have been unable to participate in the annual PBD in India, and to provide a platform for the Indian community in Australia and the Pacific to

contribute to the relationship between countries of the region and India. Shri Vayalar Ravi also remarked that the Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas (PBD) has been celebrated in India on January 9th each year since 2003 to mark the contributions of the overseas Indian community in the development of India. Noting the significance of the date of PBD, in his remarks Mr. O’Farrell said that Mahatma Gandhi was a “universal icon”, and not just an Indian one. “Sydney is the perfect location for this conference as it is Australia’s financial and cultural capital”, he said. Regional PBDs are organised by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs with the collaboration of the host Government, the Indian Mission, Prominent Overseas Indians and Organisations catering to the needs of the Indian Diaspora. Participation in the event is expected from all States and Territories of Australia and from neighbouring countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Manila, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji and the Pacific Islands. This convention is not only for the Indian community, but for all persons who are interested in plugging into India’s growing relationship with Australia and other Pacific countries. It is expected that more than a thousand individuals will participate in the conference. The programme of the event will feature discussions on different aspects of India’s relationship with Australia and countries of the region including resources, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, skills and education, languages, women in business and culture. Speakers at the event will include Ministers and prominent dignitaries from Australia and India, prominent members of the Indian community, Australian and Indian business representatives and academicians and media persons.

Applications open for migrant employment program APPLICATIONS are now open to create innovative, sustainable employment projects for underemployed migrant and refugee job seekers through the Migrant Communities Employment Fund (MCEF). Minister for Employment Brendan O’Connor and Minister for Multicultural Affairs Kate Lundy announced 5 July applications are now open for the $6.6 million fund. Migrant community organisations, other community organisations, employment services providers, government agencies and employers can apply for funding of up to $200,000. “All Australians deserve a chance for a better life and this program will help new Australians who can work, get the opportunity to benefit from having a job,” Minister O’Connor said. “It is in Australia’s interest to ensure we’re utilising the productive capacity of each and every individual, including recent migrants and refugees. “Not only will these projects provide better engagement with employers they will work to improve perceptions of employers about migrant and refugee job seekers and workers.” Minister Lundy said the Federal Labor Government was committed to ensuring migrants and refugees benefit from the dignity, security and independence that a job can bring. “We want to do everything we can to help migrants and refugees to find and keep a job so they can provide for their family and contribute fully to our society,” Minister Lundy said. “The Migrant Communities Employment Fund will fund projects to address migrant and refugee employment issues at the local grass-root level. “I encourage migrant community organisations, other community organisations, employment services providers, government agencies and employers to get involved.” Applications for the first round projects will close on 19 July 2013 and there will be further funding rounds over the next two years. To view the MCEF guidelines and to apply visit the website at

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Multicultural celebration of Queensland week QUEENSLAND Multicultural Council Inc. celebrated Queensland week at Sunnybank Sub Branch RSL on Saturday 8 June. Queensland Multicultural Council (QMC) was founded on the 11th of November 2007 to provide all people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds equal access to services and to fully participate in all aspects of a cohesive and harmonious Queensland. A major aim was to promote better understanding of the culture of each community in our society. To not only share the joy, the celebrations of each community in its special occasions but also share the concerns, the worries of the people. To work together to achieve assistance to care for the elderly people is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit organisation respects all religions and human rights assists State Government in promoting multiculturalism, achieving participation works in conjunction with the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ) to enhance the relationship


between ethnic communities. Queensland Multicultural Council has previously held many functions including fund raising for Brisbane City Hall, assisting with Queensland flood relief appeal, “Shoulder to Shoulder” . Queensland week celebration attracted a large number of people, so much that extra table and chairs had to be brought in. Dr Nava was appointed the event coordinator and Anthony Lin was the Chairperson on

the programming committee assisted by Janeth Deen, Fenti Forsyth and Usha Chandra. The function was well attended by the three levels on government, Police department and community leaders. President Umesh Chandra highlighted the importance of celebrating Queensland week, he emphasised the fact the we have all come from different countries and from different backgrounds, but we all proudly call

Australia home and in particular Queensland. He said that we all observe and celebrate major festivals of our countries of origin, but it is important that we observe our national and local days and events. The night included a presentation of the Queensland Plan, multicultural performances, it was a great get together of Queensland’s Multicultural communities. The multicultural celebration of Queensland week, was a initiative of Queensland Multicultural Council. Queensland Multicultural has a vision of forming a strategic alliance with Australian Multicultural Council. Australian Multicultural Council administrates the People of Australia Ambassador program. QMC would like to take a proactive role diverse Queensland. Queensland Multicultural Council was thankful to all who attended and supported the Multicultural celebration of Queensland week.

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Stay tuned for the retune! AS THE final step in Australia’s move to digital-only TV, some TV channels will change frequencies. The retune program begins in May 2013 and will affect most TV viewers in Australia. Some TV channels are being moved to free up broadcasting spectrum so that it can be used for new services such as mobile broadband. On 27 June 2013, SBS TV changed frequencies in Brisbane. On or after this date, viewers will need to retune their digital TV, set-top box or digital TV recorder to find the channels that have moved. If you are missing any free-to-air digital TV channels you will need to retune. Some digital TV equipment may automatically detect changes to the channels and retune itself, or may prompt you to retune using your remote. For most systems, you will need to press the “MENU” button on your remote and follow the prompts to retune. If you are having difficulty retuning your digital TV equipment, refer to your manufacturer’s handbook for instructions. If you need further information or assistance, you should visit the retune website where you can also find information available in 20 languages and sign up for an SMS or email reminder for your area’s retune date. You can also call the Digital Ready Information Line on 1800 20 10 13 (8am - 10pm AEST, 7 days a week. The Translating and Interpreting Service is also available on 131 450. People who have a hearing or speech impairment can call 1800 555 677 and ask for 1800 20 10 13.

Hindus upset with Cavill comparing ‘Superman’ with Hindu gods HINDUS are upset with British actor Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in currently running superhero film “Man of Steel”, for reportedly comparing ‘Superman’ with Hindu gods. Hindu statesman Rajan Zed (pictured), in a statement in Nevada (USA), said that comparing gods with a human created comic book fictional character was trivialization of all-powerful God whom we owed our existence. ‘Superman’ at the most was a cultural icon, while God produced and sustained the world and was the source of being and life, Zed argued. We offered prayers to our deities and worshipped them. It was insensitive for Cavill to drag them in comparison with an earthly character, thus hurting the feelings of the devotees, Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, added.

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Fiji Seniors News… By Rajendra Pratap PRESIDENT and members of Fiji Senior Citizens Association of Qld would like to extend their heartfelt sympathy to the victims of recent devastating flood in province of UttraKhand, India, where thousands of brothers and sisters lost their homes, belongings, farms and many of them lost their loved ones. We all pray to almighty God to give them courage, strength and peace to overcome their grief. We pray to all Indians in • Bev Fraser, President Lions Club of Brisbane Macgregor presented Ian Stockdale Humanitarian Award to Mr Surendra Prasad OAM for his dedicated humanitarian services. Surendra has been a member of Macgregor Lions Club for the last nine years and has received many awards for his dedicated service to the communities and to the Club. He has been Honorary Treasurer of Lions Circus project for last two years and is involved in other club projects.

Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir News…

Australia and around the world to contribute towards these victims to help them build up their homes and continue their normal life. Fiji Senior Citizens Association members and with other community groups will celebrate their 10th Anniversary on 31st August, 2013 at Macgregor State School, Sunnybank 5.30-9.30pm. Tickets; Adult $15, Seniors $10, children under 12 free. All young and old are welcome. Come and enjoy an exciting night. For tickets contact S. Prasad 0413 004 100, R. Saran 3290 0653, R. Pratap 0411 339 607

Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association News…

• GCHCA representatives meeting the Councillor Margaret Grummitt

By Mr Kartik Menon Joint-Secretary Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association

Courtesy Dhiru Desai WE are very proud that on Saturday 15 June, Sankat Mochan Shree Hanuman Ji’s Abhishekam, was celebrated at Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir, 86 Scott Lane, North Maclean. This type of Abhishekam took place for the very first time in Brisbane. Our Dharam Guru Pt. Tripathi Ji along with the kind and devoted assistance of a few more Pujya Pundit Ji’s from around Brisbane, led the Abhishekam and Hawan ceremonies. Throughout the celebration, some very


beautiful bhajans, kirtans and Hanuman Chalisa were sung by the devotees. Roth, Halwa Poori and Maha Prasad (Lunch) was also enjoyed by everyone present. Close to a thousand people took part in this very auspicious celebration. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who helped us in making this day a success and a very big thank you to all the food sponsors and the devotees who cooked the prasadam. For more information on Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir please visit

A LARGE number of Australian children who belong to immigrant South Asian families learn the classical dance-drama form of bharathanatyam from a young age. To those who practice bharathanatyam outside the Indian Sub-continent, learning the art form has become a manifestation of the performance of ethnic and cultural identity. It has been suggested that for fear of complete acculturation, immigrant parents see the arts as the standard vehicle for the cultural training of subsequent generations of South Asian youth whose ties to the homeland are even more tenuous. Proponents of the art form describe bharathanatyam as the quintessential rite of passage among the South Asian bourgeoisie. For both the immigrant South Asian and the subsequent generations of South Asians born and raised in the West, bharathanatyam is valued as an art form

which is a ‘carrier of culture’ and figures crucially in the construction of ‘Indianness.’ “I have had the opportunity to learn this divine art form from a very young age and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a unique art where your mind, soul and muscles coordinate beautifully. I would urge every parent in our community to let their children learn this wonderful art,” says Dr Vasugi Sithirasenan, who volunteers her time to choreograph dance performances for community events and has a daughter who is currently learning the art form. In its bid to preserve the cultural and spiritual identity of children from South Asian backgrounds, the Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association has embarked on a project to build an iconic Hindu Cultural Precinct within Gold Coast City. Apart from a place of worship and an educational centre, the precinct will feature a prominent performing arts centre which will be used as a learning and performance space for Indian arts. “Many of our children on the Goldcoast and surrounding areas are currently learning bharathanatyam. However, we do not have a space to call our own and we have to resort to hiring community centers and school halls or even use the homes of individuals for classes and concerts. Often, many of our children and teachers have to travel long distances to access such spaces. Having a cultural centre for Indian performing arts is critical in ensuring that we as a community are able to promote arts education and take it to the next level on the Gold Coast,” said Professor Gulasekaran Rajaguru, whose six-year old daughter learns bharathanatyam. The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association (GCHCA) seeks philanthropic support from members of the community to make this project viable. To make a tax deductible contribution and to find out more about the initiatives of the association, members of the community may contact Mr Indrajit Siva, Secretary of the GCHCA through email GCHCA is receiving wider community support including from every levels of the governments. Recently the Councillor Margaret Grummitt, Gold Coast City Council, has wished and offered her full support to build the Gold Coast Hindu Education and Cultural Precinct to cater the diverse and vibrant community in and around Gold Coast region. Regular monthly Bajans are held on the third Friday of every month from 7.15pm to 9.15pm at the Helensvale Community Centre, 31 Discovery Drive, Helensvale. We will be having our next Bajan on 19th July 2013. All are welcome. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Malaysia Airlines adds daytime service to Mumbai South Asia is a Key Market for National Carrier now flying 93 times weekly into region MALAYSIA Airlines is increasing its frequency from Kuala Lumpur into Mumbai to12 times weekly effective 3 June 2013. Following greater demand from the market, one additional service will be made to the current daytime schedule of services put in by the national carrier since September 2012. Starting June 2013, daytime services from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai on flight MH174 depart every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Monday is the new day in the schedule. MH174 departs Kuala Lumpur at 9.20am and arrives in Mumbai at 11.45am. It returns as flight MH 175 the same day, departing Mumbai at 12:40pm, arriving

Kuala Lumpur at 8.20pm. Malaysia Airlines Director of Commercial, Dr. Hugh Dunleavy, said, “South Asia, especially India, is a key market to Malaysia Airlines and we continuously strive to enhance our guests’ experience onboard. We are deploying our newest B738 aircraft on this route to bring the comfort level of guests to a higher level.” “New aircraft with modern interiors, great in-flight entertainment, and authentic Indian in-flight cuisine adds to our special ‘Malaysian Hospitality’ delivered by our award-winning crew. Competitive pricing plus 30kg of checked-in baggage for Economy and 40kg for Business Class

Dynamic new MOOC developed in Brisbane! AUSTRALIAN Christian College International (ACC-I) is offering the first senior high school level MOOC of its type in Australia. MOOC, known as Massive Open Online Course, is a method of delivering learning content online. ACC-I’s course is non-fee paying and is offered to interested students and to the wider public. Developed by Felicity Alpert, who is Head of School International for the Australian Christian College group, the MOOC “Critical Pathways for Critical Thinking” focuses on how to develop good thinking skills. It prepares students with the kind of thinking that is needed, to function successfully in an increasingly complex world. We need to be able to prepare our students to partake in a future work force for a type of technology that has not as yet even been introduced. Felicity Alpert said “Today, we are experiencing unprecedented changes that are taking place at a very swift rate. Dealing with these changes requires us to be equipped with flexible, intellectual skills.” “These skills include being able to think rationally and effectively. As importantly, we need to be able to integrate diverse, new sources of knowledge in solving

problems. The skills of Critical Thinking are essential to this process.” Australian Christian College-International (, is the overseas operating arm of the Australian Christian College (ACC) group. ACC operates a network of day schools throughout Australia and is also the largest private (Kindergarten to Grade 12) distance education provider in Australia with students in Australia and in many countries overseas. Felicity Alpert explained: “Through Australian Christian College International, students are offered an Australian based curriculum by Distance Education anywhere in the world. Students can be enrolled at any time during the year with our Queensland accredited College and with full access to qualified teacher support. Emphasis is on a personalized, holistic and future focused education with opportunities for students with Gifted and talented aspirations.” You can access the course by going to the home page ( of the website. “CRITICAL PATHWAYS FOR CRITICAL THINKING” is listed on the lower right side of the homepage.

makes Malaysia Airlines an excellent choice to travel to the Indian sub-continent. It’s a winning proposition for our guests.” He added further. Collaboration between Malaysia Airlines and the Taj Group of Hotels of India inked last year, presents traditional and popular Indian regional signature dishes. These have been incorporated into Malaysia Airlines’ in-flight menu to give passengers an authentic and exquisite taste of Indian gastronomic delight even before they arrive in India. Given the timings of the daytime flights, customers avoid wasting time on travel and arrive early in the day, at 11.45am into

Mumbai. This gives them extra time to spend in the city of dreams. The daytime frequencies have also improved Malaysia Airlines’ connectivity to and from Australia, New Zealand and other ASEAN points. South Asian routes have been of primary interest to Malaysia Airlines for a long time. It flies direct 93 times weekly to cities across South Asia namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Dhaka, Colombo, Male, and Kathmandu. For more information, please call Malaysia Airlines’ Reservations on 132 627 or Agency Desk on 1300 655 324.

Valley Multicultural Festival to bring colour and culture LORD Mayor Graham Quirk is inviting residents to celebrate the city’s cultural diversity next month, by visiting the Valley Multicultural Festival on Saturday, 20 July. The Lord Mayor said the event would be held in the Chinatown Mall from 1pm through until 10pm. “I want Brisbane to be Australia’s most inclusive and accessible city, and events such as this highlight the welcoming reputation our city is known for,” Cr Quirk said. “Our culturally diverse community is part of what makes Brisbane so vibrant and dynamic, and the Valley Multicultural Festival will celebrate this as well as give our Fortitude Valley businesses an economic boost.” Valley Multicultural Festival Events: Market stalls and massage: A large variety of market stalls and massage at the Thai Chiva Suk stall. Time: 1pm – 10pm Filipino-Australian Cultural Entertainment: The Filipino Australian cultural entertainment group will present a variety of dance performances originating from the Philippines. Time: 1pm, 6pm Thai Buddhist Sunday School: The Thai Buddhist Sunday School group will present a variety of cultural dance performances originating in Thailand. Time: 1.30pm,

3pm, 4.30pm Brandon Lee: Live performance featuring Brandon Lee performing jazz music. Time: 2pm, 3.30pm Roving Ninjas: Performances include acrobatics, weapons and kicks all choreographed to music. Time: 2.20 – 6.30pm Masks and Music of Indonesia: A fascinating selection of dance and music performances. Time: 2.30pm, 4pm Camel and Calf: A camel and calf will be roving throughout the mall during the festival. Time: 5 – 10pm Brisbane Babas Band: Live performances of Bollywood and Bhangra songs. Time: 5pm, 7pm, 8.30pm Batari:A contemporary Taiko (Japanese drums) ensemble.Time: 5.30pm, 7.30pm, 9pm Tom Lo Lion Dance Troupe:The Tom Lo Lion Troupe will amaze you with both lion and dragon dances to the beat of traditional Chinese drums. Time: 6.30pm, 8pm, 9.30pm Magician: A professional oriental magician from Taiwan showcasing a fusion of western and oriental style illusions to Chinese background music. Time: 6.45 – 9.30pm Visit or contact Council on (07) 3403 8888.

Islamic Society of Holland Park (ISHOP) Courtesy Ray Deen EARLIER this year the Islamic Society of Holland Park purchased the vacant Salvation Army properties across the road, from the Holland Park Mosque. The properties include the Church, hall building and a house as well as car park for 30 odd cars. This is an historic moment for the Society. As the wheel turns full circle almost 50 years in the making. The land was originally owned by the Muslim community, and due to probate and other issues, as well as death duties and BCC rates outstanding debts totalled ten thousand pounds and the property was sold. It has taken 2 generations and 50 years later and $2.2 million to regain what was lost. The community has always felt remorse at the loss of the site, it was even mentioned in the Centenary almanac acknowledging the loss and the wish to regain this site. “Patient are those who persevere” Islamic quotation. At all times since the Salvation Army had moved in, our community has had very good relationships with them, working together for the common good of all in the district. Commonly some members of ISHOP, namely the Deen family were also Rotarians as were the members of the Salvation Army. A majority of the members of the church had remarked when the time comes we hope and pray it reverts back to the original own-

ers. Negotiations took over 7 years to finally confirm the sale to ISHOP and it sometimes caused much procrastination to come to where it see a favourable end. The leaders of this church had a very cordial relationship with ISHOP as attested by the fact they allowed the congregation of the mosque to use their car park on Friday’s for Juma prayers and during our holy month of Ramadan. They provided this facility at no cost. This shows the cordial friendship between both religious organisations. As is commonly known the major historic families involved with the Mosque since its inception in 1906 and the subsequent erection of a new building in 1908, are the Deen Family, Rane Family, later followed by the Goss family, and Muhammed family. These families are currently represented by members as trustees of ISHOP, together with other ethnic members of various communities. There have been a lot of sacrifices made to accomplish this huge task. The funds raised were by the sale of 3 houses the Society owned up the road and in the next street. This raised approx. $1.3million the remaining $900,000 was raised by donations here and in Sydney. Members of the Society went to Sydney for


Friday (Juma) Prayers to collect donations, the first time since 1960’s. The fund raising Dinner held at ICB hall raised approx. $100,000 and the rest was all donated by local and Gold Coast residents, which was amazing to have raised these funds in 4 months. The Society needed to buy this property because the population in the area has grown considerably and the existing Mosque is not able to cope with the increased population, and there is very little room for expansion on the existing site. It needed to find more space and when this property became available it was the solution to the dilemma of the need for more space, especially with the coming of Ramadan, when the mosque overflows. The official opening to the community was held on 2nd June 2013 with over 2000 people attending as well as many dignitaries, which included Hon. Kevin Rudd, Graham Perret M.H.R, Asst.

Commissioner Police and other senior police, Hon. Gary Hargreaves, Cr Christa Adams and local Muslim leaders and Imams. A lot of preparation went into organising this event. Most of the physical work was done by the Deen family. The laying of Turf the day before and setting up of BBQ’s, Deep Fryers, Cold Room and ordering of supplies and setting up for the next day’s event. The food was prepared and served by the Deen families, which was appreciated by all. There was a huge Jumping Castle and rides for the kids. Overall the response was positive by all who attended. It was great to see all the happy faces. The support of the Non-Muslim communities has been very much appreciated, as well as support from local, state, and federal governments. Although we have not received any monetary funding from these organisations they have promised in the future they would assist in funding programs to be held in the new centre as they begin. ISHOP is looking to provide programs that would be inclusive of Muslims and nonMuslims alike thus serving the community. The programs envisaged are Educational, physical to encourage the youth and programs for ladies as well. This centre will

be a place for the whole community. We wish to hold inter faith dialogue as well as common issues that face a growing community. With the mosque being in the area for over 105 years it is testament to the harmony and good will of the Muslims and Non-Muslims alike working together for the good of the community. This bond with all communities is to be encouraged and to inspire others to work in the same manner. The ISHOP Trustees and Executive committee wish to thank all those who helped in any way to achieve this goal. It was a magnificent effort by all and deserves the highest praise, from Almighty Allah. The society also wishes to thank all those who attended at the opening and those who were unable to attend but sent their support and prayers for its success. We say thank you to all. We look forward to a bright future where we all work together in peace and harmony to strengthen our bonds and community spirit for the betterment of all. Insha ‘ Allah (God Willing). If anyone wishes to donate to our centre our Bank details are as follows: Bank: Westpac Garden City BSB: 034-047 Account No: 760096 Account name: Islamic Society of Holland Park Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

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Migrating to Australia on a 457 Visa? THOSE of you interested in migration need to read this important update! There have been a number of changes to the subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa implemented from 1 July 2013. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has changed their application fee structures requiring additional fees to be paid for each family member included in the 457 visa application. The Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Bill 2013 has been passed by the Parliament on 28 June 2013. This Bill awaits the Royal Assent and will soon be implemented within the Law. This means that the controversial Labour Market Testing becomes a

requirement for the 457 visa program. The 457 Visa is the most applied for visa, and people who are preparing to apply as well as those who already have this visa are all affected by these legal changes. No Borders conduct FREE seminars every Thursday after 5pm at our Milton office, regarding both Migration and personal development. These are a great way to get your migration process underway and in the right direction, as well as establishing the life you’ve always aspired to. Feel free to come down to our Milton office or call us on 07 3876 4000 to find out about our seminars, as well as our incredible ‘July Special’ on Visas!

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Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Reaching the unreached in Pakistan By Sue Larsen THE Fred Hollows Foundation’s Pakistan Country Manager Dr Rubina Gillani (pictured) recently visited Brisbane where she shared the successes and challenges of tackling blindness in her country. On her visit, Dr Gillani spoke with community members at Michael’s Oriental Restaurant. The Foundation has a vision for a world in which no person is needlessly blind and is working towards this goal in more than 19 countries, including Pakistan. Pakistan has a population of more than 180 million people. Almost 70% of its people live in rural areas where poverty and illiteracy are endemic. In 1998, when The Foundation began working in Pakistan, 18 in every 1,000 people were blind, representing 1.78% of the population. Eye care services were inadequate for many reasons. Developing a strategy to reduce the blindness burden was a monumental job. The Foundation planned and consulted closely with important stakeholders who were working in the field in Pakistan. To ensure the needs of margninalised groups were addressed, partnerships were established with public sector and nongovernment organisations running hospitals and field operations in far-flung and remote parts of the country. By 2003, The Foundation had helped halve blindness to just nine in every thousand people, or 0.9% of the population. This means that one million people living with avoidable blindness received the gift of sight between 1998 and 2003, thanks to The Foundation and its partners. Blindness in Pakistan today

Sadly, two million people in Pakistan are blind, due to population growth and an increased incidence of blinding conditions like cataract and diabetic retinopathy. While much has been achieved, there is still a long way to go. Record results achieved in 2012 The Foundation, together with partners, contributed to eye operations, treatments and procedures that benefitted over 8 million people in 2012 in its program throughout the developing world. * 98,088 cataract surgeries * 306,827 other sight restoring procedures and treatments * 7.6 million people treated for trachoma * 174 surgeons trained * 40,545 eye health workers trained * 98 facilities built or upgraded * $5.8 million worth of equipment supplied worldwide * 1,989,410 eye screenings Leadership in the field Early this year, The Foundation was ranked in the top 50 best non-government organisations in the world in an annual list of the top 100 NGOs published by Swiss-based magazine, The Global Journal. In early July, The Foundation was honoured as The Australian Charity of the Year 2013 in the inaugural Australian Charity Awards, a new partner program of The Australian Business Awards. The Foundation was assessed across key areas of planning, research and development, execution and implementation, impact and outcomes and performance management. The Fred Hollows Foundation

Australian Rotary Health benefits from Rotary fund raising By Lester Drew Past President ONCE again on 14th June the Rotary Club of Archerfield hosted an outstanding Annual Charity Fundraising event at Brisbane’s Gambaros Restaurant. Guest Speaker: Rotarian and Past President Russ Higginbotham spoke passionately to the audience regarding the history and benefits of Australian Rotary Health, which was the major beneficiary of the funds raised throughout the evening, along with the Fred Hollows Foundation and other local and club charities. Australian Rotary Health was founded in Australia by Ian Scott who sadly passed away in January 2001. Unfortunately Ian did not live to have the joy of seeing his daughter’s health improve greatly by the research of Professor Berk and his team. As a result of a Mental Health Research Grant in 2010, Professor Berk’s project trailed a new treatment for depression – a natural, safe and affordable drug called Nacetyl cysteine (NAC). It was also being used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with promising results. After reading an article about Professor Berk’s research in the Australian Rotary Health UpDate in spring 2010 Joyce Peterson (formerly Mrs Ian Scott) was encouraged to discuss it with her GP who was aware of her daughter’s very serious bipolar problems. Her GP told her that no harm would be done by giving NAC a try and that perhaps some good would come of it. Joyce approached her daughter and encouraged her to speak with her own GP who also gave the green light. The frenetic highs and the black pits of depression are a terrible way to live - sometimes life was pretty normal for Joyce’s daughter, but it didn’t last and eventually her marriage broke up. She did everything she 16 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

could for her two boys, who were just toddlers when her bipolar reared its ugly head. Joyce said ‘In the months before reading Professor Berk’s article, my daughter’s health was in a serious low, however since following his findings and being guided on a dosage by her psychiatrist she has become a healthier person, has happily remarried, and has a house full of trophies for her chosen sport, even a State champion. It has been just over two years since she began the medication, with no weight gain and no side effects. Her mental health is not perfect, not an ‘A’ but probably a ‘B+’ – such a difference to what it was before. We pray that she will continue in better health’. Joyce further said ‘All power to Professor Berk and co. Keep up your good work and a huge thank you for your efforts. A big thank you to Australian Rotary Health for your hard work and fundraising, which funds so many worthwhile projects.’ The ensuing auction of Art Works, Sporting Memorabilia and donated Corporate items attracted spirited bidding as competing guests cast discretion to the wind for a cause in which they believed. Past Rotarian and experienced Auctioneer extraordinaire Paul Zoellar confidently challenged bidders to extend their bids for such a worthy outcome. After the successful auction guests were entertained by a group of young students who gave a display of traditional Indonesian Dance and drumming display which was arranged by Rotarian Fente Forsyth. The tireless efforts of Rotarian and Past President HJ Abdul Rahman Deen (Ray) in the meticulous planning, and coordination of the evening combined with the assistance of many fellow club members ensured another successful fundraising event for the Rotary Club of Archerfield.

Queensland Soni Samaj Inc News….

Varad Raval President, Qld Soni Samaj Inc.

THE Queensland Soni Samaj Inc. (QSSI) is a non-profit voluntary organisation representing and serving the Soni Community in Queensland, Australia. The QSSI aims to promote social welfare, religious, educational and cultural advancements of its members and the greater community. On the 12th of May, QSSI held a “Picnic at the Park” to celebrate Mother’s day. Originally scheduled to take place in the picturesque surrounds of New Farm Park, the event had to be moved to a much cosier indoor setting due to the inclement weather. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and social media, word of the location change spread like wildfire amongst the community even though the decision was made at 7 PM the previous night. One member even commented that he became aware of the change through text message, email and Facebook all within 1 hour of the decision being made! What a wonderful world of technology we live in!! The atmosphere at Runcorn Heights State School at the relaxed time of 11am was typical of a lazy Sunday morning. Approximately 60 people attended; Mum’s mingled, children frolicked on the grass and playground, and gentlemen situated themselves suspiciously close to the kitchen quarter. Idle chatter continued for a while, only to be disturbed by an enthusiastic raffle ticket seller with a flair for coercion. Then came the rapturous energy from the youngsters as the games began. First up was sack racing which was won by the energetic Rudrie Raval in the kids division, and I won it in the men’s division!! This was followed by the lemonspoon race, which combined agility and restraint with competitors having to place a spoon in their mouths while balancing lemons. Eesha Parekh won the kids race and Sarojben Raniga won the women’s division. The men’s division sparked tremendous interest and the race was split into younger men (sub-40’s) and the seniors (50+ category) with Ameet Jeraj winning the younger men’s division and Chandubhai Raniga winning the senior’s race! Finally, a three legged race tested key aspects of teamwork and communication – participants practised an initial round

with friends or companions, but once they got used to the play, a couples round was played. Such fantastic participation from the young and old couples!!! This race was won by the recently married Ameet & Garima Jeraj, showing how they are made for each other! These games involved both the young and old, and cultivated a sense of community and camaraderie. By the end of these games energy levels were low and to recharge a sumptuous lunch was served. The ‘picnic at the park’ became an intimate ‘picnic in the hall’. Community spirits were high as everyone brought a dish to share and there was a multitude of options such that one would be full before taking a bite from every dish available. Soft drinks and water were organised by the Samaj for all to enjoy. Raffles were drawn and prizes for the winners of the games were distributed shortly thereafter. All children presented their mothers with a Certificate of Appreciation which were prepared by the Samaj to respect and honour the lovely Mothers. Being Mother’s Day, the Mums present were especially appreciated by the Samaj with gifts of chocolates and beauty salon vouchers. Events were drawn to a close with predeparture chai, brewed by our very own specialist Don (Dhirubhai) Raniga. It transpired for most to be a rather pleasant cup of chai to conclude a rather pleasant Sunday held in honour of our special mums. Thank you to all volunteers and sponsors, who made this occasion possible. Accolades to Neera Odhavji for supporting the organisation of this function and loads of applauds for Jitesh Raniga for managing this function very successfully. In Jitesh, the QSSI finds yet another leader of tomorrow! The QSSI is extremely proud to be an active community organisation promoting activities that foster a greater acceptance of cultural values through community participation activities, cultural celebrations, developing an inclusive, harmonious and cohesive community. Together, we will succeed…

Vedas and human rights today - APSQ HUMAN rights today, eous work, activities for in general, include life, personnel, society and liberty, equality and nation development. dignity. These key Living should be healthy, Jitendra Deo words today have disciplined and satisfied, President formed constitution of free from greed, hatred, tenmost countries. The sions and fears. VEDAS law is developed along this and machinery clearly directs that nobody has right to cut created for its day to day of running the short the given span of life, either by countries. The roots of these key words are killing themselves or others. Violence of in VEDAS. The directions given in any sort including animal cruelty is prohibVEDAS in relation to these key words are ited. Some of the permitted killings are in much ahead of the present times. If only case of fighting with evil practice, evil VEDAS were studied by world organisa- forces, and war against enemies of society. tions properly and practised accordingly, Rigveda and Atharvaveda mention seven the worlds situation in regards to dignity acts that are considered greatest sin in this and respect to human values would have world. These are theft, prostitution, killing been much better. of wise people, taking drugs, abortion, Life: Life is the most precious gift from lying, and repeating bad habits. God. According to VEDAS books of life guiding human beings how to live in this The VEDAS give prominence (imporworld and attain peaceful life on earth. tance) to development of souls in humans VEDAS state that life is meant for pur- beings with purity and excellence of mind, poseful life where humans have goals of intellect, realization and self-confidence. righteousness in thoughts, words, deeds, VEDAS require all human beings to be economic prosperity, fulfilment of worldly guided by true knowledge and wisdom, so desires and attaining long lasting bliss. The they achieve excellence in all respects. life is action oriented and one should Excellence is necessary for preservation inspire to live for 100 years. This 100 years and protection of human values and dignishould be actioned as always doing right- ty as human being.

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Better support for older Australians from CALD backgrounds

Help establish the first Masjid in Toowoomba, Queensland By Professor Shahjahan Khan Founding President of Islamic Society of Toowoomba Inc 0421 081 048 - THE Church property at 217-221 West St (corner of Stephan St) Toowoomba, Australia is under contract to be bought by the Islamic Society of Toowoomba Inc, a Government registered non-profit Islamic organisation. The total cost of purchase of the property and transforming to a Masjid is AUD$925,000. It is located about 5km from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), less than 1km from Toowoomba hospital and within 2km from the city centre. The existing church fits our current needs for the first Masjid in Toowoomba. Certainly this is a rare opportunity, and we could not afford to miss it. We have received supporting letters from the (1) Grand Mufti of Australia, (2) Mayor of the City of Toowoomba, (3) Vice Chancellor of University of Southern Queensland (USQ), (4) President, Islamic Council of Queensland, and (5) President, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) testify our Society and Masjid project. Toowoomba, the Garden City of Australia, is 1.5 hour driving distance from Brisbane, capital of Queensland, Australia. The population of the city is around 150,000 of which over 1000 are Muslims. There has been a 100% growth of Muslims in the city in the recent 2012 census. There is no Mosque in Toowoomba or Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs regions. The nearest Mosque is in Brisbane. Currently, all Muslims in the city/region worship in a temporary facility provided by the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) which is old and inadequate to meet the current and future needs.

Current donations total $245k and we need another $680k. Many Muslims in Toowoomba have committed to donate one month salary. But our community is not large enough to cover the total cost, although we should be able pay up to one-third of the total cost. So the Islamic Society of Toowoomba Inc, has initiated a major fundraising at home and abroad. To make the fundraising drive a success, your active involvement/support/contribution is absolutely essential. A donation of $2667.00 can buy a sujud area inside the Masjid, and one square meter of land costs $326 (account details below). Your direct contribution and drive to collect funds from other contributors will be highly appreciated. Please don’t miss to buy a piece of paradise with your generous donation. Medium term interest free loan will also be helpful. On Saturday, 22 June 2013 there a successful Thankyou event in Toowoomba which was addressed by Dr John MeVeigh, Minister for Agriculture Queensland, Bishop Robert McGuckin, USQ VC Prof Jan Thomas, A/Prof Mohamed Abdalla, Dr Nada Ibrahim, ICQ President Mohammad Yusuf and Prof Shahjahan Khan. The recoded lecture can be found from our website at Thanking everyone for who supports the project and may God bless you all. Bank Account Details for Masjid Project: Account Name: Islamic Society of Toowoomba Inc Bank/Branch Name: Heritage Bank, Toowoomba Main Branch Branch Address: 400 Ruthven St, Toowoomba, Q4350, AUSTRALIA BSB No. 638060, A/C No. 1300 9958 Swift Code: HBSLAU4T

THE Federal Labor Government will provide funding to the Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland to better support older Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. This project will receive funding through the $60 million second round of the Government’s Aged Care Service Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants Fund, which will deliver approximately $378 million over four years. The Living Better in CALD Communities project aims to promote healthy and active ageing for older people from CALD backgrounds through the large network of ethnic community radio stations around Australia. The Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland will provide relevant and translated information promoting healthy and active ageing in six community languages over a period of two years, promoting access to aged care services, healthy ageing, and engagement in social and other activities for older people from CALD backgrounds. Minister for Ageing Mark Butler said the funding is part of a broader national strategy aimed at ensuring the benefits of the Government’s $3.7 billion Living Longer Living Better aged care reform plan spread to the whole community. “Around 20 per cent of people aged over 65 years were born outside Australia and by 2021 that number will rise to 30 per cent,” Mr Butler said. “Older people from CALD backgrounds

often have different cultural, linguistic and spiritual needs which can affect the type of care and services they want and need. “In many cases, the onset of dementia causes older people from CALD backgrounds to lose their English language skills and revert to their first language. Clearly that is a unique challenge for the person affected, for families and for the aged care provider.” Federal Member for Oxley Bernie Ripoll said the Living Better in CALD Communities project would have a great impact on the local community. “Ensuring information to encourage positive ageing is available to our CALD older Australians is important to ensure they are able to access the services available to them. “This program will assist in reducing social isolation in older Australians from CALD backgrounds, and I look forward to seeing the results in my local community,” Mr Ripoll said. The project will support the Federal Labor Government’s National Ageing and Aged Care Strategy for People from CALD backgrounds. More information can be found at: publishing.nsf/Content/ageing-caldnational-aged-care-strategy A full list of projects and applicants under the Aged Care Service Improvement and Healthy Ageing Grants Fund can be found at: publishing.nsf/Content/budget2011flexfund-acservice-improv09.htm

Turning the tables on graffiti offenders JUVENILE graffiti offenders will be put to work to clean up messes under a new plan to help councils fight graffiti in their local communities. Queensland Local Government Minister David Crisafulli said proposed changes by the Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie to the Youth Justice Act 1992 and the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 would give councils the ability to use offenders aged between 12 and 15 to remove graffiti in their own communities. “Graffiti vandals show a blatant disrespect for public property and should be made to clean up their mess,” Mr Crisafulli said. “The people of our towns and cities deserve better than to have their community facilities, such as parks, recreation halls and cycleways, trashed. “Our plan will see young offenders take responsibility for their actions by removing their dirty work under the supervision of local councils and community groups. “We are determined to end the softly, softly approach of letting juvenile offenders off with little more than a slap on the wrist.”

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk welcomed the proposal and said it would complement other graffiti deterrents Brisbane City Council had already implemented, such as CCTV cameras and its Taskforce Against Graffiti (TAG) joint initiative with the Queensland Police Service and Crimestoppers. The Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2012, which will bring in the changes to the two Acts, will allow authorities to divert young graffiti offenders who are charged or admit guilt to a graffiti removal program. The programs would be run in conjunction with Youth Justice Services. Up to $50,000 from the ongoing GrafittiSTOP program would be set aside to pay for supervisors in areas where graffiti removal programs do not currently exist. Mr Crisafulli also urged residents across the state to make use of the GraffitiSTOP hotline - 1300 Graffiti (1300 472 334), to report incidents of graffiti that need cleaning up and help their communities win the battle against crime.

The Bollywood fashion show raises funds for Save the Children Australia Courtesy Desi Runway HEELS, blings, lime light, funky music great people all at the grand Bollywood fashion show. What a great night to have for a great cause, we pride ourselves in conducting the very first Indian fashion charity show in Brisbane to support Save the Children Australia. This brilliant idea was from Fred Mohammed who opened an Indian clothing shop in Brisbane just over a year ago with the help of his younger sister Shafina 18 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

Mohammed who runs Desi Runway. Fred & Shafina go to India on a regular basis to hand pick the unique outfits. The people who are familiar with this kind of travelling know how demanding this job can be. They promote todays fashion mixed with the traditional Indian fashion. If you attended the show you would have witnessed the amazing outfits that Fred and Shafina had put on display. The Idea was shared with some other passionate people & then a organiser’s team was formed to raise money for such a cause and

put up a spectacular show at the same time. The night started with over 350 people attending. We would like to thank all the audiences who supported the show, their enthusiasm was there till the end. More than 15 models took part in the fashion walk. The show started with black & gold outfits which are Desi Runway signature colours and following that 10 other categories to outline every occasion ending it with a spectacular Bridal show. Where to now? A big exciting question, after receiving an encouraging response we would

like to go bigger and further eg. Sydney, Melbourne, Fiji fashion week. We will need the all community support to make this happen so stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates Desi Runway & the Bollywood fashion show. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the organiser’s involved @ the Bollywood fashion show and also a big thank you to all the sponsors for without them this event wouldn’t have happened. Stay Stylish see you all @ Desi Runway & at the next show! Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Lord Mayor puts spotlight on city’s dumping grounds LORD Mayor Graham Quirk said Council’s crackdown on illegal dumping is paying dividends, with Council clearing up more than 200 tonnes of illegally dumped waste since January. Cr Quirk said this was equivalent to more than 20 garbage truck loads of commercial, domestic and green waste that Council had removed from a number of ‘hot spots’ across the city, in spite of alternative collection services being available. “We want Brisbane to be a clean and green city and one that residents feel proud to live in, so stamping out this type of activity is in our best interest,” he said. Cr Quirk said this financial year Council had received more than 540 complaints of illegal dumping, with more than 250 complaints logged since the beginning of January. He said last financial year a total of 536 complaints were received, so that number had been clearly surpassed this year, with still a month to go. “Clearing up illegally dumped waste costs us time and money and to date this financial year we have invested more than $500,000 clearing up items from beside Brisbane’s road-side’s and within the city’s natural areas. “On top of this we have invested $80,000 to roll out 16 relocatable surveillance cameras across various locations, including targeted spots around Kuraby, Pallara, Parkinson, Willawong, Murarrie and Hemmant. “The cameras are reaping positive results, as we’re catching more people for illegal dumping – this financial year we’ve issued 91 fines (totalling $157,000), almost double last year’s total of 47 fines (totalling $68,000).” Illegal dumping can carry a fine of more than $1700, depending on waste amounts: • Waste greater than 200L, but less than 2500L (Individuals) $1760 • Waste greater than 200L, but less than 2500L (Corporations) $3300 • Waste greater than 2500L (Individuals) $2200 • Waste greater than 2500L (Corporations) $7040 Residents are able to use the Kerbside Collection service’s in all suburbs across Brisbane, once per year, to help get rid of items that won’t fit in their wheelie-bin and are also offered five free waste and five free green waste vouchers once per year with their rates notice. For items not acceptable through the Kerbside Collection service, Council also provides four allocated days per year to drop off hazardous waste for free at Council's transfer stations, including pool chemicals, petrol, paint and gas cylinders. Cr Quirk also reminded residents that with the digital TV switchover occurring in Brisbane from 28 May, they could utilise the free TV and computer recycling scheme on offer at Council’s Transfer Stations.

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GOPIO Guadeloupe pays tribute to Indentured Indians Umesh Chandra

AS a frequent traveler I have trotted the globe many a time, but this was probably the single longest journey I have ever taken, from Brisbane to Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe. I was lucky to get a direct flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles, then from Los Angeles to Atlanta, from Atlanta to Miami, from Miami to Haiti, from Haiti to finally Pointe-A Pitre. Just to give you and idea, on the way back I left Guadeloupe on a Monday and arrived in Brisbane on a Thursday without stepping out of any airport. I had met the President of Guadeloupe Michel Narayaninsamy in India few years back and we had forged a cordial relationship, to me he was a humble man and to hear his story and the story of Indentured Indians in Guadeloupe was very moving. He was very motivated to revive the historical links with India, to revive their ancestral culture, religion and language. He has made several trips to India and has been a regular attendee at the Pravasi Bhartiya Divas in India. Michel Narayaninsamy created history by inviting Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, Vayalar Ravi to Guadeloupe, the first Indian Minister to officially visit Guadeloupe, on the historic occasion a memorial was unveiled to honor the and mark the arrival of the first Indians to the shores of Guadeloupe. Michel Narayaninsamy attended the Regional Pravasi Divas in Mauritius, where we discussed many facets of Indian Diaspora issues. He had previously invited me to the few GOPIO functions in Guadeloupe, but I could not make it. This time round for the inauguration of the monument remembering thirty four Indian men and one Indian woman who gave their lives

in protection of their culture and religious beliefs, I could not say no. On arrival Michel Narayaninsamy was at the airport to meet me, together we went to his house for lunch where I met many of my friends from Mauritius, Paris, Chicago, Chennai, Reunion Island and Trinidad. GOPIO Guadeloupe, in partnership with Terre-de-Haut district, paid tribute to these brave Indians by inaugurating a monument which has all thirty five names inscribed on it. Michel Narayaninsamy arranged for a Pundit Ji from India on the occasion and a Havan ceremony was conducted at the monument. As history would have it, after the abolition of slavery in 1848, thousands fled Guadeloupe. This resulted in the collapse of the sugar cane production. During British occupation of India, France had five colonies in India namely, Pondichery, Karibal, Mahé, Yanaon and Chandernagore in Bengal.

French administration sought Indian laborers to replace the slaves on their colonies. Shipments of workers from these colonies began in 1854 and continued till 1889. In total 43, 326 indentured Indians came to Guadeloupe. With little personal belongings these people held onto their beliefs and rituals as they brought along their Idols (Murtis) and holy books. The sad news for people of Indian origin is the fact that between 1860 and 1886, thirty-five of these laborers who came from India, including a woman, were judged and sentenced to deportation on “L’ilet à Cabris” (Isle of Goats) as they refused to succumb to the religion and culture of this French island they died in awful conditions on the Island. In the words of the President of GOPIO Guadeloupe, Michel Narayaninsamy they courageously chose jail and death, because they

refused to betray their cultural values and decided to up keep their dignity. Indo-Guadeloupians are descendants of indentured workers who came from Tamil Nadu in the late 19th century. There are currently about 55,000 people of Indian origin living in Guadeloupe making it home to one of the largest Indian populations in the Caribbean. Tamils in Guadeloupe trace their roots to over 40,000 indentured workers who were brought from India to Guadeloupe in 1861 to work on plantations through an agreement reached between France and the United Kingdom. The importation of Indian labor was discontinued after 1883 as a result of adoption of a policy by the British Government against recruitment of labor to its territories and also due to high mobility of Indian labor. Over 10,000 of them perished as a result of difficult living and working conditions and the rest continued to be treated harshly until they were given some political rights in 1904 due to Henry Sidambarom’s efforts. It was in 1923 that Guadeloupians of Indian descents were granted citizenship and the right to vote. A few Indians were indentured to Saint Martin (prior to 2007 Saint Martin was a part of Guadeloupe). The city of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe and Pondicherry in India have been designated as twin cities to promote cultural links and exchanges.

Auckland Girmit Day honours elders, while rekindling international awareness By Thakur Ranjit Singh AS THE medals were eased into the ageing and wrinkled necks of Girmit – descendant octogenarians (those 80 years and over), the silence of the moment spoke deafeningly. This moment was etched in their memory, and brought smiles to their crinkled and parched lips as they eased out of chairs with shaking hands and crackling joints and legs that were protesting. Some had walking sticks for support, other had relatives. But the electricity of the moment was such that they eased out of chairs, with a bit of help from relatives and committee members, and inched their way to the main stage where executives of Fiji Girmit Foundation did the honours of putting the medals in their necks. They all eagerly waited for their names to be called. These were the first generation descendants of Girmitiyas, as their parents had served Girmit. Very soon we may not have anybody from this lot left, as we move to second generation. They were being rewarded for sacrifices of their parents who never received any honour for their sufferings and vision. While these people did not directly contribute anything to Girmit, they are living proof of the first descendants who heard stories of hardship and sufferings from their parents. As names were called out, you could sense a feeling of satisfaction on their smiling faces. Half the recipients were from the first batch of octogenarians of first Girmit Day held in 2012 by Waitakere Indian Association. Recipients, among, others who were on hand to receive them were former Carpenters employee Goving Prasad, former National Farmers Union executive Kapil Deo Singh and wife, Auckland old-timer and a friend of former Prime Minister Helen Clark, Narain Prasad his wife Rai Mati Singh, Shiu Mati Prasad and Audh Raji Vishwanath. One notable gentleman was former distinguished Ba resident, Alliance Minister and a long time Fiji politician, James Shankar Singh. “Our Girmitiyas are not present now, but we are proud and thankful for their input in Fiji. It is through them who and what we are. It is nice to see that our Girmitiyas and elders are not forgotten” said an elated Singh after receiving Girmit Medal from Chairman of Girmit Foundation of New Zealand, Devakar Prasad. Former National Farmers Union President and regular contributor to Shanti Dut Hindi newspaper in Fiji, Kapil Deo Singh was equally overjoyed at being recognised for the sacrifices of his forbears. “I feel very honoured for this recognition and thanks to Girmit Foundation for this novel gesture to remember Girmitiyas who need to be recognised by our history as well. We are thankful for their vision and 20 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

• Chairperson of Fiji Girmit Foundation New Zealand, Pundit Devakar Prasad, interviewing former Fiji Alliance Minister, James Shankar Singh, after awarding him the Girmit Medal. Looking on is a Girmit Foundation and Manukau Sanatan Executive, Pradeep Chand. Right: Girmit Commemoration Plaque.

priority in education and preserving our Hindi language,” Kapil said. Another octogenarian, Mrs Shiu Mati Prasad, sister of former Lautoka and Suva City Town Clerk/CEO Late Vishnu Chand, was equally overjoyed for this honour of being rewarded. She did recognise that sacrifices was by their fathers, but was honoured to be remembered. ‘I am thinking of our Girmitiyas and am thankful for their sacrifices. I am thankful for this event which I first attended last year,” said Mrs Prasad. That event was Girmit Remembrance Day which Fiji Girmit Foundation New Zealand held to commemorate the 134th anniversary of Girmit at the Skipton Hall, Mangere at Auckland on 18 May, 2013. The afternoon was named “Ek Shaam Girmitiyon ke Naam – a name in honour of Girmitiyas. The theme for the function was: Reconnecting, Reclaiming and Restoring Indo-Fijian History.” We all sang national anthem of New Zealand, Fiji and India, maintained a minutes silence and laid wreath in memory of the departed Girmitiya forbears. Some old tales were told and students of Pooja Trust took turns to sing Bidesia, based on Girmit in Fiji, playing the harmonium themselves. It was a stunning performance that captivated the audience and raised the profile of a folk song that

belonged to a bygone era. Bidesia was widely sung by the Girmitiyas, which had the power to ease pent up emotions that broke into sobs, crying and wailing until they could cry no more. Oration delivered by young people on Girmit clearly showed that the young were appropriately being brought up with full knowledge of their early history. Pundit Ram Kumar Sewak is doing a commendable work in South Auckland among the young children and the fruits of his endeavour were in display at the function. The Fiji Girmit Foundation New Zealand is committed to reconnecting, reclaiming and restoring Indo-Fijian history and would work closely with the Fiji Girmit Council to support its aims and objectives, ensuring that Girmit is embraced as the foundational history of the community and is respected, revered and commemorated regularly. Girmit Remembrance Day provided opportunity to Indo-Fijian families to resurrect the memories and pay our respects to our Girmitiya forebears for the sacrifices that they made and the legacy that they left for successive generations. The event remembered suffering, sacrifices and vision of our forbears through oratory, poems, music and tales of the past. This was a journey through memory lane which provided exposure to a history that is dormant and yet it is a fascinating history of suffering, struggle and sacrifice. The Foundation intends to strengthen our unique IndoFijian culture, language, customs and traditions to ensure that our children remain connected to the jewels of their inheritance. Radio stations and other media helped us reach people. It is hoped, in a small way, the initiative, foresight and vision of Aucklanders are going to inspire our Indo Fijian Diaspora in Canada (Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, Toronto etc), USA (San Francisco, Sacramento, Modesto Hayward etc), Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc) and even in Fiji to appreciate that we get organised and tell our new generation the tales of Girmit that history has failed to acknowledge. With two Girmit events in Auckland, one at Calvary Church and the other at Skipton Hall, with one additional one at Wellington, we Kiwis hope to initiate a turnaround and raise international awareness on Indo-Fijian history. Girmit Remembrance Day 2013 in Auckland was an opportunity to recognise and reward the sacrifices of our forbears in proxy, but most importantly, to show them love and honour which their Girmitiya parents were denied in Girmit. May their souls rest in peace. [E-mail:] Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

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Balasamskar Kendra & Sydney Veda Paatashaala Annual Day Program BALASAMSKAR Kendra (BSK) and Sydney Veda Paatashaala (SVP) are the educational sectors of Vishwa Hindu Parishad helping to promote & preserve Sanskrit Language and ancient tradition of the Vedas. Balasamskar Kendra’s primary role is to provide a platform for establishing our identity with a deep rooted confidence of what we are, who we are and to be proud of ourselves and learning our Bharathiya culture and heritage, learning to speak, read and write Sanskrit, and to participate in a wide range of games and yoga. Sydney Veda Paatashaala gives an opportunity for young children and adults to learn vedas and several holistic manthras, and the reasons to chant this. Currently, BSK/SVP has 7 branches altogether. On the 29th of June, BSK and SVP celebrated their 5th Annual Day. The program began with the acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land. This was followed by the lighting of a lamp or deepam which signifies knowledge. Knowledge is the greatest wealth in our lives that can dispel ignorance or darkness. “Where there is light, darkness cannot be; where knowledge has come, ignorance must quit.” After the invocation prayer by Vaishnavi & Malavika, Dr Shobha Rudrakumar gave a snapshot of VHP activities Australia wide. The drama – Satyakama & Jabala- presented by BSK Moorebank centred around education and the role of the teacher in uplift-

ing a student. Mr Victor Dominello, Minister for Citizenship & Communities & Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, addressed the audience and distributed the awards to all the volunteers. In his address, the Minister praised all the children for their efforts in learning an ancient language and congratulated them on receiving the greatest gift from their parents -the gift of language. He proudly stated that he was happy to see the true essence of multiculturalism in the state. “One God many forms” presented by BSK Toongabbie was well received by the audience as it conveyed a genuine message. Ekam Sat vipra bahuda vadanti - “One alone exists”; Sages call it by various names. They are all names that different people use to describe the one form.

“Hanuman Chalisa” was sung by BSK, Hornsby. Hanuman chalisa encourages every human being to face the world of challenges and reach the ultimate goal by elevating the mind. Bharateeya Culture is basically “Science of Mind”. Councillor Lisa Lake of Holroyd Council, in her address expressed support for the new ventures undertaken by the BSK/SVP. The musical depiction by BSK, Moorebank conveyed the message that God is everywhere and is not limited to time and space! Mr Kiran Kumar from Sewa made an appeal for the tragedy in Utarrakhand before inviting all guests, parents and children for a sumptuous vegetarian dinner. Vedic hymns were dedicated to Lord Ganesha & the Guru by Sydney Veda Patashaala, Baulkham Hills and Westmead. The story behind the short verse like dialog

with a small girl named kanchanamala) was interesting and captured the attention of the audience. “Ayigiri Nandini” was chanted by students from BSK Toongabbie. BSK, Moorebank staged the girls talking to the bird in a dance form. BSK, Homebush presented Madhurashtakam a unique poem, describing the Sweetness of Lord Sri Krishna. The Madhurasthakam uses just one adjective, “madhuram”, meaning sweet or beautiful , to describe the lovely attributes of Lord Sri Krishna’s beautiful form, who is the master of Sweetness and Sweetness personified. A messgae from Ms Julie Webber, Principal, Waitara Public School was read out to the audience by Priya Sashi followed by a demonstration of Yoga by BSK Toongabbie. SVP Baulkham Hills presented “Bhagya suktam” a very important sukta of the Veda, a recitation of which in the morning adds to the happiness and success of the endeavours of that day and further. Dr Om Dhungyel, President, Association of Bhutanese in Australia,Mrs Lucky Singh from GOPIO also addressed the audience and handed out the participant award packs. Sriram Parashuram of Carlingford, SVP conveyed the vote of thanks. The program concluded with the children from all BSK/SVP Branches reciting a Sanskrit song . Dhanyavaadhaha! Hari AUM! Laiju Menon

Recent news about Australian Migration Regulations Continued from page 4 English language requirement must be met when new nomination is lodged Before 1 July 2013 - To be granted a subclass 457 visa an applicant had to demonstrate that they meet the English language requirement or that they were exempt. One of the exemptions was for applicants whose sponsor indicated that their annual earnings were going to be above a specified threshold (the English Language Salary Exemption Threshold – ELSET). If, after the grant of the visa, that sponsor made a new nomination with a salary lower than the ELSET, the visa holder was not required to demonstrate that they met the English requirement. After 1 July 2013 - If a subclass 457 visa holder who was previously exempt from the English language requirement because their annual earnings were above the specified threshold, is renominated at a salary level lower than the ELSET, the visa holder will be required to demonstrate that they either meet the English language requirement or that they are otherwise exempt. Occupation based exemptions to the English language requirement are removed Before 1 July 2013 - Most occupations were exempt from the English language requirement with the exception of Technicians and Trade Workers. After 1 July 2013 - Occupation based exemptions have now been removed. Other exemptions will remain unchanged including: - a nominated salary that is over the ELSET amount - a passport from Canada, United States of American , United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand, or - have completed at least 5 consecutive years of full-time study in a secondary and/or higher education institution where the instruction was delivered in English. Definition of English language now aligned with the Employer Nomination Scheme Before 1 July 2013 - The subclass 457 program had its own definition of the English language requirement. After 1 July 2013 - The English language requirement is now aligned with the Employer Nomination Scheme. Occupational English Test score of 'B' in each of the four test components will now also be accepted and the IELTS or OET must have been completed within 3 years prior to the date an application is lodged. Restricted terms of sponsorship for startup businesses Before 1 July 2013 - The terms of sponsorship for start-up businesses were the same 22 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

as standard business sponsors. After 1 July 2013 - The term of sponsorship approval for start-up businesses has been amended to an initial 12 months and all subclass 457 visa holders sponsored by start-up businesses are limited to an initial 12 month visa. Mandatory electronic lodgement Before 1 July 2013 - It was possible for all subclass 457 sponsorship, nomination and visa applications to be lodged using paper forms and via the online facility. Sponsorship, nomination and visa applications associated with overseas business sponsors were processed at the nearest overseas post. After 1 July 2013 - All subclass 457 sponsorship, nomination and visa applications must be lodged using the online facility. Sponsorship, nomination and visa applications associated with overseas business sponsors will now be processed in Australia. Requiring visa holders to begin work within 90 days of arriving in Australia Before 1 July 2013 – There was no explicit requirement for a visa holder to commence work with their sponsor. This made it difficult for the Department to cancel visas when work had never commenced. After 1 July 2013 - It is now a part of condition 8107 that a Subclass 457 visa holder must commence work with their sponsor within 90 days of arriving in Australia. Requiring mandatory registration, licensing or membership Before 1 July 2013 – For certain occupations, visa holders are required to obtain any mandatory registration, licence or membership in the state or territory where their position will be located. There was no restriction to a person being granted a Subclass 457 visa prior to obtaining the necessary registration, licence or membership. However, if a visa holder failed to obtain the mandatory registration, licence or membership, it was very difficult for the Department to take action. After 1 July 2013 - The condition will also be extended to require Subclass 457 visa holders to have sought to obtain within 28 days any mandatory registration, licence or membership for their occupation in the state or territory they are employed. Extend the period in which a visa holder can seek new sponsored employment Before 1 July 2013 – Condition 8107 is a visa condition that requires Subclass 457 visa holders only work for their sponsoring employer, in the occupation or position in relation to which the visa was granted; and if the holder ceases employment — the period during which the holder ceases employment must not exceed 28 consecutive days. This time period is to allow

Subclass 457 holders to find a new sponsor or to depart Australia. If a visa holder does not comply with their conditions they are liable to have their visa cancelled. After 1 July 2013 - The time period for Subclass 457 holders to find a new sponsor or to depart Australia, if they cease employment with their sponsoring employer, is extended to 90 consecutive days. Enshrining the kinds of sponsorship obligations which must be prescribed in the Migration Regulations Before 1 July 2013 - The sponsorship obligations which a person who is or was an approved sponsor must satisfy are prescribed by the Migration Regulations. There is a note in the Migration Act which lists some examples of sponsorship obligations which might be prescribed by the Migration Regulations. However, there is no guarantee that there will be sponsorship obligations of a particular kind in the Migration Regulations. After 1 July 2013 - The Migration Act will require the Minister to take all reasonable steps to ensure that certain sponsorship obligations are prescribed by the Migration Regulations; thereby enshrining in the Migration Act the kinds of sponsorship obligations which must be made in the Migration Regulations. Enhancing the enforcement framework to include enforceable undertakings between the Minister and a sponsor and former approved sponsor Before 1 July 2013 – The enforcement framework relating to sponsorship of noncitizens seeking entry to Australia for work purposes, includes administrative sanctions (to bar a sponsor or cancel the approval of a person as a sponsor), an infringement notice scheme and a civil penalty scheme. After 1 July 2013 - Enforceable undertakings will be an additional enforcement option where there has been a failure by an approved sponsor or former approved sponsor to satisfy an applicable sponsorship obligation. An enforceable undertaking is a court-enforceable promise made between the Minister and a sponsor. This option might avoid substantial legal costs associated with litigation in the courts. They are designed to be flexible and secure compensation to restore harm resulting from contraventions of the obligation (eg payment to a worker to compensate for underpayments). Source: DIAC Website

New Visa Pricing Structure from 1 July 2013 New visa pricing arrangements came into effect on 1 July 2013 as part of a change to Australia's visa pricing model. These changes form part of an overall program of initiatives, known as the Visa Pricing

Transformation Program by the Department if Immigration & Citizenship. As of 1 July 2013, applicants will be required to pay the following charges when an application is lodged: • Base application charge – this charge is the amount a main visa applicant will have to pay for their visa application. Every visa application will have a base application charge, but in some cases the base application charge is nil. If an application includes more than one applicant, known as a combined application, then the base application charge will only be paid by the main applicant. • Additional applicant charge – this charge will be paid by each additional applicant included in or added to a combined visa application (unless an exemption applies). The amount varies according to the age of the applicant, the visa subclass and whether the applicant is in or outside Australia. This charge is added to the base application charge; the main applicant does not pay the additional applicant charge. • Non-Internet application charge – a charge of AUD80 for selected visas will apply when the option to lodge and pay for the application online exists but the applicant chooses to lodge a visa application by paper form, including fax, email, lodgement through a Service Delivery Partner, or in person. This charge is paid per application not per person. This charge will initially be applied to the following five visa subclasses, with more to be progressively included: 155 Five year Resident Return Visa; 157 Three month Resident Return Visa; 417 Working Holiday; 476 Skilled (Recognised Graduate); 485 Temporary Graduate. • Subsequent temporary application charge – is a charge that you might need to pay when you lodge a visa application for certain temporary visas when you are in Australia. The charge is AUD700 per applicant in addition to any other applicable visa fees and charges. This charge does not apply to the first visa that you apply for when you are in Australia. This charge is paid by each person in an application and is based on their individual temporary visa history. In addition, for some visas you might also have to pay a further visa application charge. This may be paid after you have lodged your application but before the visa can be granted. This second installment is not required if your application is refused. This article is intended to provide general information on migration issues and does not constitute migration advice, and no responsibility is accepted by Kiran Goel or AIEES for the accuracy of material appearing in the Brisbane Indian Times. (Ms Kiran Goel MARN: 0639149) Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102



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Innovation...What is innovation?

Business News Record keeping for the building and construction industry Courtesy Sudesh Aggarwal

DO YOU operate a business in the building and construction industry such as a plastering, plumbing or bricklaying business? This fact sheet will help you understand good record keeping practices specific to your business. Maintaining a good record keeping system will assist you to keep track of paid and unpaid accounts. You should be able to easily calculate all your sales from your record keeping system. This will also allow your tax advisor to work out your business tax liabilities. Our research shows that good record keeping helps businesses succeed. ! Record keeping is a legal requirement. Recording income Use pre-numbered invoice books: You should issue an invoice for each sale. Issue a tax invoice if you are registered for GST. This helps you keep track of all services provided and monitor outstanding accounts. If you decide to cancel an invoice or make a mistake, do not remove the invoice from the book. Do not use your invoice book for quotes. Use pre-numbered quote books: This helps keep track of all services provided. Do not remove quotes from the book. Reconciling your quote book to the invoice book also ensures that all income has been reported. Do not use your quote book for invoices. Record every sale and purchase: Businesses must keep records that detail each sales transaction as it occurs. If you purchase materials for a job and charge the customer for this, make sure it is included in your income and expenses. Retain a summary record: Maintaining summary records will help you to monitor your business profits, losses and cash flow. The most common method used to record sales is with a receipt or invoice book. Retain a detailed record for at least a month: Detailed records must be kept for at least one month if you complete and retain summary records, or five years if you do not retain a summary record. You may discard individual records after one month if you have reconciled the summary records with the individual records and the banking for that period. The reconciliation must take into account any cash earned that has been withdrawn for personal uses or used to pay for expenses in cash. The reconciliation must be kept for five years. Example: Kim is a plasterer, has an ABN, and works as a contractor. He has been hired by Kwan to plaster the inside of a new building. Kim issues invoices to Kwan for work completed, including amounts for the sup-


ply of materials. Kim keeps summary records for tax purposes. He also keeps detailed records for at least a month but then discards them when he reconciles the summary records with the individual records and the banking for that month. He uses these records to report the total of all income he makes from Kwan throughout the year to the ATO. By doing the right thing and keeping good records Kim can see his profits, which he uses to grow his business. Check what you know The following is a checklist of the minimum record keeping requirements: record all sales as they occur retain detailed sales records for at least one month retain summary records for five years where you have reconciled your business income account for all cash wages and other cash purchases account for all cash used for personal living expenses taken from business income reconcile sales with accounting records and cash deposited in the bank. For more information: * visit * visit for tax and superannuation information in 25 languages, including translated information about record keeping (Record keeping for small business) * phone us on the ATO business tax infoline on 13 28 66 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. If you do not speak English well and need help from the ATO, phone the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50. * visit one of our shopfronts * speak to your tax adviser If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, phone the ATO through the National Relay Service (NRS) on the numbers listed below, and ask for the ATO number you need: * TTY users, phone 13 36 77. For ATO 1800 free-call numbers, phone 1800 555 677. * Speak and Listen users, phone 1300 555 727. For ATO 1800 free-call numbers, phone 1800 555 727. * Internet relay users, connect to the NRS at

EVERYONE can innovate. Innovation generally refers to renewing, changing or creating more effective processes, products or ways of doing things. For businesses, this could mean implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products or improving your existing services. Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business, and help you adapt and grow in the marketplace. Being innovative does not mean inventing; innovation can mean changing your business model and adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services. Successful innovation should be an in-built part of your business strategy and the strategic vision, where you create an environment and lead in innovative thinking and creative problem solving. Some common themes around innovation 1. Conduct an analysis of the market environment, your customers wants and needs

and competitors. Be open to new ideas and adaptive to change. 2. Develop a strategic responsive plan which includes innovation as a key business process across the entire business. 3. Leadership in innovation. Train and empower employees to think innovatively from the top down. Inspirational leadership and motivation is what drives innovation in business. 4. Connect with customers and employees to generate ideas for improving processes, products and services both internally and externally. 5. Seek advice. Utilise available resources, business advisors, grants and assistance to drive innovation in your business. This may include seeking Intellectual Property (IP) protection for commercialisation of ideas. Remember, innovation is the key to competitive advantage for your business. Visit for further information.

Record keeping in the retail food industry Courtesy Sudesh Aggarwal

DO YOU operate a coffee shop, food court shop, restaurant, fast-food or takeaway food outlet? This fact sheet will help you understand good record keeping practices specific to your business. Maintaining a good record keeping system will help you to keep track of paid and unpaid accounts. You should be able to easily calculate all your sales from your record keeping system. This will also allow your tax advisor to work out your business tax liabilities. Our research shows that good record keeping helps businesses succeed. ! Record keeping is a legal requirement. Recording income: Businesses must keep records that detail each sales transaction as it occurs. Each sales transaction must include the amount and date of the sale. You should: * Record each individual sale through the cash register or Point of sale (POS) system. * Perform 'Z-totals' (the total of all recorded takings for that day) or generate a summary record at the end of the day for each cash register. * Conduct a daily sales reconciliation between the 'Z-totals' (or summary record) and cash in the register, taking into account cash taken to pay for business expenses (including staff wages) and personal use. * Transfer daily sales totals into a cash receipts book (or electronic equivalent). * Perform reconciliations between the bank statements and cash receipts book (or electronic equivalent) at least monthly. * Keep all business records for five years the exception is the till tape rolls, which you may keep for one month, provided you have reconciled the 'Z-totals' (or summary records) with the individual records and the bankings for that period. Things to avoid * Cash registers operated without a till roll. * Trading with the register drawer left open. * Failing to record each transaction accurately - for example, ringing up sales as a 'No Sale'. * Failing to

record each individual sale and only recording daily sales totals in their record-keeping systems. * Not accounting for cash payments for wages, business expenses and personal withdrawals in the recording of daily sales. Example: Mae owns a fast food shop. Her business has an ABN and is registered for GST. Every day, she uses her cash register to record all her sales. The end of the week and weekends are the busiest for Mae. At the end of each day Mae compares her daily sales total to the cash in the register. Then, every Monday, Mae sets aside time to organise her business records, including: * transferring daily sales totals into a cash receipts book * checking purchases against her bank statements * keeping track of her income and business expenses. At the end of the month, Mae is able to find her business information quickly and easily, so that she can enter her income and expenses into her accounting software. This information helps Mae claim GST credits and complete her business activity statement (BAS) accurately and on time. Keeping good records means she can see her profits, which Mae uses to help her business grow. Check what you know The following is a checklist of the minimum record-keeping requirements: record all sales as they occur reconcile sales with accounting records and bank statements retain detailed sales records for at least one month if you reconcile your sales, or five years if you do not reconcile your sales retain all other records for five years account for all cash wages and other cash purchases account for all cash used for personal living expenses taken from business income. For more information: * visit Further contact information located at bottom of article building / construction featured on this page.

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Who, What, Where, When

• Above & Right: Chinmaya Mission Australia’s  Brahmachari Gopal Chaitanya conducting the 2 day Lord Muruga Balvihar Holiday Camp.

• Shrabani Choudhury and Arvind Pranjape at Strings of India Recital organised by Swara Mohini Inc in Banyo.

• The ‘Auckland Violin Sisters’, Geerthana, Divya and Manisha Nanthankumar, gave a live violin concert at the Auckland Normal Intermediate School on 8th June. Many popular local artistes and musicians accompanied the trio on the musical journey. The hall was packed with more than 500 people. The trio mesmerized the audience and kept the audience spellbound.

• Dr Gillani with Hussain Assaf and son Jafar Assaf & Ray Deen at Fred Hollows Foundation’s event at Michael’s Oriental Restaurant. • Right: Ghazal Basit, Sue Larsen FHF, Dr Rubina Gillani & Lela Shah.

• Son of Mr & Mrs Hemant Kumar of Cannon Hill recently wed daughter of Mr & Mrs Mahesh Prasad of Fiji.

• Guests arriving at Queensland Multicultural Councils Queensland week Dinner Function. 26 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

• Arun Kumar, Washington USA, Umesh Chandra, Brisbane Australia, Sayantan Charvarty, Delhi India, Indran, Chennai India at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Guadeloupe.

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Who, What, Where, When

• The monument bearing the names of the thirty people of Indian Origin who were left on the Isles of Goats Guadeloupe to perish under extreme conditions.

• In excess of 450 people at the gala launch of Dial A Local Doctor dinner function.

• SA RE GA MA School of music presented a tribute to Mehdi Hassan and Jagit Singh on 22nd June at Kenmore library under the • Delightful multicultural performances at Queensland Multicultural Councils Queensland week Dinner. guidance of Ustad Rahim Zullah, other musicians included Dheeraj Shresta, Eman Rawi and Omeed Tasmin.

• Left & Above: Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir: Sankat Mochan Shree hanuman Ji’s Abhishekam was celebrated on 15 June. Photo’s courtesy Dhiru Desai - report page 10. • Right: Church guests at Toowoomba. Islamic Society of Toowoomba are requesting help to establish the first Masjid in Toowoomba. Full details page 18.

• Gloria Jean’s Coffee Sunnybank Plaza donated the proceeds of their ANZAC Day service coffee stall at the Sunnybank RSL back to Sunnybank RSL. The cheque presentation was for just over $1,000. Pictured Left-Right: Stephen Hres (Foundation Relationship Manager Australia), Richard Martin (Sunnybank RSL), David Forde (Senior Vice President Sunnybank RSL), Maitrey Shah (General Manager Lotus Academy) and Chitral Hemani (Franchise Partner) 28 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

• Nirmalanandni receives her citizenship certificate from Carig Emerson during a citizenship ceremony held by Multicultural Development Association in Logan central . • Brisbane International Airport: The lucky winner of a free The ceremony was a unique one as all recipients were of trip to Kuala Lumpur at the launch of Malaysian Airlines refugee background. daily service to Kuala Lumpur from Brisbane.

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Fiji News...

Ratra Yatra Festival Submitted by Sundar Gopal Das

Report – By Shailendra Singh Fiji is at a critical juncture in its history, with an opportunity to build an inclusive and a non-racist society, says a leading economist. This opportunity can be realised by building solid foundations for democracy, says professor Biman Prasad. The University of the South Pacific academic said that media organisations must be respected and supported, and the rule of law has to be respected if Fiji is to get out of its stalemate. This is one of several calls Prasad has made over the years for greater media freedom and civil rights in Fiji. The country has been under military rule since December 2006, when army commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, took power in Fiji’s fourth coup. In this recent address to the Fiji Teachers’ Union in Suva, Prasad highlighted the importance of the right to expression. He stated that this should start at the school level. Students need to be taught to enjoy their own rights and to respect others’ rights.

Fiji off track Prasad’s presentation was titled The Status of Teachers in Fiji’s Emerging Democracy. He said Fiji had lost way since independence in 1970. Back then the emphasis was strength of diversity, harmony and a shared vision. This was upended by the 1987 coups. A healthy annual average growth rate of about 5.5 % was interrupted. Since then, three more coups, and the trashing of two multiracial constitutions had seen the country “struggle” and “muddle” through a poor economy, with around two per cent growth per annum. Prasad noted that democracies are not built overnight, but even then constitutions are changed peacefully and progressively, rather than by force. “Forced changes do not last,” he stated. With elections scheduled for 2014, Prasad said that the country is at a critical juncture. “These junctures always provide us an opportunity to make good or bad decisions,” he said.

Uncertain future Fiji has faced several critical junctures in the past. At every critical juncture, Fiji had gone back into a “vicious circle of instability and decline”. Prasad said countries like Mauritius have spectacularly outperformed Fiji because they are stable. Around 87 per cent of Mauritians own their own homes. Medical, including heart surgery, is free. So is education, from pre-school to tertiary level. Fiji, meanwhile, has languished in poverty, and unemployment, with a declining quality of public service and an increasing loss of talent through migration. Prasad’s speech highlights that the question of democracy was critical. He said that the environment in which our children study can determine whether they become conformist or creative and productive. “As Gandhi once said ‘democracy is not a state in which people act like sheep. Under democracy individual liberty of opinion and action are jealously guarded’.” Paying tribute to teachers, Prasad stated that they should be fairly compensated for their work. He urged teachers to “encourage more democratic values amongst students”. University of the South Pacific academic Shailendra Singh has written widely on Fiji and the Pacific, both as a journalist and an academic. He is currently doing his doctorate studies at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

BETWEEN 10th July and 18th July there is a huge Chariot festival in Jagannath Puri, Orissa, known as Ratra Yatra festival. Sri Krishna, with His brother Lord Balarama and sister Subhadra Devi are pulled on chariots. In Puri, Lord Krishna is known as Lord Jagannath, meaning the Lord of the Universe. Hundreds of thousands of faithful people take part in this festival pulling the Lordships in Their chariots. The Lordships are pulled from the Main temple to Gundica Mandir, another temple as about 3 kilometres away. Unfortunately Lord Jagannath temple’s in one of the temples in India which does not allow access to those who are not born as Hindus. However during the Chariot festival, all are allowed to see the Lord, to pull the Lord’s chariot and the Lord accepts the offerings of everyone. About 400 years ago, there was a great devotee of the Lord who was born in a nonHindu family. Not being allowed inside the temple, he prayed intensely to the Lord. The Lord then manifested Himself on the wall close to the outside giving His audience to this devotee. This manifestation can still be seen today. Once this devotee was in North India and was on his way to Puri when the Chariot festival began. Knowing that he may miss the Chariot festival, he prayed to the Lord to wait for him. The Chariots stopped and could not be moved till that

devotee arrived. There are many stories like this, the chariots stopped to wait for the Lord’s devotees. There are many reasons why the Lordships are pulled on chariots and have been discussed in detail in “The Origin of Ratra Yatra” which can be downloaded from ebooks-a-magazines-mainmenu-63/doc_ download/23-origin-of-ratha-yatra.html The pulling of the Lordships also represents inviting the Lord in our heart where the Gundica temple represents our heart. The day before start of the Chariot festival, the Gundica temple is cleaned thoroughly. First the stones are removed, then the dust are swept away and then temple is washed and polished cleaning any finer dust and spots on the marble floor and wall.

The stones represent the gross sinful activities like meat eating, illicit sexual activities, intoxication and gambling. Eating meat reduces our compassionate nature, intoxication slowly destroys our austerity capability, gambling reduces truth and intelligence and engaging in illicit sex reduces our purity. The dust represents the subtle faults like lust, anger, greed, pride, envy, illusion, duplicity and hypocrisy. The finer dust represents even more subtle faults which are the desire for material wealth, desire for adoration or worship, and desire for position. Unless we remove these things from our heart, the Lord will not reside there. The scriptures, in particular Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, explain how we can get rid of all the bad qualities from our heart. They advise us that we should regularly hear the glories of the Lord and His pastimes from very advanced, realised devotees of the Lord. And then we should remember what we have heard and recite these glories and pastimes and names of the Lord. If this is done faithfully, then via the medium of the ears the Lord will enter our hearts. With the medium of chanting and remembering the glories and pastimes of the Lord, our hearts will become quickly cleaned. Then the Lord will reside in our hearts bestowing all auspiciousness, happiness and peace.

Sikh temple opens doors Blessed are the Pilgrims to new building, closes doors to controversy By PJ Randhawa COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The shroud of controversy and suspicion surrounding a new Sikh temple appears to have lifted just in time for its celebrated grand opening. It’s a religion that preaches peace and acceptance of all faiths. “Every Sikh shrine has four doors that’s to represent anybody, doesn’t matter which faith or religion you belong to, you could be part of us,” said Dr. Inderjit Singh, Chairman of the Sikh Religious Society of SC. • PJ Randhawa with Nikki Haley. But politics and faith often have very different agendas. Last year, Governor Nikki Haley, who was born into a Sikh family, denied rumours that she and her father, the president of the Sikh Religious Society, were about to be indicted for tax fraud relating to the temple’s finances. “It is wrong,” said Singh. “We have nothing to do with what’s happening. We have no problem with the IRS or anybody.” Though the IRS officially denied the claims, Haley’s legal team filed a lawsuit against the blogger who initiated the rumours last year. Finally, that case may be close to a resolution. “We have an apology from that person already, that ‘yes, we were given the wrong information, we’re sorry about that,’” said Dr. Ajit Randhawa, President of the Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina. “We’re still trying to figure out what his motive is,” said Singh. “Why he’s trying to malign our temple.” Leaders of the Sikh Religious Society say at least five lawsuits filed by contractors who claim they weren’t paid for their work on the temple have been resolved. And all payments made in full. Governor Haley declined to comment on the lawsuit. And though she is no longer Sikh herself, she spent much of the day reflecting on the importance of culture and community. “It was this community that thought me strength with grace,” she told the congregation. “This is the community that shows what true love, peace and faith looks like and so I am a proud daughter of this community and a proud daughter to say these are the people that raised me.” The opening of this 6,200 square-foot structure represents the expansion of a very visible minority in South Carolina. “This was the community that taught me service, that taught me how blessed we are to live in this country,” said Haley. There are roughly 25 million Sikhs in the world, and here in Columbia, less than 200 families.


MANY of us of Indian or Asian origin know the importance in life of religion, temples, holy shrines, sadhus, gurus, priests, nuns and pilgrims -the religious devotees who journey to a shrine or sacred place. Have you made a religious pilgrimage in search of truth and peace? In June my wife, daughter and I were pilgrims for two weeks in Spain on the El Camino (the way) de Santiago (of St James). Our son who lives and works in Spain, joined us for four days. Tradition says that St James, Jesus' half brother was buried in Santiago, so for centuries Christians made a pilgrimage there. As followers of Jesus, our family withdrew from a busy life to be pilgrims in the beautiful Spanish countryside and reflect on the significance of His life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Starting at St Jean Pied de Port (France) we crossed the Pyrenees on one of the many Camino routes on muddy, slippery tracks in freezing rain, snow and high

winds. Rising daily around 6 am, we had a quick breakfast, packed and were on the Camino by 7.30am. As we walked up to 25 km daily in six hours, by 2pm we were ready to stop in one of the numerous pilgrim hostels. It was wonderful to meet up and eat together with other pilgrims from around the world and discuss our pilgrimage, for the Camino is about community. We only walked 280 km of the 580 km route but the Camino remains within us as a life which is now a new and exciting “way” walking with the One Who is the way the Truth and the Life. Pete Lane-Rai

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Viewpoint.... “Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has announced the next regional Pravasi Bhartiya Divas in Sydney from 10th till 12th November, will you be attending and what does it mean to you?”

Pravasi Bhartiya Divas is a kind I have been attending Pravasi PBD is always a good platform to Yes, I will be attending, GOPIO I will be attending the regional gesture and an innovative Bhartiya Divas for last two years network with like minded people has always been associated with PBD in Sydney. I have attended approach by Indian Government and will be attending PBD in from around the world. I have Pravasi Bhartiya Divas, be it in many PBD’s in India and have and other associated organisa- Sydney. Support and recognise the found that there is a lot of value in India, Mauritius or Australia. It been state Guest of Madhya tions. One would be very sur- achievement made by India in last understanding the issues, success- was GOPIO’s lobbying power that Pradesh and Kerala for Pravasi prised if broader community 66 years and huge investment es and commonality of Indians saw the inauguration of Ministry Samellan. To me, personally, the knows if any meaningful outcome opportunities there. PBD is an around the world. Interacting with of overseas Indian Affairs and PBD is more than just business that emerged out of this Divas, excellent forum which connects Indians from different parts of the consequently the Pravasi Bhartiya dealing it is the emotional bond although I personally can see India with its Diaspora I am glad world has shown how different we Divas. On this occasion we should with Mother India with its some great outcomes but there is a that GOPIO International is hold- are yet how very similar we are to remember Gandhi Ji, he was the Diaspora. In Kerala we women of lot that needs to be done for com- ing its Biennial convention with each other. Although some of us greatest Pravasi of them all. In GOPIO raised our concerns on mon PIO. Are we going to get vot- the Regional Pravasi Bhartiya been away from India for almost India Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is women’s issues in India, I would ing rights, will an Indian born Divas in Sydney, it is our turn to 150 years there is still very much held on 9th January, as Gandhi Ji like see women’s issue given Australian Citizen will be charged be host and we look forward to India in us. had returned to India from South prominence at PBD. I am pleased at par with other nationals the welcoming our international I have attended both the PBD in Africa on 9th of January. I urge that GOPIO is holding a women’s same Tourist VISA fee, current- guests to the shores of Australia. India and also the mini PBD in everyone to attend regional PBD conference at their biennial conly an Indian who has acquired Surendra Prasad other countries. I will be attending in Sydney together with GOPIO vention which will be held togethAustralian citizenship has to pay the PBD in Sydney. International Biennial Convention. er with regional PBD. I wish the double the amount because they Robin Jaggessar Shyam Das organising committee all the best can no longer apply for normal with the organisation. tourist visa rather they have to Usha Chandra apply for multi entry VISA that costs twice. Why this choice is not We welcome comments from our readers on the View Point and Meeting Point, you may wish to write to “Letters to the Editor”. If you wish to take part in View Point please contact our office and we will contact you for future topics. From this month we have given to Indian people. increased the View Point word count to 100 as opposed to 50 to allow ample response / opinion to be viewed. For submissions or enquiries Anil Verma email or call 07 3352 0102.

Meeting Point....

IN July’s meeting point we bring you face to face with Dharam Guru Ram Harsh Tripathi Ji, born in highly educated family at Varanasi (India), Pundit Ji came to Brisbane in 1979 with his wife in attachment of in-laws family. Being a pundit his quest for search of a Mandir led him to Hindu Mandir where he met Mr Rakesh Malhotra. At that time there were no (commissioned) deity in the temple but the temple was constructed by J.K. International. On his second visit to Australia, he conducted a religious discourse at the temple by request of Mr Pravin Gupta. This was pundit Ji’s first introduction to the Brisbane Indian community. Gauging his capabilities he was requested by many people to take the temple to the next level. In those days the resident priest was Shastri Ji, who for various reasons left for Sydney. At this juncture Pundit ji was approved by Mr Rakesh Sharma as new resident pundit of Shree Laxmi Narayan Temple, through a recommendation by Mr Som Prakash Sharma and his wife at their residence. Punditji had to go to India, but he still managed the temple. He was living at his own residence in Runcorn. When he back from India, his wife was running a newsagency and sometimes Punditji helped in the newsagency with her. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Punditji does not drive so his wife Asha Ji always drove him and to assist the Management committee members brought him to the temple every morning from his residence. Later on the resident Priest house, a major accomplishment of the management committee under the guidance of Pundit ji was completed in the grounds of the Mandir complex. The parent body of the Mandir is Hindu Mandir Association, and the temple was known as “Hindu Mandir” . With consultation of the management committee and members the name was changed to “ Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir”. During his term at the temple pundit ji inspired the committee to achieve higher goals and as a result the Mandir progressed with projects like the entry gate, Govardhan Parvat, Shoe shelter shed, renovation of the

kitchen facility, the side entry via Dymar Street and many more such accomplishments. The weekly Bhandara was introduced and patronage greatly increased, especially with the new arrivals of a large number of students, who sought guidance from pundit ji. Many large functions and events were successfully undertaken. Many renowned Bhajan singers, including Anuradha Pawdal have performed at the temple. In quest of serving the Hindu community, pundit ji with his wife decided to move on and they sold all their belongings including their house and invested in a land in North Maclean for construction of a Temple. The Management committee had mixed feelings about letting the learned pundit Ji go. A highly educated man, a great scholar of religion, pundit ji served Shree laxmi

Narayan Mandir for seven years. Pundit Ji has now established Vishnu Maya Mandir at 86 Scott Lane, North Maclean. The project has received great community support and many suitability qualified people have assisted in getting the necessary approval for the project to ahead. This is an achievement for the Indian community at large. The Bhoomi Poojan was attended by a record number of people. Pundit Ji conducts a weekly religious discourse every Sunday from 4pm and many Bhajan madalis sing bhajans and kirtans, individually sponsored dinner is provided every Sunday. There was rumours that pundit Jis visa has expired and he has gone back to India. Pundit Ji says there will always be some negativity in the community, he said he welcomes them as well as they are at least thinking of Vishnu Maya Mandir. Pundit Ji says that all necessary approvals for the development has been sought and very soon the announcement for the ground breaking ceremony will be made and everyone will be invited to attend. Pundit ji believes that with a growing community this project is another achievement for the community in furthering the objectives of Hinduism. May all the beings in all the worlds become happy; peace, peace and peace be everywhere. THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, June, 2013 — 31

Types of sins LAST month we had read an article about Sins and Merits, in this article we shall read about various types of Sins. All of us commit various sinful actions during our day-to-day activities. For example, we may kill ants while sweeping the floor, we may speak harshly with others at work, etc. In order to better understand the concept of sin, we will take a look at a few types of sins, and whom the consequence of the sin is faced by. Depending on who has been affected by the sin, there are sins which cause harm to the self and to others, as shown in the following table. Types of sins depending on who is affected Not performing daily routines in spiritual practice. Causing harm ----------------------------------------only to the self Not keeping motor and sense organs under control, meaning not keeping a check on various wishes, desires, anger and lust. ----------------------------------------------------------------Causing harm unknowingly, for example, while walking on the streets or when boiling water, we unknowingly kill insects or Causing harm micro-organisms. (Such unavoidable sins are minimal and are to others annulled through daily spiritual practice.) ----------------------------------------Purposely harming others. Copyright 2012 Spiritual Science Research Foundation Inc.

An individual can decide in his mind to sin, pronounce it verbally or physically act it out. Thus he can commit a sinful action in three ways as shown in the following table. Types of sins according to body, speech and mind Physical sin

Sins committed with the help of the body, for example stealing, killing someone, adultery. ----------------------------------------------------------------Sins committed through the mode of speech, for example Verbal sin talking in an insulting way, speaking lies, irrelevant talk, talking maliciously. ----------------------------------------------------------------Sin committed mentally, for example being envious of the rich and eyeing their wealth, Mental sin thinking ill of others. (Here the sin is incurred due to the distressing vibrations created by out thought, on others. It is similiar to the mechanism of evil eye. Copyright 2012 Spiritual Science Research Foundation Inc.

Can we commit sin through a mere thought? The doctrine of karma states, while a mere thought of a meritorious action can invite merit, a sinful thought does not result in sin. For example, getting a thought to rob a bank wouldn’t incur sin, whereas actually robbing it would. A mere thought does not incur sin due to the absence of an

unfavourable effect on others. Facing the consequences of sin Whether directly or indirectly and regardless of whether it is physical, verbal or mental, the individual abetting sin gets their share of the sin. They become a partner to

the sin. Present day law too has similar provisions – the individual assisting in a murder is also guilty. Sin is like a contagious or hereditary disease. Just like a hereditary disease may not be evident immediately, sin starts affecting the sinner slowly and destroys him from his very root. Collective sin Only human beings have been given the ability to overcome destiny and along with themselves, make the entire Creation happy. Yet, they use this potential for reasons like fulfilling individual selfish motives, inflicting injustice on innocent people, dominating others, etc. As a result, society gets polluted with collective destiny. This affects the entire Creation and disrupts the balance of nature’s cycle. Consequently, calamities

What it means to be human Courtesy Vinaya Natarajan

down. moment, you instantly So I was sitting there know when you find it: thinking, “Yes, I know This is it. This is what ENJOYMENT is a tool all that. But why is it I was looking for. that can conquer any so beautiful?” There’s a tremendous mountain. When your I enjoy it. All the logic sense of relief. heart dances, let it. And in the world is not In a fair, a child gets enjoy it. I guarantee equal to taking in what lost. All the balloons that you will start to this heart has to offer and the toys and the notice a difference. and enjoying it. The rides were attracting And the more you heart is as much a part and attracting and enjoy your life, the of you as your brain. attracting. And that simpler it becomes. Give it equal time it was fine, but in a Recently, flying needs, and your life moment of distraction, through thunderstorms, will begin to change, the child let go of his it was magical. There because one thing that mother or father’s were beautiful clouds everyone can use, and hand. Now all the on one side - almost is most deficient in, is excitement of the fair like an opening. There appreciation. could never compenwere clouds on the Doctors won’t tell you sate that loss. But ocean side and clouds this. It does not show imagine the sense of on the land side. The up on your blood test. relief when that child sun was shining But we are all deficient sees his father or moththrough. sometimes in appreciation. We er coming toward him. just the tips were lit up, don’t know the value All of a sudden, there and then whole clouds of the things we have is no reason to cry. The it up. There was no been given. We don’t sadness turns into joy. lightning, just showers. understand the beauty And so, we are who Beautiful rainbows. It of this breath. I mean, we are. There is the etilooked like something once you understand quette in this world of straight out of a book. the beauty of this how we should be, but I was sitting there, breath, how can you we are not that. We are looking at all this. I not appreciate it? human. What does it know exactly what a Then the tears are not mean to be human? I rainbow is. I can actu- always of sorrow. don’t think anybody ally tell where there’s Sometimes they are of really knows anymore. going to be a rainbow, joy. And you begin to Maybe they knew a if there is going to be understand the differ- long time ago, but now one. All it requires is ence between the two. it has come down to suspended water It is not the emotion of being proper: how you droplets and the sun. all the darkness, but it should eat, how you It’s the reflection of the is the first rays of light should greet someone, water droplets that emanating from the how you should be makes the rainbow. heart. A relief. It is the seen, how you should And then there’s the sense of relief the trav- show yourself, what clouds. I know exactly ellers feel when they you should say. what a cloud is - it’s see their destination in So many things hapmoisture. And as the front of them. pen. At the end of the heat is sent up, the A sense of relief. To day, we are all human. cooling begins, and as come home. A sense of And the ability to it cools, clouds form. relief to have found enjoy this life is innate. Rain is all the humidity what you were looking So begin to enjoy. And that was pushed up into for. You didn’t even that enjoyment can the atmosphere where know what you were conquer mountains. it gets cooled and falls looking for, but, in a Prem Rawat

Be noticed DEAR reader, it is with great joy we bring you the word of God. Sometimes it is easy to settle down when we have done the studies, got the education and the Pastor Joseph Dass job. In the scriptures we read that the children of Israel, coming out also how to find solutions to fix of Egypt and moving towards them and recommendations to Israel, wanted to settle down in keep improving the system. Most the land of Jazer, but that’s not employers today not only take where God wanted them to settle. staff who have the right qualificaThey found it comfortable, they tions but also can come up with did not have to move any further, solutions and recommendations to acquire new skills to settle in the the problems. In the book of Acts chapter 6 we land that God was giving them. That means if we are to get pro- read that as the church was growmoted, be picked up for new ing new leaders were needed to assignments, take charge of a new maintain the growth. God spoke project we need some new skills, through the leaders that the new more training etc. All these train- leaders to be picked up had to ing not only help us to find the have certain qualifications and problems, diagnose the faults, but skills. They were to have a good 32 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

reputation, Full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. They picked 7 new leaders. The reason they were picked is because they did not stop learning and growing. They had given themselves to extra training and improving of their skills. No matter where you are, there is always room to get better and sharpen your skills. It is preparing you for a better future ahead. You cannot go unnoticed. It could be your supervisor, your employer or people whom you have business dealings with and they are going to notice you. And because you are doing so well, finding solutions making recommendations, they just can’t run their business without you. This is what happened to Joseph in the bible. He was sold into slavery to Potiphar, an officer of Pharoah the Egyptian ruler. Potiphar had many servants, he

such as flood, drought, earthquake, war etc. befall the human race. Summary It is important to avoid committing sin as the consequences of sin affect us and may harm others too. It is equally important to understand the nature and actions of those we are close to, as turning a blind eye to their grave sin can make us party to it. If we develop an attitude that facing destiny is itself spiritual practice, then faster spiritual progress is possible. Spiritual practice helps to nullify our destiny or gives us the strength to endure it. You can read more about this article on types-of-sins. You can e-mail us your comments and queries at shobhana.shet@

ARYA PRATINIDHI SABHA OF QLD INC The meaning of “Om” OMKAR is a religious symbol of the Hindus. But it is omnipresent in almost all the major cultures of our world. Another way of saying Om is Aum. Aum is the sound of the infinite. Aum is said to be the essence of all mantras and Vedas, the highest of all mantras or divine word. By sound and form, AUM symbolizes the infinite Brahman and the entire universe. A stands for Creation. U stands for Preservation. And finally M stands for Destruction or dissolution. This represents the Trinity of God in Hindu dharma (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). The three portions of AUM relate to the states of waking, dream and deep sleep and the three guans (rajas, satva, tamas). The three letters also indicate three planes of existence, heaven, earth and the netherworld. AUM can represent all the words produced by the human vocal organ. A is produced by the throat, U & M by the lips. In the Vedas, AUM is the sound of the Sun, the sound of Light. It is the sound of assent. It has an upward movement and uplifts the soul, as the sound of the divine eagle or falcon. The pronunciation of the word “OM” is supposed to symbolize the totality of all sounds as it includes all other sounds that humans can utter. This idea of totality also exists in the English word “Omnipresent” that

needed supplies, had many appointments, it was like running a small business. While other servants told their problems and difficulties to Potiphar, Joseph was different. He came up with solutions and recommendations to fix the problems. How could he do that? He was sharpening his skills. Waking up at night he would seek God and pray for solutions. Soon, Potiphar found that he could not live without Joseph, so instead of losing him, he promoted him and made him in charge of his business. When he was falsely accused and put in prison he did the same. Soon the Prison Keeper noticed how well skilled Joseph was that he promoted him to be in charge of all the prisoners. Again when Pharoah the Egyptian ruler had a dream of 7 fat cows an 7 thin cows, Joseph not only gave him the interpretation of 7 years of

includes OM as its prefix. We also have words like Omnipotent and Omniscient, all of which have the concept of totality in their meanings. The ancient Greek alphabet had Omega as its last letter. Omega written in the lower case of the Greek alphabet, if turned to its side, looks quite similar to the Sanskrit way of writing Om. It is from the Greek alphabet “Omega” that we have the English phrase “the alpha and Omega”, which means, “to include everything”. It is said that the word Om has been used to make other words. The Christian term “Amen” is said to have some link with “Om” as also the Islamic term “Amin”. Both of these terms are similar to Om. Of all the mantras, the most powerful and the significant one is the singlesyllabled incantation called the Pranava. This is the OM. The available literature upon the significances of the Vedic mantra is almost voluminous. Nowhere in the world can we meet with a more sacred symbol that has got such a vast amount of significance. From Vedic times until the present day the word ‘OM’ has been taken as a symbol and as an aid to meditation by spiritual aspirants. It is accepted both as one with ‘Brahman’ and as the medium, the Logos, connecting man and God. Continued next issue. Adopted from author Anil Kapoor

Please contact Jitendra Deo 3263 1914 or Hari Chand 3345 4716 for information on activities or log on:

plenty and 7 years of famine but made recommendations on how to keep the food supply going during the famine. So when Pharoah needed someone to run his Food and Agriculture ministry, he immediately put Joseph in charge. Let me encourage you, if are working for a business, are part of a team or you may be in a lower position in an organization, don’t let that be where you are going to finish. Get better at your skills, enrol for some new training, keep improving on your talents. This will help you come up with ideas and suggestions towards the benefit of your organization. Very soon your company will notice that you are so invaluable, they cannot move ahead without you. The only way they can hold on to you is to PROMOTE YOU. God bless you Pastor Joseph Dass Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

The blessings of the Holy Month Ramadaan Prepared by: Imam M. Aslam ALL praise is due to Allah(SWT), peace and blessings upon our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad(SAW). The month of fasting is approaching and Muslims all around the world are preparing and about to welcome this holy month. This month has great significance in Islam as written below. The great month is approaching and the muslims are ready to welcome, this month brings a lot of mercy and it is a gift given to us by Allah S.W.T. The Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam said the first 10 days are for mercy, the 10 days are for forgiveness and the last 10 days are for freedom from Jahannam. Human being has been gifted with special qualities. The most important gift of Allah (SWT) is the spiritual faculty of human being. He is required to develop this side of his personality so that the persons of strong character can be developed and social order based on spiritual and moral principles can be established. Allah (SWT) has not left human being alone in this regard. Along with his inner ability, He has provided external guidance in the form of His revealed message and His Messengers. Islam, being the last divine message, and the Prophet of Islam (SAW), being the last Prophet in the chain of Prophets, provided complete guidance for the spiritual purification and refinement. One aspect of this guidance is the fasting in the month of Ramadan. This is a methodology for the strengthening of the inner dimensions of human personality. The followers of the Prophet of Islam (SAW) have been specially commanded to observe fasting to achieve piety and righteousness. If a person observes this practice with diligence, sincerity and determination, he will definitely find his reward in this world and in the life hereafter. The Qur’an says; “O you who believe, Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn self-restraint”. The month of Ramadan is approaching with His mercy; it is the month that is the best of all months in the estimation of Allah. Its days are the best among the days; its nights are the best among the nights. Its hours are the best among the hours. We have been invited and selected in this month as the recipients of the honours and blessings of Allah. (SWT). It provides an environment of piety and righteousness. It creates a spiritual environment which encourages a Muslim to be a part of it. If a person fasts for the sake of Allah (SWT) and observe self-restraint and control, he is able to over-haul his personality completely. It is not only to restrain oneself from eating and drinking but help a Muslim to refresh himself into a balanced personality in which the physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of personality are developed simultaneously and our good deeds are accepted in this month. So are our invocations. Therefore, we must invoke our Lord, in right earnest, with hearts that are free from sins and evils and at the end of Ramadan a spiritual person is born again. It was narrated by Salman the Persian (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) delivered a khutba on the last day o Sha’ban. The Prophet said: “O you people! A great and a blessed month have arrived for you, therein a Night which is better than one thousand months. The fasting during this month is an obligation (fareedh), and the extra prayers during its nights are voluntary. Anyone who comes closer to Allah through a good deed during this month is as if he performed on obligatory duty during times other than Ramdan, and he who fulfils an obligatory duty in it will be like one who fulfils seventy obligatory duties in another month. It is the month of patience, and the reward of patience is Paradise. It is the month of visiting of the poor, the sick and the needy so as to share their sorrows. It is the month where the nourishment, the sustenance and the income of the believing Muslim increase and they are blessed”. “Anyone who invites others to break their fast or iftar will be provided with forgiveness of his sins be saved from hell, and will receive reward equal to the fasting without reducing his own reward in any respect. Some of the followers of the prophet said: “Not all of us may find food to share with one so that he could break his fast.” The Prophet said: ‘Allah will reward you even if you help the fasting Muslim to break his fast with a date, a sip of water or a drink of milk”... “It is a month: its beginning is Mercy, and its last part is freedom from hellfire. Anyone who helps a slave to be freed, Allah will forgive him and free him from Hell”. “Verily! The person who may not receive the Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

mercy and benevolence of Allah in this month is enjoined to perform such deeds that please is why some Muslims today, do not enjoy the must be very unfortunate having an end as bad Allah and stay away from bad things. real privileges of fasting. (in the Hereafter). Ramadhan’s Special relationship with It has already been indicated that the period of While fasting, remember the hunger and thirst Tahajjud Prayers: Hazrat Abu Hurairah, may obligatory fasting is the month of Ramadan. of tomorrow. Give alms to the poor and the Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the The daily period of observance starts before needy”. Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “A the break of the dawn ant ends immediately “O People! You have made your conscience person who gets up at night for Prayer and ful- after sunset. Normally there are accurate calthe slave of your desires; make it free by fills all requirements of his faith with an inten- endars to toll the exact time, but in the absence invoking Him for Istighfar (repentance/for- tion of receiving blessing during the Month of of such facilities one should consult one’s giveness). Our backs are breaking under the Ramadhan, is forgiven all his past sins.” watch and the sun’s positions, together with heavy load of our sins, so prostrate before Him Charity during Ramadhan: Ibn Abbas the local newspapers, weather bureau, etc. for long intervals and make it lighter”. relates that the Holy Prophet, peace be upon Fasting Ramadan is obligatory on every Increase in yourselves four characteristics: him, was the most generous of men and he responsible and fit Muslim. But there are other two by which you will please your Lord, and was at his most bountiful during Ramadhan times when it is recommended to make voluntwo others by which you cannot live without. when Gabriel visited him every night and tary fasting, after the Traditions of Prophet The first two qualities to please Allah are to recited the Quran to him. During this period Muhammad. Among these times are Mondays bear witness that there is no one worthy of the bounty of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon and Thursdays of every week, a few days of worship except Allah, and to ask forgiveness him, waxed faster than the rain-bearing breeze each month in the two months heralding the from Allah… However, the other two things (Bokhari and Muslim). coming of Ramadan, i.e., Rajab and Sha’ban, that you cannot live without are: to ask Allah Prayers: Allah forgives all previous sins of a six days after Ramadan following the ‘Eid-ulfor Paradise and to ask Him to protect you person who sincerely worships Allah during Fitr Day. Besides, it is always compensating to from Hell and fire… the month of Ramadhan. During this month fast any day of any month of the year, except Pay respects to your elders. Have pity on Allah’s mercy and blessings are at their peak. the ‘Eid Days and Fridays when no Muslim those younger than you and be kind towards The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of should fast. your relatives and kinsmen. Guard your Allah be upon him) has said that during However, we may repeat that the only obligatongues against unworthy words, and your Ramadhan: “Allah says: ‘Is there anyone who tory fasting is that of Ramadan - which may be eyes from such scenes that are not worth see- calls on me so that I can accept his prayers? Is 29 or 30 days, depending on the moon’s posiing (forbidden) and your ears from such there anyone who asks for anything so that I tions. This is a pillar of Islam, and any failure sounds that should not be heard by you. can fulfill his desires? Is there anyone who to observe it without reasonable excuses is a Be kind to orphans so that when your children asks for forgiveness so that I can forgive” grave sin in the sight of God. become orphans they also may be treated with (Sahih Bukhafi - Kitab-ul-Tauheed). Who Must Fast? kindness. Do invoke that Allah may forgive Fasting is another unique moral and spiritual Fasting Ramadan is compulsory upon every our sins. Do raise your hands at the time of characteristic of Islam. Literally defined, fast- Muslim, male or female, who has these qualiSalat (Prayers), as it is the best time for asking ing means to abstain “completely” from foods, fications: His mercy. When we invoke at such times, we drinks, intimate intercourse and smoking, 1. To be mentally and physically fit, which are answered by Him, when we call Him, He before the break of the dawn till sunset, during means to be sane and able. responds, and when we ask for anything, it is the entire month of Ramadan, the ninth month 2. To be of full age, the age of puberty and disaccepted by Him. of the Islamic year. But if we restrict the cretion, which is normally about fourteen. Anybody who in this month may take light meaning of the Islamic Fasting to this literal Children under this age should be encouraged work from his servants (male or female), Allah sense, we would be sadly mistaken. to start this good practice on easy levels, so will make easy his accounting on the Day of When Islam introduced this matchless institu- when they reach the age of puberty they will Judgment. tion, it planted an ever-growing tree of infinite be mentally and physically prepared to Anybody who does not tease others in this virtue and invaluable products. Here is an observe fasting. month, Allah will keep him safe from His explanation of the spiritual meaning of the 3. To be present at one’s permanent settlement, wrath at the Day of Judgment. Anybody, who Islamic Fasting: your home town, one’s farm, and one’s busirespects and treats an orphan with kindness in 1. It teaches man the principle of sincere Love: ness premises, etc. This means not to be on a this month, Allah shall look at him with digni- because when he observes Fasting he does it journey of about fifty miles or more. ty at the Day of Judgment. Anybody who out of deep love for God. And the man who 4. To be fairly certain that fasting is unlikely to treats well his kinsmen, in this month, Allah loves God truly is a man who really knows cause you any harm, physical or mental, other will bestow His mercy on him at the day of what love is. than the normal reactions to hunger, thirst, etc. resurrection. 2. It equips man with a creative sense of hope Exemption From Fasting: Whosoever recites in this month only one and an optimistic outlook on life; because These said qualifications exclude the follow‘Ayat’ (verse of the Holy Qur’an), he will be when he fasts he is hoping to please God and ing categories: rewarded in a manner as if he had recited the is seeking His Grace. 1. Children under the age of puberty and disfull Qur’an in the other months. 3. It imbues in man the genuine virtue of cretion. “O People! The Gates of Paradise remain effective devotion, honest dedication and 2. Insane people who are unaccountable for opened in this month. Do invoke that the gates closeness to God; because when he fasts he their deeds. People of these two categories are may not be closed on you, while the Gates of does so for God and for His sake alone. exempted from the duty of fist, and no comHell are closed. Do invoke that these gates 4. It cultivates in man a vigilant and sound pensation or any other substitute is enjoined may never be opened. During this month conscience; because the fasting person keeps on them. Devil (Shaytan) is imprisoned so ask your his fast in secret as well as in public. In fast- 3. Men and women who are too old and feeble Lord not to let him have power over you”. ing, especially, there is no mundane authority to undertake the obligation of fast and bear its Fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam. The word to check man’s behavior or compel him to hardships. Such people are exempted from this “Sawm “ (meaning to stop or abstain) is used observe fasting. He keeps it to please God and duty, but they must offer, at least, one needy in Arabic for fasting. A fast then means that satisfy his own conscience by being faithful in poor Muslim an average full meal or its value one refrains from eating, drinking and other secret and in public. There is no better way to per person per day. physical things (all those things that are other- cultivate a sound conscience in man. 4. Sick people whose health is likely to be wise allowed) from dawn to sunset. This 5. It indoctrinates man in patience and self- severely affected by the observance of fast. month comes every year to spread the bless- lessness, as through fasting, he feels the pains They may postpone the fast, as long as they ings and mercy of Allah. We are thankful to of deprivation but he endures them patiently. are sick, to a later date and make up for it, a Allah for providing physical forms of divine 6. It is an effective lesson in applied modera- day for a day. worship such as prayer, fasting, and pilgrim- tion and willpower. 5. Travelers may break the fast temporarily age to improve our moral and spiritual condi- 7. Fasting also provides man with a transpar- during their travel only and make up for it in tion. ent soul, a clear mind and a light body. later days, a day for a day Welcoming the Month of Ramadhan: The 8. It shows man a new way of wise savings 6. Pregnant women and women breast-feeding Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be and sound budgeting. their children may also break the fast, if its upon him) has said: “The month of Ramadhan 9. It enables man to master the art of Mature observance is likely to endanger their own comes to you. This is a blessed month” (Kitab- Adaptability. We can easily understand the health or that of their infants. But they must ul-Saum). The Holy Prophet (peace and bless- point once we realize that fasting makes man make up for the fast at a delayed time, a day ings of Allah be upon him) has declared this change the entire course of his daily life. for a day. month as the “month of Allah” because one 10. It grounds man in discipline and healthy Women in the -period of menstruation (of a abandons all otherwise “lawful” things in the survival. maximum of ten days or of confinement (of a way of Allah. He has also declared this month 11. It originates in man the real spirit of social maximum of forty days).; They must postpone as the “Chief of the months.” Worship during belonging, unity and brotherhood, of equality the fast till recovery and then make up for it, a this month gains more blessings so one should before God as well as before the law. day for fast with sincere intentions and worship 12. It is a Godly prescription for self-reassur- Fasting Ramadan is compulsory upon every should be performed to win Allah’s pleasure. ance and self-control. Muslim, male or female, who has these qualiRamadhan - Anniversary of the Holy Now, someone may be tempted to raise the fications: Quran: Ramadhan is that blessed month in objection: If this is the case with the Islamic 1. To be mentally and physically fit, which which the Holy Quran was first revealed to the institution of fasting, and if this is the picture means to be sane and able. Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be of Islam in this aspect, why are the Muslims 2. To be of full age, the age of puberty and disupon him). In this regard this month celebrates not living in a utopia? To such an objection we cretion, which is normally about fourteen. the birthday of the Holy Quran. To render our can only say that Muslims have lived in and Children under this age should be encouraged dues we should recite the Holy Quran as much enjoyed a utopia in a certain epoch of their to start this good practice on easy levels, so as possible. During this month, at night, the history. The realization of that utopia was a when they reach the age of puberty they will Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be phenomenon of a unique achievement in the be mentally and physically prepared to upon him) use to recite the Holy Quran in its history of man. We say unique, because no observe fasting. entirety with the Angel Gabriel (Jibraeel). religion or social system other than Islam has 3. To be present at one’s permanent settlement, Opening the doors to heaven: Hazrat Abu ever been able to realize its ideals in reality. your home town, one’s farm, and one’s busiHurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) has The reason why the Islamic utopia is not ness premises, etc. This means not to be on a narrated that the Holy Prophet (peace and being established nowadays is manifold and journey of about fifty miles or more. blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “When easily explicable. But to restrict our discussion 4. To be fairly certain that fasting is unlikely to the month of Ramadhan starts, the doors of to the institution of fasting we may say that cause you any harm, physical or mental, other heaven are opened, the doors of the hell are some Muslims, unfortunately for them, do not than the normal reactions to hunger, thirst, etc. closed, and Satan is put into chains” (Sahih observe the fast or, at best, adopt the attitude May Allah S.W.T accept our fasts and prayers Muslim Kitab-ulSaum). In this saying the Holy of indifference. On the other hand, some of in the special month of Ramadaan. Ameen Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon those who observe it do not realize its true him) has promised a high place in heaven for meaning and, as a result, derive very little ben- Islamic Society of Algester wishes Ramadan one who observess the fast because a believer efit out of it or, in fact, no benefit at all. That Mubarak to everyone. THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013 — 33

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Health promoting behaviours and ethnically diverse Australians HI THERE! My name is Tulsi Achia and I am originally from Bangalore, India. I live here with my husband, and I am currently a postgraduate student at the University of Queensland (UQ), School of Psychology. I am conMY name is Heena. I was born in Ba, Viti particular, will enable us to be better ducting a study on what factors underlie how Levu. My dad worked at FSC and we were informed, ensuring our children are less My name is Heena. I was born in Ba, Viti Levu. My dad worked at FSC and we were lucky to have ethnically diverse Australians – people like lucky to have lived in five different towns likely to suffer from the problems associlived fiveI different in Fiji. cameinto1991 Brisbane to study 1991 and have lived here ever you and me, respond to mainstream health in in Fiji. came to towns Brisbane to Istudy ated with in diabetes. since after meeting my husband and being blessed with twins who now years and have lived here ever since after meetI do however are need the16help ofold. women in promotion messages and what drives us to ing my husband and being blessed with Queensland from Fiji who have type 2 dia- engage in those health promoting behavtwins are nowoverseas, 16 yearsI old. betes orand whothehave otherspeople in their Like manywho of us living love my island homeland wonderful of families Fiji. We all iours. Like many of us living overseas, I love with diabetes. I would like to meet with Did you know, a little more than 1 in 3 try to give something back in our own way. In my case our family have been affected by diabetes, Australians are either born overseas or have my common island homeland part a small a very condition inand Fiji. Ithe lost wonderful my dear Naniyou from individually this when she or wasasonly fiftyof years old. parents who were born overseas? People of people of Fiji. We all try to give something group where we can discuss the issues and Recently I have been lucky enough to get a scholarship from QUT and Diabetes Queensland back in our own way. In my case our fam- different ways women live with and man- Indian origin, are part of that large group which allow meaffected to look at womenafrom theirIfdiabetes. I hopelike thatto this and are rapidly becoming one of the largest ily will have been byhow diabetes, veryFiji can age best this manage condition. you would study will help people from Fiji and, in particular, will enable us to be better informed, ensuring our common condition in Fiji. I lost my dear assist by talking to me, please feel free to groups migrating to Australia. Yet there is children lessthis likely to suffer problems diabetes. or email me at very little understanding of key psychosocial Nani are from when she from was the only fifty associated call me atwith 0423460211 determinants of health for this group, as disyears old. Recently I have been lucky tinct from the majority anglo-celtic populaenough to get a scholarship from QUT and This study towards a PhD has the support I do however need the help of women in Queensland from Fiji who have type 2 diabetes or who Diabetes Queensland which will allow me like andtoethical clearance from theorUniversity have others in their families with diabetes. I would meet with you individually as part of a tion. When people like us participate in research, we provide more information and to look at how women from Fiji can best and Diabetes Queensland. small group where we can discuss the issues and different ways women live with and manage this evidence on how we think about health and manage their diabetes. I hope that this Vinaka condition. If youhelp would like to from assist Fiji by talking to me, pleaseAkbar feel free to call me at 0423460211 or how we practice health promoting behavstudy will people and, in Heena email me at

shown to inhibit the growth of prostate and cervical cancer This study towards a PhD has the support and ethical clearance from the University and Diabetes cells. Many studies have also Queensland. shown that a diet rich high in By Thilliar Varnakulasingham cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli may reduce the risk Vinaka of colon cancer. BROCCOLI is easily available. Broccoli must be cooked gently. It helps to release some of Heena Akbar It has many health benefits. its protective compounds. Overheating should be avoided. This super vegetable is one of Carotenoids like beta-carotene are preserved by heat. But our most popular vegetables. the indoles like 13C, do not withstand a lot of heat. Light Most supermarkets sell broc- steaming is the best way to cook broccoli. Microwaving is coli. Most children do not alright. Broccoli can also be eaten raw or it can be baked. like broccoli. But there are It is also used to make soups. Stir-frying with other vegetamany different ways of bles will give a palatable taste. preparing it. It is an excellent Broccoli consists of both tough stalks and tender florets. addition to salads. As a consequence, some parts are either overdone or underScientists all over the world done. To have evenly cooked, first cut off and discard the are using high-tech methods to thick, woody part of the stalk. Then cut any large florets learn which compounds present in the vegetable might be and stems in half lengthwise. helpful in fighting cancer. Some broccoli tops are purple in color. You may choose Broccoli contains at least two separate compounds the purple broccoli. They contain high levels of beta–indole-3-carbinol (or 13C) and sulforaphane. They help carotene. This nutrient is converted into vitamin A in our sweep up cancer causing substances before they have a body. Vitamin A is an antioxidant. If it is yellowish, you chance to do harm. must not buy it. It is old. Beyond its potential effects on breast cancer, 13C has been Another compound called sulforaphane gives protection by

Broccoli: king of the crucifers


iours, which can go a long way in influencing policies and practices to improve health services for us. Who can participate in this study? All of you who identify as being Indian – either born in India, Australia, Fiji, Africa, etc. What does participation involve? This is an anonymous, online study, wherein participants will be asked to read through a health message and respond to some questions regarding what they think about the message, indicate how much they engage in those behaviours and enquire about attitudes towards health promoting behaviours in general. Finally, participants will be asked questions regarding their cultural background, their sense of cultural identity, and other relevant personal details – age, occupation, income bracket, etc. Participation in this study will take approximately 15- 30 mins (maximum). Click here to participate

This study is being conducted by Tulsi Achia (, under the supervision of Dr. Bernadette Watson and has been cleared in accordance with the ethical review processes of the University of Queensland. Ethical Clearance Number 13-PSYCH-MCP-35-JS.

boosting the production of cancer-blocking enzymes, says Thomas Kensler, professor in the department of environmental health sciences in the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Broccoli provides a high amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C aids iron absorption in the body, eases the symptoms of the common cold and prevents the development of cataracts. Folic acid is present in broccoli. It helps women sustain normal tissue growth. It is often used as a supplement when taking birth control pills and during pregnancies. Broccoli is rich in fiber. Fiber reduces blood cholesterol levels. Broccoli has been linked to preventing and controlling some diseases. The list includes arthritis, stomach cancer, colon cancer, malignant tumors, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. “We know that those people who eat lots of cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, are protected from many forms of cancer”, says Jon Michnovicz, president of the Foundation for Preventive Oncology in New York City. Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found that 3-day-old broccoli sprouts can contain up to 100 times the amount of protective substances in the mature vegetable. Broccoli sprouts can be one of the vegetables in salads. They spoil quickly in the refrigerator. You must buy in small quantities. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

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HEY GIRLS, The winter months are not easy on the nails. Cold, brittle climates combined with heating indoors takes a toll on the nails and cuticles. Here are some tips on how to take care of your nails during the winter months and the best nail care products you can use. Why Nails hate Winter...two words: moisture loss, leaving them dehydrated.” Dried-out nails are more likely to break, split, and chip. Compounding the harsh climate conditions are stressors such as hot showers (water draws moisture from nails as it evaporates from skin) and drying products, like polish removers with acetone, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and dishwashing liquid. During the winter months, you might be showering with water that is hotter than you are normally used to. While a nice, hot shower might seem very pleasant when it’s freezing cold outside, the truth is hot water can actually dry your nails out and make them brittle. I know this sounds hard if you love to take very hot showers, but it will be better for your nails and cuticles in the long run (as well as your hair, as it is also made of cuticles). The same goes for when you are washing your hands through-out the day, keep the water temperature lukewarm. Lemon for nails! Yes, citrus helps to keep your claws happy. It also makes

your nails stain free. Soak your finger- tips in a bowl of lukewarm water and gently rub the lemon wedges on your nails. Follow it up with a moisturizer. Intense hydration is the name of the game. Nails are made up of flattened dead cells containing keratin, but moisturizers can make them flexible, supple, and less likely to split and break. So apply after every hand washing, get in the habit of massage your nails with cream too. Just massage the cream into the cuticles to help stimulate healthy nail growth. At night, rub on cuticle oil (olive oil also works). Recommend soaking nails in lukewarm water for no more than 10 minutes, then coating them with cuticle oil and slipping on cotton gloves for at least an hour. I cannot stress the importance of filing every day. During the winter, the dry air is more likely to cause small tears in a growing nail, but keeping them filed daily with an emory board is just the trick to keeping the ends hard and tough. Girls, if you paint your nails during the winter, make sure you pick a nail polish brand by a renowned cosmetic line. Avoid cheap brand nail polish, as they may contain lead. Also go for at least one day with unpainted nails so that your fingernails and cuticles can ‘breathe’. Also use unscented lotions when moisturizing your hands and nails. As pleasant as scented lotions smell, the truth is any perfume based lotion will dry your hands out. Stick to the basics, and you will have strong, healthy nails all year round! So it is simple but these are effective ways to take care of nails in winter. Take care, I will see you next month. Nimisha

India's first exclusive transplant hospital by 2015 KOLKATA, July 4 (IANS) Come 2015, India will boast of its first transplant-only hospital in West Bengal, thereby getting to be at par with global healthcare. Providing facilities for liver, bone marrow, pancreas and kidney transplants, the state-of-the-art establishment slated to be built at Andal in Bardhman district of the state, will employ surgeons from Britain and the US as part of their full-time staff, a hospital official said. "Initially there will be facilities for liver, bone marrow, pancreas and kidney transplants. This will be the first transplant-only hospital in the whole country. We have shortlisted doctors from the US and Britain who will be there full time," said Satyajit Bose, chairman of the Mission Hospital. The initiative has been strategically planned at Andal, where a 650-acre airport will come up by the year-end. The project will take off in sync with the completion of the airport. "Any transplant hospital needs to be locat-

ed next to an airport. Keeping that in mind, we are building it at Andal which will soon have an airport. As soon as the first flight takes off, we will start our construction. The finance is ready and so is the design," said Bose. However, cadaveric transplants (like heart transplants) which require donors to be brain-dead, will have to wait until it becomes permissible by the state legislature. "West Bengal doesn't have legislation for cadaveric procedures yet. As soon as it is a yes, we will go ahead with heart transplants and related organ transplants," said Bose. Backed by an investment of Rs.200 crore, the 150-bed speciality hospital will be equipped with two air-ambulances and digital operating theatres. The Mission Hospital, as part of its expansion plans, will introduce digital OTs in its Durgapur campus, the first in eastern India.

New blood test detects sensitivity to aspirin LOS ANGELES July 5 (IANS) Scientists have developed a new blood test that deciphers gene activity and predicts an individual's response to aspirin, says a study. The new gene expression profile not only measures the effectiveness of aspirin, but also serves as a strong predictor of patients who are at risk for heart attack, according to a study posted Wednesday in the online edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, reports Science Daily. "We recognised the concept of aspirin resistance among a population of patients who have cardiac events or stroke," said

senior author Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, director of genomic medicine at Duke University's Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy. "We give the same dose to all patients, but maybe some patients need a larger dose of aspirin, or maybe they need to try a different therapy entirely. We need better tools to monitor patients and adjust their care accordingly, and the findings from our study move us in that direction," said Ginsburg, who is also the executive director of Duke's Centre for Personalised Medicine.

IWAQ holds Open Day at Salam Respite Centre

Maksood Osman Coordinator of Salam Respite Centre SALAM RESPITE CENTRE was first opened in 1991 in Woodridge with two staff and one Admin staff. IWAQ was established after its first meeting which was held on tenth February 1992. They have been operating for twenty years now with almost hundred staff and well over two hundred current clients. over the years They have served over five hundred clients in IWAQ alone. Many of these clients came from culturally & linguistically diverse communities (CALD), spoke more than twenty different languages from 36 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

thirty or so different countries. IWAQ offers employment and training opportunities. Over the years They have employed and trained around four hundred staff. Ninety percent of their staff are from CALD communities who speak two languages or more. The Respite Centre is funded by NRCP (National Respite Carers Program) under the Department of Health & Ageing. They aim to promote the services of the Respite centre to CALD and other communities, creating awareness of services that are offered. The open day morning tea was attended by a host of multicultural communities and was well represented by three

levels of Government; Graham Perrot as Federal member, Freya Ostapovitch as State member and Kim Marx as the local councillor. Many other dignitaries and department of disability staff were in attendance. Salam Respite Cottage is located 193 Calam Rd, Sunnybank Hills. The centre provides day and night care which can be either long term or just a day. Three home cooked meals are served a day with special attention to the dietary needs of the clients. For more information please call 07 3272 8071 Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Health Beauty Wellbeing Bollywood beauty secrets

By Azalea Ali BOLLYWOOD Actresses are known as some of the most beautiful people in the world, valued for their beautiful skin, hair and makeup style. Share the Beauty Secrets of some of your favourite Bollywood Actresses. Why not use these tips into your own beauty regime. Hema Malini: Hema uses milk to cleanse her skin daily and uses aromatic oils to moisturise and nourish her skin. Hema also uses traditional hot oil (coconut oil mixed with amla, tulsi and neem etc.) massages for her hair at least twice a week. Most importantly Hema always makes sure to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Aishwarya Rai: Aishwarya also makes sure to always drink enough water a day for rehydration. She uses a gram flour mixture to cleanse and

exfoliate her skin and moisturises using a mask made of yoghurt and milk. Aishwarya tries to use natural ingredients and products whenever possible. Deepika Padukone: Her daily skincare regime includes using a moisturiser with a high SPF during the day and removing all makeup at night followed by applying a hydrating cream. Deepika drinks plenty of water, eats balanced meals and does regular workouts. For her hair, Deepika applies coconut hair oil at least once a week which helps to protect and nourish her hair. Nargis Fakhri: Nargis has a 20minute deep conditioning treatment using hot coconut-based hair oil for her hair to lock in the moisture and to keep her hair soft and smooth. She drinks two litres of water a day to flush out toxins and also drinks coconut water daily and makes sure to eat every two hours. Isha Koppikar: Isha makes sure to always cleanse; tone and moisturise her skin using ingredients such as mint which cool the skin. Katrina Kaif: Katrina starts her day by drinking about 4 glasses of water. As a cleanser Katrina uses a Purifying Apricot Oil and uses a mineral

mud mask at least once a week. Katrina always uses heat protectant products when styling hair to reduce hair damage. Kareena Kapoor: Kareena has kept fit and healthy by following a strict vegetarian diet as well as doing yoga at least 3 times a week. Bipasha Basu: Bipasha makes sure she always wears a high SPF sunscreen and also drinks at least 10 glasses of water a day to keeps skin hydrated and healthy. Bipasha uses good quality makeup products and always removes her make up daily. Madhuri Dixit: Madhuri keeps her hair healthy by using traditional oil massages before washing and conditioning her hair. She also makes sure she always uses a sunscreen and moisturiser daily. Madhuri believes having a proper beauty routine is important.

Avoid dementia by keeping brain 'active' WASHINGTON, July 5 (IANS) Staying mentally active by reading books or writing letters helps protect the brain in old age, says a new American study. The study, published in Neurology, says performing mental challenges leads to slower cognitive decline. It adds weight to the idea that dementia onset can be delayed by lifestyle factors, BBC reported. In the study by the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, 294 people over the age of 55 were given tests that measured memory and thinking, every year for about six years until their deaths. They also answered a questionnaire about whether they read books, wrote letters and took part in other activities linked to mental stimulation during childhood, adolescence, middle age, and in later life. After death, their brains were examined for evidence of the physical signs of dementia, such as brain lesions and plaques. The study found that after factoring out the impact of those signs, those who had a record of keeping the brain busy had a rate of cognitive decline estimated at 15 percent

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slower than those who did not. Robert Wilson, of the Rush University Medical Center, who led the study, said the research suggested exercising the brain across a lifetime was important for brain health in old age. "The brain that we have in old age depends in part on what we habitually ask it to do in life. What you do during your lifetime has a great impact on the likelihood these agerelated diseases are going to be expressed," Wilson told BBC. Commenting on the study, Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer's Research UK, said there was increasing evidence that mental activity may help protect against cognitive decline. But the underlying reasons for this remained unclear. "By examining donated brain tissue, this study has shed more light on this complex question, and the results lend weight to the theory that mental activity may provide a level of 'cognitive reserve', helping the brain resist some of the damage from diseases such as Alzheimer's," he told BBC.


Vibe-rant atmosphere thrives during a memorable Sydney sojourn By Rama Gaind MEMORIES of old, when my children were young, came flooding back during the final ride on the monorail in the Sydney CBD before it was pulled apart and put away at the end of June 2013. The monorail was a bicentennial gift to Sydney, but the closure has marked an end of 25 years of service as one of the city’s largest tourist attractions after opening in July 1988. It’s the finish of what has arguably been a discordant presence on the western edge of the city since it was built. The 3.6 kilometre monorail loop included seven stations (Harbourside, Convention, Paddy’s Market, World Square, Galleries, City Centre and Darling Park) that were located inside buildings, over freeways, at hotels and near a broad selection of the city’s major tourist attractions. While it will allow an expansion of Sydney’s light rail network, the way is now also open for redevelopment of the area around the entertainment and convention centres. Apart from nostalgia, the visit was also the opportunity to utilise other modes of public transport—in particular trains. This was then an additional benefit as we stayed at the Vibe Hotel North Sydney and thoroughly relished the 10-15-minute ride across the harbour bridge into the city and getting off at Town Hall. It was a hassle-free trip from Milsons Point train station, just outside the hotel, into the CBD. All points of interest from there are then within walking distance. What a bonus! Vivid celebrations The June long weekend also provided the first opportunity to view some of the activities during Vivid Sydney—said to be the largest light and music festival in the southern hemisphere—that creatively pushed


• The Sydney monorail on one of its last stops at Galeries Victoria Shopping
Centre, with access via Pitt and Market Streets, before it was taken out of service on June 30, 2013. Photo: Rama Gaind

boundaries. It incorporated live concerts, light installations, large-scale projections, free events, creative workshops, public talks and industry seminars. The festival included various events around the Opera House, the Rocks, Circular Quay and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Darling Harbour has always been larger than life and the inaugural celebrations there transformed the precinct into a spectacle of dancing water fountains, water screen projection performances and dazzling light and water shows.

Darling Harbour is a scintillating drawcard. More than 40 restaurants, 30 bars and cafes that will delight the palate, while nearby museums and theatres add cultured value. Vibe-rant surroundings In between the hectic pace of sightseeing, it was comforting to unwind in our spacious senior suite at the Vibe Hotel North Sydney in 88 Alfred Street, Milsons Point. The expansive views across Lavender Bay from the 12th floor were breath-taking, not to mention the moored private member sailing club watercrafts gently bobbing up and Cancer - June 22 - July 22 Ganesha advises you to broaden your contacts' base this month by stepping up your PR activities. You will not only need to make fresh contacts, but the more important thing to do would be to revive old and forgotten friendships, even if they are living abroad, because they shall be more useful in furthering your career or business interests. Work shall be in focus in the starting phase of the month, but as the month progresses, your focus may shift to the family matters. You shall give your loved ones quality time, trying your best to do everything in your capacity to keep them happy. However, Ganesha warns you not to exceed your budget, or financially you may find yourself in hot soup by the month-end. There are many other ways in which you can express your love for your near and dear ones, so be innovative in expressing your love, hints Ganesha. There is a slight danger of a mishap, so drive carefully.

Libra - September 23 - October 22 You shall kick off the month on a jovial note, brimming with energy and enthusiasm for life, predicts Ganesha. You shall be extroverted, and mostly surrounded with friends, so much so that when you don't find anyone around, you may begin to feel lonely, foretells Ganesha. But when it comes to work, there is no evading it, and you may have to slog really hard to meet the expectations of your superiors. If you have people working under you, be compassionate and try to understand that not everyone is created equal, and everyone has his/her weaknesses, just as they have their strengths, so deal with them on a case by case basis, instead of forming impulsive judgements, and treating your juniors harshly. On the romantic front, there are some good developments on the cards. You may fall in love so deeply with someone that you may decide to get married and settle down with him/her.

Career and business shall begin to pick up the pace, as the month progresses, foretells Ganesha. You are likely to become so busy that you may not be able to find time for anything else, except work. The one thing you really need to keep a tight leash on is your anger, as temper tantrums may lead you to adverse circumstances. Besides, speaking harshly or in an offensive language out of spite is bound to antagonise some people, causing irreparable damage. If you can cultivate some humility, a lot of things shall get resolved on their own. You need to learn to respond and assimilate, rather than react to situations, which would be the best way to control your anger. Things shall ease out in the latter part of the month, and difficult tasks may begin to appear easy. Moreover, targets that you had practically lost hope of achieving, shall now seem within your reach. You may develop a spiritual bent this month, feels Ganesha.

Leo - July 23 - August 22 Things on the career front shall be progressing smoothly. Your superiors are gradually gaining more confidence in you, and in the later stages of the month, they shall give you more freedom to perform optimally. On the financial front, you may be a spendthrift, blowing up your hard-earned money on things you could very well do without. This obviously means that your reserves are bound to dwindle alarmingly! Ganesha strictly advises you not to take loans around this time. Your professional and social status is likely to rise, and people shall seek you out for guidance. The stars seem to be favouring you on the romantic front too. Someone you love is likely to propose marriage to you, but think about the pros and cons wisely. And, if need be, do take the approval of your parents, before responding. Later in the month, you may have to shell out a hefty sum towards medical expenses. Be careful about your well being.

Gemini - May 23 - Jun 21 Though your communication skills would be good, Ganesha predicts that this month there are strong chances that they may get manifested in a negative way, because you shall tend to be a bit temperamental. Your words shall have a caustic ring about them, and this shall only earn you enemies, not friends. So try to be cool and composed, as far as possible. The most positive thing about this month is that financially you shall be well off. You shall have sufficient liquidity to meet most of your desires, and as the month progresses, you shall find your temper also cooling down a bit. The work atmosphere shall improve, and your rapport with your colleagues shall be good, leaving you super-charged, says Ganesha. An online friendship could blossom into a full-fledged relationship – keep your antennae up. Singles are likely to find the person of their dreams! You may need to pay special attention to the health matters, though, as slight viral infections or body aches are foreseen.

Scorpio - October 23 - November 21 Ganesha foresees great progress in your business this month. Your turnover as well as your margins shall swell like never before, but it would be prudent if you pumped the money back into the business for expansion purposes. For professionals too, you shall be very optimistic about achieving all the collective targets, even where the big shots may harbour grave misgivings, which shall also work as a big motivating factor for other team members. On the monetary front, though you may be comfortable, you may be nurturing a certain amount of insecurity and so shall make your best efforts to increase your savings. Unnecessary expenditure shall be out, and even the kids may not be able to move you with their emotional appeals. A very judicious thing to do, which your loved ones shall realise only on the rainy day. Things can get a bit dicey at home, so be alert and avert it.

Virgo - August 23 - October 22 The fact that you have neglected your near and dear ones, of late, shall make you feel guilty, and now you shall try to make up for it by spending more quality time with them, foretells Ganesha. However, the work pressure is unlikely to decrease, and doing the tight-rope act could stress you up. There are likely to be disputes around you, and you may have to intervene, with your buttery smooth speech, to resolve them amicably, to the satisfaction of all involved. You shall succeed in such attempts, which shall indirectly enhance your prestige. Enjoy! Your powers of concentration and analysis too shall peak, something that shall clearly reflect in your performance at your workplace. Your superiors are bound to take note of it, promises Ganesha. At times, however, your decisions may not be spot-on, and could throw up undesirable results. If you maintain your presence of mind, you could nip such situations in the bud, though. Keep you common sense in place!

Sagittarius - November 22 - December 22 This month you are likely to be very emotional in your dealings, both at home and at your work-place, predicts Ganesha. And when your emotions are in conflict with your intellect, you shall tend to go with your heart. But since you are gifted with great intuitive powers, you shall see that the voice of your heart is often more accurate than the cold reasoning of your intellect. You shall gain in popularity in your social and professional circles, mostly because of your kind nature but also because this is a month when your sense of humour and wit look to be peaking. So it's not just your sage counsel but also your wisecracks that shall keep your associates enthralled. Work pressure is bound to be there, and the deadlines may be too acute for others, but for you, as you are at peak physical and mental fitness, they may almost be a walk in the park.

Aries - March 21 - April 20 With Jupiter placed favourably in your charts, you may expect some positive developments this month, predicts Ganesha. If you have been thinking of buying a new house, or planning to switch jobs, you may be in luck. However, if your wish to stick with your present job, you may get a promotion. In the 2nd and 3rd weeks you may have to do a tight-rope act, as both domestic and professional duties shall be demanding. If you take some time off for contemplation around the middle of the month, you shall realise your mistakes, and thus can stop yourself from repeating them. Financially, this months would be rather stable, even if you end up blowing away some of your hard-earned cash on entertainment activities. Ganesha warns you to brace up for a mishap at your home, if you are not careful enough. Your own health shall require special attention, so take good care. It's a good time to start a family, though.

Taurus - April 21 - May 22


down—many belonging to the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, in Kirribilli. It was not difficult to find lively restaurants, entertainment and bars in north Sydney’s CBD that’s just a few minutes walk from Luna Park. Take time out to enjoy the rare treat of harbourside walks, central city parkland and the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge. Modern Australian cuisine at the Curve Restaurant was especially delectable with our main courses of beef and chicken done to perfection! With in-house parking, the Vibe lives up to its motto: ‘hotels with personality’. Fabulous shopping Being so close to the city, don’t miss out on the chance for some fabulous shopping. Sydney is famous for its world-class shopping, with Australian top brands joining international labels including French, Italian, British and American luxury brands. Most of these shopping precincts are on George and Castlereagh Streets and Martin Place—in the heart of the city. The newest retail area is The Star at Pyrmont which offers sophisticated luxury fashion and cosmetics with impressive boutiques including the Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutique, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo and Gucci. The magnificent Louis Vuitton Maison featuring three storeys of women’s and men’s fashion, and iconic British brand luxury items can be found at Burberry. Martin Place features Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Paspaley Pearls. Tiffany & Co. takes pride of place in Castlereagh Street for legendary jewellery and accessories. The choice is endless: Chanel, Gucci, DKNY, Miu Miu, Diane van Furstenberg, Prada, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Christian Louboutin, Mulberry, Montblanc, Bvlgari, Longchamp and Jimmy Choo. Retail therapy has never been better!

Capricorn - December 23 - January 30 At times this month, circumstances could turn really tricky, especially at your workplace if you happen to be ambitious, as you may get involved in power struggles with other colleagues. Under such circumstances, Ganesha advises you to maintain your cool and accept whatever the management decides, even if their decisions go against your expectations, as they are the ones who know best. However, you shall remain positive, try to rethink your priorities, and apply to a different company for a job if that is what you deem fit. But, Ganesha says this is not the best of months for changing your job. It would be better to adjust to given circumstances and bide your time till the stars turn in your favour. Businessmen shall enjoy a lot of success this month. There are chances that you may enter into new partnerships and expand your business in newer areas. Aquarius - January 21 - February 19 Ganesha predicts that you may expect many changes at your workplace this month. The plethora of issues that you need to tackle may get overwhelming, but if you stay cool and address one issue at a time, instead of trying to multitask, you shall be able to sail smoothly through the entire month. Besides, Ganesha advises you to bite off only as much as you can chew, so that if you feel certain tasks are beyond your capacity or that you may not have the time for them, it would be better to firmly put your foot down and say No. During this month, you are likely to be offered a more attractive job from another company, and if you feel it would suit you, go ahead and take it. On the financial front, your situation may be somewhat tight, but you need to manage with what you have, instead of borrowing from others. Pisces - February 20 - March 20 This is a great month for businessmen, foretells Ganesha. Not only will your ongoing projects progress satisfactorily, but you shall have ample opportunities to expand the scope of your business, and for that you shall even have the amount of financial and human resources that are necessary. Professionals, too, shall make good headway in their tasks, and the sailing shall be smooth for them. On the personal front, you are likely to face some disappointments, especially from friends whom you may have trusted too much in the past but they may not have met your expectations. In such cases, Ganesha advises you, the secret of happiness is to lower your expectations. However, this is a temporary phase and shall soon pass. On the romantic front, things look bright, and your relationships shall be smooth, but no dramatic developments are expected this month.

Disclaimer: This is only a guide and is not directed towards any particular individual and the writer shall not be responsible for anything to do with the article content.

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How to bid at auction QUEENSLAND legislation requires all people bidding at an auction to provide their names, addresses and proof of identity prior to the auction beginning. This information must be provided for your bid to be accepted during the auction. These details will be recorded in a bidders register and provide you with a bidder number. This number should be displayed clearly when you make a bid during the course of the auction. During the excitement of an auction, it is important for people to remember that you do not have to bid just because you have registered, but you must be registered if you intend to bid. Auctions are becoming a more popular method of sale in Queensland but many potential buyers may still be unsure of what

to expect on auction day, and more importantly, how to be successful on the day. Firstly, make sure the auctioneer can see you. You should hold up your bidder number and call out your bid in a clear, audible voice. You can call out an exact amount – for example $350,000 – or indicate the amount you wish to increase the previous bid by the increment suggested by the auctioneer – for example, “Another $10,000”. If the auctioneer calls the incorrect amount or misinterprets your bid, call out to the auctioneer and clarify the bid with them immediately. Also, contrary to some people’s opinion, it is not the best strategy to withhold your bidding until the very last moment hoping to outsmart your competition. The best

reserve price is before the auction. At the start of the auction, however, the auctioneer will announce if the property is to be sold with or without a reserve price but they will not divulge what the reserve price is, if there is one. When bidding at an auction, remember that if you are the successful bidder you are required to sign the contract of sale and pay a deposit on the spot. There is no cooling off period when you buy at auction. Indeed, there is a reason why many auctioneers often call out “We’re playing for keeps” when bidding for the property has passed the reserve price. Once the hammer falls, and you are the successful bidder, the property is yours.

strategy is actually to be on the front-foot, be competitive, and show the other bidders than you mean business. Legally, auctioneers are unable to provide advice to prospective buyers on whether a reserve price has been set or what that

Funding for new affordable homes announced MINISTER for Housing and Homelessness Mark Butler recently met with tenants benefiting from more affordable rentals under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) to officially open a new dedicated round of funding for ‘shovel-ready’ NRAS projects. “We know that housing affordability is a concern for many Australian families and we’re investing heavily to address that concern,” Mr Butler said. “This new round will provide incentives for up to 1,000 shovel-ready homes across Australia to be substantially completed by June 2014.” NRAS offers annual financial incentives, currently valued at $9,981 per annum per dwelling, for 10 years to build and rent new homes or apartments for low to moderate

income tenants, at 20 per cent below the market value rent. The ‘shovel-ready’ round is intended to support projects that are ready to go, including those with secured finance, land and development approvals. “We want to move as quickly as possible to build new homes in areas that are most in need, and to give the business and community sector more certainty for the future.” Mr Butler said the announcement will not only create a continuous supply of new and more affordable homes but will assist community housing providers, through the guaranteed income stream that NRAS provides, and help builders and developers through increased investment in new construction. Source: REIQ RJ June 13






Act now to secure your preferred hilltop position in prestigious Forest Park. Our Final Stage is limited to just 48 lots ranging in size from 500sqm up to 2,776sqm overlooking contemporary established homes and surrounding native bushland. Enjoy a perfect combination of position, lifestyle and value close to every convenience of Forest Lake and just 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD. • Hilltop position, views and breezes • Neighbouring quality established homes • 3 Mins. Forest Lake Village Shopping Centre • 10 Mins. Indooroopilly, Oxley and Sunnybank • 16km to Brisbane CBD FP/138-BIT

V VISIT ISIT O OUR UR O ONSITE NSITE S SALES A LE S C CENTRE ENTRE O OPEN PEN S Saturday aturday & S Sunday unday 10am-5pm 10am-5pm – M Monday onday tto oW Wednesday ednesday 12noon-5pm 12noon-5pm (off) Brookside Street, Doolandella, Brisbane UBD Map 218 R-15

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1 1300 300 792 792 882 882 THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013 — 39










BOONDALL $489,900



BOONDALL $349,900

BOONDALL $359,900






The Real Estate Institute of Queensland













BOONDALL $399,000






FITZGIBBON $370,000 (07) 3865 4466 Shop 5, 2281 Sandgate Rd, Boondall, Qld 4034




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The costly impact of wet weather Shannon Molloy IF you’re planning to bid at a weekend auction for the home or investment property of your dreams, pray it rains. That’s the running joke in the real estate industry, with the belief being that wet weather keeps people away. Does it? It might not be ironic, as Alanis Morrisette

crooned in her 90’s hit, but rain – on your wedding day or otherwise – can be pretty annoying. Wet weather ruins weekend plans, makes for a painful dash from the shop to your car with an arm-full of groceries and can take a day of house hunting from fab to drab in no time flat. When you’re in the market for a property

Apartment sales strong By REIQ chairman Pamela Bennett “Sales of units and townhouses across Queensland have strengthened further over the last year, according to the latest REIQ data released on Friday 7 June. “Over the March quarter, according to the REIQ’s Queensland Market Monitor, the preliminary numbers of unit sales in Queensland increased by 2 per cent compared to the same period last year. “According to QMM, the preliminary numbers of unit and townhouse sales in Cairns increased 54.5 per cent in Cairns, 22.6 per cent on the Sunshine Coast, and 19.4 per cent on the Gold Coast compared to the March quarter last year. “In Cairns, the strongest growth in sales was in the sub-$250,000 price bracket. On the Sunshine Coast, compared to the March quarter last year, there was a significant increase in the numbers of unit and townhouse sales priced between $350,000 and $500,000. “On the Gold Coast, according to QMM, there was an increase in sales in the $250,000 to $350,000 price range as well in the upper-end of the market. “In Brisbane, the median unit price was steady at $390,000 over the March quarter.

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Solid performers over the period were Upper Mount Gravatt and Kelvin Grove which posted price growth of 9.6 per cent and 8.8 per cent respectively. “According to suburb profiles on, the suburb is only about 13km south of the CBD and is positioned between Logan Road and the South-East Freeway. “Excellent public transport and access to schools, shops and entertainment facilities are Upper Mount Gravatt and Mount Gravatt's key attractions. “The view from the top of Upper Mount Gravatt and Mount Gravatt itself is spectacular and remains a popular lookout for visitors. “Kelvin Grove has become a popular suburb for a range of people wishing to live close to Brisbane City, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the Royal Brisbane Hospital. “The suburb's proximity to the city makes it a popular residence for young people, who study at QUT's Kelvin Grove campus, or commute into the city centre for work. “Located less than 4km north-west of Brisbane's CBD, Kelvin Grove has experienced good growth in median prices as buyers have taken advantage of the suburb's proximity to the city.”

and you’ve spent time inspecting it, getting your checks done and imagining how you’ll live in it or how it’ll sit in your investment portfolio, wild horses couldn’t keep you away… right? Melbourne buyers’ advocates Secret Agent conducted some research on the impact of rainy days that just so happen to also be auction days. Like me, they reasoned that someone who really wants a property will turn up on auction day in gumboots, poncho and with an umbrella. A torrential downpour won’t matter much. “Our initial thoughts were that it wouldn’t impact results,” the consultancy’s managing director Paul Osborne says. “If a buyer was set to bid on a property, the weather wouldn’t change the way a serious purchaser would pursue it.” And then he came across some research on the correlation of stock market performance and the weather. It was conducted by the University of Berkeley in California and compared the Dow Jones Industrials and weather patterns between 1948 and 2010. Surprisingly, it found the market recorded an average reduction of 2.8 per cent on cloudy days. Osborne began to wonder if there could be a similar effect in the world of property. If so, imagine the implications in a city like Melbourne that can famously experience four seasons in a day. “So, we looked at the winter months when an auction occurred on a wet day, being a day with four millimetres or more of rain. We compiled 2012 sales results that occurred on a Saturday at auction between June and August.” The average auction result on mostly pleasant weather days, where there was less than four millimetres of rain, was

$1,003,300. Conversely, the average auction result on wet weather days was $956,800. “There was an average price difference of five per cent on a wet day as opposed to auctions that took place on a dry day,” Osborne observes. Of course, there’s not much you can do to ensure clear blue skies on your auction day, short of praying to the weather and real estate gods. Like some elements of property in general, it’s one of those things you’ve got to take a punt on and hope for the best. In one piece of good news, Osborne’s research shows that in some cases over the past decade Melbourne prices on a whole were stronger in winter than at other points throughout a year. Why? There tends to be a scarcity of stock in cooler months, when sellers sit tight for spring or summer. Buyers who are out and about have less to choose from. With that in mind, it could be worth selling in winter when the competition is thinner. Just cross your fingers for a bright, sunny day. Shannon Molloy is the deputy editor of Australian Property Investor magazine,


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Something to call your very own FOR many, renting a property is a stop-gap solution on the pathway to the bigger dream of owning a home. And while renting provides a certain flexibility and potentially affordability the lure of home ownership appears as strong as ever it was. In a recent story featured on, an ambitious English woman has sold everything short of the shirt off her back (again, perhaps she sold that too) to scrape together a home deposit. Seemingly, she was paying more rent than what her predicted loan repayments would have been. However it raises the question: how far would you go to own your own home? Not too far I hope as the option of home ownership is not as unrealistic as it once was thanks to improving affordability. These days renting can in fact be more costly than repaying a mortgage in some cases. At present, this stellar combination of low interest rates, housing affordability and a market on the bounce-back presents a very exciting opportunity for first home buyers. But what happens if you’re short on the deposit? Or perhaps the bank isn’t willing to give you a go just yet. Short of selling all of your worldly possessions, or giving up on the idea entirely, here are some alternative ways of entering the property market. Sharing the load Co-buying – also known as shared ownership, joint ownership or co-ownership – is when two or more people decide to spread the financial burden and buy a property together. More and more often, parents are buying with their children, siblings are buying together, as are friends, extended family members, even colleagues. By pooling your resources, you can afford somewhere bigger, better and sooner than you could alone. For those entering the investment market, the obvious advantages include the reduction in capital required and other associated costs involved in buying a property. Better locations can also become more accessible due to the reduced risk. However, just like a shared tenancy, it’s important to remember that a mortgage mate, a co-buyer or a co-investor is in essence, a partner. As such, there are significant legal and financial obligations to consider and plenty of due diligence is called for. Before you jump in, be sure that everyone involved has the same intentions and

Bundaberg in recovery By REIQ chairman Pamela Bennett

goals. Short vs. long term ownership, owner-occupied vs. tenanted – you get the picture. And most importantly with co-ownership, it’s vital that all parties have a legally prepared document – such as s Deed of Trust – when entering into a co-buying arrangement. Getting a ‘leg up’ Be honest, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to ask the parents for a lending hand. Lucky for us, baby boomer parents are increasingly helping their kids into the property market. Creative ways they are giving their children a “leg up” include cobuying where the parent(s) provide the equity and the children take responsibility for paying the debt. The other arrangement is by way of a guarantee. The traditional bank guarantee has been replaced by a product that allows a parent to guarantee an amount to supplement the borrower’s deposit. The size of the guarantee can be limited to a specific amount which protects the parent from losing their home should the child default on the loan. Remembering that purchasing property is a long-term commitment with ongoing costs, it is also a fantastic way to secure a longterm future. So whether you decide on coownership, parental support or a good old fashioned ebay bonanza, it sure would be nice to have something to call your very own.

Investor opportunities FROM the myriad factors that determine a property’s price potential, location – and specifically proximity to community services, and availability of facilities and infrastructure – seems to hold firm as the recurrent key to future capital growth. Schools, shopping centres, public transport, parks and, increasingly, cafes and restaurants, are all desirable aspects of suburban living and favourable attributes to potential buyers and potential tenants. Commuting time in general will always be a key consideration for residents of metropolitan areas, and are therefore the driving force behind buyer demand for inner to middle ring suburbs in our larger cities. And as our State grows, access to good local amenities will be the driving force behind the growth of our outer ring suburbs in the south east particularly. Infrastructure projects also have an important role in the growth of property prices. Improved infrastructure provides improved services for local residents as well as providing improved access for surrounding regions. New infrastructure also plays a key role in creating local and regional employment opportunities and such projects are generally in line with government planning instruments at both a local and regional level. The numbers of investors in the 42 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

Queensland market is still tracking slightly below historical averages however low interest rates and vacancy rates in many areas below 3 per cent is likely to encourage more investment activity in the months ahead. REIQ research shows the main reasons for purchasing an investment property are the potential for capital growth, to help fund retirement or for negative gearing purposes. But no matter what type of property you’re looking to buy, or whether you’re a seasoned or first-time investor, it is crucial that you start by doing your homework. Investors also need to ensure their financial situation will allow for interest rate increases or a period of time when the property may be vacant. Qualified staff at REIQ accredited agencies can also provide investors with informed opinion on market trends. They are also aware of the property types that tenants are looking for and the rents achievable for particular types of property. Ensuring you buy the right property not only makes it easier to rent out, but also makes it easier to sell if the need arises. Property investment remains an attractive long-term wealth creation strategy with the ability to produce income and capital growth. REIQ

THE rebuild from the floods that devastated parts of Bundaberg in January are well under way with the local property market bearing its fair share of the burden. Repairing and rebuilding flood-damaged homes and businesses in Bundaberg will be made easier after the State Government granted Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC) some planning relief. Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Planning and Infrastructure Jeff Seeney said he had granted council a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) so it could get on with the job of rebuilding. “Bundaberg’s flood in late January was its most devastating flood in recorded history,” he said. “Since then, my department has been working with council to get the city back on its feet and begin the mammoth rebuilding task. “Implementing the TLPI will allow residents to repair their flood-affected homes faster and without the need to go through all the usual planning requirements. “Residents will also be able to raise their houses to 9.5 metres above ground level, sparing them from any future floods. “The focus of the rebuild is on increasing flood resilience in the affected areas so that we don’t see such extensive damage again.” According to REIQ data, the Bundaberg median house price increased by 1.6 per

cent to $285,000 over the March quarter. REIQ Bundaberg zone chair Michael Dempsey said there had been a noticeable spike in demand which could be attributed to relocations caused by the region’s floods earlier this year. “We have seen a considerable number of sales in suburbs on higher ground where people have chosen to relocate from North Bundaberg,” he said. “The consecutive floods mean people are not prepared to stay put in certain areas, however rather than activity dropping off, we have witnessed a turnaround here with good sales and stock clearing in higherground suburbs.” Avenell Heights was one suburb in particular that reaped the benefits. It recorded a quarterly increase of 16.4 per cent to $320,000 during the period. According to Mr Dempsey, it is likely that damaged properties undergoing restoration works will re-enter the marketplace over the coming six months, allowing for equilibrium to be restored. “We are currently seeing a strong demand for investors as a result of lower interest rates and a high demand for rental property in the region and it is predicted that this will continue,” he said. “Confidence in the real estate market is strong at present and with the resource sector slowing it is providing a sense of stability, not-to-mention the combination of low interest rates and low median house prices making Bundaberg look like a very attractive place to live.”

Rebuilding Christchurch Nicola McDougall WHAT would a city look like if you got to rebuild it from scratch? And how would you incorporate more than 100,000 ideas from the people who matter the most – the stoic individuals who continue to call Christchurch home? During a holiday visit to my hometown of Christchurch in late April, I sat down with the man charged with rebuilding New Zealand’s second largest city and discovered a city on the cusp of rebirth. More than two years before, however, I remember standing in the lunch-room of the REIQ’s Brisbane office on 22 February 2011 and watching as the Christchurch Cathedral crumbled on live television right before my very eyes. Just six weeks after the Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi, another natural disaster – this time earthquake – had befallen my life and I watched through tears and an almost overwhelming sense of fear for my family and friends as the place I used to call home was almost wiped from the map. More than two years – and thousands of after-shocks – later, Christchurch continues to be mostly unrecognisable. One in two roads in the entire Canterbury province reportedly needs repairing so patience is a virtue that is an absolute necessity for anyone driving around the region. In fact, orange witches-hats and mesh fences are ubiquitous. The central city has, for the most part, been reopened but it is an eerie experience to drive through what was once a thriving CBD populated by thousands of people. More than 1,000 buildings are being demolished in the central city and for someone like me, who remembers clearly the way it used to be, that means I often found myself rather discombobulated with no sense of where I was at all. Indeed, sometimes it felt like I was driving on the moon. But it is not the moon, it is New Zealand’s second largest city and it must rise from the ashes for the sake of the country’s economy, and for the sake of hundreds of thousands of courageous souls who are waiting and watching for their home to be reborn. Warwick Isaacs is the man whose shoulders this heavy burden now rests but to him

it’s not a burden it’s a privilege. He heads up the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU), a government-created unit, charged with rebuilding the city between the four avenues which have long defined the inner-city precinct of Christchurch. For a man with such a task ahead of him, he is a relaxed, easy-going individual, who was also happy to sit down with an ex-Kiwi from across the ditch to explain the unique opportunity now available to civic leaders, developers and residents alike. “The devastation by the earthquake has been quite extreme in the central city,” he says as we sit in the CCDU offices located in one of the few commercial buildings to survive the 2011 earthquake. “If you look at the central city it’s almost like someone has pointed an arrow and said: ‘That’s where we want to hit’ because that’s the impact. “Between these four avenues there is in excess of 1,000 buildings being demolished and the very heart as you would have seen, the landscape is almost back to Ground Zero. “What the recovery plan is about is, there were over 100,000 submissions from people in Canterbury and businesses and people from afar as well, that went to the council process – it was called Share an Idea. “New thinking has come to Christchurch. There are opportunities the earthquakes have given us – it’s been a tragic thing – but there are opportunities to reinvigorate and revitalise, and set the tone for Christchurch as a future city rather than a city that’s still evolving from its past heritage.” This is an extract from a feature originally published in the REIQ Journal. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


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Vaishnav Sangh of Qld. For more information email or visit Varnam Cultural Society (Qld) Inc. For more information call Rajarajan 0431 433 889 / Ayyapann 0418 909 825 or email What’s on is your Council guide to what is happening in Brisbane.> Women of Light Our purpose … is to equip women for Life, by providing opportunities for personal growth, believing that every women is valued as a role model to her family, her work, her church and her community. We meet Every alternate Thursday at 11.00am at 3, Montserrat Place, Forest Lake and Buckby St, Nundah. Contact – Mavis, 0418 745 179, 07 3879 973


BURTONS CIRCUS showing at Mitchelton Park Football Ground, Cnr Samford Rd & Prospect Rds, Mitchelton ON NOW UNTIL 14th July – Tickets are available at the Circus from 1hr before and up to show time. To view show times / book tickets visit or call 0435 996 386. Guru Nanak Sikh Temple Inala presents 1st Sikh Youth Day Camp - 13 July - 8am to 6.30pm at 16 Rosemary Street, Inala Qld 4077. For more information contact Ranee (Brisbane) 0416 479 723 / Gobind (Gold Coast) 0430 709 757. Melmaruvathur Aadhiparasakthi Vazipaattu Mandram - Brisbane - Bajan 14 July: 5-7pm at 1 Lalina Street, (Cnr of River Hills Road & Lalina Street) Middle Park. For more details contact Sakthi Para 0438 778 483, Sakthi Jayanthan 0402 907 064 Chinmaya Mission Australia presents Trivia Night 2013 - 20 July - 6pm till late (doors open at 5.20pm) at Clairvaux Mackillop College (Multipurpose Hall), cnr Logan & Klumpp Rd, Upper Mount Gravatt. Theme: Red Carpet. Enjoy a night of laughter and fun! For tickets contact Ullhas on 0401 382 573, Sandeep 0409 508 703, email or visit Valley Multicultural Festival - 20 July Chinatown Mall from 1pm - 10pm. For more information, please visit or contact Council on (07) 3403 8888. MACHAN - 28 July - from 3pm at Tribal Theatre, 346 George St, Brisbane City. A Sri Lankan made film based on a string of inspiring, real life events - what motivates people to seek refuge? For tickets / further information please visit / or call Steph 0413 057 138. BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha, Australia Sant Parayan Spiritual Discourses on Upanishads - 7-12 August - You are invited along with your family and friends for an enlightening experience in the presence of Pujya Adarshijivan Swami, Pujya Jnanpurush Swami, Pujya Gnavardhan Swami and Pujya Adarshmuni Swami. Katha on Upanishads Wed 7 & Frid 9 August 7.30pm-9pm at Paloma Reception Centre, 121 Mains Road, Sunnybank. Thurs 8, Sat 10 & Mon 12 August 7.30pm-9pm Sun 11 August 5pm-7pm at MacGregor State High School, 29 Blackwattle Street, MacGregor. For more information please contact Dhirajlal Pala 07 3108 2636, Sureshbhai Patel 073299 2929, Kiran Patel 0433 889 926 or email GOPIO QLD Presents India Day Fair - 11 August – 10.30 till Dusk at Roma Street Parklands Amphitheatre. Parades, Live Performances, Cultural Items, Food, Stalls. FREE event – For more information or to become a sponsor contact: President Shyam 0412 031 301 – Vikas 0420 851 340, Robin 0416 150 911. Robertson State School Fete Fiesta - 25 August - 12pm - 6.30pm Fiji Senior Citizens Association Qld celebrating their 10th Anniversary Celebration - 31 August - at Macgregor State School, Sunnybank commencing 5.30pm. For further information contact Surendra Prasad 0413 004 100, Secretary Raymond Saran 3290 0653. Eswaralaya Kalaikoodam Celebrates their 10th Year Anniversary - 31 August - An evening of Bharatha Natyam and Dance Drama. Indian Classical Dance - Dhasa Manoharam. Time 6pm - For more informa-

JULY 13 / AUG 13 tion please contact Manga 0433 967 489, or Thilaga 3823 4628 Gayatri Pariwar (Brisbane, Australia) presents for the first time in Brisbane - ASHWAMEDH GAYATRI MAHA YAGNA Prayer for World Peace and Harmony - 18, 19 & 20 April 2014 - in the presence of Shraddeya Dr Pranav Pandya and Shraddeya Shailbala Pandya, Head AWGP. 8.45am to 7pm at Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds, 1644 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt. Program includes cultural items, exhibition, interactive thought provoking seminars, yoga and meditation, 201 Kund Yagna. To participate in the 201 Kund Yagna or for further information contact Tirat Achal 0407 620 663 / Ashok Kumar 0411 698 972 / Salik Ram Sharma 3271 5407 or email Brisbane Super Kings Cricket Club Inc Every Sunday – Currently we have a few more spots available. To join the club or for further information please contact Sathish 0433 922 733, Bala 0450 927 578 or Rajarajan 0431 433 889. Visit or What’s on in the City- For events happening in Brisbane City and Queen Street Mall please visit Every Sunday – Brisbane Community Market – Every Sunday from 7.30am-1pm at Moorooka State School, Beaudesert Road Moorooka. Food, fruit and veg, gifts, activities for gifts plus more great stalls. Stalls are still available, please phone 0401 027 402 for more information. Seminars - Public Talks / Courses / Retreats........ Al-Mustapha Institute of Brisbane - Ilm-eDeen Courses, part-time available. For more information visit Brisbane Tamil School Holland Park State School, Bapume Road, Holland Park. For more information on the School please contact President B. Saravanan – or visit Chinmaya Mission Australia – Family programs every Sunday morning at Holland Park State High School from 10am-11.45am. Please visit or email Hindustani Language School conducts lessons in Hindustani language and Indian Culture every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm, at both its major centres at Calamvale Community Intermediate College, 11 Hamish Street, Calamvale and Boondall State School, Roscommon Rd, Boondall. Hindi is our mother tongue. Contact: Secretary Jay Haripersad on 3243 7062 - Vice President Mul Chand on Mobile 0418 461 960 Lotus Ashram - Free yoga lessons every Friday at Sunnybank Primary School, Glendower Street, from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm. Donations are welcome. For details, email Migration Seminar - FREE - Every Thursday - 4pm at NO BORDERS Migration Advocates, Level 4/20 Park Road, Milton Qld 4064 - For registration Call 07 3876 seats Thaai Tamil School – Tamil Classes – Conducted weekly at 2 locations – 1. Sunnybank State High School, Cnr Boorman & Turton Streets, Sunnybank. Saturday 2.30pm-5.30pm. 2. Centenary State High School, 1 Moolanda Street, Jindalee. Sunday 2.30pm-5.30pm. Contact 0423 730 122, or visit Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Bollywood & Entertainment Local stars shines alongside Strings of India starts Bollywood legend on a high note LOCAL Guitarist Anand Tularam joined the very talented band of musicians from Indian for the Udit Narayan Show in Brisbane. Anand Tularam is a keen, very talented local artist who has performed in many local bands. Performing alongside internationally acclaimed Bollywood artists, Udit Narayn was a dream come true and a privilege said Anand. Anand gets inspiration from Pranay Chandra, a very accomplished musician and recording engineer. Pranay Chandra is headed to Mumbai to pursue a career in music in the glittering world of Bollywood. Bollywood with all its charm, glamour and challenges has attracted many budding musicians from around the globe. In Brisbane musicians face a tough challenge as they are not appropriately renumerated and community organisations expect them to perform for free. It is about time that our community placed proper value of the tal-

ents of our musicians, who spend numerous hours practising and refining their talents. A lot money has been invested in equipment not to talk about the time it takes to attend to performances. On many instances the whole day is gone, on many occasions, the packing of the band equipment starts in the morning, then there is the bump in an set up, followed by the a proper sound test if you are lucky as many times event organisers do not plan for this. Then the performance itself, which follows the tear down and the return of the equipment. Many groups hire closed vans, provide goods for their members all at their own cost. Groups realise that in most cases they will not be paid but what’s off putting is the lack of appreciation from organisers who think they are doing the groups a favour. We hope that one day Brisbane will wake up to the tune and come up with the right notes.

Starlet’s suspicious suicide

Karishma Desai JIAH Khan, daughter of Rabia Amin, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her family home on 3 June. The death was believed to be a suicide as a note was found four days later on June 7, stating that it was planned. The 25 year old actress’ family were devastated after hearing the news and believed Suraj Pancholi provoked Jiah to commit suicide. Although Salman Kahn was a suspect in the Jiah Kahn case, his name has now been cleared and Suraj Pancholi remains the prime suspect. As TOI stated, Rabia had told the police, she thought Suraj had provoked Jiah to commit suicide and the note stated that Suraj had forced her to also abort their child. The note also says “After all the pain, the rape, the abuse, the torture I have seen previously I didn’t deserve this. I didn’t see any love or commitment from you. I just became increasingly scared that you would hurt me mentally or physically.”

After recently examining the note and comparing it to other letters written by Jiah, handwriting experts believe the suicide note may have been forged. It is alleged that Rabia had written the letter as she was the one who found it and handed the not in. Jiah Kahn had previously starred in 3 major bollywood movies including Nishabd, Ghajini and most recently Houseful, amongst actors such as Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone.

Who will be Hrithik Roashan’s lucky female lead? WITH Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan landing the lead role in the upcoming romantic drama, Shuddhi, it comes as a surprise that the film is still in need of a female lead as there is never a shortage of takers for a role opposite the gorgeous and multi-talented film star. The projects director, Karan Malhotra who is working closely with Hrithik Roshan again following the critically acclaimed Agneepath has told an Indian film trade that ‘We are still looking for the leading lady’ and ‘We have not finalised Kareena or Anushka’. The director went on to clear up the rumours by saying ‘So far only Hrithik 48 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, July, 2013

Roshan has been confirmed and the leading lady is not yet finalised. Probable by mid June, we will have finalised the leading lady for the film’. Karan Malhotra has previously stated that he has a ‘wish list’ of actors that he wants in the film and it is clear why he would have locked down Hrithik Roshan following the broken box office records of Agneepath’s release. We’ll just have to wait and see who the lucky women will be. Hrithik Roshan is currently filming for the Indian film remake of Knight And Day with Katrina Kaif, and will be resuming his superhero character in Krrish 3, out this Diwali 2013.

• Shri Arvind Pranjape (Pune) on Tabla and Shrimati Jyoti Thakar (Pune) on Sitar at Swara Mohini’s Strings of India recital part one.

STRINGS of India, a series of Indian classical stringed instruments recitals is a initiative of Swara Mohini Inc. The first of the series saw a very talented local artists Shrimati Shrabani Choudhury, Shrimati Jyoti Thakar of Pune and Shri Arvind Paranjape of Pune perform at Banyo Library. Shrimati Shrabani Choudhury being the local artist did the curtain raiser performance. Shri Arvind Paranjape accompanined both Shrimati Shrabani Choudhury and Srimati Jyoti Thakar on tabla. The recital was well attended and appreciated by the audience, the support of the Maharastra Mandal was commendable. The Sitar is a plucked stringed instrument used mainly in Hindustani music and Indian classical music. The instrument descended from long-necked lutes taken to North India from Central Asia and is also believed to be influenced by the Veena. The sitar flourished in the 16th and 17th centuries and arrived at its present form in the 18th century Mughal period. The first prototype instruments were invented during the Delhi Sultanate period of the 13th and 14th centuries, when the Persian patrons of music and poetry encouraged innovation in Indian art. It is named

after a Persian instrument called the setar (meaning “three strings”). Amir Khusrow the great Sufi musician laid the foundation for its development in the 13th century, making it the bedrock of Indian classical music. It subsequently underwent changes during the 18th century to become the instrument we are familiar with today. It derives its distinctive timbre and resonance from sympathetic strings, bridge design, a long hollow neck and a gourd resonating chamber. Used widely throughout the Indian subcontinent, the sitar became known in the western world through the work of Ravi Shankar beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The sitar saw further use in popular music after the Beatles featured the sitar in their compositions “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”, “Within You Without You” and “Love You To”. Their use of the instrument came as a result of George Harrison’s taking lessons on how to play it from Shankar and Shambhu Das. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones also used a sitar in “Paint It Black” and a brief fad began for using the instrument in pop songs.

‘In the Army’: Farhan Akhtar tastes military life in Milkha Singh Biopic - Bhaag Milkha Bhaag INDIAN cinema’s leading man Farhan Akhtar plays it tough in his new film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, which tells the fabled tale of India’s track hero Milkha Singh, releasing on 12th July 2013. The talented Farhan Akhtar takes his character Milkha Singh to the limit when he enlists into the Indian Army as a boy. The young Milkha learns some of life’s most important lessons from his ustaad (teacher) assigned to his platoon, expertly played by Prakash Raj. The subedaar (lieutenant) directs and instills courage into Milkha, developing his human spirit. It is during his army days that Milkha learns the skills of perseverance, hard work and discipline, which stand him in good stead when he goes on to become an Olympic athlete. The pivotal army scenes were shot at the prestigious Rajputana Rifles Regimental Centre (RRRC), in the high-security cantonment area of Delhi. To assume the mantle of his character, Prakash Raj underwent a rigorous training programme, and was coached by Jawans to get a deeper insight into his role. Continuing with the army theme, the makers of the film have released a third song from its electric soundtrack. ‘Maston Ka Jhund’ is a perky number, which gives us an insight into Milkha Singh’s life as a military man and his associations with his army mates. Farhan Akhtar filmed the video

with 46 real-life military men to bring the emotionally stirring song to life and add authenticity. Commenting on the film, Farhan Akhtar said - ‘I’m very excited about this film. As an actor, it was an immense honour to play a living legend and Indian hero that is Milkha Singh. I am so proud of the film, and I hope, in my humble attempt, I have done justice to Milkha and his achievements. For me playing this character was a gratifying and humbling experience.’ Bhaag Milkha Bhaag tells the inspirational story of Indian athlete Milkha Singh, aka ‘The Flying Sikh’, whose life is a portrait of professional triumph over personal tragedy. Many recall Milkha Singh as a famous athlete who infamously lost the penultimate race of his life - the 400 meter finals at the Rome Olympics. A formidable runner, Milkha Singh had an awe-inspiring 96.5 percent winning ratio. The film attempts to understand a catastrophic loss that was deemed a sure victory and explores through the darkness of disgrace Milkha Singh’s redemption and catharsis that came when he confronted his past. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and ROMP Pictures. Reliance Entertainment releases Bhaag Milkha Bhaag in cinemas internationally on 12th July 2013. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Bollywood & Entertainment Akshay Kumar makes his debut into Marathi Regional Film Production with 72 Miles: Ek Pravas AFTER taking the world by storm with their first production, the blockbuster Oh My God: OMG, Grazing Goat Pictures coproducers, Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi, are all set to release their first debut regional / Marathi cinema project, 72 Miles – Ek Pravas, setting the date as 26th July 2013. A hard-hitting, poignant tale of a young boy who makes his journey into self-actualization against the backdrop of a rustic India, 72 Miles: Ek Pravas, explores a beautiful, coming of age journey for the 13 year old boy Ashok and the companionable relationships he makes through his journey. This film aims to transport the audiences into post-independence India as experienced by the protagonist Ashok. Commenting on his latest production, Akshay said, “”72 Miles marks our first regional film and we’re delighted to announce the release date. Marathi isn’t my first language but living in Mumbai I picked

up the language very quickly and immersed myself in the culture. I’ve seen some really interesting Marathi projects and love the cinema. I am personally touched by the story of 72 Miles and I hope the audience likes it as much as we do.” Akshay and Ashvini are confident that their film will touch the hearts of audiences and give them a visual introspect of Ashok Vatkar’s autobiography. Inspired from the novel with the same name, 72 Miles: Ek Pravas explores the impact of a woman named Raddhakka, on protagonist Ashok. Spearheading investment into quality, subject-driven, film-making, Grazing Goat Pictures is taking Hindi and regional cine-

ma to new heights with a range of innovative and fresh projects. Renowned for thought-provoking, unique and emotive film making across boundaries and genres, Grazing Goat Pictures delves deep to bring the audience films that are cutting edge and high-concept, resonating with multiple audiences domestically and across shores. Commenting on the film Ashvini said, “It

Sharukh’s sneaky surrogacy

Manyata happy with response to 'Policegiri' MUMBAI, July 6 (IANS) Manyata is "very happy" with the audience response to her husband and jailed actor Sanjay Dutt-starrer "Policegiri". She visited single screen theatre Gaiety Galaxy on July 5. "I'm very happy with the response to this film. I am liking the way people are reacting," Manyata told reporters. Sanjay was unable to promote the film as he is completing his three-and-a-half-year jail sentence in the 1993 Mumbai blast

case. Manyata took up the promotions. "I have promised my husband that I will not cry and be strong. I hope along with 'Policegiri', even 'Lootera' (which released the same day) does well at the box office," she added. Manyata also attended the premiere of "Policegiri" along with the star cast. "Policegiri" is a remake of the 2003 Tamil hit film "Saamy". Directed by K.S. Ravikumar, the film also features Prachi Desai in the lead.

was my dream to produce a period film and with 72 Miles, I have had the chance to do so. This subject and the plot of the film is so thought-provoking that it forces you to completely engage in the film, connect with the characters and grow with their thought. What’s more it’s by the same director of Jogwa which won 6 national awards. Akshay and I are very proud of this project and the opportunity to be able to produce such a marvellous film. The film will definitely engage with international audiences despite the language barrier and will let them in on our heritage, our culture and a panoramic setting of post independent India. I am sure the Marathi audience will be proud of this film.”

Karishma Desai Sharukh Khan and wife Gauri Khan are following in the footsteps of co-star Aamir Khan, and having a third child through surrogacy. Although already having two children, Arayan and Suhana, a surrogate mother will be giving birth to another son, and this news has turned into a serious legal matter. Although the news is not yet confirmed, Radiologists are trying to find out how the

gender of the unborn child was determined as finding out the sex of a baby is illegal in India. If the gender was found outside of the country, no laws apply, however if sex determination was illegally conducted, the actor may be charged.

“Caveat emptor: All advertisements included in our publication are in accordance to the disclaimer statement on page 2.”

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Sports News

Glittering success for Ba Sports and Social Association of Queensland

QFACT tournament a success!



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Girmit Soccer Tournament 21s $8000 pool money – Winner $6000.00AUD Football Brisbane Referees – qualified 11


50 minutes. 2x5 minutes Extra Time. Penalty Shoot out will c 60 Minutes. 10x2 minutes Extra Time. Penalty Shoot out if no r Thursday 21s

BA SOCCER Sports and Social Association of Queensland hosted another successful Bollywood and Island fusion night. The association is renowned for putting on the a very entertaining night and year after year their event is a sold out success. Mc Himmy (Himaansu Kumar) has become a very popular Mc and singer. A bonus for the audience was the presence of a talented and semi classically trained Singer Manjit from Fiji. The Polynesian group with their medley of the Island Dances nearly brought the roof down. Rachel Leigh from Star Rae group conducted the popular Bollywood workshop and did other Bollywood dances. Other Local artists also took part in the evening, the event was supported by many

sponsors and volunteers. President Anish Sharma did the raffle draw. The efforts of Raju Padarath and his team was commendable. Founder President Umesh Chandra of Brisbane Indian Times become a major sponsor of the Association on the night. From its inception Ba Sports and Social Association has been family focused and has organised many functions for the entire family. Soccer has been a major driver for the Association, and Ba has won many a tournament in Brisbane, it has always been in the top ranking teams making it to the semi finals and finals. The commitment of the players, the leadership of team manager and support of advisors is what make this association shine through all the challenges.

Asian Boxing: Shiva wins gold, silver for Devendro

AMMAN, July 8 (IANS) Young Indian boxer Olympian Shiva Thapa (56kg) bagged the gold beating local hope Obada Alkabeh in the final of the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championship. But there was disappointment for Devendro Singh (49kg) and Mandeep Jangra (69kg) who came agonisingly close to claiming the gold but had to settle for silver. In the title bout, the 19year-old Thapa did not just have to contend with Alkabeh, but also fierce home support for the local lad. Thapa made a strong start, landing some cracking hooks and continued to be aggressive trying to put the Jordanian boxer on the back foot. In the second round, Alkabeh replied with some aggressive combinations of his own, but Thapa was relentless and gained the advantage with his precise counter-attacks. In the end, he went on to bag the gold medal with a hard-fought victory on a split decision from the judges. "This is a very rewarding win for me. I have been training very hard to make sure I perform to best of my ability and I am very happy to have won the Asian Champion title," said Thapa. National coach G.S. Sandhu was all praise for the way Thapa fought. “Shiva is a very perceptive boxers and has to ability to quickly adapt his game according to that of his opponent. He also possesses some great fire power which we saw in abundance today. I am very pleased to see him win the continental title, which will also be a great boost for his confidence and


• QFACT 2013 tournament winners Nadi. !







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THE% Q-FACT % % tournament % % % % has % been % % % % % % % a very % successful % % %event enjoyed % % % and % % % % % % % % % % % appreciated % % by our % community. This would not have been possible % without the handwork of our % % all % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % Affiliated preparing % % % Clubs % in% % % % % % % % % % % % Premier % and Teams. % % In the % Masters % % % % % % % % % % % % current economic climate, it is not % % easy to sustain the costs associated • %QFACT 2013 runners up Nadroga. % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % with %running Clubs, and I% can% under% % tremendous % % % %work %that% goes % % on in % % % % % % % % % Clubs. stand the % Clubs % % % among % % % in managing % % % % My congratulations to Nadi for winning the background all three competitions, Juniors, Masters and to% bring value to our tournaments. % % appreciation % % % and % thanks % % goes % % Open, % % to Nadroga % % open % and % Bua % % and masOur% special % it all % % 4% % % Melbourne %B % % % for % #making % % the way % "% to %the finals. %/ % ters to the Bua% Masters and Masters % % % % and% participation % % % % % % A big % % thankyou % % % %to you %%%all. % Club. % You inclusion % enriches us all, as is an opportunity for our See you all at the BOG Tournament which % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % Brisbane community to meet new friends, starts %at 29%th August at Acacia Ridge % % % % % % % % % % and provides meaning to our QFFA ethos Soccer Grounds. of! “connecting the community”. We look forward to a wonderful future of visitations Aveen Singh by our brothers from outside Queensland. I President also thank you all for respecting and com- Queensland Fiji Football Association plying with our Playing Rules. Thanks to all the volunteers, well-wishers, BOG Tournament Pool Draws donors, sponsors, Our Media Partners Pool B Pool A Brisbane Indian Times and wonderful Nadi Nadroga ladies who helped with junior football and Lautoka Labasa at the canteen. Suva BA Thanking all the executives for a wonderRA ful effort to organise and execute a wonderful tournament. Masters Pool A Masters Pool B Finally, the biggest accolades belong to BA Nadroga the players themselves, as without them, Labasa Lautoka this would not be possible. The conduct RA Nadi and the spirit in which the tournament was played in is a tribute the management of all

India push England to third spot in ICC Test rankings in his preparations for the World Championships," said Sandhu. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Devendro put up sterling performance against some power hitting from Temertas Zhussupov of Kazakhstan. In the end though, he had to be content with a silver medal finish from the championship after losing on a split decision. National Games bronze medallist Jangra (69kg) also had to make do with a silver medal after losing out to 2010 Asian Games gold medallist Daniyar Yeleussinov of Kazakhstan in the finals of the welterweight category. India finished the tournament with a haul of four medals (a gold, two silver and a bronze). Earlier in the championship, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Manoj Kumar (64kg) lost out to London Olympics bronze medallist Uranchimegiin Monkh-Erdene of Mongolia in the semifinals of the light welterweight division and had to be content with a bronze medal.

DUBAI, July 8 (IANS) South Africa have strengthened their position as the numberone ranked Test side while India move into second position pushing down England to the third spot in the latest rankings released Monday by the International Cricket Council (ICC). South Africa have gained seven ratings points, lifting them to 135 ratings points 19 ratings points clear of second-ranked India. Third-ranked England can regain No.2 spot if they win the Ashes 3-0 or better. South Africa extended their lead at the top of the table due to their outstanding form in the Test arena, where they have not lost a Test match for 18 months and have not lost a Test series during the entire rankings period. In 2012-2013 (the period in which results are weighted at 100 per cent), South Africa remained unbeaten, defeating England 2-0, Australia 1-0, New Zealand 2-0 and Pakistan 3-0. Despite England having won their last two Test series against India, they now find

themselves below Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s side on account of their less consistent performances in other recent series, in particular against Pakistan (0-3), South Africa (02) and away to eighth-ranked New Zealand (0-0). Also, India’s two 0-4 defeats in England and Australia in 2011-12 are now only weighted at 50 per cent, reducing their impact on India’s overall rating. Although England have dropped behind India into third spot, Alastair Cook’s team can reclaim the number two spot by winning the upcoming Ashes series, starting July 10 at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. England need to win by a margin of 3-0 or better to move into second place. On the other hand, if Australia regain the Ashes, they will move up a place to third, bumping England down one place to fourth. Rankings: 1. South Africa 135 6. West Indies 99 7. Sri Lanka 88 2. India 116 8. New Zealand 79 3. England 112 9. Bangladesh 10 4. Australia 105 5. Pakistan 102 Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Sports News British press lauds'Magical Murray'

Top-10 finish for Armaan, Karun

LONDON, July 8 (IANS) British newspapers hailed Andy Murray as "Magical Murray" and "The History Boy" after the world No. 2 ended Britain's 77year wait for a Wimbledon title. Some leading dailies called for Murray to be knighted after the Scot outplayed the world number one Novak Djokovic in the men's singles final. "Arise Sir Andrew, knight of the holy grail," said the Times, which also called Murray the "History Boy". "Now it'll be arise Sir Andy!" the Mail's front page headline screamed. The Daily Express described him as "Magical Murray" while the Daily Mirror's said Murray had "History In His Hands".

Robinho wants Santos return, says AC Milan RIO de Janeiro, July 7 (IANS) AC Milan winger Robinho has told the Italian Serie A football club that he wants to return to Brazilian outfit Santos. The Rossoneri are understood to have lowered their asking price to eight million euros from 10 million euros in a bid to strike a deal before the close of Brazil's winter transfer window July 20, reports Xinhua. "Robinho wants to go back and we are going to see if we can reach an agreement," AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani was quoted saying by Lancenet. Robinho, who has also represented Real Madrid and Manchester City, has had two separate spells at Santos. The 29-year-old was part of the team's 2002 and 2004 Brazilian championship-winning teams before returning to help the club win the 2010 Brazilian Cup.

ZANDVOORT (Netherlands), July 7 (IANS) India’s Armaan Ebrahim (pictured) and his team BMW Sports Trophy Team India bagged a third place in Pro-Am category and finished 10th overall while compatriot Karun Chandhok, with Seyffarth Motorsport, came in fourth despite a poor qualifying session in the FIA GT World Series. Having scored their maiden podium by finishing second Saturday, BMW Team India, represented by Armaan and Dutchman Melroy Heemskerk, was on their way to go one better Sunday but a delay during the driver change threw a spanner in the works. Chandhok and Seyffarth had qualified in 16th position and finished eighth in the qualifying race before finishing fourth in the main race along with teammate Jan Seyffarth. Armaan started the race from ninth, but like Saturday, a huge incident on the opening lap led the race being red-flagged. The restart saw him holding his position and challenging the train of cars ahead. After holding off nine-time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb in his McLaren MP412C, Armaan pitted for the mandatory driver change on lap 14 but disaster was in store as a delay in driver change cost the team five positions. “As soon as I tried to unbuckle (the seatbelt) myself, it refused to release despite repeated efforts. Then we had the crew on it and it took forever for me to come out and buckle Melroy (teammate) back in,” he said. Thereafter, Melroy did his best to claw back lost time but simply ran out of laps and ultimately finished 10th overall and third in the Pro-Am class. Having finished a brilliant race weekend, Armaan will now head to Munich, the headquarters of BMW AG, to mark the culmination of the Dynamic 1 contest run by BMW India. Armaan will join cricket legend and BMW brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar, both racing the new BMW 1 series car and hosting the winners of the

Sri Lanka topple West Indies in 41 over match PORT OF SPAIN, July 9 (IANS) Kumar Sangakkara played a stellar knock and contributed to Sri Lanka’s victory over the West Indies in a rain curtailed match that lasted over two days. Sangakkara smashed 90 off 95 balls, singlehandedly taking Sri Lanka to 219 for eight after they resumed from an overnight 60 for three in the fifth match of the tri-series. Rain continued to lash the Queen’s Park Oval on Monday, reducing the contest to 41 overs a side. The West Indies were set a revised target of 230 runs and they ended up with 190 for nine. A spirited 123-run partnership between Lendl Simmons (67) and Darren Bravo (70) went in vain. The West Indies ended the league stage of the competition with two wins from four games, garnering nine points. Sri Lanka too have nine points but have a better run rate and game in hand. They play India here Tuesday ahead of the final July 11. India have five points from three games and find themselves in a must win situation. The West Indies had an awful start to their chase. Shaminda Eranga and captain Angelo Mathews wrecked the home team’s top order, reducing it to 31 for four in the ninth over and seeing the back of the explosive Chris Gayle (14). Simmons and Bravo had a task at hand but they found it difficult up the scoring rate. The West Indies were crawling 60 for four in 20 overs, needing another 171 off 126 balls. As their partnerships progressed, the runs started coming. Simmons was the aggressor, smashing five fours and four big ones during the fifth wicket stand. The target seemed gettable now. With the rain expected anytime and West Indies behind the Duckword-Lewis score, Simmons attempted another six only to be holed out at deep cover. Stand-in captain Kieron Pollard came in next and his innings lasted just four balls, continuing his dry run in the tournament. The West Indies were left with too much to Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

score towards the end. Earlier, Sangakkara helped Sri Lanka post a fighting total after two spells of rain shortened the game. Sangakkara got support from Matthews (30) in a match being played over two days due to rain. A passing shower delayed the match start. The game was reduced to 45 overs a side before the teams got on the field. The play could only last for 12 overs as rain hit the ground again, leaving Sri Lanka at 122 for four in 23 overs. Sangakkara was on 40 and Mathews 17. The match was further curtailed to 41 overs when Sri Lanka came out to bat again. The disruption did not help the visiting side which found it tough to settle against West Indies speedsters. Kemar Roach (4/27), who struck twice in his lethal spell Sunday, continued to trouble the batsmen removing Mathews and Jeevan Mendis in the same over. Sri Lanka now were 147 for six in 35 overs. Sangakkara was still in the middle and he gave some much needed impetus to the innings. While Roach was out of the attack, the southpaw punished Tino Best for bowling loose balls, smacking him for a six and four. In all, he collected six boundaries and a maximum.

Dynamic 1 contest. For Chandhok and his team, the weekend started off well as they finished eighth and 11th in the free practice sessions. Going into qualifying Saturday, the team struggled with lack of grip. Qualifying was a total struggle for Seyffarth Motorsport with the team finishing in a lowly 16th position. The race pace seemed to be a lot better as the team moved up the order in the qualification race to finish a creditable eighth after starting 16th. Chandhok said: “I am extremely happy to finish in fourth after our qualifying position yesterday. We could not find any grip in qualifying and had to make a host of changes for the race. The changes seemed to work as the car was much better in the race. To move up from 16th to eighth was excellent and the car felt great. I managed to set the fifth fastest lap in the race which clearly showed our car improved.” Chandhok had a great start in the main race and quickly moved up to sixth at the end of the first lap. Jan Seyffarth took over for the second half of the race and held off Alvaro Parente of Loeb Racing to finish fourth.

Krrish Group bags IBL's Delhi franchise NEW DELHI, July 8 (IANS) Gurgaonbased business conglomerate Krrish Group has bought the Delhi franchise of the $1 million Indian Badminton League (IBL). It was also announced that former World No.1 and legendary Malaysian shuttler Rashid Sidek (pictured) will coach the Delhi Smashers. Speaking on the association, Krrish Group owner Amit Katyal said, "We are very excited and proud to have bid and won the franchise for the Delhi team. With badminton being one of the most popular sports in the country, we had no inhibition to bid for a franchise in the IBL and we consider ourselves lucky that we got the team we were targeting." Krrish Group is a firm dealing in businesses in various sectors like distillery, breweries, construction and real estate. Also speaking on the occasion was Badminton Association of India (BAI)

president Akhilesh Das Gupta, who said, "Delhi is an important centre for badminton and with excellent world class infrastructure and facilities, helps in grooming talent. Krrish Group owning the Delhi Smashers will certainly help the young talent and the game in Delhi in the future." Speaking on his appointment, Sidek said, "This is a historic moment for badminton. It will be a great challenge to bind players from different nationalities and background and I’m looking forward to the IBL.” Sidek won the Thomas Cup, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bronze and two Commonwealth Games gold medals during his career. After retiring, Sidek was instrumental in motivating and coaching the new generation of Malaysian players, including current World No.1 Lee Chong Wei.



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