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Brisbane celebrates Lunar New Year

• Report page 6.

From the Publisher WELCOME to February, and the Lunar New Year (Year of the horse). This year has started off with a big bang, the Chinese new year celebrations, Tet Festival, Saraswati Pooja, just to name a few. Now cutting to the chase I would like to discuss all these community events, we do get a lot of requests to send someone to cover these events, as much as we would like to do that, the commercial reality is that we cannot afford to send reporters or photographers to these functions. We heavily rely on the organizers to submit photographs and reports on their events. We will feature these reports in an article form in our publication, however we do reserve the right to edit the report before publication, and we may add editorial comments or provide historical background to the events. These are done to keep the standard high and the content relevant keeping in mind that it will be read by many, who may not be familiar with all the norms and would like more unbiased background information. We recommend that articles submitted be kept to the bare and basic facts, who organised the function, the significance of the function, main attendees, and the chief guest (not the complete list) any major outcome. The idea is to keep it as an report and not be written as an essay or story for a novel, there is a difference between reporters and authors, they are two distinct areas, both can be creative remember the “kiss” rule or if I may indulge into the humorous side, a report should be like a mini skirt, short enough to attract attention and long enough to cover the bare essentials. We do appreciate getting invites to these functions and endeavor to attend as many as physically possible. I personally do get invites in various capacities, from being a guest of honor to come and take some photos of your event, it is abundantly clear that

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I do like attending functions and the only time I will not attend a function is when I have a conflicting or prior appointment. Now on the religious front, we appreciate many groups within different faiths, and given the limited editorial space we will be inviting submissions from all different groups within a faith on a rotational basis, thus giving all a fair chance. Alternately groups may seek sponsors for their editorial space, should they wish to submit articles. Our Upcoming events page has a free listing for run on lines, flyers will attract a minimal charge to cover costs. We like to support all religious organizations and groups, however there is only so much one can do, the editorial space in our newspaper is governed by the number of paid advertisements that we get. We do have a formula but unfortunately we have never been able to meet that, and out of the goodness of our hearts we have put extra pages of editorial in every month, to keep the paper informative and not to “upset someone”. The amount of time that is spent dealing with all the community organizations, updating our websites for their events, sending out email reminders of upcoming events on a weekly basis, all this time could be spent talking to or dealing with prospective advertisers, all we ask for a little bit of understanding and respect for our request of keeping the submissions to the suggested length. I know no one wants to listen to anyone else’s problem, but unless I mention it the facts will not be out there. I will finish off please don’t be the vast majority who “don’t read to understand, but read to reply”. Until next Month, happy reading. Umesh Chandra

Snap to it for the Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards GET snap happy around the city and be in with a chance to win big, the Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards opened on Tuesday, 28 January. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the annual Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards were free to enter with a total of $13,000 in prize money up for grabs. “We want Brisbane to be known as a vibrant and creative city and the Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards are a perfect opportunity for photographers of any age and level of experience to showcase their talents,” he said. “We are looking for photos that make an original and creative statement about the vitality of life in Brisbane while capturing anything from elements of daily life, the natural and constructed environments to our diverse and multicultural communities. “I look forward to seeing how our photographers interpret and express the many dynamic aspects of Brisbane and its lifestyle.”

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Prizes on offer are in three categories, with the winner of the Open Category receiving $10,000, the winner of the Tertiary category receiving $2,000 and The People’s Choice Award winner receiving $1,000. Residents who vote on the winning People’s Choice Award image will go into the running to win a framed print of the image. These awards are open to all Australian residents with a passion for photography with professional and emerging photographers strongly encouraged to enter. Entries for the Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards can be submitted at www.lmpa.brisbane.qld.gov.au until Monday, 10 March. Entries will be judged by a panel including Lord Mayor Graham Quirk with the winning entries to be showcased in the Brisbane CBD. For more information, please visit www.lmpa.brisbane.qld.gov.au or contact Council on (07) 3403 8888. Brisbane Indian Times is a monthly newspaper published in English. No material, including advertisements designed by Brisbane Indian Times, may be reproduced in part or who without the written consent of the manager. Opinions carried in Brisbane Indian Times are those of the writers and not necessarily endorsed by Brisbane Indian Times. Brisbane Indian Times will not be held liable for any advertising / editorial content - Advertisers supply/approve content therefore should any content be deemed inappropriate it is the advertisers responsibility. While every effort has been made to capture the true likeness to colour printing is an art and therefore we cannot guarantee an exact matching of product to image. Refund / Credit is not given as a result of the previous mentioned. All correspondence should be addressed to: Brisbane Indian Times, PO Box 197, Taigum Qld 4018. PH: (07) 3356 0102 Fax: 3352 7693 admin@indiantimes.com.au

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Brisbane celebrates Lunar New Year From page 1

The China Town Mall is well known in Brisbane for their Chinese New Year celebrations. For the whole weekend the mall is transformed into a place of lion dancing, Kung Fu presentations, cooking demonstrations, dancing, music and market stalls. The Lunar New Year event, which is said to be one of Brisbane City Council’s signature events, kicks off the month-long BrisAsia Festival. Gallery of Modern Art is hosting a number of events based around Chinese artists Cai Guo-Qiang’s ‘Falling Back to Earth’ exhibition. “One of the [other] works is a tree, within which the arts has created a space where people can sit and on weekends we have a local tea expert, May King, who conducts a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony,” Russell Storer, curator of the Chinese exhibition said. “It’s a beautiful experience, the artist is making us think about Chinese culture but how we can be with others and nature in a really beautiful way.” Tet Nguyen Dan, or Tet for short, is considered the biggest and most popular festival of the year in Vietnam. Celebrated on the first day of the first month in Lunar Calendar, Tet’s celebration is the longest holiday which may last up to seven days (with the exception of Tet 2012 when the holiday is expected to last for 9 days!). Vietnamese New Year in 2013 was from February 10-13, and in 2014 from January 31st to Feb 4th. Vietnamese community in Queensland celebrated TET Festival at Rocklea Show Grounds. Long standing President Dr Bui said this was the first year that the celebrations were not held in Inala. Federal, State and Local elected representatives were invited together with many Multicultural community leaders. What will the year of the horse bring? For those born on the year of the horse, they will encounter the Year of Birth

LUNAR New Year is an important celebration for millions of people all around the world and according to Wayne Tseng, President of the Chinese Precinct General Chamber of Commerce, says it is the most important day on the Chinese calendar. “Chinese New Year is a turning phase for each one of us. New Years Eve (30th) is the main day of reflection and family reunions.” “People make great journeys to be united with their family to close the current year and open up the fortunes of a new one,” Mr Tseng said. New Years Day is rooted in centuries old customs and traditions, some like springcleaning the house happen before New Year’s Day, but Wayne says celebrations go on for 15 days. “The main days are the first eight days...the second day is the ‘opening’ of the New Year,” Mr Tseng said. Chinese-Australian performer Minnie Sheng, who has been in Brisbane for 11 years, says that as a child she most remembers the “red money packets and fireworks” most. Brisbane’s diverse community will celebrate the Lunar New Year with a host of events spread across the month of February, the BrisAsia festival kicked off on Friday January 31. So as a new year begins in the Chinese calendar and we say goodbye to the year of the snake, Mr Tseng says the horse is a creature that is very conscious of their own outlook and exudes self confidence, high esteem. “It is a year we try to look at our inner workings, and try to bring out the confidence in us,” Mr Tseng said. According to the Townsville Chinese Club’s Yi Hu 2014 will be a good year to get ahead in business or leadership but you’ll need to wear a red belt or red undies every day of the year.



Why learn Hindi Language in Australia? THIS is a question asked by many young parents who may have recently migrated to Australia or those who were even born here, and now married with children. Then another question arises, is your Indian heritage and your identity at risk? Of course there is a risk, and the risk is big! You have the oppor- • Students, parents, and coordinators sharing refreshments at tunity to maintain Calamvale Community College. your mother tongue, Hindi and your Indian Culture. and of all background can enrol any time Hindustani Language & Culture School during the year. People in a cross culturhas continuously been teaching Hindi and al relationship are eager to learn Hindi. So, enrol now for this year. Classes are Indian Culture for the past 21 years, based held at both its major centres: Calamvale on a formal curriculum since 1993. Our school offers a lot more than just Community College, 11 Hamish St, teaching Hindi Language. Students have Calamvale, and at Boondall State School, the opportunity for training in Leadership, Roscommon Rd, Boondall. Time is from 2pm to 4pm, every Personal Development, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, and Stage presentations. Saturday except for school holidays. For Language lessons for all school age stu- more information, please contact Sarat dents are totally free. All additional Maharaj on 3263 2093, mobile 0407 111 lessons are on a needs and contribution 709, or by e-mail: basis. Students of all ages, all religions, regmaharaj@gmail.com.



celebrating indian weaves

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ahead will bring health and prosperity. It is said to be an excellent time to travel, as the next 12 months will bring good luck. You are advised to mingle with the locals, savour authentic cuisine and discover somewhere you have never been before.


(Benming Nian). It is believed they will offend Taisui, the god in charge of fortune, so their finances may fluctuate. In terms of career, it is advised to keep the peace between colleagues. For those not born on a horse year, the year

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THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 7

GCHCA youth wing celebrates “Pongal” in January Ilampirai Rathinam (GCHCA Youth Wing) FOR as long as people have been planting and harvesting food, there has been some form of harvest festival, and the beginning of the Tamil month Thai (which falls between January and February) marks such an occasion for Hindus throughout the world. Pongal is one of the most significant and widely celebrated Hindu festivals of the year. It is an occasion for family re-unions, peace and unity and it takes place over the first three days of Thai. Bhogi is celebrated the day before Thai. The houses are thoroughly cleaned and decorated in preparation for the next day. In addition to that old and useless household items are burned or thrown out. This day marks the start of a new cycle. Surya Pongal is perhaps the most important day of the harvest festival and it takes place on the first day of Thai. It is dedicated to the Sun God to demonstrate gratitude for the year’s harvest. The day is begun by drawing kolam on the front of the house and dressing in new clothes. The harvested rice is boiled in milk with sugar and cooked in new terracotta pots until it overflows. The tradition is to say “Pongalo Pongal!” when the rice overflows. The overflowing rice connotes good luck and prosperity and at sun rise the Pongal, along with various other dishes are offered to the Sun. Surya Pongal is also celebrated in temples, where members of the community gather to prepare Pongal together and thank God for all the wonderful things bestowed upon them that year and pray for another year of good harvest. As important as the Sun is to a good harvest, the second day of Thai is dedicated to

an equally significant element in cultivating the crops. Mattu pongal is dedicated to the cattle that help plough the fields and demonstrates our recognition and affection to them. On this day, the cattle are washed and decorated with garlands; their horns are painted and the cattle are taken to the village centers where they are fed Pongal, banana, honey and other fruit. Jallikattu is another element of Mattu Pongal that takes place in some villages, where bulls are taken to the center of the village and let free with bundles of money tied to their horns and villagers try to retrieve the money from the bulls. The final day of Pongal is Kaanum Pongal. On this day, people visit friends and relatives and pay homage to the elder members of the family. It is a day where relatives and friends are thanked for their support in the harvest. In an agricultural based civilization, harvest plays in important role and the three days of Pongal provide us with an opportunity to honor and acknowledge the hard work and support of the community. It is definitely my favorite festival of the year and I hope we will soon be able to celebrate this wonderful festival in Gold Coast at the soon-to-be-built Gold Coast Hindu Precinct. This may happen sooner than you think. GCHCA youth wing talked to Mr. Tharmalingam Surendran, a committee member recently. Mr. Surendran says “We are now embarking on the next phase. With the help of many community volunteers, GCHCA is submitting the cultural masterpiece for the development approval by the Gold Coast City Council. This iconic design is developed with the enormous sup-


New ambassador for Peace appointed SURENDRA Prasad OAM was appointed Ambassador for Peace on 16th January, 2014. Mr Prasad said “Indeed, I am honoured and privileged to be associated with this extraordinary group around the world who have been commissioned by the Universal Peace Federation (a body with UN Consultative Committee status). It gives me an opportunity to work with like-minded peace loving people around the world”. He said it is high time when people belonging to different religious traditions should cooperate with each other in order to con- • Surendra Prasad OAM (centre) with Freya Ostapovitch tribute to the cause of peace for MP and grandson Vincent Vinay Prasad. mankind. Anyone will feel conty and religious hatred. In this predicament vinced that this can be and should be done a peaceful society is impossible unless difthrough knowledge, dialogue and demon- ferent faiths are understood in their proper stration of the fact that love, compassion, perspective. selflessness and the inner force of truthfulPeace is not a physical thing. It is in the ness have, ultimately, greater power than heart. All crises and quarrels have one orihatred, enmity and self-interest. Though gin that is man’s mind. If you want to end all the religions of the world teach love, fighting, if you truly want peace, first of preach sympathy of others and encourage all establish peace in your own mine. Then man to exercise utmost self-restraint and peace will come to the family, in society, have most profoundly been of a source of in the nation and the world. inspiration for highest good of mankind, Together we can make the world peaceful the world today is torn by conflicts, enmi- place!! port of large number of volunteers from the wider community in Australia.” He further said “The precinct incorporates the needs of the 21st century into its design and hopes to enrich the Gold Coast experience. The vision is owned by the whole community and the construction of precinct is one of the most important endeavours for all of us”. If you would like to support this initiative, you are welcome to join the team - please send your expression of interest to


gchcan@gmail.com or discuss over the phone +61 7 5571 5808. The GCHCA invites the youth in the community (and from Australia and elsewhere) to join the GCHCA youth wing. For others, there are opportunities available to become a “Life Member” of GCHCA and engage in its noble cause and activities. You may make your tax deductible donations through credit card or bank transfer to the GCHCA Building Donation Account: BSB: 064-474 Account: 1048 8900 .

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Student visas and admissions

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THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 9

Mega Australia Day celebration, Multicultural centre opened Queensland style! THE Australia Day Festival was held on Sunday 26 January from 10am until 7.30pm at the Parklands, South Bank. From cockroach races to Capper Cabana, Brisbane residents had plenty of activities in the River City to fill the Australia Day long weekend. Among the highlights of the weekend were a foodie’s paradise and multiple house parties. Southbank Parklands was the epicentre of Queensland’s Australia Day celebrations, with family entertainment and Triple J’s Hottest 100 Countdown through their sound systems?, a fireworks display, and highlighted by a RAAF flypast and 21-gun salute. Multicultural performances at the cultural forecourt attracted a lot of audience for live performances throughout Cheerful Australians dancing away to the beats of the day included local six piece band •Brisbane Babas Band at Australia Day Celebrations in Cheap Fakes, jazz sensation Melissa Cultural forecourt, South Bank. Western, indie-folk trio Brother Fox, Selahphonic, Brisbane Babas Band, ipated in an evolving Thank and reggae-infused dance group Kooii. You Australia photo installaEven though it had been a typically tion, by having their photos scorching January day in Queensland, taken and creating a personal spectators joined in the fun by dancing message of thanks. A new culture of more public and larger away to the live entertainment. Brisbane Babas Band is Brisbane’s scale celebrations is evolving; most performed Bollywood and this is especially helpful in Bhangra Band, who have been promot- connecting communities. • David Forde, president • Navdeep Singh becomes A very significant part of of Kuraby Lions as MC ing Indian music to the wider commua proud new citizen at nity throughout Australia. So when Australia Day is the many cit- welcomes new Citizens, Kuraby and Chinese Brisbane Babas Band came on with izenship ceremonies organised their families and invited Lions joint Citizenship ceremony. their rhythmic, colourful and energetic by various organisations, these dignitaries. performance, every one joined in and start from the morning and go Multicultural Development Association danced to the beat of the “Dhol”. It was on throughout the day at many were included in the morning’s progreat to see all Australian take part in location. The Lions Club of Kuraby and the ceedings. David Forde as the Mc conthe dance, some trying out the Bollywood dance moves for the first Lions Club of Brisbane Chinese hosted ducted the proceeding of the day; the an Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony citizens were welcomed in the presence time. of many local politicians and Thousands of Queenslanders united for at the Kuraby State School. There were 129 new citizens at the Multicultural community leaders. a day of Australian traditions, featuring The day concluded with a fireworks street art, live performances and an ceremony, born in 33 different locaPerformances from the display over the Brisbane River. array of entertainment. Families partic- tions.

10 - THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014


THE sound of a didgeridoo echoing along Gatton’s main street on Thursday evening (January 23) heralded the official opening of the region’s Multicultural Community Centre. The brain child of International Food Emporium owner Regina Samykanu, the centre was officially opened • Officially open: assistant Multicultural Minister Robert Cavallucci (left), by assistant Multi- Affairs Regina Samykanu and local member Ian cultural Affairs Rickuss open the Multicultural Minister Robert Community Centre. Cavallucci. Photo: Jim Nicholls. Master of ceremonies, Senior Sergeant Tom Messingham told the large gathering of how Regina had worked hard on the project for many years. “She identified an important need for the community and worked towards achieving it,” he said. Local member Ian Rickuss said the district’s multicultural community extends back a long way. “The university here in Gatton is a great asset, attracting many people from different nationalities,” he said. “Giving a hand to those from different ethnic backgrounds makes our own community much stronger.” Assistant Minister Cavallucci said centres such as this one in the Lockyer are important establishments, ensuring that all Queenslanders are given equal opportunities. Regina thanked everyone for their attendance, especially those who had travelled long distances. “The Centre looks forward to working with you in 2014,” she said. As the evening had started with sounds of a didgeridoo, a colourful display by a group of dancers from the island of Mauritius provided a fitting finale. Known as Sega dancing, the group’s name is Kanasuc, meaning sugarcane in the Creole language.

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THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 11

Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Qld - Havan Yaj THE programme commenced with Havan Yaj officiated by Pandita Pandita Usha Rai. The Yajmaan for the Yaj was Mr Vijay and Pandita Ramkali Singh and Mr & Mrs Jitendra Deo Family. The Secretary welcomed all present and thanked the Yajmaans for the satsangh. According to The Vedas it is mankind’s Dharma (our duty) to help others. Dharma means duties and essential characteristics, without which a thing cannot retain its very own existence. Religion may be a personal affair owing its allegiance to personal beliefs and convictions of a person, but Dharma is a universal affair. Religion makes people narrow minded and differentiates, while the Dharma makes people broad minded and as such binds and holds them

together. Righteous people, adhering to Vedas, therefore, consider the whole world as one family. Vedas expect every human being to be humane in true sense and thus advocate “humanism” as the Dharma of the entire humanity. Be human and humanise others, this is the message of Vedas since its eternity. The Havan concluded with refreshments and the Yoga classes began after refreshments and continued till 5pm. The Sabha welcomes you to these classes as they are offered free of charge, and conducted by registered and qualified Yoga instructor. The classes begin at 3.45pm and finish by 5pm. Please bring Yoga mat, water bottle, and towel. Please contact APSQ Secretary Mr Hari Chand for more information on 3345 4716.

Queensland Multicultural Councils community forum

Mata Saraswati Poojan & HMA School for Language, Culture & Philosophy By Premala Prasher Om Saraswati Mahabhagey, Vidye Kamala Lochaney Viswarupey Vishalakshmi, Vidyam Dehi Namohastutey AS ‘Diwali’ – the festival of light – is to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity, and ‘Navaratri’ is to Durga, goddess of power and valor, Vasant Panchami is to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts. This festival is celebrated every year on the 5th day or ‘Panchami’ of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Magha, which falls during January-February. ‘Vasant’ comes from the word ‘spring’ as this festival heralds the beginning of the spring season in India. It is believed that on this day goddess Saraswati was born. Hindus celebrate Vasant Panchami with great fervor in temples, homes and even schools and colleges. Saraswati’s favourite colour white assumes special significance on this day. Statues of the goddess are dressed in white clothes and are worshiped by devotees adorning white garments. Saraswati is offered sweets which are given away as ‘prasad’ to all people attending the ritual worship. The most significant aspect of Vasant Panchami is that it is also the most auspicious day to begin laying one’s foundations of education. Pre-school children are given their first lesson in reading and writing on this day. All Hindu educational institutions conduct special prayer for Saraswati on this day. It is also a great day to inaugurate training institutes and new schools. HMA School for Language, Culture & Philosophy celebrated the auspicious day with the newly enrolled students and devotees at their Temple – Shree Laxminarayan Mandir which is situated at 46 Daymar Street, Burbank. The Pooja or Prayer ceremony was conducted by Pt. Harihar Adhikari Shastri Ji and Translated in English by Pt. Sanat Pandey Ji, for the benefit of all students & devotees who don’t understand the Hindi Language. It was a delightful sight to witness students as young as 2 yrs of age, following the instructions and performing the Prayer Ritual of offering white til (sesame) & jas-

mine, gardenias and other white fragrant flowers to the Goddess of Education & Arts – Mata Saraswati. Purity of Heart and the key ingredient of Love displayed by these young sweet souls created the beautiful Devine Energy within the Temple and was indeed felt by all present! HMA Sunday School Lessons are conducted every week between 4pm-5.45pm for children of all ages. This gives the adults the opportunity to attend the Sunday Bhajan/Kirtan & Listen to Pervechen (spiritual discourse) by the Temple Priest, Pt. Harihar Adikari Shastri Ji from 4pm till 6pm. Dinner is served after the service. The School has four well qualified volunteer teachers for the Hindi Language: They are Mr Som Prakash, Mrs Sudesh Aggarwal, Mrs Nirupama Bhardwaj & Mrs Neha Aggarwal. Religious study - Pranayam, Mudras, Mantra Chanting, Basic Yoga & Meditation will be taught by Premala Prasher. Bhajans Singing Lessons will be given by our Youth Singers – Sonal Singh & Sonal Chand and other volunteers. Further Religious instructions will be conducted by Pt. Harihar Adhikari Shastri Ji & Pt. Sanat Pandey Ji. The Cultural activities will also be conducted by Premala Prasher and Volunteers from various Hindu groups providing the students with a tapestry of rich multiregional games, arts, and valuable knowledge. For information regarding the School you may email the co-ordinator, Premala Prasher on p_prasher@hotmail.com or call her at 31371457. Next Event at LAXMINARAYAN MANDIR: MAHA SHIVRATRI POOJA AND ABHISHEKAM on the 27th of February from 7.00pm till 4am the 28th February. For Pooja & Abhishekam sponsorship please contact the co-ordinator, Mr Baldev Laroiya on 0403293700 or Temple Priest on 0470477559

12 - THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

• From left: QMC President Umesh Chandra, QPS representative Inspector, John Hallam, South Moreton Patrol Group and Chief guest Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Qld, Robert Cavallucci MP.

QMC inc. held its February community forum in Redcliffe at Mon Komo Hotel. The chief guest was assistant minister for Multicultural Affairs Robert Cavallucci MP. Being held in Redcliffe for the first time the forum attracted a lot of attention, the upcoming by election might have had an effect on the attendance as well. The MC for the forum was Anthony Lin and the questions and answers were moderated by President Umesh Chandra. Robert Cavallucci MP spoke on the Queensland Multicultural policy, questions from the floor addressed, the issues around qualifications of Asylum seekers some of who had very high qualifications, funding for interpreter services was also discussed. There was a short coffee and networking break after the key note address by assistant minister, following which the community forum began. Ces Conte of Multicultural Association of Caboolture Shire Inc, shared information on the activities of his association. Budding local candidates also had an opportunity to say a few words. It was stressed that this

was a community forum and not a political one. Brisbane Malayalee Association informed about their upcoming Multicultural festival. A wide range of subjects including grants, cams worker funding, mental health and aged care was discussed. President Umesh Chandra said he was happy with the deliberations but would have liked more pertinent issues brought forward. Being so close to the by election topics would not be totally avoided. The forum concluded at 9:15pm. Queensland Multicultural Council inc., was incorporated in year 2007, membership is spread across the more established migrant community and the new and emerging communities. Umesh Chandra is a founder member and current president. Dr Bui another founder member is an exceptional community worker an recently through his Vietnamese community under the umbrella of Queensland Multicultural Council, $35,000 was raised for Philippines disaster. Janeth Deen has been along stang executive of Queensland Multicultural Council.

Globenet Realty sponsors Nudgee College Cricket season launch GLOBENET Realty the longest Established Real Estate Agency in Boondall Taigum area was amongst one of the main sponsors of the Nudgee cricket season launch. Director licensee Usha Chandra said that it was one way of giving back to the community, Globenet Realty supports many locals events including Boondall State Schools annual fete. St Joseph’s Nudgee College 2014 1st XI Cricketers will took place on an All Star XI on Ross Oval in a Twenty20 match. The All Star XI will featured past and present Nudgee College Old Boys and some parents of the College, including Jimmy Maher, Andy Bichel, Stuart Law, Glenn Batticiotto, Brendan Nash, Wade Seccombe and Corey Barsby. The game was followed by the unveiling of the first plaque in the new Walk of Fame being established to recognise the College’s rich cricket legacy. Family and friends of Nudgee College and the wider community were invited to attend. The great English game of cricket was one of the first past times for the boys of Nudgee College in 1891. In fact, the College blazer has its origins in cricket as it was introduced as a ‘Cricket Coat’ in 1910. Nudgee College’s greatest teams are considered to be the sides of the late 1930s. Their captain, Terry McKenna, is remembered for his great leadership and ability


with the bat. Nudgee College won three GPS Premierships in the 1990s: ‘91, ‘94 and ‘98. Queensland Shield player, Jimmy Maher was the Captain of the 1991 side. Nudgee College’s most recent Premierships were in 2001 and 2009 when captained by Corey Barsby. Players who have gone on to represent their country in cricket include Jimmy Maher, Glen Batticciotto, Nathan Hauritz and Brendan Nash (West Indies). Recent Old Boys Joe Burns, Chris Lynn and Corey Barsby are now playing for the Queensland Bulls. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 13

Australia Day protest ON 26 January, Brisbane saw its biggest Invasion Day rally for many years. More than 400, predominantly indigenous people, came together outside Parliament House to register disgust at the celebration of racism that is Australia Day and to send the message that, no matter the oppression, Indigenous people have survived and will continue to resist genocide. The rally, chaired by Boe Spearim from the Sovereign Embassy, heard powerful and angry speeches from Indigenous men and women, some veterans of the 1970s street marches, some just coming into the struggle. The crowd heard from longstanding activists Wayne “Coco” Wharton, Sam Watson and Ricky Pascoe. Also speaking was Ruby Wharton, a young school student who made news two years ago when she burned the Australian flag outside Parliament House. Paul Spearim, Gwenda Stanley and Aunty Karen from the Sovereign Embassy spoke. As did Callum Clayton-Dixon, editor of the Brisbane Blacks magazine, Les Malezer co-chair of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, prison Chaplain Reverend Alex Gator and Duncan Hart from the Refugee Action Collective and a member of Socialist Alternative. Speakers slammed the proposal for Constitutional recognition and argued that true equality, sovereignty, would only come with a Treaty between the Australian government and all of the Aboriginal nations. The Brisbane Invasion Day march is consistently the biggest in the country. Gwenda said that the day was “a coming together and uniting the Aboriginal nations”. People came from as far afield as Sydney, Rockhampton, Moree and Cunnamulla. After the march Red Flag talked to some of the speakers. Gwenda Stanley said that Australia Day is “a day of mourning but also a day of celebration. It’s about us all coming together and teaching everyone, it’s our opportunity to make people aware of the issues that Aboriginal people still face and that what happened 200 years ago is still happening today”. Gwenda, who grew up in an activist family in Top Camp, Moree, explained how resistance continues in the regional communities: “Coming from Moree, it’s your bread and butter, your breakfast, lunch and dinner!”. Sam Watson described how conditions are

continuing to fuel anger. He talked about a nephew in Central Queensland whose family had been quite apolitical but had now become very active because mining companies were developing coal seam gas on their land “threatening sacred sites and song lines”. Another nephew was concerned about police harassment in the working class suburb of Logan, while an uncle was angry about “the police and courts in Ipswich”. Invasion Day is a “safe place to come together to share their concerns”. This year the crowd was younger than usual. Joining the groups of families with small children and elders this year were what Sam called “a huge number of people aged 15 to 25 or 30”, a sign that the baton of resistance will be handed to the next generation. “I feel very good to be here today and be a part of this. This is about us all uniting and talking and standing up for our rights. It’s about inspiring the next generation to get up and continue and let the world know that we’re still here and still suffering”, said Gwenda. Boe Spearim said that: “The times of passivity are over, the times of us sitting back doing nothing are over. We need to be out on the streets and we need to be articulating land rights and sovereignty just like our old people did in the 60s, 70s and 80s. There was a period when it did die off. But the fire has always been burning and you can see today that the fire is raging and getting stronger and stronger”. Sam warned of the threats from conservative governments but also the potential for a fight back: “The stakes are getting higher and higher every year over the last 10 or 15 years and we’ve now seen the Newman and Abbott governments threatening to attack Aboriginal funding. Our mob won’t take this lying down. Listening to the passion and the anger and the voices on the march today, our mob are ready to do serious political business”. This is a struggle that can bring together everyone under attack by the Abbott government. Sam finished: “The Black struggle has always relied very heavily on our nonIndigenous comrades and it’s been very educational for our mob to hear from that young white fella about the refugee situation. That’s important so we prepare the way to form connections across the racial divide, you might say. At the end of the day, we’re all fighting the one struggle.”

Council of Indian Australians celebrates Australia Day / Indian Republic Day

• The CIA Committee – standing from L to R – Nitin Shukla (Committee Member), Ms Jaspreet Chopra (Joint Secretary), Praful Desai (Vice President), Subba Rao Varigonda (President), Dr Balu Vijay (General Secretary), Shail Wadhwa (Treasurer), Mohit Kumar (Committee Member) AT dusk, on Sunday, the 26th January 2014, when the Sun was setting, the Ironbark Lake Park at the Ponds, Western Sydney provided a picturesque and a perfect location to the Council of Indian Australians (CIA) for celebrating Australia Day / Indian Republic Day. Keeping in mind, the centenary milestone of completion of 100 years by Bollywood – the symbol of the cinematic heritage of the Indian film industry in the year that has just gone by, the CIA chose the theme – “Bollywood Under the Stars” to celebrate the 65th Indian Republic Day and Australia Day. CIA organised this event as a free family event. The event was kicked off at 6pm with some excellent Bollywood music numbers, while the youth and children danced to the tune. Mr Kevin Conolly, MP – Member for Riverstone took time to attend this event and be a part of the celebrations. Speaking on the occasion Mr Conolly commended the excellent work being done by the Council of Indian Australians in bringing both the Indian and Australian cultures together. It was sharp at 6.30pm, the SBS TV crew provided an excellent coverage of the event on the national TV. Speaking on the occasion, Mr Mohit Kumar, the Event Director said “the event provided a good opportunity for both the Indian and Australian cul-

tures to come together and celebrate this unique day in the calendar of both the democracies”. At about 8.30pm when the darkness of the night just set in, the much awaited Bollywood film – THE 3 IDIOTS was screened for the audience. More than 22 local businesses sponsored the event. Maya Da Dhaba, the official caterer at the event, provided delicious Indian food at reasonable prices. An estimated 700 people comprising of Indian and main stream Australians including children made this event a memorable event – the first of its kind organise by any Indian organisation. The Council of Indian Australians thanked all the businesses, the Ponds Community for assisting in making the event a grand success.

Indian Republic day celebrated Republic Day - The day the Constitution of India came into effect REPUBLIC Day is celebrated every year on 26 January to commemorate the date and moment when the Constitution of India came into effect. Although India attained independence on August 15, 1947 but till 1949 it didn’t have a permanent constitution of its own and instead were functioning under the laws enacted and implemented by the British. And after many amendments the Constitution was approved and accepted on November 26, 1949 that came into force in a full-fledged fashion from on 26 January, 1950. Thus, Republic Day celebration is the moment to remember the coming of the Constitution into effect. India celebrates its Republic Day in colourful and exciting ways. To mark Republic Day in a memorable and significant way, every year in New Delhi, capital of India, a grand parade is held that starts from the Raisina Hill in the neighbourhood of the majestic Rashtrapati Bhawan and passes along the Rajpath thus ending at India Gate. The President, Prime Minister and other high rank officials of India on this occasion make their presence at Rajpath to celebrate the occasion. The President unfolds the National flag as soon as the National Anthem is played and also addresses the nation with Republic Day speech. Furthermore, the Republic Day parade also includes lively displays and exhibits India’s rich and colourful culture and also brings the entire nation together. The parade concludes with the flypast by Indian Air Force jets. 14 - THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

Here in Brisbane Indian Republic is marked by the flag raising at Indian Consulate office at 175A Swan Rd Taringa (pictured right). This solemn ceremony takes place at 9am sharp. Honorary consul for India in Queensland Mrs Archana Singh, staunch supporters of the “tiranga” gather for this ceremony. Mrs Archana Singh was ably assisted by Professor Sarva Daman Singh, immediate past Honorary Consul for India in Queensland. Mrs Archana Singh addressed the gathering first and spoke well on the significance of Republic day. Professor Singh in his thought provoking address highlighted the current situation in India and what India needed in the current times. Both Australian and Indian National Anthem were sung, as the gathering was treated to a morning tea and Indian savouries. FICQ the federation of Indian communities in Queensland, organised Indian Republic Day celebration at McGregor State School (pictured above). www.indiantimes.com.au

The event was attended by Qld Premier Campbell Newman, police commissioner Ian Stewart and many other distinguished guests. The evening featured the dance performance by Shiamak Entertainment icon and Choreographer Shiamak Davar embarked upon a journey two decades ago with a vision to change people’s perception of dance, creating benchmark and setting standards for performing arts. Shiamak has led the world in embracing a dance movement that is beyond the ordinary, enthralling people in what can aptly be called the Shiamak Movement. Shiamak is on a mission to educate the world with the joy of dancing. The will be launching its activities in Brisbane. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102



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THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 15

Culture Care Ministers launch

• SYA management team with Minister Dominello, from left to right: Sukhvinder Singh, Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Satwant Singh Calais, Gurpreet Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Sankar Ramiah and Kesh Singh at the CultureCare launch.

Courtesy M.P. Singh THE Sikh community in Australia was lauded yesterday (Friday Jan 10th) for its support of each other and other Australians by the Honourable Victor Dominello, NSW MP and Minister for Citizenship, Communities and Aboriginal Affairs. He also praised the Sikhs for their civic responsibility and strong contribution to the social fibre of Australian society. The minister was speaking at the launch of CultureCare, an initiative of Sikh Youth Australia. The launch took place at the NSW Institute of Sports and Recreation where SYA was conducting its 16th Annual Sikh Youth Summer Camp. The 5-day residential camp concluded on Sunday 12 January. It is well recognised that a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors puts the Sikh and Punjabi community at high risk for diabetes and heart disease and other healthrelated complications. With this in mind, Sikh Youth Australia is launching a new initiative called CultureCare which aims to increase awareness amongst the Sikh and Punjabi community that they are at risk for these diseases. It also aims to convey the importance and benefit of lifestyle changes to reduce the chances of early onset of these illnesses. The CultureCare initiative was born out of an idea which was put forward in 2013 at SYA’s Sikh Youth Leadership Camp. It has adopted a three-pronged approach – Education, Assessment and Improvement – to reduce or delay the onset of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It has also integrated modern technology into the program with the introduction of a free mobile-based application which will be available on the IPhone. This will allow a personalised assessment of the absolute

risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The software utilises the Absolute cardiovascular risk assessment tool and the Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool (AUSDRISK) which is used by medical practitioners across Australia. The software also encourages users to see their GP. The app targets migrant Sikhs and Punjabis who may not speak English and as such provides options for Punjabi-speaking GPs. The ultimate aim of the program is to improve primary prevention of diabetes and heart disease in Australia. SYA is currently seeking to secure the Intellectual Property patent for this new Application. In launching the CultureCare initiative, Mr Dominello said that he was very impressed with the social responsibility of the Sikh community. “Having ideas is fine, but what SYA has done with CultureCare – having the idea, developing it and implementing it – is commendable.” “I am also proud as NSW Minister for Citizenship to see the large number of Australian Sikhs attending the launch of the project. Sikhs in Australia are a big asset as they add strength and civic responsibility to Australia,” he said. “They not only support and buttress each other, they also provide the same support for other Australians. They are a big asset to the social fibre of Australian society.” He then joined the Sikh community in launching the CultureCare program by becoming the first user of the CultureCare app. Talking about CultureCare, SYA spokesman Satwant Singh Calais said: “What is very exciting about the program is that it can be extended to many ethnic communities in Australia and Worldwide as well.”

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16 - THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

Worldwide environmental clean up on Australia Day Courtesy Jacqueline Low ABOUT 50 Local residents and parishioners from the World Mission Society Church of God (Chief Pastor Joo-Cheol Kim), held the 2287th Worldwide Environmental Clean Up on Australia Day to commemorate the ‘96th Anniversary of the Sacred Birth of Christ Ahn Sahng Hong ‘who they believe is the second coming of Christ. At Graceville Memorial Park, about 30 garbage bags (supported by Tennyson Ward), along with discarded items, broken

branches caused by the recent torrential rains were gathered. Despite of the temperamental weather, volunteers of all age tidied up the park, among them there were the park commuters and children who were moved by the event and contributed their time and effort to tidy up the neighbourhood. This event brought forth much warmth and hearty smiles into the park. This worldwide environmental clean-up event was not only carried out in Brisbane but across the nation and throughout the world in 175 countries in 2,500 regions.

SHREE Vishnu Maya Mandir celebrated Mata Saraswati Pooja on 4th February, 2014. Almost 300 devotees turned up to receive special Mata Sarawati blessing gift pack by Acharya Pt Ram Harsh Tripathi Ji. Programme commenced with Bhajan singing and a special Saraswati Pooja by Pandit Ji. A special programme was hosted for the kids where they were honoured with gift pack prizes for their talents. The programme concluded with Prasaad and Mahaprasaad. tions. Currently for all charity organisations, there is no service in the market that allows them to manage their cash. A whole process needs to be defined and managed for keeping control on the aid distribution. A volunteer of any charity organisation will have to physically walk on foot and verify that a beneficiary is genuine and then depending on what is needed, the volunteer will have to go back to the pharmacy or the supermarket to buy the items and then give it to the Beneficiary. Or a volunteer may give out cash (if allowed by the charity organisations), but the cash can be misused by the beneficiary. Also the key point is that no charity organisation will be able to afford to build a computer system that can help them to administer this. Gift Connects is full service, secured computer system, allowing a charity organisation the services to manage their cash flow and aid distribution. Allowing an authorised volunteer to go to

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Australian travellers visiting friends and relatives overseas neglect vaccinations despite risk of disease 3 February 2014, Sydney, Australia –Health research by Sanofi Pasteur1 has revealed that Australian travellers going overseas to places like India to visit friends and relatives, are significantly less likely than other travellers to get vaccinations, yet they have a higher risk of travel-related illnesses. The Travel Vaccine Report, which investigates attitudes to travel health and international travel, reveals that 86 per cent of Australians returning to their country of origin to visit friends and relatives are skipping vaccinations, which puts them at risk of catching infectious diseases such as typhoid, hepatitis A and Japanese encephalitis2. Travel Doctor, Deborah Mills, says one of the main reasons for people skipping vaccinations is the perception they are resistant to potentially harmful diseases because they or their parents were born overseas3. “Many people visiting friends and relatives tend to underestimate the need for vaccination because they believe that they are in familiar territory. However, typically they will travel to more remote and rural destinations staying in their family home instead of hotels. This exposes them to the local lifestyle that can include eating and drinking what the locals do, putting travellers at risk of infection,” said Dr Mills. With international flights becoming cheaper and increasingly available, Australians can maintain ties now more than ever with overseas relatives. It is estimated that over 5.5 million Australians have travelled to visit family and friends overseas in the last five years.4 The survey found that more than one in four (28%) travellers incorrectly believe that Australians who have family from developing countries are likely to have ‘genetic protection’ from diseases which are common in their country of origin.5 While it is true that locals can build up immunity to some diseases common in these countries, in reality, this protection may not stay intact after years of separation from the area. “Simply having a family connection with India does not automatically provide immunity to local diseases. Once living in a new country, your body may begin to lose any immunity it once had to local diseases, making you susceptible to them. Vaccination is the best way to ensure you’re protected when returning home. ” said Dr Mills. Dr Mills urges Australians who are travelling to India to speak to their healthcare professional about their travel health and vaccination options six to eight weeks before travelling. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 17

World News

Republic Day celebrations in Suva

The significant contribution of Australian NRIs in AAP’s win in Delhi By Brad Mishra DELHI’S election has come and gone, the dust has settled, the ministry is in place and the people of Delhi are experiencing a Govt., which may set new political trends in India. There have been many unsung heroes and many, who were previously not widely known, have risen to public prominence. The traditional Indian politics was shaken to its core; the older parties were forced to rethink their strategies and citizens awakened to demand more. More of transparency in public expenditures, more of accountability across public services, zero tolerance to corrupt practices in the Govt. and improvement in essential services at a reasonable cost have become the centrepiece of the winning formula. AAP introduced ideas that other parties wished they came up with first but realised later that they could not have afforded to adopt them anyway. To name a few, the idea to get the people of a constituency write their own manifesto, candidates signing a court affidavit to fulfil their promises and distributing them to every house, winning within the allocated INR14 lacks funds per constituency, stopping to take donations after reaching their minimum target of funds required to fight in the election process, publishing every donation on a website for all to see etc. were trend setting concepts that people of Delhi warmed up to. AAP even went to people to tell them whether they should form a minority Govt., which was a very smart move as described by many political scientists. While all that happened, the humble Aussie Indians worked in the background to help them. A dedicated group of NRIs got together from all over Australia, from Darwin to Tasmania and every major town and city in between to create a force that AAP in Delhi had to recognise and respect. Aam Aadmi Party of Australian Indians as they call themselves, even went to the extent of fully adopting Arvind Kejriwal’s own constituency, New Delhi under AAP’s Adopt-A-Constituency program. Many members took leave from work, left their family behind to go to India and assist with ground zero pre-election campaign and activities. The work on ground zero was one of the

most humbling experiences in the lives of the Aussie Appian’s. They worked hard on the ground with door-to-door AAP Awareness campaigns, contributed to the campaign strategy, assisted with skill based volunteer engagement, Pre-Election Jhadoo Chalao Yatra’s with Arvind Ji, participated in organising and being a part of JanSabha’s and MohallaSabha’s, were in several interviews and shows in the Indian Media and met and made hundreds of friends they would have never met otherwise. The networking opportunity was huge, the learning of the grassroots campaign management was new and eye opening to many and as Brad Mishra said in one of the media interviews, “never have we met so many good people in one place before”. While there will be ups and downs in every such movement and AAP has faced many challenges in their first few weeks in Government, it has managed to do one very important thing. It has awakened the people of India. It has demonstrated that with no money or formal power or muscle power, a political party or a political candidate can win a major election. It has thought people that if you have genuine intentions and a burning passion, impossible does not take long to transform into new possibilities. It has shown a path to everyone that the colossal corruption monster of India, in fact is a mere practice of the cowards who will bend to a cleaner system if power is decentralised, legislations are less convoluted, justice has speed and enforcement is prompt and effective. People of India, post AAP, have started demanding transparency and accountability across all aspects of public governance and service delivery from all parties now. If this revolution manages to keep the awareness alive amongst the citizens of India, can instil faith in them that they indeed hold the power to change and if they actively participate in democracy in a JanLokPal style, their country can not only become corruption free but can expedite its journey to global supremacy in a timeframe that is thus far unthinkable. Aussie Aapian’s have chosen to be a part of this second struggle for independence; independence from the Neta’s and Babu’s this time instead of the British and Moghuls. They will surely have a story to tell their grandchildren.

SUVA: The 65th Republic Day of India was celebrated at the India House in Suva with the unfurling of the National Flag by the High Commissioner of India and reading out the message of the Hon’ble President of India on the occasion. This was followed by singing of patriotic songs by the faculty of the Indian Cultural Centre. About 300 persons belonging to the Indian and PIO community including officials of the Bank of • Commodore J V Bainimarama and President Ratu Epeli Baroda, LICI and New India Nailatikau with High Commissioner Vinod Kumar. Assurance and the media attended the cereHigh Commissioner in his remarks undermony. scored the close and friendly relations HE Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, President, HE between India and Fiji, and thanked Fiji for Commodore J V Bainimarama, Prime their leadership last year of the G77 plus Minister of Fiji, and Chief Justice Anthony China and the International Sugar Council. Gates attended the reception in the evening A cultural programme on the occasion was hosted by the High Commissioner at the presented by the faculty and students of the Suva Civic Centre. The reception was Indian Cultural Centre. attended by about 250 invitees, which The local media widely covered the celeincluded local dignitaries, government offi- brations. Both Fiji Sun and the Fiji Times cials, members of the diplomatic corps, and the Hindi language weekly Shanti Dut members of the civil society, political lead- brought out special supplements on the ers, and business and media persons. occasion.

Felicitation function in honour of Ramakrishna Mission Fiji SUVA, 27 January, 2014: The Indian Cultural Centre, High Commission of India, Suva, organised a function on 24th January 2014, to felicitate the Ramakrishna Mission Fiji, who were conferred the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award 2014 by the Hon’ble President of India, at the recently concluded Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention held in New Delhi from 7 to 9 January 2014. Hon’ble Minister for Health of Fiji Dr Neil Sharma was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The function was attended by about 100 invited guests from the local government, diplomatic corps, NGOs, and prominent PIOs/NRIs. Speaking on the occasion, High Commissioner Shri Vinod Kumar congratulated the Ramakrishna Mission Fiji for the Award and said that it was a well deserved recognition for the noble work being pursued by the Ramakrishna Mission Fiji, whose contributions in the fields of social,

economic and spiritual development in Fiji are well known. Swami Tadananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Fiji, who had travelled to India to receive the Award on behalf of the Mission, thanked the Government of India for the honour conferred on the Ramakrishna Mission Fiji and the High Commission of India in Suva for the support extended to the Mission in their activities. He gave a presentation on the current activities as well as future plans of the Mission and its educational and health institutions. Dr Neil Sharma, Hon’ble Minister of Health, who was the Chief Guest on the occasion, congratulated the Ramakrishna Mission Fiji and expressed his happiness at the decision of the Government of India for choosing an organisation from Fiji for this prestigious Award. He also briefly highlighted the various community welfare programmes run by Ramakrishna Mission Fiji.

Global Pravasi Sangamam 2013 – Nedumbasserey, Cochin Nothing wrong in filling barren paddy fields, says Minister KOCHI: There is nothing wrong in filling barren paddy fields for development works, said minister of cultural affairs K.C. Joseph ‘’There is strong opposition to the filling of paddy fields in Aranmula for airport work. Nedumbassery Airport was built after filling acres of paddy fields. If the opposition against filling paddy field was accepted, Nedumbassery airport wouldn’t have become a reality. “There is nothing wrong in filling paddy fields for development works involving public participation”, “This is the only way to bring developments like Western countries” said the minister. He was speaking at the Global Pravasi Sangamam a meet of non-resident Indians at Nedumbassery, Cochin. Global Pravasi Sangamam 2013 was organised by the Global coordination committee of Angamaly Ayalkoottam and Nedumbassery Sangamam. Global Coordinator Jolly Karumathy Presided. Prominent youth Communist Leader Mr Rajeev M.P did the felicitation. Betty Thomas welcomed all the delegates and dignitaries in to the summit. Fr Jaison Mulavarikkal C.M.I thanked. There was a symposium on “Issues Facing the Indian Living Overseas and the possible solutions” President of Melbourne Malayalee Federation Dr Shaji Varghese was the moderator. Dr Vargese Thannikunnel New York, Mr Pauly Prakkadan Angamaly Ayalkoottam Coordinator from Adelaide, Prominent OICC leader Antony Maveli were the main 18 - THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

• Inauguration of Global Pravasi Sangamam by Minister K.C. Joseph accompanied by Jolly Karumathy, Betty Thomas, Hony Varghese, Fr Jaison Mulavarikkal, Pauly Parakadan, Dr Shaji Varghese.

speakers. There was a musical Concert by play back singer Mr Pandalam Balan and leading Movie stars. Magician Samraj performed a Mega Magic Show. Nedumbassery: The concluding session of the Global Pravasi Sanagamam was inaugurated by Indian Overseas Affairs Minister Mr Vayalar Ravi. If Indian Embassy Officials delay in resolving the visa and passport issues or any other issues Indians living overseas could directly contact Ministers office in New Delhi. www.indiantimes.com.au

Minister Ravi was speaking at the occasion. The Global Coordination Committee of Angamaly Ayalkoottam and Nedumbassery Sangamam organised this event at Hotel Air Link Castle Nedumbassery, Cochin . Global Coordinator Jolly Karumathy Presided. Prominent Youth Congress Leaders Mr Anwar Sadath MLA, Mr P. C. Vishnu Nath MLA ,Ex Minister For Transport Mr Jose Thettayil MLA, Director of Little Flower Hospital Fr. Paul Madan did felicitation. Dr shaji Vargese ,president of Melbourne Malayalee Federation welcomed all delegates and dignitaries . The uniqueness of this Global Conference was that the delegates were Indians living across the globe ,their family members and friends who live in Kerala, invited Elected Members from Panchayaths,Municipalites, Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies , Leaders of the Prominent Political Parties ,Cultural and Spiritual leaders The Global summit was well attended by delegates from US,Europe,Austarlia ,New Zealand and Middle East . There was a symposium about the “key issues faces by Indians Living Overseas and possible solutions” A memorandum was submitted to the Government of India to resolve the following issues • Provide Toll Free Numbers at VFS facilities Worldwide. • Voting rights for Non resident Indians holding OCI cards, at their respective Indian Missions. • Dual Citizenship to OCI card holders in Countries where it is accepted. • Issue Adhar card to OCI card Holders. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 19

Who, What, Where, When

• Indian Seniors performing their Annual 2014 Yagna at the residence of Shakuntla Mohan in Brisbane on Friday 24 January. Photo courtesy Bir Sahai.

• First anniversary celebration of Vishnu Maya Mandir, from left Bharat Solanki, Dharam Guru Pundit Tripathi Ji, Pundit Narendra Sharma, Mrs Mishra Ji, Saras Maharaj, Pundit Suresh Chandra, and Pundit Raj Kumar Mishra.

• Senator Brett Mason meets members of the Multicultural community at a Brunch hosted by Malcolm Cole.

• Melaad-un Nabi Programme was held at on 2nd February at Karawatha. Pictured L-R - Hajji Abdul Rahman Deen, Moulana Aslaam, Moulana Siddiqi, Moulana Yusuf & Moulana Abdul Kahdir Gillani. Photo’s courtesy Mr Rahman Deen.

• Left and Above: Elevate Church Forest Lake organised a free community Christmas lunch for everyone. The Pastors of the church Raj Singh and Mavis Singh together with the church members and leaders of the church celebrated their Christmas with people and families who were lonely and forgotten. Photo’s courtesy Raj Singh.

• Trudi Tarres and Jemma Wood of Chantex Pty Ltd celebrate their birthday together, the beautiful cake was made Rebecca Parsons who surprised everyone with her hidden talent. 20 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014


Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 21

Who, What, Where, When

• Varsha Kumar (second from right) celebrates her 21st birthday with family and friends at their Shailor Park residence. Pictured from left is Dad Vijay Kumar, Mum Shashi Kumar, Sister Shivani, birthday girl Varsha Kumar and Sister Vanisha Kumar.

• Cherry Morris (pictured right) celebrated her 3rd birthday with family, she is pictured with her big sister Paige.

• Left and Above: Brisbane Filipino chaplaincy held a fund raising dinner for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Bray Park, guest of honour included Usha Chandra of Globenet Realty and other invited dignitaries. Entertainment included, live music, poetry and DJ. Sumptuous dinner was provided by the group. A video presentation of the Typhoon showed the wide spread devastation caused. Fund raising was via sponsorship, ticket sales, raffles and donations.

• Betty Ann opens a new occupational health therapy clinic “Northside Occupational Therapist”, locals drop in for an afternoon tea at the opening. Pictured from left: Dr Magaret Chand, Betty Anne, Trudi Tarres, Jazmin Woodruff and Maureen, practice manager of Boondall family practice.

• Jaskarn Singh Nijjar son of Baldev Singh and Jaswinder Kaur Nijjar wed Rajwinder Kaur, daughter of Malkit Singh and Kulwinder Kaur Lally in India, the elaborate wedding reception was held at the Greek Club West End.

• On 26 January, Brisbane saw its biggest Invasion Day rally for many years. More than 400, predominantly indigenous people, came together outside Parliament House to register disgust at the celebration of racism that is Australia Day and to send the message that, no matter the oppression, Indigenous people have survived and will continue to resist genocide. Report page 14. Above: Palani Thevar joins in the Invasion Day protest.

• Supporters of Invasion Day rally at Russell Street, Southbank. 22 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014


Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 23

Meeting Point....

Dr Thakorbhai Patel,BA to Brisbane! IN this month’s meeting point we introduce you to Dr Thakor Patel, fondly known as the doctor who gives “kiss of Life”. Dr Thakor has been a very active member of the Indian community in Brisbane, many will not know of his vast contribution to the community from FICQ to staging Indian artists. He did it all, and that too at a time when our numbers were less and the challenges were more. We should never forget personalities like him who set the platform for us, organisations FICQ, ICA, IPG exists because people like Dr Thakor Patel, had the vision and leadership, let’s check out where it all began lets go to Ba, Fiji. Dr Thakorbhai Patel can still remember when there were no roads linking Western Division towns. Little boats called cutters were the only mode of transport and despite the logistical nightmare, businesses flourished and provided much needed goods and services to the West populace. “My grandfather, Appabhai Patel, together with JP Maharaj formed AJC Patel and Company in 1917 with the flagship store in Lautoka and then later opened branches in Sigatoka, Nadi and Ba. The site of the first store is the building next to ANZ Bank. Goods would be loaded on cutters from the shorefront and taken to these stores and also delivered to other businesses around the division and as far as Suva,” the 74-year old Brisbane resident shared. Dr Patel said cutters would steam up Elevuka Creek in Ba laden with food and goods and the arrival of the vessels were heralded with much ceremony. “We were one of the first retailers and wholesalers and all credit has to go to my grandfather and his associates. They were very astute businessmen,” he said. In fact, Dr Patel said, many of the country’s leading business pioneers had their first retail experience at AJC Patel and Co. “Motibhai, Vinod Patel, and CJ Patel, they all worked for my grandfather and gained a lot of valuable experience before moving on and forming very successful businesses in their own right.” Dr Patel said apart from the retail and wholesale of goods, his grandfather was also a gold and manganese miner. In 1969 Dr Thakorbhai Babubhai Patel was the founding President of Gujarat Education Society (Lautoka) Fiji Islands. This organisation provides education to nearly 1700 students from kindergarten, primary and high school levels. This is a multicultural and multiracial school. He has encouraged and helped (even financially) many students from Fiji and India. During his stay in Fiji Islands he provided voluntary medical services at Fiji Crippled Children’s Hostel (Lautoka). These children were victims of poliomyelitis. He was honorary medical officers for Red Cross Society of Fiji Lautoka branch and St. Johns Ambulance Lautoka branch. * President: Commercial Cricket Club Lautoka * Vice President: Lautoka Cricket Association * President: Lautoka Gujarati Sports Association * Vice President: Fiji Gujarati Sports Association He was a member of the Rotary Club of Lautoka (196569). In Australia he has been involved in the following roles: - Secretary in the Overseas Student Association in 1959; Member in the Overseas Student Association since 1953. Members of this association were Colombo Plan students and private students from Indian sub-continent, S.E.Asia and Pacific Islands. Helped organise annual functions to raise funds for completion of the International House at the University of Queensland. - He was a member of the India Club of Queensland, which was later incorporated as Indian Cultural Association of QLD Inc. He was a foundation member of the Indian Cultural Association and served as its President for several years. He is a life member of the Indian Cultural

Photo by Bhavesh Bilakhia.

Association. Prior to being the Honorary Indian Consulate in Brisbane, Dr Patel provided hospitality and assistance to visiting dignitaries, trade delegations from India and Fiji and visiting Indian cricket team and Indian hockey team. - Trustee of the Indian Cultural Association since 1982. He has been chairman of Indian Bazaar which on numerous occasions has been the Indian communities single biggest even that brings different communities together. President of the Federation of Indian Communities of QLD (F.I.C.Q). - Founding member of two Indian Media Programs at Ethnic Radio 4EB and Radio 4RP. - Convenor Road 4EB (Indian Program) in 1980 and 1981 - Member of the Rotary Club of Windsor since 1981 and has served on various committees. - President of the Rotary Club of Windsor in 1986 and 1987 - Member of Windsor and District Senior Citizens Association. A project of Rotary Club of Windsor which built the Windsor and District Senior Citizens Centre. - Member of the Rotary Railway Tunnel Walk Committee. This was a project of Rotary Club of Windsor to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane - Chairman of District 9600 Australian Rotary Health Research Fund to raise funds for research into specific health issues. Chairman of District 9600 Interplast - Justice of Peace since 1978 (still qualified) - Member of the organising committee for 2000 AAMA Scientific Conference of Australasian Doctors Association held and the Gold Coast – Queensland. - Life member of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner; Life member of Indian Cultural Association; Member of Australasian Doctors Association Awards: * Australian Doctor GP Award 1994 * Queensland Government’s Ethnic Service Award 1995 * Paul Harris Fellow * Citizen of the Year – Brisbane City Council * Honorary Ambassador for Brisbane City

Today Dr Patel still practices at Kedron Park Medical centre, soft spoken and humble, he is a very sought after doctor.

Photo by Bhavesh Bilakhia.

Minister urges parents to get smart on tutoring products AS families enter the back-to-school phase, Fair Trading Minister Stuart Ayres and the Australian Tutoring Association are reminding parents and students about the potential pitfalls when signing up for tutoring products and services. Mr Ayres said 18 complaints involving the tutoring industry were received by the agency in 2013. “While this is not a large figure, disputes involving tutors and tutoring products can be costly,” he said. “In families with non-English speaking backgrounds tutoring products can be in high demand, yet it is often non-English speaking communities that are most reluctant to lodge formal complaints with consumer protection agencies when things go wrong.” Mr Ayres said tutoring businesses were required under the Australian Consumer Law to substantiate any claims they make

on websites, in advertisements or verbally. “Testimonials must be genuine and Fair Trading will issue substantiation notices to any tutoring business believed to be using fake customer testimonials or making unrealistic guarantees of academic success,” he said. “Companies found to be engaged in false and misleading representation face fines of up to $1.1 million, while individuals face fines of up to $220,000.” Mr Ayres said consumers should also be wary of tutoring businesses selling products door-todoor. “Such businesses are not permitted to take any payments within a 10 day cooling-off period and must abide by termination requirements,” he said. “Under the ACL, fines of up to $50,000 for a company and $10,000 for an individual apply to those who fail to observe this cooling-off provision.”

24 - THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

Mr Ayres said consumers should be fully informed about cancellation and refund conditions, as well as the total cost of services, before signing any contract. “When considering buying tutoring services or products from overseas or interstate institutions over the internet, exceptional caution should be exercised,” he said. “Not all tutoring products may be relevant to requirements of the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES). “It is also important to check software compatibility and internet connection capacity before purchasing any computerbased tutoring products.” The CEO of the Australian Tutoring Association, Mohan Dhall, said reputable tutoring colleges were members of the association, which prohibits deceptive practices and high pressure selling. “One of the big issues for us at present is


that of accreditation,” Mr Dhall said. “The ATA has developed a national accreditation with its accreditation partner Accredited Tutor. This body also does national background police checks on tutors. “The Association supports the accreditation of all tutors. Accreditation helps consumers have confidence in the standard of tuition and the standard of training of tutors.” Mr Dhall said parents should ask whether the tutors they hire are members of the ATA and if they are accredited. “In this way they can protect their interests as consumers and have confidence in the fact the tutor they have engaged will abide by the ATA’s code of conduct.” The Fair Trading Tutoring tips for parents fact sheet can be downloaded from www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au. It is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean and Vietnamese. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

First time in the history of Australia Shree Laxminarayan Mandir,Burbank presenting a 4 days Spirtual Mega Event

in association asso with Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.INC (Australia) )URP)HEWR0DUFK 


also in Melbourne

From 14 March - 16 March 2014


Shri Ram Katha Gyan Y Yagya ag agya








This event will be benificial to all communities residing in australia.



THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 25

All about Prayer

• Last year’s Waitakere Holi in Auckland.

Message of Holi anywhere in the world is same: brotherhood for mankind A journey into memory-lane of Holi at Rarawai, Ba Fiji Thakur Ranjit Singh, Auckland, New Zealand WE just marked Basant Panchmi on 4th February, 2014. We also call this Saraswati Puja and falls on fifth day of Magha (in early February) marking the start of spring and the Holi season. On this day Hindus worship Saraswati Devi, the goddess of knowledge, music, art and culture. We Hindus also mark this as beginning of Holi and erect the pyre Holika on this night. It is nice to see our Indian Diaspora celebrating wherever we are settled. Our culture, traditions and celebrations will be on display to the new generations, who otherwise may have forgotten their roots and heritage. Congratulations, well done, our people for bringing Fagua and Holi to parts of Australia that never experience this festival of colours. With the debate raging around the world, particularly in Europe and Britain, about integration and multiculturalism, Indian migrants in general and Indo-Fijian Diaspora in particular have been leading in a small way in promoting national identity. This they are doing in rapidly changing multi-ethnic countries like Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand where they have settled. India in general and Hinduism in particular have given the world some festivals which embrace the whole human race, and has more integrating and unity significance and meaning without being founded in divisive religious arguments. Holi is one of them. Holi festival has profound meaning for mankind and equality for all. Holi festival, among others, promotes and enhances race relations and integration. Well, you may ask, what is the history and origin of Holi. Let me enlighten you, especially the Canadian-born new generation. The festival of Holi is celebrated on the day after the full moon around March every year. Indo Fijians, especially few of us in Calgary from Rarawai in Ba Fiji, will recall we used to sing “fagua”, “faag” or “chautaal” and this is one “faag” we used to sing at Rarawai Bhavan (religious meeting house), on the full-moon night the Holika is set on fire: “…Phagun ki Chandni raat rahegi yaad mujhe….” (I will always remember and cherish this moonlit night of the month of Phagun) Originally a festival to celebrate good harvests and fertility of the land, Holi is now a symbolic commemoration of a legend from Hindu Mythology. Literally “Holi” signifies “burning” in Indian language. But, how it came to be associated with ‘burning’ is a story. The reference is found only in ancient Indian mythology. And it is the legend of King Hirnakasyap to whom the celebration of Holi is associated. The story centres on this arrogant King Hirnakasyap who resents his son Prahlad worshipping Lord Vishnu. He attempts to

kill his son but fails each time. Finally, the king’s sister Holika who is said to be immune to burning sits with the boy in a huge fire. However, it was the will of God that truth and good triumphs over lies and evil. Prince Prahlad emerges unscathed, while his aunt burns to death. Holi commemorates this event from mythology, and huge bonfires are burnt on the eve of Holi as its symbolic representation. This is well depicted by the famous “fagua” we sing around the Holi bonfire on that full moon night “…Hirnakush buddhi nasai, chita banwaai…Badhi aag jab beech chita mein Holika rudan machai…” (Hirnakush has lost his head, gone insane and built this pyre (chita).. when the fire raged in the pyre, Holika, his sister, started shouting and crying) Like Diwali, Holi also passes a similar message to mankind: Victory of Good over Evil and Life over Death. That is what exactly Holi signifies. The use of coloured water and powder are intended to colour all people in one colour, so it transcends race, colour and creed to signify equality of human race. Today Holi is an excuse for Indians to shed inhibitions, and caste differences for a day of spring fever and Big Fun, and show that despite our differences, we are all one in the eyes of God, hence the colours of Holi. We adopt a general sense of abandoned vitality, when as children, during Holi, we used to chase our village Bhabhis into their kitchen to colour them with colours of holi. No wonder, even the old ones join in the fun, and thus this “chutkula” or a small fagua song: “….Phagun bhar Baba devar laage..’ (During month of Phagun, even father-inlaws are like friends and brother-in-laws) The uniformity of colours binds us as one people, one nation. Indian and particularly Hindu community are blessings for their adopted countries for the all-encompassing festivals. Australia today is happy to have migrants, who assisted the country, uplifted its economic ability and brought in their colourful cultures, which added to the brightness of the country. Our people have integrated well into the local community and changed the cultural landscape of the country. Today, Brisbane is richer because of Indians in general and Hindus in particular for introducing diversity with festivals like Holi, Diwali and other religious, cultural and social events. Thanks to organisers and visionary leadership of people behind Holi, Fagua and celebrations of merrymaking. Happy Ho..Ho… Ho..Holi… to all. (E-mail: thakurji@xtra.co.nz) (The author, Thakur Ranjit Singh is from village of Rarawai, in Ba, Fiji and looks fondly at those memories and reasons behind Holi.)

26 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

HAVE you ever struggled with prayer? Does it seem like an arduous ordeal which needs to have an eloquent speech which you are incapable of? Although sometimes we have these notions in our mind and increasingly feel that prayer is more for the spiritually evolved or religiously devote; in reality prayer is a medium to remain in communion with God, to seek His blessings, to be in surrender to Him, to offer gratitude etc. Prayer is also a very simple yet potent tool for spiritual practice. It shows the helplessness of a devotee and helps to intensify his yearning for God. A prayer has no special format or words, it is a spontaneous, heartfelt conversation which we have with God where we plead unto Him and tell Him our state of mind. When we pray the impression becomes stronger that ‘I am incapable’ or there is some Universal power which is much higher. Thus, prayer helps to lower our ego and to connect with the Universal mind and intellect. People pray for various reasons. For some when faced with some invincible everyday life situation like illness, financial loss, work pressures, emotional crunch etc. they reach out to God. These prayers are more out of desperation and worldly expectations. Seekers of God also reach out to God in their moment of pain; however, there is a difference in their prayers. They pray to be able to accept the situation, to have the strength to endure the challenges and use each situation to take them closer to God. Sometimes we are faced with a quandary about whether our prayers are heard. When we pray, an intimate dialogue happens with God. We feel closer to Him when we have poured out our heart and by the law of reflex action even God feels closer to us. For the prayers to be heard, depends on interplay of various factors – spiritual level of the person, the spiritual emotion, the type of prayer, ego of the person etc. Prayers are answered by various subtle energies in the Universe. For instance if one prays to bring about world peace, although being a noble thought may most likely not be answered due to the lack of spiritual level of the people praying. However, if a

Listen to your heart… IN our previous article we discussed about happy New Mind. Only renewed mind can bring us true joy, peace and prosperous New Year. Letting go of the past is essential in order to focus on future. If you ever want to do a great favour to your self or help yourself, begin to forgive and accept yourself. Renew your mind with new way of thinking that is aligned with the truth, which is only found in Word of God. Let us consider how to develop a renewed mind to gain rich communication technique to lead us to an inspired life. Because, within this communication skill are secrete for success to our life. Let me probe this simple question, what is the most important skill in regards to communication? Is it strong and beautiful voice? Or… Is it great language and word skill? But, the most important and number one skill in communication is to listen, not just listen, but also listen twice. Let me explain how and why we should listen twice and speak once. Listening to the Word of God and receiving the Word into your heart will produce a renewed mind. But you may how do we listen from the heart? Let me share a simple and basic formula that we can practice to improve our listening skills. I call this as 2 to 1 ratio. What do I mean by that? Let us look at our human head to get some insights into 2:1 ratio.


Saint or spiritually evolved seeker prays, then as they are in sync with the God Principle and have a low ego, even with a single prayer, God grants the change. Some pray for revenge or with some malevolent intent. There is a high possibility that such prayers are answered by higher level negative forces who thereby try to entrap a person under their influence by initially granting their wishes. Quite often we pray in a hurry without really being conscious of the posture. Spiritual research has shown that the following posture is the most spiritually beneficial. We can try to pray in this mudra. (pictured above) However, more important is the spiritual emotion when we are praying. When we make ardent prayers with spiritual emotion, it helps us to tap the Divine consciousness. It purifies our consciousness and forms a protective sheath around us. The overall positivity or sattvikta also increases and it helps to counter the negative attacks on us. So, let us make prayers a regular practice and seek God’s presence as we walk through our life journey. For more information on Prayers please visit www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/ aboutspiritualresearch/ SpiritualPractice/prayer Compiled by Shweta Clarke Email: editorialteam@spiritual researchfoundation.org Derek Prince, well known author and a scholar points out this inspiring design of human head; ‘we have seven natural openings in the human head, 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils but the last opening is mouth, with which we all speak good or bad.’ Listening is the function of the ear, but understanding what we heard is the function of heart and mind. Two to one ratio simply represent listen twice speak once. How do we listen effectively twice? By listening to your heart not ears. The Gospel writer Matthew, sums up this with words of Jesus “He who has ears (to hear) let him be listening and let him consider and perceive and comprehend by hearing”. (Matt.13: 9 Amp). Heart and mind are interconnected to guide us in life. First time listening simply allowing the ears and eyes to focus on the words, feelings that has being expressed. Second listening is understanding and reasoning what been heard forming a clear message in our head. Only then we speak out and respond to message to complete the communication cycle with 2:1. Where mind goes, the man follows says the wise man that wrote the Proverbs. Your mind must be disciplined and controlled to think according to the truth spoken by Lord Jesus. An uncontrolled bad thought produces toxic waste into your mind and resulting in fear, stress and illness. Today is the day to reset your mind for a happy year. Human relationship can prosper significantly in every part our life and work when we begin to apply 2:1 ratio. We will have better quality work place, better marriage and family. Point to consider, think how apply 2:1 communication skill today. Email your thoughts and questions to: navig8grace@gmail.com Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Success through Sabr and Shukr Prepared By Imam Muhammad Aslam ALL praise is due to Allah taa’la the cherisher and the sustainer of the universe and blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wassalam) he is the mercy to the entire mankind and the final messenger. Sabr and Shukr are the best qualities of the believer and we have been told by the Quran to show Sabr and be grateful at all times to achieve the real success and the closeness of our lord. We can prove it from many ayats from the Quran and from the words of the prophet. As being a believer we must thank our lord (Alla Taa’la). In each state it is true that if you thank him he will increase in you bounties. Quran: Nay, indeed it is Allah should you show ubudiyyah to, and show to Him gratitude. - Quran: O you who believe, use of that which is good of what we have provided for you, and be grateful to Allah if you are truly ibaad. - Quran: And if you show gratefulness, I will give you more. - Quran: (shaytan says after being granted respite by Allah) I will come to them, from in front of them and from behind them, from their right and their left, and You will find most of them ungrateful. - Hadeeth: O Mu’adh, Let me teach you something.. ( the duaa at end of salah) Allahumma a’innee ala dhikrikah, wa shukrukah, wa hussni ibadatik.. ( Ya Allah help me to remember You, to show shukr to You, and to make the most beautiful of ibdadah) - Rasulullah (saws) used to stand up nights in qiyamul-layl every night to the extent his feet swelled. Aisha (ra) asked him, why do you do this when Allah has already forgiven you everything before and everything after? He (saws) said: Then shall I not be a grateful ‘abd (servant)? Shukr is to be shown in three ways: (1) Shukru bil qalb: shukr of the heart. achieved by harboring and intending good for all of Allah’s creation. (khayr meaning something pleasing to Allah swt) (2) Shukru bil leesan: shukr of the tongue. celebrate with the tongue the praises of Allah (swt), Alhamdulillah = showing the world I am pleased with my Lord. Quran: As to the ni’mah of your Lord, celebrate it. (3) Shukr bil jawaarih: shukr of the external senses. (amal, actions) every time Allah gives us a ni’mah, we must use that ni’mah the way it was intended to be used by our Creator- and thus used in the way of His obedience, and not in the way of His disobedience. - kuffr an- na’mah: rejection of Allah’s ni’mah “There are divine words written on the pages of every ni’mah. But those words are not deciphered by everyone.” Using the tongue in a harmful way is kuffran of ni’matul leesan ex. Using the eyes to look at things that are haraam is kuffran of the ni’mah of the eyes. ex. dressing inappropriately is kufrran of the ni’mah of our body ex. Using the intellect for the wrong type of knowledge, is kuffran as well. Any ilm that does not bring us closer to

Allah, is wrong. Rasulullah (saws) sought refuge in Allah from information that was not beneficial. - Quran: If you were to count the ni’mah of Allah, you would not be able to enumerate them. Verily Man is an ungrateful creature. Shukr + Sabr + Tawbaah = ingredients for happiness showing sabr in the ni’mah of Allah is shukr (by not transgressing the bounds set down by Allah) some duas mentioned: - In response to ‘how are you?’: “I celebrate the praises of my Lord to you and the rest of creation. Surely with my Lord I am pleased.” - In mornings and evenings: “Ya Allah whatever bounty has been my share and the bounty of the rest of creation has been from You and You alone; and I celebrate Your praise.” - For morning: “Ya Allah I woke up this morning having You, and the angels who carry Your throne, and all angels, and all of Your creation, witness that You are the One and Only God, and Muhammad is your messenger.” - Ni’mah is everything we like that happens to us, but there is one real ni’mah, the ni’mah of all ni’mahs: JANNAH Every other ni’mah are means to that end. - Why is Jannah the only true, real ni’mah? Because of 4 things (all other ni’mah violates one of them): 1) eternal life without death - every other ni’mah is mortal 2) immortality with happiness - every happiness of dunyaa has moments of displeasure, grief, consequences. 3) ni’mah of knowledge - everyone, no matter how knowledgeable, has moments of ignorance, happiness of akhirah is ilm without jahil 4) wealth never tainted by moments of poverty and need. Which is better, shukr or sabr? We can’t say, it is dependent upon what level of shukr or sabr it is. (ex. a man indulges in everything that is halaal, or one who uses that wealth in every way to get closer to Allah, the second is a higher level than the first) - These are the keys to the treasure of happiness. - Without these two wings of shukr and sabr, we cannot fly to happiness. - Shukr is a fruit of being aware and conscious of Allah’s bounty. - Sabr is a fruit of being away of our own weaknesses, ignorance, transgressions, inadequacies and ugliness of the self. The shortest path to Allah is the path of an ‘abd. The thickest of veils between Allah and the ‘abd is ad’daawaah (feeling of arrogance, deserving) Ya Allah, make us of those who listen to the words of admonition and follow the best of them. Ya Allah, forgive us our sins, and grant us Your mercy. Allahumma inne ala dhikrikah, wa shukrikah, wa hussni ibadaatik. AMEEN! SABR (Patience) - an essential element in fulfilling our ubudiyyah to Allah (swt) - Rasulullah (saws) said: Sabr is a source of

light - In the Quran it says: [And practice sabr, for you are under Our gaze] One of the early ulamah used to carry a parchment with this ayah on it in his pocket, and he looked at it constantly. . So what is sabr? The steadfastness of the religious call over the call to passion- if the deen overcomes the nafs, this is sabr There are 2 kinds of sabr (or two ways we can perform sabr): 1) when something we desire happens to us, something we like, we exhibit sabr in controlling our selves, not going into excess, not transgressing the bounds set down for us by Allah(swt) Abdur Rahmad ibn Auf said: We were tried by hard times and we showed sabr, but when we were tried in ease and excess, we failed. Hadeeth: I do not fear for you poverty; I fear for you plentifulness of dunyaa, and it will destroy you as it had destroyed nations before you. Quran: O you who believe, do not let your families and your wealth draw you away from the dhikr of Allah; and whosoever does that is indeed the loser. 2) Sabr in what we dislike. In 3 areas of life: a) sabru ala ta’aat: in obeying Allah (swt). sabr against our nafs who dislikes it, whether in spirituality or mundane, sabr before, during and after the act of obedience. b) sabru anil ma’asee: to show sabr against disobedience to Allah (swt). We are attracted to do injustice to others thinking we are doing justice to ourselves. We live in an environment that is dangerously attractive, we need to have patience, constancy, steadfastness = sabr. c) sabr andil ma’asid: to show sabr in times of calamity, adversity, pain, whether physical or emotional. Everything that is in the capacity of an individual to change, he should- but have sabr in what you cannot. Not reciprocating harm is sabr. Hadeeth: whenever a museebah (hardship) befalls you (and you show sabr) Allah (swt) atones for you some of your sins Hadeeth: Allah (swt) atones some of our sins not only by physical endurance but by emotional ones as well Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas (ra) asked the Prophet (saws) “Ya Rasulullah, who amongst people are the most tried (subject to hardships)?” Rasulullah (saws) said: The Anbiyyah (messengers of Allah) and after them the Salihoon (righteous) and then in accordance to your eman, taqwaah etc, there will be more hardships, not less. Every mu’min will be tried by difficulties in accordance (proportion) to their deen. If in this person’s deen is solidity (their deen is deeply rooted) the balaa’ will increase, to purify, cleanse, strengthen, elevate the person. And if in the deen in this person there is riqaa (weakness, thinness), then that persons balaa will be weakened, until the person walks on the earth cleansed of sins until they meet Allah. What are the adaab of sabr? 1. once the calamity befalls us, we must show sabr immediately without delay. A woman was in the cemetery, crying, mourning her love, when Rasulullah (saws) said to her “show sabr”. She said, not knowing who he was “that’s easy for you to

say, you have not lost a loved one”. When the companions told her who he was, she asked for forgiveness and rasulullah (saws) said: Sabr is to be shown at the beginning of hardship. 2. al-itirjaa’: to say immediately, sincerely, from the heart: “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhee raji’uun” -Verily from Allah we come and to Him we return 3. the tongue and the senses do not act violently - use them correctly, don’t get caught up in the pain of the moment 4. Hussnul sabr- sabrun jameel- the highest level, the most beautiful sabr Sabr can be categorized into 3 levels: 1. Tarkus sabraa: the lowest level- when one does not complain but inside dislikes what’s happening to them 2. Ar-ridhaa-bil-beelah: no complaint, to show satisfaction with the balaa (hardship), because they have yaqeen (certainty) that Allah only does to the ‘abd what is best for them 3. Ash-shukr-alal-beelah: to have ridhaa (satisfaction) and to be grateful to Allah for the hardship because that person has yaqeen that this is to elevate his spiritual statuslooks at the consequence, not the immediate event we are taught sabrun jameel in the story of yaqub and yusuf (as) Ali (ra) said: Of the realization of the Majesty of Allah, and of knowledge of the right Allah (swt) has on His creation, is that when one is befallen with a calamity, one does not complain, does not even mention what has befallen him. An ‘abd should feel ashamed to describe the pain, we are complaining about the Creator to the creation? Ibn Qays (a tabi’) said: I lost my eyesite 40 years ago, I have never told anyone. An ulumah (didn’t get the name): “Whosoever complains about a calamity that has befallen him to other than Allah, such an individual would never find the sweetness of ta’aa (obedience to Allah (swt)) in the heart” How to attain sabr(Patience)? The cure to any disease of the heart (arrogance, anger, lack of hayaa) 1. ILM: brings desire and want to change, use the ilm the teacher conveys to you! brings about hazm- energy, resolve to change 2. AMAL: take it into everyday life, in your actions Qat’al asbaab- severing the ways and avenues to bad deeds. example: lowering the gaze for zinnah. for every haraam avenue, there is a halaal alternative. No pain, no gain- condition your nafs and your qalb, or they will condition you Work hard on uprooting the weeds of passion, disobedience and sin. Sow the seeds in your heart of the will to change and sincerity. Let the rain be the mercy and forgiveness of Allah purifying the land, our hearts. The best door from which we can enter the majesty of Allah, is humility. 1. Always be conscious in our hearts and minds of Allah’s nimaah 2. Always be conscious of our weaknesses, the sins we have committed. Have faqarthe opposite of pride, self-reliance, selfinterest. Qur’an: “InnaAllah ma’as sabireen: Verily Allah is WITH those who have sabr.” Ya Allah, make us of those who have sabr, and grant us your mercy and your forgiveness. Ameen.

Mawlid un Nabi program in Fiji A report by Imam M. Aslam ALHAMDUILLAH Mawlid un Nabi program was held in Fiji, Nandi in a big park. It was organised by Fiji Muslim League. I had the opportunity to attend this program representing Islamic Society of Algester and deliver the main lecture. The prime minister of Fiji also attended the program and delivered a very good speech. Fiji is a multicultural country and everywhere there are different people living in harmony and peace and the Fijian government declares national holiday each year on Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. 3,000 people had attended this program. Different scholars, naat reciters and Mashaykh participated. It was so nice to see the people expressing their love towards the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam. The program was supported by various religious organisations and some brothers flew from Australia like Haji Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

• Attending the celebration of (approx. 6000 people). • (l-r seated) Hafeez Khan - President Fiji Muslim League & Prime Minister Commodore Josaia Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama.

Naseeb (Al-Madinah Islamic Centre, Sydney), Br Shaheed and Br Tawheed. They played a great role in organizing www.indiantimes.com.au

this program and make it successful. A.R. Deen could not go to this program this year but also played a great role to make it successful. Once again I would like to thank those who showed their great hospitality towards us including Fiji Muslim League and the Fijian government for their great support. THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 27


Head West to the Bunya Bunyas

The four human pursuits Introduction It is said that this human birth is an evolution after milJitendra Deo lions of births and is President very difficult to attain. While there is a theory of Karma which says that the human birth is the result of past good deeds, fundamentally this birth provides a unique opportunity to come out of cycle of rebirths. It is at this birth that the capacity of the “self-rule is gifted to us”. It means that unlike animals, we are not only controlled by sheer nature, but have the capacity to use self-rule. The animals have attributes of eating, sleeping, fear, happiness, sorrow, courtship and maintenance of its species and so are the humans. However it is the free will that makes the human more superior to animals. This self-rule allows the human to think, analyse, communicate effectively, visualize and plan his life, distinguish between the correct and incorrect and make decisions. Human Pursuits The human uses the freedom to go after pursuits and in Sanskrit these human pursuits are called as Purusharthas, There are four types of purusharthas namely, Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha. Artha (Wealth and Security)- This includes all types of wealth meant for ones protection. Sanctuary against thirst, hunger, poverty, diseases, suffering, future needs and even death. Kama (Happiness and enjoyment)- Once the basic safety needs are met the next goal of the humans is to attain pleasure and he

longs for various types of pleasure like physical, mental and intellectual. Dharma (Good deeds resulting in Punya) - The Vedas have the concept of Karma and rebirth. Consequently while the Artha and Kama are meant to satisfy the needs of the current birth, by following the code of conduct suggested by Dharma. It ensures the social balance and justice, which also gives the security and happiness in future births. It is the fact that the above three pursuits have limitations being dependent on external objects. There is a pain in acquisition, pain in maintenance and pain in loss. There is always discontent and desire for more which drives the humans to hoard more and more wealth, continuing attainment of more pleasure. At the same time there is a constant worry and anxiety on what will happen the next moment next week, and next year or even after death. These get extensive and humans seek for “Mine” (My wife, my children) and this endless list continues. This is a rat race with an endless run towards a target which is unreal and non-existent. Most of the humans get caught in this pursuit and this status is called as Samsara, The root cause of the Samsara is the identification of oneself with materialist possessions. (Continued in next issue) Please contact Jitendra Deo 3263 1914 or Hari Chand 33454716 for information on activities of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland or log on: www.aryasamajqueensland.com

Turning away

value in what is valuable, you have to be careful not to engage in debates and arguments that lead to nowhere. You have to learn not to be drawn into every conversation or debate that is not part of your destiny. Often we come across the passenger buses which go around picking people on way to its destination. Occasionally they get delayed due to heavy traffic, passengers too slow in getting in or out of the bus or some other hindrances. But sometimes these buses display a NOT IN SERVICE sign. This time the bus does not have to stop at every bus stop or to stop and pick every passenger at the bus stop. This time the bus will arrive at its destiny much faster and quicker. Just like the bus, if you are to reach your destiny then you have to learn what comments to ignore, places to ignore, readings to ignore and critics to ignore. Remember the critics cannot stop you from your destiny. They don’t describe who you are. They don’t determine your price tag, your worth and value. They don’t know your gifts and talents. You are a child of the Most High God. He breathed His life into you. As a believer in Jesus, you are clothed with favour, goodness, promotion, health and life. So today turn away from the accusing voices so you can focus on the destiny God has prepared for you. God bless you Pastor Joseph Dass

Pastor Joseph Dass DEAR reader it is with great joy we bring you the word of God. Too often we get engaged into arguments, debates, trying to convince everyone without success, trying to win every dispute. Some people will not change from their set opinion no matter how hard we try. All we are doing is wasting our valuable time and energy in a futile situation. We have to be careful not to get engaged into fights with narrow minded people. In the scriptures we read in Matthew 27 v 12-14 that when Jesus was accused by the religious leaders He gave no answer. The Governor was surprised when Jesus did not defend Himself against all the false accusation labelled towards Him. You have to understand not to get engaged into conflicts that don’t matter. There will always be critics and just like Jesus we have to ignore them and move on. Just like throwing pearls before pigs, who see no

• View from Mt Kiangarow (highest peak in Bunyas)

IF you don’t like the beach or the heat and want a cheap holiday then head to the Bunya Mountains, which is what our correspondent Pete Lane Rai, his wife and daughter did! After travelling four hours west from Brisbane via Toowoomba and Dalby, Pete and family finally arrived at the Dandabah camp site in the Bunya Mountains. Costing only $5.00 (five) per person per night with hot showers, toilets and bbq, it is great • Pete and Jo Lane Rai doing camping chores. value so it was no surprise it was consid- seeing! ered Qld’s best campsite in 2013. Camping is thoroughly enjoyable with an The real name is Bunya Bunya as there is abundance of wild life around from bush no murri (aboriginal) word for mountain turkeys, wallabies, bandicoots, pademelons and “bunya” refers to the large edible nuts and also endless magpies, crows, cockagrowing up to 11 kilos which fall from the toos and parrots. Bunya tree! In the camp site is an old school building At the Bunya Bunyas you can do activities which is Australia’s largest dormitory of that a person of average fitness can do - over 3,000 chocolate bats, who, had been the many easy and enjoyable walks breeding earlier in the year. Daily at dusk, through the tropical rain forests. Walks are they silently flutter from the eaves of the from 2 km up to 10 km and the average school for their nightly meal of insects walker would take 10 – 15 minutes to walk found in the surrounding rain forest. a kilometer. Just take plenty of water, sunYou can’t light fires at the camp site but screen, hat and good walking shoes and you can chat with the other friendly you are fine. campers like Chris and Margaret (from There are no dangers of snakes, falls or Logan) who have been travelling all over getting lost. All you do is follow the well Oz since 2009 in their huge camper van! While January days are warm and sunny, marked tracks. It is a photographers paradise with wild animals, trees and wonder- you do need a sweater and long pants at ful views to take, (just ask Pete’s daughter night. Of course, in winter it is freezing, about this as she is a freelance photograph- but you can hire a cabin where there is a lovely log fire if you can’t endure the riger.) From Mt Kiangarow, which at 1300 ors of camping! This is a very popular metres in the Bunya Bunyas, (Brisbane’s way to go. Camping under a full moon with a brilMt Cootha is 300m) you look westwards on to endless plains, hills and forests with liantly clear, star filled sky made me hardly a farm or road in sight. Which is acknowledge that there has to be a Creator something us city dwellers are not used to God.

Gold Coast radiotherapy service officially opens RADIOTHERAPY services were officially opened at the Gold Coast University Hospital, thanks to a partnership between Gold Coast Health and Radiation Oncology Queensland (ROQ). For the first time public cancer patients can receive radiation therapy services on the Gold Coast without being charged for the treatment. Speakers at the event included Gold Coast Health Board Chair Ian Langdon, ROQ Chief Executive Officer Mark Middleton, first patient and long-time Gold Coast cancer nurse, Debbie Farrell and Karen Staal from key partner Queensland Cancer Council. Debbie Farrell provided examples from her

nursing experience of the benefit to patients who no longer have to travel to Brisbane for treatment. "I have received my daily treatment at GCUH and continued working. There is no longer a need for patients like me to travel to Brisbane," Ms Farrell said. ROQ CEO Mark Middleton said he was proud to be delivering state of the art radiation oncology services to the people of the Gold Coast in partnership with GCUH. Queensland Cancer Council spokesperson Karen Staal shared that 4,300 people on the Gold Coast will be diagnosed with cancer this year, and that the introduction of comprehensive cancer services including radiotherapy closer to home was reassuring news for the entire community.

Karma and Bondage of Karma - Action and Reaction Courtesy Jossy Thomman The real meaning of Karma is to be alive in the active presence Reaction or what is bondage of karma is the clinging dependancy, then the fear of loosing it, then aggressiveness to defend it

Bondage of karma or reaction is created by choosing the pleasure and pain, like and dislike, preference and prejudice Movement of thought is bondage of karma which is called kriya or activity

28 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

Action or karma comes out of silent mind. Action is moment to moment

Reaction comes out from the past. Action is spontaneous Reaction is pouring out of our chattering mind Action is creative. Reaction is destructive. If one is aware of activity or reaction cease and energy is preserved, same energy becomes action.


If you don’t cling; to be more and more at ease to be more and more here and now; not expecting anything, not desiring anything. Cease all your activity. Rest in yourself. You have arrived back home. The ground of existence. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Health Beauty Wellbeing Achieve beautiful hands and nails that say what you want about you! Nimisha Modi Hetvi Hair & Beauty - 04 123 500 13

HEY Girls, do you suffer from dry skin, dehydrated cuticles, hang nails, flaking, brittle and discoloured nails? If you do then keep reading for beauty cubes ‘back to basics’ tips on all round hand and nail care. ‘Beauty comes from within’ – review your diet Are you getting enough vitamins, minerals and protein? The essential ones for skin, and nails are A, C & E along with calcium, selenium and essential fatty acids, otherwise known as omega 3. These will all maintain overall skin and nail health, and good sources of these to include in your diet are: * low fat dairy products. i.e. natural yoghurt * cereals (sugar free variety) * carrots, leafy greens – spinach is excellent & broccoli too * sweet potatoes, excellent baked or roasted * forest fruits, i.e. strawberries, blackberries & blueberries * mixed nuts such as brazils, almonds, walnuts & pecans (unsalted) * cold pressed vegetable oils i.e. extra virgin olive, add to salads and soups * raw seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds, add to salads and/or dressings ‘Water alert’ – choose your fluids wisely Cut down if you can on caffeine and alcohol, which naturally dehydrate and draw nutrition away from the skin and its associated cell membranes. Opt if you can for antioxidant rich beverages such as green and white tea, and naturally sweet antioxidant rich fruit juices such as pink grapefruit, orange and apple. ‘Smooth your troubles away’ – gentle exfoliation is key Use a good exfoliator once a week, to slough away any dead skin cells that make the skin look dull and slow down cell renewal. Gentle stimulation of the skin will improve circulation, and ensure a speedy delivery of nutrients to the cuticle and nail bed areas. This weekly treatment will also allow a greater absorption of any hand cream applied thereafter on a daily basis. The product ingredients will penetrate deeper into the base cells, which in turn will ensure the best results from your selected hand treatment. ‘A girls best friend’ – crystal files are your secret weapon! These really do work! They seal the end of the nail free edge, and keep nails looking tidy and neatly shaped if used correctly. It’s best to file in one direction in 3 simple steps, side to middle to side, up, across and down. For a natural look shape in an oval finish, and for a more polished and professional finish go for a square shaped look. Remember to always file first before immersing the hands in water or applying any topical treatments. ‘The final finish’ – pure white For natural looking, white nail tips, use a slice of lemon or the juice on a regular basis and add in treatment, to soak the nails in a small Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

bowl of lukewarm water. Do for a maximum of five minutes, which will ensure that it’s gradual, and natural whitening effects over time will result. The water will also soften the cuticles, before any exfoliation or treatments to follow this take place. Dont forget – ‘a girls golden rule’… Always apply a good quality hand cream daily, ideally first thing in the morning to protect and last thing at night to repair. Watch this space for beauty review of the best hand creams available. Pair with this another handbag essential, a white nail pencil to use under the free edge of the nail. These are great while you are on the go and my best revealed secret yet for naturally healthy looking nails. With this you won’t need to apply varnish again, unless for a special occasion, and your nails will be in a much better condition as a result. The chemicals in nail polishes can strip the nail of natural oils, causing dry and brittle nails over prolonged use with time. and finally… Beauty tip: apply hand cream before applying those marigolds and washing up! The heat from the water will allow for greater absorption of your products ingredients, also a great ritual for those that easily forget to apply their hand care daily! Alternatively invest in some natural cotton gloves, and use with your favourite hand cream while watching TV, doing the housework or whilst asleep etc… zzzZ..girls get your beauty sleep too for improved results! Hope this will help you. Take care and see you next month. Nimisha from Hetvi Hair & Beauty

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Rental market eases Buying off the plan: the dangers of buying in as sales kick off a new Body Corporate AS the Queensland sales market kicks into gear, pressure on the rental market has eased according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). The REIQ Residential Rental Survey, carried out in December across all REIQ accredited agencies, found the majority of the State recording higher vacancy rates compared to the previous three months. REIQ chairman Rob Honeycombe said that it was usual for one market to thrive more than the other. “Over the past few years, it has been the rental sector which has been the better-performing segment of the market,” he said. “Now while the sales market returns to healthy levels of activity after a period of subdued volumes, the rental market is experiencing a slight easing of vacancy rates after a long period of tight rental conditions. The rental market is also cyclical with January and February being the peak periods for demand. “While rental markets within the mining regions are struggling with both supply and demand imbalances, the outlook for the rest of the Queensland rental market remains positive as business returns to normal now the Christmas holidays have passed.” According to the survey data, over one third of REIQ member agencies reported an increase in investor activity which subsequently added stock to the rental pool. In addition to this, the end of the year is historically a period of lower tenant demand with many vacating over the Christmas and New Year periods, usually in a move to another area for either work or educational reasons. Over recent weeks, however, there has been an increase in enquiry and demand from tenants as is usual for January. In the Brisbane City local government area, the vacancy rate as at the end of December was 3.2 per cent, up from 2.3 per cent at the end of September. A vacancy rate of around 3 per cent however is deemed to represent healthy levels of supply and demand. Across Brisbane the results are varied. Inner Brisbane - suburbs within 5km of the CBD - recorded the highest increase, up 1.7 percentage points to 4.1 per cent. “Local agents have reported a slight over-

supply of rental properties with a number of new developments coming onto the market,” Mr Honeycombe said. “Also at the end of the year we generally experience lower tenant demand as residents vacate for work transfers or the end of the university year. From mid-January, demand increases again as tenants begin their search for their new property.” “Across the Greater Brisbane area, around 40 per cent of REIQ agents surveyed reported an increase in investor activity; however tenant demand remains strong in most areas, keeping vacancy rates at low levels. The increased investor activity was most notable in the Moreton Bay area.” In regional Queensland, markets continue to ease substantially in mining regions with Mackay, Rockhampton and Gladstone’s vacancy rates blowing out to around 7 per cent. Toowoomba continues to post tight rental conditions with a vacancy rate of 1.3 per cent at the end of 2013. Local agents in Gladstone report a continued glut of rental stock with the market adjusting from a severe lack of supply to an oversupply as multiple new developments have come onto the market. As at the end of December, the vacancy rate came in at 7.7 per cent, up from 5.8 per cent in September and up from 2.1 per cent 12 months ago. The story in Mackay is very much the same as Gladstone, with some job losses and an oversupply of rental stock within new residential developments. Mackay also recorded a vacancy rate of 7.7 per cent up from 5 per cent three months ago. Local agents report vacancies taking in excess of four weeks to fill and low applicant numbers per listing. In Toowoomba however, the story is far from bleak. Investor activity is reportedly up, predominantly within close proximity to the Toowoomba metropolitan area, as is tenant demand with one agency reporting very high numbers of applicants recently. In Queensland’s tourism centres, residential vacancy rates remain at healthy levels. Both the Gold and Sunshine coasts recorded tighter vacancy rates, down 0.4 and 0.3 percentage points respectively since September.

How to find Units with cheap Body Corporate levies By Lisa Rutland reiqblog.com AVERAGE levies in the buildings that I search in South East Queensland are between $5,000 – $6,000 per annum for both admin and sinking funds combined. That’s average on base levies only. That said, the cheapest levy I’ve ever seen was $150 per annum. The highest was more than $25,000. For one year. So what makes our levies so pricey and so variable? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR Other than size, which actually has less impact than you might think, the key drivers of levy expense are facilities. If a building has a pool or a gym or a security guard then those facilities need to be paid for. And that cost comes directly from levies. Ergo, the more facilities you have, the higher the costs to run the body corporate and the higher the levies. The most expensive “facility” is a Resident Unit Manager (RUM). A good RUM’s is an great asset to a building, however, just like everything else, it’s an asset that needs to be paid for. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

WHERE DO LEVIES GO Stewart Silver King & Burns (SSKB) a presentation in August 2013 at their Gold Coast trade show where they answered the question “where do levies go?” The most expensive items, as an average, expressed as a proportion of administrative fund levies are: • Resident Manager 30% • Repairs and Maintenance 23% (plant and equipment 4%, pool 3%, grounds 4%, building 6% and lifts 6%) • Insurance 10% • Electricity 10% • Cleaning 9% • Security 7% • Others 7% (the main cost here is body corporate management fees) Those figures are averaged over all buildings SSKB managed at time of printing. The breakdown differs considerably based on how many lots the costs can be offset against. For instance, in a building with less the 50 lots 46% of the admin fund levy is paid out to a resident manager and 11% to others. That’s a whopping 57% just to have the building managed, prior to anything else.

PERIODICALLY I see a flurry of articles about buying off the plan. There seems to be two schools of thought on the subject, some people liking the idea and others advising caution. I come down firmly on the caution side, not because I have any great expertise in property investment, but because I regularly see what plays out in the body corporate. It’s a dangerous time for a body corporate those first few years, for a number of reasons. Let me tell you a story that sadly encapsulates most of them. ONCE UPON A TIME A body corporate, a lovely, modern, low rise building in a fantastic location was completed, registered and the off the plan lots settled. Unfortunately the GFC had recently started biting with a vengeance and the value of the lots was actually diminished from pre-GFC sales figures. New sales had tightened significantly. Those who had settled found themselves with a choice to either sell their lots, competing with developer stock, or hold onto them in the hope that prices would eventually recover. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE Right about that time it started to rain. And it rained rather a lot. All this rain highlighted our body corporates first major hurdle. The building leaked. Quite significantly. Water penetration is most definitely covered by the building warranty so the matter was referred back to the builder to rectify. In this case however the builder also happened to be the developer who was having some serious problems selling the stock. Serious enough that subsequently the builder / developer filed for bankruptcy. This left our leaking body corporate with a defect the builder simply could not rectify. Relief was sought through the now defunct Building Services Authority who had an insurance fund to address just this sort of problem. Unfortunately relief could not be granted to buildings under seven stories. The body corporate was left with no alternative but to address the issues themselves. A special levy was issued to all lot owners to fund the works.

AND THEN IT GETS WORSE Unfortunately our now bankrupt original owner was still the majority lot owner and along with being unable to fulfil warranty requirements also couldn’t pay the levies, regular or special! Those who’d settled off the plan and any new owners subsequently did pay their levies. Unfortunately that didn’t raise enough so another round of levies was issued, which again those that couldn’t (the developer) didn’t pay, and those that could (everyone else) did. The works, which turned out to be the first of many, were undertaken and the body corporate limped along trying to redress the issues whilst carrying massive levy debt. Eventually the lots did sell, the levies got paid and the body corporate found itself flush with funds. But imagine how difficult it would have been, only a few of you, responsible financial for the wellbeing of a huge building predominantly owned by someone else, someone who wasn’t paying their way. Stressful and frustrating wouldn’t begin to cover it. NEW BODY CORPORATES ARE VULNERABLE There are a lot of factors in this story that impact what happened. The GFC, the developer being the builder and subsequent bankruptcy and so on. Admittedly the stars did not align in any way for this building or those poor lot owners. It’s by no stretch a one-off situation though. Portions of this story play out in dozens of new buildings all over Queensland, both pre and post GFC. Developers and builders go broke, buildings have major defects, levies are kept low so funds are not available, majority lot owners dominate the body corporate’s actions and jeopardize liquidity with levy arrears. It happens. The reality is new body corporates are vulnerable in their first few years. Buying off the plan is an investment strategy that comes with risk. Be aware that risk isn’t just as narrow as the value and finish of the lot. Lisa Rutland is a body corporate records searcher. She has spent much of the last eight years learning about body corporates and what can and does go wrong. Now she is sharing as much of that information as she can at MyBodyCorpReport.com.au

Contrast that with a larger body corporate of 200 plus lots. The RUM is now 21% and the body corporate manager 7% making management 28% of total admin costs. The more lots in a body corporate the more economies of scale kick in because there are more lot owners to share the cost, making facilities far more affordable for everyone. That said, it’s also true that the larger the building the more complex it is and the more it costs to run. FINDING BODY CORPORATE’S WITH LOW LEVIES Finding body corporates with low levies is a question of analysis of the facilities offered. The body corporate with the lowest levies will have: • NO RESIDENT UNIT MANAGER: Any time there’s a RUM the levies will be higher. Generally speaking the more lots in the body corporate the more the cost is offset and the benefit maximised. • NO LIFT: A lift doesn’t cost that much in terms of administrative levies but it will add significantly to the sinking levy because lifts ultimately do need to be replaced. Again, the more lots, the more the cost is offset. • NO GYM: A gym will incur extra cleaning costs and extra plant and equipment cost, both capital and maintenance. If you can save money on a gym membership this could be a bonus, otherwise it’s just another cost.

• NO SAUNAS, THEATRES, LIBRARIES OR CONFERENCE ROOMS: These are lovely facilities in a holiday resort but simply add to the bottom line with levies. Unless you’re prepared to pay the price give them a miss. • NO POOL: A pool is a lovely feature; it enhances the grounds and offers a meeting place whilst actually being quite useful. And shared pool is very cost effective. Still, at the end of the day it is a cost that adds to the bottom line. The lowest levies with be found in modest three story walkups. The building will be built from block and require minimal external care. The grounds will be small but well planted and easily maintained. There will be between 10 and 20 units to better offset costs amongst owners and lot owners will either self-manage or utilise an inexpensive body corporate management firm. Whether you want to live or invest in that sort of building is another story altogether. Maybe it’s worth carrying your groceries to the top floor if the levies are going to be significantly lower. Maybe it’s not. At the end of the day it’s up to each investor to balance their wants and what they’re prepared to pay for their wants for themselves. Personally, I really couldn’t cope without a pool.

By Lisa Rutland reiqblog.com


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Aries - March 21 - April 20 Ganesha foresees a favourable month ahead for you. However, at least on the professional front, to make the best of the planetary alignments, you will have to put your best foot forward. Rest assured that, having given your best shot, the rewards will also not take long to come. Businessmen, especially those planning to venture forth in a partnership, will have to be very careful, as petty misunderstandings can lead to unbridgeable rifts. Your communication skills may not be at their best, but you will still manage to convey your thoughts effectively. While drafting official letters or mails, double-check so that you don’t make silly mistakes. You will share a good rapport with people around you and share your ideas and knowledge with them. On the personal front, try not to impose yourself on your partner. The progress of children will give you great joy.

Cancer - June 22 - July 22 This month is indeed going to be a very favourable phase for you. You shall experience success in whatever endeavours you choose to undertake, and will also earn a great deal of fame. Inspired by success, Ganesha feels that there is a danger that you may bite off more than you can chew, so stay grounded and make only such commitments that you are sure you can deliver on. Your attitude will be flexible and you will take criticism in your stride. You will confide your emotions and thoughts to someone you trust, and this will make you feel very relieved. However, be aware that there are people around you who may be out to undermine you and your work, so learn to distinguish them and then don’t let them come anywhere near you. On the romantic front, you will have many friends from the opposite sex whose company will keep you in high spirits.

Taurus - April 21 - May 22 The cosmic alignments suggest that you are in for a slightly tough month. Ganesha advises you to keep a cool head, try to be as flexible as possible and leave the rest to the Almighty, which in effect means don’t make a fuss over anything and flow with the tide, instead of resisting things that come your way. At your workplace, brace up for some major changes which may affect your functioning directly or indirectly, but take them in your stride, as it is all for the better. If you are hunting for a more lucrative job, you may start shooting out your applications in the second half of the month. Businessmen have to be careful while striking new deals. Official travel will yield good results. On the financial front, things are not going to be too rosy, but not too bad either, and are expected to improve shortly. Gemini - May 23 - Jun 21 In order to cope up with you your hectic schedule, Ganesha says you will have to slog really very hard this month. At times, you will be so over-loaded that you may have to do your work at a breakneck speed, and since you will not have the time to apply your mind, things may become too mechanical and boring. Otherwise, it is a positive time for professionals, mainly as you will be on the same page with your co-workers. A short break would be quite in order, and will help you recharge your batteries. Planets this month may adversely affect your mood, and Ganesha advises you not to take any vital decisions when you are feeling irritable. At other times, though, you will be very open-minded and receptive to the ideas and opinions of others. This attitude will help you broaden the horizons of your knowledge. Take good care of your health.

Leo - July 23 - August 22 Ganesha feels that this month is good for making plans for the future, and not so much for their execution. Just make sure that you leave no loopholes in your strategies, even if you have to go over them again and again, but make a solid and pragmatic plan for your near and distant future. Ganesha foresees gradual growth for you on all fronts, even on the spiritual plane. Life will go on as usual, you will have your fair share of moments of joy and dejection, but take both with same equanimity. If you have problems with your superiors, be objective and don’t let them blow up into egoclashes, or else it may have a very adverse impact on your professional performance. Finances will be okay, nothing to get you excited about. There is some travel on the cards, which will give you some much-needed diversion and raise your spirits. Virgo - August 23 - October 22 Some major changes in your life are on the anvil, predicts Ganesha. You will taste a lot of success as well as setbacks this month, but make sure that you don’t get carried away by success nor get depressed by the setbacks. Most importantly, try not to keep finding faults in others, as you normally tend to do, or else people may become even more rigid, which will eventually make things tough for you. You may feel a bit dull this month, and your powers of deduction may not be as sharp as usual, so don’t take impulsive decisions, or else they could harm you. In the course of the month you are likely to make many new friends. Keep in touch with them regularly because they are likely to come in handy in the future. On the personal front, you may not be able to devote enough quality time to your loved ones.

Libra - September 23 - October 22 Your superiors shall have great expectations from you this month, which you will be able to meet only if you work really very hard. There may be a lot at stake, such as a promotion or an increment, so Ganesha advises you to give your best shot. There may also be people out to tarnish your professional image, so don’t give them a chance to point fingers at you, which is an additional reason to stretch your limits. If you have been hunting for another job, Ganesha advises you to postpone your efforts as this month there is no chance of you landing it. Businessmen need to be very cautious about handling their finances. Check your account books as there are chances that a wrong entry may have been made, which may be giving you an erroneous picture of your state of affairs. Though slim, there are chances of a windfall. Romance is on the cards for singles. Scorpio - October 23 - November 21 Though the month will begin on a sedate note, things will gradually pick up pace and life will become very hectic in the later stages. However, as the stars are aligned in your favour, many of your problems will get sorted out on their own. Progress will be slow both on the job and business fronts. Just be patient and keep doing your work single-mindedly, don’t be obsessed with the targets, and by the month-end you may be surprised to see how much progress you have made. Avoid indulging in risky transactions at the stock market, and be satisfied with you financial position, even if it is a bit tight. If you are planning to buy some property, Ganesha advises you to first clear off your old debts. Certain issues this month may really test your patience, but take care not to lose your temper. Try to spend some quality time with your family. Sagittarius - November 22 - December 22 Ganesha predicts that despite all the hard work you may have put in, you may not be satisfied by the way things have shaped up. This is because this month the planets are not much in your favour. Therefore, tricky issues are best left alone or postponed to next month. If you try to push things along, they may backfire on you. Since you are not in your elements, you do need to take guidance from others, but don’t take their word to be sacrosanct. Try to think for yourself, but if you still don’t get clarity, leave matters to the Almighty. On the positive side, your communication skills will improve and you will be able to enlist the support of a lot of people. As for finances, you will be lucky with some unexpected money coming your way. However, you may not be able to save anything because money will flow out on account of home repairs.

Capricorn - December 23 - January 30 The planetary alignments indicate that this month you are going to face extremely tough challenges. However, Ganesha says you will have enough energy and enthusiasm to take the bull by its horns and tackle whatever fate throws at you – and with success – even if it means burning the midnight oil. As a professional, your performance will be remarkable as you will not only turn out loads of output, but will do so without compromising on quality. To be sure, you will receive enough support from your colleagues or loved ones in your endeavours. But in case you are not too enamoured with your job, you may get dismayed and want to quit, but Ganesha advises you that the time is not right for it, so stick it out where you are and hope for the best. Demands from your family will increase, making it increasingly difficult to balance your personal and professional life. Aquarius - January 21 - February 19 A lot of positives are in store for you this month, predicts Ganesha. While you may be busy tying up all the loose ends in your ongoing projects, you may also be in a hurry to start many other new projects. This is not such a wise thing to do, so slow down, and proceed in a methodical manner. Meetings, conferences and interviews will throw up good results. Colleagues will be cooperative. Your communication skills will peak. And, last but not least, your professional esteem will grow and people will look up to you for guidance. If you are offered a more lucrative job, politely turn it down as the stars are not favourable, and you may not be able to adjust to the new atmosphere or work profile. Ganesha advises you not to become arrogant and listen considerately to the views of your loved ones, but use your discretion while taking decisions. Pisces - February 20 - March 20 This is a favourable month for those of you with a creative bent of mind, foretells Ganesha. However, for that to happen you will have to strain your gray cells and come up with innovative ideas. If you can do that – and persuade your superiors to implement those ideas – rest assured that you shall experience remarkable growth in your profession. Besides, since you are sure to also experience a few setbacks, Ganesha advises you not to get too disturbed by them as it is a part and parcel of growing up, so put it down to experience and move on. One danger is that you may tend to keep drifting off into the past, and analysing it threadbare. While such an exercise can be beneficial up to a point, going beyond it – wallowing in your past miseries – can prove to be selfdestructive. You will feel more energetic and positive as the month progresses.

Disclaimer: This is only a guide and is not directed towards any particular individual and the writer shall not be responsible for anything to do with the article content.

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THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 35

Bollywood & Entertainment Yo Yo Honey Singh sings for Big B’s ‘Bhootnath Returns’

THE latest flavour of the music industry, rapper and music composer Honey Singh, is all set to have megastar Amitabh Bachchan jive to his tunes in his upcoming film “Bhootnath Returns”. Big B took to Twitter to share his views about the singer and his experience of working with him. “Yo Yo Honey Singh in the house for a song for ‘Bhoothnath Returns’…cool and

Khakee 2 to roll next year

swag and urban…whatever the lingo meant,” the 71-year-old posted on the microblogging site Saturday 8 February. The rapper has also been signed for “Chaar bottle vodka” for the film “Ragini MMS 2″ which will feature adult star Sunny Leone. “Boothnath Returns” has been directed by Nitesh Tiwari and produced by T-Series. BNW

I would need Sonam's aashirwaad before I marry, says Arjun Kapoor JUST two films old, Arjun Kapoor is already considered among Bollywood’s top young talents. Here, he discusses his equation with co-star Ranveer Singh, their alleged tiff over actor Anushka Sharma and how his cousin, actor Sonam Kapoor (who happened to walk in half-way through this interview), is his possessive, mother-like sibling. You used to be very reserved. Now, you seem more open. Is this Ranveer’s influence? It’s not just about one person. I’ve now let my guard down because I’m getting respect from the audience, the media and the fraternity in general. But yes, Ranveer has had an impact on me as a person, in a good way. He’s a positive guy. Whatever the media disliked about him a few years ago is exactly what they like about him now. Reportedly, your equation with him had soured over Anushka. If we had a problem, we wouldn’t be doing a film together. We decided that we had each other’s phone numbers to clarify things, and not use newspapers. We met at a party and said, ‘You and I both keep the faith. Let’s not jeopardise our friendship over trivial issues.’ Now, I don’t want our friendship to be jinxed. Do you get enough time to spend with your family? I’m so busy with work that I barely get to meet my sister Anshula. I feel very bad. But Sonam checks on me like a mother now. She calls every week, asking if she should send something to eat, or if I need anything else. She has become this motherfather-brother-sister. Does she give you advice too? Professionally, we have a very non-interfering relationship. She is known for her own choices and in the same way, she wants me to create my own personality. Personally, yes, I have to take Sonam’s ‘aashirwad’ (blessings) before I settle with any girlfriend or even befriend a girl (laughs). And you are okay with it? Sonam is a possessive sister. During school, she would use me as an older brother as per her convenience. I will be aware of her opinion if someone steps into my life. I (will) need acceptance and valida-

tion. Sonam will say, ‘I have given my opinion, now you take a call.’ Your past two films were solo projects while Gunday is a two-hero movie. Do you feel the spotlight will be divided? When you start thinking in terms of the hero or the heroine, your view becomes myopic. And it would be wrong to talk about insecurity since the film is about brotherhood and friendship. Ranveer and I knew each other before we became actors. And if Aditya Chopra and Ali Abbas Zafar have trusted us, it would be stupid to let insecurity and similar issues come in the way. Your characters in Ishaqzaade (2012) and Gunday seem similar in terms of their looks — rugged and tough. I worked very hard on my physique even during Ishaqzaade because I’m not that kind of a person in real life (rugged). Gunday was a bigger challenge. I started work to get into better shape way in advance for the role. There’s a certain attitude that reflects from your body language, if you have grown up on the streets. How was the experience of working with Priyanka? While working on Ishaqzaade, I would often joke with Parineeti (Chopra) to tell her sister to work with me. Also, during Salaam-E-Ishq (2007), when I was an assistant and Priyanka was acting in the film, I would go to her van and say, “Madam, shot ready hai” (Madam, the shot is ready). But she was a friend earlier, and now she’s an even closer friend. HT

36 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

SEQUELS continue to be the flavour of the season. And now Aryeman Ramsay, son of the late Keshu Ramsay is all set to roll out the second part of his father's 2004 hit film 'Khakee'. Thirty-three-year old Aryeman, who debuted as an actor with his home production Family - Ties of Blood (2006), co-starring Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar, will co-produce the sequel with Rahul Sugandh, son of Hari Sugandh. Confirming the development, Aryeman told Mirror, "I had been thinking of producing a film for a while now. And what better than a follow-up to my dad's Khakee?" Khakee starring Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Aishwarya Rai and Tusshar Kapoor, revolved around an Indian police team's mission to transfer a Pakistani spy from a remote town in Maharashtra to a Mumbai jail. The film was later remade in Telugu as Satyameva Jeyathe. Raj Kumar Santoshi had directed the orig-

inal and Aryeman is in talks with him for the sequel too. "Santoshi sir did a marvelous job with the original," he says. Reportedly Santoshi is considering the offer. Aryeman will be talking to Bachchan who played DCP Anant Kumar Shrivastav, and Tusshar who enacted the role of SubInspector Ashwin Gupte, for his film. "Akshay, Ajay and Aishwarya died in the first part so they cannot be a part of the sequel," he reasons.

Hrithik opts out of Karan Johar's Shuddhi opposite Kareena

LAST month, Kareena Kapoor Khan had admitted that she didn’t know when Shuddhi, in which she and Hrithik Roshan were to act, was going on floors. “I haven’t met Karan Johar (producer), and Hrithik is busy with Bang Bang. Whenever the movie goes on floors, I’ll decide whether to do it,” she had said” The film has been repeatedly postponed, primarily due to Hrithik’s head injury and subsequent surgery. Perhaps that is a factor behind the latest development, where the actor has opted out of the film. “Karan Malhotra (director) and I have decided to unite in the most ambitious way postShuddhi. For now, I cannot allow a vision like Shuddhi to stagnate any further,” Hrithik said in a statement. The actor-director duo have earlier worked together on Agneepath (2012). Hrithik says that he “had the finest experience an actor can have working with Karan Malhotra (in Agneepath), and I’m sure both my dear Karans are going to go beyond with this one! Shuddhi remains a part of me in spirit and am sure it will be a landmark in our cinema. (sic)” Plans for the film were first announced almost two years ago, with shooting slated to begin this year and a release slated for 2015. Now, despite Hrithik’s exit, insiders insist that the film is “very much on”. An insider adds, “There is no question of shelving it. The project is very close to both the Karans’ hearts.” Only a few days ago, Johar had said in an interview that the film may take six months to a year, to go on the

floors. The magic of Hrithik-Kareena jodi Their pair might not have delivered as many hits as SRK-Kajol's jodi has, but at one point they were one of the most charismatic on-screen couples of Bollywood. Hrithik and Kareena, in fact, were to start their Bollywood journey together with Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, which eventually went to Amisha Patel. They were, however, first seen in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham. They went on to do Yaadein, Mujhse Dosti Karoge and Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Affair rumours played the villain apparently. A magazine published a full story on their alleged affair, post which the duo decided not to work together again. And then, Karan Johar decided to re-unite the estranged onscreen 'couple'. With Shuddhi, Hrithik and Kareena decided to forget their bleak past, but alas the onscreen union has been stalled again. Waiting for their next silver screen outing now! HT

Ranveer Singh to dance with Govinda in ‘Kill Dil’

RANVEER Singh who will be seen with Govinda in his next film “Kill Dil”, says he is excited to do a dance number with the latter in the film. “I am very excited to work with Govinda and he is playing a negative role and its my dream come true to work with him. We also have a


dance number together in the film and I am thrilled about it,” Ranveer told IANS. The actor is very fond of Govinda and also paid tribute to him at an awards function. Directed by Shaad Ali, “Kill Dil” also stars Rani Mukerji, Parineeti Chopra and Ali Zafar.

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Bollywood & Entertainment A. R Rahman’s son stops him from recording DOUBLE Oscar winning composer A. R Rahman was floored by the love showered upon him by his son Ameen, who wanted him to stop recording and catch some sleep at 3 in the morning. “I was arranging music for my new album, ‘Raunaq’, and suddenly a young chap comes and tells my sound engineer to shut down everything… He said that I have to sleep at least 7 hours a day and rest well. So, all plugs were to be pulled off and all computers to be shut down,” Rahman posted on his official Facebook page. “I was surprised. It was Ameen. It took me 10 minutes to convince him to go and sleep. (I) had to promise him that I will catch up on my sleep for sure, and so I did. (It’s) hard to believe that he is not a baby anymore,” he further posted.

Release Date: 21 February 2014 Director: Imtiaz Ali Starring: Randeep Hooda, Alia Bhatt

Rahman’s latest album was Imtiaz Ali’s “Highway”. His work-in-progress albums include “Ai”, “Sattendru Maarudhu Vaanilai”, “Paani” and “The Hundred-Foot Journey”.

Don’t know if I can pull off ‘Bigg Boss’ like Salman: Ajay Devgn BOLLYWOOD actor Ajay Devgn says he is unsure that, given a chance, he will be able to host reality show “Bigg Boss” as skillfully as his fellow actor Salman Khan did. Rumours are rife that Salman, who successfully hosted four consecutive seasons of the reality show, may not be available for the eighth season of “Bigg Boss”. When asked whether he would accept if given the opportunity to host “Bigg Boss”, Ajay said: “I really don’t know. I cannot comment on that – may be I will or may be not. I am not sure.” “Salman does it so well… he is watchable. I don’t know if I can pull it off like Salman. I have not seen all the episodes, but a little bit here and there,” Ajay told IANS. Salman and Ajay are contemporaries as well as friends. They have worked together in films like “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” and “London Dreams”. “I don’t believe that rivals cannot be

Synopsis: A young city girl, full of life, is on the highway at night, with her fiancé. Suddenly, her life changes when she is abducted by a group of rustic criminals and her life will never be the same again. Panic strikes among the kidnappers, when they realise the girl is a daughter of a leading Industrialist with strong political connections. But the leader of the group is adamant to go ahead with the plan. Days pass, as the Tempo runs and miles turn, and after an initial horror of dealing with her rustic captors, the air changes, she feels that she has changed as well. A strange bond begins to develop between her and the oppressor. She starts feeling

free in this captivity. She does not want to return and wishes that this journey would never end. But they are not made for each other. Maybe this feeling is just a passing phase. Maybe not. About the Director: Imtiaz Ali is an Indian film director, actor and writer. He began his career directing TV programs for Zee TV and Star Plus.He later moved on to Bollywood films. In 2005, he made his directorial debut with the film Socha Na Tha starring Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia. Despite its box office failure, the film won critical acclaim. His second film, Jab We Met, starred then real-life couple Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, and became his first box office success. His movie Love Aaj Kal starred Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, and emerged as his biggest commercial success to date. Ali’s latest film Rockstar has also done well at the box office despite mixed reviews. He also has a production company called Window Seat Films and the first film under this banner is Highway. For more info visit: www.mindblowingfilms.com

friends. All of us are friends, most of us at least. Salman, Sanjay Dutt, and me are very close. Earlier, we used to meet on each other’s sets. Now it’s become more professional, but we have a great rapport. Whenever we need each other, we stand for each other,” he added. BNW

Bobby Jasoos not just a detective film: Vidya Balan VIDYA Balan is not concerned about the horde of detective films being made currently like “Jagga Jasoos” and “Byomkesh Bakshi”. The actress says that her film “Bobby Jasoos” has something more to offer. Vidya says she is not looking at other films as competition. “It’s a female detective film but it’s not just a detective film, it’s a human story. I am not thinking of how different we are going to be because I don’t think of other films. I am sure each film will be unique,” the 34-year-old said here Friday at a radio station where she was present to promote her upcoming film “Shaadi Ke Side Effects.” “I am looking forward to what they do but most importantly I am looking forward to how people receive ‘Bobby Jasoos’,” she added. While comedy-mystery “Jagga Jasoos” is a joint venture between director Anurag Basu and actor Ranbir Kapoor starring the latter in the lead, “Detective Byomkesh Bakshi” stars Sushant Singh Rajput and is being directed by Dibakar Banerjee. “Bobby Jasoos” has been produced under Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Dia Mirza’s as well as businessman Sahil Sangha’s banner Born Free Entertainment and Vidya says the producers created a wonderful environment on the sets. “‘Bobby Jasoos’ was great fun. We completed the film in 51 days flat in Hyderabad. Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha created an environment where everyone felt like they were contributing, they felt an ownership towards the film and we have all tried to do our best,” said Vidya. Praising new director Samar Shaikh, Vidya said “Samar is a new director but I must say he had us working very hard and I will also say he had us working happily hard.” www.indiantimes.com.au

THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 37

Sports News

Dillon magic just not enough for Flanders Matt Young

INSPIRED by the arrival of his first child, Brendan Dillon played one of his finest innings but tragically it was to no avail as the mighty Ned Flanders Cricket Club lost this summer’s CCAQ One Day Grand Final. After the exhilaration of the birth of little James Dillon just five days previously, Brendan smashed his way to a miraculous 103 not out in the 35 over grand final format. He became the first Flandersman to score a Grand Final century in the club’s long and illustrious history, as he dedicated his incredible effort to his brand new little boy. In stifling heat, he smote the ball to all corners with a vast array of boundaries and sixes. After a slow but safe start the Neddies accelerated nicely in the middle of the innings to post a very respectable score of 203 in their allotted overs. Dillon was helped out by some solid work by big ‘Chook’ McMurtrie with 36, as the two added a sterling century stand. Some late blustery blows by ‘Big Bad’ Benny Field saw the team sitting in a confident position at the change of innings. The dream of a seventh straight State Shield was looking like turning into a reality for the mighty men in maroon caps. Confidence grew even greater when Field cleaned up the Goodna Flamingoes opener for just a single in his second over. But then the tide turned steadily in favor of the grand final new comers. The second wicket stand grew relentlessly until left arm speedster, Jayram Vasudevan made the break through at 2 for 148. With 66 left to score and just ten overs left the game was still in the balance, but then the rub of the green turned against the six time winners and edges flew just wide of hopeful hands in the slips cordon and drives seemed to just balloon over the out fielders’ heads. As the pressure grew, the Flanders boys heads never dropped and their intensity grew even more ferocious. The club’s famous never-say-die attitude was palpable all afternoon. As the shadows grew long on a beautiful but balmy Brisbane summer’s afternoon the Flamingoes held their nerve and when a final lofted on-drive just eluded the despairing and desperate mid-on’s hands and rattled away to the fence, the six season State Shield dynasty of the Ned Flanders Cricket Club was over. Credit must be given to the

• Getting engaged helped ease the pain of Grand Final defeat for Flanders bowler Jayram Vasudevan.

Flamingoes. They played a grand game and did very well to control their Grand Final nerves, especially as their run chase ended with just six balls to spare. Just as we win as a team, so the Neddies lose as a team. As much as the pain of losing smarted, I was consoled by being amongst my best mates. Being part of a club is a bit like a marriage. You are there for each other’s good times and bad times. In sickness and in health. For centuries and for ducks. For winning and for losing. Luckily all these lessons will be valuable ones for one young man from the team. If the pain of losing was eased by the camaraderie of fine friends, it was really chased away by some wonderful news for the team, as young buck Jayram Vasudevan announced his engagement to his lovely girlfriend, Marian. He will now have to relinquish his title of six times ‘Ned Flanders Bachelor of the Year’. The whole Flanders family is brimming with excitement for the young couple and we are all eagerly awaiting invites to the wedding. It will no doubt be a gala affair. As the post-Christmas part of the season starts, the Neddies will attempt to be hitting some winning form again. The Two Day competition is set to start and the Flanders proud accomplishment of three straight CCAQ A Grade titles is up for extension. The appetite for victory will be just that little bit more ravenous after the loss of our One Day dynasty. Only a brave or foolish man would bet against the Neddies wrapping up a fourth straight Two Day title.

Pele saddened by World Cup delays SAO PAULO: Brazilian legend Pele has revealed he is saddened by the delays in his homeland surrounding preparations for the World Cup. "It is sad as this was an opportunity for Brazil not just in terms of football," said Pele. "The Confederations Cup, the world Cup and the Olympics were an opportunity to attract tourists and bring in revenue. "But unfortunately we are a bit behind the pump," Pele said in an interview published Thursday 6 February in O Estado de Sao Paulo daily. "I am sad because before winning the right to host the World Cup we spent four years making visits. I was one of those who went

to various places in Africa, Asia, Europe seeking votes for Brazil to win hosting rights," said Pele. "It is difficult to say why this is happening because we had time," said Pele, alluding to delays in stadium construction. His criticism follows on from similar observations made recently by FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who said Brazil should have started preparations much earlier. FIFA set a December 31 deadline for all 12 venues to be ready but had to scrap the date with half still not finished after fatal accidents at three stadiums and various other delays.

38 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014

Kevin Pietersen axed over Alastair Cook concerns: ECB LONDON: Kevin Pietersen's England career was brought to an end due to concerns about his support for captain Alastair Cook, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) revealed on Sunday 9 February. Pietersen confirmed that he would no longer play for England after the South Africa-born batsman was left out of the England squads for the tour of the Caribbean and the ICC World Twenty20. At the time, the ECB would only cite the need for a new "team ethic and philosophy" in the wake of the 5-0 Test series defeat in Australia. However, following calls for an explanation from players including former England captains Ian Botham and Michael Vaughan, the ECB issued a joint statement with the Professional Cricketers' Association. "The ECB recognises the significant contribution Kevin has made to England teams over the last decade," the statement read. "He has played some of the finest innings ever produced by an England batsman. However, the England team needs to rebuild after the whitewash in Australia. "To do that we must invest in our captain Alastair Cook and we must support him in creating a culture in which we can be confident he will have the full support of all players, with everyone pulling in the same direction and able to trust each other. "It is for those reasons that we have decided to move on without Kevin Pietersen." Pietersen, 33, bowed out as England's record scorer across all formats of the game, with 13,797 runs to his name. However, his strong personality made him a divisive presence in the England changing room. He fell out with two head coaches in Peter Moores and Andy Flower and was also

briefly dropped in 2012 after it emerged that he had sent text messages criticising then England captain Andrew Strauss to South African players. The ECB went on to address accusations emanating from social media that Pietersen had been forced out of the England squad by figures from within the camp. "Allegations have been made, some from people outside cricket, which as well as attacking the rationale of the ECB's decision-making, have questioned, without justification, the integrity of the (former) England team director (Flower) and some of England's players," the statement added. "It is important to stress that Andy Flower, Alastair Cook and (wicketkeeper) Matt Prior, who have all been singled out for uninformed and unwarranted criticism, retain the total confidence and respect of all the other members of the Ashes party. "These are men who care deeply about the fortunes of the England team and its image, and it is ironic that they were the people who led the reintegration of Kevin Pietersen into the England squad in 2012." Speaking before the ECB explained its reasons for deciding to jettison Pietersen, Strauss had expressed a belief that trust was the critical issue. "Without trust, the team environment is stillborn. It is for this reason that Kevin Pietersen's international career had to be brought to an end," Strauss wrote in British newspaper the Sunday Times. "The media have been searching for a 'smoking gun'. Everyone is looking for disciplinary problems, bust-ups and character clashes, but they are looking for the wrong thing. "The smoking gun is the total absence of trust."

With remodelled action, Irfan Pathan is ready for another comeback MUMBAI: Search Irfan Pathan on youtube and third on the list of videos is his surreal first over hat-trick against Pakistan at the National Stadium in Karachi, in 2006. The manner in which he swung the ball to dismiss Salman Butt, Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf was Akramesque. His efforts in the World T20 final in 2007 where he was man of the match and exploits in the Perth Test in January 2008 are also listed. The search engine though doesn't list his numerous injury setbacks and loss of form which conspired to affect his pace and performances. A master of comebacks (he's made nine), the Baroda all-rounder, who has recovered from a rib fracture which he sustained in September, is now gearing up for his latest return. "I'll be playing in the Vijay Hazare Trophy for Baroda. I'm bowling six overs in the nets every day. Till the 20th, I'll look to build it towards 10, but that's after I get clearance from NCA. All other facets - batting, throwing, fielding - have been cleared," he told TOI from Baroda. Pathan should be one of the prize catches in the IPL auctions (Bangalore: February 12, 13). In 2011, he was snapped up by Delhi Daredevils for a whopping $1.8 million and as the only Indian who has scored over a 1000 runs and picked up over 75 wickets in the league, franchises will be keen to get him on board. Ask him which team he wants to play for and he specifies, "Anyone looking for a finisher with bat and ball. It doesn't matter which one. I just want to play again." During his time away from cricket, Pathan


has made subtle changes to his bowling and batting. "I have changed my approach to the wicket and am more upright than before. I also worked on twisting and turning in my delivery stride. These changes will help me with my seam position and direction and help me achieve maximum results with minimum effort." A talented batsman who can use the long handle to good effect, Pathan says, he has concentrated on getting more wristy. "I am more fluent with my wrists now. Earlier, they used to get locked. Now, I'm able to place the ball in gaps and get more singles." Technical changes apart, Pathan has also modified his diet. "I gave up carbs completely when I couldn't train. I've lost six kilos," he states. So what did he deprive himself of ? "Rice, biryani, rotis," he rattles off and adds, "I survived on vegetables and proteins. In a month I used to eat just two rotis." Clearly, Pathan's leaving no stone unturned for an India recall and wants to turn the clock back to 2004 when he was one of the rising stars on whom India banked upon during their triumph in the ODI and Test series in Pakistan. Does he ever feel too much happened too soon? "With 1000-plus runs in both forms and 173 ODI wickets and 100 Test sticks, a lot of people would love to be in my shoes. But I aim to achieve better numbers. I want to play Tests again. Yes, there have been ups and downs, but I'm only 29. I've a long way to go," he stresses. As if for effect, he mouths off a line from one of his favourite films. "Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost." Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Sports News

Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony: Russia welcomes the world ON the evening of 7 February 2014, the spectators inside the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi were joined by television viewers worldwide, to witness the breath-taking Opening Ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games. The three-hour spectacular combined a tribute to Olympism with a marvellous celebration of Russian history and culture that involved a cast of thousands, including sporting icons, ballet stars, acrobats and even cosmonauts - all set against a musical backdrop of Russian classical music. In the opening sequences of the Ceremony, the audience was treated to an alphabetic evocation of great figures and moments in Russian history, as a giant firework display lit up the Black Sea coastline. Inside the stadium floating islands represented Russia’s vast and varied landscape, from the volcanos of Kamchatka to the forests of the Urals and Siberia’s icebound Lake Baikal. The stage was set for the entrance of the Games’ main protagonists. Breaking with tradition, the Parade of Athletes, one of the central elements of all Opening Ceremonies, took place at the start and not the finish of the evening, setting the stage for a three-hour spectacle of music, fireworks and breath-taking choreography. One by one, the 87 delegations entered the Fisht Olympic Stadium to rapturous applause, starting as ever with the Greek athletes and culminating with the host nation, spearheaded by bobsleigh pilot, Alexander Zubkov. Later, the crowds were wowed by the entrance into the sta-

dium of a 65-metre long troika and a giant inflatable structure in the form Moscow’s iconic St Basil’s Cathedral. Then, to the explosive sound of cannons, the vast army of visionary 17th century tsar, Peter the Great took the stadium by storm, followed by a depiction of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Throughout the Ceremony, the music of Russia’s greatest classical composers such as Tchaikovsky and Prokoviev resonated through the stadium and beyond, providing a stirring backdrop.

The Chairman of the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee, Dmitry Chernyshenko was the first speaker to take the platform, as he welcomed athletes, delegates and fans to the Russian city: “"Welcome to the 2014 Olympics Winter Games in Sochi," he said. "Our city is unique, as all of Russia is unique. It is the largest country in the world where Europe meets Russia. We are proud to have the privilege to host the entire world." A new page in Olympic history It was then the turn of the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach to take centre stage, and he first praised the efforts of the organisers. "Welcome to the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Tonight, we are writing a new page in Olympic history.” “What took decades in other parts of the world, has been achieved here in just seven years. This is a remarkable achievement.” He went on to pay tribute to all of the ordinary Russians who, in the spirit of “volunteerism,” had helped lay the foundations for Sochi 2014. "Thousands of volunteers have welcomed us with the well-known warm Russian hospitality. Many thanks to all of the volunteers.” The IOC President went on to address the athletes, with a stirring reminder of their role as ambassadors for the Olympic ideals and of Olympism: "Russia and the Russians have set the stage for you, the best winter athletes on the planet. From this moment on, you are not only the best athletes, you are Olympic athletes. You will inspire us with your outstanding sports performances.”

Russia wins first Gold! Cheyenne Woods wins

RUSSIA won the first gold medal in team figure skating ahead of teams from Canada (silver) and the United States (bronze). On the final day of the team competition, the free program, 2006 Olympic champion Evgeny Plyushchenko and the young Julia Lepnitskaia were crowned the winners. Ice dancing pair Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, currently in third place, helped maintain the success of Team Russia. Team event in figure skating debut in Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

Australian Ladies Masters

Messi double takes Barcelona back to top of La Liga MADRID: A double from Lionel Messi guided Barcelona back to the top of La Liga as they came from behind to beat Sevilla 41 in atrocious weather conditions on Sunday 9 February, 2014. Alberto Moreno had fired Sevilla into a deserved early lead, but Barca were level in controversial circumstances when Alexis Sanchez bundled home Messi's free-kick from an offside position. Messi then took over with a wonderful half-volley to give his side the lead at halftime. The Argentine produced another fine finish 11 minutes after the restart before Cesc Fabregas rounded off the scoring three minutes from time. The Spanish champions now lead a threeway tie at the top of La Liga on goal differCall Trudi on 07 3356 0102

ence with Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid also on 57 points. Barca boss Gerardo Martino had sprung a surprise before kick-off by leaving Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets and Cesc Fabregas

GOLD COAST: Cheyenne Woods won the Australian Ladies Masters on Sunday 9 February for her first major professional tour victory, holding off 17-year-old Australian amateur Minjee Lee by two strokes. The 23-year-old Woods, Tiger Woods' niece, closed with a 4-under 69 at Royal Pines to finish at 16-under 276. Lee also shot 69 in the event sanctioned by the European and Australian tours. Woods birdied the par-5 15th to open a two-stroke lead, hitting a wedge from about 120 yards to 4 feet. On the par-5 18th, she matched Lee with a birdie, holing out from 1 feet. From Phoenix, Woods is the daughter of Earl Dennison Woods Jr., Tiger Woods' half brother. Woods turned professional in 2012 after an All-America career at Wake Forest and her only previous pro victory came in 2012 in a SunCoast mini-tour event. In December, she missed the cut in the LPGA Tour's qualifying tournament in a failed bid to earn a spot on the circuit.

on the bench, and the visitors started extremely poorly. Moreno's low strike was deflected past Victor Valdes by his own defender Marc Bartra, but Barca were lucky not to be further behind in the opening 30 minutes. Carlos Bacca was unlucky to see his glancing header come back off the base of the post before Ivan Rakitic fired wide from close range with only Valdes to beat. Barcelona were handed a lifeline 10 minutes before half-time when the assistant referee failed to spot that Sanchez was in an offside position as he turned Messi's freekick into the net via his back. However, there was no doubt over Barca's second as a flowing counter-attack from the edge of their own box ended with Messi volleying home his first goal from open


Woods will play next week in the LPGA Tour-sanctioned Women's Australian Open in Victoria. South Africa's Stacy Lee Bregman and Sweden's Camilla Lennarth tied for third at 12 under. TOI

play in 10 league games. Sevilla had a series of opportunities to equalise at the beginning of the second-half as Vitolo shot wide when clean through before Kevin Gameiro also fired off target after Valdes had parried Bacca's curling from range. The hosts were made to pay for their profligacy when Messi produced another precise left-footed finish in off the inside of the post from Andres Iniesta's pass. Substitute Denis Cheryshev had another guilt-edged chance to give Sevilla hope 17 minutes from time, but he fluffed his lines allowing Valdes to smother. And Fabregas showed the Sevilla forwards how it should be done with a composed chipped finish over the stranded Beto from Sanchez's cut-back.

THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014 — 39

40 - THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, February, 2014


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