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volume 3: issue 1 River + Ranch Magazine is a collaborative effort to showcase the creativity and design of the West. The two publishers of Bismarck Magazine decided to embark on a new adventure and create a totally different magazine focusing on design, art and western living.


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Unique Updates Follow four homeowners through their remodeling journey and see the beautiful finished construction and design.

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RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

Experience Matters.... "After working for many years in Womens Health, I found there are so many concerns women have about gynecological and bladder issues. Diva is a customized treatment that works well for vaginal dryness, laxity, urine leakage and post delivery issues." - Shelly Botsford, NP

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FROM THE PUBLISHERS Happy New Year! It is always an exciting time of year; a time to set goals, make your ‘honey do’ lists and start a new project or two. The new year seems to give us a fresh look on things and an extra boost of energy to tackle the year. It’s the New Year, and it is time to restart, refresh and remodel! Are you looking to update or spice up a room or two? Maybe you want to update the house, but don’t know where to begin. 2020 is the year to start fresh and bring your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or entertainment space into a new decade. Over the next pages you can see how our homeowners went from living in the past to updating into the future. See how one homeowner took her house from 1998 to an elegant 2020 home. Or how a family, in the English Tudor styled castle on the hill, brought in updates while keeping its unique charm and character. Check out how one local man takes other’s old scraps and junk and turns it into another’s treasure. From DIYs to complete gut jobs, this remodel issue has a project everyone will be interested in. See how your neighbors modernize, update and refresh the places they call home.

*River + Ranch Magazine is a publication is a locally produced publication and collaborative effort to showcase the creativity and design of the West. River + Ranch is a home magazine dedicated to highlighting design, art and Western Living. Based in Bismarck, ND, but showcasing everything Westward. You can find River + Ranch Magazine at any local grocery store in Bismarck, Mandan, Minot, Dickinson, Williston, Watford City, Medora and smaller cities in between. Thank you for reading.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020 Glasser Images

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F OU N D AT IO N T O FI N I SH story: Jennifer Kranz photos: Glasser Images

We’re following the Vetter family through their new build over the next few issues. From beginning to end, here’s an exclusive look into what it takes to build a dream home.



oe Vetter Construction has been a mainstay on the Bismarck/Mandan/ Lincoln home building scene for

over 30 years. Started by Joe and Berna Vetter, who have now welcomed their son Joe to the business, specialize in custom home builds and pride themselves on quality, unique customization, and making their client’s dreams come true. In this issue we begin following the younger Joe and his wife Mariah, as they build a home all their own and perfectly fits their family.

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After finding a suitable lot in an area they loved, it was time to turn dreams into reality and while the actual, physical building process started in August of 2018, the concept for Joe and Mariah’s home had a unique beginning. “Three or four years ago I handed Joe a napkin drawing of a main level concept,” Mariah remembers. Skilled in drawing floor plans, Joe transitioned the napkin drawing to a more workable medium and the home design began to come together. “We would sit down and revisit the plan every few months and just tweak it every now and then,” Joe says. The main level concept grew to include an upstairs and a basement both designed by Joe and inspired by Mariah’s original napkin drawing. Working together to build a home they would live in was a first for Joe and Mariah. The couple had worked together on spec homes choosing finishes and completing builds, but this project was different. It was for their own family and they wanted their tastes to be fully reflected. “For a spec home we have to appeal to nine out of 10 people and here we went off what we liked instead of what everyone else might like,” Joe explains.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020


have a messy kitchen,” Joe says smiling.

The main style of the Promontory

The home was designed with

be visiting the Vetter’s home office and

functionality in mind. Both Joe and

meeting with Joe and Mariah, so an easily

Mariah spent time thinking about what

accessible office space and a grand, two-

Other must haves included a big kitchen

with steeper roof lines and a gabled look,

would work best for how their family

story foyer were priorities. “The foyer is

for entertaining family and friends and

a modern home traditional in some of its

lives and made special considerations for

the focal point and that’s what everyone

a large porch. “Mariah grew up in a


the business side of their lives.

will see when they walk in. Clients can

Victorian home that had a big, sheltered

go right into the office and don’t have

porch so that was the first thing I added

Windows are purposefully featured

to walk through the house and see if we

to the design,” Joe explains.

around the entire house, including

Joe Vetter Construction clients would

neighborhood home is clean and crisp

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daylight windows in the basement. “I really like clean lines and lots of really bright spaces. I made sure the house is going to feel really bright and airy,” Mariah explains. When it came to the windows Joe had business in mind, “We wanted a lot of windows so that people can see what we can do,” he explains. With plans solidified and foundation poured, the framing of the Vetter’s home started in January 2019 in the middle of one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record. “The weather was insanely cold, I had a snowblower upstairs and shoveled out the main level many times. The three months of framing were pretty brutal,” Joe remembers. Mariah adds, “It was such cold days and the framers would still be working. They are the toughest guys.” Be sure to join us in the next issue of River + Ranch as we check in on the exciting progress Joe and Mariah have made on their dream home. The framed walls take shape, details begin to emerge, the exterior starts to reflect the couple’s vision, and we’ll learn more about the inspiration behind this unique, modern/ traditional build.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020 Joe Vetter

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Renovated & Renewed Big River Builders took a castle and made it modern. See their impressive renovation.



RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

THE CASTLE HOUSE Jordan and Kari Anderson of Big River Builders enjoy

house and see it and I never hear from them again this

renovation jobs and that’s a good thing because the

is great,” Jordan remembers thinking after being asked

couple is becoming known for their impeccable work

to do a walk through with his future client. “I’m sure

transforming existing homes.

they could tell how excited I was. I kept talking about all the potential and all the reasons why the house was

When it came to the Castle House Jordan couldn’t

so great,” Jordan says with a smile.

have been more excited for the opportunity to work on it. He grew up just a block away from the property

For the homeowner, it was love at first sight. “I went

and the house has always been iconic to him and his

onto the property and I just fell in love with the

friends and neighbors. “Even if I just get to go in this

house, literally before I even entered the house,” she

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remembers, “The house picked me, it was incredible.” The solitude and peace of the property and the Tudor-style home was exactly what she was looking for for her family. “That’s what I had as a child and that’s what I wanted for my kids,” she explains. The Castle House, a name that locals have affectionately given it, was built in 1981 and was designed and built well. The timeless exterior was left as is while the smart, traditional layout underwent minor changes. The renovations focused mainly on cosmetically updating the interior of the home which was another draw for the homeowner. “It needed to be totally redone. The entire home would be customized to

B I G RI V E R B U I L DE RS Bismarck, ND (701) 391-0290 bigriverbuildersnd.com


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

these clients,” Kari explains.

Our award-winning landscapes are designed with functionality, comfort, and beauty.



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“Absolutely love working with Mckenzie and the crew at Dakota Outdoorscapes! They are professional, motivated, and they are so inspiring. It’s easy to see that they are very passionate about what they do!” - Courtney M., Bismarck

under construction available for sale in April

under construction

under construction available for sale in April

8351 Hwy 1804 N • Bismarck, ND 58503 • NDScapes.com 701-595-0890 • mckenzie@ndscapes.com

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Because the home was so well built it was easy to maintain and incorporate elements from its original character and charm, something important to the homeowners. The beams, trim, spiral staircase, and fireplace got minor facelifts while the windows of the home are original. Kari does a 3D walkthrough with updated designs and layouts for clients so they can get a visual for what their new home will look like when the renovation process is complete. “These clients wanted to maintain a lot of the original character, so I designed a lot of the spaces based upon where the windows were,� explains Kari.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020


It needed to be totally redone. The entire home would be customized to these clients.�

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The Right Fit The family was relocating from western North Dakota, so finding a builder/contractor they could trust was the most important step aside from finding a home. “We did our research and we got referrals,” the homeowner explains. She also visited some of Jordan and Kari’s previous work. “I looked at new builds but specifically remodels. It was important for me to see what Jordan could do with older homes,” she says. “The work he did was all incredibly beautiful and well done.” Ultimately, it was the relationship they had created during the vetting process that led the homeowner to choose Big River Builders. “I chose [Jordan] because I liked him, and he was really easy to talk to. He was really easy to communicate with and I could be really


honest with him.” Kari agrees that it’s important to know and trust your builder/contractor. She explains, “I think it’s important to work with a team you feel comfortable with and someone you get along with. You want someone you can trust and call at 7 o’clock at night when you’re frustrated or when you have a question.”


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

Stairways • Beams • Mantels • Rustic Lumber

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Please visit our website stair photo gallery at www.roughriderhardwoods.com

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For Jordan, having your financial ducks in a row is his best piece of advice. “The most important thing is financially-is it feasible, should it be done? I try to give people really good advice when we do a consultation. So, I’d say make sure its affordable and make sure it’s a wise investment.” Both Jordan and Kari loved this renovation, and each has their own favorite parts. “For me the master bathroom was such a big open space with pink tubs and pink sinks and now it’s so serene,” Kari explains. “The master suite is amazing,” Jordan says but the great room gets his vote. “If I had to pick, that great room is the coolest,” he says with a smile.



RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

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Fixer Upper

Take a peek inside this homeowner’s journal to read all about the renovation process.


A REALISTIC REMODEL November 25th 2018

December 1st -4th 2018

The showing:


When we first walked into the home, we loved it!

We’re not attached to the house and won’t let ourselves

We love the house for its pillars and the character

get attached, so whatever happens, happens. Pat Koski

they bring to the home. We also really like that each

has helped us through a few real estate transactions,

room is a room without being totally closed off. Open

and we love the way he advises on what he thinks the

concept isn’t 100% our style so to be able to still have

home is worth, and what we should offer. The list price

an individual kitchen, formal living, and formal dining

on the home is out of our budget so we were hoping to

room, yet we can easily see from room to room is what

get it for a great deal. Because it had been sitting on the

initially made us want this house.

market, it was December, there were some real issues

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


with it, and the home was already vacant, the stars just aligned, and our offer was accepted for $40,000 off asking price.

December 14th 2018 Next 2 Nature: If we want the home, we must buy it “as is.” When it rains hard the window wells fill up with water due to poor drainage from the home. The water then seeps into the unfinished basement leaving puddles. So, before we go through with the purchase, we’ll have Jared Winters from Next 2 Nature come bid out a regrade of the entire backyard and side of the house. We want to finish the basement at some point and know there is no way that is going to happen if we are going to take on water every time it rains. Jared is one of the best around so we know we can trust his plan to fix the problem. The bid came back reasonable, so we’ve decided to go through with the purchase of the home.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

AWA R D -W INNING QUA L IT Y. LOC A LLY O W N E D FO R O V E R 3 0 Y E A R S . Second Generation builder with long lasting relationships with local sub contractors

701-258-9394 | joevetterconst.com | joevetterjvc@gmail.com

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February 2nd- May 15th 2019 Demolition: We decided to take on a big remodel with a small budget. We know that we’re capable of all the demo work, painting, and ceiling scraping that will save us thousands of dollars. For about 3 months every day after work, we go home, change into paint clothes and get to work. We rip out all the carpet, laminate, base boards, bathroom vanities, and toilets. We take out the old light fixtures and install new ones. Instead of paying for a roll off dumpster we save $500 by taking trailer loads to the dump ourselves. I call the home “oak heaven” which is pretty standard in Bismarck, so all the woodwork and doors have to be painted along with the

The best part, when we finally sat on our new couch, looked around the room in silence, and realized that all our hard work had just paid off…”

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


walls and ceilings. Once we have completed everything we have the knowledge and tools to do ourselves, we call in the professionals. The Subcontractors House of Color: Working with Genny from House of Color is one of my favorite parts of the process. She knows we were on a tight budget and always keeps that in mind while still showing us great options. We pick out what we want, Genny prices it out, and then she picks out the laminate in a more cost-effective option. It looks the exact same but had a different finish. This really helps the over-all price. The vinyl flooring in the two bathrooms and laundry room is what people have commented on the most so far. We were hesitant to pick


it because we didn’t want to choose trendy flooring. We need it to be in-style and last 20 years. When we voice that to Genny she was so confident and simply stated, “This pattern and look is all over Europe and has been for decades.” The other thing we love about our experience with House of Color is the installers. We get different installers for the three different floor coverings and each are

B E FO R E specialized, extremely knowledgeable, and

get home and see our formal dining room

total veterans at their jobs.

is now a sitting room it took us a minute to grasp. Why not? With a big kitchen

Blind Ambition:

island in the pipeline why not have a cool

We know we want statement velvet curtains

sitting area for before/after dinner drinks

in the living and dining rooms but when it

or dessert? The team took a mixture of our

comes to the bedroom, we want the push

furniture and décor and added to it to create

button black out shades that cost a fortune

the coolest spaces. The best part was when

that we know we can’t have. Jere Rogers

we finally sat on our new couch, looked

from Blind Ambition is a rock star at blinds

around the room in silence, and realized

and figures out the best option for us from

that all of our hard work had really paid off.

her giant books with hundreds of choices. She helps us pick blinds that were in our price range, match the room in a neutral color, and block out as much sunlight as possible.

January 3rd 2020 Design That Sells: We want the house to look fantastic after all our blood and sweat (luckily there have been no tears so far). The team at Design that Sells has been so easy to work with. They come into the home, measure, take pictures and notes and a few days later show up with a truck full of furniture and décor. They put things in places we never would have dreamed of. They think so far out of the box and it looks fantastic. When we

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Glasser Images

Nate Pederson & Mary Kay Lapp DESIGN THAT SELLS For a year and a half Nate Pedersen and his wife Jen have been running Design that Sells. They focus on staging and redesigns. “We have a big warehouse in Mandan, and a delivery truck. We have 32 homes staged right now, which is an insane amount of furniture. We’re very happy that we bought the company, except when it’s minus 20 degrees outside,” explains Nate. When it came to this home and turning the traditional dining room into a sitting room Nate says, “One of my favorite parts is the space planning and trying to go off the normal path and just trying something different, so I love to place furniture and get creative with that. That’s kind of my bread and butter is the space planning. It’s very cool when we stage a house and you have an empty house and they’re like, ‘oh they decided to do this with this area, I never would’ve thought of that. Lots of trial and error, too with staging.” They couldn’t do it without all the behind the scenes help of Nate’s dad, Chris Pedersen, who assembles all the furniture and extra staging help from Jen’s sister Kristy Arso and Amy Klein. For more information visit facebook.com/designthatsells/


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

Blind Ambition


Glasser Images

Jared Winters NEXT 2 NATURE

Blinds are more than a finishing touch - they make

We often get calls from clients and realtors regarding

sure you have the correct level of privacy, give a

drainage issues around homes, especially during the

room’s light a welcome softness, and they can protect

sale/purchase process of a home.

your floors and furniture from harmful UV rays. When first meeting with a client dealing with potential The bedroom featured here required a room dark

water issues, I always start with having them show me

fabric that provides insulation from the cold and

the area in question. Immediate things I’m looking for

heat. Graber Double Cell Cellular blinds provided

is poor drainage in the first 10 feet around the house,

the correct blind for this application because the

bent or broken down spots, and natural settling due to

homeowner was looking for a blackout shade in a reasonable price range. For more information visit blindambitionndandsd.com

time and weather. This house had all three. After pointing out these issues and explaining what really needed to be done to create a long term fix for the home, it was clear we had to fix the whole problem and not just try to fix the window wells. Sometimes it is just a quick fix and nothing too concerning. Other times, like in this case, it’s a bigger picture problem that needs to be addressed from multiple areas. For more information visit next2naturend.com

{Custom Blinds in Your Home, for Your Home}


Walk on us for 60 days!

www.houseofcolorinc.com 2100 East Broadway Avenue Bismarck, ND 58501 701-223-2381 Flooring | Paint | Cabinetry | Tile | Blinds | Kitchen and Bath Remodels | Residential | Commercial | New Construction

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com



Years in the Industry Matter Genny has spent her whole life on a path with many twists and turns. However, looking back on her life, she can clearly see that the decisions and jobs of previous years have led her to House of Color, Inc. While being there for almost 13 years, she has been able to utilize a whole lifetime of prior knowledge to help people turn their homes into unique masterpieces. "I 36

started in the design industry

client deciphering their own personal

Inc. with a blank slate or just have one

as a graphic designer. I've

style. I feel that good design is coming up

special element that you have chosen for

worked in every capacity from

with the best option of what somebody

your home, Genny can help narrow your

advertising agencies, to North

desires for themselves because, at the end

vision. "If you're in love with a countertop,

American Coal, where I served

of the day - I want the end result to be a

for instance, or a color scheme, we work

as marketing director, to my

representation of their personality and

off of that," says Genny. She describes it as

own advertising agency in

who they are," explains Genny. When

"a snowball effect." The one piece will fall

Bismarck, before ending up in

picking out flooring, tile, etc. "l always tell

into place, then the other choices , and so

Rapid City, SD where I worked

people, there are basic surfaces and then

on. Sometimes a search is underway for the

for Black Hills Gold Company

there is basically your stamp. By utilizing

right element, but usually, with her help,

as the designer and producer

accent pieces, such as fabrics and art,

it comes together almost instantaneously.



there are a lot of ways to really personalize

Genny really does help take all the stress

advertising. Additionally, for 10

a space," says Genny. She has a way of

out of the design process.

years, I owned an independent

putting her design "stamp of approval" on

interior design business where

homes without you really even knowing it.



I did the designing, shopping

Her Favorite Part "l enjoy the process of getting to know

and faux finishing, personalizing the

Her Eye for Color

people on a personal level, and I would

homes and businesses of my clients,"

Genny truly "has an eye for color and

have to say my favorite part is to just be

explains Genny Welder, designer with

design. I educate my clients on everything

able to connect with people and make their

House of Color, Inc.

from use of space, to how the eye sees

dreams come true. To watch somebody

things, to editing a space, because I feel

really fall in love with what I've done is the

The Goal

like good design is having the right things

best part of what I do," says Genny.

Genny's goal is for her work to be unique

in the right place and to not over use

and tailored her client's needs. She truly

elements. This is very important in the

For more information visit

wants to create spaces for each person's

design industry," says Genny.


home, distinctive to them. "My approach to design is to use my advertising

The Process

background and really listen to each

If you walk into the House of Color,

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

The best fiberglass swimming pools in North Dakota!

701-557-POOL (7665) | www.kernerconstructionandpools.com






stop searching for your oasis... let us create it

701.400.4010 | next2naturend.com w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Treasure Home

Forty acres of country living ten minutes from Bismarck, all built to showcase North Dakota beauty and midwest living.



RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

A MIDWEST TREASURE Often, what starts impressive events is something

there was a place for one but none there. Little did

small. In this case, it was a kitchen island. The

they know, this would become the catalyst for a larger

previous owners of this beautiful house were building

remodel collaboration that led to this gorgeous home.

their dream home. However, the husband was an anesthesiologist who had promised his wife that if he

The new owners originally lived in a home they loved

was offered a job out in Montana, they would move

in the Cathedral district and had no intention of

there to be closer to her family. An opportunity came

moving. A trip to Montana made them change their

up, he accepted, and they moved out, leaving behind

minds. One of the owners explained, “We went fly

their unfinished home. When the new owners began

fishing in Montana on the Big Horn River and woke up

moving in, they asked Bridget Gerhardt, owner of

in this little cabin. We had coffee on the deck and I said,

Bridget’s Room, to help them select an island, since

‘We need to live in the country where we can see the

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com



storms, the sunsets, the sunrises, and the moon.” Within a week, they had decided to move and began the search for a new home outside of Bismarck in the country. They found this one and fell in love. “It’s an amazing property… when we saw it, we knew it was a treasure,” said the owner. The home is located a couple miles east of Bismarck and sits on about 40 acres of land. On the property is a historic 100-year-old red barn. The new owners have three goats and three barn cats that live in the barn and 13 chickens in a coop right outside. There is a skating rink perfect for their grandchildren, a cottage currently being remodeled into an Airbnb, a cedar sauna with woodstoves, and a two acre garden. The main house was well constructed but unfinished, so a whole addition has been added on. This addition includes a new entryway, sunroom, and garage. The bedroom on the main level was turned into a true master bedroom


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

It’s an amazing property… when we saw it, we knew it was a treasure.”

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


with a significantly larger bathroom. And this all started thanks to Bridget, of Bridget’s Room. As the owners explained, “The basic bones of the house were beautiful, but it was not complete for us. We had contacted Bridget to help with the island. She came in to look at it and said, “Oh, you want to keep the light fixtures?” While the original plan was simply to put in a kitchen island, Bridget immediately saw the potential for more. “Working with Bridget was of real value, because she could see that there were other things that would help complete the picture,” the owners said. With Bridget, this kind of project often happens when people consult her. “My job is not to just give them what they think they need,” Bridget explained. “It’s to help them understand what they really need.” When the new owners brought her in, Bridget saw a chance to make this home even better than what they thought it could be. Along with the new owners, Bridget created the floor plan for the remodel.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020


Jayd en Was h b u rn

Bridget Gerh ardt w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


The idea for the bedroom on the main level to become a true master bedroom was hers, along with the expanded bathroom. By taking out the original powder room and part of the deck, she was able to make room for a bath, shower, and closet. In the kitchen, Bridget put in large, statement lights to bring people’s eyes up. The lower part of the room is heavier, and the lights serve as a way to continue that heaviness at a higher level which makes the room feel complete. The original stove was too small for the rest of the kitchen, so Bridget also put in a new stove and vent hood. The lighting, tiles and decor throughout the house is Bridget’s work along with Jayden Washburn, a designer at Bridget’s Room. While Bridget loves working on the build of the home, Jayden loves bringing in the accessories like furniture pieces, lighting, and artwork. Some of the pieces in this home she


really loves are the chairs. “They really help to bring everything together, from the dark in the vent hood, to the island to the steps, some of the metal pieces that are on these beams, some of the lighting,” she explains. “Also, the brass nail heads on the back of the dining room chairs tie in with the brass details on the lights.”


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Brighten up the Bedroom

Trust our certified lighting designers at Front Street Lighting to assist in selecting the right light for you!

It’s A Brighter World

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Gre g & De b b ie Lupta k

The new owners also had their own

while the master bedroom was being

home for its new owners. The front door

living room. The windows in this room

vision for their property, and thanks to


opens into a hallway with a heated floor,

also face the south, and the porch runs

laid with porcelain tiles that look like

along this side of the home.

Redford Signature Homes, that vision became a reality. “Being able to stand in

The hard work isn’t done yet either. The

brick. The hallway leads into the stunning

front, and have a conversation with Deb

porch will eventually wrap all the way

sunroom with south facing doors, so the

If you continue through the home, you

and Greg about making this real and to

around the backside from the living

finished porch will be protected from

walk into the master bathroom which

be able to work with contractors like that

room to the sunroom. The basement and

the cold northwest wind. There are also

now features a large bath, two sinks, a

was amazing,” said one of the owners.

upstairs also needs to be finished, but

screens which can be pulled down in

shower and a toilet room. The remodel

most of the interior work is complete.

order to let the fresh air in without the

also made space for a large master closet.

Debbie Luptak, owner of Redford

“It’s a challenge, but it’s fun,” said Debbie.


The eastern facing windows allow for

Signature Homes, and Greg Luptak,

Debbie, Greg and the new owners wanted

owner of Gregory Builders, started their

there to be no difference from the new

If you take a left in the entry instead of

mornings. “It’s beautiful. The sunrises,

work on this home with the addition, but

addition to the original part of the home,

going right, you enter the re-decorated

being in bed and being able to see the

ended up helping remodel the master

and this vision was realized; the two parts

kitchen. The countertop of the island is

barn or the moon rising and the stars,”

bedroom and bathroom too. Remodels

of the house flow together perfectly.

natural stone, and the floors are re-

the owner explained. “We are loving

surfaced pine wood. The kitchen opens

living out here.”

are challenging and this one was no exception. The new owners lived upstairs

The house has become a beautiful dream

the sunrise to shine into the room in the

right into the spacious dining room and

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Creating Open Concept Walls were taken down in Williston to create this grand entertaining space.



RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

A CAPTIVATING KITCHEN Jill and Tim Kleven wanted to update their kitchen to a

original builder. This time around he especially enjoyed

more modern, open and functional space and enlisted

the work because the Kleven’s knew they wanted a change,

the best team in Williston to achieve the renovation. We

but they weren’t 100% sure what change they wanted to

sat down with Mark Barstad of Barstad Builders and John

make. Mark likes renovations like this because they are

Haskins of Williston Woodworks, two of the talented

so wide open. “The stuff that you don’t think your clients

contractors who worked their magic to update the

will even go for you throw at them and you’re surprised at

Kleven’s kitchen, to find out how they helped fulfill all the

what they do go for,” he says.

couple’s renovation dreams. As for this remodel, John had many plans, at one point up The Kleven’s home is a familiar place for Mark as he is the

to five, that continued to evolve and for Mark that’s where

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the fun is. “All we do is give the suggestions to the homeowners and once we get in, things might change or we might see something else that could be done,” Mark explains. “When you get a new house, you get a set of plans you have to follow and that’s what you end up with. With remodels you go home at night and your mind doesn’t go to sleep. You’re thinking about what you can do the next day or what you can change. That’s the fun part of this.” Opening the kitchen to create the open feel Jill was looking for was a major undertaking that took months of planning. “We started the design work in November and finished the design work in April,” John says. “We don’t do anything until all the design work is done, all the subs are online, and everyone knows they can get the project done, especially if it’s a remodel,” he explains. Jill and Tim lived in the home during the remodeling, so it was important to stay on time and respect deadlines.

She mixed in classy with rugged. That’s Williston, North Dakota and that’s kind of who we are.”

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The biggest cosmetic update the Kleven’s wanted to make was to upgrade their regular oak trim, doors, and cabinets to quarter sawn oak. Quarter sawn oak is timeless and has a lot of pronounced grain and detail. “There are a lot of people that still like stained woods, especially stained wood with glaze, and that’s what is in this kitchen,” John explains. Mark is one of those people that prefer the quarter sawn oak and believes it was a great choice in this home. “I love quarter sawn oak because you can take your great grandma’s dining room set and put it in the room and you can’t tell if its 100 years old or brand new,” he says smiling. The Kleven’s have a lot of antique furniture that blends perfectly with the new cabinetry and woodwork. A gigantic, quartz countertop island is the center piece of the kitchen. This feature topped Jill’s must have list and is the perfect spot


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for entertaining friends or gathering grandkids around. Built in appliances were also a high priority and the refrigerator is barely noticeable with a built-in wood façade. Both Mark and John agree that the experience with the Kleven’s was a good one. “It’s fun to work with people like Jill because they have an idea going of what they want and you can hit her with anything and she’s not afraid to say yes, no, or forget it,” Mark says. “She mixed in classy with rugged. That’s Williston, North Dakota and that’s kind of who we are.” Mark Ba rs t ad Ba rs t ad Bu i l d ers


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

Joh n Has kin s Willis ton Woodwo r ks

BE INSPIRED. DARE TO ASPIRE. www.daretoaspirend.com

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 Â? ‚ € ƒ „ Â? „ ƒ ‚ „ Â… † Â… ‡ ƒ ƒ ˆ

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ho said you need to travel to Texas to get Chip and Joanna Gaines’ style? We

have our own dynamic duo right here in North Dakota. Craig and Jennifer Gierke, husband and wife, started Bisman Remodel Pros just over two years ago. With twenty-seven years of construction experience these two can take any outdated disaster and turn it into a 21st century dream home. Craig and Jennifer work on projects of all sizes from a simple handyman door install or a small bathroom remodel to full blown home remodels and foundation fixes. These two can do it all. River + Ranch Magazine sat down with these two to get their advice on home remodels, their tips and tricks, and where to start these projects.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020




favorite. I love working with our clients

basement you’re looking at 2 months, if

and moving on a remodel, but then you

Craig: First and foremost come up with a

to choose the right colors and style that

it’s bathroom and kitchen 3 months and

get through it and then you wish you

design, have an idea of what you want to

will fit them and their home.

so on.

would have done something else. Spend as much time as you can really choosing

do and the style you want for the room or home. That’s where we start. We get



what you want and making sure it works

the design drafted on the computer and

Craig: Expect delays and be patient.

Craig: The biggest thing is take your time,


incorporate all the ideas from our clients

Typically, a remodel, depending on

do not rush, spend time on the design

so they can see their ideas come to life.

the size, will take anywhere from 2, 3

and get numbers. Don’t be in a hurry

maybe 5 months. It just depends on what

and don’t go with the first person who

the client wants to accomplish, if it’s a

quoted you. Everyone wants to get started

Jennifer: I love the design part, it’s my

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hat began as a hobby has turned into a passionate side hustle. Travis Parker

found his passion while working on old parts and scraps that others didn’t want. For the past twelve years, Travis has been finding old scraps of wood or metal and turning them into an array of different, useful things. “I couldn’t stand to see things be thrown away so I decided to make use of other people’s junk,” says Travis. Travis has made many things throughout the years from furniture to home decor to chess sets, and his favorite piece-a secret bar in his garage.

Travis found an old brass water meter

Travis has found a way to turn people’s

from his father-in-law, as well as, an

junk into valued treasures and his whole

older door and odds and ends. He knew

family is involved. “The kids love to

he had to create something big with his

help me build and have started to even

newfound treasures. “Everyone asked

do some work themselves. My daughter

what the heck I was going to do with an

wanted a stable for her play horses so

old water meter and I simply said ‘I am

we made it together. My son is currently

going to make a hidden bar in my garage.’

building a coffee table for the cabin all on

I really don’t know how I came up with

his own. It’s so fun to share my hobbies

the idea, but I knew I wanted to make

with the kids and something we can work

it.” He crafted this idea of a 1940s style

on as a family.” Travis says smiling.

speakeasy bar for his garage. From scraps of metal and old wood to The old door was repurposed to cover the

beautiful end tables, coat hooks, and even

entire bar, hiding it throughout the day,

toys for the kids, Travis Parker builds

keeping kids out, and folding down and

it all. When he’s not working 9-5, you

doubling as a table when the bar is in use.

can find him in the garage with the kids

Travis also built in wine holders, a coffee

tinkering with old wood and creating new

brewer, and a special place for whiskey.


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welcome to


LINCOLN Park Thing

story: Matt Schanandore | photos: Fort Abraham Lincoln

Welcome to Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park and our yearlong series on what’s happening in this North Dakota State Park. Last year, 4,300 people participated in hikes we hosted in 2019, and this year we are driving for the goal of 5,000 people attending the 16 scheduled hikes in 2020.

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is North

Custer House on Valentine’s Day and a

Dakota’s very first state park. The park

Sweetheart Hike the following weekend;

was established in 1907 with the transfer

we like to do up Valentine’s Day in style.

of the land which was occupied by the old

February is also extra special this year

territorial fort, Fort Abraham Lincoln, to

because it is a Leap Year, and to mark

the State of North Dakota. 112 years later,

the every 4 year occasion, we are hosting

we have one of the finest state parks in

the Leap Day Hike as a new bonus hike

the region, with an abundance of history

in 2020. If you are looking to make

and culture, great recreation and camping

Fort Abraham Lincoln your camping

opportunities, and legendary events.

destination Memorial Day Weekend, the

There’s a lot that happens in Fort Abraham

95 day window for camping opens up on

Lincoln State Park year around, and I’m

February 18th.

here to give you an overview each issue in 2020 outlining what’s happening along

March is the month of green - Irish green

with little known facts and history about

to be exact. Halfway through the month

the state park.

we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Leprechaun Leap. “Leo,” who is the state

This past January we kicked off the 5th

park Leprechaun, enjoys setting up the

annual 12 Months – 12 Hikes Challenge

clues to his famous pot of gold!

with the “First Day Hike” on Jan 1st. It was a beautiful 30 degree day that had a

Remember that Fort Abraham Lincoln State

record attendance. We had 200 folks start

Park is always open for outdoor recreation

the year off right by signing up to take the

opportunities year round. Even during

12 Hike Challenge in 2020. Don’t worry

North Dakota winters the state park is great

if you didn’t get signed up. You can still

for snowshoeing, trail hiking in the snow, as

do so during our hikes in February and

well the occasional fat tire bike ride. I hope


to see you out and exploring Fort Abraham

EVENTS February – 14th Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dinner (Custer House) Tickets available online. February – 16th Sweetheart Hike – 1:00pm Fort Lincoln Commissary February – 29th Leap Day Hike. Details TBD March – 15th Leprechaun Leap – 1:00pm park at Visitor Center.

Lincoln State Park. February is always the month of “Love” with a Sweetheart Dinner in the historic w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com




Story: Tana Trotter Photo: Proximal50

Often the idea of a home gym is quickly

Trainer you have the ability to do more of

take up minimal space. Many exercise

dismissed due to space limitations.

a cardio workout with lighter resistance

equipment suppliers now offer digital

However, as residential exercise

and level incline (without the impact

workouts with their equipment if you are

equipment continues to evolve, it is also

of running!). But you can also do a

new to cable machines.

becoming more space-conscious, giving

strength focused workout by increasing

you the opportunity to have all you need

resistances and inclines. This machine


in a small space. Start with assessing the

also has a smaller footprint and is very

Have the space but don’t know what

use of your home spaces. Do you ever

easy to tip to move as needed.

to do with these pieces? Working with

really sit at that cluttered desk in your

a personal trainer to develop a well

home office? Have the kids outgrown


rounded program can make using your

their playroom? Or is there space in

Many dumbbell and kettlebell racks are

home equipment less intimidating, safer

that newly heated garage to place some

made for corners and use very minimal

and dare I say it…. FUN! Ask around -


space. The rack can also be a space to

find a trainer that does home program

hang bands and straps to diversify your

design. Not only will your workout be


workout space. And with a lot of great

designed for you and your equipment,

Treadmills are a popular go-to piece and

workout apps and online resources out

you have someone to help hold you

are great for cardiovascular training;

there, you can do a lot with just a little bit

accountable, too.

but when you are limited to one piece of

of equipment. (Not sure where to start

equipment, think multi-use. Something

with that? - we can help!)

you can get a good cardio workout one

Tana Trotter, PT, DPT. is a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, and the

day but then a great leg strength workout


owner of Proximal50 Life Center in

the next.

There are endless options of exercises

Bismarck, ND. Tana is passionate about

that can be performed on a single cable

getting people moving and finding the

column for strength workouts that

equipment & exercise program that’s

For example, with the Matrix Ascent 62

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

right for them. Hailing from Kildeer, ND - small town communities hold a special place in her heart and she’s added exercise equipment sales and virtual programming to Proximal50’s programs to serve people beyond the Bismarck/ Mandan community. Get in touch with Tana at info@proximal50.com.

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Helping build the community you call home for over 40 years.

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701.572.9460 | 2108 4th Ave W, Williston, ND woodworks@nemont.net

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Hello everyone, and welcome back

Older homes can still have surprisingly

If you find that your concrete is

uneven edges or humps, you can grind

to Cory’s Concrete Corner! Since the

good concrete in them, and even if

uneven, cracked, or has dips or humps

those down with a concrete grinding

theme of this issue is remodeling, today

there are some issues, many times they

in it, as long as you plan on covering

wheel, and fill in any low spots with

I’m going to talk about some of the

can be fixed as is, rather than installing

it with some type of flooring, you can

self-leveling grout.

issues associated with concrete on older

new concrete. In my experience, when

usually fix those issues, rather than

homes, and some ways to incorporate

it comes to exterior concrete or garage

having to remove and replace the

As I’ve discussed in previous issues,

solutions to older concrete into your

floors, removing and replacing is

concrete. If there is settling, you can

one way to give your house a unique

remodel plans, and maybe even bring

usually the most cost-effective option,

usually lift the concrete back into place

and custom feel is to go with a finished

out some stunning beauty that’s been

but when it gets into interior concrete,

using liquid polystyrene, and once

concrete floor instead of carpet, tile,

hidden away for years!

the costs associated with removal and

you have the floor level again, you can

or other flooring. In older houses

replacement are significantly increased.

caulk any cracks and joints. If you have

especially, this can sometimes lead


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | February-March 2020

Snow, snow, go away! Commercial Snow Removal and Hauling

Commercial Properties l Apartment Buildings l Condo Associations l

Call 701.595.7305 or visit www.northlandce.com today!

NorthlandConcrete_R+R_OCT_19.indd 1

9/9/19 12:43 PM

to a beautiful, one of a kind floor! As

create a stunning floor that will add to

long as the concrete isn’t too damaged,

any home’s beauty, and really showcase

there are many ways you can go about

your remodel project.

this, be it polishing, acid etching, or even staining and sealing the floor. There are many companies that offer polishing options, and with some proper research, you can stain or acid etch the floors yourself with minimum investment. If you do some research, you will see that the treatment can w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


We now offer financing. All this starting at $250 per month. braatencabinets.com 701-232-3109

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