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volume 3: issue 4 River + Ranch Magazine is a collaborative effort to showcase the creativity and design of the West. The two publishers of Bismarck Magazine decided to embark on a new adventure and create a totally different magazine focusing on design, art and western living.


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60 Developments and Podcasts 64 Cory’s Concrete Corner

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Spaces that Work These businesses are making the most of their work spaces with amazing results.

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

EXPERIENCE MATTERS The Pure Skin Team has over 65 years of combined experience!

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FROM THE PUBLISHERS Phew, we have had a hot summer, and fall is just around the corner, which means it will soon be time to start gearing back into a more structured routine. Kids will head back to school and the work week becomes a little longer, but how cool if you have a sweet work space to go back to? Studies have shown that employees are much more productive in an aesthetically pleasing work environment than not. Not only does design and comfort make a difference in performance, having a welcoming, well designed space can attribute to less stress, positive co-worker relations and even less sick days. Design really does make a difference in the environment in which you work. For many people, much of our time is spent at the office, so it’s important that it is not only comfortable but also enjoyable to work in. Throughout this issue, check out how restaurant owners, builders, designers and non-profits have transformed work spaces into atmospheres that anyone would be excited to work in. See how a historic home on 4th Street in Bismarck, has been transformed into a safe haven for women in need or how an old veterinary clinic has been gutted into a sleek modern place of work. Whether you are working from home these days or back to the office, keep in mind the importance of a beautiful and functional work space; it impacts not only your work productivity, but also your health.

*River + Ranch Magazine is a publication is a locally produced publication and collaborative effort to showcase the creativity and design of the West. River + Ranch is a home magazine dedicated to highlighting design, art and Western Living. Based in Bismarck, ND, but showcasing everything Westward. You can find River + Ranch Magazine at any local grocery store in Bismarck, Mandan, Minot, Dickinson, Williston, Watford City, Medora and smaller cities in between. Thank you for reading.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020 Glasser Images

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JLG Architects



Story by Jennifer Kranz

JLG Architects

A nod to the past with a vision to the

future,” explains Chad Johnson, Market

Jennifer Jackson of JLG Architects

future was the end goal for the First

President of First Western Bank & Trust

was the lead architect on the ND AIA

Western Bank & Trust building on Front

in downtown Bismarck. “You’ll see a

Design Awards Merit Award winning

Ave in downtown Bismarck. With a

lot of wood and that was our tip of the

build. Northwest Contracting was the

shining exterior and a warm, inviting,

cap to the past of Bismarck’s downtown.

general contractor and lead a team of

and functional interior it’s safe to the

A lot of the use of the glass and the

54 contractors through the yearlong

bank’s goal has been met and exceeded.

steel is to represent the future with the

construction. “We are very proud

redevelopment of downtown. We are

that we could use local contractors to

“Our intention was to honor the

hoping that this building is a cornerstone

provide this building for us. 52 out of

downtown of Bismarck and to envision

going forward.”

the 54 contractors were from Bismarck/

what we and the architects see for the

Mandan/Minot,” Chad explains.

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


JLG Architects

While the banking continues to move to the digital world, the ownership at First Western Bank & Trust recognizes the importance of a strong brick and mortar presence. “We wanted to be able to have this for our existing customers and newer customers that are looking for banking services like buying a home or setting up an account, or a loan to start a business,” Chad says, adding, “We feel this facility takes care of those needs.” The first floor has teller pods where customers can sit down and set up an account as well as make deposits. Each pod is equipped with a cash handling machine making them one stop spots for most banking needs. “The nice part about [the pods] is that you can do the same transactions as a teller line, but you can sit down and have a pop or coffee while doing it. It’s more of a relational type of experience vs transactional experience,” Chad says.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

JLG Architects

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


JLG Architects

Thanks to the keen eye of ownership and JLG Architects the furnishings and color schemes at First Western Bank & Trust feel relaxing and has a warm, contemporary feel. Amenities include things you would find in your own home like comfortable couches and chairs. The fireplace was done by Heim Granite and the floors were done by House of Color. “We wanted to have a place for a lasting experience. It’s not just a place to do your banking. It’s a homey experience,” Chad explains. One of the most unique spots at the First Western building is its rooftop space. With incredible, 360° views of Bismarck including the University of Mary, Fort Lincoln, and the Cathedral District, the aptly named Site360 is a perfect event space. Available to rent to the public, the space can seat 80 and accommodate 250 and includes a full kitchen, 3 firepits, tvs, and full stereo surround sound. Past events have included yoga classes, graduation parties, groom’s dinners, and various community events.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Karly Palczewski

Karly Palczewski

Time-saving treatment in one visit.

Healthy smiles the digital way

With Primescan we can design our patients a high esthetic crown in a single visit, without any follow up appointments.

1700 E Interstate Ave Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 222-GRIN (4746) www.polished-dental.net

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The bank’s administrative assistant Brittany Weigel had this to say about the exceptional rooftop spot, “Site360 is something that is special to have here in Bismarck. It’s a place where people can gather and celebrate and its comfortable. It’s simply different and one of my favorite spots.” The days of sterile, stiff, impersonal banking are gone. First Western Bank & Trust’s new building is proof that the accessible, approachable, and personal banking experience is here to stay.

JLG Architects 16

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Lake Sakakawea, near Riverdale

Now is the perfect time to rediscover North Dakota. Family fun lies ahead, with Theodore Roosevelt

Be Outside.

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Noctem Photography



RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Story by Maria Fleck

Noctem Photography

The CraftCade, located in downtown

and builder, Brandon Fraser, owner of

said Brandon, and the end result speaks

Bismarck, is a restaurant totally unique to

Burleigh Builders.

for itself.

pizzeria, and craft beer hall all rolled into

In the initial phase, Brandon gutted

The goal behind the design and creation

one space. Open for over a year now, the

the building out and started over. The

of the CraftCade was to create a place

inside of this building looks completely

original space had two separate rooms,

different than anything else in the area.

different than it ever has. Once a Capital

a divider, and a drop ceiling. He worked

“[Nick] wanted to bring something to

Trophy, the interior was completely re-

closely with Nick to determine how the

Bismarck, or even North Dakota, that

imagined to fit the vision of the owner of

space would look and feel at the end of

no one had, and that’s tough to do,”

the CraftCade, Nick Schwieters

the project. “It was a challenging process,

explained Brandon.

the area. The CraftCade is a retro arcade,

but Nick and I had a ton of fun doing it,”

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Being aware of the details was instrumental in bringing this vision to life. The office was originally planned for upstairs, but Brandon felt it would fit better on the main floor. A drink rail was added to help add more seating once the arcade games were brought in, and the corner booth on the upper level was not even a part of the initial plans. “I actually told the guys, I want to do a tufted high back corner booth,” Brandon said, “and they were like, no, we don’t have that in the budget, and I literally just ordered it and said sorry, we’re doing this.” Brandon also created the wall art himself. Brandon explained, “A unique thing in using me as a builder is you get a designer in the cost of construction.”

Noctem Photography


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Noctem Photography

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Another thing Brandon did to cultivate a retro look was selecting the tables, chairs, and counters in materials that would reflect the colorful lights, which is why the counters are concrete and the seats are gray vinyl. “I said, guys, this has to have a certain feel,” Brandon explained, “and if we are going to do laminate countertops and things, it just doesn’t work.” The lights, which add so much to the restaurant’s

Noctem Photography

style, were only a fraction of the initial cost. Brandon found an alternative solution, and the price went



Burleigh Builders

Burleigh Builders

down from $30,000-$40,000 to $3,000-$4,000. Brandon even helped design the kitchen and was able to taste-test the food before it was put on the menu. “I’m very passionate about everything I do,” explained Brandon. “I treat every project like it’s my own.”


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


The project ran smoothly overall, and the restaurant could have opened a week earlier than the original date, an impressive feat for someone’s very first project. Brandon can be found at the restaurant almost four times a week. He even buys gift cards to the CraftCade and hands them out to people who are doing good things. “It’s about good projects for good people and having fun,” said Brandon. “I wish I could build a CraftCade every year.” If you are interested in sampling some of their amazing pizza, trying out the self-pour beer wall, or seeing Burleigh Builders’ work in person, the CraftCade is open Sunday through Thursday from 11am-9pm and Friday & Saturday from 11am-10pm.

Noctem Photography 24

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Noctem Photography

Glasser Images

Brandon Fraser, Owner of Burliegh Builders

Burleigh Builders


Burleigh Builders

DURING CONSTRUCTION w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Noctem Photography



RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Story by Maria Fleck

Noctem Photography

Driving down Memorial Highway and

the Memorial Highway. The A&W lasted

helping build the dispensary. He reached

passing Harvest, it is almost impossible

until 1991 when it closed. The building

out on Facebook but did not receive

to believe that it looked any different than

then became Doc’s Veterinary Clinic but

a response. While he was working on

it does now. While this building looks

kept the original carports and peaked

The CraftCade, one of the architects

modern, it was first built in the late 1960s.

wooden-framed roof. Eventually, the

mentioned that he had been contacted

The building’s original purpose? An A&W.

clinic closed, and the building sat vacant

about helping design the place but was

until its most recent development as

not interested. He passed along the firm’s


number to Brandon who called them and

This building is in what used to be a

explained that they needed a person like

thriving part of Bismarck, second only to the downtown area. However, when

Brandon Fraser, owner of Burleigh

Interstate 94 opened, it put a strain

Builders, saw an advertisement in the

along all the businesses located along

paper for Harvest and was interested in

him helping with the project.

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


When Brandon asked what they were working on, they told him that they had been trying to get the plans from the city for the old building for two weeks without success. That afternoon, Brandon drove down, got the plans, scanned them in, and sent them. Impressed with his initiative, they hired Brandon as their “boots on the ground.” He started working with the architects from Canada, helping design the building, which is incredibly unique for a builder. Normally builders do not get involved until much later in the process. With an extremely limited time to build, the owners of Harvest ended up hiring Brandon to build the dispensary. “I was like my plan worked,” Brandon said, “I always say you place yourself wherever you want to be in this universe.”

Noctem Photography


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Noctem Photography

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


While the building looks completely different from its former self, Brandon did not tear the entire thing down. Instead, he kept the basement and main floor, and tore off the roof structure and re-built the front third of the building. Despite having sat empty for so long, the building was still in good condition, partially because of how it was built. It had pre-cast slabs for the main floor and ceiling which is not

Noctem Photography



Burleigh Builders

Burleigh Builders

typical. This along with its cinderblock walls made it feel like it was built as a bunker and not a burger joint.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020



CONTACT US 701.471.6652 701.471.7910

@grendahldesignco grendahldesign@gmail.com www.grendahldesignco.blog

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Brandon’s passion for what he does and way of seeing things differently made this transformation of a retro A&W into a modern Harvest dispensary possible. “When you put your mind to something and you’re like, I’m going to build this dispensary and everybody is kind of like, whatever man, and then all of a sudden you build this dispensary and not only do you build it, you make it sweet and then you build it in three months? The people I worked with from Harvest were like, we work with contractors from all over the nation and we’ve never worked with someone like you,” said Brandon.

Noctem Photography 32

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Noctem Photography

Burleigh Builders


Burleigh Builders


CIRCA 1970 w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Crystal Wendlandt Photography



RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Story by Jennifer Kranz

Crystal Wendlandt Photography

A cornerstone of the restaurant scene

After 14 years in the business it was time

And an experience it is. From the

in Watford City, Outlaws’ Bar & Grill

to up Outlaws’ game. With its updated

moment you walk in, the Outlaws’ theme

has been serving up delicious food and

look, new craft cocktails, and a revamped

takes you back to the frontier days of

drinks to western North Dakota for 14

menu, Outlaws’ is the perfect place to

western North Dakota with modern day

years. “Guests know what they’re going

bring a first date for great conversation,

conveniences, of course. The restaurant’s

to get-great service and great food in a

and of course their famous Pazookie.

booths have been recovered in a darker

welcoming environment,” explains Angie

“Everybody can eat anywhere they’re at.

leather and the fireplace has a cozy

Pelton, an owner of Outlaws.

We want to create experiences,” Angie

seating area to enjoy a craft cocktail and


some pre- or post-dinner conversation.

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Crystal Wendlandt Photography

Even the posters of Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock, and other outlaw legends that adorn the walls have gotten a new look with bigger, chunkier frames. Lounge seating and televisions will be added to the existing gallery space creating another area for guests to enjoy appetizers and drinks. “It’s a little more upscale casual but you still feel comfortable here because it’s a place you know,” Angie says. Special consideration was given to Outlaws’ tablescapes because of COVID-19. A small tray with salt and pepper shakers, a drink menu, and a succulent cut down touchpoints for both guests and servers.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Crystal Wendlandt Photography

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Crystal Wendlandt Photography

“We wanted to raise the bar with our menu and our décor. With the décor checked off the list it was time to move on to the food and drinks. We’ve been revamping our menu adding in some new items like walleye fondue, shrimp cocktail, different steaks and seafood,” Angie explains. “We are really looking toward adding more apps and handmade cocktails, kind of those things you can’t do at home.” Looking to fill niches in their community, the Six Shooters ownership group meets often to talk through ideas, usually brought to the table by Angie’s husband, Aaron. One of those ideas, is taco and

Crystal Wendlandt Photography

tequila bar called Slow Ride. Slow Ride is located in downtown Watford City on Main Street in the old S and S building. The theme of the bar has a very colorful 70s vibe and the menu includes handmade tequila drinks and fresh Southwest food. Originally slated to open this past May but pushed back due to COVID-19, Slow Ride will welcome customers in August.

Crystal Wendlandt Photography


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Creating Comfort and Style for over 30 years Carpet Waterproof Vinyl Plank Ceramic Tile

Hardwood Laminate Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

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2020 Fall Parade of Homes

Presented by the Bismarck Mandan Home Builders Association

Thursday- Sunday September 24-27 www.bismanparade.com

$10 tickets are available at all parade homes, it gets you into all homes, all 4 days

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


The ambiance and experience are something special at the Six Shooter family of restaurants and it’s proven in the remodeling of Outlaws’ Bar & Grill. “You talk about the quality of life and having places to go out to eat and having things to do is a big part of quality of life,” Angie says. “We’re always trying to make people feel that yes, we may be in a smaller area of North Dakota, but we do have a lot of amenities that bigger cities have, too.” Angie and everyone at Six Shooters love the restaurant business and that passion is reflected in their high-quality food, drinks, and welcoming atmosphere. Of her love for the hospitality industry Angie says smiling, “Once you get into it it makes you feel good to serve other people. The coming together of people, especially because we haven’t seen a lot of that recently, that’s definitely been a positive.”

Crystal Wendlandt Photography 40

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

The best fiberglass swimming pools in North Dakota!

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Glasser Images



RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Story by Maria Fleck Glasser Images

The new offices for CENTURY 21

is culture and making sure everyone

and help them be as efficient as possible

Morrison Realty look beautiful and feel

can work together, because real estate

in their jobs.”

welcoming, and they are also extremely

agents are contract workers,” explains

practical. With over 90 agents, it was

Tabetha Labere, marketing director for

Everything has been thought of and

important to create a multi-functional

CENTURY 21 Morrison Realty. “They

no detail overlooked to create the most



are all independent, you can’t tell them

effective working space possible for these

and helps everyone feel united and

to be there at a certain time, so it’s how

real estate agents.

supported. “What is most important

you make everyone as happy as possible




w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


A notable feature of CENTURY 21’s new space is the natural light that fills the whole building. Many windows and glass walls allow natural light to reach all offices. The glass walls can be re-configured easily, allowing for a flexible work environment and an open feeling. “In no space in here do you feel like someone has their door shut and you cannot ask them a question,” describes Tabetha. The modern style of this office comes across in its clean lines and open common spaces. The light fixtures are a wonderful example of this. Tabetha explains, “All the public spaces are supposed to be more of a statement piece, with that beautiful, modern, clean look.” The agency’s offices were not designed with just aesthetics in mind. Much of the brainstorming went into making this space specific to real estate agents. The result is a completely unique space. “It’s so different than what we came from and any real estate office that is available locally,” says Tabetha.

Glasser Images


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Glasser Images

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com








Eisenzimmer-Schlosser have their offices located in the front near the entrance, so they are always accessible to staff and customers. Most of the permanent office spaces are shared. However, real estate agents don’t sit in offices for the typical eighthour workday. Instead, they are always mobile, so having many temporary workstations is ideal. Throughout the offices, small lounge pieces with tables called perch stations are spread out with plugins, so agents can sit down and work on something

Glasser Images

quickly before heading to their next appointment. Newer agents will have the choice to work together in the collaboration center. This room has no door, large windows, and both permanent and temporary workstations. This setup encourages team building and learning from one another. Holly Blomquist, the technology specialist, will also work in this central location, so she can help with all technology issues that arise.

Glasser Images


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Glasser Images




www.jobberswarehouse.com Bismarck | Minot | Fargo | Aberdeen

701.222.1111 | 800.209.9204


USDOT 076235 NDDOT 8 MN 348166

3709 Memorail Hwy, Mandan 701-663-7902 1150 3rd Ave W, Dickinson 701-227-8441

AFTER Whether it’s for an evening of s’mores or a relaxing night outdoors, our fire tables create a vacation right in your own backyard.

3320 Hamilton Street, Suite 2 Bismarck ND 58503 701-204-0168 bismanremodelpros.com



w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


An important aspect of a realtor’s job is meeting with clients and handling confidential information. In this new office space, there are smaller conference rooms available for agents to meet with clients. “Instead of bringing client after client into your office when you have sensitive documents, why not take them into a meeting room, have everything nice and clean and have a nice place for you to chat with your customers,” describes Tabetha. These rooms have smart TVs and comfortable seating and are adjacent to lounge seating with toys and entertainment for children who come with their parents. The glass doors of the conference rooms allow parents to keep an eye on their children while meeting with their agent in a discrete space. CENTURY 21’s new building has a large training room on the second level. The room is versatile and can be arranged into two different styles-theater and banquet. The theater style has rectangle tables ordered into rows while the banquet style has round tables. Large windows allow natural light to fill the room and there is a large TV and powerful speakers so everyone can see and hear from wherever they are seated.


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

AWA R D -W INNING QUA L IT Y. LOC A LLY O W N E D FO R O V E R 3 0 Y E A R S . Second Generation builder with long lasting relationships with local sub contractors

701-258-9394 | joevetterconst.com | joevetterjvc@gmail.com

Airport Transfers | Weddings | Date Night Business Executive | Birthdays | Prom

DRIVE Service | Style | Safety

701.989.7961 | drivebisman.com



w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Another important new space is the wellness room. This room was designed with new mothers and those with medical needs in mind. It has the only locking door in the office and is furnished with a comfortable chair and mini fridge with waters. A media room can also be found here with the same floor to ceiling glass walls and doors and technology for recording videos and taking photos, a green screen, and lounge pieces. This new office building was carefully planned and tailored to fit the needs of a modern realty office. “Real estate is changing. Realtors are never going to go away, but what they’re going to need to function

Glasser Images Glasser Images

efficiently is changing and that’s all technology and access to space,” explains Tabetha. The well-thought layout and welcoming offices will help CENTURY 21 Morrison Realty continue to grow and meet new challenges head on for years to come.

Glasser Images


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Spring for an upgrade. Since 1985, Midwest Doors has been the premier garage door company in the Bismarck-Mandan area. We specialize in the sales, installation, service and repair of residential and commercial garage doors and operators.

Capture memories where you feel most at home. Let’s get cozy! glass erimages.co m

701-223-7664 • www.MidwestDoors.com • Bismarck, ND

w w w . r i ver a n dr a nch m aga z i n e . com


Glasser Images


H O S P I TA L I T Y 52

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

Story by Maria Fleck

Subm itted

The Bismarck Women’s Care Center has been open for a year now at its new inviting location on 4th Street. The Center was originally located on the second floor tucked away in an office building near BSC. However, because of its continual growth, desire for more visibility, and need for a more centralized location, the search to relocate began a few years ago. “Initially, they were looking for a more traditional space where you rent space in an office building that has more visibility

and external signage, but everything we were coming up with was either too expensive or just didn’t have the right fit. So I asked the staff to give me some ideas of what has worked in similar facilities in other states,” explained Val Jundt, the Former Director of Communications at Bismarck Womens Care Center. She discovered that other locations found success operating out of houses, but wasn’t completely sold on the idea. The very next day, Val was driving down 4th Street when she saw the two-story

brownstone house they are now located in with a for sale sign in the yard. “I was like woah! This is near downtown, a beautiful location with lots of trees, and the house looked like it had so much character,” described Val. The property is located within walking distance of other resources such as social services, clinics, hospitals, and adoption services, perfect for the Women’s Care Center which provides free confidential counseling, support, and education for women facing unplanned pregnancies.

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The home was welcoming and comfortable right from the beginning with its beautiful wainscoting, crown molding, and high ceilings. “It had such integrity and that’s the first thing I thought,” said Deb Luptak, owner of Redford Signature Homes, who was heavily involved in the remodel. “I said we cannot lose the integrity of this home. From the very beginning it was welcoming.” In addition to all this, the house has ample space in the basement, which filled the Center’s need for storage. Everything about this home lined up. Many pieces came together for this home to become the new location of the Women’s Care Center. First, the house had to be re-zoned and brought up to code in order to operate as a public facility. A parking space was added in the back, a ramp added for wheel chair access and features brought up to safety codes, like raising the height of the original banister leading up the stairs and hand railing. In the three months between closing on the loan and opening its doors, the organization got 17 layers of city code cleared. Many significant changes took place inside the home as well. Three of the large bedrooms upstairs became counseling rooms, and one became the ultrasound room. The master suite is now the Kid’s Club. Women who visit the Women’s Care Center are able to earn points for attending classes which they can redeem in the Kid’s Club for baby items like diapers, clothes, car seats, and strollers. The kitchen was demoed to make room for a small lab and ADA bathroom. There was some extra space left over which became a hospitality area. The spacious living room, surrounded by several beautiful windows with a fireplace, is now a waiting area with a small play area designed for young children. The beautiful sunroom above the garage is where 54

various parenting and baby care classes are held. A few more of the many renovations included replacing 17 light fixtures, painting the rooms a cozy cream white courtesy of The Painters, and adding a baby changing station. “It was stressful,” admitted Deb laughing, “but it was fun.” An important part of this renovation was preserving unique features of the beautiful 1920s house. “The biggest thing was to try and keep the integrity of the home because we were looking to keep it very homey for these women coming in,” explained Deb. The gorgeous oak hardwood floors are all original thanks to Kent Keller from Keller Hardwood Floors who did a masterful job restoring them. The doors still have their antique glass knobs and when they were told all the doors needed to lock, they put in deadbolts instead of replacing them, saving more of the home’s charm. They also preserved the original French doors and radiators.

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This home’s history also has a fortuitous tie to its present. Val managed to get a hold of Stacy Berven, the daughter of a family who once lived here for over 25 years. She came to visit while the remodel was in progress and shared many stories about the home, including one about her parents. Over 45 years ago, Stacy’s parents wanted to help women in unplanned pregnancies and decided to set up a hotline in their home. “If there was a woman in need, they just wanted to be there as support for them,” Val explained, “and so they set up a hotline in the sunroom upstairs, to support, encourage, and serve as a friendly resource.”

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During her visit, Stacy showed the staff where the phone jack was located. The phone jack was preserved in the remodel and still is visible in the room where it was installed all those years ago. The success of this move would not have been possible if not for the support of the community and several local contractors and businesses stepping up to help see the project through. Two seasoned builders, Greg and Deb Luptak along with Mike and Geris


Subm itted

Hopfauf, joined forces to assist with the overall oversight. Casey Cashman and his team from Cashman Nursery took care of the landscaping. As a special touch, they planted a tree in the backyard that only blooms on Mother’s Day. Lillis Electric and Advanced Mechanical provided all of the heating and plumbing support. The cracked or broken windows were replaced by C&H Glass, and Shawn Schmidt from Bismarck Remodeling replaced all of the trim board and installed deadbolts. Greg Feser from Feser Engineering and Larry Smith, a professional surveyor teamed

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

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up to carefully map out the necessary elevations to transform the backyard and driveway into a parking lot and curb/ driveway. Trent from Schweitzer Tree Removal handled all of the tree removal and Trans Trash provided the dumpster. “Much was done through the generosity of these people, either on a very low, cost only budget, or for free. The overall savings exceeded well over $50,000 because of their generous hearts,” said Val. When Val contacted these people, it was at a time when many were backed up

due to the bad winter, but they responded anyway, donating their time and talent. “We have a very generous community that came together for a worthy cause to see a vision and then put their skills together to help it become a reality in a very short period of time,” expressed Val. In three short months, they took this home and turned it into the Women’s Care Center. “It was just remarkable to see how everyone came together,” said Deb.

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A N N D G E TAWAY Travel is hard this year, many of us are

also a romantic getaway spot, is the historic

cautious about traveling to larger cities,

Rough Riders Hotel featuring the decadent

or even out of state and that’s OK. Maybe

dining at Theodore’s Dining Room.

your summer trips were postponed or even canceled, but guess what? We have fun for

But what about the kids? This summer is

the entire family waiting for you right in

a hot one, and a pool keeps all kids happy.

your own backyard.

Check out the Badlands Motel; not only can you drive right up to your door and unload

Medora is so much more than just a musical.

the troops, but it’s minutes away from the

From toddlers to teenagers stay right here in

brand-new Little Bully Pulpit mini golf

North Dakota and get ready for a weekend

course, the Manitou Point to Point Park

packed full of family fun.

Zipline and of course all the shops.


Now I bet you’re wondering, but where do we eat? Whoa are you in for a treat!

Medora is the spearhead to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the activities are


endless, but let’s start with lodging. Ready,


here we go! What kind of family are you? Tent, camper or are you thinking a hotel is

Under no circumstances can you head to

more your style? Either way, no problem!

Medora and not have the Pitchfork Steak Fondue. Every night (that’s right EVERY

First, let’s talk camping. The Medora

NIGHT, Monday-Sunday) the chefs of

Campground is tucked along the Little

Medora create a western style feasting

Missouri River, near the heart of downtown

experience like no other, with the stunning

Medora. The Medora Campground has 150

Medora Musical set to create a backdrop like

campsites, and a few cabins if you don’t feel

you’ve never seen. You can enjoy a one of a

like tenting it.

kind cowboy dinner that the whole family will eat.

If your family is more the hotel type or you need a little more space, a fan favorite, and 58

That’s not all, as if you won’t be stuffed,

RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020

you can either top off a food coma at the

Don’t tell me this is enough! There is so

But, hey maybe a show isn’t in the lineup

Regardless of which of these options

Fudge and Ice Cream Depot or (and) the

much more to do. You were told you would

this trip, no problem. The best part of

is your family’s style, you can craft an

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be needed the ENTIRE WEEKEND!

Medora is that everyone can make it their

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experience that YOUR family will love

Course to digging deep into the history

and can become a tradition for years,

of Medora at the Chateau, Cowboy Hall

maybe even generations.

treats and sweets that no one can refuse. WAIT, Now let’s be honest you’re on vacation,






of Fame or the Harold Schafer Heritage

mom and dad you make breakfast every day, so let’s let Medora take care of it at

Well yes! There’s way more! Medora is

Center, there truly is something for the

the Gospel Brunch. Enjoy brunch while

known for the Medora Musical and it is

whole family. The Maah Daah Hey Trail

listening to the angelic voices and gospel

iconic. Not only is it one of the best shows

can be hiked, biked and walked in sections

show with a full band and gospel quartet.

in the state, it’s truly entertaining for the

by the whole family and is a great way to

whole family.

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Welcome back for a preview of the most

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clients given budget. Tune in to the Silver Ranch Podcast to The opportunity to purchase hard-to-

learn more about J. E. Homes and the

find land in the Bismarck area was what

houses Jeran Thomson is building in the

first drew Jeran to the Silver Ranch

Silver Ranch subdivision. Silver Ranch

development. The small town feel so

subdivision is one of the most exciting

close to Centennial was the second big

developments in Bismarck. To listen to the

factor. With a couple homes already sold

Silver Ranch Podcast, visit @silverranchnd

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out how many more Jeran plans to add to

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their Silver Ranch portfolio.

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to Cory’s

isn’t necessary, here in North Dakota we

in this article, but the most common

curing process, except for maybe the odd

Concrete Corner! Today we are going to

have some extreme weather and poor

and basic one is fiber mesh. Fiber mesh

strand sticking up, or a bit of fuzz on the

talk about reinforced concrete and why it

ground conditions that should always be

comes in many types of material, from

surface of the concrete.

is always a good idea to do.

taken into consideration. Basically, there

cellulose, to nylon, to metal strands. The

are two types of concrete reinforcement,

main purpose behind fiber is to help

The other type of reinforcement is

Every day it seems like I get asked if it is

integral, which means batched into the

lock concrete together, and thus provide

structural, which usually means rebar or

worth the cost to add extra reinforcement

concrete itself and structural, which

additional strength to your concrete.

mesh. Steel mesh was common for many

to concrete, and my answer is almost

is installed during the setup process.

This is batched in when you order your

years, but has mostly been replaced by

always YES. While there are certain

There are far too many types of integral

concrete, and for the most part you’re

rebar, both steel, and lately, fiberglass

situations where spending extra money

reinforcement options for me to cover

unaware of it during the pouring and

rebar. With the steady increase in steel


RIVER + RANCH MAGAZINE | August-September 2020


prices in the last several years, fiberglass

at the proper height using rebar chairs

rebar has become rather competitive, and

or slab bolsters. Some contractors will

in some cases, it even has a higher tensile

tell you that they are going to “lift it up”

strength than steel rebar. The reason we

during the pour, but that is unacceptable,


use these materials to reinforce concrete

as it will simply settle to the ground again


is to help prevent movement of the slab.

right away. To make it short and sweet;


Structurally reinforced concrete will still

living here in North Dakota, it is almost

crack just like non reinforced concrete, but

always a good idea to spend a little more

the difference is it will not heave and shift

on a little extra reinforcement, to keep

Garage & Shop Floors


as easily and will usually prevent hairline

your concrete looking good for many


Stamped Patio’s

cracks from spreading as well. It’s always

years to come.

important to note, no matter what type of


structural reinforcement you’re using, just

Until next time, enjoy your summer, and

remember it doesn’t do you any good if

always remember to seal your concrete!

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