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Crest The light blue, dark blue and red stripes in the School Crest are symbolic of the three main arms of the Defence Services and the integrated concept of training in the initial stages.

Motto The School Motto ‘Gyan, Anushasan, Sahyog’ purports the three most essential qualities needed for a career in the Defence Services namely knowledge, discipline and esprit-de-corps.

The concept of the Sainik School originated in the visionary mind of late V K Krishna Menon, who was our Defence Minister in the early sixties. Sainik School Kazhakootam was established on 20 Jan 62. The foundation stone of Sainik School, Kazhakootam was laid by late Shri V K Krishna Menon, on 05 Feb 62. The Concept of Sainik Schools was conceived to function as feeder institutions to the National Defence Academy and making public school education accessible to the common man. During the 50 years of its glorious existence, the school has produced scores of illustrious achiever not only in defence but in all walks of life who have made yeoman contribution to nation building.


Flag The School flag Comprises three colours light blue, dark blue and red which are symbolic of the three main arms of the Defence Services.

¨ÉÖJªÉÉ±ÉªÉ nùÊIÉhÉ ´ÉɪÉÖ Eò¨ÉÉxÉ, ¦ÉÉ ´ÉÉ ºÉä +ÉCEÖò±É¨É Êiɯû´ÉxÉxiÉ{ÉÖ®ú¨É - 695 031 HQ Southern Air Command, IAF Akkulam Thiruvananthapuam - 695 031

Air Marshal RK Jolly VM, VSM

Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Chairman, Local Board of Administration


¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ºÉ®úEòÉ®ú ®úIÉÉ ¨ÉÆjÉɱɪÉ, ®úIÉÉ Ê´É¦ÉÉMÉ xÉ<Ç Ênù±±ÉÒ - 110 011 Government of India Ministry of Defence Department of Defence New Delhi - 110 011

Vikram Dev Dutt

Joint Secretary (TRG) & CAO


¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ºÉ®úEòÉ®ú ®úIÉÉ ¨ÉÆjÉɱɪÉ, ®úIÉÉ Ê´É¦ÉÉMÉ xÉ<Ç Ênù±±ÉÒ - 110 011

Saurabh Kumar

Government of India Ministry of Defence Department of Defence New Delhi - 110 011

Deputy Secretary (TRG) & Honorary Secretary


¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ºÉ®úEòÉ®ú ®úIÉÉ ¨ÉÆjÉɱɪÉ, ºÉèÊxÉEò ºEÚò±É ºÉÉäºÉÉ<Ç]õÒ EòIÉÉ Gò. 101, b÷Ò-1 Ë´ÉMÉ ºÉäxÉÉ ¦É´ÉxÉ, xÉ<Ç Ênù±±ÉÒ - 110 011 Government of India Ministry of Defence Sainik Schools Society Room No. 101, D-1 Wing Sena Bhavan, New Delhi - 110 011


Gp Capt Surinder Singh Inspecting Officer (S)

¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ºÉ®úEòÉ®ú ®úIÉÉ ¨ÉÆjÉɱɪÉ, ºÉèÊxÉEò ºEÚò±É ºÉÉäºÉÉ<Ç]õÒ EòIÉÉ Gò. 101, b÷Ò-1 Ë´ÉMÉ ºÉäxÉÉ ¦É´ÉxÉ, xÉ<Ç Ênù±±ÉÒ - 110 011 Col Rajveer Singh Inspecting Officer (R)

Government of India Ministry of Defence Sainik Schools Society Room No. 101, D-1 Wing Sena Bhavan, New Delhi - 110 011



Principal: Gp Capt B Janardhanan MA & M Sc (Defence Studies), MA (Psy), D.H.Ed. Registrar & Offg. Headmaster: Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar OfďŹ ciating Senior Master: Mr. PKR Panicker



Mr. K. Rajendran



Ms. B. Radhika



Mr. M.G. Francis



Mr. P. Manoj



Ms. R. Sonia


Asst. Master

Mr. Unnikrishnan G

MSc BEd MPhil

Asst. Master

Mr. Alex Abraham


Asst. Master

Mr. K.S.Antony


Asst. Master

Mr. Arun kumar G

MSc (CS)


Ms. Swapna D S


Asst. Master (Adhoc)

Mr. N.G. Babu



Mr. Arunkumar M.S



Ms. Jayasindhu G.S


Asst. Master

DEPT OF BIOLOGY Mr. Mahadevan Nair G Ms. Sudhalakshmi Ms. Preethi N


Master Asst. Master Asst. Master

DEPT OF SOCIAL SCIENCE Mr. P.K. Ravindranatha Panicker Mr. Jestine KJ Mr. Mathew K Thomas Mr. Balamurugan N

MA BEd MA(Hist) MA(Soc) MA(Pol) BEd HDC MA MEd MSc BEd

Asst. Master Asst. Master Asst. Master Asst. Master


MA(Eng)MA(Hin)MPhil, PhD

Asst. Master

Mr. Sambhu R.


Asst. Master



Asst. Master

Ms. Deepa RVM


Asst. Master




Mr. Girish K.R



Mr. Prince Prabhakaran


Asst. Master

Mr. Macson M


Asst. Master

Mr. Rajesh R


Asst. Master

Mr. Rajan Namboodiri


Asst. Master




ACADEMIC & TRG STAFF DEPT OF ART AND CRAFT Mr. Rajesh Kumar S Mr. Swathi Jaikumar LIBRARIAN Mr. VG Satheesh Kumar


Craft Instructor Asst. Master (Adhoc)


PHYSICAL TRAINING CHM Suresh CHM Manoj NCC (Trg) Nb/Sub Pritam Singh Jaswal Hav Anoop Kumar Hav Prasanthan


ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Dr. Thomas Mathew MAIN OFFICE Ms. Susamma Issac Ms. Sreekala Ms. Revamma CT Ms. T Sreelatha ACCOUNTS SECTION Mr. MP Reghunandanan Thampi Mr. AV Narayanan Nampoothiri Mr. Anil Kumar



BCom BSc BEd BCom BCom HDC

BCom BCom

Medical Officer

Office Supdt. UDC LDC LDC

Accountant UDC LDC

QM SECTION Mr. V Chandrababu Mr. Sudeev Sukumar S Mr. Gopakumar


Quarter Master LDC LDC

MESS Mr. Sajimon Joseph Mr. S Gopalakrishnan

BSc (Catering), MBA, MTM

Mess Manager Catering Asst.

MI ROOM Ms. Molly Joseph

Diploma in Nursing

Nursing Asst.

MATRONS Ms. Geetha E Ms. Asha IV (Adhoc)


4575 ATHUL V DEV His dream is to assist Christiano Ronaldo for a goal. He is famous for his walking style, known as the pet of his house master.

4586 BONEY ALEX Son of an English Master but an excellent Malayalam debator. He is an active member of the church with a priestly look and character.

4589 GOKUL R Popularly known as ‘Kazhakuttam Kidde. Aday scholar who will always stand by his batchmates whenever they need him.

4588 RAHUL R One among the twin brothers who is the ‘Michael Phelps’ of the batch. He is the producer of Carriappan box office.

4604 SANJU SUDARSHAN The pry of the batch. A popular figure among the XInd standard and a very friendly guy.

4605 AKHIL P He is known as ‘Hugh Jackman’ and is famous for his martial arts. People say that he even knows ‘Kungfu’. He is the butt of all the jokes in Cariappa.

4606 JATEESH SS His oratory skills even saved his house members from various dangers. A great motivator who passed UPSC and SSB with hard work. He was adjudged as the best football player in the year 2012-2013.

4607 ASHWIN JOSEPH A xanthron who is the terror back hockey and football. His body resembles Jayan in ‘Angadi’. He stunned everyone by clearing UPSC.

4607 JERIN JOY The guy who always bears a sweet smile on his face. He is the pet of his housemaster and a great NDA aspirant.

4608 SHYAM KV His face resembles that of the alien in the movie ‘Extra Terrestrial’. Who is a great NDA aspirant and he walks as if full cariappa house load is on top of him.


4556 NITHIN KURIAKOSE The Vallothol House captain who is famous as the bull and bolt of prasad House. He is known for his football skills in the hockey field.

Farewell to

4542 NITHIL THOMAS Fan of Messi, Skills of Ronald speed of Neymar but behaves like a child. He is friendly with everyone but crazy about cartoons and the colour green.


XANTHRONS Farewell to 12

4609 BINOY KP A romeo who is crazy on romantic films. A good debator and an orator. He led the prasad house football team.

4610 RAJAT SHARMA His tongue is inversely proportional to his size. He thinks he is the Dabangg of the batch and passed the UPSC with case

4611 MADHUMOHAN C He is fondly called ‘Maddu’ and is famous for his dry jokes, which he keeps as a hereditary possession. He passed UPSC with sheer determination and hardwork.

4613 NITHEESH THOMAS He hails from Mumbai and claims that Vijay Mallya is his family friend. A great NDA aspirant who keeps Cariappa aware of new music. He is a great fan of Mohanlal.

4614 ARUN VIJAY He serves lockets in the tennis court. The only news which matters to him is whether Barcelona won and by what margin. He passed UPSC by putting in a lot of hard work.

4633 AJEESH A Silent player of the cariappan house volley ball team a good academician who passed UPSC and SSB with sheer determination.

4619 BINOY JUSTIN He is the 3D figure of the house with lot of vigour, but hardly scares anyone. He is the ‘Esti UPPAPA’ of fort kochi.

4615 VAIBHAV C ANIL A silent valley who turns into a violent lion in front of a computer. He has enough logic in him to compensate for his short height.

4616 ABHISHEK NAIR P The best bathroom singer of the batch and his songs are well appreciated even by his housemaster. A hardworking guy whose. G.K. is a bench mark for others to reach.

4618 ABHISHEK B He is the ‘Charlie Chaplin’ of the house whose jokes are drier than the driest of all and is well appreciated even by his masters.

4620 KARTHIK P NATH The goal keeper who beat the forwards in sprinting towards the ball fetched him the name of Kannur ka-Iker casillar.

4621 JAI VISHNU An excellent volleyball player, who was adjudged the ‘best player’. He is the ‘Potti’ of the batch and is known for his laughter.

4623 VIKAS KUMAR Even the mosquitoes have pity on him that instead of taking blood they give blood to him. An academician who spent sleepless nights thinking over what to study and he also has a lot of interest in politics.

4624 MITHILESH KUMAR A hard working xanthron who has passed UPSC with sheer hard work. He got highly sentimental only on the last day of school until then he was a ferocious character.

4625 SUNNY KUMAR His cricket skills led cariappa house cricket team to the bottom. A hardworking guy whose hair style is famous among the seniors. His daring act with crackers fetched him the name ‘Padakkam Basheer’.

4628 SANDEEP D His life style resembles that of Kunjacko boban in “Aniyathipravu”. A hard working guy, whose hockey skills and captaincy led cariappa house to victory.

4629 MITHUN M The Xanthron who is a very good debator and the House Captain of Rajaji and is mostly seen around the senior house side.

4630 RONNIE T JACOB He kept up his family tradition by becoming the school captain. He does not have space left on his khakhis to accommodate all his medals. He wins hearts by his speeches and dialogues.

4631 ANANDAPADMANABHAN The house captain of Tagore house who has the longest name and the shortest nick name. A good basketball player and passed UPSC with sheer determination and hardwork.

4632 AKHILRAJ B A guy who rarely visits the bathroom side. A good debator who brought laurels to the house by his debating skills. He is fondly known as Boombalala.

4633 AJEESH AK An excellent hockey player and athlete. His creative cupboard is appreciated by his mates and the house master. He takes good care of the house garden especially flowers. He is also the cook of the house.

4634 SANDEEP MOHANTY He is the smallest guy with the largest biceps. A native from orissa who speaks malayalam as fluently as any malayali.

4635 AKHIL RAJ RR He surprised everyone by passing the upsc. A good volleyball player who led the shivajians to victories by his humourous motivational speeches His cupboard has all types of cosmetic items which unfortunately turn out to be empty.

4636 GEORGE THOMAS LIXON He is the ‘Mr. Cool’ of the batch. He is the achayan of Cariappa house who calls himself ‘Vadakkam’. A great hockey player and a great NDA aspirant.

4638 Sr Sgt SAGAR SB He calls himself as ‘cupid’-the god of love. He was a nightmare for forwards in hockey matches. He walks as if he had replaced Mohanlal in an upcoming movie.

4640 VISHAL KUMAR He is known as GOD-Grand old Dad of the house. A good hockey player who is known as ‘Bajji’ among seniors.

4641 ANKIT KUMAR He is the Richie Rich of Cariappa house whose Cupboard resembles that of a cosmetic shop. A good hockey player who passed UPSC with sheer determination.

4642 SHAILESH RAJ His dialogues are nightmare among his Juniors. Yogi of the batch who was adjudged as Mr. Physique of the year 2012-2013.


4627 VISHNU SP A good singer who is silent and friendly with everyone. He maintains his physique and his presence is never felt in the house.

Farewell to

4626 VAIBHAV SL A childish xanthron who takes pleasure in teasing others. He is the recipient of the best bathroom singer award in the house.


XANTHRONS Farewell to 14

4643 ABHISHEK KR He is an amazing athlete and hockey player whose first film turned out to be a flop well before the release date. He has the looks of an actor. He maintains his hair style using ‘Harpic’. He celebrates his birthday by playing with ‘fire’.

4645 RABINDRA KUMAR RAHUL He is a storm on the track but speaks like a drunkard. He is an ardent fan of Alia Bhatt. His famous dialogue is “Snacks lao yaar”. He loves to eat and sleep but on the dawn of athletics he turns into a real lion.

4646 AKASH BJ A silent person popular among house mates. He is tall and he has got the looks. He plays football in inter house as well as intra house matches. To his wonder, he is mistaken for Salman Khan.

4647 SHIVA SHASHIDHAR He is the weapon X from Shivaji to cariappa. He is a good volleyball player. The responsible school adjutant who is soft spoken and prompt.

4648 GOKUL P He proved that if he comes from hell to heaven, heaven can be replaced by hell. He is known as the ‘Ganagandharvan’ of the batch who is a great motivator and a great fan of late ‘Gadhaffi’.

4650 PRIYAN RAJ A good artist whose talent can be seen in Cariappa house central Garden. The silent valley of the house who is the pet of his house master.

4652 MAYANK NERWAL His day starts with hunt for white shorts and vest. He is well known among XIth as ‘socks’ and is famous for blancoin his white socks. He passed UPSC by his dedication and hardwork.

4653 VIKAS NAIR M The Xanthron and a merit badge holder who is rarely seen in the study hall and still holds the secret of how he managed to get hold of the merit badge. He passed UPSC with flying colours and is fondly known as Brooker.

4655 AJITH S PILLAI He is the only guy who broke his hand while taking chin ups. A friendly guy who gets no compliments for his dry jokes.

4656 SANJEEV KUMAR He never goes for PT but takes lots of pushups in the bathroom. His sentimental extempore speech had left no choice for the house master than to give him the best extempore speech prize of the year.

4657 AKHIL RAJENDRAN He passed UPSC with hardwork. He is motivation for juniors in academics. A calm and composed character who never leaves the study hall.

4658 CHRISTO FRANKLIN JOSE He is known as Franko. He guarded the hockey goal post for the school team. He is known for irritating the XIth standard and is a cool guy who hardly becomes serious.

4660 ABEE NARAYAN He introduces new trends among his batchmates this low waisted xanthron wishes to join the army and he is a good basketball player. He visits the washing and bathing areas once in a blue moon but still has got the looks.

4661 SANDEEP P C He is the ‘Thep’ of his batch. He is a hardworking guy and brilliant hockey player for whom UPSC was a cake walk. He is fondly known as ‘PITTAN’.

4662 M HARISHANKAR He considers that all senior houses are his shopping mall where everything is free. His only priced possession is a woodland chappal. A fine cricket and hockey player who aims to conquer the Himalayas. An ardent fan of Che-guvara

4667 ARUN JM He is the source of all the lost vests and socks in the house. A friendly guy who likes irritating eleventh.

4669 KIRAN GOPI This tall lad of the house popularly known as ‘pambu’, among the seniors. He disproved the popular notion that if one is good in maths he would be good in science. He is popular for his slow motion speaking style.

4672 MIDHUN KRISHNA A good basketball player who turns into a dancer when he sets foot in the court. He is so fond of changing clothes that he is a frequent visitor of the newly instituted mirror in the house.

4678 AKSHAY PS The six foot senior sergeant who has unique ability to score good marks by playing carroms, sleeping or watching FIFA matches. He is an excellent basketball player who led his house to the bottom in interhouse matches. He strongly believes that he can become fair by rubbing pappayas collected from behind the mess.

4679 DAVID JOSEPH His life style resembles that of our ‘award movies directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. A hardworking Xanthron who passed UPSC and can be spotted only in cariappan ‘Study Hall’.

4681 JOEL KP A style Maniac who is not noticed for his styles. Even the mirror gets bored seeing his face everytime. He is Joemon of the batch and a good Table tennis player. His passion is to show off his football skills.

4683 CHANDRADUTT Popularly known as ‘Kaka’. The body builder of the batch who spends atleast an hour in the gym everyday. He is always found with a novel even a day before the exams.

4685 BIVIN B Biologist say multicellular organisms stops growth. But this organism never stops growing. The great wall of cariappa house who led the house basket ball team. He was adjudged as the best player in the year 2011 south zone meet.

4686 AJAY KRISHNAN R He is the ‘Oliyan’ of the batch, whose walking style resembles that of Rajnikanth in Enthrian’. An excellent Artist, and one among rare breeds who dreams about passing PSC test and join Kerala Govt.

4695 SRI HARI UDAY He is the cutipie of the batch. A brilliant cricket player, who led his team to victory and also cleared UPSC.

4697 AKHIL NATH S He surprised everyone by passing chemistry in the IInd mid term. He showed that his back is strong after falling from top of the ladder in the obstacle course.

4832 SHIV SHEKHAR SHARMA He is the walking encyclopaedia for whom UPSC was a ‘Cake walk’. A great motivator who dreams beyond IIT.

4952 AKASH BADOLA He is a fabulous dancer known for his slow motion walk. He is famous among the XIth standard and is fondly called ‘Baddu’. He is well known for the malayalam rapping though he never speaks malayalam.


4666 SURYADEV A good artist and a hard working guy. He utilises the silence in the House captain’s room more than any one else, for studying. His creativity made his cupboard a store house for PEPSICO. He is known as ‘Mullanpanni’.

Farewell to

4663 BINOY Popularly known as Kutti Binoy. His strength is inversely proportional to his size. A gym who spends most of his time in front of the mirror and is very particular about his turnout.


XANTHRONS Farewell to

4954 JASMINE ANTONY This gorgeous xanthron runs as if the world is about to end right behind her. She is a friendly, ever smiling person who likes to bully her batchmates. She is also a good dancer.

4999 VISHNU NARAYAN He got motivated after seeing the film rockstar that he turned from a strict academician to a spanish rapper. His melodious english songs are a hit among the house mates. He disproved the proverb ‘Rome cannot be built in a day’ by easily clearing the UPSC.

4995 HARIKRISHNAN MK This guy studied classical music and is known as the ‘Cariappan Rapper’. A good bathroom singer and a good academician. who is the ‘Dampoothiri’ among seniors.

4996 VISHWAS S A Great mathematician who is popularly known as ‘Pele’ among seniors. A hardworking Xanthron who is an ITI aspirant.

5000 ASHWIN GIRI The black horse of the house who did well in the long jump event. He can duly be located by his teeth during the powercut.

5032 ELDHO JACOB C An awersome house captain who is the pet of his housemaster. He surprised everyone by not clearing his UPSC.

5033 RISHI PREM He is a dancer whose every action has an unequal and opposite reaction. He is the frankienstein of the house who has many secret aims in life.

5034 NANDHU HARINDRANATH He followed the motto “swantham karyam sindabad”. He is a computer student whose definition of logic turns many minds to take Biology.

5035 ABHINANDH S He is the silent killer of prasad. He remains silent most of the time. He is fondly known as ‘Pandi’. He surprised everyone by clearing UPSC.

5037 JOSE TOMS ABRAHAM The deadly spiker of Prasad house who is dreaded by all the opposing teams in the volleyball court. The Xanthron who passed UPSC with flying colours.

5038 AMAL KIRAN He is known as ‘Kappa’ of the batch. He thinks he is Dulquer Salman but unfortunately he looks like ‘Cochin Haneefa’. A great motivator and NDA aspirant who passed UPSC with determination.

5055 ASHIK KRISHNAKUMAR A hardworking fellow who had been consistently doing well in academics. He rarely visits the washing area. He passed UPSC with ease.

5057 ROJA K SOMAN She is known for her walking style among seniors. A calm and friendly Xanthron who is a good dancer.


5072 AJAY VAISHAK TS He is the ‘big show’ of the batch and is commonly known among the XIth standard for his slams. A great motivational speaker whose speeches made prasad win a number of competitions. He spends most of his time running for snacks.


School Annual Report2012-13 Gp Capt B Janardhanan


Principalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School Annual Report 2012-13



Principalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School Annual Report 2012-13



Sitting L to R: Ms Sonia R, MS Radhika, Mr K Rajendran, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr NG Babu, Mr MG Francis, Mr Manoj, Standing L to R(1st Row): Mr Prince Prabhakaran, Mr Macson, Ms Sudha Lakshmi, Ms Supriya Rani, Ms Sandhya, Ms Jayasindhu, Ms Deepa RVM, Ms Preethi, Ms Swapna. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Mr Unnikrishnan, Mr Alex Abraham, Dr George, Mr Rajesh R, Mr Rajan Namboodiri, Mr Arunkumar MS, Mr Mahadevan, Mr Arunkumar G, Mr Mathew K Thomas, Mr Rajeshkumar S. Standing L to R(3rd Row): Mr Gireesh, Mr VG Satheeshkumar, Mr Jestine KJ, Mr Swathi Jaikumar, Mr KS Antony, Mr Balamurugan, Mr Sambhu R.


Sitting L to R: Ms Geetha Potti, Ms Sreekala, Ms Molly P Joseph, Mr Sajimon Joseph, Cdr Jason Paul, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Dr Thomas Mathew, Mr V Chandra Babu, Mr RN Thampi, Ms Susamma Issac, Ms Nalinakumari Amma, Standing L to R(1st Row): Mr N Sreevalson, Mr RS Panicker, Mr K Anilkumar, Mr Sudheev Sukumar, Mr AVN Namboothiri, Mr K Babu, Mr Ramachandran, Mr Mohanan, Mr Babu, Mr Gopalakrishnan, Ms Sreelatha, Ms Revamma CT, Standing L to R(2nd Row): Mr Arun, Mr Muraleedharan Nair, Mr Suseelan, Mr Ajikumar, Mr Chandran, Mr Madhusoodhanan, Mr Satheesh, Mr Ramachandran, Mr Rajan, Mr Manikuttan, Standing L to R(3rd Row): Mr Rajendran, Mr Anilkumar, Mr Madhusoodhanan, Mr Sreekumar, Mr Udayan.



4549 - Nidhin Devassi

4610 - Rajat



5055 - Ashik Krishnakumar

4652 - Mayank Narwal


4635 - Akhil Raj PR


5034 - Nandu H


NDA 4653 - Vikas Nair M

4998 - Ajeesh A



4559 - Shashank Sekhar S

5037 - Jose Tom Abraham



4543 - Sreenath P

4606 - Jatheesh SS



4520 - Anandu GS


130 Course


129 Course

4516 - Prem Sagar

Journey to


4716 Pranay Rajiv

we had a rehearsal for the opening march past that was scheduled for the next morning. The inaugural match was in the game of football between our school (Sainik School Kazhakootam) and Sainik School Bijapur, which we won by a convincing 4-0. We (hockey team) were determined to break the long spell of drought in hockey for Sainik School Kazhakootam.

It was one of my dreams to represent my school in a South Zone meet. I was lucky enough to be a part of the school hockey team that took part in South Zone Interschool Sports Meet at Sainik School Amaravatinagar. Accompanied by Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Sambhu, Mr. Balamurugan and CHM Suresh Kumar(PTI), we started our journey on 30th

July. We reached the destination at around 4 o’ clock on Sunday morning. We were accommodated in the CheraChola feeder house. We had our breakfast by 7 o’ clock and set out for practise. After practising and checking the ground conditions we took a walk around the school. The atmosphere was brilliant. In the evening

As Bijapur scored a goal, our players were completely dejected. The game was running out of our hands and with just 1 minute left for the final whistle, Sourav, our centre half’s pass found its way through their defence and reached Akash who gave a shot which will never be forgotten by us.

Our first match was against Amaravatinagar on Monday evening. The match against the hosts is always a difficult one in any game. But our team held on despite incessant offensive attack by Amaravatians and, in the end, we won by 2-1. Akash S U and Abhijith scored for us. We were jubilant and were very happy. Our next match was against S S Kodugu on Tuesday evening. Kodugu’s game was very rough which resulted in 5 injuries (this includes 3 head injuries) in their match against S S Bijapur. But by God’s grace and a bit of luck we managed with 2 brilliant goals by Abhijith B S to pull off a 2-1 victory. By now we had our eyes set on the first 2 spots in merit. Our next match was against S S Korukonda on Wednesday morning. We scored the opening goal by a brilliant move by Arjun Kumar and conversion by Abhijith; our hopes went sky high. But tragedy struck in the last 5 minutes as the opponents scored 2 goals in a matter of seconds (7 penalty corners in 5 minutes); we were crestfallen. Our next match was against S S Bijapur, the best team in the fray. If we managed to win we would emerge winner; draw meant 2ndposition and loss meant getting the 3rd


1. Jomon : Why did you cut the sides of the tablets? Johny

: Not to get any side effects.

2. Teacher : Why did you not bring the Maths book? Tintu


Because it is full of problems.

3. Teacher : We should read good books such as African Diaries. Dundu, you should read it today.

5187 Amal Joy

Dundu : My father told not to read others’ diary. 4. Mayavi : I know how you fly. You are full of aavi. (‘aavi’ means steam) 5. Unni

position. The game was on Thursday evening. Tension was running high but as the game began we proved that we had the capability to fight on. But luck was not on our side. As Bijapur scored a goal, our players were completely dejected. The game was running out of our hands and with just 1 minute left for the final whistle, Sourav, our centre half’s pass found its way through their defence and reached Akash who gave a shot which will never be forgotten by us. The ball continued its 450 projectile into


: Luttapi, do you keep petrol in your mouth to blow fire?

the net. We were jumping around as though we had won the Olympics. As time finished, the scoreboard read 1-1, we held the mighty Bijapurians to a draw and finished 2nd. Even such a thing as this has happened after many years. The marauding runs along the wings by Bibin Lal and Arjun Kumar, the deft touch by Abhijith, the best dribbling skills by Akash, quick reflexes by Midhun, the defencesplitting passes by Mustaffa and Saurav, the mindless running up and down by Adesh and Vignesh, the mind-

blowing defending by Arjun.C, George and Tariq and the coaching by Mahesh will ever remain etched in our memories. We dedicate this win to our coach and to the Xanthronz who helped us in practising and preparing for this event. We thank Mr. Sambhu and other masters who accompanied us for supporting us throughout the tournament. We paid a visit to Palani temple and Amaravati Dam before we returned to school.

SÉɱÉÉEò ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ 5229

®úÉä¶ÉxÉ |ɺÉÉnù BEò ÊnùxÉ EòÒ ¤ÉÉiÉ ½èþ* MÉÉÄ´É ¨Éå BEò ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ xÉÉ¨É EòÉ ±Éb÷EòÉ ®ú½þiÉÉ lÉÉ ´É½þ ¤É½ÖþiÉ ½þÒ <ǨÉÉxÉnùÉ®ú +Éè®ú ¤ÉÖÊrù¨ÉÉxÉ lÉÉ* =ºÉä EòÉä<Ç ¦ÉÒ EÖòUô Eò®äú =ºÉä EÖòUô |ɦÉÉ´É xɽþÓ {Éc÷iÉÉ lÉÉ* =ºÉ MÉÉÄ´É Eäò {ÉÒUäô VÉÆMÉ±É lÉÉ* ´É½þ VÉÆMÉ±É ¤É½ÖþiÉ ½þÒ ¤Éb÷É +Éè®ú ¦ÉªÉÉxÉEò lÉÉ* =ºÉ VÉÆMÉ±É ¨Éå ÊEòºÉÒ xÉä ¦ÉÒ vÉÚ¨ÉxÉä Eäò ʱÉB xɽþÓ VÉÉiÉÉ lÉÉ* BEò ¤ÉÉ®ú ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ +{ÉxÉÉ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ EòÉä PÉÉºÉ ÊJɱÉÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ =ºÉEäò {ÉÉºÉ Eò<Ç ¨Éä¨ÉxÉä lÉä ´É½þ |ÉÊiÉÊnùxÉ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉä EòÉä PÉÉºÉ SÉ®úÉxÉä Eäò ʱÉB ±Éä VÉÉiÉÉ lÉÉ* BEò ÊnùxÉ =ºÉxÉä ¨Éä¨ÉxÉä EòÉä UôÉäb÷ Eò®ú PÉ®ú SɱÉÉ +ɪÉÉ, =ºÉxÉä ºÉÉäSÉÉ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ iÉÉä |ÉÊiÉÊnùxÉ ´É½þÉÄ {É®ú ½þÒ PÉÉºÉ JÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ* iÉÉä CªÉÉ ½þÉäMÉÉ BEò PÉÆ]õä Eäò ¤ÉÉnù JÉÉxÉÉ JÉÉEò®ú SɱÉÉ VÉÉ>ÄðMÉÉ* =ºÉxÉä VÉ¤É JÉÉxÉÉ JÉÉEò®ú PÉ®ú ºÉä ±ÉÉè]õEò®ú ¨Éä¨ÉxÉä Eäò {ÉÉºÉ VÉÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ. =ºÉxÉä ´É½þÉÄ {ɽÖÄþSÉEò®ú näùJÉÉ EòÒ BEò ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ

JÉÉä MɪÉÉ* ½èþ* =ºÉä ¤É½ÖþiÉ Pɤɮúɽþ]õ ½Öþ<Ç =ºÉxÉä ºÉÉäSÉÉ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ EòÉä EòÉèxÉ JÉɪÉÉ ½þÉäMÉÉ ªÉ½þÉÄ {É®ú EòÉä<Ç +ÉiÉÉ iÉÉä ½þÓ ½èþ* =ºÉxÉä ºÉÉäSÉÉ Eò½þÓ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ PÉÉºÉ SÉ®úiÉä-SÉ®úiÉä VÉÆMÉ±É EòÒ +Éä®ú SɱÉÉ MɪÉÉ ½þÉäMÉÉ* =ºÉä xɽþÓ Ê´É·ÉÉºÉ ½Öþ+É ÊEò ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ VÉÆMÉ±É EòÒ +Éä®ú SɱÉÉ MɪÉÉ ½èþ* =ºÉxÉä ¨Éä¨ÉxÉä EòÒ JÉÉäVÉ ¨Éå VÉÆMÉ±É EòÒ +Éä®ú SɱÉÉ MɪÉÉ* =ºÉxÉä VÉÆMÉ±É ¨Éå VÉèºÉä ½þÒ PÉÚ¨ÉÉ ´ÉèºÉä ½þÒ VÉÉxÉ´É®úÉå EòÒ +É´ÉÉVÉ ºÉÖxÉÉ<Ç näùxÉä ±ÉMÉÓ* VÉÆMÉ±É ¤É½ÖþiÉ ½þÒ PÉxÉÉ +Éè®ú b÷®úÉ´ÉÉxÉÉ lÉÉ* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ =ºÉä b÷®ú xɽþÓ ±ÉMÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ =ºÉxÉä VÉÆMÉ±É EòÒ +Éä®ú SɱÉiÉä VÉÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉä EòÒ xÉWÉ®ú Eò½þÓ xɽþÓ {ÉÉ ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ* ´É½þ SɱÉiÉä MɪÉÉ +Éè®ú xÉÒSÉä vÉxÉä ¨Éå VÉÆMÉ±É ¨Éå {ɽÖÄþSÉ MɪÉÉ* =ºÉxÉä ºÉÉäSÉÉ lÉÉäb÷Ò +Éè®ú nÚù®ú VÉÉxÉä {É®ú ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ Ê¨É±É VÉÉBMÉÉ* =ºÉEòÉ SÉä½þ®úÉ ¤É½ÖþiÉ ½þÒ =nùÉºÉ ±ÉMÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ* iÉ¤É ¦ÉÒ =ºÉxÉä näùJÉÉ ÊEò =ºÉEòÉ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ BEò ZÉÉb÷Ò ¨Éå ¡òºÉÉ ½Öþ+É ½èþ* +Éè®ú ʨÉʨɪÉÉ ®ú½þÉ ½èþ* =ºÉä ¤É½ÖþiÉ JÉÖ¶ÉÒ ½Öþ<Ç =ºÉä näùJÉEò®ú ±ÉäÊEòxÉ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉÉ ¤É½ÖþiÉ ½þÒ EòÊ`öxÉÉ<Ç ¨Éå lÉÒ* iÉ¤É ´É½þÉÄ ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ VÉÉEò®ú =ºÉä

ÊxÉEòɱÉÉ +Éè®ú =ºÉä ¤Éɽþ ¨Éå ®úJÉEò®ú ±ÉÉè]õxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* ÊnùxÉ fø÷±É SÉÚEòÉ lÉÉ SÉÉ®úÉå iÉ®ú¡ò +vÉä®úÉ UôÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ ¨Éä¨ÉxÉä EòÉä ±ÉäEò®ú MÉÊiɨÉÉxÉ ¨Éå SɱÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* iɤɦÉÒ BEòÉBEò +Énù¨ÉÒ EòÒ EÖòUô ¤ÉÉiÉå Eò®úiÉä ºÉÖxÉÉ<Ç nùÒ* =ºÉxÉä ´É½þÉÄ {É®ú ¯ûEòÉ +Éè®ú <vÉ®ú=vÉ®ú näùJÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* =ºÉä Eò½þÓ EÖòUô xÉVÉ®ú xɽþÓ +ɪÉÉ* =ºÉxÉä +{ÉxÉä nùɪÉå iÉ®ú¡ò VÉÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* EÖòUô näù®ú VÉÉxÉä Eäò ¤ÉÉnù =ºÉxÉä näùJÉÉ ÊEò BEò {Éäc÷ Eäò xÉÒSÉ ºÉä VªÉÉnùÉ SÉÉä®ú BEò MÉÉä±ÉÉ ¤ÉxÉÉEò®ú ¤Éè`öEò®ú ¤ÉÉiÉÆä Eò®ú ®ú½äþ lÉä* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ +{ÉxÉä {É®ú ºÉɽþºÉ ®úJÉEò®ú BEò {Éäb÷ Eäò {ÉÒUäô UÖô{ÉEò®ú SÉÖ{ÉSÉÉ{É =xÉEäò ¤ÉÉiÉÉå EòÉä ºÉÖxÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* ´ÉÉä ±ÉÉäMÉ SÉÉä®ú +{ÉxÉä ¨Éå <ºÉÒ MÉÉÄ´É EòÉä ±ÉÚ]õxÉä Eäò ¤ÉÉ®äú ¨Éå ¤ÉÉiÉ Eò®ú ®ú½äþ lÉä* =ºÉÒ MÉÉÄ´É ¨Éå BEò ®úɨÉvÉxÉÒ xÉɨÉEò ºÉä`ö Eäò PÉ®úÉå Eäò ±ÉÚ]õxÉä Eäò ¤ÉÉ®äú ¨Éå ¤ÉÉiÉå Eò®ú ®ú½äþ lÉä* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ xÉä ºÉÉäSÉÉ +MÉ®ú ½þ¨É ªÉ½þÉÄ {É®ú +{ÉxÉÉ SÉä½þ®úÉ ÊnùJÉÉ nÄÚMÉÉ iÉÉä ´ÉÉä ±ÉÉäMÉ UôÉäbä÷MÉÉ xɽþÓ* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ ¤É½ÖþiÉ ½þÒ bä÷JÉÉxÉÉ VÉèºÉÉ ½þÉäxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* SÉÉä®úÉå Eäò {ÉÉºÉ SÉÉEÚ , iÉ®ú½þ-iÉ®ú½þ Eäò ¤ÉnÚùEò +{ÉxÉä {ÉÉºÉ ®úJÉå ½ÖþB lÉä* =ºÉxÉä ´É½þÉÄ ºÉä VɱnùÒ ºÉä ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ +{ÉxÉä PÉ®ú EòÒ +Éè®ú ¦ÉÉMÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ ¦ÉÉMÉiÉä-¦ÉÉMÉiÉä +{ÉxÉä PÉ®ú EòÒ +Éä®ú {ɽÖÄþSÉÉ iÉÉä =xÉEäò ¨ÉÉiÉÉ Ê{ÉiÉÉ EòÉä {ÉÚ®úÉ Eò½þÉxÉÒ ¤ÉiÉÉ ÊnùªÉÉ iÉÉä =ºÉEäò ¨ÉÉiÉÉ-Ê{ÉiÉÉ ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ EòÉä SÉÖ¨ÉiÉä ½ÖþB ¤ÉÉä±Éå, SɱÉÉå {ÉÖÊ±ÉºÉ EòÉä Ê®ú{ÉÉæ]õ Eò®ú näùiÉä ½éþ* =ºÉxÉä {ÉÖÊ±ÉºÉ EòÉä ¨ÉÉä¤ÉÉ<±É ºÉä ¤ÉiÉÉ ÊnùªÉÉ +Éè®ú {ÉÖÊ±ÉºÉ +ÉEò®ú =xÉ SÉÉ®úÉå EòÉä {ÉEòb÷ ʱɪÉÉ +Éè®ú {ÉÖÊ±ÉºÉ xÉä vÉxªÉ´ÉÉnù näùiÉä ½ÖþB ¤ÉÉä±ÉÉ ¨Éé iÉÖ¨½åþ ¨ÉÖJªÉ¨ÉÆjÉÒ ºÉä BEò {ÉÖ®úºEòÉ®ú Ênù±É´ÉÉ>Ä MÉÉ* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ ¤É½ÖþiÉ JÉÖ¶É ½Öþ+É +Éè®ú ®úɨÉvÉxÉÒ ºÉä`ö xÉä ¦ÉÒ ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ EòÉä ={ɽþÉ®ú ÊnªÉÉ +Éè®ú ¤ÉÉä±ÉÉ +MÉ®ú iÉÖ¨É +ÉVÉ xɽþÓ ®ú½þiÉä iÉÉä ¨Éä®úÉ {ªÉÉ®úÉ vÉxÉ SÉÉä®úÉå uùÉ®úÉ ±ÉÚ]õÉ VÉÉiÉÉ <ºÉʱÉB vÉxªÉ´ÉÉnù* =ºÉä nùÉä ÊnùxÉ Eäò ¤ÉÉnù =ºÉä ¨ÉÖJªÉ¨ÉÆjÉÒ ºÉɽþºÉÒ EòÉ +É´ÉÉbÇ÷ +Éè®ú {ÉÖ®úºEòÉ®ú ÊnùªÉÉ* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ +{ÉxÉä ¨ÉÉiÉÉ-Ê{ÉiÉÉ Eäò ºÉÉlÉ JÉÖ¶ÉÒ JÉÖ¶ÉÒ PÉ®ú ±ÉÉè]õ +ɪÉÉ +Éè®ú ®ú½þxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* vÉxªÉ´ÉÉnù* 27



+ÊiÉÊlÉ näù´ÉÉä ¦É´É :

¤É½ÖþiÉ ºÉ¨ÉªÉ {ɽþ±Éä EòÒ ¤ÉÉiÉ ½èþ* BEò ¤ÉÉ®ú ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ Ê´É¹hÉÖ +Éè®ú ¨ÉÉiÉÉ ±ÉI¨ÉÒ BEò ÊxÉvÉÇxÉ ´ªÉÊHò Eäò ´Éä¹É ¨Éå vÉ®úiÉÒ {É®ú ±ÉÉäMÉÉå EòÒ {É®úÒIÉÉ ±ÉäxÉä +ÉB* =ºÉ ÊnùxÉ ¨ÉںɱÉÉvÉÉ®ú ¤ÉÉÊ®ú¶É ½þÉä ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ* ºÉ¤ÉºÉä {ɽþ±Éä ´Éä BEò ºÉä`ö Eäò ªÉ½þÉÄ MÉB iÉÉä ºÉä`ö xÉä nù®ú´ÉÉVÉÉ JÉÉä±ÉÉ* iÉ¤É ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ Ê´É¹hÉÖ xÉä {ÉÚUôÉ CªÉÉ ½þ¨Éå ®úÉiÉ MÉÖVÉÉ®ú xÉä EòÒ VÉMɽþ ʨɱÉäMÉÒ iÉÉä ºÉä`ö xÉä `ÖöEò®úÉ ÊnùªÉÉ* iÉ¤É ´Éä BEò ÊxÉvÉÇxÉ ±ÉEòb÷½þÉ®úÉ Eäò PÉ®ú MÉB ´É½þ VÉÆMÉ±É ¨Éå Ênùxɦɮú ±ÉEòb÷Ò Eò]õÉ Eò®úiÉÉ lÉÉ* ´É½þ PÉ®ú {É®ú xɽþÓ lÉÉ*


Eäò´É±É =ºÉEòÒ {ÉixÉÒ PÉ®ú {É®ú lÉÒ* =ºÉxÉä VÉ¤É nù®ú´ÉÉVÉÉ JÉÉä±ÉÉ iÉÉä +ÊiÉÊlÉ EòÉ º´ÉÉMÉiÉ ÊEòªÉÉ* Eò{Ébä÷ ¤Énù±É´ÉÉB ¦ÉÉäVÉxÉ ÊnùªÉÉ +Éè®ú ºÉÉäxÉä EòÉ VÉMɽþ ÊnùªÉÉ* VÉ¤É ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ Ê´É¹hÉÖ ºÉ֤ɽþ VÉÉxÉä ±ÉMÉä iÉÉä =xÉEäò +ɶÉÒ´ÉÉÇnù ºÉä PÉ®ú +κ¡òªÉÉå ºÉä ¦É®ú MɪÉÉ +Éè®ú ´É½þ ¤É½ÖþiÉ +¨ÉÒ®ú ½þÉä MɪÉÉ* VÉ¤É ºÉä`ö EòÉä <ºÉ ¤ÉÉiÉ EòÉ {ÉiÉÉ SɱÉÉ iÉÉä ´É½þ ºÉ®ú {ÉÒ]õ Eò®ú ®ú½þ MɪÉÉ* BEò ¤ÉÉ®ú Ê¡ò®ú ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ Ê´É¹hÉÖ ±ÉÉäMÉÉå EòÒ {É®úÒIÉÉ ±ÉäxÉä =ºÉÒ ´Éä¶É ¨Éå +ÉB +Éè®ú ¨ÉںɱÉÉvÉÉ®ú ¤ÉÉÊ®úºÉ ½þÉä ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ* ´Éä =ºÉ ÊnùxÉ ¦ÉÒ ºÉä`ö Eäò ªÉ½þÉÄ MÉB* VÉ¤É ºÉä`ö xÉä nù®ú´ÉÉVÉÉ JÉÉä±ÉÉ iÉÉä =x½åþ {ɽþSÉÉxÉ Ê±ÉªÉÉ* +Éè®ú ´É½þ vÉxÉ ±ÉäxÉä Eäò ¡äò®ú ¨Éå ÊxÉvÉÇxÉ EòÉ xÉÉ]õEò ÊEòªÉÉ* ºÉ֤ɽþ ¨Éå VÉ¤É ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ Ê´É¹hÉÖ VÉÉxÉä ±ÉMÉä iÉÉä =xÉEäò +ɶÉÔ´ÉÉnù ºÉä PÉ®ú ¤ÉɺÉÒ nùÉ±É ºÉä ¦É®ú MɪÉÉ ÊEò <ºÉ Eò½þÉxÉÒ ºÉä ½þ¨Éå ʶÉIÉÉ Ê¨É±ÉiÉÒ ½èþ ÊEò ±ÉÉä¦É - {ÉÉ{É EòÉ EòÉ®úhÉ ½èþ +Éè®ú ½þ¨Éå ½þ®ú +ÊiÉÊlÉ EòÉ º´ÉÉMÉiÉ Eò®úxÉÉ SÉÉʽþB* +ÊiÉlÉÒ näù´ÉÉä ¦É´É&

Apple 5126 Ragansu Chakappai

“An apple a day Keeps the doctor away” Is what an old proverb says. Do you know what the three Apples are Which has chanced the way? One is the apple which Eve gave To Adam, that‘s what the Bible says. The second one was the apple Which fell on Newton’s head. The third one was the apple Which Steve Job gave to us. This one is the best of the three. Ask why? We need not climb a tree!

Agent MM 5152 Adwait Raghav

What if this mysterious agent wasn’t there where he was needed in the world ? We would be leading a life without knowing anything about the world and the dangers that prevail in the world. This is the secret agent which spies on everyone. We need this agent in many or every way in our lives. We don’t even call it but it comes for our help. That’s the quality of agent MM. It this agent wasn’t present somewhere, then see what would happen. This secret agent likes to travel and let’s see what it can do. A scientist was busy in preparing a paper which had a plan of a rocket launch. This was to land on moon. He set the rocket at 900 instead of 91. Moon

Scientist observation


Air basse should be built hare

e ngl ct a e r Cor

Even if the mistake had been of 0.1 degree, then the rocket wouldn’t reach the moon; the rocket would miss it and go elsewhere. The scientist thanks agent MM for correcting a minor mistake, which could have been the biggest mistake of the rocket launch operation. At the Air Force Station now there is a need for help. A base of the terrorists is located across the border. The Air Force wants to build an air base exactly straight to it. There is a very good bomber but the problem is it’ll fly the fastest only if the target is straight. At that time Agent MM comes. The situation of the location is like this.

Misinterpreting ofthe mistake

Terrorist base

Im iss in th ec alc ul at ion

In the scientist’s view the rocket would reach the planet by a minor i mistake. But at that time Agent MM comes and alarms him of what could happen if he made a mistake even by .1 degree.

The agent tells you that you can locate the point to build the airbase very easily. He does the calculation and solves the problem.

Then there was a merchant who transported his goods from a far away place and he had an assistant who would do all the calculations and tell how much was required to fill the store house. The assistant fell ill once and the merchant was confused on how much should he import from that place. At that time agent MM comes there and solves this problem. He asks him the dimensions of the store house. The merchant gives it like this:,5m x 4m x 3m. The agent MM asks him the dimension of one product which he was going to import that day. It was a cuboidal box with the dimension 50cm x25cm x20cm. The agent solves it like this: The shop now had the number of articles required. The merchant thanked agent MM. The Agent then travels ahead and solves the problem of many more people. The full name of this mysterious agent is, Agent ‘MATHEMATICS’


Zo] BÀ.-hn.-Fw. A²ym-]nI, ae-bmf hn`mKw

kvt\l-¯nsâ ]¨¸v {]Ir-Xnsb kvt\ln¨ khp-jvIn-s\-¡pdn¨v Ip«n-I-tfmSp ]d-bp-t¼mÄ asämcp apJw Fsâ a\-Ên sXfn-bm-dp-≠v. _meyw sXm«pXs¶ {]Ir-Xnsb kvt\ln-¡p-Ibpw {]IrXn kuµcyw Xsâ cN-\-I-fn apgph³ Bhm-ln-¡p-Ibpw sNbvX hniz-a-lm-Ihn cho-{µ-\mY SmtKmdnsâ im´-Kw-`o-c-amb apJ-am-W-Xv. sNdp-¸-¯n kvIqfnÂt¸mIm³ aSn ImWn¨ cho-{µ\p Kpcp-hm-bXv {] Ir-Xn-bm-Wv.



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sXm«pXs¶ {]Ir-Xnsb kvt\ln-¡p-Ibpw {]IrXn kuµcyw Xsâ cN-\-I-fn apgph³ Bhm-ln-¡p-Ibpw sNbvX hniza-lm-Ihn cho-{µ-\mY SmtKmdnsâ im´-Kw-`o-c-amb apJ-am-WXv. sNdp-¸-¯n kvIqfnÂt¸m-Im³ aSn ImWn¨ cho-{µ\p Kpcp-hm-bXv {]Ir-Xn-bm-Wv. {Kmao-W-X-bpsS \njvI-f-¦-Xbpw kuµ-cyhpw hn«v {Kma-¯nse ]pg-tbm-cs¯ hk-Xn-bn Xmak-am-cw-`n¨ cho-{µ\v Ahn-Sps¯ PohnXw ]pXnb A\p-`-h§Ä k½m-\n-¨p. ]ßm-\-Zn-bpw Xoc-§fpw At±-ls¯ Gsd kzm[o-\n¨n«p≠v. ]pg At±-l¯nsâ ]e IY-I-fnepw Hcp cq]-I-ambn {]Xy-£-s¸-Sp-¶p-≠v. Im_q-fn-hm-e, dmbvN-c¬, t]mÌvam-ÌÀ XpS-§nb lrZ-b-kv]Àin-I-fmb IY-IÄ temIkm-ln-Xy-¯n CSw t\Sn-b-h-bm-Wv.

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@ñÊiÉEò ®úÉVÉ

¤ÉSSÉÉå! ¨Éé ½ÚÄþ MÉÊhÉiÉ, Ê´ÉtÉlÉÔMÉhÉ Eò®úiÉä ½éþ ¨Éä®úÉ +¦ªÉÉºÉ ÊxÉ{ªÉ* Eò®úiÉÉ ½ÚÆþ ¨Éé =x½åþ |É¡Öòα±ÉiÉ ®úJÉiÉÉ ½ÚÄþ ¨Éé =xÉEäò ¨ÉxÉ EòÉä ºÉÆiÉÖʱÉiÉ* ¨Éä®äú {ÉÒUäô ±ÉMÉä ½èþ ¤É½ÖþiÉ MÉÊhÉiÉYÉ ¤ÉxÉÉxÉÉ SÉɽþiÉä ½éþ ¨ÉÖZÉä +YÉ +Éè®ú JÉÖnù Eò½þ±ÉÉiÉä ½éþ |ÉYÉ* ºÉÚjÉÉå ºÉä SɱÉiÉÉ ½èþ ¨Éä®úÉ EòɪÉÇ +Éè®ú ʶÉIÉEòMÉhÉ ºÉƦÉɱÉiÉä ½éþ ¨Éä®úÉ ¦ÉÉ®ú, ¨ÉÖZÉä xÉ Eò®úxÉÉ iÉÖ¨É xÉVÉ®ú +ÆnùÉVÉ* VÉÉä ¨ÉÖZÉä Eò®úiÉä ½éþ {ɺÉÆnù =`öÉiÉä ½éþ ´É½þ +ÉVÉÒ´ÉxÉ +ÉxÉÆnù* ºEÚò±ÉÉå ºÉä nù¡òiÉ®úÉå iÉEò ®ú½þiÉÉ ½ÚÄþ ¨Éé Ê´É®úÉVɨÉÉxÉ* Eò®úiÉä ½éþ Ê´ÉtÉlÉÔ +Éè®ú Eò¨ÉÇSÉÉ®úÒ ¨Éä®úÉ +Énù®ú ºÉ¨¨ÉÉxÉ* ½þ®ú ´ÉHò ®ú½ÚÄþMÉÉ ¨Éé iÉÖ¨½þÉ®äú {ÉɺÉ, Eò¦ÉÒ xÉ UôÉäbÚÄ÷MÉÉ iÉÖ¨½þÉ®úÉ ºÉÉlÉ* ¨ÉÖZÉä Eò¦ÉÒ xɽþÓ iÉÖ¨É `ÖöEò®úÉxÉÉ xɽþÓ iÉÉä Eò®úxÉÉ {Ébä÷MÉÉ iÉÖ¨½åþ VÉÒ´ÉxÉ ¦É®ú {ÉUôiÉÉxÉÉ* ºÉnèù´É Eò®úiÉä ®ú½þxÉÉ ¨Éä®úÉ +Énù®ú Eò¦ÉÒ xÉ Eò®úxÉÉ ¨Éä®úÉ ÊxÉ®úÉnù®ú ¤ÉxÉÉ>ÄðMÉÉ iÉÖ¨½åþ ¨Éé BEò ÊnùxÉ =VÉÉMÉ®ú*



5129 Saurav Prakash




I don’t know what others think and feel about studies but from the day I started seeing studies I thought it was a lot of fun. I know every one would have had similar experiences. As we all know, studies or learning in LKG, UKG, 1st , 2nd and 3rd standards is simply fun. It is so because every thing has a funny or interesting explanation. Teachers at that stage take great care of us because we are just tiny tots. Whoever at that time knew that the condition would change! ‘Studies’ as every body calls it is that what is taught by the teaches to the students in every classes to improve their knowledge. In the terminology of chemistry, it is the outcome or result of an abstract reaction that takes place when a taught meets a

teacher. In the terminology of physics, it is a kind of signal that gets transferred from the teacher to the student in the process of teaching-learning. In the terminology of computer, it is like feeding information from a 32 GB fully loaded pen drive to a blank computer (Brain). From the 4th standard you see a small change in the methods of teaching. English, Science, Hindi, Malayalam, Social Science, etc. continues to be fun but Maths starts to get a little bit advanced. If we have interest in it, we will cope up with it. The 5th and 6th standards will also go by improving or advancing the portions. Maths portions might look same but we clear it in more advanced form. As I have already told you, some will cope with it while others will struggle a lot and they won’t cope with it. They can’t cope up with it because some may have passion for some other things. For example one may be good at sports; then the best place for him is a sports school. One may be good at art; then the best place for him is an art school. If one is good in music, the best place for him is a music school. They are exceptions. If they are not good at studies then this is the best way. But some students are lazy and what I have just suggested is not applicable in their case. I am not telling that the teaching methods are bad. But some students have a passion for some other particular things. If we look at the great scientists like Albert Einstein, Ramanujam, or Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein was very poor in his studies. Thomas Alva Edison was taught by his . Ramanujam was weak in his studies but had passion or interest for Maths. These scientists made a lot of contributions to the world. They are admired and called geniuses of the century. We can always be like them if we live up to what we are good at. The life of these scientists proves this. So it is not studies alone that matters, but also what you are good at. If you have the belief that you will succeed with what you are good at, then, yes, you will.

½äþ |ɦÉÖ ¶ÉÊHò nùÉä ½þ¨Éå ½äþ |ɦÉÖ ¶ÉÊHò nùÉä ½þ¨Éå, iÉÉÊEò Eò®åú ½þ¨É EÖòUô BäºÉÉ EòɨÉ, ÊVɺɺÉä >ÄðSÉÉ ½þÉä ¨ÉÉÄ-¤ÉÉ{É EòÉ xÉɨÉ, VɱÉÉ nùÉä ¨Éä®äú +Ænù®ú YÉÉxÉ EòÒ VªÉÉäÊiÉ, VÉèºÉä ®ú½þiÉä ½éþ ºÉÉMÉ®ú ¨Éå ¨ÉÉäiÉÒ* ®úɽþ ÊnùJÉÉ nùÉä iÉÖ¨É ½þ¨Éå ºÉSSÉÉ, iÉÉÊEò ¦ÉʴɹªÉ ¨Éå ¤ÉxÉä +SUôÉ ¤ÉSSÉÉ, ÊVɺÉEäò ={É®ú ½èþ EÞò{ÉÉ iÉä®úÒ ±ÉMÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ ´ÉÉä {ÉèºÉÉå EòÒ fäø®úÒ* ½þ¨É {É®ú ¦ÉÒ Eò®úÉä +{ÉxÉÒ ¨Éʽþ¨ÉÉ, iÉÉÊEò {É®ú ¦ÉÒ Eò®úÉä +{ÉxÉÒ ¨Éʽþ¨ÉÉ, iÉÉÊEò {ÉÉBÄ ½þ¨É VÉMÉ ¨Éå MÉÊ®ú¨ÉÉ* ½äþ |ɦÉÖ ¶ÉÊHò nùÉä ½þ¨Éå*



@ñ¹É¦É ®úÉVÉ +ÉiÉÆEò + ´ÉÉnù ºÉä ¤ÉxÉÉ ½è "+ÉiÉÆEò´ÉÉnù' VɽþÉÄ ½þ®ú ºÉ¨ÉªÉ +¶ÉÉÆÊiÉ ¨ÉSÉÒ ®ú½þiÉÒ ½èþ* +ÉiÉÆEò´ÉÉnù EòÉ xÉÉ¨É ºÉÖxÉiÉä ½þÒ ±ÉÉäMÉ EòÉÄ{É =`öiÉä ½é* ¤ÉSSÉä +ÉÆiÉEò´ÉÉnù EòÉ xÉÉ¨É ºÉÖxÉiÉä ½þÒ ¦ÉªÉ¦ÉÒiÉ ½þÉä VÉÉiÉä ½èþ +Éè®ú ¤ÉÚfäø, ¨Éʽþ±ÉÉBÄ +{ÉxÉä-+{ÉxÉä PÉ®úÉå ¨Éå nÚù¤ÉEò VÉÉiÉä ½éþ* +ÉiÉÆEò´ÉÉnùÉå EòÒ ºÉÆJªÉÉ ÊnùxÉ-{É®ú-ÊnùxÉ ¤ÉføiÉÒ ½þÓ VÉÉ ®ú½þÒ ½èþ, BäºÉä näù¶É ¨Éå ÊEòiÉxÉä <xºÉÉxÉ ÊVÉx½þÉåxÉä +{ÉxÉä näù¶É EòÒ Ê¡òGò xÉ Eò®úEäò =xÉ +ÉiÉÆEò´ÉÉnùÉå ºÉä ½þÉlÉ Ê¨É±ÉÉ Ê±ÉªÉÉ* Eò¦ÉÒ-Eò¦ÉÒ iÉÉä BäºÉÉ ±ÉMÉiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò nÖùÊxɪÉÉ Eäò VªÉÉnùÉiÉ®ú ±ÉÉäMÉ =xÉ +ÉiÉÆEò´ÉÉÊnùªÉÉå EòÉä ¦É®ú{ÉÚ®ú ºÉÉlÉ näùiÉä ½éþ* +ÉVÉ Eäò ±ÉÉäMÉ +ÉiÉÆEò´ÉÉÊnùªÉÉå ºÉä ±ÉbÃ÷xÉä +Éè®ú =xÉEäò ʴɯûrù VÉÉxÉä Eäò ´ÉVɽþ =xɺÉä b÷®úEò®ú {ÉÒUäô ½þ]õ VÉÉiÉä ½éþ, ´ÉÉä VÉÉä Eò½þiÉä ½éþ, ´É½þÒ Eò®úiÉä ½éþ* +ÉVÉ Eäò nÖùÊxɪÉÉ ¨Éå +ÉiÉÆEò´ÉÉÊnùªÉÉå xÉä Eò<Ç ±ÉÉäMÉÉå EòÒ VÉÉxÉä ÊEòiÉxÉä ¤ÉSSÉÉå EòÉä =xÉEäò ¨ÉÉiÉÉ-Ê{ÉiÉÉ ºÉä +±ÉMÉ ÊEòªÉÉ ½èþ* ¶É½þ®ú Eäò ¦ÉÒb÷ ºÉä ¦É®äú VÉMɽþÉå {É®ú Eò<Ç ¤ÉÉ®ú iɤÉɽþÒ ¨ÉSÉÉ Eò®ú ®úJÉ nùÒ* <x½þÉåxÉä nÖùÊxɪÉÉ Eäò Eò<Ç {ɪÉÇ]õxÉ ºlɱÉÉå {É®ú ¦ÉÒ iɤÉɽþÒ ¨ÉSÉÉ Eò®ú ®úJÉ nùÒ lÉÒ, VÉèºÉä, ´É±bÇ÷ ]Åäõb÷ ºÉå]õ®ú, ¨ÉÖƤÉ<Ç Eäò iÉÉVÉ ½þÉä]õ±É ¨Éå Eò<Ç ±ÉÉåMÉÉå EòÒ VÉÉxÉå MÉ<Ç +Éè®ú ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ Eäò Eò<Ç ¡òÉèVÉ VÉ´ÉÉxÉ ¦ÉÒ ¨ÉÉ®úäú MÉB* ªÉ½þÉÄ iÉEò EòÒ =xÉ ±ÉÉäMÉÉå xÉää Ê´ÉtɱɪÉ, ¨ÉÆÊnù®ú iÉEò EòÉä xɽþÓ UôÉäb÷É* +iÉ:+ÉiÉÆEò´ÉÉÊnùªÉÉå EòÉ ¤ÉgøxÉÉ nÖùÊxɪÉÉ EòÒ ºÉ¤ÉºÉä ¤Éb÷Ò ºÉ¨ÉºªÉÉ ¨ÉÉxÉÒ VÉÉ ®ú½þÒ ½èþ*


Ê´ÉEòÉ¶É EÖò¨ÉÉ®ú 33

I have Learnt

to Sleep

4995 Harikrishnan M.K

During my years spent in Sainik School Kazhakootam, even though I have few achievements the one I cherish the most is that I have learnt to sleep like a log at any time in a day. While my would scold me very frequently for every petty thing I did in the vacation at home, she was always wonderstruck by my talent to sleep. I then began to seriously think on it. By Jove! One major achievement! In my research on the topic I was utterly shocked to know that in English there are varied kinds of sleep. Sleeping in the streets, in the corner is called `sleeping rough’. In the world war poor people had to pay to sleep on a barline while


standing. Such was the condition! Now, coming back to the topic, we can also use the word ‘doss’ for conveying the same meaning. The word ‘kip’ and ‘bunk down’ is also used instead of ‘sleep’. A normal person need 7-8 hours of sleep. When you tell someone to have a good sleep we call it ‘sleep tight’. On holidays we usually get up very late. This is called ‘sleep in’. If you give your comfortable bed to your guest and you sleep somewhere else it is called ‘bed down’. We normally have a short rest after lunch in the school. This is called ‘siesta’. If you are being operated on by doctors, you are given anaesthesia to sleep peacefully. This is called ‘twilight sleep’. We usually end our day with a good sleep at night. If you have a dream then it is called ‘paradoxical sleep’ and if you don’t have a dream, which is unusual, it is called ‘orthodox sleep’. In broad daylight if you take rest for a while, then you take a ‘nap’. Working people usually take a nap for about 10 or15 minutes to regain their strength. This is called a ‘powernap’. Then again, the British say it as to ‘have a nap’ while the Americans say it as to ‘take a nap’. Another word which is commonly used is to have a ‘snooze’. Being a student I can definitely say that most of us while reading textbooks or listening to teachers in classes, we ‘fall asleep’. When you are so tired and you sleep in an unusual place then it is called ‘crash out ‘or ‘flake out’. Surprised! Aren’t you? Imagine the Surprise I got when I learnt that in English we can sleep in so many ways. I really am delighted that I have been able to master all these techniques. I thank all the people who have encouraged me in learning this. I thank my friends who have encouraged me in writing this article. I am always a proud student of Sainik School Kazhakootam. Proud to be a kazhak.

SÉÖ]õEÖò±Éä ®úɨÉÚ +Éè®ú ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ nùÉäxÉÉå {É®úÒIÉÉ ½þÉì±É ¨Éå : ®úɨÉÚ : +®äú ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ iÉÖ¨É +{ÉxÉÉ =kÉ®ú EòÉ {ÉäVÉ nùÉä* ¨ÉÉä½þ®ú : =iÉ®ú Ênù¶ÉÉ ¨Éå ®úJÉÉ BEò {ÉäVÉ =ºÉä näù ÊnùªÉÉ* ®úɨÉÚ : +®äú B ´ÉɱÉÉ xɽþÓ* ¨Éé =kÉ®ú EòÉ {ÉäVÉ ¨ÉÉÄMÉ ®½þÉ ½ÚÄþ* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ : =iÉ®ú Ênù¶ÉÉ ¨Éå +¤É EòÉä<Ç {ÉäVÉ xɽþÓ ½èþ* ®úɨÉÚ : +®äú nùÉäºiÉ =iÉ®ú Ênù¶ÉÉ EòÉ {ÉäVÉ xɽþÓ* |ɶxÉ-=kÉ®ú EòÉ {ÉäVÉ nùÉè* ¨ÉÉä½þxÉ : +®äú ¨ÉÚJÉÇ iÉÖ¨½åþ =±]õÉ ¶É¤nù xɽþÓ +ÉiÉÒ nùÊIÉhÉ EòÉ =±]õÉ =iÉ®ú ½þÉäiÉÉ ½èþ* 3. ®úÉ¨É +Éè®ú ¶ªÉÉ¨É C±ÉÉ¶É ¨Éå +ÉxÉä ºÉä näù®ú ½þÉä MɪÉÉ* ʶÉIÉEò : ®úÉ¨É iÉÖ¨É näù®ú CªÉÉå ½Öþ+É +ÉxÉä ¨Éå ®úÉ¨É : ºÉ®ú °ü{ɪÉÉÄ EòÉ ÊºÉCEòÉ JÉÉä MɪÉÉ lÉÒ* ¨Éä®úÉ =ºÉÒ Eäò EòÉ®úhÉ =ºÉä JÉÉäVÉxÉä ¨Éå näù®ú ½þÉä MɪÉÉ* ʶÉIÉEò : +Éè®ú iÉÖ¨É ¶ªÉÉ¨É CªÉÉä näù®ú ºÉä +ɪÉÉ* ¶ªÉÉ¨É : +Éä {ÉèºÉÉ ¨Éä®úÉ {ÉèÆ]õ Eäò xÉÒSÉä lÉÉ* iÉÉä ¨Éé EèòºÉä ´É½þÉÄ ºÉä ʽþ±ÉiÉÉ* BEò ºEÚò±É ¨Éå ʶÉIÉEò : +{ÉxÉä UôÉjÉÉå EòÉä ¤ÉÉä±ÉiÉä ½èþ Eò±É ºÉ¤É ±ÉÉäMÉ {ɽþÉb÷ ªÉÉnù Eò®ú Eäò +ÉBMÉÉ* UôÉjÉ : +ÉäEäò ºÉ®ú nÚùºÉ®äú ÊnùxÉ Ê¶ÉIÉEò C±ÉÉ¶É ¨Éå PÉÖºÉiÉä ½þÒ: ʶÉIÉEò : ºÉ¤É ±ÉÉäMÉ {ɽþÉb÷ ªÉÉnù Eò®ú-Eò®ú BEò UôÉjÉ ®úɨÉÚ +ɪÉÉ ½èþ =`öiÉä ½ÖþB ¤ÉÉä±ÉÉ : ½þÉÄ ºÉ®ú ʶÉIÉEò : ``öÒEò ½þÉä ¤ÉÉä±ÉÉä* ®úɨÉÚ : B B {ɽþÉb÷É* ʶÉIÉEò : ªÉä CªÉÉ {ɽþÉb÷É÷-{ɽþÉb÷É føÉä±É ®úJÉÉ ½èþ* ®úɨÉÚ : +É{É ½þÒ iÉÉä ¤ÉÉä±Éä lÉä ºÉ¤É ±ÉÉäMÉ "{ɽþÉb÷É' ªÉÉnù Eò®úEäò +ÉBMÉÉ*


®úÉä¶ÉxÉ |ɺÉÉnù 35

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shÅ-amWv B ]pg-bn-eqsS Hgp-Ip-¶-Xv. AhnsS A[nIw Bg-an-Ãm¯Xn\m A]-I-S-km-[y-Xbpw Ipd-hm-Wv. ]pg-bn henb henb ]md-¡-Ãp-IÄ DÅ-Xn-\m AXn IqSn NmSn¨mSn \S-¡p-I-sb-¶-Xm-Wv Fsâ asämcp hnt\mZw. Nne-t¸msgms¡ ao³ ]nSn-¡m\pw t]mIpw. ho«n ]ip-¡Ä, BSp-IÄ, tImgn-IÄ, Xmdm-hp-IÄ, apbep-IÄ, ]«n-IÄ, ]¶n-IÄ XpS§n Iptd Pohn-I-fp-≠v. Ahbvs¡ms¡ Blmcw sImSp-¡p-¶Xpw Ah-tbm-sSm¸w kabw sNe-h-gn-¡p¶Xpw F\n¡v henb CjvS-am-Wv. ]ip-hns\ Bän sIm≠p-t]mbn Ipfn-¸n-¡p-t¼mÄ Rm\pw IqSpw. ]e-Xcw IrjnIfpw AhnsSbp≠v. Im¸nbpw Ipcp-ap-f-Ip-amWv Gähpw IqSpX-embn Irjn sN¿p-¶-Xv. ]d-¼n Nph¶ ] gp¯ Im¸n-¡p-cp-hp-ambn \nev¡p¶ Im¸n-a-c-§Ä ImWm³ \à `wKn-bmWv. Gew, PmXn, {Km¼p, Idp-I-¸«, aªÄ, C©n XpS-§nb kpKÔ {Zhy-§Ä \ÂIp¶ sNSn-IÄ. \ndsb Im¿v¨p ]gp¯p \n¡p¶ PmXn¡IÄ I≠m sImXn tXm¶pw. sXmSn-bn \ndsb ac-§-fm-Wv. Hcp `mK¯v dºÀ ac-§Ä ]ns¶ ¹mhv, amhv, tX¡v ]ns¶ t]c-dn-bm¯ Iptd ac-§Ä Hs¡-bp-≠v. tN\, I¸, ]¨-ap-fIv, Iymt_-Pv, ]bÀ, ]S-h-e§ XpS-§nb ]¨-¡-dn-I-fpw AhnsS [mcm-f-ambn D≠mIpw. \à Idp¯v ]i-bpÅ a®mWv Ahn-sS. a[y-th-\-e-h-[n-¡m-e¯v Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw \Kcw sImSpw-NqSn DcpIpw F¶m AhnsS Ft¸mgpw \à IpfnÀ½-bm-Wv. {Inkvakv Ah-[n-¡m-e¯v cm{Xn-bm-bm XWp¯v hnd¨p t]m Ipw. I¼nfn ]pX-bv¡msX Dd-§-m-\m-In-Ã. Npc-§Ä Ibdnbnd§n-bmWv At§m-«pÅ bm{X. Nne-t¸mÄ tImS-aªp ImcWw hgnt]mepw ImWm-\m-In-Ã. aªn-\p-Ån-eqsSbpÅ B bm{XIÄ F\n-s¡{X CjvSam-sW-t¶m! hgn-bn taL-§Ä Xmtg-bv¡n-d-§nh¶v ama-e-I-fn hn{i-an-¡p-¶Xp ImWmw. tdmUnsâ hi-§-fn-epÅ ]md-s¡-«p-I-fn-eqsS Ft¸mgpw t\ À¯ \oÀ¨m-ep-IÄ HgpIn hcp-¶Xp ImWmw. ag-¡m-e¯v B ]md-I-fn Cfw tdmkv \nd-¯n-epÅ A]qÀÆ-amb ]q¡Ä \n dsb hncnªp \n¡p-¶Xp ImWmw. A§s\ I¬Ip-fnÀ¸n-¡p¶ F{X-sb{X ImgvN-I-fmWv Fsâ \m«n-ep-Å-Xv !

The Annual NCC Training Camp for our cadets from Classes VIII to XII was conducted in the school from 30 Sep 12 to 09 Oct 12. The cadets were exposed to various NCC training activities like map reading, a route march, field craft, range firing and weapon training during the camp. Five cadets of Class XII attended the Republic Day Camp held in Jan 12 at New Delhi.

Cdt Ronnie T Jacob, achieved Prime Minister’s Silver Medal for best cadet - RD Parade 2012 Lecture by Lt NG Babu, ANO, Senior Division

‘A’ Certificate Exam in progress


Mr. MG Francis Attached Master


Mr. Unnikrishnan Attached Master

Dr. George PI House Master

Cariappa The Crusaders; Born to Lead And Lead to Fight And Fight to Win

Jatheesh M

House Captain

Cariappans kept high hopes and aspiration for

The spirit and Co-operation was reflected in

In Athletics Abhilash Jeevan, Cdt Aztle Khan and

the Academic year 2012-13. We had wonderful

the cleanliness competition where they almost

Prasanth Abhishek bagged gold in 1500 m, Triple

cadets with good physique and academic record.

reached perfection but they had to be contented

jump and 200 m respectively.

The year started with the stunning performance of

with second position.

We are extremely happy to see that two of our

Harikrishnan and Anjali on the stage for Malayalam

Cdt Abhishek Nair and Nitheesh Thomas wielded

cadets HC Jatheesh and Ajeesh have already

debate and attained the first position.

their pen to secure 2 prize in English calligraphy

cleared the SSB and others are waiting for their

In the beginning Cariappans were noticed by

and Essay writing respectively. Sunny Kumar came


one and all by seeing their performance in the

first in the Hindi Essay writing competition.

When we analyse our over all performance we are

ground. They bagged the hat-trick in the trophies

The Cariappans highlighted true sportsmanship

contented. We are runners up in Academics and

such as football, Basket Ball and Hockey under

and team spirit. They were runners up in X country

were placed second in the Cock house race. We

the leadership of Athul V Dev, Bevin and Ajay.

race, obstacle course and PT competition. Shailesh

look up to bag the trophies we lost and determine

House Captain Jatheesh in Football, Rahul Kumar

Raj broke the school record in the individual

to strive hard and achieve the goal in the coming

in Basket ball and Sandeep D in Hockey were

obstacles and HC Jatheesh equalled with the


adjudged as the best players.

school record.


Sagar S B Sergeant

Amal Kiran Sergeant

Sooraj B Uday Sergeant


Mr. Alex Abraham Mr. Arun Kumar MS Mr. Girish KR Attached Master


Attached Master

House Master

Prasad Perfecting to learn beyond boundaries

Eldho Jacob House Captain

The year 2012-2013 was a saga of victories and

the Athletics trophy only by a whisker. The glory

streak by showing their artistic skills and bagged

laurels for the Prasadians. In the field of games, the

was still extended when the Prasadians on test of

the floral design competition. Sgt. Ram Chandar of

green warriors proved their mettle with scintillating

their style and legibility of the alphabets, the House

Prasad House represented the school in Pre-RD II

performance in Volleyball and Cricket. Cdt Jose

won the Hindi calligraphy with the manuscript

and brought glory to the school as well as to the

Tom Abraham and Cdt Jaivishnu led the team from

writer Cdt Ravi Prakash. On the stage, the mighty


the front and thus were adjudged champions in

Prasadians proved their worth and brought laurels

We once again proved that Prasad takes academics

Volleyball. Cdt Sandeep K Suman, Cdt Ravi Prakash

to the house. In the Inter house Declamation

seriously by winning the academic trophy for the

showed their innate skills in Cricket and led the

Competition. House Captain Eldho Jacob C made

6th consecutive year. The names of a few brilliant

house to victory. Also the Prasadians were able to

the audience spell bound with his performance and

scholars are Sgt. Vikas Nair M, Sgt. Sandeep, Cdt

bag the runners up trophy in Hockey, Football and

won the third prize. Sgt. Praveen Anand brought

Akash K.R., Cdt Shahin Salim. We became the

Basket ball. Thus games trophy found its place in

laurels to the house by winning second prize in the

Champion House for the third consecutive year with

the Prasad House.

Inter-house. Hindi Debate competition and bagged

our overwhelming presence in all the curricular,

In the field of Athletics the house secured the

1 prize in Hindi Essay writing. Also Cdt Akhil Raj.

co-curricular and extra curricular activities. With

runners up trophy. Cdt. Richard & Mohith proved

B bagged second prize in Inter House Malayalam

every milestone one achieved, the Prasadians have

that winning medals was just a cake walk. We lost

Debate. The Prasadians continued their winning

also learnt how to better the best.


Sandeep P Sergeant

Vikas Nair M Sergeant

Praveen Anand Sergeant


Mr. NG Babu Attached Master


Mr. KS Antony Attached Master

Mr. P Manoj House Master

Shivaji With thee at the helm, We will win at the end.

Akhil Raj RR House Captain

The year of the lions started off on a fine note by winning the Calligraphy and Essay writing competitions. Later on, in the Debate competition, SCC Ronnie T Jacob, Cdt. Boney Alex, Cdt. Rajat Sharma and Cdt. Ajeesh A K were adjudged individual first. While, efforts of Sgt. Benny Thomas, Cdt. Abhishek U and Cdt. George Luke brought home the Debate Trophy. On the academic turf Cdt. Vishnu V.S, Sr. Sgt. Akshay PS, Cdt. Vishnu Narayan and Cdt. Akhil Rajendran achieved the meritorious merit badge. The Shivajians also had the maximum number of cadets who cleared the UPSC examination. As the saying goes, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’, the Shivajians brought the Cleanliness Trophy to its trophy gallery. The skillful play with words

won Cdt Kiran Gopi the first prize for the best review for the book ‘After You Sir’. The mighty Shivajians proved that they are the most physically fit house of all seniors as they rode on the the first position in PT competition, Cross Country, obstacles and the Athletic competitions. In the one -mile race, Cdt. Ajeesh AK and Cdt Bibin Lal BS clocked the fastest timing of the year Sr. Sgt. Ravindra Kumar let fire on the tracks as he became the sprint king. Cdt. Bibin Lal Cdt. Abhishek KR, Cdt Ajeesh AK, HC Akhil Raj RR, Cdt Sanjeev. K, Cdt Joel KP and Cdt Akhil Babu concreted the base for winning the Athletic trophy as they brought home laurels. The fiery brigade of Shivaji, the class XI cadets, gave their heart and soul for the physically challenging Cross

Country Competition as Cdt. Ashwajith and Cdt. Bibin Lal BS were the individual first and second as they led the house to victory. The monsoon of trophies continued its heavy downpour as the Obstacle Course will not forget the horde of Shivajians as records were shattered as Cdt. Joel K and Cdt. Abee N equalled the school records as the Shivajians went on to bring the trophy to the place it belongs. As one conquer’s the mightiest of peaks, by overcoming challenges, after a long year of struggle and hardwork, as the house motto goes, ‘with thee at the helm we will win at the end’ under the guidance of Manoj Sir and HC Akhil Raj RR, the Shivajians rocked the chariot of glory as they bagged the cock house trophy.

Akshay PS Sergeant

Ravindra Kumar Sergeant

Arjun C Sergeant


Ms. Geetha E Matron


Mr. Mathew K Thomas Mr. Rajesh R Attached Master

Attached Master

Mr. Arun Kumar G House Master

Nehru Success Comes to those Who dare and act

The academic year 2012-13 witnessed the

the 1st position by a whisker. Again, the team

by a fractional difference. House captain Ashik

Nehruvians in the lead for the cock house. Clinching

spirit of the Nehruvians was exhibited when they

Krishnakumar proved to be a true leader of the

the Malayalam Debate, the Nehruvians started

emerged as the champions in the Inter-House

house by clearing the UPSC and the SSB with

their epic run. Due to the brilliant performance

Basket ball competition under the captaincy of

ease. Through out the year, there was only one

put up by Mohammad J.S, the English Debate

Cdt Lokesh Kumar and Cdt Satyam Deep was

motto raging inside everyone’s heart – success

also had the same story to tell. Thus, the Debate

adjudged as the Best player. Nehruvians marked

comes to those who dare and act.”

Trophy was in the deserving hands of Nehruvians.

their presence in Inter school competitions also by

Nehruvians then pocketed the games trophy by

Two of the Nehruvians Cdt. Vikas Kumar and

bagging various prizes in various fields Cdt Vikas

encouraging their agility, team spirit and skills in

Cdt. Akash M Lal secured 10 C.G.P.A in the first

Kumar, an excellent athlete, proved his worth by

hundreds of mind.

term of X standard, thus waving the sky-blue

securing 1 position in 1 mile run 2nd position

We showed our grit by bagging the cleanliness

flag, sky high. Under the leadership of Amrith

in the crosscountry and emerging as the king of

trophy for the 3rd consecutive year. With iron

Bhim, the Hockey Team took over the No. 2 spot

track The rule of Nehruvians over crosscountry

hearts blazing with friendship and brotherhood we

in the Inter House Hockey League and missing

ended after 7 years when they missed the trophy

wielded the shield of glory for being the best lot.



Ashik Krishnakumar House Captain

Midhun K Sergeant

Ajay J



Ms. Geetha E Matron


Mr. Macson M Attached Master

Mr. Jestine KJ Attached Master

Mr. K Rajendran House Master

Rajaji Craving to Learn, to Love and to Serve

The academic year 2012-13 was indeed the most

English Debate. The joint effort put by the Rajajians

Kumar and Harishankar paid off well in Athletics.

glorious and remarkable year in the recent past

helped them win the Spelling Bee and Mathematics

Rajajians held high the saying “a sound mind in

for the Rajajians. We started off well by winning

table Recitation Competitions. In Spelling Bee, Cdt.

a sound body” by winning the PT competition with

the calligraphy competitions. The performances

Vijayramakrishnan won the first position and Cdt

ease. The die-hard Rajajians brought home the cross

of Cdt. Vijay Ramakrishnan, Cdt. Sidharth M, and

Anandhu Raj was awarded the second position in

country trophy with their team spirit and endurance

Cdt. Chandan Kumar in calligraphy were worth

Interhouse Quiz contest. Rajajians also emerged

for the third consecutive time Cdt. Santhosh Kumar

mentioning. With the guidance of our house master,

as the runners up in basketball, football and volley

won the first position in the Cross Country Race.

Mr. K Rajendran, Cdt Sreeram Anil and Cdt. Thomas

ball. Rajaji house cricket team led by Cdt Munna

Cdt. Vaisakh P Kumar was adjudged the third best

George L, the Rajaji house participants for the

Kumar was unbeaten and Cdt Chandan Kumar

reader in junior section. “Cleanliness is close to

English Essay writing competition won the first and

was adjudged the best player in Cricket. The Annual

godliness and the cleanliness trophy found its spot in

second positions respectively. Cdt. Idhun Ramesh

Athletics meet 2012-13 was indeed a milestone for

our trophies collection. The holistic performance of

brought laurels to the house by winning the second

the Rajajians and we brought home the trophy by

Rajajians brought home the academics trophy for the

position in chess competition. The oratory skills of

leaving our rivals far behind. Cdt. Santhosh Kumar

fourth consecutive time. Rajajians were undoubtedly

Cdt. Sharang Rajan and Cdt. Abhyas Kumar kept

Paswan was declared as the best Athlete in junior

the champion house with a huge margin. With lots

the audience spell bound when the house won the

division. The sheer hardwork of our Athletes like

of hopes, we look forward to the coming year to hunt

Hindi Debate and secured runners up position in

Cdt. Sanjai Krishnan, Cdt. Vipul Kumar, Cdt. Abhinav

the cock house.

Mithun M

House Captain

Harikrishnan NS Sergeant

Amrit Ranjan Sergeant


Ms. Asha IV Matron


Mr. PKR Panicker Mr. Rajesh KS Attached Master

Attached Master

Mr. Sambhu R House Master

Veluthampi Think only of the best Work only for the best And expect only the Best.

Drawing inspiration from performances of

the 1st prize in English, 2nd in Malayalam and Hindi

academic trophy by a whisker, contributions made

yesteryears with great enthusiasm and zeal, we

debates respectively.

by Cdt Kaushal. Kishore, Cpl Gautham Vinod and

the ever vibrant veluthampians did not rest on our

Moreover, the Veluthampians showed their

Cpl Abhiraj Anand from Class X and Cdt. Gansan

laurels and added many feathers to our caps.

intellectual might by laying their hands on

Kumar from Class IX are worth mentioning.

The year was off to a good start with Cpl Gautam

quiz and Spelling Bee competition. In spelling

Overall, we missed the prestigious Cock house

Vinod winning 1 position in Malayalam Calligraphy.

Bee competition Cpl. Gautham Mahesh and

trophy by a narrow margin but we made our

In Essay competition we did not lose our pace

Cdt Jithu Francis won 2


presence felt in all the major competitions.

either. Cpl Gautam Vinod, Cpl. Abilash Anand and

position respectively. We were the runners up in

The year was a fruitful one with numerous

Cdt. Fibin Filal won the 1 prize in Malayalam, 2 in

multiplication and recitation competitions. Cpl

achievements and few setbacks. Well, we believe

Hindi and 3 in English essay writing competitions,

Gautham Mahesh won Principal’s special prize in

in learning from mistakes and pressing for the

respectively. The sheer hardwork and endurance

recitation competition.

greater achievements in future. So in the years to

of mighty veluthampians brought the house the

We bore away the games trophy in style with

come with sheer determination and endurance we

runners up trophy in P.T. Competition.

stunning and sterling display of tact and skills. Cdt

hope to top the table in all spheres for we – Think

The audience were spell bound by the outstanding

Aman Badola, Cdt Arjun Raj and Cdt Roshin. S.

only of the best, work only for the best and expect

debating skills of Cpl Gautham Mahesh, Cpl

were adjudged the best players in football, hockey

only the Best”.

Gautham Vinod and Cpl Abhiraj Anand who bagged

and volleyball respectively. Though we missed the






and 3


Jerin Joy

House Captain

Prayag A N Sergeant

AN Ramachandar Sergeant


Ms. Asha IV Matron


Mr. Swathi Jaikumar Ms. Sudhalakshmi Attached Master

Attached Master

Ms. OK Supriya Rani House Master

Ashoka Ajay Vaishak TS House Captain

When others change the rules, We change the game Amal Mohan Sergeant

The cock House trophy which adorned the rampart

1st and 2nd position respectively. This helped us to

competition trophy too. Though Ashokians bagged

of Ashoka house as an inspiring and guiding force

win the English Recitation competition with a huge

2nd position in Academics contributions made by

to the Ashokians, the second consecutive year.


Cdt. Manoj Kumar, Cdt. Rajnish Rajan from class

We started the year by clinching the most coveted

The burning desire of Ashokians to lift the games

VII and Cdt. Mohd. Atique, Cdt. Rahul Ranjan and

cleanliness trophy. The sheer hard work of the

trophy was not in vain. Cdt. Jayesh Balan was

Cdt. Shyam Kurup are worth mentioning.

Ashokians along with the tremendous work of our

adjudged the Best player in Foot ball. Athletics

Even after winning almost all the trophies and

ward boy “Mr Shibu” who is no more, made us lift

trophy also saw its way to Ashoka. Cdt. Jayesh

overall championship – cock house trophy, the

this trophy.

Balan emerged as the Best Athlete. Contributions

Ashokians are not going to rest on the laurels

In calligraphy competition, Cdt. Rahul Raj and

made by other participants also deserve


Cdt. Anita Antony won 1st position for English and

appreciation. Cross country is an event which

“When others change the rules,

Malayalam calligraphy respectively. In the inter

requires high team spirit, and physical stamina.

We change the game” is their motto that keeps

house English debate, the 1 position and the

This year the Ashokians clinched the cross country

their mind tough and strong. The dedicated effort

special prize were bagged by Cdt. Piyush and Mohd.

trophy in which Cdt. Jayesh Balan won the silver

will continue in the coming years….

Atique respectively. In the inter house English

medal for finishing second in the race. Their

recitation, Cdt. Piyush and Cdt. Mohd. Atique won

spirit continued as they lifted the prestigious PT.


Abhijith SN Corporal

Gautam M Corporal

Chandan Kumar Corporal


Ms. Asha IV Matron


Mr. Balamurugan N Mr. Rajan Nampoodiri Attached Master

Attached Master

Mr. Mahadevan Nair House Master

Patel Ajeesh A

House Captain

We act and achieve We Serve and Smile Aravind PK Sergeant

This Academic year, Patel house got ready to

stage Activities performance of Cadets Karthik,

Patelians exhibited true team sportsmanship and

welcome the challenges the year ahead. As a

Akash and Danny are worth mentioning.

team spirit by being the runnersup in PT Compe-

subjunior house enters a new phase of it’s term.

In outdoor activities, as a team Patel showed

titions. Patelians had a strong presence of stage

The spirited and enthusiastic boys prepared

excellent team spirit. We proved ourselves to

activities as well as the cultural activities of the

themselves to raise the competition to the next

be a strong competitor in Games, P.T., Athletics

school. We put up an excellent performance on


and Cross-country. In fact, we missed the cross-

track and field events and bagged several medals

The year was very eventful and the Patelians

country trophy by a narrow margin.

for the house during Annual Athletic Meet.

started with a great spirit. Patelians put up a

Overall, the year gave us mixed emotions in terms

Whatever has been achieved is the fruit of the

strong fight in every field. In Academics cadet’s like

of wins and losses. But the year helped us prove to

teamwork, co-operation and determination of the

Akash, Himanshu, Niranjan secured the individual

everyone that we were worth competing with.

young minds of Patelians. Imbibing lessons from

position in spelling Bee and they together helped

The Patelians have learnt from our defeats and are

the lapses the rejuvenated Patelians await the

the house to achieve the second position. Cadets

ready to face the future challenges. Patelians await

upcoming year with renewed zeal and vigour to

like Amal Prakash and Akash secured prizes in

the coming year toe Fight for Victory and lift the

hunt the Cock house.

Malayalam and Hindi Calligraphy respectively. In

‘Cock House trophy’.

Rahulkumar Corporal

Rohith V Corporal

Midhun M Corporal


Ms. Geetha E Matron


Ms. Sonia R

Attached Master

Mr. Prince Prabakaran House Master

Tagore Anantha Padmanabhan House Captain

A thing well begun is half done Mustaffa Hussain Sergeant

The never giving up Tagorians always bubbling

crowd. By the sheer hard work of Tagorians, they

Krishnan came first and second respectively.

with energy keeping its past glory till date, as they

got the Quiz Trophy.

Above all Tagorians got the Trophy for Best in

kept the majestic brown colour flag flying high

The had work and talents shown by cadets Adarsh,

Academics for the second consecutive year

above all other colours, started the academic

Purushotam and Nileesh, the Tagorians came

with the hard work of cadets worth mentioning

year 2012-13 by clinching the Hindi Debate and

second in athletics. By winning the Cricket Trophy

Harkrishnan, Amal S, Abhay Pradeep etc. Luck did

Malayalam Debate for Sub-Juniors which gave the

which was led by cadet. Abin Joy who was the Best

not favour still because Tagorians lost the Cock

Debate Trophy leaving behind the other houses

player, the Tagorians conquered the Games Trophy.

house trophy by a small margin of marks. But

and making a mark at the very beginning as the

Tagorians came first in the Cross Country and

they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t lose confidence as they are ready for the

proverb goes a thing well begun is half done. Then

continued their winning spree by coming second in

competitions with their counterparts in the coming

was the turn of conquering hearts through mind

Table recitation and Poem recitation competition

Academic session.

freaking and stylish calligraphy trophy where the

for sub-Juniors. Not less, Tagorians got the Chess

cadets Amal VS and Aravind Krishna shone in the

Trophy where cadet. Sreeram and cadet. Anantha

Santosh Kumar B Corporal

Abhijith Suresh Corporal

Nithin PM Corporal


Ms. Asha IV Matron


Ms. Swapna

Attached Master

Ms. Jayasindhu Attached Master

Ms. R Sandhya House Master

Vallathol Nithin Kuriakose House Captain

If you Win you achieve Success If you Fail to Win, You learn a Lesson.

Mohit Kumar

The year 2012-13 turned out to be an excellent year for Vallatholians. The ever-enthusiastic tiny tots of the house took part in all the activities and competitions whole heartedly and brought laurels to the house.

the Football and Cricket ground unchallenged. Our cadets proved their verve and prowess on the courts when cadet Arjun Mohan and Saurav Kumar were adjudged the best players in Football and Cricket respectively.

events and bagged several medals for the house. The names of Arjun Mohan. Manjeeth and Saurav are worth mentioning. The hardworking tiny tots ensured that the house remained spic and span for the cleanliness competition.

The Vallatholians started their winning campaign with numerous prizes in co-curricular activities. The first individual positions were bagged by the Vallatholians in both spelling Bee and Maths Quiz. If it was Manjeeth Kumar and G. Sreeram in spelling Bee. It was Raushan Kumar and Manjeeth who proved to be the future Ramanujams. Again Arjun Aravind won 3rd best reader award in which Aebal Job won the I Prize.

On stage, Cdts Arjun Aravind, Sebastian Jose and Aashley enthralled the audience with their oratory skills. It was vallatholians all through in X-Country race with Cdt. Manjeeth coming first, Cdt. Shiv Sagar and Saurav Kumar following him. Out of the first ten finishers 8 were Vallatholians. This shows the determination energy and sportsman spirit of Vallatholians.

The academic prodigies of the house, Arjun Aravind. G. Sreeram, Aditya Narayan and Adwaith ensured that we were in the race for the Academic trophy till the last moment. Laurels and compliments came pouring in to the house when Arjun Mohan and Manjeeth were named Best Sportsman and Best physically fit cadets of the year.

Our boys proved their worth in test of persistence, will power and endurance by winning the PT Competition by a huge margin. They proved that Freshersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; could infact tone their body in the way Sainik Schools desire within a year. Games trophy easily found its way to the house as cadets Arjun Mohan, Pranoy Amal, Saurav and Manjeeth ruled

We were able to put up a good show in almost all competitions like spelling Bee. Maths Table Recitation etc. In floral design competition for Onam celebrations Vallatholians once again exhibited their artistic talents by creating an Athapookkalam which was appreciated by all. In the annual athletic meet, the hardy, sturdy athletes of Vallathol put up an excellent performance on track and field

Overall, the year 2012-13 turned out to be a mixed year for Vallathol. Whatever has been achieved is the fruit of team work co-operation and above all the spirit of friendliness and cheer that permeates the house and makes everyone feel that they belong to one family, the Vallathol family broadly the Kazhak family. This saying keeps echoeing in the heart of each Vallatholian. If you win you achieve success. If you fail to win, you learn a lessonâ&#x20AC;?.


Thomas George Corporal

Mohammed JS Corporal

Abhiraj Anand Corporal


Ms. Geetha E Matron


Ms. Preethi N Attached Master

Ms. B Radhika Attached Master

Ms. Deepa RVM House Master

VKK Menon Sreehari Uday House Captain

For VKK the best is yet to Come. Benny Thomas Sergeant

In the academic year of 2012-13 VKKM got itself

As cleanliness is next to godliness, we did not

Cdt. Abin secured the trophy for best cadet, Cdt.

ready for receiving the tiny tots of class VI. Being a

go back in cleanliness competition. VKKians,

Akash for best behaviour and Cdt. Nived for best

holding house, we proved our worth in various co-

highlighted their unity and determination by

allrounder from Principal. Atlast we bagged the

curricular and extra curricular activities.

winning cleanliness trophy. VKKians swept all the

king of trophies that is the Cock House Trophy.

We began our success journey by bagging the

major medals in athletics and there by winning

Thus the academic year was very successful as far

1 position in Football tournament. We defeated

the trophy with great margin. Names of cadets

as the VKKians are concerned.

Vallathol in Football tournament. VKKians showed

like Pankaj, Munaz, Nived, Amal, Suman, Jaideep,

Success adorned us due to great perseverance,

their talent in calligraphy. Cdt. Nived P, Shiva.

Ujjawal, again are worth mentioning Cdt. Pankaj

determination and teamspirit shown by every

S.T and Suman Kumar secured 1st in Malayalam,

was adjudged the best athlete in the category. We

member of the house. The spirit of determination,

English and Hind Calligraphy respectively. We also

proved our worth on stage by performing excellently

confidence and the strong will to win will keep our

bagged 1 in chess competition with Munaz and

in Debates and poem recitation even though it was

great quest for the cock house alive.

Jonath winning the 1st and 2 position.

not a competition. We lost the cricket trophy by a

They once again proved that they are the best and

Tiny tots of VKK proved their skill in Maths by

small margin. Academicians of VKK made us prove

always keep their motto, for VKK, the best is yet to

achieving 1

position in Mathematical table

by winning the most precious Academic trophy.


recitation linguistic scholars of VKK bagged

Cdt. Munaz, Cdt. Nived, Cdt Abhin and Cdt Akash

spelling bee competition with ease.

got merit badges for scoring A1 in all subjects.





Abhijith US Corporal

Gautham Vinod Corporal

Santhosh Kumar Corporal


The champions: St. Josephâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School, Thiruvananthapuram

Capt Harshan Memorial Inter School Basketball Tournament was held from 11 Oct 12 to 13 Oct 12. 14 schools in and around Trivandrum participated in this prestigious tournament. Shri PK Subash, Deputy Director General, Doordarshan Kendra, Thiruvananthapuram graced the function as Chief Guest. All the matches were keenly contested displaying the true spirit of sportsmanship. The final match was played between Sainik School Kazhakootam and St Josephâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School Trivandrum.


The Rain

The rain is so beautiful When it rains in my garden My flowers glisten with the sun. When the rain falls on The hills and the valleys It makes our eyes drink in The beauty of nature.


It comes to the earth

We are the cadets of sainik school

When the rain comes

All are very bold and cool.

I like to dance in the rain

We are here to get to our destination

With a mind full of joy.

So that we can serve our lovely nation.

Rain-it makes people joyful

From the beautiful sky to beautify the earth

5135 Sai Krishna TJ

For that there is only one way That is the way to the NDA.

And it might make them sad as well !!

We try our level best to get to the goal And we say this from our soul. We will be the heroes of the nation, And will teach our enemies a good lesson. For our dreams we do work hard, And the dreams will come true If luck is in our favour. We are ready to do or die, Because we are Indians, that â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why. For all these we have to join the defence, And for that there is only one way

5262 Vikas Kumar

That is the way to the NDA.


Hcp Zpc-´]-{X-hmÀ¯



CXp-hsc ]{Xw hcm-ªsX´v? Rm³ Im¯n-cp-¶p. c≠v N{I-h≠n Nhn«n ]{X-¡m-c³ hcp-¶p. X\n¡v th≠m-s¯mcp IS-em-kp-IjvWw t]mse ]{Xw Fsâ ap¼n-se-dn-ªn«v t]mbn. Rm³ ]{X-sa-Sp¯v hmbn¨p. sR«n-¡p-s¶mcp hmÀ¯-bm-bn-cp¶p AXv. ap³]n-es¯ t]Pn cà-\n dw sIm≠v Fgp-Xn-bn-cn-¡p¶p. IpSpw-_-sIm-e-]m-XIw Aѳ ]nSn-bnÂ. Rm³ ]{Xw AÑ\pw A½bv¡pw ImWn-¨p-sIm-Sp-¯p. Rm³ hni-Z-ambn hmbn¨p. sImÃw \K-c¯nse ]p¶-¡mSv F¶ Øe¯v Hc-ѳ el-cn-{`m-´n `mcy-sb-bpw a¡-sfbpw hIh-cp-¯n. hÀj-§-fmbn Rm³ ]{Xw hmbn-¡m³ XpS-§n-bn«v. BZy-am-bn-«mWv C§s\ sR«n-¡p¶ Hcp hmÀ¯ hmbn¡p-¶-Xv. AÑs\ Im¯n-cn-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p c≠p-a-¡fpw BSn-¡p-g-sªmcp icocw hSn-bp-am-bn«v h¶v a¡-sf -X-Ãm³ XpS-§n. XS-bm³ h¶ A½sb Xe-bv¡-Sn¨p sIm¶p. B Aѳ a¡sf ASn-¨p-hogv¯n. t_mUn Hcp s]m«¡n-Wd- n hen-¨n-«p. _m¡n-hc- n-IÄ hm-bn¡m³ F\n¡v Ign-ªn-Ã. kaq-l¯n C§s\bpÅhcp-s≠-¦n Ah-cpsS IpSpw-_hpw CtX KXn-bm-Ipw. kaq-l-¯n C¯-c-¡m-cpsS F®w IqSn hcn-I-bm-Wv. aZy-¯n \½psS tIcfw ap§ns¡m-≠n-cn-¡p-¶p. IpSpw-_-§fpw IpSpw_ _Ô-§fpw aZy-sa¶ kv]ncn-än ap§n I¯n-b-Wªp t]mIp-¶p. Aev]-t\-cs¯ kpJ-¯n-\p-th≠n ]Ww sNe-hm¡n a\pjy³ Hcm-]-¯ns\ Xs¶ ho«n-te¡v Iq«n-s¡m≠phcn-I-bm-Wv. el-cn-b-S-§p-t¼mÄ sIme-]m-X-In-bmb AÑsâ DÅnse Aѳ DWÀ¶p hcpw. At¸mÄ Aѳ Xsâ a¡-fpsS ih-i-co-c-§Ä I≠v F{X-am{Xw ZpxJn¡pw! AXn\v Imc-W-¡m-c³ Xm³ Xs¶-bm-sW¶v Xncn-¨-dn-bp-t¼mÄ AbmÄ¡v {`m´p ]nSn-¡ntÃ? B AÑ-tâbpw a¡-fp-tSbpw PohnXw ]n¨n No´nb aZy-sa¶ ]nimNns\ \mw ChnsS \n¶v B«n-bn-d-¡-Ww. kaqlw Hä-s¡-«mbn Cu Zpc-´-¯n-s\-Xncmbn kwL-Sn-¡-Ww.


The Mango Tree Near my house stands a mango tree, I knew it since I was three. Its wide and lovely shade Made my sadness fade. When I sit under the tree My mind is relaxed and free. When the summer turns in My tree is full of mangoes Of vibrant yellow and rose; I ‘d climb my tree and please my tummy. And the jolly summer passed Little did I know my happiness Would end one day, Till that I was carefree and gay. But that fateful day came; my tree Was chopped and taken away!

5205 Dannie Sumodh



®úÊ´É EÖò¨ÉÉ®ú

ʽþ¨¨ÉiÉ ¨ÉiÉ ½þÉ®úÉä


kmKcw kmK-c-¯n-¶À°w F{X-sbt¶mXm³ Ign-bnà B alm-ßm-hn-\-X-dnbmw

ªÉÊnù EòÉäÊ¶É¶É Eò®úiÉä ½þÉä, Ê¡ò®ú ¦ÉÒ ºÉ¡ò±ÉiÉÉ xɽþÓ Ê¨É±ÉÒ iÉÉä ÊxÉ®úÉ¶É ¨ÉiÉ ½þÉäxÉÉ * =ºÉ ´ªÉÊHò EòÉä ªÉÉnù Eò®úÉä ÊVɺÉxÉä 21 ´É¹ÉÇ EòÒ =©É ¨Éå ´ÉÉbÇ÷ ¨É䨤ɮú EòÉ SÉÖxÉÉ´É ±Éc÷É +Éè®ú ½þÉ®ú MɪÉÉ* 22 ´É¹ÉÇ ¨Éå ¶ÉÉnùÒ EòÒ {É®ú +ºÉ¡ò±É ®ú½þÉ* 24 ´É¹ÉÇ EòÒ =©É ¨Éå ´ªÉ´ÉºÉÉªÉ ÊEòªÉÉ {É®ú xÉÉEòɨɪÉÉ¤É ®ú½þÉ* 27 ´É¹ÉÇ EòÒ =©É ¨Éå =ºÉEòÒ {ÉixÉÒ xÉä =ºÉä iɱÉÉEò näù ÊnùªÉÉ* +{ÉxÉä 32 ¨Éå ´Éå ¤ÉºÉÆiÉ Eäò ¤ÉÉnù ºÉÉƺÉnù {Énù Eäò ʱÉB JÉc÷É ½Öþ+É +Éè®ú ½þÉ®ú MɪÉÉ * 32 ´É¹ÉÇ ¨Éå EòÉÄOÉäºÉ ºÉÒxÉä]õ Eäò ʱÉB JÉc÷É ½Öþ+É +Éè®ú ¨ÉÉiÉ JÉÉ MɪÉÉ* 47 ºÉÉ±É EòÒ =©É ¨Éå ={É-®úɹ]Åõ{ÉÊiÉ {Énù Eäò ʱÉB JÉc÷É ½Öþ+É +Éè®ú {É®úɺiÉ ½þÉä MɪÉÉ* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ, ´É½þÒ iªÉÊHò 51 ´É¹ÉÇ EòÒ +´ÉºlÉÉ ¨Éå +¨ÉäÊ®úEòÉ EòÉ ®úɹ]Åõ{ÉÊiÉ ¤ÉxÉÉ* =ºÉEòÉ xÉÉ¨É lÉÉ +¥Éɽþ¨É ˱ÉEòxÉ * <ºÉʱÉB ¨Éé Eò½þiÉÉ ½ÚÄþ, ʽþ¨¨ÉiÉ ¨ÉiÉ ½þÉ®úÉä *

B ]hn-{X-amb clkyw Btcmcpw Adn-bmsX BtcmSpw ]d-bmsX X¶p-Ån Im¯p kq£n-¡p-¶À°w kpIr-X-kz-cq]w F{X at\m-lcw kuc-a-Þ-es¯ Xm§p¶ kXy kzcq-]ta Fs¶¶pw \s½-Im-¯p-sImÄIt½ Fsâ-bà \ntâ-bp-aà \½psS IS-e-½.



\½psS ssZhw


{ioPn-¯v. F

th\¡m-e¯v ]S-cp¶ Hcp AkpJw _m[n¨v Fsâ IpSpw_w heªp. Rm³ ac-§-tfmSv Im«nb {Iqc-Xbv¡v In«nb {]Xn-^-e-am-sW¶v Btcm-]-d-ªp.

Rm³ cmap. F\n¡v Hcp tPmenbpw Iqenbpw D≠m-bn-cp-¶n-Ã. F\n¡v ac-§-tfmtSm sNSn-I-tfmtSm H¶pw XmXv]-cy-an-Ãm-bn-cp-¶p. Fsâ hosSmcp sIm¨p IpSn-em-bn-cp-¶p. ]s£ Hcn-¡Â Rm³ Fsâ amasâ ho«n tPmen-tX-Sn-t¸mbn AhnsS F\n¡v acw sh«p¶ tPmen-X¶p. Rm³ At±lw ]d-bp-¶-X-\p-k-cn¨v Hmtcm Im«n sN¶v acw sh«m³ XpS§n. A§s\ F\n¡v \à i¼fw In«n-¯p-S-§n. A§s\ Rm³ \sÃmcp IÃp-h¨ hoSp-sI-«n Xma-kn¡m³ XpS-§n. kz´-ambn XSn-¡S XpS§n. BÄ¡msc \nb-an-¨v XSn-sh«n hnäv \Ã-Im-ip-≠m-¡n. hen-sbmcp ]W-¡m-c-\m-bn-¯oÀ¶p.- ]s£ Fs¶ Cu -\n-e-bn-se-¯n¨ ac-§Ä FÃmw t]mbn-¡-gn-ªn-cp-¶p. Rm³ AsXm¶pw Imcy-am-¡msX ac-§Ä sh«n hn¡m³ XpS-§n. A§s\ Rm³ IeymWw Ign¨v Ip«n-bp-ambn kpJ-am-bn-cp¶ Imew. Hcp th\¡mew. sImSpw Nq-Sv; InW-änepw Ipf-¯nepw F§pw Hcp XpÅn shÅ-an-Ã. F¦nepw Rm³ IÀ®-S-I-¯n Hcp Øe¯v ac-§Ä hnev¡m-\p-s≠-¶-dnªv ac-¡-¨-h-S-¯n-\mbn At§m«p t] mbn Znh-k-§Ä Ign-ªv Xn-cn¨v Fsâ ho«n-se-¯n-b-t¸mÄ Rm³ I≠Xv P\-§Ä Fsâ ho«n IqSn-\n¡p-¶-Xm-bn-cp-¶p. AhtcmSp Rm³ tNmZn¨p F´n\m \n§-fn-hnsS IqSn\n¡p¶sX¶v. Bcpw Ft¶m-sSm¶pw ]d-ªn-Ã. Rm³ sasà ho«nsâ AI-t¯¡p t\m¡n. th\¡m-e¯v ]S-cp¶ Hcp AkpJw _m[n¨v Fsâ IpSpw_w heªp. Rm³ ac-§-tfmSv Im«nb {Iqc-Xbv¡v In«nb {]Xn-^-eam-sW¶v Btcm-]-d-ªp. t\m¡n-b-t¸mÄ Fsâ `mcybpw Ipªpw acn¨p InS-¡p-¶p. ih-a-S-¡-¯n-\p-tijw Npäpw Rm³ A©m-dp- a-c§Ä \«p. ]ns¶ Im«n- ]p-Xnb ac-¯nsâ ssXIÄ \Sm³ XpS§n. F¶n«v AXn Rm³ Znh-khpw shÅ-sam-gn-¡m-\pw XpS-§n. A§s\ C{Xbpw Imew acw sh«n-hnä Rm³ Ct¸mÄ Hcp ac-kvt\ln-bm-bn-am-dn. Cu kw`hw thsd BÀ¡pw hcm-Xn-cn-¡m³ Rm³ ] d-bp¶p acw \½psS ssZh-amWv. AXns\ t{Zmln-¨m AXpw Xncn¨v t{Zmln-¡pw.


Fs¶ Rm\m-¡nb

Fsâ hnZym-ebw 4556

\nXn³ Ipcy-t¡mkv hb-\m-«n-epÅ HcpsIm¨p {Kma-¯nse Hcp IÀjI IpSpw-_amWv Ftâ-Xv. F«p hÀj-§Ä¡p ap¼v Ig-¡q«w ssk\nI kv¡qfn AUvan-j³ In«n F¶ hmÀ¯ tI«-t¸mÄ Rm³ XpÅn-¨m-Sn. tN«³ ]dªp am{Xw tI«n-«pÅ B AÛp-X-temI-¯n-te¡v Rm\pw t]mIp-I-bm-Wv. F¶m ChnsS h¶v BZys¯ H¶p c≠p amk-§Ä t\cntS≠n h¶ {][m\ i{Xp Cw¥o-jm-bn-cp-¶p. ae-bmfw aoUn-b-¯n ]Tn-¨p-h¶ F\n¡v aäpÅ Ip«n-IÄ ]d-bp-¶-sX-´m-sW-t¶m, Sot¨gvkv ]Tn-¸n-¡p¶-sX-´m-sWt¶m H¶pw a\-Ên-em-Ip-am-bn-cp-¶n-Ã. amk-§Ä Ign-ª-t¸mÄ Iq«p-Im-cn \n¶pw Rm³ Ipsd hm¡p-IÄ ]Tn-s¨-Sp-¯p. F¶m At¸mgpw ¢mÊp-I-fn Rm³ Hcp _[n-c-s\-t¸mse Ccp-¶p. F\n¡v FÃm ]co-£-I-fnepw tami-amb amÀ¡p-IÄ am{Xw In«n. F¶m AXve-än-Ivknepw Ifn-¡-f-§-fn-ep-apÅ Fsâ anI¨ {]I-S-\-§Ä Fs¶ Iq«p-ImÀ¡n-S-bn {i²n-¡-s¸-Sm³ klm-bn-¨p, B hÀjw dnkÄ«p h¶-t¸mÄ Rm³ tXmäp. ]s£ B tXmÂhn BZyw Fs¶ \ncm-i-\m-¡n-sb-¦nepw Fsâ ]T-\-¯n\v Hcp hgn-¯ncn-hm-bn. F\n¡v ¢mÊp-IÄ ]Xps¡ ]Xps¡ a\-Ên-em-Im³ XpS-§n. ]T-\-¯nepw Rm³ tami-a-Ãm¯ coXn-bn apt¶dm³ XpS-§n. AtXmsS ssk\n-I-kv¡q-fn Fsâ hfÀ¨bpsS L«w Bcw-`n-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. tlm¡n-bnepw t{Imkv I¬{Sn-bn-epapÅ Fsâ anI¨ {]I-S-\-¯n\v AwKo-Im-c-§Ä In«n XpS-§n. {Kmao-W-X-bpsS apX¡q-«mbn F\n¡p In«nb hn\-b-]qÀÆ-apÅ s]cp-amäw A²ym-]-IÀ¡n-S-bn F\ns¡mcp Øm\w t\Sn-X-¶p. k_v Pq\n-bÀ luÊn Xma-kn-

¡m-\mbn sXc-sª-Sp-¡-s¸« Hcp F«mw-¢mÊv hnZymÀ°n-bmIm³ F\n¡p Ign-ªp. A¶p apX ka-bm-k-abw Pq\n-tbgvkns\ sdUn-bm-Im³ klm-bn-¡m\pw Ahsc \nb-{´n-¡m-\ p-apÅ Ah-kcw e`n-¨p. A§-s\- Fsâ t\XrXz ]cn-io-e\w AhnsS XpS-§n. AXn-\p-tijw 10þmw ¢mÊn-em-b-t¸mÄ hÅ-t¯mÄ lukn tImÀ¸-d-embn Rm³ \nb-an-X-\m-bn. AtXmsS Fsâ DÅnse {Kmao-W-tâ-Xmb eÖbpw DÄh-en-b-ep-sams¡ Ft§m t] mbn ad-ªp. Ccp-]-¯n-\m-ep-a-Wn-¡qdpw luÊn FÃmhcpw {i²n-¡-s¸-Sp-¶-h-\mbn Rm³ amdn. Fsâ Ne-\-§fpw thjhpw kwkm-chpw FÃmw Hcp eoU-dn-\p -tbm-Pn-¡p¶ hn[¯n-em-¡m³ Rm³ {ian-¨p. Adp-]-tXmfw Ip«n-I-fpsS A¨-S¡-¯nsâ Npa-Xe Gsä-Sp-¡p¶ Hcp tImÀ¸-d-ensâ Npa-Xe Gsd-bm-Wv. kz`m-h-¯n IÀ¡-i-\m-bn-cp¶p Rm³. in£-IfpsS ]cn-[n-IÄ ewLn-¡m-Xn-cn-¡m³ F\n¡v \à {]b-Xv\nt¡≠n h¶n-«p-≠v. lukn A¨-S-¡-ew-L\w \S-¡m³ ]

mSn-Ã. AtX kabw in£-I-fpsS ]cn-[n-IÄ adn-I-S-¡m\pw ] mSn-Ã. ]e-t¸mgpw IS-en\pw sNIp-¯m\pw CS-bnÂs¸«t¸mse Rm³ At£m`y-\m-bn-«p-≠v. B kµÀ`-§-fn-seÃmw Fsâ luÊvam-ÌÀ D]-tZ-i-§-fn-eq-sSbpw Nne-t¸mÄ kvt\l-]qÀhamb imk-\-I-fn-eq-sSbpw Fs¶ t\Àh-gn¡v \S-¡m³ klmbn-¨p. Hcp FSp¯p Nm«-¡m-c\pw ap³tIm-]n-bp-amb Fsâ Bß-kw-b-a-\-¯nsâ ]mT--§Ä ]Tn-¡m³ t{]cn-¸n-¨-Xv Fsâ lukvam-Ì-dm-Wv. Fsâ luknse H«p-ap-¡m t]cpw Ft¶mSp kl-I-cn-¨p. kXy-¯n Fsâ hnP-b-¯n-\m-[mcw AhÀ Xs¶-bmWv F¶p ]d-tb-≠n-h-cpw. an¡-t¸mgpw ImÀ¡-iy-¡m-c-\mb tImÀ¸-d Bbn-cp¶p Rm³. AXp-sIm≠v Xs¶ AhÀ DbÀ¶ ¢mÊpI-fn F¯p-t¼mÄ Fs¶ thdp-t¸msS t\m¡n-Im-Wp-sa¶v Rm³ Icp-Xn.- F-¶m C¶-hÀ F\n¡v h¨p-\o-«m-dpÅ kvt\ lm-Z-c-§Ä Fs¶ ]e-t¸mgpw AXn-i-b-¸n-¡p-Ibpw kt´m-j65

5193 Sooraj Krishna.S


Which is the world’s largest & heaviest bird of prey?


Which is the world’s whitest substance?


What is the name of the world’s longest railway platform?


Who wrote the famous play Hamlet?


Who is the world’s richest Indian?


Which are the species of parakeet & primate endemic to Western Ghats?


Which nation has most number of obese people?


Which is the pigment responsible for the dark colour of black panther?


To which planet was the Viking 1 and Viking 2 launched?


Who found the “Theory of Relativity”?

¯m hoÀ¸p-ap-«n-¡p-Ibpw sN¿m-dp-≠v. ]n¶oSv kÀPâm-b-t¸mÄ hfsc A\m-bmkw F\n¡v Fsâ tPmen \nÀÆ-ln-¡m³ Ign-ªp. 11þmw ¢mÊn-se-¯p-t¼mÄ \ mw Gähpw IqSp-X B{K-ln-¡p-¶Xv kplr-¯p-¡tfm-sSm¸w kabw sNe-h-gn-¡m-\m-Wv. F¶m kÀP-âmb F\n¡v AXn\p e`n-¨n-cp¶ Ah-k-c-§Ä hfsc Ipd-hm-bn-cp-¶p. AXv Fs¶ thZ-\n-¸n-¡p-sa-¦nepw luknse Ip«n-IÄ \ ÂIp¶ AwKo-Imcw F\n¡v Bizm-kw \ÂIn. lukvIym-]vä³ Bb-tXmsS Fsâ D¯-c-hm-Zn-¯-§Ä hÀ²n66


Andean condor


Titanium Oxide


Kharaghpur (west Bengal)




Mukesh Ambani


Malabar Parakeet & Liontailed Macaque







10. Albert Einstein

¨p-sh-¦nepw ]T\ kw_Ô-amb Xnc-¡p-IÄ ImcWw Rm³ lukn Nne-h-gn-¡p¶ kabw Ipd-ªp. Cu hÀjw hÅ-t¯mÄ tlmÄUnwKv lukmbn amdn-b-tXmsS Bdmw ¢mÊp-ImÀ am{X-ambn. Fs¶-t¸mse Cu kvIqfn thcp-]n-Sn-¸n-¡m³ sshIp-¶-hsc F\n¡v Xncn-¨-dn-bm-\m-bn. AhÀ¡v th≠ klm-b-§Ä \ÂIm³ Xnc-¡n-\n-S-bnepw Rm³ kabw Is≠-¯n. C¶v Rm³ hnS-hm-§p-t¼mÄ `mhn-bn Rm³ F´mbnXocpsa¶v bmsXmcp \nÝ-bhpw F\n-¡n-Ã. F¦nepw Hcp Imcy¯n F\n-¡p-d-¸p-≠v. GXp- ta-J-e-bn Rm³ F¯n-bmepw

AhnsS anI¨ {]I-S-\-§Ä ImgvN-h-bv¡m³ F\n¡v Ignbpw. \m«n³ ]pd¯pImc-\pw AÚm-\nbp-am-bn-cp¶ Fs¶ C¶s¯ Rm\m-¡n-XoÀ¯Xv Fsâ hnZym-eb PohnXw BsW¶v F\n¡v \nÊw-ibw ]d-bm³ Ign-bpw. C§s\ Fs¶ hfÀ¯n hep-Xm-¡nb Fsâ hnZym-e-b-t¯mSv F\n¡v ]d-ªmepw ]d-ªmepw Xocm¯ \µn-bm-Wp-Å-Xv. AXn-\m IrX-Ú-Xm-\nÀ`-c-amb a\-tÊmsS Fsâ hnZym-ebs¯ Rm³ \an-¡p-¶p. `mhn-bn Cu hnZym-ebw alm {] Xn-`-I-fpsS DZ-b-¯n\v Imc-W-am-Is« F¶v {]mÀ°n-¡p-¶p.

Effect of numbers in Ramanujam’s Life Ramanujam was born on 22nd Dec 1887. He was a great mathematician. Though he lived only for a very short span his contributions to the world in the field of Maths were very high. He died at a young age of 33 in 1920. So, I have a better way to honour the great mathematician whose 125th birth anniversary fell on Dec 22nd 2012 with some number tricks. Ramanujam’s birthday is very special. How? Ramanujam’s date of birth, 22/12/1887, happens to be the 1396426th prime number where 1396426=2x31x101x223. These four prime factors add up to 357. Coincidently, Ramanujam’s birthday 22 December was the 357th day of 2012. Ramanujam’s birthday is numerically connected to Euler’s number. How? Ramanujam’s birthday 22/12/1887 can be constructed using the first ten digits of Euler’s number without using any arithmetic. The first ten digits of Euler’s number are 2,718281828. Go ahead and try it. (Hint: place each pair of the four 8 digits on top of each other) Ramanujam’s birthday 22 December is also connected to the first 3 digits of pi. How? Go ahead and find half the sum of the squares of number 22 and 12 (which represents 22nd December) What comes out:314 The prime factors of 1729 also lead to Ramanujam’s year of death. How? Primes 7 and 13 add up to 20 and 19 and 20 side by side yield 1920, the year Ramanujam died. There is a numerical connection between Ramanujam’s name and death day. Why? One fourth of the product of numbers 112 and 93 (representing Srinivasa Ramanujan) yield 2604.That is, April 26.

5174 Gokul .J.S



5179 Nithin P S

What do you know about Mathematics? If I guess your answer, it will be like this, “A boring subject which you have to sit and study for the exam or the hardest thing to do in the world.” But that is not the real answer and that is not the thing that came to exist when you where born or when you went to school for the first time. Mathematics is an essential part of our life which we can never avoid, and it was formed millions and millions of years ago when life first formed on the earth. And it is not a burden that compels you to write your exam but the most basic thing of our day-to-day life. It is used in every field, every game, every place and in every thing. This is the only thing that makes you think. If you ever try to think of a life without Mathematics, well, you cannot even think of it. Let’s imagine a day without Mathematics.


When the day begins we just want to know the time. But there is no Mathematics and hence there are no numbers to express time. This itself is a good example to show how important Mathematics is. Another fact is that without Mathematics no work can be done. I can show you that with some examples. If the tyres of a car have different circumferences, whatever would happen to the journey with four tyres of different sizes! Consider some other cases. If the measurement is not taken for the construction of a building, the building can’t be made; if there is no counting of numbers, a school cannot take the admission of children because they can’t be counted; If we don’t know how to measure the volume of a dam, the dam could poise a big danger to our life. Don’t take Mathematics as a bane but learn to take it as a boon.


|É´ÉÒhÉ ½þ®úÒ

vÉÚ±É EòÒ ¨É½þkÉÉ ¨ÉÉ]õÒ ½þ¨ÉÉ®úÒ {ɽþSÉÉxÉ ½èþ ¨ÉÉ]õÒ ½þ¨ÉÉ®úÒ Ê´É®úɺÉiÉ ½èþ <ºÉ vÉÚ±É ¨Éå ±ÉÉä]õ-{ÉÉä]õ Eò®ú ½þ¨É ¤Écä÷ ½þÉäiÉä ½éþ iɦÉÒ iÉÉä ½þ¨ÉÉ®äú näù¶É ¦ÉHò <ºÉä +{ÉxÉä ¨ÉÉlÉä ºÉä ±ÉMÉÉiÉä ½éþ* iɦÉÒ iÉÉä ½þ¨É ¸ÉrùÉ - xÉiÉ ½þÉä ½þ¨ÉÉ®äú {ÉÚVªÉ SÉ®úhÉ - vÉÚ±ÉÒ EòÉä ¨ÉÉlÉä {É®ú SÉgøÉiÉä ½éþ* Ê¡ò®ú CªÉÉå näù®ú ½þÉä ½þ¨É ºÉ¤É +ÉMÉä +ÉBÄ +Éè®ú ½þ¨É ¤ÉSSÉä +{ÉxÉÒ ¨ÉÉ]õÒ EòÒ ®úIÉÉ EòÉ ºÉÆEò±{É ±Éå *

The Wonderful Life The hardest things to do in life Is TO BEGIN, And the best day to begin Is TODAY. Life will be handicapped when You are in FEAR, And the easiest thing to do Is to FIND FAULTS. The most useless asset Is PRIDE, And the most useful asset Is HUMILITY. It is this, the wonderful LIFE! The greatest mistake you do

5084 Fibinfilal

Is when you GIVE UP, And the greatest word which motivates you Is an inspiring “YOU CAN”. The greatest comfort you get Is when you hear, “WELL DONE”, And the most disagreeable person You see in life is “THE COMPLAINER’ The greatest need of the hour Is COMMON SENSE, And the meanest feeling Is when you REGRET AT ANOTHER’S SUCCESS. It is this, the wonderful life! The best gift in life Is FORGIVENESS,

And the greatest knowledge Is EXPERIENCE. The most painful thing to accept Is DEFEAT, And the greatest moment Is DEATH. The greatest thing in life Is LOVE, And the greatest success in the world, Is WINNING HEARTS. The greatest achievement is PEACE OF MIND It is this, a treasure of sorrows and Happiness that constitutes a wonderful life!!


iiw {ioh-Õ³

AXn-cm-hn-se Xs¶ Ipfn¨v A¼-e-¯n t]mbn«v AXp-h-gns\bv¯p ime-bn-te-¡p-t]m-bn. B\-µ³ apX-em-fn-bpsS s\bv¯p ime-bpsS sXm«-Sp-¯pÅ AwK³hm-Sn-bnse Ip«n-IÄ¡v hnjp-ss¡-\o«w sImSp-¡m-\mWv Aev]w t\c-t¯-t]m-bX - v. Ip«n-IÄ¡p-am-{X-aà - , So¨-dn-\pw. Xte¶p Xs¶ So¨À Ip«n-I-tfmSp ]dªph¨n-cn-bv¡p-I-bmWv. s\bv¯p-im-e-bn Xdn-IÄ \-¶m-¡m³ t]mbn-Xp-S-§nb Imew sXm«pÅ ]Xn-hm-Wn-Xv.

""GXm B Ip«n?'' Rm³ So¨-tdm-Sp t- Nm-Zn-¨p. ""tZs≠ B t\tc-bpÅ ho«n C¶se Xmak-¯n-\p-h¶ - X - m. hmS-Ibv¡v, iim-¦sâ tN«\pw IpSpw-_h - pw.'' s\bvXp ime-bnse ss{Uh-dmWv iim-¦³. AhÀ t\ct¯ Fhn-sS-bm-bn-cp¶p? Ah-cpsS ho«n-em-bn-cp¶p.""Ah-cn-jvSs- ¸-«p- I-eymWw Ign-¨X - m.

Ahn-sS -s\-¿m³ hcp¶hcpsS Ip«n-I-fmWv AwK-hm-Sn-bn-epÅ-Xn IqSp-X-epw. BsI ]Xn-\-©n\p Xmsgtb hcp-¶pÅp. Bbbpw So¨-dpambn Hcm-tf-bp-Åq. A£cw ]Tn-¸n-¡m \pw, ]m«p-]-Tn-¸n-¡m\pw Blm-c-ap-≠m-¡n-sIm-Sp-¡m-\p-sa-Ãmw. Ip«n-IÄ Blmcw Ign-¨n«v InS-¶p-d-§pw. At¶cw Fsâ-Sp¯-hcpw H¶pw c≠pw ]d-bm³. B hÀ¯-am-\-¯n apÅpw, ]qhp-ap-≠m-hpw. Rm³ AhnsS sNÃp-t¼mÄ Ip«n-IÄ Im-¯p-\n¸p-≠m-bn-cp¶p. So¨dpw, Fs¶¡≠p Ip«n-I-tfmSn ASp-¯p-h-¶p. ""amam ssI\o«w amam sI\o-«w.'' Rm\-Sp-t¯-bv¡p-sN¶p ]d-ªp, ""Bcpw _lfw hbvt¡≠ FÃm-hÀ¡pw ssI\o«w Xcp-¶p≠v.'' FÃm-hÀ¡pw ssI\o«w sImSp-¯p. ""FÃmÀ¡p-amtbm?'' 70

""Bbn, Bbn,'' Ip«n-IÄ hnfn-¨p-]-d-ªp. CÃ. ""-So-¨-dpsS i_ vZw, So¨-dn\pw sImSp-¯p. So¨À F\n¡pw X¶p. ssI¿n Icp-Xn-bn-cp¶ \mWbw apgp-h³ Ip«n-IÄ¡pw apXnÀ¶hÀ¡p-ambn sImSp-¯p-XoÀ¯v Rm³ AI-t¯-bv¡p-I-b-dn. amam F\nbv¡pw s]s«¶v Xncn-ªp-t\m¡n. Fsâ t\tc heXp-I¿pw \o«n-\n¡p-¶p. Hcp kpµ-cn-¡p-«n. Hcp Ipªp-amemJ Rm³ t]m¡-än ssIbn-«p. Hcp ss]k-bp-an-Ã. Rm\m sI hÃm-Xm-bn. tamfn-§-Sp-¯-hm. ""tamfpsS t]sc´m?'' ""IeymWn.'' B i_vZ-¯n\pw Hcp a[p-cw. ""FhnsSbmhoSv?'' Ipªv H¶pw ]d-ªn-Ã. ]ns¶ Fsâ ssI¿n ss]k-sbÃmw XoÀ¶p-t]m-bn. ASp¯ {]mhiyw BZyw tamÄ¡v Xcpw. amemJ-bpsS apJw a§n AhÄ Xncn-¨p-t]m-bn. Rm\¸-t\cw B t]m¡pw t\m¡n-\n-¶p. ""GXm B Ip«n?'' Rm³ So¨-tdm-Sp -tNm-Zn-¨p. ""tZs≠ B t\tcbpÅ ho«n C¶se Xma-k-¯n-\p-h-¶-Xm. hmS-Ibv¡v, iim¦sâ tN«\pw IpSpw-_-hpw.'' s\bvXp ime-bnse ss{Uh-dmWv iim-¦³. AhÀ t\ct¯ Fhn-sS-bm-bn-cp¶p? Ah-cpsS ho«n-em-bn-cp-¶p. ""Ah-cn-jvS-s¸-«p- I-eymWw Ign-¨-Xm. ]ns¶s´m -I-i-]n-i. C¶se ChnsS h¶n«pw Ipsd-t\cw hg-¡pIq-Sp-¶Xv tI«p. iim-¦-\mWv B\-µ³ apX-em-fn-sb-s¡m≠v Cu hoSv icn-bm-¡n¨p sImSp-¯-Xv. Mm. icn icn, F\nbv¡v tPmen-bp-≠v.'' ""At§m«v sNÃv. ]ntÅcp _lfw hbv¡p-¶p≠v.'' So¨À t]mbn. Rm³ tPmen XpS-§n. apX-em-fn-bpsS `mcy At¸mÄ Ahn-tSbv¡v h¶v Ft¶m-Smbn tNmZn-¨p. ""\½sf \ tSse ho«nev ]pXnb Xma-k-¡mcv h¶-X-dnªm?'' Mm So¨À ]d-ªp. ""B sNdn-b-Ip«n ChnsS h¶n-cp-¶p.'' ""B Ip«nbm, s]¦p-«nbm? s]¬Ip-«n, Mm AXv Ftf-Xv. B Ip«nbm aq¯-Xv. iim-¦³ ]d-tªm-≠mWv Chsâѳ ho«nsâ Xmt¡mephm-§n-¨p-sIm-Sp-¯Xv ]t£ icn-bm-thm¶p tXm¶¶n-Ã. Ah¡v ChnsS Xma-kn-¡-WXv CjvtSm-Ã. cm{Xn `b¦c hg-¡m-cv¶v. Ahfv h≠n-sc-ap-s¼-NmSpw sIW-än-¨mSpw Fs¶m-s¡-¸-dªv BÄ¡msc Hd-§m³ k½-Xn-¨n-Ã. Ahkm\w Chn-Ss¯ tamemfn FS s]«mWv Hcp hn[w HXp-¡n-bXv. Mm Zm At½w tamfpw Ct§m-«p-h-c-Wv. taincn H¶p-]-dªv kam-[m-\-s¸-Sp-¯tW!''

News Paper

5265 Dheeraj.S.S

Rms\´v ]d-bm-\mWv? F\n-¡-hsc ]cn-N-b-an-Ã. Ah-cpsS {]iv\-§fpw F\n-bv¡-dn-bnà ]ns¶-Rm-s\´v ]d-bm³? At¸m-tgbv¡v Ah-c-Sp-s¯-¯n. Ieym-Wn-bpsS AtX apJw Xs¶ A½bv¡pw AÃ. A½-bpsS apJw Xs¶ IeymWnbv¡v A½-bpsS apJw Aev]w Icªv Ie-§n-bp-«ps≠t¶bpÅq. IÃm-Wo..... Rm³ shdpsX hnfn¨p B\-µ³ apX-em-fn-bp-sa¯n Ft¶m-Sp-]-dªp ""FtSbv hnPbm ChnsS ASp-¯pÅ InW-dp-IÄ AS-¨p-]q«nbnS-Ww. CXnte HmSp¶ s{Sbn\pI-tfmSpw kq£n-t¨m-Sm³ ]d-b-Ww. `oj-Wn-bp-≠v. ]nt¶-bv, GsX-¦nepw H¶v Dd-¸n-¨n«v Adn-bn-¨m \¶m-bn-cp¶p. s{Sbn\m \Ã-Xv. sIW-änsem¶p shÅ-an-Ã.'' apX-em-fnbpw `mcybpwIqSn D¨-¯n Nncn-¨p. B Xami th≠m-bn-cp-¶psh\v B kv{XobpsS apJ-`mhw I≠t¸mÄ tXm¶n. Rm\-I¯v Ibdn Fsâ tPmen XpSÀ¶p. hf-sc-t\cw Ignªp ]pd¯p h¶-t¸mgpw AhÀ aqhcpw Ahn-sS-bn-cp¶p kwkm-cn-bv¡-pI-bm-Wv. Ft´m-s¡tbm Xam-i-IÄ ]dªv Iq«-¨n-cnbpw H¨bpw _lp-f-hp-sam-s¡-bp≠v ap¼p-I≠ Ah-Ø-am-dn-bn-cn-bv¡p-¶p. Fs¶-I≠v apX-emfn Fgp-t¶äv

O, My friend Where are you? Waiting at 6 o’ clock for you When the Newspaper boy comes With a huge bundle of news papers. When I ask him for the Times of India He gives me the Hindu When I ask him for The Hindu He gives me the Indian Express When I take the newspaper and rush to the sports page I see all that I is soiled and torn! Newspaper, newspaper, where are you?

F³Sp-t¯-bv¡p-h-¶n«v ]dªp ""FtSbv hnPbm t\ct¯ H¶p]tZin-s¨-¦n Xocm-\pÅ {]iv\ta D≠m-bn-cp-¶p-Åq. Ah-\m-sW¦n Hcp ]mhw. C¶se cm{Xn-bnse {]I-S\w I≠p Rm³ t]Sn-¨p-t¸m-bn. C\n {]iv\-anà kz´-ambn Hcp Iqc icnbmIp¶-Xp-hsc ChnsS Xma-kn-bv¡m-sa-t¶-äp. sNdp¡t\w kvIqfn tNÀ¡pw. sIm¨v Cu sImÃw AwK³hm-Snbn \n¡pw.'' F\nbv¡pw Hcp hÃm¯ Bizmkw tXm¶n. H¸w apX-em-fn-tbmSpw `mcy-tbmSpw Hcp aXn¸pw Pohn-Xm-\p-`-h§-fp-Å-Xp-sIm-≠mWv C{X-s]-s«¶v Cu {]iv\w kwkm-cn¨v ] cn-l-cn-bv¡m³ Ign-ª-Xv. B kv{Xo FâSp-¯p-h-¶p. ""takvXncn Fhn-sSbm Xma-kn-¡p-¶Xv?'' Rm³ Øew ] d-ªp. Rm\pw Nne-sXms¡ tNmZn¨p. AhÀ Nncn¨psIm≠p adp-]-Snbpw ]dªp. IeymWn am{Xw Ft¶mSp ]nW-§n-bXp t]mse Ccp-¶p. Rm³ hnfn-¨n«v hnfn-t]mepw tI«n-Ã. Rm³ ho≠pw AI-t¯bv¡pIbdn. takvXncn ]pd-In \n¶v B kv{Xo ]dªp ""C¶se Ip«n-I-sfm¶pw Ign-¨n-«nà Rm\m IS-bn \n¶p Fs´-¦nepw hm§n hcmw. tam³ AI¯v InS-¶p-d-§p-I-bmWv IXIv Nmcn-bn-t«-bpÅq. H¶p t\m¡n-

tb-bv¡-Ww. ]pXnb Øe-atÃ?'' Rm³ aqfn-s¡m≠v tPmen XpSÀ¶p. C¶p Xosc tPmen \S-¶nà F§n-s\bpw FSp¯ Cu tPmen XoÀ¡-Ww. [rXn-bn ]Wn-bp-¶-Xn-\n-S-bn shfnbn-emtcm X«n-b-Xm-bn-tXm-¶n. ]pd-¯n-d-§n -t\m-¡n-b-t¸mÄ A¸p-d-¯p-ho-«nse ]¿³ apJ¯v t]Sn-¸n-bv¡p¶ Ft´m -Zriyw I≠-{]-Xo-Xn. ""takvXncn A¸p-d¯v C¶se Xma-k-¯n\v h¶ tN¨n h≠osS aps¼-¨mSn B sIm¨nt\w sIm≠v.'' _p ²nbv¡p tjt¡-ä-t]m-se: bmYmÀ°y-¯n-tebv¡v Xncn-¨p-hcm³ ka-b-sa-Sp-¯p. FÃm-hcpw B `mK-t¯bv¡v HmSp¶p takvXncn hcp-¶ntÃ? Btcm hnfn¨p tNmZn-¨p. Cà F\n-bv¡p- Im-W≠ Rm\-hnsS Ccp-¶p. AhÄ C{X kaÀ°-bm-bn-cpt¶m? ]s£ B Ipcp-¶nsâ krjvSn ØnXn kwlm-cI - m-cnWn \o Xs¶ Bb-t¸mÄ kmaÀ°y¯nsâ shdpw \yq\-cm-in-bmbn \o. Int«-≠X - p-In-«m-Xm-bm kz´wIp-ªns\ `£n-bv¡p¶ Cuä-ap-be - n-s\-t¸m-se. F¶m Fsâ ap¶n F¶pw B Ieym-Wn-Ip«n ssI\o«n \n ¡pw amam F\n-bv¡pw........ 71

bm{X 4965

Fw. {ioi-¦À bm{X-IÄ AsX{X Xcw F¶Xv BÀ¡p-a-dn-hnà Znh-tk\ F{X-t]À Ah-km\ bm{X-bn F¶Xpw BÀ¡p-a-dn-hnà NneÀ cmPy-§-fn \n¶v aäv cmPy-§-fn-te¡v

aäp-Nn-eÀ {Kma-§-fn \n¶v \K-c-§-fn-te¡v a ]≠v I¸-en ISepw NpgnI-fpw Xm≠n bm{XIÄ F{X sNbvXp. ]ns¶ ]Xnsb am\-¯qsS hnam-\-¯nepw `qJ-Þ-§Ä Xm≠n tdm¡-änepw F¦nepw A¶p-an¶pw a\p-jy\v ImÂ\S thWw bm{X-IÄ a\p-jy\v am{X-aà AXv arK-§Ä¡pw ]£n-IÄ¡p-ap≠v inin-c-Im-e¯v sImSpwX-Wp-¸n \n¶v ]£n-IÄ Zqtc¡v ]d-¶p-t]mIpw th\-en shÅw tXSn arK-§fpw bm{X-Xn-cn-¡p¶p kvt\lw tXSn a\p-jy\pw bm{X XpS-cp-¶p....... PohnXw Xs¶ bm{X P\-\-¯n \n¶v ac-W-¯n-te-¡pÅ bm{X

5193 Sooraj Krishna.s

Oiled Boiled

CauliflFlower Flower, flower in the soil,

Why do you make so much toil When you will be oiled and boiled Till you’re nothing more than soil? Your buds will be oiled and coiled Sometimes you will also be boiled Then why do you toil To become like soil?


+ÄvÉä®úÒ ®úÉiÉ ´É½þ ¤É½ÖþiÉ +ÄvÉä®úÒ ®úÉiÉ lÉÒ * nÚù®ú-nÚù®ú iÉEò ʺɡÇò +ÆvÉä®úÉ ½þÒ ÊnùJÉÉ<Ç näù ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ * Ê`ö`Öö®úÉ näùxÉä ´ÉɱÉÒ `Æöb÷Ò ½þ´ÉÉ SÉ±É ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ * ¨Éé +{ÉxÉä MÉÉÄ´É EòÉ º]äõ¶ÉxÉ 3 PÉÆ]äõ näù®ú ºÉä {ɽÖÄþSÉÉ * ¨Éé +{ÉxÉä MÉÉÄ´É EòÉ +Eäò±ÉÉ ªÉÉjÉÒ lÉÒ * VÉ¤É ¨Éé º]äõ¶ÉxÉ Eäò ¤Éɽþ®ú +ɪÉÉ iÉ¤É SÉÉ®úÉå iÉ®ú¡ò ºÉzÉÉ]õÉ lÉÉ * ¨ÉÖZÉä ¤É½ÖþiÉ b÷õ®ú ±ÉMÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ * ¨Éé ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ EòÉ xÉÉ¨É ±ÉäEò®ú +{ÉxÉä MÉÉÄ´É EòÒ iÉ®ú¡ò SÉ±É {Éc÷É * ºÉzÉÉ]äõ Eäò EòÉ®úhÉ ¨Éä®äú ¨ÉxÉ ¨Éå ±ÉÉäMÉÉå uùÉ®úÉ ºÉÖxÉÉ<Ç ½Öþ<Ç ¦ÉÚiÉ-|ÉäiÉ, SÉÉä®ú +Éè®ú b÷ÉEÖò+Éå EòÒ Eò½þÉÊxɪÉÉÄ +É ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ* EÖòUô näù®ú SɱÉxÉä Eäò ¤ÉÉnù ¨Éé +{ÉxÉÆ MÉÉÄ´É EòÒ xÉÉWÉnùÒEòú ´ÉɱÉÒ ºÉc÷Eò {É®ú {ɽÖÄþSÉÉ * =ºÉ ºÉc÷Eò {É®ú ®úÉiÉ ¨Éå ¤É½ÖþiÉ Eò¨É ½þÒ MÉÉÊc÷ªÉÉÄ SɱÉiÉÒ lÉÒ* lÉÉäc÷Ò ½þÒ näù®ú ¨Éå BEò ]ÅõEò Eäò +ÉxÉä EòÒ +É´ÉÉVÉ +ÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÒ* ]ÅõEò {ÉÉºÉ +ÉxÉä Eäò ¤ÉÉnù ¨Éä®úÒ xÉWÉ®ú nÚù®ú iÉEò MɪÉÒ* +SÉÉxÉEò ¨ÉÖZÉä EÖòUô ÊnùJÉÉ<Ç ÊnùªÉÉ* ¨ÉéxÉä MÉÉè®ú ºÉä näùJÉÉ, ´É½þ BEò +Éè®úiÉ Eäò SÉä½þ®äú EòÒ SɨÉEò lÉÒ* ´É½þ +Éè®úiÉ MÉÉä®úÒ lÉÒ +Éè®ú MɱÉä ¨Éå =ºÉEòÒ ºÉÉc÷Ò ¦ÉÒ ºÉ¡äònù lÉÒ * {Éè®úÉå ¨Éå vÉÖÄvɯû ´ÉɱÉÒ {ÉÉªÉ±É +Éè®ú MɱÉä ¨Éå MɽþxÉä, ´É½þ ÊEòºÉÒ vÉxÉÒ {ÉÊ®ú´ÉÉ®ú EòÒ +Éè®úiÉ ±ÉMÉÉ ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ* ¨Éé =vÉ®ú ºÉä SɱÉiÉä VÉÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ +Éè®ú ´É½þ ¦ÉÒ ¨Éä®úÒ iÉ®ú¡ò +É ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ * +¤É =ºÉEòÉ SÉä½þ®úÉ EÖòUô ºÉÉ¡ò xÉWÉ®ú +É ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ* ¨Éé vªÉÉxÉ ºÉä näùJÉÉ iÉÉä =ºÉ +Éè®úiÉ EòÉ SÉä®ú½þÉ ÊEòºÉÒ ºÉä ʨɱÉiÉÉ-VÉÖ±ÉiÉÉ xɽþÓ lÉÉ* =ºÉEäò {ÉÉªÉ±É EòÒ vÉÚÄPÉ°ü ºÉä ºÉÉ®úÉ ´ÉÉiÉÉ´É®úhÉ MÉÚÄVÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ* {ÉÉªÉ±É EòÒ UôxÉ-UôxÉ

+É´ÉÉVÉ Eäò EòÉ®úhÉ ¨Éä®úÒ xÉWÉ®ú =ºÉEäò {Éè®úÉå {É®ú MÉ<Ç +ÉMÉä ´ÉɱÉä {Éè®ú EòÉ ¦ÉÉMÉ {ÉÒUôä Eäò iÉ®ú¡ò lÉÉ +Éè®ú {ÉÒUäô ´ÉɱÉÉ ¦ÉÉMÉ +ÉMÉä EòÒ iÉ®ú¡ò * =ºÉÒ ºÉ¨ÉªÉ BEò +Éè®ú MÉÉc÷Ò MÉÖVÉ®úÒ * =ºÉ +Éè®úiÉ EòÒ UôɪÉÉ ¨ÉÖZÉä xɽþÓ ÊnùJÉÉ<Ç nùÒ * ¨ÉéxÉä {ɽþ±Éä ºÉÖxÉÉ lÉÉ ÊEò BäºÉÉ ¶É®úÒ®ú SÉÖcè÷±É EòÉ ½þÒ ½þÉäiÉÉ ½èþ* ´É½þ ¨Éä®äú ºÉɨÉxÉä SɱÉÒ +É ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ* ¨Éä®úÒ PÉc÷EòxÉ iÉäWÉ ¤Égø MÉ<Ç* ¨Éé ¨ÉxÉ ½þÒ ¨ÉxÉ ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ ºÉä |ÉÉlÉÇxÉÉ Eò®ú ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ * =ºÉ ºÉ¨ÉªÉ MɨÉÔ EòÉ ÊnùxÉ lÉÉ* PÉ®ú Eäò ¤ÉÖWÉÖMÉÇ ±ÉÉäMÉ PÉ®ú Eäò ¤Éɽþ®ú JÉÉ]õ {É®ú ºÉÉäªÉÉ Eò®úiÉä lÉä* ¨Éä®úÒ xÉWÉ®ú ºÉc÷Eò {É®ú {Écä÷ JÉÉ]õÉå {É®ú {Éc÷Ò* ¨Éé =vÉ®ú {ɽÖÄþSÉÉ * ´É½þÉÄ ¨Éä®äú {ÉÉ{ÉÉ Eäò VÉÉxÉä - {ɽþSÉÉxÉä nùÉäºiÉ ºÉÉäB lÉä* ¨Éå xÉä =x½åþ VÉMÉÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ * ¤É½ÖþiÉ EòÉäÊ¶É¶É Eò®úxÉä {É®ú ´É½þ =`äö * ¨ÉéxÉä Eò½þÉ ÊEò SÉÖcè÷±É +É ®ú½þÒ ½èþ * {É®ÆúiÉÖ =x½åþ EÖòUô ¦ÉÒ ÊnùJÉÉ<Ç xÉ näù ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ* ¨ÉéxÉä Eò½þÉ ÊEò näùÊJÉB ´É½þ {ÉÉºÉ +É MÉ<Ç, Ê¡ò®ú ¦ÉÒ =x½åþ EÖòUô ¦ÉÒ ÊnùJÉÉ<Ç xÉ ÊnùªÉÉ* ¨Éé SÉÖ{ÉEäò =ºÉä =xÉEäò ¤ÉMÉ±É ¨Éå JÉÉ]õ {É®ú ±Éä]õ MɪÉÉ* SÉÖcè÷±É +É<Ç +Éè®ú ¨ÉÖZÉä UÚôxÉä ±ÉMÉÒ* ¨Éä®úÉ ¶É®úÒ®ú ʽþ±ÉÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÒ* VÉèºÉä ´É½þ Eò®úiÉÒ lÉÒ ´ÉèºÉä ½þÒ ¨Éä®úÉ ¶É®úÒ®ú ½þÉä VÉÉiÉÉ lÉÉ * +ÆiÉ ¨Éå ´É½þ SɱÉÒ MÉ<Ç * =ºÉEäò VÉÉxÉä Eäò ¤ÉÉnù ¨Éé =x½þÓ Eäò {ÉÉºÉ ºÉÉä MɪÉÉ* ºÉ֤ɽþ ¨Éé +{ÉxÉä PÉ®ú {ɽÖÄþSÉÉ +Éè®ú ºÉÉ®úÒ Eò½þÉxÉÒ PÉ®ú EòÉä ±ÉÉäMÉÉå EòÉä ¤ÉiÉÉ nùÒ * ªÉ½þ ºÉSÉ lÉÒ ZÉÚ`öÒ nùÉäºiÉÉÆä ¨ÉÖZÉä EÖòUô ½þÉä¶É xɽþÓ *


®ú¨Éä¶É EÖò¨ÉÉ®ú 73


5218 Jaison J

Once there was a pig named Bugi. He was so ugly that everyone, including his brothers and sisters, hated him. He had 3 sisters and 2 brothers. But his liked him and took good care of him. He was very tricky; he could trick every one, even his . He had lost his father some time ago. His brothers and sisters used to go out every day. His would also go in search of food; so, he would be alone. One day, when he was alone he started crying to God. “Oh, God! Why have you given me this ugly skin?” He cried so loudly and pitifully and non-stop that God, clad in snowwhite robes and with a shining face, suddenly appeared before him. God said, “Stop crying, stop crying.” Then

the pig stopped crying and he said, “I want a solution for my question. Then God said “I have a solution; your skin is ugly but your brain is more intelligent than any one else’s,” and he disappeared. After a while his brothers and sisters returned, but their did not come. Then Bugi asked, “Where is ?” “We don’t know where went”, said the elder ones. Bugi said, “Come, let us go and find our .”So they all went out in search of their . They saw a bird on the way. They enquired, “Did you see our ?” The bird said, “Yes, I know where your went. She was caught by a witch. But if you want to go there, you should cross four dangerous places. First, you should pass through a magic Jungle; next you should pass though a village of pig eaters; after that you should meet a giant who kills any one who comes in front of him, and at last you should meet a wizard. He is very rude and uses magic power to kill others. He has the map of the witch’s place”. They decided to undertake this perilous journey. First they went through the magic jungle. Here they saw 2 butterflies following them. They were lovely butterflies. But suddenly the 2 butterflies changed into 2 ferocious wolves. There were 6 of them in Bugi’s team; one of Bugi’s brothers was caught by the wolves and the rest of them ran away and finally came out of the magic jungle. One of Bugi’s sisters said, “What a surprise! Two little butterflies changed into 2 wolves.” Then Bugi said, “That is why it is called magic Jungle.” They walked on and on and they reached a village. One of them observed, “That is the pig eaters’ village; all of you


Independence They say who cannot obey 5193 Sooraj Krishna S

Cannot command. Then why? Why should we

They say India became Independent

Obey adults?

But still it’s children are not.

One day we will obey

They still get beaten up,

Until they say

Scolded and caught

We’re sorry for

All for the sake of adult.

What we have done.

Why should we obey

“The children of India

Those who don’t obey?

Are now independent”.

should be very careful.” They tried to bypass the village quietly by taking a route by the back of the village. But unfortunately, they saw a big, long snake and they yelled and shrieked in fear. Hearing that, one of the men came and caught one of the pigs. He tried to catch another one but he could not catch. The rest of them (now 4) ran for their life and thus passed the village. Now they heard the sound of foot steps. A giant came in front of them. Somehow two of them hid somewhere but the other two could not because of the size their body. The giant caught them and ate. When the giant had gone away, the 2 of them came out of their hiding and resumed their journey. After a long time they saw a house with green smoke coming out of its chimney. From this they understood that there was someone in the house. Bugi

said, “That should be the wizard; come brother we can check.” They went to the house and knocked the door. The door opened and they saw a big man with black dress and curly hair. That was the wizard. The wizard asked in a rude manner,“What do you want, why did you come here, what is your name?“ He kept asking and for once he turned around with a wand in his hand. Luckily Bugi escaped but the other could not because of tiredness. Bugi saw the map in the wizard’s pocket. He grabbed it and ran away. The other pig was dead. At last he found the map leading to the witch’s place. He followed the route shown in the map and reached the castle. A big door opened and out came a big witch. Bugi said to the witch, “Where is my ?” The witch said, “She is with me, but if you want your you should fight with me

and win.” Without a second thought he said, “Yes.” After a while they were about to start their fight. Bugi closed his eyes. Suddenly God appeared to him and said, “Use your tricks and intelligence; I will be there with you.” The witch now turned Bugi into a man. They started fighting and in the end the witch won. Now Bugi said, “You defeated me in the fight but you can’t defeat me in intelligence. The witch shouted “Nobody has intelligence more than me”. Bugi said, “If I outwit you, you will be my servant and you should give my back to me. If you win, I will be servant for you.” The witch accepted the bet. Then Bugi used his full intelligence and won the game and took the witch as his servant. Till today the witch is Bugi’s servant and he got back his and lived happily thereafter. Moral: Don’t look at your beauty, look at your intelligence.


sIm¨v sshZn-I³ 5243 Vidhu Krishnan A S


Acp¬ _nPq

We are

INDIANS Let the Indian flag fly high While we move in unending waves Towards our bright future! Let’s come out of the honey comb And be busy like bees Working for a common goal. We may have adversaries But we are Indians. Let us make our nation proud With our glory!


kabw 8 aWn-bm-bn-cp-¶p. Hcp ac-W-ho-«n \n¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶p. R§Ä FÃm-h-cp-sSbpw apJ-s¯mcp ¾m\X ImWmw. acn¨ kv{XobpsS a¡Ä Ignª c≠v aWn-¡p-dmbn Ic-bp-I-bm-Wv. Bizm-k-hm-¡p-IÄ ]d-bm-s\-¯nbhcp-sSbpw I®p-IÄ \nd-ªn-cp-¶p. sshZn-I³amÀ, cmjv{So-b-ImÀ. FÃm-hcpw Ahsc Biz-kn-¸n-¡m³ {ian-¨p. CXn-s\ Ãmw CS-bn Hcp sIm¨v Ip«n Ifn-¡p-¶p-≠m-bn-cp-¶p. CSbv¡v Hcp ]«n-Ip«n Ahsâ IpsS Ifn-¡m-s\¯n. AtXmsS Ahsâ Ifn Ipd¨v IqSn DÀÖ-kzeambn XoÀ¶n-cp-¶p. BZy-sams¡ Bcpw B Ip«nsb {i²n-¨n-Ã. ]ns¶ ]ns¶ ]Xps¡ Ah-cpsS {i² At§m-t«¡v \ o§m³ XpS§n. B Ip«n Fsâ A\n-bs\ IÃv s]d-¡n-sb-dn-bm³ XpS§n. AXn aSp¸v tXm¶n-b-Xp-sIm-≠mImw Ah³ Fs¶ Fdn-bm³ XpS-§n. CsXÃmw I≠psIm≠v \n¶ FÃm-h-cp-sSbpw a\Êv hnj-a-§Ä ad-¡m³ XpS-§n-bn-cp-¶p. CXv I≠v B acn¨ kv{XobpsS a¡Ä Xs¶ Ah-cpsS hnj-a-§Ä ad-¶p-t]m-bn-cp-¶p. Ipd¨v Ign-ª-t¸mÄ B Ip«nbpsS A½-bm-sW¶v tXm¶n-¡p¶ kv{Xo h¶v Ahs\ FSp-t¯m≠v Zqtc¡v t]mbn. F\n¡v Npäp-apÅ ØnXn ]g-bXv t]mse-bm-Ip-¶Xv Rm³ {i²n-¨n-cp-¶p. Rm³ ho≠pw Fsâ Nn´-I-fn-te¡v aS§n t]mbn. sshZn-I³amÀ {ian-¨n«v \S-¡m¯ Imcyw B sIm¨v Ip«n \S¯n. B sIm¨v sshZn-Is\ Ipdn-t¨mÀ¯v Rm\-§-s\-bn-cp-¶p.

, anding-in-Chief r Officer Comm Ai , M VS , VM ol lly Jo e scho Air Marshal RK stration visits th l Board of Admini Chairman, Loca

s of the (Retd.) Alumnu Brig Vinod Ahuja sion of ca oc e th on it vis school during his t. es nt Recitation Co Declamation &

dge and Sessions Ju Hon’ble District the ing air ra Kumar ch Shri. Sudheend p ho ks Wor Legal Literacy

n ral, Doordarsha Dy. Director Gene AC n ha rs Mr. PK Subhash, Ha pt ief Guest for Ca Kendra, Tvpm Ch t ball Tournamen et sk Ba Memorial


man, utive Vice Chair IFS, (Retd) Exec an as AC, ir niv Na ee Sr NJ P Shri T tnessing Col . Edn. Council wi ion tit pe Kerala State Hr m te Co ter-school Deba KC Memorial In

the school pal alumnus of Maj Gen Venugo membrance Re of a up St e to th paying homage

r brieďŹ ng Kumar, Registra Lt Col PG Suresh PWD, Govt. of r, a, Chief Enginee Smt. Pennamm ol ho sc r visit to Kerala during he

ceiving enon, NEUPA re Dr Prameela M l. ipa Princ a memento from


l Psychologist Sreedhar, Clinica sh ka ra ap inik dr an Dr Ch the All India Sa teachers during interacting with Programme. Schools Inservice

Centre, CRPF, an, DIG, Group Shri. Ajay Bharat g march past of wing the closin Pallipuram revie etic Meet 51st Annual Athl

E, Army HQ an VSM, DG LW Lt Gen YC Tharak with cadets g tin ac er int school alumnus of the

emento l presenting a m rdhanan, Principa Kerala of vt. Go y, ar Gp Capt B Jana et c IAS, Chief Secr ria Cy se Jo K to Shri. y Celebrations at the Annual Da


Sainik School Kazhakootam, has a vibrant and closely knit Old Boys Association. They have very close knitted association with their Alma mater. Every year OBA organises a re-union in June in which most of the Old Boys make it along with their families and children. It is an event which every Old Boy is looking forward to eagerly. The yeomen service rendered by the OBA in all the developmental activities of the school is highly appreciable. As a mark of triservices importance with OBA the school recently received a Vijayantha Tank.

The 87 Batch of SSKZM, the sponsors of 43rd OBA Re-union


Lt Gen Chacko Tharakan, Alumnus of the School paying homage at Stupa of remembrance


Inauguration of Onam Celebrations. Artists of the main athapookalam in the school foyer posing with Principal

Kazhak family celebrated onam on 20 august 2012. The first lady of the campus Smt SuganthiJanardhanan lit the lamp. Various competitions including traditional sports were conducted along with the floral design competition. The celebration culminated with sumptuous traditional â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sadhyaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. The guest of honour for the function was Brig. Pradeep Narayan, Commandant, Military station Pangode Thiruvananthapuram.



An Inservice Training Programme for Sainik School Teachers was successfully organized in this school from 11 May to 21 May 12. 125 Teachers from 24 Sainik Schools attended the same. Interactive sessions were conducted involving eminent personalities like Mr TP Sreenivasan IFS, Vice Chairman, Kerala State Higher Education Council, Mr RP Sharma, Academic Consultant, CBSE New Delhi, Dr Soumi Awasthi, Scientist â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Fâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DRDO), Dr Chandraprasad Sreedhar, Clinical Psychologist, Mrs Arvaindar J Singh, Educational Psychologist from NCERT and Mrs Anju I, Institute of Advanced Studies in Education.



Ronnie T Jacob

School Cadet Captain

Shiva Sasidhar School Adjutant

4852 Abhijith Nettoor

4853 Chandan Kumar

4854 Abhiraj Anand

4859 Vikash Kumar

4860 Thomas George L

4862 Mohammed JS

4863 Nithin PM

4869 Rahul Kumar

4870 Abhyash Kumar


School Band Major

4873 Govind GS


4875 Siddharth

4885 Abhijith US

4914 Gautham Vinod

4937 Midhun M 4832 Shiv Sekhar Sharma 481/500, 96.2%

4882 Vaisakh P Kumar

4888 Chaitanya Anand

4946 Pravijith P

4890 Kaushal Kishore

4999 KR Vishnu Narayanan 479/500, 95.8%

4893 Akash M Lal

5253 S Maheswaran

4905 Rahul T

5251 Vedant S

5269 Shreyash Anand

4913 Mahadev A

5283 Sreeram Anil

5307 BR Krishnanunni

4657 Akhil Rajendran 468/500, 93.6%


Mr. Gireesh Kumar S

Mr. Suresh Kumar SR

Mr. Ratheesh D

Mr. Unni TG

Once a part of Kazhak, now live in our fond memories. Shri. Natarajan, GE


Shri. Etus, GE

Shri. Sreekumar, GE

I intoWE

I had a strange dream; I started growing I grew as big as my cot then as big as my room Went on to become as big as my house Breaking the walls and roof I grew as big as a hill And then to the size of a mountain And then to the size of the world Filling every inch, every breathing space. I had legs as big as the Eiffel Tower And arms ten times as long as the London Bridge

My head was no less than the size of the moon And a belly as enormous as all the oceans put together. Now I felt a strange happiness Fill my very being. Then I had a strange fancy; I should like to take a look at myself. How? In a mirror, of course. But there wasn’t a mirror Huge enough for my size; I felt terribly upset. Then I thought I would ask someone How I looked like. But then I realised There wasn’t an insect around; There was no one in the world Except me! How could anyone else exist When I filled every inch? I felt terribly lonely And thought I would move about a bit For a change. But alas! I couldn’t lift my legs; They were too big and heavy to lift. I thought I would lie down a while But neither could I do that. By now I was being tormented By loneliness and by being unable to do anything. Now I realised how comfortable I was Like a tiny creepy crawly Going about my daily chores Meeting others like me;

K S Antony Asst. Master

There was change, there was funThe fun of loving and being loved The joy of caring and being cared for There was meaning in life. Now I learnt how foolish it was To grow so huge As to trample and suffocate others And sometimes to the extend Of ‘eliminating’ them. Life gains its meaning and depth From the relationship with others It is in living together that Life becomes meaningful. Then I prayed to God To make me a normal being. I begged for His forgiveness For the times I had puffed up my ego And nourished the “I” in me. And soon I saw myself growing small And reaching the normal size. Suddenly I woke up And walked straight to the dressing table I looked in the mirror And confirmed that it was only a dream. I let a sigh of relief And decided to be “WE” And not “I”.


The Miracle We have to Make Happen 5051

sI. FÊv.- A-£b Pn¯v

cmPy-tk-h-I·mÀ `qan-bn ]nd-¶p-hoW ]q¡-fmb ss]X-§Ä A§-Ise ]d-¶p-t]mb Nnd-Ip-h¨ ]£n-IÄ tkh-I-\mbn NndIp h¨p t]mbn-Sp¶ \mfp-IÄ cmPy-tkh sNbvXn-Sm³ ]d-¶p-t]mb \mfp-IÄ Ime-amb Ime-§Ä ]cn-io-e-\-¯nsâ \mfp-IÄ cmPy-tk-h-I-·mÀ \mSn³ am\w Gä al-¯p-¡Ä

A small boy of 5 years walks softly through the small alleyways of Spain. His face looks weary and his body, tired. He does not seem to have any flesh, only skin and bones. As he walks and walks, he earns a little money by colleting the waste from the sewers or doing any other errand and thus manages to eat. His father had died even before he was born. His had left him on the streets. He does not even remember her face. Another girl walks through the Holy city of Varanasi. She is aged 15. Two years ago she left her home to run away with a boy. He cheated her and left her near the Ganga. She is now very poor and has to beg for money. Her father and have left India for the U.S She has heard the news. But her parents, who are going in search of work in the U.S, would never find her. In Uganda, a small girl with a shaven head, wanders here and there. She is 10 years old. She lives in a small broken hut with her father. Her father has a job as a sweeper. They are way below the poverty line. She has to walk 6 km in search of water. Her had died when she was only 2 years. She has never seen a school. She would never know what education is. More than half of our 7 billion neighbours don’t have clean water to drink or a roof over their head There are many more children like the ones I have mentioned here. They have been deprived of shelter, dignity, love,


5198 Jerry Mathew

food and education. They too are humans; may be, better ones. They also need the care we get today. We can join hands and make a miracle happen. Will you join us?

5289 Nanda Gopan

The Mind and Its Tricks Once I kept an apple on the table And I came out of the room and closed the door. I watched TV, but then I thought, What is the apple doing?Is it playing foot ball, is it reading a book Did it go out the window; does it know how to cook? It is still a mystery what is happening in the room. I grew so curious that I opened the door. And to my greatest surprise The apple was still there. Then I turned and closed the door. But then I thought again, what is the apple doing?

nùɺä iÉÒ : BEò ]ÚEõ ò 5002

xÉÆnùxÉ EÖò¨ÉÉ® ®úÉäVÉ-®úÉäVÉ iÉÚ¡òÉxÉ xɽþÓ +ÉiÉä ½þ®ú ®úÉäVÉ ½þºÉÓ ±É¨½äþ xɽþÓ +ÉiÉä VÉÒ ±ÉÉä ªÉä ËVÉnùMÉÒ, VÉ¤É ½þ¨É ºÉÉlÉ ½éþ CªÉÉåÊEò ½þ®ú VÉx¨É ¨Éå ½þ¨ÉÉ®äú VÉèºÉä nùÉäºiÉ xɽþÓ ½þÉäiÉä* nùÉäºiÉÒ EòÉ {ɽþ±ÉÉ {ÉèMÉÉ¨É +É{ÉEäò xÉÉ¨É ËVÉnùMÉÒ EòÒ +É{ÉEäò xÉÉ¨É ºÉ±ÉɨÉiÉ ®ú½äþ ªÉä nùÉäºiÉÒ ½þ¨ÉÉ®úÒ <ºÉä ºÉ±ÉɨÉiÉ ®úJÉxÉÉ +É{ÉEòÉ EòÉ¨É Ênù±É xÉä Eò½þÉ +{ÉxÉä nùÉäºiÉ EòÉä ªÉÉnù Eò®úÉä Ê¡ò®ú JªÉÉ±É +ɪÉÉ ÊEò Ênù±É iÉùÉä {ÉÉMÉ±É ½èþ, Ê¡ò®ú ºÉÉäSÉÉ +MÉ®ú Ênù±É {ÉÉMÉ±É ½èþ iÉÉä CªÉÉ? ¨Éä®úÉ nùÉäºiÉ lÉÉäcä÷ ½þÒ xÉÉì®ú¨É±É ½èþ * ÊEòºÉÒ EòÉä VÉ°ü®úiÉ ºÉä VªÉÉnùÉ ªÉÉnù ¨ÉiÉ Eò®úxÉÉ ÊEòºÉÒ {Éä +{ÉxÉä +ÉƺÉÚ ¤É¤ÉÉÇnù ¨ÉiÉ Eò®xÉÉ VÉÉä ¨É½þºÉÚºÉ xÉÉ Eò®ú ºÉEäò +É{ÉEòÒ nùÉäºiÉÒ EòÉä =xÉ {É®ú +{ÉxÉÒ ËVÉnùMÉÒ ¤É¤ÉÉÇnù ¨ÉiÉ Eò®úxÉÉ *


10 Amazing Facts 5290


Right handers will have a feeling to chew food on the right side of their mouth & left handers on their left side.

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Honey is the easiest thing to digest because it’s already digested by bees.



from crying. 4.

Sea stars are very dumb because they do not have brain.


A male lion is very strong; it has the power of 20 humans approximately.


BImiw CSªp hogp¶ i_vZ-¯n tdm¡äv apI-fn-te¡v ]d-¶p. \nan-j-§Ä¡p-Ån tdm¡äv apI-fn-te¡v ]d-¶p. \nan-j-§Ä¡p-Ån iq\ym-Im-i-s¯-¯n. Cu kabw Hcp b{´w..... A]m-b-km-[yX D≠v..... CÃ..... F¶-e-dm³ XpS§n. Rm³ koäv s_Âäv Ducn. Rm³ apI-fn-te¡v ]d-¶pbÀ¶p. F´p ckw ! lmbv! Iptd-t\cw Ifn¨p ckn-¨p. ho≠pw tdm¡-än Ib-dn. Aev]-k-abw Ign-ª-t¸mÄ Hcp {Kl-¯n-se-¯n. Pyq¸n-äÀ. Rm³ kvs]bnkv kyq-«n-«p ]pd-¯n-d§n. Iptd kabw ]d¶p \S¶ tijw Rms\m-cn-S¯v \n¶p. F¶n«v C´y-bpsS ] XmI AhnsS Ip¯n-\nÀ¯n. A`n-am-\-t¯msS keyq-«-Sn-¨p. s]s«¶v "Io......Io' Fs¶t´m Ae-dm³ XpS§n Rm³ At§m-«p-an-t§m«pw t\m¡n. Fsâ tdm¡-sä-hnsS? Npäpw Ccp«v am{Xw! s]s«¶v Fsâ ap¶n Hcp apJw sXfn-ªp. A½! kabw 6.30 "kvIqfn t]mIt≠?'' At¿m! Rm³ kz]v\w ImWp-I-bm-bn-cpt¶m? B kz]v\w ^en-¨n-cp-s¶-¦nÂ........! slm!!


Chewing bubble gums while cutting onions will prevent you

Geckos are the only lizards which can communicate by barking, hissing or croaking.


A duck, a sheep and a rooster were the first passengers on a hot air balloon.


Botanically, walnuts, coconuts and cashew nuts are not nuts.


If you eat too many carrots, you can even turn orange as the carrot itself.


Giraffes & humans have the same number of teeth.

5197 Hari Krishnan

Change in INDIA: From Past to Present

5131 Abhinand Anil

The Endless


The dream is endless It goes like a star Shining in the sky. It is dark but the Moon light makes it joyful. The dream is endless; It was on a day The sun was scorching like a fire ball. Stars and moon disappeared But still light was there. The dream is endless, It was a memorable day But it was a horrible night. The sun and moon in the sky Looked at me in a scary way But my laughing could not stop. The dream is endless, I soared like a kite in the sky The night was so cold. As the string of the kite broke, I went upside down to another world of dreams This dream never ends.


ince joining this school, I have travelled a lot. Every vacation, I travel about 2500 km from Kerala to my land, Bihar. I used to spend my days of journey thinking of my childhood. My grandparents used to tell me a lot of stories. But those stories told about our country have always fascinated me and I used to ponder on these stories and compare them to the present situation of our country. I always felt it shocking. Here is my conception about our country, from that which is heard and from what I see. “India is the only country in the world which has not invaded any other country for the past 10000 years. Hinduism and Budhism found its roots in this country. Its vast culture is famous through out the world. The Afghan kings first attacked us. Later, the East India Company came and established its authority. Till 18th century India was the only place of diamond trading and was rich in spices. The famous wording “Adithi Devo Bhava” speaks a lot about our kindness and hospitality to our guests. It was the British invasion that led to the influence of British culture in our country. Its effects are seen even in the present scenario. After the attainment of freedom, many visionaries formulated and executed new rules to protect our own people, including the foreigners. But there has been a

4753 Vignesh S Kartha

sudden twist in the tale from then on. Due to the lack of implementation the governing system is finding it difficult and complicated day by day. The one that shocked me the most is concerning the social security, especially on children and women. Various evils against women, children and a bunch of illegal practices rates our country to the hall of shame. All these incidents put a big question tag on ourselves being the citizens of this country. I am sure that a similar line of thought prevails in the mind of every Indian citizen. Isn’t it time to change those notions? If we can’t do it, then who else will?


Child labour Child labour refers to employment of children in any work that deprives children from their childhood, interferes in their ability to attend schools and force them to do work that is mentally, physically and socially harmful. This practice is considered to be very exploitative in many international organizations. Several institutions are working hard to eradicate child labour from the world. History of child labour starts from the days of industrial revolution where children below four years of age were forced to work in factories in dangerous situations. In Victorian Era Child Labour was practiced very rudely where children were forced to work in mines as chimney sweepers, apprentices & domestic servants. In 1970â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a lot of children were found to be employed in bangle industry without current technologies. Children working in bangle industries were exposed to high amount of heat and temperature which turned them blind at a very young age. At present a large number of children are found to be employed as hawkers, servants in houses, cleaners in hospitals etc. From this data we can conclude that childlabour has not been eradicated totally. The main cause for childlabour is poverty. So to eradicate poverty we have to solve the problem of poverty. To eradicate poverty certain measures can be taken like giving rice and other food materials free of cost, building and giving homes to poor people, giving loans at low interest etc. If these measures are followed poverty can be eradicated and when there is no poverty, childlabour will cease to exist. Children are the future of this world. For a good world children shopuld get good 4709 Gopika.S


education. We must stand together to uplift the life of the less fortunate children as the future and safety of our â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;home earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; lies in the hands of children.

What is it that Matters in life 5202 Piyush V



ºÉÆnäù¶É nÚùiÉ EòÉ

If A=1, B=2,C=3,D=4, E=5,F=6,G=7 H=8, I=9,J=10, K=11,L=12,M=13, N=14,O=15,P=16,Q=17,R=18,S =19, T=20,U=21,V=22,W=23,X= 24,Y=25,Z=26 Then What is it that matters most in life? Is it Hard work? Let us see: Hard work =8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98% Is it Studies? Let us see: Studies = 19+20+21+4+9+5+19=97% Is it Games? Let us see: Games = 7+1+13+5+19=45% Is it Attitude? Let us see: Attitude = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5= 100% yes, ATTITUDE towards life really matters.

Eäò®ú±É EòÒ ¨Énù¨ÉºiÉ ½þ´ÉÉBÄ Eòú½þiÉÒ ½èþ ¤É½ÖþiÉ ºÉÒ ¤ÉÉiÉå, SÉɽäþ ½þÉä +ÉVÉ Eäò ÊnùxÉ ªÉÉ Ê¡ò®ú ½þÉä SÉÉÄnùxÉÒ ®úÉiÉå * +ÉiÉÒ ½èþ ¤ÉSÉ{ÉxÉ EòÒ ªÉÉnåù, ¨ÉäPÉÉå EòÉä nÚùiÉ ºÉ¨ÉZÉiÉÉ lÉÉ EÖòUô ¤ÉÉiÉå =xÉ ºÉä Eò®úiÉÉ lÉÉ Eò¦ÉÒ ªÉÚÄ ½þÒ +ɽåþ ¦É®úiÉÉ lÉÉ* +ÉVÉ nÚùiÉ xÉä ¦ÉäVÉ÷É ½èþ ºÉÆnäù¶É MÉ®úVÉ-¦Éc÷Eò iÉÚ ¨Éä®äú VÉèºÉÉ nÖùÊxɪÉÉ xɽþÓ ®ú½þÒ =ºÉ VÉèºÉÒ VÉèºÉÉ iÉÖ¨ÉxÉä {ɽþ±Éä näùJÉÉ * Bä ¨ÉäPÉ! iÉÚ ºÉÖxÉ ±Éä ¨Éä®úÉ ºÉÆnäù¶É VÉ¤É iÉEò ºÉÚ®úVÉ SÉÉÄnù ®ú½äþMÉÉ

¨ÉÉxÉ´ÉiÉÉ EòÉ ®úÉVÉ ®ú½äþMÉÉ ¤Énù±ÉÉ xɽþÓ ½èþ ¨Éä®úÉ näù¶É* ¤Énù±ÉiÉä ½éþ ±ÉÉäMÉ ªÉ½þÉÄ Eäò nÖùÊxɪÉÉ ªÉ½þÉÄ VÉèºÉÒ EòÒ iÉèºÉÒ näùJÉ Eäò®ú±É EòÒ ´ÉÉä Ê¡òVÉÉBÄ ºÉÊnùªÉÉå ºÉä VÉÉä ½èþ BäºÉÒ* MÉ®úVÉxÉä EòÒ ½èþ CªÉÉ +ɴɶªÉEòiÉÉ {ÉÖ®úÉxÉÉ ªÉÖMÉ MɪÉÉ, {É®ú MÉ<Ç xɽþÓ ¨ÉÉxÉ´ÉiÉÉ Eò½þiÉä ½þÉä iÉÖ¨É ÊEò EòʱɪÉÖMÉ +ɪÉÉ ¨Éé Eò½þiÉÉ ÊEò BEò xɴɪÉÖMÉ ½èþ +ɪÉÉ* ¨Éé CªÉÉå MÉ®úþVÉÚÄ ªÉÚÄ ½þÒ? VÉÉä MÉ®úVÉiÉä ºÉÉä ¤É®úºÉiÉä xɽþÓ, CªÉÉ Eò¦ÉÒ iÉc÷EòiÉä ½éþ ªÉÚÄ ½þÒ CªÉÉ Eò¦ÉÒ iÉc÷{ÉiÉä xɽþÓ ?



5224 Sal S S

A field for cricket An exam paper for writing The teacher is the bowler, And the questions, the ball.

Mother is the one who loves and cares Mother’s hands are the ones that protect us. Mother’s hands are the ones that give but don’t take

The batsman uses his bat for bating, The students use their pen for writing. The tough question in exam, The fast ball for wicket.

Mother’s hands are like those of an angel

The easy question in exam,

Mother’s hands are the most blessed ones

A nice shot for a boundary.

Mother’s hands are the ones that are warm Mother’s hands are the most compassionate. Mother’s hands are the ones most sincere All mothers are God.

The various questions in exam, The spins and swings they come. If 50 marks, a half century, If 100 marks, a century. If passed, you win, If failed, you lose.


BEò ºÉ®ú EòÉ JÉä±ÉxÉ 4699 Haritha .U.G

BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä |ÉʺÉrù VÉMɽþ ½èþ - +¨ÉÞiɺɮú BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä BEò ¨ÉWÉänùÉ®ú JÉä±É ½èþ - SÉÉèºÉ®ú BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä BEò VÉÉxɱÉä´ÉÉ ®úÉäMÉ ½èþ - EéòºÉ®ú BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä {Éä]õ EòÒ ¤ÉɨÉÉ®úÒ ½èþ - +±ºÉ®ú BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä +ÉìÊ¡òºÉ ¨Éå {ÉɪÉÉ VÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ -+¢òºÉ®ú BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä MÉÖVÉ®ú ¶É¤nù EòÉ VÉÉäc÷ÒnùÉ®ú ½èþ - ¤ÉºÉ®ú BEò ºÉ® ÊVɺÉä ʨɱÉä iÉÉä ±ÉÉ¦É =`öÉB - +´ÉºÉ®ú BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä ÊGòEäò]õ Eäò JÉä±É ¨Éå ½èþ - ¤ÉÉ=ƺɮú BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä EÆò{ªÉÚ]õ®ú ºÉä ºÉƤÉÆÊvÉiÉ ½èþ - EòºÉÇ®ú BEò ºÉ® VÉÉä ®ú½þ VÉÉB iÉÉä +ºÉ¡ò±É ½þÉäxÉä EòÉ b÷®ú ®ú½þiÉÉ ½èþ - EòºÉ®ú

Love…. A simple, beautiful word that has different meanings for different people. But it has the deepest meaning when referred to as a “’s Love” For each one of us every day is a new beginning which imposes new responsibilities and new challenges. We may have to overcome many obstacles to achieve our aims some of which may mentally and emotionally disturb us. A kind of weakness or a kind of loneliness may conquer us. In all those moments, the ’s support and her care guides us through the right way. They love their children during the best and the worst of times and the love they feel for their children is so strong and powerful that it will continue through their lives. This love shapes cultures and individuals There will be times in our life, only a ’s love can understand our tears and calm our fears and generate confidence within us. She is ready to sacrifice anything for her children, that is why often her love is referred as “priceless”


There are not enough alphabet in the world to discribe a -child relationship. It has the warmth of the sun, the freshness & coolness of dewdrops and the colours of the rainbow.

®úÉäʽþiÉ EÖò¨ÉÉ®ú MÉÖ{iÉÉ 97

slippery stones and only one person could go through it at a time. When we see it we may feel that we will get stuck but, as a matter of fact, not even the fattest man has ever got stuck. It took us another three hours to reach the temple. We had our bath at places near the temples where they supplied water for the convenience of tourists and got ready to see the goddess. There was a very long queue in the early morning itself. We waited for our chance and kept on chanting the line ‘Jai Mata Di’. After nearly one and half hours we came out of the temple and waited until the devotees reached considerably. There were many beautiful scenary which could be viewed from there. We roamed around till noon and then we had our lunch.

Trip to Temple City As everyone plans to enjoy their summer vacation so did I and my family members. We planned a trip to Jammu, the temple city, in our vacation. We started the journey by boarding our train from Ernakulam at 10.30 pm and reached Delhi after a journey of forty hours. Due to some time constraints we left out the idea of boarding a train to Jammu. Instead we boarded a flight from FGI to Jammu. The 24 hours journey was reduced to just 2 hours journey .


4742 Abhishek Upadhyay

reached our desired destination. From there on we had no means of transport except at certain hours; so we decided to continue the journey on foot. We had to walk nearly 11 km on foot.

Then we boarded a bus to a place called Katra. Katra is famous for its Goddess temples and is kept open through out the year. This temple is located on a hill and attracts a large number of tourists.

We completed half the distance in three hours and reached a hotel where we would have our supper. We all ate to our heart’s content. Since it was summer we didn’t expect any rain so we didn’t have any woollen clothes. But , unusually and enexpectedly, soon it began to rain heavily and the cold grew unbearable. Somehow my father managed to get some blankets for us and we slept for just three hours and continued our journey.

After a long drive of nearly three hours in the bus we

We went through a very narrow cave with lots of

Later on we went to visit a temple which is at a bit higher altitude than the first temple. It is believed that if we don’t visit that temple our trip is not completed. By dusk we completed half of our journey downward. On the way we saw a chain of shops selling all sorts of things ranging from safety pins to walnuts , CDs, Sarees and warm clothes, and unique souvenirs. We decided to continue our trip downward to the point from where we had started. By evening 7 o’ clock we reached our starting point; then we started looking for a place to spend the night. At last we found a guest house and stayed there for one more day. Since our legs developed unbearable muscular pain due to the journey by foot we decided to stay indoors. The food which we got was simply superb. They do not have an expensive menu but they could offer a variety of parothas ranging form potato paneer, spinach etc… The temple which we visited is called Vaishnodevi temple’ and lots of people visit this temple every year. After a day’s rest we boarded our flight back to Delhi from Jammu. This trip was really one amongst my best trips.

God Is In You You may not agree with me, but I speak the truth. Please don’t think I have an obsession on minds. I am not a good writer or anything but I want to test if I have the potential to pen what I am going to write . Let me start. In our day to day lives we hear, feel, see, touch, smell or do many things which make us think. But have you ever thought, what is thought? Our mind is a very spectacular faculty. The brain is the most complicated “computer” in the universe. The mind is one of the mysteries we deal with every day. The mind is not a physical object but a mental one. Every one thinks that they are better than other people, in thoughts and in skills. But it’s not like that. Every one has the potential. Your 7 billion human neighbours who share the planet with you also have the same potential. It just never occurred to us. The ancient Egyptians considered the heart as the eternal resting place of the soul or simply, the mind of a person. Just before they mummified a person, they took the brain out by inserting a small wire through the nose. They didn’t realise its real use. If in any case, an ancient Egyptian was to come back, imagine his shock in realising that the useless brain is the most complicated device in the universe! But that ancient Egyptian would be partially right. The mind is in the heart. Not the physical heart that pumps blood but a mental heart, the heart of hearts. Here is another fact. There is a gland known as the pituitary gland which

5198 Jerry Mathew

is situated in the centre of the brain. Hindu religion has a god Shiva known to have a third eye- the eye of knowledge and of destruction. The pituitary gland is a-sort-of-a third eye. It contains the hidden potential, the truly great side of human beings, you and me. Have you ever heard of an institute that explores the deepest secrets of the mind? Don’t be surprised. Its called the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I hope you will heed my words and explore your deepest secrets, your true potential, the God in you....


The spoil Sport

up that covered the whole electromagnetic spectrum: radio waves, infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, gama rays. With naked eyes, we can see just about three thousand stars but with telescopes, these numbers roset to thousands, then millions and now billions. Science broke another myth. Our sun far from being an important star is a middle–aged star of a size that was insignificant in front of real giants. The biggest star, VY Canis Majoris, could eat upto 8 billion suns! As we studied the sky in more and more detail, it was discovered that there ae 200 billion galaxies like ours in the universe. The biggest galaxy, IC 1101can gobble up 200000 milky ways. But still we had one thought that gave us pride. We were the only intelligent species in the whole 5149 Alan Christo Jacib

universe. Brandon carter, Robert Dicke and some other scientists came up with the anthropomorphic principle. The principal argument is that the universe has been fine tuned so that only we can exist. The factors like age

A primitive tribe that lives by hunting has held a very

wonderful explanation for the phenomenon of night. They believe, it enables them to sleep. God covers up the dome of the sky with a cover made of leather. The stars are sunlight leaking through the holes. Early human beings had many ingurious explanation about nature. But behind all of them was the core belief that mankind is very important. ‘We’ are the centre of the universe and therefore God, the creator takes special care of us. But then came science, the spoilsport. It was only in 1543, when the polish scientist, Nicholas Copernicus


of the universe, the value of the fine structure constant published his book on the Revolution of the celestial spheres in which he argued that we are only one of many planets in our solar system, going around the sun, and not the other way round. This theory created quite a storm in the world. But winds were changing in favour of science by late 17th century, when Isaac Newton, with his theory of gravitation decisively proved Copernicus was right. Then increasingly powerful telescopes opened up the sky to the astronomers. The telescopes not only worked in the visible range but newer versions have now come

which characterizes the strength of the electromagnetic interactions, the strength of the nuclear forces which hold together the nucleus, are such that it permits formation of commonly found matter and subsequently life as we know it. They have shown that if ever a minor change in these values were to be made, life would not arise. In 1961, Frank Drake, Emeritus professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at University of California. Sanfer Cruz, USA came out with an equation to estimate the number of extra-terrestrial civilization in Milky Way Galaxy. It is

given below, along with the meaning of the terms. Number of extra – terrestrial civilization in Milky Way Galaxy N = R*Fp*Ne*Fl*Fi*Fc*L, where R = average rate of star formation in a galaxy per year ( 1/ year) Fp=Fraction of these stars having planets (0.2-0.5) Ne= average number of planets that can support life out of above number (1-5) Fl = Fraction of planets which actually develops life (1) Fi=Fractions of the above number which develops intelligent life (1) Fc= Fraction of above, technically competent to send detectable signals (0.1-0.2) L= Length of time the civilization will last to send detectable signals ( 1,000-100,000,000) Original estimates showed N is almost equal to L. One productive outcome of this equation was that, a programme called SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

was started in 1985 in USA. In this

programe, using radio telescopes all over the world, scientists have been listening for any intelligent signal from space. But unfortunately till date, no conclusive evidence of intelligent life has been found. In the coming decades, science may be successful in getting such data. We may find that there are intelligent species like us or, what will be worse, more intelligent than us, somewhere out there. If so, that will be the final vail in our cotton; we will become lesser beings of the universe.

¨Éä®úÒú ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ-¨ÉÉiÉÉ ¨Éä®úÒ ¨ÉÉÆ . . . ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ¨ÉÉÄ ºÉ®ú >ÄðSÉÉ =`öÉ>ÄðMÉÉ iÉä®úÒ MÉÒiÉ ½þÉäMÉÒ iÉä®úÒ +xÉÆiÉ JÉÖʶɪÉÉÄ ¦É®äúMÉÒ iÉÖZɨÉå VÉ¤É iÉEò +ÉÊJÉ®úÒ ºÉÉÄºÉ ½èþ ¨Éä®úÒ ªÉ½þ iÉä®äú ¤Éä]äõ EòÉ ´ÉÉnùÉ ½èþ * iÉä®úÒ EòÉä¨É±É MÉÉiÉ ¨Éå ºÉÖÆnù®ú xÉÊnùªÉÉÄ ¤É½þiÉÒ ½éþ* ½þ®äú ªÉä iÉä®äú ½þ® BúEò EòhÉ* ÊVɺÉä näùJÉ Eäò ®ú½þ VÉÉB EòÉä<Ç ¦ÉÒ nÆùMÉ ¨Éäú®úÒ ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ¨ÉÉiÉÉ, ½þÉäMÉÉ iÉä®úÉ ºÉ®ú ½þ¨Éäþ¶ÉÉ =ÄSÉÉ*


¨ÉÉä½þ¨¨Énù +Eò®ú¨É


+Eäò±ÉÉ{ÉxÉ EòÉ nÖù&JÉ 5012

±ÉIªÉ EÖò¨ÉÉ®ú Mɽþ±ÉÉ´ÉiÉ Eò¦ÉýÒ +É{ÉEòÉä ±ÉMÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò +É{É <ºÉ nÖùÊxɪÉÉ ¨Éå +Eäò±Éä ½éþ? ¶ÉɪÉnù xɽþÓ ±ÉMÉÉ ½þÉä* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ EÖòUô ¤ÉSSÉä BäºÉä ½þÉäiÉä ½éþ VÉÉä ºÉ¨ÉZÉiÉä ½éþ ÊEò ´Éä <ºÉ nÖùÊxɪÉÉ ¨Éå +Eäò±Éä ½éþ +Éè®ú =xÉEòÒ JÉֶɦɮúÒ nÖùÊxɪÉÉ ¨Éå +ÆvÉEòÉ®ú UôÉ VÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ * BäºÉä ¤ÉSSÉä ½þ®ú ºÉ¨ÉªÉ BEò ºÉnù¨Éä ¨Éå JÉÉäB ®ú½þiÉä ½éþ* <ºÉ ´ÉVɽþ ºÉä =xÉEòÉä ¶ÉÉ®úÒÊ®úEò °ü{É ºÉä ¦ÉÒ Eò<Ç {É®äú¶ÉÉÊxɪÉÉÆ ZÉä±ÉxÉÒ {Éc÷iÉÒ ½èþ* +ÉVÉ Eäò WɨÉÉxÉä ¨Éå iÉÉä +Eäò±ÉÉ ®ú½þxÉÉ ºÉ¨ÉÉVÉ Eäò ʽþºÉÉ¤É ºÉä BEònù¨É =ÊSÉiÉ xɽþÓ ½èþ * +Eäò±Éä ®ú½þxÉä ºÉä =ºÉä PÉ®ú ¨Éå ªÉÉ PÉ®ú ºÉä ¤Éɽþ®ú ¦ÉÒ ¤É½ÖþiÉ ÊnùCEòiÉå =`öÉxÉÒ {Écå÷MÉÒ * ´Éä xÉ ÊEòºÉÒ EòÉä nùÉäºiÉ ¤ÉxÉÉ {ÉÉBÄMÉä +Éè®ú xÉ ½þÒ VÉÒ´ÉxÉ EòÒ +xɨÉÉä±É JÉÖʶɪÉÉÄ ¤ÉÉÄ]õ {ÉÉBÄMÉä * +MÉ®ú ªÉä ¤ÉSSÉä BäºÉä ½þÒ +{ÉxÉä{ÉxÉ ¨Éå JÉÉäB ®ú½äþ iÉÉä ¤É¤ÉÉÇnù ½þÉä VÉÉBÄMÉä * =ºÉä EÖòUô ¦ÉÒ Eò®úxÉä EòÒ =iºÉÖEòiÉÉ xÉ ®ú½äþMÉÒ * ´É½þ ½þ¨Éä¶ÉÉ =nùÉºÉ +Éè®ú JÉÖnù ¨Éå bÚ÷¤ÉÉ ®ú½äþMÉÉ * ÊEòºÉÒ iÉ®ú½þ ´É½þ BEò ÊnùxÉ ¤ÉSSÉä ºÉä ÊEò¶ÉÉä®ú ¤ÉxÉ VÉÉBMÉÉ* +É{ÉxÉä ½þ®ú iÉ®ú½þ EòÒ Eò½þÉxÉÒ ºÉÖxÉÒ ½þÉäMÉÒ * VÉ¤É ¤ÉÉäbÇ÷ {É®úÒIÉÉ EòÉ {ÉÊ®úhÉÉ¨É +ÉBMÉÉ iÉ¤É ´É½þ +{ÉxÉä Ên¨ÉÆÉMÉÒ iÉxÉÉ´É EòÉä ºÉ½þ xɽþÓ {ÉÉBMÉÉ +Éè®ú +{ÉxÉä +xɨÉÉä±É VÉÒ´ÉxÉ EòÉ +ÆiÉ®ú º´ÉÒEòÉ®ú Eò®äúMÉÉ * <ºÉEäò ¤ÉÉnù ´É½þ ºÉ¤ÉEòÉä +ɶSɪÉÇ ¨Éå UôÉäc÷ VÉÉBMÉÉ ÊEò =ºÉxÉä BäºÉÉ Eònù¨É CªÉÉå =`öɪÉÉ? 102

MYTHOLOGY QUIZ (Greek, Egypt, Roman) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

5248 Akshay V R

Who Killed the Minotaur (Greek) Who was the first king of Gods in Egypt? Who was the war god in Egypt? What is the Roman equivalent of King of the God Zeus? Who united the upper Egypt & Lower Egypt (Hint : a Pharaoh)? Who is the god of the dead souls in Greek & Egyptian myths? Who is the God of death in Greek? Who was the Lord of the Titans? Who was the earth god in Egyptian Myth? Who founded Rome according to the Myth?

Answers: 1, Theseus 2, The sun god RA

6, Greek = Hades Egypt = Osiris

3, Horus

7, Thanatos

4, Jupiter

8, Kronos

5, King Narmer

9, Geb 10, Remus & Romulus

A poor Boy’s

Dream 4980 Yash Singh

Yes! I see the sky With buildings taller than me Yes! I see the ground With nuts smaller than me. All hide their passions and crane for unwanted more. I truly say ‘’I’m hungry’’ But for me there isn’t a single store. The boy with money say I need a school with a pool But all what I say is I just need the floor as the school. The boys outside can Dream more and more. But where have I stopped Oh! I need to beg to clear my sore.

4799 Benny Thomas

Love is such that

And purifies inner hearts.

We say nothing,

Enlightens the emotions deep within

And by not saying

And lightens our heart and mind.

We say everything.

Love which knows no limits

Love is not touched by anyone,

Is kind and patient.

But is felt by all.

It’s eternal,

Whoever seeks it, remember,

A fabulous gift which

Love is to give.

God spreads in each heart.

Not to expect

Love awakens our minds,

Profit or loss, either

Strengthens our feelings,

May arise from it!

Lighten our souls,

Love, not broken by

And soothes our hearts.

Barriers, age, time or the virtual beauty,

With evermore joy, happiness

True love takes fear away

To everyman, Jack; every mother, son.

And pleasure which knows no limits,




kÔy. BÀ A²ym-]nI, ae-bmf hn`mKw

""ankv, Ch³ ho«n \n¶n-d-§n-t¸m-bm Ahsâ ho«p-ImÀ kt´m-jn-¡pw.'' ¢mÊn "A`n-Úm-\-im-Ip-´fw' ]Tn-¸n-¨p-sIm-≠n-cn-¡p-t¼mÄ `À¯r-Kr-l-¯n-te¡v t]mIp¶ iIp-´-fsb bm{X-bm-¡p¶ XmX-I-Wzsâ ZpxJw hni-Z-am-¡p-t¼m-gmWv Cu Iaâv Db-cp¶-Xv. Cu Btcm-]-W-¯n\v hnt[-b-\mb "Chs\' Rms\m¶pt\m ¡n. C{Xbpw {Iqc-amb {]kvXm-h\ Iq«p-Im-c³ Xsâ t\À¡v Btcm-]n-¨n«pw bmsXmcp hntZz-jhpw Im«msX Nncn¨psIm≠n-cn-¡p-I-bm-W-h³. Hcp Xam-i-bpsS eUp s]m«psa-¶p-d-¸m-b-Xp-sIm≠v Rm³ tNmZn¨p ""AsX´m A§s\?''. ""ankv, Ch³ Ign-¡p¶ Blmcw F{X-bm-sW¶v Adn-bmtam ? saÊn hbv¡p¶ ^pUnsâ ]IpXn Chsâ hb-än-te-¡mWv t]mIp-¶-Xv.'' "" ho«n \n¶n-d-§n-t¸m-bm ho«p-ImÀ "c£-s]«p' F¶p hnNmcn-¡pw. A{Xbv¡m Chsâ Xoä.'' F¶v asäm-cm-fpsS Iaâv. B X-ami tI«v ¢mkv apgp-h³ s]m«n-¨n-cn-bn AaÀ¶p. Ah\pw B Nncn-bn ]¦p-sIm≠p. F¦nepw thZ-\n-¨n-cn¡ptam F¶v IcpXn Rm³ ]d-ªp. ""a¡Ä F{X IqSp-X Blmcw Ign-¨mepw AÑ-\-½-amÀ AXv 104

""Rm³ F\n¡v tXm¶nbXpt]mse s] cp-amdpw. F\n¡v tXm¶n-bX - p t- ]mse Pohn¡pw'' F¶v ]d-bp¶ ]pXnb Xe-ap-dsb XÅm\pw sImÅm\pw h¿ F¶ Ah-Øbn-emWv \½psS \m«nse c£n-Xm-¡f- n ] ecpw. amXm-]n-Xm-¡f- psS kvt\l-¯nt\m A²ym-]I - sâ hSnt¡m Xf-¨n-Sm³ Ignbm¯ "tXm¶ymk' §sf kulrZ N§-eIÄ¡pÅn AS-¡n-bn-cp-¯m-\m-Ipw.

I≠v B\-µn-¡p-I-tb-bpÅp. A-h³ \Ã-h®w Blmcw Ign-¡p-¶p-s≠-¦nepw F\ÀPn \Ã-t]mse sNe-h-gn-¡p-¶Xp-sIm≠v {]iv\-an-Ã. -A-h\v s]m®-¯-Sn-sbm-¶p-an-Ã-tÃm. Bfv kvt{SmwMv AtÃ?''. AXp-tI«v Ah³ N-½Â IqS-sª-

dnªv sRfn-ªn-cp-¶p. Ikm¡vkv X§-fpsS kplr-¯p-¡sf hnaÀin-¡p¶ coXn C§-s\-bm-Wv. ]nip-¡-t\bpw kzÀ°-t\bpw XpWn Ae¡m¯ht\bpw Ipfn-¡m-¯-h-t\bpw ]Ãp tXbv¡m-¯-h-t\ bpw It_mÀUv Ae¼nhmcn-bn-Sp-¶-h-t\bpw shSn am{Xw ] d-bp-¶-h-t\bpw IqSp-X Dd-§p-¶-h-t\bpw IqSp-X ]Tn¡p¶ht\bpw hsc Iq«p-ImÀ C¯cw Ifn-bm-¡-ep-I-fn-eqsS hnaÀin¨p sIm≠n-cn-¡pw. Cu Ifn-bm-¡-ep-IÄ BPoh-\ m´w XS-cp-Ibpw sN¿pw. C¯cw Ifn-bm-¡-ep-Isf AXn-Po-hn¨v ]pd¯p hcp-t¼mÄ Ahsâ Cu tKmbpsS Nnd-Ip-IÄ s]mgnªp t]mbn-cn-¡pw. ZpÈo-e-§-fpsS IpXn-t¨m-«-¯n\v ISn-ªm¬ hoWn-cn-¡pw. _m ¨n-epÅ Btcbpw Ipä-§Ä Npa¯n AhÀ Hä-s¸-Sp-¯m-dn-Ã. shdp-¡m-dp-an-Ã. FÃm Ipä-§-tfmSpw IqSn-¯s¶ Ahs\ kvt\ln-¡p-Ibpw AwKo-I-cn-¡p-Ibpw sN¿pw. F¶m IqsS \ndp¯n C¯cw Ifn-bm-¡-ep-I-fn-eqsS hnaÀin-¨p-sIm≠n-cn-¡pw. AXmWv Ikm-¡vknsâ Hcp coXn. amXm]nXm-¡-f-p-tSbpw A²ym-]-I-cp-tSbpw ZoÀL-amb D]-tZi-§-tf-¡mÄ Cu Ifn-bm-¡-ep-IÄ ^ew sN¿m-dp≠v F¶v Nne-t¸mÄ F\n¡v tXm¶m-dp-≠v. Ip«n-IÄ el-cn-¡-Sn-a-s¸«v hgn ]ng¨p \S-¡p-¶Xv \nÊm-lm-b-X-tbmsS t\m¡n \ n¡p¶ amXm-]n-Xm-¡Ä C¶v [mcm-f-ap-≠v. ""Rm³ F\n¡v tXm¶nbXpt]mse s]cp-amdpw. F\n¡v tXm¶n-b-Xp-t] mse Pohn¡pw'' F¶v ]d-bp¶ ]pXnb Xe-ap-dsb XÅm\ pw sImÅm\pw h¿ F¶ Ah-Ø-bn-emWv \½psS \m«nse c£n-Xm-¡-fn ]ecpw. amXm-]n-Xm-¡-fpsS kvt\l-¯nt\m A²ym-]-Isâ hSnt¡m Xf-¨n-Sm³ Ign-bm¯ "tXm¶ymk' §sf kulrZ N§-e-IÄ¡pÅn AS-¡n-bn-cp-¯m-\m-Ipw. tamdÂk-b³kv ¢mÊp-Ifpw kvt\tlm-]-tZ-i-§fpw tXmäp ]n·m-dp-¶n-S¯v kulr-Z-kv]Ài-§Ä hnP-b-s¡mSn ]mdn-¡p¶Xv \ap¡v ImWm-\m-Ipw. \à ioe-§fpw A¨-S-¡-]m-T§fpw kplr-¯p-¡-fn \n¶v IqSn Gäp-hm-§p¶ Ikm¡vkv CXn-s\mcpZml-c-Wam-Wv.

The hit that clicked

Inter-house Hockey Tournament

Free Medical & Cancer Detection Camp organised by 1987 batch of OBA & SSKZM at LPS, Vithura

Freshers Freshening Up Freshersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Day Celebration

Making a point

Inter-house Hindi Debate Competition


Leaping to Score

The Kick that did the trick

Inter-house Basketball Tournament

Inter-house Football Tournament

Capturing hearts!

A participant in the Inter-house Recitation Contest


Celebration Time Christmas eve

Celebration of Lights

Smt. Sreeja Suresh (Middle) lighting the lamp - Diwali celebration

Vociferous Tongue

A scene from Inter-house English Debate

Be Smart

Gp Capt B Janardhanan presenting the CSD Smart card

Gift for the Captain

Headmasterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gift to the School Captain during his farewell ceremony


Capt Harshan AC Memorial Basketball Tournament

Mr. PK Subhash, DDG, Doordarshan Kendra, Tvpm being introduced to the Team

Breaking the tile

Karate test in progress


Legal Literacy Workshop: Honâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ble Dist. Sessions Judge Shri. Sudheendra Kumar with Principal

Leaders in the making Investiture Ceremony

The 51st Annual Day celebrations were held on 15 December 2012. Shri K Jose Cyriac, IAS,Chief Secretary, Govt. of Kerala was the Chief Guest for the occasion and gave away various awards to the cadets.




Token of love

Point and counterpoint

LBA Chairman receiving from the Principal

From the Inter-house Malayalam Debate Competition

Jump for the trophy

Inter-house obstacle competition in progress


In the larger interest of the Nation A scene from the map reading class

Increase The Salary ! 5128 Amal S

Mr and Mrs Philips along with their son Edmond Philips lived happily. Mr Philips was a marine engineer and Mrs Philips was a teacher. They paid the fees for Edmond every month at the school. Mrs Philips earns 2 times the fees of Edmond and Mr Philips earns 3 times the fees of Edimond, totally adding to 30,000 rupees per month. One day Mrs Philips was correcting the answer papers in the class. Inadvertantly, she treated a correct answer as wrong and checked her bundle of answer books. In that class of 40 students, many got low marks. Some disliked it and 8 children left the school. The Principal called Mrs Philips and said, “Whatever percentage of children left the school, a proportionate percentage of money will be deducted from your salary.” As a fall out of this, they found great difficulty in paying the fees of Edmond and look after their needs. Mr Philips used to go to sea only for 9 days and he worked only on these days in a month. Now he decided to work more from the next day to pay Edmond’s fees. Find the number of days Mr Philips has to do more work to balance their income and expenditure.

Friendship is a ship that never sinks; Friendship is like a rainbow Bright and colourful. True friends are like diamonds, Precious and rare, But false friends are like autumn leaves Found everywhere. Find a good friend and extend the friendship Like a rubber band But after stretching it too long Don’t leave it, Because it hurts a lot. Keep the lamp of friendship burning With the oil of love because,

ANSWER: Let Edmond’s fees be x Mr Philips earns Rs .3x Mrs Philips earns Rs .2x Total earning = Rs. 30,000 Rs. 3x+ Rs.2x = Rs. 30,000 Rs. 5x = Rs. 30,000 X= 30,000÷5= Rs 6,000 So, Mr Philips earns Rs (3x6000)= Rs 18,000 Mrs Philips earns Rs (2x6000)= Rs 12,000 No: of students in the class = 40 students No : of students left = 8 students


As sun rises in the east Percentage of students left the class = 8/40x100=20% 20% of Mrs Philips’ salary = 20/100x12,000= 2400 Rupees Mrs Philips salary = Rs 12,000- Rs 2400= Rs 9600 No. of days Mr Philips did work in a month = 9 days Mr Philips’ salary = Rs 18,000 Number of days Mr Philips has to work more to meet the reduction 18,000 rupees in 9 days means: 1 day = Rs 2,000 1/2000= x/2400 1/2000*2400= x X=24÷20 = 1.2 days So total days he has to work = [9 days + 1.2 days] = 10.2 days

And sets in the west, Friendship rises in the heart And sets after death!

4961 Santhanu .J. Nair

Teachers In our life

5234 G.J.Akhilesh Gandhi

Light-giving candles. In Journey of life

A Rainy Night

Way-showing maps. For questioning minds 4902 ARUN.M.B

Answe-r giving books For climbing our life Helping ladders.

When I have gone to my bed On a stormy and windy night When my dad has been cross And turned out every light I lie and listen to the songs Of sweet blowing wind The smell of earth When drops quenched its thirst The storm rattles on the windows, Scattered me drumming on the glass I think of helpless birds Exposed to wind & rain And sailors drowning May be drowning or longing For the sweet dawn to break It all disturbed my mind and moved me And kept me wide awake throughout the night.


Not living for themselves But living for us. Knowledge-giving, light spreading, path-showing lovely souls, They are our TEACHERS.

Eò¤ÉÒ®ú nùÉºÉ 5025

+IɪÉ.BºÉ ʽþxnùÒ ºÉÉʽþiªÉ Eäò ¦ÉÊHòEòÉ±É EòÒ ÊxÉMÉÖÇhÉ ¶ÉÉJÉÉ Eäò EòʴɪÉÉå ¨Éå ºÉÆiÉ Eò¤ÉÒ®ú (1398-1495<Ç) EòÉ ºÉ´ÉÇ|ɨÉÖJÉ ºlÉÉxÉ ½èþ* =xÉEòÉ VÉÒ´ÉxÉEòÉ±É SÉÉènù½þ´ÉÓ +Éè®ú {ÉÆpù½þ´ÉÓ ¶ÉiÉɤnùÒ Eäò ¤ÉÒSÉ ¤ÉxÉÉ VÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ* EòɶÉÒ ¨Éå =xÉEäò VÉx¨É Eäò ºÉƤÉÆvÉ ¨Éå ªÉ½þ ÊEò´ÉnÆùiÉÒ ½èþ ÊEò EòɶÉÒ Eäò ±É½þ®úiÉÉ®úÉ iÉɱÉÉ¤É Eäò ÊEòxÉÉ®äú ºÉä xÉÒ¯û +Éè®ú xÉÒ¨ÉÉ xÉɨÉEò ¨ÉֺɱɨÉÉxÉ VÉÖ±Éɽäþ nÆù{ÉÊiÉ EòÉä BEò xÉ´ÉVÉÉiÉÉ Ê¶É¶ÉÖ Ê¨É±É MɪÉÉ* ÊxɺÉÆiÉÉxÉ ½þÉäxÉä Eäò EòÉ®úhÉ =x½þÉxÉäÆä <ºÉ ¤ÉSSÉä EòÉä {ÉɱÉÉ{ÉÉäºÉÉ +Éè®ú ¤Éc÷É ÊEòªÉÉ* ªÉ½þÒ Ê¶É¶ÉÖ +ÉMÉä SɱÉEò®ú ºÉÆiÉ EòÊ´É Eò¤ÉÒ®ú Eò±ÉÉB* ±ÉÉä<Ç =xÉEòÒ {ÉixÉÒ EòÉ xÉÉ¨É iÉÉ +Éè®ú Eò¨ÉÉ±É {ÉÖjÉ EòÉ* Eò¤ÉÒ®ú +xÉ{Égø lÉä * ±ÉäÊEòxÉ ºÉÉvÉÖ ºÉVVÉxÉÉå EòÒ ºÉÆMÉÊiÉ +Éè®ú näù¶ÉÉ]õxÉ ºÉä =x½þÉåxÉä YÉÉxÉ +ÉÌVÉiÉ ÊEòªÉÉ* ®úɨÉÉxÉÆnù =xÉEäò MÉÖ¯û lÉä * Eò¤ÉÒ®ú EòÒ ´ÉÉhÉÒ EòÉä "¤ÉÒVÉEò' xÉÉ¨É ºÉä ºÉÆOÉʽþiÉ ÊEòªÉÉ MɪÉÉ lÉÉ* <ºÉEäò iÉÒxÉ ¦ÉÉMÉ ½èþ - ®ú¨ÉèxÉÒ, ºÉ¤Énù +Éè®ú ºÉÉJÉÒ*

ºÉÉÊJɪÉÉå ¨Éå =x½þÉåxÉä +{ÉxÉä ºÉ¨ÉªÉ ¨Éå |ÉSÉʱÉiÉ °üÊgøªÉÉå +Éè®ú +ÆvÉÊ´É·ÉɺÉÉå EòÉ JÉÆc÷xÉ ÊEòªÉÉ ½èþ* +{ÉxÉÒ EòÊ´ÉiÉÉ Eäò uùÉ®úÉ Eò¤ÉÒ®ú ºÉ¨ÉÉVÉ ¨Éå GòÉxiÉÒ +Éè®ú ºÉÖvÉÉ®ú ±ÉÉxÉÉ SÉɽþiÉä lÉä * +{ÉxÉÒ ´ÉÉhÉÒ uùÉ®úÉ Eò¤ÉÒ®ú xÉä ʽþxnÖù +Éè®ú ¨ÉֺɱɨÉÉxÉÉå ¨Éå BEòi´É ºlÉÉÊ{ÉiÉ ÊEòªÉÉ lÉÉ* Eò¤ÉÒ®ú xÉä +{ÉxÉÒ ´ÉÉhÉÒ uùÉ®úÉ ¤ÉÉä±ÉSÉÉ±É EòÒ ¦ÉɹÉÉ ¨Éå, "VÉÒ´ÉxÉ EòÒ IÉhÉ ¦ÉÆMÉÖ®úiÉÉ', "MÉÖ¯û EòÒ ¨Éʽþ¨ÉÉ' "<Ç·É®ú

EòÉ ¨É½þi´É', "¨ÉxÉÖ¹ªÉ EòÒ BEòiÉÉ' +ÉÊnù =xÉEäò Ê´ÉSÉÉ®ú |ÉEò]õ ÊEòªÉÉ ½èþ* Eò¤ÉÒ®ú <Ç·É®ú EòÉä +xÉx +Éè®ú ÊxÉ®úÉEò®ú ¨ÉÉxÉiÉä ½èþ* "|Éä¨É ¨Éʽþ¨ÉÉ', "MÉÖ¯û ¨Éʽ EòÉ ¨É½þi´É', "¨ÉÚÌiÉ-{ÉÚVÉÉ EòÉ Ê´É®úÉävÉ', "+Éi¨ÉÉ-{É® ºÉƤÉÆvÉ', "ºÉƺÉÉ®ú EòÒ xÉ·É®úiÉÉ', +ÉÊnù ¤ÉÉiÉÉå EòÉä ± xÉä EòÉ´ªÉ ®úSÉä lÉä *

The Cross Country Race Ready set go…… Shouted the P.T Instructor SWSSS…… A shock passed through my spine. 4993


VÉ±É ½þÒ VÉÒ´ÉxÉ ½èþ |ÉÉhÉÒ VÉ±É Eäò ʤÉxÉÉ VÉÒÊ´ÉiÉ xɽþÒ ®ú½þÉ ºÉEòiÉÉ * +ÉVÉ º´ÉSUô VÉ±É Ê¨É±ÉxÉÉ nÖù¦É®ú ½þÉä MɪÉÉ ½èþ, CªÉÉåÊEò VÉ±É ºjÉÉåiÉÉä EòÒ |ÉnÚùʹÉiÉ Eò®ú ÊnùªÉÉ MɪÉÉ ½èþ* xÉMÉ®úÉä +Éè®ú ¶É½þ®úÉä EòÒ MÉÆnùMÉÒ iÉlÉÉ EòÉ®úJÉÉxÉÒ Eäò Vɽþ®úÒ±Éä ®úºÉɪÉxÉ xÉÊnùªÉÉå +Éè®ú iÉɱÉÉ¤É ¨Éå UôÉäb÷ VÉÉiÉä ½éþ* MÉÆMÉÉ VÉèºÉÒ {ÉÊ´ÉjÉ xÉnùÒ EòÒ VÉ±É |ÉnÚùʹÉiÉ ½þÉä MÉɪÉÉ ½èþ* ´ÉɪÉÖ, VÉ±É +Éè®ú ½þ´ÉÊxÉ |ÉnÚù¹ÉhÉ Eäò ¤ÉføxÉä Eäò EòÉ®úhÉ ¨É±É¨ÉÚjÉ {ªÉÉMÉ, {ɶÉÖ+Éå EòÉä xɽþ±ÉÉxÉä, ´ÉºjÉ PÉÉäxÉä, EÚòb÷É-EòSÉ®úÉ {ÉÉxÉÒ ¨Éå ÊMÉ®úxÉä ºÉä ¦ÉÒ VÉ±É |ÉnÚùʹÉiÉ ½þÉä VÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ * BäºÉÒ |ÉnÚùʹÉiÉ VÉ±É {ÉÒxÉä ºÉä ½èþVÉÉ, +ÊiɺÉÉ®ú, {ÉÒʱɪÉÉ, ]õÉ<Ç¡òÉ<Çb÷ VÉèºÉä ®úÉäMÉ ¡èò±ÉiÉä ½éþ, ºÉ¦ªÉiÉÉ +Éè®ú Ê´ÉEòÉºÉ Eäò xÉÉ¨É {É®ú ½þ¨É |ÉEÞòÊiÉ EòÒ PÉ®úÉä½þ®ú xɹ]õ Eò®ú ®ú½äþ ½éþ, +Éè®ú +{ÉxÉä {Éè®úÉå {É®ú º´ÉÆªÉ EÖò±½þÉb÷Ò ¨ÉÉ®ú ®ú½äþ ½éþ* EòÉ®úJÉÉxÉÉä EòÒ xÉnùÒ-iÉɱÉɤÉÉåä ¨Éå ½þÉÊxÉEòÉ®úEò ®úºÉɪÉxÉ UôÉäb÷xÉä ºÉä ®úÉäEòxÉÉ ½þÉäMÉÉ* ºÉ¦ÉÒ |ÉEòÉ®ú Eäò |ÉnÚù¹ÉhÉ {É®ú ÊxɪÉƦÉhÉ Eò®úxÉä Eäò ʱÉB +ɴɶªÉEò ½èþ ÊEò ±ÉÉäMÉÉå Eäò ºÉÉäSÉxÉä Eäò fÆøMÉ ¨Éå ¤Énù±ÉÉ´É ±ÉɪÉÉ VÉÉB* VÉèºÉÒ ½þ¨ÉÉ®úÒ BEò ÊxÉζSÉiÉ +ɪÉÖ ½èþ, =ºÉÒ |ÉEòÉ®ú |ÉEÞòÊiÉEò ºÉƺÉÉPÉxÉÒ EòÒ ¦ÉÒ* ªÉÊnù ½þ¨É =xÉEòÉä ʤÉMÉbå÷MÉå ªÉÉ =xɺÉä UôÉäc÷-UôÉäc÷ Eò®åú MÉå iÉÉä ½þ¨ÉÉ®úÉ +{ÉxÉÉ +κiÉi´É ºÉÆEò]õ ¨Éå {Éc÷ VÉÉBMÉÉ* <ºÉʱÉB ¦ÉɱÉÉ<Ç <ºÉÒ ¨Éå ½èþ ÊEò ½þ¨É {ɪÉÉÇ´É®úhÉ EòÉ ºÉÆ®úIÉhÉ Eò®äú, iÉÉÊEò ½þ¨ÉÉ®úÉ +ÉκiÉi´É ¤ÉxÉÉ ®ú½äþ*

206 sub juniors How will I come in the first enclosure. DAP…. DAP…DAP.... my heart beat so fast

5213 Adwaith Harish

I started to breathe heavily. “Monkey,” shouted Rakesh Sorry, accidentally I had stepped on his foot. “Will the road never end”, I asked my self. My bones , my muscles, my legs, my hands Pained and I groaned I heard the slogan sung by Abhijith A S, “You are the hero, you will do it, I am the person Abhijith A S.” I joined him: “I am the hero, I will do it, I am the person Adwaith”. I reached the swimming pool, my mind jumped with joy, I pushed him aside and reached my target.


½þÊ®ú¶ÉÆEò®ú VÉÒ

Mistake When a barber makes a mistake, It’s a new style. If a cook makes a mistake, It’s a new dish. If a business man make’s a mistake, It’s a new lesson. If a professor makes a mistake, It’s a new equation. If a scientist makes a mistake, It’s a new invention. If a sportsman makes a mistake, It’s a new trick. If a student makes a mistake, It’s a mistake. So you better not make any mistakes!!

+xÉVÉÉxÉ IɨÉiÉÉ BEò ÊnùxÉ Ê¶É¡òÉä xÉɨÉEò BEò ºÉ¨ÉÖpùÒ {ÉIÉÒ ºÉÉMÉ®ú Eäò >ð{É®ú ºÉä VÉÉ ®ú½þÒ lÉÒ * =ºÉ ºÉ¨ÉªÉ, xÉÒSÉä BEò uùÒ{ÉÒªÉ {ɽþÉc÷ Eäò >ð{É®ú ºÉä =ºÉEòÒ iÉ®ú½þ VÉèºÉä BEò ÊSÉÊb÷ªÉÉ Eäò ¨Énùnù EòÒ +É´ÉÉVÉ ºÉÖxÉÒ * ""CªÉÉ ½Öþ+É?'' xÉÒSÉä =iÉ®úxÉä Eäò ¤ÉÉnù ʶɡòÉä xÉä =ºÉºÉä {ÉÚUôÉ* ""¨Éä®úÉ xÉÉ¨É MÉÉäMÉÉä* ¨ÉéxÉä Eò<Ç ±ÉÉäMÉÉå EòÉä <ºÉÒ iÉ®ú½þ ¤ÉÖ±ÉÉxÉä EòÒ EòÉäÊ¶É¶É EòÒ ±ÉäÊEòxÉ ÊEòºÉÒ xÉä xÉ ºÉÖxÉÉ* SÉɱÉÉEò ½þÉäxÉä Eäò EòÉ®úhÉ iÉ¤É ¨Éä®äú ¨ÉxÉ ¨Éå BEò ={ÉÉªÉ +ɪÉÉ* ¨ÉéxÉä {ɽþÉc÷ Eäò >ð{É®ú SÉgøEò®ú ÊSɱ±ÉÉxÉä EòÉ ÊxɶªÉSÉ ÊEòªÉÉ* {ɽþ±ÉÒ ¤ÉÉ®ú EòÉä<Ç ªÉ½þÉÄ =iÉ®ú ®ú½þÉ ½èþ*'' ""iÉÖ¨É ªÉ½þÉÄ EèòºÉä +É MÉB?'' ""BEò ÊnùxÉ ¨Éé <ºÉ uùÒ{É Eäò >ð{É®ú ºÉä VÉÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ, iÉ¤É BEò ¤Écä÷ {ÉIÉÒ xÉä ¨ÉÖZÉ {É®ú +ÉGò¨ÉhÉ ÊEòªÉÉ* ¨Éé SÉɱÉÉEòÒ ºÉä =ºÉºÉä ¤ÉSÉÉ, ±ÉäÊEòxÉ ¨ÉÖZÉä ¤É½ÖþiÉ Mɽþ®úÒ SÉä]õ +É MɪÉÒ* =ºÉEäò ¤ÉÉnù ¨ÉéxÉä =c÷xÉä EòÒ EòÉäÊ¶É¶É EòÒ, ±ÉäÊEòxÉ =c÷ xÉ

ºÉEòÉ* ¨Éé SÉɱÉÉEò ½þÉäxÉä Eäò EòÉ®úhÉ =ºÉ ¤Écä÷ ÊIÉ EòÒ xÉVÉ®úÉå UÖô{É MɪÉÉ*'' ""iÉÖ¨ÉxÉä ¦ÉÚJÉ Ê¨É]õÉxÉä Eäò ʱÉB CªÉÉ ÊEòªÉ?'' ""¨Éé ¤É½ÖþiÉ SÉɱÉÉ ½ÚÄþ xÉ? <ºÉʱÉB ¨Éé ±ÉnùÒ-ZÉÖEòÒ ¶ÉÉJÉÉ+Éå ºÉä ¡ò±É JÉÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* ʶɡòÉä xÉä MÉÉäMÉÉä EòÉä näùJÉÉ ÊEò =ºÉä Mɽþ®úÒ SÉÉä]õ xÉ lÉÒ* {ÉÚUôxÉä { =ºÉxÉä ¤É´ÉɪÉÉ ÊEò ´É½þ SÉɱÉÉEò lÉÉ <ºÉ汃 =ºÉxÉä ÊnùxÉ ¦ÉÒ ÊMÉ lÉä* ʶɡòÉä xÉä {ÉÚUôÉ ÊEò ¤ÉÉnù ¨Éå =ºÉxÉä Eò¦ÉÒ =c÷xÉä EòÉ |ɪÉÉ ÊEòªÉÉ lÉÉ* =ºÉEòÉ VÉ´ÉÉ¤É lÉÉ xÉ * ""+¤É =c÷ Eò®ú näùJÉÉä* ʶɡòÉä ¤ÉÉä±ÉÉ* MÉÉäMÉÉä =c÷xÉä ¨Éå ºÉ¡ò±É ®ú½þÉ* MÉÉäMÉä +Éè®ú ʶɡ ºÉÉlÉ SÉ±É {Écä÷* ʶɡòÉä xÉä Eò½þÉ, ""ªÉÊnù iÉÖ¨½åþ +{ÉxÉÒ IɨÉiÉÉBÄ xɽþÓ {ÉiÉÉ ½èþ iÉÉä SÉɱÉÉEò ½þÉäxÉä ¨Éå EòÉä<Ç ¢òɪÉnùÉ xɽþÓ ½èþ *'' --


Oh! Lovely butterfly You are so beautiful. I wonder where you come from, Have you got a home? I like your lovely wings You are so colourful. You look like another flower in my garden, Who painted you so beautiful? Oh, dear butterfly

5043 Sankaradas

Will you be my friend? Till my dream come true As a beautiful butterfly.

Greatest God –

5193 Sooraj Kr ishna S

Greatest Teacher – Experience

Greatest tour – sleep

Greatest Friend - self confidence

Greatest servant – fame

Greatest enemy – over confidence

Greatest dress – shame

Greatest rival – time

Greatest truth – death

Greatest right – education

Greatest bond – friends hip

Greatest etiquette – discipline

Greatest passion – love

Greatest devotion – cleanliness

If you understand this, you become a person of character

¨Éä½þxÉiÉ EòÉ ¡ò±É 5026

5268 Sreejith.A

The Rose Roses can make anybody happy Because it contains a sweet lovely smell. But human heart is not like that; We think we are kind but Our heart is full of bad things Rose is beautiful than hum an It is prettier than our heart And it makes our mind clear and Tend us to think good thoughts So, let us be like rose Spreading good things And be happy like them.

½þÊ®úEÞò¹hÉxÉ. +É®ú BEò ¤É½ÖþiÉ {ÉÖ®úÉxÉÒ ¤ÉÉiÉ ½èþ * BEò MÉÉÄ´É ¨Éå BEò ¤ÉÚgøÉ lÉÉ +Éè®ú =ºÉEäò iÉÒxÉ {ÉÖjÉ lÉä * iÉÒxÉÉå ÊxÉEò¨¨Éä lÉä +Éè®ú EòÉä<Ç EòÉ¨É xɽþÓ Eò®úiÉä lÉä* iÉÒxÉÉå <vÉ®ú-=vÉ®ú PÉÚ¨ÉiÉä ®ú½þiÉä* ¤ÉÚgøÉ ¤ÉÉ{É +{ÉxÉä ¤ÉÉä] õÉå ºÉä {É®äú¶ÉÉxÉ ®ú½þiÉÉ lÉÉ* BEò ÊnùxÉ ¤ÉÚgäø ¤ÉÉ{É EòÉ +ÆÊiÉ¨É ºÉ¨ÉªÉ +É MɪÉÉ* iÉ¤É =ºÉxÉä iÉÒxÉÉå EòÉä ¤ÉÖ±ÉÉEò®ú Eò½þÉ, ""¨Éä®äú {ÉÉºÉ VÉÉä ¦ÉÒ vÉxÉ ½èþ ´ÉÉä ¨ÉéxÉä JÉäiÉ ¨Éå MÉÉc÷ ÊnùB ½éþ*'' <iÉxÉÉ Eò½þiÉä ½þÒ

¤ÉÉ{É xÉä nù¨É iÉÒc÷ ÊnùªÉÉ* iÉ¤É iÉÒxÉÉå vÉxÉ Eäò ¤ÉÉ®äú ¨Éå ºÉÉäSÉxÉä iÉÒxÉÉå ¤Éä]õÉäÆ xÉä JÉäiÉ {É®ú VÉÉEò®ú JÉÚ¤É ¨Éä½þxÉiÉ EòÒ {É®ÆúiÉÖ EÖòUô ¦ÉÒ ½þÉÊºÉ±É xɽþÓ ½Öþ+É* ´Éä ±ÉÉè]õ ½þÒ ®ú½äþ lÉä ÊEò =x½åþ +Énù¨ÉÒ Ê¨É±ÉÉ* iÉÒxÉÉå xÉä ʨɱÉEò®ú =ºÉ +Énù¨ÉÒ EòÉä + ºÉ¨ÉºªÉÉ ¤ÉiÉÉ<Ç* ´É½þ +Énù¨ÉÒ ¤É½ÖþiÉ SÉɱÉÉ EòÉ lÉÉ* =ºÉxÉä º ºÉSSÉÉ<Ç ¦ÉÉÆ{É ±ÉÒ* =ºÉxÉä iÉÒxÉÉå EòÉä JÉäiÉ ¨Éå vÉÉxÉ EòÉ ¤ÉÒVÉ EòÉä Eò½þÉ* ´Éä ¨ÉÉxÉ MÉB* =ºÉ ºÉÉ±É +SUôÒ ¤ÉÉÊ®ú¶É Eäò Eò ¡òºÉ±É ¤É½ÖþiÉ +SUôÒ ½Öþ<Ç * iÉÒxÉÉå xÉä ºÉ¨ÉZÉ Ê±ÉªÉÉ lÉÉ ÊEò ¨Éä½ EòÉ ¡ò±É ¨ÉÒ`öÉ ½þÉäiÉÉ ½äþ* =½þÉåxÉä iɤɺÉä Eòc÷Ò ¨Éä½þxÉiÉ Eò®ú ¢ò ={ÉVÉÉxÉä ±ÉMÉä*

Trust Show me the path to walk And I’ll follow your steps. Show me the way to live, And I’ll live thus. Show me the place of worship,

4978 Ananthakrishnan R

Humourous Definitions

And I’ll worship you. Show me the friends I need, And I’ll befriend you.

Advertisements: 85% confusion 15% commissions

Help me act wise,

Buffet dinner: Party where guests outnumber chairs

It’s thus that I succeed

Cigars: A stick with fire at one end and a fool at another end.

Help me overcome my pain,

4902 Arun.M.B

It’s thus my life blossoms.

Critics: Those who quarrel over the motive of a book that never had any.

Show me the things I need

Junk: Something which you throw away 2 weeks before you needed it.

And I’ll make you happy.

Life Insurance: A contract that keeps you poor all through life so that you can die rich.

For its in me you live, my soul,

Mouth: Grocer’s friend, Dentist’s fortune, Orutor’s print and a fool is trap.

And if I don’t trust you Who else will I ?

ºÉ½þÒ MɱÉiÉ +Éè®ú {ÉÊ®úhÉɨÉ? ®úɨÉxÉ {ÉgøxÉä ¨Éå ¤É½ÖþiÉ iÉäWÉ lÉÉ {É®ú ®ú¨ÉxÉ ¦ÉÒ Eò¨É xÉ lÉÉ* nùÉäxÉÉå BEò ½þÒ ºEÚò±É ¨Éå {Égäø +Éè®ú ¨Éè]ÅõÒEÖò±Éä¶ÉxÉ {ÉÉºÉ EòÒ* nùÉä ºÉÉ±É Eäò ¤ÉÉnù nùÉäxÉÉå =SSÉ {É®úÒIÉÉ EòÒ iÉèªÉÉ®úÒ ¨Éå lÉä* +É<Ç.+É<Ç. ]õÒ EòÒ {É®úÒIÉÉ ¨Éå EÖòUô ½þÒ ÊnùxÉ ¤ÉÉEòÒ ®ú½þ MÉB lÉä * nùÉäxÉÉå xÉä Eòc÷Ò ¨Éä½þxÉiÉ EòÒ lÉÒ* +¤É lÉÒ +ÎMxÉ{É®úÒIÉÉ EòÒ ¤ÉÉ®úÒ* 5009

®úɽÖþ±É EÖò¨ÉÉ®ú

nùÉäxÉÉå ºÉ֤ɽþ ºÉ´Éä®äú ¨ÉÆÊnù®ú MÉB* Eåòpù {É®ú VÉÉEò®ú {É®úÒIÉÉ Ê±ÉJÉÒ* ¶ÉÉ¨É iÉEò {É®úÒIÉÉ JÉi¨É ½þÉä MɪÉÒ* =ºÉ ÊnùxÉ Eäò `öÒEò nùÉä ¨É½þÒxÉä ¤ÉÉnù {ÉÊ®úhÉÉ¨É ¦ÉÒ +É MɪÉÉ* ®úɨÉxÉ {ÉÚ®äú ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ¨Éå |ÉlÉ¨É ºlÉÉxÉ

®ú¨ÉxÉ +Éè®ú ®úɨÉxÉ xÉÉ¨É Eäò nùÉä nùÉäºiÉ lÉä* ®ú¨ÉxÉ BEò +¨ÉÒ®ú Ê{ÉiÉÉ

{É®ú lÉÉ* ®ú¨ÉxÉ VÉÉä ¡òÉÄEòÒ¤ÉÉVÉÒ Eò®úiÉÉ lÉÉ, {ÉÉºÉ iÉÉä Eò®ú MɪÉÉ

EòÉ ¤Éä]õÉ iÉÉä nÚùºÉ®úÒ +Éä®ú ®úɨÉxÉ Eäò Ê{ÉiÉÉ BEò xÉÉèEò®ú VÉÉä ®ú¨ÉxÉ

* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ =ºÉEòÒ ®éúËEòMÉ ¤É½ÖþiÉ xÉÒSÉä lÉÒ* =ºÉä |É´Éä¶É ʨɱÉxÉÉ

Eäò PÉ®ú ¨Éå EòÉ¨É Eò®úiÉä lÉä* ®ú¨ÉxÉ ®úɨÉxÉ EòÉä ¤É½ÖþiÉ ¨ÉÉxÉiÉÉ lÉÉ


CªÉÉåÊEò VÉÉä ®úÉú¨ÉxÉ EòÉä MÉÞ½þEòɪÉÇ Ê¨É±ÉiÉÉ lÉÉ ªÉÉ +Éè®ú EòÉä<Ç EòɨÉ,

<ºÉºÉä |ɺiÉÖiÉ ½þÉäiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò ½þ¨Éå ÊEòºÉÒ ºÉä +{ÉxÉÉ EòÉ¨É ªÉÉ

´É½þ ®úɨÉxÉ ºÉä ½þÒ Eò®ú´ÉÉiÉÉ lÉÉ* ¤ÉäSÉÉ®úÉ ®úɨÉxÉ ¤ÉäºÉ½þÉ®úÉ lÉÉ*

JÉɺÉEò®ú ºEÚò±É ¨Éå ÊnùB MÉB MÉÞ½þEòɪÉÇ EòÉä {ÉÚ®úÉ Eò®úxÉä ÊEò ʱÉB

®úɨÉxÉ iÉÉä <ºÉä BEò iÉ®ú¡ò ºÉä +SUôÉ ½þÒ ºÉ¨ÉZÉiÉÉ lÉÒ CªÉÉåÊEò

xɽþÓ näùxÉÉ SÉÉʽþB* ¨Éä½þxÉiÉ EòÉ ¡ò±É ¨ÉÒ`öÉ ½þÉäiÉÉ ½èþ* ºÉ½þÒ-MɱÉiÉ

=ºÉä +Éè®ú VªÉÉnùÉ +{ÉxÉÒ {ÉgøÉ<Ç EòÉ +¦ªÉÉºÉ ½þÉä VÉÉiÉÉ lÉÉ*

EòÉ {ÉÊ®úhÉÉ¨É BEò ÊnùxÉ WÉ°ü®ú +ÉiÉÉ ½èþ*

the vacation, they started packing for their homeward journey. After packing their bags, they went to sleep a little early as they had to get up at 5.00 am. They got up at 4.45 and brushed and bathed. Then they went to the railway station. Shyam said, “This is it. Ram, we are going to your home. Aren’t you happy? Ram said, “Aren’t you happy? I am super excited.” They looked for the Parashuram express to go to Kannur. They found it and boarded and occupied their seats. They chatted excitedly, even forgetting their surroundings, about the days they were going to spend together and all sorts of merriment they would have. At breakfast time, they bought breakfast and kept the parcel in their bag. The train started to move. Then someone came and sat on the opposite berth. He was rather an odd looking man. He covered his face with a handkerchief and had a hat on. He wore a dark black cloak and black cow boy boots. The stranger 5200 Ajay Sankar

asked Ram and Shyam, “Were are you two going?” They said, “We are going to Kannur.” The stranger said, “Ok!, I am dropping at Kasaragod.” Then the man said that he was a contractor and he worked in Trivandrum. Then after sometime the stranger asked if anyone needed a cola. Ram was very fond of cola and he readily accepted the offer whereas Shyam declined it and was enjoying music from his Mp3 player. The stranger called Ram and left that compartment. Shyam, listening to music, felt very sleepy and he

Ram and Shyam were very close friends. They lived in the same

slept. The next day morning when the train stopped at Kannur.

hostel, in one room. They ate together, learnt together, and walked

Shyam woke up. He blinked his eyes. Then he realized that Ram

and played together. They were very excited about their annual

was not in the compartment. He started searching for Ram. He did

vacation. Shyam was going to Ram’s house for a week. They chatted

not see Ram. He also noticed that the stranger was missing too.

about it the whole week before the vacation began. “Ram, I hope you

Then Shyam opened the bathroom and found his friend with white

will allow me to stay some more time,” Shyam told. “Why not? You

foam all over his mouth and lips. With a shock Shyam realised that

can stay for as many days as you want,” Ram told. The day before

his friend had left him without even saying a goodbye…

5039 Rishikesh

I saw a little dream

¨ÉÖJªÉ ºÉ¨ÉÉÊvÉ ºlɱÉ

During a scary night. An old witch with a stick, Brought me into a dark room And turned me into a frog. I crawled around helplessly, Felt lonely and cried aloud Suddenly I got out of my bed Opened my eyes with my hand I was lying on the floor. It was just a dream.

{Éä¶É ½èþ ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ Eäò EÖòUôø ¨ÉÖJªÉ ºÉ¨ÉÉÊvÉ ºlÉ±É VɽþÉÄ ÊEò ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ Eäò EÖòUô ¨É½þÉxÉ xÉäiÉÉ+Éå EòÒ +Î {ÉÆSÉiÉi´É ¨Éå ʴɱÉÒxÉ ½èþ * ®úÉVÉPÉ]õ ¶ÉÉÆÊiÉ´ÉxÉ Ê´ÉVɪÉPÉ]õ ¶ÉÊHò ¶lÉ±É ÊEòºÉÉxÉPÉ]õ +¦É®úPÉ]õ ´ÉÒ®ú ¦ÉÚ欃 ºÉ¨ÉiÉÉ-ºlɱÉ

¨É½þÉi¨ÉÉ MÉÉÄvÉÒ VÉ´Éɽþ®ú±ÉÉ±É xÉä½þ°ü ±ÉÉ±É ¤ÉɽþÉnÚù®ú ¶ÉÉ»ÉÒþ <ÆÊnù®úÉ MÉÉÄvÉÒ SÉÉèvÉ®úÒ SÉ®úhÉ ËºÉ½þ ¨ÉÉä®úÉ®VÉúÒ näù¶ÉÉ<Ç ®úÉVÉÒ´É MÉÉÄvÉÒ VÉMÉVÉÒ´ÉxÉ ®úɨÉ


I was a good boy when I was young. One day when I went to school, I saw a boy using his parker pen. I was so much impressed by it since I didn’t have one. During the recess, when he went out, my mind told me to take it. But I thought, it would make him sad. I and my mind began to quarrel and at last I lost. I stole his pen! When I went home, I told it to my brother and also showed the pen. I also told him not to tell about this to father or mother. But Alas! He told them and they beat me hard. Because of my anger for that I didn’t return the pen to my classmate even though my parents had told me to return it. The next day, he found his pen was stolen and started crying. I felt no ego and didn’t return it to him. The next day, there was an exam and I wrote it with his pen and got very low marks even though I had studied well. I felt sad and knew that it’s because I had stolen his pen that I got low 5081 Haron Kassim

marks. The very next moment I returned his pen to him and told him the entire story. “Oh! I Thank you” he said. He did not shout at me or quarrel with me. I felt very happy after that. “Oh! Thank you”, these words made me very happy.

Hostel Life What a life is hostel life

5056 Pranav Kumar

The Moon Oh! Moon you give us light In the darkness of night.

Full of joy and full of cries.

You are like a ball

You are always on your toes

Which never falls.

If you’ve got some!

You are so cute

There are boys from east and west

But you are so mute.

At every step you have a test

You give us light

You are expected to do your best

And so we are grateful

Of course you get time to rest.

For all you do for us

There is no one high, no one ‘s low. See the times it’s go-go-go, From PT to breakfast to classes to Games to prep You are in trouble if you break a glass. Class work, home work, hobby, games There is confusion in someone’s name The best day is surely Sunday When you are lost in any play the whole day.

4968 Abhishek Parayil.

Flowers Flowers are so beautiful,

4883 Midhun.V.S

Oh! My Love

Flowers are so wonderful.

Oh my love, I still miss you.

They teach us the fact

The first sight of you

How life should be! They glow, they bloom

I shall never forget.

With wind they sway,

I always had an urge

With the sun they shine.

To touch your rosy cheeks.

Flowers are sweet and lovely.

I always wanted to see,

Though their life is short,

The beautiful smile on your face.

We learn from their life

I always wanted to kiss

Something deep and vast.

Your sweet smelling hair. I always wanted to steal Your lovely eyes. 5029 Albin Antony

But now, you left me alone! Oh my love, where are you? I still miss you.

B’coz You are So Special 5058 Swathy BA

Deep in the heart I can feel you…. With my eyes closed I can see you… You are with me and I can feel your presence Though you are in heaven you are always beside me. You never talk to me much But I can hear you saying “I Love You”. You always smiled at me And made m e always cry. You never demand anything But cares for everyone. You fulfil everyone’s desires By hiding your desires. When you passed away from us I cried for you dear, Because you are so special for me Oh, my sweet little sister I miss you a lot……..



+xÉÆiÉEÞò¹hÉxÉ +É®ú

¨ÉxÉÖ¹ªÉ EòÉä iÉÒxÉ MÉÖhÉ ½þÉäiÉä ½éþ* ´ÉÉä ½èþ ºÉÉi´ÉÉ, ®úVÉºÉ +Éè®ú iɨɺÉ* iÉ¨ÉºÉ EòÉ ¨ÉiÉ±É¤É ½èþ +ÄvÉä®úÉ* +ÄvÉä®äú EòÉ ªÉ½þ ¨ÉiÉ±É¤É xɽþÓ ½äþ ÊEò |ÉEòÉ¶É +xÉÖ{ÉκlÉiÉ ½èþ* ªÉ½þÉÄ +ÄvÉä®äú EòÉ ¨ÉiÉ±É¤É ÊºÉ¡Çò +É±ÉºÉ ½èþ* {ÉÖ®úÉxÉä ÊnùxÉÉå ¨Éå ¨ÉÉiÉÉ-Ê{ÉiÉÉ +{ÉxÉÒ ¤ÉSSÉÉå EòÉä VÉMÉÉiÉä lÉä* ºÉ֤ɽþ SÉÉ®ú ¤ÉVÉä =`öEò®ú ªÉä ¤ÉSSÉä {ÉgøiÉä lÉä* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ +ÉVÉ ºEÚò±É VÉÉxÉä EòÒ ´ÉVɽþ ºÉä ¤ÉSSÉä +{ÉxÉä +É{É =`öiÉä ½éþ +Éè®ú ºEÚò±É VÉÉiÉä, ´É½þÉÄ ºÉä ´ÉÉ{ÉºÉ +ÉiÉä ½þÒ ]õÒ.´ÉÒ.Eäò ºÉɨÉxÉä* ®úÊ´É´ÉÉ®ú =xÉEäò ʱÉB ºÉÉäxÉä EòÉ ÊnùxÉ ½èþ* EÖòUô ¤ÉSSÉä ¤ÉÉ®ú½þ ¤ÉVÉä iÉEò ºÉÉäiÉä ½éþ* ªÉ½þ ½èþ iɨɺÉ* iÉ¨ÉºÉ ¨ÉxÉÖ¹ªÉ EòÉä +SUôÒ ¤ÉÉiÉå ºÉÉäSÉxÉä ºÉä <xÉEòÉ®ú Eò®úiÉÉ ½èþ* iÉ¨ÉºÉ ¨ÉxÉÖ¹ªÉ EòÉä +ɱɺÉÒ ¤ÉxÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ* <ºÉºÉä ÊxÉEò±ÉxÉä EòÉ BEò ½þÒ ={ÉÉªÉ ½èþ ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ EòÒ <ǨÉÉxÉnùÉ®úÒ ºÉä |ÉÉlÉÇxÉÉ Eò®úxÉÉ* EÖòUô +Éè®ú ¦ÉÒ ={ÉÉªÉ ½éþ ºÉ֤ɽþ ºÉÚªÉÇ Eäò ºÉÉlÉ =`öEò®ú ºÉ֤ɽþ Eäò ºÉè®ú EòÒ SɱÉÉxÉÉ* iÉ¨ÉºÉ MÉÖhÉ EòÉä ʨÉ]õÉxÉä ºÉä VÉÒ´ÉxÉ ¨Éå ½þ¨É ºÉ¡ò±É ½þÉåMÉä*

How beautiful

You are

4883 Midhun Vincent

The grass is green And so is emerald. The flower is red Like the beautiful ruby. The cat is white And so is the sparkling diamond. The dog is brown And the earth is brown too. The cheetah is yellow The horse is black The sky is blue And the dresses are colourful. These are all my favorite colours, And they make our world beautiful!

5071 Arjun.R.Menon

How beautiful you are In several colours And different shapes! Look at them! They are dancing, singing And the rising sun makes them shining. They are turning towards us With smiling faces and thankful minds And reminds us to give the world much happiness, Thus making it a land of eternal love. And how beautiful you are My little rose, my little rose!

We have miles to go...

Inter-house Cross country Race

All the stake holders

A Parent-Teacher Meeting in progress

You live in our hearts!

Commemoration of the Martyr 2/Lt Radhamohan Naresh

Determination overcomes obstacle

The winners of the Inter-house obstacle race competition


Young aspirants

At the museum

Cdme MR Ajayakumar (IN) addressing the cadets of class 8th during their visit to Naval base.

Freshersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; tour to Thiruvananthapuram

A ball of contention

Inter-house Volley ball match


Inauguration of the new inďŹ rmary block by Chief Engineer

Cadets at a workshop on Personality Development

Tricks of the trade

A scene from the magic show during OBA reunion

A tribute to alma mater: Maj Gen Venugopal presenting the new aquatic championship trophy to the Principal

Planning for the future

Local Board of Administration Meeting in progress


The 4th edition of Col NJ Nair AC, KC memorial interschool Debate Competition was held on 10 Dec 2012. 48 students from various schools all over Kerala took part. Prof M Vijayakumar, Prof Khayarunnisa and Prof. Jamuna were the judges. Mr TP Srinivasan IFS, Vice Chairman, Kerala State Higher Education Council was the Chief Guest for the function. The coveted trophy was lifted by Arya Central School, Thiruvananthapuram.


Arya Central School receiving the rolling trophy from the Chief Guest.


Lighting the Torch

OATH: We swear, that we will take part in the 51st Annual Athletic Meet, respecting the rules and regulations which govern the meet, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the honour of our House and glory of sports. The 51st Annual Athletic Meet of Sainik School Kazhakootam was held from 10 to 14 Dec 2012. The Chief Guest for the closing ceremony was Shri Ajay Bharatan, DIG, Group Centre, CRPF, graced the function as Chief Guest and gave away the trophies and medals to the winners. The programme commenced with a colourful PT Display, Karate Display and the performance by School Band. Finally it was the Shivaji House that won the overall Championship Trophy among the Seniors, Rajaji House among Juniors and the Ashoka House among Sub Juniors. Cadets Ravindra Kumar Rahul, Santhosh Kumar and Jayesh Balan were adjudged champions in Senior, Junior and Sub Junior divisions respectively. The Principal Gp Capt B Janardhanan welcomed the gathering and introduced the Chief Guest to the audience. An impressive gathering of Parents, Old boys and invitees attended the function.

March past


Champions Trophy for Seniors bagged by the Shivajians

Shri. Ajay Bharatan, DIG, Group Centre, CRPF, Pallipuram reviewing the closing march past of 51st Annual Athletic Meet


The farewell dinner for the Xanthrons held on 24th Jan 13. The chief guest of the function was Gp Capt B Janardhanan. During this function the present school appointments handed over the baton to the understudy appointments. The pen pictures for the Xanthrons was prepared by class XI. The passing out batch received the school memento from the chief guest. After the sumptuous dinner the dining out cadets took the blessings of their teachers.



Cdr Jason Paul joined this school as Headmaster on 12th Jul 10. He was posted out to INS Venduruty, Cochin on 26th Apr 12.


Ms. Nalinakumari Amma, Matron retired after 35 yrs of long service from SSKZM - 31st May 12.

Mr. K Babu, GE on the occasion of his send off function - 31st Mar 13

Retirement ceremony of Mr. Reghunandanan Thampi, Accountant - 31st Mar 13.

Farewell assembly to Mr. Rajappan Nair, GE - 31st Aug 12


The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony was held on 24 Jan 2013. The Cock house Trophy for the seniors was shared by Prasad and Shivaji houses. In the junior section Rajaji lifted the trophy, in the sub-junior section Ashoka emerged as the winners and in the holding houses VKKM was the winner.




Sitting L-R: Mr Mathew K Thomas, MR Girish Kr, Mr George PI, Mr P Manoj, Mr MG Francis, Mr NG Babu, Mr K Rajendran, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, SCC Ronnie TJ, Ms B Radhika, Ms OK Supriyarani, Ms Sonia R, Ms Sudhalekshmi, Ms Sandhya R. Standing L- R (1st Row) Mr K.S Antony,Mr Unnikrishnan G, Mr Sambhu, Mr Jestine KJ, Mr Swathi S, Mr Alex Abraham, Mr Balamurugan N, Mr VB Rajan Namboodiri, Mr Rajesh R, Mr Arunkumar G, Jasmine Antony, Roja K S, Mr Macson, Mr Prince P, Mr Mahadevan Nair G, Mr Arunkumar MS, Mr VG Satheesh Kumar, Ms Deepa RVM, Ms Jayasindhu S, Ms Preethi N, Ms Swapna, Ms Asha, Ms Geetha. Standing L-R (2nd Row) George, Jr HC Jerin Joy, Boney, Surya Dev, Shyam K V, Akhil Rajendran, Rahul R, Akash B, Vishnu S.P, Christo FJ, Sunny, Mayank, Bivin V, Chandradutt, Nithish, Vikash K, Sr.Sgt Sagar SB, Harikrishnan, Nithil T, Sanjeev, Rishi, Sandeep M, Sr.HC Jatheesh, David. Standing L- R (3rd Row) Jose, SCA Shiva Sasidhar, Nandu H, Gokul P, Sanju S, Abhishek N, Sr Sgt Rabindra KR, Shiv SS, HC Nidhin K, Vaibhav Sl, Kiran G, Akhil P, Jr HC Mithun M, Jr HC Ashik Krishnakumar, Vishwas S, Mithilesh K, Sr Sgt Vikas Nair M, Binoy Justin, Ajith S Thullai, Ankit Kumar, SDM Binoy, Vaibhav CA. Standing L-R (4th Row) Sr HC Eldho Jacob C, Karthik P Nath, Athul V Dev, Arun V, Harishankar, Arun JM, Priyan Raj, Sandeep D, Binoy K P, Akhil R B, Abhishek B, Aswin Giri, HC Srihari, Rajat, Vishal, Akhil Nath, Abee N, Madhu Mc, Sr.Sgt Sandeep Pittan, KR Vishnu Narayanan, HC Ajeesh A Standing L- R (5th Row) S Abinandh, Aswin Ouseph, Ajay Krishna R, Ajeesh Achankunju, Jai Vishnu, Mithun Krishna, HC Ajay Vaisakh TS, Akash B J, Abhishek KR, Sr HC Akhil Raj Rr, HC Pappan, Joel KP, Sr Sgt Amal K.

st SittingL L-R: Mathew K Thomas, GirishRVM, Kr, Mr Mr George PI, Mr P Manoj, MG Francis, NG Babu, Mr K Rajendran, MrPG PKRSuresh Panicker, Gp Capt Janardhanan, Col PG Kumar,E.SCC Ronnie TJ, Sitting to R:MrMs Jayasindhu, MSMR Deepa KS Antony, Mr PKRMrPanicker, GpMr Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col Kumar, MsB Sandhya, MsLtAsha IV,Suresh Ms Geetha Standing L toMsR B(1Radhika, Row):Ms OK Supriyarani, Ms Sonia.R, Ms Sudhalekshmi, Ms Sandhya R Standing LR (Ist Row) Mr K.S Antony,Mr Unnikrishnan G, Mr Sambhu, Mr Jestine KJ, Mr Swathi S, Mr Alex Abraham, Mr Balamurugan N, Mr VB Rajan Namboodiri, Keerthana, Nithin Raj, Abin Jayakumar, Abhijith JS, Pramod Kumar, Devesh S, Narayanan Kutty, Shiv Sagar, Niketh S Kumar, Ansuman, Arron, Akshay SL, Saurav Kumar, Jai Deep, Adwaith MS, Rohit Mr Rajesh R, Mr Arunkumar G, Jasmine Antony, Roja K S, Mr Macson, Mr Prince P, Mr Mahadevan Nair G, Mr Arunkumar MS, Mr VG Satheesh Kumar, Ms Deepa R V M, Ms Jayasindhu S, Ms Preethi N, Ms Swapna, Ms Asha, S, Ms Ryan, Nitheesh, Roshan Kumar, Standing L toShyam R(2ndKRow): Snith, P, Anku, Bharath S, K, Ankith Geetha :: Standing L- R (2nd Row)Abhinav George, Prakash, Jr HC JerinReshma. Joy, Boney, Surya Dev, V, AkhilSreeram, Rajendran,Abel, RahulAnanthakrishnan, R, Akash B, Vishnu Sanjay, S.P, Christo F J, Arjun Sunny,Mohan, Mayank,Shiva, Bivin V,Akash Chandradutt, Nithish, Vikash Sr.SgtSuman, Sagar S.B, Vinayak, Salvio,Nithil Sidharth Mohan, Marar, Aashley, Bivin,David Sidharth Gopan, Mohit MG, Munnaz. Standing L to R(3rdH,Row): VK, Rohit, Abhijith, Rajesh, Adithya, Akshay, Harikrishnan, T, Sanjeev, Rishi,Aryan Sandeep M, Sr.HC Jatheesh, Standing L- R (3rd Row) Jose, SCA Shiva Sasidhar, Nandu Gokul PGopi, , SanjuAmal S, Abhishek N, SrJonath, Sgt Rabindra KR, Shiv SS, HC Nidhin K, VaibhavNithin, Sl, Kiran th Kumar, SDM Binoy, Vaibhav C A:: Standing L- R (4th Row) Sr HC Eldho Jacob C, Karthik P G, AkhilAbhishek P, Jr HC Mithun Jr HC Ashik Krishnakumar, S, Mithilesh K, SrArjun Sgt Vikas Nair M, Binoy Justin, Ajith S Thullai, Ankit Suman, Kumar,M,Agham, Manjith, Aravind Vishwas Sai, Sooryan, Pranoy, Aravind, Goutham S. Standing L to R(4 Row): Kripa, Sebastian, Ajin, Adithya, Sahil, Dev Narayanan, Chandan, Pankaj, Nath, Athul V Dev, Arun V, Harishankar, Arun JM, Priyan Raj, Sandeep D, Binoy K P, Akhil R B, Abhishek B, Aswin Giri, HC Srihari, Rajat, Vishal, Akhil Nath, Abee N, Madhu Mc, Sr.Sgt Sandeep Pittan, KR Vishnu Narayanan, HC Karthik Joel, Amal, Adithyan AjeeshJJ, A Standing L- R Michel, (5th Row)Nivedh, S Abinandh, AswinU.Ouseph, Ajay Krishna R, Ajeesh Achankunju, Jai Vishnu, Mithun Krishna, HC Ajay Vaisakh TS, Akash B J, Abhishek K R, Sr HC Akhil Raj Rr, HC Pappan, Joel KP, Sr Sgt Amal K.


Sitting L to R: CHM Manoj, Mr Balamurugan, Mr Mathew K Thomas, Mr Sambhu R, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Jestine KJ, Mr K Rajendran, CHM Sureshkumar, Mohit Kumar. Standing L to R(1st Row): Abhishek A, Ravi Sanker, George Luke, Sandeep Kumar, Aravind PK, Munna Kumar, Apoorv Kesari, Alan Cristo, Amrit Ranjan, Roshan, Abhilash Jeevan, Benney Thomas, Sourav Kumar, Abhiraj, Tariq Shah, Kumar Pratheek, Hitesh, Gokul GS. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Himanshu, Santhosh, Vignesh, Midhun K, Unnikannan, Sanjay, Sudheer, Ravi Prakash, Bibin Lal, Richard, Abhijith, Jayaram, Ranjan, Chaithanya, Rahul, Sethu, Marandi. Standing L to R(3rd Row): Akash S, Rahul, Prasanth, Vishakh, Thomas, Prasanth, Mathew, Ram Chander, Kishku, Vishnu, Praveen, Rahul, Mahesh, Adesh, Amal Mohan, Saurav, Abin. Standing L to R(4th Row): Rahul, Ajith, Arjun, Sathyam Deep, Mohammed, Sooraj, Sandeep, Akhil, Akash KR, Sooryakanth, Akhil Babu, Mathew J, Pranay, Vikas, Mustaffa, Rahul, Pranav.


5039 S. Rishikesh


It was a holiday. As usual, I went to sleep after lunch. As my parents were not at home, I was all alone in my house. While I was sleeping I heard the door bell ring. I thought it would be my parents and went to open the door. When I opened, I realized that it was not my parents but my friend Arun. He called me for playing. While we were playing hide and seek, he fell down and wounded his leg and so he went back home and I to mine. But when I went back to my house I was totally upset. Thoughts of ghosts came to my mind. Suddenly I heard a knock at my door. I went and opened the door. It was my old friend Hashim. I hadn’t met him for a long time. I welcomed him to my house. First it was so interesting. But after sometime we felt it so boring. So he brought up an idea. He asked me, “Do you have a camera here”? “Yes” I replied. “Then take it. Let ’s play” “What! What are you going to do with the camera?” I asked him. “You take it,” he said. I went to my room and brought the camera. He said, “We can take photos and play. “Ok”, I replied. “First I will take your photo”. “Ok” I said. Then we started the game. He took many snaps of mine. At last I told, “Now, let me take your photo.” He told, “No” and gave many excuses. I argued with him. At last he consented. I took several photos of him, but in all his photos he was not there. First I thought it was my mistake. Then I realized it was not my mistake. I was scared. He told “you’ve taken several photos, that’s enough.” “Yes, Yes,” I told terrified. “Ok, show me my photos”, He told me with a crooked smile. “Wait, wait, one minute; I’ll come now”, I told this and went to my room. There I took my mobile phone and rang up Hashim. His mother picked up the phone. Her voice was always energetic but this time it was dull. I asked her, “Is Hashim there?” She started crying. She told me, “My son, he left me 2 months ago.” I put down my phone in fear and shock. I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and saw my mother standing in front of me. I was surprised and relieved and realized that it was only a dream.


ªÉÉnMÉÉ®ú ºÉ¡ò®ú 4920

|ɶÉÉxiÉ EÖò¨ÉÉ®ú

MɨÉÔ EòÒ UÖô]Âõ]õÒ lÉÒ* ¨Éé ºEÚò±É ºÉä JÉÖ¶ÉÒ - JÉÖ¶ÉÒ PÉ®ú EòÉä ÊxÉEò±É {Éc÷É* ÊjÉ´Éäxpù¨É ºÉä {ɽþ±Éä ½þ¨Éä Eäò®ú±ÉÉ BCºÉ|ÉäºÉ {ÉEòc÷Eò®ú xÉ<Ç Ênù±±ÉÒ EòÉä VÉÉxÉÉ lÉÉ* ½þ¨É ÊjÉ´Éäxpù¨É ºÉä ºÉ֤ɽþ 11 ¤ÉVÉä ®ú´ÉÉxÉÉ


½ÖþB* {ɽþ±Éä ÊnùxÉ EòÉ ºÉ¡ò®ú ¤É½ÖþiÉ +SUôÉ ®ú½þÉ* ½þ¨É±ÉÉäMÉÉå xÉä JÉÚ¤É ¨ÉºiÉÒ EòÒ* ½þ¨ÉÉ®äú nùÉäºiÉ ¤ÉÉ®úÒ-¤ÉÉ®úÒ ºÉä +{ÉxÉä ºlÉÉxÉ {É®ú =iÉ®úiÉä SɱÉä MÉB* Ênù±±ÉÒ {ɽÚÄþSÉxÉä ºÉä {ɽþ±Éä ½þ¨É±ÉÉäMÉ ¨ÉÉjÉ 3 ½þÒ ¤ÉSÉä lÉä* Ênù±±ÉÒ º]äõ¶ÉxÉ {É®ú 1.30 ¨Éå =iÉ®úiÉä ½þÒ ´Éä nùÉäxÉÉä +{ÉxÉä Ê{ÉiÉÉ Eäò ºÉÉlÉ SɱÉä MÉB* Ênù±±ÉÒ º]äõ¶ÉxÉ {É®ú +¤É ʺɡÇò ¨Éé ¤ÉSÉÉ lÉÉ* ¨ÉÖZÉä ´É½þÉÄ ºÉä MɪÉÉ EòÉä VÉÉxÉÉ lÉÉ* ¨Éä®úÒ ]ÅäõxÉ nÚù®ÆúiÉÉå BCºÉ|ÉäºÉ lÉÉ*

ÊVɺÉEòÒ ºÉ¨ÉªÉ 4.30 xÉ<Ç Ênù±±ÉÒ ºÉä ®ú´ÉÉxÉÉ ½þÉäxÉÉ lÉÉ* ¨Éé ´É½þÒ ¤Éè`ö Eò®ú +{ÉxÉÒ MÉÉb÷Ò EòÉ <ÆiÉVÉÉ®ú Eò®úxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* Ênù±±ÉÒ BEò +nÂù¦ÉÖiÉ xÉMÉ®úÒ EòÉ ¶É½þ®ú ½èþ* ¨Éé ´É½þÉÄ ¤Éè`äö-¤Éè`äö +ɺÉ{ÉÉºÉ Eäò ±ÉÉäMÉÉå EòÉä näùJÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ* iɦÉÒ ¨Éä®úÒ ºÉɨÉxÉä ´ÉɱÉÒ {±Éä]õ¡òÉÇ¨É {É®ú BEò ]ÅäõxÉ +ÉEò®ú ¯ûEòÒ ´É½þÉÄ {Éä ºÉ´ÉÉ®úÒ =iÉ®ú-SÉgø ®ú½äþ lÉä* iɦÉÒ ¨Éä®úÒ xÉWÉ®ú BEò ¤ÉÚgøÒ +Éè®úiÉ {É®ú {Éc÷Ò* =ºÉEòÉ =©É ±ÉMɦÉMÉ 70-75 ´É¹ÉÇ EòÒ ½þÉäMÉÒ* =ºÉEäò ¤ÉÉ±É ºÉ¡äònù lÉä* ´É½þ BEò {É]õÒ B´ÉÆ {ÉÖ®úÉxÉÒ ºÉÉc÷Ò {ɽþxÉä ½ÖþB lÉÒ* =ºÉEòÒ ªÉ½þ {ÉÊ®úκlÉiÉÒ näùJÉEò®ú ¨ÉÖZÉä ¨ÉɱÉÚ¨É ½Öþ+É ÊEò ´É½þ BEò MÉ®úÒ¤É +Éè®úiÉ lÉÒ* =ºÉEäò ºÉÉlÉ =xÉEòÉ {ÉÉäiÉÉ lÉÉ VÉÉä ±ÉMɦÉMÉ 10-12 ´É¹ÉÇ EòÉ ½þÉäMÉÉ* ´É½þ ÊnùJÉxÉä ¨Éå {ÉiɱÉÉ lÉÉ ´É½þ BEò MÉÆVÉÒ +Éè®ú ½þÉ¡ò {Éé]õ {ɽþxÉÉ ½Öþ+É lÉÉ* =ºÉxÉä ]ÅäõxÉ {ÉEòc÷É iɦÉÒ ´É½þ ±Éc÷EòÉ Ê¤ÉºEÚò]õ EòÉ +xÉÖ®úÉävÉ Eò®úxÉä ±ÉMÉÉ* ªÉä iÉÉä +É{É VÉÉxÉiÉä ½èþ ÊEò nùÉnùÒ +Éè®ú {ÉÉäiÉÉ EòÉ {ªÉÉ®ú EèòºÉÉ ½þÉäiÉÉ ½èþ* ´É½þ =iÉ®úEò®ú ºÉɨÉxÉä EòÒ nÖùEòÉxÉ {É®ú SɱÉÒ MÉ<Ç* ÊVɺÉEäò ¤ÉMÉ±É ¨Éå ¨Éé ¤Éè`öÉ lÉÉ*=ºÉ +Éè®úiÉ xÉä ʤɺEÚò]õ EòÒ EòÒ¨ÉiÉ {ÉÚUôÒ iÉÉä ´É½þ 20°ü ¤ÉiÉɪÉÉ iɦÉÒ ¨ÉéxÉå näùJÉÉ ÊEò =ºÉ +Éè®úiÉ EòÉ ¨ÉÚĽþ ÊxÉ®úɶÉÉ {É®ú MɪÉÉ* iɦÉÒ =ºÉxÉä +{ÉxÉÒ ºÉÉc÷Ò ¨Éå ¤ÉÆvÉÒ MÉ]Úõ®úÒ JÉÉä±ÉÒ, ¨ÉéxÉä näùJÉÉ ÊEò =ºÉ¨Éå EÖòUô ʺÉCEäò lÉä* ´É½þ EÖò±É ÊMÉxÉxÉä ±ÉMÉÒ Ê¡ò®ú* ¨ÉÚc÷Eò®ú +{ÉxÉä {ÉÉäiÉä EòÒ iÉ®ú¡ò näùJÉÒ* ¨ÉÖZÉä BäºÉÉ |ÉiÉÒiÉ

I Dream Every time I sit in the audience I dream. Every time I hold a ball I dream. Every time I look at a podium with a mike I dream. Every time I hear the clatter of claps I dream. Every time I stand on a field I dream. I dream ‘cause I have faith I dream ‘cause the sun is yet to shine I dream ‘cause deep within I know

½Öþ+É ÊEò =ºÉEäò {ÉÉºÉ =iÉxÉä {ÉèºÉä xɽþÓ lÉä* EÖò±É VÉÉäc÷Eò®ú 17 °ü lÉÉ* =ºÉxÉä nÖùEòɱÉnùÉ®ú EòÉä ÊnùªÉÉ +Éè®ú ʤɺEÚò]õ +ÉOɽþ EòÒ {É®ú nÖùEòÉxÉnùÉ®ú xÉä ¨ÉxÉÉ Eò®ú ÊnùªÉÉ +Éè®ú Eò½þÉ, 3 ¯û{ɪÉä +Éè®ú nùÉä xɽþÓ iÉÉä xɽþÓ Ê¨É±ÉäMÉÉ* ¨ÉÖZÉä ªÉ½þ näùJÉEò®ú +SUôÉ xɽþÓ ±ÉMÉÉ ÊEò nÖùEòÉxÉúnùÉ®ú =ºÉEòÒ ¦ÉÉ´ÉxÉÉ+Éå EòÉä CªÉÉå xɽþÒ ºÉ¨ÉZÉ ®ú½þÉ lÉÉ* =ºÉxÉä nÖùEòÉxÉnùÉ®ú ºÉä ¤É½ÖþiÉ +ÉOɽþ EòÒ {É®ú ºÉ¤É ´ªÉlÉÇ MɪÉÉ* =ºÉ +Éè®úiÉ EòÒ ½þɱÉiÉ näùJÉEò®ú ¨Éä®úÒ +ÉÄJÉå ¡ò®ú +É<Ç* ´É½þ +{ÉxÉä {ÉÉäiÉä EòÉä näùJÉiÉÒ +Éè®ú ®úÉäiÉÒ B´ÉÆ nÖùEòÉxÉnùÉ®ú ºÉä nùnÇù ¦É®úÒ +É´ÉÉVÉ

¨Éå Ê´ÉxÉiÉÒ Eò®úiÉÒ* ¨ÉÖZɺÉä ªÉ½þ ºÉ¤É xɽþÒ näùJÉÉ MɪÉÉ* ¨Éé +{ÉxÉÒ VÉMɽþ ºÉä =`öÉ ´É½þÒ Ê´ÉºEÖò]õ JÉ®úÒnùÒ +Éè®ú =ºÉ +Éè®úiÉ EòÉä ÊnùªÉÉ {É®ú ´É½þ ¨Éä®úÒ iÉ®ú¡ò näùJÉÒ +Éè®ú ±ÉäxÉä ºÉä ¨ÉxÉÉ EòÒ ¨Éä®äú ¤É½ÖþiÉ ¤ÉÉä±ÉxÉä {É®ú ´É½þ ±Éä ±ÉÒ* iɦÉÒ ¨ÉéxÉä näùJÉÉ ÊEò =ºÉEòÒ ]ÅäõxÉ SÉ±É {Éc÷Ò lÉÒ* iɦÉÒ =ºÉ +Éè®úiÉ xÉä ]ÅäõxÉ EòÒ iÉ®ú¡ò nùÉèc÷É, ¨ÉéxÉä =ºÉä ®úÉäEòxÉÉ SÉɽþÉ* {É®ú ´É½þ VÉÉ SÉÖEòÒ lÉÒ* {É®ú =ºÉEäò +ÉMÉä VÉÉiÉä ½þÒ ¤ÉÉEòÒ Eäò ±ÉÉäMÉ =ºÉä ®úÉäEò ʱɪÉÉ ]ÅäõxÉ VÉÉ SÉÖEòÒ lÉÒ* ´É½þ ´É½þÓ ¤Éè`öEò®ú ®úÉäxÉä ±ÉMÉÒ* iɦÉÒ ¨Éä®úÒ ]ÅäõxÉ ¦ÉÒ +É SÉÖEòÒ lÉÒ* iɦÉÒ ¨Éé

5052 Alfy Shilin

I’ve got what it takes to be. I dream ‘cause it gives me happiness I dream to face the world. I dream ‘cause I know some day I would stand at a place loft and unique And the world would then dream of me.

=ºÉ +Éè®úiÉ Eäò {ÉÉºÉ MɪÉÉ =ºÉEòÒ +ÉJÉÉå ¨Éå ´É½þ nÖùJÉ: iÉc÷{ÉxÉ näùJÉÒ VÉÉä ¨Éé +{ÉxÉä ¶É¤nùÉä ¨Éå xɽþÓ ¤ÉiÉÉ ºÉEòiÉÉ* ¨ÉÖZÉä =ºÉ nÖùEòÉxÉnùÉ®ú {É®ú ½þ±ÉEòÉ MÉÖººÉÉ ¦ÉÒ +ɪÉÉ* ¨Éé Ê¡ò®ú ´ÉÉ{ÉºÉ +ÉEò®ú ]ÅäõxÉ {É®ú ¤Éè`ö MɪÉÉ* ¨Éä®úÒ ]ÅäõxÉ SÉ±É {Éc÷Ò lÉÒ* ¨ÉéxÉä ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ ºÉä ʺɡÇò ªÉ½þÒ |ÉÉlÉÇxÉÉ EòÒ ¦ÉMÉ´ÉÉxÉ nÖùÊxɪÉÉ ¨Éå ÊEòºÉÒ EòÉä MÉ®úÒ¤É ¨ÉiÉ ¤ÉxÉÉxÉÉ* +MɱÉä iÉÒxÉ - SÉÉ®ú ÊnùxÉ iÉEò =ºÉÒ Eäò ¤ÉÉ®äú ¨Éå ºÉÉäSÉiÉÉ ®ú½þÉ EòÒ =xÉEòÉ CªÉÉ ½Öþ+É ½þÉäMÉÉ? 147


Santhanu J Nair

Cry of a Nightingale

Laughter Man knows how to cry from birth But laughter takes some time learning. Oh, how I wish everyone would

The woods, hearing the cry of a nightingale,

Have the gift of laughter.

Said they are lonelier than she.

The most wasted of all days is

The bird while crying nodded its head

That day on which one has not laughed!

And said she is the loneliest;

If every raindrop would be

Lost all her companions somewhere. The woods then explained they are

Showers of smiles

Strangers to one another.

I wish it rains heavily throughout

Though they live together

So that there is no space for

Unaware of the feelings of others,

Tears in one’s life!!

Never mind the pain or joy! And always in a helpless mood The birds gazed at the strange woods And flew away from there And said, “I can’t bear this world.”


4969 C.H. Sreeraj

“Be close to one who makes you happy; be closer to one who cannot be happy without you”. Well, it’s a nice quote, isn’t it? But think it over. I first heard it from my English teacher one day after dinner. Well, I was indeed happy to hear such a good quote. I have the habit of jotting down all quotes I get at the back of my English notebooks because I believed that reading and pondering over them would keep my sprits high. However even though I wrote down this quote, I couldn’t do any research on it. The very next day my English teacher asked me if I passed on those words (quote) to someone. I hadn’t done it except to Ajind.B.Shaji of 10th C. It is only after this encounter that I started to think it over. Yes, it was an eye opener for me! Being close to someone who can make you happy and being closer to someone who can’t be happy without you have entirely different meaning or convey very distinct and yet different sense. There can be thousands of people with whom you could be happy but be sure that there exists only handful among them who cannot be happy without you. I heard my friend Ishan say that it’s not an achievement to have 100 friends in a year but to have a friend who stands by you for 100 years is a big achievement. Yes, it’s true. These quotes are meaningful expansions of the proverb “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friends, you may know 100 different quotes on friendship, but you will come to know the exact meaning of all those only when you delve deep in to the depth of those words.

Be close to


Be closer to


4978 Ananthu Krishnan.R


MÉÉä±bä÷xÉ EòÉ ºÉ{ÉxÉÉ


+¦ªÉÉºÉ EÖò¨ÉÉ®

ªÉ½þ xÉÉ ½þÒ iÉÉä ½þEòÒEòiÉ ½èþ +Éè®ú xÉÉ ½þÒ Eò½þÉxÉÒ* ªÉ½þ ½èþ ºÉ{ÉxÉÉ, BEò ±Éc÷Eäò EòÉ VÉÉä =c÷xÉÉ SÉɽþiÉÉ ½èþ, VÉÉä nùÉèc÷xÉÉ SÉɽþiÉÉ ½èþ, VÉÉä ÊMÉ®úxÉÉ ¦ÉÒ SÉɽþiÉÉ ½èþ, ±ÉäÊEòxÉ ¯ûEòxÉÉ xɽþÓ SÉɽþiÉÉ ½èþ*

ªÉ½þ ±Éc÷EòÉ EòÉä<Ç +Éè®ú xɽþÓ ¤ÉαEò +É{É ½þÒ EòÉ ºÉÉlÉÒ ½èþ, ÊVɺÉEòÉä +{ÉxÉä ¨ÉÉiÉÞ¦ÉÚ欃 ªÉÉxÉÒ "¦ÉÉ®úiÉ' ºÉä +{ÉxÉä VÉÉxÉ ºÉä ¦ÉÒ VªÉÉnùÉ {ªÉÉ®ú ½èþ* VÉ¤É ´É½þ +{ÉxÉä ½þÉlÉ ¨Éå +JɤÉÉ®ú =`öÉiÉÉ ½èþ, iÉÉä ºÉ¤ÉºÉä {ɽþ±Éä JÉä±É {ÉÞ¹`ö {ɱÉ]õiÉÉ ½èþ +Éè®ú näùJÉiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò EòÉä<Ç ¦ÉÉ®úiÉÒªÉ xɪÉÉ Ê®úEòÉìbÇ÷ ¤ÉxÉɪÉÉ EòÒ xɽþÓ* +Éä±ÉÆÊ{ÉCºÉ Eäò ºÉ¨ÉªÉ ÊEòºÉÒ ¦ÉÉ®úiÉÒªÉ EòÉä º´ÉhÉÇ {ÉnùEò ºÉä xÉ´ÉÉVÉÉ MɪÉÉ ÊEò xɽþÓ* ´É½þ +{ÉxÉä +É{É ºÉä {ÉÚUôiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò ¡Úò]õ¤ÉÉì±É ¨Éå EòÉä<Ç ¦ÉÉ®úiÉÒªÉ ÊJɱÉÉc÷Ò +ÆiÉ®ú®úɹ]ÅõÒªÉ ]õÒ¨É ¨Éäå CªÉÉå xɽþÓ ½þÉäiÉä ½éþ? ½þ¨ÉÉ®úÒ ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ EòÒ ]õÒ¨É ¡òÒ¡òÉ ´É±bÇ÷ Eò{É ¨Éå CªÉÉå xɽþÓ JÉä±ÉiÉÒ 150

½èþ? ªÉä ºÉ¦ÉÒ |ɶxÉÉå Eäò =kÉ®ú ºÉä ´É½þ ¶É¨ÉÔnùÉ ½þÉä VÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ VÉ¤É ´É½þ näùJÉiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò ÊGòEäò]õ ¨Éå ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ºÉ´ÉÇ|ÉlÉ¨É ½èþ iÉÉä =ºÉä MÉ´ÉÇ ¨É½þºÉÚºÉ ½þÉäiÉÉ ½èþ* +Éè®ú Eò½þiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò xɽþÓ, ½þ¨É ¦ÉÉ®úiÉÒªÉÉå ¨Éå ºÉ¦ÉÒ JÉä±ÉÉå ¨Éå |ÉlÉ¨É ºlÉÉxÉ |ÉÉ{iÉ Eò®úxÉä EòÒ IɨÉiÉÉ ½èþ* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ VÉ¤É ´É½þ Ê´ÉYÉÉxÉ Eäò {ÉÞ¹`ö {ɱÉ]õEò®ú näùJÉiÉÉ ½èþ iÉÉä =ºÉEòÉ SÉä½þ®úÉ Ê¡ò®ú ¡òÒEòÉ {Éc÷ VÉÉiÉÉ ½èþ* ªÉ½þ näùJÉEò®ú ÊEò EòÉä<Ç ¦ÉÉ®úiÉÒªÉ xÉä nÚùºÉ®äú Eäò näù¶ÉÉå ¨Éå VÉÉEò®ú xɪÉÉ JÉÉäVÉ Eò®ú ®ú½äþ ½éþ* ªÉä ¦ÉÉ®úiÉÒªÉ nÚùºÉ®äú näù¶ÉÉå ¨Éå xɪÉÉ +ÉʴɹEòÉ®ú Eò®ú ®ú½åþ ½éþ, +Éè®ú nÚùºÉ®äú näù¶ÉÉå EòÉ xÉÉ¨É ®úÉä¶ÉxÉ Eò®ú ®ú½äþ ½éþ* iɦÉÒ Ênù±É +Éè®ú

Ênù¨ÉÉMÉ nùÉäxÉÉå BEò ºÉÉlÉ <ºÉºÉä |ɶxÉ Eò®iÉä ½éþ ÊEò-ªÉä ¦ÉÉ®úiÉÒªÉ +{ÉxÉä näù¶É "¦ÉÉ®úiÉ' ¨Éå xɪÉÒ JÉÉäVÉ +Éè®ú xɪÉÉ +ʴɹEòÉ®ú CªÉÉå xɽþÓ Eò®ú ºÉEòiÉä? EòÉ¡òÒ ºÉÉäSÉ +Éè®ú Ê´ÉSÉÉ®ú Eäò ¤ÉÉnù =ºÉä =kÉ®ú ʨɱÉiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò "¦ÉÉ®úiÉ näù¶É-MÉ®úÒ¤É näù¶É ½èþ'* ±ÉäÊEòxÉ VÉèºÉä ½þÒ ´É½þ ®úÉVÉxÉÒÊiÉEò {ÉÞ¹`ö {ɱÉ]õiÉÉ ½èþ iÉÉä näùJÉiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò ½þ¨ÉÉ®äú näù¶É Eäò EÖòUô ®úÉVÉxÉäiÉÉ+Éå Eäò {ÉÉºÉ <iÉxÉÉ vÉxÉ ½èþ ÊEò ´Éä BEò ®úÉVªÉ EòÉä nùºÉ ÊnùxÉ iÉEò ÊJɱÉÉ ºÉEòiÉä ½èþÆ* iÉ¤É ´É½þ +{ÉxÉÉ Ê{ÉUô±ÉÉ =kÉ®ú EòÉä ºÉÖvÉÉ®úiÉä ½ÖþB Eò½þiÉÉ ½èþ ÊEò xɽþÓ, ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ MÉ®úÒ¤É xɽþÓ, +¨ÉÒ®ú näù¶É ½èþ* ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ¨Éå ºÉÉäxÉä EòÒ ÊSÉÊb÷ªÉÉÄ ¤ÉºÉä®úÉ Eò®úiÉÒ lÉÓ, +Éè®ú +¦ÉÒ ¦ÉÒ Eò®úiÉÒ ½éþ* ªÉ½þÒ ®úÉäVÉ EòÉ ºÉɨÉÉSÉÉ®ú {ÉgøEò®ú =ºÉxÉä BEò ÊnùxÉ BEò ºÉ{ÉxÉÉ näùJÉÉ* nùÉäºiÉÉå, ºÉ{ÉxÉÉ näùJÉxÉÉ EòÉä<Ç ¤ÉÖ®úÒ ¤ÉÉiÉ xɽþÓ ½èþ, ±ÉäÊEòxÉ UôÉä]õÉ ºÉ{ÉxÉÉ näùJÉxÉÉ +{É®úÉvÉ Eò®úxÉä ºÉä Eò¨É xɽþÓ ½èþ* ªÉ½þÒ näùJÉÉ ÊEò ´É½þ BEò ÊnùxÉ ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ EòÉä JÉä±É +Éè®ú Ê´ÉYÉÉxÉ EòÒ IÉäjÉ ¨Éå ºÉ´ÉǸÉä¹`ö +Éè®ú |ÉMÉÊiɶÉÒ±É näù¶É Eò½þ±É´ÉÉBMÉÉ* +ÉäʱÉË{ÉCºÉ ¨Éå ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ Eäò {ÉÉºÉ ¦ÉÒ SÉÒxÉ EòÒ iÉ®ú½þ ºÉÉè ºÉä VªÉÉnùÉ º´ÉhÉÇ {ÉnùEò ºÉä xÉ´ÉÉVÉä MÉB ÊJɱÉÉc÷Ò ½þÉåMÉä* ¦ÉÉ®úiÉ ¨Éå ¦ÉÒ ºÉ¤ÉºÉä VªÉÉnùÉ xÉÉä¤Éä±É {ÉÖ®úºEòÉ®ú |ÉÉ{iÉ Eò®úxÉä ´ÉɱÉä ´ÉèYÉÉÊxÉEò ½þÉåMÉä* nùÉäºiÉÉä ªÉä Eò½þÉ MɪÉÉ ½èþ, ªÉä ʱÉJÉÉ ½Öþ+É ½èþ ÊEò VÉÉäbä÷ +ɺɨÉÉxÉ ¨Éå ¤É½þiÉä ½éþ* ½þ®ú <ƺÉÉxÉ EòÉ Eò½þÓ xÉ Eò½þÓ, EòÉä<Ç xÉ EòÉä<Ç ºÉÉlÉÒ <ºÉ nÖùÊxɪÉÉ ¨Éå ½èþ* VÉ¤É ´Éä ʨɱÉiÉä ½éþ iÉÉä <ºÉ EòɪÉxÉÉiÉ ¨Éå MÉÒiÉ JÉÉäVÉiÉä ½éþ* =ºÉxÉä ¦ÉÒ <ºÉ ¤ÉÉiÉ {Éä iɦÉÒ ªÉEòÒxÉ ÊEòªÉÉ ½èþ VÉ¤É =ºÉxÉä näùJÉÉ, {ɽþ±ÉÒ ¤ÉÉ®ú!

THE INDIAN ARMY So Brave and courageous, Very talented and laborious. The goal is in his eyes, The soul is for the country! He says to the enemies No entry, no entry. He fights with enemies

Without thinking about his life. There is no time to enjoy With his family and For the love of his wife. Becomes always champion Army Indian, army Indian. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why I want to become an army officer.

5402 Chandan Kumar


Book ’s

a Paradise

4982 Alan Anderson Biju


It’s a paradise here……. That post summer shower In the orchard that surround The gay colours that braced The surrounding so close It hurt my sight if I stayed a second too long. There played a girl Within vines and bards Her attire was that of white Which play with sunrays Like light played

On water and quicksilver Her fair face would even Baffle the divine apsaras Of Lady Aphrodite’s court! Inescapable was her command Over me nor did it flatter. Squirrels and rabbits And deer of sorts Would bundle at her lap And relish the fruits and Nuts she fed them there.

Birds of colours bright Crowed her with a Tiara of flower and vines. She sung so merry That all would cherry But still this was all But a description From a book I read I wish that it turns true The paradise is this Is this, is this!!

4975 Ananthakrishnan S

Time I am a witness to all the happenings in the world……… Some call me the destroyer As I ruin the lives of all. Some call me the inventor As I mark the beginning of all. I am a witness to all the happenings In a man’s life. From birth to death, all the years, That he lived I cared for him, and his Loved ones. I also saw him getting older After all these, he met me withcurse! For all the miseries caused to him Men from the beginning Tend to be like this. A few arise out to be different ones Who were all labelled rebels By the society. I am a witness to all the Happenings in the world.

Mess Bell Emerging from the cadet’s mess at dawn It rings with an unpleasant sound Signaling us to get out of bed. Oh! What an irritating sound it is! It is the mess bell. For breakfast, everyone welcomes the mess bell, If they are not late; otherwise, Curses the mess bell for making him late. Mess bell is always welcomed at noon. After 7 hangout periods, thinking of food Mess bell makes our month watery, Making us remember the sweet lunch. Mess bell is the sweetest music in the world, When it time for dinner, especially On the days of the pooris, Chappatis and chicken , Making us to run for a good plate. The sweet and irritating mess bell, Always makes itself heard by Overpowering each and every sound! And ends its day in the mess itself!

5049 Alex M


I am a True Soldier Soldier is not a game but an aim I am a soldier without any leisure, And my thoughts are without any measures. I fight my wars

Heavy rain of destruction

I know I will go one day,

On the fields of Kasargod

So I race bar that day.

Gifted by the cruel minds.

My aim is to fight and command, It was my skill and will that made. Me aim it, reach it and get it!

The Rain of Destruction It was a heavy Rain,

Without any scars.

And not to cheat and demand.

4898 Abhijith K

The heavy rain was on its way 5046 Harikrishnan

To wash away the livelihood of many. And a land that was a heaven Lies desolate as a land of destruction! The cruel minds never stopped Not even helped the innocent ones They were after money A piece of paper that can destroy anything. And by now the destruction has made its way Through many generations Later the people who were victims Of this heavy rain of destruction came to know That it contained poison, which was named Endosulphan!!


Life 4976 Aravind C B

Love is Life

Our life to that of a candle

Love is life

It is same as that of a rebel

Once, it gets deep in heart and mind

When we are born are until be small

Then, it’s very difficult to break & remove

But the candle will be big in size.

So, live it simply,

When we pass years

Try to love the love

It is the same as lighting the candle.

Because love is life!

When we grow big The candle starts to shrink; When we grow as a youth We stats to give out our ideas But the candle maintains its light Also we are alike in some cases When we grow old we become old and pale Likewise the candle at its last stage Its light starts to dim. When we grow old we are ignored by the society And the candle also gets ignored. Weather we be a candle or a human being We have been sand to earth to do some sacred duty

Once you love someone

5003 Sant Kumar

Try to get love from them Once you get the love, Love the love Because love is life! And, by mistake, if you hate the love, You will regret it later So, why to regret later? Try to love the love And live the precious life Because the love is life!

As it is told “Your wish is my command” God’s wish is our command So let ’s strive to give our best to the world!



Dear Cow

Cow is white, But is not granite. Cow gives milk But does not give silk. Cow has horns, But does not have thorns Cow has legs, But doesn’t have pegs. Cow has nose, But doesnot have ever pose. Cow eats grass, But doesn’t eat brass. Cow has eyes, But doesn’t have gears. Cow has mouth, But doesn’t moves like a sloth. Cow has tail, But never does sail. But one thing, dear, Cow has tooth, And also gives us Dhooth (milk).

Sun You all know me But you can’t always see me. Every new day Waits for my ray, But I am 150million kms away. I am very old But I shine bright as gold.

5081 Haroon Kasim

God hung me up as a lantern For all beneath the sky. But nobody can blow me out As I am up too high. I am the sun, big, round and red. You see me every morning When you get up from your bed.


5079 Vivek V

A woman A woman I saw Was as busy as a bee Lost in her world Sitting under a tree. A few said, she as totally crazy And people called her Daizy. Daizy would work day and night And she knew that she was bright. She kept working hard and remained determined, But didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t achieve and still grinned. People said, what a fool was she Gaining nothing sitting under the tree. And a day came, When she became What she was supposed to be. She exclaimed, That she was named To lead the project Pink Head Duck And we should be very ashamed, People simply called it luck. Why no one understands the pain? With this, what do they gain? Are they really insane, Calling hard work a coincidence?



Oh ! How wonderful are my eyes That are able to see. Oh! How wonderful are my ears That are able to hear. Oh! How wonderful is my nose That is able to smell and breathe; Oh! How wonderful is my mouth That is able to eat and speak. Oh! How wonderful are my hands That are able to move and work and help. Oh! How wonderful are my legs That are able to walk and run. Oh! How wonderful is my body that is Muscular and smart. Oh! How wonderful are Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Blessings and creations! Oh! It is very good to thank God For creating me!!

5047 Cyril T Saji


Fantasy Land


How I wish there exists

Beside these glistening mountains.

A land where everything

Animals that not only walk

Is so beautiful and where

But also can talk.

Everything to our eyes

Dancing trees in the woods

Gives us divine vision!

Appears to be strange, but fantastic.

Really like a wonderland!

A land where there is

A land where cookie flowers

Honey rivers flow through

No fear of death or diseases;

Bloom and rain showers

The pretty towns

A land where there is

In the form of nectar

Of houses with cherry roofs,

No jealousy or treachery.

Wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it be wonderful?

Golden walls and silver doors.

How I wish such a land

Snowy mountains having lots of caves

On occasions special, God

Exists where there is no pain.

Filled with gold and gems;

With angels would come

But we can only gain

Hills made of chocolate

And give his blessings to all;

Peace and calm to our disturbed minds!

4916 Vishal S Kumar

TRACHTENBERG Prince Prabhakaran Dept of Mathematics

The teacher called on a nine year old boy who marched firmly to the blackboard upon which was a list of number a yard long. Standing on tiptoe to reach the top, he arrived at the total with what seemed the speed of light. A thin studious looking boy was told to multiply 5132437201 times 452736502785. He blitzed through the problem, computing the answer – 232364166944374104785 in seventy seconds. The class was one where Trachtenberg System of mathematics taught.


The late Jakow Trachtenberg, founder of mathematical Institute in Ziirich, Switzerland, and originator of the startling new system of arithmetic, was of the firm opinion that everyone comes into the world with “Phenomenal Calculation possibilities”.

Multiplication by 6

The first number of the multiplicand becomes the left hand number of the answer. e.g 721324x11 Answer : 7934564

Multiplication by 12 Double each number in turn and add its neighbour Eg 0413x12 Answer 4956

To each number add ‘half’ of the neighbour Eg 622084x6 Answer 3732504

His method is not only speedy but simple. Once one has mastered the rules, calculation becomes as easy as reading a story.

Note : to each number add half the neighbour, plus 5 if number is odd. Eg 443052x6 Answer : 2658312

Few rules and illustration are given here.

Multiplication by 7

Multiplication by 11

Double the number and add half the neighbour, add 5 if the number is odd. Eg 04242x7 Answer : 29694 Eg 03412x7 Answer : 23884


The last number of the multiplicand is put down as the night hand figure of the answer.


Each successive number of the multiplicand is added to its neighbour at the right.



You like Shiva, I like Vishnu. You like gardening, I like cycling. You like debates, I like declamation. You like cricket, I like basketball.

5292 S Kesavan

You like me and I like you.

You like apple, I like orange. You like pen, I like pencil. You like English, I like Maths. You like Television, I like computer. You like Aryabhatta, I like Einstein.

Multiplication by 9 Subtract the right hand figure of the long number from 10. Taking each of the following figures in turn, upto the last one, subtract it from nine and add the neighbour. At the last step, when you are under the zero in front of the long number, subtract one from the neighbour and use that as the left hand figure of the answer. 08769x9 789X21 Multiplication by 8 First figure : Subtract from ten and double. Middle figures : Subtract from 9 and double what you get, then add the neighbour.


Left hand figure : Subtract 2 from the left hand figure of the long number. 0789x9 6312 Multiplication by 6 Subtract the right hand digit of the given number from 10 and add 5 if that digit is odd. Subtract each digit of the given number in turn from 9, add 5 if the digit is odd, and add the half of the neighbour. Under the zero in front of the given number, write the half of the neighbour of this zero, less 1. Eg 1 : 020684 x4 82736

Eg 2 : 365187 by 4 03665187 x 4 1460748 So learn these methods and enjoy faster calculation. When you become expert, you can learn more. The ability to do arithmetic with spectacular ease which the Trachtenberg System imparts, erases the fear and faced with the impressive symbolism, the absoluteness of mathematical rigor. It is this emotional road-block, not mobility to learn, that is the real reason why so many students hate mathematics, say the experts. Stop hating and start liking mathematics.

Sitting L-R: Shiva S, Ronnie TJ, Akhil Raj, Mr NG Babu, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr P Manoj, Mr KS Antony, Akshay PS, Rabindra Kumar, Standing L-R(1st Row): Abhishek U, Jeevan S, Shivaprasad ML, Nandu H, Arun GJ, Anish K, Akhil R, Vishnu N, Nijo J, Rohit JB, Levin AB, Amal Mohan, Sanjay Sabu, Pavan S, Ashwajith HS, Standing L-R(2nd Row): Vaibhav CA, Sanjeev KM, Arjun C, Aravind R, George LV, Vikas K, Akhil Nath, Karthik PN, Joel KP, Aravind B, Akhil B, Benny Thomas, Nithil Thomas, Boney Alex, Vivek S, JB Akhil, Rajat Sharma, Standing L-R(3rd Row): Mithilesh K, Arun Vijay, Abhishek KR, Vaibhav SL, Abee N, Ajeesh A, KiranGopi, Akash BJ, Mithun K, Amrit R, Dantes D, Mahesh IM, BibinLal, Suryakant K.


Sitting L to R: Vikas Nair, Eldho Jacob, Mr Alex Abraham, Mr Girish KR, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Arun Kumar, Binoy, Sandeep P. Standing L to R(1st Row): Sahil Khan, Mathew TP, Ajay J, Saurav K, Gokul MR, Ram Chandar, Akash KR, Vikas Kumar, Joby John Mathew, Sandeep K, Premjith VK, Ram Niranjan J, Mathews James, Binoj GS, Vignesh SK. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Mayank N, Mohit K, Praveen Anand, Ajith SP, Madhu Mohan, Jai Vishnu, Akash S, Arun JM, Ashwin Joseph, Binoy Jestine, Binoy KP, Ashwin Giri, Akhil Raj B, Sandeep M. Standing L to R(3rd Row): Alen Christo, Sanju S, Ravi Prakash, Jose T, Suryadev, Christo FJ, Rahul R, Abhinand S, Sudhir K, Akash Badola, Prayag AN, Shahin Salim, Sangeeth AS, Chandra Dutt. Standing Fourth Row:-Sreehari Uday, Ajay Vaishak, Ananthapadmanabhan, Mithun M, Ashik K.


Sitting L to R: Harikrishnan, Midhun M, Mr Jestine KJ, K Rajendran, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Macson M, Ms Geetha E, Amrith Ranjan. Standing L to R (1st Row): Vijay R, Tariq Shah, Abhyas, Abhijith US, Chandan Kumar, Harishanker, Akshay Mohan, Thomas GL, Sreeram Anil, Indeev RS, Sachin S Kumar, Sidhrath GT, Alfy Shilin, Rajan, Adwaith BA, Ananthu, Harishanker OK. Standing L to R (2nd Row): Rahul T, Prasanth, Adith J, Sajan, Arun MB, Elvin Joy, Midhun M, Jayakrishnan, Sidharth, Akshyajith, Shijith, Alex M, Chandan, Indun R, Ajailal. Standing L to R (3rd Row): Munna, Sajai, Anand SN, Abhijith Netoor, S Maheswaran, Vipul, Sadashiv, Akshay S, Anurag, Pranav A, Nimal S, Setu Kumar, Abhishek P, Sooraj, Arjun RM. Standing L to R (4th Row): Anandu D, Rohit V, Sharang, Sidharth Gopan, Vishal Kumar, Sanjay R Krishna, Abhi Hussain, Akshay KP, Tinku V, Nandan, Ajith K, Arun Prakash, Akash, Harikrishnan R


Sitting L to R: Amal M, Ajay V, Mr Swathy, Ms KC Sudhalakshmi, Ms Supriya Rani, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Ms Asha, Gautham Mahesh, Abhijith SN, Chandan K. Standing L to R(1st Row): Aneeta, Ragansu, Mohammed Shah, Piyush, Amarnath, Vaishnav P, Manikanth, Deepak, Deepak K, Shyam, Akshay S, Justine J, Roshan P, Shubham, Ajay R, Abhijith AS, Karthik S, Vidhu K, Sreenadh R, Siddharth S. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Atish P, Ashin R, Abhijth JS, Agin S, Mohammed Athique, Gokul, Gavin, Rahul Raj, Rahul R, Jeevan, Abhishek, Avinash, Adwai Albin, Jayesh, Ashik, Manoj, Monu K, Rajeev, Rajinesh, Rakesh, Anurag K, Nithin PS, Abhishek S, Sharan P, Jilin A, Jayanarayan.


Sitting L to R: Benny T, Sreehari U, Ms Geetha E, Ms Deepa RVM, Ms B Radhika, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Ms Preeti N, Gautham V, Santosh K, Abhijith US. Standing L to R(1st Row): Reshma Raj, Munaz, Jonath, Ryan F, Gautham, Ajin, Agam, Aravind S, Vinayak, Niteesh, Karthik, Suman, Abhin, Naryanankutty, Nived S, Siddharth, Jithun. Standing L to R (2nd Row): Mohith, Siva, Ujjwal, Amal, Mithun K, Gopi S, Jaideep, Anku V, Nithin R, Akshay SL, Pankaj, Ansuman, Sahil, Niketh, Abhijith, Akash P, Sidharth G, Aryan M, Anantha Krishnan


Sitting L to R: CHM Manoj, Mr Rajan Namboothiri, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr K Rajendran, Mr Balamurugan, CHM Suresh. Standing L to R: Santhosh K, Pankaj K, Sanjeev K, Mohit K, Jose Tom, Anandhapadmanabhan, Rabindra Kumar Rahul, Ajeesh AK, Abhishek KR, Jayesh Balan.

Sitting L to R: Akshay PS, CHM Manoj, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Mathew KT, CHM Suresh. Standing L to R: Aravind PK, Abee N, ApurvKesari, Anandhapadmanabhan, Akhil K, Alen C, Bivin V, Ajay V, Rahul K, Richard M, Mithun K


Sitting L-R: Harishankar, CHM Manoj Shukla, Mr. PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Girish KR, CHM Suresh Kumar. Standing L to R(1st Row): HC Akhil Raj RR, HC Ajay Vayshak, Jaivishnu, HC Eldho Jacob C, Sunny Kumar, P Abhishek Nair, Rabindra Kumar Rahul, Shiv Sekhar Sharma. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Shailesh Raj, Abhishek B, Ankit Kumar, Vikas Kumar, HC Srihari Uday, Rajat Sharma.HM Manoj, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Cpt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Mathew K Thomas, CHM Suresh Kumar

Sitting L to R: Sandeep D, CHM Manoj, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Cpt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Jestine KJ, CHM Suresh Kumar. Standing L to R(1st Row): Ankit Kumar, Abhishek KR, Sandeep P, George Thomas, Sagar SB, Harikrishnan MK, Vikas Kumar. Standing L to R(2nd Row): HC Srihari Uday, HC Nidhin K, P Abhishek Nair, Ajeesh AK, Christo Franklin, Ashwin Joseph, Harishankar, Vaibhav C Anil


Sitting L to R: BM Binoy, SCA Shiva Sasidhar, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, SCC Ronnie T Jacob, Mr PKR Panicker. Standing L to R(1st Row): HC Midhun M, HC Ashik Krishna Kumar, HC Ajay Vaishakh, HC Ananthapadmanabhan, HC Akhil Raj RR, HC Nithin Kuriakose. Standing L to R(2nd Row): HC Jerin Joy, HC Ajeesh AK, HC Jatheesh SS, HC Sreehari Uday.

Sitting L to R: Aman Noyal M, Adersh A, Mr K Rajendran, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Mathew K Thomas, Vivek V, Alan Anderson Biju. Standing L to R(1st Row): Sreejith V, Adithyan U, Ajin J Aneesh, Amal Krishna, Sahil M, Siddarth M, Akash P, Alvin, Bibin, Sreenath, Saikrishna, Ashley, Arjun R, Bharath S. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Micheal J, Gokul K, M Atheek, Yogesh Raj, Vaishnav Gopi, Samarjeet Kumar, Jayesh Balan, Aravind Krisnan, Nithin PS, Akshay BR Sourav Prakash. Standing L to R(3rd Row): Ananthanag S, Nilesh Kumar, Adil Y Khan, Ashiq Dev, Ankit Kumar, Albin Baby, Sagar K, Aravind Raj, Govind K, Noel Sunney, Vithu Krishna, Abhinanth


Sitting L to R: Nb/Sub Pritham Singh Jaswal, F/O Mathew K Thomas, Lt NG Babu, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar(OC SSCoy), F/O Alex Abraham, T/O P Manoj. Standing L to R: T/O Shambhu R, Hav Prasanthan VK, Mr Devapalan Nair V(UDT), Mr Unnikrishnan Nair R(Sr. Clk), Mr Suresh D(Clk), Mr Jonney D(Las GD-I), Mr Viswamohanan Nair (Las GD-I), Hav Anoop Kumar, T/O Rajeshkumar S

Sitting L to R: Mr Rajeshkumar S, Mr Swathi Jaikumar, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Ms Sandhya, Ms Deepa RVM, Standing L to R(1st Row): Piyush, Jerry Mathew, Sooraj, Abin, Dannie, Naveen, Ananthanag, Sagar, Akash PK, Idun Ramesh, Swathi, Ragamshu. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Saurav DD, Athul V P, Harisanker, Rahul Ranjan, Adwaith Ragav, Abhiraj, Aman, Abhijith US, Harisanker, Arjun Raj, Goutham Vinod, Sreenath R. Standing L to R(3rd Row): Vishnu US, Amarnath, Sathyam Deep, Akhil Raj B, Gokul P, Vishnu Narayan, Akash Badola, Apoorv Keshri, Mohammed JS.


Sitting L to R: Mohitkumar, CHM Manoj, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Sambhu, CHM Suresh. Standing L to R (1st Row): Jayesh K, Prasanth, Amrit Ranjan, Prem K, Ravi Prakash, Mohammed JS, Sandeep Kumar, Sooryakant. Standing L to R (2nd Row): Saurav Kumar, Suraj Kumar, Praveen Anand, Akhil Babu, Benny Thomas, Amal Mohan, Santosh Paswan.

Sitting L to R: Pranav A, CHM Manoj, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Jestine KJ, CHM Suresh. Standing L to R (1st Row): Amal Jayaraj, Abin Joy, Sreesankar, Unnikannan, Arjun A Das, Gavin S, Alfy Shilin, Cyril T. Standing L to R (2nd Row): Anurag M, Gokul Pradeep, Monu Kumar, Suraj, Adarsh Gopan, Mohammed Suhail, Rishikesh Chandran, Abhijith JS.


Sitting L to R: Jose Tom, CHM Manoj, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, Mr Alex Abraham, CHM Suresh. Standing L to R(1st Row): Binoy, Abhishek B, Jai Vishnu, Eldo Jacob, Aswin Giri. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Ajay Krishna, Arun Vijay, Akhil Raj RR, Shiva Sasidhar, Binoy.

Sitting L to R: Mr Macson, Mr PKR Panicker, Gp Capt B Janardhanan, Lt Col PG Suresh Kumar, SBM Binoy. Standing L to R(1st Row): Varun A, Alan S, Amal J, Rajath M, Karthik Y, Ajay J, Gokul JS, Abhinanth, Saikrishna, Ashwin P, L John, Abhishek AL. Standing L to R(2nd Row): Abhilash J, Cyril TS, Ritwik P, Midhun G, Deekshith P, S Shiv Narayanan, Ashi Sylesh, Ishan JM, Rishikesh C, Aravind CB.


In the present day scenario the need to

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