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November 2018 Gloria Miller won the Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes She loves to play Bingo at St. Luke - Brookfield

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Gloria Miller is an example of a true Bingo player. She’s kind, loves people, likes to have fun, appreciates the work that Bingo Volunteers do and win or loose, she loves to play Bingo. On Sundays you will likely find her at St. Luke Parish Bingo located at 18000 W. Greenfield Ave. Brookfield, WI. where they play on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. Games begin at 6:00 PM. St. Luke has kept their prices very reasonable with 3ons for $6, 6ons for $10 and 9ons are just $13. It is hard to beat those prices. Gloria says in addition to St. Luke that sometimes she plays at Elks #400 in Waukesha and Elks #46 on Good Hope Road. She says that she has even played Bingo “At the casino in the valley, but not on Sundays”. Gloria has some strong opinions about Bingo Halls, Bingo Players and Bingo Workers. She says, “The volunteers at Bingo Halls are all very friendly and they are fun to joke around with. They serve great food too. I like playing Bingo with my friend Jeanie. We play together and sometimes we’ll save spots for some other people if we know they are coming to play. Bingo is my favourite fun time.” We asked her what she did for a living, she said,”I worked as a Store Demonstrator serving samples of food to the shoppers in the stores like Sentry, Send-

Raymond Maguire’s Book is Available on Amazon Above: Gloria Miller (left) receives her Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes winnings from Paul Zarling (right) at St. Luke Parish Bingo 18000 W. Greenfield Ave. Brookfield WI. where they play Bingo the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 6PM, they have food and concessions, pull tabs and a Special Starburst Game with prizes based on sales. When we visited, the Progressive Jackpot was estimated at $2,100 for a full card in 58 numbers or less. Try St. Luke Parish Bingo. You’ll be back for sure. iks and Piggly Wiggly. I Paul Zarling who volunenjoyed that job because teers at St. Luke Parish I like people. Before that, Bingo almost all the time machining parts was my told us about the great job. I was a machinist for things they have to offer. Sealtite Insulation. I ended Great prices, 1st session my Machine Shop career starts at 6PM, 2nd session at Golner Precision Prod- starts at 7:10 after a short ucts.” It sounds like Glo- intermission. The Starria had an interesting and burst Game (prizes subject varied career. to sales) starts at 8:40 folWe wanted to know if lowed by the Progressive. she had a message for her You can count on being fellow Bingo Players. She on your way home by 9:00 said, “Come and play, it’s PM. They change at least 3 fun and so exciting when games every week so there the Progressive Jackpot is always something new gets BIG. If you come early and the players get to sugthere are other things to gest some of the changes. pass the time. Sometimes I They just got a new Bingo play cards with Jeanie un- Board so it’s bigger and til Bingo starts. Workers brighter. Free Coffee and at St. Luke are Top Notch, New Years Bingo. Play St. friendly and helpful. Luke Bingo, you’ll love it.

In our September issue we reported on the recent passing of Dr. Raymond Maguire who was a featured poet in the Bingo Bugle Poetry Corner. We enjoyed his poems that often harkened back to a simpler time when we only worried about playing sandlot ball and other youthful pass times. Raymond’s memoirs have just been published and are available on Amazon. If you enjoy his style of writing like we do, you will want to buy his book. Neighborhood Talk by Raymond Maguire M.D.


By www.softschools.com Bingo has been shown to keep a person’s brain in shape. Bingo players are more mentally agile than those who do not play. Bingo likely originated in Italy in 1530. It was played as the Saturday lottery called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.

Wisconsin Bingo Supply We Carry A Full Line of Bingo Supplies Serving Non-Profit Bingo’s Statewide (414) 327-5100 American No Made Supplies

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NOVEMBER 2018 wide, there are all types of people eager to get to know you this month. Some will surprise you! Lucky Days: 11 - 19 Lucky Numbers: 34 - 54 LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23): The way forward begins, first, with letting go of a worn out habit that is weighing you down. Lucky Days: 7 - 23 Lucky Numbers: 7 - 59

Horoscopes for November 2018 ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): Anything that expands your view of life to include the sacred will benefit you tenfold in the year ahead. Lucky Days: 2 - 9 Lucky Numbers: 23 - 39 TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21): Courage and the fight for truth— this comprises your mission for November. Don’t wait for others to do what you can do best. Lucky Days: 4 - 23 Lucky Numbers: 9 - 15 GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21): A situation on the home front requires all of your mental keenness to conjure a creative solution. Don’t let distraction waylay you. Lucky Days: 21 - 23 Lucky Numbers: 1 - 8 CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 22): Keep your romantic net cast far and

VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23): Take stock of who has your back and align your efforts with their support. Get out and mingle and meet to make things happen. Lucky Days: 9 - 16 Lucky Numbers: 39 - 57 LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23): If you feel confused (or thwarted) by others try this simple solution: Gather your courage and simply ask for what you want. Lucky Days: 3 - 24 Lucky Numbers: 4- 21 SCORPIO (OCT 24-NOV 22): This month you want a sleek, glamorous and powerful look that will work overtime for you in the charm department. Lucky Days: 8 - 24 Lucky Numbers: 23 - 44 SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23-DEC 21): The new moon on the 6th releases a stream of nighttime dream imagery that will satisfy your intense urge for fantasy. Lucky Days: 19 - 22 Lucky Numbers: 25 - 19 CAPRICORN (DEC 22-JAN 20):

Do You Believe in Your


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It’s time to purchase a journal. You’ll be surprised with the insights that writing out your thoughts will reveal. Lucky Days: 7 - 9 Lucky Numbers: 3 - 52 AQUARIUS (JAN 21-FEB 19): The message for you this month is all about broadcasting what you know. Folks are ready to listen. Lucky Days: 4 - 24 Lucky Numbers: 56 - 59 PISCES (FEB 20-MAR 20): Watch your temper around people that have a tendency to push your buttons. You’re feeling doubly fiery this month. Lucky Days: 7 - 12 Lucky Numbers: 43 - 47

Sign of Scorpio Horoscope Highlights Born CT. 24th-Nov. 1st: Time is on your side, so use it to your best advantage while others are focused on unrelated matters. Ultimate Nov. days: 2, 6, 11, 16 Born Nov. 2nd-11th: A veil to stalled creativity is lifted the 25th, and the cobwebs in your mind dissipate. Ultimate Nov. days: 2, 7, 11, 16 Born Nov. 12th-21st: By the 17th friction with another eases, and you are headed toward big improvements in December. Ultimate Nov. days: 3, 7, 12, 17

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NOVEMBER 9, 2019






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WISCONSIN EDITION paper as everyone else. I do not get it. BDG, via email

All Work and No Play? Dear Aunt Bingo: It was good to see someone write to you about being a Bingo worker who also is a Bingo player and the grief he gets from some players who think he somehow cheats whenever he wins (July 2018 issue). I have had similar experiences as the spouse of a Bingo worker, especially when I play Bingo where my husband volunteers. It is so crazy—getting dirty looks from certain people almost as soon as I walk in the door, like I’m a criminal. And Lord forbid, I should sit at a table with other family members or friends of volunteers. There always seems to be that handful of players who spend as much time glaring at us as they do looking at their cards. To be fair, it is just a very small number of players who act like this and it doesn’t happen all the time. Most folks pay us little or no attention and just go about playing their Bingo. (Thank goodness.) But it only takes a handful of people to spoil Bingo in this way, when they should know perfectly well that there is nothing fishy going on. Peg J., Ohio Dear Aunt Bingo: Like the gentleman who wrote to you about being made to feel like he has some sort of inside cheating scam going on, I, too, have been singled out by people who think that I should not be allowed to play Bingo because I am sometimes a Bingo worker. One woman went so far as to call for the Bingo coordinator between sessions and complain about workers playing Bingo. (She did not single me out or point at me or anything, but I knew I was the reason she was upset.) The coordinator explained that there is no policy against it and that there is certainly no advantage for someone who is not working that night and is playing Bingo instead. But the lady kept insisting that it was wrong and said she was going to call the gaming inspector about it. After that, I wished I was anywhere but at Bingo and actually began to worry that I might get a Bingo. Can you imagine? Being at Bingo and hoping NOT to win? As it happens, I didn’t Bingo and was very happy to have the evening over and to be heading home. But I simply cannot understand why a player would be so against a worker also wanting to play Bingo. There is no advantage for us, and we pay to play on the exact same

Dear Peg and BDG: To date, we have only received letters like yours from Bingo workers who are also Bingo players and who have been looked upon suspiciously by regular Bingo players. I am hoping that a few folks will write in and explain why they think workers should not be players, because right now all I can assume is that these are generally angry people out there who are always on the lookout for something else to be angry about, and a Bingo hall is as good a place as any to stir up a little drama. It would also be interesting to know if there are Bingo halls that prohibit their workers from playing. Finally, my one bit of advice would be that to keep the peace, if I was a Bingo volunteer/worker who also enjoyed playing the game, I would probably steer clear of the Bingo hall where I worked and play at another hall. The point is: you want to play Bingo. What difference does it make to you where you play? —Aunt Bingo Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, WA 98070, or email her at STENGL456@aol. com. Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns.

* “I like a dark wash on my jeans and have found the perfect pair fitwise, but after repeated washing they tend to lighten up. I use an inwasher dye to freshen up the color, and my jeans go back to dark blue in a snap. You can do the same with once-black pants or T-shirts that have turned faded by using black dye. Just make sure that it’s not embroidered, because it’ll dye that too.” — R.H. in Arkansas * Recipe substitution: For a cup of heavy cream in sauces (not whipping) try this vegan alternative: 2/3 cup plain unflavored soy milk and 1/3 cup olive oil. * To clean your coffeemaker and your drain in one fell swoop, brew up a pot of hot vinegar water. Simply add equal parts white vinegar and water to your coffeemaker and brew for a cycle. In the meantime, add a cup of baking soda to your drain. When the pot is done brewing, pour it slowly down the drain. Then run another cycle of plain water through your coffeemaker. Nice and fresh! Send your tips to: Now Here’s a Tip, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.

The Long Reach of the VAOIG When thieves steal from the Department of Veterans Affairs, often it’s not just the VA Office of the Inspector General that goes after them. Depending on the crime, it can include the OIG for other government departments and law enforcement from one end of the country to the other. The VAOIG has friends. A thief in Florida was hauled back up the coast to New England to face charges that he collected over $2 million in bribes over the course of five years while working for an electrical company that contracted for government jobs. Not only did he alter and falsify the bid documents, the scammer also involved his children by having the bribery funds diverted through them. A Tennessee scammer was convicted of theft of public money, making false statements, wire fraud, mail fraud and financial conflict of interest. His crime was



JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM (PG-13) — The dinosaurs of the lost Jurassic World ­­— or what remain of them — are in jeopardy from a volcanic eruption, and the U.S. government is not inclined to step in to save them. Enter Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), one-time operations manager and now dinosaur activist, who gets a suspicious lifeline from Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell), former partner in cloning of the paleontology park. The offer: He’ll re-home the dinos if Dearing goes to get them. The gang’s all back, as Claire recruits Owen (Chris Pratt), alpha male and all-around hunk, to help get Blue, the last remaining velociraptor, to safety. There’s a ton of action and some interesting twists, but also a vague unfortunate fading feeling of a franchise that’s gone too far. BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB (R) — In real-life 1980s glitzy Los Angeles, a group of overprivileged and wannabe-overprivileged young men got themselves all rolled up in a Ponzi scheme, which, when it played out — as they usually do — left several young men murderers and accomplices to murder. Ansel Elgort and Taron Egerton star as two of these young men. Well-cast

particularly bad because while working as a VA field examiner, he schemed to steal over half a million dollars from a disabled vet by convincing the veteran to make out a will with the scammer as sole beneficiary. The thief was forced to resign from the position but went on to another examiner position where he conveniently forgot to reveal his previous resignation for misconduct. All the time he’d lied about his own disabilities and had collected for 100 percent total and permanent disability. Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved. A Boston woman collected the Social Security and VA benefits of her former father-in-law after he passed away. She had a joint account with him and had been his caregiver. She was indicted on only two counts of theft of public funds and pleaded guilty. Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in this case as well. When thieves think the VA Office of Inspector General doesn’t have a very long reach, they’re wrong. white-bread looks and confident wardrobe choices aside, I found it hard to like the film despite my affection for the actors — it’s slick hedonism of the get-richquick variety, with no discernable sympathetic characters, despite an attempt to present them as such. DAMSEL (R) — Dandy Samuel Alabaster (Robert Pattinson) is ready to cross the great American West of the 1870s in search of his kidnapped fiancee, Penelope (Mia Wasikowska), a sure-minded woman whom he intends to marry on the spot — after he presents her with a gift of a tiny horse named Butterscotch. He enlists the help of “Parson” Henry (David Zellner), a drunkard looking to turn a new leaf, and the pair set off on a grand adventure, with surprises and revelations along the way. Slapstick Western? Quirky take on traditional tropes? The Zellner brothers’ Damsel is mostly cute and thoughtful, with only brief moments of self-awareness in which it tries a little too hard to be zany. High-fives for the opening sequence featuring a sermon by an old preacher played by Robert Forster. SIBERIA (R) — Keanu Reeves plays Lucas Hill, a diamond merchant who goes to St. Petersburg, Russia, to sell a dubious batch of rare blue diamonds. His partner is murdered, and while he waits for the deal to play out, he is engaged in a game of seduction with the owner of a small cafe, played by Ana Ularu. It’s billed as a romantic thriller, or maybe a crime drama, but there’s never any steam, only impenetrable cold.


Lock Your Doors, the Zucchini are Coming! There is one time of year when you are told always to lock your car when you park downtown and that is during zucchini season. Otherwise when you return you may find your back seat covered in zucchini. Zucchini is so popular in our area that our town decided to have a festival honoring that squash. You got in free to the buffet if you brought a zucchini dish to share. We had zucchini soup, zucchini salad and stuffed zucchini. We also had zucchini bread, zucchini and meatballs, fried zucchini and zucchini Parmesan. I brought zucchini soup, which I think is delicious, but I was sick of the taste of zucchini by the time lunch was over. Next we played Bingo. We had two long tables set up on the main

NOVEMBER 2018 highway so that all the cars had to detour around us four blocks. We started playing and soon a man won and called out “Zucchini!” quickly followed by “I mean Bingo.” Then it got to be a fun game of who would remember to call “Zucchini” before yelling “Bingo.” It was not a lucky day for me. I was on twice, but didn’t win and quickly tired of all the zucchini winners around me. We were thinking it was near the end of the session when a little bright red sports car came barreling into the closed off intersection. The driver was talking into his phone when he suddenly realized he was headed into a table of Bingo players. He braked as fast as he could and turned the wheel to avoid us. He managed to stop just before he hit anything, but his front end was nudged up to table. He staggered out of his car, full of apologies, trying to give the caller money to offset any damages. As a group we decided to play one more game in honor of the little red sports car with the driver providing the winnings. It was the Big Z, a game I am usually lucky at. The driver sat down nearby, but seemed too shook up to play. He just observed and I got excited when I was on. Then someone else won and I was really disappointed. The driver came over to me and said, “I am so sorry you didn’t win. Could I take you to dinner to make up for it?” I don’t usually go out with

someone I don’t know, but he seemed so sincere and was a nice looking fellow so I said, “I am here with my sister. Are you up for taking us both out?” He hesitated then realized I meant the caller and became enthusiastic again. “Yes. Ok. I’m up for learning more about Bingo.” Kate was also a little skeptical about going out with someone we didn’t know, but then agreed. We had time to kill before dinner so we drove down to the harbor to join the whale watchers. Personally, I never saw a whale, but some folks up the beach claimed to have seen one and that was enough excitement for one day. At dinner we talked and talked about Bingo—its history, how the game got started, why it remains so popular, the moneymaking aspects, where it is headed. Kate was as vital and enthusiastic as I have ever seen her. She really liked Kevin (that turned out to be his name) and I sensed he was more than a little smitten with her, too. After dinner I pleaded a headache and took off to find my car, which I had left in back of the Chinese restaurant. Lo Min who owns the place came out to give me a tongue lashing for parking there so long, but since I am a very good customer, let me off with a bawling out and I drove home with his words still ringing in my ears. Kate did not get home for three hours and said she’d had a great time, “A fitting tribute to this year’s zucchini crop.”

call “Zucchini” before yelling “Bingo.”


Pioneer Bingo! Every Saturday

@United Seniors

Wednesday November 7th & 28th

Friday November 16th

@Saint Francis Lions 3476 East Howard Ave.

BINGO St. Luke Parish 18000 W. Greenfield Ave. Brookfield, WI

Sunday November 4th & 18th $2,000 in Bingo Prizes! CASH RAFFLES PROGRESSIVE BINGO Games begin at 6:00 PM

"Best Paper Prices in town" 3ons, $6 6ons, $10 9ons just $13 Food - Refreshments - Lighted Parking

Allesandra reveals your lucky days for November Cool your jets 13th thru 18th… Fired up 2 win the 18th! 19th thru 24th… A special day the 24th$ 25th thru 30th… Seriously hot 27th-28th

ARIES: March 21 to April 19 1st thru 6th… Outstanding effort the 1st! 7th thru 12th… You set a new record 8th-9th$$ 13th thru 18th… Very impressive 13th & 18th! 19th thru 24th… Beat yr own record the 23rd 25th thru 30th… Give a little more the 27th$ TAURUS: April 20 to May 20 1st thru 6th… Whoop ‘em good 2nd-3rd 7th thru 12th… Hard card luck the 11th$ 13th thru 18th… Dreams materialize 16th-17th 19th thru 24th… Halfway decent the 21st 25th thru 30th… You win the prize 25th & 29th! GEMINI: May 21 to June 21 1st thru 6th… Bargaining pays off 4th-5th 7th thru 12th…

CANCER: June 22 to July 22 1st thru 6th… GREEN to win the 2nd$ 7th thru 12th… Continuing payoffs the 7th 13th thru 18th… BLUE sees ya thru 16th-17th 19th thru 24th… Definitely in yr favor 21st 25th thru 30th… Step ahead the 29th$ LEO: July 23 to Aug. 22 1st thru 6th… Best chances the 4th$ 7th thru 12th… You’ve got the edge 8th-9th 13th thru 18th… Grow a pair the 18th! 19th thru 24th… Strong potential the 3rd$ 25th thru 30th… Wow wow wow the 27th! VIRGO: Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 1st thru 6th… Advantageous 2nd, 3rd & 6th 7th thru 12th… You got the moves 11th-12th 13th thru 18th… Not advised 19th thru 24th… Climb back on 21st$ 25th thru 30th… Worthwhile attempts 25th & 29th!

LIBRA: Sept. 23 to Oct. 23 1st thru 6th… A big maybe the 4th 7th thru 12th… Sharp & fast 8th-9th! 13th thru 18th… PURPLE wins the pot 13th-14th$ 19th thru 24th… Must play 2 win the 23rd$ 25th thru 30th… RED really helps 27th-28th

SCORPIO: Oct. 24 to Nov. 21 1st thru 6th… Can’t go wrong 2nd & 6th! 7th thru 12th… Among the best 11th$ 13th thru 18th… Magical the 16th 19th thru 24th… Take the initiative 25th! 25th thru 30th… Week starts & ends well$ SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22 to Dec. 21

1st thru 6th… Best days 2 play: 1st & 5th 7th thru 12th… Giant leap forward the 8th$$ 13th thru 18th… Super wins 13th & 18th! 19th thru 24th… Save yourself embarrassment 25th thru 30th… All about RED 27th-28th$

CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 1st thru 6th… More for you 2nd-3rd & 6th! 7th thru 12th… Cards in yr favor 11th-12th$ 13th thru 18th… Yours 4 the taking 16th$$ 19th thru 24th…

Very promising 21st 25th thru 30th… Sheer luck 29th-30th

AQUARIUS: Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 1st thru 6th… Go for it 4th-5th! 7th thru 12th… Surprise wins 8th-9th$ 13th thru 18th… Fantastic 13th-14th! 19th thru 24th… Top of the world 19th & 23rd$ 25th thru 30th… Nope PISCES: Feb. 19 to March 20 1st thru 6th… Wait ‘til the 6th$ 7th thru 12th… Right on the $ 7th & 11th 13th thru 18th… BLUE’s gotcher back 16th 19th thru 24th… Steady wins 20th-21st$ 25th thru 30th… You can be proud the 25th$ Color associations refer to lucky objects, daubers, cards, machines, clothing/jewels you wear, or a dominant color in the room.


No Fly Zone Never underestimate the intelligence of the common household fly. Right now I am matching wits with one of the most brilliant of all. Only a welleducated fly would know that the safest place for him is to be right on the smacker part of my fly swatter. I’ve had my sites on him for about four hours now and have had some great chances to get him, but these poor old arthritic hands are not as fast or accurate as they used to be. To make matters worse, I think he is emotionally attached to me and the feeling is definitely not mutual. He kissed me on the lips before I opened my eyes this morning. He followed me to the kitchen and sat on my nose as I made the coffee. I had to cover my breakfast roll with a napkin between bites. He even played tag with a friend in my hair while I washed the dishes. He doesn’t know that as I said my morning

NOVEMBER 2018 prayers I prayed for his demise, preferably by my swatter. I need to know that I have not lost my touch when it comes to fly hunting. I went to the store to buy one of those sticky, curly things that hang down from the ceiling and attract flies. If a fly touches it, he is done, but he doesn’t actually die quickly or gently. The PETA people had that banned it seems. I explained my plight and asked the clerk for options. He recommended a sedative that will disable the fly long enough for me to scoop him up on a sheet of paper and carry him outside to fly away, alive and well. “I’ll take one of those,” I said. “Oh, we can’t sell those,” he said. “You’ll have to get an Rx from the vet.” I was feeling a bit paranoid as I stretched out for my afternoon nap. My whole family was defending this “poor little helpless creature.” I put a towel over my head and face with just my nose sticking out for air, and tried to sleep, but just then Marge stopped by. “Where’s your fly swatter?” she asked, as she poured her coffee. “Oh never mind. I caught him in my hand.” She opened the door and my pest flew away. I just hope he doesn’t remember my address. I’m locking my door, just in case. Marge wouldn’t accept my thanks. “No thanks needed she said. That’s what Bingo Buddies are for.” Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.



BOB ON BINGO By Bob Whittmore

There’s A Lot to Be Thankful For During November, traditionally, columnists such as myself are obligated to say something about how lucky we are. Well, looking through many of the past columns here in the Bingo Bugle, I have realized that a lot of Novembers went by and I didn’t say a thing about Thanksgiving. I’m going to fix that this time around. As I was putting this c o l u m n together I decided to check the e-mail. And there, in my inbox (bobonbingo@earthlink.net) was a letter that goes right to the heart of the matter. It’s from “Skiddy” in Arlington, Virginia. Here goes: “Dear Bob, as a fellow journalist and constant reader of your column, I have begun to realize that you have to write some of your columns months in advance. I hope this gets to you before you write your November column, because I have a story relating to Thanksgiving that I thought you might like to hear. “It is a story about being thankful, but it’s more of a story about just how much fun Bingo can be. Being able to play Bingo is the main thing I am thankful for. I have a vivid memory of something that happened to me

more than ten years ago. I was making a cross-country road trip and I had remembered the advice you gave in a column back then. You had suggested that I look on the Internet and see if Bingo was being played in any city along my route where I would be staying. “I found that in one city in Ohio, where I was overnighting, they played Bingo. And, guess what? The Hall was across the road from my motel. When I told the guest clerk that I was going over to play Bingo, she told me I would have the time of my life. “The hall was small and packed, but it was full of smiling faces. The games started exactly on time and the prizes were nice. But, five minutes into the first game, something funny started happening to the scoreboard. Every time a number would light up – say I-19 – the number would flash brightly, then flicker, then go out. Eventually, the entire tote board was dark. Same thing happened in EVERY game. Luckily, it did NOT catch on fire. “As I left the hall I told one of the locals that I was sorry that their tote board was defective. I was told it had been like that for the last six years. Yes, Bob, we do have a lot of be thankful for.” Right, “Skiddy.” So, let’s all say THANKS that we have each other and that we have Bingo. Happy Thanksgiving. More next month.

Being able to play Bingo is the main thing I am thankful for.

Our Lady Queen of Peace


Knights of Columbus

$2,600 in Bingo Prizes Guaranteed! LUCKY DUCK RAFFLE

Doors open at 4:00 pm Bingo starts at 6:00 pm & 7:15 pm LARGE PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS PULL TABS - NO STAIRS OFF OF #15 BUS LINE

732 Badger Ave. South Milwaukee

$2,500 Bingo & Cash Raffle! Progressive Bingo & Fun!

Free Door Prizes at sessions on November 14th & 16th Our Game Schedule Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM - Doors open at 8:00 AM Every Friday at 6:30 PM - Doors open at 4:00 PM









Our Lady Queen of Peace

United Seniors of WI

4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 9:30 am, 11:00 am 321-0220

Am Legion Post #416 6351 W. Grange 9:45 am 421-3371

Knights of Columbus 732 Badger Ave. 6:00 pm 764-1709

United Seniors of WI

4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 9:30 & 11:00 am 321-0220

Serb Hall

5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. 6:30 pm 545-6030

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 6:30, 8:00 pm No Children under 10

2733 W. Euclid Ave. 10:00 am 672-0313 Ext. 142

Elks Lodge #46

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 6:30 pm 353-2900

Polish Fest

6941 S. 68th St. 6:00 & 7:30 pm 529-2140

St. Francis Lions

St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Progressive Bingo at 6:30 PM Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080

Waukesha Elks Lodge #400

BINGO Every 2nd & 4th Sunday Doors open at 11:00 am Games begin at 1:00 PM

2 - $1000 Sessions Plus Progressive Bingo

50/50 Raffle in 2nd Session Pull Tabs - Food - Soda Water FULL BAR TVs Hooked Up Every Sunday! 2301 Springdale Rd. Waukesha, WI (262) 717-9488

United Seniors

of WI Bingo Hall

November 7th & 28th Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps. St. Francis Lions St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080

bingo need another reason. It’s impossible to be bored when players are chatting; instant ticket sellers are tempting us with tickets that suck the cash out of our pockets; and snack bar smells are tantalizing our taste buds. Add to EDITION that the WISCONSIN possibility of winning cash and voila! Only Scrooges or Grinches could be THURSDAY bored and they should stay their WEEKLY grumpy butts at home this month Elks Lodge #46 and every other month. 5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 6:30 pmis 353-2900 July amazing. The weather is nice and family reunions and picGermantown nics are in full swing. Fireworks American Legion Post #1 light the night onRd. July 4th and N120 up W15932 Freistadt 7:00 pm 251-5470 fireflies do the same on other hot July nights if you’re lucky enough United Seniors of WI Forest they Home abound. Ave. to4515 liveW.where 6:30, 8:00 pm Besides these delights, imagine 321-0220 No Children 10I discovered that my surpriseunder when July 21st is Junk Food Day. My chunky self Thursdays jiggled for joyOnly when 1st, 3rdlittle & 5th ITichigan realized that I could indulge my Lions Club 6710 Big Bend Rd. Waterford junk food cravings without guilt for 6:30 pm (262) 895-6268

4515 W Forest Home Avenue Monday AM Monday PM Thursday AM Thursday PM Friday AM Friday PM

9:30am, 11:00am 6:30pm, 8:00pm 9:30am, 11:00am 6:30pm, 8:00pm 9:30am, 11:00am 6:30pm, 8:00pm




Hi, I'm BEANS,

Monday, Thursday & Friday Eve.


a smart little bear.

Help me learn to play BINGO. Best advice each month wins $25.00.

Pull Tabs

Complete Menu! Doors open 2 Hours before

Gobble up the Winnings

@ Milwaukee Elks Lodge #46 Bingo Schedule $2,250 in Bingo Prizes $1,100 Early Bird Session $1,150 Regular Session

Plus a Progressive Session

And other prizes

Every Sunday @ Noon Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:30 PM Sales start approximately an hour earlier

“Special New Year’s Eve Bingo” All Bingo Played on Paper Sheets Food * Parking* Handicap Accessible ATM * 50/50 Raffle Tue/Thurs Special Dinner $5.00 Sunday Special Lunch $5.00

No children under five allowed Hours & prizes subject to change

5555 West Good Hope Rd Milwaukee, WI 53223 414-353-2900 Like us on Facebook

ther anyth we we fourth Day Clinto long g I will almos the m and s my da their Until blow the do while and y Buy a and d or sug 21st. at hom I’ll ge read ride. free d suade Enou

Send to charlenepoet@gmail.com

poetry corner Thanksgiving Limericks 2018 The Last Thursday in November

Trivia Answers

There was a fine president, Lincoln Whose gratitude got him to thinkin’ To set a date in November For all to remember 1. Income-tax evasion Our bounty with good food and drinkin’

2. Sony 3. Bob Turkey of Dole the United States There once was a turkey called TOTUS 4. 31 million Named by Obama, our POTUS A shaved head The bird 5. preened and he strut 6. Society And puffed out hisIslands gut So TOTUS pardoned by POTUS 7. Itwas classifies musical instruments. 8. Whoopi Goldberg Cautionary Tale 9. Amelia Earhart There was a fat turkey, Aloysius Who sensed there was something suspicious 10. Kneecap Found in his shed, they chopped off his head That sacrificed bird was delicious!


There once was a family, McClung Whose anger and vitriol stung Except for Thanksgiving When all were forgiving And thanked the dear Lord with their tongues. These Holiday Rhymes By Limerick Commissioner Judy Podlesney

You our c In o your now c News befor Plea unab










United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 9:30,11:00 am & 6:30pm 414-321-0220

United Seniors of WI

Our Lady Queen of Peace

2733 W. Euclid Ave. 6:30 pm 672-0313 Ext. 142

Am Legion Post #416

4515 W. Forest Home Ave.

6351 W. Grange Ave. 6:00 pm 421-3371

Pioneer Bingo Every Saturday

St. Bernadette Parish

2301 Springdale Rd., Waukesha 1:00 pm (262) 717-9488

Moose Lodge #49 13th & Grange Ave. 12:30 pm 281-4444

St. Francis Lions St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080

1st, 3rd & 4th Fridays Only St. Joseph Parish


S89, W22650 Milwaukee Ave. Big Bend 7:00 pm 262-662-2832


Doors open at 5:00 pm BINGO starts at 6:00 PM Early Bird & Late Bird Sessions $1,500 in Prizes!!

2206 63rd St. Kenosha 53143 6:15 pm 262-657-9781




6351 W. GRANGE AVE 421-3371


All listings in the Bingo Bugle Player's Guide are for the normal schedule of any given bingo. If you have a question regarding the schedule of any particular game due to a special event, holiday, or weather condition, please call the number listed for that game. Players should also be aware that advertisers may withdraw or alter any advertised offer without prior notice.


1st & 3rd Fridays Only Danish Brotherhood lodge #14


2018 Friday




3 House2 All Souls wife’s Day Day

All Saints Day

5 Guy 6 7 Hindu 8 Dunce Election Diwali Fawke’s Day Day Day Day 15 13 11 12 14 O.R. Sadie American Veteran’s Nurse Smokeout Hawkins Day Day Day Day 18 19 21 22 20 Thanksgiving Day 26 27 28 29 25 Square Dance Day 4 King Tut Day

2nd & 4th Sundays Only Elks Lodge #400

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 12 Noon 353-2900

November 16th Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps.


Brookfield 18000 W. Greenfield Ave 6:00 & 7:00 pm (262) 782-0032

Elks Lodge #46

St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Progressive @ 6:30 PM 7:00 pm, Bingo 483-5080


November 4th & 18th St. Luke Parish

8200 W. Denver Ave. 6:00 & 7:30 pm 358-4600

6:30 pm

St. Francis Lions




10 USMC Day



National Adoption Day

23 24 Black Friday 30

In the Greendale Village Kanece has a passion for helping people achieve their dream look while caring for the overall health of the hair. Whether you are trying to rebuild the health of your hair or maintain it, she knows what to do! Call for an appointment with Kanece 844-550-0761 Or book online - MyRootsSalon.com

Polish Fest Bingo Every Wednesday at the Polish Center Doors open at 4:00 pm 1st Session at 6:00 pm - 2nd Session at 7:30 pm $1,050 in prizes each session

Weekly Specials Week 1 Free Dauber if it’s your Birthday Month (ID required) Week 2 1st 50 in the door get a FREE piece of pie Week 3 Door Prizes, Both Sessions Last Week 1st 50 in the door get a FREE hot dog Every Week: Dinner Specials and FREE popcorn Polish Center of Wisconsin

6941 S. 68th Street, Franklin - 414-529-2140 www.polishcenterof wisconsin.org

Otis Says . . . The Darndest Things


Thankgiving is just around the corner. So, what am I thankful for? Well, besides the cornucopia of my handsome good looks, my important position at the Bingo Bugle and being recognized for my incredible genius, there’s more. I’m thankful for Divine Providence and the Love of the Lord.

8202 W. Denver (South of Good Hope/North of Mill Rd.) COUPON

Buy 2 Pull Tabs - Get 1 Free So, what are you Thankful for? God Bless, Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble, Gobble!

Coupon valid any Sunday in November 2018 only 1 coupon per visit, please

$2,500 BINGO Every Sunday @ 6:00 PM

Pu l Ta l bs

EARLY BIRD SESSION 6:00 P.M. - 2ND SESSION BEGINS AT 7:30 P.M. Homemade Desserts - Nachos - Food - Money Raffle





Coffee Break Moon Phases


All Saints’ Day


Last Quarter Moon


Daylight Saving Time Ends


New Moon


Forget-MeNot Day


Veterans Day


First Quarter Moon

22nd Thanksgiving 23rd

Full Moon

23rd Black Friday 23rd Presidents Day 31st

Last Quarter Moon

TRIVIA 1. SCIENCE: What is the study of heat and its transformation to mechanical energy called? 2. LANGUAGE: What is the symbol associated with the Greek letter “Delta” (uppercase)? 3. MUSIC: Which city is hometown to the Red Hot Chili Peppers band? 4. PSYCHOLOGY: What is the fear represented in tachophobia? 5. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a male rabbit called? 6. GEOGRAPHY: Which two African nations joined to become Tanzania in 1964? 7. LITERATURE: Who wrote the children’s classic book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? 8. MEASUREMENTS: How many centimeters are in a foot? 9. MOVIES: Who was the Oscarwinning director of The Deer Hunter? 10. CHEMISTRY: What is the symbol for the element arsenic?

Predictors Lucky Bingo Card For NOVEMBER


ACROSS 1 -- up (invigorates) 5 Alphabet start 8 “Pygmalion” writer 12 Spine component 14 Unadulterated 15 Language of Zagreb 16 Rod’s partner 17 Cudgel 18 Weddingrelated 20 Pirate flag symbol 23 Tempo 24 Grow weary 25 AT&T competitor 28 Coatrack piece 29 Oyster’s gift 30 Mediterranean, for one 32 Porch 34 Blueprint 35 “Sad to say ...” 36 Combination of tones 37 Desert fox 40 -- carte 41 Out of control 42 Exact 47 Streamlet 48 Taboo 49 A Great Lake 50 Beer cousin 51 Start a garden DOWN 1 Piping material, for short 2 Always, to a poet

NOVEMBER’s Lucky Flashboard Numbers B: I : N: G: O:

3 Paid athlete 4 Horse’s hangout 5 Somewhat 6 Lingerie item 7 Capital of Australia 8 Perfume application 9 Colored 10 Neighborhood 11 Healthy 13 And others (Lat.) 19 Bar 20 Fuel additive brand

Trivia, CryptoQuip and Crossword Puzzle answers on page 11

04 17 34 48 64

07 22 36 49 65

09 24 41 55 67

Mona’s Monthly Numbers

11 25 43 57 68

12 29 44 59 73


21 Capital of Ukraine 22 Incite 23 Rosary components 25 Large blood vessel 26 Capital of Norway 27 Approach 29 Wan 31 Additionally 33 Irritate 34 Lighthouse of Alexandria 36 Organization 37 Passenger’s payment

38 Eastern potentate 39 -- me tangere 40 Farm measure 43 Animation frame 44 Consumed 45 Golf gadget 46 Conclusion



B…3…15…4…2…9 I…22…17…30…20…24 N…33…44…FREE…40…36 G…49…47…59…46…54 O…69…74…70…61…66


Illness Issue Nothing to Sneeze At Hi Guy, No joke: I was sitting at Bingo today waiting for the games to start and reading the letter in your column about sick people in public places, while at the exact same time some human germ blob was hacking up a lung on the other side of the room. Seriously!? Here were 50-60 people together in an enclosed space, we’d already paid for our Bingo paper and chosen our seats, and now we had to contend for the next two hours with some gross sick person spraying her germs all over everybody and everything. Needless to say, no one sat near her, and luckily the room was big enough that there was lots of seating away from her. At one point I started wondering if there might be some regulation that allowed the manager to ask her to leave. But no one did, and apparently nobody complained about her, and everyone stayed to the end and toughed it out. Now we all can wait and wonder if the germ factory infected the rest of us. If she did, I guess we have no one to blame but ourselves… along with the Bingo boss. As you say in your column, at the very least it is common courtesy for sick people to stay home and keep their germs to themselves. Not to mention that if they stay home and take care of themselves, they’ll get better sooner. I sure hope more people take your advice. I sure will. Fred L., New York Hi Guy, Thank you for your recent letter and discussion about sick people at Bingo. I tend to be a healthy person and do not catch illnesses often, which is partly because I try my best to avoid contact/situations where I might be exposed to germs, wash my hands often, eat properly and get lots of rest. When I do catch a bug, I try not to pass it on to others and pamper myself at home as much as I can so that I get better quicker.

NOVEMBER 2018 These are all such simple, logical things to do, which is why it absolutely astonishes me to enter a public place and discover a person who is clearly under the weather coughing and sneezing and making little if any attempt to keep from spreading their illness to others. Just recently I walked out of a Bingo because there was a woman there who clearly was too ill to be out in public. She was near me in the buy-in line and I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt by casually saying: “Wow, your allergies must be bad.” She shook her head and said, “No, this is a cold I’ve had for a couple of days. I just hope it doesn’t turn into the flu.” “Well, feel better,” I told her. The minute she turned away from me, I bolted. I was not about to stand in a line near this woman for the next 15 minutes, knowing that with every sneeze and cough she was filling the atmosphere with germs. Healthy Helen, Indiana Hi Fred and Healthy Helen, Health Nut’s original letter sparked quite a bit of conversation about the coming cold and flu season and why sick people keep showing up in public places. As I said before, there are many situations where a sick person has no choice but to be out in about in public for errands, appointments, work, etc. But it sure would be nice if they would show some manners and keep away from optional social settings until they are well. Those stats again: + A cough or sneeze can spread germs up to 200 feet + A sneeze may contain up to 200 million virus particles + Germs can stay alive in the air for up to 45 minutes or more I remain curious to know if a Bingo hall can ask a sick person to leave. This obviously would not be within the parameters of gaming regulations, but would fall instead within the category of “house rules.” Does anyone have an answer to this? —Guy Hey guys! (And gals!) Write to: Guy’s Turn c/o The Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, WA 98070, or email Guy directly at Tonder22@aol.com. Be sure to include your name and address (you may request that your name not be published), as typically Guy will not include anonymous letters in his columns.

* It was Kurt Vonnegut, one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, who made the following sage observation: “There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil. The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. If there are such things as angels, I hope they are organized along the lines of the Mafia.” * Greyhounds aren’t just fast; they also have better vision than any other breed of dog. * The venerable diner saw its peak as a place for a casual meal in the late 1940s, when there were around 7,000 of them across the country. Today there are fewer than 2,000. * Thomas Jefferson was an inventor as well as a statesman, but he refused to take out patents on any of his ideas. He believed that inventions should benefit all of humanity, not just himself. * In Switzerland, it’s considered bad luck to tell anyone your baby’s name before it is born. * It was 19th-century English naturalist and biologist Charles Darwin who made the following sage observation: “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Q: Is it true that Madonna auditioned for the original Footloose movie that starred Kevin Bacon? Was it before she became famous? ­— D. Bell, via email A: Yes, apparently Madonna was one of many big names who auditioned for the hit film Footloose, but it wasn’t meant to be. Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe both were possibilities for the lead role that made Kevin Bacon a household name, and Madonna was on the cusp of stardom when she auditioned, having just released the single “Borderline.” However, the role of Ariel went to actress/cellist Lori Singer instead. As for Singer, she’s been acting steadily ever since. She recently voiced the documentary God Knows Where I Am. It’s the true story of a mentally ill woman who kept a diary while spending a freezing winter in a barn before she died. Singer reads aloud the woman’s journal entries. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803; or e-mail her at letters@cindyelavsky.com.


Q: I decided my 10-year-old daughter was ready to have a pet after watching her interact with friends’ dogs and cats. When I asked her if she’d like to have a kitten, she said she would rather have a pet hamster. I’m surprised, as I thought she really liked taking care of cats. What are your thoughts? A: There may be a couple of reasons why she asked for a much smaller pet. Perhaps, after experiencing different dogs and cats, she decided she doesn’t want the responsibility of caring for a bigger pet. Or, she may think that asking for a smaller, less costly pet would make you happy. That said, having a hamster for a pet can be very rewarding. They do require quite a bit of care — their cages must be cleaned regularly, they must have the right balance of nutrients in their food, and they react badly to temperature changes and other stressors. As long as she does the research and is ready for the responsibility of caring for a pocket pet, she should do fine. In fact, kids today may be gravitating toward pocket pets rather than larger pets. A survey by RightPet found that children ages 10 to 17 preferred a pet rat to a dog or cat (cats were second, followed by dogs). The survey didn’t investigate why so many kids were into rats. (Though I’m sure parents who were dreading being asked for a pony are breathing a sigh of relief.) Your daughter may be following a trend toward owning a pocket pet, or maybe just would like a smaller pet. Send your questions, tips or comments to ask@pawscorner. com.


Video Poker Plays I’ve written a lot about the 9/6 jacksor-better video poker game, touting it as one of the best video poker games to play because it returns 99.5% with expert play. (For those that don’t know, the 9 refers to the payout for a full house per coin played, and the 6 is the payout for the flush per coin played.) A recent trip to the casinos with friends alerted me to mistakes players might be making when looking for the 9/6 game. As we were walking through the casino, my friend shouted, “Here’s a 9/6 machine.” He was all set to sit down and play this 9/6 game when I came over and looked at the video poker screen. This is what was on it: (I’m only showing the first column of the pay schedule.) Royal Flush 250 Straight Flush 50 Four Aces 160 Four 2-4 80 Four 5-K 50 Full House 9 Flush 6 Straight 5 Three of a Kind 3 Two Pair 1 Jacks or Better 1 Yes, the full house and flush paid 9 and 6 respectively, but this was not a jacksor-better game. The game my friend was about to play was Double Bonus Poker. A 9/6 Double Bonus game has an expected return of only 97.8% (as opposed to the 99.5% return for a 9/6 jacks-or-better game). A better paying Double Bonus game returns 10 and 7 for the full house and flush, with an expected return of 100.17%. What my friend was about to do was to play an inferior game even though it paid 9 coins for the full house and 6 for the flush. It’s been my experience that most video poker players don’t know the difference between one video poker game and another. You shouldn’t just sit down and play a video poker game because it pays more for aces, or pays more for four aces with a kicker, and so on. There are different

NOVEMBER 2018 video poker games, such as Jacks-orBetter, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, Double Bonus Poker, Triple Bonus, Bonus Poker Deluxe, etc. It is important that you know what the best pay schedule is for each game, and what the return of the game is if you play it accurately. For example, if you had a choice of playing a Bonus Poker or Double Double Bonus Poker game, which one would you play? The only way to know which is better is to look at the pay schedule for each game and know what the expected return is for each game. Trust me, you will find different pay schedules for Bonus Poker in a casino. Some are good; others are horrible. Ditto for Double Double Bonus Poker. Here’s another example my friend came across in the same casino. I had told him if he wanted to play Bonus Poker, look for an 8/5 payout for the full house and flush. He found the following two 8/5 Bonus Poker games in the same casino: Royal Flush 250 250 Straight Flush 50 50 Four Aces 30 80 Four 2-4 30 40 Four 5-K 30 25 Full House 8 8 Flush 5 5 Straight 4 4 Three of a Kind 3 3 Two Pair 2 2 Jacks or Better 1 1 Notice that both Bonus Poker games are 8/5. They pay the same for winning hands except for four-of-a-kinds. The 8/5 game in column #2 pays 30 coins for a four-ofkind, whereas the 8/5 game in column #3 pays 80 coins for four aces, 40 coins for four 2-4, and 25 coins for four 5-K. The expected return (ER) for the 8/5 Bonus game in column #2 is 98.5% whereas the ER for 8/5 game in column #3 is 99.2%. If you are a smart player, you should play the game in column #3 (which my friend did and he ended up hitting four aces for a nice profit). If the game in column #2 paid 35 coins (instead of 30 coins) for all fourof-a-kinds, the ER would be 99.7%, an excellent game. However, in this casino, they shorted the payouts to 30 coins, which lowered the ER to 98.5%. (Note: Even though this game was labeled Bonus Poker on the video poker machine, technically it’s a jacks-or-better game because it pays the same for all four-ofa-kinds.) The point I’m making is that if you want to play video poker, you should know what the best pay schedule is for each game and then find those higher paying games in the casino when you play. That’s how you become a winning video poker player. (Note: The ER’s quoted in the article assume the maximum of five coins played. You should never play less than max coins when you play video poker; otherwise, the ER will be lower.)

Garage Doors Commercial Residential Sales - Service - Installations 24hr Emergency Service

Service (414) 467- 7579 Office (414) 897- 0858

1007A W. Layton Avenue Milwaukee 53221 email damon@damondoors.com Website damondoors.com


St. Joseph Parish BINGO 1st, 3rd & 4th Fridays Only

$1,000 Bingo - 50/50 Cash Raffle! Progressive Bingo Consolation Prize Schedule 48 49 50 51 >51

calls calls calls calls calls

= = = = =

$350 $300 $250 $200 $150

consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize

Doors open at 5:00 PM - Bingo at 7:00 PM Progressive Bingo at 8:30 PM Food & Beverages - convenient parking

St. Joseph Parish S89 W22650 Milwaukee Ave. Just 1/2 Mile East of Hwy 164 on Janesville Rd. Big Bend, WI 53103


BINGO 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays

$1,250 in Prizes Doors open at 4:30 PM Early Bird, 6:30 PM $250 in Prizes Regular, 7:00 PM $1,000 in Prizes

Food - Beverages - Pull Tabs PROGRESSIVE BINGO Every Week

Tichigan Civic Center 6710 Big Bend Road

Hwy 164, Waterford, WI 53185 (262) 895-6268


BROTHERHOOD of Kenosha Lodge #14

1st & 3rd Fridays 2206 63rd Street Kenosha Sales Start 5:30 P.M. Bingo Starts 6:15 P.M.

PROGRESSIVE BINGO Cash, Bottle & Artwork Raffles Full Bar Food Available



(Last Thursday of Every Month) Doors open at 5:00 pm Early Bird at 7:00 pm Reg Session @ 8:15 pm


N120 W15932 Freistadt Rd. 251-5470

What's News in Nevada . . . MEGA PAYOUT A visitor from Southern California is the latest big winner in Las Vegas. The Fremont Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas was where the tourist hit the Nevada Megabucks jackpot for nearly $12 million. The wager was three dollars on the machine. The payout is the largest for the Megabucks franchise this year. LATENIGHT BUFFET Las Vegas Advisor reports that the Palace Station’s Feast has added a graveyard buffet. Running daily from midnight to 8 a.m., it’s the only all-nighter in Las Vegas and the first since the Palms offered one briefly last year. The price is $10.99, and only $6.99 with a Boarding Pass card. MORE FOOD NEWS The new food court at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas is open, with five of the six eateries operating. Cosmo is marketing Block 16 as “a culinary destination like no other on the Strip” and it has opted for smaller regional imports rather than bigger chain eateries. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken hails from Nashville and serves spicy Southern food; Lardo is a sandwich shop from Portland, Oregon; Pok Pok Wing, also from Portland, is the Asian place; Las Vegas-based Tekka Bar has the sushi and sake; and District from New Orleans is all about donuts and desserts. Manhattan’s Ghost Donkey will open in the next

couple of months for Mexican and tequila. Block 16, on the second level, is named after the red-light district a block off Fremont Street in early Las Vegas, though we can only speculate as to the actual connection.  SIDEWINDER SLOT The gaming company, Microgaming, has rolled out a new version of the popular five-reel Sidewinder game. The “slot” comes with extra spins and wild cards. According to a published report, the developer says that a player can be rewarded with six spins for each of the Sidewinder symbols on the reels. NEW AIRPORT Clark County Commissioners voted in September to revive a plan to build a new Las Vegas Airport on 6,000 acres of federal land near Jean, roughly 30 miles south of Las Vegas on I-15. The environmental impact study approved by the commissioners could begin early next year; it’s expected to be completed toward the end of 2020. WYNN’S BIG PAYCHECK In what’s likely to be his last turn at the top, Steve Wynn led the list of highest-paid casino executives in 2017, with $34.5 million in total compensation. He was followed by Sheldon Adelson ($26.1 million), CET boss Mark Frissora ($23.9 million), MRI’s Jim Murren ($14.6 million), and Boyd’s Keith Smith ($8.6 million).


Thanksgiving Getaway O Canada! Gotta love a country that puts Queen Elizabeth on their dollar coin and then refers to that coin as a Loonie. —Anonymous Gobble, gobble! Calling all turkeys, oops, I mean turkey lovers, on November 22 for our annual feast of gluttony. Personally, I prefer hamburgers, but I do love cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and all other goodies that decorate our tables on that day. After our children grew into adults with busy lives and our parents and other relatives passed away, Robert and I started celebrating Thanksgiving away from home. That doesn’t mean though that we forget to be thankful for our blessings such as family, including cousins Marle, John, Mary; friends Sandy, the Galls, the Popes, and my number one fans Chris and Carolyn; or my wonderful publisher, Tara Snowden; Dick Bajai, who introduced me to Bingo Bugle; and the staff and other players at bingo games nationwide. It just means in our case, we make reservations for dinner instead of cooking a huge meal and all it involves. Among favorite Thanksgiving getaways for us is Caesars Casino in Windsor, Canada. It is across from Detroit and a four-hour drive from our home. You do have to have a passport or similar ID at the border, but that is the only inconvenience. Money exchange isn’t an issue since there are numerous machines available in the casino to do just that. An added bonus is that from American to Canadian money, you get more bang for your buck. Lately it’s been $126 Canadian for each $100 American. Translation, more

money to invest in gambling. Also, Canada does not tax gambling winnings. Inside the casino complex is a 5,000-seat entertainment center that regularly hosts top notch entertainment. In 1994, before this site became a reality there was a temporary casino nearby. Lines wrapped around the building and visitors had to wait outside in the weather until other visitors left the building and space was freed up. Once inside, gamblers lined up behind each machine waiting for a chance to play. Meaning, those lined up were waiting for other gamblers to lose their money and give up a coveted machine. That tended to make one stay longer on any one machine because to give up your seat meant a long wait for a different machine. Thinking about it, I realize that was really dumb and not something I would do today. Those who wait behind slots are called lurkers and it’s rude to send bad vibes to another gambler so you can have the seat. The permanent casino opened in 1998 and in 2006, it became one of the first smoke-free commercial casinos in North America. While in Windsor, Robert and I often play bingo at Classic IV Bingo. Located close to the casino, the facility is comfortable with good food and a friendly staff. Payouts are decent, not that I ever win, but you’ve already read enough of my whining about that. My losing streak is never ending. Classic IV is open seven days a week with games every two hours from 10:00a.m to midnight. Until next month, may Lady Luck blow you kisses as you dance out the door with dollars. Win big. To share your thoughts, email homemailbox@roadrunner.com and I’ll promptly respond if I’m not in Canada. If I am, you’ll hear from me sooner or later. I promise.

Contest Winner Ronald Kruszka Your name has been drawn as our current contest winner! In order to qualify to receive your $100 CASH prize, you must now contact the Bingo Bugle Newspaper at (414) 327-0705 before November 15, 2018. Please leave a message if we're unable to answer when you call.

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Rules for The Bingo Bugle Monthly Cash Sweepstakes

Each month the Bingo Bugle of Wisconsin conducts a monthly “Sweepstakes” featuring a $100.00 prize for the winner. What follows are the rules of the contest. The Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes contest is open to everyone. It is a FREE contest. Entry forms are usually found on the next to last page of each monthly issue of the Bingo Bugle. Readers who are interested in entering the contest may cut or tear the entry from the paper, fill it out and officially enter by dropping the entry into the plastic Sweepstakes Entries” jug located at most not for profit Bingo halls. Some Bingo halls do not have an entry jug, but usually one the game volunteers will take your entry and get it to us. You may submit a copy of the entry form if none are available to you. If you prefer, your entry may be mailed to: Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes P.O. Box 371283 Milwaukee, WI 53237 If you mail in your entry, only one entry per envelope is accepted. Entry forms must be completely filled out to qualify. Entry forms

that are not completely filled out, do not qualify for the drawing. Enter as many times as you like, but please, take only one Bingo Bugle when you play. A random drawing is conducted each month from all entries received. Winners are announced each month in the Bingo Bugle. Winners must call 327-0705 prior to the 15th of the month in which their name is announced as the winner to claim their prize. Entries received after the drawing are held for the next month's contest. Your chances of winning are determined by the total number of entries received prior to the drawing. By entering the contest, you grant the Bingo Bulge the exclusive right to use your name, photo and comments for publicity purposes. Winners not making themselves available for a photo will forfiet their prize. The contest is not “progressive,” that is to say, if the winner does not claim the prize prior to the deadline, the prize is not increased. The prize is always $100.00 payable via check. Please, don't call the Bingo Bugle office to find out who the winner is, we won't tell you. And, if it is you, you will be disqualified. Thanks for reading the Bingo Bugle and for entering our monthly Sweepstakes. Maybe one day soon, you’ll be our lucky winner.

The Bingo Bugle’s


was our latest Winner. She plays Bingo at St. Luke Parish Brookfield

You could be a $100 Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes winner. Just check the rules above, fill out the form below, and enter the sweepstakes. Then, make sure to check the Bingo Bugle to see if your name is listed as the winner. If your name is listed, make sure to call in by the deadline.

Please complete this entry form and deposit it at your favorite Bingo Hall, or mail to: Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes P.O. Box 371283 Milwaukee, WI 53237

Name:_________________________________ Date:_______________ Telephone Number:_________________________________________ Addresss:___________________________________________________ City: _______________________State:________ Zip_____________ email:______________________ Where did you get your Bugle?___________________________

Please check your age group: _____18 to 35 _____36 to 55 _____56 & over Thanks for entering!





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November 2018 Bingo Bugle Wisconsin Issue  

November 2018 Bingo Bugle Wisconsin Issue