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February 2020 This Issue Sponsored by: Milwaukee/North Elks Lodge # 46 St. Bernadette Milwaukee/South Damons Doors Moose Lodge #49 OLQP St. Francis Lions St. Sava/Serb Hall WI Bingo Supply

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Brookfield St. Luke Parish


Cudahy Finch’s Vendor Expo


Franklin Polish Fest Bingo


Greendale Am Leg Post #416


Greenfield Pioneer Drum & Bugle United Seniors of WI

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Bingo Schedule - Pages 6 & 7 Bingo Information Hotline: (414) 327-0705

Wisconsin Edition Sweepstakes Winner Laverne Gilbertson is Loyal Ahoy Matey! To Knights of Columbus - South Milwaukee Bingo Bingo Bugle Laverne Gilbertson is Caribbean this month’s Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes Winner. She Cruise Departs is and avid Bingo Player. November 7, 2020 Let’s check out Knights of Columbus - South Milwaukee Bingo, the favorite Bingo Hall of our Sweepstakes Winner step by step. The doors open at 4PM and Laverne is ready to head to her spot in the Big Hall. The Knights have 2 halls set up for Bingo. Some players prefer the Big Hall where the caller holds court from the stage. Operating a stateof-the-art Bingo system with flash board and 4 big screen TV’s displaying called ball numbers and computerized verification of winners. This is where Laverne prefers to play Bingo with her friends. Other players prefer the intimate ambiance of the small hall where they can enjoy the convenience of a remote flashboard and monitor. There is at least one Bingo Worker dedicated to assist the players in the small hall. At 5PM they start selling Bingo Cards. All games at the Knights of Columbus are played on paper. The price is $5.00 for a 3-on 10 up book, $10.00 for 6-on 10 up books and $15.00 for the 9-on 10 up books. They also sell daubers and tape for your convenience. You can always count on the sellers for some good hearted comical repartee. The Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary operates the Bingo Kitchen where they serve Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Soup, Polish Sausage, Bratwurst, Nachos, Hot Pretzels, Delicious Deserts and some specialty items. The prices are great and the food can’t be beat. The evidence is the number of players who eat there.

Above: Laverne Gilbertson (holding check) our winner, is surrounded by her Bingo Worker Friends at Knights of Columbus South Milwaukee at 732 Badger Avenue in South Milwaukee. Jimmy Marsh (left) Johnny Castle (center) and Connie Thill (right) all love their jobs at KC Bingo and between them they represent more than 100 years involvement with Charitable Bingo. And let’s face it, they don’t look that old. You should come and meet them when you join Laverne at Knights of Columbus Bingo. You’ll be glad you did. See their ad on Page 6. We had a great time been playing for 15 years. visiting with Laverne Gil- When we asked her why bertson, our Sweepstakes she said, “It doesn’t cost Winner before the first anything, you get to check game of the night that it every month and it’s starts at 6PM. She said, “I thrilling when you win.” like playing at the Knights Games start at 6PM, of Columbus in South Mil- they play 9, $100 games, waukee, It’s the only place 1, $250 game then a 10 I play now. I used to play minute break. The next at a couple other places, games start about 7:15PM, but I like this place so after game 15 there is much that I come to play a break for the popular just about every week.” Lucky Duck Raffle, it pays We asked Laverne if there a lot of money. The night is anything special about we were there, the grand this particular Bingo Hall prize was over $300, the that she likes. She said, runner up paid over $150 “I like to play all of the and there were 6 consolagames they offer, like the tion prizes of $25 each. Lucky Duck Raffle, I’ve You can get beer, soda, won that.” She said, “I play snacks and Lottery tear off all the games, last week I tickets at the bar. won the $500 game, about The second half of Bina year ago I won the Pro- go has 9, $100 games, 1, gressive.” $250 game, the special ZLaverne really knows her Game that pays $500. The Bingo and she really knows last game of the night is the Bingo Bugle. She reads the Progressive. the Horoscope page, likes Laverne says, “Relax, to play the games on Coffee have fun, play Bingo and Break like Hocus-Focus the wins will come.” We and now she is a real fan agree and suggest you see of the Bingo Bugle Month- the KC’s a on Page 6. Play ly Sweepstakes that she’s once and you’ll be back.

The Breathtaking Carnival Breeze Shiver me Timbers! Don’t miss out on the World Championship Bingo Bugle Tournament & Gaming Cruise. Act fast to take advange of the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT. Set sail FROM Ft. Lauderdale on November 7, 2020 on an 8-Day Caribbean Cruise to St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk. Play for more than $100,000 in CASH plus A FREE CRUISE! The Bingo Bugle has Thirty One Years of experience to guarantee how to bring you the best of Bingo. Bingo Players from our area have been enjoying the Cruise year after year. If you like Bingo, Having Fun and Winning this is for you. This is The One, The Only, The Original World Championship Bingo Tournament Cruise. We love to say, “You Can Win with Ease on the Carnival Breeze! And have fun doing it. Join your fellow Wisconsin Bingo Players on this year’s cruise. Check with your local Bingo Hall and pick up a brochure. Bingo Bugle of Wisconsin staff will be on board to assist you. CALL (888) 352-2464 or www.BingoBugle.com/cruise for reservations and see the complete Bingo Bugle Cruise ad on Page 7 & 12 of this Bingo Bugle newspaper.

Wisconsin Bingo Supply

American Made Supplies

We Carry A Full Line of Bingo Supplies Serving Non-Profit Bingo’s Statewide

(414) 327-5100

Visit us on the web at: www.wibingosupply.com email: wisconsinbingo@yahoo.com

No Retail Location


Horoscopes for February 2020 ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): Spend quality time cherishing and validating the people who inspire you and make your life feel wonderful. Lucky Days: 2 - 9 Lucky Numbers: 34 - 46 TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21): It’s time to up your knowledge quota. Night classes are a good alternative if you work during the daytime. Lucky Days: 2 - 22 Lucky Numbers: 26 -38 GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21): Life’s bigger questions are dawning upon you, now is the time to pause and prepare yourself for your next chapter. Lucky Days: 3 - 10 Lucky Numbers: 3 - 9 CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 22): It’s



critical you put financial affairs in order, in fact you’d be wise to work with a professional money manager. Lucky Days: 22 - 24 Lucky Numbers: 19 - 36

CAPRICORN (DEC 22nd-JAN 20th): A message of love and hope finds its way to you after a difficult 2019. Lucky Days: 12 - 14 Lucky Numbers: 23 - 25

Hours and Prizes Subject to Change

LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23): Telepathic connections provide you with a deeper glimpse into the heart and soul of others. Lucky Days: 23 - 29 Lucky Numbers: 44 - 48

AQUARIUS (JAN 21st-FEB 19th): Sometimes a leap of faith is essential for maintaining your innovative spirit and mental wellbeing. Jump! Lucky Days: 4 - 7 Lucky Numbers: 36 - 46

TV Monitors * Ample Parking Handicap Accessible FREE COFFEE! Sales begin at 11:30 a.m. 1st Session begins at 12:30 p.m. 2nd Session follows

VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23): 2020 is a year that will force you to make creative creative dreams into a reality. Lucky Days: 3 - 11 Lucky Numbers: 2 - 11 LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23): It’s time to say “the end” to this particular chapter. Closure initiates a rejuvenating feeling of new life. Lucky Days: 15 - 17 Lucky Numbers: 18 - 53 SCORPIO (OCT 24th-NOV nd 22 ): Make solitude a goal this month; you need the quiet and stillness to recharger your psychic batteries. Lucky Days: 5 - 7 Lucky Numbers: 17 - 25 SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23rd-DEC 21st): If you can’t take a real trip it’s still a good time to explore a new hobby or interest that will inspire you. Lucky Days: 3 - 30 Lucky Numbers: 9 - 23

PISCES (FEB 20th-MAR 20th): Your receptive channels are full blown right now; this is a perfect month for artists, writers and prophets. Lucky Days: 8 - 15 Lucky Numbers: 3 - 59

St. Joseph Parish BINGO 1st, 3rd & 4th Fridays Only

$1,000 Bingo - 50/50 Cash Raffle! Progressive Bingo Consolation Prize Schedule

BINGO Every Sunday

$2,000 in Bingo Prizes All Paper Sheets Progressive Bingo

MILWAUKEE MOOSE LODGE #49 5476 S. 13th St. (South 13th & Grange Ave.) (414) 281-4444

Open to the Public


48 calls = $350 consolation prize 49 calls = $300 consolation prize 50 calls = $250 consolation prize 51 calls = $200 consolation prize 52 calls = $150 consolation prize 53 calls & > = $100 consolation prize

American Serb Hall 5101 W W.. Oklahoma

Progressive Bingo at 8:30 PM


Doors open at 5:00 PM - Bingo at 7:00 PM Food & Beverages - convenient parking

St. Joseph Parish S89 W22650 Milwaukee Ave. Just 1/2 Mile East of Hwy 164 on Janesville Rd. Big Bend, WI 53103

Doors open at 5:00 PM Games Start at 6:30 PM


Refreshments/Snacks Acres of FREE Parking!


Open to the Public OPENING JULY 26, 2019 Free Admission

Every Wednesday & Friday


ALL PAPER SHEETS - $1,000 in Prizes

VENDOR 5656 So Packard Ave #18, Cudahy WI 53110

Our Expo will include:

Doors open at 3:30 PM - Bingo starts at 7:00 PM

Featuring: Door Prize Raffle - Pull Tabs

Progressive Bingo at 6:30 PM Every 5th Friday - $3,000 in Prizes!

Doors open at 3:00 PM - Early Bird starts at 6:00 PM Regular Bingo follows

ST. FRANCIS LION’S CENTER 3476 East Howard Ave. - 483-5080

Off street parking - Air Conditioned - Food & Refreshments Full Bar during Bingo

Vendors selling: Antiques & Collectibles New and used items Handmade crafts and giftables Tupperware, Avon, Contractors and MUCH more!! Hours: Friday 11 am to 7 pm,11am - 7pm, OPEN EVERY WEEKEND: FRIDAY Saturday 9am9am to 4-pm and 9 am pm SATURDAY 4pm & Sunday SUNDAY 9amto-33pm You never know what you may find and we may have just what you are looking for!

VENDOR SPACES STILL AVAILABLE For information call (414)-732-8596 • Randy Finch, Manager or email to: finchsvendorexpo@gmail.com 5656 So Packard Ave #18, Cudahy WI 53110


of Wisconsin AADivision Paper Trails, LLC Divisionofof Paper Trails, Inc. P.O. Box 371283 P.O. Box 14141 Milwaukee, Milwaukee,WIWI53237 53214 (414) (414)327-0705 327-0705 on the on theweb: web: www.bingobugleofwi.com

www.bingobugleofwi.com email: email: papertrailsllc@yahoo.com

r obert@papertrailsinc.com

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FEBRUARY 2020 But on the upside, you will finally know once and for all if they are “Bingo people” or not. And who knows? They may just fall in love with it! —Aunt Bingo

Dinner and Bingo Dear Aunt Bingo: I need your advice on how to get friends and family to go with me to Bingo. Of course, I love playing Bingo and have for many years, and already have a handful of people I sometimes go with. But I know a bunch more people who I think would get a kick out of it if they just went one time. The thing is, the people I would ask are not couch potato homebodies, but folks who like to go out and do things. Movies, dining out, sports games, shopping—they are always out and about doing something. I just can’t seem to get them past their bias that Bingo is boring and just for old people. It is so frustrating! Do you have any tips I can try to nudge these guys into going to Bingo with me just to see if they actually might enjoy it? Thank you. TS, Florida Dear TS: My first thought is to combine a Bingo outing with an activity you know they will enjoy, such as dining out. Pick a restaurant near a Bingo hall, invite them to an early dinner and suggest you tag on a trip to Bingo afterward. You can suggest dinner and Bingo at the start or wait until you’re at the restaurant having a nice time and propose a trip to Bingo then. (Big smile: “C’mon, it’ll be fun, and it’s just up the street!”) Another trick might be to link it to a special occasion—your birthday, an anniversary, etc.— and get them to ask you what you would like to do for your special day. You can soften the blow by again making it a combo outing like dinner and Bingo or a movie and Bingo. The important thing is that it would be hard for them to say no to the birthday girl. Even if you do get them into the Bingo hall, there’s no guarantee that they will enjoy themselves, and you should be prepared for them to roll their eyes and groan “Never again.”

Dear Aunt Bingo, I read in your column a while ago about a player who had trouble with not being able to sit at a table because of seat saving. It seems to me that Bingo halls universally should declare once and for all that seat saving is not allowed, or at least create some sort of official policy about the practice. At the hall I go to the most often, seat saving is still done. Seats are saved by putting purses, jackets, daubers or other personal items on tables and chairs. But… this is only permitted so long as there are multiple empty seats available elsewhere in the hall. Once the hall begins getting crowded, if there are still blocks of unclaimed saved seats, the Bingo manager announces the end of seat saving and all remaining saved seats become available. There are exceptions. For example, workers at the hall who become players once the Bingo session begins are permitted to reserve seats. But technically that is not seat saving because they buy their Bingo paper and put it at the table where they will be playing. Even with this system, there are occasional arguments from players who save seats for friends who end up arriving late. Luckily, the manager doesn’t put up with it and steps in when trouble begins. Elizabeth J., New York Dear Elizabeth: Enforcing such hall rules as seat saving is a great example of just how challenging it is to be a Bingo hall manager. He or she is juggling 101 different things while Bingo is in session, and the last thing they want to deal with is two senior citizens bickering over a folding chair. A zero seat-saving policy may be a bit extreme, but limitations like the ones you describe are smart management. I would add to that limiting the number of seats a person can save, to end this trend of reserving entire tables. By far, the best idea is ending all seat saving at a pre-set time before Bingo begins, so that the responsibility for filling those seats is left to the clock. Miss the deadline and you’re out of luck. — Aunt Bingo Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, WA 98070, or email her at STENGL456@aol. com. Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns.

VA’s Expanding Use of Telehealth Care The use of the Department of Veterans Affairs telehealth services rose 17% in one year, with 900,000 veterans opting to get care that way. That equated to 2.6 million instances of care in one year. Some of the stats are impressive. The use of the app, VA Video Connect, rose by a whopping 235% in the past year, and more than 99,000 veterans opted to use it from home. Over 200,000 appointments were for mental health telehealth appointments. We have a lot of choices for how we get our care, with more coming. Whether we want to go in person, talk on the phone or have a video visit, it’s available. By the end of 2020, every mental health and primary care provider will be able to communicate with patients in all these ways. The VA is trying to consider all circumstances: If you have a poor



It: Chapter 2 (R) — Derry, Maine, is once again under attack by the evil clown Pennywise, who is back to his old antics terrorizing the town’s children after a gang of kids — the Losers Club — thought that they had banished the dreaded monster for good. Twenty-seven years later, only one of the six has remained in Derry. Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), ever vigilant, studies the lore around the clown and deduces the only way to defeat Pennywise is for the now grown-up members of the club (Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, James Ransome) to take a deep dive into their individual childhoods. He calls back the rest of the group, who swore they would defeat Pennywise no matter what it takes. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (R) — Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt head an all-star cast in director Quentin Tarantino’s reimagining of Los Angeles leading into the summer of 1969. It’s seen through the eyes of Rick Dalton (DiCaprio), an aging action star, and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). As the pair

internet connection at home, it’s opening other locations as tests sites, such as VFW posts and American Legion halls, as well as Walmart stores, using ATLAS (Accessing Telehealth through Local Areas Stations). More will open as time goes on. It’s all a result of the Anywhere to Anywhere initiative. Before this was enacted, doctors couldn’t legally treat patients with telehealth across state lines. Veterans in rural areas, or near state lines, were having to go long distances for in-person care. If you want to explore using telehealth on your electronic device, go online to mobile.va.gov/ app/va-video-connect. Scroll to the yellow note and use it to test whether your device is compatible with the VA Video Connect app. There’s an FAQ and how-to demo videos. If you run into a snag trying to set up the app or a connection, call 866-651-3180 Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET. To learn more about telehealth, go to telehealth.va.gov. struggle with an ever-growing obsolescence, their paths cross with the unsavory characters of the Manson Family, who are targeting Dalton’s neighbor, Sharon Tate. Hustlers (R) — A sexy and savvy group of former exotic dancers run a financial scheme targeting the ruthless financial industry villains who crashed the economy, seemingly without repercussion. It is told from the perspective of Destiny (Constance Wu), who is taken under the wing of the experienced (and merciless) Ramona (Jennifer Lopez). At every turn, the degradation of women at the hands of men is underscored, served in opposition to fierce women taking ownership of and weaponizing their sexuality. Like all strong-arming, things can go too far. Despite all the stripping, this is a girls-night movie full of female empowerment and power cameos (Cardi B, Lizzo). Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (NR) — In 95 minutes of exhilarating stage footage and emotional interviews with A-list musicmakers (Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne and more), the power and versatility of Linda Ronstadt is heralded, a fitting tribute to one of the most influential voices, certainly of a generation, arguably of all time. It also is a voice that has been stolen from us by Parkinson’s disease, but, as this musical documentary shows, it lives on and will continue to do so. If that weren’t legacy enough, we also are treated to a portrait of a pioneering female in music, as well as a rebellious, protean singer


The New Bingo Trio Last month, it was the beginning of Kate and Paul. Since then they’ve become a big item in these parts. They ran around every day making sure they made 1 p.m. Bingo. One of their favorite spots is a nearby casino where they love to gamble and eat. They usually had an early lunch so they would have plenty of time for Bingo, where I joined them. We three were great together and I sometimes resented their wanting to be alone—just the two of them. One bright and beautiful Tuesday we were playing a coverall when Paul was suddenly on. We all three began chanting his number very quietly as we had been warned about disturbing others. His number came up in the screen but still had to be called. We held our collective breaths and then it was called. He won $750 and was as pleased as if it had been thousands. “Let’s celebrate,” he said.


FEBRUARY 2020 “What can we do that’s fun and expensive?” We settled on the Space Needle where we were able to get reservations at a window table. First Paul ushered us into the gift shop where he said we were each to get a gift to commemorate this wonderful day. Kate said she didn’t want anything, but I immediately found a space needle replica that I have been wanting. It is a foot tall and has the most intricate details including an elevator that goes right to the top. It cost over a hundred dollars but Paul said that was fine and had the attendant wrap it up. “Now you,” Paul said to Kate. She shook her head, but he led her over to the costumes where he picked out a beautiful kimono—red with white designs and long enough to trail on the ground. I could tell Kate wanted it even though it cost $400. She shook her head, but he bought it anyway and sent both our parcels down for the valet to hold until after dinner. “We don’t really need to have dinner,” said Kate. “We’ve spent enough of your money.” “What a cheapskate,” said Paul. “I believe you would be good at helping a man hang on to some of what he earns.” “What do you do anyway?” I asked. “Computer stuff,” he said. “Very boring. That’s why I’m able to play in the daytime. I work mostly at night.” We stared out the windows at the amazing view as we ate our very special dinner. Kate put her

purse on the window ledge and had to wait a full turn for it to come back to her. “Good thing people are honest in these parts,” she commented, putting her purse in her lap. They took me home and I played with my new space needle, running the elevator up and down many times and just enjoying the look of it on my coffee table. Kate came in much later and plunked down on the couch. “I don’t know about him,” she said. “I think he’s getting too serious.” “You mean marriage?” I yelped. “You mean break up the sister act? You can’t mean that seriously,” “Paul says we don’t have to break anything up. We just have to add him on. I don’t know. I’ll just have to think about it.”

BINGO St. Luke Parish 18000 W. Greenfield Ave. Brookfield, WI

Sunday February 16th

$2,000 in Bingo Prizes! CASH RAFFLES PROGRESSIVE BINGO Games begin at 6:00 PM

“Best Paper Prices in town” 3ons, $6 6ons, $10 9ons just $13 Food - Refreshments - Lighted Parking

Polish Fest Bingo Every Wednesday at the Polish Center Doors open at 4:00 pm 1st Session at 6:00 pm - 2nd Session at 7:30 pm $1,050 in prizes each session Free Dauber if it’s your Birthday Month (ID required) 1st Wednesday only


Every 3rd Wednesday of the month! Every Week: Dinner Specials and FREE popcorn Polish Center of Wisconsin

6941 S. 68th Street, Franklin - 414-529-2140 www.polishcenterof wisconsin.org

Allesandra reveals your lucky days for February 2020 1st thru 6th… Too cool 4 school 3rd-4th!$ 7th thru 12th… RED card wins 7th-8th 13th thru 18th… Long shot returns 16th$ 19th thru 24th… You magnetize $$ 21st 25th thru 29th… Totally awesome 26th-27th$!

Lucky Predictions for February 2020 ARIES: March 21 to April 19 1st thru 6th… No time to waste (3rd)$ 7th thru 12th… Go for the gusto (7th)! 13th thru 18th… Luck travelin’ 16th$$ 19th thru 24th… Dy-no-mite 21st$!! 25th thru 29th… Big Hint for the win 26th! TAURUS: April 20 to May 20 1st thru 6th… Good lookin’ week$$ 7th thru 12th… Momentum carries 9th-10th$ 13th thru 18th… Just by a hair (14th) 19th thru 24th… Mountains of $$ 19th & 23rd 25th thru 29th… Nice set-up 28th$! GEMINI: May 21 to June 21

CANCER: June 22 to July 22 1st thru 6th… It’s happening 1st-2nd$$ 7th thru 12th… Grows on you 9th-10th$! 13th thru 18th… Cut to the chase (14th)! 19th thru 24th… Way to start 23rd$! 25th thru 29th… Got what it takes 28th$$ LEO: July 23 to Aug. 22 1st thru 6th… Can’t lose 3rd-4th 7th thru 12th… $uper size it 7th-8th 13th thru 18th… Foreign fortunes 16th-17th 19th thru 24th… Not in the stars 25th thru 29th… Get busy & win 26th$ VIRGO: Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 1st thru 6th… Heck yeah the 1st$$ 7th thru 12th… In tune with luck the 10th! 13th thru 18th… Amazing the 14th$$! 19th thru 24th… Smooth sailin’ 19th$ 25th thru 29th…

Advantage is yours 28th - 29th! LIBRA: Sept. 23 to Oct. 23 1st thru 6th… Sneak in & win 3rd-4th$$ 7th thru 12th… Luck’s on yr side 7th-8th 13th thru 18th… Encouraging 16th-17th$ 19th thru 24th… Friends bring luck the 21st 25th thru 29th… Break time SCORPIO: Oct. 24 to Nov. 21 1st thru 6th… Po$$ibilities 5th-6th! 7th thru 12th… So yours the 10th 13th thru 18th… In the nick of time 14th-15th$ 19th thru 24th… Pops says so 19th! 25th thru 29th… Early on the 25th$

SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22 to Dec. 21 1st thru 6th… Better luck next time 7th thru 12th… Hot winning streak 7th-8th 13th thru 18th… Has yr name on it 16th-17th! 19th thru 24th… Yours to call 21st-22nd 25th thru 29th… Fired up 2 win (27th)$! CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 1st thru 6th… Good risk the 1st! 7th thru 12th… All fixed 2 win the 10th$$ 13th thru 18th… Stayin’ on top 14th-15th 19th thru 24th…

You know how 18th-19th$! 25th thru 29th… Great guesses 28th-29th

AQUARIUS: Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 1st thru 6th… Don’t know ‘til ya try 3rd-4th$ 7th thru 12th… Game’s made 4 you the 12th! 13th thru 18th… Best bets 16th-17th$$ 19th thru 24th… Be there the 21st!$ 25th thru 29th… Good, but step back 28th-29th PISCES: Feb. 19 to March 20 1st thru 6th… In da money 1st , 5th & 6th$$ 7th thru 12th… Scarce but possible (9th) 13th thru 18th… Party & WIN the 14th$! 19th thru 24th… Pull out a few tricks 18th-19th 25th thru 29th… Exceptional 28th-29th$$ Color associations refer to lucky objects, daubers, cards, machines, clothing/jewels you wear, or a dominant color in the room.




BOB ON BINGO By Bob Whittmore Oversharing

* “Print a physical copy of your travel itinerary, including flight numbers. Stow a copy inside a secure spot in your luggage so that if it gets lost, you’ll be easy to find. I like to put mine inside the zippered net bag that’s attached to my suitcase.” — E.L. in Ohio * Potatoes can be boiled whole, then plunged into icy water briefly when cooked. The skins should slip right off. No need to spend all that time peeling potatoes! * Movie theater hack: “When buttering up your popcorn, grab a straw and stick it down into the tub. Line up the straw with the butter dispenser, and you can distribute butter into the lower layers of your popcorn. Remove the straw and finish off with butter over the top.” — P.A. in Florida * “Defog your bathroom mirror with a quick shot of shaving cream. Smear all around and wipe off with a clean, dry face cloth.” — L.A. in Georgia * Use one leg of a pair of stockings over the hose of a vacuum cleaner to “dust” a bookcase. If you have small knickknacks they won’t get sucked up, but dust will. If your stocking gets clogged by a dust bunny, just wipe it off and continue.

Q: I’m behind on the Star Wars movies, having finally watched The Force Awakens, the first of the final trilogy. I was really amazed at how talented the actors who play Rey and Finn are, and I’d never seen them in anything before this. What was their prior acting experience? — D.P. A: Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey, is a multitalented actress from England who is a classically trained in dance and also sings jazz. She had a few small roles in British television before joining the Star Wars franchise. According to The Guardian, when Ridley heard that the filmmakers of The Force Awakens were auditioning unknowns in addition to name actors, she asked her agent to get her a meeting. She ended up auditioning for producer JJ Abrams five times and got the part. John Boyega was the newcomer who made quite the impression as Finn, a former Stormtrooper who developed a conscience. He’s also British, and had some success in his native country before becoming internationally known. Reportedly, Abrams was a fan of the 2011 film Attack the Block, a sci-fi comedy in which Boyega co-starred. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803; or e-mail her at letters@cindyelavsky.com.

Waukesha Elks Lodge #400

BINGO Every 2nd & 4th Sunday Doors open at 11:00 am Games begin at 1:00 PM

Pioneer Bingo! Every Saturday

@United Seniors

2 - $1000 Sessions Plus Progressive Bingo

50/50 Raffle in 2nd Session Pull Tabs - Food - Soda Water FULL BAR TVs Hooked Up Every Sunday! 2301 Springdale Rd. Waukesha, WI (262) 717-9488


February 5th & 19th Progressive Jackpots

@Saint Francis Lions 3476 East Howard Ave.


8202 W. Denver (South of Good Hope/North of Mill Rd.) COUPON

Buy 2 Pull Tabs - Get 1 Free Coupon valid any Sunday in February 2020 only 1 coupon per visit, please

$2,500 BINGO Every Sunday @ 6:00 PM

Pu l Ta l bs

EARLY BIRD SESSION 6:00 P.M. - 2ND SESSION BEGINS AT 7:30 P.M. Homemade Desserts - Nachos - Food - Money Raffle


First of all, I want to thank everyone for the e-mails I have received recently to: Babylonian@ earthlink.net. I always welcome your e-mails. Before I tell you about the lady who thinks I am annoying, I want to read a piece of an e-mail from Opal Cadet of Bloomington, Indiana. Opal writes about last month’s column: “Bob, give up. Turn in the towel. Stop griping. Nothing you can do will change what you think is wrong with Bingo. I have read your column for nearly 20 years and nothing has changed. People love Bingo, but they love it on their terms. If you want to play Bingo in a “loud” hall, why not play it in the middle of Grand Central Station.” Thanks, Opal. You may be right. Now, about the woman who thinks I am annoying. Several weeks ago, I was playing Bingo at my usual hall in Las Vegas. I had all my daubers spread all over my table and my ONE six-on green card and two dual dabs at the ready. When the game started, I reacted to the calls. I applauded when anyone won. I had a great deal of fun…and I showed it. But, sitting nearby was a woman who apparently DOES want to play

Bingo in a library. When the session was over, she walked over to me, stared me right in the face and, in a very loud voice, said: “Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. You are totally annoying!” She then sneered at me and walked out of the hall. Later, as I was exiting the building, she showed up from out of nowhere and again accosted me with: “Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. You are totally annoying!” On the way home it suddenly occurred to me why SHE was annoyed. With her husband, she had spent nearly $100 in stuffing two electronic machines with a zillion cards … and STILL never won anything. By the way, I recently played a single sixon green card six nights a week for three months and never won a penny. Of course, I always say, “You don’t play Bingo to win.” Boy, do I miss screaming “BINGO!” Finally, it’s been a while since I thanked you for reading this column. I am beginning to think that I am an odd duck, that my feelings about Bingo are different than the feelings most have. Of course, if I had the money to go back to rural Indiana or any small town where they play Bingo, I am sure I would find others who share my love of Bingo and like to be loud about it. Next time around: Keeping the game alive.

People love Bingo, but they love it on their terms.

Our Lady Queen of Peace


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WEDNESDAY Our Lady Queen of Peace

Knights of Columbus 732 Badger Ave. 6:00 pm 764-1709

Am Legion Post #416

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 6:30, 8:00 pm No Children under 10

6351 W. Grange 9:45 am 421-3371

2733 W. Euclid Ave. 10:00 am 672-0313 Ext. 142

Polish Fest

6941 S. 68th St. 6:00 & 7:30 pm 529-2140

Serb Hall

5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. 6:30 pm 545-6030

Elks Lodge #46

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 6:30 pm 353-2900

St. Francis Lions

St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Progressive Bingo at 6:30 PM Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080

February 5th & 19th Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps.


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St. Francis Lions St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080

United Seniors


Elks Lodge #46

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 6:30 pm 353-2900

Germantown American Legion Post #1 N120 W15932 Freistadt Rd. 7:00 pm 251-5470

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 6:30, 8:00 pm 321-0220 No Children under 10

No Bingo Till March 5th 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays Only Tichigan Lions Club 6710 Big Bend Rd. Waterford 6:30 pm (262) 895-6268

of WI Bingo Hall 4515 W Forest Home Avenue


hly t n Mo - 50 50 ffle Ra

CA Win Pri SH ze s

Doors open at 4:00 pm Bingo starts at 5:00 pm

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Community Building @ Frontier Park

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$3,000 in Bingo Prizes Guaranteed! Doors open at 4:00 pm Bingo starts at 6:00 pm & 7:15 pm LARGE PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS PULL TABS - NO STAIRS OFF OF #15 BUS LINE

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Saint Valentine

poetry corner Babysitting

God never loses one, Not a single soul. He’s good at that, filling any crack they might slip through. These little ones , holy in their innocence, Play marbles and cat’s cradle Among the clouds, Waiting for families to arrive To hug and cherish As they could not before. He watches from His throne, Only because it is the best seat in the house, The tossled blondes and Afros, auburn curls, The bright red plaits and sleek black tresses. Small ones, hardly babies really. They are all His creatures. Infants formed, Some misformed, yet Not forlorn, Never lost. His chuckles, taught by Saint Nick, Have a Gregorian chantiness about them When he hears, in languages from across the globe The rote of a dog-eared prayer. “Who made you?” ”God, of course, who else could?” Close to sassy, with a confidence that erases All but the brightness of their intellects, These, His children, play out their lives In heaven’s nursery. Charlene James Amissville, Virginia







United Seniors of WI


Pioneer Bingo Every Saturday 6:30 pm

4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 9:30,11:00 am & 6:30 pm, 8:00 pm 414-321-0220

Am Legion Post #416

Brookfield 18000 W. Greenfield Ave 6:00 & 7:00 pm (262) 782-0032

6351 W. Grange Ave. 6:00 pm 421-3371

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave.

Our Lady Queen of Peace

February 16th St. Luke Parish

St. Bernadette Parish

2733 W. Euclid Ave. 6:30 pm 672-0313 Ext. 142

8200 W. Denver Ave. 6:00 & 7:30 pm 358-4600

St. Francis Lions

Butler Parks & Rec February 15th 5:00 pm

St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Progressive @ 6:30 PM 7:00 pm, Bingo 483-5080

2nd & 4th Sundays Only Elks Lodge #400

Elks Lodge #46

Community Building @ Frontier Park 5251 N 127th St. Butler WI

1st, 3rd & 4th Fridays Only St. Joseph Parish

2301 Springdale Rd., Waukesha 1:00 pm (262) 717-9488

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 12 Noon 353-2900

Moose Lodge #49 13th & Grange Ave. 12:30 pm 281-4444

S89, W22650 Milwaukee Ave. Big Bend 7:00 pm 262-662-2832

1st & 3rd Fridays Only Danish Brotherhood lodge #14


2206 63rd St. Kenosha 53143 6:15 pm 262-657-9781


All listings in the Bingo Bugle Player's Guide are for the normal schedule of any given bingo. If you have a question regarding the schedule of any particular game due to a special event, holiday, or weather condition, please call the number listed for that game. Players should also be aware that advertisers may withdraw or alter any advertised offer without prior notice.

EVERY SUNDAY Doors open at 5:00 pm BINGO starts at 6:00 PM Early Bird & Late Bird Sessions $1,500 in Prizes!!




6351 W. GRANGE AVE 421-3371

2020 Sunday

February Tuesday



In Wauwatosa at 7450 State St. Kanece has a passion for helping people achieve their dream look while caring for the overall health of the hair. Whether you are trying to rebuild the health of your hair or maintain it, she knows what to do! Call for an appointment with Kanece 844-550-0761 Or book online - MyRootsSalon.com

2020 Thursday




on the

1 Freedom Day 2Superbowl 3 Groundhog Day 10 9






17 18 President’s Day






25 Paczki Day 31

Ash Wednesday

6 Lame 7 Duck Day 14 13 Saint Valentine’s Day 20 Cherry 21 Pie Day 27 28



Boy Scout Day




Leap Day

Otis Says . . . The Darndest Things

8-DAY CARIBBEAN CRUISE St. Maarten • St. KittS San Juan, Puerto rico • Grand turK

NOVEMBER 7, 2020 Sailing FROM FORT laUDERDalE, Fl

ON the ONe... the ONly... the OrigiNal...


“Laissez les bon temps rouler” Let the Good Times Roll! I bet you didn’t know I speak Cajun, but I do. If you come with me I guarantee you’ll have a great time just like reading the Bingo Bugle. I’m Otis and the Best Tuesday is Fat Tuesday!

BINGO tOURNAMENt more than




THIRTY ONE YEARS of experience guarantees that the Bingo Bugle knows just how to bring you the best of Bingo. Our courteous, friendly and experienced staff members offer early-bird Bingo and special games in addition to the World Championship Tournament games. Toll free



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Coffee Break Moon Phases


Groundhog Day


First Quarter Moon

2nd Super Bowl Sunday 9th

Full Moon

14th Valentine’s Day 15th Singles Awareness Day 15th Last Quarter Moon 20th Cherry Pie Day 23th New Moon 26th Ash Wednesday 28th National Chili Day 29th Leap Day

TRIVIA 1. THEATER: West Side Story was inspired by which earlier play? 2. MUSIC: What is the real name of songwriter/rapper Lizzo? 3. SCIENCE: How many people total have walked on the moon? 4. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Under whose administration did Spiro T. Agnew serve as vice president? 5. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of Chile? 6. ARCHITECTURE: In what decade was the Empire State Building completed? 7. ADVERTISING: What was the name of Honey Nut Cheerios’ mascot? 8. U.S. STATES: What is the least populous state in America? 9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What was the name of Dick and Jane’s dog in reading books used in schools in the mid-20th century? 10. INVENTIONS: Who is credited for inventing the modern lockstitch sewing machine?

Predictors Lucky Bingo Card For FEBRUARY

BINGO BUGLE CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Grill fill 6 Easily split rock 12 Give in 13 Beer gut 14 Fitting 15 “Camelot” role 16 First victim 17 Bullets and such 19 Big bother 20 Director Kazan 22 Unruly group 24 Trouble 27 Taj Mahal city 29 “-Misbehavin’” 32 New Orleans neighborhood 35 Criterion 36 Yanks 37 Sauce source 38 That girl 40 Send forth 42 Raw rock 44 Sheltered 46 Capri, e.g. 50 Swiss city 52 Country 54 TV’s Superman portrayer 55 Nasal qualities 56 First-born 57 Have a hunch

FEBRUARY’s Lucky B: I : N: G: O:

01 17 33 49 64

04 20 36 51 65

07 23 37 54 67

Mona’s Monthly Numbers

11 25 40 56 69

14 28 43 58 75


DOWN 1 “-- Your Enthusiasm” 2 Reed instrument 3 More than enough 4 Whopper 5 Unwavering 6 Unwanted email 7 Ricochet, in billiards 8 Shack 9 Occupies 10 Gulf War missile

Trivia, CryptoQuip and Crossword Puzzle answers on page 11

11 “Comin’ -- the Rye” 12 Masseur’s workplace 18 Theater canopy 21 Fond du --, Wis. 23 Scull need 24 Sternward 25 Anger 26 Diminished 28 Increases 30 Ultramodernist 31 Have a go at 33 Ultimate 34 “-- was saying ...”

39 Icicles’ homes 41 Saturn’s largest moon 42 Storybook baddie 43 Stagger 45 Survive 47 Deadly septet 48 Playgoers’ box 49 Type measures 51 Previous night 53 Shock and --



B…14…5…8…6…11 I...21…19…22…17…26 N…43…31…FREE…41…34 G…51…48…53…58…47 O…62…70…71…67…61


FEBRUARY 2020 Isn’t that dumb? Whether I’m buying Bingo paper for myself, or buying a certificate so that someone else can have Bingo paper, seems no different to me. So much for my great gift-giving idea! LM, via email

Giving the Gift of Bingo Hi Guy, Like most folks, I enjoy when birthdays, holidays and anniversaries come along because it gives me a built-in excuse to give a special person a gift to let them know how much I appreciate them. I was very proud of myself when I came up with what I thought was a brilliant gift idea for my friends and relatives who are Bingo players and may have limited incomes and not be able to go to Bingo as often as they would like to. Bingo hall gift certificates were the perfect answer: It is like giving someone the gift of excitement and adventure and a day or evening out to play Bingo and try their luck. And imagine if they won a jackpot? They would always remember that your thoughtfulness resulted in good fortune! Unfortunately, it turns out that in my area the Bingo games are not permitted to sell gift certificates. It has something to do with state regulations and how they’re allowed to make money.

Hi LM, Don’t give up so fast! Your charity games may not be permitted to sell gift certificates, but your Indian Nation Casino/Bingo games typically offer them. Assuming you have such gaming establishments in your area, why not jump online or make a phone call and see if they do? If you and your friends and relatives prefer the smaller charity games, another trick might be to create your own gift certificates. You can design them like greeting cards with some kind of message saying that the card grants the recipient one outing to Bingo as your guest. This actually may be better for you because that way you will be able to go along and experience firsthand their freebee Bingo adventure, and get to witness their excitement when they win! —Guy Hi Guy, I need your help. What is the appropriate (and by that I mean smallest) amount that you should tip a Bingo worker when you win a large jackpot ($250 or more)? And is it automatic that you must tip? What if the workers did minimal work and/or never even said a word to you? Then there is the matter of tipping the caller. I don’t like







doing that because he or she is at the front of the room doing the same job for everyone. There is no personal service or direct contact like there is with the floor workers. I dislike the whole tipping system—trying to be fair but not give your winnings away, and feeling like you’re getting dirty looks for tipping wrong. Pam C., California Hi Pam, It has been a while since someone has written in with a question about tipping at Bingo. As a general rule, I stay away from this topic because no matter what I suggest, someone gets mad and writes in to tell me I’m an idiot. It is an important subject, however, so I will bravely run your letter and them wimp out by inviting hall workers and callers to answer it. What is the minimum amount of a win that warrants a tip? Is it a percentage? A flat dollar amount? And who gets tipped? Just one worker? Two? The caller? My Aunt Helen? It’s time to get an update from the experts and let us players know what is expected of us! — Guy Hey guys! (And gals!) Write to: Guy’s Turn c/o The Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, WA 98070, or email Guy directly at Tonder22@aol.com. Be sure to include your name and address (you may request that your name not be published), as typically Guy will not include anonymous letters in his columns.


* It was 17th-century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes who made the following sage observation: “Curiosity is the lust of the mind.” * The antlers of a bull moose can spread up to 6 feet across — and they accomplish this astonishing growth in only four months. * The battle between keepers of livestock and the biting flies that pester their herds is as old as the pastoral life. In recent times, pesticides have been applied with some success, but the expense — and especially the toxicity — worry many people. Japanese researchers have recently discovered a simple and inexpensive way to mitigate this concern: Paint zebra stripes on the cows. After several days of observing a control group of black cattle and a test group of the same breed of cattle painted with white stripes, they found that less than half as many biting flies landed on the striped cattle. * We can thank beloved 19thcentury English novelist Charles Dickens for the colorful phrase “eat my hat.” * Worldwide, herbivores kill more people than carnivores. Cell 414-403-7606

Jim A. Hellmich

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Specializing in Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodels

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Are Poker Machines Rigged? Many players, especially those that play slots, have an uneasy feeling about playing video poker machines. They believe that casinos can somehow rig the cards in a video poker machine to make it harder to get a winning hand. If you believe that casinos can do this, you definitely need to read what I’m about to say about this. First, let me ask you this question. If we were to play a game of video poker on a kitchen table with a deck of playing cards, how would we do it so that the game is honest? Suppose you make a bet and I take a standard 52-card deck, shuffle them, and then randomly select five cards from the shuffled deck and place them face up on the table. While you are looking at your five-card hand to determine which cards you want to hold, I’ll continue to shuffle the remaining 47 cards. Lets suppose you tell me that you want to hold the first three cards in your hand. I would remove the two cards in your hand that you want to discard and place them aside, stop shuffling, and give you the top card from the 47-card shuffled deck and place it face up in position four in your hand and the next card would be face up in position five in your hand. The hand is over. If your fivecard hand contains a pair of jacks or higher, I’d pay you an amount based upon a pay schedule of winning hands that I would have shown you before


FEBRUARY 2020 we started playing the game. After I paid you (assuming you had a winning hand), I would collect all the cards, put them in one 52-card stack, and start shuffling them again for the next hand. I think you would agree that the above procedure results in a fair game because each card in the deck has the same probability of being picked. Furthermore, if you discarded, say, a two of clubs, there is no way for you to get the two of clubs again on the subsequent draw. In other words, I haven’t rigged the game in any way. The way I dealt the cards above is exactly the way the cards are shuffled and dealt in a video poker machine in a casino. In order to emulate the procedure I used above, video poker machines have a computer chip that is programmed to simulate the process of shuffling a standard deck of 52-virtual cards, and then randomly select the cards for each hand so that each card has the same probability of being selected. (Video poker machines have a random number generator program on the computer chip that does all this.) The computer chips that are in the video poker machines are tested and certified by an independent testing lab to be certain they will do exactly what I described above. Furthermore, state gaming regulations mandate that the programs in video poker machines must operate per the above, and if they don’t, a casino can be fined, or worse, lose their gaming license. Here’s another fact about video poker machines that is important to understand. The odds of getting any of the winning hands in a video poker game can be calculated with great accuracy since every card must have the same probability of being selected. This means you have the same chance of getting a royal flush in a Jacks or Better machine in casino A as you do casino B, or C, or any casino located anywhere on this planet. Since a casino can’t change the odds of getting the winning hands in video poker, the only way they can change the return on their video poker machines is to change the

Garage Doors Commercial Residential Sales - Service - Installations 24hr Emergency Service

Service (414) 467- 7579 Office (414) 897- 0858

1007A W. Layton Avenue Milwaukee 53221 email damon@damondoors.com Website damondoors.com

payoffs on winning hands. (That is why it is important that you look at the pay table on a video poker machine for a particular game before you play it.) The bottom line is you can rest assured video poker games in major gaming jurisdictions are not rigged. NOTE: Video Poker machines in casinos on some Indian reservations and in states that use Video Lottery Terminals work differently. The result of a video poker hand on these machines is predetermined based on either a Bingo game or a lottery. The playing decisions you make on these video poker machines after the initial draw have no bearing on whether the hand wins or loses.


BINGO 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays

$1,250 in Prizes Doors open at 4:30 PM Early Bird, 6:30 PM $250 in Prizes Regular, 7:00 PM $1,000 in Prizes

Bingo Returns Food - Beverages - Pull Tabs March 7th PROGRESSIVE BINGO Every Week

Tichigan Civic Center 6710 Big Bend Road

Hwy 164, Waterford, WI 53185 (262) 895-6268


BROTHERHOOD of Kenosha Lodge #14

1st & 3rd Fridays 2206 63rd Street Kenosha Sales Start 5:30 P.M. Bingo Starts 6:15 P.M.

PROGRESSIVE BINGO Cash, Bottle & Artwork Raffles Full Bar Food Available



(Last Thursday of Every Month) Doors open at 5:00 pm Early Bird at 7:00 pm Reg Session @ 8:15 pm


N120 W15932 Freistadt Rd. 251-5470

What's News in Nevada . . . RIO IN VEGAS SOLD Caesars Entertainment has completed the sale of the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. The price tag was a little over half-abillion dollars —$516-million, to be exact. Caesars says the new owner is a company linked to the Dreamscape Companies, owned by Eric Birnbaum. Dreamscape acquires, repositions and/ or develops hospitality, residential, retail, gaming and entertainment assets. The Rio will continue to be a part of the Caesars Rewards network for a while. SUNDAY “EXODUS” A MESS Many people who have only flown in and out of Las Vegas are not aware of a weekly phenomenon that happens on Interstate-15 on the south side of the metropolis each Sunday. Tens of thousands drive to Las Vegas from the Los Angeles area each week. They arrive in staggered groups, from Thursday through Saturday. But, they all seem to leave on Sunday. It’s not rare for a slowly rolling, 20-mile-long, southbound backup to form on Sunday afternoons. In recent weeks, police have ticketed people trying to circumvent the backup by using the shoulder as a kind of “by-pass” lane.

ROCKING IN VEGAS The upcoming “mini-residency” of the venerable rock group The Who at the Colosseum at Caesars has been finalized. The venue tells local media that the group will perform six shows as part of a series called “Moving On.” The dates are in May 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 14th and 16th. Two of the original members of the band, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry, will be backed up by a group of nine musicians and singers. By the way, two famous “relatives of rock stars” will be in the back-up ensemble: Pete Townshend’s younger brother, Simon; and Zak Starkey, Ringo Starr’s son. THE FUTURE OF CIRCUS CIRCUS Billionaire Phil Ruffin, owner of Treasure Island, is giving out more information on the future of the Circus Circus property, which he is buying. He recently told a government control hearing that the facility’s 10-acre RV park will be eliminated. The area will be the site of a Mandalay Baystyle swimming complex. The current Adventuredome area will stay. Nearly two-and-a-half million people visit it each year. It is a “cash cow” for Circus Circus, netting more than 30-million dollars in profits annually.


Whistlepigs and Snow Days Snow days are good news for students and school workers; bad news if you have to go to work, or if bingo is canceled and you forgot to run to the liquor store the night before. —Anonymous

Where I live, February is a cold snowy month. There’s nothing more beautiful than waking to a pristine snow-covered yard that sparkles as the sun rises. Since I’m retired though, I don’t have to clean off my car and drive to work in the beautiful snow so that makes a big difference. I can pour a cup of coffee, put my feet up, and plan where and when to venture out to bingo. As a teacher, I’d stay up all night watching out the window and hoping for a big snow that the weathermen had promised. If that happened and my school district canceled school, I would head to the local bingo that I loved. Now, don’t judge me, blame Mother Nature. My local bingo rarely canceled due to weather and I was young and dumb enough to drive across town on icy streets to play bingo with other noodleheads who had done the same. Many a night I stayed up watching for snowflakes that never arrived. On those mornings, I would drive to school bleary eyed and cursing the weathermen who got it wrong. And speaking of wrong, February 2nd is Groundhog Day,

also known as Whistlepig Day. Really, Whistlepig? According to researchers, that big fat whatever you call it is wrong 61% of the time in predicting the coming of spring. My husband’s birthday is this month, but he’s not a leapling— someone born on February 29th. I’m glad because I have enough trouble remembering birthdays, much less if they come every four years or are celebrated on the day before or the day after the 29th. It takes a little longer than a year for the earth to travel around the sun, so this extra time is added as an extra day to our calendars every four years. In some countries this extra day is considered to be extra lucky as in Ireland where many believers go to drive-in bingo. Yep, drivein bingo, which was a creative solution to the smoking ban in all public places in Ireland where one in five Irish are smokers. Drive-in bingo became a fad there with non-smokers also attending. Players drive in and relax in the comfort of their cars, chat with those in neighboring cars, and enjoy playing a few games of bingo. Winners beep their horns and an attendant brings the cash to the car. Cool beans! Which brings us to February 14th, Valentines Day. If you live in South Korea, variations of this holiday run from February through April. On February 14th women present their men with candy and flowers. On March 14th, called White Day, men gift their women with candy, flowers, and presents. The third holiday called Black Day is on April 14th. On this day, singles moan and groan about their status and eat bowls of black bean paste noodles. Oh my. Until next month, may Lady Luck blow you kisses as you dance out the door with dollars. Win big. To share your thoughts, my e-mail is homemailbox@roadrunner. com. That would be a random act of kindness to me since the third week of February is Random acts of Kindness Week—a good thing to do daily not once a year.

Contest Winner Casey L. Wylaz Your name has been drawn as our current contest winner! In order to qualify to receive your $100 CASH prize, you must now contact the Bingo Bugle Newspaper at (414) 327-0705 before February 15, 2020. Please leave a message if we're unable to answer when you call.

Trivia Answers 1. Romeo and Juliet 2. Melissa Viviane Jefferson 3. 12 4. Richard Nixon 5. Santiago 6. 1930s 7. BuzzBee 8. Wyoming 9. Spot 10. Elias Howe



Crossword Answers

Rules for The Bingo Bugle Monthly Cash Sweepstakes

Each month the Bingo Bugle of Wisconsin conducts a monthly “Sweepstakes” featuring a $100.00 prize for the winner. What follows are the rules of the contest. The Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes contest is open to everyone. It is a FREE contest. Entry forms are usually found on the next to last page of each monthly issue of the Bingo Bugle. Readers who are interested in entering the contest may cut or tear the entry from the paper, fill it out and officially enter by dropping the entry into the plastic Sweepstakes Entries” jug located at most not for profit Bingo halls. Some Bingo halls do not have an entry jug, but usually one the game volunteers will take your entry and get it to us. You may submit a copy of the entry form if none are available to you. If you prefer, your entry may be mailed to: Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes P.O. Box 371283 Milwaukee, WI 53237 If you mail in your entry, only one entry per envelope is accepted. Entry forms must be completely filled out to qualify. Entry forms

that are not completely filled out, do not qualify for the drawing. Enter as many times as you like, but please, take only one Bingo Bugle when you play. A random drawing is conducted each month from all entries received. Winners are announced each month in the Bingo Bugle. Winners must call 327-0705 prior to the 15th of the month in which their name is announced as the winner to claim their prize. Entries received after the drawing are held for the next month's contest. Your chances of winning are determined by the total number of entries received prior to the drawing. By entering the contest, you grant the Bingo Bulge the exclusive right to use your name, photo and comments for publicity purposes. Winners not making themselves available for a photo will forfiet their prize. The contest is not “progressive,” that is to say, if the winner does not claim the prize prior to the deadline, the prize is not increased. The prize is always $100.00 payable via check. Please, don't call the Bingo Bugle office to find out who the winner is, we won't tell you. And, if it is you, you will be disqualified. Thanks for reading the Bingo Bugle and for entering our monthly Sweepstakes. Maybe one day soon, you’ll be our lucky winner.

The Bingo Bugle’s

MONTHLY CASH CONTEST ENTRY Laverne Gilbertson Plays Bingo on Monday evenings at The Knights of Columbus 732 Badger Ave. in South Milwaukee. She says, “It can’t be beat”. You could be the $100 Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes winner. Just check the rules above, fill out the form below, and enter the sweepstakes. Then, make sure to check the Bingo Bugle to see if your name is listed as the winner. If your name is listed, make sure to call in by the deadline. Please complete this entry form and deposit it at your favorite Bingo Hall, or mail to: Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes P.O. Box 371283 Milwaukee, WI 53237

Name:_________________________________ Date:_______________ Telephone Number:_________________________________________ Addresss:___________________________________________________ City: _______________________State:________ Zip_____________ email:______________________ Where did you get your Bugle?___________________________

Please check your age group: _____18 to 35 _____36 to 55 _____56 & over Thanks for entering!








8-DAY CARIBBEAN CRUISE St. Maarten • St. KittS San Juan, Puerto rico • Grand turK

NOVEMBER 7, 2020 Sailing FROM FORT laUDERDalE, Fl

ON the ONe... the ONly... the OrigiNal...


BINGO tOURNAMENt more than




THIRTY ONE YEARS of experience guarantees that the Bingo Bugle knows just how to bring you the best of Bingo. Our courteous, friendly and experienced staff members offer early-bird Bingo and special games in addition to the World Championship Tournament games. Toll free




$6000 WEEKLY $1,100 EARLY BIRD $1,150 REGULAR PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT’S All Bingo Played on Paper Sheets Food * Parking* Handicap Accessible ATM * 50/50 Raffle

www.BingoBugle.com/cruise Visit us on Facebook at Bingo Bugle World Championship Bingo Tournament and Cruise. CORPORATE ART – REQUIRES APPROVAL FROM CORPORATE TOGaming CHANGE


500,000 Plus, Additional prizes up to $25,000

Tue/Thurs Special Dinner $5.00 Sunday Special Lunch $5.00

No children under 10 allowed. “Strictly Enforced” Hours & prizes subject to change



May 4 & 5, 2020

345 Entry Fee


for each event includes: entry into a fun filled two-day bingo event, with two $50,000 coveralls, two second chance coveralls for $20,000 and two third chance coveralls for $ 10,000, one 9-on pack, two souvenir daubers, and six food vouchers plus two free room nights with the purchase of Sunday at the rate of $ 3999 + taxes and resort fees. Based on availability.




1-800-331-5334 or 702-367-7111 Ext. 8863

1-877-636-7111 or 702-636-7111 Ext. 5611

1-877-489-4889 or 702-456-7777 Ext. 8377

Guaranteed winners everyday, every property. Complete Rules posted in each Bingo Room. Management Reserves all rights. Don’t let the game get out of hand. For assistance call 800-522-4700. Cancellation and refund restrictions apply, contact Bingo Room for details. © 2020 BOYD GAMING CORPORATION ®





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February 2020 Wisconsin Bingo Bugle  

February 2020 Wisconsin Bingo Bugle