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July 2019 This Issue Sponsored by: Milwaukee/North Elks Lodge # 46 St. Bernadette Milwaukee/South Damons Doors Moose Lodge #49 OLQP St. Francis Lions St. Sava/Serb Hall WI Bingo Supply Wine & Vine

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We Have a Winner - He is Jeff Miller Jeff Enjoys Bingo at Serb Hall Jeff Miller has been an avid Bingo player for 14 years. He enjoys Bingo with his dad Eugene, his sisters Linda and Vicki and his aunt Mary Ann. In 2005 Jeff’s mom Diane passed away, so his dad needed new Bingo partners. Well, the same group has stayed together ever since. Bingo is a great way to keep the family in touch, while doing a fun activity together. A welcomed break from the electronic cellphone based life we seem to live more and more these days. Eugene, Jeff’s dad stopped by and told us a little bit about himself. He taught High School mathematics for 30 years. Everything from algebra to calculus. So you might say that for Eugene, it’s all about the numbers. It was great to see how much Eugene enjoyed the Bingo outings. We had a chance to talk to Bessie Richards who is a well known volunteer at Serb Hall Bingo. Bessie wanted to remind the Bingo Bugle readers that American Serb Hall is located at 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. They play Bingo every Tuesday with doors opening at 5:00 PM and games start at 6:30 PM. They play 2 big sessions with a total of $3,000 in prizes. Serb Hall has a Cash Raffle and acres of FREE Well Lit Parking. Bessie was happy to tell us about the food that is available there. They offer soup every week, hamburgers, hot dogs and cold sandwiches. You can’t beat their selection of home made bakery and the bar is always open.

Above: Jeff Miller (right) receives his Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes winnings from Bessie Richards (left) Bingo Manager at American Serb Hall at 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. in Milwaukee. You can play Bingo there every Tuesday at 6:30 PM. Bessie reminds us that you can always get great food and refreshments at Serb Hall and Jeff says,”Bingo is about more than winning, Bingo is about enjoying the moment with friends and family.” That’s a great thought, Jeff. Serb Hall Bingo is a great place to do just that. Join him and his family at Serb Hall. Serb Hall Bingo is well attended. That is solid proof that they do a great job at running a friendly and fun Bingo game. Getting back to our Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes Winner, we asked Jeff how is his winning streak going at Bingo. He said he hopes that his sweepstakes win might improve his luck all around. He’s won a dozen or so times over the 14 years that he’s been playing. Jeff says, “I am here to have fun with the family. I’ve even tailgated with the family at Bingo Halls. I would prepare the meals and we would eat from the back of the car. I bought a Mini Cooper especially because it worked so well for Bingo tailgating.” Jeff really understands the value

of family. American Serb Hall and nearby St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral offer other family oriented activities. Serb Hall serves their world famous Fish Fry every Friday and don’t forget Serbian Days Festival 2019, August 23-25, 2019. Open Friday the 23rd 5-11 PM, Saturday the 24th Noon-11 PM and Sunday the 25th, Noon10 PM. You can’t beat the food and fun. Let’s recap. American Serb Hall at 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. is a great place to play Bingo every Tuesday. The volunteers and players are all friendly and fun loving. If you play Bingo there, you know what we mean. See their ad on Page 2 of this paper.

Wisconsin Edition Progressive Bingo Players Can’t Get Enough A very popular attraction at local Bingo Halls is the Progressive Jackpot Bingo Game. The prize money increases week to week as the degree of difficulty to win becomes easier at the same time. For example, to start out you may have to fill a card in 48 calls or fewer to win $500.00. If you fill the card in 49 or more, you may win a $200.00 consolation prize. The following Progressive Game might pay $750.00 by filling the card in 49 calls or fewer, and so on. If the jackpot doesn’t get hit in a few weeks, the stakes can run into the thousands of dollars. If you are interested in following the jackpot amounts available in our area, just check the Bingo Bugle of Wisconsin Website. Go to www.bingobugleofwi.com and click on the Progressive Jackpots tab. The halls offering Progressive Jackpots are listed there. You can find the next day of play, the estimated jackpot and the number of calls in which you must cover the card in order to win the big jackpot. Don’t miss out on the big money games. Play the Progressive Bingo Game.

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JULY 2019 suitors simultaneously this month. Or perhaps you’ll allow yourself to go on multiple dates. Lucky Days: 7 - 14 Lucky Numbers: 29 - 49 LEO (JUL 23-AUG 23 You’re ready to kick off a new two-year cycle that just might bring you the fulfillment you desire for a talent you’ve kept hidden for decades. Lucky Days: 1 - 11 Lucky Numbers: 3 - 49

Horoscopes for July 2019 ARIES (MAR 21-APR 20): July offers you a chance to display your finest dramatic talents. You feel colorful and ready to burst with summertime vibrations Lucky Days: 5 - 13 Lucky Numbers: 25 - 57 TAURUS (APR 21-MAY 21): You’re ready to show us a deeper understanding about patience. A longtime project you’ve nurtured is ready to remake your life in a radical way. Lucky Days: 9 - 11 Lucky Numbers: 31 - 41 GEMINI (MAY 22-JUN 21): Your ruling planet Mercury is rubbing shoulders with troublemaking Mars. And you’re ready to unleash some disruption. Lucky Days: 9 - 18 Lucky Numbers: 2 - 58 CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 22): You might have to fend off several

VIRGO (AUG 24-SEP 23): You’re willing to put in the grunt work that others avoid, and so, like the tortoise and the hare, you end up winning the day with persistence and attention to detail. Lucky Days: 6 - 12 Lucky Numbers: 45 - 59 LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23) The full moon on the 16th offers you an opportunity to heal an old wound that has been haunting a friendship. Accept the apology and start anew. Lucky Days: 9 - 17 Lucky Numbers: 22 - 36 SCORPIO (OCT 24-NOV 22): You must do the things you think you cannot do! This is the aphorism for you to follow in July. Lucky Days: 3 - 6 Lucky Numbers: 22 - 58 SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23-DEC 21): With Jupiter, the luck planet, in your sign, the old adage of: “Ask and you shall receive” is the predominant theme of your life right now. Lucky Days: 8 - 28 Lucky Numbers: 8 - 48 CAPRICORN (DEC 22-JAN 20):

Do You Believe in Your


Bingo Cruise

star ts with


You appreciate the power that comes from autonomy. But you also understand the need for others in your life to achieve your goals. Lucky Days: 5 - 14 Lucky Numbers: 4 - 16 AQUARIUS (JAN 21-FEB 19): Your imagination is working overtime this month. Don’t shy away from your inspirations; use your dream life to pave the way of your future. Lucky Days: 18 - 19 Lucky Numbers: 54 - 55 PISCES (FEB 20-MAR 20): The full moon on the 16th lands in your house of hopes and dreams; this puts the spotlight on a secret longing that you’ve nurtured since the start of the year. Lucky Days: 10 - 12 Lucky Numbers: 23 - 29

St. Joseph Parish BINGO 1st, 3rd & 4th Fridays Only

$1,000 Bingo - 50/50 Cash Raffle! Progressive Bingo Consolation Prize Schedule 48 49 50 51 >51

calls calls calls calls calls

= = = = =

$350 $300 $250 $200 $150

consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize consolation prize

Doors open at 5:00 PM - Bingo at 7:00 PM Progressive Bingo at 8:30 PM Food & Beverages - convenient parking

St. Joseph Parish S89 W22650 Milwaukee Ave. Just 1/2 Mile East of Hwy 164 on Janesville Rd. Big Bend, WI 53103

BINGO Every Sunday

$2,000 in Bingo Prizes

Hours and Prizes Subject to Change

All Paper Sheets Progressive Bingo

TV Monitors * Ample Parking Handicap Accessible FREE COFFEE! Sales begin at 11:30 a.m. 1st Session begins at 12:30 p.m. 2nd Session follows

MILWAUKEE MOOSE LODGE #49 5476 S. 13th St. (South 13th & Grange Ave.) (414) 281-4444

Open to the Public


American Serb Hall 5101 W W.. Oklahoma Doors open at 5:00 PM Games Start at 6:30 PM


Refreshments/Snacks Acres of FREE Parking!


Every Wednesday & Friday Doors open at 3:30 PM - Bingo starts at 7:00 PM

ALL PAPER SHEETS - $1,000 in Prizes Featuring: Door Prize Raffle - Pull Tabs

Progressive Bingo at 6:30 PM Every 5th Friday - $3,000 in Prizes!

Doors open at 3:00 PM - Early Bird starts at 6:00 PM Regular Bingo follows



3476 East Howard Ave. - 483-5080


Off street parking - Air Conditioned - Food & Refreshments Full Bar during Bingo



NOVEMBER 9, 2019






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JULY 2019

WISCONSIN EDITION an instant! —Robbed in Michigan

Stolen Treasure Dear Aunt Bingo: I still cannot believe it, but I was robbed at Bingo!! No, I am not talking about prize money or a bad call from the caller. Someone stole one of the keepsakes I take to Bingo with me every week. It is a pretty little crystal paperweight I received one Christmas from one of my granddaughters, and I have always loved it. It is nothing fancy and certainly not expensive or an antique, but simply something personal and precious to me. Now some lowlife has put their dirty hands on it and taken it from the game table where I was set up to play. Even worse… this is a Catholic Church Charity Bingo!! Who does this? Who spots a senior citizen’s Bingo keepsake and waits for the right moment to swoop in and steal it? A sicko thief scumbag, that’s who! Let me say that I did not immediately assume it was stolen. I thought maybe I’d left it in my Bingo bag, but it was not there. My friend who was at Bingo with me also remembered that I had it on the table. I checked beneath and around my seat area in case I or someone else had accidentally knocked it off the table and onto the floor. Nothing. That’s when the worse occurred to me—someone had walked up and taken it! Thank you for listening to me. And please, warn your readers not to take anything that’s important to them to Bingo. It can vanish in

Dear Robbed: I used to be fairly carefree about the things I brought to Bingo. Then I began receiving letters from readers like you who’ve had sweaters, good luck charms, daubers, and all kinds of other items snatched from them. Now, I do not take anything to Bingo that I cannot live without, and only leave my belongings if there is a friend who agrees to stay put and watch them for me. In the future, I strongly advise you do the same. In the meantime, I hope you reported your missing item to the folks who run Bingo. While they are not responsible for the “theft” (and there is very likely a policy at the Bingo hall which warns players that if they choose to bring items to Bingo, they do so at their own risk), it is possible that your paperweight could turn up. It never hurts to let someone in charge know the situation and keep an eye out for you. —Aunt Bingo Dear Aunt Bingo: It has been some time since I’ve seen a Bingo poem in your paper. Here is my contribution.

VA, Medicare and Opioid Abuse Half of veterans who are enrolled in Department of Veterans Affairs health care also are signed up with Medicare Part D. What that means is they can get their prescriptions from either the VA or Medicare through a civilian doctor... or too often from both. Until now there has been no way to tell if a veteran was collecting opioids from both sources. A recent study looked at 200 patients who died and 800 others, categorizing them as VA only, Medicare only or both. Of these, 60 patients who died and 117 control patients had received opioid prescriptions from both sources. They had a much higher chance of dying from drug overdose than those who received drugs from only the VA or Medicare. Granted, these stats are from 2012 and 2013, but it does indicate a very likely pattern — patients

Three cheers for the Bingo callers, Helping with our games. Three cheers for the Bingo callers, We don’t even know their names. Three cheers for the Bingo callers, From you the fun begins. Three cheers for the Bingo callers, Thanks for our jackpot wins. Three cheers for the Bingo callers, Bless you for all you do. Three cheers for the Bingo callers, And all the other workers, too. —Lila G., Florida. Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, WA 98070, or email her at STENGL456@aol. com. Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns



How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (PG) — Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and Toothless return in the third of the animated series. Hiccup is now grown, and together with Astrid (America Fererra) and the rest of his pals, remains in charge of the dragon/man clan that is Berk, an island paradise that is rapidly being overrun with liberated dragons. A new threat appears, but so too does the yang to Toothless’ yin — a female Light Fury. As the goofy, super-adorable black dragon explores his feelings, a plan is hatched to move the whole group to the legendary Hidden Island, a mythical place where dragons can be free. Both dragon and rider will finally have their destiny revealed, and the path is emotional — this is the rare threequel with heart and a wonderfully fulfilling story. Isn’t It Romantic (PG-13) — Rebel Wilson plays a New York City architect, Natalie, who’s got a cynical view of romance: To wit, it’s nonsense and not for gals like her. After an encounter with a subway mugger leaves her unconscious, she wakes up in an imaginary world where she’s the star of the PG-13 show — musical numbers, censored curse words and all. How does she get back to the real world,

who are able to get painkillers from two sources just might use both. Now the VA and Medicare have hooked up with a program to monitor drug prescriptions, including opioids. The VA will be able to keep an eye on drugs prescribed by health-care sources outside the VA and will know if anyone has been prescribed double the amount. What the press release doesn’t say is just how the VA plans to monitor the drug prescriptions. Will it have access to a patient’s file at a civilian doctor? Will it have access to the Medicare computer? Or the pharmacy? Between the doctor, the pharmacy and Medicare, at what point will the VA know what’s being prescribed? And if a drug is doubly prescribed for a veteran, what is the VA going to do about it? The biggest question of all: Will this require new computer software at the VA? If so, it could take some time. and with a handsome billionaire suitor (Liam Hemsworth), does she really want to? It’s refreshingly funny, and re-teams Wilson with Pitch Perfect love interest Adam Devine, who plays Natalie’s best friend Josh. Both have great comedic timing, and for all the poking fun at romantic comedies, they sure did make a cute one. Isn’t it ironic? The Upside (PG-13) — Recently paroled and on the prowl for work (or trying to look like it), Dell (Kevin Hart) interviews for a position as caregiver to quadriplegic billionaire Phil (Bryan Cranston). He gets the job, and grudgingly takes it, and the two begin an unfolding friendship under the watchful eye of Phil’s assistant Yvonne (Nicole Kidman). Through this friendship, both grow and influence the other. It’s a story that’s been told several times, most recently in 2011’s French film The Intouchables. Although Hart and Cranston — and in her own way Kidman — are big personalities who can do justice to both comedy and drama, the story lacks a certain zazzle. The messages are predictable, but I think it’s still worth a watch. Trading Paint (R) — Father and son racers face adversity and a falling out when son Cam (Toby Sebastian) leaves dad Sam (John Travolta) to drive for a rival team headed by the slick Linsky (Michael Madsen). So, dad climbs behind the wheel once more to grind out the gears on his legend. I promise you’d have a funner 90 minutes in a car crash — it would probably be more exciting, and you wouldn’t have to hear Travolta’s Southern accent.


Unofficial Mayor Brings Bingo Luck Our town is too small to have a regular, full-time mayor, so once a year we elect an honorary mayor who serves for three days during our local festival. This year my friend, Laurie, ran and was elected much to our happy surprise. The mayor has few duties. She starts the parade which officially opens the festival, she announces where the rest stops are during festival, and, best of all, she opens the ongoing Bingo game which is held on the street near the Senior Center. I get very excited for this Bingo game as the prizes are excellent and festival goes on all around us while we play. The caller uses a loud speaker and still it is sometimes difficult to hear. There is no traffic noise, of course, but people can be pretty noisy especially when they are having fun. One group of about eight


JULY 2019 children formed up near our table and began playing ring around the rosie and laughing loudly. One pretty little girl seemed to be the spokesman for the group and our caller politely asked if they could take their game elsewhere. “But this is the very best place,” the little girl protested. Everywhere else there’s a stand or a band or somethin’. Can’t we please stay here?” None of us had the heart to make them leave so we put up with their noise and laughter and added it all up to festival. I had been on for several games and now was determined to win one for the gang as they say. The mayor came into view and stood behind me as I played. I won! I decided she had been my lucky person and begged her to stay on, but she said she had other duties and couldn’t just hang out with me. “I’ll get back to you if I possibly can,” she promised. “In the meantime, I’ve got to open the strawberry booth and then the lion tamer.” The lion tamer was of course a dressed up human, but the roars were real enough. They came from a recorder and were bad enough to scare the pants off the unwary. The two guys running the machine were laughing like crazy in the background, while the people in front jumped and some ran away. Our Bingo game continued happily enough, but we were squeezed between the children playing and the lion roaring. I found it very difficult to concentrate with all the other noise and finally decided to just relax and enjoy the whole crazy mess.

Laurie kept on with her duties and did not get back to being my lucky charm, but I was on twice more and found that very exciting. It then was time to break for lunch, which was sponsored by the Senior Center, and consisted of giant lamb and cheese sandwiches with Asian salad and a cup of ice cream for dessert. The sandwiches proved amazingly good. The lamb was sliced very thin but was piled on and the cheese was my favorite, hot Swiss. I’m afraid I made a pig of myself. “This is almost too good to be real,” said Kate, munching away. “I think I’d have come to festival just for this sandwich.” “And to see Laurie do her royal duties,” I added.

GEMINI: May 21 to June 21 1st thru 6th… Luck pays a visit 4th-5th 7th thru 12th… Best chances await the 9th 13th thru 18th… Wait ‘til the 18th! 19th thru 24th… RED’s yr color 22nd-23rd$ 25th thru 31st… Try all of it 27th-28th

25th thru 31st… Good fortune 25th& 30th$$

Pioneer Bingo! Every Saturday

@United Seniors

Wednesday July 10th July 17th Progressive Jackpots

@Saint Francis Lions 3476 East Howard Ave.

Waukesha Elks Lodge #400

BINGO Every 2nd & 4th Sunday Doors open at 11:00 am Games begin at 1:00 PM

2 - $1000 Sessions Plus Progressive Bingo

50/50 Raffle in 2nd Session Pull Tabs - Food - Soda Water FULL BAR TVs Hooked Up Every Sunday! 2301 Springdale Rd. Waukesha, WI (262) 717-9488

BINGO St. Luke Parish 18000 W. Greenfield Ave. Brookfield, WI

Sunday July 21st

$2,000 in Bingo Prizes! CASH RAFFLES PROGRESSIVE BINGO Games begin at 6:00 PM

"Best Paper Prices in town" 3ons, $6 6ons, $10 9ons just $13 Food - Refreshments - Lighted Parking

Allesandra reveals your lucky days for JULY

Lucky Predictions for July 2019 ARIES: March 21 to April 19 1st thru 6th… RED brings it 4th-5th 7th thru 12th… Wait until the 12th! 13th thru 18th… Multiple chances 13th, 17th-18th 19th thru 24th… All systems are GO 22nd-23rd! 25th thru 31st… Lucky days 27th & 31st$ TAURUS: April 20 to May 20 1st thru 6th… Winnin’ feels good the 2nd$ 7th thru 12th… Early the 7th (that’s it) 13th thru 18th… Hard card bets 15th-16th 19th thru 24th… BLUE does you right 20th$ 25th thru 31st… Something special 29th -30th

CANCER: June 22 to July 22 1st thru 6th… Winning! (2nd-3rd) 7th thru 12th… Right on target 10th-11th 13th thru 18th… Not adviseable 19th thru 24th… Flying high 20th & 25th$ 25th thru 31st… Yr time to shine 29th-30th$$ LEO: July 23 to Aug. 22 1st thru 6th… Advantages 4th-5th$$ 7th thru 12th… Wind hits yr sail 8th-9th! 13th thru 18th… You got this 12th-13th 19th thru 24th… Totally HOT 22nd-23rd 25th thru 31st… Do YOU & win 31st$$ VIRGO: Aug. 23 to Sept. 22 1st thru 6th… BLUE for da win 2nd-3rd 7th thru 12th… Lucky week indeed!$ 13th thru 18th… Hard cards R HOT 15th-16th 19th thru 24th… Nuthin’ to brag about

LIBRA: Sept. 23 to Oct. 23 1st thru 6th… All day the 5th to win! 7th thru 12th… Possible the 9th 13th thru 18th… All good 13th & 18th$ 19th thru 24th… Not yet…sorry 25th thru 31st… In the clear 27th-28th $$ SCORPIO: Oct. 24 to Nov. 21 1st thru 6th… Got it goin’ on the 2nd$ 7th thru 12th… Focus on desires the 10th$! 13th thru 18th… Back in, load ‘er up 15th-16th! 19th thru 24th… PURPLE pays 20th-21st$ 25th thru 31st… Worth the wait 30th SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22 to Dec. 21 1st thru 6th… Rewards a plenty 4th-5th 7th thru 12th… Persuasive friend 8th-9th$ 13th thru 18th… YELLOW bags it the 17th-18th 19th thru 24th… Jackpot! 23rd 25th thru 31st… YES on the 31st CAPRICORN: Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 1st thru 6th… Patience ‘til the 6th 7th thru 12th… Splendid! 6th & 10th 13th thru 18th…

Do what you know 15th-16th$ 19th thru 24th… Pleasant surprises 20th-21st 25th thru 31st… On top & staying there 25th-26th! AQUARIUS: Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 1st thru 6th… Ready to roll early the 1st! 7th thru 12th… Several chances 8th-9th$ 13th thru 18th… Worth your while 12th-13th 19th thru 24th… 1st in line WINS 22nd-23rd 25th thru 31st… GREEN=$$ 27th-28th PISCES: Feb. 19 to March 20 1st thru 6th… You make it look easy 2nd-3rd! 7th thru 12th… BLUE bundles it 10th-11th$ 13th thru 18th… Hang in there 15th-16th 19th thru 24th… Inspiring example 20th$ 25th thru 31st… Try your luck 29th-30th! Color associations refer to lucky objects, daubers, cards, machines, clothing/jewels you wear, or a dominant color in the room.


JULY 2019

Keep Your Fingers Crossed Everyone knows I have no superstitions. So when my computer came down with a virus that time, I refused to believe it was just because it was Friday the 13th. I wasn’t concerned when my little department store computer started coughing and hacking and all my friends were reminding me that I should never use my computer on a Friday the 13th of the month, but as I said I am not superstitious. I was planning to change my password that day anyway, so it had nothing to do with the date. I will admit that I did cross the street when I saw that ladder today while I was walking the dog. I had to. Butch is a big dog and he saw that tiny poodle coming from the other direction. I may have saved

her life. Ladders don’t bother me, unless I am expected to climb one. I wouldn’t think of using seat 13 on an airplane, or any seat, on any date. I used to fly a lot till they banned smoking. Seat 13 was almost always available for “standby.” (For some reason I didn’t give up Bingo when smoking was banned.) My aged mother once started feeding a feral cat. The black cat showed up each day to eat and eventually, felt secure enough to go inside, and then began to enjoy mom’s affections. After my mom passed away, the neighbors continued putting food out for her cat. When the weather was starting to look like winter they wanted me to take the cat. I declined, explaining that I already have two kitties tearing up the furniture, pulling down curtains, and demanding my attention whenever I sit down to rest. I know what they say about mirrors. I have one that is attached firmly to the bathroom wall. It came that way with the house and I no longer need the one that comes with cosmetic compacts. Don’t need a mirror to put on a little lipstick after doing it all these seventy years. Now, that is settled once and for all. Time to run down the road to get my power ball lottery ticket for tonight and then I am off to the casino. Two Cadillac’s will be won today. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I only need one.

I am not superstitious

Polish Fest Bingo Every Wednesday at the Polish Center Doors open at 4:00 pm 1st Session at 6:00 pm - 2nd Session at 7:30 pm $1,050 in prizes each session Free Dauber if it’s your Birthday Month (ID required) 1st Wednesday only


Every 3rd Wednesday of the month! Every Week: Dinner Specials and FREE popcorn Polish Center of Wisconsin

6941 S. 68th Street, Franklin - 414-529-2140 www.polishcenterof wisconsin.org

ST. BERNADETTE PARISH BINGO 8202 W. Denver (South of Good Hope/North of Mill Rd.) COUPON

Buy 2 Pull Tabs - Get 1 Free Coupon valid any Sunday in July 2019 only 1 coupon per visit, please

$2,500 BINGO Every Sunday @ 6:00 PM

Pu l Ta l bs

EARLY BIRD SESSION 6:00 P.M. - 2ND SESSION BEGINS AT 7:30 P.M. Homemade Desserts - Nachos - Food - Money Raffle



BOB ON BINGO By Bob Whittmore It’s Time to Play Road Bingo

Every so often, at this time of year, I make a suggestion that you play Bingo “on the road” while on vacation. Using any search engine on the Internet makes that increasingly easy. For example, let’s pick three cities, pretend we are either going to visit there or at least overnight there, while on vacation. My three picks are: Palm Springs, California; Charleston, South Carolina and Seattle, Washington. By going to a search engine and typing in the name of the city and the word “Bingo,” you’ll be surprised at the results. For example, going to Google and typing in, “Palm Springs, Bingo,” here is what I found. One of the listings was “10 Best Bingo Halls in Palm Springs, California.” This listing not only showed where Bingo is played in the city of Palm Springs – much of it in hotels and clubs – but also “major” Bingo at nearby Indian casinos. Typing in, “Charleston, South Carolina, Bingo” yielded the following: One site had the complete listings of Bingo in the entire state. Doing the same for Seattle, Washington, showed another list of “10 Bingo Halls” in the area. Additionally, with on-line mapping as good as it is now and easy to use, you can find the distance from your motel (or

wherever you are staying) to the nearest Bingo hall. Now, one word of caution, finding a Bingo hall on the exact night you are going to be in a specific city can be tricky. But, if you are as much a lover of Bingo as I am, you might want to change your travel dates to correspond with the nights in which Bingo is played in the city you are visiting. [Editor’s Note: You can also visit Bingo Bugle online to see if the market you are visiting has game listings at www.bingobugle.com/ bingofinder.html—and remember, Bingo information online is not always up to date, so be sure to call ahead if you are making a special trip to play bingo.] Some of the best times I have had playing Bingo while on the road, have been just that…“On The Road.” Remember when we went to a hall near the New Orleans airport that played Bingo every night? It was the Lions Bingo Hall. I went there two consecutive nights. By the way, the food was incredible. And, one of my favorite Bingo halls is also “On The Road.” It’s the huge Reflections Bingo on the north side of Phoenix. For my money, it’s one of the most efficiently run, friendliest and “tastiest” Bingo halls I have ever visited. But, let’s not forget the basement hall in my old grade school in Washington, Indiana, where I first played Bingo in 1957. And, if you remember, I play there when I visit my hometown. Yes, they are still playing Bingo after all these years. So, the moral: Play Bingo everywhere you can. Keep the game going, everywhere. Next time around: Bingo in the hospital.

Our Lady Queen of Peace


$2,500 Bingo

& Cash Raffle! Progressive Bingo & Fun! Our Game Schedule Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM - Doors open at 8:00 AM Every Friday at 6:30 PM - Doors open at 4:00 PM







Our Lady Queen of Peace Knights of Columbus 732 Badger Ave. 6:00 pm 764-1709

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 6:30, 8:00 pm No Children under 10

Am Legion Post #416 6351 W. Grange 9:45 am 421-3371

Serb Hall

5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. 6:30 pm 545-6030

Elks Lodge #46

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 6:30 pm 353-2900

2733 W. Euclid Ave. 10:00 am 672-0313 Ext. 142

Polish Fest

6941 S. 68th St. 6:00 & 7:30 pm 529-2140

St. Francis Lions

St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Progressive Bingo at 6:30 PM Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080

July 10th & 17th Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps. St. Francis Lions St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Bingo @ 7:00 pm 483-5080


Elks Lodge #46

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 6:30 pm 353-2900

Germantown American Legion Post #1 N120 W15932 Freistadt Rd. 7:00 pm 251-5470

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 6:30, 8:00 pm 321-0220 No Children under 10

1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays Only Tichigan Lions Club 6710 Big Bend Rd. Waterford 6:30 pm (262) 895-6268

United Seniors

of WI Bingo Hall 4515 W Forest Home Avenue Monday Evening 6:30pm, 8:00pm Thursday Evening 6:30pm, 8:00pm Friday Morning 9:30am, 11:00am Friday Evening 6:30pm, 8:00pm


Monday, Thursday & Friday Eve.


Pull Tabs

Complete Menu! Doors open 2 Hours before



Knights of Columbus

$3,000 in Bingo Prizes Guaranteed! Doors open at 4:00 pm Bingo starts at 6:00 pm & 7:15 pm LARGE PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS PULL TABS - NO STAIRS OFF OF #15 BUS LINE

732 Badger Ave. South Milwaukee

poetry corner Maggie — A Litany


Nothing is impossible. Charmed and loving. Picked by the Fates, Bedazzled. One of a kind You are chosen And Maggie.

Nothing is i Charmed an Picked by th Bedazzled. One of a kin You are cho And Maggi

Owls hoot. Bear amble. Dolphins play. Creatures big and small Pay homage to your smile You are special And Maggie.

Owls hoot. Bear amble Dolphins pl Creatures b Pay homage You are spe And Maggi

The sun shines. The rivers flow. Stars sparkle Twinkle brightly Because you make it so. You are magical And Maggie. You love birds They love you, Taking every chance To flutter by. Ordinary, when nothing is. You are possible, And Maggie.

Maggie — A Litany Nothing is impossible. Charmed and loving. Picked by the Fates, Bedazzled. One of a kind You are chosen And Maggie.

Margaret Ann Stewart

October 28, 1991 - June 10, 2019 Music blossoms At your window sill Rainbows want to appear In all their glory To please you You are wonderful And Maggie. Angel spirits Decked in Nature’s hues Need no reminder. Happiness echoes in your steps Every movement is a dance You are brilliant And Maggie.

Charlene James-Duguid Amissville, Virginia January 23, 2019

The sun shi The rivers fl Stars sparkl Twinkle bri Because yo You are mag And Maggi

You love bi They love y Taking ever To flutter by Ordinary, w You are pos And Maggi


Nothing is i Charmed an Picked by th Bedazzled. One of a kin You are cho And Maggi

JULY 2019






United Seniors of WI


Pioneer Bingo Every Saturday 6:30 pm

4515 W. Forest Home Ave. 9:30,11:00 am & 6:30 pm, 8:00 pm 414-321-0220

Am Legion Post #416 6351 W. Grange Ave. 6:00 pm 421-3371

United Seniors of WI 4515 W. Forest Home Ave.

Our Lady Queen of Peace

St. Bernadette Parish

2733 W. Euclid Ave. 6:30 pm 672-0313 Ext. 142

8200 W. Denver Ave. 6:00 & 7:30 pm 358-4600

St. Francis Lions St. Francis Lions Center 3476 E. Howard Ave. Progressive @ 6:30 PM 7:00 pm, Bingo 483-5080

Elks Lodge #46

1st, 3rd & 4th Fridays Only St. Joseph Parish

Moose Lodge #49

5555 W. Good Hope Rd. 12 Noon 353-2900

July 21st St. Luke Parish

Brookfield 18000 W. Greenfield Ave 6:00 & 7:00 pm (262) 782-0032

2nd & 4th Sundays Only Elks Lodge #400 2301 Springdale Rd., Waukesha 1:00 pm (262) 717-9488

13th & Grange Ave. 12:30 pm 281-4444

S89, W22650 Milwaukee Ave. Big Bend 7:00 pm 262-662-2832

1st & 3rd Fridays Only Danish Brotherhood lodge #14


2206 63rd St. Kenosha 53143 6:15 pm 262-657-9781


All listings in the Bingo Bugle Player's Guide are for the normal schedule of any given bingo. If you have a question regarding the schedule of any particular game due to a special event, holiday, or weather condition, please call the number listed for that game. Players should also be aware that advertisers may withdraw or alter any advertised offer without prior notice.

EVERY SUNDAY Doors open at 5:00 pm BINGO starts at 6:00 PM Early Bird & Late Bird Sessions $1,500 in Prizes!!




6351 W. GRANGE AVE 421-3371

2019 Sunday









8 Video Game Day



15 14 Bastille Day


21 Ice 22 Cream Day 29 28



2019 Thursday


5 4 Eat Beans Independence DAY Day 11 12 Pecan 10 Pie Day 17 19 18 Daiquiri Day





6 Fried Chicken Day 13


26 Aunt & 27

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Play Some Explosive Bingo @ Milwaukee Elks Lodge #46 Bingo Schedule $2,250 in Bingo Prizes $1,100 Early Bird Session $1,150 Regular Session

Plus a Progressive Session

And other prizes







Otis Says . . . The Darndest Things

Here we are! July, my favorite time. Summerfest, The Forth of July, all sorts of festivals and plenty of fun in the sun. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and use sun screen. Remember I’m Otis - Stay Cool and read the Bingo Bugle!

Every Sunday @ Noon Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:30 PM Sales start approximately an hour earlier

All Bingo Played on Paper Sheets Food * Parking* Handicap Accessible ATM * 50/50 Raffle Tue/Thurs Special Dinner $5.00 Sunday Special Lunch $5.00

No children under 10 allowed. “Strictly Enforced” Hours & prizes subject to change

5555 West Good Hope Rd Milwaukee, WI 53223 414-353-2900 Like us on Facebook



JULY 2019

Coffee Break Moon Phases


New Moon


Independence Day


Chocolate Day


First Quarter Moon

12th Pecan Pie Day 13th Friday the 13th 16th Full Moon 17th National Hot Dog Day 20th National Lollipop Day 24th Cousins Day 25th Last Quarter Moon 28th Parents’ Day


1. HISTORY: Which woman won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her work with the poor in Calcutta, India? 2. LITERATURE: What was the last known play written by Shakespeare? 3. LANGUAGE: “Cyborg” is a shortened version of which futuristic phrase? 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What men’s haircut was named after a style adopted by college rowing teams? 5. MOVIES: Who wrote the screenplay for the original The Heartbreak Kid movie? 6. GEOGRAPHY: Which three countries mainly make up the Scandinavian Peninsula? 7. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Who was the only president to be awarded a Purple Heart? 8. U.S. STATES: Which state has the most active volcanoes? 9. ANATOMY: What is a more common name for enlargement of the thyroid gland? 10. GAMES: How many letters does each player draw to begin a game of Scrabble?

Predictors Lucky Bingo Card For JULY

BINGO BUGLE CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Macbeth’s title 6 Hot dog side dish 11 Tar 12 Bay windows 14 Mr. Ed’s owner 15 President Woodrow -16 Suitable 17 Aristocratic 19 Pair 20 Fishing need 22 U.K. fliers 23 Ball of yarn 24 Gold-finger? 26 Copious oil wells 28 Water barrier 30 Mainlander’s memento 31 Outstanding 35 Kitchen lure 39 Apiary house 40 Tease 42 Strait-laced 43 Commotion 44 Olympian’s award 46 Mound stat 47 Infamous middle name 49 “Die Hard” star 51 Taxed 52 Loud sounds 53 Fight 54 Villain’s look DOWN 1 Taiwan’s capital 2 Having a

JULY’s Lucky B: I : N: G: O:

02 16 32 47 61

04 20 35 51 66

06 23 36 55 68

Mona’s Monthly Numbers

09 25 41 58 70

12 26 44 59 75


handle 3 Priestly garment 4 It may be a proper subject 5 Slip-up 6 Cereal quantity 7 Canal of song 8 Have a bug 9 Get snug and cozy 10 Not as fast 11 Honey bunch?

Trivia, CryptoQuip and Crossword Puzzle answers on page 11

13 Hemingway’s “The -- of Kilimanjaro” 18 Satchel 21 Tureen accessory 23 Tweet 25 7-Down’s mule 27 Red or Black 29 Copes 31 Wrap 32 Neatens (up)

33 Develop 34 Disencumber 36 Threatening conclusion 37 More like a mud pit 38 Accumulate 41 Sunrises 44 Encounter 45 Narnia’s Aslan, e.g. 48 DIY buy 50 Perjurer’s pronouncement



B…3…7…2…9…10 I…21…19…24…22…17 N…41…31…FREE…32…36 G…47…58…54…50…51 O…65…62…71…67…74


JULY 2019

Taxing Issues Hi Guy, My best friend “P” and I split video poker jackpots for years...no issues ever. Then others decided to get in on the action. (Of course, we believe we double, triple or quadruple our chances with our group investment.) I hit a jackpot for a few thousand, split three ways between “K”, “P” and me. The next year, “K” hit a nice jackpot, split four ways. Well, the following year, at tax season, “K” came back to us and asked us to pay her $25 each. She proceeded to tell us that because of hitting that jackpot and having to claim it on taxes, she would have received $100 more back from her tax refund! She didn’t seem to care at all that I had to claim it when I hit! I explained she benefited much more from the group win than that $100 and she didn’t seem to worry about it when I had to claim it, and…who does that!? Who comes back on their friends a year later asking for money like that!? We were all upset and reluctantly agreed to pay her.  So, then we came up with a “’K’ tax rule.” From that point on, we take 20% off the

top no matter what tax bracket you’re in and no coming back on anyone at any time! To this day, I get upset thinking about what nerve she had and how terrible that situation was. The right thing to do would have been to accept the situation and ask us to come up with a plan for the future.  That would have made sense to everyone involved…especially under the circumstances! As one other person wrote: “S-A-D” to put a $25 price tag on friends and relationships. On a positive note,  a few years later, I had a dream that I hit this progressive jackpot in Tahoe. The good news is that my dream came true. I was splitting again with “P” and, yes, “K”. I hit $8,500 and was able to take $1,700 off the top for taxes then split the rest with my two friends…and I was happy to be able to do it! Taxing Situation Hi Taxing, Readers may recall that I had not planned on running additional letters on the topic of splitting Bingo pots with friends, but I found yours so intriguing that I had to pass it along. Your friend “K” does have a point—a sizeable Bingo jackpot can affect your bottom line and your tax return. But your point is an equally good one, which I, and others who wrote in noted: It isn’t fair to spring a change to the original agreement on your fellow players when it suits you. This is the reason why the world is overflowing with lawyers, judges and courtrooms. There will


always be someone who decides to reinterpret an agreement so that it works in his or her favor, creating the need for a third party to insure in writing beforehand so that this can’t happen, or settle the problem after the fact. Luckily, you and your friends decided to go along with “K’s” request and chip in the extra $25. (Not how I expected your story to go!) And, of course, now you all build in the 20% tax “lien” for all prizes which, 1. Covers you for the future and, 2. Gives the actual winner a bit more of the winnings for taxes or whatever else comes up. I think the bigger surprise is that you all continue to play Bingo together. As you wrote in your email: “To this day, I still get upset thinking about what nerve she had and how terrible that situation was.” But, in that moment, you managed to rise above it, seeing that it was worth $25 for you to put the matter to rest. Way to go! Clearly, you were the adult in the room and chose to be the bigger person. That knowledge should help you put the experience behind you and not let it upset you ever again. —Guy Hey guys! (And gals!) Write to: Guy’s Turn c/o The Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, WA 98070, or email Guy directly at Tonder22@aol.com. Be sure to include your name and address (you may request that your name not be published), as typically Guy will not include anonymous letters in his columns.


*Despite the fact that famed magician Harry Houdini exposed a number of mediums and psychics as frauds, Sherlock Holmes novelist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle persisted in believing that Houdini himself was a medium. * Wearing skinny jeans can cause varicose veins. * The word “conspire” means, literally, “to breathe together,” meaning to be in harmony. * In Germany, Rice Krispies don’t say “Snap, Crackle, Pop”; they say “Knisper, Knasper, Knusper.” * Even though he was arrested and put on trial numerous times, famed 19th-century outlaw Frank James was never convicted of anything and never went to prison. He died in 1915, at the age of 72, of natural causes. * Squid are well known for their uncanny ability to camouflage themselves by changing their color to match their background. What’s really odd, though, is the fact that the creatures are color-blind. Cell 414-403-7606

Jim A. Hellmich

Basement Rec. Rooms Cabinets & Countertops/Small Remodels Window/Door Replacement

Specializing in Complete Kitchen and Bath Remodels

3803 East Martin Avenue Cudahy, Wisconsin 53110




-OPEN TO THE pUBLIC414-764-1709 www.kc1709.org

PAPER TRAILS LLC PUBLISHING (414) 327-0705 papertrailsllc@yahoo.com




24 Hour Emergency Service Fully Insured Serving Milwaukee & Racine Area John Kolp Owner


Residential & Commercial Trimming Removal Lot Clearing Pruning cell:(414)236-1490

Advertise In The

(414) 327-0705 papertrailsllc@yahoo.com


Going Over the Non-Intuitive Plays Most of the basic playing strategy is logical to players. For example, players understand why they shouldn’t hit a 16 when the dealer shows a 6 upcard, or why they should split 8s against a dealer’s 5. However, some of the basic strategy is not so intuitive: like hitting a 12 against a dealer’s 3 upcard, or splitting a pair of 8s against dealer’s 10. I will examine a few of these non-intuitive hands and provide some justification for the proper, albeit not always apparent, basic strategy. Hitting 12 against Dealer’s 3 Upcard There is a “rule” in blackjack that says you should never risk busting your hand when the dealer shows a weak upcard. That may be true for most stiff hands but it’s not the case when you are holding a 12 against a 3. When you think about it, there are only four cards that could bust your 12 — a ten, jack, queen, or king. On the other hand, five cards will get you to 17–21 (a five, six, seven, eight, or nine). Therefore, more cards will get you into the safe 17–21 zone than will break you. The other factor that works in your favor is the dealer’s 3 upcard, which is not as weak as, say, a 4, 5, or 6 upcard (she will bust less with a 3 upcard compared to the 4, 5, or 6). The bottom line is that you will lose slightly less by hitting 12 against a 3 than by standing. Splitting 8s against Dealer’s 10 Upcard If I told you that playing an 8 twice, against a dealer 10, loses less money than playing a 16 once, would you believe me? Probably not, but guess what, it’s true. When you hit 16 against a dealer


JULY 2019 10, you’ll win only 23% of the time and lose 77%, meaning you’ll win about four hands out of every 17. This is why holding a 16 against a 10 is the worst hand in blackjack. However, when your 16 is a pair of 8s, you have an out, namely splitting, because now your chances of winning when you start each hand with a single 8 against a 10 are 38%. In both cases (hitting and splitting), you are going to lose money, but it’s still cheaper to win 38 hands and lose 62 on each 8 (by splitting) than to win 23 hands and lose 77 once (by hitting). Still not convinced? Here’s the simple math to prove this point. Hit: Bet $10 on the hand. Win 23 hands for a total win of $230. Lose 77 hands for a total loss of $770. After 100 hands, your net loss is $770 minus $230, or $540. Split: Splitting 100 hands of 8s creates 200 hands, with each hand starting with an 8. If you bet $10 on each split 8, you’ll win 76 hands (38% of 200), for a total win of $760. You’ll lose 124 hands for a total loss of $1,240. Your net loss is $480. Therefore, losing $480 (by splitting) is, I’m sure you’ll agree, better than losing $540 by hitting. Doubling Down 11 against Dealer’s Ten Upcard Basic strategy says to double down on 11 against a dealer 10. However, many players chicken out and hit instead because they are afraid that the dealer might have a pat 20. Well, did you know that when the dealer has a ten upcard (and doesn’t have a blackjack), he will wind up with a 20 roughly 33% of the time? Meanwhile, a player holding an 11 and taking one card (i.e., doubling down), has roughly a 31% chance of getting a 21 (by drawing a ten) and an 8% chance of making a 20 (by drawing a nine). In other words, you are considerably more likely to make a 20 or 21 with a one-card draw than the dealer is to make a 20. Moreover, think about this: if you draw a 7, 8, 9, or 10, and the dealer has the same card in the hole, you still win! Even though doubling lowers slightly your chances of winning (because if you draw a small card, you can’t hit again to improve your total) your monetary gain is still greater by doubling because you bet twice as much. Henry Tamburin is a blackjack and video poker expert and host of smartgaming.com.

Garage Doors Commercial Residential Sales - Service - Installations 24hr Emergency Service

Service (414) 467- 7579 Office (414) 897- 0858

1007A W. Layton Avenue Milwaukee 53221 email damon@damondoors.com Website damondoors.com

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BINGO 1st, 3rd & 5th Thursdays

$1,250 in Prizes Doors open at 4:30 PM Early Bird, 6:30 PM $250 in Prizes Regular, 7:00 PM $1,000 in Prizes

Food - Beverages - Pull Tabs PROGRESSIVE BINGO Every Week

Tichigan Civic Center 6710 Big Bend Road

Hwy 164, Waterford, WI 53185 (262) 895-6268


BROTHERHOOD of Kenosha Lodge #14

1st & 3rd Fridays 2206 63rd Street Kenosha Sales Start 5:30 P.M. Bingo Starts 6:15 P.M.

PROGRESSIVE BINGO Cash, Bottle & Artwork Raffles Full Bar Food Available



(Last Thursday of Every Month) Doors open at 5:00 pm Early Bird at 7:00 pm Reg Session @ 8:15 pm


N120 W15932 Freistadt Rd. 251-5470

What's News in Nevada . . . STUDY CENTER PLANNED According to a press release from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and hospitality giant Caesars Entertainment, the two entities are joining forces to create what is being touted as a “technology hub.” The facility will be used to test new concepts in hospitality and gaming. The “hub,” which will contain about 43-thousand-square-feet of space, will have mock hotel rooms, a casino and an e-sports area. The complex could begin operations before the year is over. MORE PINK SLIPS AT MGM According to published reports, Las Vegas-based casino company MGM Resorts International will be cutting as many as 1,000 jobs in the coming weeks. One report says that the recipients of the pink slips will include about 250 workers who were already targeted for dismissal. Additionally, MGM says that 35 executives have already taken voluntary retirement as part of the entertainment company’s plan to increase annual earnings by $300 million over the next two years. DEVELOPER TO OPEN HIS OWN SPORTSBOOKS There are published reports that casino owner and developer Derek Stevens is set to open his own Las Vegas sportsbooks. Circa Sports, which recently got the goahead from the Nevada Gaming Commission, is opening facilities at the Golden Gate and at The D Las Vegas shortly thereafter.

Stevens owns both downtown casinos. Additionally, the name “Circa” is apparently tied to one of Stevens’ projects, the still-underconstruction Circa Resort and Casino. It is expected to open near the end of next year. WYNN TO OFFER FREE PARKING According to a company press release, Wynn Resorts is allowing free self-parking for everyone at its Strip properties without restrictions. The move comes amid a wave of grumbling from visitors who expect free parking nearly everywhere, but find less and less of it. Originally, self-parking is free for overnight guests and patrons who spent $50 or more, including on food, shopping and gambling. Anyone else paid a fee of up to $18 a day. The gates at the self-parking garages at Wynn Las Vegas and at the Encore have been taken down. NCAA LIFTS MAJOR BETTING BAN According to its home office in Indianapolis, the NCAA, The National Collegiate Athletic Association, has rescinded its policy prohibiting championship events from being held in states that have legalized sports gambling. The move came after the Supreme Court’s decision that opened the door for states to sponsor legalized sports betting, the NCAA indefinitely suspended the policy that previously had kept events, such as the men’s basketball tournament, out of Nevada.


Queens, Crowns, and Fireworks! You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4th, not with a show of strength and muscle; but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism. –Erma Bombec Summer is half over and when I was teaching, I used to say it’s all down hill after July 4th. By that I meant it would soon be time to go back to school. I always opened up my classroom the first week of August, as there’s so much to do before the students come tromping in on the first day of the new school year. That first day was as exciting as watching fireworks; new faces, new procedures, new textbooks, new pencils, new book bags, and renewed hope for a wonderful year for everyone involved. The sentiment that summer is waning is still with me. These days we turn off the lights and watch the exploding July 4th fireballs on TV as we’re old poops and we admit it. One of our favorites to watch is the Capitol Fourth concert held on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol building. It features bands, music, and recording artists and always ends with spectacular fireworks over D. C.’s famous monuments. Locally in a nearby city, we have

Red, White, and Boom celebrated on July 3rd. There are typically over 400,000 people in attendance. Needless to say, we are not among them. Playing bingo and occasional visits to casinos are all the excitement we need. We are in good company as I read that Queen Elizabeth also likes to play bingo with her family at Buckingham Palace. Who knew that two old grannies like us would have so much in common? I visualize her wearing her crown while she plays and yelling housie, the British term for bingo, when she wins. But speaking of old grannies, it should be noted that Bingo is no longer an old person’s game. Research shows that the majority of players are under thirty-five. Since it’s a relatively inexpensive way to spend an evening, that’s not surprising. However, you might be surprised to learn that all together, Americans spend over $90 million dollars a week on bingo cards alone and most of those players use a purple dauber. Purple? Ugh. It has to be red for this old granny. Coming up on July 28th is Parents’ Day. As much as I hate to admit it, I didn’t know there was such a day. It was first designated in 1994 when President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional resolution into law that made the 4th Sunday of each July a national holiday. The intent was to recognize and support the role of parents in the rearing of children. My parents were the greatest and my brothers and I consider ourselves to be the luckiest kids in the world. There wasn’t a lot of money, but my siblings and I had plenty of food on the table, a roof over our heads, and a whole lot of love. If only all kids could be as lucky as us. Until next month, may Lady Luck blow you kisses as you dance out the door with dollars. Win big. To contact me, email homemailbox@ roadrunner.com to share your thoughts. My thought right now is that I need a crown to wear while playing bingo. It would inspire me, I’m sure.

Contest Winner Christine P. Yannaras Your name has been drawn as our current contest winner! In order to qualify to receive your $100 CASH prize, you must now contact the Bingo Bugle Newspaper at (414) 327-0705 before July 15, 2019. Please leave a message if we're unable to answer when you call.

Trivia Answers 1. Mother Teresa 2. “The Two Noble Kinsmen” 3. Cybernetic organism 4. The crew cut 5. Neil Simon 6. Sweden, Norway and Finland 7. John F. Kennedy was wounded in WWII. 8. Alaska 9. Goiter 10. Seven


JULY 2019

Crossword Answers

Rules for The Bingo Bugle Monthly Cash Sweepstakes

Each month the Bingo Bugle of Wisconsin conducts a monthly “Sweepstakes” featuring a $100.00 prize for the winner. What follows are the rules of the contest. The Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes contest is open to everyone. It is a FREE contest. Entry forms are usually found on the next to last page of each monthly issue of the Bingo Bugle. Readers who are interested in entering the contest may cut or tear the entry from the paper, fill it out and officially enter by dropping the entry into the plastic Sweepstakes Entries” jug located at most not for profit Bingo halls. Some Bingo halls do not have an entry jug, but usually one the game volunteers will take your entry and get it to us. You may submit a copy of the entry form if none are available to you. If you prefer, your entry may be mailed to: Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes P.O. Box 371283 Milwaukee, WI 53237 If you mail in your entry, only one entry per envelope is accepted. Entry forms must be completely filled out to qualify. Entry forms

that are not completely filled out, do not qualify for the drawing. Enter as many times as you like, but please, take only one Bingo Bugle when you play. A random drawing is conducted each month from all entries received. Winners are announced each month in the Bingo Bugle. Winners must call 327-0705 prior to the 15th of the month in which their name is announced as the winner to claim their prize. Entries received after the drawing are held for the next month's contest. Your chances of winning are determined by the total number of entries received prior to the drawing. By entering the contest, you grant the Bingo Bulge the exclusive right to use your name, photo and comments for publicity purposes. Winners not making themselves available for a photo will forfiet their prize. The contest is not “progressive,” that is to say, if the winner does not claim the prize prior to the deadline, the prize is not increased. The prize is always $100.00 payable via check. Please, don't call the Bingo Bugle office to find out who the winner is, we won't tell you. And, if it is you, you will be disqualified. Thanks for reading the Bingo Bugle and for entering our monthly Sweepstakes. Maybe one day soon, you’ll be our lucky winner.

The Bingo Bugle’s


was our latest Winner. He plays Bingo at:

American Serb Hall 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. Milwaukee

You could be a $100 Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes winner. Just check the rules above, fill out the form below, and enter the sweepstakes. Then, make sure to check the Bingo Bugle to see if your name is listed as the winner. If your name is listed, make sure to call in by the deadline.

Jeff Miller

Please complete this entry form and deposit it at your favorite Bingo Hall, or mail to: Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes P.O. Box 371283 Milwaukee, WI 53237

Name:_________________________________ Date:_______________ Telephone Number:_________________________________________ Addresss:___________________________________________________ City: _______________________State:________ Zip_____________ email:______________________ Where did you get your Bugle?___________________________

Please check your age group: _____18 to 35 _____36 to 55 _____56 & over Thanks for entering!




500,000 Plus, Additional prizes up to $25,000

September 9 & 10, 2019

345 Entry Fee


for each event includes: entry into a fun filled two-day bingo event, with two $50,000 coveralls and two second chance coveralls for $20,000 with three chances on the coverall, one 9-on pack, a souvenir dauber, a gift and six food vouchers plus two free room nights*

With the purchase of Sunday at the rate of $3999 + taxes and resort fees.


1-800-331-5334 or 702-367-7111 Ext. 8863

1-877-636-7111 or 702-636-7111 Ext. 5611

1-877-489-4889 or 702-456-7777 Ext. 8377

Guaranteed winners everyday, every property. Complete Rules posted in each Bingo Room. Management Reserves all rights. Don’t let the game get out of hand. For assistance call 800-522-4700. Cancellation and refund restrictions apply, contact Bingo Room for details. © 2019 BOYD GAMING CORPORATION ®




Do You Believe in

213904Fmm_BY_Sept_PowerBingo_AD _4.8125”x7.375” DROP: 7.1.19


Bingo Cruise

11th Annual Wine & Vine Sat., Aug. 24, 2019 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm

star ts with

Proceeds to benefit the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi’s new St. Francis Convent

New Location: Clare Hall 3470 S. Illinois Avenue St. Francis, WI 53235

Same Gig NEW Digs




Get Tickets at: www.winenvineosf.com


NOVEMBER 9, 2019

$65 Presale Buy 5, Get 6th Free: $325 Non-alcoholic: $40 Presale only by NOON 8/24/19 $80 at Event. Limit 500 Tickets Sold.



Tickets include samplings of: • Wine & beers available for purchase at Woodman’s Market, Oak Creek • Food and sweets from local restaurants • Non-alcoholic offerings of coffee, teas, soda & more Take your chance on the: • Wine Pull • Paint the Town Gift Certificate Pull • 50/50 raffle Bid on: • Handmade Pie Auction • Stock the Bar themed baskets

Trio du Monde





BINGO TOURNAMENT & GAMING CRUISE $ Woodman’s Markets Proud to partner with the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

more than 100,000 IN CASH PLUS A FREE CRUISE!

THIRTY YEARS of experience guarantees that the Bingo Bugle knows just how to bring you the best of Bingo.

Our courteous, friendly and experienced staff members offer early bird Bingo and special games in addition to the World Championship Tournament games.

(888) 352-2464



Visit us on Facebook at Bingo Bugle World Championship Bingo Tournament and Gaming Cruise

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