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New BI-Monthly

Volume Two, Issue Four

September/October, 2011

In This Issue: -Family Camp 2011 Pages 1 & 2

-Connie's Corner Page 3

-BIND Times Staff Spotlight Page 4

-New AZMOP Board Page 5

-Men & Women of the Bible Page 5

-Upcoming Events, Youth Services and Fundraisers Page 6

Family Camp 2011 Continued…. Don’t you just love the outdoors? The fresh air, the cool weather? Well I do! I especially love going camping in Prescott, AZ in September because that’s when our Family Camp is! This year, the members of West Valley Apostolic Tabernacle were extremely excited to go because it was our churches 10th Anniversary Family Camp! That’s a long time; ten years ago I was 5! So imagine how old you were? Family Camp is extremely awesome because it’s a big “church family reunion”! This year was the best, special thanks to the Rodriguez family for bringing their horses to camp for everyone to ride. It definitely went along with cowboy night! I know everyone loved all of the activities that were going on, especially the kids! They even got into a water balloon fight! The services were awesome! From that very first night on Thursday, there were definitely a lot of people receiving their blessing. The preaching’s were awesome as well. God told us through his word to unite and put aside our differences. I think that the youth were the most touched. We all were united by the last night and knew that this is how we all should be for the rest of our lives. We give a special thanks to Pastor Gilbert Balderas for giving an amazing conference on faith, and preaching at our youth service. He did an awesome job! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did and if you didn’t go this year in Jesus name, I hope you go next year! –Sis. Nivia Alvarado

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Praise Like No Other I wanna praise my God I wanna praise like no other a praise so outrageous it never hits the floor a praise so deep it knocks on God's door yes praise Him like no other being has ever done before let us bring out a praise that comes from the depths of our core a praise like no other is not like the one of that sister or brother it is like that of a praise that the world has yet to know this type of praise is the one which makes even the mind, body, and soul glow this praise like no other is more than the hand raising & the lips that sing it is of the soul letting go for a moment to connect to the unseen it is the craving connection between a child & the king praise Him like no other let this praise be uncovered


and delivered to God from one brother to another so let us help each other bring out this Praise Like No Other! -Sis. Connie Melendez


Your BIND Youth Ministries Newsletter Team works diligently every month to ensure that you receive a top quality newsletter that let’s you be aware of what’s going on! Let’s take a moment to recognize them for their hard work! ***Want to join the team? You can! Submit your work (Ex. article; picture; question; game; riddle; etc.) to

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BIND Times Staff Editor: PJ After all the articles, pictures & the layout of the newsletter is submitted; the editor reviews the work and puts the finishing touches in.

Layout & Design/Photographer: Jasmine Job duties include designing the layout for the newsletter and submitting article photos.

Staff Writer: Nivia Staff Writer: Connie Maintains and submits poetry work for “Connie's Corner”.

Covers all articles on current youth & church events.

Rev. Jairo


President West Phoenix

Bro. Eli



tions, upplica ll that s thanks be a f o t rs hort fi nd giving of in fore I ex a ho are 1 There intercessions, ings and all w eaceable , k p prayers ll men, 2 for iet and . ra ad a qu e made fo that we may le and reverenc ess ty, authori fe in all godlin :1-2 (NKJV) li y2 1 Timoth


Sis. Becky



Men And Women of the Bible


A lot happened at this years AZ District Convention! Including the appointment of a brand new Arizona District Youth Board! These young people will use Gods guidance to steer the district in the direction of which HE chooses. In addition to serving as spiritual pillars in the lives of Messengers of peace across the AZ District, they will plan all the district events for the next 2 years including; ROV (Renewing Our Vision) Conference, Winter Formal, & of course, Youth Camp! Let us pray for our leaders.

MOP Board

New AZ

Samson What exactly makes Samson a great Hero of Faith? Well, the Bible tells us in the book of Judges that Samson was a Nazirite and was set aside by God to do great things. In a way, Samson was held on a pedestal and rightfully so. He would single handedly slew thousands of Philistines in battle. He took a vow to never drink wine, nor cut his hair for if he were to do so, God would revoke the mighty strength that he had bestowed upon Samson and Samson would be delivered unto the hands of his enemies. Samson kept his vows towards God for most of his life. If we read his story, we learn that Samson allowed a woman to deceive his heart and Samson broke his vow with God; the woman cut his hair; and Samson was captured by the Philistines and brought to a temple to die. At the end of his life, while he was in that temple; Samson realized his faults and humbled himself before the Lord and with great faith, called upon God to deliver him once more. That day, Samson killed more Philistines than he did throughout his entire life combined. This teaches us that although we make mistakes, we should never lose our faith in the Lord and instead humble ourselves, confess our sins and trust in God to carry us through our trials and tribulations.

Upcoming Events, Fundraisers, and Youth Services November: Community Outreach Project *More Info Coming Soon

December: BIND Youth Ministries 2nd Annual “Ugly Sweater Party” *More Info Coming Soon

District Wide2nd Annual S.T.A.N.D. Conference Dec. 2-4, 2011 Guest Speaker: Bishop Augustin Hoyer III Friday: 7:00p.m Saturday: 3:00p.m. Sunday: 11:00a.m. Safford Apostolic Church 507 3rd W. St Safford, Arizona

Winter Formal 2011 *More Info Coming Soon

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September-October Issue of BIND Times Newsletter

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