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Volume Two, Issue One January/February, 2011

New Year.. New structure! Now Announcing…. 2011 Youth Board and Cabinet!


D i r e c to r s : Da n n y & Jac k i e b e r n a l Assts. Ruben & Mara Bernal Jose & Laura Torres

-Leadership Issue-


Secretary: PJ Flores President: Tennille Flores Treasurer: Matthew Villa

Pastors Interview

Cabinet Multimedia: Tennille F.

Newsletter: PJ F. & Andrea Sanchez

Webpage Design: Ezekiel Luque

Choral: Andrea S. & Lynda Prescott

Video/Photography: Esai & Jasmine Cruz

Signs of Glory: Marla Arrizon


Community Outreach: Marla A. Mathew V. & Lynda P.

Young Adults: Elizabeth Alcazar Youth: Joey Navarette

New Board Announcement “What’s Leadership” “Fasting” Upcoming Events & Fundraisers



al & Young Men p re during 7 week aching fast.



“I see this Youth group growing into the Generation we were called to be. A generation that will rise above any trial or transgression to obtain revelation and prosperity”. –Elizabeth Alcazar “A GOO D Servant Leader is a who lea ds, not a lea der who and serves..” Apostoli c Brothe r

ent is m e g a r “Encou n of the ge the oxy hn Maxwell. Jo soul.” –

Pa s to r s I n t e rv i e w We had the privilege of sitting down with Pastor Ruben Bernal for an interview & were blown away by the insight of the man of God. Read on…… Pastor, there is no doubt that 2010 was a year full of vision; some realized, & some in the waiting.. What is your vision for 2011? My Vision for 2011 is to continue where we left in 2010 but with an even greater movement of God. I believe the Church is ready to move forward and even more so than we were at the beginning of 2010. What do you expect of the youth this year?

of you and what I want to see is for each youth to just get on fire for God. If there is something lacking in our Youth Department; what do you think it is? If there is something lacking then it is because somebody has not been able to overcome things in their lives. I think that you can overcome these things through unity, prayer, fasting, obeying your authorities, & serving God with all your heart. What things do you feel the youth can do to get closer to one another as well as God?

Unity is the key to success. We need to pray for those who The Youth are a very special are not in unity with the group group to me. Any Church and create a circle of trust so needs a fired up youth group. I that you all will be able to am so proud of our youth beserve God with all your might. cause now you are ready to What did the youth do in move forward. I can see the 2010 that impressed you the motivation that is in each one

most; or that you feel made the biggest impact? Yes, 2010 was a success. But there was a time in 2010 that we experienced so many problems & trials & it felt like the ship was sinking. And what impressed me the most was that the youth pastor, along with you young people never gave up. You called on God and because of your faith & perseverance, the ship is sailing again. What is the most important piece of advice that you can give the young people? Serve God. & by the end of 2011 I want to see every young person working in a ministry in the church. Lastly, what do you think of our Newsletter?! I’m excited! People need to know what’s going on in Church so don’t stop!

BREAKING NEWS: Whaaaattt!?? There’s a DOOR-KNOB on the door from Pastors office leading into the Sanctuary now!!




A lot of us may have been a little shocked to hear that we were about to take part in a 7 week fast!! Maybe some of us did not even know what a “fast” is.. A fast is depriving your self of a specific something (usually food) in an effort to draw closer to God. During a fast, you will find that you are extremely sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Our sacred sacrifice is why we have seen such an outpouring of Gods blessings in our youth group lately. Keep it up! BOOK RECOMMENDATION. “Fasting” by Jentezen

Franklin is an awesome book to read. This book will open your eyes to fasting and the many benefits both spiritually & physically that come along with it. Pick one up at your local Christian store!

Why we fast….. To draw closer to God To receive revelation So God will answer a prayer or guide us to fulfill a need..

The Daniel Fast is a 21 day fast in which you can’t have any animal products at all (meat & dairy) and everything you eat must be all natural. (Fruits & Veggies =]) No sweets, or bread. Only whole wheat products with no preservatives. .” . . is a powerful spiritual experience to help followers of Jesus Christ develop a more intimate relationship with their Lord, seek answers to prayer, and grow in the love and knowledge of the Savior. “ "In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled."

Daniel 10:2, 3

Check Out These Songs! — “Saved By Grace”


Israel Houghton

New Breed

“Show Me Your Face” William McDowell


Know I Need You” Awaken

BIND Monthly Youth Service Friday MARCH 25! MC: Bro. Matthew Villa

Come expecting a blessing! *More Info Coming Soon!

FUNDRAISING With all the events we have coming up, it is crucial that we kick fundraising into HIGH GEAR so that we are able to finance ourselves through everything we want to do! ..Thank you to all those who sold Super Sub tickets! - You made this fundraiser a success.

*** Encourage the men to donate any tie that they do not use to the youth Dept. We will have a tie– sale coming up with everything that gets donated—Just in time for fathers day! ***

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