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s e m i T l X 2 n Bor Volume One, Issue Two December, 2010

Thanksgiving Box Project!


“Projects like this teach us how to Give & instill in us life long values that we will always need in the future.” - Sis. Marla Arrizon THANK YOU to all those who participated in our Food Drive/ Thanksgiving Dinner Box Project. You were a TREMENDOUS Blessing! We were able to give 8 Boxes of Thanksgiving Meal Foods to Families from our local church as well as community members in need! We expect next years impact to be even greater!

December: STAND Youth Revival Holiday Party Operation Fill A Bag January: Youth Service

“Are you in the know?!” So many exciting things have been going on with the 2XL Youth Group lately. We held a local Youth Service in Nov. where the Youth Worship Team led the church in dynamic worship & Bro. Danny Bernal gave a conference on a highly impacting topic regarding one of Americas most infa-

mous serial killers. You DON’T want to miss the next one-coming up in January! There are many upcoming youth activities and many different ministries for every young person to be a part of! With the New Year approaching.. What better time to join one of these ministries than

NOW. Here you will learn about everything we got coming up soon as well as the different ministries that are available for everyone to be a part of locally AND District Wide! Enjoy & God Bless

2011 Kick Off Social



R e a dy to g e t i n vo lv e d i n 2 0 1 1 ? There are a few different Youth ministries here at West Valley and we invite you ALL to be highly INVOLVED. Let me break it down for you.

Youth Service/Worship Team 2XL has a goal in 2011 to have 1 local Youth Service every month. These serve to help us grow in our spiritual relationship with God and grow united as brothers & sisters. You can be involved in these!! Do you want to praise team, MC, give a conference, PREACH!, or do sound? Let Bro. PJ know and we’ll take the proper steps to make it happen.

Signs of Glory Signs of Glory is a Visual Praise Team that is designed to pro-

mote the glorification of Jesus Christ through sign language. All youth are welcome to join. Contact Sis. Marla for more info.

Community Outreach This ministry usually kicks into gear every Holiday Season as you all know and is designed to impact the community in desperate need both materialistically and spiritually. Interested in joining and offering a fresh perspective to enhance this ministry? Get in touch with Sis. Marla Arrizon 623-341-4704

2XL Times Newsletter! That’s right! You can even be an asset to the very Newsletter in your hands! Want to submit an article? Photo? Or maybe even

poem, short story, encouraging words, riddle, joke, or gossip column! < yea right. Just Kidding on the Gossip Column but everything else goes! Just email your submission to PJ at and we will get in touch pending approval.

Its up to you to take initiative & participate! What will you do to advance Gods kingdom? Remember, he rewards those who diligently seek him. Keep in mind this popular quote: “Only what you do for CHRIST will matter in the end..”



“Operation Fill A Bag” is our community outreach project coming in December. We will be filling backpacks with hygiene products, personal care items, clothing, under garments etc. There will be boxes in the Lobby so that Church members can start filling them. Spread the word! Dec. 18th= Tentative Deadline. MORE DETAIL TO FOLLOW Coming up in January! We gotta start off 2011 the right way! With a Youth Service… and a Party!

More info coming soon! Stay posted, PRAY, be excited!

Youth Service Jan. 28th MC: Esai Cruz

Social Armando R.s Ranch

you n o ple n m f w o a o x e s d k ne Ver o a o t l e e, s e v t n o l u o y b n ,i g, e t an n f e i u l l o t y n ' ,i h c “Don e you are e e sp n s i u s a r c be eve i l e ty.” b i r e u h t p in for d n a th in fai 4:12 NIV

District wide Renewing Our Vision is a District Wide Youth Event that is hosted by the AZMOP. This year many of our Youth were able to attend the services at Phx 1st and were greatly blessed. One of the biggest accomplishments the District Board (Composed of; Bequer Montenegro-President, Jairo TorresSecretary, & Zulema MontijoTreasurer) had this year was the establishment of the AZMOP Website!! All youth are encouraged to log on & register at the site. You will be connected to every AZ Dist. Church!


ont M e th

othy m i T 1

On the website you can find out every event that different churches are hosting! You will also be able to keep up with all breaking News through the introduction of ADNC! The AZ Dist. News Channel. If you are interested in Joining AZDC (AZ Dist. Choir) you will be able to find out all necessary info at ADNC, AZDC, UPCOMING DISTRICT EVENTS & Much more!

Have YOU registered yet?

It could be very hard to keep up with all this info so the Newsletter is designed to help! Also, many event info is passed along on the web.. Got a facebook? Twitter? No? you might want to consider it. And most importantly DON’T forget to pay attention to the announcements made at church! Lastly in order to keep everyone better informed, PLEASE get your cell numbers to Sis. Tennille ASAP. Let her get them digits ;) text her at 602-475-3552

WEST VALLEY APOSTOLIC TABERNACLE Primary Business Address Your Address Line 2 Your Address Line 3 Your Address Line 4 Phone: 555-555-5555 Fax: 555-555-5555 E-mail:

We’re on the Web! m

Friday December 17th Flores Residence 6:30pm Everyone MUST ROCK a WACK Sweater. =) * Prizes Given to the most creative. * Food * Games * Gift Exchange * Elf Movie * Orga niz ati on

“STAND” Youth Conference in Safford! Are you excited for the upcoming conferences in Safford!? I know I am! We have been invited to Sing and our choir has already began preparing to minister in a HIGHLY effective spiritual state! GET READY Here’s the plan: We are leaving Friday in the Church Van, staying in a Hotel Fri. night and coming back Sat. night. PLEASE contact Bro. Danny Bernal with pricing, and any other questions/info.


STAND Stay True And Never Deviate Speaker: Elder Winston Singleton Thursday: 7pm- Kick off Service

Friday: 5pm- Youth Dinner 6pm- Hour of Power 7pm- Service Saturday: 11am- Conferences ( Bro Noah Yzaguirre) 1pm- Lunch 2pm- Service Sunday: 1pm- Service

BIND Times (DEC.)  

2XL Times 2 December 2010

BIND Times (DEC.)  

2XL Times 2 December 2010