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Š 2019 Police Games / Central Media Services

PRESIDENT REPORT A Message from the President


elcome to the Queensland Police and Emergency Services Games 2019 edition of the QPSA magazine. The Games are to be held from 8th - 13th October and I encourage all of our members to participate in the games and also for you to invite your fellow co-workers and friends who may work within the eligible agencies. The more participants that register the better the overall competition will be. The next AP&ES Games is to be held from 17th – 24th October 2020 in Wollongong, NSW so start organising your fellow team mates and get your teams ready as it will be here before you know it and NSW are sure to put on a great games. In closing I would like to thank S/Sgt Jo Stone for her dedication and commitment to the QPSA Committee over the past 20+ years as she has decided to step down as Secretary and on behalf of the committee we wish her well but I’m sure she will still be providing invaluable advice over the coming years. I would also like to introduce the QPSA Committee for 2019 - 2020 – Vice President, Sgt Rebecca Geldart, Secretary, S/Con Susan Alderdice, Treasurer, Sgt Trevor Wendt and Committee members, S/Sgt Gary Tobin and Sgt Belinda Patrick and we look forward to making 2020 even bigger and better for the QPSA and its members. It would also be great for the QPSA committee going forward if some of our other QPSA members would like to join the committee and no experience is necessary and all persons are welcome! In Sporting Friendship Scott Adams President, QPSA inc. The Queensland Police Sporting Association would like to thank our sponsors QSuper (Gold), QBANK (Silver) and the Queensland Police Union of Employees (Bronze); our supporter Logan City Council; and our official supplier Struddys. Further details and description on our website.


From Scott Adams

© 2019 Police Games / Central Media Services

KIDS TRIATHLON Overview The Kids Triathlon will be staged on the grounds and within the boundaries of the Queensland Police Service Academy. There will be two age categories competing as outlined in the description. The event will be supervised by Queensland Police Service staff.

After placing on your helmet and shoes proceed to the bitumen area where you can mount your bike and complete a 800 m course back to the transition area. After placing your bicycle on the ground you can then commence the run leg of the course which will be marked with cones. The run leg will be approximately 500 metres and will be on grass.

There are no times kept or places recorded for the event and upon completion the children will receive a medal (any colour).

Second Wave: Primary school – Grades 4, 5, and 6 (Category) Distance: 100 m swim – 2.4 km bike – 1.0 km run/walk


Entrants will complete 4 laps (100 m) of the academy swimming pool, then commence a walk/run through a designated marked area to a transition area on the basketball courts where your bike will be. After placing on your helmet and shoes proceed to the bitumen area where you can mount your bike and complete 3 circuits of 800 m (2.4 km total) back to the transition area. After placing your bicycle on the ground you can then commence the run leg of the course which will be marked with cones. The run leg will be 2 laps of 500 m (1 km total).

First Wave: Primary school – Prep, Grades 1,2, and 3 (Category) Distance: 50 m swim – 800 m bike – 500 m run/walk Entrants will complete 2 laps (50 m) of the academy swimming pool, then commence a walk/run through a designated marked area to a transition area on the basketball courts where your bike will be.

DATES Saturday, 12 October 2019. TIME 7.30 All Participants Check In / Safety Briefing – Assemble at the Academy Pool FEES Free (Plus $35 Games Registration) LOCATION Queensland Police Service Academy, 72 Rudd Street, Oxley. CONTACT Trevor Wendt, Policing Skills, QPSA

The run leg will be on the grassed area above the basketball courts. The Course Map will be uploaded on the website soon.


f you or members of your family were to face serious or life-threatening illness or injury and needed help, where would you turn?

The Community Supporting Police Inc. (CSP) Helping Hand fund is a Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Fund held under the Community Supporting Police Incorporated Association. Helping Hand aims to render aid and assistance to members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and their immediate families who are faced with serious, terminal, life threatening injuries or significant personal trauma. In order to provide this important support, Helping Hand raises funds through donations, sponsorship’s, payroll deductions and fundraising events. Donations to the Helping Hand are tax deductible. You can make a difference for as little as $1 per pay. For members of the Queensland Police Service, deduction forms are available on the Bulletin Board or Contact Detective Senior Sgt Mick Ackery and he will arrange a form to be sent directly to you. For members of the community who would like to support Helping Hand, you are invited to click on the Helping Hand logo above to learn more about what we do and the process to provide financial support to police officers and their family in times of need.






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BOXING - EXHIBITION Overview The Boxing Exhibition will be staged at the Queensland Police Service Academy and operate in accordance with Australian Amateur Boxing Rules, Sports Medicine Australia – Concussion in Sport Policy, SPORT CONCUSSION ASSESSMENT TOOL and Sports Medicine Australia Policy – Infectious Disease. There are two age categories in this exhibition event – Under 40 and Over 40 Masters. Weigh in will be held from 3.30 pm prior to the event. The pairing of bouts will be by ‘catchwieght’ and boxers are to ensure they are within the weight category. Description ■The competition will be run in weight divisions only. ■Men’s bouts will consist of 3 x 2 min rounds. ■Women’s bouts will consist of 3 x 2 min rounds.

This is an exhibition event and will operate in accordance with Australian Amateur Boxing Rules, Australian Sports Medicine’s concussion policy and blood and infectious diseases policy. ■ The event will be refereed by dedicated boxing officials. ■The Coordinators will ensure there is no disparity in matching boxers in terms of weight and/or ability. Special Instructions ■ Boxers must wear approved head wear, mouthguard and groin protection. ■ Boxers will wear their own running shoes, boxing or wrestling boots. ■ All boxers will provide their own wraps (No taping of hands will be permitted). ■ Groin guards are compulsory and will not be provided. ■ All competitors must provide their own red or blue singlet and suitable sports shorts.



Weight Lightweight






Middleweight (64kg)

Middleweight (75kg) Heavyweight (81kg)

3 x 2min rounds


Heavyweight (91kg+)

Under 40 Over 40 (Masters)

Bantamweight (48kg) Bantamweight (51kg) Women

Lightweight (54kg) Lightweight (57kg)

Lightweight (60kg) Middleweight (64kg) Middleweight (69kg) Middleweight (75kg) Heavyweight (81kg)

3 x 2min rounds


Weight Divisions Only No Age Divisions

DATES Saturday, 12 October 2019 TIME 3.30 PM Weigh In / Safety Briefing – All Entrants 5.00 pm Competition Commences FEES $40 Per Boxer (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION The Gymnasium, Queensland Police Service Academy, 72 Rudd Street, Oxley CONTACT S/C Peter Wilmot, State Crime Command S/C Andy MacPherson, QPS Macpherson.AndrewG@police.qld. ■ Boxers will fight with 16 oz gloves but only a small number of gloves and headgear will be provided. Boxers can wear their own 16 oz gloves and headgear that will be inspected for condition and safety. ■ If any personally provided equipment is found to be unsuitable the competitor will not be allowed to use it. ■ All boxers are encouraged to have 1 “Second” or cornerman, a bucket, water bottle and towel. Only 2 cornermen or seconds will be allowed in the boxers corner at any time. Boxing Facilities A dedicated ring will be provided for this exhibition boxing bout and will be erected in the gymnasium of the Queensland Police Service Academy. There are toilet and change facilities available. A warm up area will be designated.

Heavyweight (91kg+)


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CROSSFIT Overview This event is open to all athletes – beginner, intermediate, and advanced across individual and pair categories. The divisions will be:

DATES Day 1 – Thursday, 10 October 2019

■ Individual – M & F (Open 18-34, 35+ Masters); ■ Pairs – Male, Female, Mixed (Open 18-34, 35+ Masters)

Day 2 – Friday, 11 October 2019

All workouts can be scaled, and we would encourage all athletes to participate and have fun regardless of their lifting ability. The competition will run over two days with three workouts per day. Scores will be based on movements performed, workout duration and load shifted, that way an Individual athlete or Pair will rank higher than other Individual athletes or Pairs based on ability and performance. Everyone will compete over the two days.

TIME : See Event Schedule FEES $65 – Individual Athlete $120 – Pairs


(Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)

It is up to each athlete to read and understand all competition rules, if you have any questions regarding rules of the competition please direct your questions to Arena Coordinator, Mitch Robinson – email:


■ Athletes and judges must fully understand the Movement Standards and Workout Flow; ■ Athletes and judges must attend ALL briefs; ■ Judges must be ready to go in judges marshalling area no later than 10 minutes prior to heat timing; ■ Athletes must be in the warm-up area no later than 10 minutes prior to heat, and will be called to marshalling area from there; ■ Athletes will wait in marshalling area and receive a quick brief prior to moving out on to the floor; ■ Athletes will wait until their name is called and must move to their designated lane; ■ Judges decisions are final and are not to be argued with. If there is an appeal, consult the Head Judge prior to leaving the floor, once you have left the floor, decisions are final. Arguing with a judge may result in disqualification, this is at the Head Judges discretion; ■ Athletes must sign for their score, once signed, the score is final; ■ If any athlete receives an injury whilst competing, the Head Judge must be notified immediately. If an athlete suffers any open wounds (such as torn hands), your judge must be notified at the commencement of the workout and all equipment must be cleaned.

Description This event will provide the opportunity for athletes to battle it out for the top spots in Individual or Pairs categories. The two day event to be held at CrossFit Cross Axed on Thursday the 10th (Afternoon) and Friday the 11th (Day) of October. We are all about fun and participation. If you can do a push up off your knees you can compete.

CrossFit CrossAxed 230 Lytton Rd Morningside CONTACT Nick Paterson, Maroochydore CIB Paterson.NicholasM@police.qld. Mitch Robinson, Surfers Paradise Station Robinson.MitchA@police.qld. Amanda Grant, Sunshine Coast CPIU


Schedule Thursday, 10 October 2019 Friday, 11 October 2019

From 2.00 pm – 10.00 pm From 8.00 am – 2.00 pm

Divisions Individual Pairs

Male/Female (Open 18 – 34 / Masters 35 +) Male, Female, Mixed (Open 18-34 / Masters 35+)

CROSS COUNTRY Overview The Cross-Country event will be held between Bullocky Rest and Forgan Cove at Lake Samsonvale. It is located approximately 27kms (37 mins) from Brisbane City Hall. Forgan Cove is a peninsular stretching out into Lake Samsonvale. The course offers a variety of natural terrain including dirt, grass, rocky areas and trails. Two distances are offered over a reasonably flat and fast course with a pleasant outlook over the lake. Toilets facilities and free parking are available at Bullocky Rest. A barbecue will be provided at the completion of the event.

DATES Wednesday, 9 October, 2019. TIME 8.30 am FEES

Rules No standard rules apply

$20 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)



A cross country event in which participants run a long-distance race to see who can run the fastest and master the terrain the best.

Bullocky Rest, Lake Samsonvale, Forgan Road, Joyner CONTACTS

Division Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female

Age/Category Open 25 – 29 years 30 – 34 years 35 – 39 years 40 – 44 years 45 – 49 years 50 – 54 years 55 – 59 years 60 – 64 years 65 – 69 years 70 +

Details 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms 5.12 kms or 8.44kms

S/C Melinda Fuller, Ferny Grove Station S/C Danni Boyle, Ferny Grove Station

11 Schedule 8.30 am – Welcome, course instruction and Timing Chip allocations 9.00 am – 5.12km race 10.00 am – 8.44km race 11.30 am – Medal presentation and barbeque 12.00 am – Close



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EQUESTRIAN Overview The Equestrian competition will be conducted in the following categories: Dressage

• Preliminary (2019 EA Preliminary 1A and 2019 EA Preliminary 1C) • Novice (2019 EA Novice 2A and 2019 EA Novice 2C) • Elementary (2019 EA Elementary 3A and 2019 EA Elementary 3C)

Combined Training

• A1 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 45cm) • A2 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 60cm) • A3 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 80cm) • A4 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 95cm) • A5 (2019 EA Preliminary 1A – 105cm)

Show Horse

• Led classes (Maiden, Novice and Open) • Ridden Classes (Maiden, Novice and Open)

Show Jumping

• 45cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2) • 60cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2) • 80cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2) • 95cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2) • 105cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2) • 115cm – Super Two Phase, AM5 (238-2.2)

Western Performance

• Led classes (Youth, Amateur and Open) • Ridden classes (Youth, Amateur and Open)


• Novice (Barrels, Bending, Bawnduggie Bend) • Open (Barrels, Bending, Bawnduggie Bend)) Rules

All competitors must wear appropriate footwear while mounted, and around horses in the stabling/wash bay areas. Approved riding helmets to the current standards are to be worn when mounted. Helmets are not required to be tagged per new Equestrian Australia ruling however, it is the responsibility of competitors to ensure helmets are up to current standards. Western competitors may wear Western hats if over 18 years. All youth must wear helmets. The “Best presented” judges may be influenced by quality, originality and innovation of service/agency entrants in this event.


• Indoor and Outdoor sand arenas (70m X 40m) • Bryce Arena (outdoor grass) • 48 stable complex • 50 day yards • 8 wash bays • Amenities block with hot showers • 20 powered camping sites

Acceptable standards: • Current Australian standard AS/NZ3838 (2006 onwards) (SAI global marked) • New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 (SAI global marked) • Current American standard ASTM FII63 (2004a onwards) (SEI or SNELL E2001 marked) • Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) (BSI kitemarked) • Interim European standard VGI (01.040: 201412) (with or without BSI kitemark) • Outgoing European standard EN/1384 is NOT permitted.


Tuesday, 8 October 2019 Dressage, Show Horse, Hunter Classes (Western), and Sporting (Night Event) Wednesday, 9 October 2019 Show Jumping and Western Performance TIME 8.00 am Sharp Each Day

Combined Training, Dressage, Show Horse and Show Jumping will be run under Equestrian Queensland rules. Western Performance will be run under Australian Quarter Horse Association rules. Competitors should become familiar with these rules prior to competition, if not already.


Reservation of Right The organising committee reserves the right to; • Cancel any class or event • Combine/divide any class • Reject nominations for whatsoever reason.

Dressage – $20 per class (two dressage tests)

Hendra Vaccinations Current Hendra vaccination do not replace the requirement for good biosecurity practise. Horse Health declarations are mandatory per BEC rules. Non-vaccinated horses are required to be stabled separately for biosecurity purposes.

Show Horse – $5 per individual class

Riding Attire Polo shirts are permitted for sporting, show jumping and the show jumping phase of the combined training event. Competitors are to make themselves familiar with appropriate attire for applicable disciplines detailed in applicable rule books (links above).

Sporting – $15 per class (three sporting rounds)

Service/Agency Attire Competitors are strongly encouraged to enter in to the spirit of the games by improvisation of their service/agency identity through their riding and horse attire. Agency patches, polo shirts, uniforms and colour co-ordination greatly add to the spectacle and uniqueness of this competition.

CONTACTS Brenda Jones (QPS) uploads/2019/08/Equestrian-Categories.pdf

Please note: all camping and stabling requirements are to be booked via Burpengary Equestrian Centre

All competitors must register via 2019 Queensland Police & Emergency Services Games website and pay the $35 games registration fee prior to entering equestrian events.

Combined Training – $20 per class (one dressage test, one show jumping round)

Show Jumping – $20 per class (two show jumping rounds) Western Performance – $5 per individual class

LOCATION Burpengary Equestrian Centre, 350 Rowley Road, Burpengary

Jo-Anne Sullivan (Qld Health) Jo Moore (QPS)


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The Futsal competition will be staged at the Logan Metro Sports Centre with the support of the Logan City Council and will cater for three categories: Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed.

Friday, 11 October 2019 Saturday, 12 October 2019

Rules Simplified Australian Futsal Association Rules will apply

TIME 8.00 am Check In Each Day



Simplified Australian Futsal Association Rules will apply Description

To be confirmed.

The event will consist of a five-a-side competition to be played in a round robin format and games will be played over two 20 minute halves.


Team coloured shirts are required to be worn during competition.

Logan Metro Sports Centre, 357 Browns Plains Road, Crestmead

All Team’s must consist of 5 members. In the mixed category, there must


Schedule In a round robin format, the competition will be run over both days for all categories in the following order: Mixed, Men’s, Women’s.

A/Sgt Mel Economidis, Logan ETO Economidis.MelanieN@

Depending on the number of registrations, participants maybe required on both days 8.00 am – Check in and briefing 8.300 am –Play Commences Category


Men Women Mixed

Open Open Open


GOLF Overview The Men’s and Women’s competition will be conducted over two days and offer A, B and C Grades (handicaps will be taken into account when grading). Final handicap cut-offs for each grade will be determined by the number of competitors for each grade. Rules


DATES Thursday, 10 October 2019 Friday, 11 October 2019 EVENT TIME 8.30 am Each Day EVENT FEES $105 per player – not including Cart Hire $44 / Day (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee).

In accordance with the Rules of Golf McLeod Country Golf Club Dress Standards


As a guide the following handicaps will apply for this competition: ■ A Grade 1 – 12 ■ B Grade 13 – 19 ■ C Grade 20 ■ All competitors must have either an AGU or NZG handicap; ■ The event itself will be a 2 round (36 hole) Stableford event; ■ Daily prizes will be awarded as well as overall winners; ■ In the event of a tie, there will be a 1 hole play-off (likely to be the 18th hole). ■ This hole will be repeated until a winner is found and played to determine the Gold medal only; ■ If required, all other medals will be determined on a count-back basis; ■ Depending on numbers, it is likely that each day will see a morning tee off time, however if numbers dictate, then an afternoon field will also be catered for; ■ Actual tee off times will be published prior to the event.

EVENT LOCATION McLeod Country Gold Club, 61 Gertrude McLeod Crescent Mount Ommaney CONTACTS Sgt Dave Tolsher, SBD Tactical Crime Tolsher.DavidJ@police.qld. A/S/Sgt Brad Sernig, Brisbane Major Events Sernig.BradleyK@

Tee Off Schedule: To be advised. Categories Division Men & Women

Category A Grade B Grade C Grade


36-hole Stableford



$105 per player

2 Rounds / Player

** $44 per day motorised cart if required. To be self-arranged.

Food and nibbles Pre and post-game on both days


■ The McLeod Country Golf Club is located at the foothills of Mt Ommaney, and is approximately 15 mins drive south west of Brisbane city center. ■ McLeod offers a quality golf experience with 500,000m2 of undulating greens, fairways and natural parkland vistas. ■ The club’s facilities include a Par 71 (men) | Par 74 (women), 18 hole Championship golf course, practice fairway, chip and putt and bunker practice areas. ■ The clubhouse has dedicated function facilities for Weddings and Functions or Business Conferences & Seminars and a Board room for smaller scale meetings. ■ Supported by bars and a range of catering services to accommodate any function, small or large in size. ■ The Golf-Shop is well stocked with the latest equipment and clothing.


JBS Australia is a proud supporter of the

Queensland Police and Emergency Services Games JBS Australia is a proud contributor to Queenslandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s local economy through beef and smallgoods products. With locations across Queensland, JBS Australia contributes more than $6 billion to the Queenland economy.

HOCKEY Overview DATES Saturday, 12 October 2019.

The competition will be a mixed cross field event with goal keepers allowing for a very social but competitive competition. The facility features a water base field along with change rooms, toilets, showers and all club facilities including a deck allowing for a great carnival atmosphere. If you are interested in playing and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have or are unable to form a team, please contact the coordinator who will endeavour to place you in a team.

TIME 9.00 am REGISTRATION AND FEES $35 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)

Rules Modified Hockey Rules will apply.


The event will consist of a six-a-side mixed competition to be played in a round robin format with goal keepers and modified indoor rules (pushing only). Similarly, the duration of the matches will be determined by the number of teams entered. Team coloured shirts are required to be worn during competition, as must long socks and shin pads. Jewellery and peak caps are not permitted. Match balls will be supplied, however teams are required to bring their own equipment including goal keeping gear. The Hockey event is open to all ages and skill levels and is a mixed competition only


To be confirmed

Please note: For registration purposes, there is no need to register as a team as the Hockey Coordinator will allocate teams after the registration window has closed. LOCATION Easts Hockey Club 401 Stanley Street, Carina. CONTACTS Det. Sgt Neil Hansen, Drug Squad S/C Scott Adams, Road Policing Task Force

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Qld Police & Emergency Services Games

INDOOR ROWING Overview This is the event for anyone who wants to participate in these games. Entrants will compete on Concept II Rowing Machines over distances of 500 m and 1000 m. There will also be a teams event (which combines team members times). Rules ■ All competitors in any one race shall use identical make and model of rowing machines, the intention being that each competitor shall have equal racing conditions with all other competitors. ■ No attachments may be added or connections made to any machine without the approval of the Coordinator. ■ Competitors shall not be permitted to use their own machine in this competition but shall use the machine to which they are allotted by the coordinator. ■ Each machine shall have a performance monitor display unit so that the rower can follow his own performance during the race. ■ The distance and timing system for the race will be set by the coordinator on the machine prior to start. ■ All decisions will rest with the coordinator of the event.


DATES Saturday, 12 October 2019. TIME 3.00 pm Check In FEES $15 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION The Gymnasium, Queensland Police Service Academy, 72 Rudd Street, Oxley. CONTACTS Trevor Wendt, Policing Skills, QPSA

3. 00 pm Check In / Warm Up 4. 00 pm Events commence in the following order: ■ 1000 m Male / Female ■ 500 m Male / Female ■ 500 m Teams

Categories Division


Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female

29 and Under 30 – 34 years 35 – 39 years 40 – 44 years 45 – 49 years 50 – 54 years 55 – 59 years 60 – 64 years 65 – 69 years 70 +




hew Lawn Bowls offers events for Club bowlers (Open Section – Singles, Pairs and Fours) and for non-club members/social/barefoot bowlers (Novice Section – Pairs and Fours). All events are Unisex and medals will be presented for both sections – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Rules

DATES Tuesday 8 – Sunday 13 October 2019 (See Event Schedule) TIME 8.00 am Each Day

• Each game will consist of 10 ends, or 1 hour 30 minutes, whichever comes first, unless it is necessary in the knockout finals (only) for an extra end to be played to determine a winner. • A bell will be rung at the 1 hour 30 minute mark to indicate the time limit has been reached. • If the time limit is reached before 10 ends have been completed, no further play is allowed, but if an end has already been commenced, it may be completed. • An end has commenced once the mat has been placed on the green and the jack has been rolled, before the bell is rung. • There will be no dead ends (jack knocked out of bounds), the jack is to be re-spotted on the “T”.

FEES To be confirmed.


S/Con Shane Stanley, South Brisbane Stanley.ShaneM@police.

• In the Pairs and Fours, players are not interchangeable – the nominated Pair or Team of Four cannot be changed during the event. • Pairs and Fours – some teams will be created from individual registrations therefore the positions of lead, second, third and skip, may be changed for each new game, but must remain unchanged during a game. • Points will be awarded as such – Win – 3; Draw – 1; Loss – 0. • In the event of a forfeit, withdrawal or inability to finish a game, the team/player who is able to complete the game will receive 3 points, regardless of the score, plus one shot for each end not finished up to the maximum of 10 ends remaining. • To determine positions for finals/medals, if points are equal, then the following will apply:• Most shots scored (preliminary rounds) • Biggest margin total (preliminary rounds) • Most ends won • One bowl shot nearest to the jack – one nominated player from each team. • Any disputes will be referred to the Umpire, who’s decision will be final. • Games affected by weather conditions will be decided on the day, in conjunction with the Umpire. • Depending on the number of overall player nominations the above times/days of play may be varied by the organising committee and Bowls Club in consultation with the Umpire and players to ensure all play is completed within the above six days. All players will be given sufficient notice of any changes to times/days of play. • Eligibility is determined by the Queensland Police and Emergency Services Sports Association and players may be required to provide photo ID and meet eligibility requirements before play.




Club Bowlers

Open Pairs Open Fours Open Singles

Bare foot / Inexperienced

Novice Pairs Novice Fours


LOCATION Manly Bowls Club, 26 Faine Street, Manly CONTACTS Sgt John Dallow, Capricornia District Dallow.JohnD@police.qld.

Schedule Tuesday 8th – Open and Novice Pairs (round robin play) Wednesday 9th – Open and Novice Pairs (knockout finals, top 8 teams) Thursday 10th – Open and Novice Fours (round robin play) Friday 11th – Open and Novice Fours (knockout finals, top 8 teams) Saturday 12th – Open Singles (round robin play) Sunday 13th – Open Singles (knockout finals, top 8 players)





he Mountain Biking competition will be a combination of XC disciplines held at two different locations


Aligned with UCI Rules

DATES Day 1 – Wednesday, 9 October 2019 – XCM Day 2 – Saturday, 12 October 2019 – XCC


Day 1 XCM – 9.00 am Wednesday, 9 October 2019 Start location will be revealed the night before the race and the course will be disclosed prior to the start of the race. This event is an adventure – race it or ride it.

Day 3 – Sunday, 13 October 2019 – XCO

Day 2 XCC – 3.00 pm Saturday, 12 October 2019

TIME See Description

This event will be staged at 138 Haigslea-Amberley Rd, Walloon. It will be 15 mins plus 2 laps of a short course. approx 800m long. If you get lapped, you’re out. Depending on entries, there will be a maximum of 10 competitors racing at a time.

FEES To be confirmed (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)

Day 3 XCO – 8.00 am Sunday 13 October 2019

LOCATION Rosewood and Walloon

This event will also be staged at 138 Haigslea-Amberley Rd, Walloon on a 5.2 km single track course and require competitors to complete either 3 or 4 laps depending upon category. The course will be marked and open all week. Schedule & Facilities Please direct any inquiries directly to the Coordinator listed under ‘Contacts.’

Categories Open

CONTACTS Sgt Roly Watkin, PCAP Watkin. S/C John Russell, Ipswich RPC


Commercial Buildings • Domestic Housing • Footpaths Concrete Pumping Service • Retaining Walls • Driveways

Phone: 0409 789 370 FAX (07) 4069 2007 • email PO Box 947, Thursday Island, Qld 4875

Proudly Supporting the Queensland Police & Emergency Services Sporting Games

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NETBALL Overview


etball will comprise of both a women’s competition (Tuesday & Wednesday) and a mixed competition (Thursday & Friday). The competitions will be a round robin format with teams awarded 4 points for a win and 2 points for a draw (0 points for a loss). Games will be 2 x 15 minute halves. Players are welcome to register for both competitions. Winners and runners up will be allocated according to points. Rules • As per International Netball Federation – Outside Netball Rules ; • All team players must be wearing the same uniform; • Men in the mixed teams must have the same coloured shirts as the women in their teams; • Shorts may be worn but must have no zips, large pockets or anything which may be a playing hazard to be on the clothing; • No jewellery to be worn by any players; • After close of entries and dependant on the number of teams entered, the organising committee reserves the right to reduce/alter game time in the Preliminary rounds Description The competition will be outdoor netball played indoors (no net) consisting of both Women and Mixed teams. The women’s teams must have at least 5 (of the 7) team members on the court for the game to begin. Mixed must have a maximum of 3 males on the court, with a male being positioned in each third. There will be 2 umpires and a scorer per game.

Division Women & Mixed

Age/Category Over 18



2 x 15-minute halves


DATES Tuesday, 8 October 2019 – Friday 11 October 2019 TIME 9.30 am Start – Each Day FEES $40 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION Mount Warren Park Sports Centre, 2 Milne Street, Mt Warren Park CONTACT A/SC Sandra Mowbray, Logan CPIU Mowbray.SandraT@police. Schedule To Be Confirmed.

Other Info Maximum 10 players per team plus sports coach


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Proud Supporters of the Queensland Police & Emergency Services Games

Phone: 07 3205 7980 Fax: 07 3205 7643 Email: Postal: PO Box 5313, Brendale Qld 4500

OZTAG Overview


n Oz Tag the attacking team has six plays or tags to try and score a try or promote the ball down field as close to the line as possible. The game is exciting due to the fact of the tagging situation which can be difficult to remove.

DATES Tuesday 8 – Sunday 13 October 2019 (See Event Schedule)

Eight players in each team are on the field at any one time. Players wear shorts with a Velcro patch on each side. A strip of cloth is attached to the Velcro, known as a tag. The object of the game is to score tries. Defenders prevent this by tagging the ball carrier, removing the tag from the shorts.

TIME 8.00 am Each Day

All skills are utilised in Oz Tag football including kicking. The game is low/mediumcontact sport and the rules are designed to encourage this – you cannot, as an attacker, run straight at a defender, you must run at the gaps. A defender cannot impede the progress of an attacker, so if you try to get a tag and bump the attacker you may well be penalised. The rule is whoever initiates contact will be penalised. The rules allow for the ball to go to ground with the advantage rule applying – this results in a lot of broken field play. Teams kick off to commence play and restart play after a try has been scored. Line drop-outs are taken from the centre of the try line. Kicking in general play is allowed but it must be below shoulder height of the referee. If you do not have the proper playing shorts/tights with the Velcro attachment, belts can be borrowed to play in on the day.

FEES To be confirmed. LOCATION Manly Bowls Club, 26 Faine Street, Manly CONTACTS Sgt John Dallow, Capricornia District Dallow.JohnD@police.qld. S/Con Shane Stanley, South Brisbane Stanley.ShaneM@police.

Rules The Oz Tag rules for this tournament will be in line with the Representative Rules and are available on our website


The competition will be run in a round robin format with finals at the end of the day.

Schedule 7.30 am Check In / Briefing 8.00 am Play Commences





Men’s Female


8 players on the field



4 male players and 4 female players on the field

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SHOOTING - FULL BORE Overview DATES Saturday, 12 October 2019.

The event consists of a Short Range Competition and a Long Range Competition Rules • Club firearms, ammunition and other equipment will be available but must be requested prior to competition day. • Full Bore and F Standard shooters are restricted to .308 or .223 calibres only, as per NRAA rules. • F Open shooters are restricted to any calibre and projectile up to and including 8mm. • Both F Open and F Standard shooters may use a bi-pod or rest, as per NRAA rules. • All firearms and equipment must comply with NRAA Rules. Competitors WILL BE REQUIRED to produce:

TIME 8.00 am (All Competitors Safety Briefing) FEES $30 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION Davision Range Target Sports, 269 Fairhill Road, North Arm

• A current Firearms Licence or complete a Form 33 (to shoot as a guest of the North Arm Rifle Club); and/or • A current State Association Grading Card or SSAA Membership Card, if a member of those organisations.


Description Competition will be a standard 10 shot match with 2 convertible sighters at each distance. NRAA rules will apply with Full Bore, F Open, F Standard, F T/R and Field Class categories being offered (competitor numbers permitting) using electronic ICFRA targets.

Ret. S/C Andrew Burns

S/C Tony Wapp, Nambour RPU

The competitions will be shot over the following distances:


Short Range: 300 m & 500 yds Long Range: 600 yds x 2.

Schedule 8.00 am ALL Competitors – Check in and safety brief. 8.30 am Short Range Competition 12.30 pm Long Range Competition





Full Bore

Short Range –

F Class Open

300 m & 500 yds

F Class Standard F T/R Class

Long Range –

Field Class

600 yds x 2


$25 per shooter


2 sighters and 10 counting shots at each distance

The Davison Range Target Sports Complex is situated between Yandina and Eumundi, and centrally located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It is home to the North Arm Rifle Club, the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, the North Arm Pistol Club and the North Arm Shotgun Association of Qld. The complex boasts an open rifle range from 300 metres out to 700 yards, a clay target range, a covered 25/50/75/100 metres range, pistol ranges, clubhouses and full amenities. Light refreshments will be available whilst on the range.




his will be a three stage Internal Practical Shooting Confederation Match with only one stage being shot at a time. There will be two separate stages shot and Stage 3 will be Stage 1 and 2 Combined. Competitors will require 150 rounds of ammunition along the format of a Grand Slam for those competitors familiar with IPSC and 90 rounds of ammunition for APSM.

Teams • Teams of 4 can nominate, with the scores from each of the individual shoots being tallied to obtain the team scores. • At least 3 teams need to be nominated in a category, before medals will be offered in that category. • If less than 3 teams are nominated in any category, the team event in that category will be withdrawn.

DATES Sunday, 13 October 2019

Rules According to SSAA Standard Rules

Event Schedule 8.30 am – 12.00 pm: Practical Pistol

LOCATION Queensland Police Pistol Club, Belmont Shooting Complex, 1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont

Description • All events are mixed events only; • Competitors may only compete in one class; • Ammunition is to be provided by the competitor; • 9mm pistol ammunition is able to be purchased at QPPC club ($20 per 50 rounds); • QPPC club Glock Pistols are available for use for non-licenced shooters; • Form 33 paperwork is available at QPPC club for non-licenced shooters to fill in to allow them to compete. • Entry fee for event is $10 (range fee) inclusive of both events • Ammunition requirement Practical approx 80 rounds (still working on course of fire) and 90 rounds for Australian Police and Service (APSM)or 66 rounds for modified APSM Teams • Teams of 4 can nominate, with the scores from each of the individual shoots being tallied to obtain the team scores. • At least 3 teams need to be nominated in a category, before medals will be offered in that category. • If less than 3 teams are nominated in any category, the team event in that category will be withdrawn. 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm: Australian Police & Service Match (APSM) • The competition will be held under the current rules for APSM; • This match will be a 90 shot Service Match from 50, 25, 10 and 7 meters; • Competitors may use a different handgun for this event as optical sights are not allowed. • A modified APSM match will be run which will be 25,10 and 7 Meters for participants that do not wish to shoot the 50 meter serial.

• The practical competition will be shot under SSAA Practical Pistol rules. • 3 stages, stage 1 and 2 will be combined for stage 3 • There are three divisions for the Police games; Open: any pistol you want , eg

TIME 8.00 am (All Competitors Safety Briefing) FEES $25 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)

CONTACTS Const. Clint Russ, Holland Park

modified pistols / revolvers . Production: Duty style pistols eg Glock, M&P, and Novice: Un-licenced shooters that will utilise QPPC Club Glocks. • Medals will awarded in the Open category (Gold & silver) Production category (Gold & Silver) and Novice (Gold & Silver).





Open Individual Mixed

Teams (4) Mixed

Production Novice

Practical Shooting


Scores from the individual shoots will be tallied to obtain team results.

Production Novice Open

Individual Mixed


Teams (4) Mixed




Production Novice

Scores from the individual shoots will be tallied to obtain team results.


SQUASH Overview


he Squash Tournament will be held over two days with a Swiss Draw Format. Players will play off for every position, meaning every competitor ends up with a final position with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place-getters to receive medals.

DATES Thursday 10 October 2019 Friday 11 October 2019


TIME 8.30 am (Both Days)

Rules in accordance with the World Squash Federation 2019 Rules.

FEES $30 per player (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)

• Minimum 3 matches • Point a rall first to 11, best of 5 scoring • Players must score/referee the match following their own • Each player enters and plays in this tournament at his/her own risk. The venue operators, Staff, Scarborough Squash, and PCYC accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury of any nature whatsoever arising from any player’s participation in this event. • Entry into this tournament shall be sufficient evidence that these conditions are accepted by the player. • White sole or non-marking shoes must be worn.

LOCATION PCYC Redcliffe, 170 Klingner Road, Kippa-Ring CONTACTS Josh Foyle, Queensland Health


Susan Alerdice, Ipswich District Alderdice.SusanM@police.qld.

Swiss Draw:

• All players in one draw done in Swiss draw style • Play offs for all positions, every competitor ends up with a final position • 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall placegetter medals • Balls provided Seedings will be assessed using the Squash Australia Ranking System (SportyHQ), QLD Squash Master Rankings and International Ranking. If players don’t have any of the above rankings, the event coordinators will work with the players to understand their skill level and seed appropriately. Please note due to the unknown amount of players and standards entering this event the following draws will be options once the details can be assessed: 1.Swiss draw style: Players will play off for every position, meaning every competitor ends up with a final position. Minimum 3 matches. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall placegetter receive medals 2.Round Robin: different divisions as per standard of players 3.Minimum 3 matches. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each division 4.Triple Plate draw: Main Draw, Special Plate and Consolation Plate. Minimum 3 matches with all players in one draw. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall placegetter receive medals.

Venue Information The leading squash centre in the Moreton Bay region and has held events such as the Oceania Junior Championships, Trans-Tasman Championships, multiple Brisbane Open tournaments, and annual junior and masters tournaments. The facilities include 4 international standard glassback courts with adjustable tins and recently renovated court floors. The multi-sport centre has high quality amenities and ample parking, and is walking distance to food options otherwise food will be provided on the day. Redcliffe is a bustling small town on the peninsula with stunning waterfront locations.



Truck & Machinery Movements

PH: 0419423058 PO Box 543 Beerwah qld 4519

Proud Supporters of the

Queensland Police & Emergency Services Sporting Games Approved transporter for Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance And Emergency Services

SURFING Overview


or the first time, the surfing event will be held at the ‘Bluff’ Alexandra Headland this year. Whether you’re an avid surfer landing ‘sushi rolls’ regularly or someone who still contemplates where to apply wax to their board and has never entered a competition before – this is the event for you. A great social event with a great bunch of people. If you enjoy the water, give it a try. You’ll love it.

DATES Tuesday, 8 October and Wednesday 9 October 2019. TIME 6.30 am Check In and Briefing Each Day FEES TBC (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION The Bluff, Alexandra Parade, Alexandra Headland CONTACTS S/C Chae Rowland, Diving Unit Sgt Craig Mansfield, Kawana Waters Mansfield.CraigA@police.qld


• This event will consist of short boards, long boards, body boards, knee boards and SUPs (surfing only – not racing); • Short boards are to be no longer than 60cm longer than the competitor’s height; • Long boards shall be a minimum of 2.75m; • Heats will be graded and will be for a 15min duration; • Judging will be done by experienced surf judges from local board riding clubs, affiliated with Surfing Australia.

Schedule Tuesday 8/10/2019 from 7:00am – heats

for all ages, all categories Wednesday 9/10/2019 from 7:00am – finals for all ages all categories (inc. shortboard, longboard, bodyboard, kneeboard and SUP)

Check in and briefing will commence 30min prior to competition on each day.

Categories Division




Rules Surfing Australia Rules.

Age/Category Open 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+ Open 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+ Open


Shortboard and longboard

Shortboard and longboard

Bodyboard Kneeboard SUP








DATES Thursday, 10 October 2019.


TIME 8.00 am Sharp (Check in and Safety Briefing)

he Stand Up Paddle Board event will consist of a Juniors Sprint Race; Open Male / Female Sprint Race; Masters Male / Female Sprint Race; and Masters of the Universe Male / Female Sprint Race.

• Entrants MUST be competent swimmers; • Start and finish will run parallel with the swimming enclosure; • Any type of SUP Board is eligible to enter from professional to recreational; • Paddlers must have leg rope to compete; • SUP boards can be hired if necessary from (to be confirmed) and individuals are to check website and contact hire company prior to event. Description

FEES $15 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION Enoggera Reservoir, Mount Nebo Rd, The Gap

The Juniors Sprint Sprint Race will be over 1.6 kms and the Open, Masters and Masters of the Universe events will run over 3.2 kms. The events will have a water start and a water finish that run parallel with the designated swimming area and will consist of 2 x 800m laps for Junior participants and 4 x 800m laps for all other participants. Schedule and Categories Commencing from 9.00 am in the following order: Event 1 – Juniors Sprint Race – 1.6 kms (Under 16 yrs) Event 2 – Open Female Sprint Race – 3.2 kms (16 – 34 yrs) Event 3 – Open Male Sprint Race – 3.2 kms (16 – 34 yrs) Event 4 – Masters Female Sprint Race – 3.2 kms (35 – 54 yrs) Event 5 – Master Male Sprint Race – 3.2 kms (35 – 54 yrs) Event 6 – Masters of the Universe Female Sprint Race – 3.2 kms (55 + yrs)


Event 7 – Masters of the Universe Male Sprint Race – 3.2 kms (55 + yrs)

CONTACT Amanda-Jane Round, Recruit Training Unit Vicki Barrett, (Justice Dept.)



Schedule he Swimming event has been held at every Queensland Police From 10.15 am: and Emergency Services Games since 1986. This year’s event will be • 200m freestyle held at the 25m Queensland Police • 50m breaststroke Service Academy swimming pool • 100 freestyle and feature the 25m “Russell Wendt” • 50m backstroke skins event where losing competitors • 50m butterfly drop out after each lap until there is • 100m breaststroke one winner. • 50m freestyle • 100m backstroke Rules • 800m freestyle Aligned with Queensland Swimming • 4 x 25m freestyle relay (mixed) • 25m SKINS Description The Swimming Competition is open to males, females and children with 5yr age groups for medals. Please note: this pool does not have starting blocks.


DATES Saturday, 12 October 2019 TIME 9.00 am Sign In and Briefing 10.15 am Racing Commences FEES $15 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION The Pool, Queensland Police Service Academy, 72 Rudd Street, Oxley CONTACT Trevor Wendt, Physical SKills, QPSA Wendt


Male and Female

29 and under

Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female Male and Female

30 – 34 years 35 – 39 years 40 – 44 years 45 – 49 years


50 – 54 years 55 – 59 years 60 – 64 years 65 – 69 years 70 +

TENNIS Overview


he tennis competition will be in a round robin format at the Coops Tennis Centre, 751 Beams Rd, Carseldine.

Rules In accordance with the International Tennis Federation Rules of Tennis


The competition will be played on hard courts and the draw will be released prior to the event. Entrants can register in multiple events and depending on the draw, maybe required to attend on both days.


To schedule will be confirmed closer to the event date and released to entrants by the Coordinator.


• Open Men’s Singles • Open Women’s Singles • Open Mixed Doubles • Open Men’s Doubles • Open Women’s Doubles • All In Male and Female Singles Event

DATES Day 1 – Thursday, 10 October Day 2 – Friday 11 October 2019 TIME 8.00 am Each Day – Check in and Briefing FEES $25 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION The Coops Tennis Centre, 751 Beams Rd, Carseldine CONTACT S/C Cameron Kay, Boondall RPU



Follow us on Facebook and Twitter



DATES Thursday, 10 October 2019

Every game of Singles, Double and Teams will have total pinfall count towards their All Event Pinfall score. The person with the highest pinfall will win The Gary Arnfield Perpetual Shield (Top Score). Medals will be awarded for first, second and third for each event in each category.

TIME 9.30 am Check In

his tenpin bowling event will be a fun day out for everyone (regardless of skill) and an opportunity to meet new people.

Rules Tenpin Bowling Australia League, Tournament & General Playing Rules apply.


Singles, Doubles and Teams Competition.



9.30 am Check In

1.30 pm Teams

10.00 am Singles

3.30 pm Presentations

FEES $55 per player (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION Zone Bowling, 407 Archerfield Road, Richlands CONTACT Senior Protective Officer Robert Poulain

11.30 am Doubles







Mixed D or T


All Events


Details Single, Double & Teams


Other Info


1st,, 2nd, and third


1st,, 2nd, and third

TBC Single, Double & Teams Total Pinfall TBC

1st,, 2nd, and third placements The Gary Arnfield Perpetual Shield (Top Score) 1st,, 2nd, and third placements M/F


Proud Supporters of the Queensland Police Games



he Twilight Road Race will be staged under the sub-tropical evening sky on 10 October 10th at Wacol. Competitors will run on traffic free roads, past the historic and heritage listed buildings, through the bush beside the Brisbane River to the Driver Training Track only to turn around and do it all again. Finish to the support of friends, family and spectators as you run back to the Driver Training Centre for a truly unique experience. You can view the course on our website.

DATES Thursday, 10 October 2019.

Rules Australian Standards.

FEES $15 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)

Description Adult Course (Individual / Teams): 5 km. In the Teams Category, a minimum of 3 runners are required. The winner will be the team with the lowest average time.

TIME 4.30 pm – Check in and Safety Briefing

LOCATION Start: Lilly Pilly House, Repatriation Drive, Wacol CONTACTS Insp Jim Owen, Training Strategy

Children’s Course: 1 km


Age/ Category

Male and Female


Male and Female

25 – 29 years

Male and Female

30 – 34 years

Male and Female

35 – 39 years

Male and Female

40 – 44 years

Male and Female

45 – 49 years

Male and Female

50 – 54 years

Male and Female

55 – 59 years

Male and Female

60 – 64 years

Male and Female

65 – 69 years

Male and Female

70 +


Under 18

Schedule 4.30 pm – Check In and Safety Brief 5.00 pm Racing Commences 6.00 pm Medal Presentations and BBQ









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TOUCH FOOTBALL Overview The touch competition will be open to men’s and mixed teams (depending on registrations) in a round robin format followed by finals.

DATES Saturday, 12 October 2019.

Rules Current Australian Touch Association rules will apply.

TIME 8.00 am Check In and Briefing

All players will be required to wear a jersey displaying a visible number on the back.


Players are NOT to wear footwear with metal studs – Only plastic cleats will be allowed.

$20 per player (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee)

There will be a maximum of 12 players registered per team. Mixed teams must have a maximum of 3 male players on the field at any given time.

Description The games will consist of two 12 minute halves with a one minute half-time break (dependant on team numbers).

Please Note: For team registration purposes, organise your team and nominate a Team Captain. When registrations open, you will register as an individual and be prompted to insert your Team Captain’s name.


LOCATION The Oval, Queensland Police Service Academy, 72 Rudd Street, Oxley

8.00 am Check In and Briefing


9.00 am Games Commence

S/Sgt Mark Ruggeri, QPS Ruggeri.

The event will conclude with medal presentations and a Player of the Carnival for each division

Division Mens Mens Mixed Children


A/S/Sgt Rebecca Dale, Training Strategy Dale.RebeccaE@police.qld.


Open Over 35 Open 12- 16 years

Players competing in the Men’s Open are not permitted to play in this category. Depending on numbers Depending on numbers – an exhibition match for children of eligible participants will be played between 2 teams of 12 players during the lunch break. Registrations will be capped at 24 children and is free for children.


Proud Supporters of the Queensland Police Games Betta Home Living & Palsonic

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ULTIMATE DISC Overview Ultimate Disc (Frisbee) is a mixed gender non-contact team and will be played on a grass field 50m long by 20 wide. Players pass the disc up the field from player to player with the aim of catching the disc inside the endzone to score a point. Players are unable to run once they’ve caught the disc and have 10 seconds to throw the disc once a defender has started counting. Games are played to a point or a time cap depending on the format of the competition. The aim of the game is to score by getting through the opponent team’s part of the field and catching the disc in the endzone. Rules Normal World Flying Disc Federation rules apply (Rules of Ultimate) with the Mini version rules below applying to this tournament. The team leaders decide with a disc flip (hills/valleys) as to who hucs and who recieves, winner of the flip decides offence or defence and the other captain chooses which end to start on. The games will be played to a 60-minute time cap or 13 points, which ever comes first. There will only be 20 minutes between games. The teams will compete in a round robin format with play offs for gold, silver and bronze. Players must wear number shirts* and suitable grass playing foot wear. Soccer boots are recommended. Half time is when a team reaches 7 points, I minute is allowed at the break. Each team is allowed 1 time out to max of 2 minutes. Time out cannot be called in a universe point situation. (see scoring). Scoring – point for each successful catch in the opponents’ goal line. If time cap is reached the plus one rule will apply, game will be played to the next point based on the score at the time, i.e. 7-5 at time cap, plus one means the game will be played until a team reaches 8 points with no time outs.

Description This will be the first time Ultimate Disc will be played in any Police and Emergency Services Games. The version being played will be Mini, using a smaller field with a mixed gendered team of 4 on 4 with 4 subs. There must be 8 players registered for each team, 4 men and 4 women.

DATES Sunday, 13 October 2019. TIME 11.30 am Check In / Briefing FEES $15 (Plus $35 Games Registration Fee) LOCATION The Oval, Queensland Police Service Academy, 72 Rudd Street, Oxley CONTACTS Sergeant Mark Donnelly Corey Wakefield Corey.Wakefield@ambulance.qld.

Schedule 11.30 am Check In / Briefing 12.00 pm Play Commences

The Coordinators will allocate entrants into teams in the lead up to the event.


CRICKET REPORT 2018 Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships


he historic Sydney University was the host club as the New South Wales Police Force hosted the 2018 Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships ANZPCC in December 2018. With teams from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Federal Police and New Zealand competing, the carnival promised to be a tightly contested competition with an extremely high level of cricket to be played. With the assistance of some generous sponsors and the Queensland Police Sporting Association, the Queensland team sent a squad of 18, including three debutants to the carnival. This unearthed some fresh new talent for Queensland that will hopefully remain in the side for many years to come. Queensland had modest expectations for the carnival but knew that if they performed to their potential they would be very competitive. With seven teams again contesting the carnival and all needing to have at least one rest day, the carnival commenced with teams playing two 20/20 matches on Sunday 2 December and then four 45 over matches throughout the rest of the week.


S Shane Connors v WA Sydney Uni number 2 oval

Peter Reimers batting v WA Sydney Uni number 2 oval

Dion Bryant batting v WA Sydney Uni number 2 oval

unday 2 December saw Queensland take on Western Australia (WA) in the opening 20/20 match of the carnival. Played on Sydney University’s number two oval, Queensland had the perfect start to the day with Captain Peter “Slick” Reimers winning the toss and electing to bat. Queensland opened their batting with tour veterans Paul Bonney and Shane Connors. Bonney was keen to get things started and belted the first ball of the match to the boundary. This set the tone of the innings and Connors followed suit sending the second ball that he faced to the boundary as well. Queensland took 11 runs off the first over and things were looking good. Bonney found the boundary again and a couple of quick singles but was then bowled trying to heave another ball over the infield. An opening partnership of 23 off only 3 overs wasn’t a bad start for the boys though. With the dismissal of Bonney, Captain Reimers came to the crease and with Connors, set about building on the score. The pair looked very comfortable in the middle, rotating the strike and finding the boundary with regularity. The scoreboard was increasing rapidly when Reimers was caught on the boundary for 28 off 25 balls. Connors was joined by tour debutant and new wicket keeper Tom Sky, but WA had been given a sniff with the wicket and picked up their intensity. They managed to snare the wicket of Sky two overs later as he was stumped after advancing down the pitch. Ray “Razor” Atkinson then made his way to the middle; however, WA could smell blood in the water and when they snared the wicket of Connors caught for 38, the

scoring had slowed and there were now two fresh batsmen at the crease. The second of the tour rookies Ryan “Swampy” Lange (if you get a chance, ask him how he earned his nickname ) came out to bat with Razor to try and add some runs and give Queensland a decent total to defend. However, Swampy only lasted 6 balls before being bowled for one. Tour veteran Dion Bryant then came out to bat and with Razor the pair stopped the wickets falling and started adding to the score. They pushed the ball around and started to find the boundary again. Dion was dismissed on the second last ball of the innings which left Razor to face the final ball, which he duly dispatched over the boundary into the neighbouring facility to finish the innings with a 6. At the end of their 20 overs, Queensland had amassed a competitive total of 6/140. Most impressive was that each batsman at least managed to put some runs on the board with no ducks being recorded in the score book – the first for a long time for Queensland. revious matches with WA had always been competitive and although they had posted a score, the boys were aware they’d have to bowl well if they were going to claim victory. WA managed to get away to the perfect start taking 35 runs off the first 3 overs. Their batting seemed effortless and Queensland were a bit stunned. Queensland persevered with, Shane “Chesty” Turner bowling into what was a blustery breeze. Chesty who was extracting some great some turn and bounce from the wicket was bowling without luck and the WA batsmen were up to the task. It was going to take something special to take a wicket and that’s just what Chesty delivered on the fourth delivery of his second over.



CRICKET REPORT 2018 Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships cont..


ith the big hitting WA opener in full flight, dancing down the pitch, he drove the ball straight back at the bowler. Chesty stuck out his left arm in desperation more than anything, but the ball crashed into his bicep, popped up in the air and he took the catch. Chesty got himself his first scalp of the carnival and a sensational multi-coloured bruise to remember the day. Chesty then grabbed another wicket in his next over. WA weren’t slowing up though and although the wickets were falling, they were on top of the scoreboard and the run rate had them steaming toward victory. After 14 overs they were on 97 and only needed 44 from the remaining six overs to secure the win. Being 6 down, the scoring slowed a little over the next couple of overs and when the seventh wicket fell WA still needed 32 for victory and were running out of overs. In a move that shocked some team members but no one more than himself, Jason “Jazzy” Allard was given the ball in the 18th over to see what he could do. Jazzy took a wicket with his first delivery and then followed it up with another wicket from the third ball of the over. WA were now 9 down. Jazzy finished with the impressive figures of 2 for 4. The first ball of the 19th over saw the WA batsman going for a quick single and resulting in their number ten being run out. WA all out for 113 in the 19th over. Queensland with a great first up victory that buoyed the spirits and had them pumped for their next challenge the Kiwi’s in the afternoon match.

QLD vs NEW ZEALAND 02/12/2018

The afternoon saw Queensland taking on New Zealand on the University’s number one oval, in the second 20/20 match of the carnival. Both teams look forward to this game and it’s always played in good spirits

Tom Sky wicket keeping v WA Sydney Uni number 2 oval

as the player’s battle for a Cross Tasman trophy established to commemorate the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and the Brisbane floods. Unfortunately, since the trophy’s inception Queensland have yet to claim it, but they were keen for things to change during this match. Queensland lost the toss and the Kiwi’s elected to bat. Queensland were up for the challenge though again opening the bowling with Shane Connors and Chesty, the team got off to the perfect start with both bowlers claiming a wicket in their first over. It wasn’t exactly pretty though with Connors sending his first ball wide down the leg side. The batsman tried to flick it off his pads but missed and the keeper Sky had the bails off in a flash. Whilst the batsman was looking for a wide call from the umpire, he was found short of his ground and given out stumped. The bowlers were doing their job and at the end of the 14th over the Kiwis were 5 for 88. If Queensland could keep taking wickets or restrict the Kiwis scoring opportunities, they would be well positioned to attain a victory. Bring on Dion Bryant to bowl. Dion went for five runs off his first over then claimed a wicket with the first ball of his second over. He only lasted four more deliveries though, before breaking down with a hamstring strain. (Nice 5 ball over Dion). However, Dion’s five ball over was bettered by Kieron “Barto” Barton who came on to replace him. Barto took a wicket with his second delivery but then broke down after his fourth delivery (hurt his shoulder appealing) and failed to complete the over. Gents, a reminder. Each over is supposed to last six deliveries. The average age of 40.5 years for the Queensland team was starting to show through and take its toll already. The Kiwis however were in no mood to let the match slip that easy. With their number four batsman deciding that he might as well go down swinging, so this is what he did. With his brother at the other end, the pair put on 45 runs in the next four overs before Queensland claimed another wicket. The next Kiwi batsman followed the same trend so by the end of their 20 overs, the Kiwi’s had amassed 143. A great total considering where they were after 14 overs. Queensland with two wounded players, but fresh from their victory over WA were

confident they could win so when Connors and Bonney strode out to open the batting there was a bit of a buzz going around the dressing room. Connors off the mark immediately with a single brought Bonney on strike. He scored 2 from the first ball he faced but was then trapped in front LBW the next delivery. Not the start the team was looking for but was it a sign of things to come? Captain Reimers came and went without troubling the scorer, also trapped in front LBW and when Tom Sky also departed for a duck, two overs later given out LBW, Queensland were floundering and the Kiwis opening bowler had 3 for 18 from 3 overs, all of them LBW and no third umpire review system in place. Connors was the anchor at the other end, continuing to score runs and finding the boundary whenever he could as the wickets fell around him. This was followed quickly by Wayne “Clayto” Clayton who came and went bowled for the third duck of the innings. When Dan Field was given out shortly after, he became the fourth LBW dismissal for the innings and the fourth duck. Any chance of victory now rested with Connors and Chesty. The two set about stopping the rot. When Connors got to his 50 in the 15th over the score was on 90. The boys needed 54 runs from the final five overs to claim victory. There was still a chance but only slim. That chance was all but extinguished when Connors was bowled two balls after scoring his 50. Chesty then went in the next over adjudged LBW which brought the total to five LBW dismissals for the innings. That’s right five. The match fizzled out with Queensland being bowled out for 108 in the 18th over.

QLD vs NEW SOUTH WALES 03/12/2018

Monday saw Queensland take on carnival hosts New South Wales (NSW) at Mona Park in the first full 45 over match of the carnival. Queensland won the toss and chose to bat on what looked like a pretty flat deck. A change was made to the batting line up with Bonney and Sky opening this time. Bonney had been striking the ball well in the previous two matches but was having no luck and everyone hoped things would turn around here.


CRICKET REPORT 2018 Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships cont..


onney again got off to a great start making solid connection with the ball, but seemingly always finding the fieldsman. In an effort to avoid the fielders he chose to go over the top with a huge 6. However, he was brought undone going for a similar shot, bowled for 10 from 10 deliveries. Captain Reimers joined Sky in the middle and the pair set about building a score taking their time and scoring off only the loose deliveries. Sky was methodical and was content to bat for time. Reimers at the other end was settled in and then started to find the boundary. He was looking solid and had raced to 23 when he skied one off a top edge. The fieldsman planted his feet firmly under the ball but dropped his lollies and Slick survived. Was that going to prove costly to NSW? Slick decided to take advantage of the life he had been given and started to knock the ball around a bit. This also had the desired effect of helping Sky relax at the other end and he too started to loosen the shackles. Sky managed to get to 43 before he was dismissed after providing a difficult caught and bowled opportunity for the bowler which he was good enough to grab. In the re-shuffled order Connors now came to the crease and with some freedom began to play his shots. Between the pair of them the sight of the ball travelling to and over the boundary became quite monotonous for the NSW fielders. Connors however was caught on the boundary for 23 off only 16 balls. This brought Razor to the wicket. It was then as the bowler prepared for his fifth delivery that things changed. After taking guard, to say that Razor showed interesting judgement would imply that he actually used some judgement at all. In fact, all he did was watch the ball pitch on middle stump, leave that ball that pitched on middle stump and then watch that ball crash into his middle stump. This brought about his first ever QPCA duck in over 14 years competing at these carnivals. Swampy replaced Razor and came and left before the scorer could even pencil his name in, registering his second duck in as many innings. When Matt “Gilly” Gill came and went only adding 2 to the total, Queensland were still looking okay at 6 for 185 from 34 overs. Enter the tours’ third debutant Justin Kersey. Kersey with his first opportunity to bat, had a chance to show his wares but his main priority at this stage was to feed the strike to Slick who was red hot. The pair set about amassing a huge total and Slick didn’t hold back. He plundered the attack over the

next eight overs bringing up his century with a boundary. He wasn’t done there though and kept on belting around the attack. He was finally caught in the deep after reaching 136 from only 111 deliveries. An innings that included twelve 4’s and six 6’s. I guess that dropped catch when he was on 23 didn’t prove that expensive! Kersey put on 21 for his opening knock, then Chesty and “Clayto” saw out the overs, helping the Queensland team reach an extremely competitive total of 266. It was now NSW turn to bat and they got off to a solid start, scoring at 6 an over for the first 5 overs. Queensland opened the bowling with Clayto and Slick, Clayto claiming the first scalp bowling the NSW opener. Whilst it was good to have a wicket, it should have come much sooner and would have if Gilly hadn’t managed to drop two absolute sitters in successive overs from Clayto. No wonder Clayto took it upon himself to knock over the stumps and not rely on the fielders at all to help him out. The second wicket came in the 11th over when Connors replacing Clayto in the attack again took a wicket in his opening over. After 11 overs NSW were 2 for 51 and tracking nicely. They put on 28 runs for the next partnership before the third wicket fell to Jason Allard who after his single over dominance against WA was given the opportunity to bowl again and claimed 1 for 18 in his spell of 5 overs. NSW whilst scoring steadily, needed to up the tempo a bit. However, this brought about some dramas for them. The number five batsman was run out and the remaining opening bat was then bowled by Slick in the same over. The wheels had now fallen off for NSW and they continued to lose wickets in quick succession. At the end of the 33rd over they were 9 down for 148 and it seemed a formality that the innings would be over shortly. Dominating the match completely, debutant wicket keeper decided that this would be an appropriate time to advise the Captain that he could also bowl a bit and wouldn’t mind sending a few down to show what he could do. Swampy, not one to miss an opportunity then chirped up telling all who would listen that he was pretty handy with the gloves and would take over the keeping duties. So, Sky was given the opportunity to bowl an over and Swampy donned the gloves. Sky came in to bowl his gentle door knobs with the wind at his back. The first delivery went sailing toward cow-corner, over the boundary, over the gum trees and over the

creek. Six runs and lost ball. It’s okay, Tom, the first delivery is always a loosener. His second delivery went straight back over his head and fortunately it struck a gum tree about 15 metres up, as this was the only thing stopping it hitting the houses on the other side of the road. His third delivery was a carbon copy of the second and 18 runs had come off the first three deliveries of the over. NSW players were now starting to think they were a chance. Queensland on the other hand were thinking…. well we can’t print what they were thinking. Sky’s next delivery only went for 2 and the whole team sighed with relief. The fifth delivery had the batsman charging him, but he missed the ball. Unfortunately, Swampy couldn’t glove the ball either and he missed the stumping with the batsman sneaking a single. The final delivery of the over was a small miracle. It was a dot ball. Not the best of experiments boys - 21 runs from the over and a missed stumping. In future lads, I think perhaps you should stick to your roles. NSW managed to hold out for another three overs before Barnes in his only bowling stint of the tour took the final wicket with the first delivery of his third over. NSW all out for 186. Queensland with a big victory. Highlights from this match included Slick’s 136, Razor taking a specky of a diving catch at deep mid-on and Connors who took the last catch of the match. As Barnes ran in, Connors moving sideways into position at deep mid-wicket tripped on the sprinkler head and fell A over T. The batsman swung hard, connected and sent the ball toward the boundary at deep midwicket. Connors sprung back to his feet and casual as you like took the catch no one even knowing that as the ball was delivered he was lying flat on his back on the boundary.

Wayne Clayton bowling v New Zealand Sydney Uni number 1 oval


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CRICKET REPORT 2018 Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships cont.. RAZOR CUP

The end of the days play saw the contesting of the Razor Cup, hosted by our own Matt Gill to invigorate the camaraderie between all competing teams. After relinquishing the title to New Zealand in the last carnival in Adelaide, the Queensland boys were keen to redeem themselves and be the first team to win a three peat. After some good, bad and ugly performances, Queensland took out the event. A proud moment for the whole team.


Tuesday saw the team enjoy a badly needed rest day. With some players attending physio and sports massage appointments, others caught up on sleep whilst some took in the sights of Coogee Beach which they seemed to enjoy. The beach goers at Coogee might not have enjoyed the sights of the Queensland boys as much however with Colin Frederick Harvey taking to the water in what he described as his fashion label of Dalby Bonds swimwear. I’m also informed that the water was a bit chilly…. allegedly.


Day four of the carnival saw Queensland take on South Australia (SA). The Queenslanders were keen on revenge against the SACAS after the debacle of the corresponding match in the 2016 carnival which saw Queensland lose 6 wickets for 4 runs and seven batsman scoring ducks. The scars for some of the boys were still raw. The match took on even more significance as SA were the only undefeated side in the carnival. A victory for Queensland could put them in a great position to take out the title. But it wasn’t going to be easy with

Tom Sky v NSW Mona Park

SA’s opening batsman and destroyer from the last carnival once again dominating in this one. When both teams arrived at the first grade home ground of former player Don Bradman and current opening bowler Josh Hazelwood, it was obvious that the pitch had not been covered overnight and with the rain falling, a damp wicket was what the players encountered with no chance of starting play on time. The match was delayed whilst the ground staff did their best to get things dried and the match underway. The match was reduced to 35 overs per side and play eventually got underway two and a half hours late. Queensland won the toss and elected to bowl first on the spongy deck hoping it would dry out a bit and bat better in the afternoon. If Queensland were to achieve a victory it was crucial to get the SA openers early. Opening the bowling with Clayto and Slick things started well. The scoring was slow and in Clayto’s second over he drew the devastating SA opener Weaver into a false s r a now unlikely victory, when Clayto came out to join Dion. It was now or never. Dion with a chance to be the hero could hit out and chase the winning runs, or he could get out and just be another statistic. Dion scored a leg bye off the second ball of the over. Clayto then got off the mark with a single. Dion then lined up the third delivery which was a no ball full toss that Dion smashed over the mid-wicket boundary for six. The bowler then charged in for the free hit and Dion repeated the dose. The final delivery of the over Dion again pulled toward the mid-wicket boundary. It was skied, and the fieldsman made his way under it. The ball had enough on it to get over the rope. Dion hitting three sixes from the over and the pair taking 21 runs from it leaving only 2 runs required for victory. With the game in the balance, the SA captain shouldered the responsibility and took the ball for the next over. The equation was simple. Queensland needed two runs for victory and SA bowling to the number 11 batsman needed one wicket. If Clayto was nervous he didn’t show it. As the bowler charged in, Clayto decided to

charge him - dancing down the pitch in aggressive fashion it was either a very brave or incredibly stupid tactic by Clayto, but it had the desired effect, spooking the bowler causing him to send the ball wide down the leg side. The umpire signalled wide and the Queenslanders cheered. A tie was assured but one more run meant victory. SA still needed the one wicket. As the bowler steamed in Clayto full of bravado employed the same tactic, once again charging down the pitch. The Queenslanders held their breath. Well some of them did, the others passed various comments on Clayto’s stupidity. Have no fear boys, as this time Clayto managed to get some bat on it, pushing the ball to mid-off. Dion scampered through for a quick single, dodgy hamstring and all. Both batsman made their ground and Queensland had claimed an epic victory. Dion finishing unbeaten on 55 and attaining hero status, for that day at least and Queensland’s hopes of winning the carnival still very much alive.

QLD vs VICTORIA 06/12/2018

Thursday saw Queensland take on Victoria, or as they’re affectionately known by all at the carnival, ‘The Dirty Vic’s’ at the picturesque Rushcutters Bay. With all teams in the carnival suffering at least one defeat, the title was up for grabs. A victory to Queensland would have them well placed for the carnival, but a loss would mean they’d have to beat the AFP in the final match and rely on other results going their way. So, it was simple. Just beat the Vic’s and everything is good. After enduring the Sydney CBD traffic both teams arrived at the ground and could not wait to get out and play on the exquisitely manicured field and picture-perfect pitch. Unfortunately, though, the Sydney weather would once again have a say as overnight rain saw the uncovered pitch and square looking more like a sponge and too damp for play to start on time. The umpires decided immediately that play would not get underway before 2pm and that the match would now become a 20/20. This didn’t really suit Queensland and played to the Vic’s strength, but the boys were still confident.

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CRICKET REPORT 2018 Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships cont..


ith nothing to do for the next four hours most of the boys adjourned to the closest licenced establishment for some refreshments (non-alcoholic of course) to settle in and watch the start of the first test match between Australia and India. When it was time for play to finally get underway, Queensland won the toss and decided to bowl. This was a tactic that had worked well and again on a spongy wicket the more time it had to dry out, the better it would be for our batsman. Opening the bowling Clayto, was a bit wayward with two of his first three deliveries spraying wide down the leg side. He managed to get his line right though and with his fourth delivery clean bowled the Vic opener for a duck. Slick coming on from the other end got amongst it too, taking a wicket with his third delivery. Queensland were on top early and things were going to plan. But the Vic’s were a solid side with several grade cricketers amongst the squad and they had plenty of batting to come. After the poor start, the Vic’s number three started to get on a roll and commenced blasting the ball around the park. Ably assisted by the number 4 the pair put on 80 runs in 9 overs before the next wicket fell the number 4 being run out for 22. The scoring didn’t stop there. When the Vic number 3 was finally dismissed for 65 from only 46 deliveries the Vic’s were in a dominant position at 110 from 15 overs. The Queensland bowlers manage to stem the flow of runs somewhat in the remaining overs and the Vic’s finished 6 down for 153 at the end of their twenty overs. The Queenslanders were in for a challenge if they were going to win this one. But the carnival was on the line, so they were going to leave nothing in the tank. The boys opened again with Bonney and Sky. Was

Paul Bonney batting v Vics Rushcutters Bay Oval

this going to be the day that Bonney’s luck would turn? From the outset it looked like his luck was in. The boys only took 6 from the first over but after that they opened up. They raced to 42 from only 6 overs and were looking the business. Bonney was middling everything and repeatedly finding the boundary. In the seventh over though the bad luck returned. Playing a lofted drive over mid-on, the ball looked to be heading to the boundary once again. In an act of desperation more than anything else, the Vic fielder at mid-on stuck out his left hand and the ball fell over his shoulder and into his mitt. Unbelievable catch and Bonney was on his way after making 36 from 27. Slick came out to bat and set about chasing down the total. But he lost Sky two overs later. The boys were now 2 down for 60 in the 10th over and were chasing down the total nicely. Connors joined Slick and hopes were high that the pair would bring it home. Things were looking up when Connors found the boundary on the second ball he faced. The pair were turning over the strike and picking up quick singles. Things were going along smoothly until Connors inexplicably decided to try a ramp shot from a full-length ball on middle stump delivered by the Vic paceman. Connors missed the ball completely, the ball unsurprisingly found middle stump and Connors was on his way. This started the demise of the Queenslanders. The wickets began to fall consistently from then on with Slick watching on from the other end. When he got the strike, he made the most of it. Hitting three huge sixes, one which hit a car parked on the street and narrowly missed a mother pushing her baby in a pram. The Vic’s when they weren’t taking wickets had dried up the runs and the match petered out. At the end of the twenty overs, Queensland fell well short of the Vic’s total, only making 124 with Slick undefeated on 46. So now it was down to the final day. Queensland playing the AFP who had only won a single match for the carnival needed to win and win big to boost their run rate. They then needed NSW to beat South Australia and for Western Australia who had yet to record a victory to beat Victoria. It was largely out of their hands but all they could do was win big and hope for the best.

QLD vs AFP 07/12/2018

The final day saw Queensland take on the AFP who were the whipping boys from last carnival although this carnival had improved immensely pushing the Kiwis and NSW in their matches and claiming their first ever victory defeating WA. With the Queensland team now consisting of a group of rapidly aging broken down men and walking wounded, a victory might not be that easy to achieve. The AFP won the toss and elected to bat. Queensland opened the bowling with Jazzy and Clayto. The AFP decided that attack was their best option and started swinging at everything. Clayto only lasted three overs before breaking down and limping from the field. He was replaced in the bowling attack by Chesty who also came in for some punishment. Slick replaced Allard who had bowled six overs. When Connors replaced Chesty, the AFP were on fire. Connors true to form claimed a wicket in his first over. The AFP finally losing a wicket in the 13th over after putting 86 on the board. Their highest ever opening partnership. With Chesty in need of some cool shade dragging himself from the field, the scorer was even called upon to run around and plug a gap for several overs whilst some of the boys recovered. All the while the AFP kept adding to their total. But as is so often the case when you get one wicket it brings two or three and that’s exactly what happened. The AFP lost three wickets for only 12 runs and Queensland were back in the game with the AFP now 4 for 98 in the 18th over. The runs seemed to evaporate from here for a while and the AFP limped to 132 from 32 overs before losing their 5th and then 6th wickets. Their captain set about posting a respectable total and with their number 7 the theme seemed to be hit and run. The AFP finally succumbed in the 44th over being all out for a decent total of 209. To be any chance of winning the carnival, Queensland needed to score the runs and score them quickly without losing too many wickets. With a number of sore and damaged bodies, Swampy Lange, was promoted to opener with Bonney. Bonney with nothing but bad luck all carnival decided there was nothing to lose, so set about chasing down the total as quickly as possible. He took 10 off the second over

CRICKET REPORT 2018 Australia and New Zealand Police Cricket Championships cont.. and then the pair of them took 28 off the 4th over. They made a 50-run opening stand before Bonney’s luck again ran out, bowled for 30 from only 10 deliveries. A rejig of the batting order had Kieron “Barto” Barton promoted to number 3, but he wasn’t quick enough to get his pads on, so Sky joined Swampy at the crease at the fall of the wicket. The pair were on a mission to chase down the total and prevent Barto his chance of hitting the promised swathe of sixes. Swampy seemed to find his spot in the batting order and both he and Sky belted the bowlers around the park the pair racing each other to 50. Sky got there first and Swampy was close behind him. The AFP were trying everything in their arsenal to claim the next wicket. The pair were rock solid as the runs kept peeling off the bat. After each reaching their 50 it became a battle between them to see who would top score. The boys never looked like getting out and they cruised to the total in the 29th over. Sky unbeaten on 84 from 71 and Swampy unbeaten on 71 from 85. An awesome effort by everyone and the boys had given the team the best chance possible of winning the carnival. It was now down to the other results. The phones had been running hot throughout the Queensland chase to keep an update on how the other matches were progressing. When the news came through that NSW had knocked off SA, Queensland only needed WA to pull off an unexpected victory. Alas the Vic’s were too strong and although gallant, WA just couldn’t get over the line.

room were in stitches as an unfiltered and politically incorrect Thommo and his side kick Walters regaled the room with tall tales and anecdotes from their playing days. With the Q&A complete it was time for the evening’s formalities. The “Dirty Vic’s” were announced as the carnival champions. Seriously though well played boys. The Queenslanders were extremely proud of their efforts to be named runners up, again. It was then time for the all Australian team to be named. Queensland had two players selected. Pete Reimers with the impressive carnival statistics of 217 runs at an average of 54.25 to go with 9 wickets at a strike rate of 24.6 and debutant Tom Sky. Tom also picked up the award for fielder of the carnival finishing with the impressive keeping statistics of 14 dismissals consisting of 6 catches, 4 stumpings and 4 run outs. He also averaged 31.8 runs with the bat. Slick was also the only player from all States to make a century during the carnival. At the end of the evening, Western Australia were awarded the wooden spoon

but also named as hosts for the next carnival to be held in Perth in February 2021. This was a fantastic carnival for the lads from Queensland and with all three debutants keen to take part in the next one, the future looks bright. Hopefully Queensland can unearth some more talent before then to help reduce the average age of the team members and go one better in Perth.

Author: Detective Sergeant Brooke Williams, scorer. Final standings for the carnival 1. Victoria 2. Queensland 3. South Australia 4. New South Wales 5. New Zealand 6. AFP 7. Western Australia



With all matches now completed the tour organsiers sat down to tabulate the results. The players made their way to the closing function to enjoy the festivities and where the results of the carnival and the naming of the all Australian team would be announced after dinner. The function was held at Sydney University with the MC for the evening being the great fast bowler Len Pascoe. The night was full of entertainment especially when the Q&A began with Len Pascoe posing questions to two of the games greats, Jeff Thompson and Doug Walters. The majority of the

Victorious Qld Team with Razor Cup – St Pauls College Sydney


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n October 2018 year the Queensland Police entered four teams in the annual Australasian Police Basketball Championships held in Melbourne. Teams competed in the men’s division one and two competitions and the women’s division two competition. All teams had some wins and some loses with one of the men’s division two team making the semi-final. Unfortunately, none of the teams made it to the grand final this year. This year’s tournament had the largest number of participants with over 370 players, coaches, referees and supporters. The hosting state, Victoria, certainly didn’t disappoint providing breathtaking views of Melbourne from the Eureka 89 for the opening night and a formal closing function at the Etihad Stadium (recently rebranded Marvel Stadium).

The Australasian Police Basketball Championships are held annually with players from New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Australian Federal Police, New Zealand and Tasmania. The Championships began on an unofficial level in the late to mid 1970’s with intermittent games held between NSW, Victoria and the then ACT Police. The idea grew and, in 1978 South Australian Police were approached to join, the official National Police Basketball Association and the associated Championships were born. Queensland Police joined the Championships in 1983 and have entered teams every year since. The Australasian Police Basketball Championships boast some very strong, competitive basketball with current Australian Basketball Association players and former National Basketball League and Women’s National Basketball League players participating. The

Championships have also developed over the years to include more social players who have the love for the game but not necessarily division one skills. The annual tournaments are described by the Australasian Police Basketball Association President as ‘much bigger than basketball…every single person contributes to the enjoyment, hype and excitement of the yearly pilgrimage. The social interactions, friendships and networking contact made from a mere 6 days per year, is second to none.’ The 2019 tournament preparations are well under way. AFP as set to host in Canberra between the 13th October 2019 and the 18th October. If you read this and are contemplating coming along get in contact! Gillian Brown President Queensland Police Basketball Club



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ouch football’s greatest rivalry and show-piece event, the State of Origin, was played at Redcliffe on 9thand 10th of November 2018 at the Dolphin Stadium. Queensland took on New South Wales across many divisions, culminating in the main event – the Men’s and Women’s Open series. In total there were 650 players & officials playing in over 14 divisions in 42 games. It was estimated that the two-day tournament would have injected more than $1 million into the local economy as more than 1400 competitors, officials and spectators descended on Moreton Bay and Dolphin Stadium. I represented Queensland in the Women’s over 40s team along with 2 other QPS Officers Jasmine Best and Samantha Bliss. As in other State of Origin sports, the match consisted of the ‘best of 3’ matches and in the first game, Queensland were victorious 3-1. The second game was also a victory for Queensland, 5-3 and even though we were pushing for a clean sweep, we were defeated 2-0 in the last of the games. However, that meant we were still the Origin Champions, winning the series 2-1. NSW were very tough opponents and pushed us all the way. Everyone in the team had to perform at their best in every game to ensure we were victorious. The overall series win was just reward for a lot of hard effort on everyone’s behalf.


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he International Tag Federation (ITF) organised the Tag World Cup that took place on 1st-4th November 2018 in Coffs Harbour, NSW. There were 190 teams that made the journey from all around the world bringing approximately 3,800 players & officials and over 5,000 supporters to the region. Coffs Harbour is a favoured venue due to the ability to supply firstclass facilities that allow play to continue come hail, rain or shine and the quality of the pitches played on is beyond reproach. Fortunately this year the conditions were fine and sunny. The game of Oztag is now in its 25th year and is a global sport and played in several countries around the world. Its popularity has seen it grow in numbers every year with countries such as Ireland, England and New Zealand boosting more than 20,000 players and in recent years South Africa, Japan and Hong Kong have all started to enjoy the game. The last Tag World Cup on the Sunshine Coast Australia in 2015 attracted a record 168 teams. I was selected to play in the Australia Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Masters Team which consisted of players over the age of 35. Whilst a relatively new division in the competition, it is growing exponentially so it was a very competitive sector. Australia began well and dominated this division, winning all of the round games and went in to the Grand Final undefeated. Luckily this momentum was carried over as we faced much tougher competition from an International Invitation team but managed to win 12-0. The weekend was a huge success played in great spirit and competition from all concerned. I would like to thank the Queensland Police Sporting Association for their support which assisted me participate in this competition. Sergeant Belinda PATRICK Recruit & Constable Training


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Top tips for better swimming endurance 6 Tips For Swimming Endurance


ith competitive freestyle swimming, your technique is the most important thing for success and longevity. Having good technique allows you to control pace and hold exhaustion at bay while keeping a clear mind. Whil some things are more obvious like brething out in the water and swimming on your side, these other tips are some that can slip by. 1. Neutral Head Position Keep your head neutral and on the same line as the rest of your body, looking at the bottom of the pool. Many people look forward instead of down causing the legs and hip to drop which will slow your swim and fatigue the swimmer and run out of breath. It will also put a strain on the neck and make the

head heavier to carry. 2. Press Your Buoy This term means to push down with your chest to create better floatation in the body.To maintain a good balance in your freestyle, so that your body is horizontal and your legs do not drop, is to learn how to press your buoy. Imagine your body being a seesaw. The fulcrum is located between the navel and the groin. Your upper body is on one side of the seesaw, where your air-filled lungs act like a buoy. Your legs are on the other side of the seesaw. When you push your chest down a little, your body pivots at the fulcrum, and your hips and legs move up to the water surface.

often a crucial step because it allows you to keep your legs up without effort and focus on other aspects of your stroke. 3. High-Elbow Position Use a high elbow position while pulling your arm back in the water. This allows you to hold a vertical forearm for a longer period of time. Bend the elbow and bring the forearm into a vertical position as quickly as possible during the underwater phase of the arm stroke. To keep the forearm vertical, you must keep the bent elbow as high as possible for as long as possible during the active pulling phase. By holding your forearm vertically, you increase your grip on the water and thus improve the propulsion.

Learning this swimming technique is

Learning this swimming technique is often a crucial step because it allows you to keep your legs up without effort and focus on other aspects of your stroke.

Journal of Sports Sciences Krissy Kendal PHD

73 73

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Top tips for better swimming endurance cont.. Top tips For Swimming Endurance 4. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Overreach with Your Recovering Arm As you move your arm forward, do not extend it all the way above the surface of the water, only to let it drop in the water after.

5. Keep your brake off When extending your arm forward under water during the recovery, make sure to keep your hand flat and parallel to the water surface with your palm facing down.

Doing this creates turbulence in the water and additional drag.

A common mistake made by freestyle swimmers is to bend their hand upwards at the end of the recovery.

In addition, the full extension of the recovering arm above water increases shoulder strain, and can lead to swimmerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shoulder over time.

When they do this, they push water forward and thereby slow themselves down.

It is best to cut the water with your hand halfway between the top of your head and the span of the fully extended arm and pass the arm through at the same spot.

6. Use a Two-Beat Kick for LongDistance Swimming Using a relaxed two-beat kick is perfect for long-distance swimming, as it saves energy. You will also be more relaxed learning the front crawl with the

two-beat kick as you consume less oxygen and therefore need to breathe less often than with the sixbeat kick. With the two-beat kick, you kick once with each leg over the entire stroke cycle, or a total of two times with both legs. This means arm strokes and leg kicks are in sync. With the six-beat kick, you kick three times with each leg over the entire stroke cycle, or a total of six times with both legs. The arm strokes are therefore executed more slowly than the leg kicks. The six-beat kick is better for short sprint races because it allows you to swim faster, but you can also get out of breath quicker as your large leg muscles consume a lot of oxygen.

A common mistake made by freestyle swimmers is to bend their hand upwards at the end of the recovery.

redacted from Christophe Keller US Swim coach


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agnesium, an abundant mineral in the body, is naturally present in many foods, added to other food products, available as a dietary supplement, and present in some medicines (such as antacids and laxatives). Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation. Magnesium is required for energy production, oxidative phosphorylation, and glycolysis. It contributes to the structural development of bone and is required for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and the antioxidant glutathione. Magnesium also plays a role in the active transport of calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes, a process

that is important to nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, and normal heart rhythm. Sources of Magnesium Food Magnesium is widely distributed in plant and animal foods and in beverages. Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, are good sources In general, foods containing dietary fiber provide magnesium. Magnesium is also added to some breakfast cereals and other fortified foods. Some types of food processing, such as refining grains in ways that remove the nutrient-rich germ and bran, lower magnesium content substantially. Tap, mineral, and bottled waters can also be sources of magnesium, but the amount of magnesium in water varies by source and brand . Approximately 30% to 40% of the

dietary magnesium consumed is typically absorbed by the body Dietary supplements Magnesium supplements are available in a variety of forms, including magnesium oxide, citrate, and chloride. The Supplement Facts panel on a dietary supplement label declares the amount of elemental magnesium in the product, not the weight of the entire magnesiumcontaining compound. Absorption of magnesium from different kinds of magnesium supplements varies. Forms of magnesium that dissolve well in liquid are more completely absorbed in the gut than less soluble forms. Small studies have found that magnesium in the aspartate, citrate, lactate, and chloride forms is absorbed more completely and is more bioavailable than magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate.

Magnesium is an essential mineral. It is obtained from food, absorbed in the gut and used in almost all tissues of the body, especially nerves.


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TALKING SUPPLEMENTS Magnesium cont.. Magnesium & Mood


agnesium plays a critical role in brain function and mood, and low levels have been linked to an increased risk of depression One analysis of over 8,800 people found that those under 65 years of age with the lowest intake had a 22% greater risk of depression. Some experts believe the low magnesium content of modern food may be the cause of many cases of depression and mental illness. In a randomized controlled trial of depressed older adults, 450 mg of magnesium improved mood as effectively as an antidepressant drug. For more information on magnesium and mood, speak to your health professional.

Magnesium Has AntiInflammatory Benefits


Magnesium supplements can reduce CRP and other markers of inflammation in older adults, overweight people and those with prediabetes. In the same way, high-magnesium foods can reduce inflammation. These include fatty fish and dark chocolate. Helping Migraine Sufferers Migraine headaches are painful and debilitating. Nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and noise often occur. Some studies suggest that magnesium can prevent and even help treat migraines. Studies show that supplementing with even one gram provided relief from a migraine more quickly and effectively than a common

Other Sources of Magnesium • Pumpkin seeds: 46% of the RDI in a quarter cup (16 grams). • Spinach, boiled: 39% of the RDI in a cup (180 grams). • Swiss chard, boiled: 38% of the RDI in a cup (175 grams). • Dark chocolate (70–85% cocoa): 33% of the RDI in 3.5 ounces (100 grams). • Black beans: 30% of the RDI in a cup (172 grams). • Quinoa, cooked: 33% of RDI the in a cup (185 grams). • Almonds: 25% of the RDI in a quarter cup (24 grams). • Cashews: 25% of the RDI in a quarter cup (30 grams). • Avocado: 15% of the RDI in one medium avocado (200 grams). • Salmon: 9% of the RDI in 3.5 ounces (100 grams).

Some studies suggest that magnesium can prevent and even help treat migraines.


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Top 5 For Endurance 1. Sodium Phosphate Sodium Phosphate is responsible for regulating the distribution of oxygen from red blood cells to body tissue. Sodium phosphates are able to increase blood haemoglobin levels by 5%. Haemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen directly to the lung. Increased levels result in more stamina and endurance. Recommended Dose: 3-5 grams per day, taken in single gram doses for 3-6 days before an endurance event. 2. BCAA’s The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine. They are essential, meaning they can’t be produced by your body and must be obtained from food.

BCAA supplements have been shown to build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness. One mechanism of central fatigue in exercise is free tryptophan crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB). One downside of tryptophan is that it aids in the release of certain neurotransmitters—serotonin, in particular—that can affect arousal, sleepiness, mood, and ultimately fatigue. Since BCAAs and tryptophan compete for the same protein carrier, increasing BCAA concentrations can reduce the amount of tryptophan crossing the BBB, potentially delaying fatigue. Also:The metabolism of BCAAs has been shown to decrease lactate production, potentially increasing your endurance exercise capacity. Recommended Dose: 3-6 grams before or during exercise. A ratio of 2:1:1 leucine:isoleucine:valine

3. Protein Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. While it’s not uncommon for endurance athletes to place more focus on carbohydrate intake, protein is essential for the repair, construction, and maintenance of your muscle mass. Additionally, when you exercise for prolonged periods of time, your body turns to protein as an additional source of energy, making it even more important to consume adequate protein so that you don’t sacrifice your muscle tissue! Recommended Dose: 0.5-0.7 grams per pound of body weight daily

Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly 81 made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues.

Journal of Sports Sciences Krissy Kendal PHD

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TALKING SUPPLEMENTS Endurance Top 5 cont..

Top 5 For Endurance 4. Glutamine

5. Creatine

Glutamine is an important amino acid with many functions in the body. It is a building block of protein and critical part of the immune system. What’s more, glutamine has a special role in intestinal health. Your body naturally produces this amino acid, and it is also found in many foods The dietary sources of glutamine includes especially the proteinrich foods like beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, eggs, vegetables like beans, beets, cabbage, spinach, carrots, parsley, vegetable juices and also in wheat, papaya, brussel sprouts, celery, kale and fermented foods like miso. There are also many reputable glutamine supplements on the market.

Creatine is a compound formed in protein metabolism and present in much living tissue. It is involved in the supply of energy for muscular contraction. Creatine supplementation has been shown to decrease recovery time during repeated intervals, and increase power output at lactate threshold.1,2 Improvements in speed, power, and running economy during your training sessions translates to better raceday performance

Recommended Dose: 3-5 grams per day. Skip over the traditional loading phase often used with creatine supplementation. The initial weight gain, which is caused by an increase in total body water, may slow down performance.

Diet is important. Since certain meats and seafood have high levels of creatine, vegetarians — i.e., people who don’t eat those creatine-rich foods on the reg — usually see a greater response. Those whose diets are highly carnivorous may see less change.

Creatine is a compound formed in protein metabolism and present in much living tissue. It is involved in the supply of energy for muscular contraction..


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