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Give free rein to your creativity with fabrics from Swafing!

As a complete service provider, Swafing offers the right collection for every application, from “Basic” to “Haute Couture”. Check out the sewing projects with Swafing fabrics in this issue of BERNINA Inspiration!

Hans-Gerd Swafing e.K. Bentheimer Strasse 175–179 D-48529 Nordhorn Tel. +49 5921 3053-0 Fax +49 5921 3053-33

silk Fabric: dupion

silk Fabric: dupion


ds L iv in g t r e n After all the impressions that assail us day-in, day-out, coming back to base each evening is very important. A comfortable home helps to ease much of the stress we experience throughout the day. Lounging with your feet up, or preparing dinner at a leisurely pace in the kitchen with your partner whilst sharing the day’s news is much more relaxing in attractively decorated surroundings. Soullessly arranged furniture is out – the focus is now on textiles that underscore your individual taste. And yet, no two people define “comfort” in the same way. For some it’s a stylish home with clean lines, no added frills, and everything serving a purpose. Others luxuriate in shades of pink and plush, or are big fans of the natural look – family-friendliness being their main criterion. Sometimes, it’s not all that easy to find a style that pleases every family member equally. And as with fashion, there are trends in furnishing. In this issue, we’d like to introduce you to the latest ones. Have a look at these projects as a family – you’ll be amazed at the ideas and reactions they spur. But even trends are no more than guidelines, so feel free to pick and choose here and there what suits you best.

Wishing you hours of pleasure browsing the magazine and smartening up your home. Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief

DON’T FORGET! You’ll find all the i-Tips at under “News”, and the embroidery-design downloads in the same place under “Downloads”.




6 L iving t he nat ural li f e

A rio t o f e xo t ic c olours


10 Colours and patterns from faraway lands to bring a touch of adventure to your home Ornamental elephant, ottoman, decorative blanket and more, made from shiny silk

Ideas for a comfortable lounge in natural colours Clever lamp, flowerpot covers, beanbag chair, a homemade “puzzle� placemat and more, made from felt, paper and linen

Unusual use s for e ve ryd ay i t e ms 14 Kitchen paraphernalia from ordinary materials such as sponge cloths, plastic bags and bubble wrap Clever window picture that doubles as a curtain, an original accessory holder, placemat and more for success in the kitchen



14 R oma nt ic mome nt s


18 Relaxing idylls in cosy reading or knitting corners; plush and leather in perfect harmony Flowers, pillows, basket, a cover for a poetry album and a fleecy rug for relaxing on

C le ar stat e me nt

R e a de r’s se rvic e

22 Pared-down look in low-key shades of blue – a clear design for living Fleece as a foil for severe shapes

24 Our gift Masthead And at under “News”: Basket i-Tips: Squaring the circle: sewing in a round base Tassel i-Tips: How to create two (nearly) identical tassels at once


Ethnic / Exotic

M ul t ic ul t ura l e x c ha nge The world is shrinking thanks to travel and trade. We return from our holidays bearing inspiration from Africa, the eastern Med and Asia, or else we find it at home in the shops. We’re simply bowled over by the sumptuous patterns, wide variety of shapes, and the riot of colours. Now you too can bring a reminder of exotic lands to your home. Full of joie de vivre, the lush colours will transport you clean out of the daily grind! For all those who love sumptuous décor.

S810 Ottoman This round ottoman or “pouffe” is a real gem. Lavishly embellished with decorative stitches, cords and trim, it’s full of Eastern promise. Not only is the effort worthwhile – with the right “tools of the trade”, it’s actually a cinch to make! S811 Elephant A stately animal – even in miniature! As a decorative object to round out the look, this elephant is a relatively quick project. The sequin tape on its feet is sewn on by machine, and it’s secured at the head with just a few hand stitches. The embroidery design for the saddle is available from us free of charge. O ttoman: embroidery – with Circular at tachment ion couching – with Free -mot foot no. 43 erlock /Braiding – with Bulk y ov foot no. 12C Elephant: or BERNINA with Mega hoop g up ware for split tin Embroidery soft the design 11



we d! E x pe ri m e n ta t io n a llo A wild mix of materials, shapes and patterns radiates sheer exuberance – a colourful, surprising and highly spontaneous style. Here, materials were used that don’t immediately spring to mind when we think of the sewing machine. Let yourself be inspired – everything is permissible! From washing-up sponges to used plastic bags to fabric and sheeting – if it fits under the presser foot, it’s used here. Combined with eyelets and rivets, this creates a very modern look.

S821 Wine cooler Whether it’s bubble wrap or freezer bags from the supermarket, we’re constantly coming across insulating materials nowadays. Have a little rummage in your store cupboard – you’ll find enough to keep the bottle of wine you’ve opened for dinner at the right temperature for quite some time. S825 Charging station And while you’re at it, why not charge your mobile? In addition to the phone, the cable will also fit into the charging station. Bubble wrap and batting protect it from careless treatment.

Tip: To achieve a consiste nt sewing result , you must first try ou t a number of things, depending on the ma terial used. The prope r foot, presser-foot pre ssure and stitch length are absolutely critical. When working with sheeting, alway s set a minimum stitch length of 3.5 mm – ide ally 4 mm! Silver fabric s such as might be used to ma ke a fancy- dress costume are also ideal for thi s look. 15



R om a nt ic m om e nt s Nostalgic memories and playful details make for romantic moments here. A place where we can leave all our cares behind – cheerful, cosily furnished, with gentle colours, the ideal reading or knitting corner. Leather combined with plush “defuses” the situation, while the modern design of the flower ensures an arrangement that’s not overly sweet.

S830 Lampshade cover This romantic cover is simply pulled over the lamp. The bottom ring hangs loosely in the shade, ensuring that the lamp is wider at the bottom. As the decorations are already on it, this lampshade cover is a cinch to sew. If need be, the cover even works on its own as a romantic balloon skirt! S831 Basket Whether it’s for your knitting or other odds and ends, a basket always comes in handy. The crushed fabric is sturdy enough to allow for the gentle draping of the excess width at the edge, which tempers the severity of form overall. S832 Cushion cover A gorgeous border fabric adorns the edge of the large cushion. The stylish initials in the centre – created with the Trapunto Collection Vol. 2 – serve as an eyecatching detail.

Basket: chment no. 87 with Binder at ta Cushion cover: 2 Collection Vol. – with Trapunto ot no. 35 – with Zipper fo


Clean design


C le a r st a t e m e n t! If you feel at home in the world of technology, you’ve come to the right place here. This look is truly pared-down – severe, minimalistic and unfussy. Graphic designs such as squares, lines and circles are used in a neat, functional manner, mainly in cool colours. And the great thing is that it’s all a breeze to sew.

S840 Lampshade Slightly embellished, yet sober and cool. The lampshade is adorned with simple paper tags which are simply pulled through the machine with the thread chain. S841 and S842 Pillow These pillows boast a particularly nifty mix of materials: matte sweatshirt fabric, fluffy fleece and shiny (faux) leather are assembled here into a new, harmonious whole. S843 Travel blanket A genuine designer piece! The severe look is in stark contrast to the soft fleece and the cool colour scheme. The little highlights in fresh green lighten the overall impression slightly. You’ll find the Walking foot or Dual feed of the BERNINA 820/830 ideal for working with the soft fleece. S844 Lantern With the help of the BERNINA CutWork tool, the remnants from the lamp can be turned almost effortlessly into a couple of stylish lanterns.

tern: Travel blanket and lan ork tW Cu with BERNINA 23

Give your creativity what it needs

A BERNINA machine will wow you with its typical Swiss precision, durability, and ease of operation. Innovations and sophisticated software give your creativity wings to sew exactly what you want. With extensive accessories for each machine to get you sewing more skilfully and inventively than ever before! Looking for more inspiration for creative ways with textiles? Subscribe to Inspiration today for just € 24 / CHF 29 and you’ll receive brilliant ideas and patterns four times a year delivered to your door, plus a small gift as a thank you. You’ll find all you need to know about Inspiration at:

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You’ll find all of the embroidery-design and CutWork downloads on all of this issue’s themes on our website at inspiration – or request by email from All of the embroidery files on a theme can be downloaded in ART (Version 5 to 6), PES and EXP format as a zip file. For embroidering or further editing in the software, use the highest possible version number for the best quality. Please note that embroidery files in EXP format lose their special fill properties when sized up or down. The next issue will be published in September within Europe, and in October 2012 in the rest of the world.

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Product locator Fabrics and notions mentioned in our guest contributions were chosen by the individuals concerned, and cannot usually be purchased from the companies listed below. We ask for your understanding, and suggest that you simply choose a similar material or product if this is the case. Chance discoveries often produce the most beautiful results!

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