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Welcome To The Masthead - the South East London Chamber of Commerce magazine. Forging new partnerships

he South East London Chamber of Commerce has been in business for business for 128-years. We are delighted to have started the year with the launch of the new Masthead, the result of our partnership with Benham Publishing. the first issue of this lovely glossy magazine has received huge praise from members and I know this second issue is eagerly awaited.


Editorial and General Enquiries South East London Chamber of Commerce Unit tW/45, trinity Wharf, Harrington Way Warspite Road London SE18 5NR tel: 020 8317 3365 Email: office@selondonchamber.org www.selondonchamber.org

Business Development Director: Peter Wilson

In this issue, we look at the business rates increase and the impact this will have on businesses. the area focus examines how Lewisham is changing for the better, with new jobs, new homes and news shops. Education and skills is key focus for our region so we are delighted that our big interview (page 14) is with Sam Parrett OBE, Principal of London South East Colleges. the Chamber is pleased to have forged new partnerships: one with visit Greenwich and Publisher Ian Fletcher Benham Publishing Limited, 3tc House, 16 Crosby Road North, Crosby, Liverpool L22 0NY tel: 0151 236 4141 Fax: 0151 236 0440 Email: admin@benhampublishing.com Web: www.benhampublishing.com Published: April 2017 © Benham Publishing

Front cover PLACE/Ladywell, image courtesy of Andrew Mcvitty

another with the Southwark Chamber of Commerce. Details of the forthcoming joint golf day at Royal Blackheath and the glorious evening boat trip can be found on the events page. the Chamber will be working in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich on their first Business Awards. More details will be in the next issue. Enjoy!

Helen McIntosh FCIPR President

Photo courtesy of Warren King Photography

Advertising and Features Karen Hall tel: 0151 236 4141 Email: karen@benhampublishing.com Production Manager Mark Etherington tel: 0151 236 4141 Email: mark@benhampublishing.com Media No. 1570 Disclaimer the Masthead is published for South East London Chamber of Commerce and is distributed without charge to Chamber members.

All correspondence should be addressed to the Editor at South East London Chamber of Commerce. views expressed in the Masthead are not necessarily those of South East London Chamber of Commerce. Reprinting in whole or part is forbidden except by permission. © 2017 Please note that submitting an article does not guarantee publication. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of material published in this journal, Benham Publishing and its agents can accept no responsibility for the veracity of claims made by contributions in advertising or editorial content. Benham Publishing cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in web or email links supplied to us.

April 2017


| Members News

Launch of noise and track keeping system at London Biggin Hill Airport London Biggin Hill Airport has launched its new state-of-the-art Noise Monitoring and Track Keeping System.

Hungarian trip for Barry Barry Tuckwood of Barry Tuckwood Associates, a member for over 20 years, was in Budapest in January to participate as judge at the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers Awards, representing the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Members of the public will now be able to access the system via an internet portal and view details of all aircraft using the airport as well as aircraft overflying the area en-route to or from other London area airports. “We are very excited by the new system” says Biggin Hill Airport Managing Director, Will Curtis.

“We promised to deliver this system as part of the new agreement on airport opening hours and it is now fully installed, tested and ready for use by the public. the airport will now be able to monitor aircraft operations in order to ensure that aircraft noise generated by aircraft using Biggin Hill Airport is kept to an absolute minimum. I am passionate about ensuring that the airport is always as good a neighbour as practically possible” says Mr Curtis

Members of the public can also access the system at www.LBHACommunity.co.uk in order to view aircraft movements, or to log a complaint, or just to learn more about the airport. “Full instructions on how to use the system are available on line, but for those who are not comfortable with the internet or simply prefer the older methods, our telephone complaints procedure remains unchanged” said Colin Hitchins, Community Engagement Manager. In future, all complaints will be processed through the airport’s state of the art Bruel and Kjaer Noise and track Keeping System which is the same method as employed at many major airports, including London’s Heathrow and Gatwick.

“We believe that Biggin Hill now has the strictest noise limits of any UK airport,” says Will Curtis.

April 2017

Barry with award winners and his host outside the new aquatics centre.

he actual award took place during a Ball with entertainment and dancing until 2am, attended by over 700 people. On the previous day there was a symposium where the keynote speaker was the President of Hungary, Dr János Áder, whose challenge to engineers evoked three aspects of society: demographic change, climate change and the availability of water, all of which have an impact worldwide. Barry visited the award winning project, the new aquatic centre being completed in preparation for the World Aquatic Championships, FINA,


in 2017. As well as the engineering, the project reflects close collaboration and planning, as the work had been pulled forward four years from 2021 due to Mexico pulling out from hosting the event. there was plenty of time to meet people and make new contacts during the symposium and evening dinner, tour of the site and celebratory ball and Barry has been able to set up a meeting for his next visit to Hungary. Barry can be contacted via his website www.tuckwood.co.uk or email barry@tuckwood.co.uk

Economy |


Report sets out economic priorities for Brexit The British Chambers of Commerce has published a blueprint for the UK government ahead of the Brexit negotiations. itled Business Brexit Priorities, the report sets out the steps that business want to see the UK take, based on feedback from more than 400 businesses at 16 Chamber-hosted focus groups, along with nearly 20,000 responses to Chamber surveys. London Chamber of Commerce & Industry played a key role in the evidence gathering for the research. It puts forward priorities for action across seven key areas where business communities want practical solutions and certainty. BCC evidence confirms that Europe will remain a key market for UK exporters and importers well into the future. As a consequence, it is imperative that the government achieves a pragmatic UK-EU deal that facilitates continued trade. the key recommendations in the report are: • On the Labour Market, the Government should provide certainty for businesses on the residence rights of their existing EU workers, provide clarity on hiring from EU countries during the negotiation period, and avoid expensive and bureaucratic processes for post-Brexit hires from the EU • On trade, the government should aim to minimise tariffs, seek to avoid costly non-tariff barriers, and further existing EU free trade agreements with third world countries, and expand the trade mission programme • On Customs, the government should develop future customs procedures at the UK border in partnership with business, seek to maintain the UK’s position as an entry point for global businesses to Europe • On tax, the government should guarantee that HMRC is appropriately resourced to help businesses through the transition process, and provide clarity on whether vAt legislation will continue to mirror current core vAt principles


• On Regulation, the government should ensure stability by incorporating existing EU regulations into UK law and maintaining these for a minimum period following Brexit, and ensure that product standards are aligned with, and recognised by, the EU to keep UK products competitive • On EU funding, the government should maintain UK access to the European Investment Bank, and ensure there is no funding ‘cliff-edge’ for areas in receipt of EU funding • On Northern Ireland, the government must avoid any return to a hard border, so that businesses can move people and goods as freely as possible. Adam Marshall, BCC Director General, said: “Business communities across the UK want practical considerations, not ideology or politics, at the heart of the government's approach to Brexit negotiations. "What’s debated in Westminster often isn't what matters for most businesses. Most firms care little about the exact process for triggering Article 50, but they care a lot about an unexpected vAt hit to their cash flow, sudden changes to regulation, the inability to recruit the right people for the job, or if their products are stopped by customs authorities at the border. the everyday nitty-gritty of doing business across borders must be front and centre in the negotiation process. "What’s also clear is that the eventual Brexit deal is far from the only thing on the minds of the UK’s business communities. An ambitious domestic agenda for business and the economy is also essential so that business can drive our post-Brexit success. “Firms across the UK want a clear assurance that Brexit isn't going to be the only thing on the Government's economic agenda for the next few years.”

Marcus Mason, Head of Business at the BCC, and author of the report, said: “Since the historic vote on June 23, we have worked with Chamber business communities all across the UK to determine their key priorities for the Brexit transition. “this report brings those practical priorities together and urges the government to adopt them in the forthcoming negotiations. Chambers of Commerce stand ready to help the government shape a pragmatic and practical approach to the coming transition, so that firms can continue to trade successfully with customers and suppliers across Europe and around the world.”

BCC evidence confirms that Europe will remain a key market for UK exporters and importers well into the future. As a consequence, it is imperative that the government achieves a pragmatic UK-EU deal that facilitates continued trade.

April 2017


| Business News

‘The Antidote to The Dragons' Den' free seminars, from Business Doctors are coming to town

Why owning a car is about to get even more expensive! On 1 April 2017 Road Tax, or Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) as it is officially known, changed for all vehicles newly registered on or after that date and there are some hefty increases!

You will discover how your SME business can achieve business growth, without the need to face the Dragons! You will be given a blueprint for achieving growth by establishing objectives, assessing your business environment, and formulating and implementing strategies appropriate to your own business. the first seminar will take place on 19th May, between 7.30- 9.30am at Venue28 28 Beckenham Road Beckenham BR3 4LS the second seminar will take place on 13th June, between 6.30-8.30pm at Parkhall Business Centre 40 Martell Road London SE21 8EN there will be ample opportunity to network and refreshments will be provided.

Places are limited so to avoid disappointment, please book by visiting our website and enter your details for the relevant event www.businessdoctors.co.uk/ events/regions/bromley

April 2017

What are the changes?

• Year 1 - vED will still be calculated based on a vehicle’s CO2 emissions, but only cars with zero CO2 emissions – electric and hydrogen vehicles – will be exempt from paying the tax. Other cars will be subject to a variable first year rate ranging from £10 for cars emitting 1-50g/km CO2, to £2,000 for those emitting over 255g/km CO2. • Year 2 - zero-emission cars remain exempt, however, other vehicles move to a standard £140 flat rate, regardless of CO2 emissions. • However, all new vehicles with an original list price of over £40,000 – including zero emission cars – will attract an additional rate of £310, payable each year for five years from the end of the first vehicle licence. that adds up to a whopping £1,550 of extra tax for these cars.

How will the changes affect me?

How the changes affect you depends on the type of car you are buying. If you’re looking at an electric vehicle costing under £40,000, you’ll pay no road tax at all under the changes. Buy an economical petrol or diesel super-mini or hybrid vehicle and the chances are you’ll be worse off. If you’re buying a car with a list price of over £40,000 you’ll pay an additional £310 per year for five years! It’s worth noting that the list price is calculated including any options and accessories that have been added.

And although you might be able to negotiate the price down to a figure below £40,000, the Government will use the published list price, so you won’t be exempt from the £310 fee. Owners of low emission vehicles are likely to be the hardest hit. For example, if you had bought a sub 100g/km car before April 2017, you will have enjoyed free road tax for life. Under the new scheme, you’ll pay anything up to £120 in the first year and £140 for each year thereafter. Similarly, buy a car with CO2 emissions between 101 and 110g/km and, under the old system, you’d pay nothing in year one and £20 for each subsequent year. Now you’ll pay £140 in year one and then £140 from year two. that’s a big difference. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the £2,000 rate for cars with CO2 emissions over 255g/km might look like an expensive non-optional ‘extra’! But while you’d currently pay £1,120 in the first year and £515 thereafter, under the new system you’ll move to the same flat rate as a car emitting just 1/gkm CO2. Depending on how long you keep the car, you might be better off - unless the vehicle list price is over £40,000. Please speak to us if you would like further help or advice on this topic. Nick Paterno is Managing Partner at McBrides Chartered Accountants. He can be contacted on 020 8309 0011 or email nick.paterno@mcbridesllp.com

Business News |

Assessing the impact of the business rate increases With significant business rates increases for many occupiers in South East London under way, Omar Choudhury, Senior Associate in the valuations services team at Glenny, comments on the likely wider and future impact on smaller occupiers and the value of assets held by landlords. rom the 1st April 2017, new business rate charges came into effect with a noticeable rise in the capital sums payable in some locations from the previous 2010 rating list. It is estimated that business rates are to rise by £29 billion across the UK, affecting in the region of 1.8 million UK businesses. Of the areas that have seen the steepest business rates increases, London tops the UK with an average increase of 23.7%. this is followed by the South East with an increase of 9.03%. With business rates considered to be the third largest outgoing cost for any business, after rent and staffing, further increases will only apply more pressure to businesses that are running tight margins to remain in line with their competitors. In the past decade, the local South East London market has been subject to a number of pressures with a lack of supply and speculative development, meaning commercial property, especially industrial and logistics stock, being in short supply. Accordingly, the market has responded with increased rental and capital values, which when twinned with increased operational running costs has given local occupiers a tough time in recent years. Similarly, the increase of online only based stores has also contributed towards the decline of many high street retailers that don’t suffer from the same occupational overheads.


Current business rate increases are likely to impact these online operators less significantly, and will further push the delta between the online retailers and those on the high streets. Could it be that an increase in business rates are the final straw that breaks the camel’s back? Aside from the retailers, what is the likely impact going to be on the wider property market for both investors and owner occupiers? Are investors and landlords going to be less opportunistic – with the business rates liability being higher during any vacant period? In reality, investment yields may move out in some retail segments that are sensitive to rate rises in the short term, with a higher risk being attributed to the tenant’s covenant strength and a higher risk of failure as a result of increased operational costs. that said, although business rates are borne by the occupier, it is likely that this will be passed onto any landlord or investor through the level of rental achievable in future years. It may be that we see an element of price adjustment occur in order for tenants to remain profitable. It is advisable to seek professional advice to extract any further value from investment properties, or reduce operating expenditure through lease renewals or relocation to new premises. Whilst Glenny does not specifically advise on business rates, it is a full service multi-discipline firm of chartered surveyors and property consultants – visit www.glenny.co.uk

April 2017


Focus on Lewisham |


Lewisham is changing Lewisham is changing for the better. Deptford, Lewisham town centre and Catford are being transformed with new jobs, new homes, new shops and fantastic opportunities for businesses. By Joe Derrett, Head of Communications and Robin Fairman, Head of Strategy 1. Workspace support

Lewisham Council has created high-quality and affordable ‘Dek’ workspaces for businesses which are perfect for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Dek Catford, Dek Ladywell and Dek Deptford opened in September 2016. to find out more about ‘Dek’ workspaces email: workspace@smallbusiness centre.org.uk or call: 020 8690 2917

2. Business rate discounts Affordable studio space for local artists and designers at Anthology, Deptford Foundry here’s no better place in London than Lewisham for businesses to start up, develop, invest and grow. Lewisham is open for business. 7,875 firms call Lewisham home. Come and join them!


Lewisham is changing – connected to London and the UK

Lewisham is one of the best connected London boroughs for business. Getting to and from Lewisham couldn’t be easier. • It takes less than 10 minutes to travel into central London from Lewisham by rail. Six stations in Lewisham are on the London Overground network. • Lewisham is minutes away from Canary Wharf, Stratford and central London by DLR.

Lewisham Council is working with the Mayor of London to bring the Bakerloo line to Lewisham. the Bakerloo line will boost the local economy, bringing in thousands of new jobs, 25,000 new homes, and more visitors to Lewisham.

We are working to bring the Bakerloo line to Lewisham.

Lewisham – a great partner to business

Lewisham Council provides specialist support for start-ups, local businesses and firms wishing to move into the borough.

Lewisham Council offers a one-off discount to businesses of up to £5,000 on their business rates if they become an accredited London Living Wage employer between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018. the level of discount depends on the type of organisation and the number of employees. More information: www.lewisham.gov.uk/business

3. Specialist advice for business

Lewisham Council provides free specialist advice to individuals interested in starting or growing a business. the advice includes business planning, access to finance, health checks and information about how to win contracts with the Council and other public bodies. More information: www.lewisham.gov.uk/business

5. Lewisham Construction Hub

the Lewisham Construction Hub will be launched in summer 2017 to give businesses who provide services to the construction industry the chance to find work and recruit apprentices and skilled residents. the Lewisham Construction Hub will also enable businesses to access Lewisham Council's supply chain by providing insight into upcoming contracting opportunities. to find out more email LLBS@lewisham.gov.uk quoting ‘Construction Hub’

Lewisham Council provides specialist support for start-ups, local businesses and firms wishing to move into the borough.

4. Training and recruitment support

• the South Circular connects Lewisham to the rest of London and the M20 and M25 are minutes away from Lewisham.

Lewisham Council provides support to businesses who want to recruit apprentices, or would like advice on training for employees and hiring new staff. More information: www.lewisham.gov.uk/business

• Lewisham is within easy reach of London City and Gatwick airports. Deptford Market Yard is an award-winning scheme next to Deptford Station

Artist studio in Catford

April 2017


| Focus on Lewisham 4. Deptford Lounge

Deptford Lounge is a hub for community activity including Lewisham’s most popular public library, computer labs, study areas, a café, room hire and a roof-top ball court. Deptford Lounge has nine studios for local businesses, 38 affordable apartments, exhibition space and the Giffin Square public space. the award-winning Deptford Lounge opened in January 2012.

the award-winning Deptford Lounge on Giffen Square

Lewisham is changing – Deptford Deptford’s creative and diverse community is thriving thanks to investment in new homes, new jobs and new opportunities for business. Deptford High Street is a destination of choice for thousands of people who visit the award-winning independent shops, bars, restaurants and cafés.

1. Convoys Wharf

Convoys Wharf is Lewisham’s single largest development site and will include: • over 3,000 new homes including 500 affordable homes • new shops, hotel, restaurants and cafés • better transport links through the introduction of a river bus service, new bus routes and 1,800 car parking spaces • new community facilities including a school and new parks, gardens, meeting places and walkways • the renovation of Olympia Warehouse and other listed buildings to retain the area's character • restored public access to much of Lewisham’s riverfront.

area, support local businesses, promote arts and cultural activities and create new parks and open spaces.

3. Deptford Market Yard

Deptford Market Yard is a £47million public-private partnership on a two-acre site next to Deptford railway station. the award-winning scheme has seen the restoration of the historic Grade II listed carriage ramp, London's oldest railway structure. the arches of the ramp house 14 creative start-up businesses. Deptford Market Yard also includes the tinderbox, a colourful eight storey apartment building with 121 apartments and seven commercial units, new restaurants and a new public piazza and market space.

5. Anthology Deptford Foundry and Second Floor Studios

Anthology Deptford Foundry and Second Floor Studios is a new development that will open in 2018 and will provide affordable studio space for local artists and designers. It will also include 75 new purpose-built affordable studios will provide creative employment space for up to 160 people. More information about how Deptford is changing: www.lewisham.gov.uk/deptford andnewcross

Lewisham is changing – Catford

Catford is a thriving town centre boasting the Broadway theatre and new restaurants, bars and shops including Little Nan’s Bar which opened in 2017.

April 2017

Hundreds of new homes have been built in the area including the former Catford Greyhound Stadium site with 589 new homes, 508 square metres of retail space and 298 square metres of community space. Big changes planned for Catford include: • new retail and office space: Lewisham Council is leading the redevelopment of Catford Shopping Centre to create new retail space for business and new homes for the area • town centre: £2.1million from Lewisham Council and the Mayor of London has funded changes to Catford Broadway including new lighting and seating, improved shop fronts and better market facilities • new transport links: Lewisham Council is working with tfL to improve facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and motorists with a new layout for the South Circular to reduce congestion and make it easier to get around.

2. Deptford High Street

Deptford High Street has been recognised as one of the most vibrant in London with a wide range of street food and independent shops. Deptford High Street has seen investment from Lewisham Council and the Mayor of London to attract visitors to the

In Catford the Broadway theatre will remain as the surrounding area is transformed

Deptford Market Yard includes new homes and business space near the station

More information about how Catford is changing: www.lewisham.gov.uk/catford

Focus on Lewisham | Lewisham is changing – Lewisham town centre thanks to a partnership between Lewisham Council, Mayor of London and tfL, Lewisham town centre is being transformed.

• New homes: hundreds of homes have been built close to Lewisham town centre. When the Lewisham Gateway development is complete up to 800 homes will have been built.

More information about how Lewisham town centre is changing: www.lewisham.gov.uk/ lewishamtowncentre

• Better transport links: the main shopping area will be connected to the major rail, bus and Docklands Light Railway interchange and a new road layout will increase footfall to shops in Lewisham town centre. • New retail and public spaces will be created including a new town square. Lewisham town centre will also see new restaurants, cafés, leisure facilities and a hotel to boost the day and night-time economy.

Making a real difference

Artist's impression of Lewisham town centre

A pop up micro village PLACE/Ladywell opened in 2016 providing retail space, temporary housing units. he pop-up micro village is providing high quality, affordable 'Dek' work space for small businesses, a community café and spacious temporary homes for 24 homeless families. PLACE/Ladywell has won a number of awards including the Mayors Prize at the 2016 New London Awards, 'Best temporary Scheme' at the 2016 New London Awards and 'Best Housing Initiative' To find out more about Ladywell Dek affordable workspace at the 2017 LGC Awards. contact: Joss Taylor, Dek Manager, workspace@smallbusinesscentre.org.uk or 020 8690 2917


Lewisham is Open for Business Event Autumn 2017


Come along to: • Find out about working with Lewisham Council • Promote your goods and services at the ‘marketplace’ • Network with other local business

• Attend business workshops • Get business advice • See our plans for developing the borough • Speak to members of the Council’s teams • ……and much more!

Register your interest now economicdevelopment@lewisham.gov.uk

Lewisham Mayor Sir Steve Bullock and Mayoress Kris Hibbert, have proudly handed over a cheque for £12,000 to the Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care. Residents have helped raise the money by taking part in a number of fundraising events that we have organised throughout the year, such as Christmas and charity quiz nights, Pink Friday and an Alternative valentine’s Day Dinner. Handing over the cheque to Charlotte Sills at the Lavender trust, Sir Steve said, ‘the Lavender trust makes a real difference to the lives of young women affected by breast cancer, providing them with vital support and information. ‘Once again, I would like to thank the generosity of Lewisham residents for continuing to support this worthy cause.’ Lewisham residents have raised over £200,000 for the Lavender trust since its launch in 1998. the Lavender trust provides support to younger women with breast cancer and is the chosen charity of the Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock. the next fundraising event will be a Summer Charity Quiz at the Rivoli Ballroom on 16 June. More on the Lavender Trust: www.breastcancercare.org.uk

April 2017


| tall Ships

Business boost for Tall Ships festival Businesses in Royal Greenwich reported an uplift in trade and takings over the Easter weekend, thanks to the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta.

two Festival sites at Greenwich and Woolwich. A sample of businesses in Greenwich were asked for their initial feedback – 100%

reported an increase in footfall, with 86% reporting a higher turnover than usual. All those who were asked said that the festival had had a positive

impact on their business takings. In Woolwich, 69% of businesses surveyed reported higher footfall than usual; 92% said that the festival had had a positive impact on their business. Councillor Denise Hyland, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, said: “Royal Greenwich has long had a reputation as an amazing tourist destination and it is important that we create opportunities for our businesses to prosper. these are very encouraging initial results. We have an independent report being produced and hope it reflects this initial positive feedback.” A post-event report will be published later in the year once full analysis of all the data has been undertaken.

Artfix on Powis Street Woolwich

Coffee Lounge, Woolwich

Dragonfly, Greenwich

Goddards Pie and Mash,Greenwich

Snappy Snaps, Woolwich

tall Ships branding in Greenwich

tall Ships volunteers in Greenwich

visitors, Woolwich

Sail trainees on the tolkien

nitial figures from the Royal Borough show that the four-day event attracted hundreds of thousands visitors to the


April 2017


| Big Interview


We work with more than 1,000 employers across all sectors and intend to grow our provision in areas where there is identified demands from employers so that we are recognised as a centre of excellence in London and beyond.


Big Interview |

College provides learning fit for the workplace Talk to just about anyone in business and the conversation will soon turn to a frustration that too many educational institutions do not produce the employees that companies need. he employers’ often-voiced concern is that the kind of courses that are delivered are not closely enough allied to the specific needs of business.


One of the educational institutions rising to the challenge is London South East Colleges (LSEC), which has sites across South East London and works with employers to ensure the education and training they deliver are what industry needs. As well as vocational courses, providing BtEC, NvQ, City & Guilds and other specialist qualifications, they offer higher education courses linked to the University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christ Church University. For those interested in earning a wage while they learn, LSEC has Apprenticeship vacancies with leading employers in many subjects. Principal Sam Parrett OBE said: “Historically, many educational institutions have designed the courses that they think employers want. However, they have tended to opt for courses that they themselves they want to deliver and as a result they have not delivered the courses that employers need. “We do it the other way round. We start by engaging with employers to find out what they want and set out to prepare students for life at work.”

Sam, who was appointed Principal of Bromley College in 2011, oversaw its first merger with Orpington College in 2013, which consisted of a transformation to align the college’s curriculum to meet the needs of the local community. As a result, academic and financial performance improved dramatically – leading to Bromley College being in prime position to head-up the country’s first three-way college merger in August 2016, taking in the former Bexley College and Greenwich Community College. the newly merged London South East Colleges is now the largest college in the region and has more than 10,000 students, eight campuses, 2,240 workplace learners and more than 1,000 employer partners. Sam said: “At the time of the merger, Bexley and Greenwich had been in decline for some time and we have been working hard to rebuild their reputation, to change the perception of them. “A key goal within our strategic plan is that by 2020 we will be seen by all, including employers, as a collaborative and effective strategic partner in the economic, social and cultural development of South London and beyond. “We want to be the ‘go to’ place for learners, communities and businesses and we want to achieve that by building outstanding partnerships that enable employers to influence and contribute to the curriculum.

“that means doing a lot of research on skills. We read surveys and reports and talk to employers to ask them about their current workforce and how their business is changing so that we understand where their skills gaps are.” A key part of the process has been the establishment of the London South East Employer and Skills Board, set up following the latest merger. Members include representatives from each local authority in the area, training providers, business organisations such as the South East London Chamber of Commerce, skills bodies and the board provides them with a voice in shaping the curriculum. In addition, eleven Employer Advisory boards are being set up, comprising industry partners who collaborate with staff responsible for each curriculum area in sectors including Creative and Cultural Industries, Construction (already established in Greenwich and being expanded to all campuses), Digital Skills, Sport and Leisure, StEM and Health and Care Industries. Already established is Career College, a Hospitality, Food and Enterprise Career College which is part of a national network. the advisory board consists of employers from top hospitality and catering businesses including the Hyatt, Hilton and Springboard groups. Students have visited the Shard, Pennyhill Park and the Hyatt Regency and several guest chefs have also visited the college to give workshops, demonstrations and classes including guest chef Michel Roux. the centrepiece of the Career College is a student-led restaurant. Another initiative is Employer Advantage, a programme designed to improve relationship with employers and industry partners, which gives them the opportunity to work closely with students of all age to develop their skills. Sam said: “these initiatives are part of our approach to find out what skills are needed by companies. “We are also constantly responding to changes in the workplace. For example, one thing we are seeing is an increase


in people retraining in later life. We have had more than 300 students taking plumbing courses and some of them have switched from other careers. Several of them are teachers. “Nationally, the number of students doing part-time courses has dropped because the Government does not fund them but we are bucking the trend.” Sam acknowledges that there remain many challenges in an education sector constantly assailed by budgetary concerns which mean that recruitment of students is crucial. She said: “Our big challenge is the need to raise awareness of London South East Colleges, communicating to prospective students and businesses who we are, our values and the many benefits of working with us. “Our vision is to ensure the skills needs of local, regional and national employers are being met with high quality training. “We work with more than 1,000 employers across all sectors and intend to grow our provision in areas where there is identified demands from employers so that we are recognised as a centre of excellence in London and beyond.” One of the opportunities is the introduction in April of the Apprenticeship Levy and Sam said: “We are considering establishing an Apprenticeship training Organisation. this will allow us to work collectively with a group of employers to provide support around the administrative demands of the scheme, recruitment of apprentices and organising and managing work placements. “We will also be developing the potential for higher level apprenticeships, Level 4 and above, with our partners and have piloted a traineeship programme for students who don’t have the necessary entry requirements to enrol on an apprenticeship. We will now be extending this to include young people and older adults, who are the furthest from the job market. “We know there is work still to do. At the moment, 92 per cent of surveyed companies say they would recommend us. Our target is to make that 100 per cent!”

For more information you can visit www.lsec.ac.uk, ring 0300 303 2554 or email communications@lsec.ac.uk

April 2017



Bridge Mental Health First Aid We are now offering a 1 day Mental Health Awareness and 2 days Mental Health First Aid to: • Businesses

• Local Authorities

• The NHS

• Community Groups

• And anyone interested in getting a better insight into how to support someone going through a mental health problem

To book a course please contact 020 8298 9677 or email info@bridgesupport.org April 2017

By completing a course you will be able to better understand: • preserving life where a person may be a danger to themselves or others (MHFA) • providing help to prevent the mental health problems developing into a more serious state • promoting the recovery of good mental health

• providing comfort to a person experiencing a mental health problem • reducing stigma and discrimination through education

Events |


Making the right connections Each month the Chamber hosts a variety of events which offer members a superb opportunity to meet and chat to fellow business people. Here, we review a few of our past events.

The Chamber had a coup at January’s Executive Lunch held at DoubleTree by Hilton, London Greenwich. Not only was the lunch sold out to hear guest speaker, Jules Pipe CBE, London’s Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills, but the first issue of the Masthead was unveiled by him.

Jules Pipe CBE

Photos by Warren King

Three leaders share thoughts at breakfast on the state of their boroughs. The Chamber’s fourth leader, Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE will speak about Bexley at a Chamber breakfast on Thursday, 21 September at The Bexleyheath Marriott Hotel.

Cllr Denise Hyland Royal Borough of Greenwich 19 January Novotel London Greenwich

Sir Steve Bullock Lewisham Council 23 February the Clarendon Hotel

Cllr Stephen Carr Bromley Council 16 March the Bromley Court Hotel Photos by Warren King

April’s Lewisham Link ‘n’ Drink was held at one of the Chamber’s favourite venues, Everest Inn in Blackheath Village. Guests were served delicious Nepalese canapés and enjoyed their first drink on HSBC. The Deputy Mayor of Lewisham, Cllr Alan Smith and Business Specialist Team Leader at HSBC, Sharon Christmas were amongst the attendees.

Photo by William Fitch: Sharon Christmas, HSBC, Helen McIntosh, Chamber President and Cllr Alan Smith, Deputy Mayor of Lewisham

April 2017


| Chamber Events



Wednesday 26 April Bexley Link 'n' Drink 17.30 - 19.30

Greenwich Link 'n' Drink

Royal Blackheath Golf Day Greenwich Breakfast Meeting Greenwich Networking Lunch Bromley Link 'n' Drink Lewisham Link 'n' Drink

Lewisham Breakfast Meeting Lewisham Networking Lunch Bexley Link 'n' Drink River Thames Boat Party Greenwich Link 'n' Drink


Barnehurst Golf Club, Mayplace Road East Barnehurst DA7 6JU


Free monthly informal meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. Chamber host will be vice President, terri Johnson.

Wednesday 3 May 17.30 - 19.30

Woolwich Equitable, Equitable House, General Gordon Place, Woolwich SE18 6AB

Free monthly informal meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. Chamber host will be Business Development Director, Peter Wilson.

thursday 11 May 07.30 - 15.00

Royal Blackheath Golf Club, Court Road London SE9 5AF

In association with visit Greenwich, the Chamber invites you to a day of Golf and Networking at the beautiful Royal Blackheath Golf Club.

Wednesday 17 May 08.00 - 10.30

Doubletree by Hilton London Greenwich, Catherine Grove, Greenwich, London SE10 8FR

topic: London City Airport Business Procurement Opportunities. Rachel Ness, Director of Planning and Strategy and Steve Brunell, Chief Asset and Programme Officer of London City Airport, will speak about the opportunities for local businesses during the construction phase of the City Airport Development Programme, including how to find tendering opportunities. Limited spaces available!

thursday 25 May 12.00 - 14.00

Slug & Lettuce the O2, 1-34 Entertainment Avenue, London SE10 0DY

Join the South East London Chamber of Commerce for a Business Networking Lunch at the Slug and Lettuce, a prime spot located inside the O2, offering food to suit all taste buds. Remember to bring along your business cards and make new connections. Limited stand spaces available for you to promote your business, please contact the office to book.

Wednesday 31 May 17.30 - 19.30

the Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, Bromley BR1 4JD

Free monthly informal meeting in a relaxed atmosphere with complimentary canapés. Chamber host will be President, Helen McIntosh.

Wednesday 7 June 17.30 - 19.30

Everest Inn, 41 Montpelier vale, Lewisham, London SE3 0tJ

Free monthly informal meeting in a relaxed atmosphere with complimentary canapés. Chamber host will be President, Helen McIntosh.

thursday 15 June 07.30 - 09.30

the Clarendon Hotel, 8-16 Montpelier Row, Blackheath village, London SE3 0RW

thursday 22 June 12.30 - 14.30

Locale, 1 Lawn terrace, Blackheath, London SE3 9LJ

Wednesday 28 June 17.30 - 19.30

Barnehurst Golf Club, Mayplace Road East, Barnehurst DA7 6JU

tuesday 4 July 18.15 - 22.30

Festival Pier River thames, Lambeth, London SE1 8XZ

Wednesday 5 July 17.30 -19.30

Woolwich Equitable, Equitable House, General Gordon Place, Woolwich SE18 6AB

Speaker and topic tBC. Join the South East London Chamber of Commerce for a Business Networking Lunch at Locale, one of South London's premier dining locations. Enjoy superb Italian food and wine whilst networking. Remember to bring along your business cards and make new connections. Free monthly informal meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. Chamber host will be vice President, terri Johnson. Join the South East London Chamber of Commerce and the Southwark Chamber of Commerce for an evening of spectacular river sights, dinner and dancing. Email: admin@southwarkcommerce.com or call: 07477 581977 to book. Quote SELC to receive a discount. Free monthly informal meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. Chamber host tBC.

Bromley Networking Lunch

thursday 13 July 12.30 - 14.30

Summer BBQ

thursday 20 July 12.30 - 14.30

the Clarendon Hotel, 8-16 Montpelier Row, Blackheath village, London SE3 0RW

Wednesday 26 July 17.30 - 19.30

the Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, Bromley BR1 4JD

Free monthly informal meeting in a relaxed atmosphere with complimentary canapés. Chamber host will be vice President, terri Johnson.

thursday 27 July 07.30 - 09.30

the Bromley Court Hotel, Bromley Hill, Bromley BR1 4JD

Speaker and topic tBC.

Bromley Link 'n' Drink

Bromley Breakfast Meeting

April 2017

Join the South East London Chamber of Commerce for a BR6 Restaurant, Bromley College, Business Networking Lunch at BR6. Opened in February Orpington Campus, the Walnuts, 2015, it is the centrepiece of London South East Collegesí Orpington BR6 0tE Hospitality, Food and Enterprise Career College. Join the South East London Chamber of Commerce for a Summer BBQ in the lovely grounds of the Clarendon Hotel. Enjoy sunshine, good food and drinks whilst making new business connections.

Arts & Culture |

What’s On at the Greenwich Theatre

Under My Thumb

Sunday 4th June Afternoon 12:00

Monday 22nd May Evening 20:00

tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th June Evenings 19:30 - 17:00 Saturday 10th June No Shows: thursday and Friday

I am Beast

Miss Meena and the Masala Queens


tuesday 2nd - Saturday 6th May Evenings 20:00


thursday 4th - Saturday 6th May Evenings 20:00

The Six Sided Man Sunday 7th May Evening 20:00


Monday 8th - Saturday 13th May Evenings 19:30 Wednesday and Saturday Matinee 14:30

Andy Hamilton Sunday 14th May Evening 19:30

An Evening with Ed Balls Monday 15th May Evening 19:30

Shh - Bang!

tuesday 16th May Evening 19:30

Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th May Evenings 19:30 Matinee thursday and Saturday 14:30

Much Ado About Puffin

The Great Train Robbery Nel

thursday 8th - Saturday 10th June Evenings 19:30 Saturday 20:00

Our Man in Havana

Monday 12th - thursday 15th June Evenings 19:30 Matinee Wednesday 14th June The Spectacular Science Show Afternoon 14:30 Monday 29th May Stimela the Musical Afternoon 13:30 and 16:30 Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th June Evenings 19:30 Pop! Matinee Sunday 18th June 14:30 tuesday 30th May Monday 29th May Afternoon 12:30 and 15:30

The Greatest Liar in the World Afternoon 14:00

Wednesday 31st May Afternoon 14:00

Susan Calman

Monday 26th June Evening 19:30

The Tortoise and The Hare

Heart at Sea

Sunday 2nd July Afternoon 13.00 and 15.00

thursday 1st June Afternoon 14:00

thursday 13th – Sunday 23 July tuesday – Saturday Evenings 19:30 Saturday Matinee 15:00 Sunday afternoon 17.00

thursday 1st June Afternoon 12:00 and 16:00

Happily Ever After

Chinese Whispers

All Sold Out! Tickets for The Chamber’s Comedy night in March, featuring Shirley & Shirley at the Greenwich Theatre’s new studio theatre sold out after just a few days of going on sale. Consequently, not only did the girls have to perform a ‘back to back show’ on the same evening, but gave another performance the following week. All three shows sold out. Image courtesy of Red Paint Films www.redpaintfilms.com

April 2017




April 2017

Education & Skills |


Why taking on apprentices makes such good sense Barclays offers a whole range of apprenticeships to help prepare people for the world of work, and equip them with invaluable skills that they can take into the workplace.

Photo by Warren King

the 10th National Apprenticeship Week was held in early March and the Chamber held a joint event with the Royal Borough of Greenwich at the new studio space at the Greenwich theatre. Jacqueline Carter, Hub Manager of the new Barclays branch at the Royal Arsenal spoke about working with apprentices. She is pictured here with Christian Mussard who spoke about his experiences as a current Barclays’ apprentice. Other speakers included the University of Greenwich and LSEC. Barclays sponsored the lunch. t Barclays, undertaking an apprenticeship is not just an interim assignment; we offer a permanent role and career pathway. the on the job experience apprentices can gain is invaluable and will put them


in good stead in the job market. After finishing an apprenticeship, the majority will stay in employment, more than half with the same. Barclays backs the Government’s introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy from 6th April, and believes it will help home-grown talent gain

skills and contribute to the British economy. Mike thompson, Director of Apprenticeships at Barclays, and part of the Prime Minister’s Apprenticeship Delivery Board said: “We welcome the Apprenticeship Levy and urge other businesses to follow our lead to make the most of this opportunity which will allow companies, and the UK as a whole, to increase productivity and fill the skills gap with a diverse workforce. Creating an apprenticeship programme will give businesses a chance to create a skilled workforce, tailored to the specific needs of their business – both now and in the future. there has never been a better time to take on apprentices. At Barclays, we’ve seen strong productivity outputs from our 3,000 apprentices and on average, our research has shown that Apprentices contribute on average £18,000 net productivity each during their training. We believe that apprentices offer huge value to our business, and will be key in strengthening the UK’s workforce as we see changes in our

political landscape in the coming months and years. Hiring more apprentices offers a wide range of benefits not only to businesses, but to Britain’s economy as a whole. Creating a diverse workforce should be a priority for every business – and the Levy will support this by ensuring that people from all walks of life are able to succeed, earn and learn. Currently Barclays is the only UK business that offers apprenticeships specifically targeted at people over 24 with our Bolder programme, and we want to ensure we’re supporting a wide range of people including those with disabilities, parents returning to work and those who have left the armed forces. the Apprenticeship Levy should be seen as an opportunity and not a burden to businesses across the UK; Barclays supports the Levy and the opportunity it offers for businesses to contribute to the productivity of the UK and create a skilled workforce from scratch.” Find out more at www.barclays.co.uk/ apprenticeships

The Education to Business Forum How the South East of London is boosting employment prospects for students leaving education. By Neil de Villiers, Managing Director of Talent Chamber inding employment after education is arguably one of the most stressful processes of a young person’s life. Without experience, they can’t find a job, and without a job, they can’t gain experience.


Furthermore, the traditional route to employment via recruitment agencies is almost non-existent for them simply because it is less productive for agencies to sell inexperienced candidates. In a concerted effort to address this critical barrier to employment, the universities, colleges and councils in the South East of London have gathered to form the Education to Business Forum.

Meeting monthly, the Forum is an open platform of discussion and debate facilitated by talent Chamber (a SE London Chamber of Commerce company). the purpose is to share ideas, knowledge, experience and contacts in an effort to effectively deliver more employment opportunities to job-seekers in our area. Working together and combining the expertise and experience of each member within the Forum, they aim to deliver a comprehensive program that will see a dramatic change to the way employers in the region recruit in the future. With over thirty eight thousand students in the South East of London currently in education, and with an abundance of over thirty five thousand local

businesses, the opportunities are clear and real, provided the mechanisms for matching local candidates with local employers are available and affective – something the Forum is seeking to achieve through their efforts alongside the talent Chamber recruitment platform (www.talentChamber.co.uk). With the talent Chambe, job-seekers are actively being invited to list their skills, qualifications, interests, and experience for free in a central database that is searchable by local employers. this provides an unrivalled platform on which job-seekers can effectively promote themselves to local businesses on a level playing field with all other candidates, regardless of experience, gender, name, qualifications, etc.

the platform also holds significant benefits for large and small employers alike. Larger employers, incumbent on recruitment agencies for meeting staffing requirements, will virtually eliminate the majority of their recruitment budgets using talent Chamber due to its low costs. Similarly, small companies, who were previously excluded from recruitment agencies because they were unable to afford exorbitant recruitment fees, can take advantage of the talent Chamber to easily find and recruit new staff. Working together, the Forum will be building the foundation of this recruitment initiative that is set to lead the way for the rest of the country.

April 2017


| Education & Skills

Ravensbourne’s winning formula With the Apprenticeship Levy introduced this month aiming to fill the skills gaps for employers, industry focused institution Ravensbourne, based on the Greenwich Peninsula, is only too aware of the benefits of industry integrated education. Ravensbourne has been running a FDSC Digital Media technology course and a degree apprenticeship, BSC Digital and technology Solutions for over two years. the collaboration with Bt ensures the company’s network and software engineers are trained to a high standard with the skills that the business needs. A masters in digital technology solutions as well as courses in digital marketing and digital user experience are also in the pipeline.

the Couture in Orbit project, a collaboration with the European Space Agency hosted at the Science Museum.

eflected in their 95.3% graduate employability rate, they champion creativity and collaboration and offer practically focused digital


media and design courses from pre-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate to professional short course level as well as degree apprenticeships.In collaboration with Bt,

Ravensbourne’s wide range of industry activities is collectively known as “Industry Connect” to reflect the scope and breadth of opportunities for both businesses and students. Just one aspect of this is the live industry briefs integrated into courses which ensure students learn the cutting edge skills needed to thrive in a creative working environment. Brands

such as Marks & Spencer, European Space Agency and BBC have all worked with their students. Most recently students assisted the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) to broadcast RSC productions into schools across the world giving young people a great first experience of Shakespeare. the institution also hosts large scale events, organises talks with influential speakers, offers students industry job opportunities, and matches students with mentors working in the creative industries. Ravensbourne is keen to continue to develop relationships with national and local businesses. For more details about partnerships, developing an apprentice, or information please email info@rave.ac.uk.

College to award its own degrees Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance has been given the power to award its own degrees. er Majesty’s Privy Council, following a recommendation by the Quality Assurance Agency, has written to the College to confirm that it has been granted taught Degree Awarding Powers (tDAP). this means that, from September, students will be able to study for a taught degree awarded by the Sidcup-based College.


Rose Bruford College Principal and Chief Executive, Professor Michael Earley, said: “this is a significant milestone in the College’s sixty six year history and means we can develop our own degrees which respond quickly to the needs of our students, local and regional skills strategies, existing partners and other organisations within the

April 2017

Performing Arts and Creative Industries sectors.” the College’s students will be able to graduate with Rose Bruford College degrees from September 2018. Students will be involved in the process of designing samples for the new academic dress, which includes the gown and hood that will be worn at future graduation ceremonies. Stacey Sandford, Students’ Union President said: “the prospect of being awarded a Rose Bruford College degree is fantastic news for current and future students of the College” Work has already begun on an enhanced curriculum offer, with the development of a suite of new postgraduate and

Photograph credit: Michael O’Reilly (Students, staff, alumni and governors celebrate with Principal Michael Earley and Students’ Union President, Stacey Sandford)

undergraduate degrees. A number of new taught postgraduate programmes and partnership degrees are due to be considered for validation in the months ahead with a view to offering them from September. the College is continuing with its exciting new partnership with the University of East London in the delivery of research degrees. Sir Richard Eyre, Honorary President of the College, said: “Rose Bruford College already has a global reputation for delivering excellent and diverse professional vocational training in all aspects of theatre and performance. the awarding of

tDAP will not only augment this reputation but also ensure the continued development and growth of a coherent, industryinformed curriculum.” Monisha Shah, Chair of Governors, said: “the award of tDAP acknowledges the College’s academic integrity as a mature higher education institution with rigorous standards and academic governance. It also reflects the quality and relevance of its qualifications and marks the next step in the evolution of Rose Bruford College into a fully independent higher education provider.”



Volunteer Centre Greenwich is an accomplished Volunteer Centre working with local volunteer involving organisations and people looking for volunteering opportunities. the variety of volunteering roles is wide and the reasons for volunteering are many.

Are you interested in


When you think of volunteering most people think of delivering the services of a charity but, what about steering the ship? there are many roles available as a trustee, these roles need skilled people with expertise to steer and direct the organisations to have a positive impact on the local community and local services. there are many more direct roles where your skills and expertise can have a direct beneďŹ t on individuals; becoming a Mentor for young people who need inspiring has a direct positive impact. Does it take up much time? volunteering is very exible and you can give as much or as little time as you have available that ďŹ ts in with the role.

Visit our website www.vcgreenwich.org.uk

Register with us or to find out more; email us at info@volunteersgreenwich.co.uk or call on 020 8317 3817

April 2017

Ask the Expert |


What is the most cost efficient method of surveying tall buildings? Chartered Surveyor Arnold Tarling, an experienced and competent Expert Witness with a reputation for soundness and thoroughness, was recommended to a FTSE 100 House Builder by the Structural Timber Association's structural engineer. he work entailed surveying the exterior of several high rise blocks of flats. the cost of traditional full scaffold access being exorbitant, Arnold suggested that he trained and obtained IRAtA level 1 Abseiling. the use of a drone would not have provided the detailed level of information needed. Surveyors who Drone in their reports only provide an overview but the surveyor who knows the ropes gets up close will provide the full information on the faults and their diagnosis. "the great thing about professional abseiling is getting paid to hang around!" Whilst Arnold was hanging around he was able to make the buildings safe by removing a number of sections of loose and unfixed aluminium cills to curtain walling. Several of these defective cills could not have been identified in a Drone survey and none of


them could have been removed by a Drone survey. Arnold enjoys a challenge and unlike other surveyors is not averse to "getting on the tools" undertaking more invasive inspections using infra-red camera and borescope for initial discreet inspection followed up by full opening up of suspect areas. this approach reduces the cost of unnecessary opening up and employing contractors to open up areas whilst the surveyor is on site directing them. Other areas of Arnold's specialist expertise include passive fire protection. Arnold is a member of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection and has spoken at the All Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group, British Standard Institution Fire Summits, the Fire Safety Federation amongst other and his reports have been used in court, an inquest and by the Fire and Rescue Service. He has also appeared on BBC

Inside Out for four regions, BBC tv News and Itv news and radio 4 and radio 5 in regard to fire related issues. It is attention to detail, an extensive and practical knowledge of building construction and a willingness to be unconventional that ensures that Arnold can offer building surveying services that exceed those of the traditional surveyor. Arnold E Tarling BSc FRICS MCIArb Hindwoods www.hindwoods.co.uk a.tarling@hindwoods.co.uk T: 020 8858 3377

The great thing

about professional abseiling is getting paid to hang


Listen, there ain't no building high enough, Ain't no basement low enough, Ain't no structure wide enough that's out of my view If you need me call me no matter where you are, No matter how far; don't worry Just call Hindwoods and I'll be there You don't have to worry.... (Acknowledgement to Marvin Gaye)

Our experienced teams are based in our offices in Blackheath,

Dulwich and Greenwich and can offer advice on property related

matters across a wide spectrum.

020 8858 3377 www.hindwoods.co.uk April 2017


| Construction

New creative district for London in the heart of Woolwich Plans have been approved to transform a section of historic riverfront, providing a boost for the construction sector in the area. the Royal Arsenal was a major employer and the backbone of the local economy. these exciting plans place the site at the forefront of providing local jobs once more.

these amazing listed buildings, we want them to work for Woolwich in the same way the Greenwich town Centre riverfront buildings draw people there.”

It is anticipated that the new creative district will provide more than 400 local jobs in addition to new roles during construction.

“Approximately one in six people in London work in the creative industries; this proposal will create new skills and wide ranging employment opportunities to open up these industries to residents and provide a massive boost to the local economy. this is an investment in the future of Woolwich and the future of the borough as a whole.

the Royal Borough of Greenwich Cabinet agreed a £31million investment to bring the series of landmark historic buildings back into use for the creative district, including: • a former cartridge factory • a warehouse • a laboratory • a carriage mounting shop • the Royal Military Academy.

Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Councillor Denise Hyland said: “For almost 300 years,

"the site’s potential has long been identified in the London Plan, so rather than spend money on simply maintaining

the Grade II and Grade II* listed buildings boast historic features and expansive square footage plus unparalleled

he Royal Borough of Greenwich's Cabinet approved plans to turn a section of the historic Royal Arsenal riverfront site in Woolwich into a 16,500square-metre creative hub.


the hub will include largescale concert venues, rehearsal and studio spaces, offices, restaurants, and a base for internationally acclaimed theatre companies.

April 2017

acoustics found in the old ammunitions factory (Building 41), which will be renovated into a large-scale performance venue with capacity for more than 4,000 people. the district will also include: • a black box theatre seating up to 450 • an open-sided quadrangle courtyard for performance seating up to 600 • ten rehearsal studios, which can also be used as informal performance spaces • artists' studios and offices for resident companies • public facilities, including a cafe and restaurant overlooking the River thames.

Construction |

London prepares for a construction boom Industry experts are predicting that the construction industry in London will experience boom times over the next three years, driven by a 54% rise in infrastructure and more housebuilding. he latest report from the Construction Industry training Board (CItB) predicts that S2, the thames tideway tunnel and the £1 billion Northern Line Extension will create a knock-on effect, driving an infrastructure boom in London. the Construction Skills Network report, the annual construction forecast from CItB with Experian, shows that private housing work is also set to grow strongly over the 2017-2021 period, averaging 5.1% each year. Overall, the forecast reveals the Capital’s construction output is expected to grow at an annual average of 2.4% over the next five years – well above the UK annual average of 1.7%, with 19,000 jobs created. While employment will remain strong in traditional trades, with 2,150 civil engineers, 950 plant operatives and 550 electricians needed, white collar jobs will see the most growth with 3,440 senior executives, 2,370 project managers, and 1,760 architects required. Other sectors are faring less well, however, with commercial building set to decline by 0.1% each year, as the pace of office building in the capital tails off slightly. Janette Welton-Pai, CItB Partnerships Manager for London, said: “It is fantastic to see construction in London continuing to grow and provide employment opportunities.” Much of the construction work in London is based around the


conversion or refurbishment of older buildings and work is under way to equip the next generation of construction workers with the skills needed to respect the heritage of sites. the Construction Industry training Board (CItB) has joined forces with the Scottish Government’s Historic Environment Scotland, Historic England and the Welsh Historic Environment Service (Cadw), in a landmark partnership. the ‘Strategic Skills Partnership Agreement’ signed in late March launched an action plan to equip the construction industry with the knowledge, understanding and skills for the continued and sustainable use of traditional building stock. there are more than 6.5 million traditional buildings (pre-1919) across Scotland, England and Wales and they make up a significant proportion of construction in Great Britain and form a substantial source of demand for work for contractors. Mark Noonan, Industry Relations Director for CItB, said: “We want young people to see that you can have a great career working with traditional buildings.” Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, said: “I’m particularly keen to see the skills necessary to work on traditional, pre-1919 buildings integrated in mainstream construction training and for the long-term economic value of planned building maintenance and responsible energy efficiency retrofit to be better promoted across the board.”

Record numbers starting construction apprenticeships Construction apprenticeship starts are at a record high, according to figures released by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). lmost 25,000 people started a construction apprenticeship in 2015/16 across England, Scotland and Wales. this represents a 25% increase in the past two years as apprentice starts have shot up from 19,973 in 2014 to 24,899 in 2016. this is the highest figure since the present way of recording apprenticeships began in 2003. In the same year, CItB funded more than 8,400 employers to support 24,600 apprenticeships across Great Britain with £57 million in training grants. One of the reasons behind the improved figures are the


success of Shared Apprenticeship Schemes. they enabled SMEs to recruit more than 500 apprentices last year, where they would otherwise have not been able to do so. these initiatives are designed to grow apprenticeships further and support better outcomes for learners. Sarah Beale, CItB Chief Executive, said: “these figures show that more employers than ever before are taking on apprentices. “I would encourage all employers to consider taking on an apprentice – it’s good for the sector and great for growing their businesses.”


Small business, big achievements – Diligence It’s been an exciting few months for Diligence, but equally the spot light has been on our Managing Director, Nicola Coppen, who has been recognised at the Kent Women In Business Awards 2017 as Winner in the ‘Women In Construction’ category and as a Finalist in the ‘Women’s Champion’ category.

er acceptance speech was totally from the top of her head, quite literally, as she wore her sparkly hard hat (the first outing of which was as a Finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2016!). this woman in construction is known to many in North Kent and the London Borough due to her passion to work and volunteer in her community, so making a name for her business is the next stage in her journey to be a local employer, working on local significant projects. Bexley resident and business owner, Nicola started Diligence in April 2014 and in April 2016, she decided the time was right to begin expansion for the company into a larger consultancy. this included bringing in an Operations Manager and setting the foundations ready for our expansion, which we began by employing our first Project Manager to take Nicola’s place


at a large North Kent regeneration project. this allows her to concentrate on finding new projects and more Diligent people to join the team. Currently we have a commission at the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, who kindly gave us their perspective on working with a county wide recognised Woman in Construction: “the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation has been working with Nicola on a major project, led by her, to secure electricity supply to Ebbsfleet Garden City. Nicola has held top-level talks and submitted our business case in what will be a groundbreaking venture when finalised. As well as speeding up the delivery of up to 15,000 homes in the UK’s first Garden City in 100 years, the Corporation is part of a group lobbying for the extension of Crossrail to the Garden City and will start construction on a new £12million bridge linking a community with Ebbsfleet International Station this summer.’’ As you can imagine this commission and the news of having an award winning MD has boosted our profile and has resulted in more enquiries. We are looking at the exciting opportunities in the Docklands, on the Swanscombe Peninsula, Lower thames Crossing and our office bases of Dartford, Bexley and Ashford. We aim to ensure that Diligence continues to make a positive difference.

Please call 01322 838004, email Alison@diligence-pm-services.co.uk or contact us through our website www.diligence-pm-services.co.uk

April 2017


| News

Greenwich Bus Tours Venture A Fantastic Opportunity to raise your profile in the Royal Borough of Greenwich through the sponsorship of a brand new tour bus venture. which will travel extensively around the borough and on all other publicity, tickets and our website. Sponsors will receive an invitation to our exciting launch event and the opportunity to take part in bespoke corporate tours. reenwich Bus tours will be launched this summer to showcase the Royal Borough of Greenwich to tourists and to provide outstanding opportunities for local residents and potential business partners. the benefits for sponsors include your company logo on the tour bus


You will be supporting a project which will enable local people the training skills and experience to move into a career in tourism. All money generated by the enterprise will be reinvested in volunteer Centre Greenwich, helping them to continue their essential work in supporting voluntary groups and local residents in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

To find out more about our sponsorship package and ways that you can support this venture please email greenwichbustours@volunteersgreenwich.co.uk before 9th May 2017

Adviser helps with takeover Clarkson Wright & Jakes (CWJ) has recently advised NetDimensions, an AIM listed learning management software company with offices in Asia, the US, the UK and elsewhere in Europe, on its takeover by Learning Technologies Group PLC (LTG) which was completed earlier this month. tG’s offer, of £1 a share in cash, L valued NetDimensions at around £54m. CWJ has acted for Hong Kong

based NetDimensions since 2005 and Andrew Wright, the managing partner of CWJ who headed the corporate team on the deal, commented: “Working on such a large transaction, involving a number of different legal jurisdictions and under a demanding timetable, is a great example of CWJ’s corporate capability. In addition to the legal complexities, there were a number of commercially sensitive issues to work through, requiring a practical approach and a degree of diplomacy.

April 2017

Clients need their legal team to be more than pure lawyers these days; well-honed negotiating skills and the ability to give sensible, commercial advice are prerequisites, too.” Based in Orpington, CWJ’s corporate team has substantial experience of dealing with the acquisition and sale of companies and businesses of all types and sizes. typically, the transactions involve privately owned companies in London, Kent and the South East, although it deals with AIM-listed companies too and, as the NetDimensions sale indicates, its clients are scattered around the world as far away as Hong Kong.

Mental Health |


Welling Charity, Bridge, calls for society to work together to stem rise in mental health problems Bridge to stage more forums to discuss “progress” in good practice and latest research.

Conference speakers included Peter Beard, director of Channel Four’s BAFTA winning series Bedlam and Kids on the Edge; Dr Antonis Kousoulis, Assistant Director, Mental Health Foundation; Rachel Kelly, writer and mental health campaigner; Raymond Sheehy, CEO of Bridge; and Steven Gilbert, award winning campaigner

round-breaking mental health charity Bridge is to host more events to discuss What Works in Wellbeing after the outstanding success of its 30th anniversary conference Bridge, which supports 1,000 people a year across Greenwich with a range of services, invited leading experts, practitioners and campaigners to discuss how best to support the rising number of people in the UK with mental health problems. “the response from everyone at the conference was incredible,” said Bridge Chief Executive, Raymond Sheehy. “Speakers and delegates said how valuable it was to have a forum which brought together experts, practitioners and campaigners, along with people who’ve experienced mental illness. So we hope to host another event in the near future.” the packed conference at Devonport House (23rd February) heard from Bridge Chief Executive, Raymond Sheehy about the charity’s wide ranging work; Rachel Kelly, a mental health campaigner and writer; Peter Beard, director of Channel Four’s BAFtA winning series Bedlam and Kids on the Edge; Dr Antonis Kousoulis, Assistant Director, the Mental Health Foundation; and Steve Gilbert, an award winning campaigner, who has personal experience of severe mental health problems. “Progress is happening in the field of mental health and wellbeing but it is very slow,” said Bridge Chief Executive


Raymond Sheehy. “However there are some very important practical things you can do to help people with mental health problems that Bridge does, like really listening to them and treating them like human beings rather than a diagnosis. “Our experience has taught us that giving people a sense of purpose – ideally a job – and someone who cares and listens, is key. A little support can prevent unnecessary crisis. We just need to look at the evidence we have heard at the conference, and act together to do something about it.” the speakers addressed the rise in mental health problems, particularly among young people in the UK, and discussed the latest approaches to support and prevention. Each of the speakers backed more “whole community” working between the different services and said that treating people as individuals and tackling stigma was the first step to stemming the rise in depressive illnesses. Keynote speaker, author and mental health campaigner, Rachel Kelly, gave a great speech to a hushed audience, about her personal journey of recovery from a depressive illness and key strategies she has found helpful to aid her wellbeing. She also spoke about the content of her successful books on happiness and good mood food. She said: “the thing I particularly like about Bridge is that it follows my own belief that people need strategies that they can begin to adopt themselves to be on the road to recovery.”

Steven Gilbert, serious mental illness living experience consultant, West Midland Mental Health, talked eloquently and movingly about his own personal experience of serious mental illness and the support he received to get well and stay well. He said: “talking about my experience of mental illness is hugely important. We start to break down the walls and that stigma and the damaging role it plays in people’s mental health. It’s just a health condition like anything else and talking about it helps to remove the darkness around it.” Dr Antonis Kousoulis, Assistant Director at the Mental Health Foundation, talked to the audience about the importance of early intervention in mental health as well as the importance of peer work in people’s recovery. He said: “I think the message around involving people with lived experience and giving them a central point in whatever services we want to design is very important. “We talk a lot about prevention and in the public health sense of the term I would encourage people to talk about their mental health and get support from their peers, and feel that it is ok to ask for help and that its ok to talk about your mental health. It’s very important and a first step towards a good prevention from illness.” Peter Beard, documentary film maker, Bedlam, & Kids on the Edge, gave us an insight into the meaningful documentaries he has made on the subject of mental health. He explained:

“I think a lot of the time society would like to not to think about the things that are really challenging in life, especially in relation to mental health. there is a reason it carries a stigma, and that’s because most people don’t want to think about it. “But the reality we have to, because generally speaking issues regarding mental health, especially with young people, are getting worse, not better, and if we don’t look at it and explore it and listen to what young people have got to say and listen to their parents and their teachers and everyone else involved. then things won’t get any better.” Bridge Chief Executive Raymond Sheehy, talked about Bridge’s mental health and wellbeing services and the success they are having at keeping people well in their communities. He concluded: “As the progress is slow in the mental health system and all sorts of services are working in isolation, what Bridge does is brings them together. So let’s drops our egos, let’s work together and look at someone as a whole person and work together to help them.”

For further information on Bridge visit: www.bridgesupport.org To view the new Bridge Mental Health First Aid video please visit: www.bridgesupport.org

April 2017



CORPORATE HIRE Meetings, Networking Events, Presentations and Training

April 2017

Booking Enquiries: Tel 020 8690 1111 Email: hire@sdmail.org.uk

Jubilee Ground, Canadian Avenue, London. SE6 4SW


StDunstansEntsLtd @SDCEnterprises

Present day, London City Airport and City skyline looking west

Conference and Events |


London’s conference venues continue to thrive The continuing confidence in the economy despite all the turbulence in the world suggests that 2017 could be a good year for London’s conference, exhibitions and events sector.

De vere Devonport House enues across the Capital are constantly coming up with new and improved ways of staging events which linger long in the minds of those who attend them. From the use of technology ranging from lighting and interactive display boards to staging events in unusual and landmark buildings, the sector is showing itself to be as competitive as ever. London’s conference, exhibitions and events sector has always been resilient, even during economic downturns, thanks to the ability of providers to constantly try out new things while never losing touch with the needs of clients, namely the desire to network and develop personal relationships with their clients. London has a particularly buoyant events sector with plenty of fine venues from hotels and conference centres, historic buildings to riverside attractions. One trend increasingly being observed is the arrival in the market of venues which were not always considered for such events. Hotels and business centres have always hosted conferences and exhibitions but increasingly other venues are becoming involved. From sports stadiums to cathedrals and churches, such venues offer something a little different in terms of visitor


Bromley Court Hotel

experience and enrich this sector. More recently the South East London venue market has seen newcomers such as schools, museum's and theatre's, all of which offer a different dimension to corporate hire. this opportunity to utilise their facilities offers a valuable revenue stream to these organisations. Many companies can see the value in taking a client to an event like a football or cricket match or day at the races or maybe a concert, events which allow for mixing in a relaxed atmosphere. And it’s a big market both for London and the wider UK PLC. Recent research into the UK’s conference and business events sector revealed that, in 2015, more business events were held at UK venues than the previous year. the UK Conference and Meeting Survey 2016, produced by UKCAMS, estimated that the sector nationally was worth an estimated £19.2 billion in venue and destination direct spend in 2015. the findings showed that the overall number of business events in 2015 (an estimated 1.34 million) rose by 600,000 compared with the 2014 figure of 1.28 million. However, a decrease in the average size of events (70 delegates per event as against 81 in 2014) led to a fall of 10 million in the total number of delegates, with 94.1 million delegates generating approximately 144 million business event days in 2015. the average event duration was 1.5 days, although most events (67 per cent) lasted a day or less. Average duration varied from 1.4 days for nonresidential events to two days for residential events. According to the authors, there is good cause for continuing optimism in the market, and to believe that growth is possible, which was reflected in sustained levels of investment by venues. the proportion of venues investing more than £500,000 was up on 2013 and 2014 levels, with purpose-built convention centres being the heaviest

investors. venues also indicated that their overall business performance was up in 2015 compared with 2014, and 61 per cent anticipated that 2016 results would show further growth. Underlining the reason to be optimistic for the sector in areas like London, Simon Gidman, Head of Business visits and Events for visitEngland, principal sponsor of UKCAMS 2016, said: ‘the UK events industry has a lot to look forward to over the next few years.” to underline the importance of the sector, the Business visits and Events Partnership (BvEP) has launched a major new policy document for the UK events industry called Opportunities for Global Growth in Britain’s Events Sector. the policy document outlines the issues, opportunities and challenges that will help Britain achieve a more competitive, more profitable and higher profile as it repositions itself following the decision to leave the European Union. It highlights five key areas of opportunity for the events sector: • to make a bigger role for government working with the events industry •

to grow infrastructure and enable greater access and investment

to create a more competitive tax regime

to avoid greater regulation

to support the industry and business sectors that sustain the events industry.

BvEP vice Chair Simon Hughes said: “there’s no doubt that support for the events industry in Britain will reap tremendous benefits in terms of greater trade, increased exports, more inward investment, stronger

Greenwich Yacht Club community cohesion and higher levels of civic and national pride. We now have a once-in-alifetime opportunity to present a clear view of both the key policies and new opportunities which our partners believe will help Britain transition into a new global role following our exit from the EU. “this document is a rallying cry for all event professionals to make the most of the government’s focus on trade and industry and the role events can play in supporting Britain plc.”

the Old Royal Naval College

There’s no doubt that support for the events industry in Britain will reap tremendous benefits in terms of greater trade, increased exports, more inward investment, stronger community cohesion and higher levels of civic and national pride.

Slug & Lettuce O2

April 2017


| Conference and Events

Hires at the Albany and Deptford Lounge From conferences and meetings to award ceremonies and training days, we can deliver your perfect event. Our convenient locations, welcoming staff and excellent catering complete the picture.

e have a fantastic range of options for every budget and need because we operate across three spaces: the Albany, a unique and welcoming environment where diverse communities come together in a creative hub, Deptford Lounge, Lewisham Council’s awardwinning building complex and civic space in the heart of Deptford, and the stunning waterside meeting spaces in Canada Water Library. Our spaces range from fullyequipped meeting rooms with


beautiful views and a large conference space to a state-ofthe art, 500 seat auditorium. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit different, we have a fantastic open air roof-top ball court, a demo kitchen and a soundproofed music room. Come and discover what we have to offer in the heart of south east London. Our Deptford locations are just six minutes by train from London Bridge and a short walk from three stations served by the Overground, DLR and rail networks. Canada Water Library is located directly above Canada Water station. Find out more: www.deptfordlounge.org.uk or www.thealbany.org.uk Get in touch: 020 692 4446 / hires@thealbany.org.uk The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford SE8 4AG

Whatever the occasion, networking event, presentation, board meeting, or business lunch, our dedicated event organisers will help creating the perfect event package. We have a range of options to cater for all sizes of groups, including 2/3 courses meal, various buffet options or Cocktail Masterclass packages.

We also provide free Wifi, access to a TV screen, microphone and coat rack on request. For booking or enquire, please call us on 08451 262990 or email us on slugandlettuce.o2@stonegatepubs.com or infoslug.o2@stonegatepubs.com Slug and Lettuce The O2

1-34 Entertainment Avenue, North Greenwich, London SE10 0DY

A Riverside Setting for Corporate Events The AHOY Centre Charity is situated riverside on the South Bank of the River Thames, with panoramic views of Canary Wharf and the Cutty Sark, Greenwich.

We have 2 rooms available for hire, an ideal setting for various types of events, team building, training, conferences/seminars. the Sir William Boreman Hall is is suitable for dining, social, conference and training functions. With a viewing balcony set over the River thames. the following Capacities apply: 120 seated for dinner, 150 theatre-style, standing reception 200. Available accessories include: Av and sound system

April 2017

with microphones, PA and overhead projector. Seminar/training room is Equipped with WiFi,& two overhead projectors. Ideal for 'break outs' as this room can be sub-divided using moveable partitions. the following Capacities apply: boardroom style - 30; theatre-style 60. We are happy to offer a 10% discount to Chamber member for the hall hire Full details can be found on our website: http://ahoy.org.uk/venue-hire/

The AHOY Centre

is a Charity offering opportunities and training for • Disadvantaged and vulnerable young people (aged 8 to 21) • At risk youths and those excluded from main stream education • Disabled people

How does AHOY help?

Based in one of London's most deprived areas AHOY uses the medium of sailing, rowing and water based activities to break down social barriers and provide innovative training.

Teaching transferable and employable skills is at the heart of everything they do and at the same time building life skills, self-confidence, team building and self-esteem. The qualifications include RYA National certification, City & Guilds, NVQ's and BTECH's.

How you can help?

Cast off the confines of being indoors and take on one of The AHOY Centres OARSOME Rowing Challenges. Great for company teambuilding activities.

There are 5 great challenges to choose; from rowing 8.5 miles on the River Thames to taking the ultimate challenge of rowing 23 miles on the English Channel - there really is something for everyone.

Show your support to a Local London charity – for further details www.ahoy.org.uk/rowing-challenges


| New Members

And Finally…

As a member you're well connected with access to our range of benefits and services, including our directory of local member businesses

Welcome to our new members Care21stcentury Ltd

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Project Manager Essentials

HSBC Bank Plc - Business Banking E: anthonyffrancis@hotmail.com t: 07717 483331 / 03455 843125 E: lucywynn@hsbc.com Contact: Lucy Wynn

JFK Signs

t: 020 8679 5428 E: dario@jfkltd.co.uk Contact: Dario Federico

Leah Lodge

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London Trust Housing

t: 07572 451331 020 8469 8032 E: winsome@londonhousingtrust.org Contact: Winsome Chambers-McKenzie

t: 07768 298673

Contact: Anthony Francis

Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust t: 020 8854 2452 E: office@rght.org.uk Contact: Megan Cable

South London Academy

t: 07960 236318 E: info@southlondonacademy.org.uk Contact: Rajen Kandel

Tom Hanslien Photography Ltd t: 07944 207049 E: info@tomhphoto.co.uk Contact: tom Hanslien

As a member of our Chamber, you are joining a unique organisation with a strong campaigning voice for business to local and national government. You can access a range of services, networking events and support to help your business do better. Importantly, you can also access other members to find new suppliers, promote your business services, or join forces on new opportunities. Find out how to join and learn how others are benefiting from their membership. For more information telephone: 020 8317 3365 email: office@selondonchamber.org

April 2017

Name: James Haddrell Company: Greenwich Theatre Job title: Artistic & Executive Director James has been director of Greenwich theatre since 2007. During his tenure the theatre has been reinvented as a home for some of the country’s most exciting emerging theatre companies and there’s rarely a night without a show that started life at Greenwich theatre being presented somewhere in the world. James is also a mentor for UK theatre, a governor for Corelli College and chair of the acclaimed Filament theatre. As a director James’ productions of UNDER MY tHUMB and GAZING At A DIStANt StAR will both transfer to Edinburgh in August, with UNDER MY tHUMB previewing in Brighton in May.

What was your first job and what was the pay packet? My paper round earned me £10pw. then I became a cinema usher, restaurant pot-washer and building site lackey before securing my first salaried role - Marketing Manager, Warehouse theatre Croydon, £15,000pa.

What would you do with your last pound? Buy a book in a charity shop. the ability to tell and enjoy stories is one of the things that makes us human, and charity support should be a given.

What is the biggest challenge facing your business? the ongoing reduction in arts funding. Without funding as one income stream, the only way to survive will be to increase ticket prices and ultimately become a pastime for the wealthy.

If you were Prime Minister, what would be your first decision? to have arts subjects added to the EBacc. the personal development achieved through studying performance or art contributes hugely to employability, and teaching those subjects enhances any given school.

If you could do another job what would it be? A teacher. I’ve taught at Greenwich University and from April I’ll be running weekly sessions at Charlton Manor Primary. there can’t be a higher privilege than shaping young people’s lives.

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The Masthead 1570  

The Masthead - the Official Magazine for South East London Chamber of Commerce, Latest Local Business Issues, National Business News, Accoun...

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