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talkbusiness let’s THE OFFICIAL BUSINESS MAGAZINE OF WEST LONDON CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE ISSUE 14: May 2023 THE BIG INTERVIEW RAY SINGH, RUSSELL FINEX LTD talks about why the machinery manufacturing company feels like home, why people love to work there and how you can too. INSIDE: SPOTLIGHT FOCUS - Help is at hand for Ealing businesses • INTERNATIONAL TRADE - Challenges for UK trade in 2023 • HEALTH & WELLBEING - How we can boost our health and wellbeing at work West London Chambers of Commerce THE CORONATION OF HIS MAJESTY THE KING AND HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN

Unleash the Potential of your Business at West Thames College

Join the many local businesses already working with West Thames College to upskill their existing staff or find the next generation of talent. We also provide opportunities for your business to inspire our students which helps meet your Corporate Social Responsibility targets, and increase local community involvement.

We provide a range of industry-recognised programmes and initiatives for you

First-class Apprenticeships to support existing or new staff to gain on-the-job training and the practical skills your business demands

Discover your future workforce through our range of programmes with built-in work experience opportunities, including T-Levels with placements that lasts at least 45 days, BTEC courses with shorter one-or-two-week placements, or internships which offer a full summer-long work placement

Upskill your staff through our fully-funded Multiply Maths programmes which can be tailored to your business’s numerical needs and delivered at our Isleworth Campus, your business premises, or online

Visit West Thames College to inspire the next generation of talent with opportunities such as insight talks that showcase your industry, judging a challenge or competition at one of our events, mentoring a student, work shadowing at your workplace, or even mock interviews to develop our

Who we work with

Start working with West Thames College today T-Levels, Multiply Maths, and Student Engagement Martina Greeves, Head of Careers & Work Placement 0208 326 6422 wex@west-thames.ac.uk
Neena Gharu, Head of Apprenticeships 0208 818 6833 apprenticeships@west-thames.ac.uk Visit west-thames.ac.uk/employers to find out more about the opportunities we can offer your business.

We lift a glass to welcome in the new King and Queen in this Coronation edition of our Chamber’s magazine, as we celebrate in a record month of bank holidays.

We also reflect on the challenges businesses have faced this winter which will be ongoing through the spring and summer.

Your Chamber is here to give support to help get us all back into

across our

let’s talkbusiness
economic growth, with stories of opportunities and challenges from
boroughs. contents
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West London Regeneration Conference 2023!

This two-part event will mark the many exciting developments across the borough and inform delegates about the exciting projects underway in the area. These projects are creating jobs, providing work for local businesses and powering the local economy.

This two-part event will mark the many exciting developments across the borough and inform delegates about the exciting projects underway in the area. These projects are creating jobs, providing work for local businesses and powering the local economy.

11th May 2023

Time: 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Holiday Inn London - Brentford Lock, Commerce Road, TW8 8GA

Entrance is free of charge for pre-registered companies/attendees. We are expecting over 150 people.

The following companies are supporting the event:



Berkeley Designed for Life


Ealing Council

E&E Architects

Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Hounslow Council

Kingfisher SEC

Lampton Community Services


University of West London

West Thames College

Yoo Capital

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regeneration conference 2023


Our equipment recycling program is simple: you provide us your old equipment, we recycle it responsibly, and we donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity or non-profit organization of your choice. It’s a win-win situation - you get rid of your old equipment, do your part for the environment, and help support a good cause at the same time.

So why choose Blue Summit for your equipment recycling needs? Here are just a few reasons:

We’re Committed To Sustainability

At Blue Summit, we’re passionate about protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. That’s why we take our responsibility as an equipment recycler seriously. We adhere to strict environmental standards and regulations to ensure that your equipment is recycled in the most responsible and sustainable way possible.

We Make It Easy

Recycling your equipment with Blue Summit is easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is bring your old equipment to our facility, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team of experts will disassemble your equipment, recycle the components, and dispose of any hazardous materials in a safe and responsible manner.

We Support Local Charities

When you recycle your equipment with Blue Summit, you’re not just helping the environment - you’re also making a positive impact in your community. We donate a portion of the proceeds from our equipment recycling program to local charities and nonprofit organizations. This means that your old equipment can help support important causes like education, healthcare, and social justice.

We Accept A Wide Range Of Equipment

We accept a wide range of equipment, including computers, monitors, printers, scanners, and more. Whether you’re a business looking to dispose of old office equipment or an individual getting rid of an old laptop, we can help. Our team of experts will assess your equipment and determine the best way to recycle it based on its condition and components.

We Prioritize Data Security

If you’re getting rid of old equipment that contains sensitive information, we understand how important it is to keep that information secure. That’s why we take data

security very seriously at Blue Summit. We’ll wipe your equipment clean of all data using industry-standard methods to ensure that your information is completely erased.

So, what happens to your equipment after you bring it to us? First, we assess the equipment to determine whether it can be refurbished or recycled. If the equipment is still in working condition, we’ll refurbish it and donate it to a local charity or non-profit organization. If the equipment is no longer functional, we’ll disassemble it and recycle the various components.

By recycling your equipment with Blue Summit, you’re doing your part to reduce electronic waste and protect the environment. You’re also supporting local charities and non-profit organizations and making a positive impact in your community. It’s a situation we’re proud to be a part of.

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In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to take care of our planet and give back to our communities. That’s why at Blue Summit, we’re proud to offer equipment recycling services that benefit local charities and non-profit organizations.


Step 1: Contact Us

When you’re ready to recycle your equipment, simply contact us to schedule a pickup. We’ll arrange a time that’s convenient for you, and our team will arrive at your location to collect your equipment.

Step 2: Free Pick-up

We provide free pick-up and drop-off for the equipment from your location on time and you won’t have to worry for that.

Step 2: Data Destruction

Before we recycle your equipment, we’ll ensure that all data is securely destroyed. We use industry-leading software to wipe your hard drives clean, ensuring that your personal information is protected.

Step 3: Recycling

Once your data has been destroyed, we’ll begin the recycling process. Our team will disassemble your equipment and recycle the various components, ensuring that all materials are disposed of responsibly.

Step 4: Donation/ Free drop-off

After your equipment has been recycled, we’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity or non-profit organization of your choice. You can feel good knowing that your old equipment is

being put to good use and that you’re making a positive impact in your community.

In addition to our equipment recycling services, we also offer a range of other environmental and sustainability services. These include:

E-waste disposal: If you have electronic waste that you need to dispose of, we can help. We’ll ensure that your e-waste is recycled responsibly and in compliance with all local and federal regulations. In addition to that we prevent any sort of waste going into the landfill ensuring recycling of all equipment.

Secure data destruction: If you need to dispose of old equipment that contains sensitive information, we use industry-standard methods to ensure that your data is completely erased and cannot be recovered. Along-with it we also provide free certified drive destruction for any company that recycles old laptops with us.

Free Internet- We have created a free internet cafe for people in Hounslow using donated equipment and volunteers through Our Barn. It


Blue Summit works with Our Barn to provide work experience and IT training for people with disabilities on refurbishing this equipment. We have these differently abled people show their talent and knowledge to the society and take part in making a difference.

At Blue Summit, we’re passionate about protecting the environment and giving back to our community. We believe that our equipment recycling program is a win-win for everyone involved. By recycling your equipment with us, you’re not only doing your part to protect the environment, but you’re also making a difference in the lives of others.


We’re proud of the impact that our equipment recycling program has had on our community.

Thanks to our customers’ support, we’ve been able to donate to a variety of charities and nonprofit organizations, including local schools, food banks, and environmental groups.

We believe that our work makes a difference in the society and to the environment as well.

We are really lucky to have OUR BARN as our partner who help in donating the equipment to people or families who don’t otherwise have access to computers and help the equipment reach the rightful owner.

To know more about our services and recycling process visit our website and learn more www.bluesummittech.com/ services/recycling/

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Our equipment recycling program is simple and straightforward.
how it works:

The Brentford Project makes great strides in the rejuvenation of Brentford town centre

Over the past four years, the transformation of Brentford’s high street and waterfront has been taking place, thanks to Ballymore’s 11.8 regeneration scheme, The Brentford Project.

restaurant, Sam’s Waterside, as well as coffee shop favourites like Gail’s and Prêt a Manger, and major supermarket, Morrisons.

One of the most exciting developments in west London, located at the meeting point of the River Thames and the River Brent, the scheme is breathing fresh life into the neighbourhood with a mix of new homes, public spaces and new dining, entertaining and shopping amenities.

The past six months have seen significant milestones for the development, including the completion of its first two buildings and the arrival of its first residents. There are over 100 residents now settled into their new homes and enjoying the new waterside neighbourhood, including newly opened coffee shop and deli, Sam’s Larder. A west London local, Sam’s Larder joins an extensive list of businesses and brands that already call The Brentford Project home, including bakery Rye by the Water, classic and supercar hub Duke of London, and restaurants including Santa Maria Pizzeria and Tex-Mex spot, D Grande.

With impressive progress and success to date, 2023 is also set to be a big year for The Brentford Project, which is set to announce a host of new commercial tenants in the coming months. These will join already confirmed brands including brasserie-style

This summer will also see the return of the highly successful Summer Series at The Brentford Project, a busy programme of freeof-charge community events between June to September. From all-day outdoor festivals and a modern twist on a summer garden party through to rooftop dining and exclusive talks with some of the town’s most exciting entrepreneurs, the Summer Series is set to celebrate the very best of this west London neighbourhood.

Behind the scenes, new community spaces are well underway to open up the riverside, with Workhouse Dock set to open in September – a fresh space for public events, performances, outdoor markets on the riverside, and of course, a place for all to relax, spend time and enjoy life by the water.

Once complete, the Brentford Project will become a truly walkable neighbourhood for residents of the 876 apartments as well as the existing Brentford and west London community, with the newly reinvigorated high street reconnected to the waterfront via a series of charming pedestrianised yards and lanes.

The high street will be dedicated to all the amenities desired for modern living, with a selection of market-leading retailers, alongside a major supermarket, boutique cinema and traditional shops including a bakery, greengrocer and butcher. Meanwhile, the passageways of the lanes will be dedicated to supporting emerging local businesses, home to a variety of boutiques, independent retailers, artisans, craftspeople and budding entrepreneurs.

The scheme will also increase access to the water, including extensions to the Thames path and at Workhouse Dock – which neighbours Waterfront Square – an existing but neglected mooring on the River Brent will be rejuvenated with 24-hour moorings, and lined with restaurants, pubs, and cafés with a new public realm including tiered seating terraces.

Apartments offer the best of waterside living too, with flexible living spaces, far-reaching views and generous private outdoor spaces, as well as a range of residents’ amenities including a co-working space, outdoor heated swimming pool, gym, and wellness studio. With an impressive 75% of apartments already sold in the first phase, there are many beautifully designed apartments ready for those looking for a new home in 2023 (prices from £425,000).

Access to central London is also quick and easy, with trains from Brentford Station taking just 24 minutes to reach Waterloo. There are also plans underway for a West London Orbital rail link between Hounslow to Hendon, set to stop at Brentford and further increase the area’s connectivity, whilst a new cycleway offers another option for travel by bike and links Brentford with town centres including Hammersmith, Chiswick and Kensington. For travel by road, the M4 is also close by.

For further information on the range of apartments available, please visit www.thebrentfordproject.com, or call the sales team on 020 3797 4875. For further information on available commercial units at The Brentford Project, please contact Tony Moore at Shackleton on 07792 429 660.

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Ballymore_The Brentford Project_Waterfront_Dusk

West London Waterside Liv ing.


Opening 2023

Sam’s Riverside, Sam’s Larder, Morrisons

Opening 2024

Gail’s, Cutbox, Pret A Manger

Retailers and prices correct as at time of print FIND OUT MORE THEBRENTFORDPROJECT.COM
a new waterside town centre for West London with reimagined historic lanes and yards connecting the high street to the waterfront.

Bell Road, Hounslow

We have developed a trusted relationship with the people of Hounslow, and our years of experience in the area mean that we know what works for the local community.

Our most recent Hounslow-based development on Bell Road will mark the start of a new chapter for many when it completes later this year.

Located in the heart of Hounslow, it will provide 127 new homes for the local community.

The Bugler Group is a multi-disciplinary construction and property development business with an enviable track record of delivering high quality homes throughout London and the South East for over 40 years.

High quality homes since 1982. www.bugler.co.uk

Dr Renu Raj’s mantra for life is always treating yourself with the three Cs: Concern, Commitment and Confidence.

“Radanks was launched at the House of Commons in 2019,” said Dr Raj, who is registered at BCI and the Delhi High Court.

“I pioneered the revolutionary concept of legal tourism. Radanks is the world’s first integrated legal care and support platform.”

Dr Renu Raj has a wealth of education and experience which has served her well professionally and means that she is perfectly placed as a director at West London Chambers of Commerce.

Qualified as a medical doctor and solicitor and accredited as an international mediator, Dr Raj has the perfect balance of knowledge and expertise to help her support others.

She is the founder and CEO of Radanks Limited UK and Dynamic Silence UK.

Mediation is her passion and she is working tirelessly to promote mediation as a first course of action in dispute resolution.

“Life is fast and stressful enough; mediation should always be the first step,” she added.

“Mediation training is like paracetamol, it is the same around the world. I also compare it to a cricket match, which is played worldwide with the same rules. The umpire cannot be on a playing team and must remain neutral and can be from any country. In the same way,

a mediator cannot be from any party, but needs to be neutral and unbiased.

“Mediation is very effective.”

Her mediation caseload is very varied, with examples including mediating between a family who suffered a traumatic stillbirth and the hospital where the mother and baby received care; and a partnership dispute involving several family businesses between two brothers and their wives.

Her work requires her to travel internationally from her London home on a regular basis.

“My objective is to make an international platform providing the best mediation across Asia and the UK, and across the world.”

Back in London, Dr Raj has been an active participant in the Chamber for several years and

became a director around three years ago.

“Whatever I can do to support and motivate I will, I am there for anyone,” she said.

“I love to help people unconditionally.

“As a director, last year I helped set up the UK Trade Conference. I am also trying to help businesses here work in India and some in India link with businesses here.

“The Chamber of Commerce is the best platform for local and international businesses to support each other, whatever sector your business is in.

“I always say the fundamentals of success are self-investment and my mantra for life is always treating yourself with the three Cs: concern, commitment and confidence.”

Here she tells us more about her passion for her role as one of our directors at West London Chambers of Commerce.
director focus
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The Chamber of Commerce is the best platform for local and international businesses to support each other, whatever sector your business is in.
Get started today 01895 853780 www.hruc.ac.uk/apprenticeships Apprenticeship provider in west London with Harrow, Richmond & Uxbridge Colleges 55 years of experience in offering employer-led education Regular & Blended Learning Apprenticeships Technical Higher Education by West London IoT T Level Qualifications Work Experience & Traineeships Training & Courses Create a Stronger Business Future Together

HRUC Apprenticeships & Skills

The Largest College Apprenticeship Provider in West and South-West London

HRUC Apprenticeships & Skills is an industry leading training provider in west London brought to you by Harrow, Richmond & Uxbridge Colleges (HRUC)

We offer high-quality apprenticeships with 38 standards available, professional development courses with various flexible delivery modes, plus recruitment and training for employers.

Build your business with funding to recruit new apprentices

Hiring an apprentice doesn’t have to be costly. There are a range of funding options available and the amount businesses can benefit from will depend on whether they pay the apprenticeship levy or not.

Employers will receive a £1,000 incentive for taking on an apprentice who is aged 16 to 18 years old or under 25 if they have an education, health and care plan (EHCP). T&Cs apply.

This funding helps businesses to recruit and build a skilled and efficient workforce to boost productivity. We promote vacancies for free and our recruitment officers ensure they match and screen the best candidates to meet your job requirements. To recruit an apprentice, please get in touch on 01895 853780.

Accessing trained people to fill your vacancies

We run a number of Sector-based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs) which are customised to meet your organisational needs, providing you with access to individuals with the skills sets you require. If you would like to discuss how you can set up a SWAP for your recruitment needs, please contact Giles at gstrachan@uxbridgecollege.ac.uk

Upskilling and reskilling opportunities for your current staff

When key business decisions need to be made quickly, it’s important to have easy access to the skills your internal talent can bring to the table. When you invest in your existing staff to upskill or reskill them, they will deliver instant access to the skills you already have. So, when changes need

The HRUC apprenticeship offer

• Accounting

• Accounting Taxation Technician

• Autocare Technician

• Business Administration

• Carpentry and Joinery

• Chef De Partie

• Childcare / Early Years

• Commis / Production Chef

• Community Sports Activator

• Construction Site Technician

• Customer Service - Practitioner and Specialist

• Dental Nursing

• Dental Practice Manager

• Digital Marketer

• Electrical Installation

• Engineering – Automation & Control

• Engineering - Design and Draught Person

• Engineering – Digital (Construction)

• Engineering Fitter

• Engineering - Food & Drinks Maintenance

to be made in your business, they can be made quickly and easily, in realtime. Chat to us on 01895 853780 to find out how you can progress existing high performing employees through our bespoke specialist training to enhance efficiency.

Employer-led technical education

HRUC is committed to supporting local businesses to increase their levels of innovation and productivity by meeting and driving demand for

• Engineering – Machinist Advanced Manufacturing

• Engineering - Maintenance & Operations

• Engineering – Mechatronics Maintenance

• Engineering – Technical Support

• Hairdressing

• Health & Social Care

• Human Resources

• IT Solutions Technician

• Lab Technician

• Learning & Development

• Motor Vehicle - Maintenance & Repair

• Network Engineering

• Paralegal

• Plumbing & Heating

• Project Control Technician

• Operational Departmental Manager

• Teaching Assistant

• Team Leading

technical skills. We offer specialist technical education provision through T Levels as well as Higher Apprenticeships and Higher Education at West London Institute of Technology. This helps learners to develop skills that employers need, leading to a rewarding future for businesses. The technical delivery teams support employers to understand how investment in skills, new technology and innovative practices helps them drive increased productivity;

and nurture entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial talents.

We are a trusted provider and we’d love to work with you!

With over 55 years of combined skills and experience we help companies as well as individuals build worthwhile futures.

We are:

• A top college in London with consistent success rates

• A trusted expert in delivering specialist training. We are one of the first 12 institutions in the country to open an Institute of Technology, recently established by the government offering higher level technical qualifications

• One of the first FE colleges in London to deliver T Level qualifications

• A College group with strong industry links with over 1500 employers including major companies such as Brunel University London, National Physics Laboratory, Harrods, Harlequins, Martin-Baker Aircraft Company, Menzies Aviation, Morgan Sindall, Metroline & Skanska.

We provide a dedicated Account Manager for your company to assist you in filling your skill gaps for the present and the future. Our experienced recruitment team support employers to recruit locally and find the right talent - free of charge.

To find out more on how to get started, visit www.hruc.ac.uk/employers, email employers@hcuc.ac.uk or call 01895 853780 today!

let’s talkbusiness

The Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty

The Queen is an historic moment in the life of our nation, a time to reflect on our history, celebrate who we are and look to our future.

West London Chambers of Commerce would like to congratulate His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen on this momentous occasion.

skills 14 coronation
Coronation 2023 Emblem usage guidelines
Image Hugo Burnand

Flying high with UWL

During the Ealing Business Expo, held at the University of West London (UWL) in March, COO of the West London Chambers of Commerce Sally Smith got the chance to experience a flight in the university’s state-of-the-art Boeing 737 FlightPad flight simulator, which is used for training students and also open to the public for special simulator experiences.

“I was a bit nervous as I’ve never been in a cockpit before,” Sally says. “But my co-pilot, one of the UWL instructors, talked me through everything very thoroughly.”

“I was in charge for take-off and landing,” Sally says with a laugh, recalling that landing had been an amazing but tricky moment. “You come into land so fast and there is quite lot to do so I was very grateful for my instructor’s help.”

Sally particularly enjoyed the experience flying into Heathrow Airport, and she would love to do it again. “I would highly recommend this to everyone!” she says.

If all this talk of flying has whetted your appetite for taking to the skies yourself, why not come and enjoy a flight simulator experience for one or two people at UWL’s West London campus? Choose from a 90-minute simulator experience for one, including 60 minutes of flight time, or a two-hour experience for two, with 90 minutes of flying.

Careers in aviation

Looking for a career in aviation? UWL, which is located just 7.5 miles from Heathrow Airport, has a wide range of airport, airline and aviation management undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses on offer to equip you with all

the skills you need to succeed in this dynamic and fastmoving industry.

The London Geller College of Hospitality and Tourism at UWL offers degree courses with a focus on management and tourism, alongside others that include commercial pilot training or qualification with a private pilot’s licence. Its postgraduate options are designed to build on and enhance candidates’ employability in air transport management, aviation management and international tourism. Many of these courses can be studied part time, meaning that students can continue working while achieving professional qualifications.

UWL enjoys strong links with both British Airways and Heathrow Airport, along with some 400 other industry partners. For students, these links mean that during their courses they benefit from opportunities like exciting placements and the chance to meet and interact with high level visiting speakers and industry experts.

Browse the full range of aviation, airline and airport management courses

https://www.uwl.ac.uk/ courses/aviation-airline-andairport-management

How Coworking Could Soften Hounslow’s Cost of Living Crisis

Hybrid and home-based work has become the norm for many workers. But as the energy crisis bites, workers are faced with a dilemma: is it actually cheaper to work in a company office this winter?

Research by Uswitch estimates that people working full-time from home over the cooler months will increase their daily gas use by 75%. Working from home full-time also uses approximately 25% more electricity, as workers prepare meals and hot drinks, run computers, and charge mobile devices.

This comes as heating and electricity costs are surging during the energy crisis.

For those who don’t have an expensive commute, it may actually be cheaper to use a flexible coworking space this winter.

UBC, which operates a flexible office and coworking location in Brentford, offers coworking credits and anytime day passes starting from just £25 per day. This becomes much cheaper when buying credits in bulk, or choosing a monthly membership.

A monthly coworking membership at The Mille in Bretford costs £249 per month, the equivalent of approximately £12.45 per day (based on 20 working days per month).

This includes:

Full-time access during business hours to a dedicated desk with lockable storage in a spacious office, shared with other professionals.

• A comfortable work environment with high-speed Internet connectivity, ergonomic furniture, kitchen facilities, and all utility costs included.

• Use of the building address with mail handling, and receptionist services including call answering.

Contact Leon Swan

Email: brentford@ubcuk.com

Tel: 0800 169 9822


• Access to meeting rooms at discounted rates.

• 12 months’ business growth support with free Membership to Enterprise Nation.

Aside from saving money on heating and energy costs, coworking enables workers and entrepreneurs to enjoy better work-life separation.

Working at home can be incredibly distracting, which damages productivity and even family relationships. On the flip side, it can be isolating for those who live and work alone.

Coworking provides a comfortable but professional environment, with networking opportunities along with onsite business and community events.

UBC’s Brentford coworking space is located at The Mille on Great West Road (A4) near the M4. It has easy access to public transport via Brentford and Boston Manor stations and a frequent bus service.

Why not take a closer look? Take a 3D video tour or pop in for a visit. We’ll happily give you a free coworking day pass to try it out for yourself!

Now, flexible workspace solutions at UBC are even more cost effective. See UBC website for all current offers


let’s talkbusiness 15 skills

Russell Finex’s Managing Director Ray Singh talks about why the machinery manufacturing company feels like home, why

Talking to Ray Singh, it’s easy to find his passion for Russell Finex infectious. Having worked there for 44 years, it “feels like home” to him and his enthusiasm for the business is clear for anyone to see.

“I never think ‘Oh, I have to go to work today – I never have done from the day I joined the Company’. I absolutely love it, my work life and personal life have merged, and I feel very much at home here,” he said.

Russell Finex, established in 1934 and celebrating its 90th anniversary next year, is a global sieving and filtration specialist which has been based in Feltham for the past 60 years. With roles in a variety of fields including welders, fabricators, polishers, lathe operators, assembly workers, packers, shipping, finance, IT, engineers, quality, marketing and sales, the firm, which is a very supportive member of the Chamber, is now keen to take on and nurture the next generation of the team.

Ray started as a Sales Clerk when he was 22 and, with his University education, he grasped opportunities and quickly moved up the ranks.

Managing Director since February 2011, he is now the longest serving member of Russell Finex with many others racking up between 10 and 25-years’ service, plus a few heading towards 40 years. The firm’s turnover has risen from £17.6m in 2011, when Ray took the helm, to £47m.

“We promote from within the company, unless we don’t have the skills in house. That is always our first choice” said Ray.

“If you take myself as an example, I started as a Sales Clerk and had the opportunities to move within the business as have many others who work for the company who now hold very senior positions.

“We strongly believe that when opportunities arise, we will look to give those opportunities to people internally and then backfill their roles. We have got a lot of long-serving colleagues within our team.

“Over the years, since I’ve been in more senior

positions and been part of interviewing panels, there is a question that candidates always ask: ‘What is my future if I work here?’. I always reply with ‘It’s up to you, it’s whatever you make of it’. If you work hard, take whatever opportunities that are put in front of you and do a decent job, then the sky’s the limit. I’m a living example of that. It’s the people who are willing to go the extra mile that go places.”

And although the firm is growing all the time, “every single person in the company matters – people are not just numbers here”.

The secret to retaining staff, says Ray, is the wealth of benefits each employee enjoys – and with such a range of roles on offer, our benefits are attractive to more people as we grow as a business.

The Feltham site is currently undergoing renovation works costing around £1.5m – the Chamber recommended the architect who has helped with the redevelopment designs. Russell Finex bought the building next to the organisation’s headquarters and are currently making it fit for purpose. Once completed, their site capacity will be increased by 50%. The firm has planning permission in place to add more office and manufacturing space.

the big interview 16
people love to work there and how you can too.

“We’re an expanding business,” says Ray. “We have grown from 100 to 200 employees in the last 10 years and are continuing to grow. We are a very stable, successful business. “We’re always looking for high calibre candidates to join us.”

Russell Finex has no outside shareholders. Ray says the firm “gets a lot of interest from others who want to take it over or buy a stake into it but it’s not of any interest to the company to do that and as a result of our ownership structure, it gives us stability”.

“We have the ability to think long-term without the pressure of outside shareholders,” he said. “And because of the structure, we can offer a fantastic range of benefits which are the envy of other employers.”

The company has a defined benefit pension scheme (final salary), which is non-contributory for employees; all costs are picked up by the company. The cost of running that is equivalent to 40% of a person’s salary. There is a profit-sharing bonus which is paid to all employees based on the firm’s profits – over the last three to four years, it has been over 50% of people’s salaries “so if someone has worked here two years, then they would have been paid for three”.

Employees receive 22 days’ holiday a year plus an additional day for every three years employed at the company, up to a maximum of five days.

Office roles benefit from flexitime with start times between 8am and 10am and finish times between 4pm and 6pm. Colleagues can also accrue time when things are busy and take that time as additional days off.

Factory staff have paid breaks and finish at lunchtime on Fridays so effectively work a four and half day week and are paid overtime as required.

There is a discretionary sick pay scheme which provides up to 13 weeks’ full sick pay and then another 13 weeks at 2/3rds if someone falls ill.

At Christmas, all staff members receive a £500 bonus advance and have the festive period off as the company shuts down over the festive period.

Other benefits include an on-site subsidised canteen for all employees; long service awards after three years; a cycle to work scheme; life assurance for employees;

those who use VDUs receive free sight tests and a free set of prescription glasses every two years; there is free tea and coffee and regular other ‘lifts’ like the quarterly business update where everyone on site gets together for a free lunch.

“We believe in making our staff feel valued in a host of different ways” added Ray.

Employees can work overseas at one of the company’s subsidiary sites. Russell Finex has two sites in Mechelen, Belgium. The second one was bought last year as it had outgrown its current facility and is 50% bigger than their current site; a facility in India which was built from a green field site and opened last year, having rented previously, as well as technical centres across India; a base in Charlotte, North Carolina in the US; a site in China; and a small base in Brazil. Next on the list for the company’s expansion plans is Southeast Asia.

“We have had a few people who have gone from here in Feltham to the US on a two-year secondment and decided to stay there,” said Ray.

“The president of the Charlotte site started working here at 22 and then transferred to the US after he had been here for a year, now he oversees that subsidiary.”

Every year the firm takes on four or five apprentices, with many remaining at the firm holding more senior positions. They recently launched their own Apprentice Development Programme.

Russell Finex also offer work experience for 16-18-year-olds and work with the Reach Academy to assist with work experience.

The company is proud to give back to its local community - “We do work with the local community on various projects such as Safer Business Hounslow, St George’s Youth Club, the local charity Storehouse, which is a food and clothing bank, and Reach Academy, and we are delighted to have teamed up with a local cancer charity, The Mulberry Centre, to be their corporate partner last year and this year. We thank the Chamber for the introductions to both The Mulberry Centre and Reach Academy. We are immensely proud of our staff who are engaging in a number of fundraising events on their behalf.”

The company has won and been highly commended in several of the Chamber’s business awards including Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2021 Hounslow Business Awards and Employer of the Year in both 2021 and 2022.

Russell Finex is recruiting for several roles including:

Stores and Facilities Controller: Receiving, issuing, packing and crating machinery and spares. This role includes problem solving alongside the Stores and Stock Control team.

Polisher: Working to the highest levels of quality, under ISO9001 procedures, this role involves grinding, polishing stainless steel components. A strong team player will suit this role as the jobholder will be supporting colleagues as and when required to do so.

Panel Wirer/Electronics Engineer: Responsible for testing, inspection and assembly of electrical and pneumatic panels complying with ISO 9001 procedures.

Welder/Fabricator: Working with mid steel and stainless steel manufacturing component parts using engineering drawings and using MIG/TIG process.

Business Development Executive: If you have a passion for engineering and technology and are looking to develop a sales or commercial role within a fastgrowing global UK based manufacturer, this could be the role for you.

Development Electrical/Electronic Engineer: To design and develop new and modified equipment to extend the company’s product range and to meet changing and new requirements of customers, and to pre-empt/react to competitors’ actions. This is a challenging role for an enthusiastic individual that can work using their own initiative.

Internal Sales Engineer: An opportunity for a technical and engineering knowledgeable person to be part of a vibrant sales team. A multifunctional role which includes liaison with other departments, keeping engineers and managers up to date; maintaining sales order files; logging, forwarding and processing inquiries and other tasks.

Apprentices: Russell Finex has introduced The Apprentice Development Programme and will be recruiting soon.


for full details of the available positions.

Over the years, since I’ve been in more senior positions and been part of interviewing panels, that is a question that candidates always ask: ‘What is my future if I work here?’. I always reply with ‘It’s up to you, it’s whatever you make of it’.
• Competitive salaries with profit-share bonus • Average bonus over 50% per annum of salary • In the last 2 years employees have earned over 3 years’ salary! • Career progression and training opportunities • Non-contributory final salary pension scheme • Subsidised canteen and many more great benefits Come and join us and enjoy: Contact us for more information 020 8818 2000 careers@russellfinex.com • Welders/Fabricators • Quality Control Engineers • Mechanical Fitters • Panel Wirers/Electronics Engineers • Many other opportunities Russell Finex Ltd • Competitive salaries with profit-share bonus • Average bonus over 50% per annum of salary • In the last 2 years employees have earned over 3 years’ salary! • Career progression and training opportunities • Non-contributory final salary pension scheme • Subsidised canteen and many more great benefits Come and join us and enjoy: Contact us for more information 020 8818 2000 careers@russellfinex.com • Welders/Fabricators • Quality Control Engineers • Mechanical Fitters • Panel Wirers/Electronics Engineers • Many other opportunities Russell Finex Ltd Feltham TW13 7EW for the the year? years’ salary! positions including:

Uptick for business confidence but most firms see no improvement in sales

Over half (52%) of UK firms believe their business turnover will increase over the next 12 months, up from 44% in Q3 2022, according to the British Chambers of Commerce’s Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) for Q1 2023.

However, only one in three (34%) firms experienced an increase in sales over the past three months.

And almost half (47%) of hospitality businesses reported a drop in cashflow in the last quarter.

The BCC surveyed 5,200 firms – 92% of whom are SMEs – and discovered that there is a sectoral division in business performance, with hospitality and retail firms consistently more likely to report worsening cash flow, investment, and turnover than other sectors.

The research took place between February 13 and March 9 before the Chancellor’s Spring Budget was announced.

The percentage of firms reporting increased domestic sales has not seen any bounce back since it fell significantly in Q3 2022. Only one in three (34%) firms experienced an increase in sales over the past three months, while 24% reported a decrease and 41% reported no change.

The survey found that the retail and hospitality sectors remain particularly weak – almost two in

five (38%) retail firms experienced a decrease in sales over the past three months, with one in three (32%) hospitality businesses reporting a fall.

More businesses continue to report a decrease in cashflow, highlighting the precarious state many SMEs are still in. Only one in four (25%) businesses said their cashflow has increased over the last three months, while 30% have seen it fall.

Again, the hospitality and retail sectors are suffering the most with 40% of retail firms, and almost half (47%) of hospitality businesses, reporting decreased cashflow.

Business confidence is now on the up after plummeting to

historically low levels in the second half of 2022. Over half (52%) of firms believe their business turnover will increase over the next 12 months, up from 44% in Q3 2022.

While profitability confidence has also improved, it continues to remain weaker than turnover confidence – 42% of businesses now expect their profits to increase over the next year, up from 34% in Q4 2022.

The research also revealed that three quarters (75%) of respondents reported no increase to investment in plant/equipment and, in fact, little improvement to investment over the past six years. Only a quarter of firms planned to increase investment in Q1 2023, the same level as

reported in Q2 2017.

Inflationary pressures continue to ease slightly, but still remain the top concern of respondents.

Cost pressures vary considerably across sectors; 87% of hospitality firms reported utilities as a factor driving price increases while 86% of manufacturers cited raw materials.

David Bharier, head of research at the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “After a significant decline in business confidence in the second half of 2022, results from QES Q1 show an improvement in business sentiment as political turmoil and inflationary pressures show some sign of easing.

“However, this comes from a very weak base, and while confidence has improved, this is yet to translate into an overall improvement of business conditions. Most SMEs still report no improvement to sales, cash flow, and investment.

“Three years of economic shocks – Covid lockdowns, global supply chain crises, inflation, and Brexit – have taken a significant toll on UK SMEs. The QES Q1 data once again confirms that these shocks have disproportionately impacted the retail and hospitality sectors, which are once again most likely to be reporting worsening sales and cashflow.”

let’s talkbusiness economy
Growth in business activity remains weak with the retail and hospitality sectors facing the most significant challenges.
More businesses continue to report a decrease in cashflow, highlighting the precarious state many SMEs are still in. Only one in four (25%) businesses said their cashflow has increased over the last three months, while 30% have seen it fall.
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Dispatches from MIPIM 2023, the Largest Property Fair in Europe

Award winning West London architect, Paul Vick of Paul Vick architects brings back his observations.

The Bounce Back

London also had the second lowest unemployment. The City of London aims for zero carbon buildings by 2040, and its energy supply is increasingly renewable. The biggest competition however was not seen as other cities but of ‘slippers and the internet’ where tech companies are spending billions (on the internet rather than slippers). The office is increasingly understood as a notion of community which means different things in different places. In our view, work has always needed community and culture to thrive. In both New York and London, the quality offices were the most full, the rest are struggling. Renewal is then showing a flight to integrated quality.

According to the organisers 26,800 property professionals attended MIPIM in Cannes this year, which excludes 1000s outside the fair. It boasted 2000+investment and financial companies, and 76 of the largest Investment Managers representing 3.9tr euros of assets under management.

Activity is bouncing back.

The London Pavilion was located between Saudi Arabia and Paris and a short walk from the West Midlands and Manchester. In the London Pavilion, where we were on the RIBA Stand, the combined London Boroughs’ had a stand with the message of a connected, resilient city.

Renewal and the Flight to Quality. Slippers and the internet

Getting more than expected. The Green agenda, 100% planning permission and profit

historically has been one of political will and economic incentive, identified by the Brundtland Report for the UN in 1987. Today, the agenda is finally pushing ahead.

Drawing the granular level into the wider view, we have found from our experience across sectors from offices, mixed use, regeneration, low energy, and culture that each have benefitted others to the profit of users, owners, public and private alike. This experience has enabled us to achieve 100% planning permission record since starting the practice 16years ago.

Planning permission allows you to be able to do your project at all. Accordingly, it is a definition of viability and the basis for securing serious funding. It is cheaper than doing it twice and owners, users and environment (and our children) often get more than expected.

Paul Vick architects is a member of the West London Chambers of Commerce

For more information visit:

The launch of the return-to-work report by Centre for London and Oxford Economics, included post-pandemic comparisons of London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Berlin. Of these cities in 2022, London had the greatest growth.

Development requires consideration of different timelines (demographic, infrastructure, low emissions travel, social, environmental and economic, skills, work and materials…), and planning a project for the short term can see a considerable amount of waste if not done right. Better energy ratings on buildings can show higher values and desirability for property; in due course EPC A and zero carbon will be the statutory minimum. A longer view is essential to make the most of the resources and opportunities, while minimising expensive retrofit later.

I designed an 8000 zero carbon home development 20years ago and under my own banner we have subsequently undertaken new build and retrofit low energy schemes. The issue


let’s talkbusiness 21 property
The London model was the centrepiece of the London Stand. it has the dockyards in the front. O2 centre, Canary Wharf and City standing out in this view. The model’s permanent home has just moved to the Guildhall in the City of London. Paul Vick architects exhibiting a 24acre regeneration scheme, at the RIBA Stand in the London Pavilion. The combined London Boroughs’ message for ‘Opportunity London’. Paul Vick architects exhibiting at the RIBA Stand with a new glass bridge that lights up at night connecting a new office fit out for a global, telecoms HQ in W London. Connectivity was also promoted by a new refectory, different formats of office space to each department as well as integration of art. A new floor was achieved on the building, above the brief, by the architects in this high value location. The west side of the model looking north with Chiswick High Road in the foreground. The model could perhaps be extended further west?

Shining examples of member collaboration


A security firm and a cleaning company based in West London are set to become shining examples of what can be achieved when Chamber of Commerce members collaborate.

Ash Sanjenbam, the managing director of Kingfisher SEC, and Manu Sareen, CEO and founder of Green Facilities Management Ltd are both very active in West London Chambers of Commerce and agree it “makes sense” to be members of their local Chamber.

Now, the pair have formed a strategic partnership they hope will enable them to grow their businesses in the public sector, by offering cleaning and security services under one umbrella.

“I’m excited about this partnership and very positive that we are taking this step to announce it to the rest of the

Chambers and promote the idea that members should work and collaborate with each other,” Ash said.

Kingfisher SEC, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year, has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce for more than 10 years and Ash said the firm has “always been on the lookout for strategic partnerships with other businesses.

Through attending the same Chamber of Commerce as Manu and opening up the conversation about the prospect of working together, he has now found a business that he aligns

well with in Green Facilities Management Ltd.

“Our values and visions are very similar,” Ash says. “We believe both companies will work well together.”

Manu adds: “We are both service oriented, offering cleaning and security services and we can complement each other.

“We also share common clients.

“The intention in the future is to make life much easier for our prospects and clients, so they don’t have to go and source different suppliers – we can work as a team, as partners,

offering both security and cleaning services, which often go hand in hand for our clients.” Working together, the two firms are hoping to gain more clients in the public sector and successfully tender for contracts jointly, where organisations are in need of both cleaning and security services.

“There’s nothing to stop us tendering for Heathrow contracts or other big council contracts,” says Manu.

“We just want to make it easier for our clients and offer a combined service.

22 let’s talkbusiness profile
info@greenfacilities.co.uk www.greenfacilities.co.uk 0800 044 5795
The sky’s
limit for security and cleaning company, aiming for clients like Heathrow with new partnership.
Green Facilities Management Ltd.

“Procurement departments want less admin work and more productivity and we can help them be more productive by combining, so they are not spending too much time on different suppliers.”

Any organisation working with the pair can be assured they are working with two high quality companies.

Both have the ISO9001 quality management certification.

They also share common goals and values around sustainability and the environment and the need to look after and retain good staff who they “truly value”.

Both support living wage employment, high quality training, positive inductions and regular visits from line managers to offer help and support.

They also value feedback from staff on how services and working practices can be improved.

Each organisation also has a number of sector relevant accreditations, including endorsements from the Security Industry Authority, the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management and The Good Business Charter.

Green Facilities management Limited is a British Institute of Cleaning Science member, while Kingfisher SEC ranks in the top 10% of SIA approved contractors.

Ash said: “Ours is a very encouraging story for new Chamber members.

“Here, you have two West London businesses, two SMEs working together to service customers and as small businesses we have to work together – it’s the way forward.

“For me, it’s very exciting.”

23 let’s talkbusiness
Get in touch info@kingfishersec.com www.kingfishersec.com 0208 899 6959 23
I’m excited about this partnership and very positive that we are taking this step to announce it to the rest of the Chambers and promote the idea that members should work and collaborate with each other Ash said.

Help is at hand for Ealing businesses

The borough includes seven town centres - Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale, and Southall - and is home to the iconic film studios that have made the borough the creative epicentre of London. It’s also home to Park Royal, the largest industrial estate in Europe, with its international food production companies producing around a third of all food consumed in London.

Councillor Peter Mason, leader of Ealing Council, thinks Ealing’s location and diversity are key to its success. He said: “Our seven towns each have their own sense of purpose, identity, and pride.”

Located in between the West End and Heathrow, the opportunities for its residents, businesses and visitors are exceptional, and the council is committed to improving the lives of local people, with a strong focus on creating good jobs, tackling the climate crisis and delivering more genuinely affordable homes. Although Ealing remains leafy and elegant, with dozens of beautiful parks and green spaces to choose from, the borough has a distinctly modern characteristic too, with its diversity and location proving a real advantage.

“We are London’s breadbasket, with some of the capital’s biggest food producers at Park Royal,” Councillor Mason continued. “We are the home of loud, where Marshall built his first amp. We are cinema’s best kept secret, with the oldest and the biggest number of studios and production suppliers. And with Southall, we are the capital of British Asian culture and retail.

“So much of what makes London a great city also creates some of its biggest

challenges, and so in Ealing we are forging a new path by focusing our efforts and our investments on bringing good, well-paid jobs back, and dispersing wealth and resilience to every part of the borough.

“We’ve already started by creating 2,000 new good jobs, tackling the climate crisis by investing in active travel and green infrastructure, and fighting inequality by finding new ways to deliver community and open spaces.

“We want to create an environment where the right businesses can thrive and provide opportunities for local people to access good jobs. We are attracting a range of firms that rely on the London connection but are also drawn to the outstanding office and industrial spaces we have in Ealing.

“In a post-pandemic world, so many more Londoners are embracing the chance to live a healthier, more balanced life in which they can work, socialise, exercise, and enjoy life closer to home. The revival of our local shopping parades, the growth of our office corridor, and the productivity in our industries is making that happen. The future London’s economy will need to take better advantage of opportunities outside of central London – and Ealing has all the qualities needed to succeed in the coming years.”

Ealing’s diverse local population appeals particularly to tech industries, which can tap into a talent pool that understands world cultures and speaks different languages. It’s a skilled and well-qualified

market, with a highly educated local student population.

The University of West London, which is recognised as one of the top ten universities in the UK, is in the heart of the borough. UWL is home to awardwinning courses and outstanding facilities including the School of Law, the Claude Littner Business School, and the College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare.

There’s also support on offer for the diverse array of businesses that are based within the borough. Businesses in Ealing can now benefit from applying for the council’s apprenticeship levy funding, so they can train new members of their teams. Ealing Trades Online is a unique programme of free digital support to small businesses to enable them to improve their online presence, build a website and learn how to use digital tools to produce engaging video content. The programme is available through oneto-one support with webinars covering different topics.

Ealing Business Accelerator is a support programme for new and existing businesses to survive and grow, with help from experienced business advisors to develop strategies for improvement through personalised one-to-one online consultations, group learning discussions, marketing sessions and various webinars. Ealing Winning Tenders aims to equip businesses with the skills and knowledge for winning tenders and new contracts.”

Councillor Peter Mason, leader of Ealing Council, thinks Ealing’s location and diversity are key to its success. He said:

“Our seven towns each have their own sense of purpose, identity, and pride.”

In November 2021, the council launched its pioneers fund, which provides grants to small and medium-sized businesses to help grow, develop new products or expand their workforce while stimulating the local economy. The £1 million pot was shared out among 12 selected businesses that were each able to demonstrate how the funding would help to accelerate growth and create new jobs. Ealing’s small and medium enterprises can also access several pop-up business support centres, which have been established at central locations across Ealing. Each pop-up offers free face-toface support, advice, training, workshops and seminars.

Finally, the borough’s hospitality businesses can now apply for a pavement license to put chairs and tables outside their premises for just £100 a year. Pavement licences were introduced to offer a cheaper way for restaurants and cafes to accommodate customers outdoors during the pandemic, and nearly 100 Ealing businesses have tried this option so far.

Councillor Mason thinks that by continuing to work together, the council and the borough’s businesses can deliver an even brighter future for Ealing. “Ealing is open for business. By working in partnership with local employers, we are helping to build a stronger economy and more resilient communities, with good, well-paid jobs and thriving high streets.

“We are ensuring that Ealing is a destination in its own right. A place where people come to visit and stay – whether to enjoy our fantastic parks, cinemas, pubs, restaurants and live venues, or for the rapidly expanding opportunities for jobs and business that we are securing.”

let’s talkbusiness spotlight focus 24
Ealing is the third largest borough in the capital and one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the country. Young families and working-age people make up about 60% of its population

Serious Pig

During the Covid pandemic, George said they had to “pivot very quickly” as 50% of their client base was pubs. Thanks to a large number of shareholders and an emailing strategy asking for support for small businesses, Serious Pig moved away from being solely a B2B company and becoming more C2C, as well as continuing to supply Sainsbury’s and delis.

“We built a web shop and an Amazon store and asked our shareholders to buy from us direct,” said George.

good base and we are very happy here.

“The Chamber does an absolutely incredible job for West London generally and we are happy that the Chamber is promoting Ealing.

“There are a lot of small and micro businesses in Ealing that need access to support and input.”

Ealing Trailfinders

Ealing is the perfect spot for posh snacks business Serious Pig. Owner George Rice moved his 10-year-old business from Peckham to Acton Park Business Estate two years ago citing better transport links, as well as outgrowing their old base as the key reasons why.

Like some of the best business ideas, Chamber member Serious Pig was created following a chat over a pint about the need for “good snacks to enjoy with a drink”. Originally starting in Camden, it has grown to a 4,000sq ft unit at Acton Park and stocks a range of savoury snacks using high quality ingredients from its original Snackalami to vegan giant corn scratchings to its ultimate ‘pub in the post’ snack boxes range.

George found his current premises by having a look using the Google satellite service and found Acton Park Business Estate. He had a drive over to have a look, found an empty unit to let and decided it was the right move.

“It is expensive, but I choose to live and run a business in London, and it’s secure, clean and we have good landlords,” he said. “It’s a AAA business park.”

Although George and his wife and two children continue to live in Peckham, near where his old premises were based, he knew Ealing was a better site for the business.

“I needed better transport links and be closer to the M25 and M4 for both our suppliers and customers,” said George, who plans to move his family to Ealing later in the year.

“Traffic was always jammed at Peckham and we had grown out of the premises.”

“More and more people bought our products and liked them and we ended up having a record year during Covid.”

Serious Pig, which sells around two million packets of snacks a year, has eight full-time members of staff and takes on casual staff at spike periods during the year including Christmas and Father’s Day.

Koffee Klatch Ltd

It is exciting times at the headquarters of Chamber member KoffeeKlatch Ltd, the newly merged company of KoffeeKlatch and JLB Business Consulting. The Ealingbased companies joined forces in February to offer a wider range of services to clients.

KoffeeKlatch Ltd is a one-stop shop to support businesses of all sizes by providing a growing range of industry specific contracts and policies to ensure that business owners remain compliant, legal and stress-free. Jo Brianti, former owner of JLB Business Consulting and co-owner of Koffee Klatch Ltd with Annabel Kaye, said: “We’re staying in Ealing; both of our companies have been based in Ealing for some time.” Jo moved to Ealing almost 20 years ago and set up her own business eight years ago.

“My business took me all over as I have national and international clients and one thing we are hoping to build on going forward is taking on more local clients based in Ealing,” she added.

“It is a great location as it is very well-connected. It is close to the M4 and M40 and accessible via the District, Piccadilly and Central lines and the new Elizabeth line. It is a

Chamber member Ealing Trailfinders is a progressive and ambitious rugby club based at Trailfinders Sports Club in West London.

The club continues to excel on all fronts, with minis and juniors at all age levels, along with an established academy and women’s programme, with links to local colleges and universities that supply the next generation of rugby talent. The youth teams cater for children at all levels of ability and have players representing their respective county in all age groups.

The professional men’s first team competes in the Championship, the second tier of English rugby and continues to push towards higher honours. In recent years, the men’s first team has been at the forefront of the club’s development, navigating its way through the English rugby system from playing in the National Division 3 South in 2007/08, to being crowned the Championship and Championship Cup winners in 2022/23. This season the men’s first team has maintained its impressive success, currently positioned top of the Championship table, alongside securing its place in the

Championship Cup semi-finals. The squad plays fast, entertaining rugby and on current form looks destined to secure back-to-back Championship and Championship Cup titles.

Ealing Trailfinders Women, under the guidance of former England player Giselle Mather, are joining the Women’s Premiership in season 2023/24. Ealing Trailfinders Women will join the Allianz Premier 15s this September, a 10-team league featuring London opponents Harlequins and Saracens, alongside the likes of Exeter Chiefs, Bristol Bears and Leicester Tigers. Ealing Trailfinders Women will be based at Trailfinders Sports Club, with home fixtures taking place on the main stadium pitch, with a capacity of 5,000.

Combined partnerships with national and local businesses, the club’s main partner in Trailfinders Travel has enabled the thriving nature of the club over the last two decades with world-class facilities at Trailfinders Sports Club, a premier venue for sport, conferences, corporate days and weddings.

With the recent on-field success, combined with an exciting new chapter for women’s rugby, all efforts behind the scenes are focused on making Ealing Trailfinders the very best rugby club in the country.

To find out how partnering with Ealing Trailfinders can generate exposure for your business or brand, please contact Partnerships Manager Bill Miller via: bill.miller@etprm.com.

let’s talkbusiness spotlight focus 25
Prime Media Images

Fulham Broadway Business Improvement District –time for a ballot

Since the formation of Fulham Broadway Business Improvement District, known locally as Discover Fulham, in 2018, we have gone from strength to strength: bringing businesses together to encourage growth, created local activities and ensured that the area stays safe for businesses as well as residents.

Our first term is nearly over, which has gone by so quickly, but we are ready and raring to go for the next term. We are currently preparing for the next ballot and with such a strong team in place with Andy Bell, BID Manager at the helm and Joanna Breuer engaging all of the BID businesses, we feel confident that our BID businesses will vote us in again.

We recently launched our Business Plan which proposes the BID activity for the coming five years, and we were joined by over 70 businesses and two very special guestsFather Christmas and the Easter Bunny. The aim of inviting our special guests was to

highlight the fact that without the BID, there would be no Christmas lights, no Christmas Grotto and no Easter Egg hunt encouraging people to our businesses.

We have defined the following as the most important project areas for the next five years which will include, but not limited to:

Business Support

We provide the businesses with opportunities to network and feedback ideas. We also offer: businesses regular communications and updates on the BIDs activities ; free energy assessments ; work with partners to identify investment opportunities ; and free training courses.

Clean and Safe

We aim to keep the area clean and safe by working in collaboration with the Safer Business Network; support safety campaigns such as WAVE, Ask for Angela and Drink Aware. We provide enhanced cleaning and subsidised waste and recycling services. We have also just launched our new Street

Marketing and Events

Promoting Fulham businesses is top of our agenda. We promote Fulham businesses through a dedicated website and in our new business directory. We also highlight businesses on social media channels. Several events take place each year which encourages footfall and dwell time in Fulham.

The BID has proven to be a valuable tool for revitalising our community, providing services such as enhanced safety and security, marketing and promotion, and beautification efforts. It has helped attract customers, increase foot traffic, and boost local business revenue.

The ballot is a chance to continue this progress and build on the success of the BID. If you would like more information on the Fulham BID business, then please visit www.discoverfulham.co.uk where you can download a copy of our business plan.

Wardens that patrol the streets to provide reassurance to all businesses. Andy Bell - BID Manager www.discoverfulham.co.uk A special guest paid a visit to the businesses in Fulham Andy Bell, Fulham Broadway BID Manager and Councillor and Deputy Leader Ben Coleman Images by David Cleveland - http://davidcleveland.co.uk/
let’s talkbusiness

Global Connections, Local Impact: How a language school in Ealing is supporting the community and the economy...

Global Connections, Local Impact:

How a language school in Ealing is supporting the community and the economy...

As a private family-run language school whose students are often educational tourists, the pandemic hit us badly. We did everything we could to keep our doors open, but our industry struggled to stay afloat amid lockdowns, social distancing requirements and flight restrictions. Thankfully, since then, we have seen a record number of students coming to the UK to study English with us. In 2022, we welcomed over 1,100 individual students who studied with us. In a time which has been uncertain for our industry, we have been able not only to survive, but thrive, and we attribute this to the high-quality service and teaching that we offer at affordable prices. Because of this, we now employ more staff than we ever have, and we are always looking to keep up with student demand.

As a private family-run language school whose students are often educational tourists, the pandemic hit us badly. We did everything we could to keep our doors open, but our industry struggled to stay afloat amid lockdowns, social distancing requirements and flight restrictions. Thankfully, since then, we have seen a record number of students coming to the UK to study English with us. In 2022, we welcomed over 1,100 individual students who studied with us. In a time which has been uncertain for our industry, we have been able not only to survive, but thrive, and we attribute this to the high-quality service and teaching that we offer at affordable prices. Because of this, we now employ more staff than we ever have, and we are always looking to keep up with student demand.

As our mission to teach more students grows, so does our mission to recruit more host families and private residential spaces. Every year, we get students from all around the world who want to study with us and stay in the local area. These students

As our mission to teach more students grows, so does our mission to recruit more host families and private residential spaces. Every year, we get students from all around the world who want to study with us and stay in the local area. These students

are keen to experience what living in London is really like, and immerse themselves in British culture. The friendships that are made and the knowledge that is gained from hosting an international student lasts a lifetime.

are keen to experience what living in London is really like, and immerse themselves in British culture. The friendships that are made and the knowledge that is gained from hosting an international student lasts a lifetime.

company pays for her English tutoring to improve her ability to communicate on a managerial scale. She is just one of the many Japanese students at our school, who made up 11% of our student population last year. However, we have an eclectic nationality mix, and our students in 2022 came from 91 different countries.

company pays for her English tutoring to improve her ability to communicate on a managerial scale. She is just one of the many Japanese students at our school, who made up 11% of our student population last year. However, we have an eclectic nationality mix, and our students in 2022 came from 91 different countries.

Many of our prospective students for the summer are under 18 and therefore enrolled in our Junior programme, so they are at a key developmental stage in their lives where you can make a lasting positive impact through hosting or providing accommodation for them.

We’ve always seen ourselves as part of the community, and we believe that students coming to Ealing provides unique opportunities for local businesses. For example, one of our Japanese student’s medical

Many of our prospective students for the summer are under 18 and therefore enrolled in our Junior programme, so they are at a key developmental stage in their lives where you can make a lasting positive impact through hosting or providing accommodation for them. We’ve always seen ourselves as part of the community, and we believe that students coming to Ealing provides unique opportunities for local businesses. For example, one of our Japanese student’s medical

Upskilling your workforce in this way is a great way to boost your company’s performance. Among the courses we offer at our school, we offer General English, Business English and Conversation English classes, all of which offer students the chance to improve their English in many types of situations they are likely to come into contact with every day. We also offer great flexibility with our timetable, which allows students to study at whichever time of day suits them best.

Upskilling your workforce in this way is a great way to boost your company’s performance. Among the courses we offer at our school, we offer General English, Business English and Conversation English classes, all of which offer students the chance to improve their English in many types of situations they are likely to come into contact with every day. We also offer great flexibility with our timetable, which allows students to study at whichever time of day suits them best.

To find out more about how we can help you with any of your language training needs, visit wles.net.

To find out more about how we can help you with any of your language training needs, visit wles.net.

www.wles.net Telephone +44(0)20 3198 1888 E-mail: info@wles.net Shaftesbury House, 49-51 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W5 5SA
Europe East and Southeast Asia Middle East Central and South America Africa Central and South Asia WLES Student nationality mix (2022) 55% 8% 5% 3% 15% 14%
www.wles.net Telephone +44(0)20 3198 1888 E-mail: info@wles.net Shaftesbury House, 49-51 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W5 5SA
Europe East and Southeast Asia Middle East Central and South America Africa Central and South Asia WLES Student nationality mix (2022) 55% 8% 5% 3% 15% 14%

The Restoration of Boston Manor House

Recently opened by HRH Queen Camilla and soon to welcome the public back through its doors, Boston Manor House has been transformed into a community heritage venue for the local Hounslow populace and visitors alike.

Purcell’s restoration continues the story of a remarkable house, built in 1622 by its extraordinary first owner, Mary Reade. The historically significant rooms and interiors tell the many stories of those who once lived in the house through the turbulence and peace of Britain’s history.


Like many houses of its time, it is a tale of ambition and achievement followed by gradual decline. Unlike many others, Boston Manor House has survived against all odds.

Still set in beautiful parkland, the house was built on an existing manorial estate with over 230 acres of land. After Mary Reade’s death, her house was passed down through her family until being sold to the wealthy Clitherow family in 1670 and, following various internal and external alterations, the property reached its peak during the late 18th and 19th centuries when it became a quintessential ‘Gentleman’s Estate’. As cities in England began to urbanise with industrialisation, so the wealthy retreated to their rural properties, away from the smog and noise of city life. From this point on, Boston Manor House gradually slid into decline, and following the First World War – with no heir to maintain it – the house and parkland were sold to Brentford Urban District Council in 1924.

Despite restoration projects in 1960 and 1963, the house was placed on the Heritage at Risk Register, where it remained for two decades until the restoration.


The London Borough of Hounslow saw an opportunity to transform the house with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and engaged Purcell as heritage and conservation architects to turn the house into a heritage asset for the local

community with renewed relevance and purpose for the 21st century.

As well as restoring the fabric of the significant suite of historic rooms and the exterior of the building, the brief also outlined a vision to provide flexible spaces for interpretation and events, improving accessibility, and sensitively restoring the service wing to provide self-contained units for local creative businesses.Visitor facilities have been relocated and upgraded and a new cafe, shop and toilet have been added, while improved access includes the provision of a new lift to allow access to all levels of the original house.

During the restoration, each room in the main house was found to have huge evidential value, sometimes thrilling surprise discoveries hidden under layers of modern plasterboard. Archival research and the Sales Catalogue from the sale of the house in 1922, also offered clues as to how the house was furnished over 300 years.

Using these exciting discoveries, the conservation philosophy evolved to incorporate the re-presentation of the different historic rooms in the house to each represent a different, and

appropriate moment in time of the houses’ history.

As such, the State Bedroom has been re-presented in a 1620s scheme; the Drawing Room and Staircase have both been re-presented in their mid-18th century schemes; and the Dining Room has been re-presented in its 1840s scheme.

These meticulously re-presented interiors reflect important moments in the history of the house and its owners, presenting the building’s past in a way that is relevant and lively, allowing visitors to experience the results of the in-depth academic and forensic research that informed the historic interiors, and expert specialists, skilled decorators, and craftspeople whose work has added new layers to its evolving stor y

Boston Manor House, Hounslow
The restoration of Boston Manor House has seen the rescue and redemption of a neglected Grade I-listed manor house - one of London’s true hidden gems - resulting in its triumphant removal from the Heritage at Risk Register.
Boston Manor Interior Unveiling of plaque - photo Sadia Barlow Her Majesty being presented with a ceremonial key - photo Sadia Barloww
Architects Masterplanners Heritage Consultants purcelluk.com B os t o n M a n o r H o u s e , H o un s lo w © Di a n e A uc k l a n d , F o t o h a u s L t d

Brentford Penguins Football Club

The Brentford Penguins Football Club - a club for young people who have Down’s Syndrome hosted an incredible fundraising Comedy Night on Wednesday 15th March 2023.

The Brentford Penguins welcomed 400 members of the public to the Legend’s Lounge at Brentford FC’s Gtech Community Stadium with a comedy line up that looked more like a night at the Apollo. Against them was a tube strike, and a Brentford away match that evening in Southampton but they managed to do it and as the doors opened the public flooded in to show their love and support to a Club that has been championing the rights of young people with Down’s syndrome since 2017.

What a night and what a line up! The kindness of the Acts that had given up their evening and performed for free was a oncein-a-lifetime event.

The lineup consisted of Sally Phillips and her partner in crime, Ronni Ancona; the many faces of Alistair McGowan; the mercurial Milton Jones and a massive thank you to the

fantastic Cally Beaton who was a late stand-in for Sarah Kendall who was unfortunately unwell. Finally making up the Comedy extravaganza was ex-England and Chelsea legend Graeme Le Saux making his comedy debut.

A pause in the evening gave the opportunity of an open mic for some of the older Penguin players including Captain Charlie, Big D (their first Coach with Down’s syndrome), Olly, Austin, Freddie and Louis who performed everything from magic tricks, hilarious one liners and funny anecdotes about family members.

Ex-Brentford Legend and founder of the Brentford Penguins FC, Allan Cockram, gave a heartwarming speech about the journey of the Club over the past 5.5 years. Starting with 5 players with Down’s syndrome and now the Club welcomes 32 players who turn up to training every

week – some as far as 40 miles away! Allan humbly thanked everyone for their support and their commitment to attend the event.

Unfortunately, after 3 hours of side-splitting raucous laughter, the evening had to come to a close and finished with each celebrity performer receiving a Brentford Penguin’s FC football shirt with their name on the back. Each shirt sported the number 21 which was a nod to the genetic condition, Trisomy 21 (commonly known as Down’s syndrome) which is caused by 3rd copy of the chromosome at position 21.

The reaction from people was as emotional as the event with one Dad saying ‘it was one of the greatest days of his life’ and others wanting the whole event to go on a UK tour!

Allan and his wife Victoria, who put so much hard work in to

organising the event, are still processing the magnitude of the evening but said that without the brainchild and commitment from the amazing Sally Phillips, without the kindness and support of Sally Stephens and her team at Brentford Football Club, without the love and support from the parents and families of the Brentford Penguins and without the generosity and kindness of the general public there would be NO football Club for these funny, talented, honest and above all the most loving kids on Planet Penguin.

Money raised will go towards providing full kits for its players, the costs of running the Club, and some exciting future plans that include securing a permanent indoor facility.

For further information please contact the Brentford Penguins brentfordpenguinsfc@gmail.com

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Luxury, sustainable cashmere company gives back to Mongolian community

His goal has always been to build a traceable, ethically sourced and sustainable cashmere brand that encompasses both luxury fashion and the Nomadic way of life.

Parent company Khanbogd has remained one of the top 100 companies in Mongolia for the production and supply of cashmere over the last 13 years.

Vicky Dzamsran recently became a member of the West London Chambers of Commerce. She is currently sourcing outstanding overseas candidates for the healthcare sector (www.care-hub.mn) and supporting her husband’s recently established cashmere brand.

Bat-Erdene Victor Nyamdavaa, CEO and co-founder of BOGD CASHMERE, a luxury cashmere brand in the UK, is uniting his Mongolian heritage with over ten years’ experience in the retail industry.

BOGD cashmere draws inspiration from the vast landscapes of Mongolia, preserving and protecting centuriesold traditions to continue producing its cashmere, without harming the land or culture of the Mongolian nomads.

“We celebrate individuality through our designs, combining the noble history of the craft with cutting edge technology to produce the most superior, high-quality range of garments unlike any you’ve experienced before,” he said.

“Putting back into the community is at the forefront of our operations, working personally with our herders and producers, ensuring that every

piece of Bogd cashmere you adopt is so much more than a transaction.

“Our unique cashmere brings a spiritual warmth to its wearers, allowing them to experience the world more authentically and in ultimate comfort. This sentiment is articulated in our forward fashion design.”

Their training centre in Mongolia aims to provide training and seminars for the Mongolian wool and cashmere industry, including herders and producers, to support the education of workers, increase incomes, and contribute to the sustainable growth of the industry.

To process their raw material, they commissioned a fully automated knitwear factory in 2019, equipped with 14GG, 12GG, and 7GG knitting machines.

“The factory alone provided jobs to over 100 people from vulnerable families, also supporting femalerun households with home-owning opportunities and aiding the

communities we source our cashmere from,” he added.

“Our company has installed a renewable energy system at its knitting factory. From the money we’ve saved by using solar-powered energy, we have been able to put more funding and focus into improving workplace conditions for our employees. We also promise to plant one tree and vaccinate one goat for every transaction.”

Bogd is proud to be partnered with Ecologi by assisting tree planting and carbon offset projects globally.

Congratulations to our Sally who has scooped a special award

However, Sally’s role as the friendly day-to-day face of West London Chambers of Commerce as well as all her hard work behind the scenes has led to her being recognised at the awards ceremony held at Twickenham Stadium.

“I was surprised and totally shocked to receive this award,” said Sally, who directs the Chamber Membership initiatives, events and all operations’ activities of the Chamber.

last five years, and that includes the pandemic, when we were there for our businesses.

“I am very lucky to enjoy what I do with such a great team around me.”

“I am just doing my job,” insists our COO, Sally Smith, who has received a special award for Services to Economic Development at the West London Business Awards.

Sally has been working for the Chamber since January 2001 and since her appointment, which started as part-time and is now full-time, the numbers of both events and membership have increased dramatically.

“I am just doing my job, but it is really lovely to have my work acknowledged.

“Over the past 22 years, I have seen the Chamber through a number of good times and some more challenging times. It is gratifying to see it grow and flourish, especially during the

The black-tie event, which was held on 24 February, was the tenth annual West London Business Awards. The awards celebrate talent, entrepreneurship and excellence to a national and international audience and recognise the outstanding achievements of organisations and individuals.

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Challenges for UK trade in 2023

Last year, exports increased by 6.7%, once the effect of inflation is removed, but this is still less than the value of goods and services the UK sold overseas in 2018.

There were also warning signs in the data for the last quarter of 2022, with UK exports falling by 2.9% as economic headwinds continued to blow.

For 2022, as a whole, the total annual trade balance in goods and services, excluding precious metals, widened by £85.3 billion to a deficit of £108 billion, when compared with 2021.

The latest BCC data for Q4 of 2022 also paints a stark picture:

• Most Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) exporters reported no improvement to exports, with 27% reporting decreased export sales in the quarter and 47% reporting no change.

• Only 26% of SME exporters saw increased export sales.

• The picture for future orders was even weaker with 28% reporting a decrease against 24% an increase.

With the World Trade Organisation forecasting global trade growth of just 1% in 2023, down from 3% in 2022, then it would appear there is little to cheer.

While China’s reopening should ease production supply chains in the long-term, its suddenness could also add to the volatility, and it may create additional supply chain turbulence – if the Covid pandemic continues to impact its economic output.

But there are some signs of better times ahead. The International Monetary Fund in its World Economic Outlook update in January indicated that global demand may pick up again –particularly in the second half of 2023. GDP growth in China is forecast to be 5.2% in 2023, and 6.1% in India (picking up to 6.8% in 2024).

If consumer spending does pick up in China, and beyond, then there could be the potential for higher export sales carrying on into 2024. Top UK goods exports to China include vehicles, machinery, electrical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Other export markers which UK firms should be keeping an eye on are the EU, US, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, South Korea and Japan.

But the outlook remains uncertain, and the UK Government must fight the corner of small and mediumsized export firms. Issues on customs processes and checks arising from the Northern Ireland Protocol require speedy, stable, and certain resolution, as it still looms over the UK’s relationship with both the EU and the US.

Outside of the EU, the US is our biggest trading partner, and the one that BCC members tell us they are most interested in. Yet progress on free trade talks

is stalled, meaning that other, innovative ways to improve trade relations will be needed.

And as the Good Friday agreement silver anniversary looms, the UK has a golden opportunity to transform our trading relationship with our two biggest export markets in one fell swoop. Resolve the outstanding protocol issues and it should have benefits for UK businesses exporting in both

east and west directions, as well as for Northern Ireland.

This could also help pave the way to dealing with a further challenge that has reared its head on US trade relations.

Measures proposed by the European Commission in recent weeks are being considered by member state governments and trade policy is being discussed in March’s meeting of Heads of Government in the European Council.

international trade 32 let’s talkbusiness
We hope the UK Government, EU member state governments, and the EU institutions will seize this opportunity to improve our relationships, cut costs and remove red tape for exporting businesses.
The challenges facing UK exporters in 2023 are significant and it will take a
“concerted effort by our global network working alongside the UK Government to positively shift the dial” says the British Chambers of Commerce.

The Windsor Framework offers a ‘green light to Green Lane’

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have negotiated a new agreement, known as the Windsor Framework, which would replace the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Windsor Framework would look to reduce the number of checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain. So-called “green lane” goods will have fewer checks and controls, including no customs checks or rules of origin.

The new protocol agreement has been welcomed by the British Chambers of Commerce.

William Bain, head of trade policy at the BCC, said: “The BCC has long been calling for a negotiated solution to the trading difficulties caused by the initial version of the protocol.

“Businesses in both Northern Ireland and Great Britain have been calling for a considerable reduction in checks and documentary requirements to move everyday goods across the Irish Sea. “We hope the UK Government, EU member state governments, and the EU institutions will seize this opportunity to improve our relationships, cut costs and remove red tape for exporting businesses.”

Chamber help to grow into new markets

“While the UK has the second largest share of GDP in Europe (World Bank) we still need to explore new markets to grow, as trade barrier problems persist with trade to and from the EU. This issue is continually, highlighted by our members. To help, the Chamber is hosting regular country focussed International Trade seminars, most recently on Morrocco and India”. said Alan Rides West London Chambers CEO


The first of these held was a Trade with Morocco event held on 17th April which focused on the agriculture sector, the event was attended by forty companies and the Moroccan Embassy.


On 20th April we hosted a Trade with India event as requested by UK India Business Council, ahead of the UK/India FTA which is due to be agreed next year.

Since the UK and Morocco signed a trade agreement in 2018, trade has increased dramatically, up 53% last year with Fruit and Veg making up one third of all Moroccan exports to the UK, meaning that 37% of all tomatoes sold in the UK are from Morocco. These products are mostly imported, into Western International Market in Hounslow and then distributed around the UK.

With UK exports to India rising this year by 47% to just under £9bn, making what is now the world’s most populous country and our 12th most significant export market.

Speakers were welcomed by Alan Rides Chamber CEO plus the Moroccan Embassy and included Mehdi El Alami from Foodex Morocco plus Hajar Chmantihouar from the Moroccan Agricultural Development Agency. Supporting speakers were from Tangier Line, Natwest Bank and UK Export Finance

The event was sponsored by MTXpress now rebranded as Spring FX, hosted by Alan Rides Chamber CEO, and opened by Ruth Cadbury MP Shadow International Trade team. To understand this huge market more, we assembled the following speakers both locally and from India to talk about their experiences: - UKIBC, HSBC London India Desk manager, HSBC Mumbai, Exalt IP Pryor, Radanks, Shayana Farm, Yogis Ayurveda and Russell Finex Ltd.

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NOVOTEL LONDON BRENTFORD joins West London Chambers of Commerce

Novotel London Brentford Hotel is proud to become a new member of the chamber.

Our contemporary West London hotel lies less than 8 miles east of Heathrow Airport, and the centre of London is easily accessible by rail (Brentford Station) or via the Elizabeth Line (Ealing Broadway) as well as by tube (South Ealing Station).

Visit our Gourmet Bar & Restaurant which offers traditional and modern dining throughout the day. Our 4-star Hotel boast 202 modern bedrooms, seven fully-equipped meeting rooms

10% OFF for Chamber Members booking venue hire for 2023

Special code LTB12 to be mentioned at time of booking. (Offer closes 30th June 2023)

catering for up to 60 guests, an indoor heated pool, a saunarium and fitness centre, plus complimentary Wi-Fi throughout.

Family-Friendly Novotel London Brentford is just a short drive from the beauty of Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, the historic avenues of Richmond and the roar of Twickenham Stadium. Home of Brentford FC is Brentford Community Stadium, a 15 minute walk from the hotel.

Hotel that makes every moment matter

Novotel London Brentford

Great West Road, Brentford. TW8 0GP

T:+44 20 7660 2230 E: H6995@accor.com



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Safer Business Hounslow

Safer Business Hounslow Safer

Business Hounslow (SBH) was formed quite some years ago and was run by Hounslow Council. It is a short[1]wave radio scheme, which operates across Hounslow and Feltham town centres. The radios allow the retailers to keep each other informed about anti[1]social behaviour and crime, with the radios being linked to the CCTV centre, and the Police and SBH Marshals. The initiative is reassuring, especially for lone workers working the early/ late shifts and adds multiple layers of deterrent to deal with petty crime in addition to the Police who can them focus on more serious crime.

Back in 2018 Hounslow Chamber of Commerce (now re-branded as West London Chambers of Commerce) was asked by the Council to take over the day-to-day operation of the SBH scheme originally chaired by Janet Leatherland, manager of the Treaty Centre, with a board including retailers, Police and the Council. This we were happy to do, changing the model of funding to a joint private/public model. We employed a manager and the system worked well. Then Covid hit. SBH rallied into action, winning contracts from Hounslow Council to employ, at the height of the pandemic, four street marshals who worked across the major shopping centres in the borough advising on the government’s rules and regulation, which shops should be closed, what could be sold and in addition listening

Spend Less on Your Workplace to Energise Your Business in 2023

One option is a virtual office. It provides on-demand access to meeting rooms and coworking on a simple pay-as-you-go basis. It also provides an official address for company registration, which protects your home address.

For a company that specialises in workspace rental, encouraging small businesses to spend less on their workplace might seem oddly counterproductive.

But that’s because workspace has changed dramatically in recent years. It’s not simply a choice between a full-time office or your home. There are now many more options available to help your business operate more flexibly and cost-effectively. This year is proving challenging, and at UBC we want to see small businesses succeed.

According to Small Business Britain’s ‘Moving Forward 2023’ report, concerns over inflation, energy bills, and other external factors are holding some entrepreneurs back. More than one quarter (27%) of small businesses have cut marketing spend and 13% have delayed hiring to manage short term cash challenges.

These decisions may conserve cash in the short term but can hinder long-term prospects. In particular, cutting back on marketing activity jeopardises an important sales and revenue driver. That’s why we recommend taking a closer look at other costs first, especially your workplace setup. If your business can operate remotely, there are flexible options that enable you to continue using a professional office – without committing to full-time rental.

UBC offers a virtual office with a registered address at our Brentford office on Great West Road – and it costs significantly less than a full-time office.

Or if you need more in-office time, a coworking membership at Brentford provides flexibility to suit your work style.

• Work productively with full-time access to a smart communal office, shared with like-minded professionals

Protect your home by using our Brentford address, complete with mail handling services

Meet clients or colleagues in professional meeting rooms at discounted rates

• Get up and running quickly and easily with fast Internet connectivity, helpful receptionist support, and free parking!

Plus, with the cost of energy at astronomical highs, working from our coworking space often proves cheaper than powering your own home.

If you’re thinking about cutting back, why not speak to us first? We have various flexible workspace options that might mean you can spend less on workspace, and more on powering your business’s future.

Find out more at ubcuk.com or pop into The Mille on Great West Road for a tour!

to the retailers and publicans, who were having a really difficult time financially. Now lockdown is behind us, there is the issue of inflation, high energy bills and the cost of living. All this results in yet more difficulties for our High Streets with increasing petty crime which we have been asked to help protect against, providing links between our SBH Marshals to shopkeepers, the Police and the Council CCTV. West London Chambers has approached a number of private companies so two marshals can be employed again, to promote the radio scheme and ensure our High Streets are pleasant places to shop,

work and visit. They have been in post again since 1st April.

We would like to thank Ray Singh of Russell Finex, an engineering firm in Feltham for their sponsorship of the scheme, also McDonalds. Jamie Catling runs the two franchises in Hounslow and Feltham in our borough. Finally, we appreciate the support to from Heathrow Airport, who see the benefit of improving the safety of the streets where many of their staff live and shop. Can we also appeal to any other local companies to sponsor this initiative to keep our high streets safe? Contact sallysmith@westlondonchambers.org.uk

Since joining Safer Business Hounslow I have seen the importance of local businesses working together with the police and local authorities to help reduce crime and antisocial behaviour. We want Hounslow town centre to be a place for all to be able to come to shop , to socialise or to do business.

Jamie Catling , McDonalds

Are you looking to access new skills while helping the next generation of employees kickstart their careers?

We are looking for employers to host block placements this summer, June onwards and next year, potentially in February.

Our T Level students are studying Management & Administration and Healthcare Science.

let’s talkbusiness 35 news INSPIRING A PASSION FOR LEARNING Heston Community School, Heston Road, Hounslow TW5 0QR Telephone: 0208 572 1931 Email: nchhibba@hestoncs.org www.hestoncommunityschool.co.uk Contact us now to discuss further
Scan the QR code to start selling your land or property with us Scan the QR code to discover land and property for sale cliveemson.co.uk | 0345 8500333 BUYING OR SELLING? Call our professional team for all the advice you need Thousands of lots sold over the last 30 years In person no-obligation appraisals Open and transparent transactions for buyers and sellers Best price achieved on the day Immediate exchange and completion in as little as 20 business days

Brentford a hub of high energy

In its third year, Creative Mile is now firmly established in the Brentford calendar and four more venues are getting involved this year bringing the total to 12 venues. People are surprised and delighted to discover our variety of venues and attractions.

With 3,000 visitors last year, the Creative Mile weekend turns Brentford into a hub of high energy and celebration of our talented community.

As the regeneration of Brentford continues, there’s greater focus on connecting and celebrating our many waterways. To highlight this, the artistic theme this year is about water. You can expect to see

how the Thames and waterways of Brentford inspires creativity. This year will see Creative Mile working in collaboration with the Totally Thames Festival as they will be hosting the first weekend of their month-long festival in Brentford and surrounding area.

Brentford based artist and Creative Director for Creative Mile Mr Mr Pearce said “I noticed that during open art studios events in Brentford that many people visiting would say they had lived in the area for years and never knew the artists were

there. This got me thinking that if the other artists, museums and art centre all joined forces we could raise the profile of the creative community. Brentford has a rich artistic community and I hope this event gives artists and makers working in the area a chance to showcase their work to a wider audience.’

As we plan the third year of Creative Mile, we hope you’ll be inspired and get involved. Creative Mile is a not for profit Community Interest Company, which is supported with

Having lived in Brentford since 1985, its so good to celebrate its creativity over the September weekend. I highly recommend a visit!

grants from Hounslow Council and the Heathrow Community Trust and is proud to be a member of West London Chambers. Any local business that would like to support the arts in Brentford either through sponsorship or providing pro bono services please contact makeithappen@creativemile.org.

To find out more about Creative Mile visit: www.creativemile.org

Creative Mile is a free event, and our aim is to grow Brentford’s identity as an arts and cultural destination. Everybody is welcome, so we hope that you are able to come along.

Dates 1st-3rd September 2023.

New exhibition at Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford

Katarzyna Depta-Garapich’s exhibition, Excursion, takes the theme of the bear in the Tatra Mountains and its pop culture image as represented by a white bear – a mascot that entertains tourists on the main street of Zakopane, Poland.

The Polish-born artist, who now lives and works in London, completed a doctoral project

between 2017 and 2023 at the Slade School of Fine Art UCL approaching the problem of protecting nature and endangered species and the destructive impact of tourism and other human activities on nature.

As part of the project, she made a white bear costume and climbed the most difficult mountain trail in High Tatras, recreating the

routes used by local brown bears. The white bear costume refers to the mascot, a person dressed as a white bear that is providing entertainment for tourists while simultaneously side-lining the real bear.

The free exhibition, which starts on 28 April and runs until 25 June, takes the form of a multichannel video installation and presentation of the artist’s book.

From painters to printmakers, hatmakers to ironworks, ceramicists to sculptors, Creative Mile profiles the artistic and creative community in Brentford with over 70 makers taking part.
arts and culture
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Creative Mile 2022, photo credit Cristina Schek Creative Mile 2022, photo credit Cristina Schek Creative Mile 2022, photo credit Cristina Schek Sally Smith, West London Chambers
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Health and Wellbeing at Work

The past few years have seen huge upheaval for the businesses and people of Hounslow. Coming out of the pandemic has evolved relentless challenge at organisational, professional, and personal level as we creatively adjust to a new ‘business as usual’ of change and uncertainty.

Resilience and resources are key. People taking responsibility for their own wellbeing and businesses helping to create the conditions for success and supporting that mindset. Growing a stronger, more resilient workforce, results in better outcomes for employees and businesses and ultimately the Hounslow community.

Employers increasingly look for ways to raise and boost mental health awareness amongst their employees. West London Chambers of Commerce is here to offer insight on how to enable embedding new habits into workday organisation culture, helping everyone move towards a healthier direction.

Take care of emotional wellbeing

Take time to listen. Let your staff and co-workers know you care at a personal level and regularly check in to find out what’s going on for them. Be an effective people manager who has consideration for staff as if they were family.

Encourage creative thinking – what could be done differently? Are there ways that work activities or communications could be more effective and efficient to improve workflow and reduce stress. Engage everyone in the question - what could help the organisation and improve employee wellbeing and reduce stress?

Share information – make visible the various multiple resources available in the borough including free mental health support via Anchor Counselling and the NHS.

Healthy body = healthy mind.

Encourage and recognise healthy work habits. Share links about local health and fitness events (walks, running clubs). Celebrate participation and engagement at employee gatherings. Lead by example.

If you have a canteen, invite ideas for healthy, nutritional eating.

Create an ideas board for ‘healthy habit’ contributions, e.g., changing commutes, walking ‘steps’ during breaks, favourite inspiring podcasts and books, the benefits of reflection and meditation; 5-minute minibreaks to regroup and recharge.


Employees feeling valued encourages positive feelings and advantages such as:

Organisational safety that supports a mindset and breeds the conditions for innovation and growth.

Positive will towards productivity and engagement and loyalty to the organisation.

Better talent nurturing and management. Letting people realise their full potential helps them feel good about themselves, improves self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

A sense of belonging, teamwork, and commitment that can reduce absence and employee turnover.

A culmination of values, attitudes and habits that together builds strength, minimises stress and drives performance.

Useful links

Advice and Information – Wellbeing

West London

To find out more about:

• Advocacy

• Advice and information

• If you are a carer

• Crisis

• Counselling

• Equality and Diversity

• Legal support

• LGBTQ+ support

• Men’s support

• Mental Health

• Physical Health

• Women’s support Home - Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind (hfehmind.org.uk)

Anchor Counselling Physical Health – Wellbeing West London

Advice and Information – Wellbeing

West London


The Mulberry Centre – for anyone affected by cancer


Services – Healthy Hounslow (wpengine.com)

MIND also offer ‘well at work’ training for employers in the area (a cost maybe associated with this)

Well at Work - Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow Mind (hfehmind.org.uk)

As a wellness company, we know that by integrating regular fitness and mindfulness sessions into your week, you are better positioned to have improved mental health and increased performance at work. Finding those pockets of time amongst busy schedules should be considered essential and encouraged by business owners - not just viewed as a luxury.

Silver Linings WORK is the workplace wellness programme in your pocket. Available via the app or website: teams have full access to LIVE weekly sessions & an on-demand library of videos including Barre, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Nutrition, Meditation and so much more.

Happier teams do great things at work and business owners should recognise the “sleep when I’m dead” mentality is a thing of the past and presenteeism adds 0 value to a business.

Prioritising their health and wellbeing is what will increase the bottom line, reduce turnover, and build a healthy work-life balance and culture as a result.

For a limited time only, Silver Linings WORK is offering FREE trials of their workplace wellness programme.

Contact David quoting CHAMBERS today to learn more.


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Contributor: Jacqueline McCouat, CEO - Anchor Counselling on www.anchorcounselling.org. Winner of the Best Business for Health & Wellbeing, West London Chambers Awards 2022. West London Chambers held a seminar in January 2023: Mental Health in the Workplace where Amina Deane from Twinings Enterprise was one of the speakers. Twinings help people with mental health issues back into the workplace.

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Homeopathic Essentials

Harjit Singh Sidhu 427 Great West Road, Hounslow, TW5 0BY 07868 939765 heltduk@aol.com

Interrupt the Routine

Robert Blackwood

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One Canada Square, Level 9, Canary Wharf London, E14 5AA 07564 284713 james.baverstock@invenics.com

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David Murray 85 Great Portland St, London, W1W 7LT 07451 818309 david@silverliningswellbeing.com

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Tula Labs

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Apartment G01, Brentford Park House, Brentford, TW8 0GT 07391 099979


UK Immigration Help

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The Mille, 1000 Great West Road, Brentford, TW8 9DW 07784 238346 admin@ukimmigrationhelp.co.uk


Geralyn Donohue Canal Court 154 High St, Brentford, TW8 8EB 07887 717322


Young Ealing Foundation

Tanya Taylor c/o Percy Bulton Charity, 7 Culmington Road, Ealing, W13 9NB 07539 175246


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We are proud to announce the Business Awards are now open. They are open to ALL businesses in the London Boroughs of Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow and ALL our Chamber members, wherever you are based.

This is a great way to gain recognition for your business. Please consider entering more than one category. You have to be in it to win it! There are 17 award categories which you can enter, and the evening ends with the announcement of the Business of the Year 2023. The deadline date for entries is 11th July 2023

Many congratulations on a great Business Awards event. It was most enjoyable and good to see and speak to the thriving business community you have created in the area.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Business Awards in any way, please contact Lisa Rides on lisarides@westlondonchambers.org.uk or 07915 071796

let’s talkbusiness 42 business awards
West London Chambers of CommerceBest Business for Health & Wellbeing West London Chambers of CommerceBest Business for Hospitality & Leisure West London Chambers of CommerceBest Business for Marketing and Social Media West London Chambers of CommerceBest Business Support & Advice/Service Company West London Chambers of CommerceBest Charity/ Social Enterprise West London Chambers of CommerceBest Entrepreneur West London Chambers of CommerceBest Exporter of the Year West London Chambers of CommerceBest Green Business West London Chambers of CommerceBest Micro Business West London Chambers of CommerceBest New Business(your company must be under 2 years old) West London Chambers of CommerceBest Retailer West London Chambers of CommerceBest Security Business – cyber & physical West London Chambers of CommerceBest Small Company West London Chambers of CommerceBest Tech Business West London Chambers of CommerceCreative Business of the Year
West London Chambers of CommerceEducation & Training Provider of the Year 2023 West London Chambers of CommerceEmployer of the Year

Forthcoming Events

Chiswick Business Breakfast

Groundworks, 114 Power Road, Chiswick, London W4 5PY

18th May 2023

8.30 am – 10.30 am


We are really pleased that Rosi Prescott, DL for Hounslow will be with us to promote the King’s Awards

Safer Business Hounslow Breakfast

The Treaty Centre, High Street, Hounslow TW3 1ES

19th May 2023

8.30 am – 10.30 am FREE

Northern Iraq - Meet the Buyer Event KBEBC

Spring Grove House, West Thames College, London Road, Isleworth TW7 4HS

14th June 2023

12.00 pm – 4.00 pm FREE

Summer Evening Reception

Orangery, Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, London W5 4NH

14th June 2023

6.00 pm – 8.30 pm


Charity Golf Day

Wyke Green Golf Club, Syon Lane, Isleworth TW7 5PT

29th June 2023


West London Chambers of Commerce

Please contact Sally Smith on sallysmith@westlondonchambers.org.uk or 07879 813817 or visit www.westlondonchambers.org.uk for more information.

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forthcoming events

Timeless IMS at SME Surrey Business Awards

Timeless IMS Updates and News

In February of this year, Timeless IMS attended the prestigious SME Surrey Business Awards after being shortlisted for the ‘Best Customer Service’ Award. We were honoured to be awarded the Gold Award in this category, and together with our win at the Spelthorne Business Awards for ‘Best Business in Ashford and Stanwell’, Timeless IMS are now a multi-award-winning company. While immensely proud of our team and incredibly grateful to win your votes, these awards shed light on our company’s ethos

and dedication to customer service, ensuring all of our customers are happy with the services we provide.

Even After Opting Out, Your Data Can Still Be Shared

In today’s digital age, data privacy is a growing concern for individuals and organisations alike. With the rise of data breaches, hacking incidents, and misuse of personal information, many people have become more cautious about sharing their data online. However, even if you take steps to protect your privacy, it is still possible for your data to be shared without your knowledge or

consent. Recent research into Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) by Cornell University revealed that data is still collected, processed and shared even when users opt-out, creating doubt in the regulations put in place to protect user’s online privacy. One common misconception is that opting out of data sharing will prevent your information from being shared with third parties. While this may be true in some cases, it’s not a guarantee. Many companies use complex data-sharing agreements with other businesses, which can make it difficult to track who is using your information and for what purpose. Some advertisers are also known to sell user data to third-party data brokers and partners, this is often a violation of GDPR and CCPA as user consent is potentially ignored.

In some cases, these brokers may be legally entitled to use and sell your data, even if you opt-out of data sharing with the initial company.

Our Cyber Security Guarantee

At Timeless IMS, we recognise how difficult and complex it can be to ensure your business is cyber-secure. As the cybersecurity sector is riddled with technologyfocused jargon, it can be difficult to understand what is required to make your business cyber secure and even harder to implement. We offer our clients a comprehensive support model with a multi-layered set of services with the sole aim to proactively protect your business’ assets and data. We aim to grant our clients with peace of mind that their business will never be breached under our services in our new cyber secure guarantee. If a breach does occur, Timeless IMS will cover the cost of any remedial work to get your critical data back.

The West London Business Awards are now open for applications, open to all our members and all businesses in Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham and Hounslow, whether members or not. Please see page 42…

To contact us, email sales@timelessims.co.uk

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technology 45
While immensely proud of our team and incredibly grateful to win your votes, these awards shed light on our company’s ethos and dedication to customer service, ensuring all of our customers are happy with the services we provide.

Asif Musa

Managing Director of West London English School

business I had set up in a deprived area of Gloucester. I started out as an estate agent in Ealing before starting an accommodation agency helping international students find accommodation.

Who are you?

Asif Musa, Managing Director and founder of West London English School. I was born in Gloucester, but my family moved back to Nairobi Kenya until the coup in 1982, when my father sent me back to the UK on a plane at the age of seven, when Kenya became unsafe. The 1982 Kenyan coup d’état attempt was a failed attempt to overthrow President Daniel Arap Moi’s government.

Leaving my family at such a young age was difficult. However, we did reunite about a year later when my mother and two younger sisters came to the UK, with my father joining us a little later.

I dropped out of college and lost interest in education as a teenager, not realising its importance. My parents worked all hours of the day to ensure we had food on the table after moving to the UK. I started a small business, a sports retail shop through the Princes’ Trust, and then moved to London in 1997 for work and opportunity, after realising I had limited opportunities with the

I had an offer to get involved in marketing the West London Business College in 2005. From around 2012, the school’s EFL (English as a Foreign Language) side of the business started to decline as there were several immigration changes that affected the industry. After some marketing analysis, I worked out the need to have a more centrally located campus, and I advised the board to move the EFL campus to Ealing Broadway to attract students coming for much shorter courses. Ealing is an attractive place to market a cosmopolitan suburb with many good schools, parks and transport links, and it is very accessible to any potential clients who have migrated with family or for work, business or further studies.

The West London Business College continued to primarily focus on and invest in its Higher Education provision rather than EFL, and in 2014, due to continued issues with overseas students getting visas to come and study in the UK, the board decided to close the school and we were all given notice for redundancy. Against all advice, I believed in my vision for the provision of English Language Teaching in Ealing and in the team of teachers and staff I worked with. I approached a few of the teachers that I knew I could

trust to build the business with, and one admin staff member. I offered to start a new company and take over the lease of the building and asked if they would be interested in working with me. They accepted, so in January 2015, the West London English School was was founded and is a proud member of the chamber.

What’s your business all


Teaching English as a foreign language and helping our clients pass examinations required for work, business, and further studies.

Three words to describe yourself?

Ambitious, passionate, and generous

Ideal Customer?

One that trusts the process and advice given to by the advisors and academic team. Motivated, focused individuals who recognise that they need help in achieving their goals and objectives.

Biggest achievement?

My two wonderful sons for sure!

After starting the business in 2015, the same year I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I was told we may not be able to have children, and after years of trying we conceived a beautiful baby boy in 2019, followed by another boy in 2021. My other source of pride is what we have achieved at WLES, against all advice, due to a difficult environment for the industry, along with being diagnosed with cancer. Another achievement is surviving

one of the biggest crises I have known for our business, caused by the pandemic. Today’s success, with 30 staff members and a turnover of £1.15 million in 2022, is nothing short of a miracle.

Biggest gripe?

All the injustice in the world, children without shelter, food, or water caused by unnecessary war.

Your inspiration?

My Mum and Dad and Ali Ibn Abu Talib who was the Prophet Mohamad’s nephew, a great warrior, philosopher, and humanitarian.

Philosophy in Business?

Having strong values: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Dedication, Belief. Creating opportunities for my staff and creating a great environment for them to prosper. My staff and team feel very much an important part of school and have a vested interest, having the students’ interest at heart and always doing their best. I have the philosophy that we can always do better and be better, starting from the top.

Sporting Hero?

I have a few, starting with Roy Keane, as a Manchester United fan. I also have huge respect for Ronaldo after seeing him achieve greatness through sheer hard work, determination, and belief. I could also mention Rafael Nadal, Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee. To be honest, I could go on.

Biggest tip for success?

Vision, belief and trust in yourself, hard work, determination, honesty and trusting your staff. For me, faith and trust in God.

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Fulham Broadway Business Improvement District –time for a ballot

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Serious Pig

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Help is at hand for Ealing businesses

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Shining examples of member collaboration the

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The Bounce Back

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Uptick for business confidence but most firms see no improvement in sales

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Russell Finex’s Managing Director Ray Singh talks about why the machinery manufacturing company feels like home, why

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How Coworking Could Soften Hounslow’s Cost of Living Crisis

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Flying high with UWL

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HRUC Apprenticeships & Skills

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Dr Renu Raj’s mantra for life is always treating yourself with the three Cs: Concern, Commitment and Confidence.

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West London Waterside Liv ing.

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The Brentford Project makes great strides in the rejuvenation of Brentford town centre

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Unleash the Potential of your Business at West Thames College

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