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In this issue we focus on this sustainability theme. We look at how a strategic ‘Environmental Impact’ plan with the objective of evaluating, measuring and reducing a carbon footprint, can reduce the wider environmental impact related to a company’s business activities. One of the clear messages issustainability is not about doing less harm - it’s about doing more good.

The fit-out fully embraced our ‘Go Green and Grow’ campaign and the #HertsGoGreenandGrow initiative is also tied in with the Hertfordshire Chamber’s first Sustainability Conference which is taking place at Rothamsted Enterprises, Harpenden on Friday 21st October 2022. And finally, don’t forget that we are starting our search for next year’s cohort of Entrepreneurs. So if you are aware of any new start-up businesses or local entrepreneurs who would benefit from being supported by the Entrepreneur Foundation, please do pass on their details or ask them to get in touch with us at the Chamber for consideration to be involved with this initiative.

Carbon Negative status. And while typically a business will need complete buy-in at boardroom level to progress meaningfully towards ambitious targets; the message to all within the business is that everyone can play a role. Essentially, if lots of people are making the same small difference, it starts to add up.

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Whether it is conserving resources, adopting clean energy or having a clear strategy to reduce carbon footprints, there is increasingly a need for companies to prove their ‘sustainability’ credentials.

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Agreat deal has happened since the last issue – at the end of June partnered with Sopwell House and held a fabulous Summer Party for more than 400 guests. It was great to once again have local business representatives attend in good number and without pandemic restrictions applying. a no lockdown environment is to be welcomed, but with a cost-of-living crisis, rising inflation and interest rate hikes, it has nevertheless been a challenging summer for both consumers and businesses. A heatwave and record temperatures as well as an energy supply crisis has illustrated the need for sustainability to be at the heart of not just government thinking but that of businesses too. just a


The recent fit-out at Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’s new premises in York House, Old Hatfield, serves as a good example of ‘sustainability in action’. Timber-based products were selected from responsible certified manufacturers, supporting managed forests, core labour rights and land Themanagement.majorityof products were sourced from manufacturers less than 30 miles away, benefitting the local economy and reducing emissions and all furniture supplied came with recyclable guarantees so that at end of life landfill nasties and further carbon emissions will be avoided.

Briege Leahy Chief Executive Officer Chamber of Commerce



A combination of tree-planting initiatives and a consistent low-energy profile, can make a big difference towards achieving Carbon Neutral and ultimately

What does a businesssustainable look like?

“To be able to demonstrate sustainability you have to be able to see outcomes and without metrics it is going to be impossible to do this,” Behan explains.

Behan insists a company needs to understand what sustainability encompasses before it is possible to align a strategy and gauge progress. He argues that a ‘sustainable’ business is one that looks to consume less energy, manage waste, fill capacity gaps, retain and care for staff – while also boosting profit and financial health.

When it comes to measuring outcomes, he believes for scope 1 and scope 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) –which relate to emissions that are owned or controlled by a company - it is realistically achievable. But for scope 3 and scope 4, it is more difficult to apply metrics as it depends on the size and nature of the business.

CAE is a tech specialist that enables companies to digitally transform their business. Behan is well placed to comment on how important technology can be in providing evidence of sustainability.

“Companies need to clearly define sustainability. Often the comment is ‘it’s climate change’ or ‘net zero’ - and that is the end of the conversation. But the definition covers so much more than that.”

Defining what ‘sustainable’ means is the starting point for any business looking to earn sustainability credentials, according to Richard Behan, Chief Corporate Development Officer of Hemel Hempstead-based CAE.

Scope 3 emissions are a consequence of the activities of the company but occur from sources not owned or controlled by it. Scope 4 emissions are those generated from business travel and commuting - so not directly linked to the company.



Worth looking at defining Scope 4 as avoided emissions.

As Behan explains there are not always quick fixes and for many companies in manufacturing and industrial sectors, it is a long journey.

“There are companies that talk the talk, they make the right statements but when it comes to showing what action is being taken, the detail is thin on the ground,” Behan says.

There has been much criticism in the media in recent years of ‘greenwashing’. Companies making much of their green credentials and claiming to be a sustainable business when the reality is somewhat different.

In some cases, the intentions may be genuine but because there is no clear strategy in place progress is slow. This is why Behan insists buy-in at boardroom level is key if a business is to become truly sustainable.

Messaging from the top down


There are of course major incentives for the decision makers in a business to take sustainability seriously, not least the fact that investors are increasingly demanding it.

was one of the first signatories to net zero and as Behan outlines, the clarity within the company on what ‘sustainability’ means has been pivotal to effective transition.

For some companies the very nature of their business means the challenge is greater. For instance, as Behan points out, a packaging company faces more intense pressures than a company like CAE that does not manufacture but provides a service. He adds though that all companies, including CAE, are in a position to look at the SDGs, identify the goals where they can specifically make the most difference and publish data on the progress they have made. The greater the transparency, the greater the headway businesses and sectors are able to make.

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) investing is no longer niche, it is mainstream and as Behan stresses, investors and pension fund managers are demanding that companies provide evidence that they are following best practice in all these areas.

Whether this means committing to net zero targets or aligning with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability in action

All businesses have a responsibility (and regulation and consumer pressure is pushing this) to become sustainable.

For listed companies looking to attract capital, they can no longer just pay lip service to ESG, the onus is on them to satisfy ESG criteria laid down by potential investors. For non-listed companies there may not be the same pressure to demonstrate sustainability but as Behan explains, their customers, and just as importantly, their own employees, can often provide impetus for change.

“You need to have the right culture in place and that comes from the top. A sustainability plan must have the complete backing from those running the business or it will fail”.

The importance of being a sustainable business is communicated right through the business and everyone understands they can make a difference. “I see sustainability as crucial to the future of our business. It is partly about the environment, which is one of the reasons we moved to a new headquarters in Hemel Hempstead where solar panels on the building helped as a carbon offset.”

How far has CAE progressed in ensuring it is a sustainable business model?

The company was one of the first signatories to net zero and as Behan outlines, the clarity within the company on what ‘sustainability’ means has been pivotal to effective transition.


But he is keen to point out that it is not just about the environment: “It is also about showing how you can be profitable for the greater good. Our most valuable asset is our people, and they need to be treated fairly and responsibly.”

When people talk about a ‘sustainable business’ it is frequently commented that there needs to be a commitment at boardroom level for there to be ‘buy in’ right through the business. Is this the case at Silver Fox? Yes, is the short answer.


The next step for our yearly carbon footprint offsetting, is to calculate the total energy used by members of staffs’ homes and add this to our total consumption.


“He believes that each one of us individually are what makes the difference to the world, and that everyone’s efforts, no matter how small are hugely important. After all, if lots of people are making the same small difference, it starts to add up”.

SILVER FOX is a labelling solutions provider based in Welwyn Garden theFoundedCity.in1980,family-run business has always made efforts to counter climate change.


Carbon neutral and carbon negative

Sherwood believes a combination of these tree-planting initiatives and a consistent low-energy profile, were contributory factors to Silver Fox becoming Carbon Neutral in 2018 and then, in 2020, they became the first manufacturing company in Hertfordshire, UK, to become Carbon Negative.

The next step for our yearly carbon footprint offsetting, is to calculate the total energy used by members of staffs’ homes and add this to our total consumption.

A step further from this, we would then like to review the carbon footprint of our shipments both in the UK and internationally”.

Over time, the contributions have grown, LED lighting has been introduced, as well as solar panels. And since the panels were put on the office roof in 2012, nearly 40,000 kW of green energy has been generated.

arketing executive Millie Sherwood concedes that the contributionsenvironmentalmadeback in the 1980s were quite meagre in comparison to now, but contributions were made, nonetheless. For example, vegetation was planted at the front of the property to encourage bees and butterflies. The area is still thriving today. Energy conservation became important, so investments were made to install double glazing, roofinsulation, and lower-energy lighting.

“In the last few years, we have taken on a number of different tree planting initiatives,” Sherwood explains. “For example, with Carbon Footprint Ltd, we calculate the amount of CO2 we have used in a year and offset this by planting many trees.

Another initiative the company has adopted is ‘Review Forest’. For every Google review left for Silver Fox – good or bad – a tree is planted in that person’s name.

What the future holds in store Silver Fox’s journey towards sustainability has only just started, according to Sherwood.

“As an SME, our boardroom level is our business owner, Nick Michaelson. Nick has driven these sustainable business ideas with great passion and respect for our planet,” Sherwood explains.

“There is still plenty to be done by as well are other serious, committed people and business owners”.

With Ecosia, for every 45 searches, a tree will be planted. Sherwood says this is such an easy way to contribute to tree planting across the world.

She adds: “There are a few things that we wish to do going forward, to be continually upgrading our efforts towards sustainability.

“Last year, we calculated the CO2 used up by our staff on the commute to work each year (via their cars or buses). We added this to the total consumption for the business and offset this. We’ve also got all staff using the search engine ‘Ecosia’”.

Climate commitment that goes back decades


Over the past six months, as part of a major focus on ESG, Swagelok’s targets to reduce its carbon footprint and increase sustainability in the business has produced good results. By placing its associates, customers, and community at the heart of its’ business, Swagelok London is focused on embedding best practice to ensure it does business in the most sustainable way. Since 1947, from the origins of Swagelok in the US, it has been a values-based company committed to operating with integrity.

“I believe sustainability is not about doing less harmit’s about doing more good.” This is the view of Adrian Wynne, Managing Director of Swagelok London. He adds: “At Swagelok we see sustainability not just as a goal to be reached; it must define the way we live and be the principle that guides our actions.”

• A month-long recycling event, donating books, toys, CDs & DVDs to charities – The Toy Project, Tring Lions second hand Bookshop & Music Magpie.

“We now have a better understanding of how we can play our part in protecting the future of the planet and the changes that we need to make. We have learned that many small things can make a big difference”.

“Continuous improvement is vital in building long-term value, from the revolutionary Swagelok® tube fitting (with leak-tight seals to protect the environment) to shared value opportunity and community projects”.

The results were intended to draw a line in the sand and serve as the start-point to measure the company’s improvement over time. “We were pleased to see how engaged our people were and their willingness to work with us to create a sustainable future, Monique reveals.

• Using a new waste provider and biodegradable separators where possible.

• Other team members across its global distribution network

Monique Yates, Marketing Associate continues: “As part of our Strategic Plan, refreshed in 2021, we launched an ‘Environmental Impact,’ project with the objective of evaluating, measuring and reducing our carbon footprint, and reducing the wider environmental impact created by our business activities”.

• Creating a feedback platform for associates to exchange sustainable ideas. As Monique points out, the journey over the past six months began with a desire to do better but without a clear idea of how to achieve the best results.

She concludes: “We will continue to focus on sustainability to drive our actions and we are ready to share our knowledge, ideas and ways to improve with others and learn from them in return. We plan to continue our journey and as we see improvements in our performance, we hope to take our Ecovadis Bronze Award to Gold!”

Ecovadis provide a leading solution for monitoring sustainability in global supply chains and assisting businesses implement sustainable practices. “We realised we needed help to understand and define the impact of our business as the first step in a process to reduce it,” Monique explains.

Swagelok London has since launched a company-wide recycling campaign and publicised its Environmental Impact project objective, plans and survey results, which has included:

Sustainability the principle that must guide your actions

Swagelok London have recently been accredited an EcoVadis Bronze Award as well as a Business Sustainability Certificate through the Three Rivers District Councils Sustainability Programme; Three Rivers provides guidance to help businesses lower their carbon use through virtual workshops and one-to-one support.

• Three Rivers Sustainable Business Programme • EcoVadis, to help measure and guide Swagelok’s sustainability performance.

Swagelok London decided this could be best achieved by working with:

“To start to engage our team we began with a survey explaining the sustainability work already underway and what was planned for the future. We wanted to understand how important sustainability is to our people and get feedback on their view of our performance,” Monique says.

ecently named the fastest growing Chamber in the UK by the British Chambers of Commerce, the new office and breakout spaces reflect and showcase post-Covid flexible working at its best.

were delighted to assist Hertfordshirethe Chamber of Commerce in the design and fit-out of their new premises in York House, Old Hatfield.

“Together we chose colour swatches, furniture, plants and created an environment where our members and team love to come to work and collaborate with each other”.

By supplying furniture items with lengthy warranties and helping to maintain it long after warranty has expired, JPA aim to halve ongoing operational carbon for furniture by extending product lifecycle and original investment to 10-15 years plus.

The aim was to create a welcoming and collaborative social hub to meet the broad scope of activities demanded by the busy Chamber team, combining comfort, flexibility and choice across a variety of Commentingsettings.onthe fit out, Naomi Powell, Chamber Operations Director said: “Having our own front door for the first time has made a world of difference not only to Herts Chamber as a business but to the whole team!

“Our Patrons JPA Workspaces have designed our Chamber office to showcase creative, workable, collaborative, vibrant and sustainable ways to get the most out of our working environment.

‘Playful but functional environment’ Jo Broadley of JPA Workspaces, said they designed the working environment for the Hertfordshire Chamber as an enabler of productivity, a recruitment and retention tool and an exemplar of post-Covid organisational success.

Sustainability was a core theme of the fit-out. Timber-based products were selected from responsible certified manufacturers, supporting managed forests, core labour rights and land Themanagement.majorityof products were specifically sourced from local manufacturers less than 30 miles away, benefitting a more local economy and reducing emissions. A very special message of thanks goes to Verco for their collaboration and support on this project, with an additional thank you also to Agua Fabrics and Ocee Design.

Furniture accounts for around 30% of total building carbon over a typical 40-year lifespan, due to often unnecessary designled replacement every 5-8 years, further depleting of the earth’ natural resources.


Assisting us right from the beginning with planning our move from our previous office, packaging, moving, storing and relocating, JPA Workspaces made this huge operation a breeze.


Keeping the heart in Herts was the joint philosophy. “Using local supply chains, skills and sustainable products allowed us to maintain our mission of being the ‘voice of business in Hertfordshire’ whilst our ‘Herts Go Green and Grow’ campaign takes us to our future together.”



“We really wanted staff to look forward to coming into this playful, but functional environment. It’s been a fantastic experience working with Naomi and fabulous to see the team thrive in their new home with the space being used creatively and productively.”


All furniture supplied is recyclable at end of life which will avoid landfill nasties and further carbon emissions.

The installation works were carbon neutral as JPA offset its operational emissions whilst it works towards Net Zero.

Chamber fit-out ticks all the boxes

David is a co-founder of NZI and is a member of the working group of the UNFCCC Race To Zero. He is passionate about helping all businesses to achieve Net Zero and grow sustainably by developing strategies and solutions that are better for business, better for customers and better for the planet. David is a founding member of the Herts Go Green and Grow group.

Measurement and monitoring of carbon emissions is carried out via a sophisticated carbon accounting software that calculates a business’ emissions to identify where emissions occur and improvements can be made. Data is input into the software on a monthly basis which enables monitoring of clients’ progress against strategies on an ongoing basis. NZI specialise in solutions for Scope 3 supply chain emissions. The greatest percentage of a company’s emissions are likely to be Scope 3, i.e. emissions generated via the value chain. Scope 3 is difficult to measure as the majority is generated by third parties. However, using our tools and methodologies, we can support accurate identification of these emissions and targeted reductions. NZI has partnered with Future Net Zero (FNZ), an official partner of the UNFCCC Race To Zero, who provide annual, audited certification of NZI’s clients’ emissions and commitment to Net Zero. Our clients join Race To Zero, committing to be Net Zero by 2050 and their details are added to the United Nations Database.


Net Zero International (NZI) are a team of experts providing a complete set of solutions to ensure businesses can quickly and efficiently embark on the road to Net Zero with minimal disruption to their day to day business.

NZI enable businesses of all sizes to measure, monitor and manage their carbon emissions. Bespoke solutions are implemented to develop Net Zero strategies, including practical advice, workshops and training courses for business leaders and colleagues to understand what it means to them and their business.

For further information contact David Hawes

All profits generated by Rothamsted Enterprises are ploughed directly back to Rothamsted Research, a non-profit research centre that focuses on strategic agricultural science to tackle climate change and focus on food security

Many of our buildings have smart heating/cooling systems. We encourage guests to arrive on foot or by public transport. We support the 20% less plastic movement, in line with the Meeting Industry Association‘s pledge. Our Sustainable DDR package provides delegates with our excellent service and facilities while reducing plastic and waste. Our chefs limit the amount of meat on our menus and offer many delicious vegan and vegetarian options. We use local food providers wherever possible, thus reducing our carbon footprint. We offer virtual event planning and showrounds, rather than visiting in person.

01582 www.rothamstedenterprises.cominfo@rothamstedenterprises.com938500

Businesses and individuals are increasingly conscious of making their events sustainable. We are proud of our sustainable credentials. When you hold an event at Rothamsted Manor or Rothamsted Conference Centre you can be sure we will do everything we can to ensure your event reduces its impact on the environment as much as possible.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Rothamsted

An important part of her role is assisting employers to achieve an Award through the Employer Recognition Scheme at either Bronze, Silver or Gold.

For over 12 years now Kristina Carrington has worked as the Regional Employer Engagement Director for the East Anglia Reserve Forces and Cadets Association. Gold, silver and bronze

Kristina, working closely with East Anglia’s Reserve Units, aims to build a two-way relationship between the military and employers under the Armed Forces Covenant.

We tend to find that the majority of employers, once they have employed an armed forces member, they continue to do so over time.”

As Kristina explains, the military typically requires people to move around at regular intervals, so life is not always settled and CVs, especially those of married partners, can be fragmented.


“It is still a fairly new initiative, but we currently have about 9,000 businesses that have made a pledge,” she says.

To find out how you can pledge your support under the Armed Forces Covenant please contact Kristina on or through the Chamber.

Employers really appreciate the skill sets they have, for instance leadership skills and teamwork. We tend to find that the majority of employers, once they have employed an armed forces member, they continue to do so over time.

In terms of participation, she says the interest from business continues to grow.

Her role is to actively encourage employers to develop a policy of support for the Armed Forces Community.

Businesses benefitting from military links

Clearly understanding the broad skill sets that service personnel have to offer is one challenge. “You often find military personnel quite often go into a role that may not immediately seem the right fit but then before too long you see they have transitioned smoothly and are soon part of the management structure.”

And the overwhelming response from businesses that have employed military staff is hugely positive. “Employers really appreciate the skill sets they have, for instance leadership skills and teamwork.

Launched in 2013, the Armed Forces Covenant saw senior representatives from five key business organisations (the Business Services Association, the Confederation of British Industries, the Federation of Small Businesses, the Institute of Directors, and the British Chambers of Commerce) publicly pledge their support. Since then, Kristina and her team have actively promoted the benefits of the covenant - this involves hosting events that engage and network with like-minded businesses to share best practice.

A No, absolutely not. Whilst there can be enforceability issues, if the restrictions are carefully drafted, they will achieve the desired objectives.

Q But I have heard that such restrictions are not worth the paper they are written on. Is that correct?

To be reasonable and proportionate, the restrictions need to be no greater than is necessary to protect legitimate business interest (rather than designed simply to limit competition). For example, the restriction must not last longer than is necessary. It must not extend geographically more than required given the employer’s scope of operation.

12 INSPIRE Please note the contents of this article are given for information only and must not be relied upon. Legal advice should always be sought in relation to specific circumstances. • • 01992 300333 • • 24 Castle Street Hertford SG14 1HP

Generally, they should only concern customer relationships of the outgoing employee and not of the business more generally. However, there is no “one size fits all” approach. The restrictions need to be bespoke and tailored to the individual employee and business, otherwise they are likely to be invalid.

RICHARDCOVENANTSRESTRICTIVEBUSINESSYOURPROTECTINGWITHGVERO, Joint Senior Partner and Head of questionsanswersEmployment,someofthehetypically gets from businesses about putting restrictions in employment contracts.

A The employer can take swift court action to stop the breach and to recover damages in respect of any loss that they may have suffered, for instance as a result of an ex-employee diverting a customer from their former to their new Thereemployer.aresome very effective remedies available, such as emergency injunctions (to stop the wrongdoing) or an order to “image” the computer system of a competitor if information has been unlawfully taken and misused. This serves to preserve evidence and assists in obtaining the appropriate remedy.

A Apart from making sure that employment contracts contain the necessary restrictions and protections, it is also important to act swiftly when issues such as these arise. Not only would that minimise any loss suffered but Courts are reluctant to make protective orders if there has been significant delay in addressing the problem. Most of the damage is likely to be done in the first few days or weeks of an ex-employee working elsewhere.

Tried and trusted since 1819 A progressive firm of specialist solicitors advising individuals, families and businesses LEGAL MATTERS

A The restrictions must be reasonable, otherwise they will be considered in “restraint of trade”, that is excessively limiting the operation of a business in a free economy or the use by an employee of their skills in pursuing their career and unenforceable.

Q Do you have any practical tips?

Q How do we prevent them?customersemployeesoutgoingtakingwith A contractsEmploymentcan contain restrictions on what employees can do after they leave your employment. Those restrictions can prevent employees from taking customers, commercially sensitive information or indeed working in competition for a period.

So, if you are ever concerned about a breach, act quickly. And if you need to start using restrictive covenants for new employees (or you need to check enforceability of existing restrictions), then get in touch and we can offer you appropriate advice.

Q What enforceability issues might there be?

Q What can an employer do if these restrictions are breached?

I think it is coming up to three years now –and we went straight in as a patron rather than a member. Hertfordshire was the first chamber of commerce we joined (and in our view the best) and we have since followed this by joining the Essex, Sheffield, West & North Yorkshire and Business West (covering Bristol, Bath).

Why and when did you sign up to be a Chamber patron?

experienceHertsCroft’sChamber just the start of things


The positive side of Chamber events is that you can share ideas and hear about challenges other companies in completely industriesdifferentarefacing.

What are the main strengths of the business community in Hertfordshire? Location-wise it is a great place to be. We are 40 minutes from four different airports and close enough to London without having all the pressures of being in a huge city. The Herts Chamber is well focussed on how they give value to patrons with online forums and events with really interesting and enlightening speakers. It is a very positive environment.

Mark Bramley, CEO Croft Communications

What benefits are you getting being a patron? Chambers of commerce offer connections. Business is about building trusting relationships. People don’t talk to people the same any more – working remotely during Covid only heightened this. Through chamber events and meetings you get to talk to people in a non-pressured (not sales-led) environment. Yes, the Chamber is about connections and networking but each event is not expected to guarantee a tangible business return. We are a massively acquisitive business so we might meet a company we would like to buy or we meet a person we’d like to hire. If we do, great but the most important thing is we are out there talking to people about who we are and how much we care about what we do. How have your dealings been with the Chamber so far?

Because of Covid we are only now starting to get involved more. The positive side of Chamber events is that you can share ideas and hear about challenges other companies in completely different industries are facing. For instance, I got to hear about the tech challenges at Ocado. What benefits do you provide for other Chamber members? We were asked by the Herts Chamber to provide a presentation on entrepreneurship and how a company can set up from scratch. There was an accountancy firm talking about setting up in business from a tax angle, while we at Croft Communications provided insight from the cyber security angle.

As someone who has been on several boards, Hardy says a common problem is that the composition of those at the top are invariably older men. “They are not always positive in my experience, for instance on flexible working they are often a bit too traditional in their thinking”.

Growth into new markets, notably the US and Japan is still a work in progress as Hardy explains. “We launched into the US and Japan just before Covid - the timing couldn’t have been worse but there is good recognition and we believe that what we have learnt from the US and Japan is that the brand can travel.”


“We had (and still have) a great brand but we had been told the marketing was average. My remit was to professionalise and scale the marketing operation. This meant acting on higher levels of customer data and bringing together various aspects of brand marketing”.

Hotel Chocolat is not a retailer Hardy believes has any such prejudices but the retail sector in general has some way to go. Sustainable growth plans

Has Hardy experienced first-hand ‘glass ceilings’ or seen opportunities denied to talented female colleagues?

“In most of my roles the companies I have worked for have been very forward looking and I wouldn’t say that glass ceilings existed. But when I worked for a mobile company, I had been on maternity leave and when I returned the attitude was “we just thought you’d be happy to still have any role!”

In terms of growth in product range, Hardy points to new introductions such as drinking chocolate, Velvetiser- an in-home hot chocolate system; iced drinking chocolate, vodka and gins.

Hotel Chocolat marketing given the boost it needs

“To some degree we had forgotten our e-commerce roots, so when I took over the percentage of e-commerce business was relatively small,” Hardy explains.

Arriving at Hotel Chocolat four years ago, one of the key areas for growth was in e-commerce. Ironically, for a company that started as an online-only business model, the focus had shifted to physical stores and even hotels and restaurants.

The hard work paid off, the marketing function is now much more joined up and more focussed on digital channels.

Lysa Hardy is the a guest speaker at the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

It is fair to say that Lysa Hardy’s career in marketing is as impressive as it is broad.

Women in senior roles

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP LUNCH on 8th September at Pendley Manor, Tring.

While all these companies differ significantly, Hardy’s role at each was about sustainable growth.

E-commerce now accounts for about half of the overall business in key seasons, though Hardy is keen to stress that there is growth across all of Hotel Chocolat’s retail channels.

The low percentage of women in the UK holding board room positions – particularly within FTSE100 companies, has been well documented. My remit was to professionalise and scale the marketing operation. This meant acting on higher levels of customer data and bringing together various aspects of brand marketing.

The first 10 years of her career she worked in the travel tech sector, the next 10 years was in the mobile phone industry before moving into the retail sector where she is currently Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Hotel Chocolat.

*Based on the FCA’s Thematic Review of commercial claims | R.176.8.22.V.1.0 Tysers Insurance Brokers Limited is

This article covers some issues relating to commercial property

UP TO 40% OF THE UK'S SME'S COULD BE UNDERINSURED* Find out if your business could be one of them…

Market Value vs Rebuild Costs


01462 439 849


There are many factors that can cause building underinsurance, some of the most common are: Tysers are an insurance brokers, established for more than 200 years headquartered in London and with an office in Hitchin. They are a member of the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, and their team will be happy to provide a free, no obligation review of your current insurance arrangements and offer guidance and advice on underinsurance and any gaps in coverage.

Rebecca Sugden D M 757 E W

Out-of-date valuations

07971 501

A common mistake made by business owners is insuring for the market value of the property, rather than the full cost of a rebuild. Market value is often not an accurate reflection of the cost to rebuild a premises from scratch, and other features such as car parks, driveways, lighting, fencing and gates are often overlooked. When calculating rebuild costs, these should include not only materials and labour, but also professional fees such as architect and planning costs, legal fees, demolition or make-safe costs, site clearance and access costs.

The financial effects of a business being underinsured can be incredibly costly, and in some cases devastating when a major incident occurs which destroys important assets or causes long periods of business disruption. The dangers of underinsurance can also reach beyond business owners needing to pay out-of-pocket for repairs or stock replacement. If an insurer believes that the policyholder has intentionally or negligently underinsured the business or its assets, they may refuse to pay the claim or void the policy altogether without returning the premium. underinsurance. authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered office: 71 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4BS. Registered Company No. 2957627 England.

Properties which have not been recently professionally valued for insurance purposes are often at risk of being underinsured. Any extensions, alterations or changes of use also need to be accounted for and you should inform your broker as soon as possible about any changes to ensure you are still adequately covered.

  

Changes of use Covid-19 resulted in many businesses changing layouts or altering their premises to comply with social distancing guidelines, including utilising areas or buildings not normally occupied by employees. If your business has recently branched out into new areas of trading or activities, it’s important that your broker is aware of these changes to ensure that your business is not underinsured.

Underinsurance of commercial properties can lead to devastating consequences if fire, flooding, or other physical events cause major damage or destruction and there is a considerable shortfall in funds to rebuild the premises. In some cases, the high out-of-pocket rebuilding costs in addition to long periods of business disruption can lead to businesses having to scale back operations or even cease trading completely. Despite this, research by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Building Cost Information Service suggests that around 80% of commercial properties have an element of underinsurance.


Underinsurance of contents and stock is another oversight which could be very costly. When taking out a policy, it is important to determine the costs of replacing all stock and contents on a ‘new-for-old’ basis, even if a complete loss of stock or contents seems unlikely to happen. The total figure is required by your insurer (even if you wish to select a lower amount of cover), as they use this to establish the total level of risk they are taking Covid-19on.and Brexit have both caused significant supply chain disruptions over the last few years, and as a result some businesses have chosen to increase their stock levels. It is crucial that your broker is made aware of these changes, as not only will your policy now provide inadequate cover for your new stock value, but the insurer may also deem your insurance inadequate and apply the ‘Average Clause’ to any claims which would result in a lower settlement amount.

SW Hertfordshire is defined by its urban character and proximity to London, as well as its rural charm and access to the countryside. The region offers incredible diversity, from rural villages and historic market towns; to areas with more in common with outer London. SW Hertfordshire also contains important landscapes such as the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and Colne Valley Regional

The history of Bio Products Laboratory (BPL) stretches back almost 70 years to the early UK pioneers of blood and plasma-derived BPL’smedicines.historic campus is based in Elstree and has been adapted over the years in response to medical innovations and the availability of investment support. The result is a high growth plasma-derived therapeutics company.



“That’s why we provide a team of Mental Health Champions as well as on-site Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) and regular MHFA training. A counselling and advice service is also available via our Employee Assistance Programme.”

BPL Garden

South West Hertfordshire consists of the following five Local Planning Authorities: Dacorum, Hertsmere, St. Albans, Three Rivers and Watford.

South HertfordshireWest an attractive place to live - work and visit

Commenting on the team spirit at BPL Richard Gray, COO for BPL says, “A positive culture at BPL means our colleagues always feel valued and included, and these events are another way for us to thank them for their continued commitment to our patients every day.”

A focus on wellbeing at BPL

Park.Oakmere Park

Commenting on the growth of the business Adriane Westwater, HR Director for BPL says, “As BPL continues to evolve, we want to ensure our people are supported in everything they do, including their wellbeing.



But it doesn’t stop there. Recently a group of staff volunteers built a Peace Garden on BPL grounds, creating a space for colleagues to relax and enjoy. The garden was officially opened in late July as part of three days of events, bringing colleagues together again for the first time since the pandemic. These events included a Wellbeing Day, offering massages, pilates, yoga, and talks on mental health and wellbeing; a Research & Development Day providing insights into what BPL are doing in the rare disease space and tours of our BPL labs; and a Fun Day, which included a BBQ and games for colleagues as a thank you for their hard work.

Carroll concludes: “We see Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK as a dedicated partner to the HVAC industry and as a supporter of our local region to improve skills, offer opportunities and provide an award-winning product and service.”

“Hertfordshire has an abundance of small and large businesses who we can offer our wide range of services to, so we are truly spoiled for choice!” Hershman is equally enthused by what the region has to offer. “Having joined many Hertfordshire networking communities such as the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce we have been able to exponentially grow our business connections, making us the awardwinning hybrid business that we are today.”

“Although we have a national outreach, most of our team comes from the Hertfordshire area. Our commitment to the development of people does not just end with our own staff. Over the years, we have formed close relationships with colleges that offer training in refrigeration and related topics to our industry, providing them with equipment and support”.

In terms of building strong and lasting relationships in the area, Rachel Redondo, Digital and Operations Manager at Twenty-Two, is hugely encouraged by the opportunities available.

Join the conversation about the future of the area. Let us have your views before 5pm on Friday 4th November.

As a Refcom elite member – an organisation that enforces safe working practices and legislation when using refrigerant gases - Fujitsu General has adopted low global warming alternative gases across most of its Locatedrange.inCentennial Park, the Fujitsu General UK has a high percentage of people within its workforce from the Hertfordshire area, with staff retention and development a pivotal element to the organisation’s success in the UK.

“It means a lot to us that we have been able to support a local workforce for such a long time”, Ian Carroll, chief operating officer at Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK, explains.

Our commitment to the development of people does not just end with our own staff. Over the years, we have formed close relationships with colleges that offer training in refrigeration and related topics to our industry, providing them with equipment and support.

“Also, the great transport links have made us geographically adaptable to our clients’ needs.

v Fujitsu brings a breath of fresh air to Herts Based locally in Elstree in Hertfordshire, Fujitsu General Air Conditioning UK are a total solution provider to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors.

Twenty-Two is a fast-moving business support company working alongside a variety of local SMEs, corporate head offices and charities in Hertfordshire and across London.

v Ideally located to support and network with local business

By being near local overground stations and only a stone’s throw away from a few London tube stations our individual business support services have become more readily available,” Hershman says. “Above all, having face-to-face meetings has helped us to build stronger client relationships and delve into our clients’ company ethos more effectively to provide a better service”.

With a vision of ‘Designing for comfort, controls and for the future’, Fujitsu General maintains its position as a global leader through substantial investment in innovation but with a constant eye on the environment.


Amanda Hershman, director at Twenty-Two explains that living and working in Hertfordshire has provided an opportunity to branch out and discover the wealth of businesses that Hertfordshire has to offer.

Recognised throughout the industry for its customer service and quality of product, Fujitsu this year is celebrating the 36th anniversary of entering the UK market.

v Borehamwood Cycle Hire Scheme all set to launch

A new scheme is due to be launched in Borehamwood later this year to increase the use of cycling. Seventy pedal and e-bikes will be installed at 22 locations in the town, ready to hire at the tap of a phone screen.

The scheme is one part of Hertsmere Borough Council’s plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions no later than 2050. It also aims to promote active and sustainable travel, improve air quality, develop connectivity, as well as improving health and well-being.

For more information

v Have your say on the future of South West Hertfordshire

v Come and help inspire young people at Hertsmere Careers Event Wednesday 16 November 2022, 11am to 7pm at The Double Tree Hilton, Borehamwood Come and join us at this exciting event to highlight career opportunities in Hertsmere and to give young people an opportunity to meet a wide range of employers. Organised by Hertsmere Borough Council in partnership with the Hertfordshire Careers Hub, the event is specifically for those attending Hertsmere schools and aims to inspire delegates to aim higher and potentially help understand the next steps to employment.

By also being home-based, Twenty-Two has been mindful of its sustainable impact on its Hertfordshire communities. Twenty-Two uses only LED lighting in its offices and remain totally paperless – all with an eye to reducing their carbon footprint. To further reduce carbon impact over the long term, Twenty-Two tries to hold meetings with local businesses that follow a similar sustainable ethos, in eco-refill stores that offer locally grown produce.

Amanda and Rachel


Organisations in the development and construction industry yet to join the HIDB can register their interest at HGB - Hertfordshire Infrastructure & Development Board ( or by emailing Emma Harris at

“So much has been achieved already since it was formed, and the HIDB will continue to be a vital conduit, enabling matters around growth and sustainable development to be taken Meetingsforward.”ofthe HIDB are held on a quarterly basis, with the first - in November last year – seeing more than 60 representatives from over 40 public and private sector organisations under one roof. Chief executives, council leaders and executive members for planning from the local authorities in Hertfordshire were at the inaugural get-together.

Hertfordshire forum for development and construction building momentum

Now, nearly 12 months later, HIDB members are of course continuing to have conversations which will ultimately benefit the county and its residents – in this new era, cross-sector collaboration is the default.

The HIDB has brought together the 11 Hertfordshire councils, Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and the private sector to work on delivering the right infrastructure, sustainable construction and the 100,000-plus new homes needed in the county over the next 15 years. That journey is already well underway, with some significant distance covered so far. More than 40 companies from the construction and development industry have joined to date, enabling a clear ongoing dialogue with the many public sector organisations that are fellow HIDB members. That dialogue includes workshop sessions and collaboration groups on specific issues and challenges facing both sectors.

“We must reduce our impact on the climate as we move towards achieving sustainability targets in 2030 and beyond, and I am delighted that our partners are on board with this Whatagenda.”thelast 12 months have shown is that the HIDB has filled the space for which there was a clear void and huge appetite, with the ongoing forum and opportunities to engage now part and parcel of the development and construction landscape in Hertfordshire. Now the stage has been built and the spotlight shone, it is difficult to imagine the public and private sectors being without this avenue.

Find about how Hertfordshire is working together to deliver sustainable and responsible growth at

Cllr Roberts said: “Hertfordshire is a very special place and, with our partners in the development and construction sector, we want to build for a world where less carbon is used and design quality is of the highest standards, particularly in energy efficiency.


That’s because, never before, has there been a dedicated channel of ongoing communication which exists purely to make sure there is a constant and effective link between the Hertfordshire Growth Board’s constituent local authorities and the development and construction sector.

It means the Growth Board, which established and runs the HIDB in partnership with MPC, now has a forum which supports productive collaboration and promotes beneficial partnership-working between the public and private sectors – that is and was always the main aim so the sustainable growth and highquality placemaking needed for the county’s residents can be realised.

Cllr Richard Roberts, Chair of Hertfordshire Growth Board and Leader of Hertfordshire County Council, said: “It is wonderful that the Growth Board has led the way in making sure that Hertfordshire has effective and beneficial engagement with the development sector, and very encouraging that so many organisations from the private sector have become members of the HIDB during its first year.


The focus for the meeting in September will be regeneration, with the ways in which social, economic and environmental transformation in Hertfordshire is and can be achieved to be the main discussion point. Gagan Mohindra, MP for South West Hertfordshire, will be among the Naturally,speakers.awide variety of topics means a diverse range of voices are being heard, as figures with an industry, local authority or political background have the chance to use the HIDB platform to share best practice or talk about the landscape as they see it, sometimes as a keynote speaker.

And, while the HIDB facilitates a stage for many to have their say or get answers to important questions, its existence crucially provides that one platform to speak with one voice across both the public and private sectors in Hertfordshire.

out more

Almost a year since the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Development Board (HIDB) was formed, it continues to build a new level of engagement which is set to heighten in the years to come.

At Sustainable X, we help businesses build positive environmental, social and economic practices into daily business operations, without compromising profitability. Whatever your industry or business goals, we can help you become more sustainable. We can advise on all aspects of sustainability, from carbon reduction to employee wellbeing and supply chain management. Our business-led approach includes training, action focused support and all the resources you need to make a difference. We even have tools to help you share your progress with the people that matter to your business. Your journey to a more sustainable future starts today. SUSTAINABLE X Making Profit Sustainable Contact us to find out more: 01727 309008 | | Our Sustainable Business Model Your competitors are more sustainable than you. What’s your plan? Make it easy for your customers, suppliers and employees to keep choosing you. Take action now to make your business fit for a sustainable future.

Diversity and inclusion

Sustainability - risks and rewards

In conclusion

ith our clients, we see different approaches when they think about sustainability. Typically, they can be split into a risk or reward-based approaches. We encourage people to consider both perspectives as they bring different actions and targets.

Diversity and inclusion are a big part of sustainability and a challenging issue for organisations. There is a risk to be being perceived as lacking diversity and just issuing a suite of statements and policies as a solution. Policies are not enough anymore. A client in financial services absolutely saw this as an opportunity to address talent gaps. They have set themselves ambitious targets for 2030 to get a genuine diversity of thought and cultures in the business.

A large proportion of business, follow a ‘me too’ Sustainability strategy. Doing just enough to comply. A facilities management client recognised that none of their direct competitors were doing anything other than ‘me to’ on sustainability. They invested time to understand their impacts, benchmark measurements and set targets to progress. They reached out to their key customers to understand what was important to them. One key account, responded enthusiastically, recognised the potential value add, and piloted a new sustainability program with them. This has led to additional business with this account, and a strong proposition for tenders going forward.

What did they do? They started with education, embraced a D&I calendar with communications and events to build awareness. This continues to generate stories and collateral that supported recruitment initiatives. They are already getting more diverse candidates for vacancies and winning the ‘fight for talent’.



By focussing on the benefits a carbon reduction plan can bring, bottom line savings can be made.

Environmental From an environmental perspective, many companies fear losing points on tender submissions as they had no credible carbon reduction plan. To resolve this, they typically, take action to measure carbon footprint to scope 3 and create a plan to get to net zero by 2050. By focussing on the benefits a carbon reduction plan can bring, bottom line savings can be made. One of our wholesale clients looked at their full Scope 3 emissions for opportunities to improve. They saved significant carbon for themselves AND their largest client by reducing the number of products they repackaged from 82% to 43%. Carbon savings came from less packaging, waste, vehicles involved, and miles travelled. They have saved money and made demonstrable progress towards net zero while reinforcing their key client relationship.

The biggest risk we see - doing nothing. Sustainability is not going away. Being passive risks losing customers and staff. The good news is that there is still competitive advantage to be gained by early movers.


If you believe there is risk to your business, by not being more sustainable, and being able to authentically evidence it, you are not alone.

Sustainability has moved beyond the initial belief that it is ‘all about the environment’.

Strategy and collaboration

Customer interest, investor pressure and tenders have been driving more emphasis on sustainability for businesses which includes employee’s wellbeing, supply chains and communities.

At its core are two key businessfocused goals:


The LEP’s Clean Growth Strategy is the first one for the county and has been endorsed by Hertfordshire leaders across all 10 district and borough councils

1. To drive a green economy by accelerating development of a Low Carbon Environmental Goods and Services (LCEGS) sector 2. To improve the environmental performance of businesses, communities and places in HertfordshireHertfordshireLEP has appointed Helen Pollock, who has extensive experience within the sector, as Clean Growth Manager. Helen will play a pivotal role in supporting businesses on their net zero journey and will work with local partners to meet shared sustainability goals.


Clean Growth programme to help power the green economy in Hertfordshire

Clean ManagerGrowthHELENPOLLOCK

Helen said: “I am delighted to take on this important role for the county. As we experience one of the hottest summers on record, there is a real and compelling imperative to tackle climate change. Clearly this can’t be done alone so we must work both within and outside our county borders to achieve our clean growth ambitions and drive a step change in behaviours. We all have a role to play in safeguarding our planet for future generations, sharing knowledge and practical steps businesses can take now to reduce their carbon footprint.”

of strategies developed by Hertfordshire LEP in partnership with business, local government, not for profit and education to support its Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has launched its Clean Growth programme to grow the county’s sustainable economy and businesses, and provide skills for jobs in green industries.

Hertfordshire is home to thriving sectors of international importance including creative media, film and TV, life sciences and advanced manufacturing, with an economy delivering £41.57bn for UK plc annually.

Herts IQ, Hertfordshire’s Enterprise Zone, has sites in Maylands Business Park and Hemel Hempstead, along with innovation/start-up space on campus at BRE in Watford and Rothamsted Research in Harpenden. The Enterprise Zone is a flagship venture in Hertfordshire attracting new companies to the area involved in delivering low and zero carbon built environment solutions, creating skilled jobs for local people. We will continue to build on this momentum with innovation partners Rothamsted Research, BRE and the University of VisitHertfordshire. responsible economic growth agenda.

The setting-up of the Clean Growth Industry Panel, a group of leading clean technology and sustainable Hertfordshire businesses and organisations, will be among the programme’s first actions. Operating in a similar vein to the LEP’s Life Sciences Industry Panel and the Film/TV Industry Panel, it will bring together a diverse team of experts to support the delivery of the Clean Growth Action Plan, ensuring its activities are in line with the industry’s needs and that growth opportunities are acted upon.

Our dedicated team is focused on driving the local economy by boosting inward investment, key sector, clean and inclusive growth. It provides skills leadership, detailed economic intelligence, and a comprehensive package of support to Hertfordshire’s business community.


Local Enterprise Partnership Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership is a business-led, multisector partnership focused on accelerating sustainable economic growth, job creation and raising workforce skills within the local area. Working in partnership with businesses, government, investors, education and not-for-profit organisations, the LEP puts people at the heart of growth.

Helen added: “Already we have seen first hand the exponential growth of our key sectors in life sciences, film and TV and advanced manufacturing. This has not happened by chance but as a result of years of targeted investment and a collaborative approach with industry and local partners. I look forward to the exciting opportunities and challenges that will be taken forward by the LEP to deliver clean, business-led growth.”

Our guest speaker, Rakesh Dua, CEO of DUA Accountancy and Business Consultancy, will discuss a new way of doing business which is clearly both practical and strategic. The session will be a summary of what has changed and how to adapt your approach as a business owner or a key management individual to better serve your customers by simply being “Incredible”. Rakesh has devised a 10-step process and for those who have heard it …when put into practice this process yields amazing results by putting your customers at the heart of everything you do.


EVENT at Costco, Stevenage

How to be Incredible in business!

Upcoming Events CHAMBER EVENTS


24 INSPIRE With our members and benefit partners we have designed our events programme to cover a variety of topics:

Members: FREE Non-Members: £15.00 +VAT

After the tour there will be refreshments and a networking opportunity, providing the chance to meet with a number of different businesses in and around Hertfordshire, and speak to members of the Costco

Date: 20/09/2022 Time: 17:00 - 19:00 Venue: Costco, Stevenage

On Tuesday 20th September, we are holding a guided tour and networking event at Costco Stevenage. Costco is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing their members quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. This tour will showcase the stock available and the variety of additional services offered.

Members: FREE Non-Members: FREE

Date: 13/09/2022 Time: 08:30 - 10:30 Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton London Elstree

At this breakfast seminar on Tuesday 13th September, at DoubleTree by Hilton London Elstree, we will hear from Chamber Patrons, DUA Accountancy and Business Consultancy, about how to be incredible in business!


• The importance of business relationships and partnerships


From burials to cremations, alternative funerals, hearses, coffins and memorials, what is allowed and what is notall those myths will be busted

We will hear from Adam K. Ginder, Managing Director, and David Oliver, Business Development Manager, who will share an insight into the funeral industry from M. K. Ginder & Sons, the largest family-run Independent Funeral Directors in South-West Hertfordshire, who will cover the following:

u Adam Ginder u David Oliver Our Chamber Lunch, sponsored by Hertsmere Borough Council, will be taking place on the 22nd September at DoubleTree by Hilton London Elstree.

At this lunch we will hear from Tom Avison, Director of Operations, and Sophie Owen, Project Lead, Sky Studios Elstree about the Studios as they start to welcome productions onto site. Covering updates on: Training and development schemes, ambitions,sustainabilityrecruitment, and working with the community, you will get an inside track on these exciting developments and what lies ahead for Sky Studios Elstree.

Date: 22/09/2022 Time: 12:00 - 14:00 Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton London Elstree

The Changing World of Funerals

• Services they provide for Pre-need, At-need and After Care, including a range of options and choices.

• How Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations have changed and shaped the future for Pre-paid Funeral Plans and benefits to customers

Members: Non-Members:FREEFREE

Traditions, Regulations and Myth Busting!

• How pricing regulations from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have impacted Funeral Directors

Join us at this free breakfast seminar on Wednesday 21st September, at Hunton Park Hotel, Kings Langley, where we will be joined by M.K. Ginder & Sons.

Members: £39.00 +VAT Non-Members: £49.00 +VAT Chamber Lunch

Date: 21/09/2022 Time: 08:30 - 10:30 Venue: Hunton Park Hotel, Kings Langley

This is a great opportunity to network with other local businesses while learning more about this important topic.

INSPIRE 25 For more information on any event: 01707 bookings@hertschamber.com502180 or CHAMBER EVENTS

26 INSPIRE Training course: Understanding Export Upcoming Events CHAMBER EVENTS

Poaching clients and stealing information - how to reduce the risk to your business

Join us at this free to attend breakfast seminar on Thursday 29th September at Fanhams Hall, Ware with our Patrons, Longmores Solicitors.


Date: 07/10/2022 Time: 09:30 - 12:30 Venue: Zoom Members: £350.00 +VAT Non-Members: £400.00 +VAT

This new online British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) accredited course provides an overview of the complete export process and covers the key elements delegates would need to understand to start to formulate a successful export strategy. These procedures are explained in simple everyday terms and delegates leave equipped with a good understanding and knowledge of current best practice. Content includes: the export process and standard export documents; where the UK has trade agreements; contracts of sale and purchase orders; Incoterms and the importance of using them in an international contract; Commodity/Tariff codes in international trade; packaging, shipping marks and handling labels; understanding embargoes and sanctions and what type of goods are controlled; using and working with freight forwarders; and proof of export.

Our trainer for this course is Jeff Lewis MBA BSc MIEx from Resultz Ltd. As well as working with small and large organisations as an international business advisor, Jeff is an approved trainer for the British Chambers of Commerce, the Department for International Trade, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). u Jeff Lewis

Business owners should think about the risk of departing or ex-employees stealing clients or taking business critical information with them. With so many people changing jobs, now is a good time to consider the solutions you can put in place to protect your business and reduce the risk of haemorrhaging clients or losing valuable information.


Richard Gvero, Joint Senior Partner, Head of Commercial and Employment and Miranda Mulligan, Associate Solicitor specialising in Employment Law, will talk about the measures you can put in place when employing staff or engaging a consultant regarding Restrictive covenants or Consultancy agreements.

John Wiblin, Partner, and Head of Dispute Resolution, will explain what happens if things go wrong, including: Injunctions, search orders and the alternatives, the process to follow if information or customers are stolen and protecting intellectual property.

Date: 29/09/2022 Time: 08:30 - 11:00 Venue: Fanhams Hall, Ware Members: FREE Non-Members: FREE u Richard Gvero u Miranda Mulligan u John Wiblin

On Wednesday 26th October, from 08:30 - 10:30am, at Knebworth Barns we will be holding a free to attend breakfast seminar on Access to Finance for UK Businesses. The British Business Bank is the UK’s Economic Development Bank, and we will be joined by our speaker, Paul Sullivan, Senior Manager at The British Business Bank, who will cover the Bank’s role for the UK Government and how small to medium businesses can ensure they have information regarding the many options when considering external funding for their business.

Date: 26/10/2022 Time: 08:30 - 10:30 Venue: Knebworth Barns Members: FREE Non-Members: FREE Access to Finance for UK Businesses

INSPIRE 27 For more information on any event: 01707 bookings@hertschamber.com502180 or CHAMBER EVENTS

The British Business Bank is the governmentowned economic development bank dedicated to drive sustainable growth and prosperity across the UK, and to enable the transition to a net zero economy, by improving access to finance for smaller businesses.

October Chamber Lunch

This Lunch will be taking place on the 13th October at Delta Hotels by Marriott Cheshunt, sponsored by Ambition Broxbourne. Our speaker, Erik Thoreen, Senior Vice President, Hudson Pacific (Sunset Studios), will discuss the developments of their new worldclass studios in Waltham Cross, enticing globally recognised film and media brands to the area. These studios will bring a huge boost to the economy in Broxbourne, providing almost 5,000 new jobs, including many Apprenticeship and training Attendopportunities.thislunch to hear how Hollywood has come to Hertfordshire and the many advantages this will offer our county! Erik Thoreen joined Hudson Pacific in 2011 and serves as Senior Vice President, UK and Studios East. He oversees Hudson Pacific’s London office and supports the development process for the Sunset Studios facility planned for the UK. Erik is also responsible for identifying and evaluating additional acquisition and development opportunities. Previously he served as Vice President of Investments at Hudson Pacific. In his time at the company, he has completed over $15 billion of transactions including acquisitions, dispositions and financings.

Date: 13/10/2022 Time: 12:00 - 14:00 Venue: Delta Hotels by Marriott Cheshunt Members: £39.00 +VAT Non-Members: £49.00 +VAT u Erik Thoreen

The role of The British Business Bank u Paul Sullivan

*Further sessions to be announced.

we can


Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO, Planet Mark, will talk about the Practical Steps to Net Zero and how business leads the way. Steve will be setting the scene around climate and the energy crisis and how they affect companies of all sizes but in particular, SME’s. He will also discuss how SME’s will find pressure in demand to demonstrate cutting carbon emissions and how they balance this with the increased cost of energy etc. that we are all experiencing.

Speakers: Rondi Allan and Nick Reilly, Sustainable X Carbon Calculation Workshop This workshop will provide help to companies with getting started on Scope 1 & 2 emissions.

Sustainable Business: What does good look like? Do you want to be more sustainable as a business, but not sure where you should be heading? What do others do and how do they make it happen? This workshop will bring best sustainability practices to life, using real examples, across various sectors, of what good like likes and what can be achieved.

The need to act on new Net Zero reporting legislation is affecting This, together with the emergence of many consultancies in this field, means organisations need help navigating a way through this complex potential minefield. How business should act is a common question. The answer is often a combination of using external advisors and training people

locally as


Laura Tobin, best known for reporting the weather for ITV and is also a fully qualified meteorologist.

We all have a part to play in supporting planet both now and for future conference will examine how organisations can rise to the challenge of becoming more sustainable.

generations, and this

Lynne will also look to provide a snapshot of Hertfordshire as a whole, outlining the state of play in key areas including biodiversity, carbon emissions and air quality, and looking at how cooperation between residents, businesses and councils is necessary to deliver a more sustainable Hertfordshire. further details regarding the conference please see our website:

It will also explain the formation of the Herts Go Green and Grow initiative, which includes a group of cross-industry businesses cutting through the complexities of Net Zero, sharing information, developing an understanding and making a positive, measurable impact.


Bringing together businesses from across the county, the event will provide guidance on how take a more practical approach to sustainability to achieve targets and deliver significant impact well as nationally

REASONS TO ATTEND Understand from our Keynote Speakers and sponsors why it is important to make your business more sustainable Receive practical advice on how you can achieve this and use the opportunity to question speakers during the Q&A discussion with the panel Attend your choice of in-depth breakout sessions Visit the exhibition, offering a range of sustainable products and services Connect with like-minded businesses using the networking opportunities available


which businesses across Hertfordshire are already acting on. Date: 21/10/222 Time: 09.00 – 15.45 Venue: Rothamsted Enterprises, Harpenden Members: £125.00 + VAT Non-members: £150 + VAT SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE 2022

Richard Davidson, Director, Willmott Dixon Construction will discuss the Built Environment: Opportunities and Technologies at our disposal, and Fiona Edwards, Head of Sustainability, JPA Workspaces, will explain how working together with Herts Chamber has brought about the Herts Go Green and Grow initiative and how businesses can share information, find free and easy ways to get started, develop their understanding and make a positive, measurable impact.


There will be two sets of breakout sessions at this conference, each offering a selection of topics for delegates to choose from*. Sessions include:

Lynne Ceeney, Director of Environmental Sustainability at Hertfordshire County Council will be in attendance talking about how the council is working to become a more environmentally sustainable organisation, partly through implementing its Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy and Action Plan.

Speakers: Simon Littlewood, Estu, David Hawes, Net Zero International and Fiona Edwards, JPA Workspaces

all businesses.

Our headline sponsors will each share their thoughts, ideas and actions on sustainability.

and protecting our

Laura is an environmentalist whose mission is creating conversation around climate change and eco-consciousness. She has just released her first book ‘Everyday Ways to Save Our Planet’ which is an insightful and interactive book, encouraging readers to implement changes big and small into each household.

The process of bringing the two women to the UK was fraught with challenges surrounding paperwork and visas, and it wasn’t until May that the women finally arrived.


by Hertfordshire business community

Briege said: “I am so pleased to see the power of networking at work among our members at a time when it was really needed. The lives of Nastia and Anna have been turned upside down in the most unbearable circumstances, but for now, they have a safe home in Hertfordshire.”

As the horrors of the Ukraine invasion by Russian forces filled our television screens, Adam Taylor and his wife Jo watched in disbelief from their Hertford home.

Nastia and Anna, who have since been joined by another friend, Sophia, and Nastia’s mum, want to move into a flat of their own, but are facing barriers because of their short work history and lack of credit history.

Adam’s efforts to find the digital markets work brought him into contact with Mary Sykes, who manages the Chamber’s corporate relations, and she introduced him to Viv Debnam at Fore Street employment agency and Justine Perry, of Cariad Marketing, both Chamber members.

The Chamber would love to hear from anyone who may be able to help the women take more control of their new lives.

Briege Leahy, Chamber chief executive officer, said: “These two young women have escaped a war zone and I am delighted that our members have come together to give them, not just a safe place to live, but also to provide them with employment so their lives have a semblance of normality.”

Adam, a corporate account manager from Handelsbanken in Hertford, said: “The war changed everything for them. With their male friends and colleagues required to fight, support the war effort or keep the country running, and local infrastructure close to their home being the target of Russian bombing, Nastia and Anna made the very difficult decision to leave their home, friends and family to seek safety in Poland.”

More than a thousand miles away, two friends who had enjoyed an evening at a restaurant before learning of the attack were planning to flee their home.

Adam Taylor, Handelsbanken; Nastia Novikova, Cariad; Viv Debnam, Fore Street; Anna Neustroieva, Stephen Austin; Justine Perry, Cariad; Briege Leahy, Herts Chamber



Fast forward six months and Nastia Novikova and Anna Neustroieva are now living with Adam and Jo and their two daughters after a terrifying journey and a battle with red tape.

The Hertford business community has since united to welcome the two friends who have been able to start new jobs with support from the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

Nastia has now secured a permanent position with Cariad while Anna has a temporary position at Steven Austin, also in Hertford.

If you are able to help, please contact with ‘accommodation’ in the subject line. #KeeptheHeartinHerts


Circumstances were always a strong propeller for innovation and an indispensable tool for finding solutions to everyday challenges. We use our imagination to dream of a better future and technology to create a make-believe doomed cities depicted in science fiction movies; this power we possess maps our vision of tomorrows’ world; a world of accountability.

The increased cost of living due to energy crisis and extreme weather conditions, not to mention hostility between nations are becoming the new reality facing humanity.

What we can learn from nature …for a more resilient future


As we continue to witness consequencesthe brought about by our modern way of living, and our disconnect from nature, it is now or never scenario to create urban centres with an infrastructure and environments that are adaptable and can mitigate and respond to the climate challenge facing our global society.

Throughout the history of mankind, the use of innovation was an indispensable tool for survival. In urgentresilienttosolutionsexploringinunprecedentedthesetimesourmodernhistory,thesustainableavailabletous,prepareforamorefuture,seemmorethenever.

The United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) projects that by 2050, two thirds of the ever-growing global population will live in cities; Cities are always a magnet for change and as we experience the very real effect of global warming, we need an immediate shift in our mode of thinking and operating. Our future cities can be smart, safe and interconnected. All digital devices, exchanging data passively and working together to save energy and water resources, enhance public transportation and waste management with the aim to improve the community. This infrastructure already exists in cities like Barcelona, with other major cities catching up.

Buildings are what we all share, and they are contributing to almost 40 % of the greenhouse pollution – Data Source: Global ABC Global Status Report 2018, EIA. However, we need a fundamental shift in the way we see and think of buildings. Ideas of walking and plug in cities dreamed by pioneers of the 21st Century; The idea of a city as an entity that can walk to access the resources of different locations – is a vision that can easily be adaptable and transformed. Working across multiple scales, hybrid buildings can become a conduit to imagining new ways of engaging with one another; in such a dense and urban setting the streets are transformed into an energy generating mobile living environment providing shelters, support, and recreational green spaces. Considering how we plan for and build these urban environments to become part of the solution affords us the ability to create regenerative spaces that accommodate our needs as well as those of our planet.

Over the past 25 years or so we have grown our commercial portfolio to include large industrial and pharmaceutical projects; however sustainable design and green architecture were always thought of as fanciful add-on features rather than being implemented as part of the project brief. Our clients recognise the importance of applying sustainable solutions and the need to put the environmental question at the forefront of their priorities. As cities become smarter, should be able to feed and support itself, rely little or not at all on supplies produced in rural areas; cities formed out of community clusters and strong communication networks will be self-sufficient making life safer and smoother for all its inhabitants.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”, Albert Instead,Einstein.weneed to forge collaborative hubs between all branches of society to include scientists, politicians, teachers, artists, farmers, manufacturers, architects, film makers, engineers, landscape architects, businesses and ordinary citizens and conjure a shared and a truly sustainable vision for our society at large. Inequality and division cannot have a place in tomorrow’s cities as we are one and of the same.

We can learn so much from the past as we admire the hanging gardens of the ancient city of Babylon with its sophisticated irrigation system. Today we can look at recent examples such as Singapore investing heavily in Sky Farms, and Amsterdam in Disco Farms –operating totally on controlled LED lighting, thanks to the advance science of LED lamps which can save up to 65% electricity. These urban farms use syphonic irrigation systems without the need for soil, pesticide and only 10% of the water and land needed to grow such crops by traditional means.


We need to think and design buildings that are fundamentally green rather than just applying elements of green technologies, and to apply whole systems, circular thinking to every aspect of the design, specification, and construction process. This holistic way of thinking, where all actions and consequences are properly considered and where designers use systems to create outcomes which contribute to the greater good, is something which is now known as regenerative design. Looking again to innovators such as Singapore shows the power of that vision and the transformative impact of forward-looking and nature driven approaches; A city that connects us with nature provides us with future resilience in the face of a changing climate.

• Margarita Germanos BA (Hons) Dip UCL RIBA ARB BIID Managing Director KMG Partnership is a member of the RSK Group

As the number of earth inhabitants grows, so does the increase in pressure on our planet and the demand for affordable and fully sustainable homes, public buildings, schools, hospitals, and leisure centres; We all live and work in buildings, therefore the connection between buildings and climate change is tangible.

In my role as Managing Director at KMG Partnership, as an architect and an academic, I feel the responsibility of joining forces with the many who are taking actions and advocating for sustainable solutions on building projects. A very modern, regenerative approach to architecture and design is to explore what nature and natural systems can teach us and reconnecting with methods pioneered by our ancestors. This can achieve sustainable, closed loop design, which is more than the sum of its parts, achieving not just net zero but also net gain, which is essential to creating the resilient places we and the world need.

Margarita Germanos is Managing Director at KMG Partnership, which specialises in architecture and design, structural engineering, and civil engineering services.

Future cities will need to be agile and flexible to be able to deal with such conditions and mitigate their impacts while at the same time continue to shape its existence. We also need to create a real social and cultural value that support the public realm and gives back to the city.

As individuals and businesses, we are forced to take on an active role in dealing with the biggest existential challenge and join our efforts to create more of a collaboration and a consortium for change.

Considering how we plan for and build these urban environments to become part of the solution affords us the ability to create regenerative spaces that accommodate our needs as well as those of our planet.

Chaired by Hertfordshire LEP Board Member David Conway, Chief Financial and Operations Officer at ITN, the role of the Panel is to drive forward Hertfordshire LEP’s Film and TV Sector Action Plan. This has identified six key outcomes to be led by the industry with a shared commitment across partners in Hertfordshire including: the LEP, with Hertfordshire Growth Board, Hertfordshire County Council and the district/borough councils. These outcomes include building a reliable supply of talent; creating novel business models to boost productivity; net zero outcomes; commercial property solutions for production; outstanding digital infrastructures; and promoting Hertfordshire as a film/TV location.

• The need for a Hertfordshire ‘clearing house’ to provide film and TV career

Key industry leaders join Hertfordshire LEP’s Film and TV Panel to accelerate future growth

Panellists agreed that there were two key and pressing issues facing the

Convened by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the Panel was set up to generate further opportunities for the county in the burgeoning film/TV sector. Panellists heard that Hertfordshire is already at the vanguard of accelerated national and global investment with Hollywood’s Sunset Studios’ new £700m base locating in Broxbourne; Sky Studios Elstree expected to generate an additional £3bn of production investment over the first five years of operation and Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden opening three new sound stages providing 83,000 sq. ft. of additional production space.

• Improved economic outcomes in Hertfordshire (and the UK)

•industry:Theneed for studio and, in particular, ancillary space in close proximity to support Hertfordshire’s impressive growth trajectory, especially in film production. A loss of surplus capacity for employment growth has been compounded by Permitted Development Rights (PDR) and the lack of a co-ordinated approach to transport infrastructure.

• Advancing what are already some of the best film and TV productions in the world

Neil Hayes, CEO, Hertfordshire LEP, set out the vision for the sector – for Hertfordshire to be home to a film and TV production ecosystem that is operating at an even greater scale and to be recognised around the world for its excellence and creativity. This will result in:

Representatives from the major film and TV studios across the countyElstree Studios, Hudson Pacific (Sunset Studios), Sky Studios and Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden - came together with Creative England, Elstree Screen Arts and production company Gravity Media for the Film and TV Industry Panel’s inaugural meeting at The Grove Hotel in Chandler’s Cross, Watford, on 5 July.


• An enhanced quality of life. He said: “Up until now, funding for the film and TV sector in Hertfordshire has been rather ad hoc rather than with a plan in place. We want Hertfordshire to be the centre of gravity in terms of skills, continued investment and productivity and this Panel will help to deliver Researchit.”for the LEP’s Film and TV Production Sector Action Plan found that the pipeline of talent is falling behind the growth in demand. The freelance model of employment for the industry means there is little ‘organised training’, for example structured apprenticeships, internships and traineeships, while freelancers are becoming overstretched.


The Film and TV Industry Panel was set up following Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)’s Annual Conference –Spotlight on Film and TV – which heard how the county was at the epicentre of growth in the UK TV and film industry.

The event was the first time the region has been able to promote itself directly to the global market, and kickstarts the Sector Action Plan created by the Life Sciences Industry Panel convened by Hertfordshire LEP and Hertfordshire Growth Board, with the aim of driving forward actions to deliver sustained growth, improved health outcomes and a huge economic uplift for the county and across the UK.

The LEP’s annual conference was broadcast live from Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden last October. It brought together senior leaders and industry figures from Hertfordshire, Hollywood and beyond to identify how best to stimulate future investment, drive local job creation and spearhead skills development. Panel discussions included ‘Boomtime for Hertfordshire’ focusing on the recent scale of investment into the film and TV industry. The second panel discussion ‘Mind the Skills Gap’ brought together educators from across the Higher and Further Education sectors to debate the huge range of skills required to support the industry and how local people can benefit. Keynote speaker was Dan Dark OBE, Executive Vice President, Warner Bros. Worldwide Studio Operations (pictured) with Anna Stewart from CNN as moderator. Executive Vice President, Warner Bros. Worldwide Studio Operations


Going forward, the Panel will oversee the development of the Film and TV sector in Hertfordshire, progress the delivery of the Action Plan and commission more detailed enquiries into progress with the Action Plan –and the learning from it.

There is also an identified need for commercial space as studio footprints tend to be large and there is ongoing pressure for residential uses in Hertfordshire. The Panel will develop a schedule of potential sites for use by the film and TV production sector and to encourage foreign direct investment actively encourage planning policy statements to recognise the strategic importance and potential of the sector; and use the development process to help advance the wider Action Plan for film and TV production.

Following COVID-19, inward investment from streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon have pushed growth in the industry, which is expected to be 7.5% between 2020 and 2025. The importance of a strong, united film/TV sector was emphasised for Hertfordshire to fully tap into this opportunity.

Mr. Conway, said: “US streamers want scale so we need to be collaborative if we don’t want to see a series of micro-initiatives that will have limited impact on the industry. This is why we have convened the Panel - to bring the industry together, overcome challenges and embrace the opportunities to position Hertfordshire as a global leader in film and TV.”

Life sciences industry gets global push for investment Long-term support and investment by Hertfordshire LEP in Stevenage’s Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) cluster sees it at the top of UK places for international investment and economic growth.

INSPIRE 33 pathways linking training and opportunities to industry needs, signposting to information with an easy-to-use application process.

The Panel will next meet in October when Hertfordshire LEP will provide an update on the delivery of the Action Plan.

An international webinar by the Department of International Trade promoted Stevenage’s unique life sciences ecosystem to a global audience of leading companies and Theinvestors.Stevenage CGT cluster is Europe’s largest and the webinar on 28 July promoted the huge opportunities in the region for companies looking to develop, trial and manufacture new and innovative therapies.

The Action Plan has identified a series of interventions that will help the sector to fully realise significant new investment in studio and stage space. These include creating a specific industry skills taskforce; exploring the feasibility of a production training facility at Leavesden Park; mentoring schemes; establishing an early dialogue with Screen Skills, British Film Industry and other national bodies; investigating the possibility of local versions of national interventions targeted specifically at freelancers, for example the Skills Investment Fund; supporting local initiatives led by West Herts College, University of Hertfordshire and Elstree Screen Skills to name a few; and promoting the LEP’s careers gateway, Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal (HOP), to the major studios and encourage its use to link major studios with schools.

• Claire Austin, Managing Director, Austin’s Funeral Directors Phil Wallace, Group CEO, Lamex Food Group Stelio Stefanou OBE, DL, Founder of For Baby’s Sake Trust

“It gives me great pleasure to give my wholehearted support to the Entrepreneur Foundation. The definition of an entrepreneur is “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

“I have always believed in the importance of encouraging entrepreneurs from a very early stage of the development of their businessand what better way to minimise the risks that they take than to be supported by experienced entrepreneurs who have themselves experienced the highs and lows of starting and running their own business.”

Len Simmons, Director, Highway Cycles

The Chamber’s Entrepreneur Foundation provides training, advice and mentoring for a number of selected individuals, supporting them with their new business ventures.


Simon Cox is the Managing Director for land agency Walter Cooper, which started in his garage at the height of the pandemic in 2020. Since then, Simon has grown the company to employ eight members of staff with new offices based in Widford, Simon’sHertfordshire.passion and knowledge has been the force behind companies’ success and its growth. Walter Cooper was catapulted into the industry officially with a launch at Somerset House in 2021, which was well attended by colleagues within the land profession.

With over a decade of experience in the property industry, Simon has seen many changes to the development landscape. Whether it’s assisting national housebuilders complete regeneration schemes in excess of five thousand units, or local builders managing a handful of units, he has been instrumental in their sale and acquisition of the land that underpins the deal. Since the beginning, Simon has been keen to make an impact on the local community and has made efforts to ensure Walter Cooper gives back. The Annual Walter Cooper Bursary was introduced in partnership with the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust to help with members of the trust who wish to further their career within the field.

Entrepreneurs are vital to business; individuals who have a vision, can inspire others to join them on their journey and drive the success of our local and national economy.

Property entrepreneur signs up to be a Lifetime Benefactor of the Herts Chamber Entrepreneur Foundation

We are now looking for our third cohort of Entrepreneurs, so if you are aware of any new start-up businesses in Hertfordshire or any local entrepreneurs who would benefit from being supported by the Entrepreneur Foundation, please do ask them to get in touch with us at for more information and an application form.

HM Lord-Lieutenant Robert Voss CBE CStJ

The support for this initiative includes a number of Founders and Supporters, all of whom are established business owners and influential decision-makers, each with philanthropic desires to give back to the local community.

The foundation has recently been joined by a new Lifetime Benefactor, Simon Cox at Walter Cooper.

The Entrepreneur Foundation Lifetime Founders are as follows:


he Founders and Supporters of this initiative, are carefully selected business owners and influential decisionmakers, with philanthropic desires to give back to the local economy by passing on a wealth of knowledge and experience. These businesses recognise the importance of nurturing new business initiatives and the benefits these can bring, not just to the local economy but potentially to their own businesses.

• Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, RO (Group) Trading Geoff Hill, Owner and Founder, Astute Electronics

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce recognised this need and so launched the Entrepreneur Foundation in September 2020. The initiative has been designed to nurture and grow a new network of enterprising individuals, by offering a two-year programme of guidance, training and support, supplied by the Founders, by Supporters and, of course, by the Chamber itself.

INSPIRE 35 Moore Kingston Smith LLP Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers Diamond Oaklands College Training, Education and Consultants Diamond Sky Studios Elstree Film & TV studio facility in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire Patron Pharmaron UK Ltd Contract Research Organisation providing servicing to Pharmaceutical industry focused on process chemistry, radiochemistry, metabolism & drug discovery Patron Sopwell House Conferences, weddings, fitness, health and beauty, accommodationdining, Patron DIAMOND CLUB Diamond Club Members Ashbourne Insurance Services Limited Insurance Broker Patron Austin’s Family Funeral Directors Funeral Directors Patron Bourne Leisure Limited Hospitality and leisure, operates Butlins, Haven and Warner Leisure Hotels Diamond Borough of Broxbourne Public Sector delivering services to support local businesses Patron Britivic plc Drinks manufacturer Patron CAE Technology Services Technology Solutions Provider Patron Croft Communications Telecommunications - Mobile, Landlines, Leased Lines, Broadband, Office 365 etc Patron East Anglia Reserve Forces and Cadets Association (MOD) Supporting reservists and employers in the local community Patron DUA Accountancy and Business Consultancy Accountancy and Business Consultancy Patron Grant Thornton UK LLP We combine global scale with local insight, quality and understanding to give you the assurance, tax, and advisory services you need to realise your ambitions. Diamond Hatfield Park Historic House and Conference Centre, Estate & Property Management, Corporate Hospitality Patron CommunityHertfordshireServicesNHS Trust To maintain and improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Hertfordshire Patron Imagination Technologies Limited Semiconductor IP licensing Patron Hudson UK CompanyManagementLtd Diamond JPA Workspaces Multi Award Winning Furniture Providers and Consultants and the only company of our kind to have gained Carbon Neutral Accreditation, working across a variety of industry sectors, including office, healthcare, education, home working and hospitality. Proud Patrons of The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce offering 10% a discount to all fellow members of the Chamber on all new furniture and Covid office compliance consultancy services. Patron Kane International Limited Sale & Manufacturer of Portable Electronic Gas Analysers Diamond KGK Genix Large format design and print production Patron Longmores Solicitors Solicitors Patron KMG Partnership Architectural, structure and civil engineering consultancy Patron Mace Developments Limited Property Development / Property Consultancy Diamond Tate Recruitment (Hitchin) Award-winning office professionals recruitment consultancy providing high-calibre candidates for vacancies and supporting clients through the employee lifecycle. Patron The Crown Estate Operating in the area - Land owner and working on plans for at Hemel Garden Communities Diamond University of Hertfordshire Higher Education Patron The Hoddesdon School Trust Education - Multi-Academy Trust Diamond Viatris Global healthcare company Patron Wagada Digital Successfully delivering online visibility for ambitious businesses. Proud to be Herts Chamber patrons, we are a results and success driven, award winning SEO and Digital Marketing agency with national and international clients. Patron Warner Bros Studio Tour London Studios Patron Woodhouse Workspace Family run business that combines innovation with excellence in construction Diamond Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd Main contractor in construction for public & private sectors nationally Patron Sponsored by CAE

Reference (UTR) 3. The address for your business that we hold on our customs records 4. National Insurance number (for individuals or sole traders only) 5. The






Inward and


& Procedure

and provide: 1. Your

Many of you are already aware that Turkey has officially changed its name to Türkiye with immediate effect. Please do ensure, to avoid any unnecessary hold-up of goods, that you spell the country with its new name on all documentation. Ecert has been updated to reflect the change.

able to access the Secure File Upload Service if you need to send HMRC supporting documents, like licences or certificates of origin X Registering doesn’t provide access to submit a declaration Understanding Export


Friday 7th October, 09:30 - 12:30 Credit A Practical Guide Friday 14th October, 10:00 - 16:00 Procedures Documentation Friday 4th November, 09.30 – 12.30 Outward Processing - HMRC Friday 25th November, 09:30 - 12:30 Documentation - A Practical Guide Friday 2nd December, 10:00 - 16:00 Friday 9th December, 09:30 - 12:30 Commodity Codes Friday 13th January 2023, 09:30 - 12:30


able to access your Financial Dashboard ✓ You will



Agents and Distributors


Imanagedeveryonetoenjoy some form of a break over what has been a very hot and dry summer season. The countdown has begun now to Christmas!! I mentioned in the last edition of INSPIRE, we have been revamping our IMPORT/EXPORT Training package. I am pleased to say this has now launched. We have six British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) Approved courses running from October leading into January. All the courses count towards the minimum of six courses that need to be completed, and a test passed, leading to the BCC Foundation Award in International Trade. The names and dates of the course are listed across. Further information can be found on or alternatively please speak to Frances or me.


you started your business 6. Your email address Once registered: ✓ You will


The Customs Declaration Service is now the route for registrations for new importers. CHIEF was closed in early July. Existing importers may continue to make import declarations via CHIEF until it finally closes on 30th September 2022. Thereafter, all import declarations must be made using CDS. To use CDS there are a number of actions that you need to take now. register to use CDS will need to log into Government Gateway account EORI number that starts with Taxpayer date be be

Documentary Letters of


GB 2. Unique

Hopespare, whose claim to fame is they made Harry Potter fly! and are heavily involved in the world of Formula 1. And many more of course. That said there is plenty of room for more to be done. Exporting helps build businesses, the economy and leads to the creation of more jobs.

It was the last of the Campfire range to be developed and based on the concept of what Puddingstone Distillery would have created as a rural distillery back in the 17th century.

Dacorum is a vibrant area of West Hertfordshire with a range of towns, such as Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Kings Langley and Tring.

Rounding up the quartet is an Old Tom gin.

With the Natural Coffee Company it holds 70 different coffees and over 40 teas. They import the green coffee beans and roast them to order, grinding and packing to the customers’ request. Their extensive range of tea and coffee includes FAIRTRADE and organic estates, that they prepare for use in hotels, cafes, restaurants, offices and retail as well as for home use and offer an own label service. All coffees are Kosher certified. Should anyone need equipment Arabica Espresso Services would be pleased to help. Smiths are initially looking to export principally to areas in Europe. Smiths can be contacted on 01442 234239

DACORUMDRIVING exports forward


In November 2016, Ben and Kate Marston opened the doors to Puddingstone Distillery, Hertfordshire’s first ever gin distillery, located in Tring. Their Campfire Gin range has now amassed over 30 international spirits awards. In 2019 they won the World’s Best Martini Challenge using their Campfire London Dry Gin and in 2021 were awarded the prestigious title of The Gin Guide’s Distillery of the Year. The couple’s decision to establish their own working distillery rather than outsource production was driven by a desire to control all the creative processes, from distilling to brand building. The brand name, Campfire, was influenced by memorable experiences sipping gin outdoors by open fires. As for Puddingstone, this is a rare geological feature found primarily in Hertfordshire and thought to have the ability to ward off evil spirits. The outdoors defines the distillery ethos to create gins of an exceptional nature, mindful of community and environment. This is reflected in many facets of a business that from day one has adopted sustainable operating practices.

The original citrus, juniper forward Campfire London Dry Gin is complemented by a smooth, robust Navy Strength and complex Cask Aged gin. Barrels for the cask aged gin are sourced directly from Kings County distillery, selected for the soft vanilla notes they bring to the gin.


Smiths company,4thHemelSmithsCompanyCoffeeissituatedinHempsteadandisagenerationcoffeeroastingestablishedin1936.

Each of the gins have been created not only to work in simple tonic based serves but in more complex Puddingstonecocktails.arelooking to export to Europe in the first instance.


As we know there are many fine companies in the area who lead the way in successful export stories. These include our patrons Britvic, who employ over 4000 people and a portfolio of 37 much loved brands exporting to more than 100 countries around the world, one of the UK’s oldest companies, Kent Brushes, who export to over 50 countries and Huel selling over 200 million meals to over 100 countries.

Herts Chamber has been working closely with Dacorum Borough Council over the past few months, in a variety of ways, to assist in the economic recovery of the region. One area in which we have been involved, is identifying companies who are looking to either start exporting or who wish to export more. We are pleased to feature two such companies namely Puddingstone Distillery and Smiths Coffee. We are looking out for more so if you are interested then please contact me.

Puddingstone Distillery

There are over 35,000 Dacorum registered companies there, ranging from big to small and covering a diverse mix of products and sectors. This figure makes up very roughly half the total registered companies throughout the whole of Hertfordshire.

Richard Behan CAE

The Group’s focus embraces environmental and social impact, combining and evidencing the transition to Net Zero by 2050 with the UN Social Development Goals (SDG).

Rebecca EcoServeClarke

“As a business we’ve completed our second carbon footprint, are a carbon neutral business and have set science-based targets to reach Net Zero so we are able to share these experiences and resources.”

Sharing resources and knowledge locally is surely the key to the future so we can all move forwards together?

• Silver


Herts Chamber at

Richard Behan from CAE Technology Services said, “Being part of the focus group has been a great way to learn, share and help support other Hertfordshire organisations. CAE are excited to be launching our first company sustainability strategy ‘Make A Difference’, as well as committing to be carbon neutral for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by the end of our financial year”.

Rebecca Clarke from EcoServe commented “We are a sustainable FM Services Group so the biggest challenges we face are our transition to EV for our fleet and our supply chain which falls into our scope 3. We’ve enjoyed our group meet-ups, through this collaborative platform we’ve learnt from others sharing their journeys.

A priority for the group is affordability in what is a very challenging business economy.

This month, the group severalwelcomednew members including: Fox KMG contact

It’s the brainchild of JPA Workspaces, Estu, Net Zero International, and the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, created to bring together a passionate, likeminded group of individuals and companies determined to embrace and further develop sustainability in their organisations.

Fiona Edwards from JPA said, “None of us have all the answers! For every question you ask it seems like there are always two more, it can be very frustrating! The beauty of this group is that we are working with each other to develop understanding and overcome challenges with best practice as they arise, both in and outside of our monthly sessions.”

Karen Winrow from Hillier Hopkins commented, “We have always tried to be a responsible business and have had a CSR programme for many years. These past 18 months our focus has been on ways to further reduce our environmental impact. The challenge is always finding the time to make sure we keep pushing forward and making progress. I’m hoping our focus group will keep us on track and share knowledge and ideas that will save us all time and speed up our collective progress.”

Karen Winrow Hillier Hopkins Sally-Ann Van Blerk EcoServe

HertsGoGreen and Grow update

“It is certain that as large corporate and government contracts demand increasingly robust and evidenced sustainability through their supply chains, those demands are being passed on to their smaller, more local supply chains and they need to be prepared,” said David Hawes from Net Zero International. “More resilient supply chains, increased efficiencies, competitive advantage, improved brand reputation, access to more opportunities, enhanced stakeholder interaction and business relationships are all benefits of a strong Net Zero strategy”, added Simon.

The Herts Go Green and Grow group is a unique cross-industry group which meets every month in an open forum to discuss sustainability issues, challenges and opportunities. It also provides safe space to ask the ‘big dumb questions’ and to share discoveries and learnings – we’re all on a sustainability journey.

Partnership • Link CCTV • Broxbourne Council • Project Match • Sustainability Made Easy (Small and Sustainable) 38 INSPIRE If you would like to join the group and discussion, please

“The ability to evidence sustainable practices is an increasing pre-requisite to business growth and performance’ said Simon Littlewood from Estu.


Today’s energy crisis and cost of living squeeze is a product of 30 years of failures by successive governments, of all parties, to take climate action and protect our environment while building a resilient economy and communities, eradicating food and fuel poverty along the way.

Just this summer, the true impacts of our changing climate were felt across the UK and Europe with record breaking temperatures and wildfires.

Through preparing these small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) for the low carbon transition today, they will ensure the UK both meets its climate commitments but also transitions the economy, creating new skills and jobs across the country.

In terms of what should happen nextwe believe that government should immediately support and incentivise energy reduction and efficiency measures for SMEs and their landlords.

Big businesses make a lot of noise about their moves to hit net zero but the truth is that most SMEs don’t know where to start, with three quarters of them currently without any net zero targets in place. They are also experiencing barriers from a lack of finance and lack of education on the importance of transitioning. Awareness and action is therefore essential to educate and empower SMEs to commit to net zero and importantly to start taking meaningful and practical steps within their businesses.

will talk about PRACTICAL STEPS TO NET ZERO AND HOW BUSINESS LEADS THE WAY. See the website for more details at:

Not only will this be a massive boon to the UK’s climate ambitions and preparedness, it will also help these businesses secure long-term efficiencies and savings as they move to cheaper forms of power.

Small businesses - like those that form the backbone of Hertfordshire’s economy –account for nine out of ten British businesses. Not only do they also account for three fifths of the UK’s employment and half of the turnover in the private sector but they are also central to reaching our nation’s target of hitting net zero by 2050.

STEVE MALKIN, Founder and CEO, Planet Mark n STEVE MALKIN is the opening keynote speaker at the SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE, taking place on 21st October at Rothamsted Research, Harpenden. He


This cannot be allowed to continue. And, despite some dissenting voices out there, it is important to remember that net zero is a solution to, not a cause of, today’s economic challenges.


However, there’s no denying we’re in a tough spot - today is a critical time for our economy, businesses and households as the energy crisis has pushed inflation and the cost of living to levels not seen for decades. But it also remains a critical time for the environment and climate.

This includes further insulating buildings – from offices and retail to residential and industrial – as well as rolling-out grants for heat pumps to help them save money, energy and cut carbon.

As the financial backbone of our economy, communities and jobs market, we must empower all SMEs to commit to net zero.

SMALL BUSINESSES key to reaching Net Zero targets

On top of this, we believe government needs to raise more awareness about net zero, specifically aimed at SMEs, demonstrating the business value alongside the environmental benefits. Doing this properly could unlock a multitude of new business and funding opportunities and help deliver the net zero supply chains that UK plc needs.


Designed to encourage interaction and conversation between guests, there are no set starters or mains and each mouthwatering dish on the menu is delivered to the table as soon as it is ready, to be shared and enjoyed by all. Omboo’s design is sympathetic to the history of the food; resembling an eclectic burst of colours and flavours intertwined. Omboo is open from 6.00pm -10.30pm, Wednesday - Sunday. The private dining area is available to pre-book for 8 - 12 people on a set menu basis.

For a more intimate dining experience, there is a private dining area, set within the vibrant restaurant, that seats between 8 to 12 guests and can be separated from the main restaurant with sliding partitions which still allow noise to travel through and maintain the fun atmosphere.

HouseSopwell announces the launch of Omboo, St Albans

Expertly prepared and plated by Chef Derrick Chen and his kitchen team, dishes include, sashimi, tataki and maki rolls. Farm and Ocean specialities feature succulent seared wagu and delicious Jumbo prawns, served with lily bulb and almond. Plant based options see warm aubergine cooked in a sweet chili soy, grilles asparagus sprinkled with a miso dust and lotus root served with asparagus and cloud ear fungus.

Sopwell House has opened its new restaurant, Omboo, bringing a pop of colour and burst of Asian flavours to St Albans. Inspired by the 2,000-year-old spice routes of Asia and the Far East, Omboo’s fragrant dishes will see a combination of cuisines blended perfectly together under one roof.


For more information or to book, please visit

Omboo is bringing a brand-new concept to the area; the first of its kind in St Albans. Whether celebrating a special occasion or meeting friends for a mid-week treat, Omboo offers the perfect setting, with a buzzing atmosphere, lively music and relaxed service.

Prior to his position at Sopwell House, Chef Derrick began his career at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Singapore, and most recently, he was Executive Head Chef at award-winning Lulu Wild in Birmingham, in addition to acting as Consulting Chef at Aura Dim Sum Lab in Lisbon and Bob Bob Cite in London. The cocktail, wine and beer offerings have been carefully curated to complement the dishes without getting lost in the punchy flavours that run throughout the menu. From an Omboo Mojito, featuring sweet Japanese Plum wine and Havana 3 Rum to a Lemon Grass Old Fashioned and For Sake Sake, a twist on the 007 favourite Martini, there’s a cocktail for every taste preference. In addition to a selection of pallet-cleansing Sake, Omboo will feature four beers chosen specially from around the world, including a local beer from Tring, Japanese Rice Beer and Singha Thai Lager. Following in Cottonmill Spa’s footsteps, Omboo is the newest addition to Sopwell House’s offering that takes inspiration from destinations around the world.

Watford Museum has been awarded a ‘VisitEngland’ rosette for being a ‘Quality Assured Visitor Attraction’. The coveted accolade is awarded to visitor attractions that, after being independently assessed, are found to have exceptional facilities and service levels. The museum has been a proud staple of the Watford community since 1982 and is housed in the historic Benskins Brewery.



Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said: “The Watford museum is a great asset to our town and provides so much for our community. This year alone they have been played a vital role in our Centenary events, hosting a Windrush Day and Dementia Action Week event. I am so proud of our Watford Museum team for winning this award and want to congratulate them on this great achievement.”

For more information on what’s happening at Watford Museum this summer, please visit:

receives ‘VisitEngland’ rosette

Telling the story of Watford past and present, it has displays of local history, industry and archaeology. These include Watford at War, Print and Brewing and a display on Watford Football Club. It hosts regular comedy and music nights, a range of innovative and artistic events and workshops making it an unparalleled destination for creatives.

Watford Museum is open from Thursday –Saturday, 10am – 5pm. Until 24 September, visitors can enjoy Watford FC’s history with the ‘100 years at the Vic’. The exhibition is a celebration of when the Hornets, or ‘The Brewers’, as they were known then, took to the field for the first time on 30 August 2022. It is made up of objects from the museum’s football collection, alongside star items loaned by Watford FC and fans from over the years. The exhibit is curated in partnership with founders of Watford Gold website Neil Dunham and Tom Broderick.

Sarah Priestley, Watford Museum Curator, said: “We are delighted about the award, it is a huge honour and it is always important to us as a team to provide a warm welcome to all of our visitors.”


welcome three new members to the team, to support and inform our ever-increasing number of members and the activities we offer.

Paige CustomerScrivenerRelations

Priscila Zaghini Digital Marketing Executive Priscila joined the Herts Chamber team in August 2022 as a Digital Marketing Executive. Cilla, as she is commonly known by our members and team, is responsible for the design and creation of all digital marketing collateral. Cilla is also responsible for the website content, social media and will coordinate the bi-monthly Inspire Magazine.

For more information about the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce visit

Paige works alongside the Membership team to help with Account Management, Retention, Renewal, and processing of new members.

Executive Paige joined the team in June 2022. Her role is to work with our members to make sure they get the best use of their membership and to keep them informed of Chamber initiatives and local support.

Jerome Williams New Business Executive Jerome joined the Herts Chamber team in July 2022 as New Business Executive.

New team members

Jerome’s role is to liaise with potential and existing clients to generate new business alongside our Head of Business Development.


Participants enjoyed an evening of networking, clay pigeon shooting, archery and side show games as they feasted on the delicious food and drinks and were entertained with close-up magic and live music, which added to the party atmosphere and the sun shone through (mostly!).

Herts Chamber CEO Briege Leahy said: “It was such a pleasure to be able to welcome so many of our members to this fabulous venue and enjoy the quality of hospitality that only Sopwell House know how to provide.”

Overall winner Matthew Sampson, Regeneration Director, The Crown Estate Nearest the Pin Nick Reilly, Director, Sustainable X Longest Drive Chris Cook, Partner at SA Law

Chamber Patrons, Pearldrop Ltd, were in attendance taking official photographs and videos for this event and the results can be viewed at:

Chamber Patron and Golf Day Sponsor, Graham Pitts, Group Managing Director at KGK Genix, said “As a Patron of the Chamber, we need to be involved in more and more events, get to know people, network and show our support for what is a fantastic CongratulationsChamber.”toeveryone who took part and the date for the 2023 Chamber Golf Day will be announced shortly!

Herts Chamber Corporate Golf Day

Winners for each of the following categories were:

The fun-filled evening was sponsored by Chamber Patron, KMG Partnership, and St Albans City of Expertise, which is supported by 15 professional services companies based in the city.


In addition, there was a hole in one, achieved by Richard Malone, Principal, Hillier Hopkins, who then stood a round of drinks for all those at the bar!

Over 400 people from businesses, organisations and charities across Hertfordshire gathered on the 30th June at the luxurious Sopwell House, St Albans, to celebrate the arrival of summer with Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

Summer Party at SOPWELL HOUSE

Following breakfast, more than 60 guests enjoyed a round of four-ball, playing a shotgun start, and were then treated to a delicious three-course lunch.

n Wednesday 13th July 2022, Herts Chamber held an exclusive members-only golfing event at Moor Park Golf Club, Rickmansworth, one of the most prestigious, premier golf clubs in Hertfordshire, and the event was sponsored by Diamond Club partner, CAE Technology Services, together with KGK Genix and Lexus Hatfield.


Chamber Patrons, Pearldrop Ltd, were official photographers at this event and further details can be found at:

SIMPLE STEPS towards Sustainability ENVIRONMENT Keep in touch Sign up to our monthly e-bulletin

As workforces and office staff reacquaint themselves with in person working in the post pandemic age, there may be renewed interest in corporate team building. Litter-picking in the local community is a tested and successful approach. And of course, now that we know so much more about the harmful effects of litter, especially plastic litter, finding its way into water

Something not tied to a particular themed week is Refill - a brilliant concept which aims to help us all live with less plastic packaging by making it as easy as possible to refill a drinks bottle or an on-the-go coffee cup and, increasingly, other food and drinks packaging as well.

The free Refill app Iists and maps locations where consumers can refill their containerslots of cafes are listed, of course, as well as the burgeoning Refill Shop movement. It also lists offices and public buildings where the public can refill a water bottle.

courses and into the oceans, litter picking is not just about improving the look of the local environment, but it is about preventing serious pollution downstream and maintaining the sustainability of our waterways and seas.

• Hosting a talk on an environmental topic online or in person and inviting staff and customers to come along.

The Queen’s Green Canopy quite simply encourages the marking of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by the planting of trees. Enterprises are encouraged to get involved by planting trees on their own sites.

Photo:John Cameron Unsplash

If you run a catering business and can refill customer bottles and cups, think about joining Refill. And whatever your business, if your staff are out and about, encourage them to download and use the Refill app. In every respect Refill represents simple sustainability in action.

Keep Britain Tidy is one of the longest established environmental charities in the UK tracing its history to a resolution by at the National Federation of Women’s Institutes nearly 70 years ago. It is now acknowledged as an expert organisation in campaigning on and managing litter.

The struggles of families and businesses alike are aggravated, some argue, by levies, economic instruments, taxes, restrictions.

• Making and celebrating small changes such as creating pollinator friendly flower beds, planting trees in suitable spaces, installing secure bike storage

Companies can sign up to take part in Great Big Green Week this year or next, and help and guidance can be accessed through the website.

Photo:George Bakos Unsplash


The promise of sustainability to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” is characterised by some as a concept to be set aside while we attend to more immediate needs.

But there are some positive contributions to sustainability which enterprises can make at no cost or very little cost in financial terms but with big impacts on the environment and on staff and customer relations as well.

Keep Britain Tidy can supply everything needed for a litter pick including the litter-pickers and advice on safety. But local councils can help too - some have litter-picking schemes for volunteers, and some might loan litter-picking

So, some simple low-cost contributions to Sustainability putting the focus back on small steps that are easy to take.

In challenging times with price inflation reaching a forty year high in July 2022 some perceive environmental concerns: climate change, depletion of resources, green energy, plastics taxes etc as barriers and cost burdens.

Finally,equipment.weall know about the critical importance of trees to our environment. Trees contribute to ameliorating the impacts of climate change and they are essential to biodiversity – the very essence of sustainability.

The Queen’s Green Canopy website offers advice on approved tree suppliers, planting and the all-important care and maintenance – and autumn is the best time to plant most species of tree.

Great Big Green Week 24 September 2 October 2022 is almost upon us as I write and so this might be something to think about for 2023. Lots of enterprises are joining in by • Sharing and endorsing simple environmental actions we can all take on their social media platforms We are committed to leading a technology based revolution in how the construction industry designs, procures and delivers future Wecommunities.createresilient buidlings that are fit for future generations and leave a positive lasting legacy. CertifiedyearsNeutralCarbonfor9runningNetZeroBusinessby2030

Phil Martin, Director at Ogle Models and Prototypes, said: “The acquisition of another market-leading 3D printer underscores Ogle’s dedication to customer satisfaction. The Stratasys Neo®450s will enable us to build prototypes, rapid tooling and master patterns with exceptional surface quality. The smaller build area, when compared to our large frame machines, allows us to offer parts with an even faster turnaround.”

46MEMBERSINSPIRENEWSMoving Office? At Better Removals, we think of everything so you don’t have to. • Office Relocation • Storage • Packing Service • IT Relocation • Recycling & Disposal Better Removals aims to actively engage with its local communities to give peace of mind of knowing you are dealing with a reliable, local service provider with rigorous commitments to the environment. Better Business Relocation (Head Office) Flint Park • Barley Road • Flint Cross • Royston • Herts SG8 7PU • 10% Discount when you quote Hertfordshire Chamber of ContactCommerceUs Phone Better Business Relocation and speak to our dedicated Commercial Department for an informal discussion about all your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you. Tel: 0800 008 6593 Debenhams Ottaway celebrates three awards for outstanding client experience Hertfordshire law firm Debenhams Ottaway is celebrating winning three awards for excellent client service in less than 12 months. • “Excellence in Client Services”, Hertfordshire Law Society Awards 2022 – for going above and beyond to impact clients • “Excellence in Client Care”, LawNet Awards 2022 – for initiatives that have improved the experience for clients, with positive outcomes for the firm. • “Excellence in Customer Service”, St Albans Chamber of Commerce Community Business Awards 2021 – for consistently delivering outstanding customer service and making clients’ needs a priority throughout the business These achievements reflect Debenhams Ottaway’s outstanding approach to client service, which starts from the moment someone thinks about contacting the firm, through working with the teams and finally to asking for, and listening and reacting to, feedback after every piece of work.

The Stratasys Neo®450s machine offers outstanding part sidewall quality and accuracy over a build volume of 450 x 450 x 400 mm. This further enhances Ogle Models and Prototypes’ offering with an increased capacity and the ability to produce higher definition parts with even finer details than ever before. The addition also allows the company to offer a reduced lead time to their customers.

Julia says: “At Debenhams Ottaway, clients are at the centre of everything we do. So many of our clients come back to us again and again, and they often recommend us to other businesses and their family or friends. These awards are testament to how much everyone at Debenhams Ottaway values our clients and focuses on giving them the best experience. Without this approach and our people, our business wouldn’t be the success it is today.”

The Stratasys Neo®450s completes a number of recent acquisitions across the business including an EOS P 770 SLS 3D printer, a second NEO 800 SLA printer and a second Hurco VM30i CNC machine, all acquired to address the continued and increased demand for the company’s services.

Phil Martin with the new Ogle machine

The firm uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) - a widely used market research metric for client satisfaction - as an objective benchmark. It consistently ranks as “outstanding”, with one of the highest scores in the legal sector.

Based in Hertfordshire,Letchworth,Oglehas been at the forefront of design and prototyping since its inception more than 65 years ago, and prides itself on harnessing the latest technologies and adapting its offer to cater for evolving customer requirements. “Ogle is at the forefront of producing models, prototypes and low volume production parts, and investments such as this help us to maintain our leading market position. By increasing efficiency and making the continual improvements in quality that our clients have come to expect of Ogle, we are ensuring they return to us time and time again.”

Amodel theequipmentcompanyandindustrialmaking,3Dprintingprototypinghasbroughtitsinvestmentoverpast36monthstoalmost £2 million with the acquisition of a new SLA 3D printer.

For more information about Ogle, visit

The judges were further impressed that Debenhams Ottaway has a dedicated Director of Client Services, Julia Taylor, which is rare for a firm of this size. Julia is responsible for making it easy and instinctive for all staff to provide outstanding client service. She leads the client experience group, consisting of lawyers, secretaries and business support, which focuses on continuously improving client service across the business.

Herts trendbuckscompanyeconomic to invest £2m on equipmentprototyping

Theobalds Enterprise Centre has 3208 square metres of high quality managed workspace, focused on supporting existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and new business start-ups. The centre provides offices and studios accommodation between 14 and 45 square metres to let on easy in easy out terms. The centre is easily accessible from the A10 and M25 and has ample parking, as well as being a 20-minute walk from Theobalds Grove train station. It has a platinum-wired score for connectivity and the building has a BREEAM very good assessment rating for sustainable value and efficiency.


Theobalds Enterprise Centre offers high quality meeting rooms, a conference suite for up to 90 people and an onsite café. Informal break out areas and virtual offices can also be booked in this building, and it is 0.5 miles from the £700m Sunset Studios development and close to the town of Waltham Cross. For more details and to register, interest please e-mail or call 01992 785565 for more information.


48 INSPIRE u Access Self Storage Self Storage Units Twitter: access4news Email: Web: Tel: 08452 798049 Add: Gunnels Wood Road Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 2GR u Active Projects Ltd Project management u ADC BioScientific Limited ADC BioScientific Ltd. have been designing, building and supplying infrared gas analysers for the measurement of CO2 gas exchange, since 1969. Email: Web: Tel: 01992 464527 Add: Global House Geddings Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 0NT u Advanced Noise Solutions Ltd Noise Consultant Web: u AGM Podiatry & Ayurveda Centre St. Albans The AGM Centre is dedicated to care for every aspect of your physical and mental wellbeing Twitter: AgmCentre Email: Web: Tel: 01727 680854 Add: AGM Centre 15 Station Road Smallford St Albans Hertfordshire AL4 0HA u AIMS Consultancy Providing tailored support to achieve ISO certification Twitter: AIMSInfo Email: Web: Tel: 0845 431 0295 Add: Chequers House Watten Road Ware Hertfordshire SG12 011 u Amanartis A place for all things creative, selling Fine Art and unique designer items. Email: Web: Tel: 07823 957926 Add: The Chapel in the Cemetery Vicarage Road Cemetery Watford Hertfordshire WD18 0EJ u Astuter Marketing Agency Email: Web: Tel: 07900 681015 Add: 23 Tolmers Road Cuffley Hertfordshire EN6 4JF u August International Limited Manufacture of smart wearable and consumer electronic products Twitter: August_Int Email: Web: Tel: 01920 487700 Add: Rawmec Business Park Plumpton Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 0EE u Beart and Gibson Ltd Specialise in various industries including, Architecture, Construction, Real Estate, Investment and Finance, and much more Email: Web: Tel: 01442 508939 Add: Imagine Hub - Fletcher Way Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP2 5SE u Beeveejay Ltd Import and Export of Medical Products to sub Saharan African countries Email: Web: Tel: 01923 234999 Add: Unit 7 Brookside Colne Way Watford Hertfordshire WD24 7QJ u Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents Twitter: BenjamStevensEA Email: Web: Tel: 020 8095 0777 Add: 59 High Road Bushy Heath Bushy Hertfordshire WD23 1EE u Bespoke Nutritional Therapy Health and wellbeing Web: u Bizas Coaching and Consulting LTD Management consulting Email: Web: Tel: 020 3362 2940 Add: Brentano Suite 22, Catalyst House Centennial Park Elstree Hertfordshire WD6 3SY u Blueumbrella Limited Virtual assistant providers Web: u Brighterlife Health Ltd Health supplements Email: Web: Tel: 07545 098099 Add: 3 College Road St Albans Hertfordshire AL1 5ND u Business Brainbox We start conversations with your dream client and prospects with quirky marketing, lead generation and content creation across all platforms Email: Web: Tel: 07946 459650 Add: 74 The Campions Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 5QE u Butler Haydon Associates Ltd Project management in the Construction Sector, Interior Fit outs, Health and safety. Fire Risk Assessments, asset site surveys Email: Web: Tel: 07827 336447 Add: 2 Marston Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 0AD u Cerberus UK Group Same Day Courier and Specialists in parcel traffic to Ireland Twitter: GroupCerberus Email: Web: Tel: 01438 579571 Add: Caxton Point Caxton Way Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 2XU u Chaldean Estate Farming, Property, logs, Storage units Twitter: ChaldeanEstate Email: Web: Tel: 01279 843861 Add: The Old Grain Store Bromley Lane Much Hadham Hertfordshire SG10 6HU u Cleraune Plant Training Ltd We train candidates to use heavy plant machinery in the construction industry Email: Web: Tel: 020 8207 0200 Add: 215 Devonshire House Manor Way Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 1Q0 u Cnnect Technology consulting Web: u Crystal Press Limited London’s commercial and publication printer Email: Web: Tel: 01992 453 900 Add: Unit 14 Trident Industrial Estate Pindar Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 0WZ u C-Type Media Media Email: Web: Tel: 07713 007577 Add: 57 Pryor Wing, Fairfield Hall Kingsley Avenue Fairfield Hitchin Hertfordshire SG5 4FX u Datum Creative Media Ltd Create Design Agency, services include Branding Design for Digital Web and Print. We also build and host websites. We supply print for Marketing, Exhibitions and Events. Twitter: datumcp Email: Web: Tel: 01707 251222 Add: Sópers House Sopers Road Cuffley Hertfordshire EN6 4RY u Eli’s Pop Up Eli’s Pop Up offers buttermilk fried chicken served with sides & sauces made in-house Email: Web: Tel: 01707 588 027 Add: The Galleria 70 Comet Way Hatfield Hertfordshire AL10 0XY u Excelé HR HR consultancy Twitter: excele_hr Email: Web: Tel: 07875 083085 Add: Ashford House Standhill Road Hitchin Hertfordshire SG4 9AE u Enro AV Limited We provide AV technology equipment to corporate businesses, as well as education for their classrooms Twitter: enroav_1 Email: Web: Tel: 01992 787783 Add: Ambition Broxbourne Business Centre 41 Pindar Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 0FJ u Epiphany Innovations Ltd Disrupting the global therapy, rehab and exercise product market through great innovation, cutting-edge design and the use of advanced modern materials Email: Web: Tel: 07775 562565 Add: C/O GIllani and Co 13 Limes Court Conduit Lane Hertfordshire EN11 8EP u Falcon Kitchens Authentic Italian Deli/Grocery Store plus Custom Made Kitchen using NEFF Appliances Email: Add: 28 Salisbury Square Hatfield Hertfordshire AL9 5JD u Financial Markets Law International (FMLI) Consultants for International Financial Markets Email: Web: Tel: 01727 845897 Add: 18 Watford Road St Albans Hertfordshire AL1 2AJ u Find Your Glow Ltd Luxury, sustainable home fragrance business Email: Web: Tel: 07813 290833 Add: 72 Coldharbour Lane Bushey Hertfordshire WD23 4NX u Flagship Wines Ltd Award winning independent merchant run by Julia Jenkins with 30 years trade experience and wine knowledge Twitter: FlagshipWines Email: Web: Tel: 01727 865309 Add: 417 Hatfield Road St Albans Hertfordshire AL4 0XP u GDPR Advisors GDPR, Data Protection and Information Security advice and support Email: Web: Tel: 020 87206585 Add: 2 Masefield Avenue Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 2HQ u Gold Nugget Designs Web design Email: Web: Tel: 01727 226376 Add: 11 Collyer Road London Colney St Albans Hertfordshire AL2 1PD u Gorilla Carts and Kiosks LTD We are your best possible solution for custombuilt carts, kiosks, bars, chef stations and counters Email: Web: Tel: 01992 478444 Add: Unit 34, Hoddesdon Industrial Centre Pindar Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 0FF u Grange Designs UK Ltd Air Conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation consultants Web: u Heneom HR HR Consultancy Email: Web: Tel: 07812 040511 Add: Windrush Rabley Heath Welwyn Hertfordshire AL6 9UP u Hudson UK Management Company Ltd Sunset Studios Twitter: HudsonPPI Web: Tel: 07903 403550 Add: 2nd Floor 8-10 Pollen Street London W1S 1NG u Imaginereel Productions Ltd Multimedia company specialising in photography, video productions, online content creation and more Email: Web: Tel: 07595 258984 Add: 86 Teresa Gardens Waltham Cross Hertfordshire EN8 8EG u Jacob Grey Recruitment Finance recruitment Web: u Joe Brennan Training Ltd Apprenticeship training agency (Construction) Twitter: JBT_Training Email: Web: Tel: 01923 770011 Add: 103a High Street Rickmansworth Hertfordshire WD3 1AN WELCOME to new members

INSPIRE 49 NEW MEMBERS u John E Griggs and Sons Ltd Construction company in Hertsmere since 1981 Twitter: GriggsHomes Email: Web: Tel: 01923 852322 Add: The Grain Yard Little Hays Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 4DG u Kashec Limited Kashec is a firm of Civil and Structural consulting engineers established in 1977 Email: Web: Tel: 01763 247131 Add: The Manor House High Street Buntingford Hertfordshire SG9 9AB u KWM Wealth Helping people achieve big picture objectives with efficient financial advice u LCGC Charity Gospel choir Twitter: LCGCtweets Email: Web: Tel: 07974 356776 Add: 6A Cardinal Grove St Albans Hertfordshire AL3 4AY u Leading Environmental Solutions Ltd The business is aimed to provide a great customer experience in one of the most challenging areas of reactive and proactive maintenance. Twitter: LeadingEnviron1 Email: Web: Tel: 01279 881588 Add: DSCO The Old Boardroom Collett Road Ware Hertfordshire SG12 7LR u Learn Trade Skills Training center that specialises in training electricians Twitter: LearnTradeSkill Email: Web: Tel: 01992 241350 Add: 1 Fieldings Road Cheshunt Hertfordshire EN8 9TL Lesley Taylor Life & Confidence Coaching Life Coach Email: Web: Tel: 07939 223980 Add: 79 Pulham Avenue Broxbourne Hertfordshire EN10 7TA u Maidment Judd Insolvency Limited Insolvency practitioners / Business advisors / Corporate recovery Twitter: MJInsolvency Email: Web: Tel: 01582 469700 Add: 49-51 Brewhouse Hill Wheathampstead Hertfordshire AL4 8AN u Mantle Space Ltd Property developers and serviced office operators Web: u Marlin Design Ltd Provides architectural services to clients wanting to extend their homes Twitter: MARLINDesignLtd Email: Web: Tel: 01279 933039 37 Plaw Hatch Close Bishops Stortford Hertfordshire CM23 5BL u Melissa Electrical Electrical wholesale Email: Web: Tel: 01992 469973 Add: 58 Stanstead Road Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 0RL u Merit Wholesale Ltd Wholesale and retail (on ecommerce) of over the counter products and other branded products Web: u Message Matters Strategic messaging services: includes copywriting, design and content marketing for websites, email marketing, case studies and brochures Email: Web: Tel: 020 8207 6446 Add: Lucas Court High Street Elstree Hertfordshire WD6 3EP u Miller Management Consultants Supporting leaders and managers in understanding their role in changing the culture of the organisation, translating business strategy into actionable people plans and motivating employees to adopt new ways of thinking. Web: u NFU Mutual Insurance and Financial Services Twitter: nfum_Cheshunt Email: Web: Tel: 01992 625076 Add: 37 - 39 Turners Hill Cheshunt Hertfordshire EN8 8NP u Olivier Carion (Sales Masters Guild - in partnership) Business Mentoring, Business turnaround specialist, Grow & Sell Web: u Potential in People Ltd (Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching) Leadership Coaching and HR Consulting Twitter: potential_in Email: Web: Tel: 079732 95331 Add: 59 Necton Road Wheathampstead St Albans Hertfordshrie AL4 8AT u Proactive Medical & Life Ltd Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Income Protection, Psychological/Mental Health Therapy Web: u Ray Lowe Studios Professional Photography Studio specialising in Family portraiture, Newborn photography and Pet Photography Email: Web: Tel: 01992 636152 Add: 121-123 Crossbrook Street Cheshunt Hertfordshire EN8 8LY u Resource Productions CIC Video production and training Web: u Retro Rok Shop Ltd Retail Email: Web: Tel: 07474 116216 Add: 7a Baldock Industrial Estate Baldock Hertfordshire SG7 6NG u Ridgewell Associates Procurement Consultancy Twitter: RidgewellAssoc1 Email: Web: Tel: 0330 4604613 Add: M9, The Maltings Business Centre Stansted Abbotts Hertfordshire SG12 8HG u ServicesNow Group Business Process Outsourcing., Virtual Reception, PA and Secretarial Service Email: Web: Tel: 0845 6017726 Add: Service Now Group House 2 Delta Court Manor Way Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 1FJ u Sopers House Business Offices. Health and Well-being, Meeting and events, Hospitality Email: Web: Tel: 01707 954700 Add: Sopers Road Cuffley Hertfordshire EN6 4RY u St. Elizabeth’s Centre Positive Living and Leaning for people with Epilepsy and other complex needs Twitter: St_Elizabeths Email: Web: Tel: 01279 844226 Add: Appeals & Marketing Department St Elizabeth Centre South End Much Hadham Hertfordshire SG10 6EW u Stevenage Football Club Foundation Stevenage FC Foundaiton are the offical charity of Stevenage Football Club. Workng in and accross Hertfordshire to create a community where all can live ad active, healthy and positive life. Twitter: borofoundation Email: Web: Tel: 01438 222222 Add: The Lamex Stadium Broadhall Lane Stevenage SG2 8RH u Storm Technologies IT Reseller Twitter: StormTechUK Email: Web: Tel: 01923 801080 Add: Unit 2,The Boulevard Blackmoor Lane Watford Hertfordshire WD18 8YW u Straight Line Bookkeeping Ltd Bookkeeping Email: Tel: 01462 234796 Add: 33 Church Lane Arlesey Hertfordshire SG15 6UL u Striking Places Commercial photographer, Google Trusted Photographer, mattersport Service Provider Twitter: StrikingPlaces Email: Web: Tel: 0800 2982119 Add: 11 Belsize Close St Albans Hertfordshire AL4 9YD u TAAP Ltd Licensing software company delivering B2B and B2C apps and systems to meet specific business processes. Web: u The Alternative Board (West Herts) Business Coach, Mentor and Adviser with 30 years + experience Email: Tel: 07775 806008 Add: 21 West Common Way Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5 2LH u The Business Plan Writer Helping business owners to plan and grow Twitter: bizplanwriteruk Email: Web: Tel: 020 7788 7982 Goffs Oak Hertfordshire EN7 5NZ u The Christian Conference Trust Large conferencing and hospitality venue with accommodation Twitter: CCT_Conferences Email: Web: Tel: 01992 463016 Add: High Leigh Conference Centre Lord Street HertfordshireHoddesdonEN118SG u The Counselling Living Room® Counsellor & Psychotherapist in private practice Web: u The Letterbox Consultancy Limited Leaflet distribution agency and print management Email: Web: Tel: 01992 637333 Add: 57 Roundmoor Drive Cheshunt Hertfordshire EN8 9HU u Think Big Computing Limited Coding Clubs, Workshops and Camps aimed at Primary School age children. Also in-school Coding teaching, Workshops, and Teacher Training Email: Web: Tel: 07973 983028 Add: 132 St. Albans Road St Albans Hertfordshire AL4 9LL u Transforming Minds for Business Coaching business specialising in 1:1 Coaching and measuring resilience and well-being using psychometric testing, using this data we are able to measure resilience and built bespoke resilience and wellbeing strategies Email: Web: Tel: 07852 427566 Add: 51 Hazelwood Drive St Albans Hertfordshire AL4 0UP TWB Probate Solicitors Solicitors Email: Web: Tel: 07897 003903 Add: 9 Thornbury Gardens Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 1RB u Ubere Mama Breastfeeding clothing to support and encourage mums to breastfeed Twitter: MadeForMums Email: Web: Tel: 07887 992173 Add: 46 Burnham Green Road Welwyn Hertfordshire AL6 0NJ u Visionary Accountants Accountants Twitter: VisionaryAccts Email: Web: Tel: 01727 730550 Add: 2 Adelaide Street St Albans Hertfordshire AL3 5BH u Watford Bid Business Improvement District Twitter: WatfordBID Email: Web: Tel: 01923 919981 Add: Suite 5, Kings Court 159 High Street Watford WD17Hertfordshire2ET u Watford Community Housing Trust Housing Association - Not for profit Web: u Watford Football Club Sports and Entertainment Twitter: WatfordFC Email: Web: Tel: 01923 496398 Add: Vicarage Road Stadium Vicarage Road Watford Hertfordshire WD18 0ER u Wickes Building Supplies Ltd Retail Company u Wines With Attitude Ltd Online wine merchant Web: u Written Records Limited Video and animation production, Remote filming, self-records, drones, media training, video editing. photography Email: Web: Tel: 07961 451912 Add: Elstree Studios Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 1JG u Youth Talk Youth Talk provides free, confidential counselling support to 13-25 year olds who live, work or study in St Albans District Twitter: Youth_Talk_SA Email: Web: Tel: 01727 868684 Add: Lower Ground Floor, Dagnall House 2 Lower Dagnall Street St Albans Hertfordshire AL3 4PA u ZCG Consulting LTD Virtual Assistant Business


In addition to 40+ SBC occupiers, the campus is also home to GSK and the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult’s manufacturing centre.

Dr Mary Kerr, CEO of occupier company NeRRe Therapeutics, said, “Being part of the SBC community has been a tremendous support in building and growing the business. SBC provides us with high quality, affordable and accessible office space, and a full support service. This has allowed us to focus on progressing our company mission as opposed to being distracted by ‘housekeeping’. It has also meant we have been able to attract top talent within driving distance of the office.”


Aseries of events was held on 6th July to celebrate the some of the breakthrough science being undertaken on campus including a science symposium, celebration lunch and scientific poster exhibition. The campus is now at the heart of the biggest cluster for cell and gene therapy in Europe.


Dr Sally Ann Forsyth OBE, CEO of SBC, said, “The last decade has seen phenomenal growth and acceleration within the biotech industry.

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst has been instrumental to some of these developments, consolidating its position as a leading location for life sciences companies to develop and commercialise cutting edge therapeutics.

Over the last 10 years, we have supported over 70 companies, creating an exciting, knowledgeable and collegiate community where interaction and collaboration are the norm.

Over the last 10 years, SBC’s growing cluster of start-up companies have together raised £2.9bn in funding.

As the campus develops, we are excited to be working with UBS Asset Management and Reef Group, the newly appointed investor and co-developer, as well as partners and stakeholders, to become one of Europe’s largest life science campuses.

Set up in 2012, SBC provides a range of critical facilities, services and a supportive environment for early stage and maturing life science companies engaged in the commercial development of precision medicines arising from research. It offers start-ups and rapidly growing firms flexible laboratory and office space with business and scientific support and access to investors in an outstanding location.

“Over the last 10 years, we have supported over 70 companies, creating an exciting, knowledgeable and collegiate community where interaction and collaboration are the norm. It was wonderful to see so many occupiers come together to discuss their tremendous scientific developments at our 10th anniversary celebrations.”

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst (SBC) celebrated 10 years since it opened its doors to life sciences companies.

The celebration events included a science symposium featuring talks from campus-based companies including MicrofluidX, ImmTune Therapies, LifeArc, GSK, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, Achilles Therapeutics and Adaptimmune. The symposium was followed by a celebration lunch and a poster exhibition featuring occupier company research outputs.

At CAE, we pride ourselves on having a very strong culture; what is amazing is that Woodhouse have encapsulated the essence of CAE here in this building.

Woodhouse Workspace, an award-winning, family-run design and build company who have been creating smarter workspaces since 1976, are pleased to be announced as a finalist in the prestigious Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) Impact Awards for the Workplace Experience: Office & Corporate Environment Award, taking place on 17th October 2022, where the winners will be announced.

It is wonderful for the Woodhouse team to be acknowledged for their outstanding effort across all areas of the business, and we very much look forward to the awards ceremony where the winners will be announced.”

Woodhouse entered a recent workspace project they completed at CAE Technology Services, a Hertfordshire headquartered business. Woodhouse created a 30,000 square foot destination workspace for 180 resident staff, clients, and visitors through their in-depth workspace strategy process and by designing a workspace that created the optimum environment for CAE.

Matthew Cooper, Director of Woodhouse said, “it is an honour to be recognised as a finalist for the IWFM Impact Awards; a testament to everyone who works with us and has supported us over the last 45 years. We pride ourselves on being a leader in our industry; and giving the best possible service to our clients.

The Workplace Experience: Office & Corporate Environment Award 2022 celebrates the people, projects or initiatives which have delivered an outstanding experience for all of those who interact with the workplace: employees, visitors and customers alike. Woodhouse Workspace demonstrated positive impact on the workplace experience, by creating a new workspace which is helping: embed culture and values, promoting business growth, and improving health and wellbeing.

Woodhouse are proud to be included amongst the finalists, as the Awards attracted entries from a diverse range of individuals, projects and organisations.

52 MEMBERSINSPIRENEWS MANAGED PRINT SOLUTIONS • • 01707 659 312 • 3 months FREE printing (subject to taking out a lease and service agreement) • New & Ex-Demo Devices & Solution Sales • Leasing and rental plans • Managed Print Solutions • Free Print Audits • Inclusive monitoring Software • Fully inclusive Service Agreements • Fast efficient on site repair • Consumable sales Copy Quality-UK Ltd Quality House 20 The Service Road Potters Bar Herts EN6 1QA WORKSPACEWOODHOUSE AwardsImpactfinalistannouncedatthe2022

Aggrey Lutta, Culture Director, commented “At CAE, we pride ourselves on having a very strong culture; what is amazing is that Woodhouse have encapsulated the essence of CAE here in this building.” The result of this project is a bustling destination workspace which offers staff a variety of different options in which to collaborate, create, concentrate or simply just be. It is a showcase of the CAE brand and a home in which everyone at CAE, can thrive. This new workspace continues to facilitate a return to office working following the pandemic, as well as attract new talent, thus providing greater employment opportunities in the local area.

Richard Behan, Chief Corporate Development Officer said “We like to think of our new headquarters as the heart of CAE: a place where we can all work together, engage with our customers, and host events. We couldn’t have asked for a better design. The feedback across the company is excellent, creating the perfect space for our team - thank you Woodhouse!”

CAE employees collaborate in one of the touchdown areas on the first floor.

CAE will be focussed more on putting the space to different uses for customer and partner engagement, which will be much enhanced by their new facilities.

Eligible businesses are supported by an experienced Growth Account Manager, who will carry out an in-depth analysis to understand the challenges and opportunities they are faced with. An action plan is put in place to support businesses in responding and adapting to the current landscape.

Having ongoing access to an experienced and impartial sounding board can help busy business owners take that vital step out of their business in order to take stock and plan.



The University of Hertfordshire has opened registration for its second cohort, commencing September 2022. Find out more and check course dates: Help

The Hertfordshire Growth Hub is Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s flagship business support service integrating national and local business support.


If you are looking for legal advice, we can help.


Providing a central point of access to a wide range of support and offering free and impartial advice, they support small businesses to achieve their ambitions.

Boost your Business with Help to Grow A big priority for small businesses is understanding how to take their business to the next level. Two Government backed schemes are now available, designed to help business leaders learn new skills, reach more customers and boost profits. Help to Grow: Management Senior business leaders with 5-249 employees can access management and leadership training. Attendees can give their business a competitive edge with 1:1 mentoring, peer networking, and tailored in-depth training; and with the course being 90% subsidised, a contribution of only £750.00 is needed.

he Hertfordshire Growth Hub’s mission is to deliver growth across Hertfordshire, by making it easier to start and grow a business, creating a sustainable and inclusive local economy. Businesses will undoubtedly be facing increased costs and looking at how they can ‘tighten their belt’ and manage finances. This will be an added pressure on top of pre-existing challenges businesses are trying to tackle; the Growth Hub can support businesses to help them prioritise and address these concerns in order to build resilience. Respond, adapt and strengthen As an economy, we are going through a period of economic and political change. From rising inflation and interest rates, to continued increases in energy costs, businesses and individuals alike are faced with new challenges to navigate.

3. Service charge details This information is intended to be readily accessible at the point of marketing a property and available digitally. This is to be made available to all stakeholders reducing the need for duplication of tasks. A range of technological platforms are to be employed, all designed to encourage the capturing of information from apps populating the protocol forms through to the development of property Currentlylogbooks.approximately a third of all housing transactions fall through in England and Wales costing potential buyers hundreds of pounds. A similar initiative is already in place in Scotland where only one in ten transactions fall Stepsthrough.have already been taken by representative bodies and practitioner groups to provide more upfront information. Last year, for example, the Law Society began testing a new transaction form (TA6 Part 1) to ensure more information is available at the point of listing. This should enable estate agents to inform potential buyers at a much earlier stage of crucial information that could influence a purchasing Furthermore,decision.theHome Buying & Selling Group already introduced Buying & Selling Property Information (BASPI) in 2021 to collate data designed to be a single ‘source of truth’ in providing upfront information about a Launchedproperty.in2007 and abandoned in 2010, Home Information Packs (HIPs) are broadly regarded as a good idea poorly executed. This time around, rather than relying on market forces to determine whether or not the new initiative proceeds the government has pledged to use legislation to ensure action is taken sooner rather than later.

Often likened to ‘Home Information Packs’ (HIPs), information likely to be highlighted early on could include:

The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the number of abortive property transactions and to make the process less daunting for first-time buyers. In particular, it is designed to ensure that the government and the industry work closely together to improve what can be the expensive, time-consuming and stressful process of buying and selling property.

The government is poised to introduce a system allowing homebuyers to be provided with a greater degree of ‘critical information’ at an early stage when looking for a new property. These plans were outlined within the government’s 332-page ‘Levelling Up’ white paper and could potentially become a legal requirement backed up by legislation. In the document the government has declared its intention to support more people onto the housing ladder by encouraging the take-up of more commonhold flats as an attractive alternative form of property ownership and has unveiled a Commonhold Council to prepare the market accordingly.

Many businesses have had to diversify and adapt how they do business during the pandemic in order to survive. Help to Grow: Digital helps businesses build on these new ways of working to bounce back better. Businesses with 1-249 employees can access free, impartial advice on how technology can boost performance and growth. A voucher of up to £5,000 can be redeemed, providing 50% cost savings towards the cost of eCommerce, CRM and Digital Accounting tools. Find out more about Help to Grow: Digital – Speak to Hertfordshire Growth Hub today Get in touch with us today to find out more: 5 George Street, Watford, Herts WD18 0SQ P roblem S olved James Phelps – Solicitor, Property Levelling Up: Conveyancing INSPIRE 53


1. Whether the property is leasehold or freehold

2. The length of the lease (where applicable)

The Hertfordshire Growth Hub Get Growing 2 service is fully funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and offers a package of tailored support, helping businesses boost efficiency and remain competitive.

Areas where additional support will benefit businesses are also identified, as well as providing access to all the benefits the Growth Hub website has to offer.

t: 01923

LLP 225212

- helping businesses respond to rising costs


Denise Austin, PearldropDirectorLimited

In such a challenging trading environment, it is important to recognise the achievements of local businesses and that is exactly what we have just done at the sold-out 11th Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards that we celebrated in June at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden. With a record number of finalists this year, the team enjoyed celebrating with all those involved at what was a truly magical event. We value the trust that our members have put in us to support their business through good times and bad. It is a pleasure to serve you and we certainly look forward to continuing to do so. From Bronze members to Patrons, we could not function without our members, so, on behalf of everyone at Herts Chamber, thank you.

Hertfordshire Chamber Celebrates its Long-Standing Members

Briege HertfordshireLeahyCEO Chamber of Commerce u Orange Music Electronic Company Limited u Osprey Homes u PacAir u Paul Eldred FCCA u Pearldrop Limited u Porsche Centre Hatfield u Purple CommunicationsMarketing Limited u Rayden Solicitors u Red Brick Management Pearldrop are proud to have been members of the Chamber since 2009 and Patrons since 2012. Our involvement with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce has meant introductions to organisations that we have partnered with and worked with that we wouldn’t have otherwise met. The networking opportunities are varied and always friendly and inclusive. The support the Chamber has provided to Pearldrop over the years has been instrumental to our success so far and we look forward to our ongoing patronage. The dedication of the Hertfordshire Chamber team never waivers and means the Hertfordshire business community is fully connected and thriving. The Chamber team becomes part of your team when you become a member!

As we approach 100 years in business, Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce would like to express our sincere gratitude for our members. In particular those who have been with us the longest, for their continued support in contributing towards the chamber; from attending events, being ambassadors, to sharing news on the website. Over the last two years, Hertfordshire businesses have battled their way through the COVID-19 pandemic and have come out on top through resilience, tenacity and adaptability.

our highlights have included the incredibly useful support, guidance and information offered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,

At passionate Chamber of Commerce

about working with the local business community, sharing knowledge and forging solid relationships, all in which Hertfordshire

help us to do.


Nicole Sadd Chief Executive Rothamsted Enterprises Being a member of beneficial highly recommend

Lexus Hatfield

As members, as

as it allows us to connect with like minded people, business owners and companies in the area. The Chamber’s regular networking events are always packed full of opportunities and this is why I would

well as the regular informative events and training.

Monjur Ahmed, Business Centre Manager Sales Department,

being a member and working with the team to allow you to maximise your business.

the Herts Chamber of Commerce is extremely

INSPIRE 55 LONG STANDING MEMBERS u Rothamsted Enterprises u InternationalSafeguard LLP u Serverchoice u Shenley Park Trust u Sir Robert McAlpine u Stanmore WorldwideImplantsLimited u Steven Eagell u BioscienceStevenage Catalyst u Sunnyside Rural Trust u EnvironmentalSymphony Limited u Tesco Stores Limited u The De Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre u The Henry FoundationMoore u The Muscle Help Foundation u The Snow Centre u The Wow Awards u Trafalgar Foods Limited u Triquetra EHS u Viewpoint u Warner Bros Studio Tour London u West Herts College u Willmott ConstructionDixonLimited

Rothamsted Enterprises, we are

• Segment, target and tailor your list by geography, business type, turnover, number of employees and many more


Herts Chamber has an ongoing commitment to provide members with a range of benefits that offer real value to their Manybusinesses.ofthesebenefits recommended by the British Chambers of Commerce and provide key services that help support and protect our members.

• Over 5.3 million UK businesses with names, postal addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses

Build a list of your ideal prospects with Experian B2B Prospector

• Free Data Validator to ensure you fulfil your GDPR obligations by checking data you have purchased from Experian’s B2B Prospector

Experian B2B Prospector helps you find new customers fast. Your small business marketing relies on up-to-date business marketing data. Knowing that your data is segmented and targeted to your most profitable business prospects means you can lower your marketing costs and conduct your sales campaigns with confidence. how banks & suppliers view your Limited Company credit score with My Business Profile from Experian. How does My Business Profile help?

• Set a specific number of contacts to suit your budget.

Give yourself the best chance when applying for business credit, by working on the areas that are affecting your score

Being denied company credit can be bad news for your business, especially if you need finance to grow.

If your business has been refused credit or struggled to secure new finance, you’ll know how that can impact your plans. But is relying on your personal finances really the Withanswer?My Business Profile, you get full visibility of your business credit profile, enabling you to understand what’s affecting your company credit score and preventing you from being able to obtain that all important company finance.

Customer Support


56 INSPIRE Includes a FREE90-DAYTRIAL followed by an ongoing fee of £12.50 + VAT per month (50% discount) for continued usage. Cancel at any time. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS

• See what lenders see when making credit decisions about your business

On-going advice and support to help make your business credit score the best it can be Enhance data you have by adding up to 60 data variables to help you get better insight and help segment your existing portfolio. Also provides a FREE data profile report.


This is one of the only reports of its type to include commercial CAIS data, making it the most accurate and fully comprehensive view of your own business credit profile

Automatic Alerts Receive alerts about significant changes, so you can act quickly to reduce any negative impacts to your score


• Find out the top 5 factors influencing your score

Herts Chamber members are entitled to 50% off any made.purchases

Check and improve your business credit score

Choose exactly the kind of businesses you’re looking for, review them before you buy and start contacting them immediately – by email, phone or through the post.

INSPIRE 57 O f f e r a n i n c l u s i v e r e c r u i t m e n t p r o c e s s O f f e r i n t e r v i e w s t o d i s a b l e d p e o p l e w h o m e e t t h e m i n i m u m j o b c r i t e r i a P r o v i d e r e a s o n a b l e a d j u s t m e n t s a s r e q u i r e d S u p p o r t c u r r e n t e m p l o y e e s w h o a c q u i r e a d i s a b i l i t y t o s t a y i n w o r k Your part will be to: Anne Tinker@hertfordshire gov uk 07812 322088 Covering: Broxbourne, East Herts, North Herts, Stevenage and Welwyn/Hatfield Georgina.De 07580 744827 Covering: Dacorum, Hertsmere, St Albans, Three Rivers and Watford Employing people with disabilities increases staff loyalty, productivity and creates a positive company reputation, enhancing your social value agenda. Want to find out more? Please contact: Commit to making inclusion your business! Do you want your business to become Disability Confident? The Step2Skills Inclusive Employment Project, partially funded by the European Social Fund, can help your business through the easy application process. Our team of specialist advisors will support you to achieve the first level of the Disability Confident Scheme and become a Disability Confident Committed organisation. This service is free of charge to Hertfordshire businesses and organisations. LITTLE PRESSURE, GREAT SUCCESS Recruitment Lead Generation Content Creation Web Development Business Mentoring CRM Building CV Writing Interview Techniques | | 01923 562 558 Contact Twenty Two today to find out more. Award-Winning Business Support Services “Twenty Two is a stellar example of how outsourced business service delivery should be One of the best business decisions we have made this year as a company was to call Twenty Two in! ” Fresh Folds Twenty Two is a fast moving business with a wide range of individual business support services;

BOOST YOUR CHOOSEBUSINESS Apprenticeships Looking to recruit? The time is now. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to grow your business and develop your staff. Boost productivitiy and give employees the chance to further develop their skills. West Herts College offers a range of Apprenticeships to local businesses and works in partnership with employers to ensure training programmes are tailored to meet their needs. Apprenticeships available in: Construction, Education & Early Years, Electrical Installation, Hairdressing, Motor Vehicle and Plumbing. Scan here to enquire 01923 812345

Having worked hard to attract candidates, employers must make sure they are engaged with proactively throughout the recruitment journey.

It’s also a good idea to consider including case studies where recent hires speak about their recruitment journey and early employment experience.

Think about how best they can showcase their values and how they are built into the DNA of everything that they do. Tell stories, paint theirs as a business where people want to work.

The memories of that long hot summer are starting to fade as we start to buckle down to what will likely be a challenging autumn and winter period.

ThreeR Consulting work with SME businesses, probably much like yours, advising on how they can give themselves a competitive advantage when recruiting. They have managed scores of recruitment campaigns and recruited many hundreds of staff and currently the recruitment market is as tough as they have ever known it to be.

A starting point is to develop thatrecruitmentcomprehensiveastrategyconsiderseach of the touch points relevant to the candidatesviewsprocess,recruitmentonethatthesefromtheperspective.

The above are examples of some of the initiatives ThreeR Consulting have employed previously to help employers gain a competitive advantage when recruiting. Every employer is unique and deserves to be respected as such. Working together, you and ThreeR Consulting can build a recruitment strategy that will give you the competitive edge; one that will enable you to recruit the candidates who will drive your business forward.

The objective is to demonstrably promote yours as being a great place to work.


To discuss your current and future recruitment needs and how we can assist you in meeting these, please send an email to

Central to this is being able to clearly explain “why” a candidate would want to join your business. If this is not crystal clear its extremely difficult to promote a business, and a vacancy, to future hires? An important consideration for employers is their branding. What differentiates them and their vacancy from others and how can they

Foremost amongst the challenges that many businesses face is recruitment, with the number of vacancies often still exceeding the number of available candidates.


The good news is that there are steps that can be taken to give companies a competitive Aadvantage.startingpoint is to develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy that considers each of the touch points relevant to the recruitment process, one that views these from the candidates perspective. As with all business investments, planning is crucial. And planning to recruit is no different.

How you can give yourself a advantagecompetitive when recruiting

promote this to their advantage. They should focus on the experiences and opportunities candidates can expect to enjoy.

Why not consider preparing a candidate portal on your website, a go to place where candidates can access all the information they will need to know about the recruitment process and working for your business. Explain how interviews will be conducted, and make sure those who will be meeting candidates are competent and confident interviewers.

3. Procurement – lead the delivery of compliant public sector procurement of professional, technical and maintenance services as well as soft FM services. Examples include estate management, building surveying, cleaning, security, maintenance and construction contracts. Value of contracts range from £100k to £60m over full term.

4. Asset Strategy & Estate Management – lead the delivery of property estate review, identify opportunities to develop or let sites to generate income. Review of corporate estate including rationalisation and cross public sector sharing of resources. Preparation and letting of complex or hard to let sites and project management of major survey programmes. Consulting Group to help achieve your goals! Tel: 01992 677140 Consulting Group (OCG) is a family-owned Consultancy and Project Management company based in Cu ley, Hertfordshire. We have a team of 26 sta . OCG deliver a range of projects and consultancy advice including IT software implementation, Procurement, Asset Review, policy and strategy development and construction project management. We work predominantly in the public and not for pro t sectors in London and the Southeast with clients including local authorities, NHS and Blue Light.

2. Construction Project Management – Client-side project management of refurbishment and construction projects up to £5m. Projects include refurbishment of libraries, adult day care centres and o ces. Our role is to act for the client from cradle to grave, including the procurement of technical advisors, construction partners and overarching project delivery.

1. IT Software Projects – procurement, implementation, training and project management. This includes requirements gathering and speci cation drafting, procurement and implementation of property management software.

Existing clients in Hertfordshire include Herts County Council, Broxbourne and Watford Borough Councils.

To support our local community and businesses OCG have developed a social value and environmental policy. As part of the policy development OCG have created a buying strategy which not only supports buying Green, but also local and independent businesses within Hertfordshire and the Southeast.

Email: |

Contact One | Follow us on @OneConsultingGroup One

Our business is divided into four distinct areas:

• A worse-than-anticipated slowdown in China, reflecting COVID- 19 outbreaks and lockdowns; and

The UK had the largest decline in GDP among the G7 in 2020 (-9.3%) and its relatively strong performance in 2021 was to some degree a recovery from weakness in 2020. The IMF forecasts UK GDP growth of 3.2% for 2022, and 0.5% for 2023 - down from the 1.2% forecast in April. In contrast, the US is expected to fall from 2.3% to 1% and Italy 3% to 0.7% for the same period. The UK leaving the EU and the subsequent transition period, along with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain disruption and global recession, have caused higher levels of volatility in trade statistics in the past two years.

The UK employment rate for the Working Age Population decreased by 0.1 percentage points on the quarter to 75.5%.

For Hertfordshire, although there have been not totally unexpected repercussions from the current economic situation, there are some bright spots including tentative signs of recovery during 2022 of an increase in private equity investments, with 73 fundraisings and £75.6 million Unemploymentraised.rates in Herts stand at 4.2% compared with 4.8% for the UK as a whole and the number of jobs in the county lost through redundancy continues to decline and appear highly concentrated in just a small number of sectors. In conclusion, the UK’s economic performance is being buffeted by various factors and growth forecasts have been downgraded accordingly by the majority of economic forecasters. However, Herts continues to weather some of the storms, although unemployment (up to Oct 21 - the latest available figures) was at a five year high, when more up to date data becomes available it is expected to have fallen again. Levels of unemployment remain below the national average for much of the county. There is also considerable optimism and business confidence going forward. The UK leaving the EU and the subsequent transition period, along with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain disruption and global recession, have caused higher levels of volatility in trade statistics in the past two years.

• Further negative spill overs from the war in Ukraine

However, the number of people in employment aged 16 years and over increased in the quarter by 160,000.



Hertfordshire Economy -

The latest Labour Force Survey (LFS) estimates for April to June 2022 show that there was little change in rates over the quarter.

The good news is that going forward, the forecast, other than the BoE initially expecting the UK economy to fall over the coming year, predicts the following;

The world’s largest economies have all seen their economies weakened recently partly due to:

The total trade in goods and services deficit, excluding precious metals, widened by £2.0 billion to £27.9 billion in Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2022 compared with the previous quarter; this is the largest quarterly deficit in current prices since records began in January 1997.

nflation, with one bank quoting this reaching 18%, coupled with the huge rise in the cost of utility bills and the Bank of England increasing interest rates to try to curb inflation, does appear to make grim reading. However, there is more to it than that, plus we cannot forget it is not just the UK that has been affected.

Reading the news and listening to various experts, it does seem the UK is gripped by ongoing gloom.

Standing Firm

• Higher-than-expected inflation worldwide

Resilience in the services sector - everything from banking to hospitality - has helped the economy, even as activity in manufacturing slumped by its largest amount since the first lockdown in March 2020. Construction also fell by 1.4% in June 2022, following seven consecutive months of growth.

• Inflation to begin to fall next year. It is not expected that the prices of energy and imported goods will continue to rise so rapidly,


At the time of writing, the Euro has dived to a 20 year low against the dollar and Germany, the largest economy in the Eurozone, is tipped to go into recession by the Bundesbank.

but beware complacency!

• BoE expects that some of the production difficulties businesses are currently facing will ease,

• The slowdown in demand for goods and services should also put downward pressure on prices,

• The Bank expects inflation will be close to the 2% target in around two years. So good grounds for optimism, but clearly standing strong for the next few months is vital.

There was a small decrease in the employment rate, a small increase in the unemployment rate while the economic inactivity rate remained unchanged.

The number of self-employed workers fell in the first year of the pandemic and has remained low, although the number has increased slightly during the latest three-month period.

NICK SILVERSTONE Managing Director Wagada Digital

Q What do you think is the biggest challenge affecting running and growing a business? Just one, wow! Don’t let imposter syndrome get in the way of your decision making. Sometimes, when you take on the weight of the world, when you have to take key decisions for the business, it can be paralyzing. Especially if it requires you to be outside your comfort zone or means you must take a risk. Cheryl and I have been successful by trusting our instinct for what feels right.


From the very first event I attended, I found the membership to be inclusive, engaged and motivated to support each other. I came away with worthwhile contacts from my first meeting and have not looked back since. I can quantify how much I value our membership by the fact that within six months of becoming members, we took the decision, a bold move for us, to become patrons. A significant investment for us, it was one of the best decisions we have made.



Q How has it helped your business network? Like anything in business (and in life), you only get out what you put in and networking requires an investment. There is generally no quick win but building your network of contacts and relationships will pay dividends through referrals and recommendations together with partners we collaborate with. Our membership has helped us to significantly expand our business contacts.

Surround yourself with the best people and listen, actively listen. It is amazing what you can learn from others who have been there and done it.

Q What advice would you give someone starting out? Failure is an essential part of success, learn to embrace it. Surround yourself with the best people and listen, actively listen. It is amazing what you can learn from others who have been there and done it.

Q What do you do?

The Last Word

I am responsible for delivering growth and profitability at Wagada Digital, with the aim of meeting or hopefully exceeding our five-year business plan.

Q Who do you work for? We have a diverse customer base, with a strong foundation of clients in Tech/Data/Cyber, professional services, healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce, to mention a few. Working with mid-size SMEs and above, typically, we will be an extension to an internal marketing manager/director and will support them and their teams with our specialist technical digital marketing skills. This includes SEO, HubSpot onboarding and support, organic and paid social media, Google Ads, content writing, PR and much more.

On a day-to-day basis, together with our senior leadership team, I ensure we deliver the service and results expected from us by our clients, in line with our values, managing a team of 21 staff across our two offices in St Albans and Cheltenham.

Q Why did you join the Chamber? When Cheryl Luzet, our founder and CEO set up Wagada Digital 11 years ago, she grew the business through relationships and embedding herself within the community. This approach is still the basis of how we continue to build the company today. Joining the Herts Chamber of Commerce was an extremely easy decision to make.

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To attend this event you will need to register via Herts Chamber website Please bring this invitiation on the day Costco Stevenage, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2EH T: 01438 907 580 E: Your membership is valid in all 29 UK warehouses, worldwide and online! Costco Wholesale is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. *Membership Criteria applies. Membership must be obtained before purchases can be made. ∆Qualifying ID required to preview. Accepting Mastercard, American Express and Visa credit cards as well as cash, debit card or cheque. No cash or cheque at fuel station. Fuel stations not available in all locations. JN31720 Membership The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership* is £22 ex VAT (£26.40 inc VAT). The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership* is £28 ex VAT (£33.60 inc VAT). You’re invited to EVERYTHING YOU WANT. ALL IN ONE PLACE. Tuesday 20TH September 2022 17:00 - 19:00 Catering Provided To attend this event you will need to register via Herts Chamber website Please bring this invitiation on the day Costco Stevenage, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Herts, SG1 2EH T: 01438 907 580 E: Your membership is valid in all 29 UK warehouses, worldwide and online! Costco Wholesale is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. Membership The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership* is £22 ex VAT (£26.40 inc VAT). The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership* is £28 ex VAT (£33.60 inc VAT). You’re invited to Herts Chamber of Commerce Networking Event Costco Stevenageat EVERYTHING YOU WANT. ALL IN ONE PLACE.

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