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Professional training and development programmes to meet your business needs. At Kingston College we are committed to working in partnership to support your organisation’s skills, employment, Apprenticeship and training strategies. For a FREE skills assessment or for more information please contact: 020 8546 2151.

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BOROUGH BUSINESS The Kingston Chamber of Commerce magazine for all Businesses in Kingston As I write this, I find it quite hard to believe that we are half way through the year. Partnerships and collaborations have been fundamental to our work and provided the foundations to how we have navigated the year. The strength of our advocacy work and how we are a conduit for businesses can only become stronger through these collaborations. I am really encouraged that the ties that bind many of our partners, such as Kingston Council, Kingston First, the University and College to name just a few, have become stronger. It has been particularly enjoyable developing new associations during the year, such as our work with Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Kingston Adult Education on the KickStart programme. More recently, we have been talking with the Rotary Club regarding the New Malden Business Forum which is beginning to take shape. The Kingston Expo in April was a great success, with over 300 attendees. With the generous support of Kingston University, the Council


and the many Sponsors, very few organisations can provide one Expo, let alone two in one year. I think this is a great achievement. We are quietly confident that we may get Chessington Expo back as an in person event but with some online features. In May, we worked with the Council‘s Green Taskforce to provide the first Green Economy roundtable discussion. This was a successful morning, pulling together diverse sectors and experts in their fields, to start framing the critical issues of reducing our carbon footprint and sustainability. It was heartening to see so many Chamber businesses participating. There will be more Green events so watch this space. On July 7, we launched the Kingston Borough Business Awards (KBBA), with the headline sponsorship of Kingston University and Gold sponsorship of Kingston College and Kingston Council. The aim is to provide a truly local business awards which are far more inclusive, diverse, and capture the resilience of many organisations in the past year. I am very excited by this

21 24

challenging event, which will culminate in the early part of 2022. For further details see pages 22-23. The KickStart programme is delivering. To date, the Chamber has managed to signpost 35 young people into jobs, with 44 employers signed up and a further 104 placements approved. Employability and apprenticeships in Kingston will be crucial to how we grow economically out of this pandemic. There is still far more hard work ahead for us. We are up for these challenges as we all adapt to the changing landscape. With our fantastic Chamber membership support and determination, I am confident that we can begin to take bigger strides forward. Thank you and take care

Forbes Low CEO Kingston Chamber of Commerce forbes@kingstonchamber.co.uk


BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


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Welcome to our new members Credibility Coaching Plus Jeanette James www.credibilitycoachingplus.com

Dermod Sweeney www.kingstonrc.co.uk

Digital Potion

School is Easy Kingston and Wimbledon

Ed Davison www.digitalpotion.co.uk

Emma Morrison Coach Emma Morrison www.emmamorrisoncoach.com

Mike had found the formula to great local networking.

Interfacio Ltd Richard Wear www.interfacio.com

Why do we enjoy organising influential business events and offering valuable connections to businesses in all areas of the Borough through our extensive networking events? Because we believe they work but do not take our word for it.

“ The Kingston Expo was a great place to meet local businesses and communities, a chance to connect, learn and inspire, all in a year when we needed it most so well done Kingston Chamber for supporting us!” Richard Excell

Excell Design & Marketing For more information or to discuss how we can help you, please contact us at:

Kingston Chamber of Commerce T: 020 8541 4441 E: info@kingstonchamber.co.uk W: www.kingstonchamber.co.uk Connect with us on



Kingston CoC

Kingston Rowing Club

Sarah Kaye www.schooliseasy.com/kingstonwimbledon-sutton-tutors

Scotscape Group Ltd

Angus Cunnigham www.scotscape.co.uk

Voices of Hope Sarah Clay www.voh.org.uk

Reasons to join... Membership of Kingston Chamber of Commerce brings a wealth of immediate benefits to your business.

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Welcoming, professional and supportive environment Two successful business Expos; Kingston and Chessington Regular networking events and business webinars Local supply chain opportunities and excellent links to the wider local community Advocacy for businesses to Kingston Council, strategic partners and MPs in the borough Learning opportunities and affordable training on all business-related matters Creative social events and meet ups

Find out how to join and learn how others are benefiting from their membership. www.kingstonchamber.co.uk

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community

hr dept

Porter the Sorter Ask our resident HR expert, Sandra Porter of The HR Dept for advice on your workplace worries. ‘Are you managing your teams’ performance telepathically? On a daily basis we receive calls from Clients who are frustrated by the performance of a team member. They have often lost patience and sometimes want to discuss how to dismiss the employee fairly…..but quickly. Here is how one of the calls went last week:

The Summer of Rejuvenation: Green Economy, Charitable Giving and Sporting Synergy

Client “So, basically, they are just not good enough and need to go.” Me “ Ok, tell me about the gaps in performance compared to their job description? Client “ We haven’t got a job description” Me “Ok, How were they taught what to do and when was the last time you gave them feedback regarding their performance?” Client “We didn’t have time to train them when they came on board and we haven’t really given them any feedback directly”. Me “Errrm, right……….”

Kingston is once again waking up and the high streets are buzzing with people meeting up for a coffee and visiting local shops. With Euro 2020 pubs have certainly become very busy serving fans of all European nations. Re-building our economy green is certainly on the Chamber and local Council’s agenda. Working with local businesses on ideas such as circular economy, barriers preventing businesses to be green and CO2 reductions were some of the topics discussed at the Green Economy event hosted by the Chamber and Council back in May.

Setting performance expectations does not seemingly work very well when done telepathically. So what should you do? 1. Have a clear job description and discuss it with them 2. Ensure that the induction / onboarding process gives them the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective 3. Give regular feedback that helps create a shared understanding about what is expected and how they are or are not performing against that 4. Formalise the feedback in a Performance Improvement Plan where the informal steps don’t work. This must explain the gaps in performance and timescales for improvement. Ultimately seek to be explicitly clear about what is expected and the support available, nip any issues in the bud with informal feedback and then formalise, when necessary, to give adequate time and clarity prior to running out of patience! If you have questions for Porter the Sorter, email hrhelp@hrdept.co.uk for consideration for future editions. The HR Dept are an outsourced HR services provider supporting local SMEs with their people issues and strategy. For advice on performance management in the workplace and anything else people related call 0345 208 1290. Always seek employment law advice regarding management of your people issues to ensure that you and your business are well protected from potential litigation risks. The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

There is a sense of cautious positivity in the air and businesses are starting to return to offices beginning the new era of hybrid working. With the recent announcement of Flexi season tickets, the trend is firmly set for a better work-life balance. With flexible office space becoming more widely available having more creative surroundings is great. We are especially excited about the John Lewis Undercroft project in collaboration with Creative Youth.

With summer in full swing, we are excited about the great work Citizen Zoo are doing. Together with volunteers, they have been rearing grasshoppers, preparing the Hogsmill river for the arrival of water Voles, and importantly, getting people more connected to nature. I cannot stress enough how important a part this plays in our lives and I would encourage anyone to get InVoled. www.citizenzoo.org/get-involved/ goodboxinititiative/ Katerina Damcova Chamber President

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


Private healthcare at Kingston Hospital At Kingston Hospital we offer a wide range of private services for those who wish to use their health insurance* or who want to pay independently.  Private fertility clinics supported by Kingston Hospital’s Assisted Conception Unit  Consultant-led maternity packages, which include one-to-one midwifery care throughout delivery and postnatal stay  Competitive package prices across a number of specialties including general surgery, gynaecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and urology  A wide-range of cosmetic and dermatological procedures All profits are reinvested into Kingston Hospital’s NHS services. Please contact us for further information or visit our website for more information about the services we offer: T:

020 8546 6677

W: E:

KingstonPrivateHealth.co.uk KPHEnquiries@nhs.net @KPHKingston KingstonPrivateHealth

* Kingston Private Health is recognised by leading UK and international medical insurers

patron news

Pearson Hards on the tumultuous year of a conveyancer At Pearson Hards, we are not sure whether any area of law has quite experienced the trauma that the residential property market has gone through in the past year. At the start of the pandemic, it was predicted that this would be one of the sectors most likely to suffer, as people feared for their job security and restrictions were placed on physical movement. Buying and selling houses would simply grind to a halt. However, as the current full stamp duty holiday closed at the end June 2021, we have seen conveyancing matters have had a most unexpected year. Conveyancers, up and down the country, have worked to extremes to get the

volumes of work done. Pearson Hards have even had to place a halt on new conveyancing matters, briefly to catch up with the volumes of work we already had in. This was not uncommon across the field, with many firms experiencing the same and having to take familiar hard decisions to turn away new clients. So, what next? The stamp duty holiday is currently set to gradually end towards the end of September and the market shows no signs of slowing down yet. The Office of National Statistics reported that the average UK house price is now £265,000, with an increase of 8.9% in the year to April. Prices in the London and South East areas are substantially higher. Potential buyers are now being warned to hold off from making any decisions until the stamp duty holiday ends in October, as the speed of the market is moving quickly and house prices are still high. It certainly looks like conveyancers are going to be very busy for the rest of the year.

It’s been a busy few months down at The Riverside Walk, as we first had our retail businesses reopen and then the subsequent easing of restrictions to our hospitality businesses. A slow but steady reopening took place, which was mainly due to the inclement weather but also due to people getting more confident to get back outside as the wonderful vaccine rollout has gathered pace. To support our businesses and to reinforce Kingston’s cultural and historic heritage we have launched our public realm Artwork, Echolocation, by Mat Collishaw, in the undercroft (an architectural word for tunnel) between Cote Brasserie and the Bishop pub. The piece celebrates All Saint’s history, Bat Conservation in the borough, Eadweard Muybridge and Kingston’s long history of technological innovation. We were proud to have collaborated on Echolocation with the wonderful

The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

students Josephine Miller and Lorena Popovici at Kingston School of Art/Studio KT1. Echolocation is currently being screened 8:30 -11.00pm as this is best viewed in the hours of darkness. As the nights draw in in a few months it will be screened earlier. https://matcollishaw.com/works/echolocation/ We also are proud to be working with IYAF to programme live music at Riverside Walk atop our widebeam canal oat, the Seven Saxons. The music will be happening on 9th and 10th July details here: https://bit.ly/IYAF2021Brochure

We’re very excited to see IYAF return after its cancellation last year. Goboat have also been busy getting visitors out on the River and go from strength to strength as they continue to invest in their Kingston operation with us. Despite all the difficulties of the last 15 months or so we really feel that Kingston is at the forefront of reimagining how our Town centres will be used post-COVID. It’s great to feel people’s spirits being lifted as we fight back from COVID and all that is thanks to the NHS and the brilliant vaccine rollout so thanks again to all involved.

Here’s to a wonderful Summer!

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


patron news IQ in IT - A look at Trends in Cybersecurity: Watch out for Pesky Phishers and Social Engineers. Covid has undoubtedly impacted cybersecurity. The shift to firstly working from home and then transition to hybrid working has added weaknesses and vulnerabilities to what would have been relatively secure and closed work network environments. The lack of face-to-face communication we have been having has enabled social engineering to become much more common. The act of social engineering is when a hacker poses as a member of a team to gain valuable information enabling them access to the network. This can be any type of impersonation. With the example of a hacker pretending to be a staff member who has forgotten their password, then getting it changed. Allowing them to log in and steal data, a key one in the Covid world. We must be extra careful to verify that these connections. We have also seen a great rise in phishing schemes. From directly related Covid and NHS schemes to more board schemes around furlough and tax, phishers have got increasingly sophisticated in building their campaigns. The emails seem to be coming from more legitimate addresses whilst the content and branding have also improved. How to be more vigilant you ask? Firstly, we advise all companies to have anti-phishing software in place alongside domain-level protection. However, this of course will not be enough to combat the human element of social engineering. For this, we advise training at regular intervals. Make sure all your staff are aware of the most up to date campaigns and tactics that hackers are using, teach them how to identify suspicious emails by focusing on things like sender email address and subject line. Whilst both humans and technology can be open to errors, having all these processes in place will ensure you have the best possible chance at building up your cyber resilience and reducing your risk of infiltration. Are you prepared to deal with the most up to date cyber threats? If you feel you need advice or training on this constantly evolving issue speak to us directly on 0330 122 4420 or email Team@IQinIT.uk


Summers-Inman delivers on project to King’s College Hospital Summers-Inman have continued to deliver multiple projects at King’s College Hospital, as part of their P22 Minor Works Capital and Backlog Maintenance Programme. The projects, with a combined total of over £30M, will improve the hospital site and include renovations of the roofs, clinics and power systems within the busiest A&E department in the UK. Lee Orchard, Director from our Kingston office has led the projects, and is supported by Iain Lawrence, our Senior Project Manager who is based on the site at Kings College Hospital. Both have exceptional experience and practical knowledge of working on capital schemes, from feasibility through to completion/ in use, as well as working within a live site.

Projects, such as the replacement of a heating system with a new low temperature hot water on the Hambledon Wing, have also been supported our team of Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers from the local Kingston office. Peter Jambor, Quantity Surveyor from our Kingston office, is an experienced Cost Advisor and has been supporting the project that has been running 24/7, due to its priority.

Together for Short Lives Summers-Inman are partnered with a children’s hospice charity, Together For Short Lives (TFSL). In honour of the recent Children’s Hospice Week staff members from all of our 7 National offices walked 99,000 steps in a week – An impressive feat! To find out more about TFSL how you can support us, have a read of our LinkedIn page and Website blogs

Kingston College bringing employers and jobseekers together On Wednesday 23 June Kingston College, part of the South Thames Colleges Group (STCG), was delighted to take part as a leading partner in the first ever collaborative Kingston Jobs and Training Fair, bringing employers and jobseekers together in Kingston. Six hundred residents took part in the virtual event which was in the form of a series of live key industry sector workshops. The workshops were preceded by a Welcome Keynote to launch the event with Leader of Kingston Council, Caroline Kerr, business entrepreneur Mike Smith and CEO of STCG, Peter Mayhew-Smith. Virtual sessions were delivered by industry experts on a variety of subjects, including, digital, creative

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community

industries, starting your own business, health, wellbeing and many more. Each session provided potential employees with an overview of vacancies in the sector, advice from employers who are looking to recruit and training and upskilling options available. Peter Mayhew-Smith, Group Principal and CEO of South Thames Colleges Group, said: “We’re delighted to have been part of the team running Kingston’s very special jobs and training fair. There are now so many opportunities to find work, build a career or take up training and Kingston is putting itself at the heart of the recovery by bringing it all together in one place. This was a terrific chance to learn about a whole range of jobs vital to our part of London, meet major employers and check out the jobs available right now as well as find out about the skills and knowledge you can learn along the way.”

patron news Holland Hahn & Wills are very excited to be able to welcome clients, friends and connections alike back to the newly refurbished office from August. We’re looking forward to hosting welcome events, educational seminars, networking and celebration events (30th anniversary, completion of the building works, and every occasion which has been on hold for the last 18 months) from September 2021 so watch this space. We have been thrilled to help out at Young Enterprise events locally and have hosted a couple of online financial planning sessions

Kingston University spearheads Future Skills campaign Kingston University is leading the way in a major campaign highlighting the importance of a creative education and entrepreneurial innovation in providing employers with the skilled workforce of the future. The campaign launch comes as a YouGov survey of more than 2,000 employers conducted for the University reveals the key concerns of businesses across the UK and the portfolio of skills for innovation they believe are vital for a thriving national economy. Published as part of The Future Skills League Table report, the results show the top 10 professional attributes leading firms, including Deloitte, Mastercard and Lidl, consider key to business success. These include problem-solving, communication, critical thinking and digital prowess – all developed through studying creative subjects. The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

for some big corporations to support employee engagement initiatives. If you think this would be helpful for your business, we’d be delighted to chat further. Our website now houses the Inside Kingston Podcast episodes, as well as a new video series of Fireside Chats discussing solutions to topical financial challenges. Finally we are also proud to be sponsoring Nub News, a local news site covering stories in Kingston, Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington.

The two-day public walk-in service held on June 17-18 at the University’s community vaccination hub, which is run in partnership with two local Primary Care Networks and South West London CCG. It formed part of efforts to help support Kingston Council’s surge vaccination programme to combat rising Covid-19 rates in the borough, particularly among young people.

Kingston University Vice-Chancellor Professor Steven Spier said: “Creative skills drive business transformation and regional growth and have a tangible impact on local communities. The application of such skills is not only central to the creative industries, but also a catalyst in others, such as healthcare, local services, sustainability, and regeneration.” Find out more about the Future Skills League Table at www.kingston.ac.uk/futureskills Over 18s from across the borough receive Covid-19 jabs at Kingston University walk-in clinic A walk-in vaccination service at Kingston University saw hundreds of students, staff and young people aged 18 and over from across the borough visit campus to receive their first doses of the Pfizer vaccine earlier this month.

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community



FOR YOUR BUSINESS With more and more businesses looking for a fresh outlook on how to work and where, look no further than Epsom...





Conveniently situated on London’s doorstep, nestled near the Surrey Hills, Epsom is regularly voted into the Top 10 places to live in the UK.

DISCOVER EPSOM at epsombusiness.co.uk


legal The Covid pandemic has had a considerable effect on commercial tenants and their relationship with their landlord. Rapid Government policy changes and updates may have made it difficult to stay up to date on the support and options available to keep your business healthy. We feature some frequently asked questions that may help you find some clarity. Can I arrange more time to pay the rent? Rent remains payable as per the terms of the lease. You should check your lease to see if there is a rent suspension clause. This might suspend the rent in certain circumstances, but usually only where the property has become uninhabitable as a result of an insured risk. You might find the clause is triggered only if the property has been damaged or destroyed, meaning that the coronavirus is unlikely to trigger a rent suspension. Consider asking your landlord to come to an arrangement for a rent reduction or deferment. Consider: 1. How long will the arrangement last? Will there be any option to renew the arrangement? 2. Will interest be payable? 3. Can your landlord withdraw the arrangement, and in what circumstances? 4. Will it be personal to you and your landlord, or can an assignee of the lease take the benefit? Any agreement you reach should be formally documented, for example in the form of a side letter, so that you are both clear on your obligations.

Can I terminate my lease? The Government has not announced any measures allowing for leases to be terminated early by either party as a result of coronavirus. Broadly speaking, you can probably only terminate your lease if the term has expired or is about to; by negotiating an agreed surrender with the landlord; or by exercising a break clause in the lease. The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

If you do intend to exercise a break clause, check whether there are any conditions you need to comply with before exercising the break. A common condition is that all rents must be paid up to date. If a rent suspension has been agreed, this condition would need to be waived by the landlord before the break could be exercised. You may want to include wording to this effect on any side letter agreeing a rent suspension.

What powers do landlords have? Currently, your landlord may not enforce a right of forfeiture for nonpayment of rent in relation to a business tenancy until after 30 June 2021. That period may be further extended. Landlords could serve a statutory demand seeking payment of rent arrears. If a statutory demand is unpaid after 21 days, your landlord could petition the court to wind up your company.

currently restricted: as it stands, once the restrictions are lifted, landlords will still be able to recover arrears with interest.

How will the virus affect lease renewals? Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, the valuation date for determining the rent payable under a new lease is, broadly speaking, the date of the hearing. Interim rent is payable from the earliest date that could have been specified in the landlord’s section 25 notice or the tenant’s section 26 request. Interim rent is usually set at the same level as that payable under the new lease, though there are exceptions where market conditions change significantly in the time between the old lease and the new one. Many tenants served section 26 notices to try to get the benefit of lower rents as the market fell following

the first lockdown. While social distancing rules are now gradually relaxing, the market remains volatile and specialist valuation advice should be sought from a surveyor.

What should I do if I don’t think I can keep trading? Ultimately, landlords do not want empty properties. In a difficult market, landlords may be more willing to negotiate terms in order to avoid having their properties sit empty for long periods, costing them money. Constructive dialogue between you and your landlord is the best opportunity for you both to weather the storm. The Government has announced it will be reviewing commercial landlord and tenant legislation in this year. It has hinted that it may introduce legislation to protect tenants where they are unable to negotiate arrangements with their landlords. It remains to be seen what that might mean in practice.

However, new legislation means that no winding-up petition can be presented in respect of a statutory demand served on a company between 1 March 2020 and 30 June 2021. Regardless of when a statutory demand was served, no winding up petition can be presented until after 31 June 2021, unless the creditor has reasonable grounds to believe coronavirus has not had a financial effect on your company, or you would not have been able to pay your debts in any event. Landlords are still able to bring money claims through the courts. As a tenant, you do need to be mindful that arrears are still accruing even if landlords’ enforcement options are



New leisure facility proposals get seal of approval Ambitious plans to deliver a new cultural and leisure destination in Kingston town centre have been given the green light. Kingston Council’s response and recovery committee has approved ambitious plans to deliver a new cultural and leisure destination on the site of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre in what has been described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the town centre.

The new facility will be designed by renowned leisure architecture firm FaulknerBrowns, which has delivered many high-quality leisure facilities across the UK. Early designs will be shared with the community to gather their thoughts and feedback in the summer.

The centre has been closed since 2019 after the discovery of structural problems in the roof of the building. Extensive survey work was needed to establish the extent of the problem, not just with the roof but with the building as a whole.

The committee also gave the go-ahead for the council to continue exploring options for repurposing the Guildhall building and redeveloping the underused council offices on the Guildhall complex, which are no longer fit-for-purpose.

Councillor John Sweeney, portfolio holder for business and leisure at Kingston Council, said this was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to position Kingston to thrive. He said: “We will now all work together to renew our historic town centre. Our efforts will make Kingston even better for residents, business and visitors. Reviewing your feedback and working through your suggestions, we will continue engaging and consulting residents throughout the process. “Our priority is to use this opportunity to celebrate our rich past and strengthen Kingston’s town centre economy to thrive in the post-COVID era and for generations to come.”

We will now all work together to renew our historic town centre. Our efforts will make Kingston even better for residents, business and visitors.


BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


Better together

Richard Burge, CEO of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), explains why it’s so vital that the capital’s chambers work together for the good of the economy… London is the jewel in Europe’s crown and its importance cannot be overstated. It’s a hub for global trade and is central to the performance of the UK economy.

One of the key benefits of London’s economy is its diversity. There are around 800,000 businesses here, of which about 470,000 are VAT-registered. People who work here come from all over the world, not just the UK, and each of the 32 boroughs in the capital have their own strengths and challenges.

Despite these challenges, I’m optimistic about the

This diversity means that it would be impossible for one chamber of commerce to oversee all of the business activity in London. One part of my role is to assist local Chambers in working together to support businesses and promote London as an international destination for trade. This is beginning to happen, although there are still challenges to navigate. Some of London’s boroughs don’t have any chamber coverage so that’s something which needs to be addressed. Parts of London are hampered by high unemployment and there are skills gaps in certain areas.

are making their mark here. Britain’s departure

The other key challenge is how to navigate the fall-out from Britain’s exit from the European Union. There are people on both sides of the divide who are still fighting yesterday’s battle. Brexit has happened and it’s time to move on. The debate should now be centred around how we – and London in particular – re-evaluate our trading relationship with the EU. London is still a global city and can benefit the EU, and vice-versa. We might not be part of the EU any more but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a healthy trading relationship with this important region, even if we have to redefine some of the terms and conditions upon which this relationship is based.

not back, and getting on with the job of building

future. London has a lot to offer the world and still has an enviable reputation as a global destination for trade. It has core strengths in key sectors such as bio medical sciences, advanced manufacturing and technology, and in recent times has attracted several disruptive, high-growth businesses that from the EU has encouraged some businesses to explore and capitalise on markets further afield; building partnerships all over the world and adopting a global outlook will be important in the post-Brexit era. Meanwhile, the successful COVID vaccination programme in the UK has boosted confidence in the business community and given everyone hope that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. There’s a feeling that businesses are now looking forward, partnerships, ramping up trade and improving their balance sheets. London will be at the centre of the UK’s economic recovery and it’s vital that businesses get the right support, both on a practical level and a policy level. Local chambers, including Kingston Chamber of Commerce, have a significant role to play in offering practical support to businesses and lobbying government to ensure that policies create an environment in which businesses can grow and flourish.

I’m optimistic about the future. London has a lot to offer the world and still has an enviable reputation as a global destination for trade. It has core strengths in key sectors such as bio medical sciences, advanced manufacturing and technology, and in recent times has attracted several disruptive, high-growth businesses that are making their mark here.

The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


Skills Kingston Chamber are helping to

Kickstart employment in the Borough. Kingston Chamber of Commerce are proud to be an approved Gateway Organisation helping employers access the Kickstart scheme. We currently have almost 120 Kickstart placements approved, and our first young people have successfully moved into full-time, permanent employment having gained valuable experience in their Kickstart Placements. As a gateway, helping employers access the scheme, we have been impressed by the enthusiasm of our employers to engage with the scheme and pleased with the variety of roles that they have offered; everything from social media support to a cemetery grounds person! For any employers who are interested in joining the scheme, we can help you navigate the system to ensure you can recruit quickly and efficiently and meet the requirements of the scheme. The chamber does not take any employer funding for its services.

What does the Kickstart funding cover? • 100% of the National Minimum Wage (or the National Living Wage depending on the age of the participant) for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months.

Courtney has been employed as a Production Assistant. “I have found that being part of the kickstart scheme has really helped my career. I had been wanting to get into the video production industry for a while but didn’t know where to start. I completed a course in creative content and was awarded a level 2 certificate. I was unsure of how to obtain the necessary skills for the industry so, I applied for the kick-start scheme. I am so pleased I did! This opportunity has given me a great insight to the industry. Rob has taught many things including editing audio, blogging, SEO and sound operating on set. I am very grateful and excited for future projects coming up in the future”. Lily, also employed through Kickstart as a Production Assistant added: “I had been applying to jobs in the media industry for months with no luck. Getting the Production Assistant job has improved my confidence massively, by showing me that I am capable of doing the jobs required for the industry I was struggling to enter. After working in a pub after graduating and feeling lost, my experience of Kickstart has been so enjoyable and has shown me that I can have a job which I find fun and engaging. I am excited for what is next”.

• associated employer National Insurance contributions • employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions

Contact us on info@kingstonchamber.co.uk for more details.


Nostairway is a video production company in London with 15 years’ experience producing all forms of video: TV ads, online advertising videos, training videos, information videos, music promos and many more.

“As business starts to build again, the Kickstart Scheme couldn’t have come at a better time. Our apprentices have learnt quickly and are already contributing to the efficiency of the company’s relaunch. We very much hope that they will be with us after the initial 6-month period and we are all working towards achieving this. If you approach this scheme with a view to investment in young people and look to the long term, this scheme will undoubtedly benefit any company.” Rob - Creative Director


Cheeky Pea Zoe added, “As a young person trying to find work it was hard with little experience, until kickstart found me an employer looking to teach and take on younger staff. Now I am looking forward to permanent employment following the kickstart placement”.

DGE Hand Packing Ltd Daniel Encarnacao, Director of DGE Hand Packing Ltd, an endto-end commercial packaging solution, using highly trained staff to complete the jobs that machines cannot, has recruited 2 Kickstart employees.

“The government KickStart scheme has been helpful in so many ways to our organisation, allowing us to recruit the extra staff we needed to restart our trading after restrictions were lifted, which in turn allowed us to divert these funds elsewhere in our business. The application process for the scheme is fairly quick and simple and so far, the support we have received has been truly exceptional.” Tytus Lumoyi was employed as an Office Assistant with DGE Hand Packing and has found working with Daniel a really positive experience and shows how Kickstart can make a real difference to employees lives and future career progression.

• employers can spread the start date of the job placements up until the end of December 2021.

We asked some of our Kickstart employers about their experience of participating in the scheme.

We are very proud of our new “peas” Zoe and Rob, they work hard and show that they care about our family restaurant.”

The Cheeky Pea Tal Maginelle owner of The Cheeky Pea Falafel & Hummus bar in Kingston said: “As a small family business, the Kickstart scheme made reopening much easier, when we had Zoe and Rob joining our team it brought another new energy to our Cheeky team. Most of our team are students so Zoe and Rob blended nicely in our cheeky environment. We teach and share information about food, customer service and give advice and support in the professional and private sector when needed.

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community

“The past year has been tough with COVID and the pandemic making it hard to find a job with stability as the lockdowns proved very hard to get interviews and for companies/Employers. When I heard about the kickstart scheme, it gave me confidence that I can find a way to get back to work which was very important. With Daniel it has been a joy to work, I have not had a manager who treated me with as much respect and also treated me as an equal. I wanted to find a job where the manager and I had very direct and clear communication in what the role involved and what my day-to-day tasks consist of, I have found that in this role and it gives me that extra motivation to work harder. This is an experience that will benefit me and my future for the better. Everything I was told regarding the kickstart scheme so far has been accurate and it’s proven to be a great step for me and my career”.

GOING FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH TO SUPPORT THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY On the 11th May it was confirmed in a letter from the Department for Education that STCG could use the title ‘University Centre South Thames Colleges Group’. This is a very positive outcome for the South Thames Colleges Group, and we are extremely proud of being able to use this title. STCG is the largest provider of college based Higher Education in London and has a history of delivering first class university level courses. Students benefit from state of the art facilities, small class sizes and excellent employment opportunities on graduation. The Vice Principal of Higher Education and Business Partnerships Stella Raphael-Reeves and the Head of Higher Education, Donna Pike (Principal Fellow) at STCG are working closely with all our HE partners to ensure Strategic Alliance Documents are set up, signed off and collaborative project plans are in place ready for the new academic year. We have a number of very exciting projects in the pipeline including a variety of new Degrees and Foundation Years in a range of curriculum areas across the group.

4 Work Force Development Courses 4 Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment – Visionnaires – 5 Days over 5 Weeks (Free) Offer 4 Kickstart and Pre Kickstart 4 Bespoke offer to support employment (Barista Training) 4 Sector Skills Academies 4 Functional Skills The Business Partnerships Team is an innovative, current, supportive, professional and ambitious team whose core values are to; 4 Listen to our employers and offer flexible and adaptable solutions for their changing workforce 4 Identify and fill skills gaps and offer the appropriate training required including but not confined to Apprenticeships or bespoke training gaps in London. This includes Apprenticeships and Higher Level Apprenticeships in a large number of subject areas. We are also working hard to transform the impact of education on entrepreneurship and self-employment and offering a free 5 day Entrepreneurship programme to anyone above 19 who is interested in starting their own business.

4 Help employers to recruit their future work force through Apprenticeships 4 Working with industry experts within each curriculum area

4 Apprenticeships

4 Enthusiastic and committed to Quality and Performance (Ofsted rated Good in all areas across the group of Colleges)

4 Pre – Apprenticeships

4 Future Focused

4 Online Provision

Please feel free to contact us at: Business@stcg.ac.uk


In June we held the first of our ‘Influencer Talks’ on Online Fitness opportunities with St Mary’s Institute of Sport and explored the world of Sport and Fitness. This is the first of a series of Webinars (‘Ted Talks’) which will be open to all starting in September 2021. The Business Partnerships Team led by Head of Business Partnerships, Kathryn Elliott, is also working behind the scenes on opportunities with large and smaller businesses to offer a portfolio of provision from Level 1 to Degrees to support and meet skills The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


Making the transition to a green economy Recently the UK government launched a new initiative to urge businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. The Together for our Planet Business Climate Leaders campaign is designed to encourage small and micro businesses to commit to cutting emissions in half by 2030 and to net zero by 2050.


BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community

cover feature - green economy transition The transition to a green economy will be amazingly fast and this is what differentiates it from other transitions in the past. It will be accelerated by changes in legislation, standards and technology. This creates opportunities but it is also a challenge.

The campaign is the latest move to tackle climate change – one of the most pressing challenges that individuals and businesses face as they move into a post-COVID world. It will enable small businesses to use the new UK Business Climate Hub to find practical tools, resources and advice to understand their emissions and develop a plan to tackle them, as well as providing ideas for steps they can take. With tough emissions goals set by UK ministers and governments around the globe, it’s clear that a greener future depends on all of us doing more to reduce our impact on the environment. Locally in Kingston, businesses, academics and local authorities have been working out how people and companies in the borough can improve their carbon footprint. Kingston Chamber of Commerce and Kingston Council recently held a virtual roundtable event with businesses to discuss the commercial opportunities that could arise from the transition to a green economy. The ultimate aim was to help local businesses grow back from the pandemic stronger and greener. Ioanna Rossi, Strategy and Partnerships Officer at Kingston Council, believes that there are opportunities for companies to innovate and grow while reducing their carbon footprint. Here is her take on the situation.

“Research and policy have so far disproportionately focused on the risks of climate change, rather than any business opportunities that might arise. Adaptation and mitigation strategies for climate change and particularly the decarbonisation of the economy create significant favourable circumstances for businesses to gain competitive advantage and grow. “The UK government has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This will affect policies, regulation and funding, as well as new and existing infrastructure, housing, energy and community assets. Kingston Council declared a climate emergency in July 2019 and is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions for its operations by an earlier date of 2038. “Direct growth opportunities exist in the following four sectors: a) Environmental goods and services: air quality, tree planting and habitat restoration. Statistical data (BRES 2018) show that the main sub-sectors in Kingston are: retail sale of flowers, plants, pet animals and pet food; landscape services; The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

and retail of second-hand goods. There will be opportunities for these sectors to grow further. b) Energy: further developing the renewable energy sector including wind and solar power, bioenergy, geothermal energy and hydrogen. There are only around 60 jobs in the mainstream energy sector in Kingston (BRES 2018). There are almost 70,000 households across the borough and all of them will need to transition to low-carbon energy, meaning that the business and employment opportunities are significant. c) Construction and built environment: buildings are responsible for about 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. A large proportion of Kingston’s residential buildings and business properties need to be retrofitted. There are 4,750 (BRES 2018) jobs in the built environment sector in the borough, meaning that this sector will have to expand to accommodate the decarbonisation and regeneration of Kingston. d) Transportation: the future is about electric vehicles, cycling, cargo bikes and micro-mobility. There are more than 1,700 jobs in Kingston in transportation and storage, as well as maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. In 2020, the UK government announced the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. This indicates a major need for manufacturing, installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging points.

“The transition to a green economy will be amazingly fast and this is what differentiates it from other transitions in the past. It will be accelerated by changes in legislation, standards and technology. This creates opportunities but it is also a challenge. There will be an impact on the volume, structure and pattern of employment. Some new jobs will appear while some current jobs will be substituted or disappear. The availability of the right skills and upskilling of employees is paramount for business growth. “The public sector has a very important role to play to make the transition process smoother and ensure that no-one is left behind. Kingston Council established the Transition to a Green Economy Group as a key workstream of the Kingston Economic Recovery Taskforce. This sought to address the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit and was chaired by councillor Hilary Gander and David Symons, head of sustainability in WSP Global Inc.

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


“Working in partnership is fundamental. The transition process is complex and requires knowledge from every discipline and in every industry. The group consists of local partners and representatives from large and small businesses and currently focuses its work on four priority areas: greening local businesses, decarbonising business transport, green skills and employment, and creation of ‘deep green’ highstreets and town centres.

Neil says: “To meet the UK’s 2050 net zero target for greenhouse gas emissions, significant action will be required across most sectors of our society. This brings with it significant opportunities for job creation and sustainable economic growth – from improving the energy efficiency of homes and offices to growth in electric vehicles, e-mobility and increasing the amount of green space across the UK.

“The recent roundtable discussion co-organised by Kingston Council and Kingston Chamber of Commerce was part of this group’s work. Ninety-three per cent of businesses participating in the first roundtable discussion told us that they would like to see more of this type of debate. From this feedback a series of other roundtable discussions will follow.

“In the housing sector, for example, gas boilers will need to be replaced by a low-carbon alternative and the government has set a target of 600,000 heat pumps to be installed per year by 2028. This transition also brings with it significant opportunities for improving public health, reducing social inequality and improving the energy security of the UK.

“A summary of the discussion, the presentations and the recordings can be accessed at: www.kingston.gov.uk/communications/roundtablediscussion-business-growth-opportunities-green-econom y/2?documentId=756&categoryId=20176

“For regular updates on our work and how to get involved, companies can register to receive the Kingston Business Newsletter: www.kingston.gov.uk/council-democracy/borough-ne wsletter/2?documentId=544&categoryId=20019.”

Also participating in the roundtable event was Dr Neil Jennings, Partnership Development Manager at the Grantham Institute, which sits at the heart of Imperial College London’s work on climate change and the environment. Analysing recent data, Neil outlines the stark challenge facing the country in the fight against climate change. l The planet has warmed by 1.2oC in the last 150 years due to the emission of greenhouse gases l The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now is 50% higher than it was before the Industrial Revolution and is higher than it has been for at least the last two million years l At the current rate of change, the recordequalling hot summer we had in the UK in 2018 will be an average summer within the next 50 years – and obviously the extremes of heat will be even more extreme l At the current rate of change, all warm-water coral reef will be dead within the next 50 years l To avoid the worst consequences of climate change we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions rapidly – we need to approximately halve global emissions of carbon dioxide by 2030 and get to net zero emissions by 2050


BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community

“From 2009 to 2019, annual growth of the UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was been between 1.5% and 3.1% while the green economy grew consistently at around 5%. Given the commitments of nations across the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it’s hard to imagine that growth of the green economy won’t continue to outstrip that of the wider economy. “One of the main challenges of any transition is to make sure that the costs and benefits are distributed fairly across society – something referred to as the Just Transition. Governments from the local to national level need to make sure that the employees of industries that go into decline as a result of the transition – the oil and gas sector, for example – are provided with opportunities to reskill into low-carbon employment. “Another challenge is the speed and scale with which change is required. There are, for example, 26 million homes in the UK that will need to be retrofitted by 2050 to reach housing emission reduction targets. At the moment we lack the skilled workers to fulfil this demand so a significant amount of training and reskilling is required; this poses a challenge but also an opportunity in terms of growth and job creation.” “To provide businesses with the confidence to invest in new technology or upskill their employees for the low-carbon economy, Neil believes it’s essential that the government puts the right incentives in place and sets out clear, long-term policies. “My view is that central government needs to devolve more powers and resources to local government, which is best placed to direct support at the local level,” he says. “For example, local authorities could be given more powers to use tools such as business rates to support zero and lowcarbon businesses.”

cover feature - green economy transition

To meet the UK’s 2050 net zero target for greenhouse gas emissions, significant action will be required across most sectors of our society. This brings with it significant opportunities for job creation and sustainable economic growth – from improving the energy efficiency of homes and offices to growth in electric vehicles, e-mobility and increasing the amount of green space across the UK.

The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


ask the expert

How can companies benefit from an environmentally friendly cleaning service? We want to help businesses and homes become more sustainable, consider healthier alternatives and get wise to what they’re putting into their environment. Air pollution is one of the largest environmental health risks we face today, with many commercial and household cleaners containing harmful toxic chemicals that can cause eye, nose, throat and lung irritation. As a cleaning business, we want to send a message to businesses that you don’t have to make a choice between your health and making your office environment sparkling clean. Just as important is that our teams of cleaners who use cleaning chemicals every day are not exposed to toxins that can be detrimental to health and the environment. The professional cleaning chemicals that we use are free from up to 16 ingredients that could be considered toxic.

Michelle Peters, MD of Paragon Cleaning Management

Many traditional cleaning products are made up of harsh chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are able to evaporate under normal indoor conditions. VOCs can cause indoor air pollution and adversely impact the health of animals and people, particularly those with respiratory conditions such as asthma. Paragon gets the job done without using harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. The products we use have a low to zero level of VOCs and are free from phosphates and phosphonates, which can harm the environment. Our products are never tested on animals and neither are any of the ingredients. Our business is not just about cleaning, though. We try to support clients in other areas of their business including hygiene management, sustainable consumables purchasing, waste recycling programmes and campaigns that build awareness of how damaging plastics and chemicals can be to the environment. Being a sustainable and responsible business, we’re part of an amazing community that looks after our environment and planet, which in turn improves our own health, wildlife and ocean eco systems. By recognising the difference you can make by reducing the environmental impact of your company, you can improve the sustainability credentials of

your business – an increasingly important factor that has enabled many companies to win lucrative contracts. An eco-conscious ethos at the heart of your business will help your company to attract and retain customers, not to mention staff. Many companies are, like Paragon, now sharing what they’re doing to protect the environment to educate and encourage people to protect global ecosystems which support health and wellbeing, both now and in the future. Paragon will always use environmentally responsible cleaning products, primarily Delphis Eco who have been awarded two royal warrants.. Having worked in the cleaning services industry for 23 years as a company director, I established Paragon Cleaning Management (also known as Paragon The Green Cleaning Company) after conducting extensive research on eco responsible cleaning chemicals. Several years on, I’m glad to say that the business is doing well and we’re leading the drive to help local businesses reduce their carbon footprint. It has been a very worthwhile journey!

For more information visit www.paragongreencleaning.co.uk

We specialise in professional, reliable commercial cleaning and support services that are both environmentally responsible and affordable. Want to find out what we could do for you? Call us on 020 8224 4111 or email us at: office@paragongreencleaning.co.uk The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community





Celebrating the positive impact of local businesses across the Borough of Kingston with credibility, independence and pride www.kbba.co.uk On Wednesday July 7th, 2021, at Warren House, Kingston Chamber of Commerce were delighted to launch the new Kingston Borough Business Awards (KBBA). KBBA will recognise the innovation, vitality, creativity and resilience of local businesses, social enterprises and education in the Borough. Kingston has a distinctive independent, collaborative attitude for business growth, to ensure a healthier future. These new Awards will aim to reflect this spirit and will be truly local; locally delivered, locally procured for local businesses. Having not seen friends and partners at an event since March 12, 2020, this felt a poignant and special occasion. With uplifting speeches led by Forbes Low, CEO of Kingston Chamber of Commerce and followed by headline sponsor, Professor Steven Spier, Vice Chancellor of Kingston University; gold sponsors, Ian Thomas CBE, CEO of Kingston Council and Peter Mayhew Smith, Group Principal and CEO, South Thames Colleges Group, there was a very tangible warmth, enthusiasm and togetherness.

“ It’s really important that we are anchored in Kingston. Kingston’s success is our success. Kingston University is regularly ranked 1st or 2nd for graduate start ups and that is why I am particularly delighted that we are supporting the start up award.” Professor Steven Spier, Vice Chancellor Kingston University.

Above: Professor Steven Spier Left: Ian Thomas CBE Right: Peter Mayhew Smith




Above Left: Dr Martha Mador, Kingston University Left: Kirsten Henly, Kingston First Above: Forbes Low, Kingston Chamber of Commerce


“ During the pandemic we saw how important that link between the council and its business community is. Having been an integral part of the effort to support businesses during those difficult times, we are delighted to support these awards. Organisations of all sizes have been adapting, exploiting new opportunities and creating employment in the Borough. We want to acknowledge that strength, resilience and contribution to the local economy.” Ian Thomas, CBE, Chief Executive Kingston Borough Council Launch supporters included Kingston First, Direct Colour and AV Team UK and Media Partners, Time and Leisure. Photography was handled by Annie Armitage Photography. Lucy Tupou and the Warren House team provided excellent food and hospitality. The award categories are designed to highlight diverse organisations, industries and sectors who work hard away from the usual spotlight. These categories are in tune with the ambitions of Kingston Borough partners and businesses. There will be a secure, online submissions method and a judging panel will be set up and this will consist of highly professional and respected figures from the business community. They, in turn, will be overseen by an adjudicator to ensure that the judging has been carried out fairly. HEADLINE SPONSOR

Categories The categories will be: • Contribution to the Community • Creative Effectiveness • Developing Young People Skills Sponsored by Kingston College • • • • • • • •

Digital, Marketing and Social Media Excellence in Customer Service Food and Beverage Health & Wellbeing Innovative Use of Technology Local Independent Retailer Outstanding Sole Trader/Freelancer Resilience and Adaptation Sponsored by Kingston Council • Start-Up of the Year Sponsored by Kingston University • Sustainable Business • Kingston Chamber of Commerce Professional Services Recognition The sponsorship packages offer businesses the opportunity to align themselves with a specific category but also a genuine association with the Awards programme, and the event itself. “ To me, the essential element in business are the people. It is people who come together to create, to build, to entertain and to deliver solutions to problems. These awards will celebrate these people for their achievements.” Forbes Low, CEO, Kingston Chamber of Commerce The Awards will be open for entries in August, with the judging in December and the Awards celebration in in early March 2022.


Sign up to the KBBA website to receive updates and news at www.kbba.co.uk 23

All photographs: Annie Armitage Photography

Sponsors From the outset, Borough partners Kingston University, Kingston College and Kingston Council immediately pledged support for the Awards. They delivered a tremendous message of: ‘What can we do? We believe in this and want them to work.’ Their endorsement clearly demonstrated the belief in partnership strengths coming together to back the business community in the Borough and this is much appreciated

the big interview

The eclectic entrepreneur At the top of Fredrick Elliott’s LinkedIn profile, there’s a simple description of his current vocation: “helping small businesses grow”. That, however, doesn’t tell the full story of a colourful career that has taken in retail, travel, advertising, business development, fashion, sales and marketing. First, back to the present. Fredrick’s current venture, Daniel & Joseph, is a full-service sales and marketing agency that uses the power of digital marketing to get clients’ brands noticed online and drive additional revenue through their websites. Earlier this year he launched, The Networking Club, a business support club to help business owners and their employees connect, grow and support each other. Fredrick says: “Daniel & Joseph covers all marketing touchpoints from to make your brand sparkle, to devising a comprehensive social media marketing campaign with full reporting metrics so you can see the true value of it. We’re basically an outsourced marketing department for a business; we help directors really understand the challenges they face and how to address them.” Since launching Daniel & Joseph in 2019, Fredrick has built an enviable client base including an international fashionwear brand and construction, food & drink, HR and wellbeing companies. During the pandemic he helped firms to pivot, creating e-commerce platforms for bricks and mortar businesses and helping bars and breweries establish a takeaway and delivery service when they had to temporarily close their doors.

This adaptability perhaps stems from Fredrick’s eclectic career, during which he chose not to specialise in one area and instead developed multiple skills that helped him solve business problems in many different areas. As a teenager he was offered a place at university to study law but decided to turn it down, instead becoming a buyer’s assistant at John Lewis. He went on to design a range of dresses that were stocked in John Lewis stores around the country before, in the first of many unusual career twists he took on a public relations role at the company, helping to publicise the John Lewis women’s and men’s fashion range. He then joined PR specialist Luchford APM, working with a range of international brands before he took time out to go travelling around North America and Europe. “It gave me the opportunity to explore new cultures and work out what I wanted to do with my life,” says Fredrick. “It certainly gave me a wider perspective on things.” In 2010 he joined Gapyear.com, a social network that enables advertisers to promote their tours,

and this prompted his next step forward on career ladder: the launch of a small travel agency for the Brisbane-headquartered Flight Centre Travel Group. Fredrick’s next move was to establish a business called Gapyear.com Travel, an offline travel agency that merged with StudentUniverse to offer both online and offline expertise for student travel. “That really got me into the world of travel,” he recalls. “I did this for a few years then realised that I wanted to do something different with my life.” That new challenge came in the form of Daniel & Joseph and Fredrick has plenty of plans for the future. “We’ll have a big focus on supporting local businesses and we’ll look to grow our reputation further afield as well,” he says. “Consumers will still value bricks and mortar but they’ll benefit from developing a stronger online presence. We’ll continue to deliver innovative solutions and effective strategies for businesses, tailored specifically to their line of work and organisational goals. We take the time and effort to understand the businesses that we work with and they really appreciate and value our input.”

Daniel & Joseph covers all marketing touchpoints from to make your brand sparkle, to devising a comprehensive social media marketing campaign with full reporting metrics so you can see the true value of it. We’re basically an outsourced marketing department for a business


BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community

the big interview

THE INSIDE STORY: Fredrick Elliott

Favourite food? Beef short ribs cooked in a Korean spicy rub. Favourite tipple? A pint of best bitter from any micro-pub/brewery. Favourite holiday? A winter holiday on the ski slopes in either Europe or East Coast America. Describe your family life? Never a dull moment; with family spread around the world and closer to home, my life has always been full. I’d summarise it as good times! How do you spend your downtime? Relaxing over a book or renovating our new house. What are your key strengths as a manager? I wouldn’t like to say but I’m always happy to be challenged and corrected! Criticism from the team is always welcomed; we don’t always get it right first time! And your limitations? Sometimes I’m a bit too headstrong – but aren’t we all sometimes! Best thing about doing business in the borough? I grew up in and around Kingston/Epsom/Ewell so giving back to the community is something that keeps me happy. I enjoy helping businesses in the area to grow and prosper. Famous person you’d most like to spend dinner with? A tough question! I’d love to have dinner with either Winston Churchill or Louis Mountbatten. Most interesting fact about yourself? One of my first jobs out of school was working in John Lewis as a buyer’s assistant. I ended up designing a small range of dresses that were stocked and sold in the company’s stores across the country. Fiona Kelly Photography

The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce


BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


news Work on thousands of homes starts despite the pandemic Construction work on more than 13,000 affordable homes started on London sites in 2020-21 despite the impact of COVID-19. New figures published by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan show that work got underway on 13,318 affordable homes in the capital last year despite the disruption and delays caused by the pandemic and Brexit. The mayor said this total surpasses the annual target agreed with government at the start of the pandemic, and means annual affordable homebuilding targets have been hit in every year of his tenure as mayor.

highest annual figure in the last decade. Throughout the pandemic, the mayor and the team at City Hall have worked tirelessly to support partners across the housing sector and ensure that building programmes remain on track. The mayor and his deputy mayor for housing, Tom Copley, have lobbied ministers to back council homebuilding as a key part of their COVID recovery plan, demanded greater investment in construction skills and technology in the wake of Brexit and set out plans to give London’s COVID heroes priority access to intermediate housing. Sadiq Khan said: “London’s housing crisis remains one of the greatest barriers to addressing the inequality we face in our city, and a key priority for my second term will be doing all we can to overcome it. “These figures show what councils, housing associations and the wider London housing sector have been able to achieve despite the instability and uncertainty created by Brexit and the pandemic. They also underline the huge progress made since I became mayor, when just three homes for social rent were left in the pipeline by my predecessor.”

Kingston Council has outlined its work to boost the local economy as new figures revealed that the pandemic saw local unemployment almost triple last year. A report for the council’s response and recovery committee showed the number of local people claiming unemployment benefits shot up from 2,115 to 6,090 in the year to November, and that there was fewer than one job for every three jobseekers. With Kingston’s jobless numbers expected to rise by a further 3,800 as government COVID-19 support for businesses comes to an end, the council is increasing its efforts to boost employment prospects across the borough. The committee will look at the progress of the council’s economic recovery and community recovery task forces and agree future plans to boost employment and skills for residents. So far, the economic recovery task force has paid out almost £49 million in COVID-19 support grants to


to revitalise riverside

Local designers are being invited to submit their ideas to revitalise the riverside as part of plans to breathe new life into the town centre. In collaboration with the charity Creative Youth, Kingston First and Kingston University, Kingston Council will be investing £200,000 in transforming the river frontage around John Lewis and Kingston Bridge.

More than 6,000 homes started in the last year will be available at social rent levels – the second

Kingston leads effort to boost local economy as unemployment triples

Design ideas wanted

In August 2020 the four organisations were successful in obtaining £200,000 from The Mayor of London’s Getting Building Fund specifically for these public realm improvements. Although the creative space and workspace will bring new life to this area, there is an opportunity for the public realm to be redesigned and repurposed to offer new potential space for creative community activity and enticing gateways into the two new premises. nearly 9,000 Kingston businesses, with an additional £1.6m going to more than 350 local firms. Teaming up with partners, including Kingston College, the taskforce has already enhanced the skills and employment prospects for young people through the launch of Work Match – a scheme which links people with available jobs – and rolled out the national Kickstart programme. More than 400 jobs have already been set up via Kickstart, including ten placements with council services. In addition, 16 roles have been found with Achieving for Children (AfC), the not-for-profit council-owned company that runs the borough’s children’s services. The company has also linked up with local schools and charities to develop around 120 more jobs across 30 different organisations in Kingston and Richmond. Councillor Caroline Kerr, leader of Kingston Council, said: “The majority of jobseekers in Kingston are looking for work in unskilled or semiskilled roles. That’s why the excellent work that the economic recovery and community recovery task forces are doing to link people with skills training as well as available jobs is so important.”

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community

Kirsten Henly, Chief Executive of Kingston First, said: “This design competition is an exciting example of the Reimagining Kingston Town Centre’s Streets and Spaces strategy being brought to life to improve the town centre experience. “This is an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to improving and better connecting this length of Kingston’s riverside, and we are keen to hear from up-and-coming landscape architecture and design teams, as well as established firms. We’re looking forward to receiving creative responses to the brief celebrating the heritage of the area and providing an improved public realm for people to explore and enjoy.” Robin Hutchinson, chair of Creative Youth, added: “This is a real opportunity to provide a visual progression to and from the green spaces of Canbury Gardens and the town centre riverside. It can become an attractive and engaging public space for enjoyment, activity and relaxation, making the most of its location next to the Thames. It can bring energy and animation next to the Bridge and draw together what will be the new Factory of Futures and the town centre.”

If you are looking to improve your sales and brand visibility in your local area – call us for a free consultation

 +44 (0)203 411 6694 danieljosephconsultancy.com

The future of your business success is to grow your network – in person & online. 50% off all event tickets by using the code KINGSTONJULY at checkout.

SAVE 20% ON ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP Apply online at thenetworkingclub.co.uk/kingston

 +44(0)203 883 5589


news Mayor launches London Eats campaign to bring people back to capital

Barwell Business Park providing industry-leading workspace

The Mayor of London’s year-long Let’s Do London campaign to bring people back to the capital has turned the spotlight on the city’s diverse food and drink offering with the launch of London Eats. London Eats celebrates the very best culinary delights that central London has to offer. From cheap street food eats to fine dining, food markets to drinks festivals, exclusive interviews, food trails, surprise tannoy announcements on the tube and the unveiling of new restaurant and street food market openings, there is something for everyone. The mayor Sadiq Khan was joined by celebrity chefs and successful restaurateurs, Monica Galetti and Angela Hartnett MBE, at Geoff Leong’s Chinatown restaurant Dumplings’ Legend to launch the campaign. The capital is the engine of the UK’s economy, but its retail, hospitality, culture and nightlife have been impacted hugely by COVID-19. By getting out and supporting them, while following public health advice, the mayor said people could protect central London’s unique eco-system of shops, hospitality and world-leading cultural venues and boost the economy. Sadiq Khan said: “I’m proud to be launching London Eats as part of my Let’s Do London campaign – the biggest domestic tourism campaign the capital has ever seen.

Barwell Business Park is playing a key role in the borough’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic through collaboration with partners and providing industryleading workspace. The park’s management is part of the council-led Economic Recovery Task Force which includes Kingston First and Kingston University. Councillor John Sweeney, Kingston Council’s Portfolio Holder for Business and Leisure, said of the group: “A lot of work on economic recovery has already begun and the

different partners across the borough are already working closely and meeting regularly.” He added: “The quality and quantity of workspace across the borough needs to be improved. Some industrial areas, like Barwell, have invested in order to attract great businesses.” Flexible leases and flexible workspace - upgraded in a rolling refurbishment programme –makes the Barwell offer attractive. Barwell’s Task Force representative, Colin Lawrence-Waterhouse, Asset Manager, Aviva Investors, (park owner), said: “As Barwell Business Park is a key location in the recovery from COVID-19, we do not wish to sit in isolation but to actively support in any way we can.”


“The hospitality sector has been one of the hardest hit by the impact of the pandemic, with too many jobs lost and under threat. As the government continues with the roadmap and more businesses are able to open up, we are joining with famous chefs, foodies and hospitality venues to celebrate our city’s world-renowned industry. Together we will be sharing our favourite places to eat and drink in London and highlighting the huge range of exciting events and openings that will be taking place this summer.”

Unit 50

Prestigious reception

14,136 sq ft

Passenger Lift

Fully refurbished industrial / R&D and office property

Private courtyard breakout area

Available Q2 2021

Flexible ground floor space with good loading and parking

14,136 sq ft (1,313 sq m) – Gross Internal Area approx

Grade A specification first floor offices

Units of 2,300 - 4,600 sq ft

COMING SOON Q3 2021 Get in touch today to find out more

Jonathan Hillman barwell@bridgerbell.com DD: +44 (0)1372 730011

Robert Bradley-Smith robert.bradley-smith@altusgroup.com M: +44 (0)7469 854799

@BarwellBP  @barwellbp  www.linkedin.com/company/barwell-business-park


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Kingston-based business receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise London, April 28th 2021 – Kingston-based specialist Audio and Entertainment Technology recruitment business, Interfacio Ltd, has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade, recognising a period of significant and sustained growth in the company’s international business. Now in its 55th year, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious business awards in the UK, and Interfacio is one of only 205 organisations to be recognised in 2021. The Award for International Trade is awarded for growth and commercial success in international trade, with Interfacio recognised for its continuous overseas growth between 2014 and 2020. During this time, Interfacio expanded its services exponentially across international markets including North America, Europe and Asia. The Kingston-Upon-Thames business has also been involved in local community events, with the husband and wife founders dedicating seven years between them working as business advisors under the Young Enterprise program with schools in the borough of Kingston. Commenting on the award, founder and Managing Director Richard Wear said: “We are extremely honoured to be receiving this award and would like to acknowledge the hard work and commitment shown by our whole team in delivering consistent results for our clients and candidates around the world in what continues to be a fast-changing and often challenging market. As the world and the industry start to return to the new normal it is exciting to see what is in store for the next phase of our development in the months and years ahead.” The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

Fellow company Director, European business consultant and principal coach, Isabelle Wear, who joined husband Richard in the business in 2012 to focus on building the company’s presence and capability across Europe, commented: “Working closely with people, listening to them and understanding the culture of our clients and their businesses, remains at the heart of what we do. So long as we can offer expert, personal support to individuals when they are considering key changes in their career, and we can remain true to them and our client’s needs, then the work we do will always be relevant and valuable. Winning this award comes at an exciting time for the business as we focus on new market opportunities, including our recently launched inTeams coaching and performance programs.”

IN MEMORY John Sinclair Perry

31 MAY 1953 – 12 OCTOBER 2020

At the end of last year, we heard the very sad news of John Perry’s passing. His work and support for Kingston Chamber of Commerce, Palmer Solicitors and many other organisations and charities, will be enormously missed. John was invited to join the Chamber as soon as he qualified as a Solicitor in l977. He became, at 34, the youngest ever President and served in this role twice. John was involved with a number of partnerships (such as with Edward Bentall and Norwich Union) in the development of the new one-way system and bringing into fruition the new Bentalls Centre. John was coerced by the Chamber Committee into dressing up as Santa and he switched the Christmas lights on for over 30 years. When Kingston College went through the process of becoming independent, John was asked to represent the Chamber as a governor of the College. He fulfilled that role for 34 years until he became Chairman of the Governors of Hampton School; a role he was still carrying out when he died. Kingston Chamber was the founding member of the South London Chambers of Commerce and John represented Kingston for many years in that capacity. His work with the Chamber provided him experience and broader opportunities, such as being a Council Member of the Law Society of England & Wales and the Chairman of London Choirs. At a difficult time, when local strengths, were so important to bring people together, John believed in serving the community to put back into Kingston and inspiring many others to do the same. He contributed in many other community areas but it is safe to say that not everyone gets into the Sunday Times Supplement for giving so much time to local work at Christmas. John was one of three who did.

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


Put your health first.

Discover Self Pay surgery at New Victoria Hospital. Quality private healthcare. Start your journey today.

NVH 020 8131 6306 Calling...

Speak to us today 020 8131 6306 selfpay@newvictoria.co.uk www.newvictoria.co.uk/selfpay

Find us just off the A3 184 Coombe Lane West Kingston upon Thames KT2 7EG



With the start of the world’s oldest major tennis tournament in Wimbledon, there is no better time to consider the possible upper limb pathologies that may arise in tennis players of all levels. Tennis enjoys great popularity worldwide due to the combination of technical skills, aerobic and anaerobic exercise, appropriate for players of all levels. It is, however, a sport that is associated with a fairly high incidence of injuries of up to 2.9 injuries per player per year. Tennis elbow is possibly one of the most common pathologies among tennis players. However, it can affect anybody who is consistently exposed to heavy arm work, such as nurses and care workers lifting patients or carpenters. This pathology can be very uncomfortable and, once it is established, may present in simple tasks, such as rotating the forearm and carrying shopping bags. Mr Angelos Assiotis, Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon at New Victoria Hospital, comments, “Tennis elbow can affect up to 50% of players who will develop some lateral elbow pain at some point in their careers.” The leading causes are often related to strenuous exercise for professional athletes. Sometimes, it can be caused by an incorrect technique, the wrong racket grip or the racket being too heavy.

The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

Recovery time depends on many factors, such as type of operation, age, rehab physiotherapy and individual response. Tennis players are usually back on the court at around 4-6 months after surgery. “Physiotherapy, bracing of the elbow, antiinflammatory medications and rest are often the first-line of intervention.” – continues Mr Assiotis - Shockwave therapy can also help promote tissue healing”. The treatment with Shockwave relies on an intense vibration that produces a controlled localised inflammatory reaction that promotes tissue regeneration. When medical treatments are not successful in managing symptoms, surgical release of the affected tendon needs to be performed, through an open incision or keyhole surgery. ”Recovery time depends on many factors, such as type of operation, age, rehab physiotherapy and

individual response. Tennis players are usually back on the court at around 4-6 months after surgery.” concludes Mr Assiotis. If you are concerned about any elbow symptoms or pain, you might want to speak to your GP or see a physiotherapist. If you would like to see an upper limb orthopaedic specialist at New Victoria Hospital you can visit newvictoria.co.uk or call 020 8949 9020. New Victoria Hospital is a well-regarded medical facility in the community, recently winning the Excellent Patient Experience Award by Doctify, the healthcare patient review platform where the Hospital consistently achieves a 4.87 out of a 5-star rating.

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rthsurrey Home care is a co.uk serious business top tips

by Lynn James

Top Tip Number 1: Check CQC Registration and Inspection Report Firstly, check any care company that you are commissioning to care for you or a loved one, is registered with the CQC. The CQC also rate care companies but don’t disregard any new companies that haven’t had the opportunity to be inspected yet, they could be outstanding… cqc.org.uk We come across some amazing private care arrangements but just be aware of potential issues with accountability and issues such as covering for absences. Home care isn’t just about nice people helping out, there are justifiable regulations and legal responsibilities that need to be followed to safeguard vulnerable people living in the community. The provision of ‘personal care’ is considered a regulated activity by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and involves supporting people in their homes (or where they’re living at the time) with things like washing, bathing or cleaning themselves, getting dressed or going to the toilet. According to the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014, any person (individual, partnership or organisation) who provides regulated activity in England must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) otherwise they commit an offence. The above rule however does not apply to privately employed carers but does apply to any agency providing carers.

Home Care can be costly both financially and in its effect on Quality of Life. Quality Regulated Home Care can’t be delivered on the cheap. We have come across numerous families who have been “making do”, believing that better didn’t exist and it is truly heart-breaking to see the impact on a person’s well -being when they are in receipt of poor quality care. The UKHCA (UK Home Care Association) is working for quality in all home care and has calculated that quality care cannot be provided for less than £21.43 per hour based on paying caregivers the National Minimum Wage, and £25.70 at London Living Wage. Local authority care allocations are often in the region of £18/hour……

At Visiting Angels North Surrey, all our carers start on the London Living Wage and as they complete training, we recognise their achievement with a salary increase. We pay our caregivers more because we want to recognise the incredibly important job that they do. We want our caregivers to be happy in their role which we strongly believe has a positive outcome for our clients.

Top Tip Number 2:

Ask questions of your Local Authority and potential Care Providers – the care company you work with is an important decision with a huge impact on day to day life Don’t be led by cost alone, have a conversation with the care company of your choice to see if they can help you. At Visiting Angels North Surrey, we try to find creative solutions to help people achieve their care needs within their budget wherever possible. Ask about any “hidden” costs such as travel time, bank holiday rates etc Ask the care companies about how they treat their staff and what measures they have in place to check the quality and safety of the care. Ask about their recruitment processes and referencing policy (at Visiting Angels North Surrey we ask for 4 references as well as a DBS Check). Ask about how the caregivers are trained and the ongoing support they receive. Ask your local authority to carry out a care needs assessment to see if you qualify for any financial support that you can then potentially use to commission the company of your choice. Many families that we come across are unaware that they have a choice and believe that they need to accept the care company that is provided. Also ask about non -means tested benefits such as Attendance Allowance and Council Tax Reduction that can help. At Visiting Angels North Surrey, we recognise just how important this decision is and I will always be happy to talk through concerns and help wherever I can. Lynn James 07923 157 010

Exceptional home care visits from exceptional carers

Find out how a Visiting Angel can help Call: 0203 143 4007 or 07923 157 020

Our home care visiting service is carefully tailored to suit your loved one’s needs and can help them retain their independence and stay connected to friends, relatives and pets.

www.visiting-angels.co.uk/northsurrey northsurrey@visiting-angels.co.uk

Our caregivers are carefully selected. We find excellent people with the right mix of skills, experience and a true caring nature, so that they can provide consistently superior home care. 190x45mm VA Ad North Surrey.indd 1


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05/07/2021 08:32

Health insurance for you, your employees and their family members If you are self-employed or running a business of any size, a healthy workforce is vital. WPA has a comprehensive range of health insurance products that can be tailored to your requirements to help protect and support employee health and wellbeing. Contact Tom Bradley to find out more Director of JSB Private Healthcare Limited, an Appointed Representative of WPA Healthcare Practice Plc

07446 856700 | 01372 621030 tom.bradley@hcp-plc.org.uk | wpa.org.uk/tombradley Part of the WPA Group Registered in England and Wales No. 07320330 The Healthcare Practice is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Our highly trained care home teams are specialists in residential, dementia and respite care, so whatever your needs and personal preferences, we’re here to help you and your family at every step of the journey. Enjoy outstanding-rated care with prices fixed until 2023* If you’re considering permanent or respite care for yourself or a loved one, call Jonathan Fahy to arrange a tour or one-to-one chat on 020 3811 0806 or email jonathan.fahy@careuk.com Experts in award winning care. Trusted by over 6,500 families. Rated


out of 10 on carehome.co.uk

Sherwood Grange care home 1a Robin Hood Lane, Kingston Vale SW15 3PU careuk.com/Sherwood-grange *Terms and conditions apply – speak to us or visit our website for more information.

The Royal Borough of


Chamber of Commerce

BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community


Sarah Kaye School is Easy Kingston, Wimbledon and Sutton What do you like most about working for a start-up? Personally, the opportunities to positively impact the lives of those in my community are endless. The pandemic has hit many families hard and unfortunately, some students (young and mature), have also experienced the same level of struggle academically. This is my opportunity to make a difference by offering impactful help when it is most needed.

What has been your greatest business success to date?

Tell us a bit about your business? We are a family’s educational partner, providing personalised tutoring based on the student’s needs and aspirations. Who we are teaching is just as important as what we are teaching. That is why we prioritise fully understanding a student’s struggles, background and goals. We keep it simple – we deliver results – we make the perfect match between student and tutor. Supporting your child should not be a mystery and knowing how to do it should not be a burden.

What gives your business ‘the x-factor’?

A year 11 student felt overwhelmed, frustrated and under pressure. Online and distance learning was exacerbating her pain when it came to preparing for her Maths GCSE. After matching her with the perfect tutor for her, she moved from working at a grade 3 (D) to a grade 6 (B) in Maths. She attributes her progress to the tutor she was assigned.

What has been your lowest moment? Every difficult period has been an opportunity to learn, grow and master a skill that was previously unfamiliar. Making the transition from education to business has had its challenges, but the team I am surrounded by continues to be a source of strength and encouragement.

Value first. We provide value in several ways: from taking a deep dive into the student’s history, concerns and needs to communicating consistently with the family. We guarantee that your child will meet their goals and we are committed to making it happen.

What motivated you to set up in business? As a teacher and mother, I fully appreciate the stress, anxiety and pressure placed upon families when it comes to education. I firmly believe that excellent education opens doors in ways students often cannot imagine. As parents and educators, we have a responsibility to do better and to provide the help needed at the right time. Students should not settle for mediocrity if they can excel. That’s my job: to provide one to one tutoring that facilitates growth in every area, from learning study skills to mastering content. It all matters.


BOROUGH BUSINESS - The voice of Kingston’s business community

In terms of business achievements, where do you want to be within the next year 5 years? In the next 5 years, the future of SIE Kingston, Wimbledon and Sutton lies in serving those who have been failed by the system. We all know that traditional education puts an immense focus on exams, assessments and tests. As important as they are, so is your child’s ability to become a life-long learner. Developing an understanding of how to learn, revise and develop your ability to think critically, all have a profound effect on a person’s life.

What would be your top tip to someone thinking of starting up their own business? Research. Research the field, the company and those who operate in that company. Know exactly what the expectations are, monetarily and professionally, and ensure the support you need will be provided. I am personally surrounded by an incredibly supportive and committed team of professionals in my franchise. I am so grateful. Although the company is very much my own, I am also part of a team that I trust and appreciate. It is the best of both worlds.

Assisted Living | Nursing | Dementia Care | Respite “OUTSTANDING” CARE IN KINGSTON Coombe Hill Manor provides exceptional care by compassionate people for both individuals and couples. The home is expansive with large communal areas and apartments that are typically twice the size of the market average. Amenities include a cinema, landscaped gardens, spa bathroom, hair salon, therapy room, lounges, dedicated activities room and choice of formal and informal dining in the restaurant, bistro or café. Coombe Hill Manor is open to visitors and welcoming new residents.

To find out more about how Signature at Coombe Hill Manor can provide total peace of mind for you and your loved ones, please contact our Client Liaison Managers today.

020 4533 8912 | enquiries.coombe@signaturesl.co.uk signature-care-homes.co.uk




Costco Wholesale is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership* is £22 ex VAT (£26.40 inc VAT). The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership* is £28 ex VAT (£33.60 inc VAT). To sign up for Trade membership in the warehouse please provide one piece of business evidence, PLUS one piece of photographic identification, for Individual membership please provide your employee ID card or current payslip to prove your employment, PLUS one piece of photographic identification.


PREVIEW OUR WAREHOUSE TODAY!∆ Costco Sunbury, Hanworth Road, Sunbury on Thames, Surrey, TW16 5LN T: 01932 508 100 E: marketing127@costco.co.uk www.costco.co.uk † Sign up for membership with this advert at our Sunbury warehouse before 31/12/21 and receive a £10 voucher to spend online at www.costco.co.uk. New members only. *Membership Criteria applies. Membership must be obtained before purchases can be made. ∆Qualifying ID required to preview in the form of company payslip ID. Accepting Mastercard, American Express and Visa credit cards as well as cash, debit card or cheque. No cash or cheque at fuel station. JN27312 SHOP SAFELY AND SECURELY AT COSTCO. Costco is firmly committed to helping protect the health and safety of our members and employees and to serving our communities in accordance with COVID secure guidelines. All of our warehouse locations are open to serve you, with additional protocols in place to maintain a safe and secure shopping environment. Visit www.costco.co.uk/covid-updates for further information.

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