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Celebrating success – and getting ready for that vote Our big interview on page 30 is with the three lawyers who established Sahota Newcomb Scott (SNS Law) in Maidstone and have since become a real Kent success story with the legal practice constantly expanding and about to move into new premises. Formed by experienced top-flight litigation lawyers John Newcomb, Gareth Scott and Jay Sahota, the firm specialises in everything from international litigation and they tell us why they love what they do.

Welcome to the latest edition of Thinking Business, which has its usual mix of news and views from around the county. One of the issues we explore, in our cover feature beginning on page 24, is the evolving nature of security and how local companies are responding to the challenges of keeping us safe in an ever-changing world. We also take a look at Royal Tunbridge Wells in our regular spotlight feature starting on page 17, examining what makes it such a good place to do business. Tunbridge Wells is an outstanding location for enterprise with a diverse business community of more than 6,500 businesses providing a range of services and products. They employ more than 51,000 people drawn from a wide catchment area in Kent and Sussex and we look at some of the key sectors that make the area so successful, including finance and business services, IT, retail, tourism and hospitality, cultural and creative, education and health.

And we could not let this edition pass without referring to the forthcoming EU Referendum so on page 6 we look at how nearly 90% of the senior businesspeople polled in the recent Chamber survey said that they are unlikely to change how they will vote before the poll. The detailed findings indicate that 54.1% of businesspeople polled would vote to Remain, down from 60% in February and 37% would vote to Leave – up from 30% on the BCC’s previous survey. In my article, I argue that, whatever the outcome, Westminster must shift its attention back to the economy on June 24 without delay; the uncertainty has been far too damaging.

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June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS



Members Corner from

Linda Marsh

Richard Torble - Business Headshot Photographer Being a Chamber member kickstarted my success

Director of Membership Services

you guys are perceived in the right way. Confident and approachable. I don’t do weddings or events or food or, well you get the point. Business headshots. One thing, really well.

Helping YOU make the most of YOUR membership!

What the Chamber helped me with is taking this message and connecting it with their members through attending networking events, sponsoring my own events and creating a plan that was easy for me to stick to. The result has been an unmitigated success.

I am very keen to make sure that as a member of Kent Invicta Chamber you get what you want out of YOUR membership. I know its not easy to always attend networking events, but YOUR Chamber membership offers you so much more than just County wide networking. An example of this is in the exclusive members area of the website, have you taken advantage of your free banner advert? So many members have not yet, and its only available to members, so why not contact me to find out how to set this up? Member2Member offers, what a great way to offer fellow Chamber members something special, just remember it can always be put on a staff notice board to encourage a wider participation! Again, it’s all free to members, so get in touch. We have now upgraded our advertising capabilities, so now you can reach a wider Kent network of businesses by “buying in” to our E-comms banners, an extremely easy and cheap way to get noticed across Kent. It’s important that we meet your expectations, but equally it’s important that YOU, as a member, consider the best ways that you can make the very best from your membership, so if there is something that we can do to add value please do contact me, it’s what I am here for, to shape the future of YOUR Chamber membership and meet the needs of YOUR business. Remember – YOU are part of KENT’S only accredited Chamber and WE want YOU to make the most of it!


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I don’t agree. It’s what you know and who you know. To give you some context, I’m in my third full year of business. Like a lot of business owners, I spent an additional few years building my presence before making the leap. I’ve never looked back. One of the first things I did was become an Invicta Chamber member. At the end of my yearly membership I decided not to renew. I felt like I didn’t get enough out of it and wanted to explore other avenues. However, what impressed me is how the Chamber stayed in touch, and twelve months ago I was asked by my member representative

if I would consider getting together with herself and Linda Marsh at a Kent B2B. “We have something we think you’ll be really interested in”, they said. Great job on raising the curiosity. “You have a great business, we love what you are doing and we want to help you take the next step. Let’s take you under our wing for a year and use the Chamber to help you grow. If it works we can offer it to other members.” I was blown away. Cogs were turned and wheels were put into action. Or whatever the saying is. I already felt like I had a strong message. I’m a headshot photographer. I shoot business headshots. I make sure

What surprised me was how quickly I got calls from existing Chamber members. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the likes of Brachers, Hatten Wyatt, Kreston Reeves, Macintyre Hudson, amongst others and many individuals also. I feel like I have real momentum which is extremely exciting. I realised that I only had myself to blame for not getting enough out of my membership the first time around. You can’t just sign up, pay your fee and expect good things to happen. You have to get out there, create and nurture relationships and be driven to constantly improve. When I spoke to Linda recently she said “Congratulations. What now?” I translated that into “Don’t rest on your laurels buster” I have no intention of doing so.


Chamber Business Awards to showcase best of British business for 13th year running Businesses from across the UK are invited to compete in the thirteenth annual Chamber Business Awards – hosted by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). The prestigious competition is one of the showpiece events in the business calendar, recognising and promoting the best of British business through a series of regional heats, culminating in a Gala Awards Dinner, which will take place at The Brewery, London on 24 November 2016. Entries will run until Friday 24 June 2016. Companies can enter seven categories, covering export, small business, people development, technology, high-growth, customer service and partnerships with the education sector.

The awards are supported by BT, Composite Legal Expenses, NFU Mutual, DHL Express, Westfield Health and Qdos Consulting. To enter online, go to or for further information you can contact the Chamber Awards team on 020 7654 5800, email: or follow @chamber_awards on Twitter.

Awards in the picture

Brian Russell of BRD Associates was chosen to work with the Kent Invicta Chamber this year in covering the photography for their annual awards. With more than 30 years of experience in events and award ceremonies it was useful to the team to have such an experienced photographer on hand and comments were made at how smoothly the support team worked together on the night.

Brian said: “Having covered major national award ceremonies in the past both televised and private, with Royal and celebrity presenters one gains a sixth sense of where you are going to need to be next, ready for the best opportunity to capture a shot.

Bringing an event to market like an award ceremony does require a lot of organization and cooperation with the ultimate goal of achieving a smooth and slick presentation. The event support companies involved on the night worked well together, liaising and communicating, which is a sure sign of their professionalism.

“You become very aware of Branding and its importance to publicity material and I was able to offer some small tips to the Chamber team that might improve the event’s public awareness for next year. Reliance just on a venue’s facilities can sometimes be a false saving. “Lighting and background are a strong element that

sometimes get overlooked in the excitement of the event which simple planning can improve with little extra costs involved. I have many blogs on my web site discussing various elements of events from timings to branding and staging, which event organizers might find of interest.” All the images from the night are available to be viewed at Click the link at the top of the home page for “Customers Area” and then on the next page click the folder “2016 Invicta Chamber awards”.

In My Opinion Chris Hanson Solicitor Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Whether you are a corporate landlord or a private landlord, a property only provides an income where there is a Tenant in occupation and paying rent. If the Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) is correctly set up at the beginning, expensive and lengthy court proceedings to evict a ‘bad’ Tenant can be avoided. This can offer significant savings overall. Either a Section 8 Notice (for possession during the term of the AST) or a Section 21 Notice (for possession at the end of the AST’s term) is used to start the property recovery process. Unless the AST specifically permits it the Landlord will not be able to serve a Section 8 Notice. Make sure the AST allows the Landlord to use Section 8 notices, otherwise you may lose income from your property and not be able to do anything about it. Many ASTs are available online, however, if they do not properly protect the Landlord they can cost more in the longer term than a solicitordrafted document tailored to your requirements. Although the new prescribed Section 21 Notice makes the process easier, difficulties remain. From the very beginning of the AST make sure you are aware of the Landlord’s responsibilities and the relevant procedures. The following are examples of what can make an otherwise valid Section 21 Notice ineffectual: a) The Deposit is not protected at the start of the AST; b) Deposit protection information (as set out in legislation) is not served on the Tenant at the start of the AST; or c) An Improvement Notice is served on the Landlord identifying health and safety hazards in the property. As the Court fee has increased to £355 it is more important than ever to get the foundations of a case laid properly to avoid problems later on. In my opinion, the following steps will reduce potential ‘litigation risk’ when seeking possession 1. Health check AST documentation 2. Protect Deposits swiftly 3. Be familiar with current regulations 4. Consider using professional managing agents If in doubt, consult a solicitor. Chris Hanson can be contacted on 01233 664711

June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS



Ashford-based expertise Business vote tightens as referendum campaign helps consortium pick heads to the finish line up national award By Jo James

A consortium that includes an Ashford company has won a major award for helping people live independently in their own homes. Kent’s Red Alert Telecare is part of the Argenti partnership, a group of companies that has so far helped more than 4,200 vulnerable people across Hampshire lead independent lives by providing them with hightech monitoring equipment. The group’s success in changing lives was reflected at the prestigious 2016 Local Government Chronicle Awards, when Hampshire County Council and its partners PA Consulting - which heads up the Argenti team - picked up one of the top awards.

The partnership won the Driving Efficiencies Through Technology category, highlighting its success in allowing people to remain at home by providing equipment that can monitor their health, summon help if necessary and provide reassurance to them and their relatives. “Telecare is a 24 hour personal emergency monitoring service which uses wireless technology and environmental sensors to monitor people with care and support needs,” said Red Alert Telecare boss Clive Gawler.

Nearly 90% of the senior businesspeople polled in the Chamber survey say they are unlikely to change how they will vote before the June 23rd referendum.

The detailed findings indicate that 54.1% of businesspeople polled would vote to Remain, down from 60% in February 2016, and 37% would vote to Leave – up from 30% on the BCC’s previous survey. The data on voting intentions also shows some divisions based on size and export interests. Those trading with other EU markets express the strongest support for ‘Remain’, with the strongest levels of support for ‘Leave’ among those that do not. Businesspeople representing large firms are significantly more likely to vote ‘Remain’ than those in micro businesses. The findings, from an April 2016 survey of more than 2,200 leading businesspeople, also show that individuals are now strongly committed to their voting preferences. Just 0.3% of respondents said they were uncommitted, and only 10.8% said they could change their mind. As the EU referendum campaign enters the final straight, the race for the business vote has clearly tightened.

Are you growing or reorganising your company?

Although a clear majority of the businesspeople surveyed continue to express a preference to remain in the European Union, the gap between Remain and Leave has narrowed significantly in recent weeks.

Help your team reach their full potential and deliver your business goals.

While only a minority of businesspeople report that the referendum campaign has had a material impact on their firms to date, significant numbers say that they

We’ll work with you to create a bespoke team development package, so the training fits your objectives and budget. For your free consultation call 01304 251439 or email


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

expect significant impacts in the aftermath of the vote – particularly if Leave carries the day. Findings of the survey included: • The majority of business leaders report that the referendum has had no impact to date on various aspects of their business • If the UK were to leave the EU, 35.9% currently expect this would have a negative impact on their overall growth strategy (down slightly from 39% in February’s survey), 36.3% feel this would have no impact (unchanged from previous survey), while 15.9% believe it would have a positive impact (largely unchanged) • Asked for the first time about the impact of remaining a member of the EU, 12.8% currently expect this to have a negative impact on their overall growth strategy. • 54.1% – a majority – of business leaders would vote to stay in the European Union, should the vote take place tomorrow. 37% would vote to leave. • This is a narrowing from the previous survey in February, which showed a 60-30-10 split in favour of Remain. Whichever outcome prevails, Westminster must shift its attention back to the economy on June 24 without delay.

Although a clear majority of the businesspeople surveyed continue to express a preference to remain in the European Union, the gap between Remain and Leave has narrowed significantly in recent weeks.


New rules for compliance on Auto Enrolment Paul Nixon Partner 01233 629255 (Ashford)

When it comes to Auto Enrolment, all businesses now need to complete a Declaration of Compliance to satisfy The Pensions Regulator (TPR) that a company has carried out the correct processes and is on track to meet compliance. It is no longer enough for businesses just to be doing right by their employees as far as pensions is concerned, as they also need to satisfy the regulator that they are doing what they are supposed to – and timing is critical! Businesses will now need to sign a document, which is also a legal requirement, so all firms from employers with one staff member, up to the largest corporates, must do this. If an employer has workers who are all deemed as non-eligible, they do not have to set up a qualifying pension scheme, however they must still complete a declaration of compliance.

What to do now The Declaration needs to be completed and submitted online to TPR no later than five calendar months after an employer’s staging date – so timing is crucial. If the five month deadline hits a Saturday, Sunday or a Bank Holiday, firms can submit it the following working day. For businesses that have postponed their staging date, a Declaration cannot be completed until after the postponement period has ended and the first assessment completed. But, the advice is, get ready as soon as possible as there may be very

little time between the end of the postponement period and the Declaration deadline. Smaller businesses came in on the last wave in terms of staging. Throughout May, June, July and August, over 100,000 SMEs and their business advisers will complete and submit a Declaration of Compliance to TPR.

What information will you need? It takes a number of straightforward details to get the job done, such as the employer’s name, contact details and correspondence address, the type of pension scheme being used for Auto Enrolment (i.e. personal or occupational) and the pension scheme reference number. Keeping a note of all logins and passwords will save time (and hassle), and remembering to save the online form at regular intervals is a good idea as the software can timeout after a period of inactivity.

Risking the consequences Employers are being warned not to ignore the deadlines, as leniency will be in short supply. Recent figures released by the TPR show that 1,319 businesses have either been fined or received compliance notices for failure to comply with the auto enrolment legislation.

In addition, 166 businesses were issued fixed penalty notices of £400 for "failure to comply with statutory notice or some specific employer duties". It’s a massive jump from only 3 businesses from the last quarter. Fortunately, there were no escalated penalties of between £50 and £10,000 per day (dependant on the size of the business) for further failure to comply with statutory notices.

Can my advisor/payroll provider complete this on my behalf? It remains the employer’s responsibility to ensure the declaration is completed on time and the information provided to TPR is correct. If not, the employer risks a fine. You can ask your advisor or payroll provider (providing they act as your Agent for HMRC) to complete this, but if they offer this service there will likely be a charge, so ensure you know what you will be charged for this service. For more information on the Declaration click here (link completing-the-declaration-ofcompliance.aspx) or alternatively you can get in touch with a payroll representative at Wilkins Kennedy, who would be delighted to help you with your enquiry.

June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS



Getting logistics right for our customers UK Freight Masters was established as a warehousing and logistics concern more than 35 years ago. Our activities embrace groupage, distribution, warehousing and freight forwarding. Now as a fully owned subsidiary of the Palletforce Network, we have a considerable presence in the South East London and West Kent areas. In particular we welcome enquiries for Western European Groupage together with national distribution. In addition we can offer full vehicle tracking enabling us to update customers on


the exact status of their delivery / collections. Our premises in Belvedere are ideally located for easy access to the national motorway network. Please feel free to contact us for rates. For further information contact: Paul Gower Export Supervisor Email:

ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

Cripps wins Business of the Year Award 2016

Cripps, the Kent based law firm, has been awarded Business of the Year at the annual Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Awards. Held on 17 March at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, the prestigious awards, now in their 11th year, recognise excellence in business across the region. One of six categories, the Business of the Year award was sponsored by the University of Kent. Managing Partner Gavin Tyler said: “We are extremely proud to have won this award, particularly as we were up against some very strong competition. To have been named Business of the Year is

a credit to all of our staff who have worked so hard in making Cripps the modern, progressive legal business that it is today.” Jo James, Chief Executive of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce said: “I would like to congratulate everyone at Cripps on becoming the Business of the Year 2016. The standard of this year’s entries was exceptionally high which, combined with the rigorous judging process, makes this win a marvellous achievement.”

With offices in Tunbridge Wells, Kings Hill and Discovery Park at Sandwich, plus London, Cripps is ranked as a top 100 UK law firm. It has undergone a sustained period of growth in recent years, which is set to continue. The firm is committed to investing in its premises, technology and people to continue delivering an exceptional standard of client service.


Funding helps build Kent’s construction skills Construction skills are to get an important boost following news that East Kent College has secured £1.36 million from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) to extend its training facilities at its Folkestone Campus. Planning permission is already in place at the site from Shepway District Council, and with the funding agreed by SELEP’s Accountability Board, which met on Friday April 8, construction is planned to begin in June. The £1.48 million project is a joint investment by SELEP and East Kent College. East Kent College Principal Graham Razey said that the building would help to combat skills shortages in the construction industry, providing valuable training facilities for students. The investment will see the campus’ existing construction training facilities extended, providing high quality accommodation to train a new generation of construction professionals.

The new extension, giving an extra 1,089m² of training space will provide a base for teaching bricklaying, plastering and maintenance operations to students when it is fully operational in January 2017.

The news was welcomed by Geoff Miles, Kent Chair of SELEP and Chair of the Kent & Medway Economic Partnership, the organisation which leads on SELEP-related activities locally.

Company marks tenth anniversary Chatha Hygiene are celebrating their tenth year as one of the county’s leading, independent, family run, washroom and hygiene companies. Located near Maidstone, they have continued to grow and base their success on giving the personal touch and understanding the needs of their very varied customer base. They have always been aware that excellent customer service and support is key to their business and that is what they

continue to deliver and is why they have the success they have worked so hard to achieve. There are other companies out there, but they wanted to provide something that set them apart from the others. Giving people confidence in their service is extremely important, as is peace of

mind that the job is being done. They have to be adaptable to late hours and early mornings, seven days a week, but it’s part of what they are about and they don’t lose sight of that. Chatha Hygiene also makes sure that any waste collected, whenever possible is recycled.

Rekindle your inner spark and fire up your business Have you a burning desire to develop your idea into a reality? Sometimes the fire that glows so brightly inside gets overcome by the smoke that surrounds it. When thinking about building a role where you are at work, expanding your business or starting your own company it can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you would benefit from some focused time and support to help you clear the air and rekindle your inner spark? Colin* had many aspects to his business, which had grown well over the past four years, but felt in a fog about which direction to go next. He had turned over his ideas for many months but had not yet been confident to act. Time now to let it all spill out in an emotionally safe and confidential space. Over a couple of coaching sessions he analysed the current set-up of each aspect of his business and highlighted profitable possibilities. The fog began to lift and some pathways lit up as options were investigated. During these sessions, Colin identified his personal values and reviewed his work/life balance. This led him to enjoy greater energy, better relationships and higher productivity. Rather than giving advice or encouraging dependency a coach empowers you to act. Colin’s actions after each session were small at first and then grew in leaps and bounds. With a clearer vision, Colin is now more able to recognise opportunities to develop and expand his business rapidly in the desired direction. Since then, the positive difference has been noticed and commented on by those around him and the growth in his business is evident. Do you know someone with a burning issue, unclear on the route to take and hesitant in taking action? Talking with friends and colleagues may be helpful or perhaps a hindrance if they are biased or negative, putting forward their ideas rather than listen to yours. A coach is neutral and seeks only to focus on your best interests. * name and details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Rosemary Williams RW Coaching 07532162087

June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS



New Toro super-fleet arrives at Littlestone Golf Club

As part of a £¾ million turfcare machinery investment, Kent’s Littlestone Golf Club has welcomed 17 new Toros in a move that will further enhance its status as one of South East England’s premier golfing venues.

The historic dual-course club is home to one of the country’s finest traditional championship links course, laid out on naturally

undulating land between Romney Marsh and the English Channel, and The Warren Littlestone, a naturally-rugged links

attached to the championship course. In the partnership deal with Toro and Toro’s UK distributor Lely Turfcare, the new fleet comprises nine mowers, including Greensmasters, Reelmasters and Groundsmasters, four utility vehicles, two aerators, a top dresser and the latest MP5800 sprayer, the first to be delivered in the UK. Club chairman Stuart Gremo said: “Following a management restructure and

a robust business plan adapted for the changing face of golf, the club will post encouraging profits for the last trading period. “As such, the board felt now was the right time to invest in state-of-the-art machinery. The Toro fleet will ensure the courses are maintained to the highest standards and recovery times improved, which in turn will help Littlestone further elevate its top 100 status.”

You’re Hired!

“You’re Hired Kent” is a joint campaign between Kent County Council, Medway Council, Kent Association of Training Organisations (KATO) and Kent Further Education (KFE), supported by the National Apprenticeship Service. Working with the newly established Guilds which focus on the key industry sectors in Kent, the campaign raises awareness and creates new exciting apprenticeships at all levels. This initiative was launched on Wednesday 11th May during the Kent Vision Live event at the ‘You’re Hired Kent’ Breakfast. During the event, employers pledged their apprenticeship opportunities at the “You’re Hired Kent” stand in the Skills & Employability area. So far, 111 Apprenticeship opportunities have been pledged.

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce is pleased to support and endorse this campaign and encourages our members to become involved. This initiative is designed to make it easy for employers to recruit an apprentice to meet the needs of their business and provides a “one stop shop” to ensure you get the right employee, training provider or college and programme. You will be able to request further information and arrange a visit (if required) from an advisor who will make the process clear and simple.

For further information and to register your interest and pledge your intention to recruit an apprentice, just visit Apprenticeships provide an injection of skills training into the workforce and help aid the economic recovery. Apprenticeships give young people a recognised framework of qualifications and the basis for future sustainable employment whilst enabling businesses to grow their workforce and in turn create productivity.

Rimmel site plans submitted for redevelopment Plans have been submitted to redevelop the former Rimmel factory site at Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate in Ashford, creating the prospect of nearly 200 new jobs in the borough. Derelict since 2007 when it was destroyed by fire, the former factory was demolished and part of the site was then taken for the high speed rail line, with the remaining five acres left as a cleared brownfield site. Gallagher Properties Ltd, based in Maidstone, acquired the site last year from the Homes & CommunitiesAgency, and a planning application has been submitted to Ashford Borough Council.

Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate is a wellestablished industrial employment area and Gallagher Properties plans to provide new employment space in a modern, well designed development. The proposals include plans to develop a number of small to medium size warehouse units with forecourts and parking areas on 70 per cent of the site. The remainder of the site would provide a ready-mix concrete plant

alongside a grounds and maintenance depot for the Council. Subject to planning permission being granted, construction work would start on site this summer and will be carried out in phases over the next couple of years. Nick Yandle, of Gallagher Properties, said: “This site is well located and the time is right to redevelop it.”

UK’S first dedicated property channel moves into Ashford Ashford’s ambitious plans to create a digital hub in the heart of its new Commercial Quarter have been given another major boost with the arrival of the UK’s first channel dedicated entirely to property. Property TV, whose programmes include Sarah Beeny’s popular Restoration Nightmare, has moved its studios to the Kent town, from where it now plans to expand its production capabilities. It has already begun filming from its new base next to Ashford International Station which, as well as housing advertising sales staff and acting as the channel’s headquarters, will include a greenscreen studio and editing suites. The channel, which had been at sites in Covent Garden and Tunbridge Wells, has established an audience of up to 235,000 viewers a day since launching on Sky channel 238 last June. Over the past year, it has produced more than 100 different productions from web videos to full television programmes. The channel’s arrival in Ashford follows hot on the heels of top creative agency Recursive Media’s relocation to the county’s international town from Brighton, with the agency citing Ashford’s great links with Europe and the capital as a key reason for the move.

June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS



Chamber Challenge at Longfield Academy On Monday 18th April, Longfield Academy was pleased to host two sessions of the Chamber Challenge.

Leading law firm Furley Page announces new partner

Company and commercial law specialist Tony Chester has become a Partner at Furley Page, one of seven promotions announced by the leading south east law firm. Tony first came to Furley Page as a trainee in 2007, after more than 15 successful years in publishing and marketing services, and joined the firm’s highly regarded Corporate Team in 2008 on qualification. Joshua Williams and Alexandra Gordon, both part of Furley Page’s Private Client team, have been made Associates. Four other lawyers have been promoted to Senior Associate: • Richard Ludlow, Head of Insolvency and Debt Recovery, whose expertise in insolvency law has earned him personal recognition as a leading individual by independent legal guide Chambers UK; • Employment law specialist Amanda Okill, part of Furley Page’s highly regarded Employment Law Team and personally recognised by Chambers UK as ‘an Associate to watch’; • Catherine Wolstencroft, who joined Furley Page’s Commercial Team at the beginning of 2005 and specialises in freehold and leasehold property work for a diverse range of commercial clients; • Senior Solicitor Nicola Hopper, who is a member of both Furley Page’s Private Client and Agriculture and Rural Business teams and joined the firm in 2004. Nicola undertakes general private client work including trusts, tax and estate planning, Wills and succession.


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

The overall aim of the Challenge was to encourage teamwork and creativity. Approximately 240 Year 9 and Year 10 students attended during the day. They rose to the team challenge well to produce a business outline plan centred upon a sustainable enterprise idea. One theme was to create an item for an imaginary festival the other was to recycle the festival waste. Teams were tasked with appointing a team leader, a presenter and a model.

Each team gave a pitch for the company idea, which was judged by the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce. The students came up with some unique and innovative plans. Members of Longfield staff and Gillingham Community Trust were on hand to manage the event and assist students. The Chamber Challenge is part of the "Bridging the Gap" initiative by the British Chambers of Commerce- A massive thank you to all concerned for making the day a success.

Ashford firm jumps ahead with new mark of quality An Ashford company has become one of the first in the country to achieve a new accreditation promoting professional standards in pest control.

The European Standard for Pest Management Services acts as a demonstration of credentials and a benchmark of quality throughout Europe. Bounty Pest Control, based in Ellingham Way, became only the 19th company in the UK to be measured against the standard. Managing director Martin RoseKing, one of just six people in the UK to hold the Diploma in Pest Management, is confident the accreditation will help his team

to stand out from the crowd. He said: “The EN16636 Standard is a mark of quality, so the fact we’re among the first to be accredited in the UK is a feather in our cap. “It’s very important for us to demonstrate our professional status and achieving this accreditation provides independent proof of that. “It was a lot of hard work to achieve it because the auditing process was tough, but we’re members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and they steered us in the right direction. We believe it will be worth the effort in the end.” The EN16636 Standard, and its accompanying certification scheme, was launched earlier this year by the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA).

It defines quality and best practice and acts as an assurance that member companies are fully qualified to deal with all species of both rodents and insects and experts on integrated pest management, the use of chemicals and health and safety issues. The Standard is the cornerstone of a strategy to portray a positive image of the pest control industry in terms of public health, food safety, environmental sustainability and economic significance. Simon Forrester, chief executive of the BPCA, said: “We know of many pest controllers who are untrained and do not stay up-to-date with the latest products, techniques and legislation - and that’s something which can create big problems. “But this will demonstrate Bounty are on a level playing field with the best pest management companies in the world and will mean that, by employing them, businesses and individuals can be totally confident of a professional service.”


‘Growing your Team’s effectiveness’

It may sound counter intuitive but adding new people to a team is more disruptive than losing them.

While increasing headcount may be a good problem to have, if not managed correctly, it can be detrimental to the team’s effectiveness and therefore the business output. David Bradley, Managing Director of new Leadership and Team

Development business Red Apple Thinking, uses his experience from 16 years commanding in the Army and 8 years in business to help organisations grow and build high performing teams. “Many people assume that because the job is getting done the team is working well but this underestimates what they could be achieving” says David. “Team work is like any other skill and a realtively small amount of time spent improving communication and building trust can lead to huge benefits”. “It is a tough busines envirionment but too often everyone has got their head down thinking they are doing

the right thing when in fact the team can be going in different directions. It is really important to make time for the group to get to know each other and think about what they need to achieve and how they are going to do it. This is particulaly relevant at a time of growth or reorganisation.” David specialises in helping teams reach their full potential and works with his clients to build the right programme for them. “Communication within the team is key” says David “The more people trust and talk to their team mates the better the outcome.” For further information visit

Fun with Kentish Lady river cruises The Kentish Lady River boat offers a unique experience of the River Medway from one-hour daytime trips to three-hour day or evening cruises and with its fully licensed bar is also the perfect setting for a private charter to cater for wedding receptions, parties and special events.

Owned by Linda and Nick Kennedy, the single deck catamaran river boat weaves its way through Maidstone where history is around every corner and the best way to see the sights and splendour of the magnificent countryside is through the boats huge glass windows in the comfort of your own seat or outside on the front or rear decks.

PRIVATE CHARTER - Bespoke packages for wedding receptions and special occasions including buffet and DJ entertainment. THREE HOUR CRUISES - Tuesday to Friday include picnic box, fresh fruit, tea/coffee/water or fish & chips, tea/coffee/water. Departing from

Maidstone, we travel upriver through Farleigh Lock and beyond, a perfect trip for groups/coach parties. ONE HOUR CRUISES - Weekends and school holidays from the Archbishops’ Palace, Maidstone or Kent Life/Malta Inn at Allington Lock, also stopping at Whatman Park on request.

Going it alone pays off for law firm

After more than twenty years as the financial services department of a major firm of Kent lawyers based in Canterbury, Tarvos Wealth broke away in August 2015 and became a company in its own right.

Prior to the final split, Tarvos Wealth had already moved offices to Watling Street in the middle of Canterbury, a strategically good location close to many professional practices. Handling most areas of independent financial advice, Tarvos Wealth found that an increasing amount of work was coming from other law firms that preferred dealing with advisers who understand much of the legal process. Clearly, dealing with clients of other law firms, when attached to a rival, was a problem for them, making the move essential. The move didn’t exactly go without a hitch and Managing Director Simon Ludden says that before the move he was advised that it would be the IT issues that would be the most troublesome. So it proved to be, but the firm believes these have been resolved and it can now look to the future. Furthermore, the move has enabled Tarvos Wealth to purchase the IFA firm Cane Cohen based in Faversham. This purchase was completed at the beginning of May 2016. Tarvos Wealth is especially well placed to deal with professional advisors such as solicitors and accountants. The firm’s expertise in such areas as trusts, court of protection and divorce matters means that their advisers are ideally qualified to deal with professional firms and, in particular, issues arising from legal matters.

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BCC Global UK export finance unlocks African markets for UK exporters Business UK Export Finance (UKEF), the UK’s export credit agency, has joined ATI, the pan-African export credit agency (ECA). Network Continues to Expand The British Chamber of Commerce in Korea recently gained their full Accreditation from the British Chambers of Commerce – which now has 23 fully Accredited overseas Chambers. “We at the British Chamber of Commerce in Korea are delighted and very proud to receive our Accreditation from the BCC. After growing the team in recent years and enhancing our Business Support Services in Korea for British companies, it is great to link ourselves more extensively to the UK. With increasing interest in the Korean market and Korean companies that act on an ever-more global level, we see lots of opportunities for UK company here and are excited to highlight these through the BCC network." Sean Blakeley, Chief Executive Officer, British Chamber of Commerce in South Korea In addition, the following organisations were awarded the BCC Quality Mark: • Kuwait British Business Centre • British Chamber of Commerce Qatar • British Chamber of Commerce Cambodia • Saudi British Joint Business Council The Mark has been specifically designed for micro sized or start-up organisations, to recognise their achievements in trade services, whilst allowing them to continue developing their governance and resources For a copy of the BCC Global Business Network Directory please contact


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The move comes as the UK government looks to encourage more UK businesses to trade with African countries as part of the nation-wide Exporting is GREAT campaign.

As an ATI member, UKEF will gain access to information about upcoming opportunities for exporters, as well as local knowledge of firms and projects. ATI will also provide a platform to raise

awareness among project sponsors and buyers in African countries of the UKEF support available to importers of UK goods and services. UKEF will be able to share risk with other ATI-member countries in strategically important markets, increasing risk capacity for projects in African countries sourcing goods and services from the UK. Louis Taylor, UKEF Chief Executive Officer, said: “UKEF’s ATI membership will help UK exporters unlock fastgrowing markets in Africa. We will be able to offer even more comprehensive support to help UK companies win contracts in African countries, combining access to export finance with access to the local knowledge needed to enter new markets.”

KCC and Chamber land EU Projects to help Business Grow Boost4Health ISE The new Innovative Sector Exchange (ISE) project is part financed by the EU Funded Interreg 5A 2 Seas Programme. It will provide support to Kent businesses helping them innovate and internationalise through partnering and collaborating with new contacts in France, Belgium & the Netherlands. The project will run from 2016 to 2019. Who can take part in the ISE project? SMEs in Kent who are keen to innovate and to internationalise their business. The project will focus on supporting companies from the following sectors: • Agri-Food • Digital & Creative • New Materials • Mechatronics (engineering) Why participate? • Grow your business through innovating and internationalising • Receive support to develop new business processes, products and services • Connect & collaborate with companies in nearby European market partner regions What can you expect? • Take part in a programme of training events on innovation and internationalisation • Join sector focused trade missions & market visits • Take part in a series of new cross-border clusters • Attend international innovation events

The new Boost4Health (B4H) project is part funded by the Interreg 5B North West Europe programme and will support Kent-based Life Sciences companies with internationalisation and in particular market entry into mainland Europe. The project will formally link Kent’s new BioGateway cluster to various European Life Science clusters in the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany and Denmark. B4H will run from 2016 to 2019. Who can take part in the B4H project? Kent Life Science SMEs which would like to explore new approaches and internationalise their business. Why participate? • Internationalise your business and become part of a thriving European Life Science network • Receive practical & financial support to help with international trade in mainland Europe • Take part in international collaborations and partnering to help your business access new commercial opportunities What can you expect? • Take part in an international business growth coaching programme • Be part of a product validation network • Take part in international Life Science clustering activities • Receive micro-financing for growth acceleration & international collaborations

For further details on both projects contact :


BCC: UK exporters report modest Q1 growth amid softening economy The British Chambers of Commerce and DHL publish the findings of the latest Quarterly International Trade Outlook (QITO). “Our latest analysis suggests that, despite efforts from businesses and government alike, we are not yet succeeding in transforming the UK’s export performance. “There are a number of headwinds affecting our exporters, including a slowing global economy and major structural issues at home. Britain's politicians need to focus on fixing the fundamentals of infrastructure, training and access to finance if we are to help UK firms to become more productive and competitive on the global stage.

The latest Quarterly International Trade Outlook (QITO) from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and DHL has shown that the number of UK firms reporting an increase in export orders and confidence rose at the start of 2016, following a drop in growth at the end of 2015. The report’s Trade Confidence Index, measuring the volume of trade documentation issued by accredited Chambers of Commerce, rose by 1.4% in Q1 2016, compared with the previous quarter, to stand at an index of 116.04 in Q1 2016. However, in annual terms there was a decline of 4.4% on Q1 2015. During the same period, ONS data and the BCC’s Quarterly Economic Survey have shown that economic growth softened across the UK. There were clear sectoral differences in Q1 2016. Among manufacturing exporters, the balance of firms reporting improvements in export sales over the first three months of the year rose from +1% in Q4 to +8%. This increase came after a six-

year low in Q4 2015. The balance of manufacturers reporting improved export orders also rose from +1% to +8%. Export sales growth dipped in the services sector, where the balance of service firms reporting improved export sales fell two points to +13%. However, export orders rose to +16% from +9%. Across the regions and nations of the UK, there was a mixed picture. Despite showing growth throughout 2015, the volume of trade documentation issued in Scotland dropped to its lowest since Q3 2009, while the North East and Northern Ireland both reached record highs for their areas. These figures provide a strong proxy for levels of goods exports to non-EU markets. The key findings from the report are: • The Trade Confidence Index, a measure of the volume of trade documentation issued nationally, rose by 1.4% on Q4 2015, but fell by 4.4% on Q1 2015 - the index now stands at 116.04

• The largest quarter-on-quarter increases in export document volumes were in the West Midlands (7.4%), South West (6.9%), and the North West (6.5%) • The biggest declines in export document volumes were in Scotland (-13.6%), Yorkshire & Humber (-4.4%), and the East of England (-3.5%) • BCC data shows that the balance of manufacturers reporting improved export sales rose to +8% in Q1 2016 from +1% the previous quarter, and export orders growth rose to +8% in Q1 2016 from +1% in Q4 2015 • The balance of services firms reporting improved export sales over the past three months fell to +13% in Q1 2016 from +15% in Q4 2015, and export orders growth rose to +16% in Q1 2016 from +9% in Q4 2015 Dr Adam Marshall, Acting Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Although we saw a gentle rise in confidence and export orders this quarter, these improvements were from a low base. Manufacturers in particular have seen a long period of slowing export growth. Businesses and government will need to work together to nurture stronger export performance - a job that will take a decade or more to see through to fruition.” Phil Couchman, CEO, DHL Express UK, said: “Export performance continues to fluctuate across the different regions of the UK – making it an unpredictable time for businesses. With the EU referendum just around the corner, this is something that will be on the minds of exporters and also of those thinking about taking that first step in their export journey. “However, businesses shouldn’t be put off by this uncertainty. Exporters and potential exporters should be reminded that there are plenty of support systems for businesses to lean on such as DHL, the BCC and many other expert organisations.

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Tunbridge Wells

modern business in a heritage environment Tunbridge Wells has a diverse community of over 6,500 businesses providing a range of services and products. By 2019, the Council wants to see the borough as a key destination in the South East, not only for expanding or new businesses but also for visitors seeking a great day out.

Local businesses employ more than 51,000 people drawn from a wide catchment area in Kent and Sussex. Key sectors include finance and business services, IT, retail, tourism and hospitality, cultural and creative, education and health. The borough has a very high proportion of micro businesses

(fewer than 10 employees) in both rural and urban locations and the enterprise start up rate is high.

Planning for Growth ‘Encouraging economic growth and investment into the borough whilst ensuring the appropriate infrastructure is in place to support growth and enhance quality of life’ The Council’s Five Year Plan 2014-19 sets out the vision for the borough to have a more prosperous, green and confident future. In support of the visitor economy the Council has prepared a Destination Management Plan for Tunbridge Wells. It recognises that well-managed tourism can bring many benefits to the local economy. It is a spur to careful maintenance of the public realm, the built heritage and the

natural environment. It will support local shops, cultural, sporting and other recreational activities that serve residents as well as visitors. The plan strengthens the borough’s sense of place, helping it to stand out and attract the attention of investors and creative, knowledge-based businesses. The Council is currently reviewing its Local Plan to ensure that land is allocated to meet both the needs of existing businesses that wish to grow and to ensure that there are appropriate sites for inward investment. A ‘call for sites’ to be considered for the plan is currently underway. The Plan will also be informed by a detailed Economic Needs Assessment and a Retail & Leisure Study. Alongside this, the Council’s Development Team takes a very positive approach to working with applicants to develop new sites within the borough.

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SPOTLIGHTON... Royal Tunbridge Wells Together Businesses in Tunbridge Wells are proactive and looking to grow. A group of leading businesses has recently established a community interest company, Royal Tunbridge Wells Together. Supported by the Council, RTWT will employ a Town Centre Manager to deliver its Business Plan. The vision of RTWT is to seek to provide effective leadership, co-ordination and resources to help make Royal Tunbridge Wells a high quality destination for retail, business, leisure and culture and maintain its competitive edge over other locations in the south east. RTWT will be focused on increasing the vitality of the whole town.

Royal Tunbridge Wells Royal Tunbridge Wells is a key location for business and employment in the borough. Private sector investment across the town centre over the next five years will enhance its reputation as vibrant and attractive destination for business and visitors.

Key developments in the town centre include:

Civic Complex The Civic Complex (including the police station, Assembly Hall Theatre and Town Hall) acts as a strong focal point for the town centre. The buildings date from 1939 and all are in need of significant investment to bring them up to current environmental standards. The Council is developing a clear framework for the future of the Civic Complex. This will include a new theatre with increased capacity, new offices, as well as other mixed uses to ensure the viability of these important assets for our future.

Cultural & Learning Hub Part of the Civic Complex, this ambitious proposal for the next five years is to develop a cultural and learning hub in Royal Tunbridge Wells.


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

This exciting redevelopment brings together in one conserved and modernised set of buildings the Museum & Art Gallery, Library and Adult Education and an extensive service of learning, information and engagement. The plans seek to secure Tunbridge Wells’ status as the cultural capital of the Kent and Sussex High Weald. Funding has already been awarded by both the Heritage Lottery Fund (£4.3 million Stage 1 funding) and the Arts Council (£1 million) for the project. Building on the already strong creative business sector in the town, the Council is currently working with partners to develop creative workspace in one of its town centre properties for new start ups and young microbusinesses.

Retail and Leisure Growth The main shopping centre, Royal Victoria Place, recently had a planning application approved for a £70 million redevelopment. This will include an eight-screen cinema, improved food and drink offer and new units to accommodate the requirements of top fashion brands. The former cinema site on Mount Pleasant has recently been acquired by Altitude UK which intends to bring forward a mixed use development on the site. To the south of the town a new boutique hotel, One Warwick Park will open shortly and new housing is proposed for Union Square, adjacent to the Pantiles.

Public Realm Improvements These new developments are being complemented by a well designed and maintained pubic realm which is having a positive impact on local businesses and their customers that use the space. The Council vision is an enhanced public realm in Royal Tunbridge Wells town centre contributing to the look and feel of the town for the benefit of visitors, residents and local businesses. Shared space has already been introduced at Fiveways and funding has now been secured through the West Kent Local Sustainable Transport Fund to extend this shared space to the south providing an appropriate setting for the Cultural & Learning Hub and the redevelopment of the Civic Complex.

Working with the West Kent Partnership The vision for Tunbridge Wells extends to close working with neighbouring authorities of Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Sevenoaks District Council as the West Kent Partnership, a strategic economic partnership set up to attract inward investment and support local businesses to grow. The Partnership is currently running a programme of free business support across a range of sectors (including retail and home- based businesses) with specialist advisors.

SPOTLIGHTON... Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) funds. The planning, decision making and implementation is delivered locally with representatives from the private, public and community sectors bringing a wide range of experience and knowledge of local rural issues. West Kent LEADER has been awarded €2,266,000 for the period 2015-2020 to deliver their Local Development Strategy (LDS) and applications are welcomed.

Transport Links

The West Kent Leader Programme is a source of funding available to farmers, growers, foresters, rural businesses and communities to help secure a sustainable future for rural West Kent.

The LEADER Programme is a community-led approach to the delivery of the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), which is funded by Defra and the European

Growth will be supported by improved connectivity. A successful lobbying campaign by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and other partners has resulted in the dualling of the A21 between Tonbridge and Pembury (to be completed by early 2017),

providing improved access to the town centre and to the North Farm Key Employment Area. Within North Farm itself, there has been investment of £5 million on new road infrastructure completed in 2015. The A26 in Southborough has also seen recent investment via the Local Growth Fund to increase the capacity at key junctions in Southborough. The Council is now seeking Local Growth Funding to increase capacity on the A264 Pembury Road and the A228 at Colts Hill and Paddock Wood. The borough is well connected by rail. Royal Tunbridge Wells and Paddock Wood have very good links to London and other parts of the South East, as do High Brooms and Ashurst: less than an hour by train to Charing Cross and Hastings.

Skinners’ Kent Primary School The new Skinners’ Kent Primary School at the Knights Wood development, Tunbridge Wells is now nearing completion with handover scheduled for the summer. savings (the typical average time saving of this approach is 8 weeks) and reduced impact of the construction process on the local environment and Tunbridge Wells community. The very nature of this off-site design and manufacture solution within a stringent factory-controlled environment means that production and assembly have been rigidly controlled leading to improved air tightness and thermal performance. This, coupled with further sustainable design features such as photovoltaic panels has created an energy efficient building which will generate whole life cost savings for the school. On behalf of Kent County Council (KCC), the school is one of many new build projects being delivered across the county by Paddock Woodbased building contractor Baxall Construction. Once complete, the school will host a 2-storey state-of theart teaching facility and outdoor space with scope for development at a later date to accommodate increased student numbers. Following in the footprint of Baxall’s recent design and build projects, the school is another innovative and

sustainable exemplar which has demonstrated cost, programme and sustainability efficiencies. With budget limitations in the early stages, Baxall’s winning bid offered KCC a value engineered solution using ‘modern methods of construction’ which specifically encompassed an off-site fabricated system as opposed to a traditional build on site. The thinking behind this tried and tested approach was to achieve a high quality solution within budget with the added benefit of significant programme

The project has been designed and delivered using BIM (Building Information Modelling). BIM is a modern day collaborative approach to project delivery where the complete team (Baxall, KCC, Architect HMY, Structural Engineer Campbell Reith and Services Engineer Crofton Design) have worked together to develop and deliver a full design and works programme in conjunction with input from The Skinners’ Primary School. The use of 3D technology has enabled this process to be significantly more

efficient in comparison to a traditional 2D approach. This collective team approach has generated numerous efficiencies including notable reductions in waste (both in process and delivery) and overall far greater programme certainty. Having experienced the benefits of BIM over recent years, Baxall are leading the way amongst their SME peers with significant company investment in BIM training (for staff and their local supply chain), IT capability and industry networking. Completion of the new Skinners’ Kent Primary School remains both on budget and programme with handover due to the client in the summer, ahead of the new autumn term. T: 01892 833344 W:

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GX Glass investment continues Leading UK glass manufacturer Gx Glass has been investing in Kent for nearly two decades, and the company has recently continued to underline its commitment by creating new jobs in the area.

“This unique glass pavilion, ‘Glaze’ was commissioned for Clerkenwell Design Week last year by Gx Glass. Designed by Cousins & Cousins it is constructed of multi-coloured glass panels using a variety of Gx Glass’ products including back painted and ceramic printed glass.”

Following the fit out of its new factory in Lympne – just 10 miles away from its main factory in Ashford - Gx Glass has recruited a number of new staff, including a printer operator, sales manager and a number of glass machinery operatives. The new facility produces glass for large-scale projects as well as one-off, design-led projects, and the Lympne factory will provide digital ceramic

printing, toughening and CNC edging and shaping, as well as offering additional capacity to the existing facility at Ashford. CeramX-Digital is Gx Glass’ latest innovation, and is a digitally printed glass solution, offering an incredibly hardwearing, scratch, water and UVresistant product for uses as diverse as shower screen frits to retail displays.

Gx Glass has recruited a number of new staff, including a printer operator, sales manager and a number of glass machinery operatives.


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Pilgrims Hospices Cycle Challenge marks the start of ‘15 Charitable Days’ Woodley Coles, Construction Cost Managers, were sponsors of the Pilgrims Hospices Annual Cycle Challenge on Sunday 1 May. As ongoing supporters of Pilgrims Hospices, Woodley Coles wanted to go the extra mile in supporting this event and took it upon themselves to rally local businesses to support the event in an unconventional way: with contributions of jaffa cakes. As a popular choice of snack for sporting participants to quickly refuel, Woodley Coles aimed to collect as many as possible to feed the 1000plus cyclists and save the charity from buying supplies themselves. In total, more than 3,200 jaffa cakes were collected and distributed.

This is a significant year for the Kent, Cambridge and London based business as it celebrates 15 years of success. As well as sponsoring the event, a team from Woodley Coles took part, tackling the 48 mile route between

the Canterbury and Margate Hospices. Partner Dan Deed, Associate Andrew Diplock and Business Development Manager Ella Brocklebank chose to cycle this route as it passed their Kent offices at Discovery Park and Apprentice Holly-Mae was volunteering at the Margate Hospice.

Sponsorship and participation in the Cycle Challenge event saw the first of Woodley Coles’ pledged ‘15 charitable days’ kick off in celebration of their 15th Anniversary. This year they will be supporting three local charities; Pilgrims Hospices, Catching Lives and Kent Multiple Sclerosis Centre by donating 15 days of their time to the three charities.

Quality food at Côte Brasserie Bluewater Located in The Village at Bluewater, Côte welcomes guests daily from breakfast through to lunch and dinner. Inspired by new trends in Paris, awardwinning Côte is dedicated to serving authentic dishes with a modern twist, using high quality produce at great prices. On the menu, guests will always find brasserie favourites such as steak frites, tuna Niçoise and moules marinières and, for dessert, Côte's crème caramel and crème brûlee are much–loved house specialities. Ever growing interest in eating with the seasons, along with Côte’s commitment to sourcing high quality ingredients, results in monthly-changing specials and weekday lunch and early evening menus, ensuring there is always something new to delight both regular and first-time guests. The same care and attention to detail applies to Côte’s breakfast menus; you will find that everything from the artisanal French jams on the tables to the Guérande sea-salted butter served with the freshly baked croissants has been carefully considered. With long lazy brunches very much in vogue at the moment, at weekends, breakfast is served until 1pm.

Fun on the farm

Discover Kent Life Heritage Farm Park, where history and family fun sit side by side. A working farm, Kent Life showcases and breeds traditional animals, and the hands-on cuddle corner is always popular with visitors. Located in the Garden of England, you can explore the collection of historic buildings; including Britain’s last working coal-fired Oast House. Children will enjoy an array of family fun, including indoor and outdoor play areas, donkey rides, bouncy castle, tractor rides, paint-a-pot studio and more.

Kent Life provides a really unique location for a corporate event. Small meetings and conferences can be accommodated (up to 60 delegates) and varied catering options can be tailored to your requirements. Impress your guests with some hands-on animal feeding, a game of tug of war or pig or sheep racing! Forthcoming events include a royal street party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday (12th June), a Country Fair & Vintage Vehicle Show (19th & 20th June) before the ever popular Hops

‘n’ Harvest Beer festival on 10th & 11th September. There will also be a fabulous range of live entertainment in our indoor Big Top throughout the school holidays and some evenings.

For current opening times, prices and online booking, further information and the full events list, please visit

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Healthcare for men Mr Alastair Henderson, Consultant Urologist at the Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital. Why might men need to see a Urology specialist? Men who have problems with testicular swellings, kidney stones or urinary infection can need to see a urologist but problems with passing water are a common reason to see a urology doctor. What are the symptoms of a urinary problem? • Slow urinary stream • A feeling that the bladder doesn’t finish emptying • Frequent need to pass urine • Problems with having to wait before starting to pee • An urgent need to urinate and having to plan journeys and trips out • A urine stream that starts and stops • Getting up excessively at night to pee

How is BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) diagnosed? Your urologist will usually want to meet for an appointment. BPH usually occurs in the over 50’s. At a younger age other conditions may be present. Men may need a physical examination and may need a blood test called PSA if your GP has not already checked this.

ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

If treatment is needed it may be that the most helpful methods are:

Will I need any special tests? For most patients with urinary problems a flow test, where you pass urine into a machine to measure the speed or urine flow, may be done. The Spire Tunbridge Wells has excellent facilities to complete these tests quickly and easily. How is BPH treated?

• Tablet treatment to relax or shrink the prostate • Urolift® minimally invasive implant • Laser surgery (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate – HOLEP) What is a prostatic urethral lift (Urolift®) procedure? A prostatic urethral lift is a minimallyinvasive procedure that can help relieve urination problems caused by an enlarged prostate.

If a man has mild prostate enlargement, and few symptoms it may be appropriate to give advice only and wait until he needs treatment. Men are often keen to be reassured simply that the

It is performed as a day visit procedure in suitable men and doesn’t usually require a catheter tube to be inserted after surgery. The procedure can be done under local anaesthetic with

Ad Kent Chamber


symptoms they have are not indicative of other serious conditions like prostate or bladder cancer.

sedation to keep the patient sleepy and has been shown to have good results for suitable patients. It can have fewer sexual side effects such as reduced ejaculation or sexual performance than some traditional tablet treatments or surgery. For more information or to book an appointment contact us on 01892 741150.


Keeping partnerships strong the key to business success

For Mark Quinn, working days mean being out of the office much of the time as he guides the growth of his successful property company through a series of crucial partnerships.

Mark Quinn

On two days a week we have an early meeting between myself and the heads of department so I know what progress they are making and they can tell me if there any blockages in the system which I can work to resolve.

Mark is Managing Director of the Canterbury-based property development and investment group Quinn Estates, which has operated in Kent for 20 years and has planned, constructed and sold a diverse range of schemes including residential, healthcare, industrial, education, leisure and office developments. Central to the success of its work on both heavily contaminated and greenfield sites has been its relationship with everyone from landowners and local authorities to property companies and private equity partners to ensure that often-complex projects come together. Much of Mark’s working day ensures that those relationships remain strong. He said: “I tend to be up about 6.30am and go for a run about seven then I am in the office for 7.45. “On two days a week we have an early meeting between myself

and the heads of department so I know what progress they are making and they can tell me if there any blockages in the system which I can work to resolve. “Then I tend to be out of the office, perhaps talking to councils or housebuilders or potential investors, operating at a strategic level on our projects. “I think it is important to maintain those strategic relationships, particularly as we think that another recession is about to hit property. London is already suffering and maintaining relationships will help bring us through any downturn so meeting people is important. “Another part of my job is identifying potential sites for development so I will often be taking a look at an area. “Because we have carried out so many developments now,

people very often approach us and I always take a look at potential site myself. “I frequently work evenings, often at parish council meetings or public consultations. If we have a proposal which is controversial, I feel it is important to attend events. “I do not believe in hiding away. I would rather listen to criticism and take it on board so that I can use as we develop the scheme. “That can often mean that I am not home until seven but I make every effort to be back for the kids’ bath and bed. I love spending time with them. “I love my job and when you love your job it does not feel like work but to unwind I do like to go for a pint with some of the guys. I am also a skier – I was a professional skier at one time and part of the national team – so that helps me relax.”

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The Evolution of Security and Employment David Ward of Ward Security looks at the changes that are not only affecting the security industry, but the workplace and industry in general. We are getting older as a society. Last year the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warned that within the next 15 years, 24 countries – including the UK – will become ‘super-aged’, having more than 21% of the population aged 65 or older. We are not only getting older as a society, but we are also working longer as we age. According to figures from the Department of Work and Pensions, more than a million people over the age of 65 are


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

currently in work in the UK. It’s been three years since the end of the default retirement age of 65, and the number of people working beyond that age is growing and will continue to grow steadily and substantially. This is a big deal for all industries, including facilities management (FM) and security, as both employees and customers are ageing. However, many industries have yet to recognise and accept the already happening sea change, and few have started to adapt their way of thinking.

The security and FM industries themselves need to face the inevitability of an ageing population and workforce. But of course, as people age, so their capabilities often diminish. The challenge will be to adapt working practices and solutions packages to accommodate. However, we also need to face the reality that the security challenge will also change in the face of an ageing population. It is very much engrained in our culture that older people are viewed through a filter of innocence

and respect. But as last year’s Hatton Garden Heist proved, age is no limiter on criminal activity. Indeed, a glance at any local newspaper will reveal stories of older citizens engaged in a range of criminal activity, usually fraudulent. The Hatton Garden Heist aside, perhaps the only limiter will be the physical capability of criminals as they age. From an operational business perspective, as employers, we in the security industry (and indeed all industries) can expect to see the


average age of applicants rising steadily, while more and more existing employees will look to extend their careers well beyond the age of 65. Are we ready for this? What roles do we have to offer the more mature applicant? How can we support existing staff if they choose to stay with us? What new models of security can we develop to suit an increasingly aged workforce? Do we need to develop new ‘low risk’ security markets and posts that our employees can move into as they age? It’s going to become harder to attract younger people as they shrink as a percentage of the wider population. This will make them a more valuable commodity to a wide range of competing industries, and that will come with a cost implication as they come to understand and better appreciate their own value. Yet at the same time, people who have been with the organisation a long time will become increasingly loyal and will hope their position is one for life, so it makes sense to embrace this for the good of the business. Some front line staff will become better suited to administration roles as they age, but no organisation can sustain an ever-increasing administrative function, especially when so many are looking for ways to streamline their back office, so there will be a need to develop new ‘soft’ security solutions for front line staff to move into as they age, perhaps in

low risk deployments where the main purpose of the role is people management, or increasingly in frontof-house reception roles where age, experience, authority and demeanour is a distinct advantage in client facing situations. Front-of-house and reception services is a growing area for the security industry and the popularity of these services suggests there may be other ways in which the core offer from security companies can be further augmented with additional people-facing roles. Technology offers a way to effectively redeploy staff as they get older. As CCTV and monitoring technologies become more ubiquitous, there is an opportunity to offer roles to older staff as controllers, managers, and even installers of systems. These technologies are not reliant on physical fitness and therefore are forgiving of the restrictions that accompany age. Older staff can also be retrained to handle maintenance. And of course older, more experienced staff with many years’ front line experience are perfectly suited to the roles of consultancy and sales, assessing a client organisation’s requirements and advising of the best and most efficient ways to incorporate security, and then assembling packages to suit and even managing the client account.

It is clear that the security industry has a lot of thinking to do that will lead to new models of working, and evolving offers to the marketplace. When thinking about the future of security it is easy to think in terms of emerging technologies or emerging threats such as international terrorism and cybercrime, yet these things are already happening, and the industry is already adept at incorporating them in its thinking. There can very little to surprise us with regards technology or threats, and neither will have that much impact on the fundamental form that security takes.

Yet an ageing population certainly will force change on the industry. It is unavoidable. Regardless of what area of Facilities Management, or indeed what industry you work in, or what service you offer, this challenge faces us all. Service suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, all will need to confront an ageing population, and all will need to think hard about how they can evolve their offer, their environments and their practices to suit. It is best that we all recognise this inevitability and start thinking of how we adapt.

The security and FM industries themselves need to face the inevitability of an ageing population and workforce.

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At Vision Security Services we believe in keeping your personnel and property safe and secure at all times.

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Stay in control of your security where ever you are ... Call us today for a free survey and quotation. Already have an alarm but need it serviced? No problem. Introductory offers available. • INTRUDER ALARMS • CCTV • FIRE SYSTEMS • FIRE EXTINGUISHERS • • DOOR ACCESS • EMERGENCY LIGHTING • DOOR ENTRY • SAFES • LOCKS •


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Keeping your business safe Security is a fast-moving industry which is constantly innovating to take advantage of the latest developments in technology and knowledge. From burglar alarms to cyber security software, aerial observation technology to night-time patrols, the industry is responding to the many and varied demands placed on it. Here, we look at some of the local businesses that are playing their part. Thinking smart on security is Vision Security Services Limited who have a wealth of experience within the Security Industry. The security industry is always evolving; in the past couple of years Vision Security Services Ltd, have seen the rise of network technology and the main growth area appears to be applications via smart devices. As a result it finds users are now changing over to IP (Internet Protocol) for security equipment, be it on CCTV, Door Entry or Access Control. The benefits of IP access control, CCTV and other networked security systems reports Vision Security Services Ltd, depend on the unique needs of an organisation. It believes most businesses can make the most of this technology, providing all the details are fully considered and everyone involved in the set up and operation work together. Considerations will include whether an existing network can support the additional bandwidth requirements or whether a dedicated network needs to be installed, and if there are any security requirements, such as a virtual LAN. Vision Security Services Limited will organise an initial consultation involving network administrators, the IT department, facilities or security managers to work out the best course of action and ensure that everyone fully understands every aspect of the installation. For further details regarding systems please contact the sales team on 01795 434930 or E :

Servicing both the domestic and commercial markets, Howfield Response are installers and maintainers of Burglar alarms, Fire alarms, CCTV, Door Entry Systems, Access Control, Emergency Lighting and Fire Extinguishers.

This is all well and good but an insurance company will not cover the emotional loss of treasured belongings or the damage and violation of having someone invade your property or business. Having the visual deterrent of an alarm box on the outside of the property could make all the difference to whether that opportunist burglar will or will not target the building. With lighter nights here, don’t forget your outside space. Make sure that any side gates, sheds and garages are all secure and protected. With today's fast moving, APP led, on demand lifestyle, the security industry has adapted to give customers what they need. Burglar alarms and CCTV systems have become `Smart’ allowing you to control and access the systems from any Smart phone or tablet. This gives greater control and peace of mind as to what is happening at home or in the business. To find out Howfield Response can assist with your requirements call 01227 458999 E : or visit

Beyond The Clouds Solutions specialises in Cloud computing, and this is why … By April 2016, all UK businesses will have digital tax accounts. 98% of Tax and 99% of VAT returns are already delivered on-line, and from July businesses will be expected to report on accounts digitally in addition to their existing PAYE / NI requirement. For some (e.g. CIS), “expected” will be mandatory. By the end of 2020, all UK citizens will have digital tax accounts thanks to GOV.UK. Deemed an essential part of UK infrastructure, GOV.UK will cash-flow Britain by utilising Cloud technologies. So, Digital Britain is right here - right now and being able to trade successfully within it is more than having an ecommerce enabled website - it’s having a SAFE ecommerce enabled website.

Its NSI (National Security Inspectorate) accreditation ensures that these standards are strictly adhered to. With less than 32% of British households having an alarm, 68% remain unprotected.

Actually, it’s even more than that, it’s showing everyone you are safe to interact with, digitally. From website to email to database holding name, address, Facebook and phone number (in other words anything deemed Personally Identifiable Information) you represent an attack vector for hackers.Cyber Essentials (setup in mid-2014) is designed to help you show prospective customers and partners you’re fit to take part in this digital landscape – for as little as £300 (+ VAT) accredited companies display a badge on their documentation giving an assurance of understanding and compliance against these threats.

A recent survey carried out by a leading manufacturer of security systems, revealed that people did not install an alarm because they either felt that their insurance would cover any loss or that what they had was not worth protecting.

Those with the badge can expect cheaper insurance rates for protection against Cyber threats which could cost a company 4% of its annual turnover or 20 million Euros (whichever is greater) for each recorded breach/incident.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, Howfield Reponse has an extensive knowledge of what is required to secure both your home and business and comply with industry and insurance standards.

The way to reduce these attack vectors within your company is engage fully with cloud technology, spreading the risk substantially and profiting from gains in efficiency, competitiveness and productivity. To find out more visit –

SECURITY - SURVEY - SUPPORT RESCUE - SURVEILLANCE RPAS Aerospace is a leader in Design and Development of small unmanned helicopter systems, which are developed for various uses including Security and Observation. Security is a major issue in a number of ways and the use of inexpensive methods of gathering information is becoming more important. Border patrols, and difficult and dangerous areas or terrain are increasingly required to be patrolled. The small aerial imaging flight systems are [in error] known as ‘Drones’. Generally not used for intruding or breaching privacy, but security as well as rescue support is a major use. Commercial uses for inspection are more common, and in many cases saving time and money for industry. Typical commercial security uses are for patrolling the perimeter of large industrial or commercial areas. Equipped with data gathering sensors, such as video and thermal image cameras (EO-IR), it is possible to provide a wide range of security services. Typical of image use is for inspection without having to shut down expensive or critical manufacturing facilities and sometimes there are surprise finds! (See industrial image) For further information visit

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Fraud is alive and kicking

It exists in every industry. Alongside the emergence and threat of cyber-crime, it is extremely alarming. So is fraud preventable? Whilst anti-fraud controls and audit measures can help prevent the occurrence of fraud, the unfortunate truth is that companies are still vulnerable to the threat of internal fraud perpetrated by employees within the company. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) reported in their 2016 Global Fraud Study that the median financial loss to each victim company was £100,000; whilst a disturbing 76% of employees or managers had committed the fraud. So how do you spot a fraudster? As fraud investigators, we follow the Fraud Triangle theory. Those who commit fraud usually fall into three elements: motivation, opportunity and rationalisation.




Each of these elements plays a part in committing fraud. Motivation The motivation typically starts from financial pressure; such as paying for a nice lifestyle, educating children privately, covering financial mistakes or internal losses, cover gambling habits or even paying for a divorce. Fraud researcher Dr. Steve Albrecht believed that the most likely motivating fraud factors from the list of personal characteristics were: • Living beyond their means • An overwhelming desire for personal gain

• High personal debt • A close association with customers and contractors • Feeling that pay was less than his/her responsibility • Strong challenge to beat the system • Excessive gambling habits • Undue financial family or peer pressure • Lack of recognition for performance Opportunity This is when an opportunity presents itself to the individual; often through inadequate controls or by taking advantage of the trust granted by their position. Yet believing they will not get caught. Dr. Abrecht’s study also ranked a list of factors allowing the opportunities to commit fraud without being caught: • Placing too much trust in key employees • Lack of proper procedures for authorisation of transactions • No segregation of key duties and accounting functions • Lack of independent checks on performance • Lack of clear lines of authority and responsibility • Absence of frequent policy and procedure audits Rationalisation How do they justify their choice – to become a fraudster? Rationalisation is often the key element when ethics enter the equation and moral judgement is tested. The individual will justify their behaviour in some manner to lessen their guilt. The individual will believe it is not a criminal act, perhaps justifying their decision by paying the money back, or thinking that no-one will notice. During our investigations, we often see perpetrators confess by believing that the company owes it to them for all the hard work they had put in over the years; thus rationalising their behaviour.

Where to look? We are often asked where the most common areas of fraud occur. Here are our top five hot spots for employee fraud: • Personal and company expenses • Corrupt relationships with suppliers or vendors – when is a gift a bribe? • Shell companies and false invoices • Payroll for ghost employees • Window dressing – fictitious financial reporting What happens when you suspect a fraud? Once a suspicion has arisen, don’t panic but act quickly. Seize the initiative by developing a course of action. Analyse the available evidence and circumstances surrounding the suspicion, retain accurate records, develop a fraud theory and set out your objectives in an investigation plan. Whatever the investigation, each case must begin with the intention that it will end in litigation. The following is our ten point guide for planning an investigation: 1. Analyse the existing evidence and identify who appears to be involved in the fraud? 2. Prepare and test your fraud theory. Look at the precise methods of the fraud – when, where, why, who and how? 3. Who benefitted from the fraud? Was it for personal gain or to hide internal losses?

4. Consider the possibility of a “worst case” scenario. Did it involve other people, competitors, customers or suppliers? 5. Refrain from alerting the suspects of your interest. Nor should you search through their work computers, laptops or emails without first forensically securing an original hard drive image as evidence. 6. What evidence is there to prove or disprove the suspicions? 7. Where is, or who has the relevant evidence and how can it be legally obtained? 8. Consider the preferred outcome in terms of disciplinary action, prosecution or litigation if the suspicions are true (try to resist disciplinary action until the facts have been established). 9. Identify and retain the necessary skilled resources to achieve the objectives and legally collect the best evidence from digital forensics, surveillance, interviews, profiling, communication analysis, expenses records etc. 10. All evidence and records should be preserved and secured. Any movement of evidence must be catalogued showing the continuity of movement. Cases of fraud and corporate dishonesty are diverse. Individuals will show different motivations, take deceitful opportunities and rationalise their actions. Uncover the truth using our investigation plan.

TenIntelligence provides due diligence, fraud investigation and brand protection services, with offices in the UK and in Dubai, UAE. Visit or call 020 3102 7720 for more information.

TenIntelligence provides due diligence, fraud investigation and brand protection services. Due Diligence • Background Checks • Financial Compliance • Anti-Corruption Investigations • Employment Screening • Mergers & Acquisitions

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The invisible security threat The threat from terrorism still remains a real and serious issue to each and every one of us, as recent events of the past year have shown.

Acts of terrorism can take on many forms, from major attacks targeting specific areas and inflicting large scale violence, which result in far reaching consequences, like those seen last year in Tunisia, which not only affected the victims and their families but will have a lasting impact on the economy of that area for some

time to come; and the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, which have also had a huge impact in Europe. Terrorism can also be in the form of more minor incidents that are designed to inflict superficial damage although still have a lasting impact on those involved.

Terrorism and cyber terrorism, will be a constant problem, not only for the next year or two but far beyond.

Nevertheless, both of these types of terrorism need to be discussed and seriously considered within the workplace and when travelling to and from your work destination. It is imperative to be aware of your surroundings and to report anything suspicious to authorities. The cyber threat poses an “invisible” face of terrorism and in today’s world of widespread internet access and social media use and the organised, and sometimes not so well organised, perpetrators of these atrocities have a very real and far reaching audience to drum up support and recruitment. As you read this article, the cyber security industry is growing. Malware is being launched daily and this is growing significantly than ever before with latest statistics showing 230,000 new malware samples per day with the annual cost for cyber-crime committed globally totalling 100 billion dollars! Everyone is a target, from individual users to international corporations and celebrities. The Guardian, in October 2015, published a list of practical security measures that emerged from a roundtable discussion on cyber security. Advice included regularly patching firewalls, updating firmware,

setting strong passwords, changing Wi-Fi passwords and asking employees who use their own devices at work to install anti-virus software and to switch on firewalls. Terrorism and cyber terrorism, will be a constant problem, not only for the next year or two but far beyond. But with MI5, the police and other government organisations continuing to advise companies, and individuals, of the current perceived threat everyone can assist in cracking down on the groups that deliver these terrible acts of war! KM Security Solutions Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of KM Facilities Management Group Plc are committed to providing security solutions in a number of areas, such as CCTV and access control, manned guarding and key-holding services. We would recommend that regular meetings are held by the Board of Directors to ensure that up to date information in relation to all threats on security in the workplace, whether it be cyber or terrorism is discussed and options to ensure the best safety is provided to everyone to ensure a safe and protected workplace is available for staff.

Our security solutions are tailor-made to our customers’ needs and are totally adaptable to the size and sector of your business. We’ll listen carefully to all your requirements and carry out a full risk assessment as we create the right security solution for you. We have experience of working with a wide range of sectors including education, media, finance, managing agents, hospitality and construction. For a free risk assessment of your vacant property call us on

0800 468 1900 or visit our website

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Variety is the spice of life for law firm partners Since being established in September 2015, Sahota Newcomb Scott (SNS Law) has become a real Kent success story with the legal practice constantly expanding and about to move into new premises.

Before going it alone, the trio were the litigation department in another law firm and each one has, over the years, built up extensive experience both in the UK and abroad.


I work in employment law, which is an ever-changing field, and my role is to help employers who have HR or contractual problems which they need to resolve. It’s about helping them in looking after their workforce.

City legal career forms sound base for Partner John Newcomb accrued extensive experience in a variety of legal fields, including 25 years in the City of London, before becoming one of the three founding partners of SNS Law.

Formed in Maidstone by experienced top-flight litigation lawyers: John Newcomb, Gareth Scott and Jay Sahota, the firm specialises in everything from international litigation cases to disputed probates, with the partners bringing a wealth of experience to the work. Before going it alone, the trio were the litigation department in another law firm and each one has, over the years, built up extensive experience both in the UK and abroad. The firm’s current home is the town’s former public library in Faith St, where SNS Law became one of the first tenants in the new business centre. The partners chose Maidstone for the proximity to their Kent homes and because of its county town and commercial status.. It has proved a sound decision and SNS Law has become so successful that the three partners are in the process of recruiting their first member of staff and are moving into larger premises in London Road in July. Partner John Newcomb said: “Things have been going really well and we are looking to expand now. We all love our jobs because of the sheer variety of the work.”

During his career, he has developed a broad range of experience in all forms of commercial disputes and litigation and some of his most interesting work with SNS Law centres around employment matters, acting for both employers and employees in contentious and non-contentious situations.

“My approach to disputes is always to find a way in which compromise is possible so that the two sides can agree a resolution out of court. “I have always thought that if a case gets to court you have failed as a lawyer because you did not bring about a resolution and, as a law firm, we have a duty to do everything in our power to keep a case out of court. “In court, you have no control over what happens but if the two parties are negotiating you still have a chance to resolve an issue before it goes to a court hearing.”

He also helps commercial clients and individuals with intellectual property issues and disputes and contractual claims. Having left school at sixteen to become a barrister’s clerk, he went onto become a Senior Clerk, working in and managing Barristers’ Chambers in the Temple for more than 25 years. During that time, he worked alongside some of the leading commercial barristers in the country, many of whom are now amongst the foremost ranks of the judiciary, before deciding that his career required a change of direction. He retrained and qualified as a solicitor in 2010. He said: "I work in Litigation and employment law. Employment Law is an ever changing field and my role is to help employers who have HR or contractual problems which they need to resolve. “The legislation is changing all the time and it is my job to keep to up to date because advice that is behind the times is worthless.

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International experience key for Jay

Jay said: “I have dealt with debt recovery cases large and small during my career, including international ones.

expertise but there is also a strong personal and emotional element to it and I always have to bear that in mind.

“One of my previous cases saw me dealing with a £3.5bn dispute which ran over fourteen international jurisdictions and saw me travelling all over the world. That kind of experience is invaluable.

“Take property disputes. No one likes to feel threatened in their own home, an Englishman’s home is his castle, and things like disputes over the neighbour’s hedge can see both sides digging in their heels.

“My role is to help companies who are facing disputes large and small over unpaid bills and they can often be very complex cases indeed.

“It is my job to find a way for them to compromise. That means understanding the emotional aspect of the case but also being prepared to give my clients a dose of reality when it is needed.

“My job is massively varied and demands that I understand how the law works in different countries as well as being able to unpick sometimes complicated documents. “I enjoy the forensic skills that the job often demands and I love the sheer variety of my work. I have litigated for and against some very large corporates and the key is to help the client.”

The importance of the human touch

Jay Sahota has built up plenty of domestic and international experience during his career and now specialises in heavyweight commercial litigation, often with large values and an international element. After graduating from Cambridge University, he qualified at Allen & Overy, one of the world's largest law firms, in 2005. He spent most of the next decade working in some of the best recognised Dispute Resolution Departments in the City before moving to Kent to start his own practice. Jay has developed an extensive range of experience in commercial and civil litigation and undertakes many different types of dispute from straightforward debt recovery to complex and challenging international arbitration. He has written published articles and lectured on various forms of dispute resolution and complex legal problems.

“Disputes over probate can also be very emotional and again you need to unravel the technical element of the case while also always taking into account the strong emotions involved after someone has died. “In most of the cases I deal with, mediation is the best way forward. You want to help both sides come to an agreement.”

Gareth Scott needs strong people skills as well as legal expertise because his work with SNS Law involves dealing with people at difficult and emotional times as he helps them resolve property disputes and probate disagreements. He was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2006 before crossing the professional divide and establishing an excellent reputation as a Solicitor Advocate. His experience as an advocate has allowed him to obtain Higher Rights of audience before any Civil Court or Tribunal in England and Wales. Gareth has gained extensive knowledge of civil and commercial litigation but focuses on Property litigation, Landlord and Tenant disputes and Contentious Probate. He has extensive knowledge of the advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution and encourage the use of Mediation wherever possible as a practical and cost saving alternative to court proceedings. Gareth said: “A lot of commercial law is very technical and the same is true of my field of

Get in touch You can contact SNS Law The Old Library, Faith’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1LH on 01622 807 866


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The Economy & Us:

Cybercrime — it’s Mindshift Time Last year the ONS began including cybercrime in their crime estimates for England and Wales. The result is a 107% increase – with cybercrimes exceeding all other crimes put together! Whilst 90% of large businesses and 74% of SMEs reported a breach in the past year, everybody agrees that much cybercrime goes unreported. We’re talking fraud, theft, extortion. Not just geeks imposing ‘denial of service’ and malware for fun. Do you think your computer systems and data are secure? Informed opinion is that we will all fall prey sooner or later to hacking and/or identity theft. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”. Accepting this near certainty is the first important mindshift that you owe to yourself and those who depend on you. Government acts to keep our data safe (every pound stolen is a pound untaxed). The new National Cyber Centre is designed to provide all the support and advice that we need. But the reality is, we’re on our own. Even IT professionals can only advise on good practice. It’s up to us (a) to identify our worst nightmares, the data breaches that have power to inflict most damage on us, (b) to assess these risks and write down our business continuity plan so as to expose its flaws to our critical intelligence, and then (c) to test this business continuity procedure rigorously. This is standard stuff, much of which you probably know already. Your second mindshift is to act now to put it in place. But there’s a third mindshift that too many of us haven’t made yet.

Computers, by and large, don’t make mistakes. Wonderful. But we do. The weakest link in your cyber system is, beyond doubt, yourself and your people – outside as well as within your organisation. Most security breaches occur in plain view: phishing, by phone as well as email (sometimes disguised as coming from a trusted boss or associate); a “free” app; a nice-looking memory stick left lying about for the unwary to plug in. All these and more can unleash mayhem on your operation and its livelihoods. Where should you start? Take a simple test. All should score 100% on Which? magazine’s online test, and maybe even on the Cyber Essentials test at At you can bone up on cyber security guidance and free e-learning. Meanwhile, write a rule book specifying who shall have access to what kit and information on a need-toknow basis, outlawing the use of any other kit; and protect each user’s account with a strong password. Letting staff ‘bring your own device’, or install apps, risks exporting your vital data outside your control. Especially if someone leaves in disgruntled mood. In short, nobody knows your business like you. Do seek professional advice, but don’t lay aside your caveman cunning, your vigilant urge to spot trouble before it materialises and head it off. Only the fittest survive.

Nick Rowell Director of Policy Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Direct line: 01622 753568 Email:

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CooperBurnett to climb every mountain for ellenor An intrepid team of six from the Tunbridge Wells-based law firm CooperBurnett are set to tackle the Three Peaks Challenge in June in aid of the charity ellenor.

This will see them climbing Ben Nevis in Scotland (1,344m), Scafell Pike in England (978m) and Snowdon in Wales (1,085m) in just 24 hours. “We are hoping that our mission will raise a significant contribution towards our overall goal to donate £10,000

to ellenor this year,” says Katie Hilsdon, Trainee Solicitor at the firm. The team includes not only Katie, but Jon Rowe, Lee Reeves-Perrin, Gareth Warner, Vrin Khera and Lisa Connolly. They will be supported by two drivers, Corporate Partner and ellenor Ambassador, Victoria

Kent manufacturer completes MBO

Kent firm LightGraphix has announced the completion of a Management Buyout led by Robert Buxton, Simon Lyon and Stan Harris for an undisclosed sum.

Former Managing Director Richard Hargreaves will remain as a Non-Executive Director. Funding to support the transaction has been provided by Royal Bank of Scotland’s Corporate Transactions team with an undisclosed term debt package, alongside financial backing provided by Richard Hargreaves. LightGraphix design and manufacture lighting for architectural, marine and display use. The company started in 1979 in Dartford and moved to purpose built premises in Crayford in 2006. Facilities include metalwork machining and presswork, fabrication, powder coating, assembly and an extensive testing area together with design and administration offices and a comprehensive showroom. LightGraphix are Lighting Association Code of Practice accredited. Robert Buxton, Director at LightGraphix said: “The completion of the MBO is a very exciting period for us and we are delighted to be taking control of the business and are looking to expand and introduce new ideas. It is fair to say that without the support of the Corporate Transactions team at the Royal Bank of Scotland this deal would not have happened.”


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

Sampson and Lorraine Constable – who will be ferrying the team around in one of the ellenor minibuses. In preparation for the challenge, the team have embarked on a 16-week training programme, which is being led by Jake Gowan from The Gym in Tunbridge Wells. CooperBurnett has supported ellenor for a number of years now – helping to raise vital funds to support the charity’s children’s hospice care team in South West Kent, which offers support and care in the home to families facing terminal illness. The team will leave CooperBurnett’s base in the centre of Tunbridge Wells on Friday 24 June.

Advocacy in Kent is changing

From 1 April 2016 there will be a new way to contact Advocacy services for adults in Kent. The new Kent Advocacy will be able to help: • People with autistic spectrum disorder • People with dementia • Hearing or Sight impaired people • Older people • People with mental and/or physical ill health or disability • People who need support to make a complaint about their NHS treatment • People detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 or subject to recall to hospital • People referred by Social Services under the Care Act to facilitate care and support assessment, planning and review and safeguarding • People referred by Social Services or the NHS to support decision making around changes of accommodation and serious medical treatment Advocacy supports people to explore their choices and options and access information and services. We will help people to

express their views, wishes and concerns so they can be genuinely considered when decisions are being made by others about their lives. Ultimately, advocacy supports people to have their voice heard on issues that are important to them. Kent Advocacy is led by seAp Advocacy, in partnership with Advocacy for All, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Services, Assert, CiLK, CROP, RAD and Rethink. All organisations have local roots and many years of experience delivering services in Kent. Together, we are looking forward to offering a clear pathway to advocacy for the people of Kent. For more information and to make a referral: 0300 34 35 714 to get in touch: Text 80800 using keyword ‘SEAP’ PO Box 375, Hastings, TN34 9HU

ABA invests in new fleet to meet air travel demand The Atlantic Bridge Aviation Group (ABA) is to expand its fleet to meet growing demand for air travel services.

The Kent-based company, which has been providing commercial and business aviation services globally for more than 25 years, is investing more than £450,000 in two executive Piper Chieftains.

The aircraft will be used to provide ad-hoc on-demand charter flights to a range of destinations across the UK and Europe. “The Chieftains can seat up to nine passengers, are fast and efficient,

and spacious,” said ABA’s Managing Director, Jonathan Gordon. “They’re perfect for pre-meeting briefings while you travel and for getting into small airfields closer to your destination, which saves on transfer times. They’re a very economical solution to customers travelling in a group either for pleasure or business.” Shares in the new aircraft will also be offered as part of ABA’s fractional ownership Air Share programme, giving businesses and private individuals the chance to enjoy the benefits of owning an aircraft without the capital outlay of full ownership. ABA is based at London Ashford Airport in Lydd, Kent.


Green light for model railways centre Ashford could become the model railway capital of UK after plans were approved to create the Ashford International Model Railway Education Centre (Aimrec). Enthusiasts want to raise £4 million to build a centre that would rival the National Railway Museum in York. It will be built on the historic Klondyke railway works site, a short walk from the Kent town’s International station. The 30,000 sq ft project has attracted some big-name support – for example, Roger Daltrey, the legendary frontman for The Who, visited Ashford in July 2014 to discuss plans for the model railways museum. In press interviews, Daltrey said model trains were his “number one passion”. Musician and TV presenter Jools Holland and music producer Pete Waterman have also voiced their support for the centre, say the team behind the project. Ashford Borough Council granted planning permission for Aimrec on Wednesday 16 March. The model railway centre is expected to become a

hugely popular visitor attraction and act as a boost to Kent’s tourism economy. Its backers have forecasted up to 250,000 visitors a year through the

Creating Natural Therapeutic Oils to make a positive difference The Body Therapy Company have created a range of natural, handmade products, designed to improve health and wellbeing. Premium Grade Therapeutics We have created a unique range of premium grade, essential oil based products combining the oils renowned for their benefits to alleviate a wide range of joint, nerve and muscle problems. Luxurious Shaving & Beard Care Our luxurious Shaving Oil helps to nourish, soothe and protect the skin and our Beard Oils will thicken and strengthen your beard whilst keeping skin moisturised and healthy. Experience and Quality Testing We have developed our oils over the last 40 years through clinical practice, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in selecting the highest therapeutic grade of the purest essential oils available.

doors in its first full year of operation, rising to 500,000 in the fourth year. Its proposed location is adjacent to the expanding MacArthur Glen Designer

shopping outlet, where visitors are projected to increase from nearly four million to more than seven million a year.

Naturally improve health & wellbeing

We closely monitor the sourcing and quality control of all our oils ensuring the highest standards of grade, purity and therapeutic effectiveness. Our Mission To continue to create and develop a range of oils containing the highest grade of essential oils which work synergistically to achieve the most therapeutic effect in treating a wide range of health and wellbeing issues. We are totally committed to providing excellent customer service and we offer a 100% money back guarantee if any product we offer does not completely satisfy your most exacting requirements. To find out more visit

• • • •

Premium grade therapeutic oils Help with Joint, Nerve & Muscle pain Relieve shaving rash & irritation Nourish & care for your Beard

Get in touch to find out more Tel: 01634 649009 Email: Website:

June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS



Change to a new model pays off About 13 years ago, after many years in traditional business, John and Sheila Gwillam-Winter discovered a very different model - Network Marketing.

The power of video There is an undeniable fact that video is a powerful marketing tool for business. Yet more than 85% of businesses in the UK are still not using video in their strategies. Internet speeds and mobile technology have driven video as the primary choice of engaged content. So much so that Google and Cisco are predicting that video will become over 87% of content consumed on the internet in as little as eighteen months! Professional video production can be a daunting prospect for any business owner. I believe that in order to fully embrace the full potential of video as a marketing tool, there needs to be a clear understanding of who that business’s audience are, and where they spend time when on the internet. I have been a filmmaker for over 20 years making documentary films for broadcast. Video is the tool but films that tell stories are the vehicle to successful engagement. For me, the discovery process is crucial. Understanding a business and who their customers are, helps me find the true story. Searching out that unique element in a business’ values and philosophies is like searching for the Holy Grail. You have seven seconds to engage a viewer with video these days. We are so impatient so making a video that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention is so important. This is why it’s so vital I do my research properly and that I make all of my films watchable; that way my customers get a great return on their investment. Hax is the Owner of Hax Media, Making Films for Business.


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

Network Marketing is the model now used by many, large well known household names and is considered to be the business model of the 21st Century, as everyone gains if they choose to put the effort in.

The couple have built a large business, G W Associates: Network Marketers, in Kent, with a turnover in 2015 approaching £18 million. They have changed their lives, and those of their family, as well as helping close to 1,600 other people so far to find an additional income that can work alongside their day job or business. Many of the Ghurkha soldiers in Kent and around the UK, both retired and currently serving, are benefitting from an additional income stream as are Police and Prison officers, NHS workers, and many other Civil Servants, as well as small business owners. This is possible as the vehicle that John and Sheila use is one of the most successful and trusted in the UK and the part time business, is one of the only ones fully approved by the Police Force for their Officers to

pursue to enable them to build an ongoing residual income that will support them, and improve their quality of life, when they come to retirement. Most organisations run on what is known as a linear model, in essence exchanging hours for money, which doesn’t help with the desire to have more time to choose to do the things we want to do. It means that if someone has a full time job, to earn another income stream, they will need to increase, rather than decrease their working hours. So when John and Sheila realised that Network Marketing meant that over time they could reduce their working hours bit by bit, whilst building a bigger and bigger business, and at the same time help many hundreds of others to do the same, it seemed the perfect decision. A lot of their time, is also now spent helping and advising, Network Marketers.

Is your business at risk from an inadequate backup strategy? Many businesses do not have a backup strategy and those that have implemented a backup process may not be backing up what they need in the event of a disaster. The statistics are disturbing: • Hard drive failure rates are between 3% - 17% • 25% of PC Users lose some data every year • 15% of all laptops are stolen or suffer hard drive failures • 80% of businesses that suffer a major disaster go bust within 3 years • 40% of businesses that have a critical IT failure go bust within 1 year • Only 35% of SMBs have a disaster recovery plan in place • 34% of companies fail to test their backups Key points to having an adequate backup strategy are: • Make sure you backup everything you need – not just the data but the system too. • Have multiple copies of your backup – what happens if it fails whilst it’s backing up?

• Have at least one copy of your backup off site • Automate the backup process • Verify your backups regularly • What is your Recovery Time Objective? How long will it take you to get back up running again? How many DAYS will it take to get that on-line backup fully restored?

• What is your Recovery Point Objective? How far back will you have to go in the event of a failure? Hours, days, weeks…? Transpeed have been supporting IT for business & Charities for more than 25 years and have experience of defining both Disaster Recovery Plans including backup strategies as well as Business Continuity Planning.


Streamlining charging order applications is Breath analysis is good news for creditors, says Furley Page A charging order is one of the most widely used methods of enforcement available to individuals and businesses who have secured a judgment against a debtor. From 6 April 2016, the process of applying for and obtaining a charging order is being streamlined and refined – and that’s good news for creditors says Richard Ludlow, a debt recovery specialist at leading Kent law firm Furley Page. “A charging order is an important and effective part of your debt recovery toolkit. It secures the sum owed to you against a debtor’s property and, in most cases, will

prevent a debtor from selling their property without first repaying the sum owed to you,” adds Richard, an associate and head of Furley Page’s insolvency and debt recovery team. “Applications will now be dealt with centrally in a bid to reduce the need for routine and unnecessary court hearings. It also means the cost will be lower for applicants due to the reduced likelihood of having to attend a hearing.”

Workplace flexibility – what does it incorporate? Workplace flexibility includes a wide range of concepts which can indicate how agreeable an employee or a company is to alterations to the norm. It allows for both employers and employees to reach agreements on arrangements which suit both. Being flexible or agreeing to flexible working can be beneficial to both parties, as it allows employees to reach a balance between their work and personal life, and it allows employers to improve their staff performance and business efficiency and staff loyalty. Flexibility is often shown through shift patterns or flexible working

requests. Shift patterns can work well for businesses whose staffing requirements change. An alternating shift pattern will enable you to always request that the right amount of workers come into work. It allows you to have more staff during a later or earlier shift depending on the nature of the business. This works well for employees, too, as it removes the risk of being

understaffed or overstaffed, and helps the business if a shift needs covering if another employee is sick. Flexible working requests allow employees to balance their work and their responsibilities outside of it. If you have any more employment law or HR queries you can visit

New rules set to permit development changes New rules that came into play on 6 April this year will enable owners of light industrial buildings to apply to convert them to residential dwellings from September 2017, following changes to the Permitted Development Rights legislation. Planning and development experts at Hobbs Parker Property Consultants, based in Ashford, believe the Government’s consultation on the performance of the legislation may lead to further relaxation of the rules in an attempt to increase the amount of house building. Jane Scott, Senior Planning Consultant, Hobbs Parker Property Consultants, said: “Although there is still more than a year before owners can apply to convert existing light industrial buildings to residential use, it gives them the time to make the necessary plans in terms of their possible re-use.

“With the system already in place to permit the conversion of offices, as well as storage and distribution properties, the move to allow the change of light industrial premises to houses or flats will be welcomed by many property owners and by small house builders looking for sites.” The new rules will permit the owners of properties, which were in use on or before 19 March 2014 and have a footprint of 500m2 or less, to submit a prior notification application, which must be determined by the planning authority within 56 days.

the new blood test

Bedfont Scientific, who in 2016 are celebrating two important anniversaries – 40 years in business and 30 years of one of their most successful exports the Smokerlyzer, are revered as pioneers in the breath analysis market. For IBS Awareness Month, Bedfont wants to raise awareness of breath analysis as their Gastrolyzer® range can help detect gastrointestinal disorders. Used by healthcare professionals, the Gastrolyzer takes a breath test to help detect irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and sugar intolerances such as lactose intolerance. Unlike more conventional methods which require a blood sample and can take up to two weeks to diagnose, the Gastrolyzer is quick, easy and non-invasive. Bedfont is also trying to raise the profile of its NObreath® FeNO monitor, an essential tool for World Asthma Day. Through a simple breath test, using FeNO measurements to monitor airway inflammation in asthma patients represents a significant advance in respiratory medicine. The NObreath FeNO test is a user-friendly way to assess patient adherence to treatment, enabling respiratory specialists to prescribe their patients the right levels of medication. Additionally, the NObreath FeNO test can help to differentiate between asthma and other respiratory conditions such as COPD, and asthma and COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS), resulting in fewer patients being misdiagnosed. Furthermore, NewMed, a division of Bedfont Scientific, is proud to share that they are now working alongside Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy champion, Dr William Pawluk. Revered for his PEMF work throughout the USA, Dr Pawluk is guiding NewMed’s break into the UK markets with PEMF. An idea harnessed by NASA, PEMF replicates the Earth’s natural magnetic fields in a concentrated manner. Non-invasive and drug-free, PEMF therapy stimulates cellular repair to speed up the healing process and improve your body’s overall performance.

June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS


First steps in cyber-security Are you cyber-secure? Big business - big problem

The cost of cybercrime to the global economy is around $445 billion annually, with the U.K. alone losing $11.4 billion last year, according to cyber security company McAfee. CB Insights, a consultancy, says the worldwide cybersecurity industry has received $5.2 billion across 807 deals in the past five years, and cybersecurity investment has been steadily increasing in terms of both funding dollars and number of deals. But is it making a difference?

Every week, a new cyber breach of a major retailer, bank, or organisation hits the headlines. The list is long, impressive, and growing; and it includes big names like eBay, Google, Home Depot, Target, and JP Morgan. Cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated, and their scope seems to be expanding. New attack vectors are being opened with the adoption of wearable devices, automated cars, smart cities, mobile payments technologies, and the coming of age of the Internet of Things. Cyber-attacks are also becoming part of international conflict, where some lines between crime and nationally-motivated attacks are being blurred.

Businesses are underestimating the pervasive impact of cyber security as only 28% of cyber attacks are being reported to the police, according to research by the Institute of Directors (IoD) in a survey of 1,000 UK businesses. A massive 49% of these businesses have experienced damage and interruptions to their business operations from cyber attacks. There is an increasing gap between the risk of cyber attack, and business preparedness. Of the businesses surveyed by the IoD:

• 91% said cyber security is important to their business…

Just like an accountant to point out the problem– but what’s the solution?

MHA MacIntyre Hudson has signed a deal with technology commercialisation company Crossword Cybersecurity to offer Crossword’s new Rizikon cyber threat risk analysis tool to its clients. Rizikon is a new cyber risk assessment tool based on research undertaken by Professor David Stupples and his team at the Centre for Cyber and Security Sciences at City University, London.

Rizikon is targeted at busy bosses running growth enterprises, and is particularly valuable to financial and legal services businesses where there is a regulatory requirement to demonstrate effective cyber security. Among Rizikon’s benefits are its jargon-free summaries of a company’s existing security, broken down into the areas of greatest risk.

Tom Ilube, founder of Crossword, said:

“We developed Rizikon as tool for the real world. It doesn’t demand technical expertise, hours of form filling and it works in tandem with existing online protections to maximize their effectiveness. We are delighted to be partnering with MHA MacIntyre Hudson and look forward to bringing the benefits of Rizikon to its clients.” Of course, we want to look after our clients, but even if you haven’t worked with us before, we can help you now. Rizikon is a grand way to check your cyber-protection, for little cost.

• …but only 57% have a formal strategy in place

Only 1% said that their business is not reliant on that popular portal for cyber attack, the internet.

Surely not an issue for a Kent SME!

Government figures show that data breaching costs SMEs an average of £310,800, according to research by Experian UK. The businesses surveyed estimated the average cost to be £179,990, a shortfall of over £130,000. SMEs are clearly underestimating the costs associated with data breaching which could damage reputation and trust for both business and consumers.

Here’s a shocking statistic - almost a third of SMEs don’t have a data breach response in place, while only 29% of businesses with plans in place update them quarterly.

However, 95% of consumers say they’d take action if their data was stolen, while 64% would discourage from using a company’s services following a data breach!

Duncan Cochrane-Dyet

Assurance Partner MHA MacIntyre Hudson Victoria Court 17 - 21 Ashford Road Maidstone Kent ME14 5FA Tel: 01227 464 991(Canterbury) 01622 754 033 (Maidstone) E-mail:

MHA MacIntyre Hudson is the trading name of MHA MacIntyre Hudson (Kent) LLP, a limited liability partnership, registered in England with registered number OC385090. A list of partners’ names is open for inspection at its registered office, 201 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 1LZ. MacIntyre Hudson LLP which also trades under the name of MHA MacIntyre Hudson, controls MHA MacIntyre Hudson (Kent) LLP and is an independent member of MHA, a national association of UK accountancy firms. The term ‘partner’ or ‘partners’ indicates that the person (or persons) in question is (or are) a member(s) of MHA MacIntyre Hudson (Kent) LLP or a member, an employee or consultant of its affiliated businesses with equivalent standing and qualifications. Further information can be found via our website MHA MacIntyre Hudson (Kent) LLP is registered to carry on audit work in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is regulated for a range of investment business activities by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. MHA MacIntyre Hudson is an independent member of Baker Tilly International. Baker Tilly International Limited is an English company. Baker Tilly International provides no professional services to clients. Each member firm is a separate and independent legal entity and each describes itself as such. Baker Tilly UK Group LLP is the owner of the Baker Tilly trademark. MHA MacIntyre Hudson is not Baker Tilly International’s agent and does not have the authority to bind Baker Tilly International or act on Baker Tilly International’s behalf. None of Baker Tilly International, MHA MacIntyre Hudson, nor any of the other member firms of Baker Tilly International has any liability for each other’s acts or omissions.


Ask the Expert Q

What are the most important things to consider when choosing which travel agency to use? Accreditation for your peace of mind Always look for the ABTA logo booking through an ABTA member means your holiday is financially protected and the holiday package is up to a high standard. We have received our ABTA licences for both Crosskeys Travel holidays

Alan Johnson Managing Director Crosskeys Travel Tel: 01303 272625 (opt 2) Gone are the days when a typical family would get excited for a few days spent at the English seaside. With open borders across the EU, travel restrictions at their lowest for British holidaymakers and an abundance of destinations to choose from abroad, here are two key things to keep an eye out for before booking your dream holiday.

Value for money After organising British and continental coach holidays for over 45 years we have really noticed a drastic increase in the demand for packaged and

and Crosskeys Coaches coach holidays and we have the capacity to cater for all your holiday needs. Our consultants are here to help customers at every step of the way from choosing the perfect destination to providing guidance and support through policies and small prints and being one call away if there is the need for extra help.

tailormade holidays so we thought that the only natural progression to provide more travel choice for our customers would be to open up a local independent travel agency. The Crosskeys Travel shop opened in Folkestone in May 2015 and it now offers packaged and tailormade holidays with a fully comprehensive travel service - we organise all type of experiences from adventure holidays, UK weekend breaks, city breaks, skiing holidays, cruises or safari experiences to airport car parking, travel insurance and door to door transfers. Booking your holiday through an independent travel agent is ensuring you receive the precise tailored holiday you want at the best price available. Our experienced travel consultants work very hard to maintain high ABTA standards and choose the very best holiday packages from specialist top travel operators.

June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS



Hauling Construction Forward As the 2016 cricket season got under way, Kent County life member Martin Dace, owner of the Ardula group of companies, was delighted to notch up his own half century, adding 13 vehicles to the group’s 38 strong fleet of construction haulage tippers, grab lorries, and articulated bulkers. Presneill and Jamie Walters keep the wheels moving in safe and secure fashion, and the accounts team of Tim Stevens, Tonia East and Ruth Buttigieg, keep the company’s finances moving in an equally safe and secure manner Seasoned travellers around the county will recognise the striking blue and red livery of the tipper fleet, and whilst the artic fleet livery is a little more circumspect, they are still visible across not only Kent, but London, Essex, and the home counties, with a combined 5000 kilometres travelled daily. The tipper fleet, numbering over twenty vehicles, marshalled daily by Phil Brasier, covers over 4000 kilometres a day, with Phil’s twenty plus years of experience recently rewarded by promotion to Director. Whilst a batsman may desire to be not out, an Ardula driver very much prefers to be out – all day, every day on the county’s roads, providing the goods and services that Ardula has become renowned for in its 22 years of operation. The solid base on which the company has been founded provides a platform for investment – not only in vehicles but in people. This year sees the company continue its ambitious driver training programme, to include emphasis on vulnerable road users. Vehicles have a range of audible and visual aids to warn the driver of cyclists and pedestrians in the ‘danger zone’ alongside the left of the vehicle, and driver training will shortly extend to putting drivers on bicycles in an urban environment to see that they understand the road conditions from another perspective. Driver trainer Jamie Walters has recently been awarded Freight Operator Recognition Scheme ‘Practitioner’ status – one of only

550 nationally to hold this qualification. Group managing director Ricky Hemmings will reach this milestone in June, showing that the company has a safety culture led by the management team. In addition to a cricket following within the management team, there’s strong links to Tonbridge Juddians Rugby Club, which demonstrates not only the team ethos within the business, through supporting team sports, but also a wish to contribute to the local community, whether through team sponsorship, or the company’s long standing support of Hospice in the Weald, a cause to which Martin is very dedicated and hardworking. Running a business is also a team effort, with Transport Managers Phil Brasier and Carl Brotherwood working with drivers and customers alike to achieve the common aim of goods and services provided competitively, correctly, and above all courteously. The fleet logistics team of Shaun

What’s increasingly apparent about the business is its ability to adapt to change without sacrificing its core values. The construction haulage sector is now one of the most heavily regulated within the overall construction industry, governed by both transport and environmental legislation, and the company continues to adopt new standards of working whilst providing a service to blue chip national contractors or small one-off customers alike. The company has accreditation in both the Freight Operator Recognition Scheme and Construction Logistics CLOCS standard, and whilst this meets or exceeds the

Martin Dace and Ricky Hemmings meeting the Swedish Ambassador

demands of the industry as a whole, the same level of service is applied to a single delivery to a residential property in a leafy lane in Kent. In fact, the diversity of the customer base goes hand in hand with the diversity of the products that Ardula can offer – the company maxim is that ‘if it can go in a tipper we can source and provide it’. From highways specification construction aggregates to menage sand, decorative cobbles, topsoil and bark, the company rarely accepts defeat, despite some challenging customer requests. As the company continues to grow, the natural progression is also geographic, and as well as being busy around operating bases in Laddingford and Sheerness, Ardula’s trading relationships mean that the company is now operating across Kent and East Sussex, and into South London and Essex. The acquisition of thirteen rigid vehicles able to haul bricks, blocks, and paving, not only gives the group another haulage dimension, but a presence in West Sussex and Hampshire, as the acquired business, Mantransco, operates from bases in Ninfield and Littlehampton. From small beginnings with a single lorry, the Ardula Group, owned and built up by Martin, and headed up by group Managing Director Ricky Hemmings, has become quite a tour de force in construction logistics in the south east, with each business unit having the strength and confidence to continue to grow as the economy continues to move forward in the coming years. Patiently building toward the century perhaps?

Ardula Limited T: 01622 873300

From small beginnings with a single lorry, the Ardula Group, owned and built up by Martin, and headed up by group Managing Director Ricky Hemmings, has become quite a tour de force in construction logistics in the south east, with each business unit having the strength and confidence to continue to grow as the economy continues to move forward in the coming years. CLOCS Champions


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016


Getting Started Name: Company: Start up date: Website: Q1: Tell us a bit about your business? Our desire is to help business owners have a successful business by coaching and mentoring them through a proven process that is tailored specifically for their business. We don't tell the owner how to run their business, they know that better than we do. However we are trained in the overall business and marketing systems that make a business successful. We add business knowledge to the business owners knowledge of their industry to help them achieve better results. We take them through a 6 step journey, looking at the key areas in their business and coach them through the areas they need help with to grow their business. We also run Action Clubs. Action Club is a group coaching/workshops program. We meet fortnightly and work through a structured program of 25 sessions. This covers the foundation layer of our 6 steps Program to help build a solid business foundation. There is a lot of collaboration/sharing with other business owners in the group and a real sense of community as well as networking opportunities within the group.

Peter O'Keeffe and Janelle O'Keeffe Antipodean Action Ltd July 2015

Q2: What gives your business ‘the x-factor’? Quite simply it is Janelle and I, and our unique coaching style We journey alongside our clients through a 6 step flexible process, tailored to the client, and help them be accountable to themselves to make the changes in the business they desire. We are unreasonable yet compassionate mentors; Unreasonable because we hold our clients accountable for completing what they say they will. Compassionate because we understand and will empathise with the struggles they are facing. Q3: What motivated you to set up the business? All professional sports people from Andy Murray to Wayne Rooney have coaches. In fact every sports team down to the under 9’s have a coach. Why then don’t business owners? This was our motivation, to help business owners be as good as professional sports people in achieving their dreams and desires. They have just as much, if not more invested, in their business.

Q4: What do you like most about working for a start-up? Most start-ups need key information when they start their business. Business is like a dashboard in a car. It gives you key information when you start the car. A business also needs key information in the form of a dashboard, so the owner can see trends and what is happening in the business. We often say, if you don’t have a dashboard in your business, then rip the dashboard out of your car and try driving without it and see how difficult it is, because that’s what you’re doing with your business!!!!! Q5: What has been your greatest business success to date? Each client we have is our greatest success, because we see them achieving success beyond what they thought possible, through the coaching process, and progress they make. Q6: What has been your lowest moment? Being unable to help a client whose business was too far gone, when they sought our help.

Q7: In terms of business achievements, where do you want to be within the next 5 years? We want to change the economic, financial and social footprint of businesses in our community, by working with the business owner to have a commercially profitable business that if necessary works without them. We want to be known in our community as the first point of contact for business owners who want to grow their business and achieve the success they desire. We will add a finance arm to our coaching. We will have multiple group coaching sessions each week. We will have 90 day planning sessions for business owners every quarter. Q8: What would be your top tip to someone thinking of starting up their own business? Obtain, listen and act on sound advice from your professionals. Go in with your eyes wide open. Realise it will be tough, have patience and be persistent. Don't give up!

June - July 2016 ThinkingBUSINESS



Chamber Events, Seminars & Workshops Muesli Mafia Breakfast Muesli Mafia Afternoon Tea

Business Breakfast Details (unless otherwise stated): Time: 8:00am - 9:30am Non-Members: £20.00 + VAT Members: £15.00 + VAT Join us for a delicious full English breakfast and lots of networking. 22 June 2016 Heart of Kent Hospice, 13 King Street, Maidstone, ME14 1BA 24 June 2016 Networking Breakfast with Andrew Priestley - Your Target Customer Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, Ashford Business Point, Waterbrook Avenue, Ashford, TN24 0LH 28 June 2016 Best Western Manor Hotel, Hever Court Road, Gravesend, DA12 5UQ 14 July 2016 Holiday Inn Rochester, Maidstone Road, Chatham, ME5 9SF 29 July 2016 Networking Breakfast with Andrew Priestley - Your Core Offering Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, Ashford Business Point, Waterbrook Avenue, Ashford, TN24 0LH 2 August 2016 Côte Brasserie – Bluewater Bluewater Shopping Centre, The Village, Dartford, DA9 9SE


ThinkingBUSINESS June - July 2016

Time: 07:30am - 09:30am Non Members: £20.00 + VAT Members: £20.00 + VAT 23 June 2016 The Royal Wells Hotel 59 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 8BE 6 July 2016 The Warren Metropolitan Police Club Hayes Ltd, Croydon Road, Bromley, BR2 7AL

“The Meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Carl Gustav Jung

21 July 2016 The Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel, Hollingbourne, Maidstone, ME17 1RE

8 June 2016 Brands Hatch Place Hotel and Spa Brands Hatch Road, Fawkham, DA3 8PD During the afternoon, we will serve you a selection of sandwiches, cakes and a scone served with clotted cream and jam to go with your tea or coffee. Time: 1:30pm - 3:00pm Non Members: £20.00 + VAT Members: £20.00 + VAT

The Aims of Muesli Mafia To provide an informal business-2-business networking breakfast in a congenial and relaxed atmosphere where local business people can get together, enjoy mutual fellowship, share their good news, views and discuss topics of mutual interest.

Business Coffee Hour Networking Business Lunch 5 July 2016 Holiday Inn Rochester-Chatham Maidstone Road, Chatham, ME5 9SF

28th July 2016 Holiday Inn Rochester-Chatham Maidstone Road, Chatham, ME5 9SF

NEW to Kent Invicta Chamber; an opportunity to put your business in the spotlight to highlight its products / services and how these can help other businesses. You will make new contacts and generate business leads, whilst sharing ideas, and experiences with like-minded business people. Join us for Tea / Coffee and breakfast pastries. Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm Non Members: £8.50 + VAT Members: £7.00 + VAT

14 June 2016 Everest Inn 113 Station Road, Ashford, TN23 1PJ

Networking Annual Summer BBQ 6 July 2016 Canterbury Cathedral Lodge The Precincts, Canterbury, CT1 2EH These lunchtime events slot neatly into the business day and provide the ideal opportunity for you to meet fellow professionals, grow the profile of your brand and to build new business relationships. Join us for a delicious two course lunch, PLUS lots of networking. Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm Non Members: £25.00 + VAT Members: £20.00 + VAT

Afternoon Tea Networking 5 July 2016 Tudor Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club Ashford Road, Bearsted, Maidstone, ME14 4NQ

28th July 2016 Westenhanger Castle Stone Street, Westenhanger, Hythe, CT21 4HX

During the afternoon, we will serve you a selection of sandwiches, cakes and a scone with clotted cream and jam to go with your tea or coffee. Time: 1:30pm - 3:00pm Non Members: £20.00 + VAT Members: £15.00 + VAT


Rising Stars Evening Golf Taster

Networking Golf Day

The After Hours Club is a popular and highly successful 'casual' networking event.

7 June 2016

Come on your own or bring your own team!

The informal atmosphere and relaxed environment is the ideal place to relax and chat to fellow business people. This event is open to Members and non-members. Come and join us for an evening of networking.

Birchwood Road, Dartford, DA2 7HJ Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

After Hours Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm

Complimentary Tea and Coffee will be served. 7 June 2016 Nucleus Business & Innovation Centre Brunel Way, Dartford, DA1 5GA 7 June 2016 Guest Speaker: Peter Searle from Business Doctors – Maidstone and Medway "More freedom and a more valuable business – is this your vision?" The Farm House 97-99 High Street, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6NA 7 June 2016 The Conningbrook Canterbury Road, Kennington, Ashford, TN24 9QR

28 June 2016 Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel Ashford Road, Hollingbourne, Maidstone, ME17 1RE 28 June 2016 Folkestone Business Hub Aspen House, West Terrace, Folkestone, CT20 1TH 5 July 2016 Nucleus Business & Innovation Centre Brunel Way, Dartford, DA1 5GA 5 July 2016 The Conningbrook Canterbury Road, Kennington, Ashford, TN24 9QR

9 June 2016 Best Western Coniston Hotel & Restaurant 70 London Road, Sittingbourne, ME10 1NT

12 July 2016 Hythe Imperial Hotel Prince's Parade, Hythe, CT21 6AE

14 June 2016 Hythe Imperial Hotel Prince's Parade, Hythe, CT21 6AE

13 July 2016 Royal Wells Hotel 59 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 8BE

15 June 2016 Royal Wells Hotel 59 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 8BE

20 July 2016 Canterbury College New Dover Road, Canterbury, CT1 3AJ

15 June 2016 Bridgewood Manor Hotel Walderslade Woods, Chatham, ME5 9AX

26 July 2016 Mercure Maidstone Great Danes Hotel Ashford Road, Hollingbourne, Maidstone, ME17 1RE

16 June 2016 Broad Oak Ashford BMW Broad Oak BMW, Orbital Business Park, Ashford, TN24 0GA

2 August 2016 Nucleus Business & Innovation Centre Brunel Way, Dartford, DA1 5GA

22 June 2016 Canterbury College New Dover Road, Canterbury, CT1 3AJ

FREE to members and non-members

Birchwood Park Golf Centre Non Members: Members:

14 June 2016

Hever Castle Golf Club

£20.00 + VAT £15.00 + VAT

Kent Invicta Chamber, along with sponsors CWJ, BBR and Barnes Roffe LLP have put together a special golf evening where you will have a free 60 minute session with Birchwood Park Golf Centre's professional along with a delicious buffet dinner and plenty of networking. Rising Stars is aimed at non business owners and directors in the professions such as accountants, bankers, financial advisors, insolvency practitioners, solicitors and surveyors. This forum aims to help those destined for future leadership roles to develop their management and interpersonal skills, expertise and contacts so that they have the skills and peer group when they break through that glass ceiling!

Hever Road, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 7NP Registration and Dress Code: 8.30am - 9.30am for a 10.00am Tee-Off followed by lunch. Strictly Golf Attire and Smart Casual (Lunch) Great prizes on the day: Includes Longest Drive and Nearest the Pin Cost: £60.00 + VAT per player This includes tea/coffee on arrival, bacon rolls and networking followed by 18 holes of golf and a two-course lunch. The Kent Invicta Chamber Golf Day is open to all businesses. As teams of golfers, businesses will play against each other over 18 holes. The teams and individual players will have the chance to win some fine prizes.

Cybercrime Special with Networking

8 June 2016 Time: 8.30am - 2.00pm Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Ashford Business Point, Waterbrook Avenue, Sevington, Ashford, TN24 0LH Free to attend

Kent Invicta Chamber, with the help of sponsors Barclays and Kent Police, have put together a Cybercrime event to help businesses understand and reduce the threats involved with Cybercrime attacks.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Introductory

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advanced

This One Day Course starts at 9.00am - 1.00pm with lunch included. In this course, we introduce you to Pay Per Click, explain the theory behind it, show you how to navigate the dashboard and get you started on putting together an account and campaigns to get you on the way to a successful AdWords Account. We will show you how to optimise and monitor your account to get the most out of your spend and generate better ROI. This course is suitable for beginners from any type and size of business and budget levels.

Building on the introductory course, we run through more detailed optimisation and monitoring techniques to increase the performance of your AdWords. The course is aimed at building your knowledge so you feel comfortable and confident in making the right decisions to have the best Account for your business. This course is suitable for those with some Adwords knowledge and those that have completed the introductory course. Suitable for any size and type of business. Anthony was a great trainer. He was friendly, approachable, and quick to respond to business-specific issues that we raised and had a knack for turning them into points that we could all apply to our own businesses. He's clearly an expert and paced the training perfectly. Great job! Damon McCollin-Moore – Ifour

21 July 2016 Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Ashford Business Point, Waterbrook Avenue, Sevington, Ashford, TN24 0LH in partnership with Sleeping Giant Media Non Members: £295.00 + VAT inc Lunch Members: £150.00 + VAT inc Lunch

20 June 2016 Time: 9.00am - 1.00pm Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Ashford Business Point, Waterbrook Avenue, Sevington, Ashford, TN24 0LH in partnership with Sleeping Giant Media Non Members: £295.00 + VAT inc Lunch Members: £150.00 + VAT inc Lunch

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Adams MD featured on business TV channel

Have you ever wondered how SEO works and how to convert visitors to your website into customers? These were some of the topics Adams MD Bronwyn Williamson discussed during an interview on Business Connections Live online TV channel. In her interview she explained: • Why online visibility is crucially important. • How to choose a good SEO specialist/agency. • What SEO entails. • Common misconceptions about SEO. • Top SEO tips. • Why SEO is only part of the picture (what happens when a visitor finds your website). Bronwyn said: "It was a great experience and I enjoyed taking part in the show. It was a good opportunity to discuss a number of issues facing businesses as they look to promote their products and services online. “Many businesses still don't understand why their websites need to be properly optimised to attract the right customers. To many, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a mystery and understanding why businesses need to do things correctly will help them grow and improve their bottom line.


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South East economic champion backs Route 3

After listening to the views of businesses and the local authorities across its area, the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) has given its backing to Route 3 for a new Lower Thames Crossing, creating a new junction on the M25 and linking with Kent, east of Gravesend. The business-focused organisation, which champions economic growth in Kent, East Sussex, Essex, Medway, Southend and Thurrock, actively canvassed its partners, stakeholders and businesses to help it reach its conclusion. Recently appointed Chairman of SELEP, Christian Brodie, said: “The Lower Thames Crossing is an infrastructure of local, national and international importance. It is clear that we need to add resilience to the road network in this area in a way which works for our businesses and for the long term growth of the national economy. “Businesses in the SELEP area strongly support Highway England’s proposal for a bored tunnel at Location C, adopting Route 3. Their priority is to ensure a decision to proceed is taken as soon as possible and that this is accompanied by complementary investment in the area’s road network.”

SELEP is asking Highways England to include a new junction providing a direct link to the Port of Tilbury. This will future-proof significant expansion plans and remove traffic from local roads improving connectivity into and out of the port as well as the local area. SELEP also highlighted the need to address the so-called C Variant option, including upgrades to the A229 Bluebell Hill, with the possibility of free-flow slip roads at the M2 and M20 junctions. It also proposed new junctions with the A13 and M25, capacity for which must be fit for purpose. SELEP has also called on Highways England to construct the tunnels as three lanes in each direction, plus an emergency lane from the outset, rather than the two lane solution proposed. As part of its submission to Highways England, SELEP has stressed that it is keen to avoid any changes which would delay a decision on the new Lower

Thames Crossing. However it has argued that wider strategic transport and infrastructure issues should be addressed and included. SELEP believes a number of transport programmes should be pursued in parallel, as included in the responses to the consultation by Kent County Council, Essex County Council and other partnerships which support SELEP’s activities. In Kent this parallel programme would include: • Improving M2 junction 7 to increase capacity between the M2 and A2; • Dualling sections of the A2 specifically at Whitfield and Lydden; • Improving M20 junction 7 to provide an improved link between the A249 and M20; and • Improving M2 junction 5 to provide improved flow between the M2 and A249 and improve another strategic link between the M2 and M20.

Inspiring the next generation: Utilitas Solutions and Young Chamber Utilitas directors Eric Tiv and Steve Garnett know a thing or two about running a successful business. Founded in 2004, Utilitas Solutions has gone from a two-man band to a small but thriving procurement company. Based in Ashford, Eric and Steve found themselves ideally situated to become involved in the Young Chamber initiative, seeing the opportunity to pass on some entrepreneurial wisdom to the next generation of business leaders. Where many organisations see the Young Chamber as a great way to identify new recruits, Utilitas’ involvement continues to be more about advising young people on what employers look for in a new starter. With big guns such as the Army, Navy and EDF regularly attending career fairs, Eric quickly realised that

representation from the SME sector was largely missing. Eric said: “Such a raft of opportunities exist in this sector of the market, particularly here in Kent, and we want to make sure that school leavers are aware of all of their options. “We consistently find that young attendees of Chamber events know what they want to achieve, but not necessarily how they will do it. The problem for many young people is that now, perhaps more than ever, the prospect of following their dream can be very daunting. “At Utilitas, we know that you need to take risks in order to succeed. Our aim is to help clear the fog surrounding starting a career, and perhaps to inspire a new wave of

entrepreneurs to take the business world by storm!” • Eric has always been a racing fanatic – his first word was “car” and it’s undoubtedly still his favourite. Having made a success of Utilitas and establishing the business as a well-known local entity (with no small amount of help from the Chamber), he has decided that now is the time to indulge his boyhood dream of becoming a racing driver. Passing his ARDS (that’s the Association of Racing Drivers Schools) licence in February of this year, as well as buying himself a shiny new Caterham 7, he has now entered the 2016 Caterham Academy Championship.


South East economic champion Funding for the appoints new Chairman Further Education The South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) has appointed a new chairman to lead its work as the economic sector welcomed champion for more than 344,000 businesses across Kent, East Sussex, Essex, Medway, Southend and Thurrock. He is the Chair of the Student Loans Company and the Chair of the Council of the University of Sussex. He is also Co-Chair of the Regulatory Partnership for Higher Education and Co-Chair of the Partnership Organisations Chairs' Forum of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. Christian Brodie was appointed following his presentation to the SELEP board in which he outlined his high level experience in business, international finance, higher education and working closely with Government departments.

Christian said: “I am extremely interested in how National and Local Government can in partnership with business help drive economic growth, having been brought up, educated and spending most of my life in the area covered by South East LEP I will be a

passionate and enthusiastic advocate for driving prosperity in my home region.” SELEP is one of 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships across the country responsible for investing £7.3bn of the Local Growth Fund to help secure economic growth, infrastructure, jobs and new homes. By 2021, SELEP is expected to have helped secure 45,000 new jobs and 23,000 new homes and secure £700m of private sector investment. George Kieffer, former Interim Chair of SELEP, and ViceChair for Essex, said: “We are delighted that Christian has accepted the position.”

News that the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has increased its funding allocations for the year 2016/17 has been welcomed by Kent Further Education, the organisation which champions the sector in the county. The recently published Skills Funding letter for 2016 to 2017 sets out the Government’s budget and priorities for the forthcoming spending review period. This year’s letter confirmed that the spending review settlement for the further education sector was positive. Graham Razey, Chairman of Kent Further Education, and Principal of East Kent College, said: “The Government, through the SFA, has acknowledged the vital role that Further Education plays in helping to

improve the employment opportunities of our young people. It is also important for adults looking to retrain, and for the wider health of our communities and local economies. “The focus on growing the number of apprenticeships and directing funding to initiatives that address local training and skills needs is to be welcomed.” Kent Further Education represents the colleges of Ashford, Canterbury, Hadlow, Mid Kent, North Kent, East Kent and West Kent.

Rise in apprenticeships helping employers tackle skills shortages Kent Further Education, the organisation that champions the sector, has welcomed the news that the number of apprenticeships started in Kent has increased by 8% in the last year. The organisation, formerly known as the Kent Association of Further Education Colleges, represents the seven colleges operating across the county. News of the rise coincides with the National Apprenticeship Week (14-18 March). In 2014/15 a total of 13,250 (based on Apprenticeship starts by Constituency figures) Apprenticeships were started across Kent and Medway, a rise of 960 on the previous year. Between August and October 2015, a further 4,110 Apprenticeships were started. Graham Razey, Chairman of Kent Further Education, and Principal of East Kent

College, said: “The growth reflects the hard work of the county’s colleges, and other training providers, to develop links with employers and match them with young people who want to enter the world of work. “It is clear that there is a growing demand from our young people to secure vocational training and real and paid work, and an Apprenticeship is an excellent place to start. “We have also seen a major increase in the number of employers taking on apprentices across Kent.”

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Welcome to new members AMF Bowling - Gravesend Gravesend 01322 352111 Bowling / Leisure Facility

Citybond Suretravel Beckenham 03332 070531 Travel Insurance

Hire Cruisers Ltd Maidstone 01622 753740 River Cruises, Trips & Events

Apogee Skills Ltd Ashford 07799 111051 Training & Consultancy

Close Brothers Limited Croydon 020 8688 6027 Merchant Banking Group

Barretts Land Rover Ashford Ashford 01233 506070 Car Dealership

Colas Limited Crawley 01342 711000 Construction

Invicta Linux Ltd Margate 03302 020139 IT Services, Computer Security, Open Source Solutions & Software

Blue Ocean Change Hextable 01322 517477 Change Management

Connect-IT Chatham 08456 885122 Communications

Brett Group Canterbury 01227 829004 Aggregates/Planning

Deal Castle Community School Deal 01304 373363 Community School

Capital Web Ltd Westerham 01959 447456 Wordpress Web Design Specalists Chartered Institute of Arbitrators London 07976 870507 Charity-Education, Training & Developing a Learned Society

Expeditors Dartford 01322 305082 Freight Forwarding F J M Plumbing & Heating Ltd Ditton 01732 873692 Plumbing, Heating and Gas Safe Registered

Kent Life Heritage Farm Park Maidstone 01622 763936 Attraction & Corporate Event Venue M.E.T.A Ltd Chatham 01634 408461 Body Transformation Specialists Mould Doctor Kent Maidstone 0800 6226227 Permanent Removal of Mould from Residential & Commercial Properties PIB Insurance Brokers Ltd London 07495 914399 Financial Services & Employee Benefits

Skyfocal (Pixel Communications Ltd) Uckfield 01825 891275 Aerial, Video & Photography South East Business Magazine Hythe 01303 233885 Magazine Publishing & Graphic Designer Stacey's Smiles Gravesend 0333 323 1883 Charity Stevens Property Sales & Lettings Ashford 01233 640400 Estate Agency, Property Lettings/Management St. George Hotel Chatham 01634 841012 Hotel Target Ink Ltd Tunbridge Wells 01892 800400 Digital Agency

Chatha Hygiene Ltd Chatham 01634 308252 Hygiene & Washroom Specialists

Girlings (Canterbury) Canterbury 01227 768374 Solicitors: Business Law, Personal Law, Not For Profits

Serpro Limited Maidstone 01622 236303 Spill Management & Containment

The Ashford Catering Company (Kent) Ltd Ashford 01233 635332 Catering Company

Chatham Maritime Trust Chatham 01634 891888 Charitable Trust- Dockyard Estate Gaurdians

Girlings (Herne Bay) Herne Bay 01227 367355 Solicitors: Business Law, Personal Law, Not for Profit

Share The Care Ltd Queenborough 01795 660162 Social Care, Domicillary Care and Home Care including children

The Partnership Chatham 01634 846992 Consulting and Advisory in International Banking and IT


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New appointments at Clarkson Wright & Jakes Clarkson Wright & Jakes has announced that Grace Clarke in its Estate Administration team and Gavin Powis, in the Commercial Property team will be promoted to partners. The firm also welcomes a new associate, Michelle Pinnington to the Residential Property team in advance of the retirement of Peter Giblin, Senior Partner next year. Managing Partner Andrew Wright said “These are key appointments for us as we continue to develop our team and build for the future.”

Grace, an associate and driving force in the firm’s Estate Administration team since 2006, helps clients with their wills, Inheritance Tax planning, trusts, lasting powers of attorney, Court of Protection applications and estate administration (probates). Gavin joined the firm in August 2015 as an associate and has significant experience in commercial property, property development and real estate. Prior to CWJ, Gavin set-up and ran a successful law firm based in Kent, latterly as Managing Partner and head of

New role for Ioana Crosskeys Travel have appointed Ioana Bacociu as a Marketing Executive to join the team based in Sandgate Road, Folkestone. Ioana has five years’ experience in social media and digital marketing strategies having previously worked in Higher Education and most recently in professional services, for MHA MacIntyre Hudson. Ioana has a Batchelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising Management and is currently an Affiliate Professional of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Alan Johnson, Managing Director for Crosskeys, said: “We have been running day trips through Crosskeys Coaches for the past 45 years, so with the recent increase in packaged holiday demand it only seemed natural to open up the travel shop which we opened in May last year in Sandgate Road, Folkestone. “Crosskeys Travel has grown very rapidly since and now that we have received our ABTA licence we are looking to expand on our relationships with the best travel operators on the market so we can

ensure there really is an experience waiting to happen for each and every one of our customers. Ioana’s role will be vital for taking all this online and we are excited for the times ahead.”’

New Partner at Crowe Clark Whitehill Corporate tax specialist Simon Crookston has been promoted to partner at audit, tax and advisory firm Crowe Clark Whitehill. Based in the firm’s Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone offices, Simon is an established advisor, supporting entrepreneurs, family businesses and listed companies throughout the business lifecycle. He joined the firm in October 2012 after 15 years at KPMG.

Simon said: “This is an exciting time for the firm as we continue to grow and find ourselves better placed than ever to serve Kent’s businesses. I’m very pleased to be a part of that growth and am looking forward to the challenges ahead. Corporate tax is ever-changing but we aim to stay ahead of the game and provide our clients with the latest advice and expertise.”

Commercial Client Services, which employed 10 staff of differing levels throughout Gavin’s time with the firm. Michelle Pinnington, an associate, joins the firm from Grant Saw solicitors in Greenwich and deals with all types of residential conveyancing cases including sales and purchases (leasehold and freehold), remortgages, new builds, equity releases, transfer of equity, shared ownership leases, right to buy, auction purchases and sales , easements and lease extensions.

GB Paralympian joins Red Apple Kent leadership and team development business Red Apple Thinking has taken on a new team member to support their growth throughout Kent and the South East. Andy Barlow GM (George Medal) has joined to help deliver their team development programmes. In 2006 Andy was serving with the Army in Afghanistan

when he lost a leg in an old Soviet era minefield. He was there for 4 hours and despite his injuries helped save the lives of a number of his comrades. The incident has been made into the Bafta Award winning film ‘Kajaki’. Andy was determined that his injuries would not stop him getting the most from life and since then has qualified as an Ocean Yachtmaster, crossed the Atlantic, completed the treacherous Fastnet race twice and is now part of the GB Paralympic Ski team training for South Korea 2018. Red Apple Thinking Managing Director David Bradley said “I am very pleased to have Andy join the team. He is an inspirational character and who has been part of high performing teams in both the Army and sport. Using this experience, he will really be able to get teams working better together and improve their effectiveness.”

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The Last Word Name:

Lenny Andreou

Company: The Kent Discount Card Job title:


Hotel names suite in honour of former Hythe mayor A new suite created as part of the refurbishment of the Hythe Imperial Hotel has been named in memory of a former mayor of the town. The Belcourt Suite is named after the late Cllr Keren Belcourt, who died suddenly in 2014. It was officially opened by her husband Reg in a special ceremony, which was attended by current members of Hythe Town Council. “Cllr Belcourt was a great supporter of what we have been trying to achieve with the refurbishment of the Hythe

Starting my working life at a very young age made me very quickly understand that I could achieve whatever I wanted to. It was going to just be a matter of time, hard work, resilience and keeping a smile on my face, is all I focused on. I always remembered two things that were told to me by my grandfather, “A negative mind will never give you a positive life” “SUCCESS, don’t just wish for it work for it” Q What was your first job and what was the pay packet? A My first job was working in my father’s off-license when I was only 14, Pay? There was no Pay.

“Naming the largest and best suite at the hotel after her is our way of saying thank you to her and her family for her support, and ensuring her name lives on in the town.”

Darrell Healey, Chairman of GSE Group, Michelle Healey and Cllr Michael Lyons, Mayor of Hythe, watch as Reg Belcourt formally opens the suite named in honour of his late wife Keren

Q What do you always carry with you to work? A I always carry a smile with me to work.

Tenterden brewery receives prestigious beer award

Q What is the biggest challenge facing your business? A Making people of Kent aware of our amazing Discount Card.

Old Dairy Brewery in Tenterden has received a prestigious award at the Winter Beer of Britain competition organised by Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

Q If you were Prime Minister, what one thing would you change to help business? A Offer all new businesses an interest free loan and a business mentor. Q What can you see from your office window? A Local council office. Q If you could do another job what would it be? A Premier league football manager. Q As a business person, what are your three main qualities? A Hard work, never say never and believe that success is a matter of when not if. Q What was your biggest mistake in business? A I have not yet made one, all mistakes are meant to test us. Q What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs? A Everything and anything is possible for those who believe. Q Who do you most admire in business? A My father, he had nothing but belief and a will to succeed.


Imperial and the associated development in the former hotel gardens,” said Darrell Healey, Chairman of GSE Group, owners of the hotel.

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The brewery’s Snow Top beer was awarded gold in the Old Ale and Strong Mild category at the awards ceremony which took place in Derby. The competition aims to encourage more support of local brewers and encourages high standards throughout the beer and pub industry.

Cllr Clair Bell, Ashford council portfolio holder for public interaction and borough presentation, said: “This is an excellent achievement for Old Dairy Brewery and a wonderful example of the high quality local beverages that are produced right here in the borough.”

Visitors are welcome to visit the brewery’s shop and bar which is open Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm, and on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. Tours are also available and take approximately 1.5 hours, plus there’s a chance to sample some of the ales.

Participants sought to build sustainable tourism manager profile Tourism is experiencing substantial growth regionally and nationally and has been identified as a key economic development sector. However, many people go into the industry with no training and knowledge and as such there is a high drop-out rate. A project funded under ERASMUSPLUS Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships, and led by the University of Staffordshire, along with local company TouchTD, aims to bridge the training gap in small and medium sized tourism

businesses in this area. The SMARTOUR project will provide the training so staff can be developed and retained in the industry, and businesses can respond to the changing demands of the evolving tourist market. Accommodation providers, visitor attractions, cafes and restaurants are all asked to take part in an on-line survey, which

will help to identify the training and support required by business owners and workers. Feedback from the survey will be used to develop online training and diagnostic tools. To take the on-line survey go to For further information about taking part in the project, please contact Julie Scott:

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