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SPRING, 2021



REYNOLDSBURG, OH – The Ohio Fire Academy was the site for Ohio Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck (CFT) ride and drive event on Tuesday, May 11th. More than 40 firefighters from across state had the opportunity to see the fire service’s first specific hybrid/electric powered fire truck built by Rosenbauer and sponsored by All American Fire Apparatus. - See full story on page 8

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Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Spring, 2021



Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Vehicle News

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All Hands Fire Equipment


Atlantic Emerg. Solutions




1st Responder Newspape er features Backstop USA


Courtesy Ambulance




The Akron Children's Hospital recently placed this 2019 FL-M2/Excellence Pediatric MICU into service as KIDS-2.


FIRE 2021


Fire House Expo


Fire Rescue EMS Expo


FiroVac Power Systems





Raymond James


The Kidron VFD recently placed this 2020 Dodge Ram D2500 pickup with ARE truck Cap into service as Utility 76. The new unit also responds on EMS calls and was purchased through the CARES Act.

Team Equipment, Inc.

Two Bros. Auto Transport



Vehicle Solutions


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The Coshocton FD recently took delivery of a 2020 Pierce Ascendant 100' ladder truck. It replaced a 35-year-old ladder truck.

Mountainside Fire Chief Anthony Pecorelli, who is also a member of the New Jersey Forest Fire Service (Division A), recently had a tattoo done. It is the image of the chief's SCBA mask bearing a reflection image of his sons, Jake and Nicco, approaching a forest fire.

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The Town and Country Fire District in West Salem recently placed this 2020 Ford 4x4 Brush Truck into service. The new truck features custom graphics and custom rims with aggressive off-road tires and brush bumper guard. Vehicle Solutions Emergency Equipment performed the warning light/siren and radio installation.

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Spring, 2021



Spring, 2021

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Ohio: Donald Beauchene, 54 Rank: Lieutenant Incident Date: November 9, 2020 Death Date: November 17, 2020 Fire Department: Warren City Fire Department Initial Summary: Lieutenant Donald Beauchene contracted COVID-19 while on-duty. He passed away on Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

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Tennessee: Ronald Steven Perry, 57 Rank: Firefighter Incident Date: November 15, 2020 Death Date: December 17, 2020 Fire Department: East Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department Initial Summary: Firefighter Ronald Steven Perry responded to a mutual aid call of a building fire on Sunday, November 15, 2020. He and two other firefighters subsequently contracted COVID-19. Firefighter Perry passed away on Thursday, December 17, 2020, from the virus. Pennsylvania: Mark “Dewey” E. Kulp, 52 Rank: Firefighter/EMT Incident Date: December 8, 2020 Death Date: January 5, 2021 Fire Department: Reading Department of Fire and Rescue Services Initial Summary: Firefighter/EMT Mark “Dewey” E. Kulp transported at least two patients to hospitals, who had tested positive for COVID-19. He also evaluated a patient on-scene that possibly had the virus. He subsequently contracted the disease and passed away on January 5, 2021. Florida: Lloyd Losinger, 60 Rank: Captain Incident Date: December 4, 2020 Death Date: January 6, 2021 Fire Department: Ocean City-Wright Fire Control District Initial Summary: Captain Lloyd Losinger, while performing fire inspections, contracted COVID-19. He passed away from the virus on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

Texas: Danny Watkins, 67 Rank: Chief Incident Date: December 14, 2020 Death Date: January 12, 2021 Fire Department: San Benito Fire Department Initial Summary: Chief Danny Watkins contracted COVID-19 while on-duty. He passed away from the virus on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. Tennessee: Ronald “Ronnie” Gene Spitzer, 65 Rank: Chief Incident Date: December 11, 2020 Death Date: January 13, 2021 Fire Department: Rocky Top Fire Department Initial Summary: Chief Ronald “Ronnie” Gene Spitzer, while on-duty, responded to a medical call on December 11, 2020 with another firefighter. It was determined later that the patient had COVID-19. He and the firefighter both contracted the virus. Chief Ronald “Ronnie” Gene Spitzer passed away on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 from the disease. California: William Christopher Mertz, 54 Rank: Captain Incident Date: December 27, 2020 Death Date: January 20, 2021 Fire Department: Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District Initial Summary: Captain William Christopher Mertz, while on-duty at the fire department, contracted COVID-19. He passed away on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 from the virus. Texas: Erik Segura, 45 Rank: Captain Incident Date: November 23, 2020 Death Date: January 26, 2021 Fire Department: Laredo Fire Department Initial Summary: Captain Erik Segura was part of the COVID-19 response team for the Laredo Fire Department. He contracted the virus while responding to an EMS call from a patient with a known case of the disease. He passed away on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Spring, 2021



Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Ohio Fire Academy Hosts World’s First Electric Fire Truck REYNOLDSBURG, OH – The Ohio Fire Academy was the site for Ohio Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck (CFT) ride and drive event on Tuesday, May 11th. More than 40 firefighters from across state had the opportunity to see the fire service’s first specific hybrid/electric JUMP TO FILE# powered fire truck 052021113 built by Rosenbauer and sponsored by All American Fire Apparatus. The Ohio Fire Academy was the perfect location for the participants to drive the CFT and put it through its paces as they learned about the performance and benefits of electric powered vehicles. Many of the firefighters who drove the CFT were amazed by the quick acceleration of the smooth and quiet motor when compared to that of a diesel engine. Other features of the CFT include a wide-open cab that allows firefighters room to move in the cabin with an unobstructed view through the front windshield. Space once occupied by an engine tunnel and doghouse can be configured for various seating options and equipment storage. Another notable feature was the body configuration, which provided plenty of storage and access of compartments from the ground, as well as low cab entry. The CFT also features a diesel engine that is used to extend the range of the batteries and can charge up to 150kW when needed. When used in the city, the batteries are used for driving much like that of a hybrid car, but when they run low, or need to extend the range, the diesel engine will come online and charge the system. The production version will be capable of carrying up to 1000-gallons of water and powering fire pumps up to 1500-GPM. In addition, the driver and officer utilize touch screen controls that monitor the performance of the truck as well as link to the internet for real-time information, directions, and access to the cloud. Those who attended the event were provided a catered lunch and opportunity to look into the future of firefighting.


Firefighters from across Ohio inspect the world's first electric fire truck at the Ohio Fire Academy.



The CFT features a low point of entry.

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Spring, 2021


EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES If you have photos you would like to see in our EMS feature, please upload them on our website www.1stResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@1stResponderNews.com.

The Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit (MSTU) is a collaboration of the Columbus Division of Fire, Mt. Carmel, OhioHealth, and The Ohio State University Health systems that was put together to more rapidly bring definitive care to stroke patients. A stroke is a medical emergency. Symptoms of stroke include trouble walking, speaking, and understanding, as well as paralysis or numbness of the face, arm, or leg. This unit started taking runs in late May 2019. The crew has the training and tools on board to perform CT scans (sometimes called CAT scans) to determine type of stroke (bleeding or blockage) and if appropriate, beginning treatment with tPA or TNK to treat strokes related to a clot in the brain’s circulation. This is one of only about 20 such programs in the United

States. Through April, the program has evaluated some 1600 stroke patients and has been able to treat over 350 patients prior to arrival to the hospital. In a medical emergency where seconds equal brain cells, this specialty unit is helping Columbus residents by minimizing brain damage due to lack of blood and oxygen to the brain. The four-person crews consist of two CFD Firefighter/Paramedics with advanced training for the MSTU, one Advanced Practicing Provider such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and a CT Technician.


Kitchen end of the home sustained the majority of the damage. The crew pictured (L to R): John Ford, CT Tech; FF/P William Longenette; FF/P Michael Warnimont and Corbin Willis, P.A. - COLUMBUS DIVISION OF FIRE

Smoke from House Fire Awakens Occupants in Coshocton COSHOCTON, OH - On April 22nd at about 10:00 P.M., the Walhonding Valley FD was toned out to a house fire in the 43000 block of County Road 27. Occupants of the home were asleep at the time of the fire and were awakened by the smoke. They were able to escape and call for help due to the fire being in the opposite end of the home.

JUMP TO FILE #052121103

Responding units arrived on scene to find a one-story modular home well involved in the kitchen area. Crew members quickly pulled a hand line from Engine 701 and were able to get a good knock down of the fire. Firefighters also pulled

ladders and got up on the roof to cut some vents. Most of the fire damage was contained to the kitchen and a living room area. Smoke damage was throughout the home. Assisting on scene were Coshocton County EMS, the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office, and the Coshocton Salvation Army. - JIM MCKEEVER


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A crew member cuts a vent through the metal roof.


Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

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When in doubt, keep it simple and put it in a taco! FORK & HOSE CO. a Food Blog by A.J. Fusco

One of the most popular foods both in the firehouse and my own house is tacos. I mean, if you get a day of the week named after you, you know you’ve made it big. Taco Tuesdays are featured on Fork and Hose Co. almost every week. And rightfully so! They are easily cus-

tomizable depending on what’s in the fridge, what is on sale or just what you feel like eating. A taco can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. But the reason I love them so much is because a simple taco is almost always better than one with too many ingredients. Keeping it to a few ingredients will let each flavor shine through. Usually I like to stick to a protein, such as chicken, shrimp, pork or steak. Then maybe 2-3 toppings and that’s it; anymore than that and you will have a mess on your hands, literally. Another reason I love tacos, is that they can be

a relatively quick dish to make. And in this case, shrimp cooks up faster than any other proteins, so the food hits the table in no time. You could also braise tougher cuts like pork shoulder or beef chuck ahead of time if need be. But with these shrimp tacos we keep it simple with the classic taco ingredients of lime, garlic and cilantro. And no taco would be complete without hot sauce! So the next time you are not sure what to make and have to feed the crew quickly, think of these tasty shrimp tacos. You won’t be disappointed!


Metro Lifeflight loaner 2009 Eurocopter EC-145 lifting off from Union Hospital in Dover on April 17th.

CILANTRO LIME SHRIMP TACOS Yields 8 Tacos Ingredients: 1 lb. Shrimp, peeled/deveined/tails removed 1 Lime, zest and juice Handful of fresh cilantro, picked and chopped 1 Garlic clove, chopped Salt, to taste EVOO 8 Corn Tortillas


Cleveland Clinic Critical Care Clinic-3 performed at hot load in March at Union Hospital in Dover during a transfer flight to Cleveland.

Garnish: Chopped Cilantro, lime wedges and hot sauce Procedure: -In a bowl, combine the shrimp, lime zest and juice, drizzle of EVOO, pinch of salt, chopped garlic and cilantro. Marinate for 15 minutes. -While shrimp marinates, toast tortillas over open flame or in a dry pan until brown in spots. Remove and cover with a paper towel. -In a medium pan over medium-high heat, add a drizzle of EVOO followed by the shrimp. Cook until starting to turn pink, flip and cook until fully pink. -Remove and assemble tacos with garnishes.


Metro Life Flight's Wooster base has been flying this loaner 2009 Eurocopter EC-145 medevac helicopter while their regular bird is in the shop for repairs. This particular helicopter served in Australia, Canada, and with the University of Wisconsin prior to joining Metro Life Flight.


1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Spring, 2021


Fire Damages Former Restaurant Under Renovation in Columbus COLUMBUS, OH - On April 15th at 9:31 A.M., south side fire companies were called to a working fire in what used to be Shades Restaurant, located at 2486 S. High Street. The JUMP TO FILE# building was re- 052021107 cently sold and the new owner was working on renovations to reopen under a new name. There were no injuries and the fire was contained within 20 minutes. The cause is under investigation. - COLUMBUS DIVISION OF FIRE



THE FULLY AUTOMATIC REVERSE BRAKING SYSTEM MINIMIZE DAMAGE TO SURROUNDING OBSTACLES BACKSTOP applies the brakes instantly and automatically when a reversing vehicle contacts an obstacle. COST SAVINGS Installing BACKSTOP minimizes damage costs to both the installed vehicle and surrounding obstacles. May reduce insurance premiums. MINIMIZE VEHICLE DAMAGE BACKSTOP projects beyond the rear of the vehicle, minimizing collision damage to doors, lights, and rear steps.

MAXIMUM SAFETY BACKSTOP’s instant and automatic braking system is much faster than a driver’s reaction time. The brakes remain applied until the driver manually releases the brakes by shifting the vehicle out of reverse gear.

IIHS: Rear Automated Emergency Braking Is Standout Safety Feature • Based on insurance claims for some vehicles, IIHS said rear AEB can reduce damage liability claims by 28 percent, while a backup camera or those beeping sensors reduce that by just 5 percent.

Don’t Back Up Without Backstop Backstop USA 18 Hollywood Blvd. S * Forked River, NJ 08731 Phone: 609-971-2756 * Toll Free: (Outside NJ) 888-745-2983 * Fax: 609-971-2793 Email: support@backstop-usa.com * Website: www.backstop-usa.com


Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

How Valuable Do You Think YOU Are? Chaplain's Corner Didymus McHugh

So why are you downhearted? Do you not feel valued? Do you feel worthless? Do you feel that you are not making the grade? Are you going through stuff that may have you depressed? I just want to take a minute and tell you how much you mean and are worth.

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Mr. Rogers stated that we are so much more than what we do. You may be a child to your parents, a parent to your children, a spouse, member of your house of worship, a talented artist or what have you. YOU WERE CREATED BY GOD, IN HIS IMAGE and HE LOVES YOU. You are not what other people may say or think. But only God knows your potential and why He put you here. Do not pay attention to all those people on social media. Do not measure your life according to their posts. They are only putting up what they want others to think is normal for them but it may be the best day that they had in years or it may all be staged with fake smiles. Live your life. You have a life that nobody else can live. It is ____________(fill in your name) life and nobody can ever be ____________(fill in your name) but ____________(fill in your name) Do not pay attention to whoever is putting you down. Many times they are just on a power trip and know that they can push your buttons. Did you ever think that they are the way they are because someone is doing the same to them? Insecure people may become bullies, no matter their education, or position in life. I feel sorry for them. We need to lift each other up and not put each other down. Hebrews 10:25 states that we should encourage one another. Who is encouraging you? Who are you encouraging? Many times people put us down because they do not want to see us succeed or they may say they do not want to see us fall. It is through our failures that we learn. There has been plenty times that Thomas Edison failed, when he was working on the light bulb. His comment was basically that he found so many ways that will not create light. Did you know that it took 40 attempts to created WD40, the lubricant. Can you imagine if they got it right on a different try? We might be using WD-37 or on the first try, WD-1. It's ok to fail, that just becomes a learning moment. We were all created with unique fingerprints, so why do we try being like someone else. We always measure ourselves short when we try to measure up to someone else, trying to be like them. But did you ever think that others may be trying to measure up to be like you? Years ago I had someone, who did not know me, tell me that I was not credible. The person had no clue what I do or what my potential was. I say to myself that I am doing well because I know that

God has a different plan for me. God has a special mission for each one of us. You cannot fill my mission and I cannot fill your mission. You can have that moment to. I have worked with people who have be addicted to drugs and been brought back from the dead a bunch of times but their story is not complete yet. Just look at the people that Christ hung out with and the people that He used for His purposes. Moses, did not hang out with Christ, had problems speaking and had low confidence, because he wanted to get out of it. Look at Him using tax collectors and talking to societies outcasts. BUT He loved them all. It may not be the number of times that you fall down. It is the number of times that you get up. You have a mission. Never count yourself out. Rest, regroup and try again. Remember that whatever you are going through, God is always with you. He sees what is happening and walks alongside you. God created you special and unique for a unique purpose and He loves you. Associate with those who lift you up and not tear you down. One thing that we teach people is that the people that you associate with is so important. We have those with addictions, get a new phone number and become very picky about the phone numbers that go into it. You get the new phone number because you do not want the wrong influencers calling and possibly harassing you. Years ago a wise friend told me that you are the books that you read and the people that you associate with, so be very selective. If you are having a challenge, do not give up. Ask for help, from those who know how to get you unstuck. Proverbs talks a lot about seeking counsel. Make sure that you seek counsel from wise people and not knuckleheads. You do not want advice from the three stooges. Speak to the experts in the field. People who actually have credentials from doing what you are having challenges with. If you need a heart operation, do not ask your electrician for his medical advice. You may be of a different religion than I am but you were made unique and for a specific reason, that may never be revealed to you. YOU are loved by the ONE who created you! Stay safe, Didymus McHugh didymus-mchugh.com

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The Zoar Volunteer Fire Department recently welcomed Rod Neff as their Chaplain. Rod is a past member of the Zoar and Mineral City Fire Departments and Ohio Department of Natural Resources where he served as a forest officer and wildland firefighter. Rod’s background also includes 18-years as a fire and law enforcement instructor, with a background in crisis intervention. In addition to his years as a firefighter, he has

also been involved in law enforcement for 39-years and currently serves with the Dover Police Department. Rod recently received his ordination from Chaplain Fellowship Ministries and has been involved in ministry for more than 20years serving nursing home, jail, prison, and public safety needs. He is also a member of the Mosaic Community Church at New Philadelphia and resides in Dover with his family.

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Spring, 2021


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Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Wayne County Regional Training Center Expansion Project APPLE CREEK, OH - The Wayne County Fire Rescue Association’s Regional Training Facility (WCRTC) recently completed some major upgrades at their state-of-the-art facility in Apple Creek, Ohio. The most noticeable addition is the 9,900-sq.-ft. JUMP TO FILE# Fire Education In- 051921115 stitute, which contains classrooms for fire and EMS classes, as well as hands-on training. The $1.6 million multi-use building was funded entirely through donations, which also included labor and materials. The building also features four classrooms, an auditorium, computer lab cafeteria and administrative offices. The first groups to use the building included the WCRTF Fall2020 Fire and EMS classes and the Ohio State Firefighter’s Fire and EMS Youth Program, which was held in October. Another capital addition to the WCRTF included a four-story burn building built by Kirila Fire Training Facilities of Brookfield, Ohio. The cost-effective burn utilizes eleven ISO containers to create an infinite number of challenging firefighting scenarios. The Kirila burn building was purchased to replace the original structure, which served the training facility needs for the past 26years. The new burn building offers multiple training scenarios and can also be used for technical rescue training and rope rescue in addition to live burns. Other additions to the facility include a 300'x300' paved area that will be used for parking and an EVOC course for driver training. The new lot is designed to handle the weight of fire apparatus and eliminates the need to perform this training off-site. In addition, they built a large retention pond that can be used for drafting practice and dive rescue work. Props such as aircraft and cars can be added to the pond for realistic training opportunities by police and fire dive rescue and recovery teams. The WCRTF is one of the premiere fire training facilities in the nation and has worked hard to provide a top-notch educational experience.


The 9,900-sq.-ft. fire education building features an auditorium, classrooms and a cafeteria for students and training events. A 300'x300' parking lot when completed, will be capable of supporting emergency vehicles operations training in addition to providing parking for students.



The recent four-story Kirila burn building offers a multitude live-burn and technical rescue scenarios.

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Spring, 2021



Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH



If you have photos you would like to see in our Apparatus in Action feature, please upload them on our website www.1stResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@1stResponderNews.com.

If you have photos you would like to see in our Department Profile feature, please upload them on our website www.1stResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@1stResponderNews.com.


In April, a pedestrian crossing the Rich Street bridge saw what he believed to be a body in the water. Columbus Fire companies spent approximately one hour searching the area, but did not find anything.


KIDRON, OH - On April 30th, the Kidron Volunteer Fire Department razed their former station and acquired property to clear the land for a new fire station. The new station will be built on the corner of Emerson and Kidron Road and will be the town's center piece when completed. Stay tuned for more updates in coming issues!

Bob Long

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Spring, 2021



Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH


Firefighter attacking the fire.

Fire Destroys Pickup Truck in Coshocton Whether you’re pre-DROP, post-DROP, or currently in DROP, you need answers to your most pressing retirement questions……… questions about money, family, and health.

Get a complimentary book on DROP by calling 727-567-8804

COSHOCTON, OH - On April 23rd at about 5:00 P.M., the Coshocton FD was paged out to a working pickup truck fire at the intersection of N.15 and Chestnut Street. Upon arrival Engine 304’s crew found a fully involved pickup truck. Firefighters quickly pulled a

JUMP TO FILE #052121106

trash line off the engine and knocked down the fire. After raising the hoof of the truck the engine compartment was flooded with water as well as the truck's

interior. The truck was a total loss. Assisting on scene were Coshocton County EMS and the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office. - JIM MCKEEVER

WORKING FACES If you have photos you would like to see in our “Working Faces” feature, please upload them on our website, www.1stResponderNews.com or email them to Lindsey@1stResponderNews.com

October 2020 | Penultimate Publishing, LLC If you have investable assets of $250,000 or more, please contact us to start a conversation and receive your FREE copy of DROP: The Definitive Guide. This comprehensive book covers the most important concepts relating to DROP and fills a void in the financial press community.

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Coshocton FD Captain Dexter Conkle explains to the occupant the need to have their chimney inspected and cleaned.

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

Engines & Other Apparatus of the Milwaukee Fire Department ON THE BOOK SHELF by John Malecky

Engines and Other Apparatus of the Milwaukee Fire Department An Illustrated History By Wayne Mutza Available from: FSP Books & Videos 433 Main Street Hudson, MA, 01749 1-800-522-8528 E-Mail: support@fire-policeems.com www.fire-police-ems.com Price: $49.95 This book is soft cover, with 310 pages within 11 chapters. The author is a retired member of the Milwaukee Fire Department. I actually met him in 1977 when he gave a talk at fire headquarters to a group of fire buffs who were attending their convention in the city. He reminded me of myself that is a young firefighter devoted to the job! This book was compiled by a full page of acknowledgements of equally dedicated people who contributed to not only a full range of Milwaukee apparatus, but a history of it. If there is anything missing in this book it is because it simply was not available when the publication was put together! Of the 11 chapters, the first dealt of course with apparatus manually pulled by the brute strength of individuals. The second chapter, “Horsepower”, addresses just that. The utilization of horses to pull apparatus

was partly due to the dwindling ranks of manpower to respond. On page 21, however is a second sized, self propelled engine being driven down a street with heavy smoke coming from its stack. For a number of reasons it did not last more than about two years and I invite you to read why. They are interesting! This chapter covers water towers and fireboats but before it ends on page 48, on page 47 there is a photo of a sleigh which apparently were abundant in the fire department and were utilized when steam fire engines could not get through. The hose they carried were connected directly to hydrants. Before this chapter is finished I should mention the Buestrin escape ladder, which was 95-feet in length. It was designed by the man of that name and there is an impressive photo of it in the chapter. According to what is written, it was never utilized to its full potential. However in chapter 3 is a story of its own about “Maggie”, a rearmounted wooden aerial built by the German company, Magirus. When the chief at the time learned about it he travelled to the town that owned one (Gary Indiana) and ended up ordering one. In 1977 when I first went to Milwaukee I was at the private museum of Keith Franz, an active Milwaukee buff, and he had the aerial in storage minus the truck. There is insufficient room to write about the value of this book to apparatus buffs and historians to name a few. I can only say it is packed with black and white photos of all kinds of apparatus, including those that were operated by specialized departments, and also the last chapter which has MFD apparatus which ended up after being retired. In short, to anyone interested in apparatus, this is one for your library!

Spring, 2021



Spring, 2021

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Wheelchair Driver

Courtesy Ambulance is looking for Paramedics and EMTs to join their growing

Courtesy Ambulance is looking for Wheelchair Van Drivers to join our

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Courtesy Ambulance is looking for additional staff for its Newark base.

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Shifts Available

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Spring, 2021



Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

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Spring, 2021



Spring, 2021

1ST Responder Newspaper - OH

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