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“Vilniaus Statybininkų Rengimo Centras” di Vilnius (Lituania) Istituto “Marco Belli” di Portogruaro (Italia) Aprile 2012

GROUP WATER WASTING SCRIPT and STORYBOARD Some people are wasting a lot of water in many different ways (for example washing the hands, the flowers in the garden, and washing the dishes without washing machine) there are some parts of the world like Africa, Australia and some parts of America where isn't any drinkable water, because there a lot of deserts and the water is polluted. The child goes to the kitchen and tries to open the tap, but water doesn't run, he goes to the bathroom and tries to open another tap and the water isn't falling to and then he goes outside, to the garden and tries to open a water pump and he doesn't find a water and looks to the sky and waiting for the rain.

Autori: Vanessa, Silvia, Deborah, Alessia , Caterina, Marica, Daniel, Danas, Laurynas, Linas.

Water wasting  
Water wasting  

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