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Water in Veneto

Protecting the enviroment and water is a duty towards humanity. The Veneto region is rich in this primary resource.

Everyone should know that the drainage of a spring, the lowering of groundwater and pollution of a well are unbearable for the rural environment.

The Veneto region have setted the following goals to protect the waters: • extend the protection of all waters; • clean water by 2015; • manage water in a convenient way; • make citizens aware of the decisions taken.

In Veneto 90% of the water distributed by aqueducts and intended for human consumption originates from underground springs, wells and springs, while the remaining 10% comes from surface water such as rivers, canals and Lake Garda.

The Ministry of Environment issued a regulation concerning the levels of polluting substances accepted in waters.

The decree transposing a Directive of the European Community, establishes the reduction and gradual elimination of water pollution caused by certain dangerous substances. The Regions draw up a list of dangerous substances to be monitored in surface, marine and lagoon waters.

Home treatment of drinking water

Running water is cleaned from the smell of chlorine and the reduction of water hardness.

Cost of water in Veneto In Veneto, the cost of water increases by 30% every two years.

Water is a public good that belongs to all. Water is an inalienable right: can not be anybody's property, but must be shared equitably by all, and must be guaranteed to all.



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Ignoring this rule means to accelerate privatization imposed by the government and the final delivery to the water services market.

After the REFERENDUM The region will grant

the right of water through the following actions: • recognize the right of water as a public good;

- confirm the principle of public ownership and management of water services, and use all the water (subsurface and groundwater) in accordance with criteria of solidarity and sustainability;

- promote the protection of water resources and initiative for the management of public water service through the information to all citizens, the enhancement of water use, water supply, the promotion of water saving.

Law and water  
Law and water  

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