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Beckon Edition 5

Paul Connelly, Managing Director, Beacon all know it now, GDPR, being a key one. This is why we introduced Beckon. So we can tackle the topics we are all discussing internally and give you a reason to switch off the emails and phone calls and take 15 minutes to get another perspective, maybe prompting a conversation with your Beacon National Account Manager. As always, the team and I are here to help.

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Welcome to the latest edition of Beckon, a magazine designed to help you run more profitable businesses by discussing the latest topics and trends from across the industry, along with insight from our specialist Beacon teams. This issue is definitely one to keep and share, with a focus on some big changes impacting us all in 2018. As always, when we come together to discuss the next edition of Beckon we take time to reflect on what we have seen and experienced since we last went to press; this time around it seems the volatility of pricing linked to Brexit uncertainty and a perfect storm of natural disasters, increased demand, and restricted supply, have slowed. So too have the price notification changes which this time last year felt like they were flooding the market. Consumers and businesses need clarity, and like certainty: 12 months on from the run of price rises it feels like we have a degree of both, which is great, but that is not a reason for complacency. The issues around the Customs Union continue to cause concern for business owners trading across borders or reliant on imported goods. The impacts of sugar and single use plastics have risen to the top of the news and political agenda. Poor weather for farmers this winter has left some crops struggling to meet traditional volume levels, impacting hospitality firms further down the supply chain. On top of all that we have all been adapting to significant new industry legislation – the General Data Protection Regulation or as we

Beacon is proud to have continued growing its supply base across a broad range of categories since the last edition of Beckon, providing more products and options for you. We also continue to expand our consultative services, something you can read more about in the next edition. And as always, we continue to be at the forefront of the industry, providing leading comment and analysis to trade and national media. Some of you might have seen me recently on BBC Breakfast news talking about the impact of the soft drinks sugar tax on consumer behaviour and product development. Whatever the issues, Beacon and Beckon magazine will be on top of industry news and trends, providing insight, solutions, comment and reaction. Working on your behalf to mitigate any impacts and helping you continue to run more profitable businesses.

Your Beckon Team Andrew Denton - Director of Communications andrew.denton@beaconpurchasing.co.uk Sophie Proffitt - Events and PR Manager sophie.proffitt@beaconpurchasing.co.uk For future edition enquiries please email marketing@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or call 01904 695588.



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Can we win the war on plastic, starting with straws?

Meet Beacon’s new CEO, Rob Paterson.

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Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Beacon is constantly reviewing the hospitality market and wider environments to ensure we are in the best position to advise and collaborate with customers. Beacon spotlights the ones to watch for 2018/19, as revealed by our research and supplier insight.

Image credit: McCain Foods Ltd

Ones to Watch


Made in Britain Beacon’s research into food and drinks trends has crowned Made in Britain the top trend for 2018, with over half of UK consumers willing to pay up to 10% more for their food if they knew it was made in Britain. Voted more popular than veganism and plant-based eating, the Made in Britain trend shows consumers are keen on celebrating British heritage.

Bought in Britain, made in Britain. The Made in Britain trend is being bolstered by economic and environmental factors, all of which have an impact on the price and availability of international produce. The full effect of Brexit is yet to be seen, but has already resulted in higher prices for imported food and drinks. In return, British producers are now reaping the rewards as people have shifted to buying food and drink they know has been made in Britain.

Regionally, those in the East Midlands were most likely to want local produce (62%), followed by London (60%), and Scotland (58%). The importance of British produce was most prevalent amongst 25 – 34 year olds, where over two thirds of respondents in the age bracket said they would happily pay more for home-grown food. What makes a dish traditionally British? While Brits enjoy a Sunday roast, fish and chips and toad in the hole, it seems as though the most important factor to a traditional British meal is where the produce is sourced from. Throughout the years, British suppliers have built a well deserved reputation based on products that are made in Britain, and loved by British people. McCain, one of Beacon’s leading food suppliers, said: “The British public is now more conscientious than ever about where products come from, and this trend is most pronounced in food. In these days of uncertainty, with Brexit edging closer, it is time for national pride to rise again. It is a time to support British farmers and producers, safe in the knowledge of where our food is coming from. The UK has some of the greatest and most innovative producers in the world. This trend isn’t isolated to the UK either; other nations are taking pride in their local produce and dishes.”

Image credit: McCain Foods Ltd

“Heritage, provenance, and traceability are no longer nice-to-haves; they’re increasingly important factors that can make a serious difference to where consumers choose to spend their money.” From factories to farmers, every aspect of British production and manufacturing has seen an impact since the EU referendum result. The idea of building strength in local produce is a movement that has already begun, and that will continue to build pace after the final terms of Brexit are agreed. Tradition too, is popular with British consumers, and many households will have favourite brands passed down through generations, reinforcing brand loyalty and driving the success of heritage products. Jacob’s, for example, is the nation’s top ranking savoury biscuit brand, one bought by 75% of households. Anushka Watkins, Category Development Manager at Pladis (formally United Biscuits), said: “Both McVitie’s and Jacob’s are UK brands with a vast amount of their ranges made in the UK. The famous digestive biscuit was first produced in 1892 by Sir Alexander Grant, with the secret recipe still used today. They have since grown to become one of the nation’s favourite biscuits, selling 58 million packs per year.” A traditional tipple. It’s not just food that Brits are now focusing on; British sourced drinks are also seeing soaring popularity. Local brews, including the rise of regional brewers, artisan gin, and English sparkling wine are all experiencing increased demand rooted in a continuing desire for locally sourced and organic products. According to supplier Molson Coors, and information from HMRC, sales of English sparkling wines increased by 25% in the last financial year, and saw an increase of 350,000 bottles sold versus last year too. Iain Thurgar, Head of National Accounts at Alliance Wine said: “There is a cultural shift, and a desire to now understand where food and drink come from. Sparkling wine is the only sector of wine currently in growth, which is being driven in small part by the demand from UK drinkers for English sparkling wine.”


Ones to Watch

To discuss the latest hospitality trends and find out how you can make the most of them within your business, call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Wine in numbers UK wine production is predicted to reach some 10 million bottles by 2020, with exports predicted to rise to around 2.5 million bottles per year - 25% of the wine produced nationally. Hectarage under vine planted in the UK has doubled in the last eight years, and is set to grow by a further 50% by 2020. The sparkling wine sector continues to increase year on year, with recent plantings for sparkling production growing 66%, followed by still white (24%), and red/rosé (10%).

Image credit: Alliance Wine

*Figures shared by Alliance Wine British through and through. The Made in Britain trend has not only affected the food and drink sector, but has also emerged within décor and interior design in the hospitality industry. Both international and UK consumers now expect to see elements of history and authenticity within their hotel and throughout a stay - interior design, food and drink is what completes the total package of Made in Britain. Clare Taylor, Marketing Manager at Hypnos Contract Beds: “Many Brits pride themselves on the rich history and roots in their designs, whether it’s a family business with numerous generations who combine traditional skills with innovation and style, or an individual who pushes the boundaries to create their own look and identity. Heritage, authenticity, and tradition are not values that can be bought or mimicked, they are qualities that come from years of experience and take time to be absorbed into a brand’s identity.”

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

British style has always celebrated the nostalgia and heritage that the UK holds, from a bold red, white and blue colour palette and London-centred design, to a subtler shabby chic evoking vintage-era Britain. Items made in Britain are often associated with luxury; products made from homegrown, high quality materials.

Russell Clarke, Marketing Manager at Cavalier Carpets says: “In the current climate, with much emphasis being placed on environmental concerns and carbon footprint, the manufacturing of carpet within the UK, using locally sourced raw materials is becoming increasingly desirable. Particularly in the case of wool carpets, where fleece from British sheep, reared on British farms with the highest standards of animal welfare and manufactured by a UK company, is becoming a key part of the decision making process for consumers.” For hundreds of years Britain has taken pride in its craftsmanship. Woodberry of Leamington Spa know the importance of building customer trust through the heritage and artistry of hand-crafted outdoor furniture. Whilst hand-crafting might sound oldfashioned, inefficient, and painstaking, there is an important lesson to be learnt about its benefits. Hand-crafting provides an open door for innovation and bespoke items, allowing flexibility for customers who might need a product made to a specific length, width, or height. It’s this extra care that gives a supplier the invaluable support of consumers opting for their products, and encouraging others to follow the Made in Britain trend.

Supplier in the spotlight: Stephen Eccles, Managing Director of Mattison Contract Beds: “At Mattison Contract Beds, we’re proud to be a British manufacturer and believe that our heritage has provided us with the traditional means by which we produce our beds and mattresses. Our new range is wholly manufactured in the UK and has been designed with hotels in mind - offering pocket sprung models across the board. We bolster our range of British made beds with a range of sofa beds and headboards to provide a well-rounded range of UK manufactured products.

Image credit: Mattison Contract Beds

British made products have typically been associated with high build quality and a consistency in manufacturing; something which we firmly grasp within our company ethos. The reality for us is that British manufacturing embodies the core principles of manufacturing – making a quality product that lasts a lifetime.”

Ones to Watch


Flexi-eating Consumers are mixing it up when it comes to out-of-home dining; whether it’s opting for frequent, smaller plates, snacking in between meals, or seeking exciting and memorable experiences. Operators can explore a range of options to satisfy the flexi-eating trend.

Small Plates: The hectic lifestyles of busy professionals has also contributed to the decline in three main meal times, and a rise in more frequent, smaller meals has become popular.

Afternoon Tea: As a traditional British treat, afternoon tea has stood the test of time and can be adapted to suit a range of establishments. Research from OpenTable shows that bookings for afternoon tea have doubled in the past two years, driven by consumers looking for theatre in their dining activity. Nancy Rowley, Head of Development and Innovation at Destiny Foods: “Sweet treats are still king for an afternoon tea offering, but consumers want more than just scones with jam and clotted cream. Pastries, macaroons, and cakes with exotic, innovative flavours and beautiful presentation are attracting more people than ever. Softer, seasonal flavours such as rose, elderflower or lavender are capturing the appetites of consumers on the lookout for new and exciting combinations. Striking colour and presentation choices, in both food and crockery, appeal to the ever-growing social media generation who are actively looking to post attractive images of their meals on social media platforms.” In the spotlight: Beacon customer Best Western Clifton Hotel, Folkestone, has seen a major boost in its afternoon tea profits through adding an element of theatre, increasing bookings by 900%, by using a stunt cake artist. Extravagant food artistry can range from chocolate teapots to icing flower arrangements, giving consumers a real conversation starter, and an inspiring image for social media too!

Yvonne Latta, National Key Account Manager, Alliance National: “Offering lighter menus, for example lunchtime light bites, meets increasing consumer demand to avoid heavy meals during the off-peak hours of the day. Not only does this reduce wastage from unfinished larger meals, but it also gives operators the opportunity to utilise smaller crockery pieces for vibrant presentation such as the Snack Attack range from Churchill we now stock.” On-the-Go Breakfast: Often billed as the most important meal of the day, traditional breakfast practices are becoming less common for busy adults. Insight from Kantar shows that 21% of breakfasts are consumed out-of-home, with consumers looking for products that will satisfy their morning hunger, keep them full until lunch, and provide tasty, nutritional benefits. Product Spotlight: Kellogg’s launched a new Special K Protein cereal bar earlier this year. The new bar contains protein content sourced from natural, plant-based ingredients like nuts, seeds, grains and soy, appealing to a nation of nutrition-conscious shoppers. The new bars also incorporate almond butter, containing 50% less saturated fat than peanut butter. Snacks: As a nation of nibblers, the market for pre-packaged, single serve snacks is growing across the UK thanks in part to their suitability for on-the-go dining. KP Snacks, one of the largest manufacturers in the sector, has found that the UK bagged-snack market is worth £551 million, and is currently outperforming all other impulse categories.

Snack growth in the UK in 2017: Bagged snacks up by 4.1% Confectionery up by 3.6% Biscuit sales have risen by 0.6%

Alliance National has seen sales of tiered stands for cakes and afternoon teas rise 107.4% year on year (1st Jan - 8th May 2018).

Sam Trabelsi, Foodservice Controller at KP Snacks said: “Snacks like crisps, nuts and popcorn are being chosen over the likes of chocolate as 49% of snackers say that savoury options are a healthier choice than sugary ones (Mintel, 2018). Consumers also say they choose crisps and nuts over chocolate as they are easier to carry around and are mess free (MMR Study 2018). Offering a selection of snacks to consumers that can be picked up and taken with them to keep their hunger at bay in between meals could see a rise in sales for operators.”


Ones to Watch

To discuss the latest hospitality trends and find out how you can make the most of them within your business, call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Better Me There has been a recent notable shift in consumer behaviour towards healthier living; CGA data submitted by Molson Coors notes that 65% of consumers pro-actively try to lead a healthy lifestyle, inspiring a trend dubbed Better Me. The wellness trend, alongside the implementation of the soft drinks sugar tax, is influencing consumers’ decision-making more than ever, as they seek significantly more from food and drink offerings, as well as luxury amenities and spa-like experiences.

We’ll drink to that!

Image credit: Alliance National

Beacon’s independent research found that 44% of Brits are drinking less alcohol when going out than this time last year Insight from AB InBev revealed that 21,000 drink-led venues have closed in the last 10 years, due to the changing landscape in the out-of-home drinking market Research from CGA data shared by Molson Coors shows that 66% of consumers have visited a licensed venue on a night out and not consumed alcohol CGA data from Molson Coors found that 38% of cocktail drinkers also enjoy drinking mocktails when drinking out-of-home Cheers to the future of healthy drinks. Busy lifestyles have driven many to maximise their time, encouraging multi-tasking across the day, including at breakfast. Insight from Oranka Juice Solutions shows that the demand for breakfast on the go in hotels has never been greater, particularly with portable options that offer a wealth of health credentials. In order to satisfy this need, operators are encouraged to offer a nutritious juice or smoothie along with the traditional breakfast items. Later in the day, a diverse range of soft drinks can be easily achieved through the creation of a fresh and exciting mocktail menu, as insight from Brakes shows that the alcohol-free alternatives are now making a move into the mainstream market. In doing so, operators are not only able to provide consumers with a variety of soft drink choices, but are also able to offer the theatre of the serve and a premium experience; something that is becoming increasingly important to consumers who stay sober when out on the town, as highlighted by Heineken UK.

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

What’s next in healthy foods? It is clear healthy eating is a dominant trend, which is only increasing in popularity; the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) surveyed senior restaurant management and found that 75% expected healthier eating offerings to be the fastest growing trend over the next 3-5 years. Will Watson, Head of Customer Service, Classic Fresh Foods: “Consumers are after products that can aid health, diet and digestion, with items such as avocados, kale and salads continuing to soar in popularity. We love our Nutbourne Heritage Tomatoes – pesticide free, this product comes into season around April each year and is around right up until October. They are a firm favourite as the fruits are full of flavour and full to the brim with Vitamins A, C and E.” Maddy Coulston, Head of Marketing at Ribble Farm Fare: “We predict the next superfood to be Quark. It’s been around for quite some time but has only recently become more widely available. Quark is a low fat, low calorie dairy product, which is high in calcium and protein. It is similar to Greek yoghurt in texture, so it can offer an excellent alternative to grab the attention of health conscious consumers!” Ruth O’Sullivan, Nutritionist from Brakes: “We predict avocado oil will take the lead from coconut oil due to its lower fat content, while cashew milk looks to be overtaking oat milk as a dairy free alternative. Breads using sweet potato or squashes are also on the up, and we see ginger taking the place of turmeric. Taking into account these simple switches to keep a menu innovative will help operators to compete in an increasingly health conscious market.”

Image credit: Oranka Juice Solutions

Ones to Watch

How big companies are reacting: Kellogg’s


Image credit: Kellogg’s

1. Kellogg’s was the first company to voluntarily add vitamins and minerals to food in 1938. 2. As part of the Kellogg’s Better Starts plan, which launched in November 2017, the company has doubled the amount of Vitamin D across many of its cereal products, to tackle chronically low levels of this essential vitamin in the nation’s diet. 3. The Kellogg’s Better Starts plan has seen the company implement a 40% sugar reduction in Coco Pops, de-list its high sugar Ricicles cereal, and introduce no added sugar, organic and vegan options to its range – W.K.Kellogg.

Mind as well as body. Alongside food and drink demands, consumers are also seeking ethical products that demonstrate social responsibility and support local communities for an improved ethical lifestyle. Research from Bunzl Catering Supplies shows that popular products include those that offer a reduced impact on the environment, such as shampoo packaged in recycled materials, and soap in compostable wrappers, as well as a rise in the demand for alternatives to single-use plastic, see page 13 for more. Leading the life of luxury. A premium, in-room spa experience is also becoming increasingly sought-after by consumers, particularly through the inclusion of products that feature natural and active ingredients. Incorporating these elements into an establishment’s toiletries offering is certainly an option, but these products must complement the style and brand of a hotel. If implemented well, they will improve a guest’s perception of the service provided and deliver an excellent experience. There is also an increased demand for high-quality basics, such as linen. Stephen Broadhurst, Managing Director at Star Linen UK, commented: “Creating the right first impression for your guests is essential in the hotel and hospitality sectors, and ensuring your room has stylish bedding and towels will help you achieve this. If a guest’s experience of bed linen or bath towels falls short of their expectations, this can be damaging to a hotel’s reputation. This is even more important in a luxury hotel where customers expect the highest standards of quality at all times. This, coupled with the rise in online reviewing sites, means it’s vital that hoteliers ensure quality standards are maintained and exceeded wherever possible.”

Image credit: Star Linen

To discuss the latest hospitality trends and find out how you can make the most of them within your business, call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.


Beacon Design Services

Refurbing on a Budget Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Beacon Design Services (BDS) works with operators who are looking to update their venues, be that a full, luxury makeover or smaller aesthetic amends. Christopher Johnson, Manager at BDS, looks at undertaking a refurbishment on a budget and shares his recommendations.

Image credit: Dulux

Beacon Design Services


This is a key year for operators investing in their properties. Insight from Best Western Great Britain predicts that investment in its hotels in 2018 will be the highest on average, at £342k per hotel, equating to almost £87 million over the year. That said, not all refurbishments need to have a bulging budget. There are premium feel, cost-effective tactics available. Beacon Design Services (BDS) works with operators who want to update their rooms or public areas but have a limited amount to invest. Let’s explore some quick and easy wins to update the ambience of a venue while allowing owners or operators to invest resources in other areas simultaneously. Why Refurb? To be competitive in the hospitality industry it is extremely important to be fresh, innovative, appealing, and technologically aligned. If you don’t refurbish, guests will fade as fast as you do. TripAdvisor scores will start dropping, with guest complaints focusing increasingly on facilities and maintenance, as opposed to service.

Forward Planning Renovations can sometimes be a lengthy and costly exercise, especially if you need to revamp your entire property, which is why careful consideration is necessary. Pull together a refurbishment plan, with a priority list of the rooms and areas that are in need of immediate improvement. Defining a priority ranking at the outset will ensure that nothing is left out, and the most important issues are promptly addressed, using funds available for these areas first. With this approach, ensure you have a clear and concise budget, and set aside a contingency of at least 5-10%. I advise seeking professional support early, such

Image credit: Portobello Art

as using the services of BDS. We not only provide interior design services, but also provide exceptional cost-effective sources for all contract materials required. Finally, renovate at a time that works for you - I suggest when low occupancy is expected in order to continue to fully capitalise on peak season with no work ongoing and lowering the impact on guest stays. This differs from property to property; a leisure focussed hotel will be busy over Easter, summer and December, while a business focussed property will be more able to accept works occurring over the summer months.

How to Refurb on a Budget Three Key Tips: 1. A lick of paint Low cost, big effect. A simple tactic to refurb on a budget is, quite simply, a lick of paint for key walls continuously on show to guests and potentially under scrutiny. Commercial paint can be more expensive than domestic, but the value of purchasing a more robust product is shown over time. Frequent re-painting also means more labour, alongside additional product cost and inconvenience to your guests, so it’s better to invest more in the short-term and save in the long-term. Top colour schemes from Nicola Holmes, Commercial Colour Consultant at Dulux for putting life back into your walls: Blue and ochre yellow “Soft, dreamy blues are a popular choice for bedrooms and for good reason: these soothing, optimistic shades have been proven to aid sleep, encourage relaxation, and lower blood pressure. For an original and more elegant take on this classic scheme, turn it down a notch and pair a darker shade of blue with ochre yellow. A lot of people are afraid to experiment with darker hues, but they can be immensely rewarding.” Which paints? Dulux Trade Durable Flat Matt, the flat matt finish adds to the elegance and will work well in these deep tones Cherished Gold Teal Tension

Image credit: Dulux Lilac and grey “One of the easiest ways to create romance in your bedroom is to blend a palette of soft, delicate colours for a look that’s supremely subtle and well balanced. Whispery grey is a good place to start as a backdrop, with accents of lilac or lavender shades for a fresh, modern bedroom that’s timeless and appealing. Accessorise with light-reflecting mirrors to enhance the ethereal feel of the scheme.” Which paints? Dulux Trade Diamond Matt, durable, washable and stain resistant, extending maintenance cycles and keeping that just painted look for longer. Potters Clay 1 Potters Clay 3 Night Jewels 5


To find out more about Beacon Design Services and how they can help you refurb on a budget, call 01904 695 588 or email design@beaconpurchasing.co.uk.

Beacon Design Services

2) Freshen up your soft furnishings Incremental change can bring significant aesthetic benefits, with a few small touches vastly improving guest experiences. For example, crisp white linens can transform a room at minimal cost. White is practical for maintenance purposes, looks fresh and clean, and helps brighten a room by making it look more spacious. What’s more, it looks fantastic in photography, enticing more bookings. It is also easy to update and add colour as often as is desired with the simple use of coloured cushions, which are easily changeable throughout the seasons.

Image credit: Panaz Image credit: Panaz

Cost-Effective Fabrics: Blackouts

The most cost-effective fabrics are usually blackouts, as they negate the need for lining and are therefore very economical. Panaz Solstice and Shantung ranges are contrasting examples of this. Solstice is a sophisticated, contemporary, understated, matt texture, whilst Shantung has a luxurious, linear silk effect. Solstice brings rich and atmospheric colour options, including Denim, Espresso, and Zinc to a restful and sophisticated palette. With an elegant and natural texture, it has a soft handle and matt appearance that will compliment any scheme, not dictate it. Solstice is flame retardant to national and international standards, has a 4-pass coating for total blackout and a stain resistant finish that keeps it clean and fresh. Shantung features all the same performance benefits of Solstice but has a lustrous, slub silk appearance to bring a boutique feel to your bedrooms.

3) Stand-out artwork Guests staying in hotels are looking for a memorable stay and a local experience. Replace old prints with local art, impactful photos of the destination, or vintage pieces that will help to tell the story of the hotel and its surroundings. Portobello Art specialises in producing bespoke artwork, helping operators stand out.

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Image credit: Portobello Art


The cheapest way of putting a picture on the wall is using a canvas block, which is particularly popular for hotel bedrooms where the artwork needs to be practical. Alongside this, canvases can be used to create an impact in the lobby and reception. Use an image that has a local connection in order to really captivate your guests from the moment they arrive.

Image credit: Portobello Art

Tray frames or traditional prints:

Tray frames are currently a popular artwork trend, where the canvas sits within the frame but has no glass. Alternatively, a number of traditional framed prints made up of complementary images is still a very economical use of artwork.

Image credit: Portobello Art

Clustered frames:

Canvas may not suit all environments and framed pieces may be more appropriate. To really capture the eye, cluster pictures in different frames and sizes together to add texture to a room and make a visual statement. This approach can be used to easily tell a story or set a scene in a costeffective manner.

Waste & Recycling


Can we win the war on plastic? When David Attenborough’s highly anticipated series Blue Planet returned to screens last year the nation was overwhelmed by the upsetting images of plastic killing marine life. It was shocking, powerful and moved us to action. Now, just over six months later, we’re seeing chains like McDonalds, Pizza Express, Wetherspoons, Wagamama, Costa Coffee and Pret a Manger all taking steps to remove plastic straws from their businesses and replace them with biodegradable alternatives.


Waste & Recycling

But why take action? Firstly, to build trust with consumers. But also to avoid the potential for plastic shaming and to strengthen brand reputation. Secondly, operators are able to reap the positive benefits of sustainable investments. Currently, there are some high shortterm costs. However, as business strategies adapt to the idea of a ban on single-use plastic, we predict that supply will catch up with demand, leading to more cost-effective solutions.

It’s no easy feat to convince several business giants to take the same course of action – which, it should be remembered was initiated before the Prime Minister’s announcement of a potential plastic straw ban. This means that these businesses aren’t just following legislation, but grappling with the negative impact it has on their businesses and the positive change they have the potential to effect. For example, Beacon supplier Direct Seafoods highlights that pollution doesn’t just hurt marine species: when animals eat these plastic pieces, the toxins are absorbed into their bodies and passed up the food chain and into humans. Direct Seafoods has been a leading organisation in sustainable and traceable sourcing.

The size of the hospitality industry means that it can have a hugely negative impact on our environment if the wrong decisions are made. Likewise, making the right decisions can have a hugely positive effect. At Beacon, in partnership with our suppliers, we’ve been thinking about what expertise and solutions we can offer...

Image credit: Alliance National

Image credit: Alliance National

Paper straws in numbers:

When comparing figures from 1st Jan8th May 2017 to those of the same dates in 2018, Alliance National has seen a sales increase of 769.96%.

Alliance National Eco-friendly straws and Vegware

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Alliance National added a further 30 eco-friendly straw lines which include paper and compostable options. It is also sourcing further materials, such as bamboo, metal, wheat and edible alternatives. It supplies Vegware’s compostable foodservice packaging which includes sustainable cups, soup containers and napkins. These products are made from plants, not plastic, and can be recycled with food waste. The organisation also liaises with numerous waste collectors to take used Vegware and food waste to industrial composting. This allows clients to divert their compostable foodservice packaging from landfill. The result: beginning to achieve zero waste regions around the UK.

Bunzl Catering Supplies Recyclable and compostable straws Bunzl has recently increased its range of paper straws to over 15 different options, which last up to two hours when wet. Other options include offering customers thick, clear straws made from PP (polypropylene), this will maximise the chance of the straws being recycled if they are disposed of in a mixed recyclables bin. Another alternative is to offer compostable straws made from PLA (poly lactic acid) which can be disposed with food waste and sent to licensed industrial composting facilities. Bunzl also recommends introducing controlled-use straw dispensers to reduce the frequency and quantity of straws being used, allowing customers to retrieve a straw, but only if they really want one.

Image credit: Bunzl

Waste & Recycling


Image credit: Oranka Juice Solutions

Oranka Juice Solutions The self-pour approach Rather than using lots of single use plastic cups, Oranka Juice Solutions offers a more attractive alternative. With the self-pour option customers can help themselves to fresh juices, smoothies and hydration juices in stylish glasses. These can be served in attractive glass dispensers on wooden and copper risers, natural wood trollies or on your own counter. They add something extra special to your offering, resulting in up to 95% less waste and using 95% less storage space.

Gilchrist & Soames BeeKind guest products The BeeKind guest collection from Gilchrist & Soames gives customers many reasons to feel good. Firstly, these products help support research into honey bee and pollination health. Secondly, they have reduced plastic packaging, using 93% less than standard plastic bottles. It has achieved this through the development of an innovative pack design, which uses alternative distribution materials (such as cardboard, shrink wrap & pallets) to minimise the space used both before and after use. After use, only 1% of the physical product remains and is fully collapsible. The packs also have the option to be incinerated or recycled into useful items like hangers or waste baskets.

How They Do It The Best Western Plus Pinewood on Wilmslow Hotel Beacon is working with hotels to help reduce and remove singleuse plastics from its businesses by offering alternative products and solutions. One case is the Best Western Plus Pinewood on Wilmslow Hotel, Greater Manchester. In March, it joined the Plastic-Free Greater Manchester campaign, which aims to make the area the first UK city-region to completely eliminate singleuse plastic by 2020.

Image credit: Gilchrist & Soames

Hayley Lane, General Manager at the Best Western Plus Pinewood on Wilmslow Hotel, discusses:

“At the Best Western Plus Pinewood on Wilmslow Hotel we have now removed plastic straws, single-use butter portions, disposable cups and improved our recycling systems. So far, with the support of Beacon and its suppliers, we have not increased costs but have actually experienced significant cost reductions. I am not an eco-warrior by any stretch of the imagination, but with such a well-publicised problem facing our world, we can all do our bit and lead the way to a greener future. And in the process we can build public trust, save money and please our guests.”

The high profile campaign is backed by both Mayor Andy Burnham and footballer Gary Neville, who owns the Hotel Football brand. To help the region’s businesses both large and small, the Mayor has established a Green City Business Consortium to ensure that the transition from plastic to more sustainable solutions is viable for all - especially smaller businesses who may struggle with the costs. Beacon has been able to work with the Best Western Plus Pinewood on Wilmslow Hotel to help source solutions, including replacing plastic straws with recyclable alternatives.

Image credit: Best Western Plus Pinewood on Wilmslow Hotel

To discuss greener options in your business, call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.


Minute on the Clock

A Minute on the Clock with new Beacon CEO, Rob Paterson Having been appointed CEO of Beacon and Best Western GB in February 2018, Rob discusses his career to date, leading the Beacon team and the current challenges and opportunities the hospitality industry faces.

Can you describe your career background? I grew up in Australia and worked my way up in the industry from hospitality college to my first job in operations for Hilton Sydney, to where I am today. I moved to the UK in 2009 and after a brief stint with Accor UK, I moved into private equity where I learnt so much in a short space of time from some very talented and inspirational leaders. I experienced some fantastic brands including Malmaison, Hotel du Vin, The Belfry, Cameron House and most recently Village Hotels, where we made big investments in technology to deliver a truly unique and revolutionary digital customer journey. What did your career journey teach you?

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

My operational background gives me an appreciation of just how hard it is working in hospitality and hotels. The long hours, the constant multi-tasking and patience required will test the best of you. Private equity was totally different again and gave me an appreciation for focusing on what really makes a commercial difference in an organisation. Above all, I believe a hard work ethic and solutions based attitude is what drives success, and I look forward to working with the Beacon team to be a fantastic partner and benefit to our customers. What will the mindset of Beacon be with you as CEO? Growing Beacon as a business. Empowering Paul and the team to continue doing the great work they have already done but growing our scale too, providing more consultative solutions to more customers with deeper, more beneficial supply partnerships.

Our industry has experienced some big shocks and changes in recent years. How do you approach change? All businesses in every industry need to have a mindset towards change in today’s world, and embrace change as a form of positive empowerment. The less transactional effort we need to exert, the greater effort we can put towards customer experience, creativity, innovation, strategy and more, which can be a good thing for everyone.

“There are endless possibilities where the blockchain technology can improve businesses both from an efficiency perspective and customer experience. ” What opportunities do you see for technology in the industry? Technology should be an enabler of choice and not forced upon a customer to suit the needs of the business. I am also very excited about the potential of the blockchain. There are endless possibilities where the blockchain technology can improve businesses both from an efficiency perspective and customer experience. In Beacon we will focus on what technology our customers need and explore how we can make advances that are mutually beneficial, to allow Beacon to help more businesses become more profitable.



#Trending Your guide to the latest product launches and trends from Beacon’s market-leading suppliers. In each edition of Beckon, we bring you details of the latest products and service innovations from some of our industry leading suppliers, to ensure you and your business stay on top of the latest developments in the market. If you want to get hold of any of these products, or find out about other new products from Beacon suppliers, call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Image credit: Alliance National



Image credit: Bunzl Lockhart

No. 1

No. 2

Style and durability by the bowlful

Simple designs to satisfy trend savvy guests

Bunzl Lockhart has launched its new Artisan Onyx range, a stunning set of crockery crafted for practical and style-conscious caterers. Thanks to an ultra-durable black glaze it doesn’t scuff or scratch - one of the few ranges on the market not to. Artisan Onyx items perform superbly and are beautifully designed. Combine with Artisan’s Creme and Pebble ranges for a striking monochromatic contrast.

The new Byron and Harrow bedroom furniture ranges from Ellis can help any hotelier keep up with design savvy consumers. These ranges fuse simple elements to offer a modern feel and make for a memorable stay. They are beautifully made from luxury real wood veneers, solid timber edging, plinths and an impact resistant top. This combined with Ellis’ traditional glue and double dowel construction methods ensures all products are of the highest possible standard. It makes for two virtually maintenance free bedroom ranges that are made even better by a 20-year guarantee.

No. 3

Image credit: Vision

Image credit: Ellis

Allow allergic guests to sleep easy Vision’s Wicklow anti-allergy sleep range is a super cosy, popular collection specifically designed to ensure every guest gets a good night’s sleep. The pillows are made from a soft 100% hollowfibre fill and - along with the matching duvets - are crafted from a soft 233 thread count. There’s no need to worry about cleaning, as they’re all machine washable. The covers are made from a 100% cotton jacquard with a sateen finish for a distinguished, luxurious look. They also feature piped edging and twin needle stitching giving the entire range a delicate, opulent feel.

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Image credit: Pladis

No. 5

It’s time to liven up cold coffee Nescafé Azera Nitro brings the silky, refreshing taste of nitrogen-infused coffee to customers. Made with premium coffee, and gently infused with nitrogen, Nescafé Azera Nitro is a next level coffee experience that can be enjoyed whenever and however the consumer wants. Smooth as velvet. Cold as ice. Coffee, but not as you know it. Available now from Brakes and Bidfood in both Latte and Americano.

No. 4 Offer something marvellous to munch on Meredith & Drew from Pladis (formally United Biscuits) is a twin pack assortment biscuit made from the highest quality ingredients, which come in four popular variants: Marvellous Milk Choc Chip Cookie, Wonderful White Choc Chip Cookie, Scrumptious Shortie Swirl and Irresistible Oat Crunch! The contemporary branding offers a modern take on a heritage brand while matte packaging offers a premium look and feel. Image credit: Nestlé


No. 6


Image credit: Alliance National

Dishes to enhance food’s natural beauty The Artis Gallery statement dishes available at Alliance National are a new range of exquisitely decorated plates and bowls with contemporary designs. They evolved from the previously identified Modern Opulence trend, which focuses on the premium and decadent side of life. Premium and high-end items are being tailored towards a younger audience, utilising combinations of subtle textures and muted shades to enhance the natural beauty of the food being showcased.

No. 7 Image credit: Bunzl

Image credit: Simon Jersey

Save the planet one paper straw at a time Plastic wastage is a huge topic at the moment, (find out more on page 13) and one alternative is paper straws. Bunzl has a range of paper drinking straws that are an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic straws. They are made from renewable resources and will remain unsaturated for up to two hours, so there’s no risk of a soggy straw. These are available in a range of colours from red and white stripes to bamboo design.

No. 9

No. 8 Alcohol-free Old Mout Cider

Image credit: Heineken UK

The new wave of uniform fashion Simon Jersey has introduced a new range of uniforms as indie trends become dominant through the UK hospitality industry and as many businesses come to champion a new attitude to uniforms surrounding a trendy artisan front of house look.

With many consumers opting for a healthier, non-alcoholic option when drinking out-of-home, Heineken UK is satisfying this demand with an alcohol free version of its Old Mout Cider. The taste is the same, but there’s 10% less sugar, offering a great premium option to soft drinks for consumers wanting to avoid alcohol but enjoy a tasty alternative.

The newest range is an ideal accompaniment to any rebrand and uniform refresh. It features slim leg chino style trousers in grey, black, stone and khaki, gingham shirts in four colourways, and aprons in five styles across 17 colours. To discuss trends and opportunities with Beacon, call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.


Let’s Talk Purchasing

Let’s Talk Purchasing Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Paul Connelly, Managing Director at Beacon, gives his thoughts on how to maintain strong commercial relationships in the face of change, and how Beacon’s own connections are thriving as a result.

Let’s Talk Purchasing


Relationships are the foundation of all success. When it comes to working with suppliers and customers, strong relationships are at the heart of everything we do. In periods of change, the strength of these bonds is always tested, so it’s important to give them the attention they deserve from the outset. Building trust between all partners can prove hugely beneficial for all involved; the quality of the relationship will determine how well you are able to implement effective reciprocal business strategies, adding value to both organisations. The most effective way to establish these kinds of strong and lasting relationships is for all parties to mutually understand each other’s business goals, aims, and aspirations. This will form the framework of any joint business plan and an agreed set of targets from the outset. It’s all about trust. The strongest relationships are built on trust. These types of connections have the power to create honest and transparent conversations and healthy debate, making reaching consensus more likely. Once this trust is established, it can also open up new opportunities and turn the focus towards revenue generation operations. It’s also important to not over-promise, and instead to deliver, to the best of your ability, on what has already been discussed and agreed. Here at Beacon, we are focussed on creating long-lasting, successful relationships with everyone we work with. It’s important to view the relationship as a team effort, and to really work together to understand each party’s wants and needs, before creating an effective and efficient solution. What is Beacon doing? Theory is one thing, but at Beacon we’re always looking to put these ideas into practice and have taken the first steps to driving more strategically engaged relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We’re regularly exploring adding value to how our customers undertake purchasing, and providing a consultant style service to advise on wider industry trends and activities.

How does this work? The first stage is always to undertake a thorough spend analysis of a customer’s business expenditure. Next, we’ll propose a purchasing plan by spending category, supported either by Beacon going to market through tenders, or through benchmarking exercises. These activities are always agreed and project managed with the customer. Our aim is to achieve efficiencies and value through a variety of factors:

Supplier rationalisation. Supplier proliferation is a serious issue in many hospitality businesses, with multiple stakeholders placing orders with a plethora of suppliers. This fractures and reduces the buying power of an organisation by dividing it across so many different relationships. Fewer suppliers also means less back-end administration, and fewer inefficiencies as a result.

Ongoing management of deals. We’re close to the market, and will always ensure deals remain competitive and that pricing is held for longer periods than many local options. This is a competitor tactic we’ve encountered many times, with purchasers switching their supply duped by a keen entry price, before being faced with hikes almost immediately because they were not correctly contractually negotiated.

Cost savings. Keeping costs down is a natural prerequisite for all customers. Beacon is able to leverage more than 25 years of experience of around 200 suppliers, and multiple categories to deliver excellent cost savings as well as advice. Our purchasing team know how to change and adapt strategies to deliver every time.

Purchasing agents. If required, we can place a purchasing agent at a customers’ base, providing hands-on management of all agreed projects. For some customers, this is a great solution when they are resource-pressured, and may not have the specific skill set needed readily available within their organisation.

We are always here for our customers and suppliers. To find out how Beacon can support you and your business call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.


Let’s Talk Purchasing

Putting theory into practice. We kicked off our Joint Business Planning initiative last year in partnership with a few strategic suppliers. We’ve got to know each of these partners’ strategies, and worked on ways to match them to our own business goals. We’re also aiming to use the process to improve engagement in the field between the Beacon sales teams and the supplier field sales teams as this is where the business actually occurs - not at Head Office! As a result, we’re developing a much more integrated way of working, which will provide some exciting solutions in the coming months for our customers. We’re also on-hand to support our

partners and customers in potential times of turbulence, offering expertise, and advice where we can as part of our service. Our market is moving very quickly and is experiencing increased consolidation, creating customers with new and different requirements as a result. At Beacon, we know it is important to constantly challenge ourselves, to question how best to respond to these changing needs. We’ve started our journey, and what’s for certain is that we’ll always maintain our focus, our energy, and our drive to deliver the goals and aspirations we share with our customers.

Let’s talk… with Beacon’s Purchasing Managers Our Purchasing Managers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enabling them to support and advise customers and suppliers on everything from new legislation and seasonal trends, to recommendations on the best brands to stock.

Kelley Walker has been with Beacon for over four years, establishing strong relationships with many of Beacon’s leading suppliers, including those in the drink and consumables market. Kelley comments on the current drinks landscape: “Data from CGA and our supplier Molson Coors shows that low sugar drinks have been recognised as the second place key trend (43%) after craft beer, with non-alcoholic beverages/ low alcoholic beverages in third place (38%). This highlights a real change in consumer behaviour habits. We work with our customers and suppliers to ensure their ranges cater for these changing habits, which you can read more about in our soft drinks sugar tax feature on page 25.

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

In terms of the spirit market, gin is the fastest growing category (14.7%), outpacing rum. Gin has grabbed the consumer’s attention as an experimental category, especially as a cocktail ingredient, and the serve is crucial to creating a stand out menu. That said, the mixer is often equally as important, with 60% of consumers saying the quality of the mixer is a key influencer in the decision to choose a particular drinks option.”

Alice Bexon has been at Beacon for 18 months, returning to the company after time as a buyer from 2008-2011. She has a vast amount of experience as a buyer for major national and international brands in the hospitality and leisure sectors. Alice discusses some of the issues affecting her categories: “It’s been a turbulent year for pricing in the fish market. For example, we’ve seen salmon price increases over the past year, predominantly driven by heightened demand combined with farmers limiting harvests in order to increase available biomass. Nevertheless, we work with seafood suppliers, including M&J Seafood and Direct Seafoods, to benchmark the core products to ensure we achieve competitive pricing on a monthly basis. We also collaborate with suppliers’ expert development teams to suggest sustainable alternatives and promote cost competitive products. For example, we might suggest alternatives such as chalk stream trout - a sustainable, local option that offers a similar texture and flavour to salmon.

Sustainable seafood is also a key priority for Beacon. For instance, we have partnered with the Marine Conservation Society (MSC), a leading UK charity for the protection of our seas, shores, and wildlife. The MSC have recently developed a “Good Fish Guide”, which enables us to quickly identify species considered as sustainable. As a company, we’re committed to increasing the amount of certified fish we buy. Traceability is also high on our agenda. We carry out stringent due diligence on behalf of the customers once suppliers are nominated, and this is ongoing for our fresh produce and meat suppliers.”

Katarzyna Ogniewska is the newest Purchasing Manager to join the Beacon team, with many years of procurement management experience under her belt. She brings to the role extensive technical and production specification expertise, as well as an understanding of terms and contracts. Katarzyna takes a look into the coffee market: “Coffee is one of the most widely traded commodities on the market, second only to oil, so it’s important that we make the most of it! Data from our supplier Matthew Algie found that the value of the UK coffee shop market in 2017 was £9.6 billion, with turnover growth of +7.3%, and outlet growth of 5.3% - and this shows no sign of declining.

There are three major trends in the coffee market. Cold brew coffee is extremely popular, specifically nitro cold brew - a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas and forced through a draft system. This results in a rich, velvety, creamy head. As in other sectors, consumers are demanding a more ethical coffee, with many ready to pay higher prices for ethically sourced products. This means working to international standards such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic guarantees, and transparency is key. Finally, milk alternatives are a significant trend, with oat milk a driving product. Offering non-dairy options opens your offering to a bigger customer base, as well as giving new choices to existing customers.”

We are always here for our customers and suppliers. To find out how Beacon can support you and your business call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Get Regulated


Get Regulated The Beacon team are always monitoring any new regulations and legislation that will affect customers and suppliers, ensuring they can support and advise where needed. Here, we discuss two of the year’s big topics, GDPR and the Soft Drinks Industry Levy.


Get Regulated - GDPR

Just the beginning for GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in place, but its introduction is just the start of the journey. So where next? Beacon suppliers and Best Western share some insights into GDPR and its future impact. Jim Muir, Head of Marketing at Best Western: “After all the hard work UK businesses have put into preparing for GDPR I can imagine that many are tired of seeing these four letters together. It’s been quite a journey so far, but we can’t lose momentum yet. GDPR was never really a one time trip, but a regular place to visit.

If you’ve worked tirelessly to improve your data processes to meet the compliance deadline, then that’s an excellent achievement. It will feel like passing your driving test, but there are no shortcuts with data protection. It’s a responsibility you have to keep on top of and the penalties are much harsher than a £100 speeding ticket - you risk a €20 million fine, or more for bigger operators.”

Here are a few things to consider for the future: Demonstrating compliance is vital. One of the key principles of the new regulation is that we, the businesses, are responsible for demonstrating our compliance, which is now as legally important as introducing the measures in the first place. You might have all the correct procedures in situ, but you’re not maintaining compliance with GDPR if you don’t document them correctly along the way too. Documenting will help you and customers. We’ve found that documenting how personal data is gathered and stored, and keeping these documents secure, is an essential part of the process, especially if a customer makes a personal data request or a complaint. As the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) highlights, under GDPR, individuals have several rights including the right of access to any personal data kept on file, the right to rectify any inaccurate data, and the right to object to processing of data. If you know exactly where to find this data, you will be in a good position to respect your customers’ rights as part of daily business practice.

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Supplier Perspective - Equinox Comms Dave Millet, Manager Director:

“We think it’s worth learning from the big mistakes of the past. A couple of years ago, TalkTalk was hacked and fined £400,000. But this was under the old Data Protection Act. If that happened now it could be £59 million. That’s why it’s vital to review the digital security of your personal data. Is it sitting on your servers? Maybe do a data audit. Has a staff member left? Changing old passwords is a good idea. Do you outsource your IT? Give them a reasonable push. TalkTalk apparently had internal warnings and didn’t take them. If you’ve had advice and you haven’t acted, then you are to blame and risk a much higher fine than before.” Supplier Perspective - Office Depot EU Jacqueline Hills, Legal Director:

“Don’t forget to prioritise the security of hard-copy documents alongside managing electronic data. Rather than using outdated systems, which send files straight to print, businesses could consider using a comprehensive managed print network. Cloudbased managed print services offer a more secure option than traditional hard-drive based systems, making it more difficult to hack print data when combined with network security measures and access protocols.”

Preparing for personal data breaches. Having a secure document that maps personal data will also help if the worst case scenario does happen. The ICO explains that it needs to be notified within 72 hours of a business becoming aware of a personal data breach. It is your responsibility to prove that you have kept customers’ personal data as safe as possible. Your documentation of processes will assist the investigation and help you to prove you did everything you could to protect your customers’ personal data. Keep your database and processes up to date. It’s now even more vital to re-evaluate databases regularly and undertake appropriate updates. At Best Western, we’re using GDPR as an opportunity to do the same to our processes, which means ensuring that all staff are effectively trained. It’s possible that, as the law works to keep up with the speed of technology, there will be further updates to GDPR. When this happens, we’ll be in a good place to change and update our processes too.

Supplier Perspective - Fidelity Payment Lucy Glickman, Marketing Director:

“The introduction of GDPR has been an opportunity for us to improve our technologies and internal processes. It’s had a positive impact on our relationship with our customers by enabling us to be more honest and transparent about our processing. We’re protecting our own customers’ data to the highest standards, measured against the ISO 27001 accreditation standard. To do this, we’ve undertaken a complete overhaul of our data security policies, and have scheduled training for all staff to demonstrate how they can implement this in their day to day roles. There’s a lot of business value in doing this, and we would highly recommend it.” Supplier Perspective - Lyreco UK From Tracy Wilson, National Account Manager:

“We offer a range of products that help to improve data processing, and which consequently help with GDPR measures. For example, shredders offer a simple yet effective way of securely destroying hard copy data that’s no longer required. Making shredders a part of your document policy helps you minimise the risk during a data breach. Alongside this, our archive and storage products, such as the Bankers Box®, have clear labelling areas so you can easily locate stored documents when customers ask to view their personal data.”

Get Regulated - Sugar Tax


Are you taking advantage of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy?

The implementation of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy has meant that it is now crucial for operators to introduce new ideas and solutions surrounding their soft drinks offering. As discussed on BBC Breakfast earlier this year, Beacon’s Managing Director, Paul Connelly, discusses the effect of the levy on the hospitality industry and how to take advantage of these changes.

‘Sugar Tax’: The Facts The government proposed a new levy on soft drinks containing added sugar in April 2016, which came into effect on Friday 6th April, 2018. This is designed to reduce and tackle obesity in the UK, which is a worrying and growing issue. Insight from our supplier Coca-Cola shows that adult obesity increased from 1 in 6 people to 1 in 4 people over a 20 year period. Some 26.9% of the adult population in the UK are now classed as obese. There will be no tax on drinks with less than 5g of sugar per 100ml, a lower rate of 18p per litre on drinks with 5-8g of sugar per 100ml, and a higher rate of 24p per litre on drinks with 8g+ per 100ml. This relates to all applicable drinks sold in the UK, both manufactured in the UK and imported.

Top tips on tackling the impact of the sugar tax from our suppliers: 1) Offer value for money In order to capitalise on the sugar tax, our supplier Brakes suggests creating price differences between high and low sugar soft drinks. Implementing low price points for no-sugar beverages, and higher price points for those that contain more sugar, will help to pass the levy onto customers and encourage them to opt for a healthier beverage. 2) Flavours are flourishing Offer more intriguing drink ranges, avoiding basic flavours. According to Oranka Juice Solutions, more interesting and seasonal flavours have entered the realm due to the shift in consumer behaviour. Flavours such as elderflower, peach, and redberry can all really enhance your soft drinks, whilst also offering customers added variety on the drinks menu. 3) Soft drinks aren’t just for children Entice to your bars those opting away from alcohol, with mocktails. Give customers many new exciting choices by using

Image credit: Coca-Cola

ingredients that you already stock, such as syrups, juices and mixers. Focus on a strong serve, giving the experience of an alcoholic drink, but with more health-conscious contents. The perfect serve is vital to creating a quality brand and generating return visits. 4) Personalised premiumisation The trend of premiumisation is going nowhere, but it is important to innovate. Coca-Cola advises that to satisfy this trend, aim for personalisation. Customers like to be asked what glass they would like with their drink and what garnish they prefer. Be ready to offer a range of popular but innovative options for customers to create their ideal drink experience. 5) Engage your staff By engaging your staff with the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, you have the opportunity to educate and motivate them. Brakes recommends training to ensure they are aware of the products and facts, encouraging them to offer recommendations and point customers in the right direction when choosing their beverage.

Image credit: Nestlé

Image credit: Oranka Juice Solutions Coca-Cola: By the end of 2018, 95% of Coca-Cola’s products will be exempt from the sugar tax. Coca-Cola has downsized its 1.25l bottles to 1l, and its 1.75l to 1.5l and has also released exciting new flavours in lower and zero sugar versions, including Diet Coke Exotic Mango, to remain competitive and innovative.

Nestlé: Nestlé has been reducing the overall total sugar content of its popular San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages range since 2015, which has now reduced by 40% while still keeping the same taste.

Oranka Juice Solutions Hydration Station The Oranka Juice Solutions Hydration Station offers the perfect opportunity for self-service, enticing drinks. They provide a wide range of flavours, from rhubarb to lime and elderflower, with only 2% natural sugars which makes the drinks suitable for diabetics.

Need more support for your soft drinks range? Call 01904 695 588, or email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk


Our Customers

Customer Insight Beacon works with a range of different customers across the length and breadth of Great Britain, from independent hotels, golf clubs and restaurants, to a range of hospitality groups, as well as residential and nursing home healthcare providers.

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Beacon prides itself on going the extra mile for its customers by offering a personalised experience to suit the needs of each and every business, improve efficiencies and ultimately increase their profitability. Here are just a few of the customers we’re proud to work with:

Image credit: Meallmore

Customer Insight


Saving costs and lives with Ten Hill Place Hotel Beacon’s Get A Quote service helped Ten Hill Place Hotel, owned by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd), to save time and costs when expanding from 77 to 129 rooms. Commercial Director, Scott Mitchell and the team knew that Beacon’s Get A Quote service would help them source the best products at the best price in the best time. Scott said: “For the 52 new rooms we needed a lot of new items, from beds to hairdryers and minibars, so we placed our orders via Beacon’s Get A Quote service. For any hotel, careful cost management

is important. But for our hotel it’s more than just good business practice. All profits made are invested by RCSEd into improving surgical standards for patients around the world, including those in areas of conflict and extreme poverty. Any saving, no matter how small, is a good result for us, however, thanks to Beacon we were able to save almost £15 on each mini bar unit. The manufacturer’s price was £139.56 while the Get A Quote price was £125. All these savings add up and really help us deliver life-saving work around the world.”

Try our Get A Quote service Save time, save money and source better products with Get A Quote, our dedicated quote gathering service. It’s designed to give Beacon customers competitive pricing on one-off purchases, within as little as 24 hours. You can use Get A Quote to buy all manner of products from tea towels to tea cups, glassware to graters, fridges to fans and even rubber ducks! Try it now in your My Beacon account. To discuss Beacon’s Get A Quote service, call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Beacon and Meallmore Fresh Produce Partnership

Image credit: Ten Hill Place Hotel

Refurbishment made easy at the Fairfield House Hotel Image credit: Fairfield House Hotel

Image credit: Meallmore When it came to renew its fresh produce contract, family-run nursing home group Meallmore were looking for more than great savings. Regional Catering Manager David Blackwood knew that Beacon consider many factors when sourcing suppliers. David said: “When looking for a new fresh produce supplier not only did Beacon look at cost but also quality and service. They helped us with the full tender process, sending out to a number of suppliers as determined by us. Beacon scored the submissions and proposed a supplier based on all criteria, including price. We made a hefty 6% saving in our first quarter and expect to make a minimum saving of £12k per annum.

Although savings are important, the on-going management of the contract is far more crucial for us. We have now implemented an escalation process where we advise the supplier and Beacon of any issues and, where appropriate, Beacon steps in to help. It’s benefits like this from our relationship that give us peace of mind.” To find out how you can make savings on your fresh produce, call 01904 695 588, email support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Fairfield House Hotel is set in a picturesque seafront location on the Ayrshire coast in the heart of Robert Burns’ country, and when it came to refurbishing its bedrooms to compliment the beautiful location, Beacon Design Services (BDS) and its Room in a Box scheme was the ideal choice. General Manager Mark Steedman, commented: “The BDS team were brilliant throughout our 20 bedroom refurbishment, on which we worked closely with Chris Johnson for both the design and implementation. We made a 7.5% saving through sourcing from Beacon, rather than going direct to manufacturers and the Room in a Box scheme made the process simple, yet each room was still designed and enhanced individually, with many options to choose from. Working with Chris and the team made things happen efficiently and smoothly, which was very important when we wanted to minimise disruption as much as possible, we highly recommend this service.”

For further information on BDS, get in contact with Christopher Johnson by calling 01904 695 501 or email design@beaconpurchasing.co.uk.


Sales Team

Team Beacon At Beacon, we are committed to putting our customers first and keeping them at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated national sales team is always on hand to deal with any enquiries or requirements that your business may have and we will be happy to put you in touch with our industry leading suppliers. A full breakdown of contacts can be seen below.

Field Based Team

Sales Directors

Gavin Newlands National Account Manager T: 07967 173 909 E: gavin.newlands@beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Gail Bellamy Sales Director T: 07557 435 641 E: gail.bellamy@beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Wilson Bryson National Account Manager T: 07867 467 068 E: wilson.bryson@beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Susan Young Sales Director T: 07967 173 905 E: susan.young@beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Emma Smith National Account Manager T: 07967 173 998 E: emma.smith@beaconpurchasing.co.uk Martine Shaw National Account Manager T: 07967 173 916 E: martine.shaw@beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Patrick Emmerson National Account Manager T: 07867 467 331 E: patrick.emmerson@beaconpurchasing.co.uk New NAM National Account Manager T: 01904 695588 E: support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk Samantha Guiher-Greig National Account Manager T: 07967 173 972 E: samantha.guiher-greig@beaconpurchasing.co.uk Hardip Madahar National Account Manager T: 07824 095 668 E: hardip.madahar@beaconpurchasing.co.uk New NAM National Account Manager T: 01904 695588 E: support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Customer Support Team


Always on hand to help We aim to provide the best advice and support possible to help our customers achieve their goals. Our Customer Support Team is always on hand to provide information and resolution solutions to your everyday queries or complex questions. Meet James Hitchen our Customer Support Executive: “We’re here to solve problems. If there’s a missing delivery, a payment issue, or you’re struggling to get hold of a representative, we’re on it. We’ve developed great relations with suppliers to help resolve these issues as fast as possible. We’re also available to guide customers at any stage of their purchasing journey. Call our number (01904 695 588) or drop us an email (support@beaconpurchasing.co.uk) and myself, or one of the team, will be able to help right there and then.

diversity of queries. We’re often helping people redeem their Powerpoint balance, set up logins with our eBusiness team, or find a supplier to procure a certain item. We do what we can to take the hassle away from purchasing and we work hard to be as prepared as possible when customers call with a problem. Whatever the query, no matter how unique, we’re here to help. It means that, whilst our customers focus on their business, we can focus on industry wide issues, develop solutions and offer advice. ”

We handle around 300 calls a week and, as I’m often the first point of contact, I’ve experienced the

Supplier Directory The following pages provide an overview of all of our current suppliers and what they can do to help your business. Our supplier portfolio is constantly growing and developing. For the very latest list of Beacon suppliers please visit www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk – alternatively Beacon customers can log into My Beacon to see detailed information, including commercial terms, promotions and how to open an account with individual suppliers.


New Suppliers

Meet our new suppliers Beacon are delighted to welcome these new suppliers on board this year. Building Maintenance DNM Engineering Services offered in heating, cooling, mechanical, electrical, catering across the commercial, retail, leisure, hospitality and public sector.

E & J Gallo Wines and spirits supplier based in the heart of Californian wine country. E&J Gallo are the world’s number one family run winery and own the world’s number one wine brand. Greene King Greene King has been crafting fine ales from two historic breweries for over 200 years. Taking four simple, natural ingredients and combining them with a whole heap of passion, care and experience to make the UK’s finest handcrafted ales.

Dairies Pensworth The Dairy Company UK and Ireland Limited Pensworth is one of the UK’s leading dairy suppliers. Delivering to thousands of hospitality businesses.

Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Drinks Alliance Wine Whether you are a small specialist retailer or a large regional wholesaler, Alliance has so much to offer. With a large, eclectic portfolio comprised of original, inspiring and ambitious producers. The independent sector is core to their business and so the selection of wines that are sold, and how they are sold, is very much with you in mind.

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Hypnos Contract Beds Limited Hypnos Contract Beds offer Beacon customers 7.5% off list price and a free mattress protector with every mattress purchase.


Cleaning Clover Chemicals Ltd Clover Chemicals Ltd is a manufacturer of ‘Effective Cleaning Chemicals’. After many years of extensive development of the product range, Clover Chemicals now boasts over 150 different products spanning across varying areas in the cleaning industry.


Design Cavalier Carpets Limited Over 40 years’ experience in providing professional cost effective solutions for both hotels and resorts. Solutions for individually styled boutique hotels through to major hotel chains and holiday groups. Muraspec Decorative Solutions Ltd Muraspec Wallcoverings is an international leader in the commercial and bespoke wallcoverings industry. Woodberry of Leamington Spa Established in 2002, Woodberry is a family run business, manufacturing quality outdoor furniture for the tourism, leisure and hospitality industries.

Food Destiny Foods Destiny Food has become the leading provider of desserts and speciality foods to their foodservice market by delivering superiority in quality, value and service to our people and customers. Ribble Farm Fare Limited Ribble Farm Fare Ltd. are a thriving family business in the Lancashire town of Longridge, who have been successfully trading for over 50 years.

Star Linen UK Ltd Star Linen UK is a family business with strong values built upon a solid foundation. These have seen the parent company, Star Linen USA, grow year on year since their formation in 1987, supplying major hospitality accounts throughout the world.

Non-Food Distributor & Manufacturer Arc France Arc Tableware UK - The best supplier of bar, table & kitchen goods.

Utilities & Services Liberty-i Guaranteeing you the best possible price for your internet and Wi-Fi Solution. A breath of fresh air linking Internet Connectivity, Wi-Fi and VoIP for any type of business from care homes to hotels.

Supplier Directory


Supplier Directory A-Z Beacon carefully selects suppliers for their expertise and experience across the sectors in which our customers operate. We are proud to be working alongside some of the best businesses in the marketplace to give our customers peace of mind that the Beacon supplier portfolio will not only provide you with excellent service and competitive commercial terms but also give you more time to run your business, knowing that our team of Category Buyers is continuously monitoring supplier performance. AB InBev Accolade Wines Airwave Alliance Disposables Limited Alliance Wine Altinet Ambius Arc France Aryzta Food Solutions Aslotel Ltd Avinity Bacardi Brown Forman Badgemaster Ltd Barclaycard Berendsen PLC Bidfood Catering Equipment Bidfood Foodservice BOC Sureserve Bourne Furniture Ltd Bourne Textile Services Brakes Catering Supplies Brakes Group Brodie Melrose Drysdale & Co Ltd Bunzl Catering Supplies Burgess Furniture Ltd Calor Gas Campbell Bros Ltd Carlsberg UK Cavalier Carpets Limited CFG Furniture Ltd Chelsom Limited City Electrical Factors Classic Fresh Foods Ltd Clover Chemicals Ltd Coca-Cola Enterprises Country Fresh Foods Countrywide Healthcare Supplies Crosswater Limited Destiny Foods Direct Seafoods Diversey DNM Engineering Dormakaba Dulux Decorator Centre (ICI Paints) E & J Gallo Ecolab Ellis Furniture Ltd

Equinox Fairfax Meadow Europe Ltd Fidelity Payment Processing Limited Fishers Services Fogarty Gilchrist & Soames Greene King Ground Control Hammer Carpets Hatch Mansfield - Taittinger Champagne Heineken UK Hyclass Services Limited Hypnos Contract Beds Limited ICB Group Imprint Plus Ltd Initial UK Interserve Inverarity Morton Jacobs Douwe Egberts Pro GB Ltd Jelf Insurance Partnership Johnson’s Apparelmaster t/a Afonwen Kellogg’s Kohler Mira KP Snacks Liberty-i Lockhart Catering Equipment Lyreco M J Birtwistle & Co Ltd M&J Seafood Limited Managed Waste Solutions Ltd Mark Murphy & Partner Ltd Matthew Algie Matthew Clark Wholesale Mattison Contract Beds McCain Foods Ltd Mico Lighting Ltd Midland Foods Catering Butchers Limited Mitre Furnishing Group Ltd Molson Coors Brewers Ltd Mondelez Muraspec Decorative Solutions Ltd Nestle UK Ltd Office Depot UK Limited Olleco

Omega Signs Limited Oranka Juice Solutions Panaz Peeks the Event Makers Pensworth The Dairy Company UK and Ireland Limited Pete’s Patisserie PHS Group Ltd Pladis Portobello Art Ltd Praxis Hospitality Premier Foods Pulse Business Energy Limited Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd R&J Yorkshire’s Finest R. Twinings & Company Limited Reeves Butchers Ltd Rentokil Pest Control Respa Ribble Farm Fare Limited Ryedale Group SCA Hygiene Products Ltd Screwfix Direct Ltd Sheringhams Fine Foods Ltd Simon Jersey Ltd Skopos Fabrics Ltd Stalbridge Linen Services Ltd Star Linen UK Ltd Swan Mill Paper Company Ltd Taylor & Pickles Ltd Tchibo Tektura plc Tetley (TATA Global Beverages) The Energy Desk Threshfield Catering Supplies Toshiba TEC Total Produce UK TradePoint Unilever Food Solutions UYR Viking Direct (Holdings) Limited Vision Support Services Windsor Foodservice Wolseley UK Woodberry of Leamington Spa Woodward Foodservice Ltd


Supplier Directory

Building Maintenance DNM Engineering Services offered in heating, cooling, mechanical, electrical, catering across the commercial, retail, leisure, hospitality and public sector. Dulux Decorator Centre (ICI Paints) Ordering from Dulux couldn’t be better for Beacon customers. Not only do Dulux have a dedicated Beacon contract price list but they offer a Beacon Price Guarantee on selected core lines. Ground Control Ground Control are a multi-award winning provider of grounds maintenance, landscape construction and design and pest control services to a national customer base. Screwfix Direct Ltd Screwfix is the UK’s largest supplier of trade tools, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms and kitchens. With over 11,000 products stocked in each store and available for next day delivery. 5% discount for all Beacon customers. TradePoint TradePoint is the fastest growing trade business in the UK and the home of Trade Building Supplies. One of the UK’s largest maintenance suppliers, offering Beacon customers up to 43% savings on standard prices. Wolseley UK One of the largest distributors of building products in the world, providing construction products and materials through a nationwide branch network of over 500 locations. Plumb Center, Parts Center and Climate Center brands are part of Wolseley UK.

Catering Equipment Bidfood Catering Equipment One of the UK’s leading catering equipment suppliers, providing quality catering equipment to businesses in hospitality, healthcare and leisure sectors. Brakes Catering Supplies Brakes Catering Supplies provide Beacon customers with the most competitive terms and service for the supply of catering equipment throughout the UK. Lockhart Catering Equipment The country’s leading distributor of catering equipment, Lockhart Catering Equipment supplies the largest range of light and heavy equipment available to the UK caterer. Exclusive discounts available to Beacon customers and free delivery on all orders over £75.

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To open an account with any Beacon suppliers, log into My Beacon or call us on 01904 695 588.


Dairies Pensworth The Dairy Company UK and Ireland Limited Pensworth is one of the UK’s leading dairy suppliers. Delivering to thousands of hospitality businesses.

Design Cavalier Carpets Limited Over 40 years’ experience in providing professional cost effective solutions for both hotels and resorts. Solutions for individually styled boutique hotels through to major hotel chains and holiday groups. Chelsom Limited Successfully designing and creating quality decorative lighting since 1947, Chelsom works with hospitality and leisure businesses across the UK to offer solutions to their commercial lighting needs. Crosswater Limited Leaders in bathroom design, Crosswater Holdings excel with a vast, exciting and innovative product range which has led them to become one of the most pioneering companies in the UK with three distinctive and prevailing brands: Crosswater, Simpsons and Bauhaus. Hammer Carpets Hammer Carpets manufacture custom designed Axminster, Colortec, and Graphic tufted carpet from their factory in Denmark. Kohler Mira Mira Showers provide expert advice to Beacon customers in design and specification of showers and washroom control in addition to price support available through Wolseley/Plumb Center distributors. Muraspec Decorative Solutions Ltd Muraspec Wallcoverings is an international leader in the commercial and bespoke wallcoverings industry. Panaz A specialist in their field, Panaz combine impeccable quality and uncompromising performance. Their fabric portfolio is highly individual, comprehensive and diverse, catering for a variety of applications within the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Portobello Art Ltd Portobello Art Ltd has long been recognised as a leading supplier of decorative wall art and mirrors to the hotel and leisure industry worldwide. Offering Beacon customers a wide variety of products at prices to suit their budgets. Skopos Fabrics Ltd Skopos Fabrics Ltd has offered contract furnishing fabrics and weaves for nearly 40 years. Their specialist healthcare and hospitality designers have an unrivalled understanding of specific requirements to provide industry-leading solutions.

Clover Chemicals Ltd Clover Chemicals Ltd is a manufacturer of ‘Effective Cleaning Chemicals’. After many years of extensive development of the product range, Clover Chemicals now boasts over 150 different products spanning across varying areas in the cleaning industry.

Tektura plc Having worked with interior designers for over 45 years, Tektura wallcoverings are used in most major hotels, leisure and commercial interiors throughout the UK and overseas. Proudly part of the Beacon Design Services portfolio of preferred suppliers.

Diversey Diversey continuously innovate to deliver superior cleaning solutions to meet the needs of customers. With a comprehensive range of best-in-class hygiene offerings and excellent support services, they provide an integrated hygiene solution.

Woodberry of Leamington Spa Established in 2002, Woodberry is a family run business, manufacturing quality outdoor furniture for the tourism, leisure and hospitality industries.

Ecolab Ecolab are world leaders in cleaning and hygiene products, providing cleaning and sanitation solutions for food safety, infection prevention and public health. Discounts of up to 20% available for Beacon customers as standard.

Drinks AB InBev InBev UK is the largest brewer in the world and makes many of the UK’s best-loved drinks including Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois and Becks. Available at preferential rates through Beacon. Accolade Wines Grow your wine sales with Accolade Wines, a global wine company with some of the world’s best-known brands including Hardys voted Number 1 On-Trade Brand this year, Da Luca - Premium Italian and Waipara Hills- Best of Marlborough New Zealand. Alliance Wine Whether you are a small, specialist retailer or a large regional wholesaler, Alliance has so much to offer. With a large, eclectic portfolio comprised of original, inspiring and ambitious producers. The independent sector is core to their business and so the selection of wines that are sold, and how they are sold, is very much with you in mind. Bacardi Brown Forman Bacardi Brown Forman is the largest privately held spirits company in the world, producing and marketing internationally recognised spirits and wines. Founded in 1862 creating the world’s first light-bodied rum, since then the company has grown to include an impressive portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels. Brodie Melrose Drysdale & Co Ltd Leading suppliers of coffee to the UK’s hospitality, leisure and healthcare sectors, offering a range of fresh roast and ground coffees, finest teas and infusions, as well as a selection of bedroom hospitality products. Carlsberg UK Carlsberg was founded in Denmark in 1847, on a passion for beer, science and art.  Now they are trading in over 150 countries, with a range of over 500 beer and cider brands. Carlsberg tailors the right proposition for your outlet, with preferential discounts offered to Beacon customers. Coca-Cola Enterprises World-leading providers of a wide variety of soft drinks for every occasion, available at preferential rates through Beacon distributors. E&J Gallo Wines and spirits supplier based in the heart of Californian wine country. E&J Gallo are the world’s number one family run winery and own the world’s number one wine brand. Products available from Molson Coors. Greene King Greene King has been crafting fine ales from two historic breweries for over 200 years. Taking four simple, natural ingredients and combining them with a whole heap of passion, care and experience to make the UK’s finest handcrafted ales. Hatch Mansfield - Taittinger Champagne Hatch Mansfield - UK specialists in premium wine made by independent, family owned wine producers. Hatch Mansfield bring Beacon customers brand supported pricing for the famous Taittinger champagne. Heineken UK Heineken is the world’s most international brewer, with operations in 71 countries globally. Passion for quality and innovation are at the heart of how they build great brands, and delight consumers. Heineken in the UK offer Beacon customers enhanced prices. Inverarity Morton Independently owned, Inverarity Morton are delighted to have been supplying the licensed trade in Scotland for the past 80 years. With an extremely competitive offering, they provide a wide range of global wines and spirits from entry level to premium products.

Supplier Directory

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Pro GB Ltd Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) offers high quality coffee and equipment solutions across all commercial sectors using iconic brands such as Kenco, Maxwell House, Douwe Egberts, Tassimo, L’OR, and Piazza Doro. Matthew Algie One of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality, ethically sourced coffee into the UK Foodservice market. All coffee is fully traceable and roasted in the UK. The latest equipment is available with full in-house engineering support, as well as expert SCA-level training and hundreds of ancillary ‘added value’ products, such as loose leaf tea and premium hot chocolates. Matthew Clark Wholesale A national drinks wholesaler, with over 200 years’ experience. Supplying over 6,000 drink products, hospitality training, labour management and marketing support to over 16,000 on-trade premises in the UK. Molson Coors Brewers Ltd Molson Coors maintains a rich product portfolio in Europe of over 30 brands, including Carling, Coors Light and Worthington’s, supplemented by local and international premium brands including Beck’s, Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, brewed or distributed under license. Oranka Juice Solutions Oranka Juice Solutions are a leading international supplier of fruit juice, smoothies and cold beverages with free on loan dispensing systems. Award-winning suppliers of juices to the UK hospitality and healthcare markets, owners of the Hydration Station concept and home to the innovative Juice Cube dispenser. R. Twinings & Company Limited Twinings have been recognised as the tea experts for over 300 years, offering specially negotiated prices on one of the UK’s most recognised brands to Beacon customers. Tchibo With a range of coffee machines and products for front of house, back of house, in room or conference and banqueting areas, Tchibo have the equipment and expertise to help you manage and improve your coffee offering across your whole business. Tetley (TATA Global Beverages) With multiple global brands, Tetley Tea delight more than a million people every day through good-tasting natural beverages. One of the UK’s most recognised brands, giving Beacon customers access to specially negotiated prices through distributors.

Electrical Airwave Airwave are leading suppliers of Hotel TV Systems, Hospital TV Systems, Digital Signage, Information Channels, Digital Satellite and Movie Systems. Avinity Experts in B2B e-commerce, rewards and recognition, prize management, sales promotions, procurement, brand experience and fulfilment solutions. City Electrical Factors City Electrical Factors Ltd is a private limited company established in 1951. One of the UK’s leading Electrical Wholesale Networks with almost twice as many distribution outlets as their nearest competitor. Dedicated preferential pricing available for Beacon customers. dormakaba dormakaba is a world leader in access control solutions for the hospitality sector, offering a comprehensive and innovative range of hotel locks and systems, including PIN and card locks.

Mico Lighting Ltd More than just a distributor of lamps and fittings, Mico’s expert team work with businesses to create energy saving, innovative solutions. Free site surveys and lighting audits available on request for Beacon customers.



M&J Seafood Limited Award-winning provider of traceable fish and seafood to the hospitality, healthcare and leisure markets. Proud to offer their most competitive prices for Beacon customers. Mark Murphy & Partner Ltd Supplier of quality fruit and vegetables and specialist food products since 1981 to some of the finest businesses in Scotland. Beacon customers benefit from guaranteed best prices through Mark Murphy & Partner Ltd.

Aryzta Food Solutions Formerly Delice de France, Aryzta Food Solutions are a UK foodservice operator offering high-end bakery goods and beverage solutions for every meal occasion.

McCain Foods Ltd As well as being a household retail brand, McCain Foods serves thousands of pubs, restaurants, hospitals and schools across the country with their specialist ranges, now including gluten free products too.

Bidfood Foodservice Bidfood Foodservice is a leading foodservice wholesale distributor for over 60,000 customers across the UK. Bidfood Foodservice is a full service solution, providing quality ingredients to finished meals, including own brand ranges as well as recognised brands and regional specialities.

Midland Foods Catering Butchers Limited Midland Foods is a family established business incorporating over 30 years of values and experience. The business originally started with butchers shops throughout the West Midlands. Soon the demand grew and the business moved into wholesale and catering butchery supply for some of the best restaurants and hotels in the region.

Brakes Group Brakes Group is a leading supplier to the foodservice sector in the United Kingdom, comprising of a family of specialist businesses which are able to deliver everything the caterer needs, including their very successful own brand ranges developed specifically for chefs. Campbell Bros Ltd Campbell Brothers supply quality meat, fresh produce, fresh fish and seafood and produce to professional kitchens throughout Scotland, all at specially negotiated Beacon prices. Classic Fresh Foods Ltd Suppliers of high quality fresh produce, chilled, frozen, dry goods and dairy products throughout London and surrounding areas to hotels, restaurants and bars. Country Fresh Foods Country Fresh Foods is a family run business, passionate about supplying the finest products to the restaurant and hotel trade throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. Destiny Foods Destiny Food has become the leading provider of desserts and speciality foods to their foodservice market by delivering superiority in quality, value and service to our people and customers. Direct Seafoods Direct Seafoods supply quality fresh fish and seafood to the catering industry throughout the UK. Through their twelve fish and seafood businesses that source, prepare and deliver fresh and frozen fish and seafood; directly to professional kitchens. Fairfax Meadow Europe Ltd With a rich history going back over 40 years, Fairfax Meadow is the butcher that goes above and beyond, providing quality butchery products nationally. Kellogg’s Kellogg’s are the UK’s leading provider of cereals, snacks and healthy snacks. Kellogg’s are committed to providing consumers with a wide choice of quality food products that can be part of a balanced diet and meet their varying taste requirements. KP Snacks KP snacks are a well known household/ retail brand serving thousands of pubs & restaurants across the country with their specialist ranges of savoury snacks. M J Birtwistle & Co Ltd Birtwistles Catering Butchers deliver quality meat to customers across the length and breadth of the UK, 365 days a year. With an impressive product range of over 6,000 products, they source responsibly from a fully accredited, traceable supply chain.

Mondelez Mondelez International brands have been in the UK for nearly 200 years, as part of both Cadbury and Kraft Foods. Available through Beacon distributors, customers can order an unrivalled portfolio of brands including Cadbury, Belvita, Philadelphia, Oreo and Green & Blacks. Nestle UK Ltd Nestle offer a complete solution for every type of need within the hospitality industry, helping you grow your operation with culinary and beverage brands, products, systems services and expertise. Pete’s Patisserie Pete’s Patisserie manufacture premium hand finished desserts using quality ingredients in their purpose-built production facilities using state of the art equipment. The Directors of Pete’s Patisserie are Michelin-trained. Having practised their skills widely in continental Europe recipes are refined by in-house Development Chefs, who will advise customers on menu concepts upon request. Pladis Pladis (formally United Biscuits) produce some of the best known and loved sweet and savoury snacks, with products ranging from biscuits and crackers to cakes and baked snacks.  Premier Foods Premier Foods is one of Britain’s largest food producers with a number of key lines and specialist pack formats for caterers and foodservice operators. Trusted brands include Sharwood’s, Bisto, Bird’s, Batchelors, Homepride, McDougalls, Ambrosia and Angel Delight. R&J Yorkshire’s Finest R&J Catering Butchers pride themselves on quality, supplying the choicest fresh meats and poultry to some of the finest businesses in the north of England for more than 30 years from their farm in the Yorkshire Dales. Reeves Butchers Ltd Extensive experience in supplying the finest meats to top quality businesses, including hotels, restaurants, public houses, golf clubs, schools and nursing homes. Beacon customers benefit from preferential pricing and discounts. Ribble Farm Fare Limited Ribble Farm Fare Ltd. are a thriving family business in the Lancashire town of Longridge who have been successfully trading for over 50 years.

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Supplier Directory

Sheringhams Fine Foods Ltd Purveyors and suppliers of fresh fruit & vegetables, dairy and dried goods to the catering industry based in London. In this ever more demanding and competitive industry Sheringhams delivers quality produce with excellent customer service. Threshfield Catering Supplies Supplying restaurants, hotels, public houses, schools and care groups with an extensive range of quality fresh produce, dairy & deli product. The fleet of refrigerated vehicles operate a reliable six days a week delivery service providing flexibility to the customer. They also prepare, to order, an extensive range of vegetables on site. Total Produce UK Total Produce UK has become one of the UK’s largest and most accomplished fresh produce providers. Guaranteed best prices available through Beacon. Unilever Food Solutions Specialist provider of modern professional ingredients and services, with brands including: Knorr, Hellmann’s, Colman’s, PG Tips and Flora. Unilever Food Solutions offer culinary inspiration and nutritional advice for chefs working in all areas of the foodservice sector. Windsor Foodservice One of the country’s leading independent foodservice providers, Windsor Foodservice are continually developing and expanding their range of products, to keep meeting the changing needs of their customers in the hospitality and leisure markets. Woodward Foodservice Ltd With a range of catering supplies and equipment, Woodward supports businesses with a full foodservice solution across hospitality, leisure and healthcare markets.


Beckon — www.beaconpurchasing.co.uk

Bourne Furniture Ltd Bourne Furniture supply contract furniture to the hospitality and leisure sectors from a large, flexible manufacturing base. Supplying directly to businesses as well as working through interior designers and architects, all their models are made to fit your requirements.

Respa Respa are one of the largest and technically advanced bed and mattress spring manufacturers in the British Isles. Beacon customers benefit from up to 15% discount on list prices.

Guest Amenities Aslotel Ltd Industry leading guest amenity supplier, providing high quality affordable solutions to Beacon customers. Gilchrist & Soames Gilchrist & Soames is a leading provider of cosmeticgrade toiletry collections for world-class hotels, exclusive resorts, and distinguished spas, inns, and bed & breakfasts. Offering premium products to Beacon customers at preferential prices.

IT/Electrical Altinet Altinet’s experience and expertise in the IT security and storage industry allows them to work in a consultative way with customers to ensure best practice and latest technology protect the users and networks of valued clients. 12% off list prices for Beacon customers. Toshiba TEC Leading supplier of office equipment products; from printers and multifunctional devices to barcode/label printers and digital management solutions. Designed to revolutionise your operating efficiencies, Toshiba TEC’s technology is designed specifically to meet your needs.

Linen Berendsen PLC Berendsen provide industrial laundry services for hotels, hospitals and workwear in London and nationwide across the UK. Berendsen provide service solutions to lease, source, clean and maintain textiles, taking pride in servicing customers to keep their operations running smoothly.

Burgess Furniture Ltd Burgess Furniture offers an extensive selection of banqueting and conference chairs to suit every occasion and venue. Offering unrivalled comfort, ease of handling, durability and compact storage, with ranges to suit all budgets, Beacon customers benefit from discounts of up to 38%.

Bourne Textile Services One of the largest linen service providers in the East Midlands and East Anglia, with new markets in South Yorkshire, the West Midlands and North London. Providing a reliable and cost effective linen service to hospitality businesses of all sizes.

CFG Furniture Ltd CFG Furniture is one of the original UK contract furniture suppliers to the hospitality and leisure industries. With over 40 years experience they remain at the forefront of quality, design, innovation, service and supply.

Fishers Services Fishers are one of the market leading providers of textile rental, industrial workwear and laundry services throughout Scotland and the North of England, offering excellent customer service and value for money.

Ellis Furniture Ltd One of the leading UK based manufacturers of hotel, leisure and residential contract furniture.

Fogarty Sleep soundly each night with Fogarty, one the UK’s leading bedding brands. With over 100 years experience as master pillow & quilt makers, the rich history and expertise behind Fogarty make finding the perfect bedding a breeze.

Hypnos Contract Beds Limited Hypnos Contract Beds offer Beacon customers 7.5% off list price and free mattress protector with every mattress purchase. Mattison Contract Beds Mattison is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of contract beds, with over 150 years of experience. Mattison Contract Beds offer Beacon customers a 7.5% minimum discount off their trade list price.

Johnson’s Apparelmaster t/a Afonwen Afonwen Laundry is one of the UK’s largest high volume laundry and linen hire companies, delivering over 135 million items per year across England and Wales, making them one of the leading providers of hotel bed linen in our industry. Proud to be part of Johnson Service Group PLC.

Mitre Furnishing Group Ltd British leading hospitality supplier and Royal Warrant Holder, Mitre Linen provides businesses with a one-stop solution for high-quality bed linen, bedding, towelling, table linen and soft furnishings requirements. Offering exclusive discounts to all Beacon customers. Stalbridge Linen Services Ltd Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services provides a linen hire and laundry service to the catering, hotel and leisure industries. Proudly offering preferential rates to Beacon customers. Star Linen UK Ltd Star Linen UK is a family business with strong values built upon a solid foundation. These have seen their parent company, Star Linen USA, grow year on year since their formation in 1987, supplying major hospitality accounts throughout the world. Vision Support Services Vision Support Services is the leading distributor and supplier of specialist, performance and luxury textiles to global leaders in hospitality, healthcare and retail markets.

Non-Food Distributor & Manufacturer Alliance Disposables Limited Leading UK wholesale supplier of catering equipment, glassware, crockery and kitchen equipment, at specially negotiated Beacon prices. Arc France Arc Tableware UK - The best supplier of bar, table & kitchen goods. Bunzl Catering Supplies Bunzl Catering Supplies is the leading distributor of catering disposables, food packaging, guest amenities and hygiene products in the UK, all available at preferential Beacon pricing. Countrywide Healthcare Supplies Leading supplier of healthcare consumables, equipment and furniture to the care home market. With obsessive attention to detail and a fantastic customer team, they make buying supplies speedy and straightforward, delivering a service you can rely on. SCA Hygiene Products Ltd SCA is a global hygiene company that develops and produces personal care products, tissue, publication papers and solid-wood products. SCA has many brands including Lotus Professional®, TENA and Tork.

Professional Services ICB Group Leading corporate insurance broker providing insurance, risk management and related advice to businesses and private clients with specialisms in the hospitality marketplace. ICB Group is ranked amongst the Top 20 Independent Insurance Brokers in the UK. Jelf Insurance Partnership Jelf is a leading consultancy providing expert advice on insurance, employee benefits, healthcare and financial planning for hospitality businesses and individuals. Praxis Hospitality Praxis Hospitality offer advice and assistance to improve business profitability, reporting and development. Areas covered; Sales and marketing, revenue management, cost control - food and beverage and operational expenses, finance reporting, cashflows, budgeting, forecasting, balance sheet, acquisition and disposals.

Supplier Directory

Promotional Products

Utilities & Services

Peeks the Event Makers Everything you need for your celebration or event. Choose from a huge range of party supplies, themed props, table decorations and seasonal supplies with next day delivery available.

Ambius Ambius work closely with Beacon customers to select plants, containers and accessories to suit individual budgets, available space and lighting for business environments.

Swan Mill Paper Company Ltd Swan Mill Paper Company are the UK’s largest manufacturer of disposable napkins. Offering paper tableware, Christmas products and catering accessories to suit all occasions and budgets.

Barclaycard Barclaycard, part of Barclays Retail and Business Banking, is a global payment business. Offering merchant services to Beacon customers.

Signage Omega Signs Limited Providers of professionally designed and crafted business signs for commercial, retail & leisure. Delivering signage to some of the UK’s top brands and specialising in the hotel and leisure industry. Taylor & Pickles Ltd Taylor & Pickles are specialist sign suppliers operating on a national basis. A multi disciplined sign company, producing signage schemes across hospitality, healthcare and leisure markets.

Stationery & Print Badgemaster Ltd As the UKs leading British badge manufacturer, Badgemaster service over 27,000 accounts, processing on average 5,000 orders per week. Proud to be award-winning suppliers to the hospitality industry offering 10% discount for Beacon customers. Imprint Plus Ltd Imprint Plus™ innovators in the name badge and signage industry for over 33 years, proudly serving over 37,000 customers in more than 75 countries.

BOC Sureserve Do you realise how important CO2 is for dispensing drinks? It affects the taste, the appearance and the enjoyment of drinks - BOC Sureserve is the UK’s leading supplier of food grade dispense gas providing safe and high quality gas nationwide. Beacon partners benefit from up to 50% off list prices with BOC. Calor Gas Calor is the UK’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), providing thousands of businesses in the UK who operate off the gas grid with their energy needs. Beacon customers benefit from up to 50% discount all tank rentals through Calor. Equinox Equinox was formed to help companies get the right advice and service for their needs. Equinox works with companies from sole traders to international corporates and national carriers. As an independent telephone broker, they have access to the whole market, across all forms of telecommunications. Fidelity Payment Processing Limited The Fidelity team consists of seasoned professionals who understand the value of helping merchants stay compliant, working with them to qualify for the best pricing. They have spent countless hours on site with merchants analysing processing statements for savings, training employees, reprogramming and installing all types of credit card systems, trouble shooting technical problems, helping fight fraud and chargeback issues. Sales and service of your account are performed by the same representative to ensure quality and provide a stable point of contact.

Lyreco A single source for all your needs. Lyreco provide you with the most effective workplace products, services and solutions! Providers of paper and envelopes, office supplies, printing technology, workwear, cleaning supplies and much more.

Hyclass Services Limited Hyclass Services Limited is a housekeeping agency. Through partnership with their clients, they work to facilitate their needs and constantly develop their services to fit requirements.

Office Depot UK Limited World class providers of office furniture and business technologies, available at outstanding pricing for Beacon customers.

Initial UK Initial UK are committed to keeping people healthy by providing high quality hygiene products and services, that minimise risk of exposure to bacteria and other infectious micro-organisms.

Ryedale Group Ryedale Group has more than 55 years experience in printing, design, workwear and marketing solutions for a wide range of businesses. They use the latest equipment and technologies to produce cost effective solutions for the hotel, leisure and hospitality industry.

Interserve One of the largest and most trusted water and fire service companies in the UK, Interserve ensure businesses are fully compliant with health and safety regulations giving them the ability to manage these systems safely and efficiently.

UYR UYR is an industry-leading print and design facility with a full service capability. From high volume point of sale material production to creative re-branding and corporate identity ideas, their team have a breadth of experience across many sectors.

Liberty-i Guaranteeing you the best possible price for your internet and Wi-Fi Solution. A breath of fresh air linking Internet Connectivity, Wi-Fi and VoIP for any type of business from care homes to hotels.

Viking Direct (Holdings) Limited Viking is a leading supplier of office supplies, including everything from stationery and ink cartridges to office furniture.

Managed Waste Solutions Ltd Expert suppliers of waste management solutions to Beacon customers in healthcare, hospitality and leisure sectors. Also offering best in market washroom solutions to businesses in the UK. Olleco Olleco supply quality cooking oils, recycle waste food into renewable energy and convert organic waste into green fuels. Expert suppliers of waste management solutions to businesses across the UK.


PHS Group Ltd Leading UK workplace services supplier, specialising in washroom services, water coolers, plant rental, data shredding and much more. Beacon customers benefit from enhanced commercial terms. Pulse Business Energy Limited Pulse Business Energy is a fast-growing and award winning UK business energy broker with a fresh approach to business energy procurement and utilities cost management. Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd Pyrotec have been offering the best in fire safety to Beacon customers for over 10 years. With fire safety suited to individual requirements businesses can be confident Pyrotec will keep them compliant, safe and secure. Rentokil Pest Control As Britain’s leading provider of pest control, Rentokil technicians have the expertise to protect businesses across the country from pests and other problems. Rentokil provide fast, reliable and effective solutions to pest control of any kind. The Energy Desk Reduce utility bills with TED, the end to end energy management company delivering gas and electric purchasing services to reduce your commercial fuel cost. Helping every size of company in every location reduce their energy consumption and use it more intelligently.

Workwear Simon Jersey Ltd Simon Jersey are one of the pioneers of the corporate clothing industry, with over 40 years of experience designing market leading innovative uniforms that project a strong brand image for clients with a focus on customer service excellence.


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Beckon Magazine, Edition 5, June 2018  

Beckon Magazine, Edition 5, June 2018  

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