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Beckon Edition 4

Paul Connelly, Managing Director, Beacon team and the number of businesses we work with. We have strengthened our teams in procurement, account management and operations to deliver even sharper deals, improve customer service and enhance our technology solutions. I am delighted to say we are now delivering our support services to an increasing number of group and independent customers, including the likes of Squires Hotels, Last Drop Hotel, Compass Hospitality group and the 5 Star Fonab Castle.

Beckon —

Welcome to the new look Beckon! Since we launched we have had constant praise from suppliers and customers, which is great because the magazine is designed to shine a spotlight on the issues, trends and topics we face together and to help you run more profitable businesses. If you value the articles and insight and are asking for more copies for your teams, it means we are getting it right. That gives us the confidence to add more pages and be bolder with the design. When I was putting this introduction together I was reflecting on the pressures our industry has been facing since the start of 2017. Did you know for instance, that the first quarter of 2017 saw a 250% increase in the number of price rise notifications? Brexit was definitely putting the brakes on confidence and the perfect-storm of weather related problems, depreciated purchasing power of sterling and a squeeze on supply chains meant businesses had decisions to make about whether or not to pass on price increases. I am proud to say that during this instability we helped resolve over 500 supply chain issues, which many of you said removed a distracting hassle factor and allowed you to keep doing what you do best. As I am often told when I meet customers, Beacon works best when it is seen as an extension of your team. To that end, we continue to work hard on your behalf to increase both the size of the Beacon

We have sourced new suppliers across a broad range of categories including facilities management, utilities, fresh produce and hospitality consultancy. We are contracting with more manufacturers and brand owners too to support with pricing and category expertise, particularly in food and beverage - Campari, Halewood, Global Brands, KP Snacks - to name just a few. Beacon is proud to be an industry leader and to lead conversations. We are doing this in the important trade media but also in the national media too. The result of the General Election in Great Britain and the start of Brexit negotiations, mean whatever we are about to face as an industry, Beacon will be at the forefront providing comment and reaction and working on your behalf to mitigate any impact and help you continue to run more profitable businesses.

Your Beckon Team Andrew Denton - Director of Communications Sophie Proffitt - Events and PR Manager For future edition enquiries please email or call 01904 695588.



Cover to cover 8 - 10 Drinks


Hot Beverages Embrace new trends for maximised profits.

Is your bar making the most of the summer season?

11 - 13 Food: Breakfast What’s happening to the most important meal of the day?

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Minute on the Clock

Your guide to the latest product launches and trends from Beacon’s market-leading supply base.

One year on: how has Brexit affected our industry?

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Get the Look

Utilities & Services

Revealed: The expectations of modern travellers.

Modern style that appeals to guests.

In-house or outsource: The big debate in laundry. Image credit: Vision

24 - 25

Let’s talk numbers Introducing one of Beacon’s newest suppliers: Count Accountants.

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Customer Insight

Your Beacon Team

Working with Beacon works for your business.

Your guide to the Beacon sales team.

30 - 35 Supplier Directory An overview of current Beacon suppliers and what they can do to help your business.



Drinks Kelley Walker, Purchasing Manager Having been with Beacon for three years, Kelley has established strong relationships with all of Beacon’s leading drinks suppliers, including Heineken, Matthew Clark and Molson Coors, as well as a wide variety of hot beverage suppliers including Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Matthew Algie and Brodies.

Beckon —

These relationships with a diverse range of suppliers have given Kelley an unrivalled knowledge of the drinks industry. She is able to support and advise customers and suppliers on everything from new legislation to seasonal trends and which brands to stock.

Image credit: Matthew Algie

Hot Beverages


Embrace new trends in speciality hot drinks for maximised profits Independent Beacon research has shown that 21% of British customers have changed their standard coffee order over the last two years. Now 25% of customers cite speciality coffees like flat whites (5%), lattes (10%) or cappuccinos (10%) as their favourite beverage, with another 5.5% opting for green tea and 2.9% for other flavoured teas. Operators simply cannot afford to become complacent with their hot drinks offering and must keep up with evolving trends in the market to maximise revenue and satisfy customer needs.

Image credit: Matthew Algie

The third wave coffee movement, which aims to position coffee as an artisanal food stuff rather than a commodity, is presenting an array of opportunities for operators, with customers’ expectations on quality and style increasing.

and cappuccinos filtering out of specialist coffee shops and into foodservice and hospitality.

Recent Beacon research showed that 25% of consumers would choose barista made drinks, compared to just 15% who said instant coffee. The research also revealed that more than 40% of us now order speciality teas or coffees on at least a weekly basis, with 7% of the UK population purchasing them every day.

Change in the hot beverage market is also making an impact on the bottom line, presenting fantastic opportunities for businesses to capitalise. UK customers now spend a weekly average of ÂŁ54m on hot drinks, fuelled by the growing popularity of speciality hot beverages like the Australian flat white - the drink of choice for 5% of Brits.

This increased awareness and demand for speciality, barista-style hot beverages has sparked a revolution in the coffee market, with drinks like the flat white, flavoured lattes

Smelling what sells

With that in mind, investing in an expansion of the range of speciality drinks on offer in your business could soon provide a return, both in terms profitability and customer satisfaction.


Find out how Beacon can help you to refresh your hot beverage offering by calling 01904 695 588, email or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Hot Beverages

Time for tea? It isn’t just the coffee market that is changing. Insight from Twinings, one of Beacon’s leading suppliers, has shown that the herbal and fruit infusions category is now worth £66m and makes up 38% of the total speciality tea market. These new brews are proving popular with customers - not just because they’re usually the inexpensive option, but because they’re generally the healthier option too.

“Herbal and fruit infusions category is now worth £66m and makes up 38% of the total speciality tea market.”

Image credit: Twinings

Andrea Stopher, Shopper Marketing Manager at Twinings Tea, commented:

“The most successful operators are those already responding to this increased consumer demand by promoting fruit and herbal infusions alongside their regular black tea offering. With all natural ingredients, infusions and green teas are not served with milk and sugar, which is a big draw for health-conscious consumers.” Finding the perfect blend When it comes to your hot beverage offering, the challenge for hospitality operators is to find a balance between future-proofed quality and accessible value. The market is moving towards widespread adoption of barista quality standards and we would absolutely encourage operators to consider offering speciality coffees - but as with everything, it needs to make business sense. While the growth of speciality teas and coffees is clearly impressive, it’s important to note that English Breakfast Tea still reigns supreme in the domestic and out of home markets, with 42.2% of our survey sample choosing it as their hot beverage of choice.

Beckon —

Four top tips for training baristas from Caroline Carter, National Training Manager, Matthew Algie 1. Brilliant basics

4. Know your beans

Extracting the perfect espresso is the foundation of so many drinks. Training should ensure staff get to grips with the machine and grinder, understanding grind size, tamping, extraction speed and water pressure, while also learning the importance of cleaning the machines properly as this impacts on beverage quality.

Skilled baristas should have more than just practical knowledge of creating espresso-based drinks. It is also important for them to know where the beans come from and how they were processed, roasted and blended. This is something your coffee supplier should be able to convey both in their practical training and when introducing you to their range.

2. Perfect your latte art Of course, taste is essential, but don’t underestimate the importance of visual presentation. People also drink with their eyes so one of the best ways to encourage customers to buy your beverages is attractive latte art. Our Milk Master Class improves baristas’ knowledge of milk and texturing techniques, encompassing theory and hands-on practice so, by the end of the class, your barista will be on their way to creating amazing latte art. 3. Get to grips with single serve filter coffee Take your baristas beyond espresso machines by introducing them to other brewing methods, from AeroPress and V60 to Chemex and CoffeeGator. Our Brew Class is an introduction into the different methods available, exploring how brewing variables affect flavour, and offering the chance to try out these different pieces of kit to find your perfect match.

Image credit: Matthew Algie

Hot Beverages


Choosing the right machine for you With so many machines on the market, it can be difficult to decide which machine is best suited to your business. Here are a few different options from Jacobs Douwe Egberts that can cater to a range of needs:

Promesso Liquid espresso coffee system

Cafitesse Excellence Liquid filter coffee system Top quality coffee in a stylish machine. The Cafitesse Excellence is a showpiece for any company.

With Promesso you can finally experience a coffee system that is as tasteful and stylish as it is reliable. It offers you the quality you want while giving you the consistency you need. Allowing you to create every personal coffee you can imagine. So, why compromise?

Tassimo A Pod/T-Disc system

Cafitesse NG 300 A liquid filter, bulk brew coffee system

TASSIMO VIVY (T12) easily slides into any hard to fit space. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, simply choose your favourite T-Disc, pop it in and let INTELLIBREW™ technology brew a tasty drink in minutes.

Ideal for large groups of people and plentiful choice. The Cafitesse NG 300 is best suited to large-scale receptions.

Douwe Egberts Espresso Bar A bean to cup coffee system The Espresso Bar is an elegant, compact and intuitive machine that takes just 5 minutes per week to maintain. The machine uses the finest Douwe Egberts coffee beans combined with freeze dried granular milk to produce a coffee shop standard cappuccino or latte.

For the latest offers on coffee machines, email


Beckon —


Image credit: Inverarity Morton



Is your bar making the most of the summer season? Just over half of the UK population say they enjoy an alcoholic drink at least once a week. However, research has shown that during warmer months this figure is more likely to increase, with 27%1 of people saying that they are likely to drink more frequently when the sun comes out. So, with June being the hottest on record, are you making the most of the opportunity that comes with warmer weather? Working with some of our leading drinks suppliers, including Heineken UK, Matthew Clark and Inverarity Morton, we take a look at three of the current dominant drinks trends: cider, gin and rum. Cider growth continues Insight from Heineken UK predicts the cider category, which is worth an estimated £2.8bn2 currently, will continue to grow in the coming years, with the total UK cider category predicted to be worth £3.6billion in just over three years. In fact, Heineken data shows that this year alone, sales of mainstream brands like Strongbow and Bulmers Original are up 53.9% in terms of value, while premium craft brands have experienced a smaller rise of 14.1% across the board. So clearly, offering a wide range of options, from mainstream to premium to craft cider, will give your establishment the edge you need, and your customers the choice they expect. However, bar space must be maximised, so how do you cater for your customers, while at the same time making the space available?

alongside your mainstream offering and avoid duplication of flavours and sub categories.” “Bottled ciders should be chilled and given sufficient space in the fridge. A cluttered display will confuse your customers and diminish sales. Bottled ciders are easier to store, so they’re a great way to introduce new brands and offer choice to drinkers. They’re also a quick serve for bar staff, so they can help to improve profitability and reduce waiting times during busy periods. “The biggest segment of cider category is mainstream apple cider. The UK’s favourite cider, Strongbow Original, sits here alongside Bulmers Original. This segment will always be the lifeblood of the category. For every £1 spent on cider, 65p is on mainstream classic brands.”

Emma Sherwood-Smith, Cider Director at Heineken UK, gave us her expert insight on how to maximise sales in the category:

“Insight from Heineken UK predicts the cider category, which is worth an estimated £2.8bn2 currently, will continue to grow in the coming years.”

“A comprehensive range is key. Mainstream or classic brands are still the bedrock of the cider category. However, for consumers who haven’t chosen their brand before they get to the bar, offer the opportunity to trade up by stocking a premium range

Cider in numbers, according to Heineken UK: 53% of UK adults drink cider 19% increase in volume sales for Old Mout since 2015/16 For every £1 spent on cider, 65p is on mainstream brands

1 2

Mainstream flavoured cider has seen 53.9% value growth this year Total UK cider category expected to be worth £3.6bn by 2021



To discuss current trends in the drinks industry and find out how you can make the most of them within your business, call 01904 695 588, email or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

The Battle of the Spirits


Insight from CGA has shown that 43% of us drink spirits out of the home. Here are the two spirits your bar needs to know about.

Gin is not the only spirit enjoying a surge in sales recently, rum too has been experiencing similar success. According the Wine and Spirit Trade Association’s report earlier this year, rum has continued to perform well in the off-trade, with annual sales of over £300 million in 2016 – a 3% increase from the previous year. This has translated into the on-trade as well, where value sales saw an increase of around 9% in 2016 - the second highest increase in the spirits category behind gin.

Gin The gin market has boomed in recent years, growing 14 times faster than any other category in the drinks market. This is something that is supported by two of Beacon’s leading drinks suppliers: Matthew Clark and Inverarity Morton, both of which have seen the sustained strength of the gin market. The drinks industry saw gin sales tip over the £1 billion mark in 2016, which equates to 1.2 billion G&Ts sold1. It is predicted that at this growth rate, gin will overtake sales of Scotch blended whisky by 2020, which is currently the second best performing spirit in both the on and off trade, behind vodka.

It is white rum that tops the charts in the off-trade, however golden rum is the best performer in the on-trade, with positive growth figures and quarterly sales in 2016 hitting £80 million for the first time. Dark rum is also showing strong growth, particularly during the Christmas period, with 18% growth in value sales since 2014.

What’s more, YouGov data has shown that gin is the most popular spirit among drinkers in the restaurant market and the second most popular in pubs in bars, suggesting a huge opportunity for food led establishments. Finally, with premium gin driving much of the value growth and the UK premium mixer market up 122.5%, there is a clear opportunity here for operators to move into the premium market to maximise sales and cater to more premium tastes.

“YouGov data has shown that gin is the most popular spirit among drinkers in the restaurant market and the second most popular in pubs in bars”

Niall Thompson, General Manager at the Fonab Castle Hotel, Scottish Highlands

Beckon —

Long standing Beacon customer, Fonab Castle in Scotland, recently launched a dedicated gin bar, and has been reaping the benefits ever since. How long have you had a gin bar at Fonab Castle Hotel? Our bar, Gin Palace, has been open for four years now. The market has changed considerably in that time and we’ve worked really hard to ensure that our range of micro-brewed and premium gins is constantly updated to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Why did you decide to open a gin bar? My partner doesn’t like whisky, and in Scotland there’s such a focus on whisky that gin often plays second fiddle. But there are some great local distilleries. Typically, we are seeing whisky chosen as an after dinner drink, with all ages having at least one gin and tonic before dinner. Alongside this, we are seeing guests partner gin with food instead of wine. There is definitely a gap in the market and so we went for it.

Image credit: Inverarity Morton

What are the benefits of having such a varied gin offering? It’s a better customer experience! People always want to try new things and gin is seeing massive growth at the moment. New and exotic products also act as a talking point, so have the usual gins, but stock some of the rare ones too - gins that you can’t get just in the supermarket. Has your gin range boosted profitability at the bar? Yes, undoubtedly. Our gin bar has really driven incremental sales. Customers often take us up on the offer to trade up from the usual gins to premium brands. What is your advice to other operators on enhancing their gin offering to maximise sales? It’s all about selection but you also need a passionate team behind it - people who are confident enough to talk about it, converse with customers and recommend the right gin. At Fonab Castle we always aim to provide an added value service - it’s about creating an experience, not just pouring a drink.



Food Alice Bexon, Purchasing Manager Alice is one of the newest members of the team, re-joining Beacon after previously working as a buyer from 2008-2011 and has a vast amount of experience as a buyer for major national and international brands in the hospitality and leisure sectors. At Beacon, Alice manages the food category, including many brand owners, and is an expert in the field of food trends, pricing and food supply chain.




If you want to know more about opportunities with your breakfast menu, call 01904 695 588, email or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Brits at breakfast: spending soars, but frequency falls Beacon’s research into the out of home breakfast market has revealed that in 2017, the amount of people choosing to eat breakfast out of the home fell. However, over the same period, the average consumer spend at the breakfast table has soared by 31% - from £7.31 to £10.09.

So what does this mean for the market? A drop in frequency has inevitably led to a fall in overall consumer spend at breakfast, which Beacon estimates is now £20 million, compared to £76 million just two years ago. These figures point to a movement towards premium products and quality guest experience at breakfast time, where consumers are willing to pay higher prices for better quality, all round dining experiences - just as we’ve seen in hot beverages, beer, gin and many other categories. This is where the opportunity now lies for operators, particularly hotels.

Beckon —

“Data from Kellogg’s shows that UK adults consume an estimated 309 million full English breakfasts per year in the eating out market, compared to just 41 million portions of cereal.”

Image credit: Brakes

Image credit: Brakes



Consumers may be eating breakfast out of the home less often, however the willingness to spend a little more on the first meal of the day allows operators to tap into demand for locally-sourced, quality ingredients, impeccable service, presentation and creative combinations, like the full Spanglish, which incorporates a variety of Spanish meats.

“Most consumers are prepared to pay a higher price if they know they are going to get a really good quality product in return.”

Mark Irish, Brakes’ Head of Food Development, said: “The success of the breakfast occasion is only limited by the caterer’s imagination and the willingness of customers to try new foods. Most consumers are prepared to pay a higher price if they know they are going to get a really good quality product in return.

“Our advice is to keep it customisable, allowing the guest to have full control over ingredients, just as they would at home.

“Of course, with this increased spend comes an increase in customers’ expectations, adding pressure on operators to deliver not just a necessity, but an experience. What’s more, with what were once niche dietary preferences and requirements, such as gluten-free now entering the mainstream and with a heavy influence from the health-conscious consumer, there are a lot of boxes to tick for operators to perfect their breakfast menu.

Mark added: “The Full English is still widely consumed out of home and is particularly popular where businesses offer customers the option to customise their breakfast. The trend for creating your own breakfast can extend into other product areas too, though. Porridge, yoghurt, smoothie and fruit bars, where consumers can customise with fruit, nuts and seeds, are growing in popularity, letting the consumer take control of their dining experience.”

Beacon’s breakfast briefing Data from Kellogg’s shows that UK adults consume an estimated 309 million full English breakfasts per year in the eating out market, compared to just 41 million portions of cereal On-the-go breakfast options make up 3% of all breakfast consumed in hotels Cereal is the fourth most popular breakfast food in the hotel market according to market insight from Kellogg’s Beacon research shows just 4% of Brits now eat breakfast out of the home, compared to 15% in 2015 Average consumer spend has increased from £7.31 to £10.09

Image credit: Brakes



#Trending Your guide to the latest product launches and trends. In each edition of Beckon, we bring you details of the latest products and service innovations from some of our industry leading suppliers, to support your business to stay on top of the latest market developments.

Beckon —

If you want to get hold of any of these products, or find out about other new products from Beacon suppliers, call 01904 695 588, email or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Image credit: Simon Jersey



No. 1

No. 2

Look the part with Simon Jersey

Don’t compromise on quality with Promesso from Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Simon Jersey has launched a new range of uniforms for hospitality teams that will help bring your team’s look up to date. The new range of uniforms includes a selection of denim aprons plus mandarin collar shirts, which are a key look for this year. The longer denim bib apron is great for both front of house and kitchen teams, while the shorter apron options are ideal for waiting staff.

No. 3 Deliver intense authentic flavour by the drop New CHEF® Liquid Concentrates from Nestlé Professional are made with at least 40% main ingredients to deliver the highest quality in authentic taste. In a versatile rich liquid form, you can add them drop by drop to a dish until you get the precise flavour you want. With plenty of applications they can be used as a bouillon, marinade, or a seasoning to enhance sauces, hot or cold. The Liquid Concentrates are gluten free and have zero added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Currently available in beef, chicken, vegetable and mushroom flavour, as well as a mix with authentic Asian flavours.

Promesso is a new premium coffee solution from the world’s leading pure-play coffee company, Jacobs Douwe Egberts. With Promesso you get a coffee solution that not only gets the job done, but looks the part too. It provides a choice from a wide selection of coffee varieties and allows you to create your own personal coffee using the intuitive Promesso touchscreen. With Promesso you don’t have to compromise on the quality you want to get the consistency you need. Cleaning is a breeze, only required once a week for less than seven minutes.

No. 5 Slow-cooked pork without the slow

No. 4 Inject modern design trends with ease Ellis Furniture has launched a new seating collection featuring design-led pieces, from desk and vanity chairs, to bar stools and quirky reception seating. The inspiration for the new collection comes from the increase in interior designers using seating as a design accessory.

An Orange Wood Smoked Maple Pork Belly that can be oven-cooked from frozen in under 30 minutes, or microwaved in just 12, is the latest addition to Brakes’ meat range. The slow-cooked pork is smoked on orange wood logs for four hours, after which it is marinated in sweet maple syrup to keep the meat moist and succulent. The pork belly is supplied in two single packs, each pack serving between five and seven portions.



No. 6

Showers get tech-savvy with Mira Mode

No. 7

Food on the go with Bunzl Catering Supplies

A new range of clear plastic containers and lids called Jarr. Based on the traditional design of a classic jam jar – they’re allowing operators to tap into new serving trends in the food on-the-go environment. The new Jarr food containers and lids, developed by Anson Packaging, are available from Bunzl Catering Supplies. Made from recyclable high clarity PET, they come in four sizes – 440cc, 350cc, 300cc and 120cc. The Jarr lids can be bespoke printed to add extra customisation and showcase branding.

No. 8 Mira Mode is the latest digital shower from the UK’s No.1 showering manufacturer, Mira Showers. Its minimalist styling with luxurious chrome finish, makes Mira Mode the must-have digital shower for your customer. Every detail has been considered. For your ultra tech-savvy customers, Mira has also created a free app which is available on both Android and iPhone, providing features like setting the maximum temperature and shower duration, as well as being able to switch the shower on and off easily from your device.

Incandescent lighting with LED savings Philips LED Classic from Mico Lighting recreates incandescent lighting in every way possible. The classic bulb shapes are designed for timeless, decorative appeal, but it’s what’s inside that makes them so different. The LED energy-saving technology has been given a new twist by arranging the LED to mimic incandescent, so you can create a glowing, warm white light without high energy bills. The new range can create a magical and intimate atmosphere in sitting rooms, or add a touch of vintage ambience to restaurants, bars and hotel rooms.

No. 9 Beckon —

Conscious coffee from Tchibo’s Vista Vida range This new product line from Tchibo is UTZ certified and is designed to appeal to coffee drinkers who love great tasting coffee and are passionate about sustainability and what happens to our planet. UTZ certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The UTZ programme enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment now and in the future.

No. 10 Get a boost on the go from KP Nuts New from KP a range of handy-sized packs of nuts and energy mixes, for when you need a delicious snack that’ll keep your conference delegates going. The packs include original KP Nuts, with the addition of a new range of tasty nut mixes that are a natural source of protein and fibre to keep hunger at bay. Available in easy to open portable 40g packs, why not try the Fruit & Nut Energy Mix: simply roasted peanuts and cashews, raw almonds and juicy dark raisins, or the Orange Nut Fudge Energy Mix: roasted peanuts, raw almonds, orange flavoured cranberries and delicious fudge pieces?

Minute on the Clock


Minute on the Clock: Hans Ziebeck, Director of Purchasing Having led the Beacon purchasing team for six months, Hans has experienced a particularly turbulent period. Here he discusses the impact the vote to leave the European Union has had on the last 12 months.

The benefits of Brexit if you are a small independent British business have been pretty hard to spot in the last 12 months. We are still no closer to understanding how this will play out and as such a damaging whirlpool of worry has formed which is hitting smaller independent businesses the hardest. That position hasn’t changed with the first negotiations underway about the status of EU and British citizens.

If rising prices translates into a slowdown in consumer spending, then it is a very real possibility that in the coming months and years we will begin to see smaller businesses disappearing from the marketplace altogether.

Currency concerns, a pausing of investment, the uncertain future of EU workers and their families, rising prices and the threat of a consumer spending slowdown are all combining to make business as normal incredibly difficult which is threatening the future prosperity of the UK food and drink market. What is really concerning is that there could be worse to come in the second half of the year as transformation companies who import ingredients begin to run out of previously hedged currency and suppliers start renegotiating terms of new cost structures. Quarters three and four could contain some nasty surprises if you do not already have a purchasing partner working on your behalf to mitigate these risks.

Currently two thirds of all food and drink exports are through the EU, with up to 96% of all exports trading through Free Trade Agreements negotiated through the EU (these also protect the UK from cheap imports). We are no clearer on the impact of export tariffs, custom checks (potentially export licences will be required). We currently have a 23bn euro trade deficit on food with the EU; we import £3bn of fresh fruit, £2bn vegetables and are the world’s largest importer of wine at £3bn. How will these categories be affected?

Brexit causing record price hikes Since the start of the year we have seen an unprecedented number of price rise notifications from our suppliers, a 267% increase on the same period last year. Beacon has managed to mitigate price rises of up to 25% in some cases already, but ultimately the continued upward pressure on pricing is not sustainable and must be absorbed somewhere within the value chain which means the end consumer is going to continue to feel the pinch for the foreseeable future, either at the supermarket or on menu prices.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how Brexit has impacted your business. Contact our PR team to share your insight.

As well as currency pressures, there are a whole host of other questions that urgently need answers to.

“One year on from the decision to leave the EU, I would urge the Government to provide clarity on what is to come to limit increasing inflationary pressures and uncertainty in the £27billion UK food & drink industry.” My main concern is that one year on this could be the tip of the iceberg for the food, drink and hospitality industries. We need clarity and we need answers as to how these valuable and important industries will be supported. Until that time, Beacon is here to support businesses navigate through price fluctuations, and to protect their supply chains as much as possible.



Design Christopher Johnson, Manager, Beacon Design Services (BDS)

Beckon —

Christopher heads up BDS, working closely with clients, interior designers, contractors and suppliers to manage design and refurbishment projects ensuring they are implemented as efficiently and profitably as possible. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry, most recently working with Citadines in London, Christopher knows how to get the most out of a space to make sure guest satisfaction is the top priority.

Image credit: Citadines Barbican



Expectations of the modern traveller Travel in the UK is changing. Modern travellers now expect more than ever from their hotel rooms and are willing to pay for it. With millennials making up a third of the world’s hotel guests, a figure that is predicted to increase to over 50% by 2020, the modern traveller presents major opportunities for hoteliers. BDS recently carried out research looking into the expectations and demands of UK hotel guests, including everything from in-room WiFi, to smart TVs and the overall design of the room itself.

Image credit: Airwave

Modern contemporary is the design of choice With over 50% of guests citing the design of the hotel room is an important factor for them when booking a hotel room, it’s imperative that hoteliers get this right. When given the choice between neutral contemporary, compact contemporary, traditional, country or boutique designs, it was the contemporary styles that came out on top with almost 75% of UK hotel guests preferring these to traditional options. Adopting this contemporary style will not only help to drive bookings and cater to guests’ demands, it could also save hoteliers valuable time and money. A compact and minimalistic design by its very nature often means less furniture and less floor space to maintain, allowing businesses to save costs, time and space.

Top tech demands of the modern traveller: When asked what they expect as standard when booking a UK hotel break now, here is what came out on top when it came to tech:

Free in-room WiFi

Flat screen TV, larger than 42”

Smart TV enabling you to stream video

Airwave, one of Beacon’s leading tech suppliers, give their thoughts... “In the hotel industry, it really is all about WiFi. Gone are the days where guests are prepared to pay for WiFi and research has shown that good quality connectivity is the most important factor in booking a hotel room – even more so than a great breakfast or comfy bed. “As a company, we provide hotels with WiFi with a core focus on television and we have seen a growing demand for smart TVs. The industry overall has moved away from potentially expensive contracts for video on-demand services and more towards simple graphical user interfaces. Giving your guests the ability to sign into their own streaming service such as Netflix directly through the TV has become increasingly popular, as it helps to create that home away from home environment and maximises guest comfort. And when it comes to screen sizes, bigger is definitely better now. Four or five years ago the average screen size would have been 32”, but now 40” or above is the standard in the hotel market.

“Beyond entertainment purposes we see a lot of hotels, particularly some of the big brands, using the TV in the room to communicate their branding messaging throughout the property, and even to provide bespoke welcome messages to guests as they enter the room.

“Essentially, that great, personalised guest experience all hinges on high quality WiFi. A lack of video or streaming services will be forgiven for now, providing the guest can get online quickly and easily.” To find out more about Beacon’s research and how catering to the modern traveller could help your business, call 01904 695 588, email or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.



Prices for some products may vary depending on quantity ordered so always contact the Beacon sales team to speak about prices. If you’re looking to get the look in your business, contact the Beacon Design Services team for advice, support and current pricing information on 01904 695 588.

Get the look Citadines Barbican The BDS research also identified long stay apartment style rooms as a growing trend among UK travellers with over 35% of hotel guests now expecting a sitting room or lounge area as standard. BDS recently worked with Citadines Barbican in London, stylish serviced apartments that offer a home away from home to guests.

Get the look

Beckon —

Image credit: Citadines Barbican

Artwork from Portobello Art (framed print of Smithfield Market by Edward Bawden, 1200mm x 900mm) £120 each Chair from Bourne Furniture £462.00 each excluding fabric Bedside table from Bourne Furniture £170.50

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Stools from Bourne Furniture £262 excluding fabric Rug from Hammer Carpets £125.50

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Utilities & Services Teri Humphries, Purchasing Manager As Purchasing Manager, Teri heads up the management of all back of house suppliers across Utilities and Services, Consumables and FF&E. Covering everything from waste management to WiFi, Teri’s expertise particularly lies in contracts management, meaning she is perfectly placed to develop and sustain strategic partnerships with suppliers, which is key for cost management.

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If you’re a growing business looking to start outsourcing your laundry, or currently outsourcing and wanting to review your laundry supply, get in touch with Beacon to discuss your requirements. Call 01904 695 588, email or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

Utilities & Services

The Big Debate: Laundry Providing clean and fresh laundry is perhaps the most important part of ensuring a positive guest experience. It’s also something that can be hugely detrimental if not handled in the right way for your property. For growing businesses, there comes a time when handling laundry in-house will no longer be possible and they will need to find a suitable supplier. Using commentary from experts at Beacon’s leading laundry and linen suppliers - Mitre Linen, Berendsen and Vision - we explore the benefits of outsourcing laundry to a reputable partner versus your own in-house operations.

Laurie Thomas Managing Director Vision

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Dan Berryman

Paul Swift

Laundry Business Development Manager Mitre Linen

Business Development Manager Hospitality, Berendsen

When should you think about bringing your laundry in-house?

Beckon —

DB: This will vary depending on factors such as the size of the establishment right through to time management, resource and cost. The quality and price of linen is paramount to a hotel and it is important that hoteliers weigh the pros and cons of each solution for the specific needs of their establishment. LT: From our vast experience of working closely alongside both commercial and on premise laundries, one of the primary reasons for bringing laundry in-house is when operators have very specific requirements. This could be the handling of bespoke products for example, or branded properties that need to ensure their laundry is up to the correct brand standards. Handling this in-house makes the process easier to manage and maintain. If money was no object, why wouldn’t you bring it in-house? DB: With the environment being a global concern, organisations are under increasing pressure to become more eco-friendly. By outsourcing linen, laundries can take on some of the corporate social responsibility when it comes to water and energy usage. LT: We’re seeing more and more customers – from both on premises and commercial laundries – look at ethical sourcing as being a key factor when deciding upon their supplier. Sustainability is fast becoming one of the key drivers for hoteliers to outsource the handling of their laundry.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your laundry? DB: By outsourcing laundry, housekeepers are not inconvenienced with repairing or laundering the linen inhouse. This allows them to concentrate on other aspects of their role safe in the knowledge that their linen is being taken care of by a professional team who will provide them with a quality finish, leading to crisp, clean linen and highly satisfied guests. PS: As the UK becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination and a global centre of business, the demand for hotel rooms continues to increase. Therefore, outsourcing your laundry services can often be a case of freeing up as much space as possible to create more rooms and drive revenue in this area of the business. What’s more, outsourcing laundry removes the need to spend capital on linen, as well as the need to employ laundry operatives or spend management time. How does each method affect cash flow? DB: By outsourcing linen management to a commercial laundry supplier, customers can spread out their costs month on month as opposed to being faced with a larger oneoff set up cost, which can be particularly challenging for small independent businesses, especially new builds. With this being said, although start-up costs may be increased initially, some hotels may prefer paying this one-off cost, rather than an on-going monthly fee. What’s more, the hotel will own their linen and equipment after the one-off cost is paid, adding to their assets.

Utilities & Services

LT: Customers, in any industry, will always be concerned about the price of the product. However, could the cheapest product really mean false economy? At Vision we are interested in the overall life cost of the product, which sometimes means the initial purchase and set up costs may be slightly higher but the lifespan would be much greater value. It is important that a good quality product is sourced to ensure whiteness, handle, absorbency and a good general appearance is maintained throughout the life of the product or contract.


PS: The first consideration when looking at laundry processes should absolutely be costs. The obvious costs of installing and managing laundry in-house are procurement or lease of the equipment, the ongoing purchase of linen and the manpower required to run it. However, the less obvious expenses are electricity and water bills, as well as potentially higher insurance premiums because of laundry’s fire risk. All of this can soon add up and become an issue if not properly accounted for. Outsourcing provides predictable and easyto-budget costs for a business.

Top tips from Teri Humphries, Purchasing Manager at Beacon “In terms of costs, it’s a common misconception that all is required is purchase of the linen and machines for in-house operations.”

The decision on how to handle laundry will completely depend on what the premises is. For small properties – typically 10 bedrooms or less – I would absolutely advise keeping the laundry in-house using domestic washing machines. This is because outsourcing requires setting up contracts with a minimum spend, which just isn’t feasible for properties of that size. These types of properties will also need to consider seasonality. A hotel that closes over winter but is outsourcing laundry handling will still need to pay monthly fees, without bringing in any revenue. For larger hotels, as well as restaurants, it makes much more sense to outsource. In terms of costs, it’s a common misconception that all is required is purchase of the linen and machines for inhouse operations. For one hotel, I would estimate that the equipment needed to efficiently handle laundry would be in the region of £80,000, but then there are maintenance costs, the costs of plumbing it in and the long-term costs of increased utility bills. Looking at the financials for products, rental cost for a pillowcase is in the region 18p, whereas to buy is closer to £6. With this in mind, the laundry budget can soon begin to disappear - particularly in hotels where there are often huge losses in pillowcases and towels. Perhaps most importantly from a finance perspective, working with linen rentals gives businesses more power to negotiate annual pricing, meaning that budgets and forecasting instantly become much easier.

Beacon’s advice for outsourcing laundry If moving from in-house to outsourcing, then start with bedding and table covers as these are the hardest to achieve a professional finish yourself. The last thing to outsource should be towels, as they generally require the least amount of maintenance Always ask your supplier what the contingency plan is if there are any problems. Any reputable supplier will have back up sites that should be able to handle your requirements and if not, then look elsewhere Seek advice from third parties or from your purchasing company, who will be able to help. All of Beacon’s linen suppliers are vetted and multi-site, so we are able to alleviate any concerns about machine breakdown or unfair costs


Utilities & Services

Let’s talk numbers

Richard Judge is Commercial Director at Beacon and works closely with customers and suppliers to help them to improve their profitability and business efficiency:

Beckon —

“Beacon prides itself on working with some of the UK’s leading suppliers in food, beverage, design and non-food. However, did you know that Beacon also works with select professional services suppliers, enabling us to advise you on commercial, legal and financial issues and opportunities that may affect your business? “It has been a massively turbulent time for businesses over the past year or so, with some price increases earlier this year of up to 250% linked to Brexit and currency fluctuations. There have also been huge fluctuations in food and beverage pricing, often caused by adverse weather having a big impact on global supply chain. Finally, changes in Business Rates, an increase in National Living Wage, increases in stationery costs and a shortage of skilled labour in some parts of the country have continued to put the pressure on business owners in the hospitality industry. “With all of these pressures in mind, there has never been a more crucial time for operators to look at processes that can be put in place to help control costs. As businesses are faced with spending more and more time on dealing with customer’s increasing demands, now is the time to look at widening the professional services providers you work with. These providers will become increasingly important when businesses are unable to source or possibly afford the expertise they need in house. Not only this, but an external service provider is able to focus on one core element of the business, as they won’t be distracted by any other issues within the company. This will ultimately enable the provider to deliver a return on investment and improve revenue and efficiency across the business.”

Count Accountants is one of Beacon’s newest suppliers in this market and a leading management accountancy firm in the UK hotel and leisure sectors – in fact, it was recently shortlisted for Small Accountancy Firm of the Year at the Scottish Business Insider Awards. We spoke with John Mauchline, Chartered Management Accountant at Count Accounts, to talk all things numbers and discuss one change that businesses need to be aware of this year. “Companies and individuals are now being taxed more heavily than we have seen historically and the tax compliance regime is becoming more and more demanding. That said, it’s never been more important for businesses, particularly independent business that may not have the expertise in house, to seek third party support. “One change that business owners really do need to be aware of this year is Making Tax Digital (MTD), which is being introduced by HMRC and will come into effect from April 2018. From this point, all companies will have to report their profits and pay their corporation tax on a quarterly basis, in addition to VAT.”

“One change that business owners really do need to be aware of this year is Making Tax Digital (MTD).”

To find out how Beacon can support you and your business when it comes to tax and accounting, call 01904 695 588, email or speak to your Beacon Account Manager.

So how can these changes be used to strengthen your business? “Whilst it’s true that most companies will have the management information available to them on a quarterly basis, in our experience it’s unlikely that they will have it in the detail required to submit the correct accounts on which to base a Corporation Tax payment. For the majority of companies, annual accounts and tax calculation are prepared after the financial year-end and often several months into the new financial year. With this new system requiring quarterly reports, it could soon become time consuming and inefficient if a business isn’t properly prepared. “Aside from time and accuracy pressures, businesses will also risk being non-compliant with HMRC regulations if accounting information isn’t prepared throughout the year on a quarterly, if not monthly, basis. “The main implication of the quarterly tax payments will be on cash flow. As it stands at the moment, companies pay their tax nine months after the financial year-end, which means those with seasonal trade or reliance on slow-paying clients have the time to collect funds and realise profits. The new requirement is for pay as you go throughout the year, like VAT. Companies will have to ensure they bank their profits promptly to prepare for tax payment.

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“There are systems that are readily available to assist in preparing for this, such as Xero and Sage, but it does mean additional work for your finance team and external accountant. At a time when other costs are on the rise, an increase in accounting costs may not be seen as adding value to the business. “However, the opportunity is to put the additional cost to the company’s advantage. Investing in the right tools and support will absolutely strengthen your business. Carrying out a review of your business processes and efficiencies as an integral part of the monthly or quarterly reporting will strengthen the business, improve funds available to the owner, enable tax planning and meet HMRC compliance. “Another important consideration is improved controls and reporting. This will have a significantly positive impact on profitability. By having your numbers available sooner throughout the year, you can measure performance on an ongoing basis and take steps to improve further.”

“At a time when other costs are on the rise, an increase in accounting costs may not be seen as adding value to the business.”

Beckon —

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Customer Insight

Our Customers


Beacon works with a range of different customers across the length and breadth of Great Britain, from independent hotels, golf clubs and restaurants, to small groups and large-scale hospitality group customers. Beacon prides itself on going the extra mile for its customers, offering a personalised experience that suits the needs of each and every business it works with to improve efficiencies and ultimately increase their profitability. Here are just a few examples of customers that we are proud to work alongside.

Refurbishment at Best Western Plus The Croft Hotel In December 2015, BDS was introduced to the team at The Croft Hotel, who wanted to bring the property into the Best Western group, but in order to do so needed a full refurbishment of all the rooms. The refurbishment included corridors, stairs, all existing guest rooms, plus the creation of three new guest rooms in what were the tearooms. BDS used its Room in a Box series of interior design schemes to develop four brand new design schemes tailored to the hotel’s standard and superior rooms, suites and bridal suite. To support the hotel and enable the teams to dedicate their time to the day-to-day running of the business, BDS took on all financial responsibility for the project, managing a significant spend and ensuring all deliveries were efficient. BDS’ management of the project covered everything from financial management, to the hiring and management of contractors, selecting and purchasing all fixtures and fitting through the BDS Purchasing Agent Facility, design management and ongoing project management. With the support of Beacon’s leading supply partners and a schedule split over four phases, the refurbishment was carried out with minimal disruption to the business. The team at Best Western Plus The Croft Hotel said:

“The service from BDS was truly fantastic. They were able to immediately alleviate any time pressures for the business, allowing us to focus on running the day-to-day. The delivery of the project and the communication throughout couldn’t be faulted, which has ultimately led to beautiful refurbishment of our hotel, which is now part of the Best Western Plus range. The jewel in the crown here has to be the bridal suite! It’s a beautiful bedroom with chandelier lighting, a double sized bathroom with a spa bath and a first floor living area accessed by a stunning feature staircase. Also on the first floor, doors slide back to reveal a preparation area for the bridal party incorporating nail bar and salon. Every detail was considered by the BDS team and it shows!”


Our Customers

Going the extra mile for Best Western Palace & Casino As this customer is based on the Isle of Man, there were difficulties in getting supplies to them. After months of hard work from the Beacon team exploring ways to supply to the island, Beacon recently completed its first month of trading with Best Western Palace & Casino, showing a £35,000 saving on their drinks spend. Richard Hill at Best Western Palace & Casino commented:

“We were keen to explore new suppliers and had been for some time, but were always up against a challenge due to our location. Beacon took this in its stride and worked hard to provide us with a solution, having so far showed us significant savings. We’re now exploring opportunities to work with Beacon on our food spend as well, so this is a partnership we’re excited to see develop”

Sharing our expertise with Squire Hotel Group Beacon began trading with Squire Hotels in October 2016, which currently works with 18 Beacon suppliers across all three of its properties. Jodi Masterson at Squire Hotels Group, commented:

Beckon —

“From day one of working with Beacon we were really impressed by their expertise and how they communicated that with our teams. They arranged a number of supplier days where we had the opportunity to speak with different suppliers to discuss what they could offer us and how it would benefit our business. Our Account Manager, Donna, is always willing to go above and beyond for us and her knowledge of the market and her honesty is exceptional. We’ve increased our spend with Beacon by over £100,000 since last October and are certain that we will work with Beacon on any further properties we launch.”

Strengthening ties with Pennington Hotels Pennington Hotels are a group of four properties based in the stunning surroundings of the Lake District. The group is made up of a pub, two hotels and even a castle. Lukas Lim, Manager of Pennington Hotels, commented:

“As a business we pride ourselves on offering our guests quality service, which is where we saw a real parallel with Beacon. The team’s dedication to helping us continue to be the best has meant we’ve increased our spend with Beacon by a significant amount this year, securing great deals with the likes of Bidfood, Berendsen and Douwe Egberts. We’ve got some ambitious plans for the year ahead to look at a refurbishment, so we will certainly be working closely with Beacon.”

Sales Team


Team Beacon At Beacon, we are committed to putting our customers first and keeping them at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated national sales team is always on hand to deal with enquiries, support with your business requirements and put you in touch with our industry leading suppliers. If you want to know more about any of the topics featured in this edition of Beckon, or you want further information on any of the suppliers listed in the directory, then get in touch with our regionally based sales team. Scotland & North

London & South

Susan Young Regional Sales Director T: 07967 173 905 E:

Courtney Hindle Regional Sales Director T: 07557 435 426 E:

Wilson Bryson National Account Manager T: 07867 467 068 E:

Sam Guiher-Greig National Account Manager T: 07967 173 972 E:

Gavin Newlands National Account Manager T: 07967 173 909 E:

Amelia Lowden National Account Manager T: 07967 173 945 E:

Jessica MacDougall National Account Manager T: 07967 173 998 E:

Midlands Gail Bellamy Regional Sales Director T: 07557 435 641 E: Chris Eidukas National Account Manager T: 07867 467 331 E: Donna Stead National Account Manager T: 07967 173 916 E: Hardip Madahar National Account Manager T: 07824 095 668 E:

National Office-Based Team Carly Chadwick Customer Account Manager T: 01904 695 556 E: Joan Rees Customer Account Manager T: 01904 695 595 E: Stephanie Spaven Customer Account Manager T: 01904 695 424 E:


Supplier A-Z

Supplier Directory A-Z

Beckon —

Beacon carefully selects suppliers for their expertise and experience across the sectors in which our customers operate. We are proud to be working alongside some of the best businesses in the marketplace to give our customers peace of mind that the Beacon supplier portfolio will not only provide you with excellent service and competitive commercial terms but also give you more time to run your business, knowing that our team of Category Buyers is continuously monitoring supplier performance. A.David and Co Ltd AB InBev Accolade Wines Airwave Alexandra Alliance Disposables Limited Altinet Ambius Aryzta Food Solutions Aslotel Ltd Avinity Bacardi Brown Forman Badgemaster Ltd Berendsen PLC Beverages Direct Ltd Bidfood Catering Equipment Bidfood Foodservice BOC Sureserve Bourne Furniture Ltd Bourne Textile Services Brakes Catering Supplies Brakes Group Brodie Melrose Drysdale & Co Ltd Bunzl Catering Supplies Bunzl Guest Amenities Burgess Furniture Ltd Calor Gas Campbell Bros Ltd Carlsberg UK CFG Furniture Ltd Chelsom Limited City Electrical Factors Classic Fresh Foods Ltd Coca-Cola Enterprises Count Accountants Country Fresh Foods Countrywide Healthcare Supplies Crosswater Limited Dining Chair Company Direct Seafoods Diversey (Sealed Air Corporation) Dulux Decorator Centre (ICI Paints) E2 Contract Lighting Ecolab Electric Center Ellis Furniture Ltd

Equinox Fairfax Meadow Europe Ltd Fidelity Payment Processing Limited Fishers Services Fogarty Gilchrist & Soames Graham’s The Family Dairy Ground Control Guestline Halls Direct Ltd Hammer Carpets Hatch Mansfield - Taittinger Champagne Heineken UK House of Townend ICB Group Initial UK Integrated Cleaning Management Interserve Inverarity Morton Jacobs Douwe Egberts Pro GB Ltd Jelf Insurance Partnership Johnson’s Apparelmaster t/a Afonwen Kaba (UK) Ltd Kellogg’s Kohler Mira KP Snacks Liberty-i Lockhart Catering Equipment M J Birtwistle & Co Ltd M&J Seafood Limited Managed Waste Solutions Ltd Mark Murphy & Partner Ltd Matthew Algie Matthew Clark Wholesale Mattison Contract Beds McCain Foods Ltd Michels and Taylor Mico Lighting Ltd Midland Foods Catering Butchers Limited Mitre Furnishing Group Ltd Molson Coors Brewers Ltd Mondelez Nestle UK Ltd Office Depot UK Limited

Olleco Omega Signs Limited Oranka Juice Solutions Panaz Peeks the Event Makers Pete’s Patisserie PHS Group Ltd Pladis Portobello Art Ltd Praxis Hospitality Premier Foods Pulse Business Energy Limited Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd R&J Yorkshire’s Finest R. Twinings & Company Limited Reeves Butchers Ltd Rentokil Pest Control Respa Robena Contract Furnishings Limited Ryedale Group SCA Hygiene Products Ltd Screwfix Direct Ltd Sheringhams Fine Foods Ltd Simon Jersey Ltd Skopos Fabrics Ltd Stalbridge Linen Services Ltd Stonegate Technologies Swan Mill Paper Company Ltd Taylor & Pickles Ltd Tchibo Tektura plc Tetley (TATA Global Beverages) The Energy Desk The Safer Group Ltd Threshfield Catering Supplies Toshiba TEC Total Produce UK TradePoint Unilever Food Solutions UYR Vision Support Services WeddingDates Whitaker Services Windsor Foodservice Wolseley UK Woodward Foodservice Ltd

Supplier Directory


Supplier Directory The following pages provide an overview of all of our current suppliers and what they can do to help your business. Our supplier portfolio is constantly growing and developing. For the very latest list of Beacon suppliers please visit – alternatively Beacon customers can log into My Beacon to see detailed information, including commercial terms, promotions and how to open an account with individual suppliers.

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Supplier Directory

Building Maintenance Dulux Decorator Centre (ICI Paints) Ordering from Dulux couldn’t be better for Beacon customers. Not only do Dulux have a dedicated Beacon contract price list but they offer a Beacon Price Guarantee on selected core lines. Ground Control Ground Control are a multi-award winning provider of grounds maintenance, landscape construction and design and pest control services to a national customer base. Screwfix Direct Ltd Screwfix is the UK’s largest supplier of trade tools, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms and kitchens. With over 11,000 products stocked in each store and available for next day delivery. 5% discount for all Beacon customers. TradePoint TradePoint is the fastest growing trade business in the UK and the home of Trade Building Supplies. One of the UK’s largest maintenance suppliers, offering Beacon customers up to 43% savings on standard prices. Wolseley UK One of the largest distributors of building products in the world, providing construction products and materials through a nationwide branch network of over 500 locations. Plumb Center, Parts Center and Climate Center brands are part of Wolseley UK.

Catering Equipment Bidfood Catering Equipment One of the UK’s leading catering equipment suppliers, providing quality catering equipment to businesses in hospitality, healthcare and leisure sectors.

Integrated Cleaning Management Integrated Cleaning Management is the UK’s leading specialist provider of cleaning and related services. Established in 1996, ICM’s employees work on more than 5,000 client sites, providing effective and efficient services for more than 32 million sq ft of floor space every day.

Design Chelsom Limited Successfully designing and creating quality decorative lighting since 1947, Chelsom works with hospitality and leisure businesses across the UK to offer solutions to their commercial lighting needs. Crosswater Limited Leaders in bathroom design, Crosswater Holdings excel with a vast, exciting and innovative product range which has led them to become one of the most pioneering companies in the UK with three distinctive and prevailing brands: Crosswater, Simpsons and Bauhaus. E2 Contract Lighting Specialist nationwide providers of lighting solutions for the hospitality and leisure industries. Offering Beacon customers a wide range of services including lighting schemes for indoor and outdoor requirements, as well as in house design and manufacturer of bespoke lighting fittings. Hammer Carpets Hammer Carpets manufacture custom designed Axminster, Colortec, and Graphic tufted carpet from their factory in Denmark. Kohler Mira Mira Showers provide expert advice to Beacon customers in design and specification of showers and washroom control in addition to price support available through Wolseley/Plumb Center distributors.

Brakes Catering Supplies Brakes Catering Supplies provide Beacon customers with the most competitive terms and service for the supply of catering equipment throughout the UK.

Panaz A specialist in their field, Panaz combine impeccable quality and uncompromising performance. Their fabric portfolio is highly individual, comprehensive and diverse, catering for a variety of applications within the hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Lockhart Catering Equipment The country’s leading distributor of catering equipment, Lockhart Catering Equipment supplies the largest range of light and heavy equipment available to the UK caterer. Exclusive discounts available to Beacon customers and free delivery on all orders over £75.

Portobello Art Ltd Portobello Art Ltd has long been recognised as a leading supplier of decorative wall art and mirrors to the hotel and leisure industry worldwide. Offering Beacon customers a wide variety of products at prices to suit their budgets.

Cleaning Beckon —

To open an account with any Beacon suppliers, log into My Beacon or call us on 01904 695 588.

Robena Contract Furnishings Limited Robena have been manufacturing curtains and soft furnishings for the contract market for over 30 years. Beacon customers enjoy preferential rates with this quality supplier.

Diversey (Sealed Air Corporation) Diversey, part of Sealed Air, continuously innovate to deliver superior cleaning solutions to meet the needs of customers. With a comprehensive range of best-inclass hygiene offerings and excellent support services, they provide an integrated hygiene solution.

Skopos Fabrics Ltd Skopos Fabrics Ltd has offered contract furnishing fabrics and weaves for nearly 40 years. Their specialist healthcare and hospitality designers have an unrivalled understanding of specific requirements to provide industry-leading solutions.

Ecolab Ecolab are world leaders in cleaning and hygiene products, providing cleaning and sanitation solutions for food safety, infection prevention and public health. Discounts of up to 20% available for Beacon customers as standard.

Tektura plc Having worked with interior designers for over 45 years, Tektura wall coverings are used in most major hotels, leisure and commercial interiors throughout the UK and overseas. Proudly part of the Beacon Design Services portfolio of preferred suppliers.

Initial UK Initial UK are committed to keeping people healthy by providing high quality hygiene products and services that minimise risk of exposure to bacteria and other infectious micro-organisms.

Drinks AB InBev InBev UK is the largest brewer in the world and makes many of the UK’s best-loved drinks including Budweiser, Bud Light, Stella Artois and Becks. Available at preferential rates through Beacon. Accolade Wines Grow your wine sales with Accolade Wines, a Global Wine Company with some of the world’s best-known brands including Hardys, voted Number 1 On-Trade Brand this year, Da Luca - Premium Italian and Waipara Hills- Best of Marlborough New Zealand. Bacardi Brown Forman Bacardi Brown Forman is the largest privately held spirits company in the world, producing and marketing internationally recognised spirits and wines. Founded in 1862 creating the world’s first light-bodied rum, since then the company has grown to include an impressive portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels. Beverages Direct One of the UK’s biggest regional distributors of hot beverage machines and ingredients, Beverages Direct love coffee and believe in affordable, good quality drinks using the best quality beans. Offering 5% off coffee machine rental exclusively for Beacon customers. They are the Lavazza Supplier to the UK market. Brodie Melrose Drysdale & Co Ltd Leading suppliers of coffee to the UK’s hospitality, leisure and healthcare sectors, offering a range of fresh roast and ground coffees, finest teas and infusions, as well as a selection of bedroom hospitality products. Carlsberg UK Carlsberg was founded in Denmark in 1847, on a passion for beer, science and art. Now they are trading in over 150 countries, with a range of over 500 beer and cider brands. Carlsberg tailors the right proposition for your outlet, with preferential discounts offered to Beacon Customers. Coca-Cola Enterprises World-leading providers of a wide variety of beverages for every occasion, available at preferential rates through Beacon distributors. Hatch Mansfield - Taittinger Champagne Hatch Mansfield - UK specialists in premium wine made by independent, family owned wine producers. Hatch Mansfield bring Beacon customers brand supported pricing for the famous Taittinger champagne. Heineken UK Heineken is the world’s largest international brewer, with operations in 71 countries globally. Passion for quality and innovation are at the heart of how they build great brands and delight consumers. Heineken in the UK offer Beacon customers enhanced prices. House of Townend House of Townend is a national, independent specialist wine and champagne merchant, based in Yorkshire, offering award winning wines to Beacon customers at preferential prices. Inverarity Morton Independently owned, Inverarity Morton are delighted to have been supplying the licensed trade in Scotland for the past 80 years. With an extremely competitive offering, they provide a wide range of global wines and spirits from entry level to premium products.

Supplier Directory

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Pro GB Ltd Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) offers high quality coffee and equipment solutions across all commercial sectors using iconic brands such as Kenco, Maxwell House, Douwe Egberts, Tassimo, L’OR, and Piazza Doro. Through their professional division you are always assured of coffee that’s both full-flavoured and responsibly sourced. Wherever you work, they are your trusted partner for coffee machines, ingredients and professional service. From restaurants and hotels, they offer the right solution for all your coffee needs. JDE have a wide range of coffee machines to suit every space and every occasion. From espresso machines and instant coffee machines to the unique Cafitesse brewing systems which offer efficient and great tasting coffee every time. Matthew Algie One of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality, ethically sourced coffee into the UK foodservice market. All coffee is fully traceable and roasted in the UK. The latest equipment is available with full in-house engineering support, as well as expert SCA-level training and hundreds of ancillary ‘added value’ products, such as loose leaf tea and premium hot chocolates. Matthew Clark Wholesale They are a national drinks wholesaler, with over 200 years’ experience. Supplying over 6,000 drink products, hospitality training, labour management and marketing support to over 16,000 on-trade premises in the UK. They aim to put customers at the heart of everything they do; which is why they are proud to have been voted Drinks Supplier of the Year by the readers of Restaurant Magazine and National Wine Supplier of the Year at the Publican’s Choice Awards. They strive to bring the best the world has to offer to our customers, which is why they were recognised as Wine Importer of the Year by the IWSC, with the wines in our last collection receiving over 700 medals. Molson Coors Brewers Ltd Molson Coors maintains a rich product portfolio in Europe of over 30 brands, including Carling, Coors Light and Worthington’s, supplemented by local and international premium brands including Beck’s, Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, brewed or distributed under license. Oranka Juice Solutions Oranka Juice Solutions are a leading international supplier of fruit juice, smoothies and cold beverages with free on loan dispensing systems. Award-winning suppliers of juices to the UK hospitality and healthcare markets, owners of the Hydration Station concept and home to the innovative Juice Cube dispenser. R. Twinings & Company Limited Twinings have been recognised as the tea experts for over 300 years, offering specially negotiated prices on one of the UK’s most recognised brands to Beacon customers. Tchibo With a range of coffee machines and products for front of house, back of house, in room or conference and banqueting areas, Tchibo have the equipment and expertise to help you manage and improve your coffee offering across your whole business. Tetley (TATA Global Beverages) With multiple global brands, Tetley Tea delight more than a million people every day through good-tasting natural beverages. One of the UK’s most recognised brands, giving Beacon customers access to specially negotiated prices through distributors.

Electrical Airwave Airwave are leading suppliers of Hotel TV systems, Hospital TV systems, Digital Signage, Information Channels, Digital Satellite and Movie systems. Avinity Experts in B2B e-commerce, rewards and recognition, prize management, sales promotions, procurement, brand experience and fulfilment solutions. City Electrical Factors City Electrical Factors Ltd is a private limited company established in 1951. One of the UK’s leading Electrical Wholesale Networks with almost twice as many distribution outlets as their nearest competitor. Dedicated preferential pricing available for Beacon customers. Electric Center Electric Center is the brightest electrical wholesaler in the country, providing a better, brighter service. They sell replacement light bulbs, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, switches and sockets, cables, showers, bathroom fans, solar panels, and everything inbetween. Kaba (UK) Ltd Kaba is a world leader in access control solutions for the hospitality sector, offering a comprehensive and innovative range of hotel locks and systems, including PIN and card locks. Mico Lighting Ltd More than just a distributor of lamps and fittings, Mico’s expert team work with businesses to create energy saving, innovative solutions. Free site surveys and lighting audits available on request for Beacon customers. Toshiba TEC Leading supplier of office equipment products; from printers and multifunctional devices to barcode/label printers and digital management solutions. Designed to revolutionise your operating efficiencies, Toshiba TEC’s technology is designed specifically to meet your needs.

Food A.David and Co Ltd A David & Company Ltd. offer a full range of fresh fruit, vegetables, exotic produce, ready prepared products and bakery items delivered on a daily basis to hotels, restaurants, contract caterers and care groups on temperature controlled vehicles. Aryzta Food Solutions Formerly Delice de France, we are a UK foodservice operator offering high-end bakery goods and beverage solutions for every meal occasion. Bidfood Foodservice Bidfood Foodservice is a leading foodservice wholesale distributor for over 60,000 customers across the UK. Bidfood Foodservice is a full service solution, providing quality ingredients to finished meals, including own brand ranges as well as recognised brands and regional specialities. Brakes Group Brakes Group is a leading supplier to the foodservice sector in the United Kingdom, comprising of a family of specialist businesses which are able to deliver everything the caterer needs, including their very successful own brand ranges developed specifically for chefs.


Campbell Bros Ltd Campbell Brothers supply quality meat, fresh produce, fresh fish and seafood to professional kitchens throughout Scotland, all at specially negotiated Beacon prices. Classic Fresh Foods Ltd Suppliers of high quality fresh produce, chilled, frozen, dry goods and dairy products throughout London and surrounding areas to hotels, restaurants and bars. Country Fresh Foods Country Fresh Foods is a family run business, passionate about supplying the finest products to the restaurant and hotel trade throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. Direct Seafoods Direct Seafoods supply quality fresh fish and seafood to the catering industry throughout the UK. Through their 12 fish and seafood businesses we source, prepare and deliver fresh and frozen, fish and seafood; directly to professional kitchens. Fairfax Meadow Europe Ltd With a rich history going back over 40 years, Fairfax Meadow is the butcher that goes above and beyond, providing quality butchery products nationally. Graham’s The Family Dairy Graham’s The Family Dairy is a family farming and dairy business, producing an award-winning range of conventional, organic and Jersey Gold milks as well as butters, cream and ice-creams from their dairy in Scotland. Halls Direct Ltd Halls Direct is a meat and fish supplier of quality chilled and frozen goods to the catering and retail food businesses. Kellogg’s Kellogg’s are the UK’s leading provider of cereals, snacks and healthy snacks. Kellogg’s are committed to providing consumers with a wide choice of quality food products that can be part of a balanced diet and meet their varying taste requirements. KP Snacks KP Snacks are a well known household/ retail brand serving thousands of pubs and restaurants across the country with their specialist ranges of savoury snacks. M J Birtwistle & Co Ltd Birtwistles Catering Butchers deliver quality meat to customers across the length and breadth of the UK, 365 days a year. With an impressive product range of over 6000 products, they source responsibly from a fully accredited, traceable supply chain. M&J Seafood Limited Award-winning provider of traceable fish and seafood to the hospitality, healthcare and leisure markets. Proud to offer their most competitive prices for Beacon customers. Mark Murphy & Partner Ltd Supplier of quality fruit and vegetables and specialist food products since 1981 to some of the finest businesses in Scotland. Beacon customers benefit from guaranteed best prices through Mark Murphy & Partner Ltd. McCain Foods Ltd As well as being a household retail brand, McCain Foods serves thousands of pubs, restaurants, hospitals and schools across the country with their specialist ranges, now including gluten free products too. Midland Foods Catering Butchers Limited Midland Foods is a family established business incorporating over 30 years of values and experience, having originally started with butchers shops throughout the West Midlands. Soon the demand grew and the business moved into wholesale and catering butchery supply for some of the best restaurants and hotels in the region.

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Supplier Directory

Mondelez Mondelez International brands have been in the UK for nearly 200 years, as part of both Cadbury and Kraft Foods. Available through Beacon distributors, customers can order an unrivalled portfolio of brands including Cadbury, Belvita, Philadelphia, Oreo and Green & Blacks. Nestle UK Ltd Nestle offer a complete solution for every type of need within the Hospitality industry, helping you grow your operation with culinary and beverage brands, products, systems services and expertise. Pete’s Patisserie Pete’s Patisserie manufacture premium hand finished desserts using quality ingredients in their purpose-built production facilities using state of the art equipment. The Directors of Pete’s Patisserie are Michelin-trained. Having practised their skills widely in continental Europe, recipes are refined by in-house Development Chefs, who will advise customers on menu concepts upon request. Pladis Pladis (formally United Biscuits) produce some of the best known and loved sweet and savoury snacks, with products ranging from biscuits and crackers to cakes and baked snacks. Premier Foods Premier Foods is one of Britain’s largest food producers with a number of key lines and specialist pack formats for caterers and foodservice operators. Trusted brands include Sharwood’s, Bisto, Bird’s, Batchelors, Homepride, McDougalls, Ambrosia and Angel Delight. R&J Yorkshire's Finest R&J Catering Butchers pride themselves on quality, supplying the choicest fresh meats and poultry to some of the finest businesses in the north of England for more than 30 years from their farm in the Yorkshire Dales. Reeves Butchers Ltd Extensive experience in supplying the finest meats to top quality businesses, including hotels, restaurants, public houses, golf clubs, schools and nursing homes. Beacon customers benefit from preferential pricing and discounts.

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Sheringhams Fine Foods Ltd Purveyors and suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy and dried goods to the catering industry based in London. In this ever more demanding and competitive industry Sheringhams delivers quality produce with excellent customer service. Threshfield Catering Supplies Supplying restaurants, hotels, public houses, schools and care groups with an extensive range of quality fresh produce, dairy and deli product. Their fleet of refrigerated vehicles operate a reliable 6 days a week delivery service providing flexibility to the customer. We also prepare, to order, an extensive range of vegetables on site. Total Produce UK Total Produce UK has become one of the UK’s largest and most accomplished fresh produce providers. Guaranteed best prices available through Beacon. Unilever Food Solutions Specialist provider of modern professional ingredients and services, with brands including: Knorr, Hellmann’s, Colman’s, PG Tips and Flora. Unilever Food Solutions offer culinary inspiration and nutritional advice for chefs working in all areas of the foodservice sector. Windsor Foodservice One of the country’s leading independent foodservice providers, Windsor Foodservice are continually developing and expanding their range of products, to keep meeting the changing needs of their customers in the hospitality and leisure markets.

Woodward Foodservice Ltd With a range of catering supplies and equipment, Woodward supports businesses with a full foodservice solution across hospitality, leisure and healthcare markets.

Furniture Bourne Furniture Ltd Bourne Furniture supply contract furniture to the hospitality, leisure and sectors from a large, flexible manufacturing base. Supplying directly to businesses as well as working through interior designers and architects, all their models are made to fit your requirements. Burgess Furniture Ltd Burgess Furniture offers an extensive selection of banqueting and conference chairs to suit every occasion and venue. Offering unrivalled comfort, ease of handling, durability and compact storage, with ranges to suit all budgets, Beacon customers benefit from discounts of up to 38%. CFG Furniture Ltd CFG Furniture is one of the original UK contract furniture suppliers to the hospitality and leisure industries. With over 40 years experience they remain in the forefront of quality, design, innovation, service and supply. Dining Chair Company Industry leading supplier of dining furniture to the UK hospitality and leisure markets. Providing top quality designs throughout the UK. Ellis Furniture Ltd One of the leading UK based manufacturers of hotel, leisure and residential contract furniture. Mattison Contract Beds Mattison is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of contract beds, with over 150 years of experience. Mattison Contract Beds offer Beacon customers a 7.5% minimum discount off their trade list price. Respa Respa are one of the largest and technically advanced bed and mattress spring manufacturers in the British Isles. Beacon customers benefit from up to 15% discount on list prices. Whitaker Services Whitaker Services is one of the UK’s leading furnishing and furniture manufacturers for the Healthcare Sector, offering Beacon customers 10% discount on their trade price list.

Guest Amenities Aslotel Ltd Industry leading guest amenity supplier, providing high quality, affordable solutions to Beacon customers. Bunzl Guest Amenities Market leader in supplying innovative guest amenities to the hospitality sector throughout the UK. Nominated supplier for Best Western Great Britain’s branded products for 2016. Gilchrist & Soames Gilchrist & Soames is a leading provider of cosmeticgrade toiletry collections for world-class hotels, exclusive resorts, and distinguished spas, inns, and bed and breakfasts. Offering premium products to Beacon customers at preferential prices.

IT/Electrical Altinet Our consultative approach to providing market leading storage, networking and security solutions ensures Altinet’s customers are supported pre and post sales by industry accredited IT experts that care. Stonegate Technologies Stonegate IT have 24 years experience in the IT business, and a proven track record of providing unbeatable quality of service to businesses in the UK. Their experts provide a personal, on-site consultation to determine your exact IT Support requirements, implementing solutions to fit your business needs.

Linen Berendsen PLC Berendsen provide industrial laundry services for hotels, hospitals and workwear in London and nationwide across the UK. Berendsen provide service solutions to lease, source, clean and maintain textiles, taking pride in servicing customers to keep their operations running smoothly. Bourne Textile Services One of the largest linen service providers in the East Midlands and East Anglia, with new markets in South Yorkshire, the West Midlands and North London. Providing a reliable and cost effective linen service to hospitality businesses of all sizes. Fishers Services Fishers are one of the market leading providers of textile rental, industrial workwear and laundry services throughout Scotland and the north of England offering excellent customer service and value for money. Fogarty Sleep soundly each night with Fogarty, one the UK’s leading bedding brands. With over 100 years experience as master pillow and quilt makers, the rich history and expertise behind Fogarty make finding the perfect bedding a breeze. Johnson’s Apparelmaster t/a Afonwen Afonwen Laundry is one of the UK’s largest high volume laundry and linen hire companies, delivering over 135 million items per year across England and Wales, making them one of the leading providers of hotel bed linen in our industry. Proud to be part of Johnson Service Group PLC. Mitre Furnishing Group Ltd Leading British hospitality supplier and Royal Warrant Holder Mitre Linen provides businesses with a one-stop solution for high-quality bed linen, bedding, towelling, table linen and soft furnishings requirements. Offering exclusive discounts to all Beacon customers. Stalbridge Linen Services Ltd Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services provides a linen hire and laundry service to the catering, hotel and leisure industries. Proudly offering preferential rates to Beacon customers. Vision Support Services Vision Support Services is the leading distributor and supplier of specialist, performance and luxury textiles to global leaders in hospitality, healthcare and retail markets.

Supplier Directory

Non-Food Distributor & Manufacturer Alliance Disposables Limited Leading UK wholesale supplier of catering equipment, glassware, crockery and kitchen equipment, at specially negotiated Beacon prices. Bunzl Catering Supplies Bunzl Catering Supplies is the leading distributor of catering disposables, food packaging and hygiene products in the UK, all available at preferential Beacon pricing. Countrywide Healthcare Supplies Leading supplier of healthcare consumables, equipment and furniture to the care home market. With obsessive attention to detail and a fantastic customer team, they make buying supplies speedy and straightforward, delivering a service you can rely on. SCA Hygiene Products Ltd SCA is a global hygiene company that develops and produces personal care products, tissue, publication papers and solid-wood products. SCA has many brands including Lotus Professional®, TENA and Tork.

Professional Services Count Accountants Count Accountants is one of Beacon’s newest suppliers and a leading management accountancy firm in the UK hotel and leisure sectors. It was recently shortlisted for Small Accountancy Firm of the Year at the Scottish Business Insider Awards. ICB Group Leading corporate insurance broker providing insurance, risk management and related advice to businesses and private clients with specialisms in the hospitality marketplace. ICB Group is ranked amongst the Top 20 Independent Insurance Brokers in the UK. Jelf Insurance Partnership Jelf is a leading consultancy providing expert advice on insurance, employee benefits, healthcare and financial planning for hospitality businesses and individuals. Michels and Taylor The Commercial Healthcheck by Michels & Taylor promises big returns and ground breaking changes for hotels of all sizes. Designed to drive revenue and profit growth, helping to optimise Rooms, MICE, F&B, Outlets, Spa, Leisure, Golf and Retail. Praxis Hospitality Advice and assistance to improve business profitability, reporting and development. Areas covered include sales and marketing, revenue management and cost control - covering food and beverage and operational expenses. Areas of expertise also include finance, spanning reporting, cashflows, budgeting and forecasting, balance sheets, acquisition and disposals. The Safer Group Ltd Specialists in online food safety training, The Safer Food Group offer a range of courses at best-in-market prices to ensure your staff are compliant in the most cost and time effective way possible. WeddingDates WeddingDates works with hotels and venues all over the UK to fill gaps in their diary with wedding bookings. With guaranteed bookings or your money back, it is a no risk way to drive additional revenue for the coming year.

Promotional Products Peeks the Event Makers Everything you need for your celebration or event. Choose from a huge range of party supplies, themed props, table decorations and seasonal supplies with next day delivery available. Swan Mill Paper Company Ltd Swan Mill Paper Company are the UK’s largest manufacturer of disposable napkins. Offering paper tableware, Christmas products and catering accessories to suit all occasions and budgets.



Equinox Equinox was formed to help companies get the right advice and service for their needs. We work with companies from sole traders to international corporates and national carriers. As an independent telephony broker, we have access to the whole market, across all forms of telecommunications. Fidelity Payment Processing Limited The Fidelity team consists of seasoned professionals who understand the value of helping merchants stay in compliance, working with them to qualify for the best pricing. We have spent countless hours on site with merchants analysing processing statements for savings, training employees, reprogramming and installing all types of credit card systems, trouble shooting technical problems, helping fight fraud and chargeback issues. Sales and service of your account are performed by the same representative to ensure quality and provide a stable point of contact. Guestline Guestline are experts in revenue generating software technology, enabling hotels and serviced apartment providers of all sizes to achieve maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate.

Omega Signs Limited Providers of professionally designed and crafted business signs for commercial, retail and leisure. Delivering signage to some of the UK’s top brands and specialising in the hotel and leisure industry.

Interserve One of the largest and most trusted water and fire service companies in the UK, Interserve ensure businesses are fully compliant with health and safety regulations giving them the ability to manage these systems safely and efficiently.

Taylor & Pickles Ltd Taylor & Pickles are specialist sign suppliers operating on a national basis. A multi disciplined sign company, producing signage schemes across hospitality, healthcare and leisure markets.

Liberty-i With our hospitality and public access wi-fi solutions we can make expectations happen, we’ll ensure your public access experience is as efficient and hassle free as your visitors will expect.

Stationery & Print Badgemaster Ltd As the UKs leading British badge manufacturer, Badgemaster service over 27,000 accounts, processing on average 5,000 orders per week. Proud to be award-winning suppliers to the hospitality industry offering 10% discount for Beacon customers. Office Depot UK Limited World class providers of office furniture and business technologies, available at outstanding pricing for Beacon customers. Ryedale Group Ryedale Group has more than 55 years experience in printing, design, work wear and marketing solutions for a wide range of businesses. We use the latest equipment and technologies to produce cost effective solutions for the hotel, leisure and hospitality industry. UYR UYR is an industry-leading print and design facility with a full service capability. From high volume point of sale material production to creative re-branding and corporate identity ideas, their team have a breadth of experience across many sectors.

Utilities & Services Ambius Interior planting, exterior grounds maintenance and landscaping, fresh flower displays, replica displays, premium scenting, Christmas displays, winter services gritting and snow clearing. BOC Sureserve Do you realise how important CO2 is for dispensing drinks? It affects the taste, the appearance and the enjoyment of drinks - BOC Sureserve is the UK’s leading supplier of food grade dispense gas providing safe and high quality gas nationwide. Beacon partners benefit from up to 50% off list prices with BOC. Calor Gas Calor is the UK’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), providing thousands of businesses in the UK, who operate off the gas grid with their energy needs. Beacon customers benefit from up to 50% discount on all tank rentals through Calor.

Managed Waste Solutions Ltd Expert suppliers of waste management solutions to Beacon customers in healthcare, hospitality and leisure sectors. Also offering best in market washroom solutions to businesses in the UK. Olleco Olleco supply quality cooking oils, recycle waste food into renewable energy and convert organic waste into green fuels. Expert suppliers of waste management solutions to businesses across the UK. PHS Group Ltd Leading UK workplace services supplier, specialising in washroom services, water coolers, plant rental, data shredding and much more. Beacon customers benefit from enhanced commercial terms. Pulse Business Energy Limited Pulse Business Energy is a fast-growing and award winning UK business energy broker with a fresh approach to business energy procurement and utilities cost management. Pyrotec Fire Protection Ltd Pyrotec have been offering the best in fire safety to Beacon customers for over 10 years. With fire safety suited to individual requirements, businesses can be confident Pyrotec will keep them compliant, safe and secure. Rentokil Pest Control As Britain’s leading provider of pest control, Rentokil technicians have the expertise to protect businesses across the country from pests and other problems. Rentokil provide fast, reliable and effective solutions to pest control of any kind. The Energy Desk Reduce utility bills with TED, the end to end energy management company delivering gas and electric purchasing services to reduce your commercial fuel cost. Helping every size of company in every location reduce their energy consumption and use it more intelligently.

Workwear Alexandra Purchased through Office Depot for Beacon customers, Alexandra is the UK’s leading supplier of uniforms to the healthcare, hospitality, leisure and catering industries. Simon Jersey Ltd Simon Jersey are one of the pioneers of the corporate clothing industry, with over 40 years of experience designing market leading innovative uniforms that project a strong brand image for clients with a focus on customer service excellence.


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Beckon Magazine, Edition 4, July 2017  
Beckon Magazine, Edition 4, July 2017