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Diversity & Inclusion in Berwyn



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By Linze Rice, Pink House Media

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Berwyn Magazine! With the third quarter of 2020 now behind us, we can take a moment to reflect on 3/4’s of the year and gain momentum to forge through this last quarter. This summer was not what we expected, and we know that it was not always easy. I’m truly proud of our Berwyn community for rising to the challenge. A big part of what makes Berwyn special during the warmer months is our incredible events that bring people together to enjoy our business corridors, meet their neighbors, and support local businesses. While we had to cancel in-person events, the spirit of the season continued: in virtual happy hours, online business roundtables, and a socially distant car parade. We prioritized the health and safety of our residents above all. We also encouraged the community to shop locally and support our businesses as much as possible. Because of this support, Berwyn remains strong and resilient. 2020 has not only challenged our economic structures, business models, personal health, and physical connections with loved ones, but also our understanding of diversity, inclusion and our willingness to stand up for what we know in our core is wrong. We have learned that words matter, but actions speak volumes. As an organization whose mission is focused on supporting Economic Development and Marketing, we took pause to dissect how the work that we do supports not only our local economy but also our neighbors who – as 2020 has shown us – have not felt welcomed. Despite this challenging year, the BDC remains committed to assisting our businesses. While some activity slowed down, we continued to enjoy progress on a number of redevelopment projects. The southeast corner of Ogden and Harlem Avenues saw the completion and opening of the community’s second Starbucks. We look forward to the new 7-Eleven opening in the fourth quarter. Outside of redevelopment, we focused the bulk of our efforts on connecting the business community with local, state, and federal recovery resources. We advocated for access to programs such as the Paycheck Protection Program, the Illinois Business Interruption Grant, and the Cook County COVID-19 Business Recovery Fund, among others. The BDC helped direct millions of dollars to our businesses, bolstering their ability to adapt and respond to our new normal. That said, our businesses still need your support. We know that Berwyn will emerge from these challenging times, stronger than ever. I’m excited for what this community will achieve next.



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PRESIDENT Andy Sotiropoulos VICE PRESIDENT Anthony Belcaster VICE PRESIDENT Richard “Jousef” Mondragon TREASURER Nora Laureto

Dorothy Chiero Georgina Diaz Ana Gama Olivia Lares Paul Macchione Mario Manfredini Gilbert Peña Jamie Revell

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Program Coordinator Judy Saraceno-Swenson Director of Operations and Special Events Sande Brennan Project Manager, Community Development Ryan Arnold Marketing & Member Engagement Specialist Dolores Hernandez Community Development Specialist Kendra Shaw

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Welcome to the Neighborhood! Local businesses are the backbone of our community! The City of Berwyn and BDC are proud to welcome new businesses with ribbon cuttings. #BuyBerwyn


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A word from the BDC on Diversity & Inclusion in Berwyn. The Berwyn Development Corporation has never simply been about economic development, marketing, or business relationships. We are, at our core, a community organization. Since the BDC’s inception, we have grappled with how best to communicate our community’s values. Berwyn is a place that celebrates its diversity. Since the launch of the WhyBerwyn? marketing campaign over 10 years ago, we have highlighted our openness and tolerance for members of diverse communities – be it our Latinx neighbors, LGBTQIA+ residents, or our budding artists. We recognized that priorities, like our community, change over time. This is why we work diligently each year to listen to resident feedback and adjust our campaign messaging. One of the best ways we know how to measure the community’s values is by simply asking. This is why we launched the Community Survey in the summer of 2019 with three main goals: (1) engage the community; (2) gather information; and (3) identify steps that the City can take towards addressing priority areas. From this survey, the community identified diversity and inclusion as both a success and an opportunity. Survey results led to the scheduling of a Community Strategic Planning Session; BDC staff went to great lengths to ensure participants accurately reflected the diversity within the community. From this process, we drafted a Community Strategic Plan (available on our website) and identified 10 action items to specifically address our deficiencies with diversity and inclusion. We value investments in our community and have dedicated philanthropic dollars to a number of causes over the years. These include the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. mural project, the Berwyn Public Art Initiative, senior food service drive through, teen impact, and Youth Crossroads, Inc., among others. While these steps have been proactive, we recognize that the BDC has not done enough. In May of 2020, our country faced a reckoning on race relations that created a national dialogue. Berwyn was no exception. Since the protests, the BDC has taken steps to respond to and better address our own shortcomings. Our efforts since May have been largely driven by BDC staff suggestions and resident feedback. It’s important to listen, collaborate, and set a path forward that we can stand behind. This summer our staff worked diligently to rewrite and present a new mission statement we all felt proud standing behind. This newly accepted mission has continued to spur dialogue and action. We also began conducting quarterly diversity and inclusion training for all staff and semi-annually for our Board. We’ve identified the need to solidify loose partnerships with organizations that put in the long hours to support our minority-owned businesses. We published a “Diversely Owned” section on our website to provide resources to minority-owned businesses and to specifically list entrepreneurs that have self-identified as minority-owned. Not all businesses wish to go public about their self-identification and we respect that. In August we celebrated Black Business month, and in September-October we celebrated and highlighted Hispanic Heritage month, and Women in Small Business month in October. We accept that these visible actions are seen as symbolic, but we feel strongly in our core that these are just a few steps forward in a long road ahead. Perhaps the largest step we have taken to engage with the community on diversity in the past 4 months is a follow-up to our Community Survey. In September of 2020, we released the Diversity and Inclusion Survey to measure community sentiment on a more specific set of questions. We partnered with the national polling firm Polco on this survey for a number of reasons: Polco offered this particular survey free of charge, the survey was professional and standardized, and we knew the survey worked based on the feedback from other communities that had used it. We look forward to sharing the results of this survey with the community before the end of the year. Our hope is that the information gathered can assist in shaping our community’s programs and services moving forward. We will continue to accept feedback about our WhyBerwyn? Campaign, whether positive or negative. At the end of the day, this is a campaign that needs to be a true representation of who we are as a community. In the last two years, we have continued to shift the placement of the campaign to communities beyond the north side of Chicago. We need to allow all of Chicagoland the opportunity to see the assets that Berwyn holds, and the potential for new residents to contribute to our community. We’ve worked hard to highlight a better representation of our residents in the campaign. These individuals aren’t just a flashy marketing ploy; they are our neighbors. We see them for the unique character that they contribute to Berwyn, and we need to value them as such. The BDC has taken many steps, both proactive and reactive, to address the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the community. Our work is not done. We hope you will join us in building a better, stronger, and more inclusive Berwyn. BDC’s Mission: To lead and promote those activities that support equitable economic growth for all community stakeholders in Berwyn. BDC’s Vision: We will endeavor to develop policies and procedures that all Berwyn residents and stakeholders can contribute to and benefit from economic opportunities. We seek to identify and address any barriers that minority-owned businesses face in attaining economic opportunities. As a result, the BDC has developed programs and partnerships with community organizations to specifically assist minority-owned businesses and will continue to expand on those as appropriate.

BPAI Installs BLM Mural in Berwyn In light of our efforts we were excited about BPAI and the community to lobby for a BLM mural in Berwyn. The Berwyn Public Art Initiative held a series of Listening Session in collaboration with the City of Berwyn’s Office of the Mayor to gather feedback to guide the public art installation. Residents voiced their personal experiences, concerns, and hopes for the BLM mural installation. Private donations exclusively funded the project. Seventeen artists collaborated for two days to install a mural that inspires hope and the vision for a world built on love, justice, and equity. The mural, completed on October 4, 2020, can be viewed in the east side parking lot of City Hall, 6700 W. 26th St., Berwyn, IL.

Photo by Josel Tolentino


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Journalist Natalie Moore of WBEZ

The 2021 Season includes a new musical featuring Chicago icons Carmen Roman and James Leaming, as well as a new play by South Side journalist Natalie Moore of WBEZ. Join us virtually on Sat Dec 1 at 4:00 PM to see actors perform excerpts from our upcoming season. Subscribe and donate now at 16thstreettheater.org. Thank you for keeping theater in Berwyn live!

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Send a letter to the North Pole with LETTERS TO SANTA at the Berwyn Park District. Make sure that Santa receives your letter between November 13 and December 11 by dropping it in our special mailboxes or sending it electronically to santa@ berwynparks.org. You will find mailboxes at Komensky and Piper schools, Proksa, Freedom, Smirz, and Hessler parks, as well as throughout the Berwyn Depot District. Please be sure to include a legible return address and the name of your child’s school or home address so that Santa can write back. Visit berwynparks.org for more information!

NORTH BERWYN PARK DISTRICT 1619 S Wesley Ave | Berwyn, IL 60402 | (708) 749-4900 | nbpd4fun.org ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly with the North Berwyn Park District! Imagine your little one’s face when they receive their FREE, personalized phone call from Santa Claus himself! Register for Santa’s Calling by December 14. Calls will be made on December 18. Register your House for a chance to be crowned the jolliest of them all in NBPD’s House Decorating contest. Register by December 15. Houses will be judged December 17. Make sure to let Santa know your little one has been very good this year. Write a letter and drop it off at Santa’s Mailbox located at NBPD’s Community Center by December 15. Please make sure to include a return address so that Santa can respond back. Holiday photo sessions coming soon, please stay tuned for more info. Visit nbpd4fun.org for more information on these events.



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The Berwyn Public Health District is in the fight against COVID-19 with you. Our COVID Defense Team helps educate and assist Berwyn business owners in understanding and implementing COVID-19 health guidelines. The Team is on the scene when restaurants and bars are open for business. We donated $10,000 to Alivio Medical Center’s COVID-19 testing project. We provided grants to area food pantries to help keep their shelves stocked. In September, we helped provide free COVID-19 tests to 975 people.

2701 S Harlem Ave | Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 795-8000 | berwynlibrary.org The Berwyn Library is excited to share that they are open and ready to serve you safely, with curbside pick-up, patron capacity limits, and frequent sanitation routines. Visit berwynlibrary. org/covid-19 for a full list of rules and guidelines. If you are not ready to come inside the library, no problem. They have increased online programming and offsite joint partnerships, and expanded their streaming services for books and movies. Whether in person, online, or offsite, the library has something for everybody!

May 2021 bring you and your family happiness and health and for all of us relief from COVID-19. WASH YOUR HANDS – WEAR YOUR MASKS – WATCH YOUR DISTANCE Best wishes, Margaret Paul Health District President and City Clerk

BERWYN RECREATION DEPARTMENT 6501 W 31st St Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 788-2010 berwynrecreation.com

Education COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT 527 MORTON COLLEGE 3801 S Central Ave | Cicero, IL 60804 (708) 656-8000 | morton.edu

The Berwyn Recreation Center has offered Adult Fall Softball Leagues. We are entering our 3rd week of games at Janura Park during the week. Stop by and catch a game while social distancing. For more information go to our website .

BERWYN TOWNSHIP 708 COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH BOARD P.O. Box 497 | Berwyn, IL 60402 (312) 731-5912 | berwyn-mental-health-board.com For 46 years, Berwyn Township 708 Community Mental Health Board has supported Berwyn residents affected by mental health conditions, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders through grants to nonprofit organizations. In 2020-2021, the 708 Board is proud to partner with: • Children’s Center of Cicero-Berwyn • Community Support Services • Housing Forward • Infant Welfare Society • NAMI Metro Suburban • Oak-Leyden Developmental Services • Pillars Community Health • Proviso Children’s Advocacy Center • Sarah’s Inn • Solutions for Care • UCP Seguin Services • Way Back Inn • West Suburban Special Recreation Association • Youth Crossroads Nonprofits serving Berwyn residents may request 2020-2021 grant applications beginning December 14, 2020. Visit www.berwyn-mental-health-board.com funding for information.

Morton College, the second oldest community college in Illinois, was founded in 1924 to meet the educational demands in the growing communities of Berwyn, Cicero, Forest View, Lyons, McCook, Stickney, and other near-western suburbs. Students have multiple ways to get involved and meet their fellow classmates. Outside of campus-facilitated events, such as New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, student success workshops, and regional and national conferences, there are 20 clubs and organizations ranging in interests. Participating students have the opportunity to join these organizations and meet new people, as well as build their resume and add to their leadership or team experiences. We are bettering ourselves so our students can continue to do the same. When our students are successful, we’re successful— there’s no other way around it.


It Takes A Village In 2020, Berwyn school districts and the families they serve found themselves in an unprecedented situation due to COVID-19. Here’s how they’ve persevered. It’s been a school year like no other, but Berwyn schools and families have risen to the challenge. We spoke with just a few of the dedicated educators leading the charge in each of the city’s three school districts to ask them how they’ve adapted to the pandemic, what good things their schools have been doing, and how they’re still finding joy in education — even from a safe distance.

BERWYN NORTH SCHOOL DISTRICT 98 Includes Havelicek, Jefferson and Prairie Oak elementary schools; and Lincoln Middle School 6633 W 16th St | Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 484-6200 | bn98.org

How They’re Adapting Flexibility in remote instruction has been key to helping Berwyn North School District 98 adapt to the changing times, said Superintendent Dr. Michelle Smith. That has meant providing a mix of virtual learning, group work, and independent workdays, as well as ensuring teachers are present in their online classrooms throughout the full day and providing extra support to students in the district’s special education program. The district has also been working behind the scenes to explore ways to bring students back into the classroom, while simultaneously improving the quality of its remote instruction plan.

Superintendent Dr. Michelle Smith


Article by your neighbor, Linze Rice, Pink House Media

What They’ve Been Up To North Berwyn schools have been providing “as much normal as possible” given the circumstances, Smith said. The district held a virtual version of its annual “Back to School Night,” hosted a Halloween event, and held a virtual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in October. They’ve also worked hard to keep students engaged while virtual learning. To help cut down on screen fatigue, the district shortened classes, and many teachers provide remote instruction from their regular classrooms. “The pandemic has not changed our teachers’ commitment to the students we serve,” she said.

Hopes for the Future Despite the circumstances, there have been some valuable takeaways for the district, Smith said — including some things it hopes to continue well into the future, such as new technologies. “It is my sincere hope that education does not go back to exactly the way it looked prior to the pandemic,” the superintendent said. “The daily use of technology should now be the expectation. We went from having some computers in every school, to providing every student with a Chromebook. Hotspots were also provided to families who needed WiFi.” She also praised the adaptability of the teachers in the district for their ability to quickly take on new digital tools and teaching methods, like Google Classroom, Google Meets, and Zoom. “This experience also reminded us that educators are capable of amazing things,” Smith said. “I’m proud to say that with all the changes, my teachers are doing great work.”


BERWYN SOUTH SCHOOL DISTRICT 100 Includes Emmerson, Hiawatha, Irving, Komensky, Pershing and Piper elementary schools; and Heritage and Freedom middle schools 3401 S Gunderson Ave | Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 795-2300 | bsd100.org Article by your neighbor, Linze Rice, Pink House Media

How They’re Adapting Superintendent Dr. Mary Havis said District 100 has made it a priority to ensure all students have the resources they need to learn remotely. Those efforts include providing families with mobile hotspots so they can access the internet, and investing in the learning platform Seesaw, which allows elementary students and families to communicate with teachers. Educators have also created daily schedules for their students that include a mix of live lessons, one-on-one instruction, small support groups, and independent activities.

Superintendent Dr. Mary Havis

To replicate the spirit of classroom camaraderie, District 100 schools continue to lead daily announcements, sing the school song together, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. So far, the strategy has been paying off — the district has consistently had over a 96% attendance rate since the start of the school year, according to Havis. “Our preschool students, staff, and parents have demonstrated that it is absolutely possible for our youngest students to be successful in a virtual model,” Havis said. “It has been amazing to see teachers and families partner to help all students be successful.”

What They’ve Been Up To Like other districts, District 100 has been busy implementing strategies to keep students and staff safe, while also making remote learning fun and engaging. These moves are supported by years of investment in technology, infrastructure, professional development, and digital learning resources. “I would say our greatest achievement has been the ability to shift to a fully remote environment, essentially overnight,” Havis said. “I am so proud of the teachers in District 100 for the countless hours they have spent preparing for and teaching students virtually while prioritizing their social emotional needs.”


“The situation we find ourselves in today only exemplifies who we are as a district and a community, and highlights why Berwyn is such a special place,” the superintendent added.

What’s New This year, District 100 welcomed two new principals to its team: Leticia Valadez at Komensky Elementary School, and Tim Broduer at Freedom Middle School. Havis said the two seasoned educators were a perfect match for the district, particularly now. “The addition of Leticia and Tim to our D100 team this year has been inspiring,” she said. “They have brought with them experience, new ideas and perspectives, student-centered philosophies, and excellent leadership for our district.” Born in the Mexican state of Jalisco, Valadez immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of 9. Prior to becoming principal at Komensky, Valadez served as an educator and school leader for 17 years, working in everything from special education to bilingual classroom instruction, to teaching middle school math and being a principal in the Melrose Park community. “My students have been my greatest source of inspiration; they have taught me more about myself than I could have imagined,” Valadez said. “It’s my belief that educators serve as mirrors of hope and inspiration for all children, and I am committed to...ensure that all students take pride in their cultural heritage while being inspired, empowered, and actively engaged in their education.”

New Principal Leticia Valadez, Komensky Elementary School

Before joining the Freedom team, Brodeur served the past four years as the assistant principal for the Freshman Academy and Student Activities at Morton West, and previously held positions as dean of students and director of student life. He is also a K-12 certified art teacher and currently working on earning a PhD. In his free time, Brodeur said he and his partner — along with their Corgi, Crouton — enjoy cooking, traveling, home improvement, and running. “My high school students have always been very proud of their middle school, and I would say that Freedom students are perhaps just a bit prouder!” Brodeur said. New Principal Tim Brodeur, Freedom Middle School Pre-K Teacher Elizabeth Budz

Hopes for the Future Amongst the biggest lessons the district has learned during the pandemic has been the value of strong partnerships with the district’s parents and families, Supt. Havis said. “The South Berwyn community has embraced our schools and has demonstrated time after time the commitment to the education and well-being of kids,” she said. Looking forward, Havis said her district is excited to slowly and safely bring students back to in-person learning, as well as expand extracurricular programs and clubs that can be held safely in-person and remotely. “While this year looks different than previous years, our students deserve to receive the same high-quality education, access to their teachers and support staff, and extra-curricular experiences as they would if we were fully in-person,” Havis said. The District 100 staff is committed to making that happen.”

Care regardless of your insurance status 2 locations in Berwyn Celebrating 100 years in 2021

Medical & Dental Mental Health & Addictions Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Prevention Education and Outreach


708-PILLARS (708-745-5277) www.PillarsCommunityHealth.org 11

J. STERLING MORTON HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 201 Includes Morton East & West high schools 5801 W Cermak Rd | Cicero, IL 60804 (708) 222-5700 | jsmort.schoolwires.net Article by your neighbor, Linze Rice, Pink House Media

How They’re Adapting

Morton West High Schoo Knowledge Cente

The District 201 community has worked hard this year to adapt to a remote learning situation while providing a sense of structure, encouragement, and normalcy for its students, said Principal Kristine Cavanaugh and Dr. Timothy Truesdale, superintendent of the district. To support students, the district has made the high school building available throughout the day, provided meals and COVID care kits, offered both in-person and virtual office hours and tech support, weekly newsletters with helpful tips from the school’s social worker, and a calendar-based system for students to easily schedule remote and in-person meetings. Additionally, they have worked with the district’s school resource officer to create orientation sessions and class presentations. “Students continue to impress us with their remarkable attendance and participation in their learning,” Cavanaugh said. “Teachers are also doing an amazing job connecting with students and families. They’re working very hard to create a warm and engaging classroom environment through remote learning.” Morton West High School Principal Kristine Cavanaugh

Reflective pond at Morton West High School

What They’ve Been Up To To help families stay engaged and build relationships with staff and fellow students while remote learning, the district introduced several new initiatives this year, such as Coffee with the Principal on the first Thursday of each month, and Feel Good Fridays. Cavanaugh also sends out a weekly email newsletter and hosted a virtual open house. To keep in touch with families, the district has created a parent liaison for parental support, offered technical help, and opened its guidance office for grade-specific meetings. The district is also working to maximize the potential of remote learning. The Project Lead the Way curriculum in culinary and engineering programs helped bolster excitement in the virtual classroom, and painting and sculpture kits increased hands-on learning while at home. The Dear Evan Hansen book club encourages reading between freshman students and their parents, and partnerships with Youth Crossroads and Northeastern Illinois University have provided layers of support for families. The school’s Knowledge Center is also a key resource during the pandemic: book clubs, the scholar society, engineering programs, and more still utilize the space. To inject a bit of normalcy and fun into the school year, Morton West has hosted a number of events, such as the Night at the Drive-in Talent Showcase, a sidewalk chalk event, virtual club fair, an assembly for Hispanic Heritage Month, and several community service initiatives.


ol er

What’s New Despite the year’s challenges, Morton West remains a model Professional Learning Community. The district was also recognized as having the highest participation in Advanced Placement exams and increase in percentage of scores eligible for college credit, and was named a Microsoft Showcase School — “an elite group of schools that exemplify the most exceptional teaching and learning in the world today.” It also strengthened its health and P.E. programs, providing fitness watches for all freshman students. Additionally, it collaborated with the school’s resource officer and Youth Crossroads for activity days and support outreach. Partnerships with the Berwyn and Stickney libraries have also opened new opportunities for students, including book and movie reviews. A number of District 201 students are also on-track to earn the Seal of Biliteracy — an award for students who master multiple languages.

Superintendent Dr. Timothy Truesdale

Morton West Talent Showcase

Morton West Theather Workshop

Hopes for the Future While the district’s main hope is for students to return to in-school learning again, it’s also looking at ways to increase ways for kids to learn remotely. Cavanaugh ultimately aims to continue making progress on the district’s long-time goals: improving graduation rates, seeing kids in college or post-secondary education, helping students earn an associate’s degree by the time they graduate high school — and earning more athletic champion titles. “There is a lot of promise for student learning via technology,” Truesdale said. “I think these conditions have forced us to facilitate student engagement in new ways, like collaborating virtually and using technology in ways we hadn’t in the past.”

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Keeping up with our health often takes the back seat in our lives. Now more than ever, it’s important that we make sure everybody is healthy. Luckily, Berwyn residents have plenty of choices when it comes to taking care of your needs at every stage in life. Whether it be a specific issue, quick check up or to relieve everyday stress, here are some providers in the area to get you started on a path to whole body wellness.

MacNeal Hospital Heroes MacNeal Hospital | (708) 783-9100 3249 S Oak Park Ave | Berwyn, IL 60402 macnealhospital.org Health care heroes at MacNeal Hospital regularly achieve national recognition for outstanding patient care. In 2020, MacNeal received the Get With The Guidelines®Stroke GOLD Plus Award from the American Heart Association (AHA). MacNeal was also named to the AHA’s Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll this year, as well as a Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospital by IBM Watson Health and a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Blue Distinction Center for Cardiac Care. Patients at MacNeal receive compassionate care that goes above and beyond exceptional medical treatment. Learn more at macnealhospital.org.

Healthy Kids are Happy Kids Morton Family Dental of Berwyn | (708) 484-6847 6931 W Cermak Rd | Berwyn, IL 60402 dentistinberwyn.com The Morton Family Dental team adapts all treatments and services to meet your child’s needs. Whether it’s special equipment or an overall gentle touch, they do everything in their power to help your child have a great dental experience. Dental needs are different for baby teeth and developing mouths, and that’s why their comprehensive exams include preventive care and oral hygiene instruction designed specifically for your child’s needs. The team at Morton Family Dental is invested in your child’s future health as much as you are!

Youth Crossroads, Inc. | (708) 484-7400 6501 W Stanley Ave | Berwyn, IL 60402 youthcrossroads.org The mission of Youth Crossroads, Inc. (YC) is to guide, support and inspire local youth to reach their highest potential. Since 1975, YC has helped thousands of local youth navigate the challenges of growing up healthy and confident. Through mental health counseling, crisis intervention, afterschool academic and social-emotional enrichment, teen leadership training and community volunteer service, YC provides a range of opportunities for youth to imagine a brighter future for themselves and their community. Youth Crossroads relies on strong community collaboration to achieve results and is proud to partner with local school districts, police departments, government and other social service agencies to improve life for our young people and their families.

Senior Wellness Oak Street Health Clinic MSO, LLC | (312) 399 -1295 7000 W Cermak Rd | Berwyn, IL 60402 oakstreethealth.com Oak Street Health is here for you now more than ever. As you get older, primary care has never been more important. The team at Oak Street are experts at treating seniors and know what it takes to keep you happy, healthy, and out of the hospital. They provide great services and resources like an in-center pharmacy, community center, same or next day appointments, more time with your doctor, complimentary transportation and much more. So, talk to Oak Street Health about how they can better care for you.


Exceptional Care for Moms The Birth Center at PCC (708) 317-3035 PCC South Family Health Center 6201 W Roosevelt Rd Berwyn, IL 60402 pccwellness.org/birth-center-pcc [Vanessa Bly Photography]

PCC Community Wellness Center is home to Chicagoland’s only freestanding birth center, the Birth Center at PCC, located inside PCC South Family Health Center on Roosevelt Rd in Berwyn. In this home-like facility, mothers can give birth naturally with a team of certified nurse-midwives. The center has two birthing rooms complete with beds and tubs, family rooms, and a kitchen. PCC accepts Medicaid and many other insurance plans. For more information, please call the Birth Center at PCC at 708-317-3035.

HealthStop | (708) 447-9402 3635 S Harlem Ave | Berwyn, IL 60402 Healthstopmed.com In addition to family medicine, Dr. Jethani and the team at Healthstop offer preventative services that include Lipidology, Anti-Aging, and Bariatric/Obesity Medicine. They also provide services to address your acute healthcare needs, immediate care and women’s health services, as well as sports medicine. At Healthstop, their goal is to provide compassionate and expert care that addresses all your healthcare needs.

Lunges ‘n Lattes | (708) 317-5108 6805 W Stanley Ave Ste A Berwyn, IL 60402 lungesnlattes.com Lunges ‘n Lattes offers pre- and post-natal fitness classes, as well as private and semi-private training that can be customized to accommodate every stage of motherhood. A testimonial from Annie Hostetter, Lunges ‘n Lattes member & longtime Berwyn resident:

Meet the Doctors

Mental & Physical Wellness Go Well Together The Hostetter Family

“Being a part of Lunges ‘n Lattes has had a tremendously positive impact on me since I became part of the community about 4 years ago. This most recent spring and summer have been the most beneficial as I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I was able to work out multiple times a week in a Covid-safe environment with my peers. Instructors seamlessly gave me modifications throughout class and helped me maintain physical fitness and self-care. Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic and I now have 3 children, my delivery and recovery this time around has been the least difficult, physically and mentally. As a mental health professional and a mother, I can say without hesitation, that having Lunges and Lattes during pregnancy was a major part of my smooth pregnancy and successful post-partum experience.”

From left to right: Dr. Brad Wainer, Dr. Lori Weiss, Dr. Nadia Momin, Dr. Michael Gershberg, Dr. Matt Hsieh & Dr. Nejat Destani

Little Buddha | (630) 600-7368 Littlebuddhabydaisy@gmail.com littlebuddhabydaisy.com Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that’s been practiced for centuries for stress and anxiety reduction, as well as to help with any physical aches and pains. Reiki sessions can be done long distance or in person, and Daisy uses a mix of a few different modalities, such as essential oil aromatherapy, crystal, yoga and sound therapy. Reiki transformed Daisy’s life 4 years ago when she was not in the best mental space, and it brought her to find her true passion and direction in life. Now, she brings that healing energy to others by learning how to practice it herself. Email to learn more about customizable Reiki sessions and more.

Primary Care Associates | (708) 484-0042 | pricare.org 6840 W Windsor Ave | Berwyn, IL 60402

Overall Wellness for the Whole Family Attaining wellness and good health comes from participating in one’s own medical care. Don’t wait until you are feeling unwell to schedule an appointment with your doctor. It’s important to get regular preventive checkups to maintain vigor and to avoid falling sick. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and identifying and changing unhealthy habits are also beneficial against falling sick. Obtaining wellness requires dedication and attention and may seem daunting, but the team at Primary Care Associates is there to guide you every step of the way to get you feeling your healthiest.

Going Beyond Counseling Services | (708) 772-1117 3245 S Grove Ave Ste 206 | Berwyn, IL 60402 Taking care of your mental health is extremely important. Going Beyond Counseling Services offers a team of dedicated bilingual (Spanish speaking) Licensed Clinicians and Counselors carefully selected to meet your needs. Services include individual, couples and family therapy to children, adolescence and adults, with the option for online or in-person sessions in a comfortable atmosphere.


DEVELOPING BERWYN B erwyn continues to support the resiliency of our business community as we transition back to a new normal. With the help of the City of Berwyn and the Berwyn Development Corporation (BDC), businesses are innovating and taking advantage of available resources to continue operations. We know times are tough, but we will continue to create new programs and services to address the rapidly changing realities that our businesses face. In 2020, the BDC committed new dollars to the Finish Line Grant program. This grant program is geared towards assisting business and property owners with the rehabilitation and renovation of buildings in our TIF districts. The goal of the program is not only to assist in redevelopment projects but also to increase the economic viability of our community. Eligible projects include marketing costs from March of 2020 onward, as well as rehabilitation or construction on a commercial property. So far this year, the BDC has committed more than $40,000 to 14 projects. While impressive, the BDC has available funding of over $460,000 remaining this year. If you have a project in mind, make sure you reach out to Brett Michaelson at Brettm@berwyn.net or by calling (708) 749-6582. In August of 2020, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity released their winners of the Business Interruption Grant (BIG) program. The BIG program is designed to provide economic relief to businesses hardest hit by the pandemic. 23 Berwyn businesses were awarded grant funding totaling $390,000.


7-Eleven & Starbucks Nearing Completion Construction is now complete for the redevelopment of the southeast corner of Harlem Ave and Ogden Ave. Starbucks hosted a grand opening on September 24th, and we expect the new 7-Eleven to open early in Q4 of 2020. These tenants will make great additions to the already robust business mix along one of Berwyn’s busiest commercial corridors.

Cermak & Oak Park Construction is now underway for the southeast corner of Cermak Road and Oak Park Ave. This redevelopment will preserve a portion of the original building, while creating new and much-needed parking for a medical office user. This redevelopment project will add to the already strong cluster of medical professionals that call our community home.

Tips from a Realtor For the majority of people, the purchase or sale of a home is their largest single investment. Having the right real estate team means having an agent who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise in your local market.

Luis Ortiz RE/MAX Partners Team Luis Ortiz 6420 W Cermak Rd Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 484-2300 luisortizsells@gmail.com Tips for Sellers: Don’t Over-Upgrade Quick fixes before selling always pay off. Extreme makeovers, not so much. You probably won’t get your money back if you do a huge improvement project before you put your house on the market. Instead, do updates that will pay off and get you top dollar. Get a new fresh coat of paint on the walls, replace door handles, cabinet hardware, make sure closet doors are on track, fix leaky faucets and clean the grout. Schedule an appointment so a Real Estate Professional can guide if you are thinking of selling before starting to remodel.

Tips for Buyers: Make Two Lists List what you need in a home then what you want. Wants are all the things that would make you happy in a new home but aren’t necessarily deal breakers, like hardwood floors throughout or a fireplace. Dream homes do exist, but depending on the price range, location, your wish list and current market conditions, expectations can sometimes be unrealistic. Refer back to your list of must-have home features and remember you can make renovations or upgrades down the road.

Tips from a Mortgage Expert If you’re ready to take the first steps to owning your own home, the process is simpler than you think. There are many loan options for first-time buyers out there, and it’s important to have a loan officer to guide you every step of the way in finding what works best for you. Here are 3 key tips to keep in mind when starting the process.

The experts at Wintrust Mortgage are there to help well in advance to make sure you have good credit, enough saved for a down payment, and have time to pay down debt that could hold you back from getting your dream home. Start collecting your pay stubs for the last 30 days, bank account statements for the last 2 months, W-2 and tax returns for the last years. Start your Prequalification by contacting Julisa at jsanchez@wintrustmortgage.com. It’s a fast, secure process that can help you understand your loan options, budget, down payment and more. Plus, doing so makes you more attractive to potential sellers.

Julisa Sanchez CRA Area Manager Wintrust Mortgage NMLS #215431 400 W Lake St Elmhurst, IL 60126 (630) 758-1300 jsanchez@wintrustmortgage.com



FAMILY Big Guys Sausage Stand 7021 W Roosevelt Rd | Berwyn, IL (708) 317-5213 | bigguyssausage.com Let Big Guys do all the work so you can have more time with your loved ones. Every weekend, Big Guys offers NEW Family Pack dinners for 6 with leftovers! Big Guys has become a Berwyn staple on Roosevelt Road and their Thanksgiving catering has even been featured on Windy City Live. This will mark their 9th year catering to Berwyn families on Thanksgiving Day. Be sure to follow their Facebook to learn about all their daily specials. Another perk about having your holiday meal catered by Big Guys is you can order everything through their website hassle free!

Flapjack Brewery 6833 W Stanley Ave | Berwyn, IL (708) 637-4030 | flapjackbrewery.com The perfect solution for your next family dinner? Make your own delicious Flapjack Brewery pizza at home! Their pizza kits include enough for 2 separate 12� pizzas: 2 dough balls, mozzarella & Parmesan cheese, San Marzano tomato sauce and your choice of sausage, pepperoni or vegetarian ingredients. You can also mix and match! Cooking instructions are included inside. Price: sausage or pepperoni $24.00/vegetarian $20.00. Those 21 and over, don’t forget to grab a 32oz crowler of your favorite brew to go!

Paisans Pizzeria & Bar 6226 W Ogden Ave | Berwyn, IL (708) 484-5325 | paisanspizza.com


Hosting the Holidays can be hard enough as it is. Now throw in a pandemic, quarantine and a Modelo shortage and things are really looking dire! Let Paisans take some of the stress out of this Thanksgiving with a fully catered meal. Their Thanksgiving Day package includes a roasted turkey with gravy, three sides of your choice, rolls and a pie, fit to serve 8 of your loved ones. Just follow their re-heating instructions, plate it, and serve. All you need is an oven and bottle of wine (they can help with that, too!) Need more? Paisans can help you customize this package to your needs! Call the Berwyn location for pricing, questions and to place your order.

MEALS Whether it’s a mid-week treat, a special occasion, or a way to avoid cooking, Berwyn’s restaurants have delicious meal deals that will feed the whole family. Check out some of the mouth-watering options around town!

Tacos Y Salsa 6346 W 26th St | Berwyn, IL (708) 749-3581 | tacosysalsarestaurant.com If you’re in the mood for some delicious authentic Mexican cuisine, Tacos Y Salsa serves up some of the best around town. For your next family dinner, put their Mole con Pollo Family Meal Kit on the menu. This traditional Mexican meal serves 5 and includes a hearty serving of chicken layered with mole sauce and a generous portion of rice. Making mole sauce is a two-day process that includes various spices and ingredients, from sesame to pumpkin seeds, guajillo, almonds, chocolate, and an assortment of other dried peppers to add flavor. Please note, this dish is made with nuts.


The holiday season is looking a little different for all of us this year. Luckily, Berwyn has many local businesses that can make these winter months cheery and bright! Cozy up for a movie night, channel your inner Michelin-Star chef, or get started on holiday shopping with these Berwyn gems.

Tony’s Fresh Market 7111 W Cermak Rd | Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 683-4072 | tonysfreshmarket.com Looking to try out some new recipes or cocktails this season? Tony’s Fresh Market is your one stop shop. They have recipes for any meal you can think of on the Recipes section of their website, so you can try something new every day! The best part is you can find almost all the ingredients in store. Some recipes also include stepby-step video guides, like their Vegetable Chicken Alfredo. This simple yet insanely delicious veggie filled pasta dish takes only 30 minutes to prep and cook and serves 4-6 people. As a bonus, the mix of red peppers and broccoli make great holiday colors! Visit tonysfreshmarket.com/recipes and search Vegetable Chicken Alfredo for the recipe, ingredients list and step-by-step video. Bon Appetit!


There’s no place like Old Fashioned Candies for the holiday season! From chocolate novelties and boxed assortments to nostalgic candy and gourmet popcorn, they have it all. Gift some customized sweets to a loved one this holiday season or pick up your favorite movie treats and gourmet popcorn to pair with Binge Boxes, themed boxes of four films that can be checked out as one item at the Berwyn Public Library. The library also offers a Movies and Music Match service, where patrons answer a few questions and are matched with materials by their staff. Stop in at the library to browse their selection or place an order for Curbside Pickup at your convenience!

Reel Art Collectibles 6727 W Stanley Ave | Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 288-7378 | reelartcollectibles.com

Berwyn Public Library 2701 S Harlem Ave Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 795-8000 berwynlibrary.org

Old Fashioned Candies 6210 W Cermak Rd | Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 788-6669 | oldfashionedcandiesinc.com

Reel Art Collectibles is the perfect place for your holiday gift shopping! They’ll be opening up their entire collection of movie posters, comic books, toys and more vintage pop culture merchandise to the public during their famous Warehouse Sale. This year, the sale is two weeks long, running from December 2 through December 13. Find the perfect gifts for the collectors on your list or treat yourself to a new treasure or two! For the foodies in your life, look no further than Mario’s Marinara. Mario’s Marinara offers unique, small batch gifts that can be customized to fit every budget. Gift a piece of Berwyn to a loved one or gift one to yourself—you deserve it! Local pickup and delivery are available, and if you want to ship it, Mario will work with you. Email for design, pricing and delivery options. You can also pick up a jar of Mario’s Marinara at Avito Caffe and Tony’s Fresh Market in Berwyn. Check out some Recipes from The Firehouse and cook up some of Mario’s delicious award-winning dishes.

Urban Loggers Club urbanloggersclub.com

Recipes From The Firehouse Berwyn, IL mariosmarinara.com mariosmarinara@gmail.com

Fall weather in Chicago has been fantastic the last few years and makes for a perfect time to sit down in front of a fire on a mild evening. Have a fireplace at home? Throw a few logs over the fire and make your night in extra cozy. What a perfect way to relax after a long day, week, and especially year! Avoid the hassle of going to the store to pick up firewood—Urban Loggers Club is designed with the Urban Logger in mind, safely delivering small batch firewood directly to you. Customize your package by picking and choosing exactly which products—and how many—you want. Join The Urban Loggers Club for monthly delivery and receive club pricing. Take advantage of their BDC Fall Package: (3) Big Bundles & (2) Buckets O’ Wood, all for $35—that’s 20% off! This offer is valid through the end of November 2020. When ordering put “BDC Fall Package” in the “referral code” box on the order form. Check out their website for more details.


You only live once. That’s worth protecting. Eddy Mujica, Agent 6333 26th St Ste 1 Berwyn, IL 60402 Bus: 708-749-1335 www.myberwyninsurance.com Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm Saturday 9am-1pm

A conversation about life insurance now can make a big impact on your family (and even your retirement) later. LET’S TALK TODAY.


State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI) Bloomington, IL 1708142


Email info@berwyn.net and let us know you’d like to be included!

CLIP & SAVE For online “Hot Deals” coupons, visit WhyBerwyn.com and select

Shop & Dine

Support the businesses that support our community. #BuyBerwyn #KeepItLocal #SupportLocal

3118 S Oak Park Ave (708) 484-6126 awesomepestservices.com

6806 W 26th St (708) 749-1771 bennyspizzaberwyn.com



Protect your home from the invasion of rodents and insects.

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EXPIRES 1/31/2021

EXPIRES 1/31/2021

6715 W Ogden Ave (708) 484-1043 • stripesbbq.com

3144 S Home Ave (708) 795-7563 concordiaberwyn.org>PRESCHOOL




Now offering a FULL DAY program. EXPIRES 1/31/2021

7201 W Cermak Rd North Riverside (708) 442-7006 • chick-fil-a.com

BUY ONE SANDWICH, GET ONE FREE* *Sandwich of equal or lesser value. Offer valid ONLY at North Riverside location. EXPIRES 1/31/2021

6638-44 W 26th St (708) 788-4300 • jacksrental.com

20% OFF HOUSEHOLD RENTAL NEEDS* *Contractor/commercial rentals not included. EXPIRES 1/31/2021

7020 W Cermak Rd Berwyn, IL 60402 (708) 788-9200 • jwjewelers.com

$6 WATCH BATTERY REPLACEMENT* *Regularly $12.00, gasket/resealing extra.

EXPIRES 1/31/2021

6546 W Windsor Ave (708) 956-7405 • lavergnes.com

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6434 W Ogden Ave (708) 484-2222 michaelanthonyspizzeria.com


7018 W 16th St (708) 795-0700 sullivans-plumbing.com

ALL ONLINE ORDERS* with code: BDCNOV *Not valid with any other coupon, special or offer. All online orders must include code BDCNOV at checkout to receive discount at lavergnes.com/delivery.

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In the early 1980s, a contest was held to determine which laundromat would be given the title of “world’s largest.” Not only did it win, but World’s Largest Laundromat has been the undisputed champ ever since.


square feet

If you’re really into numbers, the World’s Largest Laundromat is your jam. But it’s what’s happening behind those numbers that makes this Berwyn icon the flagship store of the laundry industry. It’s what the laundromat does with its space and its tech that has landed it in newspapers and newscasts on every continent on the planet, except for Antarctica, and even grabbed the attention of French documentary filmmakers. Their summer reading program, Read to Ride, has not only resulted in tens of thousands of books read and 335 bikes given away, but led the laundry industry to jumpstart its own nationwide literacy initiatives. From educational programs on voter registration and immigration policies, to handling the laundry needs of local homeless shelters and nonprofit arts organizations, World’s Largest Laundromat has made knowing its community just as much its business as dirty shirts, pants and socks … even that one you’re always missing.


solar thermal panels

For the past twenty years, customers know that choosing the World’s Largest Laundromat isn’t just about clean clothes. It’s also about helping the environment. Each of the laundromat’s ten-by-six-foot solar panels converts free sunlight into hot water, which means loads of laundry are clean and green. This keeps costs and, in turn, prices down. World’s Largest Laundromat often says it has the best employees and customers in the world. And as an annual thank you to its community, the laundromat sponsors Berwyn’s annual Fourth of July Fireworks.

1 street named for the owner, Tom Benson

Covid-19 has changed the way everyone does business, and World’s Largest is no different. It increased its cleaning staff, added hand sanitizing stations for employees and customers, and brought in disinfecting specialists. Some of the amenities that covid has impacted – pizza Wednesdays and evening entertainers – will return when it’s safe to do so. The washers and dryers are the top of the line. The paperless payment options lead the industry. And the free WiFi lets parents get work done and kids research school projects while their laundry spins. But none of this is possible without the people who work there. World’s Largest Laundromat has a staff of over twenty cleaning and laundry professionals who, each week, help thousands of customers and handle thousands of pounds of laundry through their drop-off service. This place never closes and the staff is there every second to help, with a simple goal: For the World’s Largest Laundromat to be the cleanest and most family-friendly business you ever step inside of.

WORLD’S LARGEST LAUNDROMAT 6240-46 W Cermak Rd | Berwyn, IL 60402 24

(708) 749-1545 | worldslargestlaundromat.com



Self-Guided Berwyn Bungalow Tour (1 mile)

Central Berwyn Bungalow Historic District, Ridgeland Ave and 26th St; FREE; See more at berwyncityofhomes.com.

Known as the “City of Homes,” Berwyn proudly showcases a wide range of residential architecture — particularly the bungalowstyle home. One of the most concentrated collections of these residences in the United States lies within the Central Berwyn Bungalow Historic District, a neighborhood bound approximately by Cermak Road, Ridgeland Avenue, 26th Street, and Home Avenue that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2015. Check out the City of Homes website for a complete mapped listing of homes and take a selfguided tour through the district. How many types of bungalows can you identify?

Take the Train to Brookfield Zoo

(3 miles)

Just 3 miles to the east, Brookfield Zoo offers an exciting look into the lives of wild animals. Berwynners can easily access the zoo by hopping on Metra’s BNSF train line toward Aurora from any of the city’s three stops: LaVergne, Berwyn, or Harlem Avenue. Hop off at the Hollywood stop, then take a brief walk north straight to the South Entrance. Although the zoo’s indoor facilities are closed due to COVID-19, its sprawling outdoor spaces remain open. Want to feed some goats? Just bring two quarters to Hamill Family Wild Encounters and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand! Before you go, make sure to reserve your entrance time online.

From forest preserve trails, to historic walking tours, architectural admiration, and more — we’ve rounded up five of the best ways to experience the outdoors this fall from a safe social distance. Article & photos by your neighbor, Linze Rice, Pink House Media

Appreciate Art in the Depot District (1 mile) If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the public art on display throughout the Depot District is a novel that tells the story of Berwyn. Organized by the Berwyn Public Art Initiative, a mixture of murals, displays, sculptures and installations can be found throughout one of Berwyn’s most unique commercial districts. Check out BPAI’s website for an easy-to-follow walking tour map that makes for a perfect outdoor activity. Want to continue mural-spotting around town? Each school in North Berwyn has murals on their property! Berwyn Public Art Initiative Walking Tour, begin at Harlem and Stanley Aves; FREE; see more at berwynpublicartinitiative.org/public-art-walking-tour.

Brookfield Zoo, 8400 W. 31st St. in Brookfield; $24.95 (adults), $19.95 (seniors 65 and over), $17.95 (children 3 to 11), FREE for children 2 and under, and FREE on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Reserve a spot at czs.org/KnowBeforeYouGo.

Tour the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District in Oak Park (4 miles)

Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District, Oak Park; FREE or paid; See a walking tour map at www.chicago.curbed. com/maps/oak-park-frank-lloyd-wright-walking-tour. See a map of the district at www.oak-park.us/sites/ default/files/historic-preservation/historic-landmarks/ map_districts-landmarks_2018-04-10.pdf

Just north is the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District in Oak Park. The area, roughly defined by Harlem Ave, Ridgeland Ave, Lake St and Thomas St, is dotted with historic homes built, renovated or lived in by the famous Prairiestyle architect, who called Oak Park his home from 1889 to 1909. The suburb holds the country’s largest concentration of architecture in the Prairie School design, including 25 designs by Wright himself. There are 36 notable locations with a connection to the architect, with a favorite being Wright’s home and studio at 951 Chicago Ave. and the Nathan G. Moore House at 333 Forest Ave. While paid, guided tours are available, the district also makes for an ideal self-guided tour setting.

Hit the Cook County Forest Preserve Trails (5 miles) From Buffalo Grove to Chicago Heights, the Cook County Forest Preserve has an extensive network of parks and walking trails designed to keep you active and inspired in the outdoors – including many in nearby areas such as Riverside, Forest Park, Lyons and more. Trails are available as both paved and unpaved, with plenty of room for cycling, walking, running, hiking, or just spending leisure time outdoors. Cook County Forest Preserve Trails, various locations; FREE; Plan your route at https://map.fpdcc.com.



O Over 40 years of experience! | O Licensed, Bonded & Insured O Hot water heaters | O Sewer/Drain rodding O Re-Modeling | O RPz/Backflow Certified O Water Service & Sewer repair/replacement

Let Us Buy Your Home THE FNG WAY FNG Investments works directly with homeowners to purchase your home with cash without any hassles or stress.

Call 708-517-0003 or Visit Us Online for More Information FNGINVESTMENTS.COM info@fnginvestments.com

(708) 445-1741

Check us out on Facebook! f@clearviewplumbingsewer


The Kopicki Family is dedicated to continuing the ‘’Heritage’’ of service on which our family funeral business was founded. The Kopicki Family Funeral Resource Center is available to families, as well as social workers, to answer questions on any funeral related subjects at 800-557-5734 . Heritage Funeral Home 3117 S Oak Park Ave Berwyn, IL 60402 708-788-7775


Parkwyn Funeral Home 6901 W Roosevelt Rd Berwyn, IL 60402 708-788-0904

American Heritage Cremation 3117 S Oak Park Ave Berwyn, IL 60402 708-788-7776

Tower Home for Funerals 4007 Joliet Ave Lyons, IL 60534 708-447-7900

Berwyn Cicero Cremation Society 6901 W Roosevelt Rd Berwyn, IL 60402 708-788-7776


As we approach our 35th anniversary, we continue to be so grateful to our customers and community for all the support we have received over the years. We look forward to serving you for another 35 years and beyond! Thank you! Let’s Eat! 6226 W. Ogden Ave • Berwyn, IL 60402 • 708-484-5325

Profile for Berwyn Development Corporation

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