bazaar December 2019

Page 142

BREAKIE AT MAIS Enjoy the morning seaside view with Mais’s new breakfast menu!

By bazaar staff

We have had a particular spot in our hearts for all the food that is served at Mais Alghanim. From their promotional Modern Signatures menu, that is annually refreshed, to their classic menu items. Since the restaurant opened in 1953, the quality and taste has never let us down when we had cravings for authentic Lebanese flavors, and now their breakfast menu has finally launched at the restaurant's seaside branch on the Gulf Road. We enjoyed the lovely experience of trying out the "Breakfast At Mais" menu. While we were tasting all the dishes, we were enthralled by the seaside view in front of us. Even after many years, the picture-perfect view remains beautiful and breathtaking as it always has been, especially in the morning. The feast first began with the cold appetizers, which included a selection of bread and jams in a basket, along with a platter of vegetables and a cheese platter with different kinds of cheese such as Shallal, Baladi, Kashkaaval and Halloumi. As cheesy as it sounds, you can't say "Lebanese food," without Labneh, and Mais gave us the creamiest Labneh filled with green olives and olive oil, plus Labneh balls, which are perfect if you're seeking a texture other than the heavenly creamy one. We then moved onto the hot appetizers, with an even greater variety of dishes available, right on time for winter to keep us warm and satisfied. Our absolute favorites were the Grilled Halloumi with tomatoes and olives, the delightfully Baked