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CHEF’S MEZZAH When it comes to authentic Lebanese cuisine, everybody in Kuwait recommends Mais Alghanim. It has built a reputation of its own as one of the best Lebanese restaurants locally. With freshly cooked, delicious and genuine Middle Eastern food, there is just no comparison. Mais Alghanim’s menu carries all traditional, popular Middle Eastern dishes, however from time to time, new promotional items and dishes requested by clients may be added. Almost every season, there is a new release, or a year-round favorite is added to the menu. This season, they just launched the Chef’s Mezzah special menu and it is definitely something you do not want to miss. Although long-established, the restaurant keeps up with trends and market demands, the Chef’s Mezzah menu is inspired by client needs and includes many vegetarian options, and a small number of meat options. With that in mind, the regular mezzah favorites are always available to order from. Since most Middle Eastern food has earned itself a reputation in lacking to exclude meat from its food, this menu is definitely special. From salads, to cold and hot appetizers, options are varied but mostly suitable for the ones who prefer lighter, meatless options. A kale base with chopped tomatoes, onions and pomegranate is garnished with walnuts and drizzled


Tapas by Mais Alghanim: Lebanese Edition By bazaar staff