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NON-TRADITIONAL GIFTS FOR YOUR MOMMA She gave you life, so you owe her a great gift from X-cite! By bazaar staff

Mother’s Day gifts are overrated, actually Mother’s Day can be as well. Loving our mothers should go beyond a single day of the year. Mama should be loved and celebrated every day, even when they are less than perfect because guess what, they are human too. If you are trying to squeeze your brains for a cliché gift like a rose or a teddy bear but can’t seem to decide, don’t worry we’ve thought of way more creative things you can purchase. No offense, your ideas of the perfect gift exist… somewhere but, let’s actually get her a gift she will use. And by use, we don’t mean posting about it on social media and tagging you, but actually getting it out of the box and remembering you every time she uses it. We’ve compiled a list of gifts you can get your wonderful birth giver from X-cite to give her the gift of self-care and self-discovery.

She spends her entire life worrying about your well-being, and now it’s your turn to give back! Give your mother the gift of self-care with these products below:

Mipow Vaso Humidifier And Aroma Diffuser Since motherly love is in the air, you might as well let essential oils be in the air. A diffuser has many benefits including promoting better sleep and relaxation which any mama would adore! Bonus: If she is relaxed, she won’t yell at you. This specific diffuser is dual function and also works as a humidifier that reduces viruses and bacteria.

Masters Profession Make-Up Portable Station Makeup is art and experimenting with it is such a creative process that makes a woman feel beautiful. Let her care for herself by giving her the space to practice the art of makeup and feel like a superstar with a complementing chair.

Wansa 2D Full Body Massage Chair with Recline & Heating All those tense muscles (mostly from doing things she asked you to do) could use a break. Spoil your mom with an at home full body massaging chair from X-cite with a back-heating function. If a chair is too much of a commitment, help her relax with a simple foot massager which can also be purchased.


Philips IPL Hair Removal “Your skin feels like a baby’s bum!” Although super odd and weird, we’re sure your mom wants her skin to feel young and smooth always. She can achieve that with this hair removal device. Bye bye prickly skin!

BaByliss Curler The BaByliss curler not only performs well but will save your mom lots of time! With new auto-curl technology, this curler will lock the curls in place without having to wrap them around the wand, or risk getting your hands burnt.