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Shake Shack’s Hot Honey Chick’n is here! By bazaar staff

Shake Shack’s original menu items are always a delight to have and indulge in, from the classic Shack Burger to their Chick’n Shack, accompanied by savory sauces, delicious drinks and flavorful shakes. But, Shake Shack are introducing new items for a limited time. We couldn’t wait to try out the hot, sweet and cold creations before they’re gone and replaced with yet another round of latest hits from our favorite shack. We all have a favorite burger at Shake Shack, and no day passes by without us thinking of their made-to-perfection cheesy fries, literally the perfect accompaniment for a satisfying meal. The heat, however, is about to be turned all the way up! Hot Honey Chick’n is the newest (and personally, the yummiest) chicken burger to have been introduced by Shake Shack so far, and it’s only available till July 30. The burger is certainly living up to its title; it’s hot with a bit of spiciness and is sweetly drizzled in honey and crisped to perfection for our hungry souls to devour. Hot Honey Chick’n does not come with your typical burger toppings of lettuce and tomatoes, its extra crunch is added with every bite because of a slaw that is made of crisp apples, cabbage, and cherry peppers. We won’t be stopping you from adding extra toppings though, the more the merrier! Nothing goes wrong when there’s a side of fries, but what makes the whole meal with Hot Honey Chick’n even ten times better, is a drink that will instantly refresh your summer days. You’ll definitely catch us ‘lemonading’ with The Peach Thyme Lemonade all summer long! It’s savory, slightly sweet; we were immediately hooked and excitedly planning for our next beach day with endless refills from this drink. If you’re not in the mood for neither a burger or a cup of lemonade, then Shake Shack’s shake will be right up your alley. The Mocha Cookies and Cream Shake will leave you feeling totally cooled off, plus, fully satisfied, as it can be treated as both a drink and a dessert treat. We love two-in-one combos, and one helping of this shake will help tone down the summer heat with an energizing kick. Shake Shack’s latest yummy offerings are available for a limited amount of time, as you can enjoy both of the newly added drinks until June 30. So, before it all goes away, stop by your nearest Shake Shack branch, grab and get a taste of the yummy and crunchy Hot Honey Chick’n with a side drink that will provide with more bearable summer days in K-town! Shake Shack is located at Grand Avenue & 1st Avenue - The Avenues, Al Fanar Mall, The Gate Mall, Jabriya, Block 1A, Street 105, Albida’a, Al-Ta’awn Street, Sidra Restaurants - Mahboula, Al Kout Mall, Murouj and Kuwait International Airport. 98